Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 9
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Varieties* John W Maury hat been elected President of tha Metropolitan Bank, in place of Ganaral .Van Nmi, de Tha Brat English railway* war* mada of wood in Nor thumberland, about tha year 1033 and war* mada of iron, in Whitehaven, io 1739 Too flrat iron railroad waa laid down at Coal Brookdale, in 1786. Steam power, to coovey coala ou a railway, wa* flrat employed by Biei.kinsop. at Honalat, near Laada, and afterward* on the Stockton and Darlington railway. Mre. Rebecca Dye, widow of tha lata Henry Dye, re aiding about eight mil** from Trenton, N. J , committed cuicida by hanging heraeif on Tburaday morning laat. Toe FMioois Hirer it froxen orar at intervale from Peru to ita mouth, and the atream la falling rapidly. The ateamboat Bridge water, the laat ooat out, waa obliged to force her way through ice an inch in thickneaa. The Upper Miaaiitippi ia alao in a low atage and i* falling faat.?Chicago Journal, March 3. Wm. F. Fitch, of Newport, Ma , haa invented a aelf regulating ahingle machine. The Bangor Whig apeak* shines veiy highly of it. How do the wooden ham mac! anccead 7 Steam machinery, of American conatruction, ia aaid to be now adopted by the alava trader* on tha coaat of Africa. Tha penny post waa established in London by a ra ti red undertaker by the name of Murrv, in the year 1383. In 1711 the government discovered that the busi ness, which bad oy that time become a very profitable one, belonged of right to themaelvea, and therefore took it away frombim; but allowed him a pension of ? MO per annum for the remainder of hia life. Account* from Iowa Territory repreaent the growing wheat crop a* io a suffering condition. The winter, up to laat accounts from the West, has been a singular one ?mostly dry and pleasant. But very little snow had fall en, and there was no sleighing to speak of. Much wheat is represented to have been killed, and many lielda ap pear to be dead, though it was hoped a spell of favorable winter and spring weather would revive them. 1 ho report of the Chief Topographical Engineer states that the importance of the harbor of St. Joseph, Michi gan, ia every ysar increasing. Lock* have been con structed on the St. Joseph river, at Miahwaka, and at Bristol, which have opened the navigation to Three Rivera, a distance of 130 miles from tha lake. The ex 8ort of wheat alone this year ia estimated at 750,000 ushels?equal at least to half a million of dollars. Three steamboats are running on the river. The first written massage ever despatched by an Exe cutive to a legislative body, waa sent by Gov. Hancock to the deputies ol the State of Masaachusotte, in 1758, and was occasioned by a severe indisposition, which render ed him unable to attend in person, for the purpose of de liver, ng the customary speech at the commencement of the session. The body of Miss Jen* Cunningham, a moat beautifal young lady, seventeen years ol age, was found lately on the prairie, back of Chicago. She wa* to have been married next day, but went in the afternoon to invite hor sister to bo her bridesmaid; ,and, in returning, was overtaken by a snow storm and frozen to death. On the receipt of the last foreign news at Detroit, the price of flour advanced 33 cents per barrel. The thermometer at Milwaukie on the 36th ult. stood at 15 degrees below zero. The monument which hae been making at Boston, for Capt. Shubiick, is now finished, and will do forwarded in a few (lays to Charleston, S. C. where tbo gallant Cap tain's remain* now lie. Hon. rAbbott Lawrence haa addressed another tariff letter to Mr. Rives. , Steam-ship Cambria, Judkina, arrived at Halifax on the 91 inst., and took on board aix additional passengers,and left same day for Liverpool. Tha Cambria fell in with lar^e quantities of ice, continuing from Seal Island to fifax, and at times moved at tbe rate of only 3 miles per hour. A correspondent of the Providence Journal aaye, that the ship Gen. Jackson, of Bristol, and now lying in port, is supposed to be eighty years old, or thereabout She of our was a prize to one oT our privateer* during the last war with England?was built at Calcutta, of toak wood, and is yet a sound, staunch vessel, having recently returned from a whaling cruise in the Pacific. At a general meeting of the officers of the militia and volunteers, held at the City Hall, Baltimore, on Wednes day e.vuuDV, a large number ol officers of the volun teers and militia resigned their commission*. It was al leged at the meeting that the cause which led to this step by the officers, was the absence of any law which would enable tbe volunteers to call to their assistance other citizens, In the event of a contingency requiring their torvices. An Antwerp journalist states that he sent a reporter to Brussels for the" King's apecoh," and with a couple of carrier pigeons to bear bask the document. At Brus sels he gave tbe pigeons in charge to a waiter, and call ed for breakfast. He was kept waiting for some time, hot a delicious fricasee atoned for the delay. After breakfast, he paid his bill, and called for his pigeons ? "Pigeons," ejaculated the waiter, " you have eaten them !" The Washington (Ark ) Telegraph of the 4th instant, says : " Since our last, Little River has risen some 13 or 18 feet, and a gentleman just from Lanesport, states that lUd River was rising there when he left." The Shrere port Goz rite of the 18th says, that the river at that place is in a good boating con 'tuon. A new track, sav* the Lowell Courier, lor tbe accora it" dation of the Nashua and Concord merchandise trains, will be luid the present season. It will leave Nashua U- ;i?o?t half way between the covered bridge and the Niohua engine house, cross tha Paw tucket canal, and take the Boeton track near the deep cut. This will save much time and trouble. The citiz> na of Wilmington are making arrangement* to err est a granite monument one hundred feet high, in the Wilmington and Brandy wine Cemetery, in memory ot the brave men of the Delaware lino, who foil in the battlefield in the Revolution. The Fire Department of New Orleans had their grand annual celebration on Wednesday, the 4'h ult. Both Houses ot the Louisiana Legislature adjourned to parti al ate in it. The papers speak of it as a beautiful pa IUUO. The total amount of tonnage built in the State of Maine the paat year, ie probably not far from 31,105 tona. The Chieag? Democrat ujri the attacks of some of our Western papers upon Eastern harbors are doing a great deal of raischiet to the lake interests AVhy so 1 Because we get more Eastern men to support the lakes than we do Western. Lake Champlain is frozen hard in its widest part, and carriages puss over it daily. Th i Legislature of Virginia has passed a bill for the relief of the Winchester and Potomac railroad company, which, it is supposed, will give the road a new start? The M'inchttltr Republican says Efforts are now making to raise a fund, with every prospect of success, to re-iion the road, which, when done (the road being in a very good condition in its wood-work, to receive it) will put it in a state o transport with celerity and safety all the trade and travel that may offer. Five thousand dollars have been appropriated by the City Councils of Philadelphia, for the construction of the rail toed along the westorn city front. A Southern College of Teachers has been instituted in New Orleans. Thrro are 700 temperance societies in Germany. The Germans have heretofore been opposed to tempe rance societies., The Legislature of Kentucky has passed a law taxing pistols fi a pair, and revolving pistols S'l each. The last accounts from Pensacola state that all vessels of war at that place were preparing for sea, and would leave as soon as they could be fitted out. The slave Pauline, who was arrested on the 13th Jan nary, 1845 found guilty of fiendish barbarfty in ill-treat iog her mistress, Mrs. Kappenneok, and her children, at No. 33 Bayou Road, New Orleans, and sentenced to be hung on the 38th instant, is now in jail, awaiting her execution. , The democrats of New Orleans have nominated A. J. Guizot as their candidate for Mayor. The railroad from Madison to Indianapolis is to be continued to Lafayette, Ind. We observe by the proceedings of a meeting of the '?Laborers of Memphis," that they had agreed to strike for the teu hour system, on the 2nd day of March. The Rome (Ga ) Journal says, that by the 1st of Janu ary, 1847, at farthest, the cars will reach Cross Plains, in Murray county, Ge. This is a beautiful site for the lo cation of an inlaud town, and will for some time be a place of considerable trade. The Chattanooga Gazette thinks the read will not be finished to Chattanooga be fore 1850. We think it will before that time. This will make Cross Plains the terminus for four or five years, ri d perhaps longer. Tne Tennessee trade must ail con gregate there, and a town of some importance must ne cessarily spring up. Gov, Edwards, of Missouri, has grauted a pardon to Burr, one of the persons who was sentenced to the pen itentiary five or six years ago, in Marion county, Mo., for stealing negroes. Three were convicted; one by the name of Work was pardoned last year, and one named Thompson is still in the Penitentiary; but it is supposed that if no more deprecations be committed on the lights of the citizens or Missouri, that ha will bo pardoned during the ensuing year. The Union gives the following incident as having oc curred at the recent fire at the "Hentie House," Cincin nati:-A stranger in room No. ?, upon hearing the alarm, rushed from his bed, bewildered, and evidently half dreaming that he was on board of a burning steam boat? yelled at the top of his lungs?"Starboard the helm, pilot!"?and before he could be stayed, placed his hand upon the stair-railing, and jumped (overboard, as ha supposed.) from thn fourth to to the second story floor! We i egret that he was considerably injured in his fall. The Board of Managers of the American Bible Society have unanimously elected the Hon.,John McLean, of Uio United States Supreme Court, President of the So ciety, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Governor Smith. t Another Cherokee delegation, sent by that portion of the Nation, known as ths "treaty party," has arrived in Washington. Joseph Gales, senior editor of the National Intelligen cer, is dai geroosly ill. Signer Muzzi, is exhibiting in New Orleans a model machine, constructed to illustrate the practicali ty of aerial navigation Latest accounts make mention of more snow in the West. In the interior of Illinois it was at a depth of eighteen to twenty-four inohes. The weather was very cold. A house in Little Rock, Ark., belonging to Senator Ashley, was destroyed by fire on the 18th ult. The amount of loss is not stated. A vagabond singing master, (whose name is not given.) hts pfluCfd two boautiftil young girls in Livingston et Nunda Valley, New York. He used to teach them to sing at his own rooms, whero he hsal s par lor and i bed-room. Ono was only sixteen and her he pruoiire i to merry?she is enciente by him, end use I to sleep with him The other girl, only fifteen, aaya nut he got her excited one evening during her singing let sons, caught har up, took her into tha oust room, thiew her on the be 1 tad accomplished hi* purpose. Tae IdviagstoD He~aH says ho tu committed for waot ?{ At BatesviUa, Arkuni, on the Id tnet, tM Bmnk and it* pro party war* sold an execution. Soma eight or tan negroes. and a splendid farm, want tor let* titan $1000 ; the banking hens* end lots for $95 The Stata, it i* laid, recently paid tha United State* $1100 for tha latter. A bank ha* been established at Cincinnati, which lend* money to the poorer claaaa* in *um* from $10 up ward, for a single day or longer, on endorsed note* or notes of hand left at collateral security. This will af ford the day laborer an opportunity of relieving himself from any embarrasment. Notice hat been given by tha Auditor of tha Stata of tea on land* i Arkansas, that taxes on land* and town lots can be paid directly into tha Stat* Treasury of Arkansas. The name of the post office in Lafayette county, Arkansas, has been changed from Lalayetta C H to Lawistown. Tha Arkansas river was rising at Van Buran, Arkansas, on the 91st ult. Much rain and snow had fallen. It was reported from tha Creek Nation that snow had fallen to the dapth of fifteen inches. Guano is bring introduced as a fertilizer en the rice plantation* of the South. The Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks there is no longer any doubt but a railroad will be constructed from that city to Columbus, where it will connect with a railroad (not yet finished) leading to Cincinnati. The New Bedford Af.-rrury says that the aggregate of criminal business in the State or Massachusetts, during the year 1846, comprises 9979 prosecutions, out of which thure hare been 1038 convictions, 109 acquittals, and other cases variously disposed of or are still pending.? The costs bare amounted to $30,860. In Nantucket, there has been case of conviction by jury during the last three years. Dr. George Park man, of Boston, ha* presented a site for a new medical college, near the Massachusetts Gen eral Hospital, sixty feet by one hundred. The following curious statement, by Dr. Granville, is taken from an English paper. It is drawn from the regis tered cases of 876 women, and is derived from their an swers to the age at which they respectively marrisd ? It is the first ever constructed to exhibit to females their chnnces of marriage at various age*. Of 876 females, there married SatlS 113 at 90 98 at 6 at Si 19 " 14 86 ' 91 99 " i 9 " S t 16 " 16 86 " 9 9 17 " 99 0 " 86 43 " 16 69 " 93 U " 30 9 " 87 46 " 17 68 " 24 7 " 31 0 " 88 06 ?? 18 SO " 25 ft " 39 1 " 39 116 " 19 94 " 26 7 " 33 0 " 40 From this curious statistical table,our fair readers may form a pretty accurate judgment of the chance* that they have of entering into the holy state of matrimony, and onjoying the sweets (we say nothing of the bitters) of wedded love. ! The Westchester Herald of the 10th says :?The I intrepid navigator* of 8ing Sing hare succeeded with much labor and expense in forcing a passage through ! the ice, (sbout a mile distance,) to the channel, for the largest class of steamers, and we have the pleasure to 1 announce to the public that tho navigation of the Hudson J River between this place end the city of New York it i again unobstructed, and the steamer Croton, Captain I Lynch, leaves this afternoon for that port; and will con i tinue her tripe for the season. The Pittsburg Gazette of the 4th instant says | We conversed yesterday with a gentleman ;who came up on the Hibornia as far as Wheeling. He says they ; had much difficulty in getting un. On reaching Cap ! tins they found the channel closea with ice, ana after j making moie than a dozen attempts to break through, , were obliged to desist for that time. After lying by a ,i abort time, another attempt was made, and the boat ! grounded in lull eight feet water, the ioe on her bottom I being so thick. Hare was a dilemma. At length it was ! suggested to turn the escape-pipe into the hold. The , freight was taken out, the hatches battened down, and j this was done, but it required five or six hours to thaw i the ice off*. It proved an eifectual remedy, however, 1 and her bottom was fried. Finally, she got through and | came on up. The idea of turning the steam into the hold to clear her bottom of ice is,we believe, quite new. A man, name unknown, between fifty and sixty years of age,and supposed to be an Englishman, com mitted auctde near Pittsburg a day or two ago. A bill authorising the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company to borrow money on the stock of said ,for the Company,lor the purpose of renewing the track between Baltimore city and Harpers'Ferry, has passed the Mary land House of Drlogates. The Nashville theatre has been sold to the Inde pendent Order of Odd Fellows, and will shortly be con verted into an Odd Fellows Hail. V. S. District Court. Before Judge Betts. March 13.?Decisions. ? IVilliam Ward VS. the slip Panama, Frederick Cameron, fc.?This was a libel filed against the Panama, and her tackle, for the recovery of ?1975 British?the amount of a bottomry bond. Tha case was very fully reported in the Herald of Tueaday. The yourt pronounced its judgment to-day. His Honor said he would decree for the face of the bottomry bond, and marine interest, and also with intsreat at the rat* of 0 per cent upon the amount, from the 14th July, 1846, to the date of the decree, and costs to be taxed?this de cision not to preclude th > libellant, Charles E.Quinzy, in contestation of his claim proving that the claimant, Cameron, was not owner of the ship at the time the bot tomry bond was executed, or that the bond is not valid or operative for the lull amount, as against said Quinsy ; the>ond to remain in court until the decision of the irnue pending in that behalf, on the part of said Quinzy. Mortimer Livingeton re. Ike Steamboat Expreit.?This was a motion for leave to perfect an appeal, and was re ported in tha Herald ol Friday. Judge Bettl -It appear ing to the court that the proctor for the libellant had Good reason to believe, and acted bona fide under the be ef, that the decree rendered in this cause did not take eft'ectas final until February 96th ; end it appearing that on appeal was duly taken in the cause, on the pert of the libollent, on the 96th day of March, and that execu tion in favor of the claimant was not served end execu ted until the 6th day of March instaut?It is ordered, that the money collected by the marshal, on said execu tion, be paid into court, and be remitted, with the pro ceedings, on appeal to the Circuit Conrt, provided such appeal is prosecuted conformably to the rules of tho Court. Navigation of the Ohio Klver. Placet. Time. (rlate of River. Cincinnati, March 10 30 feat. Pittsburgh, March 10 10 fact falling. Wheeling, March 8 18 feet felling. Louisville, March 8 9 feet falling. HON ICY MARKET. Saturday, Olarch 14.?6 P. M. Stocks are all up to day. Harlem went up 3 per cent; Canton, 1J; Long Island, 4; Norwich & Worcester, Morris Canal, 1; Farmers'Loan, J; Pennsylvania 5's, J; Illinois 6's, 4. The New Haven and Hartford Railroad have declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent, pay able on the first ef April. We have no change in domestic exchanges. There is no demand of consequence for bills on any point, and our quotations cannot be considered otherwise than nominal Domestic Em-haioe, March 14th. 1146. Bostor para die. South L It TCo. .75 a SO die. Philadelphia... .par a .'a do ApsUchicol?... . 2 a 2K do Baltimore para ,'4 do Mobile, specie., .par a .*pm Virginia 1 1 1'. do Mobile,8t Bit.. ,t% a 7 do North Carolina..1M a ]>? do Montgomery 6* a 7 do Charleston Hs J* do Tusealoo t\ a 7 do Savannah Ha V do New Orltv .. par a X pm Augusta J. a \ do Nashville I a 2'* dis Columbus Vi a IX do Louisville 11* a lit do M scon......... IV s IX do St Louis 2 a tl< do Uniou, Florida,. .70 s75 do Ciuciunaili 1 a IX do Quotations roa U.vcurrknt Money. Vncurrent Money. Uru urrent Monty. East'n, bnlt'ble in Boa'n >*a ? Ohio SIX Albsny.Troy, 8ch kc.. a1* Indiana *IX Jersey.... a X Michigan s?X Philadelphia a M North Carolina alX Baltimore a X South Carolina aIV Safety Kd It Red Back. X? ?, Mobile alX Virginia a 7s New Orleans. s X Quotations roa Srecic. Per cent. Value Amer. gold, old. .106 a 106* Carol us doll an. 91 06 a 1 07 do do new.100 ? 100'4 rive franco.... 93Xa 04 Half dollara par a lonv Doubloons... .16 10 al6 34 Portuguese gold. .100 a 100'* do patriot. IS 50 a 15 73 Spanish dollara... 104 a 105 Sovereigns .... 4 83 a 4 87 do quarters.. 99 a 100 do light... 4 82 a 4 IS Mrsican dollars . lOO't a 100X Heavy guineas. 5 00 a ... do quartern.. 99 a 100 Napoleons 3 01 a ... We annex a statement exhibiting the ratei of redemp tion at tha Banking Department of the Free Bank* that have been clooad by tha Comptroller of this State New Yona Free Banes ?Rates or Redemption av Cotcr Ttotxxa. Ratei of redetm'f Ratei of reieem'g Allegany Co.. Bonos Farm. Bk ol Orleans and Mortgages... 50ondol. Bds It Mortgages, par Do Do Storks 36 " Farm. Bk of Seneca Bk. of Amer. Buffs- Co, Bds ItMortg's 74 oadol. Iq, Bds fc Mortgt. 76 " Dj do Stocks, par Do Do Stocks 71 " Hamilton Bauk, Bds Bs.ik of Brockport, and Mortgages... pir Bds It Mortgages. 00 " Mech-n. Bk, Buffalo Bk of ConnV, Bnf- Bds k Mortg-gea. 61 00 dot. fain, Stocks 76 " Mrr.E*. Bk. bnffslo Bk of Lodi,Bonds k Bda k Mortgages. 63 " Mortgages...... 97 " Do do stocks 01 " Do do Stocks 03 " Millers'Bauk,Bonds Bk of Clean, Bonds and Mortgages... 91 " and Mortgages.,. 74 " Do do Stocks pu _ Do_ do Stocks 27 " NY. Bk'g Co.St'k' ? on dol Bank of Tons wands, Phmnii Bauk, Bnf Stocks.. 60 11 falo, Bdsk Moitgs 73 Bank of Western N. Bute Bk of N. York, Y. Stocks ...... 7J " Bnffslo. Stocks... 30 Binshampton Bank, States Island Bauk, Bds It Mortgages 74 " Bds It Mortgages. 36 ' Do do Stocks 79 " St. Lawrence Bank, Cattarangns Co. Bk, Bds It Mortgages. 30 Bds It Mortgages. 77 " Do do Stocks 33 " Do do Stocks 13 " Tenth Ward Bank, Chelae* Bank, N. Y. Stock a... 94 " flMh....,.,... 15 " Uaion Bk, Baffslo, City Trust It Bking S'oeks..., II Company. Stocks par U. S. Bank, Bnffslo, Erie Co. Bit, Buffs- Bds It Mortgages. 77 " 'it ?<'1 Mortg's 04 on dol. Washington Bank, Do do Stocks 72 ? Bds It Mortgsgss. par Clintoi Bank, N. Y. Stocks 64 on dol. This table will bo found very useful lo those holding the bills of any of these banks, as they will see their real value, and thereby bo prevented from submitting to any greater sacrifice than necessary. Tha following banks have been closed by their own officers, and their issues ire redeemed at par Bink of the U. B. New'York. Manufacturers Bask, Ulnar, F.ichs. Bink. Rochester, N. Y. State Security Bank, Fanners' Bank of Orange Co. North American Baah. Farmers' Bank of Malooe, N. Amer Trust It Bk'g Co. Howard Trait k Banking Co. Wtllonghby Bank. Tka ice in the Susquehanna rivar is rapidly disappear ing, and tha Susquehanna and Tide Water Canal may ba evprrtad to ba opened for the passage of boats as soon as tho Ivaniacanals art opened, which will bo about t JO 30th instant During tha past winter this canal has boon completely rtpslrodi ind i? now in firit r?to order for buelnoos ? ? The kill to Mtkonie Uieiele.of U?e CentrM.RHlmd tod incorporate ths Michigan Railroad Compaor, w-H j tho legislature of that State on tbo sth ioataat, by a vote of 41 to 0. Aa amendment wa* offered to the atockholJeri individually liable for all the debts of the Company, but it was negatived by a vote of l? to 14. The Senate have yet to aot upon the bill, and on account of its great length, some time must elapse before its fete can be known. Old Stock Exchange. liooousavno lt?H ?2,h?Tnwt 19 yt.eee do Ilia 0 do ?t' $>.090 Reeding Bonds 79% 730 Canton Co iit? ?1.000 Keiuuciv 6's 101 S5 do e ? ?7 il 000 I ud ana Bouda 41 290 do 41 ?3 000 Illinois I Bds 36% > IS do Si 000 do b60 S? diss do $i0 000 Pens S's bSO 7t*? SO da S3 A O do 7*%?1M do S30,ooo do bSO 7S% 230 Harlem R& S3.000 do btt T*% S3 do Sll.730 da 72% '30 do ~ 23 ohi rhenii Bank S3 , 30 do b SO 391 3 H*dW of Amaiiea 96 f 300 Long Itlaad RR gri? 3 Bank of Cum fall 9% S30 do ,so I?"? do _ 93% 300 do 104 Vickibarg Bank 7% lie da b?0 nvJ in* d ? 7f0i *> New Jersey RR ioo 23 Illinois Bank 13k 113 Hoaaatonic BR, new ?7 73 Moms Canal )i% 23 Nor fc Wor RR *6 do 1S\ J73 do il* ** d? ?M 10)2 50 do il0 230 East Boston Co 16% Second Board. ??1? ,^#0 .?hio ?'!? I?so 96 ,<0 ,h? Drr Dock Bk, S3 7S 100 sb. Long Island bJO 47% S3 Morria Canal 13 Canton Co 11% 30 Harlem RR J? do 41% 30 do 30 do bSO 41% 190 do Kxchnnge. 13 tba Long l?l RR, b: 30 do 30 do 23 do 23 do 30 do 30 do teNorfc WorRR. 50 aha US Bank bio 5 30 do b IS 9 23 Canton Co 41% 30 do 30 Morris Canal bl c 41% l*% 60 Farmers Trust, saw 2S\ 30 Reading KK e 73? 30 Harlem RR alO 51fJ 106 do 1)30 so: 106 do b30 59^ 30 do bl5 39 te Nor k Wor RR. c 6t% 75 do b3 6'.% 23 do Moo 66% On Saturday afternoon, 14th inst., of conaumption, Caroline Margaret, agod 20 yoara, wife of Corneliu* iianta. Her funeral will take place on Monday, lfitk inatant, 5'* o clock P. M.. from the residence of her grandfather, Wm. Burnhams, Ksq., 79th street and Bloomingdale road. MAHOGANY. ROSEWOOD, ZEBRA WOOD. kc. P OR SALE CHEAP, by E. O.ST AC?. No. 66 Woostrr street, between Broome and Spring its The itock it composed of a large auortmeut of crotch, mottled and shsdetl ?v 1iS1"?" Ver^.,?,R?*'70odMaboBany. Zejrawood Bird's Lie Maple and Black Waluut Logs, Boards, Plank, Join, kc. kc., and a general assortment of lumber, usually kept at ma hogany yarta in this city. ml3 lm?rc DAMAGE DWHTTE LEAD! 1(1 Keg? Wethenil's Philadelphia White Lead, in oil, yuu No. 1, and warranted aatraaadpur. apghtly injured by aoa water; received from the wreck of the schooner Ala bama, and for sale in lota to so t oorchaaers, bv .... . 8. G. WALKER, Insurance Broker, m 5>t" m 13 Wall atreet. BMVTASSEL9, G UITABLE for trimming hits, caps, blinds, shadea, pictures, , eolaa, umbrellas, nvaaola, cloaks, sprout, sleeves, bags, kc. Also, a variety of bindings and cord, for sale wholesale. bL,s. . ?.?. .a J kE. M4VNARD, nan lm m 67 corner of Wiilum ?t. MARCH IJth lSl6-R?BERT JAMES HARVEY.Em'. . Uftar ?T-The undersigned having heard of a course of Lectures, wiUt Readings, from the British aud American Toeu, lately delivered by you in the Chapel of the Univsrai ty, spoken of in high terms of approval, would be moat happy to have you repeat them in the Rutgers Institute, at your ear liest convenience. Yonra, kc. Isaac Ferris, D.D. JohnM.Krebs, D.D. Morris Franklin, Joseph Hone. Gilbert Hopkins. John H. Williams, Irad Havre}*, Thompson Price. James McCullongh, D. D. Williamson, Thomas Williams, jin. James R. Whiting, Jsred Lnisly, J. K. Hardanbrook, Jolm Conger. n_.i i l . . March 14th, 1116. Gentlemen?I have to acknowledge the receipt of yonr favor aa above. In doing so, allow me to off-r yon my Acknowledg ment Tor the terms in which it is couched, and to expresa the gratification I have in accepting yonr iuviutiou. L udcrstanding Wednesday evening to be more generally convenient than any other, I propose delivering the first Lec ture or the Course on that evening, the 18th inatant. Very respectfully, voura, D , R. J. HARVEY, A.M.. ... M _ . Professor Eloquence and Languages. I 111 McDougalatreet. in 13St*m GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH?" D [Trout the Evening Post.] K. A. C. CASTLE, who has practiced for the last seveu teen years in this city, has obtained en enviable eminence ui lua profession. He operates upon the Teeth with g'eat skill and ability. He has also preparvtl a Composition for filling de cayed tender teeth, which, while it resists the action < { all ?C' l infecting agents, it becomes as hard aa the tooth it "If It >? peculiarly adapted for nervou i persons. Dr. Castle laaerta artificial Teeth. DR. A C. CASTLE. Dentist, ml3 lm*m SI I Broadway, corner of White at. ARTIFICIAL EYES. ]\A ADR aud inserted by Dr. J. GRAY. No. 11* Bowery, N. .T V"*, the only manufactory of the Human Artificial Eye in the United States. Any pen in that withes to be well suit ed, should always apply to the miker, who has been in the art forty years. m>3 lm?rc pOST OFFICE?On and after the^Sthfinatu^ihe Sonth M. era Mail (alternoou) will cioae daily, except Sunday, at 2% instead of 3% P. M. Die Morniug Mail will close at the usual hour, 7% o'clock. lif Rfc ROBT. H MORBUS, P. M. &5 (MM) ? WANT !? meet with timlsuu having .. l'i " b" command $5,006, for the purpose of making advances on merchandize, for the use of which, com mission worth $3 000 per ennum would be divided. Father inrticulara can be learnt by addressing a nota to K. L , at this "mce- m!5 It'm WANTED. BY AN AMERICAN, of middle ?ge, employment as Tra velling Ag-nt, or Collector. The advertiser is a good accountant, possesses a general knowledge of mercantile af fairs, andliai spent mneh time in travelling aa collector, kc.? Ample tecur ty will be given for the faithful performance of any business entrusted to him. Please address "Traveller," Herald office. m!3 h?;c SERVANT WAITED. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN wants an unmarried man aa a i bodv seivant. who can read and write well, and who na arrstends horses Addr-si B.B at this office, naming references aa no other application will be attended to. mil 2t*r WANTED. A RESPECTABLE middle aged man, to act av a light por ter and make tiimtelfgeuerally awful in collecting account* and other work, in > tailoring establiahment. The moat unex c-ptiouable reference* will ba required. Apply to Ryder Brother*, IU Broadway. N. B.?One who hu aome knowledge of tha th* tailoring bn sinesi will be preferred. mIt Jt*re INFORMATION WANTED. ANDREW and JAMES ANDERSON, their brother-in law JOHN OILMORE. and MARY, hi* wife, having emigrated Irom DeConnty Armagh, Kewahill Township, Ire land, to ihe United State*, ahortly after the Revolutionary rear, any information respecting them or their relative* will be thankfully received addreaa Mr. E D CONNERY, Herald Office, New York, who will immediately communicate with their friends. Southern and Western Papers will pleaso notice this. m!3 3t*rc AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR AN ENT&R PRI8INO BUSINESS MAN. A PARTNER WANTED in a profitable Publishing es tablishment?a capital of $6,000 or 7,000 will be required to pnrchaae one half the concern at lowest cost. Address '/. at this office. mil Iw*re LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED.?Gentlemen and Families can obtain the foil value for all kinda of taiwrflaoas effect! they wish to dispose of, each as Ladies and GeiiUemem'a Wearing Apparel, hire Arms. Fnmitnre, fcc. Levemtviv, 466 Broadway, op stain. Ladies having any Cast off Clothing to dispose of, can Obtain a fair price by atoning for the subscriber, Mrs. T. Le veiistt!*. N.B. A line through the Post Office will be prompt ly attended to. mt lm*rc fl BORGI A LUMBER CO. Note* wanted nt^^r ll diaconnt, by OR ~Pt__. m* lm*re 11 Wall street OOTTUiv MILL. VAT ANTS * situation as Manager of a Cotton Mill, a vv intimately aeqnainted wtlh the varloi i yarioua mode* el rnanu faetnrug cotton wool, both in England and America; can be recommended by two men having charge of the best coadop ted establishments in the United States. Address n tni*re NCH CALK SKIN?130 dos jsst received sad for sals Xr CESAR ALUS ROBERT, It Maiden Lane Th? Long Island Insurance Oo. CnpltsU idt>0,000 Dollars. Orricn 41 Fulton stobst, Buooehi*. U AVINO their capital very seWly entire, contina a to take A A risks oa bai.dings, machinery, merchandise and property generally, on their nana! favorable term*. This company has passed through the two greatest conflagration* that have ever occurred in the country ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to ffie system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses winch the company may sustain wiil be adjusted lam. and paid promptly as hereto! I7fliai**te ft'. C. FINN, Secretary. B. W.JJELAMATER, President. Orricg en the Meecaistile Mutual. InauaaivcE Co. f No. 6t Wall sweet, December 17th. 1Mb. ( ATA MEETINO of the Trustees, held et the office of the TV Company, on the Ird instant, J08EPH 1YALKEK was unanimously elected President, in place of Lewis Uvegory, resigned; and Lewis UnEoosv was elected Vice President, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Joseph Hoxie. By order of the Trustees, ELL WOOD WALTER, Secretary. Maaisi IissonancE on Caaoo aco FneietiT oivlt. The Mercantile Mntnal Insurance Company, Ne. 61 Wall street, eonfines its business to Marine insurance #u freight and lew subscript ion nofee, amounting to npward* of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars have been received, and farther additions art daily being made to it* assets. The Companyinvites attention to it* plan of basin***, which it is bsiieVM, offers greater protection and larger returns to the assured than any other. TRUSTEES. Thomas Hunt, Ja*. McCnllongh, The*. Achelis, Wra. C. Lsngley, Seprimnt Crooks, <6eo. W. Taylor, Henry Sheldon, Chmles Psyen, Levi Cook, Jat. Free land, Chat. H Rogers, A. Legoui, Tho*. 8 Nelson, H. E. Muring, D. L. Sayre, Wilton U Hunt. W. C. At water, Alexis 8. Baker, Stewart C. Marsh, W. A.Retells*. M.Ward, (Jeo. Hastings, Chat. O. Carl etoa, Leonard kirby, C. W. A. Rodgers, Lucius llorkiaa, Jas. C. Hallock, Henry Jessop, Daniel U. Haaland, 8. F. Jenkins, o:B:rh""- teH-teWa Xs>? .. Prseident. EWIS Oscuoar, Vioo President. Ellwood W*ltb*. Secretary. dSMm'rc OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY ? Nrw Yens r ebmsry Id, 1146. { A T AN ELRCTION for Directors ol Una lastitntioa, for TV the eusaiai year, held thia day,the loilowing named gen tlemanwere elected tach DIRECTORS. Ibomaa WThorn*. Elitba Kings, ho mas T. Woodruff, As son Baler, . R. Robeon, M. D Jdeeph Drake, Thonwon Pries, Joseph Allen, Monus Tucker, James E. Holmes, 4 u* fr Psvmon. John P. Moors, William K. Thom, Caleb C. Tama, Thomas Morrsll. FT8?* F.ueeue BegafL JohuL. Mrrngt, RoT ike omsIM row. OIO. TFOrf, Ie?w6arr. ft rr* auction ntm. WM W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer. CATALOGUE SALE Of CHINA. Olase. and Earthen V wtr.?Br H. E. Willard?Ou Thursday, March 19 h. at M o'clock, an he 9or# No 9 Pine street. near Broad way. in lots Irom tlisshe'vas to tail retailers, beat flowing aud other blue and fancy printed, painted, edged, dipt, fee Ware, Clo ne aud lilaaa. Alao 58 packages of glass tumblers. decanters. The tale ta positive, ana the Zoo da will ba well picked for shipping. N. B ? Uooda will b? received for tliia a ale till Tuesday the 17th. Salea at* promptly aetiled aa toon aa goods are de livered raid It'm LARGE AND EXPENSIVE SALE Olf ANTI^UHTIES, CONSISTING of Ori(i?al Japan Lacquered Porcelain Jara and Veaea, flower bottles. frnit plates aud dishes, cups aud aaucera, of various kind*. ori(inal aucient Dresdeu Porce lain groups, fignret enpt and saucers, ancient fans of the 16th century ricnly carved and painted, aud a magnificent flower vaae of porcelain d*8evrea, of the time of Lonia XIV. which raaehu been bought at the aa'a of Joeeph Buonaparte, at Bor deotowa. Alao. a red japan porcelain table, or waah stand, inch as never haa beeu imported iuto thia country. Theee choice oraauiauta and articlea now offered, ut very rare?they are all antique, none of them leaa than one Hundred, and aome aa old aa two hundred yeara, are very costly, and were collect ed throughout thj old towna of Holland, and other placet, with greir diligence aud perm.-verance, by the collector) of thoee articlea, and are highly valued at the couru of Europe, and among the Eigltsb and French nobility. To be told at the Magaaiu Japonaia, 69 Duane atrret, between Broadway and Elm atreeta. by Aaroa Levy, Auctioneer, on Thursday. March 19, 1816. Sale to commence poaitivaly at 1 o'clock P. M., rain or ahiue. P. S. The pnblic are in gene-al invited, particnlarly the la dies, to riamiue these raaguilicent ornaments, now rerdy for eiamination, with catalogues; open daily Irom 10 A. M, till 5 P.M. mil I w Ore A CARD. H. E. WILLARD b W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, WILL give their personal attaation to the Salraof House hold Furniture at tha residence of families declining housekerpinr. Stocks of Ciocbery. Dry Goods, Grocery, and tales of Red Estate, at the Merchiuta' Exchange. Alao, soli cit from their frienda and the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, 151 BROADWAY, until May 1st, when they will move to the apaciona store, No. 17 WALL street, late Adams' Expresa Office. rarll lmar 'PHE ANNIVERSARY of the German Society will be A celebrated by a Dinner, at the Aator House, on the 15th of March, 1M6, at 6 o'clock. Tickets for the same may be ob tained, by applying to the undersigned trtewads:? Dr. A. Geteheidt. II] Walker street. Dr. C. Henachel, 139 Chambersatreet. U Hesaeubcrg. 3 William street. W. Knbbe, 3d Beaver street. C. A. Lnaiiig, 9 Broad atreet. C. Meleita, 15 Broad atreet. F. Steinh-il, 62 Beaver street. ml4tol5*r RxoklleStwiS* b^T^nUUes. ,r.|8lj?'W Solar Oil 7a^. Sperm Oil at Si anil LONG BREED CANARIES. MR. HASELETT'S entire Breeding Stock, to maeh ad mired on New Year's Day. They are already mated, and will be sold only in pairs. Bird Fanciers and the public are reapec'fully iuvited to call and eiainine them. Also, the usnsl variety of Singing Birda from different parts of the habitable Olobe. Fancy Pigeons and Cages, Gold Fish, Curie Fishbone, and bird seeds of every description. Every article for the Breeding Cage, be. Fur sale hy A. GUI EVE, 5 John street N.B.?Archie's Bird Fancier, containing full direction* for breeding Canaries, and the beat method of leading birdi in general, forsMe as above. English and Scotch Terriers for sale by mU liu're A. GRIEVE, 5 John i i atreet. ST. PATRICK'S DAY. rpHE SOCIETY of "The Kriendlr Sons of St Patrick" X will celebrate their uaiionM leatival by a Dinner at the C.ty Hotel, on Tuesday the 17th instaut, at 5 o'clock- Tickets haa by of admission can be had by application to any of the nndersigu ed Stewardt:? John Caldwell, Robert J. Dillon, Robert Emmet, William Redmond, John Manning, Arthur Fine mil ttfh nmet, winiam neamonu, ning, Terence Donnelly, a eg an, Geo. McBride, Jr.,. Clnrlea O'Conor. ' I > W1N E?300 Bales Euf listi Bridport Twine, comprising a A com Mete assortment irom 5)fi to 36 lbs ?a portion jnst re ceived i>erWellington?manufactured wi'li great care, eipress ly for this market. F For sale ta lota to suit purchasers, by mHrc K. K. COLLI N3 b CO., 56 South at. DORT WINE?100 quarter casks Red Port Wine?Inst re t fceired p:r Coasercao He Maria, from Oporto?for sale by mitre F.. K. COLLINS b CO., 56 South ?t. A VOICE FROM LONG ISLANEL tpiIS LONG ISLAND FARMER has at length arrived in JL this city, and the public are resivectfullv invited to call and see thia monster of the brnte creation. Thia celebrated animal, the Ox Farmer, is well worthy the notice of epicures and :liose who feel an interest in the. agriculture of the State. 1 He may be seen at the house of the Subscriber, No 311 Hous ton atreet, nntil Tuesday next, the 17th inst ; he will then be slaughtered and offered for sale at stall No. 41 and 43 Fnl'ou marmot. BENJAMIN T. WEEK8. mI33t*rc LAT1NA, in Plate and Wire, for sale by CESAR AUGS. ROBERT ml] 1 w'r 33 Maiden Lane. ]\J UTILE TO THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL?The aub 3" scriber, after enlarging his premises, is now prepared to ('Iran Carpets of every description, from 11 to 100 yards, with out t it ripping?Ingrain 6l4 centi per yard; Brussels 8 rents per . rd; Hearth Rugs, Covers and Shawls cleaned, from 15 to 75 ceats; Dresses dyed or washed from 50 cents to $1; Coats cleaned or dreseed from 50 cents to St; Pants do from 15 to 50 cents. T. SMITH, 70 Allen at. N. B ?Term* cash. dm m9 !in*re THORN CHAMPAIGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is in stare, to which ike attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and prtrate gentlemen is invited. The standing of this Wine is now superior to that of any ia this country, and at ao higher price than that of the best brands. C. LIVINOSTON b CO., mllietf re ? 10 Wall street SHERWOOD'S Vibratory Magnetic Machine. THE VIBRATORY MOVEMENT receutly substituted for the rotary in this machine, by the subscriber, endows it with ao extraordinary saperi wity over evety other form in which it has been constiucced It imparts the magnetic forces more continuously with lest violence to the sens itiont of the patient, and with more permanent efficacy; at the same tin e that it it incomparably lest liable to become impaired bv use or mismanagement, It is compactly fitted together with its bat'ery, wires, and other appliances, in neac mahogany cases of several sizes and powers, at tld t two sizes.] $12. $14, and $16 each; and forwarded to order, to any pan of the Union, the Cansdas, West Indies, and South America. Each case is accompanied with a Manuel?8th edition, pp. 124.31 mo.?ioclnd'ng a complete Maanel of the Practice of Medicine, with a very fall Olossiry?giving clear tod ample directions for the use of the instrument in the various diseases to which it is applicable, and which are louud, by the success ful practice of hundreds of operators, to ieclnde the most p'e valeut, as well as the most pecn isr and obstinate that are known to the medical prof ssion- Pocket eases of msgoetized homoe <athic medicine*?prices $t, with full directions for their use, will be forwared with the medieioee or otherwise, according to order. H. H. SHERWOOD, M. D, ml] 3t*r 102 Chambers street. N. Y. TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. || MIOEON b CO, 141 West street. Re-finishers of _ ? - Cloths. Cassimeres and Satinets. Ihe gold medal has been awarded to H. M. foi the improvement in re-finishing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott b Slide, 63 Pine street; William ol Broad i C. Langley b Co., 51 Exchange Place, corner ol Broad street; and to D. Brigham b Co. 60 Plug street; where orders may be left. ml Im'r 8THA W B ONNE I S L CHAPIN, No. 12 John street, near Broadway up stairs, has on hand a good sssortmsnt ol Fashionable Sirs w Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market p, ices. Milliners and othets are invited to ?*11 before purchasing elsewhere. mrl4 Im'r Hats--Spring Fashion?1846. fl THE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully call the attention of his friends and patrons to hit assortment r-f Hats of the Spring Fashion. In tilicting their patronage lie wonld remind thsm of his adherance to his established low prices, viz:?Fine Moleskin Hats, $3; Fine Nutria Fur Hats, $3; Short Nap Silk Hats, $3,50. WM. BANTA. No. 94 Canal st. cor. Wootter, and 139 Chatham it. mil 3wis*r WANTED, MaA Part of a Home?A small family, emulating of two ffl ladies and one gentleman, want to lure a anile of fur JjaiJLuialied rooms bv the year, in a rea|iecuble private hoII ? e, between White and Tenth streeta, either in Broadway, or a few doors from it, and where no hoarder* are admire i. Ad dress. poat p ml, M N O. boa 411 Poet Office, New York. The very brat r ferencea offered arid required. ml^Jt'm FURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET, IN a private Dwelling, to aingle gentlemen, at 13 Mercer at. None ueed arply but thoae that hare good ,refereiice _ ml J 3t*r | TO LET, IN H.jB()k.EN, TWO New three story and basement brick Hon ees, ee f't flk with the privilege of free ferriage,now in eonrae of com XjHLl'letion, which will be ready for occnpnncvooor.beforn May rat. They will be fitted in beautiful atyle and be re rlete with all the late improvement!. They each contain It rooma beaidea the kitchen, fimthed with marble man tela and black gratea thronghont, and are 31 feet front by M deep, with wide eonrt yards and iron railing!. The situation n delight ful, commanding a fine view of the river, bay and city, and ia inn one miiinte'a walk of th^erry,' where the new ferry boat* lyre every 1J mintatea for fldrnlay at, cross -nit in I to 10 * * one half h #, n ? # /\ I .due) am J f^ltaiatnnha, ala __ wuviypievrgi J aa# aiiniuign aua ? -4 I Xfl ?" ? w aw mmntea; and every half honr to Canal and Christopher sU ? Apply at the ferry at Hoboken. ml52w"rc HOSE HILL STABLES, 31th Street and Third a, and o] I Avenue, and opposite Bull's Head. Just arrived and , for aale at the above Stables, abont fifty Northern featern Horaea?among which are eight pairs matched: ana vv cctt i u iiuictm hiuuuh gig ri|iit |f>m uwMiiirv. eight or tea good road horaea, and several line cart, farm and ?hippinghoraea H. K. NOKTHRUP, ft l?*re Proprietor. MAIL LINE AT ? O'CLOCK, A. M. | fj ?TO ALBANY, AND intermediate landings, or esfar as the ice will permit. Breakfast will be served on board the bo<t. Stages will be in readiness to carry passengers to their dec lination. The celebrated ice steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, will leaves the pier ketweea Conrtlandt end Li berty ata, Monday morning at 3 o'clock. All i _JI packages and parcels will be landad at any of the regular landings, provided they are paid for at the Agent's Office, and , entered oo the fmght lint. For passage or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Schnltc, at ! the office on the wharf. in 15 m KUK LIVERPOOL?New Line?Psckrt of 34th m the 33th ini inat?The very splendid packet ehin KOSCIU8. A. Eldndge master, will be unavoidably detained until instant, whan she will sail. Far freight or passage, having aceommodalinrs eaeqaallvd for splendor or comfort Apply oo board, at Orleaas whiif, root of Wall strtat, or to r . , E. COLLINS It CO., M Hoeth atieet. Packet ship Siddona, E. B. Cobb, master, will succeed the Hoaeina, and sail 31th April, her regnlar day. ail', m ?FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana sad New W^^VYork Line?To tail this day, Monday, Nth instant, ???fcat f[o'clock. Th# elegant and very fast sailitg pack et ship HARTKCLE, Taylor matter, will, ia eonaequeaee of ? 7 ** u"' freight nntil Jf.M , and tail as abeve ? For freight or passage, haviog handsr,me furnished aecoaemo datioaa, apply oa I ottd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO , 31 South at. t aaaengera will please he on board at 4 P. M , at which time the ship will aall. Agent ia New Orleans, Jai E. Woodruff, who will prompt ly fo'ward all goods to his address. Packet ship??will ancceed the Sartelle,and tail Mon day. 33d mat, hat regular day. mill I v sail for I /OR LIVERPOOL?rackets of tke 13th aad Jfitk of March The well-known, fast sailing new packet whip Fl DELIA,HaekataA,commander, will poaitire ly ami foe the above poet oo Monday, the llth of March, bar regular day. And the packet skip HO&C lUS, Capt Eldndge, Ci the 33th March, her regular day. ?Jsaas^Fi."4 im xttmrvm - ?H, ' II loan, in*, Aftvauncam. PAHKTUKATHK. HEGUIN. IGUIN, MR. FRAZER, AND MR. BEOU IN. Assisted by MR. Jf. M? VEK. m Opera Also MR. MARBLE. Uonttey Kyanliig, Hurth 10, Willbeperf rmed. DUN PASQUALE. Don Pasqnale Mr Dwiig. Ernesto ... Mr Frwr Doctor Mslstesta ... Mr F Meyer Norma Mrs Beguin To conclude with, THE BACKWOODSMAN. Bauson H*rdhr?d Mr. Marble Colonel Mererille Mr Varhs Clara Mrs Abbott M ? be I Mrs Vernou Pnco of Aamisaioa?Boxes, Id; Pit, M cents ; trail cry i tf eeau. Doors open u 1% o'slosk, m< the Cnxtnin will rise precisely I at T o'cloek. JUOYVKH1 THKATUK. A. W. JACKSON... MANAOEK AND PROPR1E7 OR. i> GRAND COMBINATION. 0*DOUBLE COMfANY.^II IIASu " ~ ? ? Rockwell A Stone's Equestrian Trnuiw ii combination with the Dramatic Company of this establishment. Monday Evening, March ID, The Performance will commence with the Drama of 1VANIIOE. Isaac Mr J R Bcott. The Black Knight .Blanchard. Cedric Chaufrnu. The Pilgrim Daveunort. Sir Brian ile Bois Onilbert Clark. Oarth Cony. Wamba Hsdawsy. Lochsley Proctor. Rebecca Mrs Jones. Luly llowena Mrs Phillips. Elgin Mrs Sergeant. To conclude with THE DUMB MAN Ob' MANCHESTER. Tom Mr Cony Edward Wilton Mr. Blanchard Jane Wilton Mrs. O. Jones _.Tvr*Lower Soxes 5U cents?Second and Third Tiara, tt eta.; Pit and Gallery \i% cents. Doors will open at half past 6?curtain will rice atT. BOWERY THEATRE. Benefit of J. P. Walilrou, Treasurer. TirKDNESDAY EVENING. March ISth, 1U6. on which " oecaaiou he has the pleasure of announcing to liia friends and the patrons generally, of the Bowery Theatre, the follow 1 ing powerful bill of attractions?the grand historical cqnes ! tnaa drama of IVANHOE, Or the Jew's Daughter, The cast of the piece embr.tciug the entire company attach | ed fi the Bowery Theatre, and ihe popular Equestrian Corps of Messrs. Rockwell Ik Stone, with their stuil of FIFTY MAGNIFICENT HORSES, and the thrilliug dra ?a ol the SHOEMAKER OK TOULOUSE, Cast to th? eatiie strength of the Company. < It 7" The Box Sheet for the eveuiug is now op*n mli 3t*re NEW GREENWICH THEATRE, eonierof Variekand Charlton streets?Sole nro'rietnra, Messrs, JOHN O M VERS and O M. TOMLINSON?Manager, Mr. J. G My ers?Treaaurir, Mr. O. M. Toinlinson?Assistant Treasurer, Mr. W. Draper?Acting a-d St-ge Manager. Mr. H. P. Gra" tui?Scene Painter, Mr. H. Isherwood?Prompter, Mr R J. Jones?Machinist, Mr. M. C Radcliff? Leader and Musical Director, Mr. H. Met*?Costumrr, Mr. Taylor?Propenies, Mr 8. Wall is. The public are respectfally informed that this new and ele gant bllllduif will I osilively open on HON Dai Y F. YEN ING, March 39th. With a highly ellicieut and ta'eated company, which will be duly anuouoc-d. H. f. GKATPAN, Acting and Stage Manager. N.B. A limited number of s-aio i ticket* will be diapoaed of Alao, several of the Saloons to let. Also, a large quan tity of superior building sand for aale, to oe removed forth with. Appl y at the Boa Office. mli 1 w* m (fc*-A CARD -co NATION Ale THEATRE AND CIRCUS, Cbentnnt Street, Philadelphia. PROPRIETORS-MESSRS. WELCH, MANN AND DELEVAN. THK PUBLIC are acquainted that this magnificent estv A blishment, so warmly patronised during these last six month", by the citizens, strangers and visitors, from all parts of the world, muat speedily close in order to fulfil the impera tive engagements already entered into for the summer This an nouncement is put forth to prepire the hundred and seventy fire Artists and Assistants connected with this concern , and to assure the thousands of liberal patrons who have rendered the Circus a Temple of Fashion and Popularity, that the most energetic and unceasing efforts will he essayed to render the closing Performances of the R ng and Stage the most gorgeous, novel and varied that a discri j noting public can appreciate or agritel'nl management off r. nil CARD OF ADVERTISEMENT. RATIONAL THKATUK AND ClktCU*, iCHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Under the management of _ Messrs. WELCH. MANN AND DEL A VAN Will shortly terminate this, the most prosperous season ever experienced in America, in order to fulfil their engagements at Baltimore and Washington Among the nnmerone artistes en gaged in their lane establishment, may be found the following | names of some of the first riders: MU8. LOUISA HO WARD, principal act Equestrian, and premiere artiste, in characteristic delineations ofmelo-drama , tiepersonations, on her celebrated coarser. I MRS. EDWAIID WOODS, aa elegant Equestrian, on two Honrs, and in les Allamandes Fransaise, and general move ments of equitation. Eight Kemale Equestrians, who appear in grand cavalcades. Tight Rope Dancer and Equestrian performer, Mise LOUISA W ELLS. Principal Male Equestrians, Messrs LEVI NORTH, T- V. TURNER, and W. B. CARROL. Kirst Equestrian Paotomimist, J.'C.. ROGERS. Backward Riding, after the Italian inrention, by II BIG NOR GERMAN*. The RIVERS FAMILY?remarkable for their high talent in the gymnastic and Acrobatic arte. J. J. NATHANS, Equestrian Director, and twe and five Horse Rider?His pnpils are W. Cincade and Little K Pastor. Personifier of Local Characters, MR. E. WOODS. Kirit Vnnlter of the Troupe, MB. McKA.RX.AND, Equilibrist and Poetnrer, MR. G. DIJNBAR. Clowns, MESSRS. MAY and WELLS. Ring Master, Mr K.N ICHOLL8. Comic Vocalists, MESSRS. KELLY, LATHROP. and WEAVER. Stage Manager, Mr. FREER. A constant succession of first rate equestrian performers, from all parti of the world, and a continual series of the most magnificent Pantomimes and Spectacles of high equestrian ce lebrity. Leader of the Orchestra Mr. METER. Scene Painter Mr. JOHN WISER. A most snmptnons Wardrobe of all the nations in ihe world. eomDleted in the very first style of excellence. The suits of armor. Bags, banners, weapon* of war, Re., by Messrs. U. i LETZINUER, G. HIL8EY R Co. I A fall and talented company of high dramatic excellence. A most snperb stud of high bred Horses, trainedlor the are na and for warlike and processional effects on the stage?at 1 tended by twelve grooms, and byfonrteen rough riders, i The Doors of the Circa s and Theatre arc always opened at hslf-psst I, and the performances invariably eemmeace at T I o'clock fli OC?-A CARD-CO T0 OENTLEMENRKSIDINO IN THE UPPER PART OK THE CITY. A SMALL and select private Club Home, consisting of thirty lite subscribers, is about to be eitablished ia th? up- J |>er part ol the c tv. coii'ignont t? Broadway, conducted on en effective rrehtrcke icale, and replete with every eomLrt aad amusement. Memberi elected by vote of the Preiident and Committee. The tubacrii ti.m-liat will remain open until the list March; therefore it ia neceaaary that early application be made by tliote deairoua of becoming mrmbera Any gentleman [of undoubted reapeetahility] can receive a proap- ctua, by address 'g a note [poat pud. staling real name, ' occupation and addle ia] to X. Y. Branch Post-office, Chat- 1 ham Square. mli lw*r ; CITY OF ELMS. rpHE EXHIBITION of thia model, together with models A of tlie public bnildints of New York, and the Mormom Temple at Nauvoo, will remain open fora short time longer at the Granite Building. Ticketa 25 cents. K PORTER BELDEN, Pmp'ieter. E. B. CUNNINGHAM,Snpt ol Exhibition Tho proprietor ia now construetiagat 160 Broadwav, THE MODEL OF NEW YORK. Representing in carved wood every bnilding, shed, tree, and other ohject in the great Metropolis of America, which will be completed in a few months. Above this Model will be a Canopy on which will be delineated views of public buildings, places of business, manufactories, private residences, hotels, steamboats, Re., varying from 10 tflW inches in length, for , which a moderate compensation will be charged. Having now so nearly completed a Model of New York, the proprietor will either sell or give a lease of the Model of New Haven, lie. Office honra from 2 to 6 P . M _ fttlm'r E. PORTER BELDEN. MO Broadway. I FENCING EXHIBITION. THE UNDEK8IONED has the honor to inform the pablic and amateurs cf/en'-ing, that he will gire an exhibition , in the nbovr art, on Saturday, March Mill, at the Saloon of Mr. Otignon, Noa 15. IT and 19 Canal street, at 7 o'clock P.M. All Professors are invited to be present. '1 ha art nf Fencing tanght every evening, at 7 o'clork, at the above place. A. ? . RU8AT, Professor of Kserime. Price of admission 50 cents. mil II 15 lw*rc MUSIC FOR PARTIES. PARTIES furnished with the Violin, Harp, or Pianoforte. Apply to K. J. end U. Ayliffe, No. 117 Elm street, earner of Howard. lal lm'm MUSIC TAUGHT, /\N THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, by a Lady, | VP who has a thorough knowledge of the science. She cam five moat respectable aad satisfactory references. A hue ad dressed to W. 11., at the ufflce of this paper, shall be pnnctnal- | |y attended to. mrlO lm*r , MUSIC. MR. GEORGE A. HOYT would rvepeetfully Inform hie Friends aad the Publie, that he is prepared to give In struction on the PIANO FORTE, at his residence. *1 Chrye tie street, or at the reeioeaee ef hie pupils. Terms moderate, made koowe on application. fll Im'rrc MUSIC. MDUM8DAY, No. 55 Bond street, near the Bowery, ? Professor of the Guitar, huging. Aeeordeon and Vio lin, continues to teach Ladies aim ueatlemen at their owe re sidences. in all parts of Naw Y" k City, with much facility aud rapid progression, by his new ont never failing system. . Terms very reasonable. Apply at 55 Bond atreec. ml lm*re THE VENTILATING WIG. SO closely resemble* the real bead of hair that sceptics and j connoiasenrs have pronounced it the most perfect and extra ordinary invention of he day. The great advantages of this novel aad unique wig is its being in de without sewing of , weaving, which censes iti appearance* so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, aa to defy detection, its teitarv beiog so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all eases of p-rvpiration evaporation ia unimpe ded, and tha gre.t enls of otlcr wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and eonnoiaaear are alike invited la inspect this novel and beaasifal Wig, and the peculiar method oi fitting tho head, at the maanfaetnrer'a A. C. BARRY, IM Broadway, eomerof Liberty street, ep stairs. mi Im're TO OA PI TALIsTS. ANTHONY J. BLEKCKEH will mil at the Merchants' Exehauge, on Taesday, the Itth of March, at 12 o'clock. That ialuable House and Lot in fie, No. H Carmine street? Sited np with every convenience and comfort, haadnoma yard, valuable frait trees, fee. For further particulars, apply to tho Auctioneer?premises can be seen at any reasonable hour. ml. 5.7, l?*r TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES , LADIES liaving aajr auperflnoua or cast off Clothing to die peso of,(either Ladies or Gentlemen) can obtain a fair cash price for the tame, by lending for tho snbeeribor, at her residence, No.? DUMattWg.baoem<rt.a ^ ?? OHKN N. B.?Gentlemen's Clothing and ^w 1 "W (J f| J.N * ' AllleuanOtrongh the Poet Office wUi be aiMi 'ed ">? IJIAHLMERS' AND MILI H*' dj ** j LATEST INTELLIGENCE BT TIE IAILI. Washington, March It, 1840. The select committee ot the Senate, which was appointed yesterday to investigate the charges of the Timet against the whig members of that body, met at the capitol this morning, and entered upon the duties assigned them. Messrs. Dow Ac Robin son, ot the Timet, and Lieut. Porter, of the Navy, were cited, and appeared to give in, in evidence, whatever they knew of the matter. The two for mer were required to specify the facts which they had to ailirm, and name such witnesses as they should produce to corroborate the same. This they have done. Lieut. Porter, as I have been informed, states merely that one of the door-keepers bad in formed him, a snort time since, that the whig Sena tors were holding a caucus above stairs. The Lieu tenant, in restating this, added the fact of having himaelt seen Mr. Pakenham in the capitol the same morning, it there be no other testimony than thia to fasten so serious a charge aa treachery to their country upon the whig Senators, it had been better it were never made. The Senate of the U. States, though composed ot individuals no better, or more able to resist temptations than other men in a dif ferent position?still there is an air ot dignity and sell respect connected with them as a whole, of which they are, both individually and* collectively, extremely jealous. It is not as much,perhaps, upon their own account, personally, that this pnde of po sition is felt by for the sovereign States that they represent; and therefore, it is a most wicked thing for any one, through political hostility, either to a part or the whole ot that body, to make charges of so abominable a nature against them, as those in the Timet, without first having the most irrefragible proofs to sustain them. Prom what has transpired of to-days proceedings before the committee, I am led to believe that the whole aflair will turn out to be nothing more than mere vapor?smoke, if you choose to call it. The examinations are held in private,'and will remain ao until the committee get through with the entire bu siness. Speaking ol appointments and removals among some of Mr. Tylers friends last night, one of them remarked that there was not more than one of that party' now in office, except Mr. Wise, Mr. Gwin, and Mr. Polk's brother ; and, as the Presi dent had up to this time decapitated nearly all of the " Captain's" old adherents, it was not to be ex pected that he would leave those then in office long, including Mr. Tyler's last nomination. Win. H. Polk. The remark was just, though ludicrous enough. It will be remembered that, just before Mr. Tyler left Washington, he nominated that young gentleman an charge to Naples, with a vary long list of others, Ion, various appointments. The Senate, however, declined acting upon them; and he, with all the others, had to go over till the next administration, which is thia, came into power. Mr. Polk renominated hiB brother for the place for which Mr. Tyler had done it previously,aad this se cured him a very pleasant and comfortable ap pointment, at $4500 a-year, where he has nothing to do except lounge about the placea of publio amusement and eat macaroni. It would never have occurred to Mr. Polk to put hia brother into an office of that kind, if indeed he would have thought of giving him one of any kind, had not John Tyler dene so before he left the White House, and thus saved the President the mortification of knowing that he had a brother for whom he would wish to pro vide. but could not, on account of the indelicacy that would attach to it by doing so. Mr. Polk has shown his gratitude in this matter to the late President and his friends, who have been in office, by remov ing his brother-in-law. Dr. Miller, with nearly all the others, from the place of third assistant Post Master General, by suffering Cave Johnson to abo lish it, with a view, first, to get Dr. Miller out, and secondly, under a pretence tnat it would be a saving ot some $2000 or $3000 a year to the department.? I don't know how far the Post Master General's powers extend; but it seems to me that he has trans cended them in abolishing an office created by law, without even the form of Taw. but by his own abso lute will. The office that he has thus abolished,was a sort of check upon the administration of business in the first and second assistant's offices; and there fore an independent branch of the Post Office de Krtment, just as much so as Mr., Johnson's. I have en told that in contracting for the single article of mail bags alone, which was a part of its doty, $42,000 nave been saved within a very short period, and which would have been allowed by the other branches had it not been for this. By this late ar rangement, the second and third assistant Post Master's duties are merged into that of the second, and the check upon them, created by destroy ed by the fiat ol the Post Master General. Auxl. Washington, March 18, 1816. The Committee of Investigation held their firat sitting to-day, in the room of the Committee on In ? dian Affairs, of the Senate. We are not aware of I their progress, the examination, from the necessi : ties of the case, being conducted with closed doors. Connected with the startling allegations of the Dat ly Timet, upon which this Board of Investigation is called,we have a word to say, concerning a member of the Committee of Foreign Relations. The name and the charge having been published in other quarters, and the matter being no longer a secret, it may be as well to Bay in the outset, that Senator Al len is strongly suspected of having furnished the editor of the Timet with the raw material of his ' Blue Beard disclosures But upon this subject, an ' another good-natured IYispero, who also seems to | have taken the fictitious blue-bottle with the avidity of a gudgeon, may be better conversant. Certain it is, that when Mr. Mangum, yesterday, mention ed ttiat the reason why he sanctioned the resolution for a committee, was that one of the firm of the pa per indicted has proclaimed as his authority for nis charges of corrupiion, a member of Con.grett? " what !" exclaimed a Senator on the democratic side?and the voice to us sounded like Mr. Allen's. We looked in the direction of the Senator's seat; but there was nothing in the expression of his coun tenance to indicate alarm, excepting, perhaps, that his cheek,always pale, may have been a little paler? the shock was so sudden, you know. Besides, by common consent, a number of inquisitive eyes, as well as Mr. Mangum's, were turned simultaneously with his declaration, in the direction of the Senator from Ohio. Now, we know that, from Mr. Mangum's position in the chamber, when he rises to speak, his face is necessarily opposite to that of the leader of the Spartans. It was undesigned and unavoidable with him, aadperhaps equally involuntary with a score of others. Mr. Hannegan was not present, nor was Mr. Ilaywood, nor was Mr. Colquitt?a remarkable co-incidence of absenteeism, though entirely acci dental. The fact is, though we would endorse at this moment, us cheerfully as Ave years ago, the innocence of Senator Allen in the premises, he must have known that he was suspected. This was enough to startle a high-minded Senator, and send his blood freezing through his arteries. The an nouncement, by Mr. Mangum, of the authority of a member of Congress, was, therefore, tantamount, by construction, to a personification of the indivi dual. The consequence of a real breach of faith and honor on the part of a Senator, if convicted, would, of imperative, inexorable necessity, be his prompt and unconditional expulsion from the body. That s the long and the short of it. There would be no other alternative?no modification or palliation of the penalty. Now, we don't acknowledge to the practice of looking behind the record, nor do we assume the supernatural faculty of clairvoyance; but had we been in Mr. Allen's place, at the time of Mr. Man gum's remarks, something like the following would nave been our train of thought i "A member of Congress, hey 1 You can't believe it possible to be a member of the Senate; but I know you distrust me for all that. Colquitt distrusted me, when he lashe d me over the shoulders of poor Robinson. You know that I am radical on Oregon, as upon every thing else, but particularly upon Oregon ; you be lieve me a candidate for the Presidency, and that my chance depends upon defeating a * compro mise: ' you believe me an unprincipled demagogue? that I consider the means aa justified by the object; you believe me to be the founder of the Daily Timet ?that I paid for it- that it is ray psper, and that the editor is my man; you believe, in fact, that I trumped up this story as a last despairing resort." Well, we must say, that under this unfortunate con juncture of circumstances, it was quite natural mat Mr. Allen should exhibit, in the very effort dis guise it, some concern at the " reason ' of the sena tor from North Carolina. . ,. /That Mr. Allen u guilty we cannot believe. No man, to our personal knowledge, even with hie po litical frienda, iscloeer-moulhed. regardiug tbecoo fldenoe ol a Senator and of the^aiM, than the York State as Consul to British Guiana. So accep table was hit name, that it waa taken up out of the regular order, and confirmed unanimously. * Pxosrno. Washington, D. C., March 11,1846 As the debate advances in the Senate, the issuo of the great question becomes mors doubtful sad uncertain. All the old party lines of the day are broken to pieces by this Oregon controversy A new formation must take place, for I do not believe it is in the power of any man to reconstruct the same materials which brought Mr. Polk into power. There is a mystery about the intentions and pur poses of Mr Polk-there is ? mvrtsrvebom tirepur

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