Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1846, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1846 Page 6
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*u \;iuor fat beef W* l'HE C LEBRATED OX 'LONG ISLAND K A R M E R" hu been si aught ered, aud m<f baiMii the <l<i inhter riuu>* of B W?k>, No 57 First ?i rin? Ui was fatted by Richard Towmetid, Hsuiianead Harbor, i L t . who i? a trailer of the highest notoriety. iuJfn? furuish <il the city with some of the moat i<erfec( sp-eimeu* of fat beef ??,l iu this city: h-, however admit*, in thia instuice. ' hat tint sunn il far exceeds my of 11 former producti >u*, uot e to-ptiug he fir-fame I t?i M TKRIOK, which ha* always stood pre-eminent in the inual* o' epicure* I'he beef of tin* Oi will be offered for sale at Stalls No*. 41 and43h'u ton Market, on S :u day ueit, ihe 21?t lust .where the public are mo?t r??pcCtfull> lUSited to call and judge of ibe qualiiyior th>m?elve?. BENJ X. WEEKS _ ml4 3t*r 41 KllJt ill EL ? TABLES, 34th Street audThi.d -?* ? ? ? "-i"- si -e rnved aud _ Northern _ _ ? J pairs niatclied eight or ten good road horses, and sclera. cart, fans and shipping horses R. K NORTHKUP, It ln'rr Proprietor ?fi _ ttuan. r 11 Li. ? i annbs, rsiri tsueel auu 1 1*1% 5 renin a id oppoe.te Bull's Head, Just arrived ' 1 ,,|u st llie above Subles, about fifty Nort aud Wuitcru Iforses?among which are eight pairs mate flats?Spring Fashion?1846. I B t'HIC UNTlERflurNED would respectfully call the tteutioo of hi* friends and pitrous to hi* us *rtmerit of ifat* ofths Spring Kashio .. In sdic riug their patronage he would remt id thsm of his adheruiee to his e?t?hli?h-ij low ?rices, viz:?Fine Moleskin; Free Nutria "? ur Hats, $3; Short Nap Silk Hits, $2,50. Wit BANTA, No. 94 Canal st. cor. \Vposter, aud 130 t hatham st. mlt 2wis*r SPRING STYLE. GEN rLE ME V 'S HA TS r"M WHY will you pay St 50 and $5 for a Hat, whan you can go to ROBERTSON'S PHfENIX HAT AND GAP MANUFACTORY, lll.'I Fulton Street, and get as good a one for $1,50? fio nud ex inline for your selves. m' 12 Im'rc MM I E n THE I'NlfKKHIO.NED begs leave to inform his dPwtfriends and rlie l ublic th 't liis H \T EST A D LISH MENT Is removed from corner of Wall and Nassau st-orta, to No 177 Broiulwny Directly opposite Howard Hotel. The very liber it parronage which has for so many years been es'euded o him at his old stand, is duly appr'Clited, and hi* arrangement* nrtn* such ??* e aloe him to offer i vt ry in die meat for a continuation of dirnm His celebrated fine Beaver istoi, i d Mr 1 e Skin Hats, which >r? too well know n to need crmrnind >tiou, will be found still further improved and h? 11 rifled. Al'O, a ? pi*ndi'l assortment of Grttth men's, Youths' and Children's t *iw. * uuprising m e y new i d desirable p.tter s, ofthe best materials, and at modi rate price F. It. AMIDON. N B?fientlemen's Hats of the Spring Fashion are now ready ml3 F wTuTliS 5 i?* rrc TO MILLINERS. <?) CAHL Kl MG, fhr w??l! knovru mid c? l^brAted firit premium Sfnw Hat M -tnuiactiirer. iufo"ii? the public in Ienural, rh*t >??? h'i? (or ??!??% ra >?t splendid issortnwu oi .&dif!? Fancy JiTHAW HATS. mmutBt'tared of *n entire B#w *riir!e, called Pnris Straw Gimp, made to the share of the Sh*ph?rdii-*M Gipsr no beam ftil and beet.miuK. thev" ueed only be seeu to be atlmirad Milliners, and me chants of the trade will do well to call and examine l>efore they make tkeir purchases a* the g .oils will be sold by the case or dozen at t very liberal price. CARL KINO 17 Division street N B ?A general assortmrot of all kinds of Straw Oo< da and Pan* Ribbons always ou ha'd 125 Im'r A" TKA IV IIONNE TS L CHAPIN, No 12 J ihu street, near Broadway up CKA) sturs, has on hand a good assortment of Fasmont'de Straw Bouueta, which he la telling at the lowest market price* Milliners anil others are invited to tall before purchasing eltewhet* mrlt lin'r FINE FRENCH BOOTH FOB S3 bb-City owde, rand are equal to those e dd in other stores for $5; fine F' I t'f Boots for $4 5# equal to the best made in this city for ff ir f7?at YOLNO It JONES' French Bout Shoe M'^u'actory; one of the mo*t fnaliionable in thi* city; our Br . .iviug been judged m the late Fair at N'ihlu'*, are aaid to be the beat Boot* ever sold in thi* city. All Boots warranted to give satisfaction YOUNG St JONES. 4 Ann *treet, )otn lm?vh near Broadway. New York "TO LET, TWO Fum'*hed Room* .uitable for officei or lodg ing -ooms, at N? 41' Hr iidwiy, between Howard a d Grand sts. inl9 li're M. WISH wanted, BT a Family wl fonr perso is, npartment* in e respect ?ble house. Twircmniidun-or two bed'o ims are eqoir d?rent reuo aide?sevenih ward p-eferr d ? ddrvs A U. at this office, gtviug ??rticnlars. mi9lwrc FOR SALE, Or will be eve.hiKed for vacant lots, th* Hons* and \ St ble No. 14 Barclay St. E quire of L JuHN C STEVENS, lwre N i 14 B relay it. TO LET, LN ti >BOKEN, MTWO Vtw three utorv mn4 Ha*ement brick Houses, ?eith th" privilege of f re^ fcnri i ice, uow in coure of corn pJeti-Mi which will be ?eadf for occupauc* on or before Miy it. The** %? II be fittdiu beiatifui ityle and be re plete with til the I improeeni^ita. They earh eonraiu 11 roo'm be<iidt?? tht kitchen, fuiihed with marble tnantela and bUek C4 et throughout, and are 11 f?*et f ron by 52 de^p. w?th wide court yards a H iron riilin<? Hie mtuitio: is delight* Its'. command qg a fine vt-w ?f the rieer, b iv and city, and i? with n ><ie mi lit-'* ff i'k of thj 'rry , where the <ew f*rry boa's leave <*?erv 15 m uu'es for Barclay #t, com ng in 8 to 10 na uatet. iud er-ry bstf ho tr to a? Christopher sis ? Apply at the ferry at Hoboken. in!5 2w*rc Mi STATEV INLAND PROPERTY FOR SALF. A H ANDSOME COLtN I'iir SE AT, wiiha ftw or nv number of acres that mav be desirable, Birrs Stc, , .fcc,, attached, on the North shore of 8t 'ten 1*1 nd, (r,"i tvig on ih? river, a d within dree minutes walk of C?*tl tou BteamboU L uidnig, oir mi e fr m Port Richmond, and a mile and * halffiom ?>? Brighton The a uperty has , f out on the wa'rr of about too feet For tanim particul tri eoqui e of Will lain and John O'Br en. No. (3 Wall (tract, or Oj tne premises,of Mn Jane Burner. m'J 2w r To LET OR FOR SALE, JmA A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Ruble and fe?w Cov-li House attached with about an acre of laud, tl\e , JnoLfrmc p?l part of which it well 'locked with fruit and < fa cy shrubs, nnd t i lo?ed wi h a picket fence THrstagis Bin every* tea minute* w I hi i five minute*' w Ik of til" hmis-. ituatioo between I lOf n d Ulth ?trert* For further informa tion apnlv m 1 HS BATHGATE, lit Niulh street, or Dr. WOODt, Harlein mrlS im'rc TU LET. A DEB IR ABLE HOUSE, in the village of Jamaic ?. U;u I'reaeut occupied by Doctor U. H Kiasain, | with ruble in the r.,*r The Hout- il modern built, three story with m rble inaulel*, in complete order. Poaara aion given lit of May. Also, Two other homes m the village, r.ll well located, b? ? iaf i ear the Hailinad Detait aud both Academies, one of i M hich can be occupied taMMMIjdnh For.furlh^jmticulaia, apply to J AMES HERRIM AN, ml Jw're Jamnea, L 1 TO LE I', IN F< 'H I LEE, N J , A F1R>T KATE HOUSE, with about I acrra of | ' ground and it nnmhr' of wnod-n bin dings, in tolerable ' _ign<nle ndiiion. which were formerly used aa a chemi- | ficiary, at prevent occupied aa pianoforte manufactory; j sitiated . u th" Haekensai k road, only a f?w mi utrs walk from tin* f"rry. Hent to a good tenant very lou, to wh m a lease will be given lor several years. D 'equired Inquire of | Dr. Mo'ris Leo-Wolf, 99 Liberty street, New York, ml 2w'rc NOTICE. a DWELLING HOUSES. STOK fc and vacant Lou, I for vale, reut or rxchauge Invest nenu made uu pro dnctivr Real Estate that will pay r otn ten to twenty percent on the purchase inouey, with an 11 ciease in value of I Iroin ten to fifteen per cent per annum M ney procured ou ! Bond and Mortgage, and Policies of loanri ie obtained from the most responsible eompamev in the e iuuiit. Apply at 116 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. N B?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, furnished here or at No. 6 Broad 1 reel, at the short ?stuotoe. CALVIN OLLARI). 110 Im'rc Architect. FOR SALE, OR Tl) LE out i moat reasonable terras ihrei two-story Dwelling < uses, ia North . Bialh, I) twi ea Sixth ad Seventh streets. William*' I burg,' 1 Two of the above ar new. and intended aa genteel i reiiJe icea. being finished in the best manner, and supplied with spring and rain water in the kitaheu, and coal veulu in front. Sic T* o-thirdi of the purchase money may remain ?cured, t S per cent Enquire on the pteini?ea. or of ROBERT ANGUS, fl? Im'rrc i| Wall street QUARRY FOH SALE, OR TO LEASE-Situ ate on the f'v*?aic nvr , m N nh Belleville,formerly -be iging to Abri'iam Joral'inou, Esq Said quarry has j -o extensively worked for thirty years p st. in ) is one of the best quarries of free stone in New Jersey, ai d is in good order for working The premises contiat of two dwell ings, storr house, wo barns, (wo linndred leet of ?li irf. and aovruteru seres of land, w \ich will be sold eutif , or the qwerry ic. arate, if desired. For further particulars, euqmrg of the mbscriber, at live post thee in Belleville, N J JOHN O. LLOYD Belleville. Feb. 19 1M? fl9 iiu'inc HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALP. A PLEASANT country seat o the village of Madi ffjw son, Morris county. New J rsey, wit*>in n lew initiates Xil^w ilk of the he iutital reside ee of Wm Gibbons, E?q., hems about 2S miles from New York city?eoraniuuieation to and ft'uii twice a day, any day in the yen, per Morris md Es a?i Railroad Said place contains about one acre ou which sre Two Houses ana i Biru, wir a firit ra e well of water. (Jo >d schools and churches in th? immediate vicinity The prr.discs are located in a commanding positiou, ? venookiiig ihs whole village; ud is one of the most detir. ble lot <rions in Uir lace, firiug wdhin two miunres walk of the rmliotd de pot which renders it convenient for a person doing kutiueuuiu th, city who dea ir?s to reura in the country- For particulars anqoue, oraddraaa to the auhaenber. K. T. THOMPSO 9, lis lmVe Morristowu, N. J 25 F('H SALE, Or will h# exehangid lot?i*y lota, a vary fine Farm in :h- vicinity of Huat n, Columbia county, coniaiuiug liberies Ei.quire of JOHN C STEVEN8, w c No. 14 Bsrclav st. Ai.C FiiR LlVr.KP lOL?Piek-(s of 2nth of March ..a nli.t u| Apr,I? Th- -paolul, r.s tilling p-eket ?hit<C?sa! K'> ?(.'IU9, Cspt. Eldridfs, wil ssil positively op fr Ah .f Is ch, and the ,*aek t s up EUROPE, ('apta.n wljfWUC, will sail a the 1st el April. r 'rpa* ?e in aebio snd ste? age. having unsnrieascd ae* eotr. Ha( ,1. spi |, in JOHN HE ?D.V AN k < (> GUEll li -NEW UNt OF PACKETS FOR LIVEH r(HJL?Pteket ol th* 21st ol Msreh?The splendid, | . dd Itarriie packet ship HOT! IN-, 11(0 itina burthsn, i.spi |r? Bnrslry .will sail on i Ba.mday. March II, hei legalsi day. The hhipa of tins line nu all i(?9 toot snd upwards, per- , sons about to embark for the Old boa a try will not fail to are theadvatag-i ID br der,v?d rrom selecting tnia line in prefe- 1 fbnoe to any oth-r, aa Iiaeir great capacity ?n(jgr( th,m every , way aa * r in1 triable and couvemeut tha ships of a small ' class, and the.r .eromrnvdaiiont for rabir,, tacoad cabin and near kg p*? * igstri, it is *-il known, vrs superior to anv other line of Pi Sere. Persona wumag to s.cnrs berths ehisalduoi ' ill '? mike esrlv aptdic ition on b urd, (ooi"<il Barling a., o t. W k I T TAPBCOfr. i Aonlh st, earner of M t den lias, up itura 1 P. 8 i'ue '1 'rtiuguer will sail from Liverpool on th* lith of ?April > * ma wi? hi,ig t> send fir tuair iriaidi, tm have the 0 h'l if It out i.i Una <n ignidceut pa ;ker. or any of the r? gu> >r In . eailtng m the 1st. (tb, 7th.fllo, IRh, 2lst aad 3ktn of #?*'y no u.h. "O fivorabl# terms Applieati '; to bo m ad* as ahov.v ml p icaat siiip ILosemi Will succeed the Hottj a il on t ie *i I of March, mr regular d iy talTr (?'OH. NEW ORLEANS ? Louiaiana and New ,Y..iU I,, is ?PoeitiT'ly F.rat Hegnlar packet, to sail iMood.. :?ld lgat.?Tne a'egsut, fisrs. ling p *ket (JuV.NUT, (J iodhae muter, will p,>aitivefy sail u above, her M,?l?r diy Eor fr ight or psssige, haviug handsome furbished xccom ?oditiou* applv on bnird, at tlrleuis whart foot of Wall atrset, or to W* . . . E K.LOLUN8* CO,* Southatrvwt. T7^ la * s? Fxidi received na board after Satatday evuuiug. 2lst Msreh Agear in New Orleans, J R. WOODRUFF, who will promptly for w*rd all goods to his address. rk Gft.Nr.bEE, M ,itt. in istar, will succeed the | Huguenot ud Mil Monday, Mth March her regnlar day P caetbara O-iea- .rem a.w Or eana, i. Hischargi g a' Orioa >s woarf. foot ef VaU at. ' on*ig e?. will pl.av attrad to th* rwaeipt of their goo Is immadiaialy m,7 (<> ,B ROLLED ' ')PPr.R-ik*S ?heeu ~IdRoi -e i, ' pegrK <aguaJiod, fram t( to * o??(or ts'e by C BR- coll NB* ( O _____ TSLANl) RAILROAD COYffANY _ HANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AA FOLLOWS, Commencing ou Moa<UTi H#pteinbfr 16th, 1Mb. .'??e New York? V 1 o'clock A M., Boston Train for tfreenpoit, only, Sunday seicepted stopping it Fanningdal* md St George's Manor. Leave Brooklyn?At '?N A M ,l>tKumii|Ur and mtermedi alc places, Jail* Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, through to I treeuportaud intermediate placer ut ' P. V , for F irnnugdale and i 11 termed lute p aces, daily, Sundays excepted, r ee Greenpoer?Bostoi Train, at 4 o cluck, P M , or on the arrival of the ?teatner from Norwich, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale at9oclock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. - ive harmiagdnle?For Brooklyn. at 6X o'clock, A. M., aud 1 P M., daily, Sundays excepted ..?am Jam'ica?For B:oi klyu, at 8 o'clock, A. rid. aud 2\g P. M. .daily Sunday* excepted Fare to Bedford t cents; tiast New York 18X; Hnee Course I8X; troti ig Connie 18*;, lamaica 3S; Qruanville SIX; Hyde Paik If m ,es 77X; lowsville, (dnring session Court.) 87)4; -ieinpstead 87X; Branch 3TX; .'arte Place 44; Weatbnry 44; lickstille 44; oarmingdale 83 Xj Deer Park 88; Thooipsoa Ml; Suttolk Suinon I Ik': Lake Road Station 1 1IX; MedforJ Station I I8X-, MilleilIn ISO; St. George's Manor 1 MX; Riverhi rd t 62X; Jamei|iort 1 63X; Matteruck 1 83X", Cttt ihogu- I 52X; oonthold 1 53X, (ireenport, Acc'n. tram, 1 TS; Greeuport by Boston Train 8 00 Stages arc in readiness ou the arriysl ol Trams at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island Rnggnge Crates will be in readiness at the loot of Whitehall itreet, to receive Baggage for cne several Trams, 10 miuntes be ore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The Steamer Statesman leaves Greeuport for Sag Harbor wice each lav on the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn nOrc MAU. UNA FOK HUSTON. <A!LV ov"kh' THE LONG ISLXn ROAD, VIA EVT T OWDON, NORtrlCH 4- WORCESTER 4(7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall reel. South Ferry?Suudava excepted. Way Crates are in readiness to receive taggsge lor Nee .ondou, Norwich and Wore?st?' Baggage for Boston gore hroagh under lock jul6 tf.-c ~ NOTICE NEW YORK AND HARf.EM R R CO O i and ?f er THUR *IM Y, ittii inat, the train th*t leaves 27rh ?? , ,t it 7?AM. for Harlem va ill |e ve at 7 o'clock A M Returning wil I , leave Morriiania and H ulem at 7 30 AM. for I t i'v Hall I l i e - rat i thut 'o ives City Hall for White Plains at J 30 P M I will leave at 4 o'clock P M. , The rraiu that leare* (lily Hall for Williams'Bridge at I 30 ; P \1 will leave at .4 30 P. ,M. Reluming will leave Williams' B idg* ii I II f ?! Hi- tra n that leave* White Plains at 4 10 P. M. will leave at I SIP, M 'or New York m7 6t*rc K UK M.BAM . VIA NEW HAVEN. HARTFOED AND 8PRINOr!ELD-D*ilf. (Sun days excepted. at 6* A M Passengers uike the fast and commodious "teamen NEW YOHh or CHAMPION, and arrive at Albany the aarae even ?nil Arrangements have been made to mak - the linn snre, and oasseugers aau depend on arriving xi advertised. jal lmre Atoficje 3TATEN ISLANb FERRY. On and afar Monday, March 16'h, the boata of this Ferry will run ?? follows until farther notice:? Leave A'ateu Island 8, 10, 12 A. M. 2, 5, P. M. Leave New York 9, II. A. M ; 1, 3.1k, 6, P. M. N B ?All freight at the risk of the ow ners thereof, ail Ire PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, From tht Foot of C ourt/arult St . AtJo'cluekP VI., Ltudi'ie at I'ltcmediate Places .wean Steamboat NORTH AMEBIC A .Captain R. H Tmiy, will leave on Friday and Sunday TW ? ? - at 4 o'c'nrk Steamboat COLUM I A. Cap W n. H Peck, will leave on Thursday a id S fkrdayaferno ins, at 4 o'clock VII ii r-nss aref irhi 1 t'm'i ig any of the boats of this line, without a wri ten order from ike Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx. at the office on the whart. mlD NEWARK AND NEW YORK, FARE 12* CENT8 sens The 8 lendid 8teain-r P V8SAIC, Capt.John | ff. G II. . will commence her trips lo t e season 3EwMt( on Moud*y, March I5ib, and run ni follow*, I U"U "Laavc Newark. I Leave Barc'av at New York, a- 7* o clo-'k A. M. I 4 o'clock P. M. Frelf h car ieil at very reasonable rates, for wh'ch th ?tore-h ? uses and a lents. b ith a1- Newark and New Yo'k Passa c ins .1 irge a .d s,nc oua derk as oon, el'Ktutlvfur. rd. and great deck room botti for freight and passengers mrli 1 m*rc BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX \NU LIVERPOOL Th> British ami North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Ships HIBEHNIA, and CAL1 DONIA, will leave Boatnn for the above porta as follows, vit: HIBEHNIA. Alexander Ryrie, Commander, ou Wednes day. April I. 1846 ? ALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, Commander, on Friday, May 1, 1H6. . _ Passage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Hal if 70 For freight or passage, apply to D. BHIGH AM. Jr . Agent. At HARNDEN Ik. CO.'S. b Wall st No Berth secured uutil paid for m4 te DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IKELAN D ? Persons wishing to re mit money to their friends in any part of I Great Bi.taic or Ireland, can be supplied | 'a ith drafts by applying to the subscribers,! for any amount, navahle at sight, ou ill the priucipal towns throughout Kuglaud >relaud, Scotland and Wales Applica tion by letter, (post pud,) wul meet prompt atteutiou. W fx J.T. TAPSCOTT, f2! rh 74 South it cor Maiden Lane ^fj^V with quick FOR LIVERPOOL?Vlu* well known, Got sail ng slip ASHSURl'ON 44l tins, Captain J. D. White, having most of her csrge engaged, will meet dispatch For balance of Iregh'. or pisixgc haviig excellent a-com the C>'t modations apply to the C? U on on board, foot of Dover st. orto WOODHl/LL A MINTURN, in 17 87 8'>otb sl KOK LI Vr'.HPOOL?New Line?P?ek?t of Until ns'?Ths very sp endid preset shin ROSCIUS. A Eldridge mis r', wit) he uuavoidnbly detained until the 3tnh tnst nt when she will sail For freight or passage, hlviug accommodation* unequalled for s, le .dor nr comfort Apply on board, at Orleaua whuf foot of Wall street, or to K 0 COLLINS St CO. 48 South street Packet ship Siddoni E. B.Cobb, mister, will succeed the Kosnus. and sail 26th April, her regular day. m 15 m PACKET-1 KOK HWKE?Second Line?The ? packet snip BALTIMORE, Capt. J. Johnston,jr , ?will sail on the 1st of April. r or lirigb sr iwiji. BOYD A HlSCKEN, 9 Tontine Building, m6 re 88 Wall it. nvyyt- FUR SALE?To close a concern?The Line o ay ' ? w Liverpool Packvta .consisiing of the ships R08CIUS, EL-.-ss^ snimiMi SHERIDAN and UaKRICK. They ?ere built in this city, by Browu & Bell, with unusual care; for model, material (a very large proportlou of their frame being live i .k I and wurkmanshiy. the\ aie unsurpassed, if not unequalled?silted on the stocks, and re-salted every year since Their accoinmodations lor passengers are very exten sive and ba-vdsomely furnished Apply to f?ir E K COLLINS A CO ,46 South st REGULAR LINE Or PA< KET SHIPS?Packet )r the 6th April?The f>rst class, list sailing pack let ship ASHUURTON Capt Howland,burthen 1000 tons will sail as above, her regular day. having very superioi accumiuotiatinus for cabm. 2d cabin and steerage passengers, persons intendiug to embark, should ru&ke immediate application on board foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHRAY. Corner of Tine and South streets. The picket ship J. H. 8KIDDY, Cvjpt Skiddy, hurihcn 1000 tons, will succeed the ASHBURTON, and tail on the 26th April, hnr regular day. N B Persons desirous if sending for their friauds, can have them hrougnt out by the above ship,on moderate terms, b/ mikiug application as above. r"r WANTED?A ship to load fur a southern pen.? Apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO., 121 r 46 South st NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL ? Ticket of2lst of.March.?The sp'eudid.faat jvailiug ud favorite p icket ship HOTTI NGUER, 1100 ..... v.rthrn, Captain Ira Buisley, will sail on Saturday, M trch 21. her regular day. The ships of this line being all 000 tons aqsl upwards, per sona about to einbark for the Old Country will not fail to see the advantangas to be derived from selecting this liae m prefer ence to any other as 'heir great c pacitv renders them every way mote comfortable and convenient than alups of s small class, and their arcomaaodetions for cabin, second cabin and steer ige passengers, it is we'l known, are superior to (hose of a ;y other of packets. Person wishing to secure berths ahon'd not latl to make early application o i board, at the foot of Barling slip, or to W. Il J. I" TAPSCOTT, At their geuerat Passage Office, 74 South street, of M itden lane PA 88 A Or. FROM UREA1 BRITAIN AND IREL AND, (via Liverpool )?The subscribers an prepared to make engagements to bring passengers { Ironi Liverpool by any of the regular packet ships, s .ilinc I every Ave days ; and also by first class transient ships, to tail , iti\>iy rm their appointed days, at their lowest rates 1 From their new arr.uig inea.ts for this year, h.mug established ! t Br inch of the Concern in Liverpool, no delentiou whatever, i ca take pi ice. For (nrther particulars, apply to JOHN HERDMAN A I U. 61 Honth street. near Wall street, New York. HF.RDMAN. K KEPI AN Si i O., Liverpool N. B ? Drafts can as asml be famished for auy an onnt, payable th roughen t Great Britain aid Ireland, on application as above (21 rc FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line-Heguiai Packet of 2lit March ?The superior fast suin g ?packet suit HO TTI NGIT.H, 1040 tons burthen, ("aft IrsBnrsley, wli mail-i .pove. her regular day bor frrighl - r pass vg-, having splendid, large and coin I art i! I >oins and cabin, - pi ly ou board, Dm Itug slip, wOODHUU Ik MlNTtTRN. or to ft Ron ih ? jt?.. Price of passage $100 i lie r kei ship Liverpool, 1140 tor.s, John Eldridge. ,,|1 eirreek the Holtinguer, and tail or the 2tst of .April, brr regular day Bl7 rc 1 APV.OTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICES, 74 South atreet, corner of Maiden Lane, _,\ew Yoik and 98 Waterloo Road, Liverpool _ns wishing to erctire passage far their fiiegda from Li verpool, during the Coming season, in th New Line of Liver pool parkets, are respectfully informed by the sa nerihe's that tne undermentioned maguificent and favorite picket will sail t> Liverpool positively at advertised; in any o4 which passage can be engaged on the moat reasonable trims, and tvery uecesavr measure will be used to have those w hoi# rest mai be engaged on this side of the Atlau iC. d spsteh ed i as coinfortsb e a manner at pnasihle. Ship R icheater, on th?6ih April; ship rjarnch. on the liih do; ship ttetringner. On the 6t i May. The wet! known aailiflg qualitiea of theap favoratti packet*, render any remarks nnnecssary, and their ec remmodati. ns ior cabin, second rabui snd stee age paasrngers, surpass thn.e ot any ether line. To secure passage, and for further particulars, apply o W. A J. T TAPSK'OTT, arn ur s. , w- t. eet. corner of Maiden Is*#. , W A T 1 T., v Drsfti, as usnil. for any ^?"J^mTahlethmug'l.ontm Britsin and Irela- j i.N1 ?TU 8T A I A Nl) t ?m ? Jit I 1 Al% AN I) IRELAND CILD K.s I AHLi vH ? i) FMI ORANT OFf ICE he sub.AUr. sre pc.p.-eJ to engage p nengera to corns out by the early Hprina shios it a very low rate. ^Drafts^e.n a. fnmi.bed payable throughout the IJn? ied Kingdom ror further pviroLrs a,.ply t? fi r J HERDMA.a A Co.,$i Bogsh it. ill SlTlP ABHBURTON, frrrn Liver|"rol-( onsigi ,rr please take notice ihaf ,he r> disrhaigng. nncer gansrai or. er, at foot of R rwevslt at. All guods uot peimttttd most be sent to public store ?It r WCXJDH1TLL II MINTURN, 17. Booth st FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATJCR1A.L* FOR FLORISTS?Having jmt rc crirrd bv the Hat re packet* Zurich aod Franc ia let, a Imh assortment of French Flower* and Material*, of the be*t quality and latest stvie*,at low prices, we take plaasnre to luriu the dealers iu tlie ?* me artici . ..te same ancles, to call and exsuiiue, at BRl'N, LAROVIEKE fc COURT, m!7 Ira* nc US William St. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS LUWITZ It BECKER. No 34 John strrat, have jnst ojien ad a splendid assortment of Freuch Artificial Flowers, met-rial* for flower makers, Ac. lie. whioh they offer to the trade, at low price*. n,l> lrn'mc STRIKER'S SOLU'IION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few annates Those who doabt i's rirtaes, are requested to hare their hair changed before paying their money. II hum bugs would tike this method mere would be ao reason to com plain. UeniUmrn can haee their whisker* and hair changed to any oolor or shade in a few minntes. Private rooms for chaug ing the hair N"ue genuine unless signed " H. Striker," in red ink. Oue trial will prove the fact. Sold v* holesalr and retail, and applied at No 5 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Ha I of Records, New York, np tt tirs. 130 lm'rh for the face a"Nu skin CHURCH'S VKUETABLE LOTION. HIGHLY valuable Cosmetic for eradicating Eruptions TV on ths Face and Skiu, particnlarly Pimples. Blotches. Tetter, Sunburn, Ringworms, Freckles and Cutaneous Ex creseuces. The use or the Lotion for s short time will clear the sklu and establish a brilliant complexion. Sold in bottle* at 7^ cents each, at No. 110 Bowery, corner Spring street: alio, by Mrs Hayes. K F'eltun Street. Brooklyn. fl lm'n THE SHADES HOTEL, 64 lieu le Street, IVett Suit of Broadway. T^HE Subscriber resp-c'fa'ly informs his friends and the 1 public, tint he hi* 11 ely O'lened ihe above Establish ment iu a style superior to any other house of the k ud in the citvof New Yoik The sutsf ctiou which he has hitherto given to h>* numerous f i-nd* and customer!, while Proprietor of " T . shades," in Threes street, he flatters himself will be agusrai.t, to all wh > in iy patronise him in his new estab lisimeur, whiten > effort on hi* pirt will be wsutiug to uisrit the coutiuaau'-e of their Patronage. The us'itl relishes, Chops, Hteiks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Egga An will ba ?erved up i t i sunerior stvle. T e Hoom wnl be r-gulsrlv suiplod with city papers, as well <s fall supplv of foreign nip-rs, by every arrival from Europe' in lllm're JAMES EVANS TEAM POWER.?Rooms to rent with Steam Power Ap STE, pi v R. HOE It CO , ml J* r 79and SI Gold street. LONG WHITE SHAWLS. JUST RECEIVED?Per Havre, 100 Whit* Li ng Shawls, whicu will be sold cheap, with a full assortment of Mil ure Shawls. Paris Cashmere. Slk Shawls, Paris made. Gr-uadn.e Shawls, do do. Crane shawls printed, isihm ere d'Ecosse Paris made Scarfs, at JAMES BECK St CO.'S, m!7 6t iarc 111 Bro-dway. INDIA SHAWLS J oTSc5f. ? ~ \ l*r^!' V1'""1""1 or India Shawl* a* and "Setirs, ol -vary oolor. both Squire aud Louir Shawls I tlini? ralua. pnc"- aud will b? sold under of th. rieh.., fiAjNT0N CRApK SHAWLS, li' r,e'>??t kind eyer importe-l? Dr ib ai*d Nlifde.'rery riclina<'ni''Cenl1' ?mbro'dered, Black uid Grey, ' Rictl Vsriag.ted colors, Sple-id-d -xtr.i rich Scarfs, C"V. |,Jw "fi<*d Shawls, m S11 Cr,|>ciV 8'Una aud Sinchews. dreaaealn whisht11 ?u'd Pouchewa, snitable for rummer ure*?e*, all which will be 10U at a yerv im <11 advance for cask ml? It,. rn JAV1Ea B?CK k CO.. ' Ktl< fr 359 Broadway 8 i'UIHIII SILKS, fOUuAKDI oll? son. ? wILKo, millt* rigef; ! ^ * ombre# horizontal; d '? .C0Hleu n <le nrinfemi; P on 1 u di Sole, ie?'t*r? ombrei; " gor ge de pigeon; \r '?ru*i er*; V?ry wide ailg, e xnbroidored; Cbttigeable Siikt, modes; 6 C.?sns H'ou.urd Sil k; Bf^^md'silk"0 S'lk, *Utiroly"<'W ?ari? w'da Silk, for mantilla*; Poilt deS iio, lustre; M'luiaelin daSoie; G^fucu line pure, fir drcisea. GlNGHAMS AVD PANAMAS, Ur the most beautiful Ply,da and Stripes, just opened: 75 cases of very fine Nancy Ginghams* ? ' " 5-4 Pari* "? ' >? CarlJila " 11 1 Ltwu " *5 'Plnndid new p uterus P anamas. v n Tn * ',rh P1,4id 8l11" 1 i\ri a ? lous dc Lime impnm?i: L i-r*i'o lge* Q ndiiiles, ??rer. ,, ,V ,,'rj er Mo'is. U * L line ft >9*9 prints usierts; P. Ojdrfr,yo do r t inbow; r> 1 Birajjtw Oolibri; Ds..?b? \1 tun fe Soie Are-t*ii ciel: AJarie ??ne B ur'get Gu ill and s sod Boa quota; ? g ? Lames, mode colors; 'AC0NKrs,U.vl0U33ELINES. ORGANDIES, CALI Gu irlan drs Percale* Diamautecs*; Koek|iu Jaco.jeti ombres; O'osjetu Brochs wide; X*io. ?imp!? tudshaded; Uallus vli*g M )u?st:lsiQes and Organdies; Lavril Barages, M maseliues Foulards, Colibri; 1/upuycem /a 'ousts perles impressions no*1 Tel lea; L*rs miner VTonsaehoes, Ba rages, m*unl flowers; wesserltng Factory Jicooett, Orgiud es a .?J Diamintit; 3 esses oriured Cslicos. superior quality, st eeple chase, of Ktgue te Club style; ^ printed J & ? mecs, entirely new iu this mar The above eiteuiive s*nck of Spring Goods, from the Aral U;i?,e,,i_Vi'* w II >e full I > ne th- m >sr desirable in the L4'.1 w prove to be t '-ecteJ -en h great care, at I VMKS B-CH it (JO a, W Broadway. JUST PUBLISHKK. ~ THE BUSINESS DIRECTOR k'OR 18 46 AND 1847, ( y. J t n INO * 00 nplete cUaaificaliiiii of the Profe.aioo. i,,.' 1 i 1,1 ?.h" c,tv" . Tl,e bu?'n ?? "en are arrangej u nler 764 ditfereu'head*, and by meaua of on Index can n? 1 mine lit e y referred tn ' Price KIKrUCENSoiU. w.tha Mrp of the City. 1. i"rvs "l'114,1' work 11 ii pocket *ite, hou nd in muilin. "It :?.1 <"?n4|<"> bei oweil 01 it, can be recommend en antb co 1 lid 01 -e t?ttie pitron ige of tne commu nity ytran-eri 1 1 \^w Ifork ire reinect ally invited to call and rumin'tie above work JOHN DOGlJETT. Jr ,pl? 4 '? m " Oirecto'v ttv ibliih nent 156 8 roadway. , _ fur the piles. D V'PH AV* r '''f'^plTCARY? An internal remedy, ii a ki - 2 i? Pilr?, either internal or external, bleed Ii'g or blind Sold at No 121 Knlton itreet, No 8 Diviaioaat and by the proprietor, a regu arly rduca'ed physician of tweo ty years experience, confined to an office pact ice, where .J -V. w .ae?o C d""ue,,*r* *ucce*?lnlly treated. .Vodi Lumdkte, W?r?W,rT'4 "b?Te 8pno*?trMt IbtTH?TEETH?TEETH ~ UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OK DENTISTRY, A Vth?.0,(1 ??t?bl>?hmeut,U EAST BROADWAY. "Ion PITttt; 50 cents. I'? b " "n <?*' P'?te,.. from SI 50 to S3 08 1 eelh filled with fine gold foil 30 Pricei for nil other wo-k iu proportion with the above list fice'w.rr?a.nta Dentins All work done at thia of 184Tm-rr ? . a a. N, TAVLOK, lm re Snrgieal and Mechanical Dentist. noR^^'8 ?NKW ENGLAND EXPRESS F K???f' Greenfield, Brattleboro, Wimbor, . Wond.toek, Moutpelier, and Burlington, Vt., a..d the Ca uail is. All I ^c^ages. Parcels and business, to any of the above (owiis, or any pnrt of the western portion of New Hampshire ind Vermont, will be ra,thfn|lT .trended to if d,rentedCh" v o d "JyELO W, ? Court street, Boston. ?;?Be ,ure 4" fkrk Packages to care of " Bigelow'a Ex P " jMrr . 'rkHfc ?Til THE LADiEfe f ADIK8 having any snpertluoas or cast off Clothing todis Li pose of, (eit :er Ladies or (Jrntlemen) can obtalii a fair Wil!.'^.' N "mn11"' " ,m<l'Jg r?r th# '"baeriber, at her residence, No 89 Dnine etreet, baeement. N B ?(Jeotlemen'e Clothing and FnraTtuiealsn . t by All letter, through the Poet Office will he Mteuded?to N j a id im inc ONE PKICE BOOT AND SHOE STOKE? r&W^011 ?f'bhe WasS.njion B^tidShoe 1 .?,,Vc,ilw r Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, would 1 speetfully inform hi* enstomerx and the public generally that he has c-ublithrd the One Price system. The price wuj uund written on the diffrLt kinds ol Boou and Shoee "h/'jw.l be the now a it aud only price asked in fntnre io this Establishment He wonld thank tne pnblic for the liberal ratrouige received, and soli-it a contiunstion of the same in this mnet desirable way of, rhe One Price System Do not lurget the Wimbor, 813 Greenwich, corner of Barclay 7t0 YmV Koboheo J Ak*8 WIGGINS O-hm. i. ,r'LL,AKUs IMPROVED. ii 1 k' re,p r,,"u"y iuioruia hit friends and the B A^KORIPS ll'i'iL?"r"?d to old favorite quarters, vt? 1. ij- "GOMB,entrance Ann st, ad oiniog the hU."h.'H bTld,I"t- or ,,s "'ton st cet The Room* auif Ta \1 ki J f?" Pr'Ueut nrd-r The Tablet are Slate Thlr will . d" kl' An' ,1"1"4 Rubber and Cloth Cnshious! ,1 k T "?.do"bt suit E.uro.'eau and ill gre.t plavers being a a=s eisr."d? iSfastt: aars? f38 Tm^mr ' " 1 W CO0,4*c|lT on hand aud for tale! I ^11K' HP KM, ?^'i?MK " - ;s"n,,''fcRKMLN"4 CAPS. ' I KI 1!^ re,p??,fBl|f calls the attentiou of the 'V;*T f'nblie to his anortment of Military Equipments .Pa ?" compaoi#s; Military Cant, K- npsicks Boim Si.d Bayonet Scabbards of ev-ry vanetf. Conniry'compa nies, about ? hanging their uniform, or those about forming new companies will be anpniied wit/, samples. FIRE CAW4 FIRE CAPS. A fell teeortinea! of every variety constantly on hand, and made to oracr at th* shortestnoiicr. ' f38 im'rrr H S. GRA rACAP. 393 Broadway " UIK.D C.iGL MANUFACTORY, dHr'wTn^B.'i/ o* ?"?* """? VrW' York. i ?k . would inform hit Cnuomtrt nd thi> Public, tMt n# 4 , rpt coDtttntly ou h%j;d a large iupplv of offer.^ydcounnon J ull ages of every description, which he offer* f rsale at a ewer rate than they ca: ue bought else wtnre Merchants y nuldfiud it to their advantage to call and ri 1m ne hia atock. / P'fch < "4",tnr'wi ? it attended 10 with promptness and 4i? 10 AND EJ8REE STONE -kmished by the snbtcriber, eonal to Con r ne-rientinoBS.Ky and30ner cent cheaper, on apoliewo" ! tic^?2'.N?" er ",T C"y' "r " j 07 ''"*r? ABVI. H VKEELAND 177 , cirrroN mill j yrr AM..?.. u Manager of a Cottoa Mill, ? man 1 imftytr . ' 7 '? 'i *'' ?#d with the Ttrfoat modes el itmnn fteferiiig cor ton wool, bnlh id Knclmd And Atneriee- ceo be reeoinrnendrd by two men luring chirge o4 t/ie beet r mdnr .ed e?."l..hment. .. th. United Va.A" Add^ L C Tt iS J! ItlJ 3m*ve ?rANTinK WAK^UHE ANU FUKNITUftE W A.NTED -Oentlemen and Families can obtain the fall vT lor all kinds ol snperffiinaa -ffects they wish to dispose of stub as Ladies and Gemlrmen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms Earn,tare. ?u- Lfva?TTf, 4tt Br?dw*V7nP ewir. L .die. heviog any I u> off Clothing to dispose of can o tun a fair prie* by sending for th? sabscriber Mrs T L? J*"": . A line throngk th. Poet Offiiw w/u b?pr >.? lysueiided to. m4 |Bs,c Or'!!,* Llmbkr co No,~ TR'pSfcfe"' II Wall street ANU .illcl iia BANK. Hsgeniown. 51d "5iS? " lK,a" No-88 WaileaswA Tha Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital *00,000 Dollars. Onici 41 Fultoh stbeet, BaoonLtis. HAVING their capital very nemly entire, con tines to take nika on bni.dings, machinery, merchandise and property gene rally, on their tuual favorableterm*. This company lue pawed through the two greatest conflagration* that have ever occurred in the country ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. .All losses which the company may sustain will bs adjusted and paid promptly as heretofora. B. W. DKLAMATKR, President. 17flmis*re E. C FINN, Secretary OFFICE OK JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY i Nr* Yo*k p rbruary ild, 1M j AT AN KLBCTION for Directors ol una Institution, for the ensuing Tear, held this day,the loilowiug named gen ii em an were elected such DIRECTORS. Thomas WThorne, Elisha Kins, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, 3. R. Robson, M D Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Daeison. Jehu P. Moore, John H. Lee, WUl'am K Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq , was uuanunonsly re-elected President for the ensuing sear. GEO T HOPE, Secretary. Ik rrc WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, CORD, &c. ON MONDAY NEXT, (Feb 9th,) the subacrsber will open at So. 58 Chatham Street, Sew York, One door from the corner of Chambers, a new, extensive, and fraud assortment of TRANSPARENT WINDOW 8HADE8; Consisting of every variety of patterns and quality, to be found either in Europe or America Prices we will not mention; but rom our facilities for well as for import lu<think we csn safely defy competition with the world! ?,/ A good assortment of Tassels, Cord, Itc., will be kept on hand. Wholesale and retail purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves. M ? , ? , DUNCKKRk BECKER New Vork. bob Tth. 1646 05 Im'm ^JoArS, ESSENCES AND PERFUMERk , ol all kinds. ' epot, No. J Courtlandt street. The Subscribers, original inventors and manufacturers of the genuine Walnut Oil Mili tary Sharing Soap, which we warraut to snrpiaa all other pre parations, having greatly enlarged our facilities are prepared to eiec'Jte any orders in our line. We have constantly on hand hi. hiy scented Almond, K ?e, Musk. Windsor, Palm, and Tml t Soaps ; extra Pale Family and No. 1 Soap The Crolon h outing Soap, a new and aplandid article, well suited for Baths and private family use, warranted not to sink and to produce a rich and pleasant lather. Together with a large and general assc tuient of Perfumery, Essences, fce., both Foreign ami Dumest.c, selected end pnt ni> with the greatest cure; else our celebrated Crystalline Candles, for the West India and South Amsi can markets, warranted to stand any climate (>ri cert, Drutgitu, and dealers in general, are requested to tall and eiam-ue for themselves. i*lin?r IOHNHON. VRODM fe FOWLER U VHOUAN Y. ROSEWOOD, ZEBRA WOOD, lie FOR 8 ALE CHEAP by E. O. STACY, No. 66 Woosier street, between Booms and Spring its Tne stuck is composed of a large assortment of erotch, mottled and sh-ded Mahogany Veue-rs, Rosewood Mahoxmy, Ze'rawood Bud's Eye Maple and Black Walnut Logs, Boards, Plunk, Joist, Itc. Jke., and a general assortment of lumber, usually kept stum liogany yar> ? lu this city. mlS lm'rc THORN CHAMPAIGNS^ AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is in store, to whie i the attention of merchants, howl keepers, aud .irivate gentlemen is invited. The standing of this Wine is uow superior to that of any in this country, and at no higher priee than that of the beat brands. . C. LIVINGSTON fc CO., mll<stf re 10 Wall street. pHE MAGIC MIXTURE?Dr. Hope's Magic Mixture, E or Edinburgh Specific, is -low ell the rage, end why? Be cause it cares Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Itc. to much more plea santly aud speedily then any other remedy, and particularly where pills, capsules and Sections have failed. It is not like most medicines, a chimerical one, bat is the resnltof 30 yMjr*' actual experience in the practice of a regularly educated pity sician. Price St Agents, Ingersolt It Co.. comer of John and Gol l streets, aud it drug stores corner Fnltoo and William, >71 Bmadwiy and corner Biyardeod <>range. m!7 lm?r JUST PUBLISHED, Price 50 centa, at the Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Square, New York-The QUARTERLY BEACON, edited by G Vale- Contents?Spirit of the Times; Swedenborgitm, with the Hi'tory of its Founder; Time, with the ancient devices for measuring it; The Three Impostors, from the Lit-n, a rare work; Ele cents of Astronomy and As tronomical Card; Ephemerie of the Planets, for the year 1IIC 17" Each of the above works for sale in pamphlet form For sale alao.n var.ety of Liberal Works. m3 iw eod*rc SWIMMING B ATH FOR S \LE-5i feet long, by 34 feet wide. For farther particulars, apply to m-17*'Jt E GRAY Brooklyn Baths, Fulton Ferry. SEGARS?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS i ivite the attention of country mer chants, dealer., -nd others, to their extensive stock of Se gars. Th;s at ??k has been sel-cted with the greatest care and purchased at the very lowest prices for caah; they ?r\ there fore, enabled to offer the different qualiti a lower than any other establishment in the city.The assortment comprises every style and qua.ity, from $2 to 125 per .houaand KENNETH k LAVERTT. mrll lm't Wholesale Segar Emporium, 103 Wall et. .SPERM OIL AND DANDLES. EXCELLENT Wi-ter Bleached Sperm Oil at$lagall; Bleached Solar Oil, 75 cents; a prime article ofSperm Caii'llaa at 25 cents per pound. Families, boarding house aud hotel keepers a-e invite I to call aud examine the above before pnrciiasing For tale by J. 0 FOWLER, Grocer and Tea Dealer, 250 Oreenwich at. cor. Murrav, and 421 Ore enwich cor Vestry. mrll I in* re LONG BREED CANARIES \|H HASELETT'S eu'ire Breeding Stock, so much ad IvA mired on New Year's Day. They are already mated, and will be sold only in pairs. Bird Fanciers and the public are rvsnecifully invited to call and examine them. .Also, the nsnal variety ofSnging Birds from different paras of the habitable Globe. Fancy Pigeons aud C.iges, Gold Fish, ' u tie Fishbone, and bird seeds or every description. Every article for the Breeding Cage, Itc For sale by *i d a ....... A. GRIEVE, 5 John street N B.?Archie t Bird Fancier, containing full direct'ons for breediug Canaries. and the best method of ieeding birds in general, for t le as above. English and Scotch Terriers for tale by mil lm'rc A GRIEVE, 5 John street. tJORT WINE? 1M quarter cask* Red Port Wine?lustra ceivtd per Consercao de Maria, from Oporto?for tale by m Arc E. K COLLINS It CO., 56 South at. P LATIN A, in Plate and Wire, for tale by " CESAR AUGS. ROBERT "12 1 w*r 33 Vlaid en Lane. jRloriCE TO THE PUBUC IN GENERAL?The sab IN teriber, after enlirging his premises, it now prepared to ( lean Carpets of every description, from II to 100 yards, with oat rippug? Ingrain 0\f cents p?r yard; Brnuets I rents per yard; Hearth Rugs, Ta.ile Covers and shawls oleaned, from 25 to74 ? eats; Dresses dyed or washed from 50 cents to $1; Coats cleaned or dressed from 50 cents to $1; Pants do from 35 to 50 o^fa- _ T. SMITH. 7f Allen at. N. B ?Terms eaah. mO tin*rc TU DEALERS IN WOOLLENS HMIGEON k CO, 311 West street. Re-finishers of ? Cloths Cassimeres and Satinets. The gold medal has been awarded to H. M for the improvement in re-fimthing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Woleott It Slade, 63 Piue street; William C. Langley k Co., 48 Exchange Place, comer of Broad street; and to D Brigliam k Co. 60 Flue street; where orders may 5e left. mi i,0*r SHAKER Jc CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Broadway, near Park Place. ARE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Pack'ta, an en tirely new assortment of the finest Seda-< Cloths and Caa simerea. adapted to the early spring trade. Having concluded * permnoe nt ar'nngemeir. as cotter, with Mr. P Andriot, late of the Kue Casliglioue, Paris, a?rll known to moat o om fash touab us who have visited Europe, they are now prepared to execute orders iu a style of unusual eie^auce. ?" ? Im'r lllH Broadway. tassels, SUITABLE for trimming h -ta, caps. Minds, shade*, pictures, ~ ?ofas, umbrellas, pan* It. clonks, aprons, sleeves, bags, jkc. Also, a v.nety of bindings and eord. for s ?le wholesale. by ... . .. ,J * F MAYNAhD, ml) lm in $7 Maiden lane, corner of WiilLm st. CHICKERING'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 4U3 Broadway, No. A and 7 Laforge Building. I'HE PUBLIC will find at the above rooms a geueral assort mailt ol (irand and Square Piano Fortes, at tne sane pricf st my Facrorv in Boston ATI 1m*r DR. HULL'S TRUSSES T AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. 'HE superiority of Dr. Hall's instruments over all others is acknowledged by the most eminent physicians ?? En roue aud America. ? , e,f ? Vasey st met. At tor Hons*. A female in attendance IV ?h> l.vli?e' himtmi mj im>m MR. OLDFIELl). PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PIANIST, A-e , No. 415 William atrwet WILL be happy to play at Conceru and Cotilloa Parties ; *et up Musical elutertaiumenta. and give instructions on the Piauo Forte. Mr O. has a beautifully toned Piano Forte, , tbat he will sell cheap for cash. Can be seen at No. Sib Broad I WnT jW'wV GJOLu leaf and dentists gold foil of 81,? ? perior qnalitv ? Gold Foil 626 per at ; Gold Leal at the lowest market prices ; Pole Gold t4 50 per package; Silver Jin* V01'1, Silver and Copper Bronzes, ka., at the Factory, *7 Reade street J L. WAUGH, )2U im*re Practical Gold Beater MOUSSEL1NES U . aINE. 1 (M) NEW SPRING STYLES > ki reign and Domestic, Sj Jn"t received, suitable to - on t.iern and Western Trade, and for sale bv F -n F I.DON k TO., iM'mer,, ,, William .rrae FIFTEEN FARMN. P 45 5 two to thirty acres each, splendid Views i 110't'm Sopnd. Village and Landing, for Bala at New Ro chelle, llth March. 1146 at 1 o'clock, FT M , at public Auction Terms liberal and title dear- Apply to T. A. Lawrence Auctioneer. New RnchelU; or J .hn R. Peters New York >' rps st Miller'. f.??ni \Hoeheile ' II 5w*ii JUNG & BEHRMANN, REMOVED FROM 71 LIBERTY STREET 70 ?1 SOUTH WILLIAM TTRERT. ml lm*m SHIRT MANUFACTORY, N?. 87 MA WEN L.1NE, (UP STAIRS.) SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. THE SUBSCRIBER offers to the Pnhlie. a method of making shirts, which leuderi ease and comfort to the wearer and is a complete (It; as no pains have been spared to ob taio the boat *? rench pattern ahiits. Having had long ax|rerienee in the bas ness, the Snbacriber is enabled to make all the necessary improvements and give general a-tisfaction. WM- COLLINS (23 lmV *N E E DLE^rSTFlSH-H OOK^AN UFACTORY, 77 Maiden Lane. WM CROWLEY k SON, mrnufsetwers of the above articles, respectfully inform the imi<orters of New York and other cities, that they have now on hand a large stock of the above article*, which they are willing to sell at a small ad vance from the manufacturing prices. Any of tht trade, or im porters, can have their needles labelled with their own name, u desired. P. S ? Robkrt Caowuav, importer el Sheffield and Bid famgh'm flood, in part of the shove .fore Ol Im'rr GUIDE ^0 SOUND TEETH. D[From the Evening Poat.l R. A. C. CASTLE, who has practiced for the last seven teen vaara in thie eity. has obtained n enrnhle-m >ne ce in his profesii-m He ope alee apoa the Teeth wi'h g eat kill and ability. He has also tw-par d e Compaai'ion f ' filling de cayed tender teeth. which, whie it r**iata the ectini. .fall tc d< and mfec ing 'gents, it bee or-s ai hard as the tooth it self It is peculiarly adipted for nevnm persons. Dr. Castle inserts artificial Teeth. DR A C. CASTLE. Dentist, ml5 Im'm lit Broadway, comer of White st. to TRU.\R MAKtks TRUNK BOA ADS II WC Ihs Trunk hoards, of superior 1 quality and numbers, jam reeelr *d and for aala by ? , PERS8E k BROOKS, n iw 66 and tr Naaaaa attest. NEW INVENTED I WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCHDLOR's utw invented Wigs and Scalps ?o perfect ly resemble the natural hair u u> defy detection. It u sow scarcely a matter of regret losing so ludiffereut head ol hair, whea a new oue. perfectly adapted to the countenance md style of every wearer, and without any of the vexations difficulties so long experienced by wig wearers, can be procured at WM. BATCHELOH'8, 2 Waif street, near Broadway Removed from lib Broadway. ft lm*r LEECHES! LEECHES! JUST RECEI VKD a fresh npply of Sweeduh and Smyrna Leeehe* For tale by FERDINAND CLEU, Importer of Leechea, No. Ht Nassau street uZr J- r ? C? is doing business alone, and has no connection at preaent with nis former partner. ft lm*rc DAGUERREOTYPE PATENT ISSUED. rhAGUK.RREOTYPE ARTI8T8 are iafnrmad that the mJ Patent for the new Coloring Process of " ? BSM ..... - , the snbsenbers has been issaed Applicauous Tor the Patent right for the United Stales, may be addressed to the subscribers? the price of which Will be $72, materials aad instructions included.? lufringers will be dealt with according to law. A new price current, embracing Voightlaeoder's Apparatus, and all other articles nsrd in the Daguerreotype art, may also be had, by addressing (post pud) to W. It F. LANUENHEIM. fll Im'rre Philadelphia Exchange. RING'S CANDY, FOR COUGHS, COLDS. A8THMA8, CROUPS, and all diaeaset of tne lungs. 'Idiia Vegetable Cougn Candy, preparodlrom the moat approved ? egetable remedies for coughs, is fast taking the lead of all ?titer preparations. It is prepared and aold by CHARLES H. RING, Druggist, 192 Broadway, corner ol John street. IT lm*ru Hnreeaaor to W H Milenr. LAURENT it BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, TAKE great pleasure in informing th ir customers that they have just received by the packets Burguuuy and St. Nicholas, their new fancy spring goods, consisting ol the richest style Lyons Silk, rich Paris printed Muslin-de-laines, Barege, Balzorine Tarletau Jaconets, Ac.?Also, the largest issortmeut of Broche and printed long and square Shawls, Scarfs, Ac. In style and richness, we believe onr goods can not be surpassed l>y any importation this Spring. Your kind ittentiou to, and inspection of the same it respectfully solicited. LAURENT A BHOTHER. jalT lm*r No-4 William street THE GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS B A ? D8 AND / ONET1C FLUID. RECENTLY imported, celebrated both in Europe and ?.w America, for the cure of rheumatism, and all chronic or nervous diseases. For sale by the groce, doxeu or single one, at acDucxo raicxs A. B. A D SANDS, 79 Enltoa street, A. D. ? A# OA'IDQ, lyruiwa IU?Oti (51 1m*r corner of Qold. PAPER HANGING. HOWELL a BROTHERS, Manufacturers and Importers of Psper Hangings, having opened in New York city a branch of their Philadelphia establishment, would respectfully call the attention of the citizens of Nsw York and others wanting goods in their line, to their extensive assortment of PAPER HANGINGS Borders, Eire Board Prints, Curtain Papal, and all other articles in their line of business. H. A B. have received from the Institutes for the encourage ment of Domestic Manufactures in the cities of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, silver medals for the manufacture ol their goods, flatter themselves that they can sell a better article for the same money th in can be purchased elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The subeeribers would particularly call attention to their Urge assortment of Fresco Papers for Parlors, and Column Papers lor Halls, Poblie Rooms, Eulrirs, Ac- Ac. Also, CuUTait* Pencils, a new article for Windows. ^rin"oVR^^V^Wp?-Ptir0??^ ?? * c? ^Coum-T^vehsnts and city dealer. will find it to their ad ranW H5wKLLeABR^THF.R8, No AW! Broadway., Two doors above the City Hotel. AJot of Drawers and Shelving for sale ae above. Ja27 lm*rh BOOKS BOUGHT. PERSONS wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either large or small, will always And a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressing afew lines, giving sum and number, to J. M L AB L, to \m?- vn Nassau, or <97 Riviegtou EXTRACTS FOR THE HANDKERCHIEF. f TPWARD8 of fiftv varieties of the choicest Extracts, e U sale wholesale and retail, 1 ROU88RL. IS# Broadway CONSUMPTION CUKEI). PAYTON'8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF SAR-APAKIL LA, Woodnaptha. Iceland Moss, Wild Cne ry, 4c., for Lung. Heart, Throat diseases, Dyspepsia, Ac Tnis celebra ed remedy c*n be obtained (price 75 cents,) at 49 John street, indTT Ninth Avenue; at the latter place au experican-Ml physi cian is in attendance to give gratuitous advice from 10 to 12 A.M jel7 Im"r LEECHES! LEECHES!! JUST received, Iresh supplies of Swedish, German sue Smyrna Leeches, for sale at moderate pnees. by G A- It H. WITTE. Importers of Leeches. M John St., N. Y. RHEUMATISM. Compound Syrup of tbe Hydriodate of Potassa SAR3APAR1LLA, AND YELLOW DUCK ROOT. HE ABOVE is prepared from thepurest articles, and is rd as the best and only >ur? cure of Kheuina ? recommended ti?m At this seaiou of the year especially, it is of the greatest importance, as it will remove all tno?e extremely unpleasant symptoms, (severe pains, stiffness of the joints, back, shoul ders, Ac he.) It thius. purifies, aud quickens the circulation, aid leaves every part of the animal economy in a perfect state of heilih. The virtues of each article have long been known to the faculty, aud by their judicious admixture ibeir effects .are greatly increased. For sale by nsim-m CHAS H. RING, 192 Broadway CHAPPED HANDS. iiOUsSEL'S AMANDINE?A very eele >ated article for eV the certain cure aud prevention of Chnppeo Hands For ?ale at the principal druggists and dealen in perfumery throughout the United States, and at the manufacturer's. 1 E. HtiUHBEL. No 1S9 Broadway, Wholesale and retail 'w*v TRUFFLES. COR 8ALK ? A supply of Truffles jsit received, and for r sale by . J B 8TOUVENEL, 39 John street. Also, Bordeaux Wines in ciuki nod cases, Kierscb, Absintb ind CKamPMrne. of thr h^sf h'** ds ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, ADE from the best materials and the finish equal to any - 9trei from 3 to i i"<1 i ''Si><jnH0? ^'snofactursd by ? ,lld ? Pl.? .tre.t. N ,Yorlt_ 1 mri l i?>*t GRATIS ROUSSEL'S UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, small boxes, and presented Gee of charge, on trial to all who apply at the manufacturer's. E. ROUSSEL, 129 Broadway, Wholesale and retail. j?l In*' THE CHOICEST PREMIUM TOILET SOAPS, flGHLY PERFUMED with P?tehouly, Verbena. Rosr , I Bouquet, Ac. Ae. ore to be found at the srorr of the to f> | tenser, E. ROUHHKL, 129 Broadway, Wholesale snd retail. j2l Imri H' IBM. SIR GEORQR COOK 'i, fll. O. L.L.D. CONSULTING PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, -OFFICE NO. S NORTON STREET, ALBANY, N. Y I)g Const maybe confidentially conn u he t da ly at No 3 fortou atreet, Albany, N. Y Office boon 10m 6 A. M. until ( P M. Medical Advice ?As it is always important to obtain the irvices of an experienced and tkilfnl phyuieian?eall on the ilebrated Dr. Cooke. No I Norton street, Alb'.ny?Medical id Hurgieal Jonrual llBIIDRDCB, AT 8TANWIX HALL, ALBANY, N 1 rrncTiow op tux boitou with the bittalo i ailuoad. fll lm*re PHALON'S MAGIC HAIR DYE, ANEW AND l> VALUABLE DISCOVERY beii g a liquid dye, which ws'ai tanrously chAnueathe ro or of ?he hair rr whisaata to a beautiful brown or black, without r Jh sir 4 r wnisawa iu ? dmiuiih' "-v-, 7 , " ry to the hair or skin. Gantlemeo onn ha?? tneir wniskata dyed in five miunt-s at the depot. ?14 Broadway Price per bottle fp,*rh TAKKANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CUBEBS, AND COPAIBA is particularly reer mtnrnded ai * afa. apeedy .gi eflicieut remedy tor all texna' ilia. ?su Ir i-.u t a ve-y roncentiat.v' and idraar g form, which ad r>it? o! 1 ling it withont hrinr iss'sd or prodncng aick r?a or nauw ; it h-a beco>"e verv popul ir, and ll who have ocaaioi. to n?. it, ac knowledge its etfioacy. For - ale, wholesale end rei.-il. by JAM Eh TARRANT Droirg ?t he C- rner > f Or-ruwieh and Waireo itrvrts, N T. AI*o, by Moeely k Tucker, Mob le. V Otrw, Natehrt; Hendriekson, Savannah; M A. Santos, Norfolk, G M.J arey. Chirlsaton; D. Auiiguao k Bsriy. Auguata: W 8 Rea.e, Ral'imore; Uilman, Waahiugton; MeCloud It Wheaton, Fit. Louia. mr!2 lm*v AN EXTRAORDINARY WOKh, And One which thnvld be in (he Hand* of every Married Per tan MORAL PHYSIOLOGY, O H a plainly wn teaJTrMitiae on the Populition Qnr tion by the Hen. K D. Owen, wirh Addition- and Alter mo is, by H Olovrr, M D. To every person of sound co.i.iaou st.ise, this w,,rk is oue which will commsad the highest r aise Ir is true a few igt.nrant p.O| l? may condemn it, but the editor is folly perauaded that the high imuortuire ol the subject ol which It tveati will pre e it itielf ?o forcibly to relfectiug mi i ts. that it muat comm nid reaped Were this book care fully .sad by every manied perron, and its r.dvice a'rietly fol lowed, we are persuaded that a different state ol society from the prvaeint woelo exist. Price of the Book S# cents. For sale by Burgess. Stringer ? Co , 222 Broadway, comer of Anu street, hy whom the trade will be supplied. Peraou. in the country, by enclosing ?U>0*' paid, will hit snppliod with two copies in mad binding cost age on the hook, to any part of the United Stales, is five cents Il!m*rc ) MERCURY OR OOPAnTA. ULLEN'8 INDIAN VEGETABLE REMEDY, iomet ic pfupiruf'On, comp n'nAiJint TS^ir.^o^u.- "... .rpf ? wav ueur Spring ??rest; Sowsry. eoru.r Spring iwery, eorne ol Oraid aftet 49 and 114 ( goal ?t ; corner of Spring i riwt, B'oidway eornerrf Hou?roq 7 Houiton iIf #t; IM Division, con?#r of Mdridf# ? Division, eornurof W-lkrr street; No I Divi.len II Menren arirest. near Wabmt; and at 'be corutr of nd FulSou su , Beookhyn Pries fll. rnd DR SWAY NETS Oo mpound Syrup tf Wild Ohsrry. THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor la Ono. It m*y truly b? said, that do on* ha? ever been to auccesafal in com pounding i medicine, which hat done to moch to ttlwre the ha man family, to rob dlt eaae of iU terrors, and rettore the Invalid to Health and comfort, at the Inventtr and proprietor of that mott deter redly popular family medicine, Da. Swathe's Coaoot'irs Sraur or Wild C'Hcaar, and none hat been to centrally pa tron ned by the profetaion and othert. both in thit country tad in Europe, nor hat there ever been to great an effort, in the thort tpeca ol only tiz or tercn yean, to deceive the credu lout tad notninkint, by putting ap Nostrums kindt, of rariotu kiuilt, oy rariont udiridualt, affixing the name of Wiim C'Htaar, and at moch of the name of ihe original prepara tion at will tcreen them from tha lath of the law, and one of the Impoatort who patt out tha common paregoric O' the ?hops, and ctlltit the Balsam or Wild Cutter, hat had the impudence to caution the public acainat the Original Pro partition, Dx Swathe's CoMroviro Svnur or Wild Cltiur, which ia doing to much rood in the world B .WAHID OF SUCH INP08TBH9. And pnrchate none bnt tha original and only genuine article, at prepared by Da SwaVhe, which it the only one compound ed by a Regular Physician, and arote from many years close attention to the Praetice of the Profeaiiou, and which led to this treat discovary. Thousands and tent of thousands of the beat tsstitnouials of the unparalleled success of Dr. Bwayae's Compound of Wild Cherry, ibr the care of GonsumptUn I Concha, Colds, Spitting Blood. Liver Complaint, Tick lint or Ruing in the Tnroat. N-rvou Debility, Weakness of Volae, Palpitation or Disease of the Heart. Pain in the Bide or Breast, Broken Cooatitntion from various cautet, the abate of ee o mel, kc., Brouehitu, Asthma, Whooping C'igt', fce , werw declared to the world yea.a before ?uy other preparation of WiLoCHcaarc me out. The moataceptieU amy satisfy themselves as to the troth of the above by a little inquiry ia Philadelphia. The genuine article ia prepared only by Dr. Swathe, whose office haa been removed to N. W rorner of Eighth and Race afreets, Philadelphia. The Balsam and other spuriaut article! <>f Wild Cherry has been told out. and resold unt, and ihe propiietort are obliged to retort to False hood and Stratagem to maka their own out ot it The ge nuine article ia put up in plain style, in aquare bottles, covered with a bine wrapper, with a yaUow label, with the proprietor* signature attached . 7* The Pahlio are requested to remember thet it ia Dr. 8WAYNK8 COMPOUND SYRUP OK WILD CHER RY that baa and it re pea edly periorming such our ten loan caret of diseases which hare baffled the akill of ihe Profre aioo. iud act at defiauce tiia whole ca of Patent Medl cinte, which are daily paff.d through the organ* of the press.. The efore.atklor Dr. 8WAYNE8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, and par. base no other. Aqehts ire New Yoac?Charles H. Rio , Druggist, 19E Broadway, corner of John street: Sands, lit Bo wry; Warner, 30S ? lee< ker ttieet. Dodd.TTI Broadway; L-wia, JS7 Oraen wiehttre t; Hart, Mi Grand street; Everett, M Hudson street} or Bailey, corner of Fulton and Sands afreets, Brrooklyn. fM lra*m s It 192 BROADWAY, ! COKNIK. or JOHN STHKBT. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. CJPECIMEN8 of HING-B unapproachable VERBENA O CREAM FOR SHAVING. ? This article, universally praised by those who mad* trial of it, last year Inot the Ait premium of the Institute Fair. Indeed it ii fullv conceded by thoae who know, tnat it i* impeaaible to manafactnre an art! * cl* equal to it. It it softening to the akin, fragrant to the tense, a deatroyer oi freckle* and pimtlea, and i* aold oheaper than the o! J soaps Ail, therefore, who would eonaalt eeonfr my and comfort in ahaviug, ahonld boaaeaa themaelrea o it. From the New York Oaxette ?The New Soap.?We apeak from experience, and we apeak from the more professional * knowledge of onr benefactor aad friend Jamea Grant. No. g I A' n street, whesays it ia ahead of any thing ever yet fnnnd I oat in thi* department of modern improvement, it ia not only . an rtnolient" bat it is something mora." In abort, we believe , it ia the beat ahaviig aoan ia the world. ' From the Evening Minor.? Ring** Verbena Cream, we * know by experience to be the beat kind of ahaviag ioap, aad ' those peraoiia wiio have troablraome beard*, ahoold aet be ? without it It ha* a penetrating way of its own, and aofiaaa | tue hardeat and roughest beard, ao aa to render the operation og ? a having perfectly eauty. Mr. Ring haa lately taken the baai- , nraa of Or. Miluor, at the corner of Broadway and John street, where hia inestimable article may be obtained; anu, likewise, King's Congh Candy, which ia said to be a plaaaanl and car- * tain cnre for (hat troublesome companion , Fro in the wuuday 0 apatch.?Every wboahavea himself I should procure "King's Verbena Cream." It is an exqaisitw ? article a (taring the Teard, and allaying all irritation of thw skin, ao that it becomes an abaolnte pleasure, instead of an an- i noyau es, to use the raxor * Beware of imitations, and oiserve the written signature an- * der the directions for use. of " C. H Ring." Prepared and lor 1 tale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by I C. H. H1NG, Druggist, 1M Broadw.y, ci ruer of John street ? Successor to Dr. Win. H. Milnor. I N. B.?Merchants are perira'arly requested to call and ex amine ibis artieJa, aa now prepared, ee to quality, quantity, ay- ' pearance and price. It eeuaot be bast?the splendid ^ew label ? from a steel plate, engraved by Meeers. Kawdou. Wright It b Hatch, tar exceeding any thing of tne kind bafor* the punlie. .t ""159 BROADWAY, i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL * PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. * THE Bubaeriber returns hia thanks to his friends and the * public for the very liberal patronage extruded to him '* since the opeuiug of his Btoie in New York. Preaisieg that '? in Perfumery the maxim should prevail 'either the bast er t none," he earnestly solicits one moment's attention to -he *oi- t lowing very intelligible proofs that h* ia capable of offering :he very beat, whether tne competition b* foreigu or Ameri m. 1st. He possesses unequalled advantages 111 Paris, ui hev ? it been for nnuy veara Director of the Laboratory of Liu* gier Pete et Fils, for half a ceutnry the first honae in thia line in Europe. 2nd Since the first exhibition, some years past, ot his Perfumery, it haa, without a single exception, obtained in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, the First Premium over all competitors, and at the last exhibition in New York, ha was honored with the Gold Medal never bef 're awarded to Perfumery. 3rd. His ''erfumery has banished the imported whenever it has come fairly iuto competition. This ia em phatically the case with his Shaving Cream Why should it not be so? His Perfamerv is, in fact, the foreign, both in its quality and mod* of fabrication, with tn? addition of an eic-tlenc- which the foreign never can possess, namely, freshness and advantage in many of the-e articles Q( the greatest importance, owing to their perishable nature Sen. His prices are from 30 to SOt-ercent lower In fine, the sub scriber, edacated in the best foreigu schools, imported with him the science and sk II of hia uative city, offers the products of his laboratory, equal to the best imported, and superior to theui from the advantage of recent preparation, at much lower prices. He, therefore, flatters himself that his preparations must of necessity supercede the imparted, except with thoa* who are ao unreasonable as to prefer articles merely because they are foreigu, and have been subjected to the ludueace of a sea voyage. To conclude, the aebacriher always seeps on hand a perfect ester.ment of the beat foreign periainery, and M. offers store an opportunity of comparing the two. and of > jui chasing according to the judgment or preference of he ia The subscriber moat respectfully solicits a call from those who wish to purchase that which is genuine, as h- assures the Cblic that nethiug shall errr quit hia eatabl aliment without ingas represented to the puteheaor. He particularly invites ? l the attention of wholesale and dealers to his vary com- id Siete assortment, which he offers to them et prices from Mis I per cent cheeper than they buy elsewhere E. ROU88EL, " Manufacturer and Importer oC Toilet Bonne, ?? J301m*r Perfumery,fee. " CONS TIPATION (CO8TIVENESS) la DESIROYED * WT1THOUT MEDICINL8, INJECTION8 or BATHS. VV ? Discor-ry recently ?"?de in F'ance by M. Warton? Price Thirty cents?tb-fifth English edition, translated fioag 01 the 23d French edi'ion of the exposition of a Datura , simple, pf agree<b|e and infallible mean-, recently di>covered in Franee, uot only of over-cimi' g, bet also <T completely destroyu.g, oh- k. stiiiate, inveterat-and habitaal coustip-tion, with' at using ei iher purgatives, inlectious or baiha, followed br a gr at una ber 01 authentic documents fiom emiueuf phi sici 1 s and other persona of distinction, certifying th complete efficacy of ? he m ans. To ea-h document is subjoined the name and etael address of the physiciau or oh. r persou who testifies The au'hors of the certificates attest, jot only fat this net*, ral inesns destroys constipation and that it causes the intesti nal canal to perform ita uv teuallog functions a* in its nermnl state bnt also that it cu-ea a* if by *u'b oitru-nt I Painful dices'i n, (dyspep* ia ) 2 All, or nearly all. the diseases to which the bowels ore sutje t. 3 A greet number of other se rious dauger.'Us nd long standing disemes, for curing which m-d'Cal scie- ce is entirely impoient _ I Bold at the National Depot, of WARTON, of Paris, TtK PI M ud-u lane, Ns? York, and by ell booksellera and medicine H| dealers in the United State* m6 Im'r Firs ! FITS! [VAN'S VEGETABLE EXTRACT-Au infallible reme-f dy for Epileptic Fita or Kalliug Sickness. Convulsions, . kc.?This medicine, which is tmrely vegetable, it the uniy ?' remedy thet has ever been dit-usered which will positively cnre this hitherto invulnerable disease It is well known, fee from time immemorial, physicians have pronounced Epileptic w< Fits incurable. It haa baffled all their skill, and the boasted power of all medic u*. and consequently thousands have suf fered through a miserable existence, end at last yielded up their ' lives apon the altar of insanity. This is no fiction, as th* pa tenia' feelings of innnrnerible hearts will bear testimony.? In And with all delereuca to the opiuious of physicians, 'he ad learned and great, wsay positively, Epilepsy tan be cared.? Jj We care uot of h"W It ug standing. or what ara the effects tro- aa daced hy it, it can ba cured. The Vegeuhle k xtract is all ? powerful 10 curing this Jryad scourge o' the humau family? nandred* have jeen cure) tail tlw certificate* of tnany may he seen a: the principal offica, IK Grand atreet. New York, I where the afflicted aieinvited to eall and have their cases ex-gg -mined,-nd advice fiven free of charge. Let those who don bt L the efficacy of th- \ egetahle Extract, or who thiuk tnetr easafj is hopeless, let tueh call upon the following persons, whohavoLd either becu cared, orare now using the medicine. *i Mrs. Jane Beuueti, whose son was afflicted for sight orniasffl1 veara with Epiletic Kits, was cured by using the Vegetable W kitrnei?call and tee her at IT1 Grand at. ? Mr I'cob Petiv, who was afflicted for four yeara with Epi- M lept r Vita, was cured by naing the Vegetable k.nrac*; ?-? II <j an 1 s.'r him at 174 Delancy street. Mrs rltvnir W Ki-f wuu, ,fflicted for twenty year* w ith Epileptic Fits, and wet cured by P D tag 'lie Vegetnb1# extract?Cell and tee her at Yorhvilie.W Mr Wm H.r- rsells, who haa been afflicted for twenty-three years with Epileptic Fits, is now using th* Vegetable Extr ,ct;AP r-II and tea nim at No. lit Broome street. And numerous others may b* called on if d*ttr-d. P. H ?The KxtTaci t"ge ber with the ntrettary medirin#*, wilh lull directions, are carefully packed m boxes for trane poridiiou. rl< Prices per box S9, tl? and $24. Single bottles, witheeeee-ffs ?ary medicine, (2 |e Ivan's Vegetable Anti- Bilious rUls, for remoiiug all morbidm and corrupt numors, ar.d purifying th* blood Price 23 ceuta^ prboi. DR8. IVANS k HART.Proprietors 1LP Principal Office 1M Grand at.. New York fl> Im'm^ FITS! FITS! ACERTIFI CAI'E of Cure of Epileptic F-t? of 13 yea ttaoding, cured within th* last ih?t m ntht, b) utai It ins' Vegetaul * e.itraet, aed swnru to belore th* Mayor th. eit> vf New Yurk, March th*7th i .stant To all whum it msy couceru ?I*h> testify thst I h?i bcim afflic. ?d for tw-nty-thre* years w ith ciilem ir fiti t, woul be i mnossibla for me to deseriba my snffena.s for I havL su if red throng n th* various stag-s of thia d.eadful dis-aae, fru-h h iviug ihe attack* light and lar hetwree, to having th 11 in th* most awf ul msnut r and vera frequently 1 have tr rJ th medical efci'l of numeioua oliy<iriins witbuut #v#r teceivi any b#-.? fl' wuv (ever. ' h.v* alw ,ys bean trying ev-ry letr..., d/ (so called) I c mid hear of until I gave np a I nop-* ?>! evet neing cu ed. and lookegi forward to tha co d grave as a bleasmi rather than lift I -V length heard that lv-u*' Vegetebls a X tract, wis m -k irg many wondeitnl cures of this dre.-d ul d-s -ate. and couf ess it was without s shadow of faith I called 01 l)rs Ivan- A liart, and epr seated my . *** to tlitm. I cutis at ones convinced that thev understoo- the disraa, hope r-vived ?yes thai k God : m. he ilth revived 100. I r.. severed in the use of mis medicine ihnut three mouths, no thr ugh the blessing of'lis Al oghty in the meam used, I ai rrsiqr d to health.* dl would rbee fully recomm-sid nay, would urge rhoae who are iffl.cred uo louger to riouht but eal1 at once -t iK Gran-I speet, -ear York, and be m -d* whole. I sh 'l b- h appy to tee anr pen n who would wishtoeouv w win m- o n this subject, at my residence 49 F.*'*X st est, Nam Yotk VVllLlAviH F4R8ELLS. hworn hefore me, thia 7th day ot M reh, A D , II 9. P* Im'r W F H W KM' YEK vl yor. ARTIFICIAL EYES. AT AD'.ad in err-d ./ Dr. J GAaY. No. 119 Bowery. N i A 10'k.theonlv mieafiotory of the Human Artlfi-ial Kyi in the IJni ted Siaran. Any per* on that wisae s to bewail >v< ed, small always apply to th* maker, who bta b??n la the a ortf fMH. Ute n?.'3 u a 1

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