Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1846 Page 3
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world,growing eat,of anticipated short harreete aad rail way ipacalationa, notwithstanding which, tea movament of tha bank has baan vary ragtilar, and without thosa extreme fluctuations experienced undsr tba old system. Tha effect oi thasa daprasaions among tha commarcial classsa bas no doubt baan much allsriatad by tha restric tions placed upon tha bank by tha naw law. Tha result i of tha tremendous railway speculations, which hers so long agitated all classes in Great Britain, and drawn so much money from tha channels of trade, can hardly be predicted. Tba depositee paid in up to tha latest acoounts amounted to fifteen millions starling, being only about ; one-hair of the whole amount to be paid in. If tha pay' ment of the first half, caused tha embarrassments in tha ! mooay market, realized in all parts of Greet Britain, wa must look lor a vary great increase of difficulties before the depositee are all paid In. Old Stock Exchange. fil.OOOU S6'i, 1062, coup 1J1.V 23 shs K<st Boston Co It 3 We Kentucky 6', 101 100 do bSO 10 V i wa iuhicit i t 101 iw ho ww l.COO Penosvletria Vs 71V 30 Nor St Wor RR ?30 63V i tikiB.ak Aarrici 06V 200 do 031a l **ni d oi smrnci ids iw uo w, 30 Vichiburg Bank ate 7 100 do s30 63^ US . do 7V 200 do 100 de 7W 100 do slO M0 Morris Canal n2 75 do bso 25 do 17V 100 Reading RR b30 74 100 do btO 17V 100 do sSO 73V 100 do s30 17V 100 Losg Island HR blO 47 ? ' 100 Farmers' Trust 7S V 131 do s30 47 730 do 184) 2"0 do 47 IM do s)0 28', 100 do styr ? 130 Centou Co 49V 40 Harlem RR 34 de blO 40V SCO do si 30 SO do slO 40'J 30 do bM 30K 100 do 40 130 do bl 30 Heoond Board. BSOOOFeneS's sM 70V 30>hs Harlem RR 57', 3000 do b30 70?; S3 Long Island RR 46', 30 ihs Htrlem RR biro 31 100 do slO 46V (A Jn Vkfin 'ill/ 'A Ma?>. PaiSnl 113 30 do b60 38V 30 Morris Canal 174, 17*? 130 do 57V 23 Canton Co Co blO 40 30 do 57V 50 Reading RR 160 58% 50 do do _ ? do bSO 31 TOO Farmer,' Loan Naw Stock (exchange. 130 aha Morris Can Bat 18V TOO sbs Loos lsltnd RR S3 do Sst 1? :, 30 Nor fit Wor RR sJ S3 do c 18V S3 do 130 Harlem RR c 37V 30 do 30 do Sat 37V 30 do 30 do c 38V S3 do 30 de blO 38V S3 do 30 do Bat 38V 23 do 30 do b30 38V 30 do 23 Long Island RR a3 4(7, 30 do 23 de al 47 83 do 130 do gat 47 Si do 130 do blS 47 23 do Married. On tb* 19th March, by the Rev. A. Lyone, Mr. Butja miw S. Hart to Mil* Haknah HnirDUicna.all ofthi* city. Died. In thii CHy, on the let of MArch, Towmrrd Dickin son, E?q, let* of Now Orleene. On Thursday evening, March 19th, James Fitx r atricr, in the 48 ih year of hi* age. HI* friends and those of the family, are requested to attend hi* funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residenoe No. 371 Madison street. A CARP. rpHC Subscriber* do heseby state. that having seen Mr. John 1 Csrr. who has juat arnred from Unlade I pins, and exam ined the sears apon his beck, brsaat, lrais and neck, and f on aaeateofdatr to the afflicted,declare that the appearance is the most lemarkable we hire ever seen upon aur nnmau be ins. and onr fellow cit xens should riait him, to satisfy them aelrea that his cure is without a precedent, so far as onr know ledge extends Mr. Carr ran be seen nt No. 4 Conrtlnndt st. New York, March 1,1W6. William Km k, No 376 Fnltou St. Geo. W. Gardner. M. D . Jersey City. Chas Wjckoff, Narional Hotel, No. 5 Conrtlandt St. John Hooper. N?-27 Hndsou at. . D A Manners. No 33? Fulton. cor Greenwich st. Wilson Me tier, No. S3 Oey st. Thai'P-P Hatt. No. 44 ' edar st. J P. BKckwell, No 93 William it. J M. Brown, 61 Pearl at. Wn> Vnirheid. Merchants' Hotel, 41 Conrtlandt at. A D Hope, Kxprau Office, 41 Conrtlandt at. Q M. Grists, Merchants'Hotel. Capt. Charles Hiokle, Btaamboat Philadelphia. W. P. Bnrgeas, 333 Broadway. Tbepoblie are respectfully referred to the statement of Mr. John Carr, in another pert of tbia paper. mSl XtisflatkM'r EXPRESS NOTICE. " A N EXPRESS for Toshers, Piermont, Bine Sing, Cald /x wells, West Point, Newlmrgh, Foughkeepsie. Hyde Ptik, Kingston, Rhinabeck, Red74ook, Bristol,Caukill, Hud son, Coiiaekie and KiuddoWuk Landing. will leave the office of the undersigned erery qftarnoon at 5 n'elrclt until further notice. TfflNGSTON k V?LLS, in JI tfrc , Nn. It Wall street. A O. OF O. F. THE Membrtttif Howard Lodge No. 60. .are. reqneeted to 1 aasenihhokt their Lodge Room, No. 71 Division street, on Sunday at ) P. M , foi the perpoae of paying the last tribute of ??wet to onr IM. b,other, Comeli-.B. ^ & M C.Tuct, 8?e. ... . Th? Or4tx generally are invited to attend. 1*21 lt*r 'I^Hfc"*ebjOUttWl D MEETING of the Philharmonic A Boci.ty. appointed for this evening, is postponed until By 0rdn' u. c. HILL. President. YOUNG BAcHtLUK'3 SOUl? IY. Wednesday Eveumg. March ^ Snrass Kstua, Jn.Sec'y. mM 3sw*re ~ BROADWAY TABERNACLE. Mr. THOMAS FLYNN, formerly connected with the Theetree wilt deliver lua Firit Lecture on Temperance, on Monday Even ng next. Match 21d. be. eml eminent vocal hta willappenr. Mr. Biowo. of Yoakets. will sing several Temt'aranwSmga, and also Mr Cooke, to commence at 3 &)~k TickmTgi cent a; t; be hat ofkemr.TS.TeM. Ptrma#-fcCo., corner ot B'oadwny end Ann at., tad at Mr. Flyn*a residence. 63 Dnane at. m3l 3t me PHRENOLOGY. ~~ ; , H.fR roWLER commences a coarse of Phrenological M l eclnr-a, in St Luke'. Buildings on Saturday evening, the 31st instant, nt 7* o'clock. Seats free, and a collectionte hennp. w" " f THE REV. B F. BARRETT WILL deliver his eleventh and concluding lecture of'the present aerina, en the Sacred "enpture. next Sibbath (to-morrow) evening, at 7X o'clock, in the New York Society Lihiary Beildiag, corner ef Broad ?ay and Leonard at Sobiect?The importance which Swedeaborg, and all who receive hie doctrines, attach to the literal aeoao of Scripture. Seats tree. Lecture to be postponed in ease *1 a storm. mil If re PRIZE NOTICE-TO AUTHORS. 91000 1WILL GIVE for three Entertainments, In the style of the late Cnsiles Matthews, Esq., mid the heat Comedy, in five aits, of domestic incident. to be delivered in manuscript, through the eity ol New York Poet Office, Previous to the 1st of Jane next. mtlkisV O H. HILL. CARPENTERS' and Cabinet M.kers' Tools, ke.-The .abseriber has just opened his spn. g sn| ply of Mechan ics' To Is, consisting ofHews, Kdg. Tools, BtManand Bltt, ke., received ky thl packet ships New York and Fidelia, to which the attention of his euwomaxa.jnd^mec^aiea general iSl'ltf' 317 Broadway, near Walker at. (Jou'ntry merchants XriMTlNO the city of New York, are invited to call end, V etamina the complete and ci tensive stock ofAc'o^ leaks. Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copying P fob ALLdffifER AM1CU&aeiJ nr STATI'j^krj At the Lamed Potvble Prtcet. RICH It LOUTREL, 61 W: M Wow Cedar. the rtalnhaia Dane, ca-s*. nm olher shinplnater experiments of end hy Moses Y Beach. Complete ia one chapter, farnutwd by the cf'jttee on Banks of tha Pennsylvania JUegialataie. Price ofy out. re3l lt*r BR'^WluK SHEETINGS. npHK Brnnaw^j, ue the heaviest of all ihe 4-4 brown Sheet A about one pound to 3R ynrda. and the price u but a shade ^,1 th# ordinary cotton goods. Country mer cheats ue U|jt^ M fx am ins this article, in connection with a geuer^f utonmaat af median priced yard wide Bheetinga, weerryg to m ceo , p*r yard. Alto, heat Southern Cotton X?",as?assorted Twist, No#- 3 'o 16, and 6 to 13. Also, Batts, -*????-??* SulftMiL't'" A MAGNIFICENT PAPER. THE SUNDRY DISPATCH 17OR TO MORROW, will be one of the most splendid J: numbers yet issued. Chapter 14. of the Times oT John lyiir.iii rich ooe; Young Physic. No. 11. a defence of the Chrono-Thermal System,by en eminent physician of New York- A grsrhre sec matol tha Battle between the United States and, Macedonian, by a Volunteer on board the United St tea. All who fear the result of a war with England, should read this. Visit to t Slave Market at Constantinople, where white women are sold for the Harem. Nearly four colarans of inter, aiing selections. from varices seure ?*. ,Let?er from eorder. Lov,| Nt ws lie lie. EDITORIALS-About three columns, on virions subjects, maainr altogether, nearly twenty eolnmna, for three cants.? Office it Ann speet, where snoscri^^mmceieed. W1LL1AM80N, BURNS k WATSON, yH mt>l: uwn THE SIXTH NUMBER OF HORBITO NATIONAL PRESS, 16 NOW READY FOR DELIVERY. rrtHE following are some of tha Literary Contents for Sat Renews of New1 Books-The Sportsman'* Lihmry. My eta rtas of the Buck -oods; 9"^el L"J* tUlleck ? p^, ry-ThaWieda of March, by Fits Oreeoe nail ecu. TW3E?:an^' N.P. Willm; Dim Ion* between Colnmbia end Bntaanm; Jfle Mejeety the Public, etc; r.nfk.i R-colleetiimi of Matnrin, by Croftoa Croeier, New and Beautiful Stoty, by Lenth Hunt. fesy sisBs? 3T? o,? rats ^BTxSSS. - 8?b5tT*f ioalbr th. (nt th. ** .'*-7' I-? ?TN? mtatt'r No til broad war, comer of Ann at CURE OF CORNS, Bunions, tumors, excrescences. Bad n*in., k? .-No. 439 Broadway, bat wren Howwd end Gran del MRS- SERHARD, from Kris, Has tb* honor of inform ing the publie that she still couttauee^to prmitieejipon the feet with the ' ' ~ time to thogn . , oufldent in promising that ah# will entirely r. more corne lUNlONB, TUMORS. EXCRESCENCES. Bsd Nails, fife. 436 Broadway, bat wren Howeid aJOrandU. HARD, from Kn?, has tb* honor of in form ic that she still continue* to practice upon the greatest ? across, having eselasively do cored Iwr discerns, to which tha lest are iavjeet. She is rouHurm ?> promising that she will entirely f move corns Bom their and peiofnl location, without csMurilie ).fft pem or possibility ol deager, or making the blood (low. Tha operation will not occupy more than four to fire minutes, 6cEtna relief so iastutaaeona that parsons thus treated can immsd atrly put on their shoes sad walk without the least in coaveui Mrs. her profession for several years in Eu rope sad .n tbts rrmnirc, and has acquired gient ahlll nod much or criorl rxprrieoe#. Facts atlasted by aameraw* certWcatr* F,om the m>at celebrated phj.iei.iu of New York, Beaton, aid Philadelphia- Terms mods .ate for y tail y eweedenee. Broadway, between Howard and Orsnd^meyta.Naw A TO PRINTERS. " U7ANTED?A good Proaaman, end two Compositor*. Ap VT pjf at 4th Itorr. Hera'd Bmi ding'- ?"?' tmc " wanted. ~~ TWO FIRST RATE SALESMEN-Nom bat thoroogh b iiintH bhd. wad acquainted wilh th? hosiery, lace and ?^^'^^"TETER^BERrs, r3 Broadway. ' PARTNER wanted, IN One of the largest aud moat elegsut Oyster Establish menu iu tha city. To a parson baring about $|C0, this is a good opportunity to make money. At tha oyster business is mostly nights, t' a proprietor is now making arrangements to open as an eating house, to be conducted on the Swetry plan. TU" perion coming in will be reomred to take charge 01 tha I Bight bntmeaa. as the proprietor has another business which i requires purt of his attention. There it no humbug aboat this, j A only corner Chatham and Mott its. ml1 tt?r ! WANTED, j UOOO Steady Saw Oriod-r; one that nnderstands grind ! ing taper Circulars, will be preferred. He can make $13 to $1J per week, and steady work Apply to WM MOVSLKV, Saw Maker. mJ0lw*re Ha* rhill s? . Boston, Mass. I A YOUNG MAN -fir ANTS A SITUATION as Uardaner or Coachman T v and would hare no objection to act in both. Ha has j lived for firs years in hit last situation, and can corns well re- , c immended. Any parson wanting sticn a m?n, will plaasa ad dresa a few Unas to the office of tnit paper, for O. H. n.213t*rc WANTED. A CONFECTIONERY and Cake Baker, to go to Rich mond, Virginia. Apply at UKIEVE'S Bird Sto-e, No. J John at. mW3t*re WAN TEI), A SITUATION, as Book-keeper, Cashier, English and Oe'man Correspondent, Accountant, Agent, lie . by an nnmanied own of 4# years of age, who has been employed in these capacities since he wss 20 years old, in sundry mercantile houses of first rate stauding and respectability in Naw York, Philadelphia, the West ludirs, Mexico, and Oermanr (from wheuce he lately arrived). He has also been employed in other branches of business, rix : as Factor in Factories; aud as Reviser ol the books in failures and bankruptcies of large mer- j eantile houses, where inch we e kept purposely or igunrantly compticsted-sad incorrect, and which were given to him by the authorities to rectily and correct, aud ta render a true, jnst and plain stab ment of their affairs. He offers, therefore, his servicea to executors and trustee", appointed in similar cues, and for the regulation of estates, Itc. lie, farther, would ac cept a situation iu the South, the West Indies or Mexico, as lie is sufficiently acquainted with trade and business there, re specting his capabi'ities and character, he can giro such refer ences as to satisfy those who wish to make use of his servicss, and who may drop a line to F. 8., Box No. 1U, lower Post Office. m20 lm*rc LEFT OFF WARDROBE. JEWELRY, FlKE ARMS, &c. /~1LNTLEMEN ud Familiesi having superfluous Effects, Vff such as Jewelry, (.lothtng. Fire Arms, ke. to dispose oh Tor Cash, can do so to their advautage. by aondijuf for tne sub scriber, who will attend than at their residence* by appoint ment. H LEVETT, n . . - . . ... No. 2 W' .11 atreet, N. T. left ?"b?cr,herN e. ... c .at through the "wl Office, will meet with . , t . m2| it?mc SPRING AND SUM Mill < uJ THING, AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING. ESTABLISHMENT OK W. H. DEGROOT A CO.. _ No. IOH Fulton Street, "IlfHERE the followii ir arrest attractions will be presented: " Cloth Coitt, from Is to $16 ; Alpacca Coat., from $2 50 to $5 ; Thin Coats of Linena, UinKh.-mt and Print*, from TJ cent* to $3.50 iCuumer. Paut frum $3 to $6 ; Merino Pant*, loom $1 to $3.50; Drilling, and other SumTur Pnnti, from SI t?*s 5 Satin Vesta, from tt to Si ; Summer Ve.ta, from 75 cent* to $1.75. Also, a large assortment of Cloths. Casaimeres, fnd Ve-tiiigs, which will tre mada to order to snit the moat fastidious. Boy* Clothing, equally cheap?which prices are admitted to be twenty-five per cent cheaper than anyoihor store m ib* cite. mgl im*rc ~~~~~ FOUND AT LAST. H OVER'S Adamantine Cement, a rery nsefnl article for AA repairing chiua, glaaa, earthen, cabinet or other waree? recommended by lannmerabla chemisu. For sale wholeeale or retail, by the manefectnrera' ager t, GEORGE K. NK8BITT, Stationer, corner of Wall and Water at*. Prim 25 cent* per b<-ttle. A liberal diaeonnt to the trade, ml* St*rc DR. JONES, DENTIST. BROADWAY AND CANAL STREET, INSERTS TEETH and warrants them as good aa the natu ral onea for biting and mastication. A complete doable set of beet mineral Teeth on fine gold platea, $50 00 A set of beet mineral Teeth, on fine gold plate, for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric TOE-?- - 30 00 Single Tooth, from It 06 to & to rlttgginK Teeth with Gold, from 75 to I 50 . Remember?corner of Canal street and Broadway, ?b trine? iw i Nwelmeet m2l Iwis re UK. POWELL OCULIST, A ND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Disease* of AX the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from ? to 4 o'clock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, comer of Warren St. Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Pasaage, Cataract and Opacities .effects ally removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and sneeeaa. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, carad m c lew minutes. Jnst imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior boauty aad finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor Without charge. Office and residence Ml Broailwiv?entrance IK Warren street. m5 M.W.FkSnn lm k 4tw*r X'RAN KLIN MEDICAL COLLEGE, of Philadelphia. JC The first annual coarse ef leetnrci in this ioitit utioo, will be opened on Monday, 12th October, and will be continued until the end of the ensuing February. Professors?Pan I Uoddard, M. D., Anatomy and His tology; C C. Van Wyek, M D., Principles and Practice of Surgery; Meredith Clymer, M. D.. Principles and Practice of Medicine; John Barclay Biddle, M D., Materia Medica.and Therapeuti's; David Hunter Tncksr, M. D., Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children; Levin 8. Joynes, M. D., Physiology and Legal Medicine; Jsmee B. Rogers, M. D., General and Organic Chemistry; Demonstrator of Anatomy, Joseph Leidy, M. D. Fere?For eaeh of the seven conraes of lectures, $15; Ma triculation fee, to be: aid once only, $3; Diploma fee, $10. No other expense necessary to graduation. The Franklin Medical College ia incorporated by the Legis lature of Pennsylvania, with power to garnt degrees, and gene ral privilege, equal to those conferred on any sriniir institu tion. al information respecting the course of instruc tion, cm be obtained, npon application, personally or by let ter, ro J. B. BIDDLE, M. D , Dean ot the Faculty, m21 lt*rc N E. corner of Quince and Spruce sts , Phil. NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. DATCHELOR'i new invented Wigs and Scalps so perfeet U ly resemble the gttnral hair as to defy detection. It is now scarcely a matter of regret losing an indifferent head of hair, when a aew one, perfectly adapted to the countenance and style of every wearer, aad without say of the vexations dimcnlties so long experienced by wig Wearers, can be procured at WM. BATCHKLOKTB, 3 Wail Street, near Broadway. Removed from 166 Broadway. mil lm*m CONSUMPTION. SO NUMEROUS are the instance* of Dr. E. W. VON DER8.vHTH'B success in tbe treetreent of diseased I nags, t*>st the curability of Consumption seems to be no long er donbted?certainly no medical practitioner can produce stronger evidence ot talent in this respect The testimonials relative to the cares be nes effected are animieechablc, and ore sufficient to isspire hope, even in cases the most de.prrate. Extraor inary cure of Consumption of thirteen years' Tank ing: Captain Remons Wooltey, ol' Pouthkeepeie. N. Y . after being pronounced by several physician* incurable, was restor ed to heal'h and atraaggt, try the as# of the Indian Coagh Balm aad Lung Balsam Aioth-r Won.'tgrful Cure of Cossnmption?John Cum miogs. No. Wat?r street, who wat prononnced, by the physicisna ?f Crosby street Medical College as lucnrable. was restored (0 good health and strength by ibe ase of the Indian Loo--a Balm Mid Lung Balsaa Dr.Jt W. Vouderamith can be conialtrd_dtily at his .medi cal office. No M Barclay St., New York. The Indian Cough Balm tod Lung Balsam are not to be obtained at any drag store, either ia the city or country mtl lt*r jyjAD'LLE FANNY GODEFROY. (Mrs. J H.GaveMe) ?? H9 Broadway, up stairs, rcspcetfnlly informs the ladies of New York, that on Thursday next, 24th March, ahe will i open her large assortmenu of Spring goods. m2Q 4tis mFSMT 100 UNPRECEDENTED BOWLING. ! DOLLARS REWARD?" Some things can be done as well as others," as Sam Patch aaid. $5* reward . having been offered to any bnsinesa man who could beat the large game.made at the Tremont Bowling 8alo?n, which it the lourrat.ia the world, ext ndmg from 60 Eist Broadway to 71 Diviaion street, about 150 feet long) under the urge o rpet i store, aud ia consequence of it. hiring been beaten by 23|>ias, and the great increaae of patron ige, the proprietor has offered $100 rew. rd to any busine.. man w ho e-m beat the beater, at . Ote Mammoth Saloon, containing six sp'endid alleys, ranning 1 from the eeatr* toward, each street, which is quita a novelty. The following in the gr-ar game made: CLOTHLV MUdCeHr LOWER than .he General Prices^- VCOBVAN DERB1LT, 36 iv-aiden Line, between 5\ ra. and Nassau streets,the cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing establishes ant ia New York. N. B. Hundreds of garmsnts ready made, which wi'l be sold wholeeale or retail, i cry low. mlf lm*re FAT BEEF-FAT BEEF. A BEAUTIFUL Pair of five year old Steers, raised by Ben jamin Peek, Wallingford, Coereetieot, New Haven co. Also, Superior Veal and Mutton, to be offered for sale on Saturday, Slat Mareh, 184.., by B. LAWRENCE, No. U Centre Market. Prices reasonable. m20 2tit*rc DUTCH METAL, &o TAUTCH METAL, Florenee L af Gold, Bronse Powder, iJ cf all colon, Ultra-marina Blue; all genuine, aad of the beet qualities. For sale at the lowest factory pneee, in any quantity to rait purchasers, at the Manufacturer's General Depot for the Ucited States, at New York, No. It Fulton it, agent, Mr. Edward Baaek; Philadelphia, No. 1 North Fifth street, agent, Mr. Edward Hrssenbraeh. mM It'rc BORDEAUX WINES. FUST Rneeived, per bark Callao, from Bordeaux. 7M easee v red Wines. St. Jalien Dncrn, Chateau Laroec, Margeaux, La'our, Leoville, kc. M eeaks and half do red Wince, St. Jelion, Modoc, Mar leanx, ke. 31 caaka end kail do white Wines, Hant Sinterne, Hant " lose and Graven. pto: ??B abort wine? havtbten emfnllr ?elected for thU n?ar- , ket. by my h<mt? in Bordeaux.and are n#w landing and cff?r j ad from the wharf, on reasonable term?, bv I mil aodlm?rc JOHN gCHflfrlDT, W Fnlton ?t. I FRENCH ARTinOlAL FLOWERS, AHND MATERI ALS FOR FLORISTS?Having jnst re ? reived bv the Havre packets Zurich and Francis 1st, a fresh assortment of hreneh Flowers and Materials, of ihe best quality and latest stvles, at low prieee, we take pleasure to uvita the dealers id the same articles i.tts.t.-"' to call and examine, at BRUNTLAROSfERE k COURT, . 11$ William at FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FL0WER8. LMOWITZ k BECKER. No M John street, have just Op-n ? ed a splendid assortment of French ArtiAeisI Flowers, materials for flownr makers, ke. ke. which they offer to tha trede. at low prices rail Im'mc STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will ahaage gr#v hair to its original eolor ia a few minatea Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their heir changed before paying their money. If hnm erald t^^^^ejho^er^^^^^^eee^^^m plain. Gentlemen can have their whisker, and hair ehumed to any eelor or shade in a few minatea. Private rooms for ehaag ing the hair. None geaaine anient signed " H. Striker,"in red ink. 0?e trial will prove the feet- . Aold wlnrleaale and retail, and applied at No. i CHATHAM STREET, oppoeite the Hall of Records. New York, up stairs. tgg Im'rh TuirfHirFACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. ^^^^?valnable Cosmetic for eradieauag Eruptions AH HIGHLY valuable Coemetie for eradieauag Eraptioae ? oa the Face aad Shin, particularly Vimplea, Btotchea.l Tettar, Sunburn, Ringworms, Frecklee and Cutanaewi Ki craeraesa. The ase of the Lotion for a short time will clear the akin end eetabliah a brilliant complexion. Sold iu bottles at 74 eants each, at No. IN Bowsry, comer Spring stteet^alao, bv Mrs. Havre. INFnltoe street. irooAlya. ft lmi>m AUCTION Bto be SOLO AT AUCTION. V JACOB 8. PL ATT. on Tuesday Mil, 34th March, at 10)4 o'clock, at the China Hail, Broadway. cornet Cham bers at., the bal.nce of stock of the former propriet >r?, toge ihrr wi'h an rlecanl ai d uielul laroica of fr??h nooda jaat landed. consisting of over fire huudrrd French and Enaliah Chin? Dinner, Deaacrt, Break Ait, Tea and Codec and Toilet Services: about 188 plain white Fienrh China Family Diauig Sets Without any exception, thin aale will bo fonud one of the uioataatialactory erer offered in thia city, aa erery lot in lha catalogue ia useful modern gooda, and *11 be poaititely acid to the higheat bidder, lor eaah. The roida will be arranged, and catalogue! ready on Mon day morning. ? all Itit'dttMItT AUCTION NOTICE. THEATRICAL WARDROBE Ac . to ba aold on Mob A day, at II o'cloak. at No. 39 Chambara at.?In addition, will be told a valuable ehimieg and mnaicat Clock?pLyslour different aira, aud rhitnea any hoar?made by Simpson, of London, in pe feet order, and coat, origin-lly L100 iterling? ia s great curiosity. Alio, a Pictn-a Clock, atnkea aud chimra, repreaaiitirg a view of the bay and the nty of Naplea, together with other curioaitiea. Sales positive for cash, mil lt*r M. HENRY. Auctioneer. JOS R. CURT1S8. Auctioneer. WATCHES. JEWELRY AND FANCY GOODS-Ou a credit of th'ae ru >ntht for inoai of $100 aud upwards. JACOBS. PL A I T wi I sell This Day, at 10 o'clock, at tha auction room, I] Piatt, corner Gold atreet, gold aud silver Le *?'?, Duplex, Anchor nacapement aad Lepiuea, gold sad gilt Jawelry g'lierslly Also, to close a conram, t gold Lapin-t, fins eoamalled Di als; I gold Lepints, gold cip; I gold Anchor, fall jswslled; I gold Lepina, silver dial; S gold Levers, engraved caaas, gold dials, fu I jeweled, and 1 do M I. Tob as. Faocy (roods?5 esses Chinese Kites, jut imported, an en tirely uew ar icls, of rare and curious construction, represent ing bmterflies. dolphin*, Ac. Alto, a lew run of Uennan and French Goods, just landed, cousistii g of Pin Cushions, Valvet Boxes, Fancy Glass do, pocket, hair and clothra Brushes, Accordions. Alio, a hand some variety of French Walking Canes, Umbrella and Parasol Sticks, Ac. mil lt*re WM. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. V H. E. W1LLARD?Positive Sale of Cabinet Furni B ? tnre, to pay advances?Tuaiday, March 14th, at 19 o'clock, at tha Sales Room, No. 151 Broadway?Catalogue aale of 25 Solas, various patterns; f Sofa Bedateada, 3 Secret ,ry Book Cast, i2 Centre and Pier Tables, French and other Bedsteads, 12 dresiiug and other Bnreans, 8 Rocking Chairs, French and other Bedsteads, Mrttrasses, 20C yards Oil Cloth, 8 leet wide, rosewood Cabinet Piano Forte, full and three quarters French Chairs, with variona other good*, Desks, Ac. mil Ifmc f UST I Sstor OIL PAINTINGS, IMPORTED?At Auction-A. LEVY will sail en Saturday Ersning, at 7 o'clock, at No. 193 Broadway, 3 'ases Oil Paintings, jest received per the ship Almad*, from Leghorn,-ontaining many desirable pictures, to which the public are invited to call and view them. New ready, with cstslogues for examination. Rale without reserve. ml91t*r A CARD. H. E. WILLARD A W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, J\T ILL rive their personal attention to the Sales of House "v hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeeping- Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, ana ?ales of Real Estate, at the Merchant!' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their frieada aud the public, cdnsignmants to their SALES ROOM, 151 BROADWAY, until Msv 1st, v w.,uau i.whi, ... witviiv .rail ?uin, i?, when they will move to the apacious store, No. 17 WALL atreet, late Adams' Express Ofllae- mrll lm*r S DhAo WtR.?Rooms to rent with Steam Power Ap n.4 ??,?. R MOE k CO, ? 4 *T'f Weed II Gold street. LONG WHITE SHAWLS-? J^hTcW^h VEM~?er HlTr?. 1?? White Long Hhtwli, Bilk HhtwU. Parit made. Grenadine Shawls, do do. Crape Shawls, printed. Cashmere d'Kcosse Paris made Scarfs, at INDIA SHAWLS. JJJ^KS^SUOSSiJfifff &SS? S*if 0 P'?- "J ?i" b* 10M i,r;.J,r Of th. ri.u. . ilAJNT0N CRAPE 8HAWL8. ^ orth.nehmeku.d ever imported? Orl;bL,dM^r'V;rvn^hm*gBifiC*mlyen,br0,<Jer*dl Blnck end Grey, ' ?'f ?? Y*ne?.ted colon, Splendid extra rich Scerfa, M CUM low priced Shawls. In*ill ? ?<< Sinchsws. 1A'[',Ecaat., e TO GROCERS. A in Cpportunuy i, offered Tor one or two you a, men, in <hl skiTi i f profitable and respectable business -!u m r,Ul' ^roc?rv and Liquor Trade To cUol:e'l'of'8l'prCT,^?,rm''ioa ^"1uir"" U ~ s^arb and bass. ' A A. 8AMAN08, No. 9! Broadway, up atairs. offers for .xoreu?ie'fifr*hi',d eieortment of >hoire Segars, (elected I5f.^L i ^?""bliahment. Alio, 40 bale* of strictly and rrttil ? Tob,cco' and ? ,m?,l lot of Baaa, by whnlesall ano retail. ml? lm?r FENCING EXHIBITION "" rpUR UNDERSIGNED ha. tl^honor toinfonn the public lln*Wunofceucin,that he will ft.ean exhSritioS in the obor. art, on Saturday, March Itih, at the Salooo of Mr ifcS: it asr* -' ????** ? Price of sdmliaion 50 cents. mil II 13 lw*jc CENTREVlLLE COURSE?TROTTING m T^riU5lh.miJ4s8,'#*P,UkM*re now?P*n' 10 commence I in ?! M e?IU' mi'# h"U' b"? harness"Hub'gso**" '?r * ?n'oM coltt'tw0 mi,e heate, in No I ?Sweeps*ake for horres that never won a pune natch M u 'two ??!; beau in harne*>. Sub $J0. .J?" f,,?J?w*ei'auke for horaea that never won a purae over ?*1 "ll? hears. beat 3 in 5, in barnesi. Hub $50 2? 5.?Sweepstake ?ame as No. 4, under the aaddle. i - No 8.?Sweepstake for horaes that never won a pone over ?48. mile beau, best I in S. in harness. Snb $50. 5? 1 Sweep.take same as No 8, uad rthe saddle. No.g.?Sweejwtake for hones that never woo a purse over ? loo. two mile he iU, in harness Hub. 1:0. No 9?Sweepstake same as No I. under the saddle. The above sweepstakes are half forfeit. $25 will be added by ihe proprietor, to the winner of each of the above sweep. staves. Three or moie to make t race. TocloeeonorlbeforeiApril 18, by 9o'clock P. M.,at Green RLoeeet.No. IIS Chatham Hqu-re. No. 18?Sweepstake, free for all trotting horses, mile heats. ?mS Vi I? harness. Sub $300, half forfeit, with a puna of $200 added by the proprietor to the ?e-ond best hone in the rice. This sweeistake to come off April r. To eloie on or befon April 38, by 0 o clock P. M., at Green k Loser's; three or mora to start lo make a race. pedand'roUed 00W " " l?8vin? been sera. Centreviile Coarse, March 19th. 1048 mIO lw*r fiats -Spring Fashion ---184C QL THE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully call the oTIr./.Lu oO?" rfMds and patrons to his assort meet of "?G oftbe Spring Fsehioj. I? soliciting their patronag* he would remind tham of his adherance to his established low K'CS?. ?'*^Fine Moleskin liau, $3; Fine Nutria Fur Hau. $3; Short Nap Silk Hats, $3,50. WM. BANTA, ,. . no. 94 Canal it. cor. Wooster, and 130 Chatham at. ml4 iwu'f NOTICE. Vm - -THE UNDERSIGNED bees leave to inform his d^rnends and the public that liii ? ^ HAT ESTABLISHMENT li removed from coruer of Wall and Naaaau streets, to No. 177 Broadway _ Directly opporite Howard Hotel. IjWFgvyliberal patronage whieh has for so many yean PP-0 'Mended to him at hia old stand, is dnly appreciated, and j"' ?'""??meota are now inch as enable him to offer trery in ducement for a continnation of the same. H'??'*breted fine Bearer, Castor, and Mole Skin Hsu, which are too well known to need commendation, will be round still further improved and beautified. e.|A 'O, a .(dendid aaaortment of Gentlemm's. Tonths' and r . ff0 9 Gepe. cpmprinnf many new and desirable patterns, of the best materials, and at moderate prices. v a _n .? . ? IP . on . F H AMIDON. *}? ? Gentlemen a Hats of the Sprinjr Fashion are now lm4T* m!3 FSTnThS 5.ia* rrc NOTICE. ' Jhdff. TO THOSE that want iheir Gardens put in good or KWder, and Seeds put in the ground, or theur Vines pruned mnmand trimmed, will please call to Mr. H. GLENART, Gardener, 183 Eldridge street, rear building, corner of Broome street, where orders will be punctually attended to, and the Wrrx done on ihw most reasonable terms. m2l lt*mc TO LET. _ ja POSSESSION given on the 1st of April, a honse, JU]W J?5 about aa acre of ground, at Yorkville, corner of the ??sM.4th avenue and 181st street: the building will be newly painted and pot in thorough repair, and let lor one or moie yean, at n low lent Enquire of D. FANSHA W. 150 Naaaau r M between 90th and 91st streeu? I hree I id. a of stages run from the city to Yorkville. Fare, 8 vuH'?ii "f!" ,Urt ?*t?T faw minutes from the City Hall, end from the corner of Pell at. and the Bowery, mil If r STORE TO LET. M THE Store# No. II South William street, and No. 59 street, heretofore occupied by Mr. William Kobble, auctioneer. It ia well calculated for the dry BOIMU jobbing, commission or auction business. Rent mod * rate. Eaquire on the premises. m2? jtts?r FOR ALBANY, Landing at Foughkeepele, Catskilined Hnd Fsob?baje 58 cents?The splendid steamer ! . i ioONEiDa, Tuiyier master, leaves this sven leg at 5 o crock, and is in every wny equal to any boat new running. Freight t.ken at low rata*. Arrives in Albany ia time for all the ears sod packets. mil ]t*re Jfr FOR NKVV ORLKAT48. ? Louisiana ?h| p,ew HJWVlork Line?Poaitivrly Firat Regular packet, M mil h above, her regular day. for freight or paaaage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf; foot of Wall street, or to - . E- K. COLLIN8k CO, 58 Sooth street. U-r Positively no goods received un board after Saturday evening, 31st March. Agent in New Orleana.JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to hie address. P"c*8t berk GENESEE, Minett, master, will succeed the Huguenot, and sail Monday, 30th_Mareh, her regular day, mil FOR OLASOOW-RegnTar"'sehet?Th~fine fast sailisg British bark ANN HAHLF.Y, 560 tons. _?__iL?pt. Robert Scott, daily expected, wilt meet with 1*.'. desp.tch, on srrivil. port/eight or passage, hiving tx Calient accommodations, apply to WpODrtUCL k MIWTURN, IT South it. The 'egnlar parket snip Saracsu. Cipt. N. T. Hawkins, wiB succeed ihe ^nn Hsrl.y, mjl me Jicac teas burthen, til oo Taesday For balance of freight or passage, having splendid, large and JPriee of passage $180. ?T, -111^ mrr^'iA-'ii , 1158 tow. Capt. John Eldridge. >Vr r-VJriTTdar Hottingner, and sail oa the 31st of April, roll mc P^h.l^?^1iP LIVfBrOOL.JiTS: Liverpool, is .lis u root oT Dover ?"qt permitied;mast be sent to public store PtfKKMS HOTT1NOUER, for Liverpool, is veneerv will M fy n,,t' ""tant, at ISo'cloafc.^Tm I'ngilie whrn''ihl ?1 ">,t d*v' 11 w?t side Fur bmi will rloam at ?$JTJ? ,Ml L?tr?r mil mc A fin Pus AMPycwpira. FAim THJIATJU4, MRS SEGUIN. MR FRAZF.R. and MR. SEGl/TN, ** lined by MR F. MEYER 8>tnrd*)r Much III, Will beperf . ruled ? DON pasquale. Don Paaquale Mr 8eguia. JWM , Mr Fraaer Doctor Malatesta ... Mr F Mey*r Norma Mil Bcguin To conclude with BOHEMIAN GIRL. I tnddcui Mr Fraxer Davilshoof .Mr Seguiu Count Aruheim Mr F Meyar AHioe Mr* Seguiu Tha Entertainments will roanaiM with tha MISERIES OF HUMAN LIKE. Mr Ally Croakar Mr O Barratt rnca of Admission?Boxaa, h, fu, M aaata ; uatlary 19 ctou. Oms ?n at 4H o'alaak. amd the Cartria will risupvatisaly it " o clock. MOW Kith THEATRE. A. W. JACKBON... MANAGER AND PHOPRLErOR GRAND COMBINJ ?, IATION. - . .S&2P OU B L E COM PA NY.^31 Rockwell k stone'a Euuastrian Troapa in combination With tha Dranatic Company of thia establishment. Saturday Kranlna, March sdl. Will be par lor mad IIVANHOE. Isaac, Mr J R Bcott. Tha Black Knight Blanc hard. Cedria Chan flan. Tha Pilgrim , Davano l ha rugnm , Daveunort. Bir Brian da Boia Guilbart Clark. Garth Cony. Wamba Hadaway. Lockaley Proctor. Rebecca Mr* Jonaa. Lady Rowena Mr* Phillips. Elgira Mr* BargaaaL Previous to which, YOUNG ENGLAND. Capt Dashaloug Mr Davenport To conclada with EVERY BODY'S MESS. II ?T** Lower Boxes JO cent*?becood and Third Tiara, IS cto.; Pit and Gallery 11* cents. Door* will open at half paatg?aaitaia will riae atT. l'ALRU's uPEKA HOUSE. Chtnb*rs Street. KETURN OK THE OHIGINAL ETHIOPIAN HAR MONISTS Me?*rt. KLAVIN, RICE, RAYMOND, NEAL and STANLEY,- The above Company having taken their old quarter* for a few night*, perform again on Saturday Evening, Starch HI, w hen they will give tome of their oiigin?l, and many new Songa, Gleet, Chornsea. Quick Btepa, ac. kc. IT ",l v?I Viau* uat)B( ^Uiva wivpg, att,' Senu may be procured by applying at the Bos Office, from 10 till s. Admission ? cents; children half price. mil lt*rc BOWERY ARPUITHKATRB. SANDS, LENT <J- CO., PROPRIETORS. The public are respectfully informed that thia popular Es t abliahment will open for a very limited pei iod. on Monday Evening, March H3, [ >r the cxpreaa purpose of introducing to the New York pub lic, pi lor to the departure of the company on its travelling tour, the moat ELEGANT NOVEL lY o be found either iu thia country or in Europe, and at the acme time to exhibit the perfoimancrs of the MOST BRILLIANT EQUESTRIAN TROUPE tie THK WOULD, embracing the highest order of talent and respectability, and d op'ayin^ jn^me_entertajnjneflt, the vjfry une entertainment, the very i L JUtfJT OP SPLEkoOR AND art. First in the catalogue of spleudid novelties, stand tha match leas European DANCING HORSES, purchased by Mr Sands, from Francooi'a f?mous Equestrian eitabli-hraeut in Paris, and recently imported in thia country, bring thsir first public exhibinotaia America. These horses are trained to perform the moat difficult dan ces, keeping perfect lime with the manic, and displaying a style ana ta?tefulae*i of execution, peculiarly Parixienne.? Among others, they will give THE POLKA DANCE, la correct imitation of the moat celebrated Parisian artists.? 1 hey hare performed at most of the great cities of Europe, and before the rFiguing sovereigns of England, France and Holland. Louii Philippe and family were so much delighted at the achievements of these beautifully trained creatures, that they honored their perfermancea with four visits in the comae of the season. Mr. Sands will also introduce upon thia occasion, for the 1st time in America, his superbly trained and beautifully marked Shell end FIGHTING PONIES. These diminutive and wonderfully taught quadrupeds were purchased at Astley's. London, aud have been trained to WRESTLE, SPAR AND K1GHT 1 While Standing iu an Erect Attitude upon their Hind Legs. They have been taught to pat ou the gloves, spir with all thedexterity and oaulion of accomplished pugilists, rest them selves at the terminatien of each round, aud come again up to the scratch at the word " time." Nothing has ever b-eo before witnessed in this country that can give the smallest idea of the extraordinary performances of these truly wonderful ere .lures. _ MR. SANDS AND HIS BOYS Being the great model* of graceful and difficult Posturing, both in this countiy and Eunpe, will give a beautiful aud po etic gymnastic illustration of THE SCULPTOR'S DREAM, As performed by them recently at the Park Theatre, and for several aeaaons in England, France and Helund. Mr. Studs and his gi'ted children have received the highest tnlogiams, aolouly for their skillful pel form an ee, but especi ally lor the modest, elegant and classic style with which they aiq achieved. The netc distinguishing features of this Troupe.are tha GREAT STUD OF HORSES, Being the largest in number, t't most perfectly trained. And the most beauuul in Appearance ever aihibited in this city. THE WARDROBE AND TRAPPINGS! The limit* of an announce sheet will not permit the of their tori to dwell at length upon the beaaty aud splendor o f ? elegant Costumes, Saddle Cloths, and Performing Trappings. 1'hey were manufactured by Mrs. Rnunals, late Miss Riverr of London and are die Only Pure Sptfinuns of Equeetrlan Wmrdroot ever exhibited in this country. ?When compared with the rulgar and tawdry every-day trash the public has beea accmtomed to iu this city, this department ?if the exhibition cannot fail of eliciting the moat universal admiration of tvery admirer of true art. Tne following list comprises the principal perfonnars be enging to tha troapa of Lent, Sands ft Co: JOE PEN I Land CLOWN. Fa,i32ri*?->cu??. Matter of the Ring, Mr. B. Huntington; first Ladv Equea rian, Mrs. Gardnar; Messrs. Sands and Sobs, T. Mosely, K ferry, W. Smith H. W. Ruggles, Master Walter Ayaiar. E. Perry, Wm Aymar, Messrs. H. E. Conover, M Mitchell.? Ethiopian Minstrels, Messrs. Carter, R. White, C. White, J. Stickney Bnxe* 25 cents; Pit 12* eeata. NEW GREENWICH THEATRE, corner of Vtnekaod Charlton stteete?Sola proprietors, Messrs. JOHN G. MYEKSaadO M.TOML1NSON?Manager, Mr. J. O My ers?Treasurer, Mr. O. M. Tomlinsou?Assistant Treasurer, Mr. W. Draper?Acting asd 8t?ge Manager. Mr. H. P. Or*' tan?Scene Painter. Mr. H. Ialwrwood?Prompter, Mr. R- J. Jones?Machinist, Mr. M. C Radeliff? Leader and Musical Director, Mr. H. Metx-Coatnmer, Mr. Taylor-Propertim, Mr S. Wall it. The public are respectfully informed that thia new and ele "? """"mstar&mvh. ?.?? ?>. ? _ iSfiiSSi"""1 u"u*d znji.ztTkx Acting and Stage Manager. N. B. A limited number of season tickets will be disposed of Also, several of tha Saloons to lot. Also, a large quan titvof saparior building sand for sale, to bo removed forth with. Apply at the Box Office. mU lw*m (M-A CARD-CO NATIONAL THK ATMS AND CIRCUS, Cheatnat Street, Philadelphia. PROPRIETORS-MESSRS WELCH, MANN AND DELEVAN. THE PUBLIC are acauaiated that this magnificent asta A bliahment, so warmly patro aired daring these list sis months, by thr citixent, stranger* and visitors, from all parte of the world, matt speedily close ia order to fulfil theimpera tive engagements already entered into for the summer This an nouncement it put forth to prepare the hundred and seventy five Artist* and Aaaiitanto connected with this concern, and to assure the thousands of liberal patrons who have rendered the Circus a Temple of Fashion and Popularity, that the moat energetic and unerasing efforts will be essayed to reader the closing Perioralanee* or the R ng and Stage the moat gorgeous, novel and varied that* diacri j nating public can appreciate or agntefOI management off.r. ... The conclusive spectacle of this wonderful season, is the Cttaraet of the Ganges, from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane authorities, produced with a succession of Oriental Scenery, such as cannot be surpassed in any country. Processions of the most gorgeous tnd costly kind, exceeding In number all former attempt* Every atyle of Eastern Banner*. King or In signia o I Authority?an overwhelming Torrent of Real Wa ter, for the display of which the premises have been greMly enlarged?the surpassingly grand Car of Mother of Pearl, ,1m ed with beaten gold, drawn by cream colored horaee?fariona combats, general engagements, fearful conflagrations, end a succession of startling effect*, such as the resources of this vast establishment can alone furnish, and bring in a sapenor manner before a discriminating public. ull GRAND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, UNDER the patronage of the ladies ol the Abingdon As ?ociation, in aid of tM fundi of tha choreh, will ba fitf# in tha Jane Street Church, belweed Ith and 9th avenues, on Tuesday evening, 24th instant, ou which occasion the follow ing ladias and gentleman have kindly volunteered their valua Miss Kurit, a lady amateur; Mr. Jackson ;'Mr. J. A. Johnson. Mr. Lee. Irom Ed nburgh.and toe gentlemen of jheN. York Qiartette Club, Mr. Clirenugh, and Mr Asslin Phillips. Mr. l"i. t L .11 / *? * ' ' ' * * Clirehu-h will deliver a lecture, with select gems, on the Life, Writinfi, aad Poetic Character of Robert Barns. Messrs. A. Phillips and Jackson will prfside at the piano forte, Concert to commence at T o'clock. Ticket* !) cents. Programme and tickrta to be had a* the Mesic Stores, Robert Cartel's book ?tore. Canal street, Messva. hasten k Miles, bookseller*,,209 Broadway; Mr. Dunn'a book stose, Ith aeenee, and at the door on the nigh' of the e ncert. m>l 3t*rBatM9tT MK. tOLLlktfl'd FAREWELL CONCERT WILL TASK PLACK AT NIBLO'S SALOON on FRIDAY, March r-aGrand Be lection of Instrumental Music. Tickets s* cents aach, to be had at the mnsic stores m't r (?>A GAKD.-O) TO OENTLEMENRES1DING IN THE UPPER PART OK THE CITY. * Am SMALL and (elect private Club Home, consisting of thirty.fiva sabecribers.M aboat to be established ia the ap per pert of the city, coutignoae to Broadway, conducted oa an effectiea rtcktrcke scale, and replete with ei ery comfort aad amusement. Members elected by vote of the President and Committee. The snbecriptioa-liat wilt remain open nntil the Slat.March; therefore it i* necessary that early application ba mads by those desirous ol becoming members Any gentleaaan [of undoubted respectability] can race tea a prospectus, by addressing * now (gist jaid, stating raal name, occupation and addiaas] to X. Y. Z., Branch Post-office, Chat ham Square. mil lw*r CITY OF ELMS. THE EXHIBITION of this model, together with A of the public bnildiaf* of New York, and the Mormoa Temple itniiron, will remain open for ? ?hoft time loafer tt the Qraaite Building. Ticket* ? cent*. E. PORTER BELDEN, Proprietor. E.B.LUNNINOfLAM.Bgplof Eihlbitiea The proprietor i* bow conatmetiagat M Broad war, THE HODKL OF NEW YORK. Raprenatlag la barred wood every baildiag. Hied, tree, ead other ohject m the rreat Metropoli* of Aoieriee, which will be completed ia ? few month. Above thi* Model e Caaopr oa which will be delineated riewi of pablie bmidiap, place* of baiiaeea, .eiafectorie*, private reaideaee*. hotels, (teamboata, he., varying from I* toWinehe* ia length, for which a moderate compeaaetioa will be chanted. Having now *o nearly completed n Modal of New Tork.the proprietor will either tell or give ? leeee of the Model of New Haven, fee. Office hoari from g to ? P. M f M im'r K. PORTEH BELDEN, 1 Broadway. f~U>LD ROLLED COPPER-liM aheet. i^idtolled Cog l . c., LATEST UtTlLftftlVCE BY TIB WAirjf, Washington, March 19, 1S*6. The minora originating in Washington, form one of the mtereating aubjecta got up by the numerous letter writers, amounting to about twenty or thirty correspondents ot various papers,from the North and West. One is a rumor of imaginary changes in the cabinet. The members who have^been made the sub jects tor the idle speculations, and the rumors pro mulgated by these wayward gossips, are Mr. Buch anan, the Secretary of State, Mr. Bancroft, Secre retary of tbe Navy, and Mr. Mason, the Attorney General. The members who have hitherto escaped this species ot remark, are, first Mr. Marcy of the War Department, Mr. Cave Johnson of the Post Otfice Department, Mr. Walker of the Treasury Department, and Mr. Ritchie of the Kitchen De partment. It may be as well, once for all, to state, that there never has been, and probably will not be,' during this session of Congress, the slightest chance,' or probability of any change taking place in the present cabinet. In fact, the position of public al fairs?ithe various distractions and divisions that have recently sprung up between the cliqutt of party in this city?renders it necessary for the present ca binet to hang together?tbey can't, in fact, separate lor months to cotne. They are like the keystone of the arch which is essential for keeping the work compactly and firmly together?and which it is im possible to remove, without precipitating the whole arch. This being the case, it lias been an amusing sub ject of enquiry for me, to ascertain the cause of these rumors, and the sources from whence they spring. The origin of all these rumors in relation to Messrs. Buchanan, and Bancroft, and Mason, may be traced to the office-seekers and aspirants for the Presidency, operating on the various rliquet in this kind of way. Whenever any of the*Secretaries happen to cross the track of any of these cliqutt or office-seekers, they at once " flare-up" and circulate that such and ^uch Secretary is going to be removed; and thus endeavor by such a course, to bring about the change which they so earnestly desire, in order to remove tbe impediment in their way to creeping into office. I have the best reasons for knowing that Mr. Buchanan is just as firmly in his place, as any other member of the Cabinet. It is equally so with Mr. Bancroft. It is possible, in the course of time, when the divisions that have taken place in partie s may cause a new re-construction, that changes will take place in the Cabinet; but not at present, according to appearances?and when these changes take place, they will be voluntary. The origin ef the rumors respecting Mr. Buchanan, is to be found principally among the Presidential cliquet, and par ticularly those connected with Pennsylvania. It will be recollected, that the democratic party in Pennsylvania has always occupied a sort of twin position?composed of two distinct sections, the one, fairly opposed to the other; and, whenever an appointment is made out of one section, the other is entirely against it. This has*caused the necessity of a policy which Mr. Van Buren prescribed?that if any appointments are to be made in Pennsylvania, they must be twin-appointments. In relation to Mr. Bancroft, some of his views regarding reform in the Navy have given great offence to the officers, or a portion of them; but, in spite of all these officers, I do not believe that there is any chance of change in the Cabinet, for some time to come. The tariff is, also, a subject of interest to the country, and many enquiries have been made res pecting the bill of Mr. Walker, which is now before the Committee of Ways and Means. I understand the probability is, that Mr. McKay will present the bill to the House, either at the end of this week, or the beginning of the next. The secret history con nected with his movements on the tariff bill is amusing. It seems that Mr. McKay, some two years ago, proposed a bill, which he loves as an only child ?a big blubbering boy, of course. He has been very much annoyed at the elaborate bill prepared and sent in by the Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. McKay, at the early part ot the session, call ed on the Secretary, for a Bill, baaed upon his own principles, as expounded in his Treasury report? This was done for the purpose of cornering the Sec i retary, believing he could not prepare a bill on the i principles of his report, which could have any chance of passing the House or becoming popular. By J drawing out the Secretary, so as to non-pfu* him, be thought he would thus have an opportunity to press his own bill through the House. Unfortunately for Mr. McKay, this course has " cut his own throat." The Secretary of the Treasury summoned together an intelligent body of men, who drew their deduc tions from their labors and experience. He prepar ed his bill principally upon the basis of their calcula tions, and now, when Mr- McKay finds that the project is likely to succeed with Congress, he makes an effort to excite the manufacturers against Mr. Walker's bill, and endeavors by every means in his power to defeat it. The very object for which he called upon the Secretary was, I understand, to endeavor to induce him to procure information from various quarters, so that there would be all i sorts of objections to Mr. Walker's policy; and by thus endeavoring to excite objections, he would pre sent his bill under siich unfortunate auspices, to the House, thereby thinking his own bill would be accepted, against any objection that might be i made. This is the view of several persons as to the ; tacticks of Mr. McKay; and, certainly, it is plausible enough; for if there will accumulate throughout the country a feeling in favor of Mr. Walker's bill, t will have the the eflect to denounce his own. This subject will not be long delayed in the House, and it is expected that great divisions and distractions, among some of the parties, will be produced by it One of the most important subjects now before Congress?particulaaly important to New York?is the plan of the Post-Master General, to establish a line of steamers between New York and Havana, touching at Bremen, and landing at Cowe# This subject has been spoken of duriog the last week, and the practicability of establishing such a line of communication. I have heard many discuss the feasibility of the Post-Master General's plan. In his report to Congress, it appears he made a sort of conditional contract to establish this line of steamers, with parties in New York. These parties are?Mr. Mills, the boat-builder, to be guaranteed by Mr. Brown, the boat-builder; 8. Jaudon Ac Co., John I. Boyd, ship owner, and Jacob Westervelt. There is also another plan embraced in the Post Master General's message or report. It is proposed by i?. K. Collins, JSsq , to establish a line of steam ers between New York and Liverpool. It is gen erally supposed that the Post-Master General has made a mistake in proposing the line between New York and Cowes as the first line established by this government. The success of the whole scheme of government steamships, for transporting the mails to different parts of the world, will mainly depend on the good fortune of the first to be established. Now, to make the success of the first line certain, it is only necessary to establish it between New York city and Liverpool. These are the two points where the establishment of the line would place the success of the enterprise beyond a doubt. The government have, in reference to the proposi tion, recently stated that their only objection to this plan was, that they did not wish to compete with the British government on this line ; but instead of this being an objection, acoepung this proposal, which ought to be done, if is the very ground on which it ought to be aoeepted. By all means, establish a line of steamships between New Ycrk and Liverpool, and thus drive Great Britain's line away. It was by such a policy that the com mercial navy of this country has risen to such supe riority ; and if our government be as foolish as not to interfere with any other government in such a competition, they will be showing a weakness for which they will deserve the severest castigation. A steam line between New York and Liverpool, with the aecurity on the Post-Master (Jeneral's plan, sets?g. - -? -f- - " .. would be moat advantagaourto the public mweeie Thie i? the great highway between the two pmi continents. Not ao, Havreor Bremen. Thiawtm* take many different steamboats off the track ina lew yeara 11 the propoeed line between New Yorkirm Bremen to Cowes, ahould not t ^ throw a damper on the enure project; but it theilrat hue be Bucceaeful, it will throughout the world. Thi. .how. the ueceMity of fixing upon New York and Liverpool. a.JWQ porta in which we could auceeaefully .team line ?kW*iKiw0T0N, March 19, 1!^_ African Slave Trade?Important Intelligence?The Senate?Treaty on the Carpet from Belgium River and Harbor BUl-Curioue FacU?Impero live Necessity of ? Veto-Funeral of Senator Col aaUt'e Child-The Sad Affair of Com. Crane . De Meyer'i Triumphal Concert m Washington, ment, and .olicit an addition to the force, to co-operate with a aimilar corresponds^ inforcement from England,to the combined jjpdf off the African Coaat. The BnuAPtaUpoWUWT having fulfilled theae inttructions, and the Ex "e coinciding with the recommentUUor-offfm British government, has ordered, we are f"f" * united Statea, of 60 guns, to repair to the African station. The frigate Cumberland goea to the Gulf AlUn's significant allusion to ThC8|b^cuti?^Mon offlwSenate on Mon a special executive aeMion iflcatlon 0f a corn day next, ia in reference to in ? ^ charge. merei>il treaty between M- \uhether this be the and the Belgian ru|)y assured ; but we subject or not, we are not. fully assure , ^ ??? inAccorrdiig to the latest .nterpreuti^, a river m coMumtionalas far up ?? house, and ?o further. Hence ^ J^gnmber the harbor and river bill of the House, iu^ ^ land, Tennessee and the Wabajm ^ ^ rivers. Tb" Tenne?ee^ ar i. ^ ^ rivers. The Te^ne^eearu are iu^.-^^-^^ as withstanding I-!8 r.ferrtt&r^nd?n>erbiU,U withstanding this understanain^ w^ ^ pect, or ?^r^dent a.^t now^undo, will bo sent up to the President as Keen running up vetoed. Member., it.??^SSZi2w*? to the White House upon every tune ^ to the White House upon rrm, -? ~ qtteaiioo all this will avail them nothing , ,.|enH] un ;?i,ed looted inttoCta sssjsassar? ?^sssississi'm <?ta,crta.. the eta or tfJSYESi J5?the mtaxo choir yesterday,addresaediijotter ^ parport of Mere gj-yjSg. officers of the army and navy, an<I t ^ citixena 8e?*?by'J?dj^iy hour. The performances spacious saloon at an early n believe he elicited the warmest approbation We I?Jht,V I ?ris rSafe si ssijp"s??8ar? .........? ?? _ m j-i-er among oia iu?*7 ? [ The city dogs are setting up ^ u a^ttcber. ' or ro, U Iku floe weuber coouooeta^ Washinotoi*, March 19,1849. Concrete?Items, 4fc- .. Mr. JxrMgiD, to mtare tal -ore. oflered oooflw hit? the expoUioo of ihe Hi".. "? B0" "* "T A.?yK1 expelled, ta wide i rrr^u...^ tor. flic ?.'.??? ??"> *. ; "archNr for. harbor veto. T' little boy, of flw quitt, died at the Unite _ addition to his The late illness of the child waurn mwu ^ S(|M. own ill health, account! iorsome days pnst. tor from hi. seat in^thei Senate.tor aw ^ tor from in the ihasatoo taeiab taitata. tab. uckta. fo a house full are already sold. pleasnnt exhl The Rilmiste family continue tneiT 1""?*" bitions. TWBHTY-HMTH OOR0UH, In Senate. W?ihii?otoi?, Mt rob If, I Set Indian summer come again. Prayer. Journal Mr. STtraaaoN introduced a bill. Mr. Dix moved a resolution of inquiry in relation to^the capabilities of certain harbors of Lake Erie, particularly the harbor of BuSalo. Mr. wished the inquiry extended to all the harbors on the American side of the Lakes, so an especially to include the harbor of Manmtt. Tha resolution lies over. Messrs. Dickinson, Baxxsx and Sntrut made r*> ports from Committees. Mr. Skmpue presented a petition. TIIK " daily tikss." Mr. Jarnagin stated that as he believed there were doubts that in the adoption of the report of the investigating committee by the Senate, as to the ef fect of the resolution for the expulsion from the re porter's gallery of the proprietors, editor and repor ters of the Daily Timet, he would submit, in order to place the matter beyond a doubt, a resolution for their expulsion, which he submitted seeordingly. Mr. Dickinson stated that when (he question wee under consideration, and while dbsnwetag the pro priety, or rather impropriety, of expsutag theoe in dividuals, he did it because he MieWd they were more the subjects ot imposition titan of malieiow design. This was an opinion of extreme charity. The subsequent conduct of theoe men, in pereiating in their unfounded and refuted sharges, showed that they were not entitled to such ooaatderatioo. Mr Manccm had no doubt about this nutter, la the ndoption ot the report, the Viae President read the authority given htm to order the expnlaioa of these persons. Mr. Jajuuoin said if the Viee President had no doubt upon the subject, he should withdraw his re solution. Voices.?" Oh! there can't be a doubt." "Can't doubt it." The Vic* Prxsidknt was understood to say that he had no doubt that the reeolution just submitted waa already anticipated in the adoption of the re port of the committee. . . Mr. Jaxnaoin accordingly withdrew bis motion. Mr. Manocm said that if the Sergeant-ei-arma did not fulfil his duty under the resolution of the oom mittee, he should be held to a strict official respon sibility. OOVXSNMXNT KXrXNSXS. x Mr. YtTLna's resolution, calling upon the Presi dent for information for a comparative statement of the expenaap of the government, decennially since the adopnodof the federal constitution, giving se parately the expenses of the legislative, nidieuJ and executive depsrtmentt; of the army and navy, and land departments, dec.; also, a statement of the j number of officers employed in these several de I pertinents, by a classification of ten years to each specification, and the oost specifically and in the aggregate for each ten yean. Mr. J axnagin opposed the resolution, because of the time and expense of the compilation called for; and because the information required was already accessible in the printed official public documents. Mr. Ymm said hie object in this resolution wan as a first movement in the work of retrenchment. He desired to see from a comparative view of the expenses of the government, of the number of of ficers employed, and the amount of services re#

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