Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Tal. XHM la. Ki.WMt la. ?9WI NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 25, 1846. eTlM WfOnA THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBI fiOBDOM BKWHT~Proprietor. Circulation... Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. rriee I cents per copy ^ra?5S^.,rr3adSu,iSss. PRINTING of all kinds executed walk beauty and dee All letter* or communications, by mail, addressed 10 tb. establishment, bum M port paid, or the postage will b? deducted t rota the anbwiption moner roraiaed J AM KB GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of tko New Tout Hiuio Kstsbl uhmiik pAmpf ??f ^'wlfAn audi N*m? rrp*tt LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. " " SUXNbEoFHgwlF " " TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Commencing on Monday, September lith, IMS. Leave New Y oak?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Bo.toe Train for tircrnport, duly, Seed* ye excepted .topping ... at Farming dale and St. George's Manor. Lear# Brooklyn?At ?X A. 51 ,for Fanningdale and intermedi ate piaeaa, daily Sunday, excepted, and on Tuesday., Thursday, and Saturdays, through to Greenportaad intermediate places. ** at 4 P. M., for Karmmgdale and intonnediale places, doily, Sundays excepted. Leave Green port?Boston Train, at 4 o'clock, P. M-, X*m , daily, Sunday* excepted, t?Boston Train, at 4 o'clock, F. n., w ? the arriyal of the steamer from Norwich, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at 8c George'" Manor and Farmingdala. at?o'clock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wedn etdavs and Friday*. Lear* Farmingdale?For Brooklyn, at dX o'clock, A. M-, and 1 F. M., daily, Bandars excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at ? o'clock, A. M. and IX P. mim . -^hj!af%r9sasx. cSs.",* Tmt-igCoeraellM;,'estates 3S; Brusnville SIX: Hyde Huh 17 in ,ee 17X; Clowsvillc, (during ses.ion Court.) ITX; HempeUed 17X; Branch J7X; Carle Flaee 44; Westbury 44; Hicktville 44; hrmurtdale OX; Deer Park N; Thompaoa M; Suffolk Station 1M: Lake Road Station 1 1IX; Medford Station I 18V; Millvillo 1 M; St. Oeorge'i Manor 1 OX; Riverhead 1 OX; J mass port 1 OX; Mattetuek 1 OX; Cut: On??npos?jy jesu^Trabf^ j^Oreenport, Acc'a. trua, 1 75; Stages are in readineaa ou the arrival of Train, at the several Stations, to take passengers at vary low Farea, to all parts of the JiuumL Baggage Crutee will bo iu media woe at foe foot of Whitehall ?Beet, to receive Baggage for tne several Trains, M minute* be fore the heur of starting from the Brooklyn side. The Steamer Statesman leaves Green pert for Sag Harbor twice each day ou the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. MALL. LINE NOR DU3TUN. IVER TI1E LONG ROAD, VIA NEW LOST)ON, NORWICH * WORCESTER. At T o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall vtreet. South Ferry?8ondavs excepted. Way Crates are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Bommimi through audi lock. jn!6 tfrc LlPMI?iQriELP-D?ilT. (8un-S excepted, at ex A. M. Passenger* turn the last end commodious .teaman NEW TORli or CHAMPION, and arrive at Albany the same even 'Arrangements have been made to make the line sure, and paaaeagen can depend en arriving as advertised. Jal Imrc THE Propretors of "teemboats wishing 'Bells hung, would do well to pay a visit ou .beard the ateimboats Niagara. Iron Witch, Governor, non boat Jobu Stevens, Woostrr, '1 reveller, fee., and examine H. Homer'* improved Style of Bell Hanging?put up ua .r and itroog, and warranted for one year, by H7 H. No. S Awn street mrtt lm*r PEOPLE'S LINE OK Si'KA vlBUA i'S FOR ALBANY From tkt Foot of Courtlandl St., At i o'clock P. M., Loading at Intermediate Places. Steamboat COLUM' I A, Cap'. Wm. H. Peck, will leave oo Monday, Wednesday, 9L Friday and Sunday afternoon., at S o'clock. OTrwwww^NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Turny,will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday afternoons, at 1 MII persoea are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a wri.ten order from ike Captams or Agents. For passage or freight, apply og board, or to P. V. 8ehmlts. it Ihe omci wharf mttrc NEWARK. AND NEW YORK, ? FARE 1?S t'turo. TheS lendid Steamer PASSAIC, Capt.John ^?O.fff, will eonneKa her tripe lor the HUM ^^^^?Monday, March Mth, and run u folloM until laMim noiov:? Lam Newark. I Leave Barc'ay at., Naw York, at 7Jf o clork A. M. I 4 o'clock P. M. Freight caried at very reaaoaable ratea. for which there are I toft-houses and agents, both at Newark and New York. The Faaaaic has a huge aod apse ions deck aaiooa, elegantly furnish ed. kudjpreat deck room both for freight and passengers. v?L NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. and after Monday, March ig:h, tha boats of this Ferry ran as followa until farther notice:? Leavelftalaa Island (, 10, It A. M. 2,5, P. M. Leare New York t, II. A. M ; 1. #*, I. P. M. IT B ? All freight at the risk of the owuera thereof. IHSP DRii Oh PAi.KETd lOK LIVER-I POOL ?Packet ol 30th of March.?'Th? ap' raSaafifavorite packet aliip ROSCIL'S, 11IM toaa nailu,g andlavoritepacket etup KG8LILS, lllkl toaa Captain A. Eldridga, (bem,' unavoidably detained,) ely sail on Monday, Msich 10th mmodauous of this magnificent packet are una spiendor a. d comfort, both in cibin, aeeond cabin _ A Prrsous wiataug to aacnre bertha should not tail early application oo bo-rd, at the foot of Wall atract, W.ltJ.TTAPSCOTT, 75 South atreat, comer of Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Packet of Mth |H^iait-Th; very apleudid pacaet shin ROSCIUS. A. PHHaEldndge maater, will be anaroidably detained nntil theMsf ieat-at, when ahe will eail. For might or paaaaga, having accommodation a unequalled f ira. le-dor <>r cjmfurt Apply on board, at Orleans whuf foot of Wall atreer, or to E A. COLLINS kOO.M loath street. '"Packet ahipSiddona, E. B. Cobb, muter, will aaeceed the Rgjjjftm.and anil Mth April, her regular day. m!5 m ???PFOiTSALE?To close a concern?The Line o ia this city, by Brown It Bell, with uansual cere; material (a very large propartiou of their frame I or modal, malarial (a very large proportion ol their frame leief live oak.) aad woakmuship, they aie uunrpaued, if not taeqaaUad aaltad on tha stocks, and re-sal ted every year taeqaallad .united on tha usee. Their accommodations lor passengers art very oiten ure and handsomely furnished. l)ir E. K. COLLI NSfc CO .M goath at. AKte TAPAOOTT'8 GENERAL EMIGRATION .OFFICES, 7i South street, comer of Maiden Lane, ?New York, aad M Waterloo Road. Liverpool. Persou* wishing to aecare passage for their friends from Li erpool. during the coming season, ia the Ntw Line of Liver sM Mints, am reapeetrally informed by the snbecribore hat the undermentioned magnificent aod favorite packet ships ?M^ul from Liverpool positively as advertised; ia say ol passtga aaa ha engaged oa the moat reaaoaable terms, from vkiish passage aaa ha engagad oa the mos^^H^^^^P nd arary necessary measure will be used lobars those whoie asnge may be engaged on this aide of the Atlan ic, despatch d mat aamfarkahla a urn?ar as possible. Ship Rochester, oa betth April; ship Garrick. oa tha Uth do; skip ttoliiuguer, a the Jth May. The wall known sailing qualities of these ivories packets, render nay remarks anaecsaary, and their ae ?mmodatioos let cabin, aeeond cabin and stealage passengers, igpana these or any ether line. To aacure paasage, aad for . j t task on-. eat, comer of Maiden lane. In B. - W a J. 'T. T , y Drafts, u naual, for any ?jknnt^payahlethroaghouta Britain and Irsla- 1 REGULAR LINE Oi rACKctT sniro?racket Eo' tha (eh April?Tha Hut dam, lut tailing peek Cm! ahip A9HBURTON Capt.Howlaad,banhcu 1CM Tli tail as above, htr regular day. | rtuy superior accommodations for eabia, 2d eabia aitt I pamengara. persons inieudiug to embark. shoaB ?mmhu. aptlieauon o. b^.oot j?E%K I Jiw Mil 1?I i ??priivi M-tivtuuiv mmiim nw vwwimi bbvw mmm pueengarvperaonsintei^uigtoamberEshonld , Comer of Pine and Soatk streets ? Bwrass V'&aow : *Y*a.TEK?-im to ,M, M..O.<?K... ww bronght out by the above ship, oa moderate terms, by | ^jamawlicaiioa an above. mltr , ?ica uvap'ich, on srrival. r or I, eight or passage, having ey lllent accoutwodttiona, apply to m I^HHttoDol a It MINTLTRN, ?7 S. nthsf Oft ULGWuW-ftvgular Li s.iliig British bark ANN HARLEY, okO tons, k. Robert Scott, daily eipected, will meet uuth The regular packet snip Saracen, Oapt. N. T. Hawkins, will Herb y. I the an Barb y. mil me FOR HVERPQuL? tbe wall known, fast saiL tag ship ASHBLRION. m toaa. Capuia J. 1). iWhite, having moat of her eaiga ragag ed. will meat tSnnStag dispatch. ftw balaeee of Height or passage. having ereellmt atcom * apply tathe Canton ou board, foot of Dover at., WOODHULL It MINfURN, *7 Sooth street. UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI GRANT UfUCE.?l he subac nbera are prepared Hlll.K -1 he t.ihtrs ihert nre t rrpemd I rse ta P aaaagats to coma out by tha early Spring ships, at .varyfow rats. IDrafts can. as usual, be (hraiahed, payable thronghoot the Vied Kingdom. For farther perticaUri apply to Iqited Kingdom. For farther panic lart apply to ?7rr J HEADMAN kXo.. II South aC ]m i fACK.KTMJ' OR HAVRE?Second Line-lbe jcaetshipBALTl ? Tontine Bnildiun, jgMru M Wall st. WANTED?A ship ta lead for aaouthem port. kpplr to eTK. COLLINS A coT, (11 r gg Month rt. ^TTiyETn^L^mh^T, md 1st of April?The ap eedid, feat ihtwROsCIUd. Oapt. Eldridge. will ? of Mat tiS LtoS of "" ^ Lther. will sail oa tha 1st of April. .auoodytiona'. apply ta ,ACHAT SHIP gffint r?L,mto,i,A Mttntit T?<?4fty ncit, JUS iutunis it 13 o'clock. I?vjrr* w?ll be on b'jftrd 01 tnnr ?Ia>*. ?t hf t ssde " , wfla. Milie-ti hhd? will hd? roirrd t(> ?t\ hv n UnvM** I . wi|! OR oil D(?*ru It I KIRK ORf, Rt Wft-Li %A whrtr will M towed to itl b? a if,- run G. *ili ctoae at the Courwr oftce, and Uie MeivL r?drat room, m Mil pet H ?iHH \aCKMT ?Hir LIVEKfOOL. fVem i ikeif iw> wpdrag?oreer, 1 fool m Port tract Al! ? oda uot pcrraiucde Met be Ml to pmblie etore mil mt ?iecF? AidU mil ? sti KOBE HILL STABLES, 94th Street ud Third Aj2T> Avenue, ud oppos.te Bull'a Heed Just arrived and I rUl. 'or?,*U ?' ?bo?? Stables, about fifty Northern and Western Hones?among whith ere eight pain matched; eight or tea good road hones, ud several war cart, le'ia ud ?hipping horses K. K. NORTHRUP, (1 lo*re frniwirtar SPRING FAShlOJi. BROWNItCO., 171 Chatham Square, oornrr of Mott street, wish to inform the public of their leernt imp'ore meat in the maaufaetare ami fiaith of their $3 Hats,combining fashion, beanty and durability, three important considerations co tn? wewf. The proprietor* do eocfidonrly utrrt iheieditts to b* much superior te an* seer before sold for the same price. Cell aed satisfy vnarnctf of 'his fact inM tm*'h SPRING STYLE GENTLEMEN'S HATS. r% WHY will yoa pay $4,K> ud S3 for a Hat, whu you ' 10 10 I ROBERTSON'S PHCENLX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Kmlton Street, ud get as good a one for 89,30? Oo ud txsmine lor your ulvas. mrll lm*pp cC TO MILLINERS. ^ CARL KINO, the well known ud celebrated firm premium Straw Hat Mualaetarer, informs the public in that he has for sale n most splendid assortment of csav; rucy STRAW HATS, man nlae to red of an no tire called Taris Straw Gimp, mads to the ihaoo of ^^^^fara Oipsev?so beautiful sad becoming, they need only be seen to be admired. Milliners, ud merchants of new article, ealled Paris Straw Gimp. made to the shape the trade, wiU do well to call and examine before they make their purchases, aa the gooda will be Mid by the case or dozen at a vory liberal price. CARL KING* 17 Division i N B.?1 general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods aad Paris Ribbons always on hand. Hi lm*r STHA fV B ONNE TS L. CHAP1N, No. It John street, near Broadway up OKU stairs, hu on hud a good assortment oi Fashionable Straw Bonnets, which be is selling at the lowest market prices. Milliners ud others are iavited to call before purchasing elsewhere. mrlt lm*r FINK FRENCH SOU IS FOR f3 it-City ma [ud are equal to those sold in other stores for 83; fine I V M.I, I '.If RiUllS fiSP 3d IB AMSSol OA sL. I, - * Ma ?L1. I French Calf Boots for 31 10, equal to the best made in this ?HB YOUNO k JONES' French Boet r city for Bf w B7?at Shoe M' .j actory; one of the most fashionable in this "iblo?e. city; our Bcou -living been judged in the late Fair at NibL _ are aaid to be the best Boots ever sold iu this city- All Boots warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNO k JONES. 4 Am street. iaJT lm*rb near Brnnnwsv. New York. FRENCH HORTICULTURE. JHuk O. MAONE hu the honor to iuform the amateurs, mymtnorista, and tha public in general, that he hu just arriv ufomed from France, with a eolleetioa of Plants tutl Flow ers of tie greatest beauty, ud of every variety, such u Ca meliu, Peooiu, Arboriu, Magnolias, Powlonia, Imperials; uuaoruneuof Rraited, aed other Roses; n beautilul variety of Fruit Trees, Grape Vines aad Bulbs, blower Seeds; silve ry fresh, ud iu a perfect state of preservation. The depot is at SIS Broadway, under tha bookstore of Mr. Berthau. where the catalogue may be obtained, ud the pluts For i and flowers examined. For sale at very reuouable prices, mio lw'r FOR SALE, emu Or will be exchanged lor eity lots, a very fine Farm in ?QVh. vicinity of Hadeou, Columbia county, containing * 110 acres. Enquire of JOHN C. STEVENS, in I1* I wee No >14 Barclay st. a FOR tsALE-THE STOCK. FIX LURES, aad fur niture of a Hotel now ia full operation, and doing a good business, pleasantly situated ia the eeatie of the ens. rent low ud will be Mid cheep, if applied for 8. F ERREw, 314 Broadway, wbeie all the particular soon at ,? , . ,, ,?.iculara can be ucertained Any person or persons with capital, u nunc others need apply, em do well if well acquainted with the business. Rent lew?Terms made euy, if required. m23 3t*m j m and tttrc MILL PROPERTY FOR SALE, AT A LOW PRICE, situated on Pequnnnock river? which is on a large and constant stream of water?and -on a turnpike road, about thirt*eu miles from Caters on udtnree miles above Pompton, in NewJeney. At consists ol about thirty acres, on which ia erected n frame Paper Mill, about forty-five by twenty-four le?t. with some additions since added, udhas some machinery in it; aSaw Mill, and a Dwell ing House. THOMAS LITTLE, who lesides near the pro perty, will show it to persona wanting to parch-ae. For par ticular*, inquire of C. S. LANOSTROTHE. m2t lt*rc Ne. 143 North Ninth St.. Philad-lphia. FOR SALE OR TO LET, ? A Hudsome Cottage, and about fiva acres of good ^^?Land, laid in Meadow, situated on tne Blazing stir ? Road, one nuda hall miles from the Rah way, N. Jersey ^Bd depot. Attached the-eto is a tine garden, with aa tx- i cedent bad of asparagus, ham, suble, ke. Tha cottage is spacious, ud replete with every convenience tor a geat^kl family. Apply to Mr. CJIRAUD, No. 9 Whitehall street. TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, kafi TWO New three story ud Iksemeat brick Houses, PI with the privilege of tree ?age, oow in course ef com- I which will he ready for oecupuev oa or before jiiHLpittioia, May ist. They wiU be fitted ia "beautiful* style aad be re rlete with all thmJMagMgggaaagBiM^BkBMgBfaMMBkBk plete with all the late improvements. They each contain 11 I rooms besides the kitchen, finished With marble muielt and granes throughout, sad are 11 foet front by 31 within one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boats leave every IS minutes for Barelay st, cross ng ia ? to 19 minutes; ud every half hour to Canal aa Christopher sta ? Apply at rhe ferry at HoHnkeu. mllJw'rc wanted, ,BY a Farm hr el four persons, apartments in a respect table house. Two roosss ud one or two bedrooms are inquired?rent reasonable?seventh ward preferrid^ is A. B., at this office, giving oarticnlars. m!9 lw'rc FUR SALE, MOr will be exchanged for vacant lots, the House ud Suble No. 14 Barclay st. Enquire of JOHN C. STEVENS, Iwrc No 14 B?rclsy st. 8TATEN 18LAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. A HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT with a few or ?kc? attached, oa the North shore ot Suten island, frou tiug on the rirer, end within m mates walk ol Csstl-tnn I Steamboat Leading, one mile irom Port Richmond, ud e mile uid a half from Ne ? Brigntott. | Theproperty rum si ronton the water of abont 100 feet. I Par lurtner particulars enquire of William and John O'Brt-l tu, No. 33 Wul street, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jue Berger. ml3 9w r TO LET OR FOR 3Ajl,E, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Suble end Conch House attached, with about aa acre of land, the ^^Kprinnpal part of which is well stocked with fruit and ^^?shrubs, ud en losed wi'ha picket fence The stages| pasaevery tea minutes w.lhia five minutes' walk of the house. I id ee losed mates w.this Situation between 110th a?d tilth streets. For farther ieferme ; ion apply to J HN BATHGATE, 134 Ninth street, or Ui WOODS, Harlem. mrll lm*re m DWELLING HOUSES, 9KMMCB and vacant Lot., for nle, root or exchange Invest n raw made on pro ductive Km! Estate. that will par.) r om ran to twenty from ten to fifteen per cent personam. Mi uey procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of I mors ice obtained from the moat responsible companies in the country. Apply at 156 " me. JOHN ALLEN. N.B.? Plana, derations, ? pacifications and eoutracts for ' 'inildiugs, famished here or at No. 6t Broad street, at the short CALVIN 1OLLAKD. *rc Architect. FOR SALE, OR. TO LET. oath' moat reasonable terms, three two-story Dwelling i.rases, in North Siith^between Sixth and Seventh streets, Williams Burg, L. I. Two of the above are now, and intended as genteel residences, being finished in the best manner, sad aapplisd withapnng and raia water in the kitchen, and coal ran Its in troat, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money mar remain ecnred, at I per cent- Enquire on the premises, or of lOBER^ANOUS, fl> lm*TTC pgWallstrect W UUARRY FOK ?ALE OR TO LEASE?Situ ^^Haie on tne rassaic nver, in north Belleville, ^^?beloagiag to Abraham Joraiemon, Esq. Said qaarryl ?Ha extenaively worked for thirty years past, sad is one of the boat quarries of free stone ia New Jersey, and is ia good order Ibr working. The premiere consist of twa dwell ings, storr boose, i wo barns, two hundred leet of wharf, and seventeen fltrra of lud, which will be sold entir.*, or thai r separate, if desired. For farther particulars, enquire subscriber, at the poet odtee is Belleville. N. jr. ?? JOHN C. LLOYD. Belleville, Feb. ?, IMA fit instate HOUSES AND LUT FOK SALE. A PLEASANT country seat in the village ef Madi ^^?son, Morris eoanty. New J taey, within a few minutes ^^Hwalk ol the beaatifnl resideeee of Wm. Gibbons, Esq., ^^?boat 16 miles from Now York city?communication to tod from twice a day, cay day in the year, per Moms and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one sere, oa which tre Two Howes and a Barn, with a first ra e well of water. Good schools and churches ia the immediate vicinity The premises are located ia a commanding position, overlooking piBBiSStre me Iirvntrw gas ? cuiiiinnsiuur| |a/sitivu. wvgstv^^g the place, being w-thin two minutes walk ef the rati, pot, which ranners it coavaeiont for a person doing bnsiaeat ia the city, who desires to retire ia the coantry. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON, IM laa*ro Momstow, N. J. Pagasrrsatyps Appatattu. JOHN If AS, n atn UOACH, Optician. 12 Nassau Streot, constantly oa head, French, German and Americas In amenta. Catting Boxes, Mercery Betns, tad all *'<c other aMt*riaJ need by operators, are manofictn ed under bis inspection. Chemical., Plates, Cease, (Jaickaiuff, lie. Ac ? Lenses Ground to ordpr. Thermometers aad Surveying Com passes manufactured for the trade Magnet. Electric Machiaes, of approved coastruction , for medical pnntsni. mlTlmVe fcEUOND HAND CLOTHINO sad Furniture Wanted?The highest cash price given for all kinds of Second Head Goods, by ~ss... .. . , ? B. LEVY_, <9X Chatham ?t. N. B A line thrsngk the Post OSes will be punctually at tended to. Coaetaatiyofi hand, a seasonable resorimeut of new end second hand Clo'hing, cheep for cash. mil lm*re LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE fall valaa rtENTLEMEN redFami'.re can obtain the faHHH city will find it to their advantage in awd? "sraMSaraatefii tended to T. JUNG Jc BEHRMANN, REMOVED FROM 71 UBRRTY KTRRBT TO 91 SOUTH WILLIAM TTREBT. ml Im'm THE BHADE8 HOTEL, 64 Rtade Street, IVett Side of Broadway. T'HK Subscriber reeprctfslly informs his friends end the L pnblic, that bis has lately opened the above Establish ment. in a style superior to toy other house of the kind m the eitv of New York, flic aatiafsctiou which he has hitherto given to his numerous friends and customer*, while Proprietor of " T' c Shades," in Thames street, he lltfers himself will be s gauraatv to all who m >x nuirom-e him ? l>i n?a m?r lis m- ol, whits no effort on pelt wHIbd wa.iim. oi .mil thi-cnhiinuasec ol thoirPstruusgt- , _ _ The usual relishes, Chops, Bteaka, Welsh Rarebits, Poscb ed Eggs, kg. will be served ap ia a seeerior sty la. The Room will be regularly supplied with city papers, re Kr" -"?bbs* HxaiwBSr Popular Education In Haw York. It is the well established axiom, that the strength and permanency of republican institutions depend upon the intelligence of the people, that gives such deep interest to all educational questions. The mind must be judiciously cultivated before it can properly estimate and comprehend the value oi our liberties, or pursue the best means of maintaining them. Ig norance has, in all ages, been the victim of tyranny and superstition; while knowledge, education, in telligence, have paved the way and sped the march of freedom and true religion. These remarks have been suggested by the peru sal of a report made to our House ot Assembly, on the 10th iustant, by Mr. Ludlow, from the com mittee on colleges, academies and common schools, to which was referred that part of the Governor's message relating to public instruction. This re port is chiefly directed to the question which has been raised by the petitions of sundry persons praying for the repeal of thj act creating the office of County Superintendent. It is adverse to their prayer, and gives proofs of the'beneficial practical workings of the present system. The office under discussion, was created by chap 260 of the laws oi 1341, which gives the most liberal powers to the in cumbent " to promote sound education, elevate the character and qualification of teachers, im prove the means of instruction, and advance the in terest of the schools committed to his charge." By a subsequent act, passed in 1843, appellate jurisdic tion was conferred upon these oflicera in all school district controversies; and they were subjected to removal by the State Superintendent, upon mal couduct. The effect of this system upon education, throughout, was admirably described by Mr. Young, the State Superintendent, in his last an nual report " Seventy county officer!, possessing the confidence of | Heir fellow citizen* generally, distinguished their fellow citizens generally, distinguished by their devotion to the cause of educetion, for their scientific attainments and moral worth, acting undor tho imme diate direction and supervision of the State Superintend ent, and each within the jurisdiction assigned to him, carrying into efficient operation, a system of supervi lion, instruction and discipline, sanctioned by the moat enlightened experience of tho ago, aided and sustained by nine hundred town officers, imbued with the same spirit, and participating in tho same generous emula tion, and operating directly or indirectly, through tho agency oi the trustees, upon the teachers of olaveo ; thousand school districts, necessarily exert o powerful , influence in carrying forward the spirit of improvement, in diffusing knowledge, and promoting tho advancement | ol sound learning." Yet, notwithstandingthe evident excellence of such a system?notwithstandingthe beneficial experience we have had of it?repeated attacks have been made against it by a small minority of those concerned m the matter. Petitions were presented to the Legis lature for its abolishment in 1842; but the committee on literature, to wtiich they were referred, unani mously reported against them, and the House con curred in the report by a very large majority. At the session ot 1842 another assault was made, but the same committee again reported adversely to any change in the existing system. The present attack has met with the same fate, at the hands of the com mittee to which it waa referred, and there can be no doubt but that the Legislature will sustain the re port. The great advantage which our school system has over any other,will therefore be still enjoyed,and the complimentary tribute of admiration paid by Ho race Mann, the distinguished Secretary ot the Mas sachusetts Board of Education, be fully justified, when he said that Ths great Stats of Mew York, by mesas of bar county superintendents, State Normal Sohool, and otfcerwi**, U oarryiog forward the work of popular edu cation, more rapidly Itu ?u? otter State in the TTuiob, ???????Hfomin the or any country'in the world." It is indeed the pride of the Empire State that in education, no lesa than in commerce and agricul ture, she bears the palin from her sisters of the (Juion. In this, as in all other things, her motto is " Exceiswt"?she has accomplished much, but her inarch is still onward. The report under notice states that " The course of instruction pursued in our common schools hss become more elevated, in addition to or thography, English grammar, geography, and arithme tic, which a few years since cenetitnted foe mo?t promi nent details of common sohool education, there ere now taught in a large msjorty of foe district*, algebra, che mistry, astronomy, end vocal music, natural philosophy, aud not unfroquently physiology, surveying, book keeping, and the higher branches of the mathematics. As a further atop in the march of improvement, the Le gislature of this 1844,established the State no-mal school, as a valuable auxiliary in onr great educational system. From this source is destined to flew an efficient and capable corps of teeohera, versed in ail tho most im proved methods of imparting instruction, and thus dis seminating tho benefits ot education into ovary sootfon of our State, and throughout foe bounds ot foe Union." After contemplating a system so excellent in every 1 particular as that of New York, it is painful to a friend ot popular education to witness the misera ble abortions wbicb, in some of the States, are digni fied by the name of school-systems. The recent re port submitted to the Legislature oi Louisiana, by the Secretary of State, is a just illustration of the in judicious manner in which the public money may ?e squandered,and utterly wasted by an ill-contrived system of edncation. It appears that " In Points Coups*. 61 pupils cost th* Stat* $800 ; in .St. Martin, 01 cost $000 ; in Caldwsll, 49 cost $060 ; in Livingston, 93 cost $000 ; in Carroll, 130 cost $800 ; in Natchitoches, 07 to 78 cost $800 : in St. Tammany, 103 coat $800 ; Jefferson Callage, which coats $10,000 a year, is rapidly on th* decline. Its scholars dwindled from 33i, in 1843, to 63 in 1840. Its debt is $00,193 43; its asset* are valued at $130,004 70." It is astonishing that such extravagance and gross mismanagement could have ever taken place. The New Orleam Tropic, in the course ot some very just remarks upon this subject, says : " That $48,430 war* distributed by th* Stat* last year to.31 parishes, for purposes of jiubiio education; which, with the sums to Jefferson end Franklin Colleges, make* $00,930 70?money that, except in soma part* of th* State, has been lavishly expended to comparatively little purpose." We fear that Louisiana is not the only State that ia cursed with a defective system ol public educa- | lion, and the beat remedy they can apply ia to adopt i that which, as we nave seen, ia in such successful I operation in New York. Sporting Intelligence. Foot Rac* at ChablkOton.?Too toot nu between Jackson mad OiMeraleeve took piece en Friday, the9lot iuat, oyer the Washington Cearsv.aooordiog to appoint meet. J action accomplished the atdneao teak of lot nileo in the hour. The following la the Una of oacn round i? Jac Kitn'i Tim*. Halfmile,. 3 10 tth nil* mdahilf.... N let awl* aada.haTf, 7 tS Ttn dj do. . . . . Iti $3 3d do. do II H kh do. do 47 43 M do. do It ? I h do. do 33 34 4th do. do 34 30 lfch do. do Mb Xh do. do 30 30 OtLeeeouiKT*' Tot*. Halfmile...... 2 30 4th mile and o half 38 Si lit mile and a half 7 31 3th do. dut 33 47 3d do. do 13 33 kth do. do 39 37 3d do. do MM Thra .topped. Nbbbasba Tbbbitoev.?We learn from oeveml sources ibat Maj Harvey baa raoceeded in negotia ting with tha Kaaaaa Indiana for their laada, containing about twe miliiona el acre* of tbe richest and meat de ?irabla in thia territory. The Pottawatomie*, of the Bluffs, it is underatoed, take tbatpertioa on the Santa Fa road about Council Urcve, in exchange for laada above i thia, ia Iowa. What disposition ear Uevernment will make of tbe remainder, we know net, bat we ahouid like to aee all tha country between the Khnaaa river tad tba Nebraska opened for lettleaMBt; until it ia dona ( there mttat alwaya ha difficulties between tha emigrant! , and tha Indiana, and wlthoot it wa can never have aafe.m oertaiu and expeditious maila to Oiegon. Wa want thia I great highway to the mountaina, Oregon and California ? opened, and hope tbli if tha Arst of a aerlea of treaties! lor tha removal of the triboa yet included In thia beuo-l dary to the aonth of tbe Kanaaa river, whore the greet! body of Indiana are now tattled. The Kanaaa, wa on-l daratand, move lurtbar back, on tha foulh aide of the river.? Peston, (Mo.) D*n , FW. W. Mblanchoi. y Scicidb?The body of an unknown I young woman, of decent appearance, dad in daia | mourning ol ordinary texture, waa loond in the docks* | Pine (treat, early Sunday morning, nor ahawl waa ' found on tha wharf log, and floating sear her ia tbe we- I tor ware bar bon do toon tuning hotbreast put and florae, i a naodla caae, a pair of aciaaora, and a tar lor'a thimble? ' likewise a note containing tba words, " I boston to join i thorn in hoovon." The unhappy female, aa far ee wo could loaen, waa not, op to a tats hour last night, posi tively idenuAed, hut was b alio rod to bo a widow wao a low months ago loot bar husband, to wfaotu rhe hud been intuits i<uiy a short time, and etee bar chtid. Her gri?i ?u rncoasoialdo, and she sought death a* a role* e i row liar wa. Aha avidanUy obtained her livelihood by sowing, and it is thouget committed the meteacholy | act aa aha wah Mtuinug tram her work Saturday night, i PhUodotphio stesricen. | Trial of Orrln Woodford, for tbc Murder of tola Wife, at Avon, Conn. The above is an accurate likeness of Orrin Wood ford, who murdered hia wile in Connecticut, in the summer of 1845. The prisoner was tried in the Su perior Coart ol Hartford county, Chiet Justice Wil liams aud Judge Hinman on the bench; but the jury could not agree upon a verdict, and the case laid over till February last, when the prisoner was again tried. From a report of the trial, published at Hart ford, aud lor aale in this city by Messrs. Taylor ?te Co.; Hurgess, Stringer and Co.; Mr. H. Graham, and George Dexter, 30 Ann street, we extract a few of the circumstances connected with the murder and the trial. The .testimony of 'the prisoner's son proved the commission ol the deed, and we publish it in full. _ .. Tvmcut MoKSrun. Di* Woodvosd?1 am the prisoner's son; about 6 o'clock In iho aftornoon of July Ml.1 w*nt to cattle; whenl was coining beck 1 heard a f^jmdlng et the house; I took the catU# out ol the ?^hard on tha north side ol tho road; whon 1 heard tho pounding I was in the Use towards tho brook, four, lieor the house; I went and turned the cattle back into the orchard and came back to tho house; me.father at tho I rate; ha aaid ho believed he had killed my mother, 1 ; asked him if he thought he had; 1 had; I told him I would go and toll Mr. Hawlov a folks, I and he said he guosaod I had bettor not; 1 said I guetsed | 1 had betisr; he said he guessed not; ! wen:up; there I was nobody at homo but Mrs. Hawley; she sent me to I Mrs. Walker's; found nobody but Mrs. walker at home; she told me to go to Mrs. Woodruffs: I told her 1 could not?I was tired; she said she would go over .and she started, and I went back down to the bouse: father was at the gate; I don't remember what he said; I went hack up to Mrs. Hawlsy's,; she was standing out !d the door yard; she asked me where Mr-Walker ? ! (oiks were; where Mrs. Walker was; I told her gone to Mrs. Woodruff's,' I then went back to Mrs. Walker s, i met Daniel and Martin Woodruff coming on al run; I told them lo make baste and go down; thoy matter was: don't remember what I to d toem, l went back with tkem down home; dont remember whether father was at the gate, or whether he came out 1there from the house; he asked Daniel andMartin how they , did; said he was a dead man; Daniel asked him what was I the matter; dont remember the reply; Daniel asked ' him if they might go iu; he said no, Ihey hod better not , Daniel opened the gate and went towards the house, 1 believe Martin went in first and father next and Dantel ; alter fstber; Daniel came out end said I had bettor go ot ter the doctor; I asked father; be said be gueseed not, he I did not want the news spread all over Cofitoavjllei I told him I had better go, Daniel said so too; I told bim l could : get on to the horse and go in a low minutes; he said he | guessed not; 1 told,him he had hotter let me go.snd he I said I might do as 1 was s mind to about it; I went out ' east, got the horse and went up; it was about 6 o clock ' when I wont alter the catttle; left i .hi? house but lather and mother; we had i in kirar ot two: lather had baeo crodliog that foroDoon, don't know but he cradled a UtUesl^innerihe ground his cradle scythe early in tho afternoon; before' went | after tow cauto, Ibteer struck his fist ^ ' told mother that the next brumes he made woukl be ! -lytorf-^n mother was complaining some of bruises be j h?3made before, she sold something, I baf*'* nor hoM eohlog?something about bis hurting her, but 1 don't remember anything more in particular. I &** I tho fence in tho forenoon, end put tho axe by the fire | board, la the back part ol the kitchen; there were th ee I ixes behind the firebomrd.on the north side of the kitch ' eu; thiais one of them, [identified the oxe;] [described j the house from the plan;} when I went;to water the cer tie, mother was sitting at tho northoost window of tho l eaping room; 1 think Ihthor wos in tho hooping room, i but dont recollect whore; mother woe told me to go end wotor tho cattle; dont know how long it wea after ho struck his fist on tho table, beforei he 1told me to weter the cattle; a little while; saw mother at th. window when I was driving down tho rattle, I heard two or throe blows when I wos '? words tho brook; the brook is about ons hundred rods from tho house; staid no longer then wos necessei? I to wotor tho cattle; did not go in ???* , tho cattle Uutil ovoniog ; 1 beard quite a lou1 talking. I think, when I was turning hack the emttie, i it wae after the blowe; it wm ^?'V^w^hl^don teU the words, they wei-e rather loud; I saw blood on father's hat ind pantaloons whan first I cama DacB, a tew drees; when 1 came beck with the two Woodruffs 1 thin heather aaid something eboot he I he was a deed man, he "had gin up:" I dont remember I toy thing else he said: I went to CoHlnsvUto to Doctor Tiffany's and then to lioctor Brown's, wont no farther; lather said ho did not want to have me go nto the^house ?said ho would roth or give a hundred dollars than hove mo go in; this wee when I first came to the house. Cress txamined?l was lourteen years ?Wonthe8th day of last February; hovo testified twice before in this case; once here end ence at Avon; ? . i all tho forenoon: connot toU how eaf'j he went out eight ornmo o'clock, think about nine; 1 Mnotgototo the fiehl with him; the field wee about thirty rodstoujh of tho houso, on tho Union villa rood; port oftholotisin sight of the houso and port not; ho steidin theoet field I boUovo until ho [come up for good, ?don't remember whon ho came up; I fh'UX ho did go back to worklin tho afternoon; 1 don^remomber that I tostifisd before that he cradled jy.AJg?. after two o'clock; perhepe ho did, I don't remember, I believe wo oil oat dinner together; a?n't remember whether the table woe sot; I hod dinner myself, I think father did not eat any dinner; don't others getting dinner; thoy might, and thoy ?f?>t n<>t, don't remember whetner dinner was ** at or whether I ate before father, or whether w# oil eat at tho table, or whether 1 ate in Jhe butterv; I know 1 had dinner. Whon father come, I bs lie v eh e went in to the house before be ground his scythe; grindstone was across tho road: I turned it. After grinding it, ho put it into the cradle, carried it to tho house, and put it down, mm bo woe going back to work; ho then wont into tho houso and did not go bock again; bo staid in half on hour; dont know as hs was doing mach of any thing; wos talking with mother; pot good ?*tured, ra ther scolding, but dont know what about ; rather finding faalt; I think I was in tho room oil the time. I should think the first thing after be wont in, 1he ^ on the table, and spoke of msktoff the next bruises doog, but am not sure; dont remember what thoy were taix tsxssrsSBOSSssASvi hie oonvorsotton ; mother denied whet he_Mid , towi nun whet he mM was not true. Bho talked but very little , did not account tor what ho weseayl.'ftoher, only she told him it was ell his imsg.ns icn twice; told him to about hisitalh.; said hie tall. wasiau imagination; I dont know what fothoirsnjd, told him hie talk wee ?U his '?M^Uon, I torned the grindstone; futher saM while grindlog the wished ho Was dead, and had a denly with tho remars; bad not ?P?kon ^hiihoi us; 1 believe be said before, something *b?ut hie nooa feeling bod; remember nothing else sold: 1 '?"??Jf' tether wos once going to>ork,Xre^heCniw^rt wsS old loan, i jo or or more og#: bofore too now po built; port ot the old houeo wm part built on to It; he took an axe. and wont np store; said he wm silver, motksr wont with him and toldI him U l?d tmttor not; whon she oanio down heMid hoP??" old creature end got her msd ; ho dld. ??l "Ja tho gold and sliver there; ho wm up stolni when ho said ho loved to got her mod, and she bad gone "*??? summer he told mother, there were men lT*Kj? currant bnehes; said ho would cut thsm Mid "cut thorn down then-," Ihthor told her 'srbot thoy wore there for, but 1 don't roMOtobot whet B woo^l donj know that ho sold thoy were in the habit of lurking there; he did not cut them down, tl years ego, fothor sold somebody hod shot ot .him, told mother so, end told mo so; sold he wm going across to the bam yard, and tho ballot stench e board ?n too corn house; ho showed mo tho ball nolo; it was where I hod shot a boll; and I told father so; he know of my ing It; fothor told mo not to toll mother a^'th* ball hoUi mothtr aiullf ptaril out tho too; I fio^o several times aoen my father change his cup ot ton for mother's when mother Mm not looking; the fore lost, oftonor than loot summer; sometimes he would throw his too owoy, and sometimes ho would throw his cop across too room and dash it oil to j me when in the lot that ha did ft to ptoguo her. he u*?d . to toll her that she put poison in hm too; I not keot> spirits in tho house iaot summer; hod some once only, about o quart, I believe, the first ot Tho suai'iier bsforo, housed to tali masker ho wm nil il l Ihv would poison his liquor: told her ouce iho hsd oulToisonsuit; tou t lomember Utot he stoO he bsd zxxA ittrtSTirJ^Mitod mw.,^ when mother wm protont; she always told him It wm not true; lather would always apeak of it croaa. and Hod fault about it: waa alwaya croaa whan ha apoka about it. tin ve heard him talk ubaut it a great many time a; summer before laat wore than lent aumoier; it waa auch kind of talk the afternoon th?t mother waa killed; I dont remember that lather accuaed mother of making signal* to any body, or of going out to the bog pen when folk* were going by, with a handkerchief on her head If be waa at home, but bare-headed if he waa away; have beard the word "drang" used, 1 think it mean* "u mera of iellowa;" dont remember that father used it; father did not complain very much of hie head that day, I believe it waa very warm weather; he mowod the day before, 1 believe; don't remember aa he bed hired any help; be generally did hia own work with ay help;,I don't remem ber aa my father ever watched the houce, or making me to watch it, or hia ever apeaking to me about it, orapeak ing to me about bii aeeing double; I never heard him apeak of aeeing two treea where there waa only one, nor of teeing eight horna on the cattle; he did not Com plain much to me of hie tronblea; after the ecytbe wee ground, he carried it to the corn bouse door, and I put it in; I dont know whether he told ma to fix the fence, or whether I aaked him if I ahould. All three of the axes atood behind the lireboard; 1 don't remember who apoke firat about watering the cattle?whether he told me to go end water thom, or whether I aaked him if I ahould; I found them at the bare; the pounding waa like an axo or a hammer atruck againetthe wall?two or three bluwa; 1 waa then four or five rode northweat ot the bouae, in the lane; heard no i talking before the bio we; heard loud talking aome time after, when I waa in the road, two or three roda north eaat of the houae; the lane ia e rod end e half, perhapa, north of the houae; 1 could not diatinguiah a word; beard only one voice?two or three worda?loud, and aeemed apoken io anger; when I apoke of going for the doctor, he said 1 had better not,several times: be said I might go after the neighbors ifl would not go into the house with them; aaid that he bed rather give a $100 than to have me go in; when I came beck from Mrs. Hewley'e I dont know whether father was outside the gate, or coming from the house; he shook hands with Daniel and Martin Woodruff; 1 believe they both apoke to him; when they proposed to go in I don't remember hia reply; don't re member whether father said he ''had gin up," or "would give up;" he aaid I might go after the doctor at last, " did m ' " " hut did not want the news spread ell over Collinsviile; I staid at Mrs. lfawley'a that night; father waa walking in the yard and about the houae moat of that evening, I believe. Direct examination re turned.?There waa e table in the kitchen, and a chair sida of it, and a clothes baakst; don't know how much cider father bad drank that day; he brought up cider end drank; he drew a good many times, iu e pint cup - aome timea full and aome times partly full?eight or ten timea in the forenoon end after uoon both; remember do angry or unkind worda be tween him and mother, before he ground the scythe; haa aaid many times that he loved toplague'mother; he did id be wet not dig in the chimney, but said be wea going to; after mother went down he said he liked to plague her; have beard him say so often-e good many timea; has told me to when she waa not present; never heard him find fault about her when she waa not preseut; have seen him push her down and strike bar?it waa last lummer; be waa milking and he killed the cat; she said something, and he quarrelled about it; the started to go to Aire. Hewley's and he heeded her, pulled her down and pounded her; he told her something about serving bar aa tie did the cat; it waa a kitten tbet mo ther liked ; she asked him not to kill it ; I have had seme conversation with father about my testimony at the last trial ; he aaid something about its not being true, and if I bad aaid a few worda in hia favor he would have got clear ; it waa aome time after that trial; aaid ii I would say a few words in hia favor at this trial he should get clear and be about his business ; he asked me if 1 could nor go off, and not be here at thia trial ; this waa the same time ; the first time 1 went to the jail, before the lest trial, he asked me if I had got the cheat mend ed ; the cheat had been broken open on the night of the homicide, to get aome sheets and clothes ; he had then been in jail two or three weeks ; he told me leat Wed nesday ne bad been deranged for a good while ; apoke abont his cutting a bole in the chimney ; cutting down the currant bushes ; about hia going into the lot to work without any tools.; aaid ho was deranged ell those times ; I have never known him go into tho lot without his tools ; have talked aome with Mr. Phelps and other* about these thing*. Crote examined again?The talk about the kitten waa in the barn yard; father was milking and the kitten run under the cow and made it kick, and father said he would kill it; mother a arted off and father started after her and headed her.h# poshed her down and struck her; I was passing by; I saw father in jail twice before the last trial, and 1 believe twice or three times since; he said a few worda from me would have got him clear: did not say what those few words were; but said my testi mony was not true, end a few words would clear him; did not tell me what he wanted me to aey, or whet the few word* were, or what they were about; he asked m* it I could go away; 1 told him I would if he would give me all his property; be said he could not do that; if I had gone off' I ahould not be here now; I cant exactly re member when 1 ftret went to the prison; father had com plained some last summer, but nad no doctor; eat bia meala tegular when he had not drank cider; he used to ?cold the biggest part of the night; did not appear to sleep much; 1 slept up eteire; father end mother slept be low; have seen fattier drink liquor sometimes at train ings; he kept no liqaor iu the house leat snmmer; have heard him scold and talk moat all night; I did not say be fore the laat trial that if father got clear I'd ahoot him; I told Daniel .Woodruff something about if father got out *<-me one would shoot nim: I did not hear Daniel Woodruff testily at that trial ; I think something was eaid about tha same thing at the laat trial, but don't remember just what; 1 have said if he got clear some one, I was afraid, would kill him ; I have never heerd him say that he woke up and found mother holding her elbow on the pit of hia atomach. Direct examination again.?I have been living since last trial at flimsbury, with grandmother end Col. Aurora Case ; I went there by the direction of Judge Pbelpe ; Judge Phelps i* father's agent : I have neither brother or sister ; have known father drink cider pretty often ; don't know that he ha* drank liquor the past snmmer ; haa kept none in the houae, and dont know of hie keep ing it at any other piece. Crott-txamiiud again.?I mended the fence after father ground the scythe ; waa gone perhaps half an hour ; saw father drink ciuer more then once in the morning before be went to work ; I think more than once; but cannot awear ; saw him drink no more a* I remember, till after I mended the fence ; he used a pint cup ; think ha drew eider more than once after 1 mended the fence. The prisoner's counsel put in a plea of insanity ? Several medical men were sworn, whose testimony in the main went to prove] that the prisoner was not in his right mind at the time he committed the awiuldeed. * The jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter, and the Court sentenced the prisoner to ten years imprisonment in the State prison, and a fine of fifty dollars. More of the Freshet*. [From the Beef or Whig, March 31.] The weather is now foggy, warm and muggy, and eats away the snow and ice very rapidly. The nver is ris ing, and at this place, where the nsaal ebb and flow is nbout a dexen feel, it doe* not now esoeed three feet: of course the river is much obstructed with ice. Fears be gin to be entertained of a great freshet. We hear this morning, that the bridge spanning the river at Oldtown, twelve miles above this city, has been carried away by the ice and freshet. We have no particulars, but credit the story, as we know that the bridge was yesterday in great peril. [From the Haverhill Oaxette.] Esev Basoroan, March 18 ?Last Sunday l.irhi renew ed the scenes of March 8, 1818, with appropriate addi tions. About eight in the evening, the ice began to move and crowd upon the shores : but lay still for most of the time till about 1 o'clock in the morning, when the whole jam from above came down, Ailing the river with water and ice, te the depth of 30 feet, and at the bend of the river, near Mr. Gree cough's the ice was shoved up on the shore near FO feet above low water mark, it soon stopped, Ailing the river with a Jam of ice, from the Ferry to Currier's shoels. From this time the water rose gradually dating the day, making the whole rise of the river, by measurement twenty-two feet above common high tide. The water eeme over the prin cipal floor in the dwellings of Moses Cole, E. J. Hardy ?. Co. T. Hopkinson, Uriah Hopkinson, John I-add, Bamuel Hover, and James Morse, and Ail ed the cellar* or basements of Benjamin Parker, Day Mitchell, William Orifflth, Jan., Widow Daniel Parker, Tatar Mitchell, Daniel Hardy, 1 IT. Green ough, William Oreeaongh and Stephen father. It was from fonr to nine inches deep in the stores of Suof ford and rag*, E. end T. Oreenotigh, and Stephen Par ker, and over the chamber floor in the tan house ef Ste phen Parker. Boats peised fteely, most of tho day, from opposite my house to the Chain Ferry, also from Me. pben Parker's to Moss* Foote's, end sloop# might have laid in the road end nnleeded on the bonk opposite E. and T. Oreeoough's. The water wee from twelve to fifteen inches higher than in March, 1818, which was then high er than memory or tradition had recorded, sines the set tlement of tho town, it did somo damage to building*, fences and trees, end fell away between 7 and 8 in ta* evening, leaving many traces of its ravages, end piles of ice, much ot wnich is from one to two foot thick, which will bo worth looking at for week* to coma. He mains of buildings, bridges and fences, were scattaied among tho ice, and many men might be seen elT on the jam of Ice, near iho middle of the river, to gratiiy curios ity, or secure tho wrecks. The roof end other parte of a barn were cnt np and brought to tho shore here, and Little River bridge, Irom Hev.rhill, lay ueer CarUteoO Crek all day, and man ware seen at work upon it Pro bably, faw now living will avqr see the river at an equal height. [From the Boeton Atlas, March 33 J In Athoi, about fifty feet of the sow dam recently erected by Mr. Lyman Kendall across Miller's riv*r, just above the bridge between the centre and lower vil lages, was swept away, and a new channel cnt between the bridge and canal on the South aide. The btidga it self was much damaged, end rendored impassable ii it eouM be approached. A portion of the centre of the factory bridge below wee also carried away, and the factory dam more or leas injured. A barn, standing upon the banks of the river, beiow the factory diin, we* carried down it teem. Home damage was done on the Housatonic by the freshet, bnt no serious losses. The piper mill nl Gwen and Hurlhurt, Ho lo?t ? Wi" ? I ibvut 80 left in length. The Chicago J+umtl of ths 10th inst., soys: -The eohr C. Walker arrived yeaterday from Grand River, wrtn a loud of lumber. Our harbor ia now Area of ice, end ves cola con arrive and depart with tooility, Police Intelligence. March 24.? Orand Larrrny ? Mary Ann Dean end Sa reh Goodby,two Water itrcet gull, were arretted by Officer Blenchanl, ot the 4th ward, yesterday afternoon, for robbing ? tailor by the Lama of Johu Bedell, of $41. Jack, it appeare, wa< induced to accompany theee girl' in>o a little room in the rear or Tommy Doyle's, So. 31* Water (treet, wherein one ol them atole from hie panta loons pocket the above sum, and made off. The officer (ultimately ancceeded in recovering $27 of tha atolen money. Justice Drinker committed them for examine tion. Seduction and Marriage? Under tbia bead, we noticed, In Monday'a Herald, the elopemont end marriage of Hen rietta t'ruie, with an Iriahman, her fathor'a gardener,by the name of William Patterson, with whom he lived at the time of tha elopement, at Keyport, New Jeraey. Mr. Cruae lolloped them on to thia city, and cauaed hu daughter to be arretted on the charge of inaanity, alter thoir marriage, and placed in tha Tombe. Yesterday morning a hat,tat corput waa procured, and Henrietta brought forthwith oefiuo Justice Daly, whan upon, hearing tha caae, and taking the testimony of eeveral physicians, who decided she was insane, the juoge ordered her to be taken to tho Bloomingi'do Lunatic Asylum. The huabaud, on hearing this dcci* aion, waa on the outaide ol the judge'* chamber*, and feeling much afflicted at tbn audden separation, manag ed to clamber up to one of the window* which open* info the judge's room, and there took a lond embrace of his wife across tho window sill, to the amusement of tho bystander*. Henrietta is now safely lodged in the Asy lum at Bioomingdale, and thus and* thia whole affair, at least for the present. Smuggling Clot A.?Henry Feeny and William Hall, were arrested yesterday by policeman Plumor, of the 1st ward, lor smuggling two pieces of English cloth on shore from one of the packets. Locked up for exami nation by Justice Drinker. Petit Larceny.?Johu Doyle and William Murray were arrested for stealing a piece of smoked beef belonging to Henry Closen, corner of Chrystie and Bayard streets. Locked up by Justice Taylor. Vice Chancellor's Court. Before Vice Chancellor McConn. Decisions. Masch 34 ?John L. Lawrence, vs. Beach Lawrence et ale?In this ease an injunction waa grant ad, to restrain the defendants from collecting tho rents of certain pro perty which was covared by certain mortgages, and a receiver was duly appointed to colleet tbs rents. A mo tion is now made to dissolve the injunction The mfftter seems not to bo very important now, as the property re maining produces only $200 annual rent Hie honor said that the equity of the bill was so far donisd that he would direct an order to bo entered dissolving tho in junction. Char lee A Jackeon, vs. Simeon Lease.?In this case an attachment is prayed for against the defendant-flsat, for an alleged violation of an Injunction; and secondly, for not signing a consent, aa ha was required to do by the order of the Chancellor. His honor thought that thers waa not sufficient evidence to adjudge the defendant guilty of violating tho injunction; but ho come to the conclusion that ha was bound to sign tho consent drawn up by order of the Chancellor. A refusal to do so is vir tually a contempt of Court, and his honor ordered him to be committed until he sign* the content, and that he pay all such costs as his refusal to do so has occasioned. John Maodinger, vs. Jacob F. Ruckle el alt.? la this case a motion waa made for an attachment against the defen dant, for not executing an aaaignment. It was adjudged to be a contempt oi court for not executing the assign - ment, and the attachment waa tbetefore granted. Tula order, however, was not to prejudica the rights Of his wife, or her children by a former husband. Afary Kennarde, vs. Barbara Scatt et ale.? In till* cesa a mo ion was made to appoint a receiver. The difficulty aroae from the construction of the will of the husbaud of the plaintiff, and tha question iu dispute was whethar she was entitled to more than oue third of the propeity. Bhe claims to have a right to one third of the property besides her dowar. Tha daiamU ants, on the other hand, claim that she is only en titled to one-tbird ot the property, in lieu of her right of dower. Hi* honor thought it was doubtful if she was entitled to any more than one-third, and if a receiver w?? appointed he could not give her any more. He, there fore, ordered that the pray ar of the petitioner bo denied. Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. March 34.? Charlce Rnwa'd and Lauita hit wife, vs. Ileniy Beck.? Tbia waa an action for slander. Mrs. Ro wald, before her marriage, kept a boarding house, and the defendant boarded with her. It appeared thai he propagated some reports injurious to her character, for which she brought the present suit It wss tried before, and a verdict waa rendered in hor favor for $140. The defendant set the verdict aside, and it cams on to be tried yeeterday. Theie was no defence, and tha Jury found for tha plaintiff' $400 damages and costs. Oou'd, Bonkt 4r Co. vs. Bokte et si.?Verdict for the plaintiff, six cants damages, and valning the property at $416. Before Judge UUhoeffer. Hnlton v?. Lotion ? Verdict for the plaintiff, $,v> Court Calendar?Tills Day. Circuit Court.?Noun to day. C'ommo.v PLKAe.-Part 1-Nos. 117, 121, 128, 124, 33. 37, 12V, 181, 133, 302. Part 2-No#. 88, 22, 06, iu, 110, 166, 118,120, 40, 06 movement* of Traveller** The following, only a portion of yerterday's arrival*, form* a etrong evidence of the gradual advancement ot commercial apring enterpriae. There are at the Amihicaji?W. Dynont, Newport; Cbarlea William*, Stonington ; H. T. Hooker, Mr Livingston, N. C. Barton, Boaton; John N. Andrew*, Ooldahoro, N. ; French and Howe, Sing Sing; Mr. Campbell, Philadelphia; ('apt. Willi am*, IT. 8. Topographical Engineers. A*to*?J. Stone, Poughaeepaie, Armitrong, Cunning ham and Ame*, Poughkeepsie; Frederick Robinson, I.irbrpool, England j R. B. Wood*. Wheeling : J. S.Jen nejr, Boaton ; Thotna* Comer, Baltimore ; Robert Men ton, Providence: H. Sanl'ord, Connecticut; Mr. Foray lh, Kingaton ; E. W. Wella, Now Orleana ; O. Eagiiah, Phi ladelphia : J. Manadeld, Bo*ton ; Edmond*, Train and Bullard, do.: Heed, Brigg*, Hpooner, Phillip*, Pientier, do; R. B. Denny, Worcester; C. R. Secora, Boston; Went worth, Edward*, Kennedy, Albany ; K. P. Water*, do.; J. Holland, Miasiaaippl; Capt Barnura, C H A ; A. Johnson, C Oreer, Boaton ; W. Buckman, Philadelphia. Citt? J. P Campan, Detroit; J. I.ancaater, Philadel phia: (ieorge Jacob, Tenneaaee; ,F.. H. Hobaon, R. O. Ilandley, Kentucky: B. Burwelli North Carolina; J. II. Trontman, P. Blackiaton, Philadelphia: Jame* Laurie, Boston; B. Raymond, Albany? 8. Oroot, Schenectady; H. McCiellan, Hudson; Commodore Perry, United Sutaa Navy; 8 H Maltston, Philadelphia; II. Hubbard, Mm dleton; O. 8. Reed, Philadelphia; J. Lewis, do; Geo re a Matthews, do; James Perrien. Ohio; Lieut Oardnor, fc. S. N.; Vincent A. Myers, Philadelphia. Fsissus-J. 1L Gold, Troy; J. M. Donnelly, Oet ?kill; H. W. Rogers, Buffalo; Joseph Ferris, Stamford; J. Parsons, New Jersey; J. l'helpi, Captain Randall, Alna ny; C H. Wood,Louisville-. C. Stott, Hudson; W.,Brews ter, Rochester; (Jeorge Maliory, Waterbury: M. Dan tortb, Pennsylvania; J. Bryan, Utica: Resor It Lawrence, Cincinnati; J. Bntterflsld, Ohio: T. Bowdla,Philadelphia; J. H. Tompkins, Connecticut; II. C Seymour, Piermont. Olobk-B. H Puncberd, Boston; D W. Rusk, Penn sylvania; James Wadsworth, Boston; Joseph Russell, C harleston, 8. C. Howaao? J. B. Stilson,Rochester; J. E. Kishman, Lon don; J. Benjamin, do; J. Janston. do; J. P. Begges, Cio Cinnati; P. Chase, Philadelphia; W. Dorgan, Sooth Ca rolina; W. Butler, W. Edwards, Philadelphia; J.Nocioss, Philadelphia; J. Holland, Mississippi; J. Ksndricb.Troy, R. Freeman, Albany; W. Greene. do; B. Harden, Wor cester; O. Wellman, do; E Carpenter. MiaaLsippi; Theo. Van Deueen, Albany-. J Van Birch, Troy; J Flannegan, Philadelphia , H. White, Hali'ax, N.B.; H. Thomas, " I a ryland; R Knott, Thomas Knock, Ky.; H. Bliss, Boston. Lynch Law q* Na8hvii,i.e?Thia city exhibited a scene, on yesterday afternoon and night, of one of the most crnal mobs it has boon my lot to witnoao. It originated in a case of slander abont the wife of Mr. Porteifield, who attacked Mr. Judson?who, they say, has foraMrlr published a paper in your city?familiarly known as Ned Buntline?and fired threo times without hitting, when Judson drew and shot him nbovo the eyo. It canted groat excitement. Judson wee taken to the Court llouso, for the purpose of banging him la the dinar*, when a brother of Perterfielfl came up to shoot him. Judson run, and took refuge In the City Hotel, having not lest than from twelve to fifteen ahots fired at him without touching him. The mob still pursuing him, he run up to tho third story, and Jumped out at the back way,.breaking one of hie thighs in the tell, and throw log him senseleas. Purposing him to be dying, ho was taken to tho jail. Last night, snout 10 o'clock, finding that ho was stul alive, the mob broke Into tho Jail?maimed, and almost nakod, they threw him into the street, to be hung. He begged for a minuter?which wee denied him?he feared not death, but requested to bo ebot, aud begged that if there was any gentleman present, mat he would shoot him. They took him to tho square, and run kirn up ovor the rail of an awning post; tho rope broko, and ho loll, whan be was taksn back to jail, where he lies to dia sometime during tho night. Mr. Porterfield was burlad this afternoon. Take It all In all, It wis worthy of tho reign of terror in Franco. 1 was prasant, and attended eloaoly to all that occurred of last night'* proceeding*.?Car. */ Cms. Qazttf, March 14. Yoitjio Aitdttboh RgTrutED ? Mr. Audubon, of whoae departure lor Texas in quest of specimens of the animal* to bo found in the Western pert* ot tha now Bute, we made mention some months *laee, returned yesterday on board tha steamship Oeiv's.fon. wi learn that he has been tea degree successful, but was unable to protecu!* his hunting excursion fkr beyond tbeMa dina on account of tho hostilu parti** of f adtena prowling in that section, and hi* inability * ^"1!?.. sufficient strength. He has still addad mnch to ? bs hie trin and sneak* in the warmest terms or the kind Mi stance afterdedhtei by Col. H.mey, of tho U. 8. dre eons, and by Col. Jack Hay*, tee well-known common er of the Teas* mounted rangore?.Vrw OrUon* ?ss Potomac Fimimim?The wenther, which on Friday last and on aeveral previous days waa so aus picious for tho 'had snd herring fisheries, underwent a tudden change about one o'clock AM, on?o?u?dir. when it commenced blowing hapd from the north, ami so continued on Baturday. Thtt wiU, of coarse, leterd fishing npsretton* in thte neighborhood for a ehort thr We nuderetand that tho ft*king landings on the Fotouec *t* already welt maanad, had ready to heal at a tuo ment* warning. Onr Alexandria neighbor* calculate on the bu*y iiaeanoommenning at their fteh Wharvoa kta tew daya, and wa Hnootefywh* thorn, and tfU ether* who are engaged hath* Pateamc ftakarta*. a ruooeeaful

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