Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. in.imfc.T4.ww.faw, NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 16, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JIMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Erery dsy. **??? ? ?** ??*?" "MEmfltfUS&rLMrw. ? ? PKirmNU at all kiai. aaaaata. WW beaary mttaa All laoaia at mmnawatma., by Mil. aMtawa. ta the establishment. nil he poet paid, or the postage will be ,ro- ? New Tobv HjUluj> gcr -uhjshUiwt rrt (!enw e/filtm tod Tf?itone iUMIi 0 bet we. few <lj< drew. | Tery be Fl ja] WANTED, Hart of a Hpgtje-A small family, Ofiusisting of two led e? audoue genilsmau, want to nir* a aaile of fur ??aishtd -ootns be Ike year, ion respectable private houie, .atwMu vvi.iieeudTeu hetre.le. either in Broadwiy, or a few doers from it. and where no boarder, are admitted. Ad dress poet p lid. MNO.tatU Poet Ofic, Mew. k ork. The ?rry bss( r ftriucM of?roa md Ttqairrd. mP3t*? ~ FURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET, IN a privet. Dwelling, to single gentlemen, et 13 Mercer it. None need apply bat those that Usee good reference . mld3t?r 10 LET, IN HubOKaN, ? TWO New three etorv end basement brick Houses, with the privilege of free ferriage, now <in coarse cveom Lpletion. which will be reedy for oeeapaacvon or before i-t. They will be fitted in beautiful etyle oad be re plete with all the late improvements. They eaeb eoutain 11 row., besides the ki cbeu, finished withi marble mantels and black gra'es throughout, and are 31 feet front by H deep, with wide court yards a d iron railings The eftuatioa n delight ful, a line view of the river, bay end city, and is witn.n one miuute'a walk of the terry, where the new ferry bos', la-are every 13 minute, for Barclay at. in ? to It moiuLe., and every betf boor to Canal ana Chriitophtr ?ts ? Apply at the fVrry at Hobokeo. m!3 tw*re STATEN~I8LAND property for sale] JM A H ANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with afew or ]>?? "ny oumwr ofocivs that may be desirable. Barns. Ac. 4!aiElhc., attached, on the North shore of Suten Island, fron ting ou the riyer, aud within th-ee-minatee walk of Castleton Steamboat Landine, on. mile from Tort Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. Thr property has afiouton ike water of about 400 feet For farther particulars enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. 33 Wall street, or oa the premises, of Mrs. Jane Burger. in 13 Iwr TO LET OH FOR SALE. A MODERN BUILT COTTAOE. Stable oad Catch Home attached, with about an acre of laud, the principal part of which is wall stocked with fruit and cy shrub., and ce U?ed wi'ha picket fence. The stages nses every tea minutes within fire minutes' walk of the house. Situation between tilth end lllth streets. For farther informa tion apidr to JuHN BATH Gf ATE, 154 Ninth street, or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mrll lm*rc TO LET. JmUL wi:h itabie in the r< ar. The House is modern bailti three story with mwble mantels, in complete erder. Posses sion given 1st of May. Also, Two other hnnses in the, all well located, be ing sear the Railroad Depot and both Academies, one of which caa be occupied immediately. For farther partic apply to JAMES HERRJMAN. A DESIRABLE HOU8E, in the villus or Jamaica, L. I.; at present occupied by Doctor O. H. Kiss&m, , with stable in the r?ar. The Hoase is modern built, which cm b* occupied immediately. F or farther particulars, pplyto JAMES HERRIMAN. ml 3w*tc Jamaica. L. I TO LET, IN FoRT LEE, N.J., A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with aboat 4 acres of ground and a number cf wooden buildings, in tolerable .^goodcndiiion, which were formerly used aa a ehemi oaT 1''Otory. ;?t praaent occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; situated ou the Hirkensack road, only a f?w misutea walk from the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to whi m a lease will be giren for several years, if required. Inqaira of Dr. Mcria Leo-Wolf, M Liberty street, New York, il *w*re NOTICE. * DWELLING HOUSED. STOKES aad vaeat Lots, for sale, rent or exchange Investments mud# on pro ductive Heal Estate, that will payiromreu ta twenty percent mi the purchese money, with an in crease in value of from ten to fit teen par cent per annum. Mi nay procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Poticiee of Insurance obtained from the noct responsible companies in the country. Apply at 166 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. N.B.?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for hniUings, tarnished here or at No. S Broad street, at the short est <>oti< a. CALVJN POLLARD. Architect. i'Ofi DALE, OK TO LET, onto ? most reasonable fn| t-rms, three two-story Dwelling 1.rases, in North J3ML Sikth. b'tween Sixth sod Seventh streets, Williams burgTL. I. Two of the above are new, aad intended as genteel residences, being finished in the best manner, and supplied with spring anil rain water in the kitchen, and coal vaults ia ?int. lie. X-o-th ads of the purchase money mar remain aanrod. at I pet cant. Enquire oa the mwrnisd*. or of ROBERT ANGUS, tit lm*nc ttwallstreeC jjk tiUARRY KOK S^LE. OR TO LEASE-Sitn nS ate >n the Pasaaic river, in North Belleville, formerly XML belong tug te Abraham Joraiemon, Eaq. Said quarry has beta extruaivaiy worked for thutyyeara paat, and m one of the best quarries of free stone in New Jersey, sad is in i pood order far washing. The p/emieee coaaisi of two dwell ings, storr Upns% two bnras, two hundred feet of wharf, and Seventeen ?rti of lad, wnieh will be sold entir.-, or the . lad, wnieb will be aid entir.-, or the buary separate, if desired, for further particulars, enquire Of the subscriber, at tbe post office in Belleville, N. J. JOHN fc. LLOYD. Belleville. Feb.IS. 1ML , fit Im'mc HOUSED ANU LOT FOK SALE. A PLEASANT country seat in the village of Madi , Morris county. New J- rsey, within t feu son, Morris eonnty. New J-rsey, within a few minutes Jisl&walk ef the beanuful residence of Wm. Gibbons, Esq., be,u? about >5 miles from New York city?commnnieation to and Rom twice a day, ay day id the year, per Morris sad Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acrekoo which are Two Houses and a Bern, wit i a first ra e well of water. Good ichoots and churches in the immediate vicinity The premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking premises are located la a commanding position, overlooking the whole village; ?od la ooe of the aoat desirable location* fn the t lace, being w thin two miosKca walk of the .railroad de pot. Which reot-eis it convenient for n person doing business in the city, who des tr?# to retire in the country." PbrpartKrulara enquire, or addreaste the subscribe*. ... . ? ?. t. Thompson, At lm?rc ~ Mfirristowu, N. J:' rr jam Wl mm***? mOmm-nii WILL BE BOLD > heap, be eseheaced fsr city pap vyley grain and grass fyia, con of which are viobdfaed, Snd the ??CtcniLg 123W ieroi.xHMHHMHMPMi r? J- ? rich veil having been- aH eultisrated, highly ran red I Co d upnog. Hud 3 from Karmingdale, by the best roaak-ia she I ?affix ?f tad Smoke ll-.ose. Twenty acres lie in n poDitinu to prodaca the earliest v igetabfes, and being urit-ifa-1)6 hours coienmai eatiett with Breoklya, to which cats, ma from KgrmtngiUle three tim-.s a d iy, makes it vdry desirable. Steamboats also leave Cold Spring daily foe New York. For further parti en iar*eppJv.te, F. G. LUCJfEY, f27*w?m W John It! SPffTM^TYLZ " GENTLEMEN'S HATS. HI WHT Will you pay DJO and $6 for a Hat; whaa you JO" can go to . . ROBERTSON^ PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 1US Kmlton Stmt, S?e *r mas SMI otrusi, , and get a* good a one for $1,3*7 Go and eximina^fotjroor *? row THK ENSUING SPUING. are now ready for ? inspection and sste, at UP t niton street, between Wil ?Jiaip and .Vnau. To those wno are not the votaries o' fsah tnrtJ KNOX'd FASHIONABLE'HaTS, I FOR THE ENSUING SPRING, are now iou, btrrelw- yi wish ?e look ttTirterneiu tk? bead of hatihey wear, w.ich ig must b coming to ihem, eta hare their Hat* n order at a very short notice mtl !m*re male to a very ?BHTtTMILLINEBS. firrti-re L VRJ^Ji tNO.ihe well known aa4 celebrated Ifist premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the JKK general, ?h w be haa tot sale a moat apleedsd eesortaasut of Labi.-a tancy 8THAW HAT8, rauniectnred of an eatira new article, 'called Paris Straw Gimp, made** theebaee of the Dhepherdaras Gipsev?ew beenflnl ad bqeomisg, Ihey Betd only be seen to be admired. Millieers, and me< rnanu of the trade. Will do well to call ad examine before they make I their ;ht> g-ods sold by the case or dotea bt a vary iibeial price, CARL KING, IT Divjeia ' ' *" Hem N B.?A general assortment of all lauds of Straw Good* and Paris Ribbons always on hard. fkj lm*r KINK FKENCH BOOTH ?? Jb-*lty muds, udsreeqoa! to those rold in other stores /or $6; fine ( K'.t-.cb t.a't" Boots lor fit 60. equal to the best made in this _ J city for V ir ?7-nt YOUNG k JONES' French Boet aad Shoe M?'ury; erne af the most faOtemable M this ?itv,t pur Bc6v . .,i?iug been judged in ttie late Fair at Nibloh, are sa-u to be the best Boots eVer sold in this chy. All Boots wssnmtedteg?v# satisfaction. . IDUNU It JONEB.t Ann street, J?TT ]m*rh sear Broadway. New York. 7?tl _ A<W. HILL eTABt.KH.'??h ferest and Third LaO Avmuc.and Bull's Head. Just arrived and f ' / > a.d* ut ihenbove BtsMes. about fifty Northern gad Wcasern Hi'irsas amobg which av* right pairs- utalahed: eight or t?u good road hongs, and aaverat Mi MAJtn ad sUivptug uoisas R- K. NORTHRUr, ft' Hiv"w ? ? > - I ?? PistisiiSsr K-> ?H IAV?Rp60L? New Line?Pa#bet ofSOth' is>t?ThusePT *P undid packet shin RUDCIUS, A. Eldridga mister, will he un*vbfdihty'd*tatnrd uatil tat nt, who* elm will sail* - r-W-S'-r.Qf," XX, tfifspm&'x.i!:' -fretef Wail rtreet. orto - ""..W . 1 ? #' IT i. colmnb k ro? it kom&mt*. rsrhet ship Biddoni, E. B. Cobb, mister, will succeed the ' Roseiue. anil sad 2Sth April, her regular diy. ml5 m .Iprf^EW OULBAND?Loainsus and New ? Yhrg^tife?Tt^slHlbi ? day, Monday, 16 b mat as i, w>t| O'clock. I hedrgant and very last savtiag park lAltTTLLr., Tkylor mister, will, in -cosswimsgee of ths eeathar, irrtglrt until J r. M., sad sail as ubeVe ? firfrcirlit orpisssg,., Iravhjr lundvome fbrnisbcd aetogimo ' cations, apply uM-rnt wharf, foot ef Wall street, ijrtd * Z 1 E- K. COLLINS k CO., M Booth st. j rsriencr rs will please be t.n Inard at 4 P. M , at which time the >h-|> will sail. ' /gent id New Orl'aitv, Js* E. Woodruff, who will prompt- I vcTo-wrd *'l goods to his address. iTsckei ihip ??? will succeed ihe Sartelle. ad tail Moo- j <fay,23d m? her regular day. mlim FOR LIVKHPOGI.?Packets af the Nth aad JOth V Well-huewn, last saibug new packet hip PI DELIA, Hacks') if. Commander, Will positive ly s?n lor the above port on Monday, the Kill ef March, hrr . Ognlirdsy. Aad the iwekst ship ROhClUB, Capt Eldndga, rathe 20 th Mtroh, her regular day. Frirpssngein cabin mud skaaiage, having unurpaased *e sm.iHBSS, apt ly te J ubt .. . II Bemth street. Pncket ?Tne wi ADAM ?;ARK. 4 will sail oe the 1 CAt- t'v'R jJLABGOVV.-Regnlsr JBSPW-kn iwn. fist sailing British bark j JHKuus, hagh Meiwm. master. "Tar 'pasaage oaly, having evcellent aceommedatiea, apt " ?"? ? The A t British ^bark Asa Hariey, Cept Rote, Brmsyy 192 BROADWAY, ookNia or jobm strut. Tu THOSE WHO 8HAVE THEMSELVES. Prom the Kvtninf Perl. H,N(" -'??'^ l'tw article, universally seuas^ destroyer of frrckles and piundes, and it told rhraper Ithan tne old soaps. All, thsrefore, who would eonselt rcouo my ami comfort in shaving, thouldposses* themselves o" it. ? ?7 aan comiori inanaving,anouiapotseei themselves o' it. ? from the New York Osteite.?The Near Soap.?We apeak from tiparmea, nod we apeak from the more professional knowledge of oar benefactor and frinnd fames Oraot. 'No. 4 Ann street, wh* aaya it i? nkatd of any thin, ever yet found oat ia tbit department of modern improvement. It ia not only an rmollent" bnt it is tomrthmg more." la short, wa bailees it is the beat shavi. g aaao in the world. Krom the Evening Mirror.?&iagh Verbena Cream, wa know b; eapatienea to be the beat kind of sharing a nap, and those persons who hare troublesome beards, should not be withent u It has a penetrating way or iu own, and soft rot the hardest and roughest beard, to sa to r andar the operation of sharing perfectly easy. Mr. wag hne lately taken the busi ness of Dr. Mimor. at tba eoenar of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable attiale may baebUUueU; nno, likewise, Hiut 's Cough Candy, wlueh ia said ha a pleasant and car mn? R wu?B vw?|? waifH w taia care for that iroublasoma enmpauiou. .. .. ? hrom the Sunday D ?patch.?Every man who shares himsplf ^Hdprocare " niudh Verbena Cream " it is an aiqaiaite article.softening the b??rd, tini %H irriutio? of cb# akin, to that it StMiMtiabtohiU pImuum, iuattaA of an aa aojiaca, to im tba itiar* ?- s 4 , . Beware afftniiatioM, a*! oMcmi ih$ written aitfoatara an dsr the directions Cur use, of'' p. P- Ring;", Prepared and lot sals, wholesale and fcttu. and v. XI. itiwt#, uranurt, Btoedii.y, emrnarof John sen 1M Broedw.y, oereerof John wrset Bneeaaaor in Dr. Wn>. 11. Milnor. N. B?Merchants am partatulaiig rrguastadui call and am amine this article, as new prapared, as to quality, quantity, ap pearance aud price, it qansot be beat?the splendid new label from a steal plate, engraved by Messrs. Bawdon. Wright k Hatch, I'jr exceeding any thing of tlia kind before the public. "51"i59 BROADWAY'. wholesale and retail PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. T^HIC Subscribes returns his thanks, to hit friends and the A public for the very liberal patronage extended to him aiuca the opening ofhia Store in New York. Premising that opening ofhia Store in New York. Premising in Perfumery the maxim should prevail, "either the best or none," be earnestly solicits one moment's attention to the fal lowing very intell igihle iiroefb that he is capable of oflaring the very best, whether the oomprtitum be foreign or Ameri iry boat, whettwr the oompetiuon be foreign or A 1st. He possesses unequalled advantages in Paris, it an Cor many years Director of the Laboratory of in hav was honored with the Gold Medal never before awarded to Perfumery. 3rd. His Perfumery haa banished the imported whenever it has come fairly iuto competition. This is em phatically the casewith his Shaving Cream Why should it not be so I His Perfumery is, in fact, the foreign, both in its quality and mode of fabrication, with the addition of an excellence which the foreign sever can possets, UUUSXIWH W1 case uavtlivuvc wsssvas Maw svivb^h nvvsa vast pvaaoes ? namely, freshness aud advantage iu many of these articles ol the greatest importance, owing to their perishable nature. 4th. His prices are from 30 to SO per cent lower. In fine, the sub scriber, educated in the beat foreign schools, imported with him the science and skill of hia native city, offers the products of his laboratory, equal to the beat imported, and superior to ui uia lauuiatuiy. c^noi iu uir ucov iiii|miicU| ouu MP them from the advantage of recept preparation, at much lower trefor tysui __ilooal w w they are foreign, and have been'aubjeeted to the influence of a them from the advantage of recent preparation, at much lower prices. He, therefor*, flatter* himself that his preparation* most of necessity supercede the imported, except with those iler i who era so unreasonable as to praler articles merely because sea voyage. To conclude, the subscriber always heaps on irfnm hand a perfect issariment of the beat foreign perfumery, and otters store an rpportonity of comparing the two, and of l-j iterance of lh* is jiurchuing aeeording to the judgment or preference of The subscriber moat respectfully soliciu a call from those who wish to purchase that which is genuine, as ha assure* the blie that nothing shall ever quit his establ shment withont " ' :na being as represented to the purchaser. He particularly invites the attention of wholesale and retail dealers to hia very com plete assortment, which he offers to them at prices from 30 to 30 per cent cheaper than they buy elsewhere. ?. KOUBSEL, Manufacturer and Importer of Toilet Soaps, jSO lm*r Perfumery, fcc. DR. SWAYNETS Compound Syrup of Wild Gharry, xHE great remedy for CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor 1a Dae. It may truly b? Mid, that no one hat em he.u to successful in com pounding a medicine, which hat done to much to relieve the human family, to rob dil ate. of ice terrors, and roatore the Invalid to Health and comfort, at the Inventor ani Proprietor of thu movt deser vedly popular family ineoieiut, Da. Bwavnb's Compound SrRt'r or Wild Chlbiiv, and none hat been to geueually pa tronized by the prufeaaion and othera, both in thit country arid m Europe, nor hat there ever been to great an effort, in the ?hvrt apace ol only aiz orteyen years, u> deceive the eredu lone and unthinking, by pntticg ap Nostrum, kinda, of various kind., by rariont individual*, .Ailing the nana of Wild CHnnav, and at much of tke name of the original prepara tion a. will acreen thorn from the lath of the law, and ona of (he Impostors who pntt ont the common paregoric of the ahnpe. end calls it the Balsam or Wild CHnnnv, bit had the impudence to caution the pu'die against the Original Pre paration, Da. Bwarifx't Compound Syrup or Wild Cpcaav, which it doing to much good in the world BehWARB OF BlfcH IMPOSTKft8. And purchase none bat the ortgtnol and only genuine article, at prepared by Da 8w*vf>c, winch is the only one compound ed by a Regular Phytician, and arose from many yetraClose attention to the Practice ol the Profession, and which ltd to his great di.covery. Thousands and tens of tbonsands of the beat testimonials of the unparalleled tuccest of Dr. Bwayue's Compound of Wild Cherry, for the enre of Consumption ! Coughs, Colds. Spitting Blood, Liver Complaint, TiekliflJ or Risi"g in tha Throat, Nervous Debility, Weakness of Votee, Palpitation or Disease ef the Heart, Pain in the Bide or Breast, Broken Constitution front various causes, tke abase of ea o mel, lie., Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Ice , were declared to the world yrais before any other preparation of Wild Ckkruv c me out. The mosttcepticsl may tau ify themselves as to the truth of the above by a little inqeny in Philadelphia. The genuine article is pre^ared__ooly by Dr^ Bwavnb, whose office has been removed to N. W. corner of Eighth and Race sireeu, Philadelphia. The Balsam and oilier spurious articleg ?f Wild Cherry has been told out, and resold ont, and the proprietors are obliged to retort to KaLse hood and Stbataocm to make their own ont ol iL The ge nurse article is put ui. in plaiu style, in square bottles,covered ' with a bine wrapper, with a yellow libel, with the ptopriecor's aigoatare attached. ^^The Public are requested to_retqember that it ia _Dr (NEB COMPOUND 8YKUP OK WILD CHER Y that has and ir repeaedly periorming such miricnlons which have baffled the skill of the Prof-s cutes of ?itaates _ ram and tot at defiance the whole ea*il<i?ue of Patent Medi ?infi, which are ddiiy pnffed through the ogsns of the press. J'lierefore, ask lor Dr. BWAYNE 8 COMPOUND BYRUP OK WILD CHKRR Y, and pnn base no other. Agents in Nsrw York?Charles H. Bin , Druggist, 113 uiuauna/, wiuci ui dona mcci, oauui, imm uuwri> , vv miuv, 30i oleecker sbeeti DodiL TTI Broadway; Lewis, i'.T Green wich stre.-t; Han,34*Grand street; Everett,M Hudson street; oviBailey, corner of Fulton and Band* streets, Brrooklya. rti lm*m DOCTOR AK>iTa PRELIEF SALVE. DOR WOUNDS. Bruises, Bums, Chrome Sores or Bwel A- lings, Piles, Ulcers and Iuffamed Breasts, It is also a sovereign remedy for Blotches on the Face, and Chapped or | Roogtt Bkin. It will sooa render it traespareut, clear gad soft as velvet I am tail t^-^&iurViOi&ssS'.'r I Extract from a letter written by a female to her relative.} '?Bigday morning ealiedat Mrs. Halbert's. 8he had tnlfar ed so loaf mm so uooh wall her breasts, that 1 expected from what we had heard, to And her daad. Thry had, however, appli ed ' A rut's Relief Salve' thit night and the nevt day, and to my | greet satisfaction I found her entirrijn-elirved. After apply log it twice as 1 had directed, the milk started a stream ; Uu-y put the child to her breests, ami they are aove both do tag very well indeed They call me the Good Samaritan for mentioning the salve to them, lam Tory glad of being the means of doing some good in the world." Doctor Hallock?Sir: That tha great virtua of " Ann's Re lief SalveHmay be known to the afflicted, I deem Itn my daty te Mate a ft-w facu connected with my owA case About twaaty years ago I received an mjory from the I rag-meat of a bursting eanion striking me in my groin; from thai up to the present ? fferedmnch -listless sad pain, and finally itr time I have suffered much distress and pai a diffused aneurism, pervadim suited in a diffused aneurism, pervading my leg and foot. Duriuc this protracted season of suffering, I have had recourse to ail the " sure cures," and highly recommended " Pain Es tractors," Re., Ite., with no beaefit. Having recently tskeu a severe cold, my leg wa again the seat of most excruciating pain, and had all the appearance ol immediate mortification. I was advised iliat, ia order to save life, my leg most be amputated. Again I reported to the j ons highly recommended remedies, but Tonka no relief, I until 1 was peisuaded to try die Relief Halve " After the i first application 1 felt a great benefit! and on the second, the ! dark mahogany cater ofmjr leg and foot changed to a natural and healthy appearance. By using two boaas the swelling and a'hfghly valuable kpflMahcm tar all thepu ru own mended. HeepeotftilJy yours, fco, ipeacaforwh John .tredt. and ay meatrnf the respectaWe drugaisru. *? ' fW t nt*rP WINDOW SHADES, TASSELa, CORD, flee. QN MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. fth.i die eubsersber will Vrop^at 98 Ohathnm Mreet, ffewtork, One door from the corner of Chambers, a now, eattaetVW, sad V TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES* Consisting of every varnty of putaras and quality, to be found ?ither ia Europe or America. Prices we will nut nrH ?at.rom our facilities for maanCactnriag.aa well aa for bat.rom our facilities for mannbctsring.M well aa for Import ma, we think weean safety defy eodqmftMn with the would! A good assortment of Taeeela, Cord, ftc., will be kept on hand. -- r?- %<r?w-ga. ?, Wholesale and retail pairehnsera aza resyeetfaUy invited to gall and examine for Ueauelren. . DUNCXER ft BECKEB. New York. Keb. 7th. 1M?. n? rm?m TARRANT'S COMPOUND - - .1 EXTRACT OF CUBEBS,; a NU COPAIBA is perticelarly reeommeudvd as a safe, I CV speedy ?nJ efficient remedy let all segua; diseases. It i. iu I > veiy roocentrr tee mid pleasing form, which admits ol taking 1 t without being tasted or producing sickcesa or nausea; It hue ; Mtcan>e very popnl.r, and ill who lisVe occasion to use it, am inowledgv Its efficacy. Kofsale, Wholesale and IMSII, by JAME8TARRANT, Druggst, An. cotaeref (Srvenwteh md Wuiren strseta.N. Jr. Aleo, by Meaeiy ft Tucker, Mob Is, M Orvw. Nauhez; lendricaton, Savannah; M. A. 8enu>s, Norfolk , O- M i;srey. Iharletiun; D. Annguac ft Bany. Aogusw, W 9 Hesse, laliimoie; Oilman, Washington; Mctloud ft V hem on, ht. STONE FOR DRY DOCK. * OFFICE, Ni 14th January, 1949. NAVY AGENTS OFFICE, NrwYoms, | SHEALED PROPOSALS, end-ireed "Proposals for Swo, ? fbr d.y ^Hnr Dry Deck," will be rMnrid at Dm* oAce until Mob Hith* 19th 4*7 of Maseh asst. for funnelling Bad delivering at tho Nsvy Yard, New York, Granite or Siaotta of the toT l0KlfKr,aK*ra';" ri t > i t i in s B- s? ?. i- ? f " * ff ? I i ? f I I ? i A IN 9.9 2J 1. 17J 1.0(14 M 1 111 1.0 10 B H SO 11 I. 17.0 4 4*3 3 3.1 J 110 1.0 IS C 41 41 U 1. 171 4.4(4 0 11 K 13 20 1.0 D 41 1.1 IT 3.M34 4 0(4 0 1.0 L 91 1.0 9 1 E 143 1 0 1 0 1. 14 0 4.0(4.0 3.0 M 441 It 10 F 40 1.0 1.3 L 1M 44(40 10 N 73 1.0 1.0 ~ It 10 2' 4-l4? 10 O 'A3 yd. ftnm H It i0 1.9 1. 7 0 4.0(4.0 3 0 1 ft to 3.3 thick 3. 3.4 3 0 3 0 ( Tauten Si on*. ? ? Cubic Yard*. Width. Thiakoa**. F Ml U 13 g K 10 1.1 K 170 10 10 8... ... 30 30 14 I I..?'.., 101 10 1J V v... ;,.I70 3.0 1 0 m io i? w... ....... N 10 31 X ....? ...on so to 11 3.0 1.0 Z.,, 11 3.0 10 a., Iff 3 6 tO The above *M*aa (Sim A to H iatlustre, aad also thoaa marked Miwa S< lie, amounting ia all to about 167 aabic yard*, are to b* delivered rough. Thoaa marked froin I to O inelu iaelu* ?ir*. MMMN| to about 1417 cubic yard*, are to be delivered rough haratnerid on all aide*. Jlioaa marked from Ptoa. tn | amountiug to about 2209 cubic yards, are to be deliv ered. hammered On all aidei, cue of which will be fine faced The cunt factor* will be famithed with plaa* and pal tame tor tha above alone*, and they moat be quarried ia such man* a?r a* to adont of being worked fall to tha patterns. This atone must be of the best quality of granite or aiemte, free from tap seams or craelu, and in blocksfrom throe to cicht | feetioug, to average fire fact. I All pattens or dimension stoaea will be received aa they will i measure-wbmq hammered, aad do alio wan re will be made fur ; any exoraa of *iae. .The atoasi mast be delivered ia the order directed ny the engineer of the dock. Proposers willatate the price per cubic yttd for the Rough Stone, the price per tabic yard for the Rough Hammered Stone, the price per cubic yard for the Hammered Pattern I Stems, the p-ice per superficial foot for the Fine Hammering, i aad the price pas superficial foot for the Rough Hammering. The Rubble Stone will be required of the following de scription:? 2,500 cubic yard', hi blocks Weighing from 4N to 000 pounds, to average 000 -, l,M cubic yards, ia blotks of from 800 to 1.9M Monads, to average 1,000 pounds ; 3.309 cubic yards, in Mookiof from 1,100 to l.SM pounds, to average 1.400 pounds. on* mastmust be of the best quality of Granite, 8ie uite, or Gneias, split in rectangular blocks, with good beds. Proposers for the Rubble Stone will stale tfie price per cuoie yard. The above atone if to he delivered in vessels alongside of such wharf at the Navy Yard, New York, as the engineer of the dock may direct, and to be landed on the wharf at the ex pense of the government, the crew* of the vessels assisting in the operation. The delivery of the atone mutt necessarily be governed by die appropriations made by Congress. All the will probably be required | above atone will probably be required prior to the 30th Juue, 1847. The contract must be subject to suspension in ease of failure on the part of Congress to makt appropriations for this work, or at the option of the Navy Department; aad it ia to be dis tinctly understood lihat the Department reserves the tight to increase or diminish the above quantities of stone, and whether increased or diminished, the prices shall remain as first con tracted f ir. And it ia further to be understood that the sxpen ditnre lor contract* under these propoeal* will not exceed the sum of one huudred thousand dollars. Persona offering pro posal* are requested to send samples of their stone to the Navy Yard, and to state the locatiou of their quarries. Bonds and security will be required, and to secure the faith f-l execution of the contract, 10 per cent, of the amount deli vered will in all catr* be retained, aad not paid until the con tract ia fally complied with. Ail farther information will be given by the Engineer at the Dock. PROSPER M. WETMORE. jal? law2m rrc Navy Agent. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an application will be made to the Legislature ol thi iState, to thi* session, for an act to incorporate a Society called the "Jackson Be jalS lawOw 4re FOUNTAIN HOTEL, LIGHT STREET, BALTIMORE. THE PROPR1E i ORS of this Establishment, Jong known L a> BeLTZH JOvER'S, return their grateful thank* to the public for the liberal patronage bestowed npoo the bonse since it lias been under their care, and beg leave to aay that? determined, if pi aaible, to enaare fu.nre success?they have jost added to their former spacious building a new, beautiful and airy three story wing, containing abont thirty lodging rrvtmi. Thi* mldihAii rmnrfmrw fKm I.iiiiki' OsnitooBv miutk more commodioni, and gives the Hon*e our hundred and fifty rooms. The whole structure has undergone a thorough revi sion in painting, papering, famishing, die. The Bathing Dc raUTMF.NT is ample, both for Ladies sad Gentlemen. <ud will be conducted on the European plan, the meat superior for com fort and despatch. The extensive improvements thus made, enable the proprietor* ta offer fit the accommodation and jia tronace of tha public aa establishment replete with every thieg calculated to reader it attractive aad comfortable, including the most untiring aad assiduous attention to visiters, on um part of at! connected with it. Terms?Gsi.tlemeu's Ordinary f I IS per day. Ladies' Ordi nary $130 ner day. D1X It FOGG, f23 3a?* Iw Proprietors MANSION ftOUSE, M1DDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. "17HE UNDERSIGNED brgs laava to announce to hi* L fiiends and the public, that he hns leased the above house for a term of years, and hopes, by long experience aad strict attention to business, to merit a liber*I share of their patronage JOHN L. MONROE, mrl 3tn*vc Formerly of the U. S H tel. Boston. U8T PUBLISHED, Tries 30 cents, at the Beacon Office. 1 Franklin Square. New York-The QUARTERLY BEACON, edited by O. Vale- Contents?Spirit of tha Times; Swedeaborgistn, with the Hi?tory of its Founder; Tim*, with the ancient devices for measuring it; Th* Three Impostors, from the Latin, a rare work; Elewsau of Astronomy and As tronomical Caid; Ephemera of the Planet*, for the year 1910. 'f7" Each of the above works for sal* in pamphlet form. For aale also, a variety of Liberal work*. " m3 ?w eod*rc J 8EGAR WAREHOUSE, No. 37 Vhtavtidt, Baltimore. D. ARMSTRONG A THORN TON lespeelfotty call the attention of Southern and Western Merchants to the following etoek, enumerated below, which Swy will sail 00 pleasing ler-as 33.990 Castsllo SEOARjJ. 5*.000 Rifles do 73.MI0 W. Heralia do ItiO 000 L.Regalice do 139,404 La Norma do > . . 34.too Canooea do 39.909 Psmcioe do "?as.ij&fc&i . 3 cases Smoking Tbbaeco. 30 boxes d'0 Pipes, ktgs, bottles, bladders Oarmtt's Snuff, mf Im cod rc TO TAILORS. redeemed unnuecessiry to say more in fhvor of 8TEF, MKTS'celebrated work on Cnttiug Garment*, lh?n that it hu received the moft nnbonuded approbation of the moat eminent of the profession. Bp the aid of the nnmerons Die crama it rr?iaina, together with tho ample esplanatioae lecom panpiaf the iMne, a penan of moderate capacity can, in a few * naic and eulcamce any ol the variona styles hoars. Cut with tut and eulcaisce any ... oi Karmeau now in vogne, and in a mane er not to ha snrrwased by the moat experienced cohere Tho following are a few of the many highly reapeetaWe name* who teatify to tho menu of the hook. The andeeaigoed being practically acqasiated with Mr. fltenemeta' Treat tea on Catting Garments, with ploasure ra comtnend it aa a work, complete ia it* arrangement, and in it*

practical application to Cutting, superior to any heretofore Btblished either in Europe or America P. Henry It Bon; aniel Cutter; 8taste It Baker; Charles Cog; K. W.Tryon It Co) B. T. Horner; James Daily; P. Hariland; J. H. Baneker, he., he . . l f Tlie shore can be obtained of the author, at So. 113 Broadw?y,>'ew York, pnea from $1 to $10 per copy, mart ImeoJ'r CAUTION/ TAMES 8. MASON'S SPANISH BLACKING LABEL ?P COUNTHRKEITfcD ?Shippers, Merchants, end the pu Mi* generally, eeeuscomod to pore hate, or see MASON'S Celebrated CHALLENGE BLACKING, are rery respect fully reqnetttd to examine ths LABELS ofBlaeking Boiee, and asreruiu if the tame of JAMES 8. M A8CN t* thereon, ma his Spanish Blackleg Labels hare been copied in erery par ticnlar, the Mine and location only excepted, by a concern lu Philadelphia, for the purpose of Decerning the Public, by im-l posing on their confidence ia faeor of Mason's Blackleg ; the style aud form of the eagriTing and loitering, the w< ar-ling rolor of the neper, hare all been copied. OBSERVE that Mason's Challenge Blacking id never labelled in Spanish tor 'III PR^ENTW AUD fat the fetu re. J as. S. Mason will ?1 place his signature on the labels of erery box of Blacking pre pared by him, withoat which none in genaiue Hi* long rtpe- i rience as a raanafactnriw, the extent and variety ol his ma- | chinery and other facilities, afford him superior advantages over any other blacking Manufacturer in the United State* Orders for BLACKiNU and WRITING INK, of the best quality, fbnmhed ptopmly and to^jn^twg, ? mttwood*re . " 190 North Third street. I S. HASSETT FRENCH, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, attends all the court* haM in mm city of Richmond and county of Chesterfield, Virgin is; ^Hiiancheater. Vminus-Refers to.Hi* Excellency, James iTernorO! toraey tMieril u.'8. Iklj fVot Hesfc Joke W Jwna*. lane erodr, Ttmrn*; Hon. John-Y Wdui. A( S t Km. SSdarer 8. Banter. Aworaer iieite. ? rteeet, Swaekrr oftriw ?^*^f?fr'Wtrihi<?-wiTl tahrThkree of ? any paper near aded r Mf Preedh End fktward same to him safety- ? <i ?wi <kr d3ttuwSm*r Huh. ,CBJUl'?&T giSTRVCTim 1# JtcUnti, m urn mm. Superior and Elegant Cowimoteinl System of WRITING. AIT ILL continue to I* loug A<;dnnug kio stay in Now York,) < TT to Ladies aud Gentlemen of grant acig, Dny or Eve n rag, in Twelve Luemma, fat trie mad charge ot - a , a. FinislMii^Afritint^Sulbi, asRTEf.s to ALL, old or young, to impart a BEAtvrirttu, warn, Etfgblfiovs and rasmow* ai.? style of Penmanship, wo matt V>ow-KKrriaa*d Staotrr Hoop taught tierewgMp. /M1AA..?I am deliverirg from my H .ni hti g Vw Wan jRA A la,, wIm^m mthgmrtaiilag &&, 82 sir teyTSWKJs: Trinity Church flatten?Singular Brochure. A very aiagular pamphlet, bearing the title, "The Loving Epiatle of the People of the State of New York to their Dear Stater Trinity of New York City," haa recently been published, and haa juat fallen into our handa. The " Loving Epiatle" under notice ia eo aiagular in ita manner, that we can't avoid making a tew extracts from it, for the lnatruc tion of our readera. If any thing equally curioua shall appear on the other aide of the question, we will do as much for that. Thia singularly written production thua begins in its address to " Dear Sister Trinity s"? " Vou bava bean our pat auter eianinoa we obtained oui freedom. We believed every word yau ami, and rendered you ail the consideration wbioh load brothers are apt to bestow on sisters who are lavorites with the rich and powerful. We have dene sore for you, and let you hare your awn way iu our Mall of Legislation mora than any ether of your aistera throughout our State, lut now tha time is come, dear Trinity, when wa must needs have some friendly oonforeuoe, touching our respective rights of property in certain orowu land* of our father George the Third, in our good city of New York; and, aa we prido ourselves on our good temper, it must be in our own good-natured way." Aftergivingu sketch of the progress and acquisi tions or thfe Church, in the earliest periods of New York history, it tkoa proceeds:? " Not sen tent with a grant of all tha land west of your barter |M|[ cemetery, in year charter of 1697, you 'constrained Oo vernor Fletcher, in the same year, to grant you n lease for eeven years of the Ling's l>'er>n, for next to nothing of rant, which would have deprived his successor of | four years enjoyment of it. Whereupon vour old uncle King William became outrageous, annulled the lease, and swore by all the statutes in the realm thai no Go vernor should ever after grant any part of the King'* harm o? King's Garden.on this Island, for a longer torn than his own tiipe of Governor in office. But you were not to be defeated in your purpose. Quiet, persevering creature, that you were ! You made your cousin Lord Cornbury giro you another lease of that same King's Farm for his tlmu of office, and this srtended from 1700 to Dec 1709. The farm spread along the river more than two mflei, and is now of more value than all Alba ny. But you was not content even with this, you neat contrived to wheedle your cousin Lord Cornbury out of | the Queon'a Garden, being that broad piece between Hector street and Oarden street, and from Broadway to the North river; aw! not oontent with taking to yourself I all his riifht of e;>joying the farm and garden, which King William had set apart for the governors of the pro vince In succession, you coveted something more, and with consummate art and management coutrived to get what you pretended were loiters patent of Queen Ann, bearing date Mrd Nov. 17tia, conveying to you in abso lute fee all tha right, title and interest, of all the gover nors and of the crown in those fair lands, sagaciously foreseeing what would be their value by the time you should be one hundred and fifty years old?your pre?*nt age. But what was that which you so carefully kept for years concealed in your iron chest, and nev^|irodnced as a grant in fee, till ao lately obliged to do s?lhii very month of February, 1810, by order of court 1 Wly, it was a parchment, the original as you said,of those letters patent with the seal of the province, but never signed by Governor Cornbury, nor did be put the seal to it a# b^ law was necessary to its existence as agrantinfee. Nor was the seal affixed by any person authorized to do so by your good aunt Queen Anne. Seeing, dear Trinity, for we speak mora io grief than anger, how your sacred thirst for gold,as the poet has it, seems to have nut a strange spirit in yon, we forthwith conferred with some ol our elder brethren touching your ambiguous contrivings iu esrly days, and now we aie able to tell you how you obtained that unsigned, false and fraudulant paichment , and thus it was : but wa will do it in our own good nutured way. Poor Lord Cornbury, whose prodigal licentiousness you pampered, and thereby brought him under subjectien to your pious purpose of substitutiug yourself in the governor's rights of possession in the King's Farm and Garden, by cboo ? sing them all ou: of thesa domains appropriated for their own ease and dignity of office by the crown. Poor Lord Cornbury was first made to repeal the act of 13th May, 1009, made by your uncle King William's express dimo tion, to prohibit any grant of King'* Farm or Oarden in (ee, and this repeal was contrived only for tbe purpose of yeur getting a grant oi the farm and garden in fee from Cornbury : for no other grant of the inhibited lands was ever attempted to be made or thought of un der the repealing act For a time you failed in this, and not till two years and more of coaxing and wheedling poor Lord Cornbury, did that worthy personage let you have the lingering of the seal of the province. You pre pared your own letters patent for the seal of that very parchment, hut yeu could net, with all your manage ment, overcome poor Lord Cornbury's fears Tbe Queen had recently rebuked him, and threatened him, as Mmith soya, for taking " gratifications" from her people, and yea oouid BOt persuade him to set the seal to that parch ment himself, no, nor his signature. He 'was afraid the Quern would aae with how much ' gratification' he signed it. His signature is not there, although the parchment writing closes with saying, that the seal of the province is eat to the same * * * Yeu understood all thia in tha time of it, quit# as well as we do now. You never presumed, dear Trinity, to take upon yeurself any airs, or set up aay pretensions of right of property in fee to the garden or form in tbo time of the Gorernori, nor made any deed or grant of sola till after their trme ceased, when you laid your plana to humbug aad defraud us, your loving brothers. Yeu bad power as tenant Ipr years to make leases to others for aby term of time, subject to be determined by any of tbe Governors, as any one of them might havo done at pleasure, and why not 1 How Lord John Love lace, the Governor who succeeded Cornbury, just after declaring in council with his Queen, that your and Cornbury's repealing act of 1703 was a mere nullity, end sbeuld he of ae aftect|*how he would havo leered in y pur faee, dear Trinity, it you had set up that parchment against his right, and presumed to oust him of bis suc cession to the garden and the form upon that pretended grant. He would have displayed to you his handsome hand, extended broadly from the tip of his nose ! Bnt, wise as a .serpent, .you didn't try it You kept quietly and snugly in possession, under permission of the suc cessive Governors, tilLtheTtovinc* ceased to exist, and then we came to our rights, that is to say, all tho land otfrf that had belonged to otfr father, George III., and never had been granted in fee simple by bis authority, er the express authority of hii predecessors, became ours ot right. ????.?? As soonxs we acknowledged yOur existence as a cor poration, you began to rail off our latm and put the pro-, needs in your own pocket as your spending money. L'pou this we ordered an enquiry ioto y.,ur right ot pos session; and upon the coming in of our committee's re port, on the 8th of February, 178ft, stating, ae we ex pected, that the farm and garden were ours, and advising possession to be token by agents, to our infinite astonish ment you came thera and set up your remonstrance agaiust our enquiring into our own rights in our own haltof legislation. Thia you denounced in good round sot terms, in a hoity-toity style, as it yon would have boxed our ears in good earnsst Nevertheless, as you, dear Trinity, had been a favorite with the rich and the great dosing the war of tha revolution, and our high inio.led brother* were not able to solve yonr mysteries, and make a clear title for themselves, and were unwil ling to seem vindictive against the King by persecuting his favore<l child, why our brethren let the matter slum ber, as i say, and it slept. Ah! that deceit should take such heavenly shapes, And, under virtue's visor, do such deeds? Shakiptart. Deer Trinity, many a long year baa rolled away since yen were <n our hall of legislation, and while we aat baffled and defeated there, you with that lofty, light and aspiring step of yours, turned looking round upon as all, and walked away triumphant and glorious. But strange as it may seam to yon, the discovery of thfit long con cealed misdeed of yours, and that lease of Kin* William of 1709, and a bettor understanding of tho case from those discover!**. piece ue now in the very eeme relations w# sustained at that time, though unknown to ns. N6 lapse ot rime nor length of |>ossesaton haa changed or could change them. You are new onr tenant for yean at our good will and pleasure, and trustee for a charity of I which we are visiter*. No acts of legislation done by us in ignorance Of bur fights, however bearing upon these, relations, or our rigbis of property, of poeaeesion, or of suit can in law or equity impair them." The " Epistle" thus cloaca ita long Main. "You comprise within youraelf multilariotu relations of J peculiar and uncommon interest. Now if you were to surrender tbe property that helot gs to others, and re fund all you have realized out ef it, strictly and justly, you would dwindle into tho simple relations of pastor and parish, but you would aiul nave all tha lands west of your camelry, down io Ihe fiver, worth at least one million ef dollars. It is the possession of wealth enor mous, and net your own : ao vast, you dare not let Ita amount be seeu : so secretly invested that its influence acta With the feerful power of Rodin's combinations; it ia this whicp makes yon stand alone in aH Christendom, a -corporation perpetual bey onil the power of legislation to shpHha yonr existence, Of fednce your possessions, or eofhtrel your action*, if, as'you Jnretsnd| youMiOM Urfco simple, hnsoiute, without<-ace<rtntsbltHy,'atl that you claim to hold as your own. With fin income of oWe mil rOs teys ofthsJfYtthfW.Wwiet In or ?ftffirtn)d-whem *-?W**W ttthO lMflt ef tMrMHTut Moans* ?* - -it Mmi Bay ftv weustrfcofeoofol-,? not arf*sB?i.oW Ifo W stfoug arm al right, now watte it oriry Be'done, while It is m3*t right ami just, It saeakFb* donOt ft* the sacred character yon assume, we adjure Vou ?ut)am yoOtoelflo th* lew mnkty and unreserved Irf But fcet'youH not do it 'YM ton* **cre< trhit betwe*n yon and heaven, -With which *arth ha* no concern, ahd you are yourself the only, and the wisest, and rim best ahd surest arbiter of right.' Prtud Trinity, there lan course which yet might are- i " bo eo, er all , serve yoh, keep you a* the head, If yon will your sister* ia episcopacy-, save them from quarrels discrsdlnbld'to'yon, sod not over Creditable to thorn, i and secure tbo confidence and respect of all year : brethren. .Submit your oflhira to wise commission ers, let them distribute ad the property eocnmuia- I ted in your name according to right and equity to I whom irTfolorfgtT Kefirtdttiih, "tt onde and forever, . the fimbhfoit'bf pethic* in religion, and the washed- t ?ess of avtrhre in ebfirity. Yeur inflaesice' am a ; fhide 1n r trig ton, jmftty end' virtue wowta be strong, ecaits? your life would hd consistent with year teach ings. But are exhort fn vain Yaor days era aamtured. | To* sceptre Or poorer mast pus from year bends. The World la turned against yen. justice will have Us course And now, .War Trinity, wis stover yen may ? think ef tt, We remain as ever, > ? Yonr lovtag B rather*, Tit* Fxorur ?r Vn? Win *r Nsw Yeas." f M is not for ue to determine. the correctness or fallacy of Una lattei'a argument, put it certainly ia a 4 4>t *k4 y .? remarkable emanation. And, at thia time, when the subject of Trinity Church is daily a matter ol conversation, it is well worth the the perusal of every one aeekinir information. MkOJoul Commencement and Medical Con vention. I attended the exercises of the Medical College, Thursday evening, in the chapel of the University, where the degree ot doctor in medicine was con terred on a good many intelligent looking young men. The professor who delivered the address is a stranger to me. Part of his discourse was good, but the most of it was inappropriate. He gave the noviciates some good counsel, but occupied a great er part of the time in speaking of a medical conven tion, about to be convoked in this city. He ridiculed the projector ot it, who, it seems, is a young man who resides in Binghampton, and who proposes the adoption of some new and better plans of elemen tary and medical education. The public oare very little about thaw family quarrels, li tiie professor w*i.*D-ot yposcd to the convention, and should join with Bmghampton, and others, to carry it through, could anv thing be accomplished. The whole system of education, in this country, is hurried and superficial?the medical, perhaps, less so than many other knfds, as students are re quired to " run" over the same track twice. The evils will be corrected, in a great measure, by time, but not by conventions; by public opinion and in fluence, and not by empty and futile resolutions. The interest! of learning, and the welfare of the community, require that the medical school should be well sustained in this city; apd u has been, so tar. The professors are able, active and industri ous men, and they have had a large, respectable and intelligent class this last season. Let them mind their business, and think ot their professional du ties, and ot the city of New York, and not of Bing hampton and medical contentions, and falhlly dis putes about trifles. The Pilot Boat Mary Eleanor. The undersigned would take this mode of conveying to the inhabitants of the town of Shrewsbury, his unfeigned thanks for the ma kindness shown him while his pdot boat toy ashore on the beach; and would say to the citreens in general, that acts charged to the residents south of that town, will not extend to the inhabitants of the town of Shrewsbu ry.from the fact that they have saved all the proper ty belonging to,the boat, and preserved it for me. Josiah Johnson, Captain, Pilot Boat Mary Eleanor. fits Desertion Cask?Death of tiik Victim A Hkaht-Kkndinu Affair.?The victim ot the case of desertion mentioned last week, died yesterday mo-n street' 4ThCl0Ck' " re,idanc*of A Cooper on Oroya iST l'- i? circumstances attending her death, and the sr.*!?,!?0 ,8 *5, who h?d vowed to protect bar, are truly heart rending. The maiden name of the de ceased waa Hannah Elizabeth Williams, and (he had '10oa?.rKwK' p?Ker*on two yeara the first of Fabruery last. She became acquainted with him in boaTdk'h.DfoM?ei"?K''.U,,#...i??"e ?*!? th?7 "oth boarded ! he'lollowing hia badnesa of cTrpsnhr snd joiner, and she that or milliner and dress maker Their acquaintance ripened into affection on her part an en flffpmpnf fnllnuro/l arwl * u . . ' ffageraent followed, tod thoy wore married at \Vorce? ?Lt V"'y*1boy moved to this city, and since their thon hore.hor brutal husband has done little elie in? .. boap abuses on her the most disgraceful, refua ing, even when she was in very dolicote health, to per ? . 5"?UttU ,cU of kinJn?" which would have alleviated her many sufferings. The night i>re ??i ? T~"8 the C"T. which he did in the eastern train of cart on Tuesday last, Patterson sat up with her and as she stated previous to her death, stupiled her by means of paregoric or laudanum ; when, as ie eupposel hh'^?P rtFr Sf** he had' b'kiog from hereven hit owni mimatura, and ramovad tbam from the houaa dunng the eight. She had been quite unwell for leve rs! days, and had been confined to her bed ever since tbat he had deserted her. dectariSg that it was utterly impossible for her ever to recover The last act of perfidy aomudto rend the heert etatag. .sun be he? li! ia th* ,au<lunum which th.ere h,d b*?n administered a slow death th.t .. ! t re,fnert J'1" previous to her .11 ? "vrtew examination should be made in order to ascertain whether such was tho faot. The bv,nrIIM,n0n W" a?cordin*1Jr w*d? yesterday afternoon ,B * preiance ot Dr?- Ely, Avery, and Rhodes. There was no evidence of poison: but tho phv metinn Irof *i* .'b?1 ber disease was that of inffam ?!. laBff?. her death, no douht. being hurried w^hywft^U~K,#,tVd 01 Knef and redkrfog with which she bad been obliged to contend Patter. r,d"pin 8t d?bn's, Nevr Brunswick ? re^Tert thiiT 'U PW?*U. Mass. In addition to bar of her h?5l ?h examination might be made or her body, she desired that the attending circum pUbUc'tnd wl,h8d the eis?. Ca?P7! " ?*t?nsively as possible, in order that her trienda might know the fate of tho "atran f" B Strang# land." The partiug scene with her ?trie child, a girl about nine months old, was truly af J* wu H"**,0 Mrs. Cooper, who will provide unin^..^?r,,(P*tUrw>n 11 ? a boat fliefeet hl?hi?f "-T g?t?I address; ia a carpanUr by trade, and will undoubtedly make hie wey to the east - ,"rcbof "ork- " b? bed the heart of. hbm.nb.2g hill. notenryhim hia feelings, on learning that hu innocent victim has been hurried to the grave ev his own brutal treetmint-ttocWvr ' An Elopkmknt and Attempted Seduction In ??frpromires of mamagr, a Joung lady ol Cabotville, Mass., was indaoed to elane Lis . yoang man of that place. They took " Filwi?i? ?> "j.?re? .*?1?f*bt on to Buffalo as fkst as tha steam hors'a con Id whirl them there. On their arrival in that citv man told ?rK^>lS?iat ?n# ?r th.# flr,t hoUJf. ?od the young man told the all unsuspecting young girl that he ha? sent out for a minister, who would aoon tie their death ues together in the " hard knot" of matrimony. But then, poor creature, came a bitter disappointment?a de struction of the eiry castle hone bed built Under this comforting assurance, and taking ad vantage of her con hirfo? aT ? *PProacb of the consummation of all ber fondest anticipations and brightast dreams, the faith less villain attemptad to accomplish the ruin of the lair giil whose affsctions he had won, and who had given convincing proofs of her attachment to him, and reffance on his promisas. But the fallow was banlked in bis in The viForou* resistance ol the poorgiil ftDa her Cries for help, brought Kiiiitinco pro h?r strength failed her. The landlord burst into tha roomi and aoon received a frank and honest statement of all nu^hiw'lT,Unce;.1rf?m ,b? Hi. measure* were quickly taken. At his request tha waeping giri left the f*n oclu?*Jbv door- be said to tha faithless hearties* fellow Now, you.contemptible scoundrel maS? W.??h 5fr*,,"w,nd ?/>*n u '' The com mand was obeyed. Now,"ha added, ''atrip yoursalf ol ail your outer garments, and hand them to me " Thii order was also obeyed. He then searched Ms trunk and *Dd uk,nff therefrom all Ua money that he M. ' ?ra.??nt,B* t0 be returned to the fellow hi! a htai*?nd when he had dressed, gave him a hint to leave the house, thatj he was not slow to h? i' H* thengavs the^girl all the money, and patting ??ite h* ? ar*e bartend, sent her home to ('shot vilJe He ha* since received a letter from bar, thanking him baartily. in tha nama of hereedf and parenta. lor hie li01 lj rfli'l rMS!!11^ M 'foctuilly Iron an tuurii JsFaj i The landlord hat his reward. W* trust tha Msa-hesrtad seducer will r< caiva the fuU, punish ment hie villa try merit* -Albany Cilittn P Orxiion Out fit ? For the benefit of those whol intend to emigrate in the spring, I beg the use o ^ ^STwo0! 1. hirst, the wagons should bo euflicientiv stronr to wiMo^to^ateV,^pOUnd,-they,h0^ b" 2. Each wagon to have good doable covers. t0 h'T*,5t '?4,t three good yoke of oxen, from 4 to 7 years old?tha oxen should he well ^ 2? " ,Bd bows -to be all good sod compute 4. Two hundred pounds of flour to each person over a ,d?,0# ,bs. to each ohlid over 8 and nnderfAl pa^ n"recn ' *nd th* Mal* mt *?.of bacon to each person over ten year* old? "'be ta aU over three and uMertan. 7 7. 60 lbs ei salt to each meet, s (W lbs of rice to each moss 9. # lbs ol pepper to each usees. /. ? It f !?* dri,d fr?". ?PP'?? and peaches. JZJSumiZ?!? 1" ? IR Eoch man to bearmtd with awood ridaw readfomalla luitbl nMkn - -'Vg-w -?*? mj ,u t Co bm* iQr ikm minlep, ai)?! be able to raine their own . all persons who fnt??* ami Joseph, at that ie by far thebeet route. If** ?viyLnr?tP*!l!l#nd nr** " "fi?" *bo Inrimd etai B?e?v6 h^b Horrid Massacre ?the house of Mr. Van Neis a fkrmer find auperriaofof the toRffi of Pl^tnihr on f1 r mile* from Auburn, was eolvsed'lail Thursday nigh^|hpat9i o'clock, by aome one in t?e d?e gurne of a negro, and Mr. Van N4ts, his Witt *n(l c?,ii!i ,Bd b"*d *???? also tubbed, huTare mui sirSS Marc aUn n<L. , . * nTw* "" '??M. wTu ^ bard ridden Ak?, tilf _L . VtrtfUei. The cost of the powder exploded to nahar la Ut# Sabbath witn ? morning gun through the whole line ol | forte that eurround thia country, it i* estimated amounte in the coune of a year to a sum autHcient to furnish oae hundred Sabbath Schools at tha Waat with ample Ubrariea. And the Sabbath drills, which Tiolate the . sanctity of of the Lord's day at tha military atations la the United States, cost more in a single year than all the ' JUbles which Aotei ican Christiana hare given to t???tht abrosd and the destitute at home, for to years. A negro woman in Kentucky, has been delivered of a child with two perfect heads. A seal, 60 inches long and 11 thick, and weighing To pounds, was killed upon the ice of Lake Cham plain, be tween Burlington and Koeavillo, on tha 33d. The Mayor of St. John, N. B , haa issued a proclaiaa tion, stating that, as it baa beau represented to bim that the small pox prevails to a considerable extant in Balti more, Philadelphia, New V'ork and Boeton, vassals from 1 those ports must hereafter remain at tha upper quaran , tine station until they shall ba passed by one of tha visit ing physicians of tha city. SilliMoii's Journal notions the discovery of three new ' metals, Pelopium, Niobium, end Ruthenium. Ex-Praeident Van Buret, pasted through Hartford on the 13th instant, on his way home from the city of Now York. Thoy kevee gambling establishment at Corpus Christ!, called the " Tiger's Cave," end it is e common expres sion there to eay, " come, let's go down to the cave and tame the tiger." We imagine the " tiger" geta the upper hand of hie customers, as the games ha playa ere these ending in the " more you put down the less you taka up." Mr. Cempbell, M. C., from this ofty, bee offered e re solution instructing the Post Othoe Committee to inquire Into the expediency of making the deputy postmas'ere elective by the people where the office is located. The resolution was adopted. Charles Spear, the editor of the Pritoner'i TrinU, proposes to open in Boston an office for discharged con victs, where they can obtain employment Extensive preparations have been made for carrying on the Potomac fisheries, and a scene of groat activity is anticipated. A noble agricultural enterprise is now on foot for im porting into this country that variety of the Peruvian sheep known as the Alpaca. They will thrive well at the South, and companies have been formed in Kentucky and other Statea, sad funds raised, and a vessel will soon proceed on a voyage lor importing tha Alpaca. The (owna in New Hampahire which havo given the largest votes at tha recant election .are first, Manchester which has given 1477, Dover 1336, Concord, 133J, Ports mouth 1103, Nashua 88'', and .Homersworth 7S3. Three persons, engaged in the row at tha National Theatre in Boston, on Tuesday night, Henry Lendall, Franklin Coulard aud Wm. Andrews, were ordered to give $100 surety for their appearance at tha April term of the Municipal Court. WUliuni Allan, another lioter, was ordered to recognizo in $00 to appear before the same Court. The law recently passed by the Ohio Legislature, re vising the State tax basia, ia a vary important one. It ad vances the basis lrom ISA to over 4A0 millions of dollars, and places the ability of tha State beyond all doubt. It will furnish ample moans to pay bar interest and gradu ally to liquidate the State debt. Many of the old houses in Philadelphia, rendered sa cred against the march of Improreaenttby their oonnso tion with reminiscences of the Revolution, are now be ing demolished. One by one, vestiges of the glorious times are disappearing. President Jones, in hi* valedictory to the Senate and House of Representatives of Texas, says : "Intfci Mis time I have obtained from Mexico a formal acknowledg ment ot our national independence, thereby removing the principal objection to the' measure (mn&cyation) va the part of the U. S." This is news to us. Whau was the acknowledgment made 7 Richmond, Vs., ia said to he improving raj idly in tha appearance of its bildings. The prevalence of the small pox at flpringflrld, Ohio, haa driven off nearly the whole of the atudonU tha University. Mr. Calhoun is to aJdreas the Senato to-day on tfcw Oregon question. The Chief Engineer ol the Long Island Railroad, Mr. James J. Shipman, resigned bis situation on that road am tli? 1st instant. He will probably ba employed on one of the eastern roads. The trisLaow going on of Richmond Handy, for tha murder of Palmer Sherman, is the first capital trial thai' ever occurred in Brietol county, Rhode Island. , ,., The University of Mary land has just eonisnrad the degree of M. D. upon At graduates. The Legislature of Alabama have passed an act fas' corporating the Grand Lodge, and the subordinate lodges working under Ma jurisdiction, of that Mate. Thia sot pormits tha Odd Fellows of Alabama, in their corporate capacity, to hold real estate and property to tha extant at The nineunt of land sold at tha Land Office, Chioage, during tha month of February, 1846, la as follows McHenry county, . .0776 66 Lake 30U is Boons " 878 06 ItKalb " 3336 61 Kane " 3098 07 DnPage " 000 91 Cook " 1476 6M Will ? 180 II Ktndall " 1960 30 LaBallo " 119 00 Grundy " 670 II Total 16,066 34 Total number of pre-emptions for same month, 84. Tin New Comet?During the fifteen dnya which have elapsed since the discovery of the new cemat, I hare been enabled to obtain istitfactory obesr rstions on slsrsn evenings, affording another indication of the raroreble character of onr climate for attroaemh eal observation*. The following places K?b!,^S.<w!?,bAd1l.' ?li Wlh. ?.7 a, Dee. N. I dog. IS at. IT st March 1.3 (4, " 1 h. 00 m. 32 9 " " I deg 98 as. *1 a. March 4,1213, " I h. 00 m. 01.3 s., " " 13 dee. ? m #5* Referred to the mean equinox of January 1st, 1840. Oite for the comet's parabolic elements, (Computed by Mr. (i. P. Bond ) Long. oi ase. node.... TCdef. Mm. Nr. Inclination .. M dec. 4?m. 31 a. Lota of Perihalaoo TO 4c*. 31 in. 13*. Perihaliou diaanee 01473. Perihcliod-!>**?**?? March 3, 5376?Greenwich m. s. t. u a Both thiaand Professor Peiroe's hyperbola, daduoed from the same places, satisfy the observations of the 9th, 10th, and 14 th, within three minute* of are. The following ephemeriss far Greenwich mean anM nighg, i* derived from the above element* : ? Dia./w ton TMi.frtm in miliums earth in 1444. K. m. i. Dec. A. a/milei. mil'nimh. 'Match tt.Y.V.O 30 30 2144', 43 M4 ? 13 0 31 M/i... 27.21 44. 119 10.....0 M 20 30-44 64 191 " Ma."...0 47 17 Hal '....It ..131 24 0 41 49 36.31 74 fej " 17.....? 44 07 39JS .77..,.* " M 0 * II 42 14....... .40. 120 April t 0 12 #2 44 47.. 03........ 110 On the '26th of February rby rude obaui rtUm, tbmdla. mater af the head of tho comet, was three UaMa thy! or the earth, and the tail three millions of nrtle* in length. ' On the oth of January, Venue was within two milBeaa of mi lea af tha plana occupied by the comet on the Jtt?h of February. The comet of Juno last, also passed the orbit of Venus at about tha aama distance. >? . ?>, .it... W. C. gone. Cambridge Observatory, March 14, 1846. ? CoFPKit Minks ?l ite foHowi 1144 ayuoptte&J a?eH [meat relating to. Ifer .c?pi*lJB?V*. at r.oaland. fry] '. apt. Hughes, U. 8. Topographical Corps,is interesting, land deserves xn at ten* f?v i-onnhleratluii, at the present | Itame, whan, our cooper reyua ai i.aha Hupaoar is I opening such a wide field to 'iinerkan enterprise: "He Uation of th* surface 4hovr the TaVil of tha eha, from l<MOt?3M<faet; depth below thaaea, afrawt lMBi) total I depth oi mine 1300 tolOOvfeet. pres-chiel/ yellow I copper bra, occasionallytUtlVe Ctypar, Vtrlsgated cow par,-rod ewideef. ooppar. blue mad geaea carbeeetmAf brJfttsa-T* am srB'^v centumof Baa aeppor, average pradnca la. 10hr parte ef Utuantity of water raited, 'omieeotoMao gaUahe par Power employed In drainage, 9 steam eagUea ^^^^Hannual eipepae of drtinage, *14,700 (t83,tno) Her ore anoShlly prarteeed; lh.4t? toswah eaa per ore and a t'ew ions ,p(. .t|nHLflMHM 113it tons of fine roiper and a little tin. Totdl ra, Tnrnt of v?li*4 ef ttf Ifrlffooe hr TnMetf *11#,M8<(8??. I 4tuantity minute. Average Qoentffy ^rtuVorjiW1 Wli sNtfl'Tn'rivlEHIITsr .groin** Mmarierdm.whialhdhaM** $m oafriartde^ I Th?iramfdapartttre.i l. Iha.aartght /?*?*! tntae ! *? WSSk JWrfeAsasS > ?|M.?"".""I I~i^y...w? until . nothing of lb# intarmadiata pieces- aoosiaasertatsd. MMfiM U. * MttUrci 7. ???>?? .

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