Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. TbL xnH TI-WWU NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 19, 1846. A C11? 'THI Bobsenbera do bmbi mn. that having Men Mr. John A Cnrr who hi* ju?t arrive 4 f:-*m Philadelphia. nod ?sam in*d the sears apou bio to k. b--aat, toeit and oeek, and f on n iMit of duty :o the afflicted d-elart .hat the appearance in th* most rem*'luhle w* hive aver saea upon any human be iue. and our falow eit xcm ahea d visit him, to satisfy ibem oeleea tha' hie care it without a prac-daot, to lair a* our know ledge ea t'ida Mr Carr can beaten at No- 4 Coartiaadt at. Now York, March I, 1146. William Hoi k. No t?6 Fulton at. Geo. W Oa'duer, M D . Jeraey C'ty. Chat Wj chuff. N?'i"?>al Hotel, No 5 Coartiaadt at. iohu Hooper. N*?. 17 Hudaou at. > H. Maitera.No 310 -uhou.cor Oreenwichit, I Wll?oa M? tier, No. ? J Day t . Jha-p P Han. No 44'edarst. P. Bltckwall, No 91 William at. J M Brown, 81 Pearl at. Wm Vt'lirheiJ. Merchants' Hotel, 4* Coanlaadtat A. D Hope, Exproia Office, 41 Coartiaadt at. O M. Grieg., M'rebaiiu' Hotel. Capt Chulta Uuklo, Soarnboat Philadelphia. W. P. Bargras TtZ Broadway The public -re respectfully referred to the auttmeat of Mr John Carr, in another p.rt or t hi .paper m!9?tit ?r PpHb: MOST EXTRAORDINARY aud exciting number 1 of TrtE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE,published at No. 27 Centra atreet New York, will br issued this week. For tale at all theuewaagenciea in th* country Among ita interesting original im trrr will be found the con clnaion of ihe LIFE OK LYMAN PAKKES, the coaaraieiiar ?hia trial, aenteiire and pardon-with tha operatiOna of Nicho las Biddle and John Swift of Philadelphia, aud the frowning villainy of Smith Dana, now in Sing Sing. This number will be ornamented with au original aud gr.pnie angr-Vtaf of ike arrest of Old Thorp and hit Wife, at the counlafaitar'a den in Southwark. A full and perfect report of all the testimony in the recant trill of Daniel W. Talcoft, lor alleged lerjnry. relet ire lo the SEDUCTION and ABDUCTION of ESTHER GOULD 1NG of Slonr street, and his acquittal. . Tha concludiug moat intanetting chapter of "Priaffli Life and Priaon Discipline," by a discharged Sing Slug convict. Description ofStinuel P. Arnold, th- young fo'ger, who has recaii1 ly eacaped from Providence, wiih reward far hiearreat New Trick of Pickpockets, Jack Shaw's ailrer hook and lias ?Arrest and eacipe ol Billy Kiah?New Orleans Executive Pardooa?Receivers of Stolen Goods?Cruel and brut <1 mur- j der ul'fiv > nersoua by a negro convict?Trial and couviction of Cap'a>n Johuatou of the biig Tory, for the Mo drrof his | f rew -John A Cant <r aud hit attempted escape?Warning to Tonera?Escape of Reuben Rowlsy. Philadelphia Criminal Justice?Judge Parsons?Jack Gibson and a recent trial. Desert.oa and Death of a Wife and Child?Morman Paniah mentf ir 1*lk ft?Memorial of February Grand Jutv aud Ptw saumen' of the March Panel?Tha City Charter?Robbariea and Murders?Police Newt for the Week?Aggravated Caaea of Rape aad Srductian?Burglaries, he , Be. aa!9 Itrc TO GROCERS. Al RARE Opportunity is offered for one or two young men, to e iter iuto a safe, profitable and respectable boeiaesa. in lbs wholeiule and retail Grocery aud Liquor Trade, To any one with a small capital, the inducements which will be offered eaunot fail to be satisfactory. Persons with eashcapi tal will r-ceive every information by enquiring at 14 Barclay coraar of St. Pater's Place. ml9 Stia*r POST OFFICE, March 29, 1148 URTHER instructions having bean received the General Dept'tment, the Southern mail, through, will Close as heretofore, at 3K o'clock P. M. Box holders are requested to ina'ruct their clerks to preserve d coram, while wa.tmg at this rffi-e for lerta-a. m'91r RoBT. H MORRI8, P. M. I. U. OF O F. THE Members of Waahirgtm Lodge No. 11, are requested A to assemble at th-ir Lodge R Kim, National Hall, o.i Fri day moral- g, the ffilh mat. at 8 o'clock, for lbs purpose of pay. ingth-last tribute cf ra.pectronnr late brother, William F. Bchaeffer Br order, THEODORE KELLEY. N. G. __ 8. M. Mtxaxa. Secy. m 19 lt?re Afkfk TO ?? tea to loau on Bond end Mortgage. fp IVjvvD air firat elaia citv property at8 per cent. Ap piy w WM. CORP, Regiattr'a Office, Hall ol Records. m!9 lt*r or at 88 Walker at. TOBACCO, SEGAR3 AND BASS. A A. 8AM4N0S, No. 91 Broadway, np stairs, offer* for ? sale, a splendid asaortmeut of ? homo Set era, selerted express y for lie establishment. Also, 40 bales of itrietly prime Sr. Jago Tobacco, aad a small lot of Baas, by wholesale ami retail. m!9 Im'r T. BROWN. CTONE REAL ENGRAVER, HI Broadway, opposite tho ?J Park?Coats of Arir.a, Croat*. Cyphers, fce., ongrayod oa ajooe iir b i"; Ladies Heal*, Signet or Saal Rings, Panc-1 Case*, kc eurmved with arms, errata, or any doeico: Din ?eonda. Am* hvata.Tooaxaa, kc bough', is tha rough, or cat to'iy form; Coots of Armif und and painted in nay share, fr * an $i and upwards, and forwarded to say pat of the United State* a Canada. Boobs of Heraldry kept, with upwards of M 801 names ml9 lt*r FOUND AT LAST. XT OVERS Adamantine Cement, a eery useful article for AX repai log china, glass, aanh-n, cabinet or other ware*? recommended by inoameraMe chemitta. For sale wholeaale or retail, by tho msnafactnreri'age-1, GEORGE F. NESBITT, Stationer, coma- of Wall ?nd Water at*. rYte* li cents per b.ttla. A liberal discount to the uada. mllXt-rt TWINE AND tfHOE THREAD. 5 k ?, k U Ik It aad M lb. Smm Twiaa. % 1 and 1 cord Oillrag do ' ^^^clttoa'sain, ? of every sice. Wrapping Wool aad Manufacturers' Twines, of every de scription Sim* Thread of every description, including Tltley, Tal ham MdWa'kar'a. F-reals by re 19 Iff CEBRA fc CUM1NQ, 1(8 Pearl at. A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE, __ APPLE FRITTERS. f~7 ENTLEMEN wishing a good Brmklaat, Dinner or Snp " par, aceonapaniod by in a rare article. a cap of Coffee, id nil ita oioelleaic*. wtnl l do wo'l to call at th* Dining Rooms of GREEN k MERC Ml. coraar of Naaaaa and Aua airs u, wbert-lmi a* v* up duly. (Sander* etcrpted) aa ax i*-si hi I of fire, comprising all the aabitanuals, together with the laxurioa of tha maiket. N. B. Private outraace to th* Ladle*' Dining Roams, attend ed by Mrs. Msrcrr, 11 Ana sr. ml9 Itu'ie SECOND HAND CLOTHING and Fnraitnr* Wasted-Tha highest pries given fur all kiada of Second Hand Goods, by ? _ B. LEVY, 49* < hatliam at. N. B A lias thr ngh tS* Pott Office will be punctually at P tended to. Constant v on hand, a aoasonab'* aasunmont ol Mw -nd racond hsad Clo h ag, cheap forcash. mil lot*re WAN1ED A SALESMAN wanted, at Edward R. Myers, m Broad way. mlTltia'me WAN ra A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN? k man who thoroughly understand a hi* basin***, caa be highly recommended by hia last ? mploy *r. by add raising a few lines to N. C., at Messrs Howiuga k Aapiuwa.l 84 aud iS South a;., ,a car* of tb* porter, or ?t lb* office of Una paper ml71tm rpHE ANNIVERSARY of th* German Society will be 1 celebrated by a Dinner, at the Aator Hons*, oa tna Bth of March, 1848, at ? o'clock. Tickets for the same may b* ob tained, by applying to th* undcisigaad btawads:? Dr. A. (Jeacbeidt. 1(3 Walker atraet. Dr. C. Haoaciial, 138 Chambers street. U Hraaenoeig. 3 William straoL W. Kobbe, 48 Beaver street. C A Luning, 9 Broad street. C. Main ta, 13 Broad atieet. F-Staialwil. 81 Bekvar street. ral4tol3*r Dagucmolypu Appnrmtoa. JOHN ROACH, Optician, II Naiaau Streat, HAB eonataatly on hand .French, German and American In stmmai'ta. Coating Boxea, Meicary Baths, and ?ll th* oibe mat- rial ns*d by oiwrators, arc maaafaeta*ed aader hi* iaspactinn. Chemical*, Pines, Cases, Quickaiuff, kc. kc ? Lenses Oronnd to older. Thermometers and Surveying Cora pa aaa inaaafaciurad for the trade k) agar to Electric Machines, of approved construction , for medical pn po?c?. m!7 lm*rc FREW OH ARTOIOIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS?Having jaat re ceived bv the H?vre packets Zurich aad Fraueii lat, n Crash assortment of French Flower* and Mat-rials, of tb* best aaalityaad latest style*, at low prices, w* Uka pleasure to fcvil* th* dealers in the same articles, to call and exammo, at BRUN, LAROS1EKE k COURT, m!7 lm*?e lit William at. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOWITZ It BECKER. No 94 John strrat, hare jaat open ad a splendid assortment of French Artificial Flowers, material* for Bower ambers, kc. kc. which they offer to th* trade, at low price* Ml lm'mc SUPERIOR FAT BEEF. THE CELEBRATED OX "LONG ISLAND FARMER" haa beau alanghtciad. aad may beVewa JEjLmU tlw Slaughter bona* oil Weeks, No. 37 Firsts TiuTUi *ai laired by MichanlTownaend, Hempstead Harbor, L. 1 ,w1k> ta a graaier of the highest noioriaty, nod has farniah od the city with some of th* must perfect specimens of fat bnoi eve: (.Bated in this city: he, ho wayer, admits, is thia Instance, that this aaimal far aacaatfa any of hia former proeactions, not no pttag I ha lar-faanr-l Ol hCFEKlOK, wnich haa always atone pri-eminent m tb* taaala oi epicures J ha beof uf t.iia Oa will He offared for salt at Stall* Nos. 41 aad?9Fu loa Market, on Sutniday salt, the IM mat , whara the pubLc are mo*t raapaetfnlly invited to call aad ludga of oi* qaali.y lor ihtminive*. BEN J. T. WEEKS. mlt tt'r PEOPLE'S LINE OF8t'EAMBOAlS FOR ALBANY, Frr.m Oil Foot of Vourtlamdt St, At 3 o'clock P. M., L-ading at lutermadiate Place*. an*! gg Steamboat NORTH AMEHICA. Captain ^?IL IL Tany^will 'eav* oa Friday Sunday Bi?aiaap.l i-yltUM' I A, Cap Wm. H. Pack, will leave oa Tharaday aad sTnHray aficrno jna, at 3 o'clock Atlprrmoaaiafarbid trnuiug any ol tho boats of thia lino wiUuai a wri tea order from :b* Captama or Ag ants. 9 or uaaaag* or freight, apply on iw?c, or la r. C. Schnltt. at tb* ome* on the whart. m, ME *"OH \*iyf.HP'>OL?Pack*ta of ?tk o{ Marcli tfJHVud lat of Ape 1?Tha apaadid, fast aiiling picket Oapt. Eldrulfe, will tail poaltivaly -IH ?b; aadihapnek-tahip EUROPE, Captam > at0*r, wul sail m tb* tot of April. For pass?g* in cabu and aicamga, hav ooniinodations, apply to ...rr.,*..... mit c tee.age, having anaarpesaed ac JOHN HEKDMAN k CO. SI South strrat. I: A RARE CHANCE. FOR BALE-A small frame building. M by U faetj _ >be buil nor m moeeaule, aad vary daairabla lor a imall Lfamilr. bnmg bat on* story high.and i* known aa Muaa *?, in Lat iy sua flees. Tno bn lie lag i* tan routed, aad eery compact ?> an eispoaed of vary low, aa it mast ba i* moras by th* firat day or day. For farther particular! eup.v to FKANCiS McBARRO W, coraar Spring aadAlar ear ate., from 9 to 18, or fr in II to I o'clock. ml* lt*rc ' ~ TO LET, TWO Fera'skad Room*. aaitabU for offices or lodg 1 log inoma, at No. 437 Broadway, between Howard and [.Grand sis. mlt3i*rr M. W19K WANTED, BY a Family el four poraons, aparuaeata in a respect I able kuuae. 1 wj ruom# aud ans or two bodrooms are L ?ioir.d-r.ut reaaotabla?aaiaoth ward '? J -rrr^n a. a T at th.a offica. nmnculara. K SnHHIlllTllhl !>?? ' ' _ Mi* iw rc SMir AsHBIiKI oN, U Lisen>o*l?Coualgnd** WTil ule.aa lake nouce ibat ah* I* diacheifiag. unaor ganaral or. er. It foot of Homvelt at. All guod. net peimrfud, must ? Rjuut ?o k MurruRN,? mu ?e ABCIIMBKTI. PARK THKATKK. MJU 8EGU1N. MR. FRAZF.R. and MR. SEQUIN. ai anted by MR F. ME YKR. ' ThniMtai ay Kvailing, DUith 10, Will be perf romd DON FASQUaIE. DON Don Paaquala Mr Smlt. Krnaato Mr Franar Doctor Malaieata Mr F Mayat Norma Mra Seguio To tnatlali with CRICKET ON THE HEARTH. |l?ht^PMr|rliiiifli Mr O Andrew. r'lob Plnmmtr Baaa Joi Mra Knight of AWaiaaioa?Boxaa, |t; Pa, M ctau , wuiarr 8: "Tie. _ Doon opeaat IK o'elcek.and the Curtain will rieepraeiaeiy at T o'clock. __ BOWKR1 THKATliK. Benefit of J. P. Waldron, Treasurer. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND FKufULh. .OR p.wtra^ia. . Rockwell k 3 too a'. Eouaatrian Troqpe In combination with the Dramatic Company of Una artablnhma"L Wednesday kvenlng, Rarah IV, "?iWA"1 1, Mr J R Scott. The Biack Knight Cedrie EySWm: eiunir. v.::::. VSfe.v.v.v rro?iM. Rebecca Mia Jonca. Lady Rowena Mra Phillipa. Rlgiva ... - -Mra Seigoaat. Pravioua to whiah, PiZARRO. ? MrJ R Scott fclrira - MraOJocea \T^Lower Boxaa M centa?Second aad Third Tiara,? cte.; rtt and Gallery ItH eenu. Doom will open at half pact t?curtain will nae atT. PALMO'H trPEllA HOL8K. RETURN OF THE"OK{o7r?AL"tETHIOPIAN HAR MONISTS, Maaara. FLAVIN, RICE. RAYMOND, NEAL and STANLEY The above Company have taken their old quutera for a few nigh'a, and will open on Thursday Kvenlng, March 19, whea they will give aoma of their original, and many new Bonga, Uleea, Choruaca. Quick Slept, he he. Seata may ha procured by applying at tha Box Ofiee, from 11 till I. .... .. ... Admiaaioa M ceota; children half price. mS lt*rc mitVKRI AHPMlTHlfcAIKIl. SANDS, LENT f CO., PROPRIETORS. The pnblie are ratpectfnlly informed ihit thia popular Ea tabliahmcnt will open for a vary limited pe.iod. on Monday Kvenlng, March sd3, for the expreaa pnrpoec of introdneing to the New York pub lic, prior to the de, ait are of the company on ita travelling tour, the moat gj^GANT NOVEL IY to he found either in thia country or in Europe, and at theaama lima to axhibit the peiioimaacra of th? MUST BRILLIANT EQUESTRIAN TROUPE II* THE WOULD, . embracing the higheat order of talent and reapeclability, and diaplayiag. in one enrer.ainm?nt, the very' CLIMAX Of SPLENDOR AND ART hint in the catalogue of apteudid uovaliiaa, atand lha match DANCING HOUSES, pnrrhaard by Mr Sanda, from Frweoei'i fainona .Eqneat'iao aatabli-hmcnt la Pant, and recently imported in thia c.nutry, being thoir fi?t pnblie exhibition n America. Theae horaea are trained to prif irni the moat dimeuU dan eea, keeping peifrcc una with the naoiic, aurt di?p'aying a atyle aud tatlelulueat of exacaltjn, peculiarly Panticurie. iaf'X'KA DANCE. In correct imitation of the moat celebrated Pariaian artiita.? They have performed at moat of the gr?al cities of Earopa, and befoie the rrignir g sovereigns of Luglaod, France nu, Iio'laud Lonia Philippe aud family ware ao much delighted at the aehievrmen a of the a btau:ifailr t rai ned crealur-a that ibry honored their performaucea with four viaita ui the comae of the aeaaoa. ., , ... ... Mr Sanda will alao introduce aponi thia MCAaionfor tholat time in America, hit anparbly trained and beauufully marked Shetland FIGHTING PONIES. There dtminotire md waiderially uaiht qBidmpMi wtw parctiivd at Astt*y'i, London % "B? htv* be#*tf ajned to WhEoTU. spar and FIGHT ! While Standing in an Frect Aitimdaupou their Hind Lagi. They have been twghi to pat ou the glovea, ap r with all the dexterity and caution of acco i-pliahid pugilists, rrat tlietn aelvea at tho tarminaiioo of each ronud, and come agaui up to th? ? cratch at the word " time.' .... . , Nothing haa e'er b'en before witnessed in thia country that can give in* smallest idea of lha extraordinary perform tncea .f JL. ^^X'SdS AND HIS BOYS . VT-'S'l c'St t'SStoS etic gymnastic illust-atiou of ?tl _ . ,, THE SCULPTOR'S DREAM, Aa performed by than at the Park Theatre, and for icvtrel ituoBi 10 Log And, ItbuC1* Hell ?nd. Mr. S nda and hia gi ted children hive ree-ived the highest enloginma. notouly Tor their akitl'ui performance, but e?peci aliy mr the modest, elegant and classical! la with which thay ^^^^T'aTUiDOF HORSbT' Being tna lareeat in nnmber. t e moat pai'eelly trauied, And tha moat t>eaa i nl in Appe .ranee rwr iihibiud ui thi* CUT. THE WARDROBE AND TRAPPINGS! The limite of an nnnonnce aheat will not permit the propriv tore to dwell at leneth noo . tha beauty and ai le.idor of ihnr eltgaat Coaiamea, Saddle Clothe, and Parforming l rappiBga Thry were mtfcufartnrad by bin- RuaaeU, la a Miea Kirera. of Loadon and are tha ... . , Only Pure Sptcimtnt of Equestrian Wardrobe aver ex hi bi ied in thu conatry. Whea eem pared wi'h the rnlgar and.tawdry everr^ytmih tha I'Ublic haa bean accmtomeil to in ihia city, thia depaitmeo of the exhibition ennnot fail of eliciting the moai umveraal >dT>'Tfol'fowinj"it compuiiea the principal petformen ba .CLOWN. Sam'l Lithrop. 1 'I Clowaa. Maatar of'tha lliag, Mr. B. Huati-gt0^^??? Lirf* Irian, Mra. Gar 'a.r; Memta. Sanda and Sooa.T Moaalv, ?_ Pe.ry, W. Smith H. W. Ragalaa Matter Walter Aymar. E Perry, Wm. Aymar. Maaara. H. E. < Mr M?l^ J Ethiopian Miottrrls, C/irier, R. Whiw, C. Whitn, J. HtBCrr,rg eeata; Pit UK renu. l"l91tr MR. COLLIkkl l'S FAREWELL CONCERT NIBLO'S 8ALOONLtnTKKIUAf" March r-aGrand Se lection of Inatrnmanial . . Ticbcta 50 ccnta each, to be had at ihe mnuc atoree mar VTEIV GREENWICH THE AIRE, rorner of Varickaud IN Charlton atreata?Solo pro^rittow, MYERSaed O M TOMLINSON-Maaagar. Mr..J.O My er??Trai?irrr, Mr. O. M Tomliuarm-AaaiaUut lreaamar, Mr. W. Draner-Aeting a d St xa M luagar. Mr. H P Grx - un?Scene Painter, Mr. H. laherwood?rrompter, Mr. R J Jooea?M.ehipiat. Mr. M. C Rodcliff-Leadtr aod Mniiiaal Director. Mr H. Metx?Coatnmer. Mr. Taylor?Propertiaa. The pablSc'aro rt'pe'tfolly informed that thia new and ale ?"".?"'WJSf?K, uu,??u. With a highly affieiant xad taionted com^i^^whrch be daly announced. Acting and Stage Manager. N. B. A limited number of anion ticketa will be diapeaed of. Alao, aeroral of tha Saloooa to Jot. Alao, a large quae Utr of auperior building aand for aala, to ao removed forth with. Apply ?t the Box OfioQ. mnlw m MUSICAL NOriCE. THE nndarxigued bega leave to announce to aueh of tha eiii xana of New York and iu viciuiiy. aa are oiapoted to aid in tha devalosing aad eucouratement of Reaident Muaieal Ta lent that he haa made arrange men la for tha production of n few * ^ "^^rSoN^HfuPHEINRI. H. F.SQ upon a acala of grandeur and excellence, aeldom aurpeeeed in **Lcamtl7- _.ji ul. P|MC at tha Tabaraaele, on T hnraiSyEreaing.Hth May naxt, "a^l'e0"^,Vch*|[" lowiag worli, 10 addiuon la ?erer*l Boogt, Du?u.??., fcc., T'tC Coaaummition ol American Lihoity. an hiatoricri Ore K 'S 'iismtt. - ??? ^Taih^teirit of Beothoron. a MombwuI 8ywphoayf aenpiW. o^l^ ln.t.g? .t,ou of the Monnm-nt at Boua. The Yagera' Adieu, a grand Chorua. L"ra?e m^eid. wTltt ndid over for th. BEN vri'POV'THtt VETERAN AUTHOR, thoauhaenber feela uoh.T. gf^u.ic.1hbhe ward apon thia ocean on, aad do their dnty in ben all or Ike ?f M"'^ " MElflOS. W Broadway. TO OENTLEME^ESIDINO^I^HE UPPER PART OF THE CITY. , . , A SMALL and aelact private Clnh Houiw, conauiiag of ihirty five aabecribora, ta abont to be eaubliahed la ih* up per pert of tho eiiy. eoniiguoua to Broadway, conducted on aa affective recfierdu acala, and replete with every comfort and UDBlfintlt Member, elected by vote of lha Preaideat aud Committae. Tic 'uhMriitlou-liat will nmaio npeo until lha Hat March, therefor* it ii aeceaaary that early application ba made by thoee daaitoua ot heromiag mrmbrra. Any gentleman for anduabud ruapeetab'lity] can receive a proapectaa. by addraaai g a bow t poat p nd. Mating real nam a occupation tad addieaa] t?X Y.Z, Branch Pout-office, Chat ham Square. mil lw?r CITY OP ELMS. rpHC EXHIBITION af thia model, togather with modal. 1 of dm puMm buildinta of Now York, ?ad the Mormom Tempi# at Nauvoo, #iU remain omu for a abort tima longer at ^ '^xftnasss. hM.. E.B.l.ONMNuRAM.fc.p'tU tlHIbiUO. Tho proprietor la bow coaaouatiagat M Broadway, THE BIODEL OF NEW YORK. nlirea of bu.iacaa, maun fact one., pnawta ra.idaacea, hotel., aieamboeu, he., from |* W?'Mh- m which a moderate companaation will T_h th. HiTiRf BOW BO BotHr oompwud t Modkl of New York, tte proprietor will either tell or f ifB t leeee of the .Model of New K%R^ R BELDEN. W BrWwwy. ? MUSIC. myt R. GEORGE A. HOYT would reapeertally iulorm hw IVL Friaada aad the Public, that ha w pr.uurad- to giva ln atrnctiou on the PIANO FOkl E, at hit roakuuoa, fi Chrya ?*? fir ?r."wiumvT * h" """ ia xm'm AnUSBMBIVTI. Wc'h OIRCVS, Chestnut Street. Ptillud.lnhs PROPRIETORS-MESSRSWELCH, MANN AND I -V.ifle.ot e.u r??B?^gz tassTwTu b?psisrvSd"u',h'?^ closing P.r;or." J,e..^Ih. J?o. ?J StaiSlrf '? """" 'h* norel andraned ,hS.d?e*p|"1*"wiotlmi,. ; agr.taful mauageracut off r ' * P ,e " ?PPWCUIs or r.T _ 5? #c,?"Tf ?I'BCtaele of this wonderful so../.. t. ,t I Ca.srnetof the CHu.cs, from the Theatre Hnfil^iJ. f authorities, produced with a aucce?siou of Oriau'tfi ?'7 ?'iche.fM.ooth. surpassed in en. eou.irv pEi. *n*rri tit. most gorgeous eudco.tlv bind j P'oc.smju. -f former .pViut? Evrrr.! k af...,~oM 10 ??"?*? oil I aigniaor Authority??u orerwhelmiuJ ip ^hlligorla' I t#r. for the display of which the i rJml*s h^V.?LiL**1 W* enlarged-th. .o.p...ioelfgr.nd ' .r m Mo. J, n^ELW ed with .iMt.n .old, dr.wn by cream coin,.5 h. ^V1 1,n* comhtti, grn.ral engagement. h????furioo. socr .s.ioo of start ling "tfect. such ? f?.nl,rt?r?'0?*. ??? ? Te>f est'blishu em e.n eloue furnish Yn<t k ? ar,'*40f 'I"* iosu ?r befure . dis.rimin- ting public. w * *D^Jf^or ? _ _ _ dEcIUke ON ;Vl iTsfi"? ?* M the third Lectur. of hijrT, .t7)t o'uloco. ** EreoUg, at the Society Li the s?eut\fl?*nd Mh'lMtie*Yllul?*'f wb'r11 ,ucc'*^*d Moisrt, B.ethoreu Ve ' th 1,la*""'oiu from Haodel. _ Single ticket, k cent.' _ fKlZE NUT1<JK-Tu AUTHORS. frough the c.ty of Now^VorhPoat ! ifl the obovr* art. on Saiurdav m.k .?LT?o,l Otignon No! 14 17 ?nS io rl? i . *?ih,tt the Saloon of Mr. httiiliK 11 " 7 ?'tl0?k ' M. Ali o4?%uc/K"e^.^^0^AVV^V.:tl 7 ?'?"*?? Price of .dmiuio^ c;*Q8Af' DARTIESlhl^hi? ?P5 PARTIES. ^^^ntlXMasSTSS ' nil im*m 0n thE Mo.?isiisrrT7 V Who h.. . thoroogh knowle^e ofTheSe.7 LU4Tt most respectable and satisfs?or.V.f!~?A0.Ce s ?.h_e ea.n ly Hit-tided to. ,*tth*?ffic* 01 thl*P?P?'. ?lull be pu.ctual BirlO lm?f ? arcs iidnuees, in all mm aflKL v ''Cnllemeo at their ow. re JOtheCI'uhuc are i'nvitedTOOAliND AND SEE HIM. nTTi?IPfirGREATEST l- . 7?? ' ,? 'P' th#m?0lffi a mni now n^riecflv well ?i?u :.':^,loVbh^aHrSr^r^ A, or'^tl^'c^uZt^rC^ tWt SCHENCK^ PULMONIC selTJ1?0- P"Wie rr*4 **? f?"owiug, M?d then judge for them KviX'wJ? brewaoddowS my arms'Lh?,?- 11 tlwa '""ended oe.r my ait-i fil'liS.'Ss;; syatem. Afie- usire the S r_nV "* ,d m* whol. my treatjoy'ths? tnr o1 ea-s mflSVH11 m* l<?!'' "> I heal. I eoutiLU'd a slug the SrTnpaft'er'Tw. begjnni g to I P e.eot.' remark"le .^,."C??W i^'i*'fw,l,V which earsnce rf the sears, I will with i leasu-a sholTil. . w* e/Philadelphia, it. JOHN ( ARR ??z'^&?'"?F>a4 'loth dep.i<e ant! ?iy*that th"/ I ? 7 *worB' "lording to law. wriSi?,nd,JbKr,bedb^or# m^VstJ,yPv*h0" D??"? fl,?o?lrB; Plea* bear to mind that P. 8. fieekman doe* not ?ll ?. _ITT, TJuar publishei\ THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY, /^OVTAlVlvn 1846 AND IM7, C and Trl?I n? * C<T^ cl?u,fieetion #f the ProfeMioe. Thi\bofe'alo.Vu w00'/' With * iUp of ,he C'?T FOR THE PILES 4 do?" TEETH?TEETH TEE+H UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF DE NTISTRY OF AJ^hEA8T bk<Jadwma? .. ^ic, .ud M^h JAyfca-m c?oS F^?hSf,S NEW ENGLAND EXPHESS. r Wood?tnrh "J1 b*'<V ?'?"'eboro, Windsor, ?adu. AjTr7ej2!? K''?.r' ""J B?'l">rton. Vt., Mid th. C* |oJ^. ?^^of t&w?'u"n fe"cTofWNB.rwCH^Xe* sndVermout, wUI bel'M,y.& t. i? N n _B? .... ' l sir ? ? * Co"" "reet, Boston. nr.M " Pkeksge. to car. of " Bigelow ? Eg J 71 re UU'ITON Mil.I. \kT ANTS, sitaatioa a. Manager of a Cotton Mill, a rasa " intimately acquainted witfi the Taritma modin id iactnnng cotton wool, both in England and America- eau be ipsi^wri^tpviis.r^ STis effi*#'. 0* concern at lowest coat. A d ims wanted" WAItDKOBE AND PUKnItuRe W . i *u~'?'atlerren and F>milie? can obtain thafnll ewTtdO-i^i ?* ',mmnr" ????? Fira a.-, a " bsdiw Hid unilrmen s Wearing Apparel, stairs l..jjM Btnj'nre. Ac. LiTctriTTis. 4M Broadway, np obtain a fa^Tnlta a ' ?ny_Cant off Clothing to diapOM of can G V-if!!',? ( O HM. ---.J ? x |W .Mt mt t?.Sre T D. R Pack. *1 " w'li atresit. A TbTp/o&t^rthioffl ?*" *AWK, Hngtratown, Md ?nt, by ? tiori bought at on. rwr cent H-? AUCTION SAL* MS If* WM. W. SHIRLEY. AucuonMr. CATALOGUE BA I. E Of CHINA. Glean. and Earthem wir?-Bi H. E. Willard?Will tell ThisDy, I*k iust. 10 o clock, at ihe St ire No 5 Pine atraet. umi Broadway, in lots from the s'.eivus to aait retailers, beet flowing and oner bine end fancy printed, painted, edged, dipt, be China and (Jlaaa Ware. Alio. M packages of glass tnmblera. decantera, winea, he The tale is poaitive, and tha gooda will be well packed for shipping. N B H. E W. It W W. 8 aolicit aalea of stocksat store*; hoa*a furniture sales; also, caniifiimmte to aalea loom. N . I-I Broadway, till May lat. when they will more to No. IT Wail ?t- mil If mc JO- H CURTISS. Anc ion err. AMAGED PO< KET A PKNKNIVE8-J ?COB 8. PLATT will aell Th'S Div,atlu>, o'clork. at the lac* iiO i Room ti PI tt. corner O Idairee'. aer itl bu died dotal Pocket and Pn kn rea, bai' g a se.ect lot imported foi the citv trade, from the well known honae of Messrs. Hanoeraon It Brothers Held cntlery tuvirg bean dimaged on board ?hip Sea, on the engage f o a I iverpool, will be aold for calk, for aceouut of ihe niiile'W iiera m>flt*rc J 'd K- liu'Kfl&i. Aactloliee D T AROE CUTLERY S.aLE?For Aceunnt of Ond-r Li writers?1Tno aame having been damaged on bonrd the ships Beaaud a. on tha eo/age of importation. Bale p jailiT'. and without raaarve. JACOB 8. PLATT wjl sell on Friday, at 10 o'clock, at the Aurtiou Haw. tJ Piatt, eomer of Oold street I reaka Pocket I utlery. Scissors, Kaxoia, lie oor.taming eevtr-l tboarand do teu of all dearri nous, Pock -t and Peukaivet, Dirk and Span i?h Blada do; feather, razor edge and moth do; I. 3, 4, 6 nod I hi de do; a small portion oT which i< on cards. Tks aetira lot will ae npenrd and aold in ptroela of 20 to M doaon oach, mak ing in all ISO lota. Terma eaali. Tie who'# wi I lie aold aa tney am and all purchaatra who ate not koowu to the nuotionnrr. will he required to make a dapoiit or tire a reference ; after pnrchaaiug a Aral lot; re apectahla initiea will ace tha propriety of this notice. miO ft*rc OIL i'AlNTlNGS. * f U8T IMPORTED?At Auotion-A. LEVY wiU aell en W Saturday Kerning, at 7 o'clock, at No. If] Broadway, 3 raara Oil Taiutiuga, jest received per the ahip Almade, from Lethorn, .oataimug many desirable pictures, to which t'.e public are invised t.j call and view thrm. New ready with cat loauea for eiamination. Bale without reserve. ini9 3t*r ? II. DUi Ll'ZEAU, Auctioneer. HARD WARE, SHOVELS, *c.,bc.?'J utlleb Ducluzeaa will aell This Day, at 10 o'clock, at the sales room, No. 230 Pearl street, 41 dez D and loug handle Shovels and Spades. Also, 2 bales gr'en and half blaached Shoe Thread. Alio, L000.004 ribbed, and ribbed and split Percaision Caps. Alan, Seine Twine Shoe Knives, Hand Sawa, Saaderaon'a Anvils, But Hinaea, Parker* cat do: Brick Trowels. Also, 200 do* fine Razors, 100 doz Kuives and Forks Also, Tabla and Tsa Spoons, Razor Strops. Also, 20 dor. Wheel Heeds, assorted qualities, be., be Caralognes are now ready. m!9 It'mc A CARD. H. E. WILLARD h W. W. SHIRLEY, Anctioneen, WILL give their personal atteution to the galea of House hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeepinr. Stocks of Ciockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, and aalea of Real Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their friends and the SALES ROOM. 1JI BROADV __ they will move to the spacious store, Adams' Express Office. mrll lm*r me rviercnants txenange. ajso, soii and the public, conaig.imenta to their JROADWAY. until May lat, when taeioos store. No. 17 WALL street, lete THE SHADES HOTEL, Rl Reade Street, IVett Side of Broadicay. THE Subscriber respectfully informs his filends and the L public, that he has lately opened the a.bova Establish ment, in a style superior to any other house of the k-nd in the citv of New Yoik. The satisf crion which he has hitherto gives to his numerous f icuda and cast'turn, while Proprietor of " Tee Shades," in Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaratit v to all who may patronise him in hia new estab lishment, while no effort nu Ins part will be wanting to merit the continuance of their patronage. The uauvl reliahes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Egga. he will ba served up in aauoerior atvle. The Room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as well aa a full aupplv of foreign pap.-rs, by every emval from Europe ' mil lin'rn J AMES EVANS. STEAM POWER.?Rooms to rent with Steam Power. Ap ply to R. HOE k CO., ml 2w e TSandSI (koldatreet. ""LONG WHITE SHAWLS~ JUST RECEIVED?Per Havre, 100 White Lrnx Shaw la, which will bu sold cheap, with a full assortment of Squire Shawls, Parts Cashtatre. Silk Shawls, Paris made. Grenadine Shawls, do do. Crepe Shawls, printed. La.limcie d'Ecoasa x'aris made Pearfk, at JAMES BECK b CO.'P. mi7 (t iarc 'M Bro-dwar, INDIA SHAWLS. JU8T RECEIVED?A large aaaortmeat of India Shew!* and Scarfs, of svery color, both Square toil Long Shawlt at a gnat reduction from a Ail prices, and will ba aold uadsr their value. CANTON CRAPE SHAWLS, of the rieheat kind ever imports')? White and Scarlec, most magnificently embroidered, Drab and Made, vary rich, Black and Grey, Kith Variegated color*. *l>la d'd.atra rich Peal fa, 2o casta low mired Shawls. Plain Black Cr-pes, 8-tins and Bin shawl. 10 cases fine small Plaid Pouehews, suitable for summer tlrttaee, all which will be sold at a very small advance for oaab, by JAMES BECK b CO., m!7 4tie re R9 Broadway .IPHINO SILKS, KOIIL&KDI. 3 MOUS- DE SOIE. CILKS, mi'la ragrs; O " omhrei horizontal; " rouleuri da Driorcns; Ponl's da Suie, levers ombres; " gorge da pigeon; " larmiere; Vary wide stir. embroidered; Chang- able Sites, mod at; d Curl Knuiard Sila: kcaaaa p-intad Kou'aru Silk, entirely nam ttyiea; lack Waiered S.Ik: " Paris wide 8nk, for mantillas; " Pooli de 8< ie, h eh lattre; " M. ar'e in da Soia; " O liua i?r<ar, for dreaaea. OiNOHAMSAND PANAMAS, ? Of the most' eautiful Pirn's and suipas, joat opened* 7S rosea of Trry fine Naner Ginghams; ? ?' - J-l Paris " M " " Caili la " 10 " " Lrwu 0} " splendid new p-items Panama*. 6 " be tch Plaid Silas N .B. The V| Pari Oingh -ma are the fiuatt ever imported. SPRING MOUSjsEL-Ns.S DE LAI.hE, BARAOES. Larril k Co. Mont de Lame imprigiM; Lareounier A Co. Berages QasdiiOes, Deno-ully Bareges Ombies; V. L. Meyer Moua. d< Laiue Rosea printanniaraa; P. Godefr .y do rainbow, E Moriaael Baregea Colibn; Delnle Moors de Hoie Aia-rn eiel: Marie Bar get Guillan-l-s and Bcnquetsi Plain Mouttvliueds Lames, moda colors; Barrage, JACONETS, MOU89ELINES, ORGANDIES, CALI ? OE9, I t: Unirlandea Percales Diamanteca; Koealin Jacourts ombres; Uroajeaa Biocha Deiswap, g-l wida; Mo.r.aset do simi la ..ndshaded; Delius Miag Mou-selmnes and Organdies; Larril Barages, Mouseeliues, Fonlarda, Colibrii Dnpnytiem Jaroneta perlra impieasiona not relies , L*rsonni*r Monsaalirea, Barages, na'ara) flowers: Weaaarling Factory J-tconeis, Organdies and Uiamintia; 3 case* printed Calicos, superior qnaiity, steeple chase, of Ragne te Clnb style; Newatylaof printed Jaconets, entirely new in this mar ket. The aboee attentive stock of Spring Goods, from the first houses in Paris, w-ll be found to be th? moat desirable in the city, and will prove to be selected ?iih great care, at mid6tinn JAMES Bk CK k CO. a, 36* Broadway. YOUNG PHYSIC. CHRONO-THEKMAL SYSTEM OF MEDICINE, with an Introdo. tioo and Notes, by DR. TURNER,lain Heal.h Commissioner of New York.?Price 7J cents. "The day ia not di>tint when the Chrono-Thermal system ' " Tba " will be nnireraally received. Ti># bones ol Samuel Dies son may first lie mouldering ia the dnat, and hie spirit rest with G >d who gave it. bnt trmh will at last triumph, and posterity will render to hwmemory the merit which is hisdM."?New York Courier It Enquirer. _ _ .. For sale by RKDFIELD, Clinton Ha'l. mil tuVre New York TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES | AD1ES having toy superfluous or east off Clothing to die U pose of,(either Ladies or Gentlemen) can obtain a lair eaahprioe lor the same, by tending lor the sabeeribor, at her ?aaki .. residence, No. 69 DnanestreeC, basement. ^ Mr?. Me*. . 'HRJfs N. B.?Gentlemen's Clothing and Famitumal twilight by All letters throngh tba Post Office will be attended to. jalS la*me ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STORE. THE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoe 1 Store. No. 11 Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, would respectfully inform his customers and the pwblie generally. ill be the lowsst and only pnee anneti in latnre in blishrnciit He wonld thank the public for the liberal i received, and solicit a continuation of the aaae ia desirable way of trade, the One Price System. that he has established the Oue Price system. The be foand written on the diffeat kinds ol Boots and Shoes, which will be the lowsst and only pries asked in fntnre in this Establi patronage i this most dee in., , , _ Do not forget the number, 313 Greenwich, corner of BereLT street, neez the Hoboken Ferry. JAMEB WIGGINS, fid lm*r BILLIARDS IMPROVED. YYTTIS FIELD, respectfully inlorms hie (Hendi end the \J public, that he has returned to hie old favorite quarters, BASBFOrtD'S ROOMS, entrance IM Ana at, ad.oiaing the Maaeam bnilding, or lit kniton street The Rooms and Ta blet hare beast pat ia perfect order. The Table* are Slate, ble ana Iron, with A;r, India Rubber and Cloth Cushions "aro bles hare been pat in penect order. 1 he Table* warns Marble ana Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth Caahio They will no doubt sail European and all great planers, be theb-stin this country. Larger balls for Southerners?Ca line balls for Germans. na Dalle ror Germans. N. B ?n.ssford's new style Billiard Tables for tale; India and trench Cot Leather, host iu the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and srery articlei n the trade, constantly on hand and for sale, fid Irn'isc MILITARY EQbiPME \T3?Klk.Rk.MEN'S CAP* CRIBI THE SUBSCRIBER respcctfnlly calls die nttentioii of the military public to his assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all tou,|...iiies; Military Capa, K**r*",k*,? Bote* sud Bayonet Scaht-rds of e?ery variety. " ^ _ Country ecmpv nies, about chingipg their anifnrm, or tnoac about forming now companies will he supplied with tamples. FIRE CATS?FIRE CAPS. A fell assortment of every variety constantly en hand, and > made to oroer at tb? shortest nonce, fjdlm'rrc H 8;aH ATACAP. 382 Broadway. BIRD GAGE MANUFACTORY, So. I St. JoAn'e Liar corner Bench street, New Fork. THE "U BSC RIB i- H would inform hiiOestsmm and the a Pnhlic, that he k i epc constantly on hand a In.g* supply of fancy and common J unCages of every description, which he offers Or sale at a lower rata then they can be honght else where. Merchants v on Id find It to their advantage to call and es-mm* his stock. J. KKI.LY. P. S. Country or J < is attended to will promptness and die. pitch H H To ARtfHiTkWtL s;10ne CUfTEKa, and BUILDERS. REE STONE 'cRushed by the subscriber, equal to Con a*client ia aaality.and M per cent cheaper, on appliectiAn Wilsov, Bio i eCutter, Jersey City, or at the Quarry, II irkanoek, N- J. f!7 lggbn ABM. M YBWsAMD More off the Great Fn thtt-Terrible Deo* t ruction of Property. [Correspondence ef the New Vork Herald ] Easton, March 16.1846. We have again been viaited by an awlul flood, quite as destructive as ihht oi the 8th January, 1811, although the water was not to high by two feet. The Pennsylvania Canal is withou doubt, in many places, entirely gone, but the extent of the injury done cannot be known until the water lalla. The Delaware, from Saturday night until Sunday afternoon, wee a float ing man of timber, houses, barn*, all kind* of boueehold furniture, etacka ol hay, bridges, Itc . Sf\ The destruction of property north of thie place must have bean immenao The roads leading north and south are under wa'er, end we hare not been able to leern any particulars of the ex tent of the demege done aboee or below us Fortunate ly the Lehigh Canal has escaped any serious injury, the flood coming principally from the Delaware One smelt . ing furnace at South Kaiton, wee injur, d by the water ; Retting in the cupola, which wee in blast at the time. ?It j is seid about 1000 barrels of flour is injured by the I frsehet. The rite was to sudden that the owners could not remove i*. from the store houses. 1 hero it at this { time 40,000 barrels ilnttr, besides whisker, corn meal end oil, stored in this borough, waiting the opening of tbe navigation. It is a matter of great doubt among many bf our best informed citixens, weather tbo Legislature ot our State will make any approbation for the repnire of the Dataware Canal. It has alieady been a Icden to the State, thay having am ost every year to rei-ild a great proportion oi it. This canal will always be sub ject to tbe same destruction, as it is located on the banks ot the river, and cannot be guarded against tne spring floods. Tbe water on Sunday was 28J foot above low water mark. [From other source* ] About thirty lost of the track of the Northampton Railroad, wheio it runs along the west bank of the Con necticut River, above Willimeneett, was undermined and swept off by the water and ice, during tbe breaking up of tbo river on Sunday last. A temporary track was constructed around the break, and the trains passed over a* usual on Monday afternoon. The bridge below Woousocket, on tbe filackatone River, was carried away by tbe freshet on Saturday. [From tbe Rochester, Advertiser, March 1ft ] We are informed by a passenger who left Buffalo thir morning, that tbe city was visited by a tearful calamity last evening at 7 o'clock. About that timo the ice in the creek gave way, and came down like a perfect ava lanche, carrying every thing before it Between tbe foot of Main street and the lake, there were some lftor 90 canel boets, every one of which had disappeared, no one knew whither, but it is supposed were Jammed to f;ether betwoen tbe steamboats, and completely demo ished. The steamers United States, Wisconsin, Cba tauque, Frankfort, Indian Queen, and two or three oth ers, are greatly injured. The Chatauque had the upper works entirely carried away and torn to pieces. F.very steamboat lying in the Creek was more or less injured, except the Clinton and Indiana. The Rochester broke two cables, and dashsd down the creek with fearful ve locity, carrying every thing before her, staving in a por tion of the dock, and now lies partly under the dock.? The injury done to this steamer alone, it is said, will amount to several thousand dollars. About 20 schoon ers ware lying in the Creek, and svery one of them has been greatly damaged; some completely demolished. The steamer Dole went down the stream about forty , rods, stove in a portion of her hull aud sunk. The pro i pelle:: lying in the creek were all badly injured,^somo of them damaged to a considerable amount. It was generally supposed, when our informant left, that there were a co sidermble number of individuals on board of the canal bon's which have disappeared ; if so, tho loss of life on board these and .he iteumers must be great. Of course it ia impossible to eilimate, with any degree of accuracy, the damage done, but it is supposed to be not less then one hundred thousand dollars ! A largo portion of the embankment near Fisher's, about li miles east of this city, has been torn away by the water. Almost every stone of the culvert is gone. The cavity in the embankment is 90 feet at the top, 40 at tho bottom, and some 24 feet d.-ep, A large number of bends are now engaged iu building a temporary bridge for tbo oars, until the culvert can be rebuilt. At the railroad mills there was also a break, but it has been so far repaired as to run the cars over by hand, but not the locomotive. Twu of tho bridges on Honeoye creek have been car ried away, and also the dam at saw mill in Hen rietta. (From the Albany Argus. March 17) The river although clear and free from ice here, is said to he closed firmly below; end at Mount Morino, below Hudson, it has formed a gigantic embankment, and has thrown back the water so as to fear an eveiflow at Hudson. Tho telegraph, where opervLons were suspended a short timn during the late flood, was very soou in opera tion again- the difficulty neiog occasioned by the carry ing away of a single poet, between Schenectady and Utica. [From the Albany Argue, March 18 ] The flood of Sunday last made an extraordinary visit to the residence of Capt. Bogavt, in South Market at He hte resided in the bouse about ball a century, and has " seen service" in the way of freshets and floods ; but never till this time did the Hudson como into his very parlors. As he is the veteran navigator of tho riv-r, the survivor of tbe mariner* of'76, the waters are almost to be excused for this very particular attention to one who haa known them *o long. [From the Philadelphia North American, Mar. 18 ] Tno Lehigh Cenal fa as sustained but little damage ? Tbo water rose to withio six inches of tbefrosbet of last year. Abovo Mauch Chunk there ia no damage?below In two or throe place*, breaks heve been made, but they can be repaired iua week, with from 40 to 00 handa. At Easton,'b* Delaware roee 27 feet above low watermark, ard tbe banka of tho Dole ware Canal were seven or eight feet under water. [Correspondence of the United States Gazette ] Daisvillk, March 10,IS46?We have Just experienced one of tbe largeit and most disastrous floods trial has ever taken place in tfais section of country. The heavy rain on Friday night lest, together with the enow of Noithern Pennsylvania,i aised the Huiquehanua to a fearful height, something like 24 feet over low water mark. The fol lowing are tome of tbe particular* ol the damage done, as far as I have beeflwbl* to gather them Irom private *" 60 persons; for we have no marl communication, aud will uot have any for several day* to como, a? almost all the bridges have been swept away on the public roada. The Husquebauua, having ovet flowed the low lands about three quaiter* of a mile abovo town, together with the back water oi Mabontng creek, has completely sur rounded us, and the old town of Danville now lorms an island. Boat* ..are constantly carrying passengers be tween this part and north Danville, in which the Montour Ironworks aro situated. 'Ike tolling mill haa been compelled to ceate operation, there being upwards of two feet of water on the floor. Small slablos and a num ber of out houses and steps before the new houses of the Iron company have be?n swapt away in great numbers, but no other damage, with the exception of the break ing of a small dam across Mabontng cnek has been dons to the company's property. The wster has fallen soma 10 inches at the present writing, and the extent ol dam age cannot, of course, as accurately ascertained, though Mr. Brevoort, the superintendent, think* that it will not exceed much over $1,000. The mill wil he put in opera ion as soon es the water ha* subsided sufficient ly.which will be doubtlessly by the middle of tho week, to judge from present appears ocas. The Danville bridge,aod theCetawiese bridge have both been carried away, the heavy chunks of ice leering away the stone abutments. It is said that the old Northum- < Uerland bridge, which crosses the North Branch from the : island to the Sunbury side of the river, haa also been carried ofT. Tho furnace of tho Meaert Groves, was for ! a time in great danger of being chilled by the rising wa- , tars; but with indomitable anergy they succeeded in making a temporary dam 4 tret high around the casting- I house, end thus saveJ their works from having such a sudden stop put to their operations. The Bloomeburg Iron Work* are said to have escaped all injury, although Fishing creek, on whick they are situated, raised about 16 feet on Friday night or Saturday morning. Wa trnst this report may not prove false. Tho condition of tbe canel may be judged of, when 1 tell you that the floor of the rolling mill at this place, which, as I said before, i* some two or three feet under water, is located > feet fl inches higher then the higheat .point on tho tow-path. I The damage on tbe work cannot ba estimated a* yet, ta the water ie still overflowing it. Tho Fishing orook Aqaeduct, just lately erected, has been torn away.? Soma pieces of it have been caught at this place. The Mahoning Aqueduct, also, eractod now this winter, is torn from its foundation, and although not swept away, will require nearly as much work for repair as a new one. A number of large breaks have already been as certained. The bridge acroae Fishing creek, near Light street, in thie county, is said to have boon carried off > Much damage ha* been done to tbo store* of Mr. Wm. \ Kitchen, Jr , and Perry, Garreteon k Co., tho water bar- , ing reached nearly as high as the oounter* on tbe first | floor. A Dumber of families were compelled to move out of their dwellings, tnd on Friday Light the alarm ball was rung for upwards of an hour, to arouse our citi- , lens to assist removing the workmen, engaged at the rolling mill from their bonses, which were com pletely surrounded by water. All it ?* yet in greet confusion Tbe furnace* of the Montour Company. , being situated on k.ghrr ground, have escaped all injury, the wator not reaching them by several feet. Thi semen were drowned on Turtle creek, 3 or 3 miles , abovo Northumberland, on ihe wost branch of the Sus- : quehtnna. They tried to recuro a reft on Friday night, ! whan on a sudden the mill dam broke upon them ana carried them away. John Tuimer, a storekeeper, his , son, end a man by the name of Gundy wsro the persons alluded to. P 8 ?The people of Sunbury wore engaged on Satnr- i day to secure their town, by an embankment, from being overflowed ; but it is rumored this morning that the em beekment broke through, ranting a groat foes of proper* ty, and tho loea ot several lives. The new Northumber land bridge, we bare ascertained through a spy glass, is yat standi: g. Columbi*. March 16, 1846 ?Dear Sip?We have had an unusual and estraordinaiy freshet in the Bnequehao n?. The rise ftr txrecda any other within the recollec tion or that respectable ggsitleman " the oldsst inhabi tant," ami the destruction of property, both public and private, in the neighborhood, round and about this place, a immense. Columbia haa. however, been most wonder fbliydortunate, and it ia believed, that less thin <1.000 lfeot will cover ell the losses sustained. The Columbia bridge baa remained undisturbed, its elevation is so great that the water, at its greatest pitch,waa not within fif oen foot of the arches. Two span* ot tbo Harrisburgh bridge cam* down at different times last evening, end struck it, but Immediately sunk Into lb# water and paseed off be low, leaving the bridge entirely unharmed, and doing ouly a very slight injury to the tow pollt of Bosque-1 hanna Canal Company. which ii appended to the lowsr of tbe bridle. Krom accounts received hero, it would Mem the bridge at thii piece ia tho only one ?or' Croeeiog the Susquehanna ia IVumy Ivania, which afforu. ? passage to the trareiler from Philadelphia to Pitts - burgh. [Krom the Harrieburg Telegraph, March Id 1 The riee of tho water in the Sutque lanoa, whicn com menced on Friday last, ha i beeu the mo.t deetiuotire flood that has erer been wi'ue*** 1 since the flrat tettle ment of toe country on ita borders. Ilarriiburg, at tho time of writing, ia approachable on the earn, aeuth and weat, only by water communication, and, steading on an elevated placa, ir prevents t ie appearauca ot a town finking into tho aoa?tha houaea 10 the lower part of It being aubmerged in water, in eome instances. nearly up to the aecond atory. The grounda about it, lower then the main part of the town, aro covered with water, gene rally ao daep at to obliterate all tracea of fonoaa, bridge# and stream P.ixton creek la entirely loat in the mignty congregation of watera, and tha Buaqrahanna, from abore to ahore, covering entirely the largo island which lay in its centre, which connected tho two divisions of the old Harrieburg Biidge, presents a cur rant of fleroe, turbulent watets, bearing on ita bo som an indescribable and innumerable mass of flood wood, timber, lie., that hut been torn from its rviting places, aa tropines ol its irresistible power.? Between ten and eleven o'clock, on Saturday evening, the piers of the Old Harrisburg Bridge, ('hat celebrated structure, the Ant built over th<* Susquehanna?built by Burr en tha arch principle,at a cost ot (191 000, com menced in 1-13 and completed in 1817 ) which had buffet ed many a raging flood, began to give way on thia aid# of the ialend ana to yield to the mighty current and 1U bettering ram of ice, and on Sunday morning between three and four o'clock, two of the middle span of arches tell and were swept down the stream; these were soon followed by two othen, leaving but a tingle span next to Harrieburg. which also fall about two o'clock, and float ed majestically away. Tho wait part of the Harrieburg Bridge, extending from the island to the Cumberland ehore, ia still standing?but whether it has austaiaed injury la ) ct unknown. Of the new railroad bridge, which was being construe - tad by Mr. Kirkbride, all the piers wars finished arul four spana of tbe frame work was erected on them. Two spans of thia Wont Just before the Harrisburg Bridge, and the two other apana were swept off by tbe Duncan's Island Bridge floating against it in its descent. Thus the Harrisburg aide of the uver is entirsdy stripped of all bridges, or Testige of them, the piree being mostly washed away, and their place* being only ?diacet nobis by tha whirl of the water a* it paeMs over whore they were. Two spans of tho eaatern and of tha bridge at Duncan's Island, erected in 1837?one of tho floret structures in our country, has also been carried away. Also, the bridge over tho mouth of the Juniata, trout Duncan's Island to tha Perry county shore ; and tha biidge over Sherman's creek in tha Tillage of Doncanon. Tha dam across tha same stream, with the extensive nail factory and rolling mill, at tho same place, has also been cariied away, and the works of Fisher li Co a:e reported as having suffered greatly in the destruction cf buildings, machinery, lie. Tho Deil factory is Mid to Ita entirely destroyed. The loss at thia place can scarcely ba estimated. Krom the high water of the Juniata, as woll as the Susquehanna, and a knowledge cf its eflects in former floods, it is feared that the entire main line of tbe canal will ba rendered unnavigable for a great part, if not tho whole of tha opening season; tnd if iho destruction by tbe flood Las extended up tbe north and west branches of the Susquehanna, canals may bo so damaged as to be irreparable the present year. It is a sad day for the hopes ol Pjnccylvania, and one that we foar mar Be felt by theso who hare placed dependence on nor ability to do justice to all. All communication between Harrisburg and fhe west side oi tne Siuquehaunn is entirely cut oil', and mC*t re main so until tho waters subside and a ferry is openNh The train of the Cumberland Valley Railroad arrived yesterday morning end eOernoon on the west aide, had blew their whistles ; but after finding tbit all eommaoV cation was cut oil', they moved wot again, with their loads of passengers, 'i'be ca-tiug house of the anthra cite furnace of K.x-Oorernor Poner was covered with water, which rose as high as the hearth, end into the l urn ii cos of the boilers. The furnace was stopped ; but it is supposed that the blast will be resumed to-morrow. ? Parts ot buildings, water wheals, csnxl boats, raits, !usa fer, logs, lie., have peMed down on the bosonl ol the flood. One boat w at brought to shore a short die taries below town, in wnichwere upwards of 100 bas is Is of flour. Tho loat to individuals, as wall as to tho State, and to companies, will in many instances bote -ere ; and it is not unlikely that hundreds who havo been toiling for months in preparing lumber for market, have been stripped and latt destitute. At present, the losses can only be conjectured, and wo bop# they will not equal the preset.; expectations ot our community. It ia leered that great damage nas bees Jone to tha Wi coni'co canal?nut nothing certain known. A groat portion ot tho town of Portsmouth, nine miles below Harris burgh, on the S-saOehanna, at the Junction of tho Hwatara, is said to ba under water, and the bout#* so cared from floating awey by cables. Tbe following is a statement of tho rise ot the Sutquebann* st Harris burgh, which contained mere water than the terribio ice flood in tho winter of 1783, or tho mamorablo pump kin flood of 1787. At throe o'olock P. M. on Friday, the I3ih iust., Iho watrr in the Susquehanna was A feat above low water mark. On Saturday, tha Mth, st 7 A M , it was 11 feat ;-at 11J o'clock, it was 13+ feet ; at 9 o'clock P. M. It was 16 feet; at a o'olock it was 16j fast; at 8^ o'clock, it was 17 j feet ; at 9} o'olock it was Ity feet; at 10j o'clock it was 18 feat 11 inobea ; on Sun day morning, tho 16th, at 4 o'clock, tho water hod riMO to 20 feat 1 inch ; a t 8 o'clock, to 90 foot 3 Inches ; and at 9, to 30 feet 4 laches : at 10 o'clock it stood at tho same ; at 13 o'clock M. it bad fallon throo fourth* of an inch ; at 1 o'clock P. M. I j inch; at 9 o'clock, 2j inches; at A o'clock, it had fallen A^ inches ; and at 6 o'clock it had fallon 7 inches. It has since cenUnued to fall gra dually. [From the Williamsport (Md) Times, March 141 Tn# Potomac river is tiring vary rapidly?gralt fsara era entertained as to the safety of tho banks ofthe canal. Tha Conocoocbeague is also swelling to an Immense height. Flooo iis Ohio ?Our Pittsburg corrsspondsot (sty* tho Baltimore ?amwirae) write* undsr date of tho 14th iostaot, 9J P.M., that a sudden rise bad taken placa in the Ohio uver?there being at that time upwards of 99 feat of water in the channel, and still rising. Nothing serious has yet occurred, and it was hoped that tho waters would soon begin to subside. We have not room for tho letter, tha oontents of which wo hero thus briefly stated. Varieties. In the Pennsylvania iiouie ol Representatives, on Monday, a resolution wu submitted, directing the com mittee on vice and immorality to inquire into the em pedieucy of taxing bachelor* over thirty fire, to create a linking fund lor the support of female maiden* of forty fltre and over. After come discusion, the resolution was indefinitely postponed. It is supposed that John P. Hale and Mr. Berry, (the latter the abolition candidate lor Governor) Till be sent to the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire. Both are ; said to be in favor of the tariff. The trial of Albert J. Tirrell, for the murder of Mrs. Bicaford, commences before the SapremeJudicial Court | in Boston next Tuesday. i The St. Look PtopU'i Organ of the 6th, says that from Prairie du Chien to that point, there is no obstruction in the river, but the water Is so low as almost to prevent nsrigetion entirely. The Burlington fiawkrye of the :10th; the Mil wank is Seminal of the Md ; and the Galena Qaittie of the '14ih ult, all speak of heavy snow storms in their respective regions. Among the State Representatives elected in New Hampshire are Gen. James Wilson, from ksene, Hen John P. Hole, from Dover, and Prof. Charles B. Hadduofe, from Hanover, with a large sprinkling of editors. It has recently been stated that fifty of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons, and that all the Mqjor Generals of the Revolutionary Army were Masons, save one, and that one was Benedict Arnold. The citizens of New Orleans contemplate erecting a statue of Joan of Arc. The city oouncif has voted SO,CSS francs. At the commencement of the summer arrangement (which will be as soon as the river navigation opens.) the tare between Boston and Albany is to bo fixed at M i from Bpringfl Id to Boston or to Albany, fS 74 j ether way foos, 1 cents par mile. Aa abolitionist ix Ilitboia, recently delivered fib lectures in <4 day*. The contract for supplying the government with 15,tJ4 gallons sperm oil, (abont one-third winter pressed) to be doliverod In Boston, has been token by Henry Lin coln k Co., of Boston, at B7 e-nto per gallon. Also, ll,18fi gallons, one-third winter, to bo doliverod nt Buffalo, Rochester, and Plattsburg, at M ecnla par gallon The members of the bar of Charleston. B. C., give an entertainment on the 14th Inst., to Chancellor David Johnson, of the Conrt of Equity, who It te expected will not appear again on the bench. The Charleston Euen i*if Newi mentions bint aaa proper and acceptable oan didate for Governor of the State. The annual sleet ion la Virginia, which takes place In May, is beginning to bo warmly discussed The patronage af the Methodist Protestant Church at Chestortown, Md., was entirely destroyed by fire en Friday last It was occupied by the IUv. Mr. Roby. The Razor Strop Maa is now in Norfolk. John ?? fiydnor, the newly elected meyor of Osivee lion, Texts, was formerly a citizen of Richmond, V a. Tha New Orleans Cauritr, speaking of the Mai lean Gulf Railroad, aaya that it is no* completed within six m-!*s of its final terminus ox Lake Borgue, and that ihesc six miles will be finished by the 4th of July next. Mr John A Roebling, the builder ef tbewhaeuepsa ?ion bridges at Pittsburgh, has been an examination and estimate the cost ?a ?ion bridfro ov#r tb# Ohio it Ciocionsti It io propoood to build too bridge ef one ?."?"J?0* Vmsi'ton^ in the riser, lo interfere with the navigation. Tha steamboat Dr Franklin was burnt at the Levee la New OriMMon Bnndev the 8th Ult fihe is said to bare been insured lot fill,000. The rtesmhost Lseon struck t snsg In the Ystoo rivet' end sunk on the i*th ult. In'ured ler $3,800. The ? cople ef Tuiceloosa are exerting themselves to eeiabiLh s paper manufactory in that place. President Jones ass engaged 1.000 bead of *horp. which he intends placing on some eoe of his tracts of land on tho Modlna river, laxas. A convention of editors was recently held In InJbhU One of the resolutions passed-and a very sensible cne it was-urgea that in their ooaduct towards each other they should babe ?e like gentlemen, feecbew person. IV Uoe, and avoid offensive language

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