Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 7
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r 1 In the foreground, and on the right, are the hou ses of Corpus Chriati village. In the middle ground are the tents of the 3d Brigade, (3d and 4th Infant ry;) and in the distance are the tents of the 3d Bri gade, 2d Dragoons, and 1st Brigade. Beyond the tents the white line is part of the Nueces bay ; to the right is Corpus Christi bay ; the long low point separates the two. The house on the hill, to the left, is Col. Kinney's, the proprietor of the place.? It is taken looking north. The depot at Corpus OhriSti is between the camp of the Light Artillery, end the Id Brigade. is e list of the offioera on duty with the " Army of Occupation" at Corpus Christi and St. Joseph's Island,Texas. [from the Corpus Christi Oaistto, Jan. 39.] ^^^^^^^hneral staff, Brigadier Osn. Z. Taylor, commanding. ?('opt W. W. 8. Bliss,asst adjutant general.? | First Liaut. J. H. Eaton, 3d infantry aid-do-oamp. Liout. Col. M. M. Payne, 4thartillery, inspector gene itsoi ral, " army of ooenpetfon." Colonel T. Cross, asst quarter master general. i Major C. Thomas, quarter master, (St Joseph's ) I Major 8. MoRoe. do do do Captain O. H. Grossman, aes't quarter master. I " E. 8. Sibley, do do E. A. Ogden, do do W. 8. Ketohnm, do do O. O. Waggaman, commissary of subsistence. Surgeon P. H. Craig, medical director. " N. 8. Jams. THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ENGRAVING ?LIST OF THE OFFICERS IN CAMP. . , Brevet lit Lieut D. 8. Irwin, adjutant. Firtt iAtutenants. Can tain,. ?. . ? ? n a r i Mh tnf'v _ i^apimne. B. B. Mercy, a. C.?. k a q m. D Rugglea, a. ca.ith lnf'y L N Morrii r a. P. Field, J. H. Whipple, YPVfc taU Van Home, H. Beinbridge, N. B. Runell, J? A. Whitall. j L coburn. Second Lieutenant!. f\r,t Lieutenant!. A?at Surgeon B. M. Byrna, (St. Joseph's.) Captaini. 8. K. Dawaon, 1st Arty. C. W. Ayres, 81 Art'y. A. 8. Hooe, Lieut Col FT A ^itcteoc^commanding.** p" . "_. _J' R Conrad. a B Thorntou, L F^roru, 1st f C. Benjamin, 4th " C.C. Sibley. W. Chapman. Biivet lat Lieut. D/a^rwln^aSuSiirt. Paymaater 8t. Clair Denny. C.A.May, W.J.Hardee. H. M. Whiting, 4th " C. L. Kilburn, 3d " Ktoyd J. BealL Fir it Lieutenant! 8- Williama, lat " A. Doubledav, 3d " Roger 8. Dix. W. H. Saundera, A Lowry, H. K. Clarke, 3d " J. J. Reynolds, 4th enuixeeei. K. Hamilton, O. F. Winship, a. o. a. k a. qui. S.Gill, 4th " T.J. Curd, lat Captain J. K. Manafield. ? , *. J. F. Farry, 4th 11 L. B. WaM, lat on.v,*w t,\rit lAeutenann. " John Sanders. n p ramnh?it waZViJ' ?th maomeisT or larauTaT. 8. H. Fowler, R.L.Brooke, P N Barbour, brevet capt. W. H. Henry,brigade ax.a. First Lieut. J. M. Scarritt. Oeo'rxo Stevens n?'wla n!'iii Brevet Lieut. Col. W. O. Belknap, commanding. 8. Norvell, J. C. Robinson, L. 8 Craig, J. M. Smith, TOrooaarHicAL laoiaitaa. RHAnder.on o ? Second Lieut. John D. Clark, acting adjutant. H. Whiting, P. Lugenbeel, W. H. Gordon, D. T. Chandler, a. a. q. m. Captain T. J. Cram. Anderaon, O T. Mason, Capt aim. M. Roaeciints, J. P. Smith, ir.n. uoraon, 0. L. Shepherd. Firat Lieut. J. E. Blake. D. B. Sachett. W. R. Montgomery, R.B.Screven, T. G. Pitcher, W.L.Crittenden. Second Lieutenant!. Second Lieut George Meade. FIRST BRIGADE. W. O. Kello, H. McCavett, 7th beoimext or ixriXTar. W B Johna Thomaa Jordan, obdxaxce detabtmext. Brig Oenl W. J. Worth, commanding. J. V. BomfoaS. Major J. Brown, commanding. D. C. Bueli ' J. B Richardaon, Captain G. D. Ramaay. Firat Lieut Larkin Smith, 8th infantry, a. d. c. Firit Lieutenant!. 3d Lieut. F. N. Page, adjutant W T H Brooke A. W. Bowman, 3d Lieut C. P. Kingsbury, (St. Joseph's.) Surgeon H. 8. Hawkina, general staff J. V. D. Reeve, - C. R. Gatea, Captaini. A. J. William ton, R. Haxlitt, LIGHT ARTILLERY1. . AJ'B- ^Wl.t, do do G.Lincoln, A. L. Sheppard, E. 8. Hawkina, F.Lee, J. C. McFeran, ' G. C. McClelland, Major John Erving, 3d artillery. Asaietant Surgeon, D. C. DeLeon, general ataff. J. Selden, A T. Lee. D. 8. Milea, W. 8eawell, brevet major, j. j. c. Bibb, J. P. Hatch, Aaa't Surgeon J. B. Wells, general staff dattauox or abtilleet. Second I.ieutrnanti. J. G. Raina, brevet major, S.W.Moore, B.E.Bee. 91 Lt. 8. S. Fahuoatock, 4th artillery, aet'g adjt. Brevet Lieut Col Thos. Childs, commanding. R. P. Maclay, J. O. Burbank, I'Slit,?.*!; nr'rutHn voubth beoimext or ixrAXTer. Brevet Major,. Second Lieut R. 8. G.rnett, 4th art'y, acfg adjutant. J. Beard.ley, C. F. Morris, D. P. Whiting, Lieut. Col. J Garland commanding. John Munroe, 4th artillery. Brevet Major,. C. D. Jordan, J.J.Booker, P .... A Montgomery denot a a a Firat Lieutenant C. Hoakina, adjutant. 8. Ringgold, 3d arUUery. J. Dimick, lat artUlery. W. W. Morria, 4th art'y. J- k Chadbourne, J. Longatreet, F. Britton, a. . lomgomery.nopo e.e. B t M,Jor q. W. Allen, acting major. Fint Lieutenant,. Oila. Port., a oA -,? C D Merchant ' Geo a. w'.inriah, LR ToU.' C- H "lumber. Captain.. James Duncan, 3d artil'y, W. H. Shovor, 3d artillery, Jll.?f'culn/i'? p atLi'.w o#rJ t'7, T J' MonTaomarv J 8 8 Snellinlr Second Lieutenant,. John Page, W. M Oraham, brevet major, Braxton Bragg, 3d ar.% E. Bradford, 4th artillery Bnrk j a T. J. Montgomery L A S SneUing. L. Oantt, 8. B. Hayman, P. Morrfion, O. A. McCell, J.F. Roland," artillery, J. C. Pemberton. 4th ortill'y, Burk, 3d arty, J.lB.Scott4th art y. 81EiCON;DBRIIOADE. F. Van Dorn, F Gardner, O. Morria, R. C. Buchanan, R. Ridgely, 3d artillery, J. H. Thomaa, 3d artillery. R. C. Smead, 4th art y. Lieut Col. J. 8. Mclntoah, Mh infantry, commanding , H. Totter, W. K. Van Bokkelen, C. H. Larnard. Second Lieutenant, Firit Lieutenant!. lat Lieut. C.L. Stevenson, 8th infantry, Brigade Major. A. Cruiot, E. B. Strong, Fint Lieutenant!. Wm Hava 3d artidlerv 8 L Fremont 3d artlllerv M. Knowlton, 1st Artillery, J. B. Magruder, 1st Artll'ry, 8,ur*"?n R' C' ???* J. M. Henry, H. B. Cliti, BAIvord, R H. Oraham, J F Ravnolds 31 artiDv' M Lovel? 4th artiUarv Deaa, 4th ? J. 8 Hatheway, " ?? ' Aaa't Surgeon L W. RmmU, do do ^ w.H.Wood. R. E. Cochrane, a. a. q. m. E. O Elliott, a. C. a. St. Jo j J Peck 3d artillerv L P. Johnatone 4th artAlerv }l ? L.ulh?rt 3d " C.B Daniela,' 3d ?? " " H. C. do. THIRD BRIOADE. aepha. ' 8 G French 3d artillerr ' O. Taylor, bt. capt. 8d art'y, W. H. Fowler, lit " 1th aEoiMENT or terAnTar. Colonel W. Whiatler, 4th infantry, commanding. Second Lieutenant!. #rrnvn nrnivtrw nr nninnnvn J??. W. Oilham, 3d " Major T. Staniford, commanding. Second Lieat. G. O. Haller, 4th Infantry, briga<fi major. T.H.Porter, Sid. Smith, ? OF DRAGOONS. w. H. Churchill, 3.1 art'y, J.P. McCown, 4th " 1st Lieut. G. Deaa, adjutant. Aaa't Surgeon J. B. Porter, general ataff. H. D. Walen, J. Beaman, Colonel D E. Twiag. commanding. Second Untenant,. Captain,. '? M. Milla, ? C. C. Augur, U. 8. Grant, Aaaiatant Surgeon LCMcPhail, general ataff. L.Chase, 3d Art'y, A. A. Gibaen, 3d Art'y, Martin Scott, A. Drane, ?' J.Simona, " . J. S. Woods, J. A. Richey, Firat Lieutenant H H. Sibley, adjutant A. B. Lanaing, ?? ? W.S.Smith, lat " M E. Merrill, E.K.Smith, ?? A.W.Kennedy, " P. A. Farelly. GOOD CHANCES TO MAKE MONEY. A first rata Refectory to let, fixtures, fcc. for mIf, four flw yean' lease fram May, situated in a central and crowded jyiltpart of the city; alto, a Porter House, oremu with bu ainasa; a Jstorv brick house, with building in the rear, suita ble for aur kind of manufacturing business; the dwelling part of a handsome house, for boarding or private families; a atore, fcc. well located; several hoases, stores, rooms, ke. in various parts of the city. Persons in want of good business stands, or wishing to let it sell out. will save much time aad trouble, by applying to GILLESPIE, House Agent, 5M Psarl street, near Broadway. Rents and bills collected, and prompt returns made. Per tale, a burial vault, in ISth street and Ith avenue. mI4?t*r BTATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE kR A HANDSOME COUNTRY BE AT. with n few or fal any number of acres that msv be desirable. Barns, he. JSJI&Ac., attached, on the North there of Staten Island, fron gogon the river, and within three mmntes walk of Castlrtou Steamboat Landing, one mile from Port Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. The property has a font on the water of sbout 400 feet. For further particulars enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. SI Will street, or oa the premises, of Mrs. Jane Burger. m'l iw r TO LET OR FOR SALE, tA MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable and Coach House attached, with about an acre of laud, the principal part of which ia well Hooked with fruit aad inruba, and an leied wi'b a picket fence The stages nana every ten minutes w thin fire minutes' wslk of the house. Situation between 110th n*d 111th streets. For farther informa tion spuly tn JOHN BATHGATE, lit Ninth street, or Dr. WOODS. Harlem. mrll lm*rc HOTEL AT KINGSBKlIXiE. STo let from tae lit day of May next, the large and commo dious Hotel at Kingsbridae, now ocennied by John P. Dodge,being very anitabry arranged for boarderi, and I a good gudeu of ahont one acre of gronud attached i, and alio a large Stable that will accommodate from >0 to 15 boreea- It ia considered to be one of the beet locations Cr a Public Hons# between New York and Albany. It will let for one or more yean, and for a private residence, if de sired, being beautifully situated on the Harlem river, lor terms, apply to Abraham Valentine, In the Town of Yonkcis, ?bout two miles above Kingsbridge, or to ABRAHAM O. VALENTINE, ml* <t* r 165 Front street. New York. TO LET. hmh A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the village of Jamaica, wHB L. I.; at present occupied by Doctor G. H Kissam, m with stable in the rsar. The House is modern built, three etory with marble mantels, in complete order. Posses sum given 1st of May. Also, Two other houses in the village, all well located, be ing near the Railroad Depot and both Academies, one of which can be occupied immediately. For farther pirticn' apply to JAMES HERRIM AN m4 Sw*re Jamaica, L. tenuis, I TO LET, IN FORT LEE, N.J.. MA A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with ebont 4 acres of CTJB ground and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable .Xjl.coodcondition, which were formerly used as a chemi cal factory, at present occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; situated on the Hackeaaack road, only a few mientes walk Sthe ferry. Rent to n good tenant very low, to whom a wilt be given for several years, if required. Inquire of lorris Leo-Wolf, M Liberty street. New York, ml tw*rc NOTICE. A DWELLING HOUSES, STORE 8 and vacant Lou, for etle, rent or exchange. Investments made on pro ductive Real Estate, that will pay (r on ten to twenty percent on the purchase money, with an in etease ia valte of fagm ten to fifteen per cent per annum. Mt ney procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of obtained from the most responsible companies in the eountnr. Apply at 155 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. N. B.?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, famished here or at No. ( Broad street, at the short est abate. CALVIN POLLARD, 11* lm*Te Architect 'm FOR SALE, OR TO LEr^onth- most reasonable fill terms, three two-story Dwelling i.ruses, in North Sixth, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Willisaw burg, L. I. Two of the above are new, and intended as geateel residences, beiag finished in the best manner, and supplied with spring aad rain water in the kitchen, and coal vaults in treat, he. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain scared, at ? per cent. Enqutr. on f II lm'rre 91 Wall street *\hf QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEASE?Situ ate on the Parnate river, in North Belleville, formerly .belonging to Abraham Joralemoa, Esq. Said quarry in extensively worked for thirty rears past, and is one ui. best qnames of free stone in New Jersey, and is in ?d order for working. The premises consist of two dwell is, more house, two Mine, two hundred feet of wharf, and renteen Ares of land, which will be sold entire, or the irry separate, if desired. Far further particulars, enquire the subscriber, atthe pom oEe... Belleville. Feb. IS, 1*4*. f? lm*me H(>l)8ES ANU LOT FOR SALE. tA PLEASANT country sent in the village of Madi son, Morns county, New Jersey, wirina a lew mutates walk of the beautiful residence of Win. Uibbone, Esq., .boat IS miles from New York rity?communication to and from twice a day, any day in the year, per Morns and Ea rn Railroad. Said place contains abont one sere, on which are Two Houses anna Bam, witn a first re'e well of water. Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity. The premises are located L U commanding position, overlooking tke whole village; and1* one of the most desirable locationsm the t lace, Mag within two minutes walk of the railroad de pot. which readers it convenient for n person doing business in the eity, who desires to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, o. addreu to the -b^ber f THOMPSON, 04 1m*re Morristown, N. J. A RARE CHANCE. ' ? ? WILL BE SOLD thnp, or exchanged far eity pew ?HKperty, a very valuable valley grain and grots farm, eon iCaming 1JJK acres. * of which are woodland,and the rJIta rich soil, having been all cultivated, highlv manured and seeded, within five rears past, nod yields abundant cropa; situated ? mi lea from New York, 4 Item Huntiugtou, I from Cold Spring, and 5 from Mrmmgd&le, by th# best roads in the countyof Suffolk. The bnildiugc are all nearly new, and con sist of a commodious.Dwelling.* Bares, Cow Sheds. Cur riaxe Heuse. Poultry Hons-, lee House, Bakery, Wash Room, and Smoke House. Twenty acres lie in a position to prodnee the earliest vegetables, and being wit tin IW hoars communi cation with Brooklyn, to which ears run from karmmgdsle three times ? day. makes it rery deairable. Steamboats alao SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. WHY will you pay $<,50 and IS for a Hat, when you Jpk can io to ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Kniton Street, and t?t ai good a one for $3,50? Go and examine lor your selves. mr!3 lm-rc KNOX'S FASHIONABLE HaTS, FOR THE ENSUING SPRING, are now read^for ^?m inspection and tale, B 110 Fulton atreet, between Ham and Nassau. To thoae who are not the votaries o< fash ion, butalw.ys with to look uniform in the kind of hatthay wear, which ia moat becoming to them, cut have their Hata made to order at a very ahort notice. mil Im'rc <?> TO MILLINERS. ^ CARL KING, the well known and celebrated7^^ first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informa the public in first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informa the pub asral, that he haa for aale a moat aplendid asaoruaent of iea Fancy STRAW HATS, manufactured of an entire new article, called Pari* Straw Gimp, made to the ahape of the Shepherdneaa Gipaey?ao beaut'ful and becoming, they need only be seen to beadipired. Milliaera, and merchants of the trade, will do well to Call and examine before they make their pnrcliaaea, aa the gooda will be aold by the case or dozen at a very liberal price. CARL KING, IT Division street. N. B.?A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods and Paris Ribbons always on hand. IH lm*r FINE FRENCH BOOTS FOR $1 5?-City made, end are equal to thoae rold ia other stores (or $5; fine French Calf Boors for $4 50, equal to the best made in thia ourio it city for $r >r $7?at YOUNG' It JONES' French Boet sud Shoe M'jo actory; one of the moat fashionable in this city; onr Boi/u saving been judged in the late Fair at Nino's, are said to be the beat Boots ever sold in this city. All Boots warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNG A JONES. 4 Ann atreet. jaJT lm*rh sear Broadway. New York. 192 BROADWAY, CORNER OP JOHN STREET. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. SU PF.CIMEN8 of RING'S unapproachable VF.RBENA CREAM FOR SHAVING. ? This article, nuifrsally praised by those who made trial of it, last year took the feat premium of the Institute Fair, lodeed it is fullv conceded by those who know.tnat it it impossible to manufacture an arti cle equal to it. It is softening to the akin, fragrant to the sense, a deatroyer offrrekles and pimples, and ia aold cheaper than the old soaps. All, therefore, who would consult econo my and comfort in shaving, should possess themselves of it. From the New York Gazette.?The New Soap.?We apeak from ezperience, and we apeak from the more professional knowledge of onr benefactor and friend James Grant. No. < Aon atreet, wheaaya it ia ahead of any thing ever yet found out in this department of modern improvement. It is not only an rmolient " bnt it ia something more." In short, we believe it ia the beat shaving soap in the world. From the Evening Mirror.?Ring's Verbena Cream, we know by experience to be tha beat kind of shaving map, and thoae persona who hare troublesome beards, shoald not be without it It haa a penetrating way of its own, acd softens tt,e hardest and roughest beard, ao aa to lender the operaliou of ? ju^ut ai ircm \s , au as tw > vimci iter vp'ciatiMU Kf ? shdriug Perfectly easy. Mr. Ring_ has lately taken the buai uess of Dr. M.lnor at the comer of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable article may be obtained; anu, likewise, King's Congh Candy, which is said to be a pleasant and cer tain enre for that tronblesome companion. From the Sunday D>ipateh.?Every man whoshaves himself should procure "King's Verbena Cream." It is an exquisite article, aiftemug the beard, and allaying all irritation of the akin, ao that it becomes an absolute pleasure, instead of an an noyance, to tue the razor. Beware of7mRations, and onaerve the written signature un der the directions for use, of " C. H Ring." Prepared and lor aale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by C. H. KINO, Druggist, 192 Broadw.y, corner of John atreet Successor to Dr. Win. H. Milnor, N. B.?Merchants are particularly requested to eall aud ex amine this article, aa now prepared, ai to qiality, quantity, ap R trance and price. It cannot be beat?the splendid new label >m a steel plate, engraved by Messrs. Rawdou. Wright A Hatch, far exceeding any thing of the kind before the peblie. m5 lm*r 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMER Y EST A B LISHMENT. HE Subscriber returns his thanks to hie friends and the public for the very liberal patronage extended to him sinee the opening of his Store in New York- Premising that '? Perfumery themaxim should prevail, "either the none, he earnestly solicits one moment's attention to the fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he is capable of offering ?0 very best, whether the comiwtition be foreign or Ameri :? Hep 1st. Repossesses unequalled advantages in Paris, la hav '?* been lor many years Director of the Laboratory of Lan ise ia this Imu years past, ol obtained i New York, Boaten and Philadelphia, the First Premium over all competitors, and at the last exhibition in New York, he was honored with the Oold Medal never before awarded to Perfumery, trd His Perfumery has baatshed tha imported whewT*T it hat eone fairly into competition. Thia it em phatieally the cue with his Shaving Cream Why should it J?!. ^ ??' Bie Perfumery is, in fact, the foreign, ^5r^r and mod# of fabrication, with the addition of an excellence which the foreign never can ponen , namely, freshness and advantage in many of these articles ol IfT.'nTTr1.?! 1 ; owing to their perishable nature 4th. His prices are from ? to 50 per cent Tower. In fine, the sub scriber, edueetod in the best foreign schools, imported with e? city, offers the products of his laboratory, equal to the beat imported, and superior to theia from the advantage of recent preparation. at much lower [rices. He, therefore, flatters himself that his preparations prices, ns, increiore, natters nirasell that his preparations must of necessity supercede the imported, exeept with those Ible as to prefer articles merely becanse who are so unreason* ble u to prefer articles merely becanse they are foreign, and have been subjected to the mllnenee of a sea voyage. To conclude, the subscriber always keeps on hands perfect assortment of the best foreign perfumery, and offers store an opportunity of comiaring the two. and ol purchasing according to the jedgmeut or preference of the in The subscriber most respectfully solicits a fail from those who wish to purchase that which is genuine, aa he assures the public that nothing shall ever quit his establ aliment without being as represented to the purchaser. He particularly invites the atteetion of wholesale and retsil dealers to his very con Slate assortment, which he offers to them at prices from N to I per cent cheaper than they bay elsewhere. E- KOLSnLL, Manufacturer aud Importer of Toilet Soapa, rjlOlm'r Perfumery,Ac. TO TRUNK MAKERS. TRUNK BOARDS?10.000 Ibe Trunk Bmwda, of superior i qnslity and eumberx. Juei n lai Nedr Nassau street DR. SIVA YNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Ohorry, IEAT REMEDY FOR THE GREAT CONSUMPTION, otior to Whom Honor la I) Honor to Whom Honor la Uat. It miy truly ba said, that oo one has rft kr?n ,u hkmhU in com pounding a medicine, which hu dona to much to raTirve the ha men family, to rob dis ette of its 'errorand restore the Invalid to health and comfort, at the Invsntor and Proprietor of that inott deser vedly popular family medieiu-, Da. BwavsE'e Compoukd Byri'V or Wild Cherry, and none hit been ?o generally pa tronized by the profrttion tuJ others, botli in this country and in Europe, nor has there erer been so great an effort, in the ? hart space ol only s x or seren years, to deceive the credu lous and unthinking, by patting ep Nostrums kinds, of variant kinds, by rarions individuals, affixing the name of Wild litiKitRT.and as much of the name of the original prepara tion at will screen ihero from the lash of the law, and one of l ie Impostors who puts out the common paregoric O*'the shops, and calls it the Balsam or Wild Chehht. has had the impudence to caution the public against the Original Pre paration, Dr.Swayne's Compound Srnur or Wild Chessy, which it doing so much good in the world. BdiWARK OK MUCH IMPOSTICUS. And purchase none bnt the original and only genuine article, at prepared by Da Bwavrk, which is the only one compound ed by a Regular Physician, and arose from many yeara close attention to the Practice of tbe Profession, and which led to ? his great discovery. Thousands and teus of thousands of the best testimonials of the unparalleled success of Dr. Swsyue's Compound of Wild Cherry, for the cure of Consumption! Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, Cirer Complaint, Tickling or ltising in the Tnroat, Nervous Debility. Weakness of Voice, Palpitation or Disease of the Heart, Pain in the Side or Breast, lirokeu Constitution from various causes, the abuse of ca o mel.kc., Bronchitis, Asthma. Whooping Cough, lie , were declared to the world yean before any other preparation of Wild CHERRr cine out. The most sceptical may satisfy themielves as to the truth of the above by a little inquiry in Philadelphia. The genuine article it prepared only by Dr. bwitsE, whose office has beeu removed to N. W. corner of Eighth and Race street], rhiladelphis. The Balsam and other ipurious articles of Wild Cherry has been sold out. and resold out, and the proprietors are obliged to resort to Kalse hood and Strat an km to make their own oat of it. The ge nuine article is put a|> in plain style, iu square bottles, covered with a bine wrapper, with a yellow label, with the proprietor's signalnre attached. The Public are requested to remember that it is Dr. HWAYNES COMPOUND 8YKUP OF WILD CHER RY that has and it repeatedly performing such miraculous cures of diseases which hare baffled the skill of the Frofrs sion, and act at defiance the whole catalogue of Patent Medi cines, which are daily pufTed through the organs of tha press. Therefore. a.k for Dr. 8 WAYNE B COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, andpurchase no other. Acieiyts in New Yoaa?Charles II. Rinr, Druggist, 192 Broadway, corner of John street: Bands, 1W Bowery; Warner, 203 hleerker stieet: Dodd, 771 Broadway; Lewis, SIT Green wich street; Hart. 341 Grand street; Everett, 96 Hudson street; Bailey, corner of Fulton and Bends streets, Brrooklyn. fa? lm*n DOCTOR AR.NT'3 RELIEF SALVE. POH WOUNDS. Braises, Barns, Chronic Sore* or Swel lings, Tiles, Ulcers and Inflamed Breasts, It is also a sovereign remedy for Blotches on the Fac-, and Chapped or Kongh Skin. It will toon render it transparent, clear and soft as velvet. (Extract of a letter from Doctor Wood.) I am highly gratified to hear that ihe " Relief Halve," . pared by Dr. Charles Arnt, is being introduced to the public. It possesies merits which will speedily give it a high rank in the confidence of yonr customers. It is decidedly superior to any other preparation with which I hare any Acquaintance I have made frequent use of it with the greatot possible success, sod freely and eheerfally commended it to others. 1 eannot withhold an expression of surprise at the happy effects I have known it to produce in several cnaea of inflamed breasts and nerves." (Extract from a letter written by a female to har relative J ''Monday morning called at Mrs- Hnlbert'a. She had suffer ed so long and so much with her breasts, that I expected from what we had heard, to find her dead. They had, however, appli ed ' Arnt'i Belief Salve' that night and the next day, and to my great satisfaction,! found her entirely relieved. After apply ing it twice as I had dr-eted, the milk suited a stream ; they

put the child to her breasta, and they are now both doing very well indeed They call me the Good Samaritan for mentioning the salve to them. I am very glad of being the means of doing tome good in the world." Doctor Halloek?Sir; That the great virtue of " Arnt's Re lief Salve" may be known to the afflicted, I deem it my duty to stale s few facts connected with my own ease. About twenty years ago I received an injury from the Iragmenl of a bursting cannon striking me in my groin; from that up to the present time I have suffered mnch distress and pain, and finally it re salted in a diffused aneurism, pervading my leg and foot. Duriut this protracted season or suffering, I have had recourse to ail the" sure curve," sod highly recommended " Pain Ex truetore, "Sir.., me., with no benefit. Having recently taken a severe cold, my leg was again the seat of most exernei iting pain, and had all tha appearance of immediate mortification. I was advised that, in order to save my life, my leg mast be amputated. Again I resorted to the various highly reeommemled remedies, but found no relief, until I was peisnaded to try the " Relief Salve " After the <irat application I felt a great benefit; and oo the second, Die dark mahogany color or my legend foot changed to a natural and healthy appearance. By using two boxes the swelling and inflaminatio i disappear"!, and my leg became entirely free from pain. It is now in a better condition than it haa been for ten yea's. 1 do therefore recommend it strongly to others suf fering from aimilar afflictions, and have no donbt it will prove a highly valuable application for all the purpoees for which it ia recommended. Respectfully yours, ?tc., 8. PARSONS French'i Hotel, No. 11] Knlton street, New York. Sold wholesale and retail by the principal agent, CHARLES Bold wholesale and retail by the principal agent, < HAKE EN H. RING, Druggist and Chemist, IM Broadjasy, corner of John street, and by most of the respectable druggists. f|g lm*re WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, CORD, &c. ON MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. Kfa.) the subscriber will open at No. M Chatham Street, New York, One door Norn the comer of Chambers, a new, extensive, end __ ? grand assortment of ? , TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES; Consisting of every variety of patterns and quality, to be found either in Europe or America. Prices we will not mention; but i mm our faeilitiee for manufacturing, as well aa for import mgt we think we can safety defy competition with the world! V .A good aaaormeiit ofTae^, Cord, he., will be kept Who I real a and rstatl purchasers era respectfully invited to call and examine fov themselves. R.wTMk,r*b. TILUM. THE GENUINE PREPARATION. DR. SWAYNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. CONSUMPTIVES, OR thoM whose Langs sre affected slightly, should take this Syrup without delay, by which they may prevent the fniug of that dire disease (ally and firmly. How important avoid it. Never live a day with a eough when tilts Syrup can be had and yon are nearly certain, with proper care, to avoid destruction by Consumption. DR. SWAYNE'B COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. , , It is a compound of Vegetable Remedies; it is called Wild Cherry, because that article is the basis of the preparation. It is so combined with other ingredients, that the utmost effi ciency is given to its good qualities; as a supporter sud preser ver of the powers ana functions of life, it has 110 eqntl. Cai'Tiow? All preparations of Wild Cherry, except Dr. Swsyne's, are fictitious and counterfeit, and sprung up yean after this valuable remedy had in,/odueed itself iato the sick cuamber; therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balsams" and "Spurious Mixtures." but try the genuine and he cured. Prepared only by Da. Swarm, N. W. corner of Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia, Sold wholesale and retail at Charles H. Rings, (Jate Dr. Mil nor's.) 191 Broadway, corner of John at.; and at Drug stores, 1M Bowery, 771 Broadway. *15 Bleacher St., M Hudson street, and MS Grand street. Jit lm*m T sHEACME.OF EXPEDITIOUS V\ MIXING-Stew _ art Hardinge respectfully announces to the pnblie test he is now receiving names for s Class of live hundred Ladies sud Gentlemen, for a COURSE OK SIX LESSONS in his legible and expeditions s. stem of Shout-hand Wuitino, to be given at the LYCEUM, 161 Broadway, ou the Tuesday, Thnnday and Friday evenings of two successive weeks. The first Lesson will be given as soon as live hundred names shall have been obtained, of which due notice will be Cen to Subscribers. Two splendid Gold Watches, veined at each, will be awarded to those Members of ths Class who will send in, on tne evening of imparting the fifth lesson, the ms, written in the Characters or his two best Local Concndslms, Best em, and bearing (h* sdffiesa of the writer. A committee of six will be nominated and chosen by the Claae, to judge of the aptness and wit contained in all the Conundrums sent in, which will be read to them by the Ckairmau of said Commit tee. The Watchea may be teen at Baxton It Milea' book store, Broadway. To snsnre a correct result to all who may fvel disposed to participate in the above mtellectaal and amusing Course of Lectures, the following Gentlemen have been made agents for the sale of tickets, who will be responsible for the return of the money paid, should any accident occur to prevent the proceeding of the Couree, or anonld any person, after at tending the same, not be able to write every word in the lan guage, according to the principles of the system. Mr. Hirei heigh. Clerk at ths Office of the Tribune; Mr. Taylor, of the Periodical Detail, 2 Astor Honse; Bhepard's, and the New Yoik Hotel. Tickets for the Coarse?Gentlemen $2; Ladies tl The following unsolicited editorial notice sppesred in the New York Tribnns, January 20, 1246?"Mr. Hardinge gave his third lecture on phonography, at Clinton Hall, on Saturday evening last. He answered, to the satisfaction of his audience, many objections which were raised by different individuals, and seemed entirely master of his subject. A class of small hoys.wbn had taken but two lessons of Mr. H. were able to read very readily in Steno-Phonographic characters, inch sen tences as were handed in by the andience and writtan on the blackboard by the Lecturer." m< 2w rod* re D. W. STONE, Attorney at Imw, Raleigh, N. C. WILL attend to the collection of any claims that may be entrusted to his care. Refer to Meaars. Woodhull It Minturn, New York. Bryan It Maitland, L>Myers It Co. " A. M. Trad well, Esq. dtt ItawMnV UNITED STATES HOTEL, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City,D. C. r"PHE PROPRIETORS of this new, large and modem built I establishment, respectfully lender their thanks tothe pub lic for the liberal support they have given, and confidently anti cipate an increasing popularity from the efforu of the under signed tothe public accommodation. The house iisituateon the Avenue, on the promenade aide, between Third and Fonr and a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Depot, and the Capitol. It is capable of accommodating three hundred gnesta. In all its parti it has recently undergone a general improvement for tha win tar's season. The parlors and ladies' apartments have been elegantly furnished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; indeed in every division of the honse the primary consideration has been to adapt it to the comfort of our patrons. The dining hall ia one of the most commodious and best light ed. by day and night, in the Union. Our train of servants are polite, active, obedient, and well disciplined. Briefly, wacon fidently challenge the judgment of a discriminating public ia all the eatentiala required to render a public house a hoeae to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, tl S* P?r day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, in consonance with the spirit of the times. TYLER It BIRCH. u25 !m eod're SHEFFIELD HARDWARE. Tflfl ORO. IVORY, Stag. Tip and Bone Table Cillery; I \Iv 4M0 dox Pocket Cutlery; 200 dot Hand. Panel ana Back flaws; an assortment of Cast-steel Files, Rsxors, Sen sors, Ivory Table Knives, in sets of il pieces; Brown It Fath er's Braces and Bitts, Squares and Hpokethavea; Japanned Tea Truya. Alao, a few eases of Cast Steel for Handsaws. The above being purchased direct from the manufacturers, are of fered at low prices, by BARTON BROTHERS, m9 11 II Ji'm 18 Piatt strtet, up attire. MR. OLDF1ELD, PROFESSOR OF MU8IC, PIANIST, fe., No. SIS William street WILL ba happy to play at Concerts sad Cotillon Parties ; get up Musical Kntertaiuments, sad give instructions ou ths Piano Knrte. Mr. O. has a beautifully toned Piano Forte, that he trill tell cheap for cash. Can be seen at No. US Broad way j?'ui*re LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families having anperfluon* WEAR ING APPAREL, (either Lady's or Gentlemen's) Jewel ry, Fire Arms, fee., fee., they would dispose of to advantage. may do so by sending for the rabsr.rtber, who will attend then st their reaidaacee by appointment. H. LKVETT.. No. I Well street, N V. All orders through the Feel Office, or otherwise, pneetnaify attended lu. js!4 lm*r G1 OLD LEAF AND DENTISTS GOLD FOIL OF i penor quality?Gold Foil flit per ox.; Gold Leaf at the lowest maraet prices ; Pals Gold gS M per package ; Silver Leaf, Gold, Silvar and Copper Bronien, M , al the Factory, , at the Fscto I Reads street. X^ L. JwACGH, its lm*re Pmetiesl fliefd Beeier. MOU8SELINE8 U.:. i AlNE. inn BPRINO BTYLES J, 4 oiesga aedD cm eerie. UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. MR. GEORGE VANDKNHOKF ?ill d?li^pr hi? Open ing Lector* on Elocu'ion, wii<i Poetic tland Scriptural Heading*, t > the Student* of the University, in the Chapel, ou Monday Evening, 16th March, 1M6, at hall-pa*r 7 o'clock pre cisely. Tickrt* to the public ti cent*, tnay be had at the University, and *l Mr. U. Vandeohoff's rooms, 80 Chambers aueet. in!3 Itis re REMOVAL THE HARDWARE, Cutlery and Gam Ksublishmnel ot A W SPIES It CO , it removed from 111 Peer! street to 91 Maiden Lane. ml3 3t*r SEGARS?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS invite the attention of country mer chants, dealers, and others, to tlwir extensive stock of Be gan. This at >ek has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lowest prices for cash) they are, there fore,enabled to offer the different qualiti slower than any other establishment in the city.The assortment comprises every style and quality, from $1 to $27 per ihousand. KENNETH k LAVERTY. mrl3 lm*re Wholesale Hegar Emporium, 101 Wall st. ENGRAVERS' STEEL ANI) COPPER PLATES, MADE from the best materials and the finish equal to any in the world. Btrel from 3 to 5 cent* per inch; copper from IX to 3 cents per inch: Plates from 2 to 40 inches; Card Platrs 12s to 16s per doz. A large slock always on hand an J rea dy for orders at a moment's notice, and sent by Adams'Ex press. Manufactured by JOHN BRUCE, null Im'r 24 and 26 Piatt street, N. York. SAKON1 & ARCHER, 131 Water et.,Corner of Maiden Lane. HAVE on hand a large assortment of Caps, Silk and Kur Hats, of every description and Bprug atyle, Straw and Panama H*ts. Also, Oil Silk, (Hazed Lawn, Vizors and t ap-stocks, which th?yoffer at very low Prices. Dealers snd manufacturers will do well to examine tneir Stock before pur chasing el'ewhere. m!2 Im'in FIFTEEN FARMS. I)LACES of from two to thirty acres etch, splendid Views A of the Sound. Village and Landing, for Salt at New Ro chelle, 18th March, 1846. at 1 o'clock, r7M., at public Auction. Terms liberal and title clear. Apply to T. A. Lawrence, Auctioneer. New Roehelle; or John R. Peters, New York. Map* at Miller'a tavern. New Roehelle. 118 5w?re SHAKER <fc CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 14411 Broadway, near Park Place. ARE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Packets, en en tirely new assortment of the fieest Sedan Cloths and Cea timeres, adapted to the early spring trade. Having concluded a permanent arrangement, as cutter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late ol the Hue Castiglione, Peris, well known to most of our fash ionables who have visited Europe, they are now prepared to execute orders in a style of unusual elegance. , mi!2 lm'r 24Broadway CTKAM POWER.?Rooms to rent with Steam Power. Ap o ply to R. HOE k CO., m4 2wre 29 and 31 Gold street, TARRANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CUBEBS, AND COPAIBA IS particularly recommended as s safe, speedy snd efficient remedy for all sexual diseases It is in a very concentrated and pleasing form, which admits ol taking it withont being lasted or producing sickness or uanaea; it has become very popular, end all who have occasion to nse it, ac knowledge its efficacy. For* ale, wholesale and retail, by JAMES TARRANT, Drugg st, fcc. corner of (Jreenwich and Warren streets, N. Y. Also, by Mosely k Tucker, Mob le: M. Orew, Natchez; Heudrickson, Savannah; M. A. Santos, Norfolk;!). M. Carey. Cnarleston; D. Antigoac k Barry. Augusta; W M. Reese, Baltimore; Oilman, Washington; McCloud kWheaton, St. Louis. mrl2 lm?r YOUNG PHYSIC. CHHONO-THEHMAL SYSTEM OF MEDICINE, with an Introdm tion and Notes,by DR. TURNER,late Heal h Commissioner of New York ? rnce 74 cents. "The day is not diitsnt when the Chrono-Thermal system will be universally received. The bones of Sainnel Dicbsen may first lie mouldering in the dust, end his spirit rest with God who gave it, bnt trnth will at last triamph, and poaterity will reader to hit memory the merit which is hu dn*."?New York Conner k Enquirer. For sal* by REDFIELD, Clinton Hell. mil <tia*rc New York COMFORT FOR THF AFFLICTED DR. DE WITT C. KELLINGER'S PAIN ERAD1CATOR. 17HIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, continue, to astonish all who nse it, or who have been favored with the slightest knowledge of its wonder working effect* apoo the human system. Pain and Inflammation cannot remain where this infallible remedy ia applied, it matters not from what cans* it may have originated. Principal Depot. 90 John atreet. fll lnl ' MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETQWN, CONNECTICUT. ff^HE UNDERSIGNED begs lesv* to asuouae* to his J. friends and the public, that lie Kia leased the shore house for a term of years, and hopes, h>- long eaperteee* tttstrict attention to business, to merit a liberal share ol tneir patronage JOHN L. mr8 3n*rc Formerly of the I S Hotel. Baalnn. SELLING OFfH'OH LESS TH AN FIRST UOST, A GREAT ASSORTMENT of fimt A Shoes, to make room iw^rg* intmly of ^nchOooke now on the way, comprising cork solo Boots, wster proof and light Kr^Tch doX Sll Shoes, Pamps. ?d Gs.Ur., Lidy's Gaiters, koskiss. Slippers, 1 ' 7. ? and black Satin, whit# Cl?? ^1 king, of ^"rheumatism. Compound Syrup of the llydriodate of PotaMa SARSAI'AKiLLA, AlfD YELLOW DOCK ROOT. THE ABOVE ii prepared from thepurvat article*. and ia recommended as the best snd only sure ear* of Rheuma tism At this season of the year especially, it is of the greatest imporunce, as it will remove all those extremely anplenaant symptoms, (sever* pains, stiffness of the joints, back, shoul ders, ke. fcr.) It Units, pnnfiea, and quickens the eireulatMM, and leave* every pert of the animal economy in a perfect state of health. Thn virtues of each article have loog been known i to the faculty, and by theiv Judicions admixtnre their effects "UB?^igtkX IUNO, m T BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRES8. FOR Fiiebbirf, Keene, Greenfield, Brauleboro, Windeor, Woodstock, Montjpelier, and Burlington, Vt.,and the Ce uadas. All Packages, Parcel? and bnaioeaa, to aejr of the above towns, or any part of the western portion of New Hampshire cud Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the care of L. BIOELOW, I Court street, Boston. N. B.?Be sure to mark Packages to care of " Bigelow** Er preas " J?tc DR. POWELL OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE BURGEON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from tie 4 o'clock, at his residence. Ml Broadway, corner ol Warren St. Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and saceess. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Sqniating, cured IB a lew minntes. Jnst imported. ARTIFICIAL EVES, of superior been I y and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence Ml Broadway?e street. mi M.W.KItSnn lm It (tw*r *1(1,DUO, gd.OUU, *A,UOO, *3,UOU*?,(MO, ?4,800, *4,000, *l,BOO, *1,000, N. B.?Call be ween the hoar* of t and 11 o'clock, or b4 ?m t and i o'clock P M ill lm*re STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to ita original color in a few ininntca. Those who denbt ire virtnee, are reqnested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If hum hugs wonld take this method there would be no reason to com plain. Gentlemen can have their whiakers and hair changed to aiiy color or shade in a few minntes. Private roonu for clung ink the hair. None genuine unless signed " H. Strike/," in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale ana retail, and applied at No 3 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hall of Records, New Tork, ap ?'airs. tfO Im'rh ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STORE. ? IK PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Bh Store. No. 211 Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, would 'PHE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoe J Store. No. 211 Greenwich, comer of Barclay street, woeld ' spectfnlly inform his eastomera and the pablic generally, that ke has established the One Price system. The price will lie found written on the diffent kinds ot Boots and Shoes, which will be the LOwntT and only priee asked in fata re in this Establishment. He wonld thank the public for the liberal l>atronage received, and solicit a continuation of tbe same in thii most deairabla way of trade, the Ouo Price System Do not forget the number. 111 Greenwich, comer of Barclay reel, near the Hoboken Ferry. JAMES WIGGINS. flO Im*r BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /"bTTIS FIELD, respectfnlly informs his friends and the V/ public, that he has returned to his .'old favorite quarters, BASSKOKD'S ROOMS, entrance 111 Ann at, adjoining the Museum building, or 1(1 frulton street The Rooms and Ta bles have been pat in perfect order. The Tebles are Stele. Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth Casbioua. 'Miry will no doubt sait European and all great piavara, being the best in this country. Larger balls for Southerners?Caro lina balls for Oermtus. N. B.?Bssaford's new style Billiard Tables for sale; India and French Cue Leather, best in the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every articlei n the trade, constantly on hand and far sals f? lra'mc TO ARCHITECTS, STONE GUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. FREE STONE lumiahed by the snbecriber, equal to Cos nectlcut in quail ty,and 20 Per cent cheaper, on application to A. Wibeon.Stoi (Cutter, Jersey City, or it the Quarry, Aqnaekanonk,N. J. f!7 lrn'rc ABM. H. VREELAND. DR. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER 'PHE aaperierity of Dr. Hall's in Urn meats over all other* 1. is aeanewledged by the most amiaenl phyaieianam En, rope and A merica. . .... . Office 4 Veeey street, Aator Hcase. A female In attendance is the ladfes' denartmaet "?*? FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VBOETAHLE LOTION. AHIOHLY valsable Cosmetic for eredleetu* Emp on the Face and Akin, ranlanlarly Pimplaa. Bloti Tattar. Sunburn, Ringworms, Freckles end Cathneoui ereeenera. The use of the Lotion for a short Una wnl the skia and eeubliah a brilliant compl avion. Bold in botkea at 71 cents eath, at No. 1MBowery coram Pprrag street; aton, by Mrs Hayea, it> relton street, flroohlrn. fl lns?m HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OP NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For sale by MOORE It CO., the Americas Hm?H, ?1 Ann street, and Elliott, 1T3 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow. New York. Prion fil a bnttln BU bni tlea for $9 Pbiladalphia, Tnttla, 68 Bonth 4th afi la Jn " BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, AV 1 St. Jakn'i La, * corner Be at A street, Now Tork. rlE BUBBCRIBl H wonld inform his Cnatomssa and the I public, that he k i rpe constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common tl iva Cages of every description, which he offers fjr sale at a lower rate than they can be bought else where. Merchants would find it to their advantage to eMl and enmine his stock. f. KELLY. P. 8. Country or I ? is attended to with promptness and dis patch ft Im'm Mltl'i'AkV kot'ifrMEfrTWiKkKMfch'B Uh. ' THE SUBSCRIBER respectfnlly calL the attestion of tha military public to his assortment of Military Kqaipmeata adaprad to all companies; Military Caps, Knapsacks, Boitu and Bayonet Beebbards of every veneer. Country romps niea, about changing their aniform, or those abont form inn new companies willbe supplied with samples ^ FIRE CATS-FIRE cz ars. A fall assortment of every vsriecy constantly on bend, nod made to order et lb? shortest notice. fMtmVre H 8 OR ATACAP. M4 Broadway TO THE PUfeLIC. 1WA8 CURED ol a most diatreaaine disease by Dr. JOB. HEINE. No. M Duaoe street, near Chatham st. My body was covered with ulcers; my joints and bones were swollen end painful; I lost ell my appetite; could not sleep; was con fined to my bed; my arms and legs were contracted. I tried se veral physicians; was salivsted, but receiveAao benefit until I was cured by Dr. Joseph Heine. Carv. Ricnsuo Yarns. Those who wish to see ma, will Hod me fat the censor o( South street and Maiden lane, where I shall be happy to give all particulars which 1 should not like to give la taw eertifi eale N B.?Dr H . has no other office bat M Dunne aire* t, neat Chatham, where hundred* of certificates may b* sens ml la'r