Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1846 Page 3
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tog the 13th instant, wu 14,404 tone, making tbn total from tba 1st of Juuuy, llM, 119,483 tons We annex a statement ahowing the condition of each bank in New Orleans, on the Slat of January and the 38th of February, 1844, according to returns made to the Board of Currency of Louisiana. There haa boon an in creased amount in each department. Bakes or New Orleans. Jan. 31. IMS. Feb 22, 1M6. Cir'tion. Specie. CiFtien. Specie. Bank of Louisiana.. $1.111,479 $8,665,399 $1,337,711 $?;*?.377 Canst tc Banking Co 681,353 632 771 691, 470 131,063 City Bank 609.733 876,130 639,930 006,113 Louisiana State B'k 327.334 673 303 371334 ST.166 Mee fc Traders'B^ 171.800 1,338,4a 906,355 1.303.003 Union Bank 37,433 303.303 37,040 331.3M Citizens'Bank 1,077,330 13.383 1J0S1.909 13.638 Consolidated Asso'n 739.730 16,677 783,336 4,630 Total $3,303,037 $6,330,974 $3,9*9,331 $6,610,300 Liaitliliee Liabilitiee exclusive exclusive of capital Jlitets. of capital, .illfil ? Bank of Louisiana.. $3,063,461 $I0.03J 304 $4,*06,303 $9 *00 064 C tual Ik Banking Co 1,413,333 3,437,786 1.948.189 5,991 292 City Bank 2,016 690 4,164.079 3,047 964 4,331 370 Louisiana 8tate B'k 1,323.462 slltajll 1,535.364 3,325,494 Mer. Hi Traders' B'k 3,938 336 4,760,933 3,013,397 4,827,123 Union Bank... ... 312,914 7.'746,04 l 375,323 7.043 068 Citiaetu' Bank... . 1.304,134 8,203.739 1,367.177 8.170.338 Consolidated Ass'n. *797.186 2,043,836 789.?1 8,019,639 Total $15,220,930 $43,637,443$15,771,703 $46,310,496 A comparison of the leading features shows the follow ing result Nor. 1845. Dec. 37,'45. Jon. 3,'46 FVA.28, '46 Circulation $1.393 663 $4,760,973 $3,.'03,819 $3,909,331 Specie 6,208,101 6,231,333 6.538.974 6,616 380 Liabilities 13,386,288 14,213,030 15,220,920 15,773,703 Assets 44.029.343 43,076,436 15,637,443 46,318 496 The aggregate assets and liabilities have increased, the former about five hundred and fifty thousand, and the latter about seven hundred thousand dollars. The increase from January 31 to Feb. 38, in specie, was $406,703; and in circulation, $67,600. The receipts of specie at New Orleans this season, to Feb 28, were $886,078, against $1,376,834 to the same date last. Notwithstanding these diminished receipts, the specie in the banks has increased more than four hundred thou sand dollars since November last. Ol4l Stock Bichange. $3,000 U 8 6's, 1063 IIIK 300 shs Kanners'Trast 29 $4,000 do 111% 50 do 28% $5,000 Reading Bouds 79% 730 Canton Co 41m $1,000 Kentucky 6's 101 23 do 41% S3 000 ludiana Bonds 41 200 do 42 S3 000 Illinois Spl Bds 38% 23 do h!5 42 $3 000 do b60 39 2*123 do b30 43 $10 000 Peon 5's l>30 72% ? 30 do b20 4 2 $3,000 do 78% 1100 do b<0 42 $30,000 do b30 72% 230 Harlem RR b30 39 $5,100 do b60 73m 23 do 38% $11,730 do 72 >4 130 do 59 03 shs Phenix Bank 85 , 30 do h30 59% 3 Bank of America 96 ? 300 Long Island RR 47 m 5 Bank of Com fall 95% -.350 do s30 47% 100 do 95% 300 do 47V 100 Vicks burg Bank 7% 100 do b60 48% 30 do 7%a 20 New Jersey RR 103 23 Illinois Bank 15% 123 Housatonic RR, new 87 75 Morris Canal 10% 25NortcWorRR 66% 300 do 18V 275 do 66% 250 do 16O 18% 30 do slO 66% 230 East Boston Co 16% Second Board. $10,000 Ohio 0's. 1800 96 100 ahs Dry Dock Bk. s3 72 100 shs Long Island b30 47V 23 Morris Canal 18% 23 Canton Co 41% 30 Harlem RR 3th 30 do 41% 30 do 30 do b30 41% 100 do 30h New Stock Exchange. 30 shaU 8 Bank bit 3 23 shs Long III RR, bio 47 40 do bl5 5 50 do c 47 23 Canton Co 41% 30 do Mon 47 "" 25 do 30 do b3 41% 23 do s3 47 50 Moma Canal c 16% 25 do t3 47 60 Farmers Trust, snw 28% 50 do s3 47 50 Reading RK c 73% 50 do s3 47 50 Hailam RR sit 38% tONor k Wor RR. c 66% 100 do b3t 39% 75 do b3 6-% 100 do b30 59% 23 do Mon 66 30 do bl3 39 Died. On Saturday, 14th instant, Caroline M., wife of Cor nelius Banta, in the 30th year of her age. Alio, on Sun day, 15th instant, Alfred M., her infant ton, aged 11 months. The iriends of deceased are invited te attend her fune ral this aiternoon at 4 P. M., from the residence of her grandfather, Wm. Burnham, Bloomingdale. On Saturday, 14th inatant, William Fosteb, aged 67 years. The relations and friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, et 8 o'clock, from hie late residence, No. 8 Vine street, Brooklyn. HIBERNIAN BENEVOLENT BURIAL 80CIETY. 'pHE MEMBERS of thu Society will celebrate St. Fa ff- trick's Day by a procession, Ac. They are requested to uaemble at Montgomery Hall, punctually at 8 o'clock A. M., their right resting on Broadway. They will proeeed thence through Frince street to the Bowery, up Bowery to A4th at , down 14th street to the 8th avenue, up the 8th arrnoe to St. Co lombo's church, where an appropriate discourse will be deliv ered by the Rev. Mr. Burke, the respected pastor. After leaving ths church, the society will march down the 9th avenue to Greenwich lane, thence through the 8th avenue and Carmine to Hudaou, down Hudson to Canal, through Ca nal to Centre, through Centre and Chambers to Chatham, up Chatham to Bowery, up Bowery te Bond, thence to Broad way, dasvn Broadway to Montgomery Hall, the head quarters Of the Monty, there dismiss, and prepare for dinner, Ac By order of WILLIAM O'DONNfXt, WM. GREENE, NICHOLAS CASSIDT. ml6 2tis*mc Marshals of the Day. SPRING SILKS, POULARDS, MOU8. DE SOIE, 4-4: Silks, miile rages; ombres horizontal; " couleurs de printems; Foul's dc Sole, legera ombres; " gorge de pigeon; " fermiere; Very wide silk, embroidered; Changeable Silks, modes; < cases Foulard Silk; 4 cases printed Poulard Silk, entirely new styles; Black Watered Silk; " Paris wide Silk, for mantillas; " Poult de Hoie, high lustre; " Monssehn de Soie; Greucndine perlee, for dresses GINGHAMS AND PANAMAS, Of the most beautiful Plaids and Stripes, just opened: 75 esses of Vi ry fine Nancy Oinghama; 8 ?' " 5-4 Paris ~ 85 " " Carlisle 10 " " Lswu " 25 " splendid new patterns Panamas. 5 " Scotch Plaid Silks N. B. The 5-4 Pari- Ginghams are (lie finest ever imported. SPRING MOUSSKLiNr.S DE LAINE, BARAGES. MOU8S DE SOIE, 4 4: Lavril A Co. Mons de Lame imprimas; Larsonnier A Co. Barages Qaadrilles; Deoo-illy Bareges Ombres; V.L. F . - V. L. Meyer Mous de Lame Roses printannieres; P. Godefir.y do rainbow; K. Monsset Borages Colibii;| Delude .Mums, de Soie Are-m ciel; Marie-cane Bar.-gts Unilland s hud Bouquets; Plain Mon-ssliue de Lames, mode colors; " Barage, " JACONETS, MOUS3EL1NE8, ORGANDIES, CALI * OES, 4-4: Grot Odier Percales Diamantecs; Kuet, lin Jucoi eta ombrea; Oro? jean b roc he Deiswap. 4-4 wide; Morrtsset do simple and shaded; Doipbia Mieg M< u-a> Lines and Organdies: Larril da rages, Miusselines. Foulards, Colibri: Dupuyt em Jar ooets perlts iinpieisinna noavellea; L?r? nnier Mousse!n es, Haraget, n-rural flowers; W asserting Factory J .cnneie, Org-ndies a?d Diamtnt ; S ensee printed Calicos, superior quality, steeple chase, or aque te club style; New stvis of printed Jaconets, entirely new in this mar ket. The above eiten-ive s'ock of Spring Goods, from the first homes i Par s wile found to be the most desire ule in the city, and w II prove robe aeiected >? uh great care, at mis btum J 4.VIES Br CK A CO s. \5S Broadway. EB .NEZER CLA KE M. rchant Tailor. No 55 Wi' line etrfrt, corner of Piue, New York respectfully in feros h s numerous fiends, and the public general, y, that he has locat-d rim elf as above, and intends to devote^his entire at'enti n to making up every article of Gentlemen's Dress in the style at present adoptud, or to suit the particular taste of his |>atrnn?; and his long conue'tiou with some of the most fashionable establishments in this city, he presumes will b- a -uflicieui guaranty tha- every article will be made in good stt le, a: d t prices which will vary according to th? qualities selected; and as his business will be condt ctrd on the exclu sive cash ays em, it wil always be his endeavor lo give every gentlemau the most entire satisfaction, with regard to price and quality mlftlt*mc A"* H NDSOME COAT, iu my usual elegant style, and ia workm-nsl.ip unsurp sir ,, of fine and superfine French and E .with Cloths, will be made to order, at prices varying fro'n f 15 to $23 A aelectioo esii ha made from a dozen diffe rent qaelitu s ,nd shades All other irarmeuti st proportion *r. puces. GentLmeu who desire i Broadway garm* nr. at a William sireat price are laquestrd to azamiuv my str-cs A rapidly increasing business, principally from t> e recommeuda tious of rach new enstomrr, w II impart to the public de gree of confid- nee th it riperience will assuredly strengthen. 1 OB. CL ARKE. Fashionable Tailor, 132 William at., opposite the New Bmldiags, "nit. m!8 't*r near Falton FKESH SHAD MROGKRS A CO., of Fulton msrket. have jnst rereiv ? edh , the schooner Albert Rog rs. from Oeracoke a ea'go f F'reah hhad, m fioe osder They will be eznosed for sal? i" all of the mark?ts GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. DLFrom ihe Ereairig Pott. ] R. A. C. CASTLE, who has practiced for the list seven teen rears in this city, has obtained en enviable eminence in his Iirnfesiinr lie ope ates noon the Teeth wi'h great .kill and ability. He has also pre par. d a Composition fr filling de cayed tender teeth which whie it resists the action v f all ae-ds an.i infec nig gentv, it brcomrs as hard as the tooth it self It i? peculiarly ad-pted fir nervous persona. Dr. Castle snaerta mtif'Cial Teeih. 1)11 A C. CASTLE, Dentist, ml5 lm*m 381 Broadway, corner of White at. "artificial eves. 0 M\ 0fs :i <J in ertrd b f Dt. J OKA If .No. lit Bowtry,N. \ o'k, the <>.iIv m*n?f?etory of th? Human Artificial fe,y? in th? Unife.1 State*. An f p?r?m that with?a lo be well suit rd, ?n uld ilwk/a apply to th? m iker, who has been in th? art fur y * e*r? in?6 lm*rc UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. R GEORGE VANDENHOFF will deliver his Open . irg Lecture ou Elocution, ssith Poetical and Scriptural Headings, 11 'he Stu Imts of the Uuiversity, in the chapel, i-n Monday Evening, lUtli March, 1848, at half-pasr 7 o clock pre eisciy. . Tickets tc the public 85 cents, may be had at the Lniversity, ai d at Mr U. Vsndenhoff'a rooms, 80 Chambers street. m!3 'tis rc M1 T riEOARfi?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. HE SUBSCRIBERS invite the attention of country mer chants, dealers, sad others, to their extensive stock ol Be gan This stork has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lowest prices for cash; they are, there fore,enabled tooffer the different quaJiti slower than any other establishment in theeiry.The sssoitment comprises every style and qna.ity, from $2 to lUjur thouund ? . KKNNfcTH fc LAVKRTY. mrtH 1m*?f wholeiulg Emporium, 1ft* Will it. YOUNG PHYSIC. ~~ CHRONO-THEHMAL SYSTEM OF MEDICINE, with an Introde tiou and Notes, hv DR. TURNER,late Heal h Commisetoner ol New x (irk.?-Price 75 cents. " The day ia not dist rnt when the Chrono-Thermal ayitem Will be universally received. The boors ol Hamnel Dieksen may first lie mouldering in the dust, and hie spirit rest with ? >d who gave it, but truth will at last triumph, and posterity will render to his memory the merit which is hit due.'*?New York Courier A Enquirer. For sale ky REDFIELD, Clinton Hn'l, mil etis're New York. MAHOGANY, ROSEWOOD. ZEBRA WOOD. fcc. POR SALE CHEAP, by E. G.8TACY, No. ?l Wootttr 'feet, betareen Brooma ud Spring at. The crock it computed of t large assortment of crotch, mottled tad thaded Mahogany Vco. -ri, Rnarwood Mahogany. Zehrawood Birds Maple and Black Walnut Lugs, Boards, Plank, Jurat, Itc. Kc .and a general assortment of lumber, uanaily kept at ma hogany yan a in thiecity. ml51m*rc DAMAGED WHITE LEAD " Kegs Wetherill's Philadelphia White Lead in oil trW No. 1, and warranted eitra and pure, ti ghtly injured by tea water; received Ir ?in the wreck of the schooner Ala bama, aod for aaie in Iota to au t rurehaaera, bv 8. O. WALKrjt, Insurance Broker ? Wall itreet. tassels " ~~ LJUITABLK for trimming hau. ctw.'blinda, thadet, pieturet p tofaa, uinbrellaa, parasols, cloak., aprout, aleevet haa. jkc. Alao, a variety of bindings auicori, for tale wholeaafe,' rnli lm*m 67 Maiden lane, corner of Willi,m at M An.C?J.^T!*,6~FO0EMA.J AMt? HAKVEV. liu," I i , * *lC~i''e "ndcrtigued having heard of a coarae of Lectures, with Readings. Irom the British and American Porta, lately- delivered by yon in the Chapel of the 1'uivr.i ty.tpoken of in high terma of approval, would be moethappy \&ZLVZ2X? "Vonis* Institute. at rouTeE l?*?Kcrri?. D.D. ' John M Kreba, D D. null, u i'1' Joseph Hoxie. ftg fW?'. ln1, J"bn H Williama, * , Thompson Pricv, McCuHongh, D. D. Williamtotl. Thomaa Williama. Jan. Jamet R Whiting, Jsred Linaly, J. K. Harden brook! John Conger. ^s,re ,0 JcMmwIedge the receipt of your faeor aa above. In doing ao, allow me to offer you my acknowledg i10 wh,eh J' 11 ??ueh#d. and to eiprcta the nia l J hare 1,1 accepting roar invitation. r?. v..e;r*^n,i.II'B ^cdneaday e-emug to be more generally fnll o?!S /? anv ott*"r- ' P"opoaa u-livering the hrtt Lee tare of the Course* on thit evening, the 18th instant Very respectfully, vonra, R / HARDLY, A.M., ,,, ,, _ Profeeaor Eloquence and Langnagee. Ill McDougal street. mti3t*m 8HAFER & CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, A, Broadway, near Park Place. RE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Packets, an en tirely new aaeortment of the finest Sedan Cloths and Caa aimerea adapted to the early .pring trade. Having concluded a permanentarrangement, aa cutter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late ol the Kue Caattglionr, Pans. well known to moet o, our faah io(i ibi?-s who have visited Kurope, thty are now prepared to execute orders in a etyle of unnsnol eiegance. lm*r 241\ Broadway. JJTEAAI POWER.?Rooms to rent with Steam Power. Ap 0 P'j 10 R. HOE It CO., m4 2ynr ? and SI Gold street. TO THE PUBLIC. 1 o? "Uioatdiatreaaing-diaeaae by Dr. JOS. J. HEINE. No 20 Duane street near Chatham at- My body was covered with ulcere; my joints und bones were swollen end oaiulul; I lost all my appetite; could not eleep; was con fined to my bed; my arms and legs were contracted. I tried se veral physicians; was salivated. but benefit until I wu cured by Dr. JosephHeine. ~. . . . Caft. Richard Yates. Thoae who with to see me. will find me 'at the corner ol Z~AhA a 1 ' r1" . "a? W fnc corner ol south street and Maiden lane, wher# I shall be happy to give cate*rt' a? should not like to give in this certifi U** D,? ?fhe'office but 20 Daane street, near Chatham, where hundreds of certificates may be seen. ? 7.7' ' ^ ;. - aciism portion 01 new Hampshire and Vermout, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the c"e "f _ L. BIOKLOW, 8 Court etreet, Boston. N.B.?Be sure to mark Packages to care of " Bigelow's Ex P22 j25rc MR. OLDFIELD, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PIANIST, Sc.. WNo. 1115 William street ILL be happy to play at Concerts and Cotillon Parties; ret np Musical Entertainments, and give instructions on the Piano Horte. Mr. O. has a beautifully toned Piano Porte, that he will sell cheap for cash. Can be seen at No. MS Broad W"T j? 1 m're LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE ~ WANTED. fx 1 v?4LAPp!:C^?df"",.'1'?? h"i?? "Pertluona WEAR ?eT v - ^ APPARkL, (either Lady s or Gentlemen1!) Jewel J7'? J? Arms, Itc.. lie., they would dispose of to advantage, may dp ao by sending for die subscriber, who will attend them at their residences by appointment.^ LEVETT, attended^" tbron*'1 t^le ^Office, or otherwise, j>nnctuaily jell lm?r JOLD LEAK AND DENTISTS UOLD FOIL OF SU VA perior Quality .-Gold Foil $26 per o* ; Gold Leaf at the l .af'Vj^iV s'ipnC<" ^ale Oo'd 30 ?r Package ; Silver Leaf, Gold, Silver and Copper Brouies, k? , at the factory, M STdf.*treet J L. WAUOH. J291 m*rc Practical Gold Beater MOU8SELINES D . AINE. 100 NEW SPRING STYLES > H rreign ud Domestic, ju? received, suitable to -cithern and Western su "iiuiorn anu weal Trad#, and for tale by F ?( y I.DON It CO.. lM ?' William street NEW ESTABLISHMENT, For the Exclusive Salt of Choice PERFUMER.Y\FA-NCY SOAPS, AND TOILET ARTICLES, Tusr u Whole sale an# Retail. HE aubaentmr, who exhibited at the late Fair of the Ame ncan Inatirote, the much admired display of choice Per inmery and Toilet Soaps, and who was there awarded, by the honorable judges, a Golden Medal, has opened an eetablish '? this city at No. 1M Broadway, where he offers a apeci s^SL t? be surpassed either in Europe or America. He wouid remark that Ins Perfumery has the neat advantage ever the foreign of being freshly prepared, and that the uAqualled oppprtanities he enjojed of learning Aia art in mane Pe"? ? Fib, of which V Was fo, ,o~~ b^sssrs::ssf.;'si7,a7 \ enabling hiaenstomera to compare and to choose, and he has fro?. iP*"' ? beantifnl aaaortment of FANCY ARTICLES, anitable for the app.-oaehtng holidays. I ^JL.t??Ir^'btrdoMIIOtJa^Vrt',e which will change lii*7 % bennty, and old age into yonth, or Pomatnma which will possess the tmuacendeut virtue of creating new or Shew ' P"7th of l*e j?"ir Jh^ miracle. he feav.T lo, others, but he does pretend to offer TOILET SOAPS, so sci entifically comi>oanded that no utilisetrilixed alkali remains to ?,] ,h* moat delicate akin, end he offera a moat elegant prepa ratior, a \ highly recommended by an accomidishea aatnort is 1 h" AMANDINE, which will prevemor enre the no'l inveterate chapping of the skin. r/* h',a iur'Ta!le!4 SHAVING CREAM, an articif whim, if once tried, will always be present in every gentle mast .jrasing ease * , He offers h,a COSMETIC CREAM, ao invalnable an appli S^it.Unn0r?n,Crbte/,ICiV?^er ?haT'u*' ? much mor? elegant pre paxation than Che Cold Cream. ana w?lrirLthe head. OH-8- ESSENCES, POMATUMS SVkiiK PoaAeaaeti ofvanooi properties, some deaign ea to besutify and cleanse the healthy hairisouie to cure diaor ? i^c*i!p:jtonY toothing emolnient pro pertiea for the irritable head; others stimulating and tonic to the debilitated Scalp, impaired in its fnuetions hy sickness and other eannea Theae remedier, eompoondtd with well-known rhysiolokicaJ principles, frequentlv rettore the hair, atop iu tailing when its loss does not arise from a deal ruction ol the or , gaua ol the hair, and are not to be confo-iuded with the thon iFinln ??,tbaineleaaly warranted to care in ail cases - Mia dlAH.s OIL, he assnres the public, ia perfectly genome wheu represented as sneh, and ia prepared, by an application ol heat, ao careful as not to endanger the peculiar organization, in virtue ol which it differs from other substance* of a similar character. _Itfr^"a,ift!?r hia *?.0<u' he "" refer to Meaara Aspia wall, Milhau, Chilton, and many others of the moat reipectn able chemists of this city, who for the laet several years have vended articles of his manufacture. k tually, everything at hia (tore will be ae represented and il any article doea not give tall satisfaction, it will uot only wil lingly, bat also thankfully be taken back. 1'he subscriber it uuxioue to arqusre for hie establishments character for veraci ty and good faith, when, from the nature of the article*, theie ?ach room Tor misrepresentation and he enjoius it npon all in his employ to maintain the same adherence to trniii sad good laith. A call ia most respectfully solicited. , EUGENE KOUSSEL, ? Mannfacturer and Importer of Perfumery, No. 15? Broadway, between Liberty and Conrtlandl, dll 1m rc ami 114 Cheanni street Philadelphia. P FIFTEEN FARMS. LACES of from two to thirty acres each, splendtd View. ,k.n- , Ju8S?^\.V.Llij*a l-anJiiig, for Bale ,t New Ro cbelle, Ifth March, lft46 at 1 o clock, r. M , at public Aactiou. Terme liberal and title clear. Apply to T. A. Lawrence. ? V^li^'T R*>chi'*; <2 J:,h? * Peters, New York. .Vlapa at Miller e tavern. New Roebeile. 11I Sw*re JUNG & BEHRMANN, RKMOVgD FROM 71 I.IBKRTY STRRKT TO A1 SOUTH WILLIAM TTREKT. ml liii9m SHIRT MANUFACTORY, ATo. 67 MAIDEN LANK, (UP STJlIRS) w* ?.tv ^,.e? SHIHT8 MAUK TO ORDKK. l1|iik?UBSS?,Blfi? ?ftr> P""l?c a method of m making shirta, which reuderi ease aud comfort to the wearer and is a complete fif; as no pains ha?e been apared to ob tain the best rench pattern shirts Ti?igi,4d lo,,f in the hesioeas, the Subscriber is embieri to make all ike necessary improvements and give f^rf'ci,on* vvm* c?LLHfs NEEDLE At FISH-HOOK-MANUFACTORY, 77 Maiden Lane. WM. CROWLEY It SON, mannl'scinrers of the above ailirlea, reawctfully inform the importers of New York and other cities, that they have now on hand a I irge >tock of | the above articles, which they aie willing to sell at a small ad vance from the maualactoring price.. Any of the trade, or im porters, can have their needles labelled with their own name, if desired. P. 8 ? Korkrt Oowi.xv, importer of Sheffield and BiD mmenam t.ooda. in part of the above .tore fll lm*re ATLANTIC WHITE LEAU. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANf having m. completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders 'or pure While Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil, to almost any exient that may be wanted The Company have altered no expense in the erection of the Works which would tend, in ?y?re?*t. I*troe, to the improvement ol the Lead, having xhemselves of every modern improvement for that purpose. ?r,?Li!.wei!! <w*re, from onr long familiarity with the differ wld ? ?Jk T ?"'?arket, that by far the greater proportion Barvre. !n .JJ^I and '? greatly adulterated with Whirl I i a .' of mineral production much heavier than menf wb?r*^.a1 k,a iUol.f Po??e??iiig no virtue of say pig Mrani r J* k,n*r when "'**?' with oil, almost trana reramin^d !? ,k t '1 "othmg bat its specific weight to n"T-M f tbe Atlantic Wmt. Lead Com the following resolution, via: article Die AtlanVie Wk','1! ?"inRnn facta fine oely a prime analitv of IVilir. if ^e"i^ ' ""ipany will make but one ITalreJjl en.!? ? bolh O'oond in Oil; that to adulterers '"S ??"Ip. ?d parfectly free from any I nrchaaera. therefore, may be well aaanred that ...rr ,i?. Cite s:i Maw A.wjarK'ijiSS moat common description of namtiog, owing to UroMy at covering qnality it poHeasea. therebyVjving . far brtte, fiSidk with two coats, than the adulterated White Faint ?ITi? three, of which every painter will beaVwttJeel " ^"W'SisS: Having been appointed general Agenu for the Company all orders should be directed to as. an .... __ POLLEN k COLGATE, 17 lm*r M7 Pearl street, comer ol Beekmaa street. MAHOGANY, ROSEWOOD. ZEBHAW'OOD. Re a." L7 OR SALE by E G STACY, No. ? Wooater atnret bt *- tween Broome aud Spring streeta. The entire etoek will be sold, together or in parcel, to .nit purchaser., at from II to 15 per cent below the market price, either for cash or approved notes. The following constitutes a portion of the stoek. viz : 41,IM feet fash exit crotch Mahogany Veneer.. 20,Me do do shaded aud mottled do do. W,IMdo do superior Roeewood Veneers 15,M0 * ??h? W ?d > '??*? Mahogany 150 logs Mahogany. M do Resewood, I do Zehrawood I legs Sana wood, he., So- jatt las'm D08T OFFICE?Oa and ^rthe ??th> * era Mail (afternoon) will close <la:iy, ?$fe? |<t Sunday, at SS instead of SK P. M. 4. The Morn in*Mail will cloae at the o'clock. 11114 Itre ROBT h PUKRIS. P. M. VvaNteI). A RESPECTABLE middle agcil man, to act at a light por ter audmakehimself generally useful >o collecting accouata and other work, in a tailoring establishment. The moat unex ceptionable references will he repaired. Apply to Ryder Brothera, 131 Broadway. ... N. B?Our who haaaome knowledge of the tin- tailoring bu siness will be preferred. all 3t*rc AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY KORAN ENTER PRISING BUSINESS MAN. A PARTNER WANTED io a profitable Publishing es tibliahoient?a capital ofS6.008 or 7,900 will be rrqeired to pure hire roe half the concern at loweat coat. Addreae / at thianflke. ' mil lw*rc LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED.?Uentlem en nad Families can obtain the full ralne for all kinda ol superttnooa rffecta they with to dispose of, anrh aa Lail lea and Gentlemen'a Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms. Furniture, Re. LtrtasirN, 4M Broadway, up stairs. Ladies haying any Last off Clothing to dispose of, can obtain a fail price by sending for the subscriber, Mrs. T Lr venstyn. N.B. A liue through the Post Office will be prompt ly attended to. ml lin'rc G1 EOROIA LUMBER CO. Notes wanted at M ler cent r discount, by D R rECK u>4 2m*rr 11 Will street COTTON MILD. WANTS a situation aa Manager of a Cotton Mill, a man ictimately acquainted with tlie various modes ol manu facturing cotton wool, both in England and America; can be recommended by two men having charge of the beat conduc ted establishments in the United States Address J C.H this office la I a Jrn'rr HARDWARE at AGENT8 PRICES. 'I'HE SUBSCRIBER, Agent for several Manufacturers in a Euglaad, is enabled to supply dealers from first hands, also ai first prices. Purchasers will consult their own interest by taking UP STAIRS PRICES. IN* grots low priced Table Cutlery. S casks assorted 1, S and 3 blade Kuivts Files?a complete assortment of beet east steel. N Casks Trace, Ox aud Log Chains. 33 Baskets Vices, fine Cotter Key. IM Doxea Patent Knob Locks. Also, Frying Paua, Bed Screws, Candlesticks, Bolts, Spoons, Pad, Cloretand Trunk Locks, Carry Combs, lie. Re JOHN A NEWBOLD, ml !misMWfcF*inc No. 56 John street, np stairs. H The Long Island Insurance Go. Capital "400,000 Dollar*. OVTICE 41 FULTON STHXKT, BkOOELVN. AVINO their capital very nearly entire, continne to ttke risks on bni.diuga, machinery, merchandize and properly generally, on their usual fai orable terms This company lias passed through the two greatest coulliigratious that nave e? er occu-red in live country , they owe their esca|>e from them with comparatively slight losses to ttie systik rhich they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. B- W. DELAMATER, President I7flmis?ic EC. FINN, Secretary. OrricE on the Mercantile Mutual Insi hance Co. | No. 83 Wall street, December 37th, 1145. , AT A MEETING of the Trustees, held at the office of the Company, on the 3rd instant, JOSEPH WALKElt was unanimously elected President, in place of Lewis Gregory, resigned; and Lewis Gregory was elected Vice Presideut, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Joseph Hoxie. By order of the Trustees, ELLWOOD WALTER. Secretary Marine Insurance on Cargo and Freight only. The Mercantile Mutual lusurance Company, No. S3 Wall street, confines its business to Marine insurance on freight and SSgM*T&miXdouS; have" h1"1* "Pwarda or Two AecSi^'^"^ to'tstXtrCe,Ved'Md '"^e, JWaSSMfeSBr Thomas Hunt Henry'si^" S?i Jss. Freeland, Clias. H Rogers. A Legoux, Thos. 8 Nelson, H. E. M nring, D.L.Sayre, Wilson U Hunt, W.C. Atwater Alexis S. Baker, Stewart C. Marsh. W. A. fteleltas, M.Ward. Geo. Hastings, Chas.U. (? arleton. Leonard nirby, C. W. A. Rodgars, Lucius Hopkins, Jss. C. Hsllock, Henry Jessop, Daniel G. Haaland, 8.F. Jenkins. G. D. Phelpe. Herman ttokrr. JOSEPH WALKER, President. Lewis Gregory, Vioe President Em.wood Walter, Secretary. d3W>m*rc OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY i Nrw Yore r ebruary 3d, 1846. J ^T_ AN ELHCTION for Directors ol thu Institution, for the ensning year, held this day,the following named gen tlemanwere elected such DIRECTORS. Thomas WThorne, Elisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Auson Baler, B. R. Robaon, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moees Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison. John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Will'sin K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert 8mith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq , waa unanimously re-elected Presideut for the ensuing year. GEO T. HOPE, Secretary. fSrrc COMFORT FOR THF jJFFLICTED DR. DE WITT G. KELLINGER'S PAIN ERADICATOR. THIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, eoutinuee to astonish all who use it, or who hare been favored with the (lightest knowledge of its wonder working affects upon the human system. Pain and Inflammation cannot remain where this infallible remedy is applied, it matters not from what caws a it may hare oiigmslsd. Principal Depot, 98 John street. fl! lm*r LOOK AT THIS. SELLING OFF FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST, A GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Beots and Shoes, to make room for a large supply of French Goods, now on the way, comprising cork sole Boots, water proof and light Freicb do, fine enll Shoes, Painps. and Dancing Gaiters, Lady's Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, patent leather, white and black Satin, white Kid, Clogs. Moccasins: all kinds of Rubbers and Overihoes. 8tc., Itc , all of which will be sold 33 per cent leas than heretofore, at 387 Broadway, cor. Franklin street. M CAHILL. f26 lm'mc $10,0UU, $8,CUO, $J,UOO, $9,004), $3, OOO $4,04)0, $4,900, $4,000, $1,?00. $1,000, I 1 O LEND ON BOND AND MORTAOE-The abore I ? sums of money, on good productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply to 8 S. BROAD, No II Wall at. in.?. office of Pearcedl Co. hasemeut. N. B.?Call be ween the hoars of ? nod U o'clock, or be w?e? ? and 4 o'clock P M iSHm're STRIKER'S SOLU1ION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will cliangegrey hair to its original color in a few minutes Those who doubt lis virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before payiug their money. 11 hum bugs would take this method there would be no reason to com plaia. Gentlemen cau have their whiskers and hair changed to any color or shade in a few miuutea Private rooms for cnaug ing the hair None genuine unlets signed " H. Striker," in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Hold wholesale and retail, and applied at No 3 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. <30 ltn*rh ONE PRICE HOOT AND SHOE STORE. > '11HE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot sod Shoe Store. No 111 Oreeawieh, corner of Barclay etreet, would I J-spectfully inform hit customers and the public generally, that lie haa established the One Price system. The price will be fonud written on the diffent kinda ot Boota and Shoea, I which will be the lowkit and only price aaked in fn'ure in thia Establishment He wonld thank thepnbli'- for the liberal I patronage received, and solicit a cuulinnation of the aame in , tlua moat deniable way of trade, the One Price Syatem. j Do not forget the namber, 112 Greenwich, comer of Barclay , atr?et, near the Hoboken Perry. JAMES WIGOlNs fit lm*r BILLIARDS IMPROVED. OTTIS FIELD, respectfully iniorma hia friends and the pnblic, that he haa returned to hia old favorite quartern, | BASSFORD'S IX Anu si, ad orning the ! Mnaeuin building, or 149 Fulton etreet The Rooms ana Ta I blea have been put in perfect order. The Tablet are S'ate, ?arhie and Ir ,n, with Ajr, India Rubber and Cloth Cuahiooa. hey will un doubt auil European aud all great plat era . being i the beat in thia country- Larger belli for Boathernem?Caro lina iialla for Geruiana. I r ? B.?B'saford's new atyle Billiard Tablet for tale; India 1 and Frmch Cue Leather, best in the city; tine Billiard Cloth, i and every artielei o the trade, eouatautly on hand and for aale. fi* la'mr TO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. EjiHEK STONE -unshed by the subscriber, equal to Coo IT ue.cticut in quail ty,and 19 ner cent cheaper, ou application to A. Wilson, Sto i eCutter, Jersey City, or at the Quarry, j Aquackanonk, N. J fl7 lm*rc ABM. H. VREELAND. i FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. HIGHLY raluable Coemetic for eradieatiog Eruptions on the Face and Bkin, particularly Pimplea, Blotches, Tetter, Suuburn, Ringworms, Freckles and Cntaneons'F.t creaencea. The use of the Lption for a short time will clear the akin and establish a brilliant complexion. Bold in bottles A at 75 cents each, at No. IM Bowery, corner Spring street; also, by Mrs H*y*s. m Ful'on street, Brooklyn ft lm*m HASTINGS COMPOUND SYRl/P OF NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For aale by MOORE A CO., Lie American Agents, 41 Ann street, and Elliott, ITS DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow. New York. Trice II a bottle?Six bot tles for f ft. Philadelphia, Tuttle, AH South 4th street ah 1m je BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, So 1 Si Jolm't Lute corner Beach street, Sew York HE SUBSC RIB M would inform his Customers and the Public, that lie a ? eps constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common J irCCagea of erery description, winch he offers fir sale at a owrr rate than they can be bought else where. Merchants > onld fiud it to their advantage to call and T KELLV. examine his stock. P. 8. Country or' ? is attended to wits promptness and dis patch <1 lai'm ? military KUl? IPMEVPS?FIEREMEN'8 CAP* ? HK SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention ofthel ? military public to his assortment of Military Equipments ^Hned to all companiea; Military Caps, Knapsacks, BoresI Bayonet Scabbards of erery rarietr. Country compv , about rhangiug their uniform, or those about (orming| ill he su| samples ^^^^Hfire caps-fire caps.^^^^^H adapted and nics. new companies A full assortment of every variaty constantly on hand, and made to order at th-shortest notice. (Mim'rrr H 8. GRATACAP. 1?2 Broadway. 'ENUINE HAVANA SEUAHS of the new brand " El X Jsdio Krraate,"(The Wandering Jew.) For aale by F. MANCHO, at 45 Fulton street, fll !m*r Spanish Hotel, up stairs. SMuAFB, BBRHI AND PERFUMERY, ol all kinda, I era*, No. TCourtlandt street. The Subscriber!,original inrentora and manufacturers of the genuine Walnut Oil Mili tary Shaving Soap, which we warrant to surpass all other pre parations, having greatly enlarged our facllitiaa are prepared to execute any orders in our line. Wu have constantly on hand huhly scented Almond, Roae, Musk, Windsor, Palm, and Toil t Soaps ; extra Me Family and No. 1 Soap The Croton F anting Soap, a new and splendid article, well suited for Baths and private umily use, warranted not to sink and to produce a rich and pleasant lather. Together with a large and general atso tment of Perfumery, Essences, Ac., both Foreign and Domestic, selected and put up with the grratest cam; site our celebrated Crystalline Candles,for the West India and I South A mar can markets, warranted to stand any elimat*.i Grocers, Dru fgists, and dealers in general, aru requested to in* r eat I and exam ma for themselves. ... __ mirn'r JOHNSON. VROOM A FOWLER. LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. obtain the full value (or hey with to dispone of, /earing Apparel, Fire leaving or returning to the .. --??_ to send lor the subscriber, who pledges himself to give a fir price lor all artieleo offered. loaded to IB Im'rt m Broadway, up stairs AUCTION SAJUCS. WM. W SHIRLEY, Auctioneer flATALOOUE SALE OF CHINA. Glass. and Earthen Ay war*?By H. E Willard?On Thursday, March l?th, at 10 o'clock, at the Store No 5 Pine atraet, uear Broadway, in aw v vaww, oo *i?c ?Tv?tr lou J ? iuc oucci, urai vivbuwi/i iu lots from the ihelves to suit rrCailrra, best ttowiaf and other blue and fancy primed, pawled, edged, dipt, flic Ware, Chi ?a and Glass. Alao 50 packages 01 g" Alao JO packages or glass tumblers. decanters. wines, 4c The tale la positive. ana the gooda will ba wall packed for chipping. N. B.? Uooda will be received for tide aala till Tneadar I the 170a. Sale* are promptly fettled aa eoou aa goodi are de livrred in 16 lt*m I I LARGE AND EXTENSIVE HALE OK ANTIQUITIES, 8ISTINO COM , Jars and TING of Original Japan Lacquered Porcelain d Vaaea, dower bottle* trait plate* and dishes, caps , of varion* kind*, original ancipot Drafting Poroe aud (aucera, of virion* kind*, original ancipnt Liu group*, figarea. cap* and *ancera, ancient fana of the 16th centary richly carved and painted, and a magnificent dower vase of porcelain d'Hevre*, of the time of Looia XIV, which vate his beeu bought at the aale of Joseph Bnouii>arte, at Bor deutown. Also. a red japan porcelain table, or wash stand, suchasuever haa been imported into this country. These choiee ornaments and articles uow offered, are very rare?they are all antique, none of them less than one hundred, and some as old as two hundred years, are very costly, and were collect ed throughout the old towns of Holland, and othOT places, with great diligence and perseverance, by the collector* of those article*, and are highlv valued at the courts of Europe, and among the English and Frtnch nobility To be sold at the M. gasin Japonais, 69 Dunne street, hetweru Broadway and Elm streets, by Aaron Levy, Auctioneer, on Thursday. March 19, 1846. Hale to commence positively at I o'clock P. M? rain or shine. P 8. The pnblic are in general invited, particularly the la dies. to examiue these magnificent ornaments, uow rerdy lor examination, with catalogues; opeu daily Irom 10 A. M, till J P.M. mlJlw*rc A CARD H E. Wlt.LAKD It W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, WILL give their peisonal attention to the Hales of Ho use hold Furniture at the reai lenee of families declining houseite*-pin.i Stocks of Ciockery. Dry Goods, Grocery, and sa>es of Red Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also soli cit frqin thru frie d? end th? public, consignment! to their SALES ROOM, 151 BltO \DWAY, until May lft, when they will move to the spaciou* tlore, No. 17 WALL street, late Adams' Express Office mrll lm*r '?'HE ANNIVERSARY of the_German Society will be_ , ? celebrated by a Diuner,at the Aetor House, on the 2Jlli of | March, 1846, at 6 o'clock. Tickets for the same may be ob t taiued, by applying in the uudrrsigned Slewed*:? Dr. A Oeseheidt, 113 Walker street. Dr. C Heuacbel, 131 Chambers street. G HesaenVrg 3 William street. W. K'.bbe, 46 Beaver street. C A Lnuiug.O Broad street. C. Mrleita, 15 Broad ttieel. j K Steinh-d, 63 Braver street. ml4t?25*r SPERM OIL ANL) CANDLES. EXCELLENT Wilter Bleached Sperm Oil at $1 a gall; Bit*, bed Solar Oil, 75 cruu, a prime article of Sperm Can,lies st 25 cents p-r pound. Families, hoarding house aud hotel keepers are invited to call and riaimue the above before purchasing For sale by J. O., Grocer and Tea Dealer, 250 Greenwich it cor. Murray, aud 428 Greenwich cor Vestry. mrU lm*rc LONG BREED CANARIES. MR HASELETT'S entire Breediug Stock, so much ad mired on New Yew's Day. They are already mated, and will b? sold only in pain. Bird Fanciers and the public are i respectfully luvited to call and eiamine them. Also, the usual variety of Singing Birds from different parts of the habitable Globe. Fancy Pigeons aud Cages, Gold Fish, ? n tie Fishbone, and bird seeds of every description. Every | article for the Breeding Cage, tic For aale by 1 ?t ? . c , ? a A. GRIEVE, 5 John street N.B.?Archie's Bird Fancier, containing fall directions for breeding Canaries, an I the best methodof feeding birds in general, farads aa above. Euglith and Scotch Terriera for aale by I mil ln'rc A. GRIEVE, 5 John street. ST. PATRICK'S DAY. | '"THE SOCIETY of "The Friendly Bona of St Patrick" ! E wiU celebrate their national festival by a Dinner at the { C.ty Hotel, ou Tuesday the 17th instant, at 5 o'clock. Tickets | of admission can be had by application to any of the undersign ed Stewards:? John Caldwell, Robert J. Dillon, Robert Emmet, William Redmond, John Manning, Terence Donuelly, _Arthur Finegtn, Geo. McBride, Jr., mil 6tfh Charles O'Conor. '?'WINE?200 Bales English B-idport Twine, comprising t i J. com 'lets assortment from 5)6 to 36 lbs ?a portiou Jnst re ceived per Wei iingtnn?man uiactured wiih great care, cxprets ly for this market. Fo For aale in Iota to suit purchasers, by K. K. COLLINS it CO , 56 South st. PORT WINK?100 quarter casks Red Port Wine?Instt* A 'ceivtd pcrCousercao de Maria, from Oporto?for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO . 56 South at. 'ceived mltrc IjLATINA, iu Plate and Wire .for sale by 1 CESAR. AUOS. ROBERT ml3 1 w*r 33 Maiden Lane. OT1CETO THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL?The snb N scriber, after enlarging his preiniaea, is now prepared to Clean Carpets of every description, from 10 to 100 yards, with out ripping?Ingrain 6.Q cents per yard: Brussels I rents per yard; Hearth Rugs, Taole Cover* and Shawls cleaned, from 25 to 75 tents; Dresses dyed or washed from 50 cents to $1; Coats cleaned or dressed from SO cents to |d; Pants do from 25 to 50 BM1TH, 70 Allen st. ro9 lin*re THORN CHAMPAIGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is in stare, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, ami private gentleman is invited. The standing of this Wine is now snperior to that of any in this country, and nt no higher price than that of the best brands. C. LIVINGSTON It CO., mllistf rc 10 Wall stree t TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. MIGEON It CO, 141 West street, Re-finishers of - ? - Cloths. Cassimeres and Satinets. The gold medal has been awarded to H.M for the improvement in re-finiahiag Woollen Gooda. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott It Blade, 83 Piae street; William C Lancley k Co., 51 Exchange Place, comer of Broad street; and to D. Brigham X Co. M Piae street; where order* may be left. I ml lm*r / THE VENTILATING WIG. CO closely reirtnbles the real head of hair that iceptica and O connoisseurs havetwonouuced it the rnoit Perfect and extra ordinary invention or the day The great advantages of this novel and nniqne wig is its being made without sewing or weaving, which causes iu appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as i to defy detection, its teitare being so beautiful, so porops and so free, that in all cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpe evils of other wigs entirely avoided. 'Hie | ded, and the great evils of other wigs entirely i sceptic and connoisseur are alike invited to inspect this novel | and beansifnl Wig, and the peculiar method of fittirg the head. at the manufacturer's A. C. B AURY, 146 Broadway, cornerof ! Liberty street, upstairs. mi lm*re TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES LADIES having any superfluous or cut off Clothing to dis pose of, (either Ladies or Gentlemen) can obtain a fair cash price lor the same, by sending for the subscriber, at her residence, No. 69 Du.uie street, basement Mrs. M. \ "OHEN. N. B ? Gentlemen's Clothing and furniturealso v^jrtU by M. 8. COHEN All letters through the fast Office will be attended to jalS lin'me ' ARMERS' AND MIL! KS' BANK, Hagerstown, Md The Notes of this t? (ion bought at one per cent dis ant. by TAYLOR It SMITH, Nn as Wall itwi DR. POWELL OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, spends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfection __ factious of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his residence. Ml Broadway, corner of Warren at Ophthalmia. .Stoppage of the Tear rusage, Cataract and Opacities, effectually removed. 'pntuivi. curciuuiy iguiurcu. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and success. Inveterate cues of STRABISMUS . J8, or Squintiug, cured in s few minute#. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EVES, of superior beauty and hmsh. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence 3(1 Broaii^av?entrance lh Warren street mi M.W.KASnn Imlt4tw*r FA'JKNT LAP-WELDED IKON Bull,bit FLUEri. POl/RTEEN and a HALF feet long, and one and a half to four inches diameter THOS I'ROSSER. Fateute "".w Vnr f 8 tm*rr 4 I iheetv utmi \?w VneU TEETH-TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF DENTISTR Y. A T the old eettblishmeut,(3 EA8T BMOAD WAV. fa Teeth >et en pivot 30 cents. Tee- h set on fine plate, from SI 50 to S3 M Teeth fiHed with fine gold foil SO Prices for all other work in proportion with the above list Teeth mounted for other Dentists. All work done at this of fice warracted N. TAYLOR, 134 lm*rc Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. 1 UK. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER HE superiority of Dr. Hull's instruments over all others is s -siiewledired by the must eminent physicians in En Office 4 v-wvstreet, Astot Hocse. A female in attendance if the ladles* department m3 lra*m TO LET. tThe three story house No (4 Varick street, with Cro ton wt'er, aid every accommodation, and a fine view of St. John's Park. Knqnire ol Jr'in F. COE, 53 John at. Havana segaRs.i 10 HIIll ?I (he Victories band, jnst landed per Black 1*6,UUU Hawk, from F ? ? j ? ? ? ?.<??> n? Havana, represented as very supe rior. or sale at $31 a thousand. Also, 30,009 Segsrs, of the choicest and well known brands, rer Rapid and Norma, from Havana, for sale at lower rates than any other house.' GEORGE WELLS. 193 Front ?t, mlt lt*m J Agent for Wm. Welts, Havana DESIRABLE APARTMENTS. TO LET, to a small family of three or four persons, gin the upper part of a handsome two story house in Elm JwapL'treet,i mr Grand, consisting of freut and back rooms, with privilege of bath room on second floor; attic bedroom, back basement kitchen, with Crotou water and every conve nience attached. There is s large yard, with grape vines, fee. A very small family will oecni y the lower part. References exchanged. Apply (o r. W ANDERSON, Druggist, from 7 to 9 o clock A. M , nt6J Bowery, corner Walker street, or through the day at 30 Fulton it , center Water. m!(tt'me STRAW BONNETS L CHAPIN, No. 13 John street, near Broadway np Bll stairs, has on hand a good assortment ol Fsshionsble Straw Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market puces. Milliners and others are invited to sail before purchasing elsewhere. mr!4 lm*r Hats?-Spring Fashion--1846. a THE UNuEHSHTNED would respectfully call the attention of his friends and patrons to his assortment of ofthe Spring Fashion. In solic tinc their patronage he would remind thsm of his adherence to his established low prices, vie?Fine Moleskin Hats, $3: Fine Nutria Fur Hats, $3, Short Nap Silk lists, $3,50. WM. BANTA, No. 34 Cinal st. eor. Wooster, and 133 Chatham st. mlt Iwis'r MAIL LINE AT 8 O'CLOCK, A. M TO ALBANY, AND intermediate landings, or asfar as the ice will permit. Breakfast will be served oa 1 board the bo't. Stages will be in readiness to carry paaseugera to their den tinal ion. The celebrated ice steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, will leaves the pier between Couitiaudt and Li berty su. Monday and Tuasidiy mornings st 3 o'clock. All packages and parcels will be landsd at say of the regular landings, provided they are paid for at the Agent's Office, and entered on the freight list. For passage or freight, apply oa board, or to P. C. Schalts, it the office on the wharl. m!(r W)R LONDO V?The regular packet ship WEL ? LINOTO*, Cspt. ChsdwieV being unavoidably de I gained, will sail on the 13th inst. For passage in cm n, seeei.d cabin and steerage, having spleedid aceommodu >ns, apply oa hoard or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, _ ISO Pine st. earner of South P. S Persons wiehieg to eeud for their friewds. can have them ?ht out to this country by any of the Lisa, sailing froi u on the 7th. 17th. sod nth of each mouth, on reasonable terms, by applying as above. UKwramiM. PAIXTB1ATU. " | MRS. 8EUUIN, MR. FRAZER, AND MR 8EOU1N, Hondajr Urinlnv, Muxh 10, Wil! beperiu-med. DON PABQUALE. Don Fiiqulr Mr Benin. Ernesto .. Mr Eraser Doctor VIiIiimu ... Mr K Meyer Norma Mrs Beguiu To conclude with, THE BACKWOODSMAN. 8amton Hardhead .Mr. Marble Colonel Mereville .Mr Varhe Clara Mrs Abbott Mabel Mrs V eruou fnce of Admission?Boxee. ? I ; fit, to oeste ; Haltary II cents Doors opeaat IX oYlotk.and tbeCartais will rise precisely at 7 o'clock BOWKRY THEATRIC. A. W JACKSON .. MANAUEK AND PROPRIE? '>R ORAND COMBINATION. rrDOUBLE COMPANY .^0 Rockwell It Stone's Equestrian Troupe in combination with the Dramatic Company of this establishment. Monday Evening, March 18, The Performance will comnieuee with the Drama of IVANHOE. Isaac... ... Mr J R Scott. The Black Knight Blanchr.rd. Cedric Chanfraa. The Pilgrim Darennort. Sir Brian de Bois Uuilbert Clark. Oorlh Couy. Wamba Hndaway. Locksley Proctor. Rebecca Mrs Jones. Lady Rowena Mrs Philli,s. klKiva Mrs Sergeant. To conclude with THE DUMB MAN OK MANCHESTER. Tom... Mr Cony Edward Wilton Mr. Blaochara Jane Wilton Mrs. O. Jones r,j' Lnwer Boxes 40 cents?Second and Third Tiers, % cts.; Pit end Uallery 18X eenta. j Doors will open nl half past 6?curtain will rise at 7. _ BOWERY THEATRE. Benefit of J. P. Wnldron, Treasurer. WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 18th, iwt>, on which occasion he hts the pleasure of announcing to hisfriends ' and the patrons gener.tllv.the Bowery The itre. thr follow ; lug powerful bill of attractions?the grand historical eques ! trian drama of IVAN HOE, Or Ike Jew'i Daughter, The cast of the piece embracing the entire company attach ed t ? the Bowery Theatre, and ihe popular Equestrian Corps 1 of Messrs. Rockwell V Stone, with their stud of FIFTY kLIONlFICElfT HORSES, I and the thrilling dra a ol the SHOEMAKER OK TOULOUSE, Cast to the entire strength of the Company. QT7" The Box Sheet for the evening is now open. mliSt*rc OLYMPIC THEATRIC. MR. WALCOT Rr.pectful I ^ auu ounces that hit Will take ohcr on TUESDAY EVENING nezt. 17th March, on which ..ion will be prt^aced. for the at thi. Tb.?gkBuhofc.RCeUNbr.tedg^c Opera in which MRS tVJtLCOT will appear, for thit night only. Thebeant^H^ncalDraina of Or, Thr Sirgr of Slraltuni. In which Mitt Cla-ke Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Holland, Mr. Walcot and the whole a'rengih of the Company will ?!'!*?r-. . T? \fy Boa Booh now open- ml* Iteod m NEW GREENWICH THEATRE, torner of Varicka^ Charlton ?treoU?Sole ^ro*>netora, Meatra. J I MYERS and O M. TO ML IN ^-Manager .Mr .J^G My ; SSTw. Drep^ctingVd f^^^iVrowt'ar"^ r'V. 1 W-M?^i".crMrr.MHc' ^cl^-Uader^dMmiical Director, Mr. H. Metz?Co.tumrr, Mr. Taylor?fropertiet, M-nfe public are retpectfnlly informed that thit new and ele *-cA30M. With a highly efficient and talented company, v^ich will De duly announced. Ac"n,.ndS^.lManager. N.B. A limited number of .aa?on tickeU wiir be d',p0.ed of Alio, tereral of tha Aaloont to Ut. Al?o, a large <i??u tityof tuperior building jand for tale, to De with. Apply at the Boa Office. mia iw m , ( NATlOSAL^HKATRE^ftlD CIRCUS, Cheatnut Street, Phllad* PROPRIETORS-MESSRS. WELCH, MANN AND DELEVAN. T?HE PUBLIC are acquainted that thit magnificent etta l blithment, to warmly patronized during themilantntu monthi, by thr citizent, ttrangert and frnmjU1 partt of the world, mutt tpeedily clone in order Ito falfilthie imp.era tire engagement, already entered into for Thi. an nonncement it pnt forth to prepare the hundred anditeeeuty fire Artiita and Aiiiitanti connected with thit concern, and to aiaure the thouaanda of liberal tmtrona who have the Circua a Temple of Eaahion and Popularity, that the moat energetic and unceasing, efforta will be e.tayed to render the doting Performance. oTthe R ng and Slagethemo.tgmgeou., novel and varied that a di.cri \ nating public can appreciate or a grateful management off r. CARD OF ADVERTISEMENT.^ ?ATIONAL THEATIIB AMU CIRCUS, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Under the management of Mettn WELCH, MANN AND DELAVAN i Will thinly termin^e thi. the mytguapwoM W^ww , MMrienced ifi America, in order to fulfil Inoir engage men ti at flaftimore and Waihington Among the nnmerooa artwro* en gignd in their large e?tabli*hra?nt, may be found the following n*M&? LlSufaa'iIOwArH!>rineipnl act Ij premiere artiste, in eharacterutic deliueatiout of melodrama j ^mKs ?E D^P \R D W O o'uSUt n^lmpult Eqae.tmn.on two I Hortet, and in lea Allamtndet FranSaite, and general move B>?ightfPemade Equattriana, who appear io grand cavalcades Tight Rope Dancer and Equestrian performer, Mian I.OUIS A WELLS. Principal Male Eqneatriaat.Menar. LEVI NORTH, T V. TURNER, and W.B,CARROL. hogkhh Kint Equestrian Pantomimitt. J. C. Rt'UEMB. Backward Riding, after the Italian invention, by II Hl<* ^The RIVKR^KAMILY?remarkable for their high talent Home Rider-Hi. pupjU are W. Cinwde tnd LitUe k Patto.. Pertonifier of Local Chnrv:l'M. MR. k. WOOD. First Vnulter of the Troupe, MR. McFARLAND. Sa.MVSSli?. LATHHOF. WKAVKR i^SSSTS^SSJff^ rate ?quattritn performer. "??&?? M,CJOHN1WISER ER . ld A mo.t tummuou. W.rd.obe of all the nation, m .hewor1^ j eomiileted in tW very fir.t .tyle ?/e.celleuoe armor, flag.. banners Weapon, of war. he . by ca and for warlike and processional effect, on the .tage?a o'clock ?~~~ T0 OENTLEMSlf^KWDINO^l^HE UPPER PART | Au\i ,\ I i An>i select private Club Hous*, confining ??f h^iv live about to be e?labli?hed iu th' up repleteRwTtn'evety SmfuM therefore U i? neeeMary that early application be made bytho.e d Any'g'emUm:.?/"? "ndoJbSd re.pecubil.ty]. can receive^ pro.pectut, by adiren n| ? note [j>oit^ chat occupation and addiere] to X. Y. Brancn ro.i-omrr, ham Square. ... fOfPLIMEllTARY MAIaIa TO ALLEN DODWORTH. who manifested their ?l,pro'?,"0? of w Do/worth'. will leave nothing uodoue to render thi. in every > tsfStoi*'"'' ???"? I 448 Bioomc ?t ? | CI'Y OF ELMS. riiHV EXHIBITION of thi. model, together with model. 1 "ft* Public bn,Id,nr. of New Yorkandt*Monno.n Temple at Nauvon, will remain opeu for a abort time longer E. B.CUNNINGHAM,feup't ol Eihibi ion Tho proprieror it now coMtruetingat *? Broad^wav THfe MODEL OF WlflW YORK. R-prerenting in carved wood every building, rfied tree, an J SKTffisv .h,a? j-ag j"; tegyjaaa gar- Jtraft which a moderate eompeoMtion will be chargeo. Having now w oanrfy completed a Model of New Ycjk.iiw proprietor will either *11 or give a leaae of the Model of New Haven, he. , u rff* *?" " EtfORTKr BKLDEN, ?> Broodwaf. i FENCING EXHIBITION. ~ THE UNDERSIGNED ha. the honor to inform the pnbiic . "id .\nieur. ofr e^ng^lmthe will gi v. ue^ib.,^. in the obove ?rt, on Satnrday, March ? the Saloon 01 wr Otigunn, Noa li, 17 and 1? I anal street, at 7 o clock r. .vi AJi Frofeuort an* incited to bt prttcnt . . ??g?lnek at the Th. nt ,.f r..,iu, ?f 0'n?: MUSIC FOR PARTItwi paaX? of Howard. ?? MUSIC TAUGHT, oss==?sa ly attended to. MUSIC. _r .. MR GEORGE A. HOYT would re.pectfnlly mformhi* Kriend. and the rmblie. that he ie prepared to give lu .trnetion on the PIANO KOkTE. at hi. reaideuee.M Chrya tie .treet, or at the re.iOenee ef hia popiU. Ten*. modewte. lade kaowa on^pplicaDoa I li lm rrr. MUSIC. MDUMSDAY, No. Si Bond .treat, near the Bowery. ? Profet.or of the Uuiur. Bt. mug, Aeeordeoo and Vio lin, continues to teeeh Ladies and -eatlemen at their owa r^ tidencet. in all part, of New Y ork City. with much facility and rapid progreaaiou. by hia new uH never failing system Term, very reaumame. Apply at S5 Bond .treet. ml lm*re ? CUICKERING'S piano-Forte wakerooms, MV3 Broedway, No. ? and 7 Lafarge 17HE PUBLIC will tad atthe above iP"? meet ofOvata and Square fiaao Fortea. at at my Factory m Boston LATBST INTEL LICENCE BY TO MAILS. Interesting from Washington. Washington, March 18,1846. It u aaid that Breese, the Senator from Illinois, will take the place of Bancrolt, in the Navy Depart ment ? w Th Washington, March 14, 1846. 1 'rc8on question ia in more doubt and uncer tainty than ever; and Mr Polk'a position ia just aa inyatenouB and a* warmly controverted hero aa anywhere else The courre which the debate, du ring this week, has taken, has only thrown more doubt and mystery over the whole matter. It in now believed that recea, developments in relation to what is contained in Mr Haywood's speech, may create an entire change ln the posu.on of?! ties, in the hual vote to be taken on this question The anti-compromise, or ultra-Oregon men com prising about thirteen democrats, in the Senate with two or three whigs, according to the best cat dilation, are now gravely veering towards a " mas! terly inactivity," as the bestpohcy to pursue, in order to keep the question open for future events and con tingencies. On the other hand, the compromise democrats have been shifting .their position, and probably the whigs are equally divided, so that it is impossible to tell what the result of the vote may be on the various propositions before the Senate,when the question shall be taken. During the last few days, speakers are nearly equally divided between the whigs and anti compromise democrats The whigs believe, and assertas of their own knowladm that Mr Senator Haywood is the correct exponent of the President's views; while the ultra democrats deny the interpretation, and insist with equal perti nacitythat he is against 49 and in lavor o? M 40 1 hese dtlierent interpretations have been repeated again and again, during the debates. The matter has also received an additional cloud of mysterv or rather a whole atmosphere of doubt, by the i>oaition assumed iu the government organ in favor of 64 40 and discontinuing all ideas of compromise on 48* The division on this question, which is paramount is indelible and permanent. If it be true that Mr. Polk wishes to negotiate, and accept the same offer, such aa wan proposed last summer?and, should he succeed, to bring the British government to that jwint?probably a treaty may be conhrmed in the Senate, under the present state of feeling on the subject; but it is equally cer tain, that rime will give the ultra democrats strength and force beyond their present power. In the event of a treaty of such a kind being otiered to the Se nate, and confirmed, it is possible that the ultra Ore gon men, having the question taken from them, may be absorbed in the other section of the demo cratic party, in process of time, and ultimately dis appear. But it is evident that all these calculations depend upon the temper oi the British government, and its desire to offeror accept such a treaty. Many believe and affirm?and those who are competent for the task that the British government will never agree to such treaty, or make any offer other than making theColumbta a boundary line,or perhaps,thai that government may conaent to a division of that portion in dispute between 49 and the line of river r !'thr.r *?*/. however, short of the absolute line ?' 48, Mr. Polk cannot agree to any treaty; so that the difficulties surrounding this question are in creased at every step. This mysterious and complicated condition of affairs, from its connexion with a question involv ing peace or war, appears to have risen from a most remarkable cause. Mr. Polk has always been com mended for his capacity in keeping his own coun sel?for his power in possessing a shut mouth on public affaire. According to the beBt statements given, this |>eculiar personal trait has been the ol the present division in his ranks, and the difficul ties surrounding hiB position. At the commence ment ot the session, an occurrence took place which sets this in a clear light. Two Senators, his politi cal friends, in company together, called to see Mr. Folk, in order to ascertain his views on the subject of the Oregon question, so as to enable them to give him their support understanding^. When the ques tion came up. Mr. Polk talked very freely on the subject, and after some time, both gentlemen being me(nJ 8 ot C?aMreaei appeared to be satisfied, ana withdrew. Alter reaching their apartments, it struck them to compare noteB, and the impression on their minds relative to the points in the question of con troversy with Mr. Polk. One thought that Mr Polk was willing to settle on the 49th parallel?while the other gentleman had a very different opinion, and believed he was in favor of 64 40. Here is the most singular illustration ol the peculiar capa city of Mr. Polk to conceal his views; for, yet while these two apparently seemed to concur in a fore gone conclusion, afterwards both disagreed. One elieves that Mr. Polk is in favor of?, while the other is equally confident he is in favor ot 64 40?so that the whole matter is left in more indescribable doubt, con I union and mystery than ever. Now, what is the best method to solve Mr. Polk's doubts, and induce htm to speak out plainly and plumply on the occasion 1 Many think he want* some commentary on the Baltimore Convention, bv ascertaming public sentiment on this question, at the polls. If this be his object, the sooner the people make the Oregon question a subject for decision st the polls, the sooner will Mr. Polk's mind be reliev ed, and he be able to speak out plainly and plumply on the occasion. There is not, | erhape, any necessity nor would it be proper for him to speak out plainly to the world what his views are in the face of the negotiation now going on ; but it is a singular fact, that when Senators call on him in a confidential manner to ascertain his sentiments, that those Se nators come to opposite conclusions as to what his views are on this important question. How this sin gular mystery will be unravelled, no one seems iu know here?every one entertains a different opin ion. r Mr. Calhoun has the floor for Monday, in the de bale id the Senate; and no one can describe the in tense anxiety that is every where manifested to bear wnat he is to say on tne present mysterious po mtion ot the Oregon aflair. Statements have gone forth relative to an intern-w between Mr Cal houn and the President, in which certain ar rangements were made, justifying the belief that a new attempt has been made to offer England the 49th parallel again; or invite her to make that otter. This statement is entirely errone ous Mr. Calhoun has had frequent interviews with the President, and probably expressed his opinions as to the best mode of negotiation ; bat it is very evident that Mr Polk did not commit him self to Mr Calhoun to any extent, more than he did to other members ol Congress?and he has drawn his own conclusion?and this is the principal cause of the division in the ranks of his supporters? a division which it is impossible to heal The ultra Oregon men, from the Western States, express themselves with tne strongest feeling, that no attempt shall be made for negotiation at all. They are also taking a new turn on the tariff ques tion, and are opposed to any new change on the subject. So that the Oregon question has taken such a direction now, as to throw into doubt anu uncertainty the whole measures of the Executive, during the present session of Congress Aa soon, therefore, as the people take up and express their opinions, the sooner we will come to s speedy de termination. Washiwotoi*, March 14,1846. The Daily Timet vt the US Senate? Progrttt of the Invettigation?Expected Remit?The Hem. Mr. Gordon and "the Doctor"?The Explanation, of Mr. Gordon tnadmienble?Mr. Bancroft Mr. Buchanan?Hon. Mr. Hillxard?Debate 11 the Home on the Tariff? 'thunder Storm?Sum ming up of the Doing* of Congrtu?The Wheel* t'hacked by the Oregon Boundary, jrc. The committee of investigatioa of the Senate, composed of Messrs. Jarnagin, Benton, Dickinson, J. M. Clayton, and Turney, in the cane of t e Dady Time*, of this city, versus theU. S. Send*, upon charges by said newspaper, against the int- *? rity of the body ol the whiga of the Senate, and a portion of the democrats, in so far as rhat they held a treasonable caucus at the table of the British Minister, with the design of compelling the admin istration to a compromise upon the line of 48- the committee of investigation upon these charges, have been tor two days engaged upon the business as signed them of aseertaisinir the truth of these charges, by the examination of persons and papers. Yesterday Mr. Schabel, President of the Young Men's Democratic Association of Philadelphia, was examined, as also Mr. H H. Robinson, editor of the Timet, and Mr Dow, his joint and senior part ner in the paper. Mr. Robinson referred to Mr. Schabell, and Mr. Sohabell referred to Col. Samnei Medary, late editor of the Ohio StaUtman, and a Mr. Turner, of Cleveland, and Lieut. Porter, of the U S Navy, who has been for some time on fur lough in this city, and who has accordingly had the advantage of a continued association with the quid nnne* and politicians at public and social parties during the entire session. Mr. Porter will doubt less refer his authority to other persons, ss also Col. Medary and Mr. Turner; and after the examination of a score of individuals, more or less, at lour dol lars per diem, we expect a report from the commit tee, that, upon a deliberate investigation, it appears that the charges of the Timet were baeed upon the common street rumors of the day. Meantime, we hear that Mr. Pakesham giv> i a dinner to-day to the 64 48 toes, which, wethi a, should be despatched by the next steamer to >n home government, as treason agminst the ? 'a pretensions to the Northwest ooast; and as calcua

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