Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 29, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JUKI GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?F.tary day. Price I inn pn< *AD?i^acs? r,wffftS?ss. ? rRJNrfuW of oil kUi HilH wHh beauty aaddaa TKL K7" All tetters or ?o?iaiealiens, by ***" oddrowod to thoMUUuhmont, out bo post pud, or tho postage will bo dndncted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of^ the ? NwTom Hwm.ii> Estaus itmssnv em .mm. iJMim ud Num street* NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Oa anil aft.r Monday ^ March it'h, tho boat* of thio Ferry will ran <? follow* until further nonet? Leave S-sMn Island I, 10, 11A.M. 2,5, P. M. Lear* New York 9,11. AM.; 1, JV1.0, P. M. N. B?All freight at tho riik of tho owners thereof, tall re MILL JPROPERTY FOR SALE, M AT A LOW PRICE, situated on Prquaooock river? which i* ou a large aud constant stream of water?and JUKon a turnpike roail, about thirteen miles from Patorson and t'iree miles above Pomptoo, in New Jersey. At consist. ee miles above Pompcon, is New Jersey. At consists ol about thirty acres, on which is erected a frame Paper Mill, about f rty-five by twenty-four fe-t. with tome additions since added, and ha.some machinery iu it; a Saw Mill, und a Dwell ing House. THOMAS LITTLE, who lesides near the pro party, wiH show it to parsons wasting to pureh'M. For par ts* nitre, mqaire of C. BTLaNOSTROTHE. mk> 8t*tc No 1*2 North Ninth ?t . Philadelphia. FOR SALE OR TO LET, A Htadaome Cottage, aud about five acres of good ....... . , JA A Htadaome Cottage, aud about five acres of | hug Laud, laid in Meadow, attested on cue Blax-ng JsJHtRoad, oneanda Hpl< miles from iheRthway, N.Je tulro.d depot. Attached the eto is a fine garden, with u _ ..?. , ^ ?,? .....Jersey ,d depot. Attached the<eto is a fin* garden, with u ex cellent bed of asparagus, bam, stable. He. The cottage is spacious, and replete with every convenience tor a genteel umily. Apply to Mr. UIRAUD, No. ? Whitehall sueet I lw*rc TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, TWO New three story and basement brick Houses, the privilege of free ferriage, now in eonne of com with JUllspleti'iti. which will be ready for occupancy oa or before May i>t. They will be fitted in beautiful style and be re plete with all the late improvement*.. They each contain 11 booioa beside* the kiichen, finished with marble mantel* and black gra'es throughout, and are 31 feet front by 51 deep, with wide court yards a>d iron railings. The eituatioo ta delight lul, commaiid'nga fine view of the river, bay aud eity, and is within one minute's sralk of the ferry, where the new ferry boa's leave every 13 misnres for Barclay *t, cross ng in t to 19 m sates; end every half hour to Canal an Christopher its ? Apply at thef-rrv at HoSoken. ml52w*re TO LET OR FOR 8ALE, M A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable and Coach House attached with about aa acre of land, tba JisHLprincipal part of which is well stocbed with frnit and fa cy shrubs, and en losed wi'ha picket fence The stages pun every ten minutes w thin fire minutes' walk of the house. Situation between UOtha-d tilth streets For further iaforma ^ou^ytiliv to f ^ HN BATHGATE, 154 Nisth street, or Ur. mrll I in "re NOTICE, M DWELLING HOUSES, STORE Bud vaeaat Lot*, for sale, rest or exchange. Investment* made on pro ??* , duetive Real Estate that will payiromren to twenty Circeut on the purchase money, with u ii ciease in value ol on ten to fifteen per cent per annum. Mi ney procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of I users ice obtained from the moat responsible companies in the country. Apply at 155 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. , N.B.? Plans, elevations, specifications ud contracts for buildings, furnished hare or at No. I Broad (treat, at the short est not? e. CALVIN POLLARD. If lm*re Architect. Ami FOR SALE, OR TO LE f. ooth most reasonable p;jm criui, three two-story Dwelling i.ruses, in North JUK Sixth, between Sixth ud Seventh streets, Williams burg, L. 1. Two oftho above are new, ud intandad as genteel residences, being.finished in the best manner, and supplied With spriug and raia water in the kitchen, and coal vaults in groat. Ac. Two-thuds of the purchase money may remain scored, at ? per cent. Enquire on the premises, or of robert Angus, f II lm*rre M Wall street M QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEASE-Sim Plu ate on the Psaenie river, in North Belleville, formerly .(?IKbelonging to Abraham Joralemoa, Esq. Said quarry Ba b?-n extensively worked for thiity years put, ud is one of the best quarries of free stone in Now Jersey, and is in goad order for woekisg. The pramieu consist of two dwell ings, store boose, i wo bans, two hundred feat of wharf, ud aaventaen dtrsa of land, wuieh wilt be told entire, or the quarry separate, if desired. For farther particulars, enquire ? . . I HI Vitus of the subscriber, at the poet office ia Belleville, N. J. JOHN C. LL LLOYD. Belleville, Feb. 11.1 If. fll lm?mc FOR LON DUN?Regular Packet of 'he 1st April ?The pocket ship PRINCE ALBERT, Cspt. Be bor, will sail ss aoove, bee regular day. . > usage ia cabin, second cabin ud steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply on boaid, or to JOSEI-H McMURRAY, mf9 Pine at. comer of Sonth. NEW LIME OF PACKBTd POK L1VEK nHV POOL ?Packet of 30th of March.?The splendid,fast JMBMfawaiJ iog ard favorite packet ship RO8CIU8, lion tons linrtheu Captain E. Eldndge, (being un .voidably detained,) Will positively sail on Saturday, April 1th The r ccommodatioot of this magnificent packet are une qualled for splendor Sad comfort, both in cibin, second cabin and steanga. Psnoas wishing to soeure berths should not fail to make early application oa hoard, at the foot of Wall street, o*to_ W.fcJ.T.TAPSCOTT. 73 South street. Miner of Maiden lane. run. Liv&nrMUL-rutFt ol X6th ^Utd lit 01 4 f= st^P' instant. The |> on the lit of April. For piasige in cabin or KMnii, baring uuupwxl ? ? ? ? * - - v? wi ?wui vi noivu ' _fp'eodid, fast sailing packet p ROoCIUfi, Capi. Eldridge, will Mil on the *5th ?packet skip ?UKOP?, Captain Father, will tail ?"Sb* OHN HERDMAN It CO, ?1 Sooth it N B.?Person* sending for their friends can hare them bronght oat by the above packets, or any of the line,on the moat C favorable terms. Drafts tarnished for any amount, payable at ^?.taa inocipal towns throaghout England, Ireland, Seot-I ^?daadWal re, on application aa abnre. m29m SLACK BALL, OR_ ULDHNE OK Ll"VEiT ?aananaflmaMamwrooLHi^H ? POOL PACKETS FUR LIVERPOOL-Only re ^^^?pfeagnlar racket of the Ipt of April. Thn magnificent ^?Hibnted fast eailiag rirorits pa. et ship EUROPE, ?pwd U. Pnrbar, Commander, will sail positively on Wednesday, the ist April. It it well known that the accom moduiooa or the Europe aie fitted ont in a moat snperb and costly manner, with every modern improvement and conveni ence, that cannot bnt add to the comfort of thoee embarking., Persona visiting the old conntry.or sending for their friends, ?hoeId call and tee this splendid specimen of naval architec ture. before engaging elsewhere. Fer passage in cabin, second ' " * i shoe Id on l ' * ' oabia and steerage, early application should be made on board. _ Jk CO. mlSr 35 Fatten itwt, (next door to thi Fulton Bank.) IAS- FOR LI VKRFOOL.?The Now Lin. ?Regular Picket of th, t U April ?The inprrior, fiat sailing gmaSMncaet ship LIVERPOOL, 115, ton* burihen^aD^ John Eldridge, will nil ? above. h,r regular day. racket the 1 at April ?The ^^^Epacaet ship LIVERPOOL, 1 ?Bfl^VHridge, will anil aa above, her For freifht or passage. having elegant end anperior accom modations, apply to the Captain on board, at weat aida of Bur ling "hp. or to _ WOODHULL It MINTURN, V South a treat. Price of Passage, ttM. The racket ahip Qaeen of the West, 1250 tone bnrthen, Cap tain Philip Woodhooae, will aueceed the Liverpool, and tail on her regular day. 31 >t May m29m UKuLLaKlINE Oe PACKET BH1PB?racket hSSxVo' the 6th April?The drat claae, laat tailing paek gfiftfaiet ahip ASHBURTON.Capt.Howland,bnrthen 1000 ton,, a. ill aail aa abort, her tegular day. Having vary anperior aeeoteiaodatioua for cabin. Od cabin and Mae rage peaaengera. persona intending to an bark, ahonld make immedwte application on ^d.foot of?gjjfa ? Corner Pine and South atreeuH The picket ahip J. R. SKIDD Y.Capt Skidd y. burtken 1000 tout, will aneceed the A8HBURTON, ana aail on the Igth April, her regular day. PL B Persona drairoua of aendine for their frianda, can hare tha i brought out by the above ahip, on moderate terms, by nuking application aa abore. mlJr FOR GLASGOW?Regular line fait ? ailisg Britiah bark ANN HARLEY, ttOtons, Robert Scott, daily expected, will meet with guica ae.puch, on rrrival. For I.eight orpeiaage, having ex cellant acc j-uipoditiona. apply to wpODrlULL fc MINTURN, r Smth at. ?r irvra/ iwuu M IfliniUHn, ml O'fUill II. Thep*ck?i snip Saracen, Cept. N. T. Hswkins, will eneeeed "he nu Hirl-y. m29 rre ? FOR LIVERPOOL?Ik# well known, fut sail ing ahip ASHBURTON, 550 tons, Captain J. D. White,having most of her oarge engaged, will meet kdiipuah. .... For balance of freight m pasaage. having excellent a-eom .? er m>n,k ..I i quick dupatth. _ H lialao mod all one, r to , n 30 ?i South street PACKET* FOR HAVHE?Second Li.e? Ine ?Skpactii ship BALTIMORE, CepL J. Johnston, jr , JSSHpowil' aa)l ou the 1st of April. ism tfrJci a.^, mi re r(IK LIVERPOOL?New Line?Packet of 4th Aiw Arail^T^^e^T'eodi^Iaeke^hi^ROwTuAl JBHHiEldridge rnts-er. will be unaroieably detained uutill the 4th April. Paaseegers way rely upon her Bailing pjiilirely ?* . . For freight or pasaage. hiring accommodations unsurpassed for a, le dor or c .mf .rt, apply on board, at Orleaes whuf foot of Wa Wall atreat, or to __ E a COLLINS A *'O , 56 Month street Packet ship Siddona, E. B.Cobb, master, will succeed the Roscius, ano sail 20th April, hct regular day. mfT r for sale, The fast aailinu Schooner EAGLE?la 21 tons re gister. ear-ies M( bbla, or 135 tone, and in complete order for ana voyage ; will be sold law, if applied For term, he , apply to H\RRI-ON PKi' E 10 Coewtiea tlip EAC - kat ?Oit M A?8?.iLLe.?.? 1 ha ship MIS SOURI, CPotato SylresMr, will be detained until __ the Jth proximo. ,t height or passage, apply to CH VMBMLaIN A PHELPS, or to ) a-?.. RnVn a ui vrrru t Agenw. ?j m B' IYD k HI aCKEN. ?Swa FOR NEW ORLEANS.-Louisiana and New York Liue ?Poaitir Jy Firxt Regular packet, to sail! JBBBkyTneiday, Slat elegant, fast sailing packetl barb 4JF.N' HeE, Mi.iott. masker, will poaitivaly sail ail above, lier regular day. For fr-ighi or pasaago, having handsome famished eecom modatioja, apply on board, at Orlaana wharL foot ef Wall 10 E.K.COLLINS It CO 56 Sonth afreet. Positirrly no gooda received on board after Monday eve ?,Ai'r"l,!n,"tew Orl Nwa, J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward r,l iroodr to his addsraa. Packet ahip E. II CH AP1N, Welch, master, will sueeeed the (lenoate, and sail on Monday, Ith April, her regular Fr?ti AB*. A^^ tcC" JFv ' ifl r * Hoeth at. t(u Al>?lie toes Urreli Coal, aow laadwg Irom dnkOtr n> rick. fro. Liverpool, and for^l. ,n ? HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. ? A PLEASANT eo?ntry scat in the village ef Madi \ >00, Morns county, Now J jsey, within aiew mioates Lwalk of tho bsutifsl residence of ffo. Oibboos, Esq., ^??about IS miles from New York city?communication to 1 and from twice a day, any day in tho y ear, per Morris and Es ^?Wnsd. Said place contains about one sere, 1 *** 5*"r9fa oa,a PlAee contains about one sere, on which are Two Houses and* Barn, with a first ire well of water. I Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity The I premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking the whole village; and is one of the moot desirable locations m ! the place, being within two miasms walk of the railroad de pot, which renders it eoovenient for a parson doing business in ? the city, who dasuws to retire in the conn try. For particulars I snquire, or address to the subscriber. H..-* *-Td52ggBL TO LET?The neat three story brick bouse No. IS ^^^?Cbnreh street. The house is in good order, with Cro ^^^?ton water, it having been painted and repaired last fall, ???don can be given immediately. Can be seen from 10 to ? It A M., and from S to S o'clock. For further partiealare lapply to F. HEATH, No. SO Chambers street, basement, ?from IS to 1 o'clock. mS4 Steod'rc TO LET. Jttfl THE LOWER PART of the neat two story House pTjw Nu. SSS Cherry street?Front and back parlor, nicely pa daMsPereil and finished, wi h kitchen. bed-roenM, fcc. Arpiy ou he premises, nr at No SSt Cnerry it. mSS lw*r DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN BROOKLYN. HTHC FOUR SIORY Brick Basement House, with double stair rases, in eieellent condition, No. 7 Tillary street, Brooklya, next to corner of Fulton street, end fire miautee' walk of the Fulton "* iltoa Ferry?Rent $00. ALSO TO RENT IN BROOKLYN, 1 Three of the two-story and a: tic brick Hon sea, with bestmente sad under cellars, bailt in the best manner and modern stylo, on the corner of Sands and Jackson streets?Rent SIM. Apply to TONNELC It HALL, n>S7 lw're Corner of Pearl and Bookman sts. ^?rfoLEl', IN Fori- LEE, hd A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with' about 4 ocrea of Fm gronud and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable Xjl&good condition, which were formerly aaed as a chemi eal factory, at preaent occupied as a pianoforte eaannlaetory; situated on the Hackensaek road, only a few aimtrs walk from the brry. Rent to n good tenant very low, to whom a lease will be given for several years, if required. Inquire of Dr. Morris Leo-Wolf. No. M Liberty street. New York, ml lm*rc mSS ltt a FOR SALE?On very f.Torable terms, or to Let, four three story and basement brick dwelling Houses, in Ho boken, now in course of completion, and to be ready for occupancy by May first. They will be fitted in beautiful style, with all (he late i uprovemeota. They each contain 11 rooms besides the ki'chen. and finished with marble mantels, and black grates throughout. Two of these heat's are 31 feet front by 53 feet deep; and two of them S4 feet by 44, with wide court ytids and iroa railing. The aitnaiion commacds ? fine view of the river, bay and city, and it within one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boats leave for Barclay street every fifteen minutes, cresting in ( to 10 minutes; and every half h >ur to Canal and Christopher streets. Terms of yearly commutation cf the fer ry are moderate. Fart of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, at 6 par cent Apply to m34 2w*r J. A. STEVENS, Jr., Hoboken. FOR SALE, at Centreville, States Island, two miles from Port Richmond, n neat well bnilt cottage nod out buildings, with 10 acres of land, elevated and beaati fmly situated, and iu jood order Ap. jv_to It 8. RAY NOR, 70 Bowery, or mrtS lw*m O. M. LA FOROE, ou the premises. MTO LET.?A Three Story House, weatof Broadway, and nea Canal street, to a small family, who would be willing to board a gentleman and hit wife in part pay ment ol the rent. For fnrlhcr particulars, enquire of mrtl lw?rc F NASH, It John st. jh# EXTRA EARLY PEAS?The subscribers have to FM ceived and offer for aale their aunutl supnly of vegetable, eaiLe. fi-Id and flower Meets, which are warranted genuine, via : E. Warwick, Cedouulli. Nimb e Dick, Sc.meter. Match less Marrow, Victoria Marrow, Wocdforu's Gre n Marrow, Drof Marrow, Tall Sugar, Itc , Itc ; E York. E. Wellington, E. Sugar Loaf and Ox Heart Cabbages, E. Radishand Lettuce, with a general assortment of the best known Vegetable Seeds; t lew bushels spring Wheat, and early ash leaved kidney Pota to*; one of tne largest collections of Annnal, Biennial and Pe rennial Flower Seeds, with a general assortment of green house Plants, fancy stands, lie. Bouquets, composed of the most delicate and fragrant flow ers, at a'l timea mil I w*r DUNLAP It THOMSON. 435 Broadway. FRENCH HORTICULTURE. O. MAGNE baa the honor to inform the amateur*, . loriita, *cd the public in general, that he haa just arriv .ed from France, with a collection of PI-ate a. d Flow rra of toe greatest beauty, and of every variety, inch as Co rnelias, Peooiaa, Arbarias, Magnolias, Powtonia, Imperials; an aaaortmant of grafted, end other Roses; a besntilnl variety of Fruit Trees, Grape Vines nod Bulbs, rlower Seeds; all ve ry fresh, and in a perfect state of preservation. The depot is at 315 Broadway, under the bookstore of Mr. Benhnn. where the catalogue may be obtained, end the plants end flowers examined. For sals at very reasonable puces, mis iw'r J BORDEAUX WINES. UST Received, par berk Callao, from Bordeaux. 700 ea*?e ? red Wiuei. St Jalien Ducru, Chateau Larose, Margeaux, La'our, Lrovule, Itc. M cask* and half do red Wine*, St. Julian, Medoe, Mar beaux, Itc. 31 casks and half do white Wince, Haul Senearee, Hunt Preiguvc and Graves. The above wine* have been carefully selected for thia mar ket. by my house in Bordeaux.and are now landing and offer ed from the wharf, on reasonable terms, by m? eodlmVe JOHN SCHMIDT, ltt Fulton st. LOOKING GLASS PLATES. HMANLINE It OSTHEIMER, Importers, No. 3 Bank street. Philadelphia, have just received, by arrivals at this port and New York, a fall assortment of Looking Glass Pletre from I by 7, to 41 by tt. All sixes polished plate window glass from II by 13, to 57 by 34. Also, Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacles, ~ ?, Banff Boxes, Cigar Cases, Money Piuses, Marbles, Pipe*, MNHH WV.,., VlfM I,. ? ., U.W.. f . ?!???, M1WH1W, Slates, with a variety of other French end German goods, which they offer at the lowest market prices, i* 11 Jm??d ?hv SEGAR WAREHOUSE, No. 37 Cheapride, Baltxmort. JD. ARMSTRONG It THORNTON respectfully call ? the atteatioQ of Southern and Western Merchants to the following stock, enumerated below, which they will sell on pleasing terms :? 25.000 Custello SEGARS. 50,000 Rifles do 75.000 W. Regalia do 100.000 L.Regaliee do 15#,000 La Norma do 50,000 Canonea do ? 50,000 Prineioe do 100,000 low prii-od do 300 bossi TOBACCO. 3 cases Smoking Tobacco. 50 boxes do Pipes, ken, bottles, bladders Garrett's Banff. m7 lm eod re TO TAILORS. FTia deemed unanecauary to Mr mom in favor of 8TENE * MET8' celebrated work on Catting Oarmenti, thin that it hu received the moet nuboanded approbation of the moet eminent of the profeuioa. By the lid of the nameroni Die (rami it contains, together with the ample explanations itfom Cying the lime, e penon of moderate capacity can, in a few ire, Cut with case and f.lkoance any ol the rarioBi itylei ol garment! now in Togae, aad in a maoier not to be annuied by the moet experienced cotton The following am a few of the many highly rMpectable namee who testify to the meriu of the book. The nndenigBed being practically acqaainted with Mr. Stenemeu' Treatiaa on Cntting Oarmenti, with pieasnre re commend it m a work, complete in iti arrangement, and in iu practical application to Catting, in peri or to any heretofore Bibliihed either in Earope or America. P. Henry It Son; inielCatter; Staiti It Baker; Charles Cot; E. W. Tryon It Co; B. T. Horner; Jamei Daily; P. Hariland; J. H. Blocker, kc., fee. i/" Tlie above can be obtained of the author, at No. Ill Broadway, New York, price from $? to $11 per copy. mart haojd*r C0 TO MILLINERS. ^ CARL KINO, the well known and celebratod first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the public in general, that he has for sale a most splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, maantactared of an entire saw article, called Pane Straw Gimp. made to the ehaoe of the Shepherdneaa Oipaev?to beautiful aad becoming, they aeed only be sees to bo admired. Millieera, end merchants of the trade, will do woll to call end ecamiae before they make their purchases,m the geode will be sold by the case or doiea at a rery liberal price. CARL KINO, IT Division street. N. B.?A general aaaortmeat of all kinds of Straw Gooda aed Pens Ribbons always oo hand. IS lm*r STRAW BONNETS. L CHAPIN, No. II Jnhn street, near Broadway np flEi) stain, has on band a good assortment ol Fashionable Straw Bonnett, which he is selling u the lowest market prices. Milliner* end others cm invited to sell before parchaiing elaewhere. mr!4 lm*r Hats-Spring Fashion?1846. rm THE UNpERSlONED woald reapectfnlly call the JMfc attealion or hi* fnenda ud patrons to hia assortment ?f Hats of the Spring Fashion. In sulic ting their patronage he woald remind tham of his adheranee to hia esual iah?d low prices, vi?:?Fine Moleskin Hate. $1; Fin# Nutria Far Hats ?3; Short Nap Silk Hats. $?,*. WM. BANTA. No. M Canal at. cor. Wooster, and lM Chatham at. ml4 twje*r SPRING fashion. Cm BROWKkCO., 171 < hatham Square, eorser of Mott J^atreet, wish to inform the i ubh* or their ecent imp-ore m-ut in the manufacture and fi .iah of their 13 biuing fashion, beaaty and durability, three important conaideratious to the wearer. The proprieto-i do co. fiaen-ly assert theirhita to fe- much superior to anv ever before lold for the same price Call and Mtufy yooraclf of this feet mil Im'rh SPRING STYLb. __ GENTLEMEN'S HATS. M WHY will yon pay till aad 11 fir a Hat, when yon 1^ ean go to HOlUtflUhl PHCENLX HAT AND GAP <VLANU FACTORY, 103 Peal ton Hmet, and got M good a one for M.M? Oo and examine lor your-. aelveu. mrll ImV JFINi. KtabNCM SUJJiS lUK M M-City made, !f d "f fW'J! tko?? Iold <? ?tiier stoma for 14; fine Freueh 4taff Boou fertjMequal to the brat made in this eity for Sr >r ?7-?t YOUNO k JONES' French Boet and Shoo Mr ectory: one of the most fashionable in this city; oar Be v.. ., jviag been fudged in the lata Fair at Nihlo's, are said to be the beet Boou ever sold in this eity. All Boou warranted to give eetisfaetien. YOUNO It JONES. I Ana (treat. iaJT l??rh seer BroarlwayTNew York. " PREMIUM BOOTS. ^ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for MM. eity made, md are neqa -l to thoae ?old in other stare, lor id Kino French Shoe Manufactory, one of the most la hioeabte in the eity.? Our B ota haviag been jedged in the late Fair at Nitrio's, ere said to he the best ever sold in thia ei y. . All Boou warranted to (ire >a isfactioa. .. Meuding, ke. doeeio the Store. YOUNu k JONES, 4 Ann timet, m*4 lm*m itfNr Broadway, York. BOOTS AND kHOEb?The Pnblic are invited to call and examine the large aaaoiuneiit of gentlemen's, la dies aad mreeea Boots, Shoes and Oaitere. in all their ran. ties, which are to be foend at the cheap eash store of m?4 Im'r H BIOOA VI. HI Canal at., corner Snllivae. LAKE SUPERIOR COPPER sA)ckd. CTOCKS la the vagimu Companies bought and sold by la*r) 7. S. HUNTfc CO., No. t Ranovw ?. astor house baths. Entrance. No. 1 Veeey street. (Priveie door Aetov Mom.) nPHE PUBLIC uo reepeetfWlljMinformed that the abort A Baths art in complete order. The nathtug tubs are entire ty new, (copper,) and the lancet in thie e*p. Ia point ol claaaliueie and attention, the bathe cannot be ercelled. Hie Bathe an open until 11 o'clock at night, (Saturday night, It.) Price of a bath, ti eente. The worn Sea Bathe at Dethrones etreet. are aa usual open front anuria*, until Wo clock P M mM ha*r HENRV C. RABINEAU. Proprietor. CUREUUOB'S ?VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIOS AND SCALPS, jyj AV^ ?ycLEOANCE^IGHTN^j^jj^H'UA i'A BIL1TY, be elaesod the ftntproduetioos of mo darn art. In their manafaetnre. they differ from all Blhrae made here. The nair is singly inaettrd, and ao equally dietri buledaa to appear just iaauing from the skin ; thry corar ao more of the brow than the natural ha>r doe*, and harine ao metallic spring, all disagreeable pressure is obviated. For a southern climate they are inestimable, being of ouly 1 ounce weight. Seuetors, members of Congress, and gentlemen from every quarter ofthe country, who an now wearing C.'a wigs, can be referred to. The prices will bo foand to suit the etrcnmiunees of all. mM lw*r ARTIFICIAL EYES. A/f ADE and inserted by Dr. J. OKAY. No. lit Bowery, N. York, the only manafactory ol the Human Artiierei Eye in the United States. Any person that wishes te be well salt ed, should always apply to the maker, who has bean in thy art forty years. nil LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND KUKNT^^I TIT ANTED.?Gentleman and Families can ?Mh tfenfhll TT raise tor all kinds ol superfluous effects they with to dispose of. each as Ladies and GeeUtinea's Wearing Apparel Fue Arms. Furniture, Ice. LgrcNsrvn, 4M Broadway, up stairs I. idles hallo,- any < ast ..II I luUnng to obtain a lair price by sending :'or the sa WnUer.l^^^^^^H rnirsTTir. N.B. A line through the Poet Office will ly attended to. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS KOK FLORIBTB-Haringjnat re ceired bv the Hivre pickets Zurich end Frascii let, a fresh assortment of French Flowers and Materia1*, of the best quality and latent stvlre, at low priese, w* take pleasnr* to inrite the dealers hi tbr same articles, to call and esainiue, at BHUN, LAKOS1EKC h LOUttT, mt7tm*eie IIS Williams: FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LO WITZ It BECKER No H Johu ?tr?et, hare jnst open ed a splendid assortment of French Aitilicisl Flowers, materials for Bower makers, Ac. See. which they offer to the trade, at low prices n. IS I in'rar SPRING AND CUMMER CLOTHING, AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT OK W. H. DEGROOT & CO. No. lilts Kultoii Street, 117"HERE the following great attractions will be presented: VV Cloth Coats, frond $1 to $16 ; Alpacca Co <ti from $2 M to ti ; Thin Coats of Linens, Ginghems and Prints, from 7} cents to $2 SO ? Caseimere Pants, from S3 to $6 ; Merino Pants, from $2 to $3.SO; Drilling, aud other Summer Pants, from $1 to $3 ; Satin Vesta, from $2 to $4 ; Summer Vesta, from 7S cents to Ml .75. Also, a large asaortment of Cloths, Cessimeres, will be t and Va>tings, which wtjl ba made to order to suit the moat fastidious. Boys'Clothing, equally cheap?which pr ess are ADMITTED to be twenty-ore per cent cheaper than auy o her store in the cite. m21 lm*rc CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than Ihe General Prices-JACOB VAN Dr.RBlLT, 36 .Vlaiden Lane, betwer n Wm and Nasi IU streets.the cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy'i clothing eatablishment in New York. IV B. Hundred! of garments ready made, which wi'l be ill, H told Wholesale or retail, iary low. m20 lm*rc NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOCFFEL flc FOOTE, No. 30 John street. THE subscribers have established a CLOTH STORE at No. 39 John street, and hanng just received a large and well aelectedatoek of deairable goods, wonld invite the sites tina of purchasers to their assoruneut, consisting in part of the ?FREnI:'H. ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN cLotus and cassimeres. Drap d'Kte; Deep d'Foie: Fancy Tweeds; end a full stock of Sam mar Goods t Satin; Sergei; Y el vets; end a large assortment of the ne west and most fashionable style of ianey Cassimeres Also?a Sll ,toek of TAILORS' TRIMMINGS. The at tention of Tailors is particularly requested to onr stock, as ci inordinary inducements will lie offered them, and they are re spectfully invited to ammine onr stock before purchasing elsewhere. KNOEPFEL St FOOTE, fl7 lm*r No. 3? John street. ONE FK1CE ROUT AND BHUfc slUKE. THE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoo A Store. No. }1> Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, wonld respectfully inform hie customers and the public generally, that he has established the One Price system. Tha price will be found written on the diffeot kinds ol Boots and Shoes, which will be the iowiit and only pries asked in future is this Establishment- He wonld thank the public for the liberal 1, and solicit a continuation of the same in patronage received, Una most desirable way of trade, (he One Pnce System. Do not forgot the number,112 Greenwich, coraerjr.f Barclay treat, near the Hobokea Ferry. JAMES WIGGINS. STRIKER'S SOLUllON FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to its original color ia a few minutes. Those who denbt ire virtue*, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. II hnm bags wonld take this method there would be uo reason to com plain. Usntlemen can have their whiskers and hair changed to any color or shade in a few miautes. Private rooms for cuang ing the hair None genuine unless signed " H. Striker," in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Bold wholesale and retail, and applied at No 5 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hc.1 or Records, New York, up stain. iff Im'rh THE GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS BANDS AND AONETIC FLUID. DECENTLY imported, celebrated both ia Europe and IV Amoriea, for the cure of rheumatism, and all America, for the cure of rheumatism, and all ehronie or nervous diseases. For sale by the groce, dozen or single one, at uwcu miens. Mlm*r A. B. It D. 8ANDB. 79 Fulton street. corner of (Sold. PAPER HANGING. OWELLfc BROTHERS, Manufacturers tnd Importers Paper Hangings, hiriii opened in New York city i branch of their Philadelphia establishment, woald respectfully eall the atleuton of the citizen* of New York and other* wanting good* in their tine, to their extensive assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, Borders, Fire Board Prinu, I1UUI IUIIWinvo,.?iini,>ii> wan I I IBIS, Curtain Paper*, and all other article* in their line of bntin T2b . hare received from the Institutes for the encourage ment of Domeatic Manufactures in the citie* of New York, Philadelphia and Boa ton. ailver medal* for the manafaetnre oi their good*, flatter themaelvee that they can **ll a better article for the same money than can be pnrehased eliowhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscriber* woald particularly call attention to their large assortment of Fresco Paper* for Parlor*, and Column Papers lor Hall*, Public Rooms, Entries, fce. lie. Alio, Ct'UTain Parse*. * new article for Window*. Papering ol Rooms,Hull*, fce. promptly attended to by care ful workmen. Country merchant* and city dealers will Cud it to their ad vantage to give a* a call. HOWELL It BROTHERS, No. 1ST Broadway, _ Two door* above the City Hotel. A Jot of Drawer sand Shelving for sale a* above, iaIT lm*rh FITS! FITS! A CERTIFICATE of Cure of Epileptic Kits,of S3 yatr* standing, cured within th* last three months, by uaeing Iran*' Vegetable Extract, and sworn to befor* the Mayor ol the city of New York, March the 7ih instant. To all whom it may concern ?I hereby testify that I have been afflicted for twenty-three yeera with epileptic fits It woald be impossible for me to detcribe my suffering!, for 1 have suffered through the various stages of this dreadful disease, from having the stuck* light and fsr between, to lieving th- m in the most awful manner and vervfrequently. I have tried the medical skill of numerous physicians without evei receiving any benefit whatever. I have always been tryiog every reme dy (so called) 1 could hour of, until I gave np a'l hopes of ever being cuted. and looked forward to the cold grave as s blessing rather than life. 1 at length heard that Ivans' Vegetable Ifx traet, was making many wooderlnl enrea of this dreadful dis eme, sad coalesa it wss wilhoat a shadow of fsith 1 called on Drs ivaaa It Hart, and repr seated my esse to the n. 1 be came at one# convinced that they understood the dis>as-, and hope revived?yes. thaak God tnv health ravivad too. 1 per severed in tne use of tms medicine aboat three mouths, and through th* blessing of the Almighty in the means used, I am reaior d to health, a.d I would cheo. folly recomm-od nay, I woald urge thoeo who are afflicted uo longer to doubt, bat eall at oace et iti Grand street, >ew Yorb, and be made whole. I thai be happy to see any para >a who would wish to eonve aa with ma on iais subject, at n^rwj4rn<:#,_t9_Eeiyi_st tat. New York WILLIAM H. PARSELC8. Sworn before ma, this 7th day ot March. A. D , li t, worn before me, this 7lb day ot March, A. D . 11.1, HI Im'r W. F H \V-.KM K.YER, Mayor. NOTICE. DR. VAN ZANDT'H celebrated Health Restoiativt, Anti Dysp p io and Anti-Billions Cathartic Pilla, era sold at Wyatt It Ketehnm's, No. 121 Fallon ? treat Price 19 eeau per box. mr23 Im'm DR. POWELL OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attemla to Diaease. of the Eye and to all Imperfection! of Vu the Eye and to all Imperfoctloni of Vision, Dom ? to 4 o'clock, at his roaideoee, Ml Broadway, corner ol Warren at. Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract tad Opacities .effectually removed. ion and success. Squinting, cured in Ipaciuss. effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attautioa and success. Inveterate caaaa of BTRABlSMUB, or Bqu

a few minatea. Juat imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty and finish. SPr.CTACLEB adapted to evsyy defect Advice to the poor without charge. Office end residence Ml Broad "ST?entrance IX Wartea | ? hi.w.r street mS M.W.FfcKsa lmfc4tw*r FOR THE PILES. TkR. UPHAM'S ELEcTUaRY? An mutual remedy, is * U certain cor* for th* Pilei.either internal or external, blesd iug or blind Sold at No 121 Fmton street. No ? Division st, and by the proprietor, a regn arly educated physician of twen ty years' tsperieac., confined to an offlce practice, where Piles >nd all Chronic diseases are successfully treated. Medi cal office, No. IM Bowery, I doors above Spring street m!7 lmdfclm W*r PARMERa' AND MILL KB' BANK, Hageratown, Md , ?.Hn~ ?"?? ? WoUtbtiW.4" : mine* *?? *? Wall Hi-el flENUlNE HAVANA BEG ARB af the new brand " El vFJudio Errante," (The Wandering Jew.) Portals by F. MANCHO, at (9 ballon street fie lm*T Bpaniah Hotel, np auirt. 8ARONI 6c ARCHER, IMTORTERB. MANUFACTURE KB, and Wholesale fr.O^lers >n FURS, CJlPS, and C-1P STOCK TRIM MINOS, Na. in Situ stiiit, New 5 ork. ? wa * g Paaowr. (rrc) lease H- AkcHX*. CGAi-c?I am dniivortae Irocs my yard, corner of King aad Groeuwich streets, th* real Peaeh Orchard Bed Ash. at those low prices,for cash only,via: Egg aad Broken $9 75; large these low prices .for cash only, vis: Egg and ItoM Net and Btoya, mimed, B9 M. Buyers can positively depend -iSHUS" <?-??? ? CLINTON. COMFORT FOR THF AFFLICTED. DR. DE WITT 0. KELLINGER'S PAIN ERADICATOtt. HIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, continues W- f. astonish all who uie it, or who have been favored with (M filthiest knowledge of its wouder working effects upou the human ays tea. Paiu and luilimmatioc cannot remain where this infallible remedy is applied, it matters not from wha( casts it may have or urinated. Principal Depot. 99 John street. fll lm*r T BILLIARDS IMPROVED. f"|TTI8 FIELD, respectfully informs his friends snd the vr public. that he has returned to his old farorite quarters, AAflBFQMp'8 ROOMS, entrance l)i Ads si, sdioutini the Hueum balding, or 149 Fulton street The Rooms and Ta Adas hare been put in perfect order. The Tables are Slate, ?a^Mod Iron, with Air, India Rubber no suit Eurooean and all ^Bble and Iron, with Air, India Robber and Cloth Cushions. ?By win no doubt suit Eurooean and all neat players, being this country. Larger balls for Bouthernere?Caro lina balls far Germans. N. B?Betiford's new style Billiard Tables for tale; India and French Cue Leather, but in the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every article! u the trade, constantly on hand and for sale. fM lafme BALL DKESSLS FIFTY PER CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. DETER ROBERTS respectfully announces to the ladies, JT that baring purchased lar^ej^ at auction, he is_euabled to I oSsr a aufaificeut selection of Ball and Evening Dresses ? the abevetremendous reduction. He also calls attention to a gnjjaUty^e^Embroi^^re^CellMSjChemi^tys^tc^l^lyt^ ___ fling at less than ens-third the original price. The remainder of the stock of Winter Hosiery is ol "red at eauslly low prices, and ou inspection it is believed NO m BROADWAY jM lm*re SHIRT MANUFACTORY, Jfis.07 MA/DEN LANE. (UP STJiRS.) 8HIRT8 MADE TO ORDER. fpHK SUBSCRIBER offers to the Public a method of M. makiM shirts, which renders esse and comfort to the wpemsMis a complete ftt;aa no pains harebeeu spared to ob tain the best b rench pattern shirts. Having had loug esperience in the busiuess, the Subscriber is tumbled to make all the necessary improvements and give general satisfaction. WM. COLLINS ft* In't NEEDLE & FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, 77 Maiden Lane. WM. CROWLEY It SON, manufacturers of the above articles, respectfully inform the importers of NewYoik end other cities, that they have now on hand a large stock of the above articles, which they are willing to aell at a small ad vance from the manufacturing prices. Any of the trade, or im porters, can have their needles labelled with their own name, if desired. P. S. ? Robert Crowley, impoiter o( Sheffield and Bir mingham Grind*. in parr of the above vrore fli ImVe GUIDE T0 SOUND TEETH. DrFrom the Evening Post.] It. A. C. CASTLE, who her practiced for the last seven teen veers iii this city, has obiaiued an enviable emiue ce in his profession He operates noon the Teeth with g'eat .kill and ability. He has also prepared a Composition f-r filling de cayed tender teeth. which, whi.e it resists the action rf all acds and infect ing ageuts, it becomes as hard as the tooth it self It it peculiarly adapted for nervous persons. Dr. Castle inserts artificial Teeih. DR A C. CASTLE, Dentist, mlS lm*m Ml Broadway, corner of White st. TO TRUNK MAKERS. fPRUNK BOARDS?10.090 lbs Trunk Boards, of superior quality snd numbers, just received and for sale by TERSSE It BROOKS, t received and for sale by PKRSSE It BROO O Inr ?5 and ST Naiua .iraet The Long Island insurance Oo. Capital *00,000 Dollars. Omci 41 Fultoh iTaggT, Bbooilth. ly entire, continue to uke . merchandize md property terms. This company lias passed through the two greatest co-jtlagratioiis lhat have evei occnired ia the country; they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system whieh they urrici si euLTon |_T AV1NG their capital very nearly i EX risks on bni.dingt, machinery, me generally, oo their usual favorable ten have always practised of limiting end scattering their risks. All losses wuich the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly aa heretofore. B. W. DELAMATER, 17flmia*rc E. C. FINN. Secretary. jj. W. DELAMATER, President. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY > AT AN suction wrKffiK; ,i T. DIRECTORS. ' Thomre WThorn., Elisha Riggs, n n* u Anson Baker, B R. Kobion, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, iueker, Jimee E. Holmee, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, tj?.. Will'am K. Thiwu. Thomas Morrell. Eocene B ?rt, John C. Memtt, .Robert Smith. THn5v?bpqueBt of the Bonrd, THOMAS W. I tlUKNK, Esq, waa noanimoasly re-elected President for 'he en.n.n, .ear. OFO T HOP K IWftm- j LOOK AT THIS. ASCLLINO OFF for LESS THAN FIRST CO?JT GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Beou and ? 8ho?e, to icahe room for a large supply of French Oooda "mpnjitic cork aole Boots, water proof and ifti n i do, fine cell Mors, Pempa, and Dancing Gaiters Lady a Oaitera, Buikus, Slippers, Ties, patent trainer whir# RMwf andri0'Wk"* ?,d'?lo,,|i Moccasins; all kinds ol Knbbera and Overshoes, he.,he , nil of which will be sold 25 percent less than heretofore, at *7 Broad war. cor. Franklin rat Im'me M. CAHILL. T segars?foreign and domestic. v j3SR'BK^9 '**'*? the attention of country mer chants, dealers, and others, to their sttensiee stock of 8e gars. This stock has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lo west prices for cash; they are, there fore.ennbled to offer thedifferent qnaliti slower than any other establishment in theeity.The sasottment comprises eeery atrle and quality, from $2 to $25per thousand. eryatyie , . ?. , KENNETH h LAVERTT. mrll lm re Wholesale Segar Emporinm. IPC Wall st. nrnr,?I!EilM 0lLl ANU CANDLES. E*CELLENT Wilder B!esehed Sperm Oil at tl a gall; rV.ii .2^ 8olar 0|1, 7? ef.nUi ? Prime article of 8perm Candles at25 cents per pound. Families, boardinc boose and hotel keepers are inrited to call and examioe the above before purchasing, tor sale by J. 0. FOWLsR, r. . . ? Orocer and Tea Dealer, Greenwich st. eor. Mnrray, and IX Greenwich cor. Vestry. I mrll lm*rc KJOTICE TO THE PUBLIC IN GKNERAL-rThe sub <?1 his premises, is sow prepared to t leap Cerpate of every description, from lltolNyarda. with ^i|r'PifiSiTSXr*J,,-JJ^ ,CeuL* p*r F?rd; Bntaaeli ? cents per yard, Hearth Rugs, Taola Covers and shawls cleaned, from 25 to 75 cents; Dressesi dyed or washed from 50 cents to $1; Coats cleaned or dressed from SO cents to tl; Pants do from 25 to 50 ?*N B -Term. ~.V SMITH, 7* Allen st. 8 ?Terms cash. ni# lin're fGR THib FACE AND SKIN. A CHURCH'S VEUETABLR LOTION. r .i* w Ctrsmetie for eradieaung Eruptions Tetter Meh-?" tr ' Pimples, Blotches, letur, Son barn, fiiupworms, Freckles and Couneont ?1* Wgwa-itwAig!sgkaa?g&ff MANSION HOUdE, rnur CONNECTICUT. I e ? UNDERSIGNED begs laava to anaonnes to his . fnanda and the public, that he has leased the above honse for a term of years, and hopes, by long iipeneoeeud attention to bnamnse, to merit a liberal share of their _ JOHN L. MONROE, irare Formerly of the U. 8. H,tel. Bestoe. Patent .lap-welded iron hoii.kk FLUES F'hijfteffin^dmJli^' fMt l00?' ?d TO ARCHITECTS, stone cutters, and ??? BUILDERS. ' CTREE 8TONE'cmished by the aabecriber, eqnal to Coa . a*w 184 ' 'Pa""**P*r ceot cheaper, on application Aq^uMl', N.? ?'""?P Ci*P. or at tha Quarry, ABM. H VREKLAND. Dafnarreotjrps Appssrastoa. JOHN ROACH, Optician. 82 Naasan Street, LI AS constantly on hand,* reach. German and American In " atrnments Coating Buses, Mercery Baths, and nil the othe-mat rial[used by operators, are monnfieta ed under his inspection. ChemtcnU, Phrw, Cues, Quirkt'uff, lie. fce Lenses Ground to order. Thermometers and Snrveying Com pares msnufacinred for the trade Magneto Electric Machines, of approved construction, for medical pu poses. m!7 lm're fECOND HAND PJLOTHING and Furnitwre Wanted-The highest caa ^ p"?* t'?eo for nil kinds of Second Hand Goods, by N ? a ii .a . . _ B. LEVY, 4JJ4 l hatham at. , I'oethr agh tha Pott Office will be panctaelly at tendee to Loastaat'y ne hnnd, a asaaonsble assortment ol new and second hand Clo h sr. cheep for cash, mil lm*re LONG DREED CANAR1E8. R HASELETT'S aetira Breeding Stock, so mneh ad mired on New. Year's Day. They are already mated, end win be sold only in pairs. Bird Fanciers and the pablic are feapecfally invited to call and exarnine rhem -rVL il 1*i" 8",Ain* Blrd? f'om different parts or the habitable Globe. Fauey Pigeons and C.gee, Gold Fish, 'a tie fishbone, and bud seeds of every deeeriptioa. Every article for the Breeding Cage, he For sale by MR a VI . n a e- A. ORI F.VE. 5 John street . " Archie s Bird Faneier, containing fan directions for breeding Caaanca. ini the best method of leedieg birds in general, for s-le an above. Eagliah and Scotch Terriers for sale by - m" "??'?? A OR favF.. 5 John street _MAHOOANP. ROSEWOOD. 2EBKAWOOD, he E out AC Y, No. II Woorter -n- Sireet, between Bioome and gpnog its The stock ie m?,r * '"** "?'tnient of croteh, moulsd and shaded Mahogany Veneers. Rosewood Manoeany, Zaarawood Biid'a Eya Maple and Blaek Walnut Logs, Bonrda. Plank, Joiat, he. he., and n general assortment ol lumber, usually is,t at ma hogeey yar. a in this city. * * mli lm*re TARRANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CUBEBS, a ve>y eoecentrrteo and pleasing form, which admits ol taking SI V- aSraV and Wsi ran afreets, N. Y. Aim, by Mosely h Tucker Mob let M Grew, Natehet; Handrlckson, Savannah; M A. pantos, Norfolk ;Q M < amy! ni'!^'/??-* "*"7; Angu.w; W S Reese, Baltimore, Uilaann, Washington; McClond h Wheaton, St. Lo11" mr!2 lm?r 835,000 H.nAoVHAa^.ATN?^NCU't Mi WC rtimxja, all sites, 50 o 0 Einult-eioa, 1st 50 000 Lafayeita, 150,*00 Esperanza, 20,100 Kcg.lis, Iji Vi 100,100 Pr naipe, ? 0*0 Lafayette, pressed 10 0W Eaenlapio, do 15.000 Enropc, 25.000 Sao Human, I at, 50 bales Tobacco. 25,10* La Victoria, Iff ? ?The whole entitled to debenture, and ie lots i* sail purcha sers For sale by B. M PiCABU. mr22 lm*m 117 Front nreet, near Wall, np stairs. TRIAL OF ALBERT J. TIRRELL, FOR THE Murder of Maria Ann Bickford, IN B08T0N. FOURTH DAY. Supreme Judicial Court. Preaent?Judges Wildes, Hubbard and Dewey. Counaal for the Commonwealth, Samuel D. Parker, Esqfor the priaonor, Hon. Rufua Cboate and Annis Merrill, Esq. The Court room was early filled this morning, in the anxiety for an opportunity to hear the eloquence of Mr. Choate in his doting argument for the prisoner. The Court came in at nine o'clock, and Mr. Choate commenced bis argument shortly after. It is the most remarkable state of evidence I have ever had the occasion to hear, and proves conclusively, to my mind, that the prisoner runs and hides, not from murder, but from adultery. I find myself embarrassed here, from the position 1 take, that ha was a waking man; for I really believe, when he came to Mr. Head's he was in a state of somnambulism. But supposing him to be a waking man, he acts strangely for one who is guilty of murder. He hides himselta little, not all. He goes to Kullam's openly, where he is known as well as you are at your victualler's. The g< your victualler's. The government says he gave Fullam a wrong name. This is not so. Thompson says he gave the name Oarret, or Jerold ; if it was not that, be does not know what it was. Oarret or Jerold?does not this sound like Tirroll 7 That he did not endeavor to conceal himself, he calls to Fullam who had opened his window, and wishes him to comedown. It is incon sistent with the supposition, that he, just committed a murder, with his hands and his clothes wet with blood, to meet Fullam face to face, who knew him well, and also knew that his name was not Oarret, Jerold or Brit ten, as was reported before the Coroner's jury, but Tir rell. He, therefore, was not ranning from a great crime, but from a small one?his fear of being detected in adul tery, and the breaking of his bonds. Mr. Choate then put the position, that the prisoner was in the state of somnambulism, as another ingredient of doubt And that ifthe jury believed, from the evidence given, that he was in this state, then they should pro nounce him innocent. Mr. Cboate read lrom Harvey's Meditations a story there related, to illustrate a remaik made by the author, that a crime committed 'in sleep or in a somnambulic state, would not subject the author to moral responsibil ity. The story is, that two fiiends had been hunting during the day ,- that when they had retired for the night, one hoard the other talking in his sleep, and exhibiting every appearance of hit pursuing the occupation of the preceding day. After going the rounds of the chase and coming to where the stag had fallen, he exclaims?" I will kill him, I will kill him." Upon which his compan ion sprang from the bed to the other tide of the room, to witnots the result, when the sleep-waker raised his knife from his pocket, and repeatedly plunged it into the bed from which bit companion had just risen. The position taken by Mr. Choate, was that the defen dant was a somnambulist; that this disease, appearing in childhood, had increased in frequency and intensity, to maturer life, so that no surgeon or physician that had been upon the stand, would hesitate to say that it might not the next time show itsell in the more violent slsges of the disease, and that Albert J. Tirrell was on this night, the 36th and 37th October, of all days in the year, and that year 1846, laboring undor one of these paroxysms. He then repeated over and commented upon the evidence of Eben Tirrell, as to Albert's attack of somnambulism, at Wareham. Dr. Channing, says Mr. Choate, expressly states in his testimony, that the in stances of these paroxysms upon Tirrell, are precisely the same as those with which he is acquainted, of the most violent stages of this disease He then defined som nambulism, and said there was not a single scrap of tea timony on the part of the government, to piove he was not in that state ; but, on the other hand, we have shown by the most respectable and scientific gentlemen, here on the stand, that he was so. Anil if, by the direction of the C ourt, the burden of proof is on the government that he was not in that state, then you have nothing fur ther to do. The reasonable doubt exists. Mr. Choate further argued on the point of Tirrell's being in a state of somnambulism at this time, that there is a wonderful coincidence in the testimony of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Miss Blvod. Thev did not come here to perjure themselves in favor of the defendant.? They all agree in the kind of noise that the person made who rushed from the House. The government says it was smoke ; but would not the difficulty have been sur mounted after he had come down two or three steps 7? The witnesses say it was a noise as if a person had a dif ficulty in respiration Dr. Channing says such is the noise made by a somnambulist. If, then, gentlemen, the evidence makes an impression upon you on this point suf fluent to raise a doubt, it is sufficient. Mr. Choate closed hit argument at half past 4 P. M., having been six hours and a half in the delivery. Dur ing the argument, the prisoner was frequently seen to be in tears. His wife also, who was present in the lore noon, was seriously aifected, and sobbed aloud. 8. D. Paskcb, Esq , commenced his closing argument for the commonwealth at twenty-five minutes belore five P. M. Mr. Parker said he could not help being surprised at the nature and character of the defence set up in this trial, and rdl|uested the jury to pause before they estab lished a precedent in this commonwealth which might seriously affect the interest of every individual in it.? My object will be to direct your minds to a number of positions from which you are to make up your verdict. Whet you conscientiously believe, that you must say tod do. I maintain, in tho first place, that there wu a homi cide committed in Joel Lawrence'a home on the 97th October last, by human hands. > 34. That it was not a suicide. ML That it was not committed by any one belonging to that home. 4th. That it was committed by the prisoner at the bar. 6th. That if committed by him, the act was not au thorised or justified by law. Oth. It was a felonious homicide. 7th. It was not manslaughter. 8th. It was murder. That it was not a natural death, was not disputed by the learned counsel for the defendant. That it was Dot a suicide was shown, he thought, from the fact the throat was cut on one side of the neck, and then turned over and cut on the other, as there were, as testified by Mr. Pratt, two distinct spots or pools of blood on the bed, one being larger than the other. That the ear-ring spoken ot by the witnesses, and argued by the learned counsel as haviag been an object of plunder, was not torn out of the ear by any person for that purpose; but by the deceased being dragged from thawed, and in this operation the ear-ring had been caught in the bed, and thus torn out. With respect to the noise in the chamber when the scream was first heard by the witnesses in that and the adjoining houses, and the fail of a heavy body upon the floor, he said that the great probability was that it was occasioned by some one person who was committing an act of violence upon another. He went very fully into the consideration of all the positions he haa taken, and in closing endeavored to im press upon the minds of the jury, the insecurity to society, were they to acquit a prisoner charged with a capital crime, on slight causes. That if murders, per petrated in houses such as Joel Lawrence's was de scribed to be, are to go unpunished, then any one who exercises the spirit of revenge again it another, had naught to do but to inveigle his victim into such a place, . ?. fiuTb in order to strike the fatal blow. Mr. Parker closed at j before 7, P. M. The court observed to the prisoner, after the argument was clesed, that by a humane principle of law and by ancient custom, he had the privilege of addressing the Jury in any remarks he thought proper to make, lest his counsel may have omitted any thing that he wished to be msde known. The prisoner in reply, a ter consulting with his counsel, said be would rest his cause where his coun sel had leit it, and that he did not feel able to make any address. The court adjourned at 7 o'clock. The charge will be given to the jury in the morning. Shocking and Extkaodiwaky Cask ?Our attention was arrested on Monday night, in the First Munici pality, by a largs crowd ot people, surroundings good looking, nsstly dressed young sailor, and a rather praby loosing girl, apparently not more than sixteen years of age. The man was altornataly weeping, cursing and tearing hit hair, and threatening to kill both himself SDd the female near him ; while she stood with bands clsspad, her eyas rad with wohping, supplicating him not to kill ber, and bagging him not to " take on so."? On enquiring into the cause of tho disturbance, the fol lowing deplorable circumstances ware related, and they were sulHcientlv painlnl to account for the singular behavior of tha sailor and tha girl :-Tbe sailor had just returned Irom a long cruise at sea. and waa on a bit of a lark about town, lull ol (rolic and "half saas over " at that, whan ha encountered the female in tha strsat, struck up an acquaintance with her, and invitad her to accompany him to tho " Q obe Bail." Prom tome unac countable rooson, tho girl olt a repugnance to going with him, but at lost consented, and was invited by bar companion to enter a neighboring c?/? and gat a drink. As they stood at tho bar tha countenance of the man seemed familiar to bar, and as ha put out his band to 'axe hit glass ot liquor, she observed a daep scar, and dr p piDg her glasa, exclaimed, " Great Ood, your name is a ! you're my brother !"? and so ha was Ha had not soon her for eight years, and when he last left her. with ber parenu in Naw York, sha was a fair-haired, prattling Utile child. His horror and anguish st finding ber away from homo, and a common girl ot tho town, can ba bettor imagined tban described , and yat, in his paroxysma of grief, he thanked heaven that he had mada tha discovery thus early. A police officer succeeded in separation the unfortunate pair, and getting them safely several homes, and we havo not hoard of them since. N. O. Pieafunt, March 18. Fir* at Lockport?About one o'clock this morn ing, a tire broke out tn the wooden building on the comer of Pine and Main streets, occupied by P. O. Barnes, at a dry goods store, and by John Harrington (in the back part) for a tailor shop. Tha buildirg.was entirely consumed, together with the adjoining one, occupied by Richard Kda, tobacconist, and Mr Few, tailor. Mr Barnes's goods were insured for $1,600 in the Ktna, and the building, owned by J. Bradley and J. Homstreet, for $3000 in tho tamo company. Mr Ede was insured on tha building and stock In tha Contri butionebipcompany. Mr. how bad no insurance, homo other damage, of inconsiderable amount, appears to havo boon doM.? Latkfari Cewrur, March 34. Varieties. We learn that < hurlss Lewis, wb) tu tried at Me last session ot Me Superior Court at Gallatin, Teas., far killing Goodal, has bean acquitted. Hiram Pattingall, of Auroia. committed anicide en Me 19M inst, by cutting bit throat with a razor. Seme peculiarities were noticed in hie manner* for a few days Sreviouf, and bis friend* have since become aatlsied ist he was laboring under an aberration of mind. The St. John'* Newi says, that four rogiaaeots of troops are under order* for St. John*?that one and a half regiments are to be stationed in that city, and Me re mainder in various oMer parts of Me province. A poor mechanic at Baltimore, named Hitchcock, had addea to hi* familjr, Me other morning, three daughter*, whom he named Jane Polk, Mary Florida, and Martha Texaa. It i* a pity he had not one more to call Sumn Oregon. The Miasisaippi valley i* likely to supply Me world >ig lead. The whole amount to Be brought to 1 with pig L ... I market Mi* year will probably exceed seventy millions. The people ef Louisville, Ky., have been considerably excited by the arrival of,a fresh oedflsh in that city. A negro named Huuey ha* been arrested at Auburn, supposed to ho an acoomplice of Krooman in Me murder of Mr. Van Ness'* family at Auburn. AnoMer, whose name is not known, i* suspected, and offleen are in pur suit of him. Thore is now a bill before the Louieiana Senate, for the abolishment of the death punish. The Danmldtnn Vigilant, in alluding to the subject, very correctly re marks " All laws That era not founded on public opin ion are worse then nugatory?May become mischievous. Upon this question public opinion is already in edvanou of the lew, which must be made to oonflrm it, if our Le gislators will learn wisdom from Me pest." The store of Mr. Oriesmer, with all its conMnts, was burnt at Wheeling, on Me 17th inst. An explosion oc curred while the conflagration was going on whioh blew Me whole building to atoms. Insurance on Me goods, ti.NO. in the Columbus Avanev " $5,000, in the Columbus Agency. O.J. Adams, formerly Me great apostle and "Big Oun"ofJoe Bmith end Mormrnism?spokesmen of Mo Prophet?Missionary to England, Russia and Jaruaalam, who, we are informed, wiMdrew from the Saints over a year ago, having provad Mam wicked end deaignlng men, is now in Cincinnati delivering lecturee shewing the abominations of Me Mormon tribe. The steamer Logan, in coming down Ma Tamoo river with a cargo of 1100 bales cott n, struck a snag on the 38th ult., about 110 miles above Yazoo city, and sunk im mediately. . Alonzo Pennington, charged with Me murder of Edw. Davis, in Christian county, Kentucky, in May last, end for whore arrest the Governor of Kentucky odered e re ward of $1000, has been arrested end placed in Me Jail at Charleston, 8. C , for requisition During the lest ten years seventy thonrand persona, made criminals by intemperance, were arrested in New Orleans. A truly fearful amount of wratohodness la caused by Mn free uie of ardent spirits, [isle The Legislature of Ohio havo passed laws to araet the new counties of Mahoning end Ashland. Forgery is the most fashionable crime of Mo day. In Cincinnati, e young merchant, a foreigner by Mo nemo of Diss, said to be of liberal education, and of respect able end wealthy connexions, and who was on.tbe eve of being married to the daughter of one of*Me moat wealthy and respectable merchants ef that city, wee arrested on the 14th inst., on the charge of having com mitted several lorgeries, to the amount of about $7000, which he had disposed of to the banks and brokers. Tbe " unfortunate" individual made two slight attempts at seif-deatuction, after his crime wee discovered, end at hie examination before Ma magistrate no ooo appeared against him, and ha was remanded. The dome of the observatory of Mo Monticello Semi nary, at Mrnticvllo, 111 , was o msumad by lire soma days ago. Tha young ladias in Me 8eminary worked like heroines, and to their exeitione is attributed Ma staying of the flames The vaccinating board ef Doctors in Baltimore, made 3334 calls, and vaccinated 1081 persons, in 11 wards only, last week. Two pieces oi iron castings, weighing Mar 7000 pounds each, were cast at the iron factory of Jarvis Williams, Esq , Biddeford, Maine, last week. The Hon. B F. Porter has resigned the chair of pro feseorship of law in Ma University of Alabama. In tha recent Ward elections in Philadelphia, the Whigs polled 435S votes, Me demoorats 3757, and Ma na tives 36*3. Dr. James W. Thompson has bsen elected President o Me 'Medical Society of Wilmington. A Are broke out in Marshall, (Michigan.) en Mo l*M instant, whioh entirely destroyed a block of stores, known as the Exchange Buildings, togeMer w^k their contents. Tbe buildings were folly insured. Til stores were occupied by E. C. Hall, C. Hascal It Co., and H. dry goods end hardware stores. A carrier pigeon was shot on the 30th instant, at 11, A M . in 8eabrook, by e led named Samuel Beckman. On a leg of the pigeon, was neatly aewed e amall slip of paper, containing the following memorandum, apperent r-ry .. fX. - ly in the hand writing of e lady : Friday, 8. A. M. E. came lest night, but not a word how, why, or whera fore." The democrats of North Carolina have nominated James B. Sbepard, of Raleigh, for Governor. The whig candidate is William A. Sraham. Samuel F. Wright, formerly of Prinoo George'? county, Md., was killed at Mayaville, Kv., last w *k by tha felling of a heavy iron ahaft in a cotton U~lory. In the lower Houae of the Pennaylvania Legislature en Friday afternoon, Me Baltimore It Ohio Railroad bill wai ao amended, by e vote of 60 to 41, that tha Harris burg T*ltgraph regards it as a defeat of Ma bill. Three persons were drowned near Mount Tenon, Indiana, lest week, in an attempt to ford a creek in a wagon. Their names were George Schlamp, John Schnell and Fiaderick Sauter. * Capt. Friabie, who was arrested by the auMoritlea tf Montego Bay, Jamaica, on a charge of piracy and ah' duotion, has been honorably aoquittao. Hon. William Allan, of the U. 8. Senate, was an ap prentice to Me saddle business ut Lynchburg, Va. There are upwards of 46,000 bunds employed in Mo manufacture of boots and shoes in the Slate of Massa chusetts. The receipts of the Post Office at East Lengmoadow, Mais., for the first two quarters under Ma now postage law, exceed those of Me two pravioue ones, under the old law. Tha town of Manchester, Naw Hampshire,voted at tha late town meeting, to petition the Legislature for a cit> charter. It is the largsst town in New Hampshire now, sends the most representatives to the Legislature, and casts the largest vote. We understand, says the Pottaville Miners' that on Wednesday last, a large number of Irishmen went up to Prospect Hill, and engaged In a pitched bat tle. which continued for some time, the men fighting desperately. One of the Roman Catholic priaats, hear ing of the disturbance, want to the scene of action, and after considerable difficulty, succeeded in quelling tha ript We have not heard that any one was seriously In jured. although some of the persons reoeived pretty se vere blows. The Rochester Dtmtcrmt, says that the authorities of that city served notices upon the different boar shops in tbst city, last Sunday, ordering them to close their dears during the day. A bill has been introduced into tha Legislature a< Louisiana, making it a penal offence to gamble. The free blaoks of Maryland reoently presented to tha Rev J. R. Breckenridf a a gold snuff-box, as a mark of their gratitude lor his past efforts to serve them, which ho has accepted as " a testimony that, in their Judgment be had some claims to the character of a Christian phi lanthropist." The Comet.?The following latter has been ad* dressed to the editor oi the Baiton Courier, by Ben" jsmio Pierce, Esq , of Harvard University, tinder date a* tbe '10th iust. -.-Having bsen unable to satisfy the obser vations mads by Mr. bond, the director of tha observa tory, upon the comet discovered oy hie eon upon tho 16th ultimo, by toy parabolic orbit which I could ob tain, I have applied the general method of computation to tho observations of Fsbruarv 36th and Marsh fith and 18-h. I have ebtaiaod the following orbit, baviag a pe riod of revolution of ninaty-flvo years, which completely satisfies lbs observations of February Nth, and March 1, 3, t, 4,9, ? 10, It, 13,17,18, end 31. The period of revo lution cannot, however, bo relied upon ao accurate within several year* : but if the comet should bo vtstbio as late as Juno or July, I think It may Bo determined oitoin a year. Thar# seems to mo to bo a reasonable expectation that it will be seen at that time, aad I hope the telescope of four inches aad a half aperture, which has Just bsen received at the observatory from Mr. Himms of London, will enable Mr. Bond to take observa tions up n it. Perihelion passage, March, &d 49347 Greenwich m. a. t. Perihelion distance, 0 004110 Mean distance from sun, 30 80761 Eccentricity, 0 9*807*4 Period of revolution, 94 9147 youra Inclination, 80 d 11 m 39 eh Longitude of Node, 77 39 47 .?J Me in Equi Longitude of Perihelion, 90 18 19 J J no* of Jan. 1. Motion direct. The small difference In the elements bet wee this or bit and?Mr. George Bond's parabola, arises almost wbelly Iron tbe Introduction of the period of revetaUea aa aa element of calculation. Cotton Mill Burw*t> ?We leant that the cottoa till belonging to Deri us Goff, of Rehobotit vil ige, was destroyed by firs on tha 0th instant. Tho mill ras 114 fast in leogth, 3J stories, occupied by him In be manufacture ot wadding It took fire tho rorkmen wore at dinner, end was totally dartroy a d, Mfc hiding machinery and fixtures, end about *1000 of stock so rapid ware the Dimes in spreading throughout No surance Loss four to five thousand dollars.? 7snoise naurance [Mess) fTWg Pour Children Drowned ?Three children of lr. Calvin Tnomso, tho oldest a girl of 14, another ef i and a boy ol 6 years, with a daughter of Zonae Low about 10, and a daughter of Josiah Martin, Esq apod Jout 14, were playing ou a email pond covered with #, which suddenly gave way, end the foar girls mi but the daughter of Mr Martin succeeded la getting1 it The boy, like e little hero, seeing his sisters strug ing sod calling for help, attempted to assist thorn, hsu ho was aiithar pulls t or slipped in, and safer so the me feto of thooe ha was attempting to rescue-Osis. ws OsstUi. - ? ?