Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK QRRALD Td.ID.1*. St?WlkoU Ho. 4301. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 30, 1846. rHE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS BOMOB BB1WBTT, Proprietor. Circulation.. .Forty Thousand. IDAILT HERALD?Every day. Price I teKTY"H?^iV^CS.tar ,.r-rn.. ? .? rsu?rrfNo of all kinds ?nui wink butty and to *b. 1C7~ Ail letters or eommuaicatioas, bv mail, addressed to keesti.hlishment, out pe post pud, or the poetag ? will bo J AM JUS GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of ta. Now Y oki Hbslald KiTiiL'iHiuit M f?n.? ?f Feltne and Haw. itrNta NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. In ud sft?r Monday, March 'C'h, tha boato of thil Farry 1 run u follows until farther notice:? Lost, Bitten Island 9, 10. II A. M. 1,5, P. M. Leva New York 9, II. A M ; I, 33q. I. P. M. N B.?Ail freight at tha risk of tha owasaa thereof. EOPLE'9 LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, uly, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at t o'clock, P.M. Vom the pur betwten Covrtlamtt and Liberty ifi. Steamboat COLUMBIA. Cw. Peek, .will leave oa Monday, Wednesday, and Friday avaoincs, SIf o'clock. Steamboat HENDRICK HUDSON, R. G. Cretten will leave oa Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday avanincs, o'clock. At Vo'cloek P. M? Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., tenmboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Fury, will vn o > Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, L o'clock a mbeat SOUTH AMERICA. Cspt.L. W. Brsinard.will vs on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday afternoons, at 5 lock. The above boa's will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample ? for ih? morning ra s for too out or weat. might taken at moderate rates ,ud none taken alter} a'deck III persons us forbid trusting any of the boats of this lint, line <" thout a wri'ten ordvi from ike Captains or , i' or freight, apply on board, or to r. C. Bchnltt, at ! office ri. the wharf wjflr To LET, LN HoBOKEN, TWO New three story aad basement brick Houses, privilege of Irao ferriage, now in conns of com with the | ir_?_ Lpletmn. which will be ready for oeenpanev on or before let. They will be fitted in beantiful style aad be re ) with nil the lite improvements. They each contain 11 td ma besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels and ek gra'ea throughout, and are 91 met front by St deep, with V court yrrds aid iron railings. The situation la delight . commanding s fine view of tha river, bay aad city, and is nia one minnte's walk of the farry, where the new fvrry le leave every 1} minutes for Barclay st, crossing in ? to 10 intea; and every half hoar to Csnal an Christopher sts ? p'v at the farry at HnHoken. ml53w*re lU LET OR FOR BAL.E, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Stable and i ' Coach House attached, with about an acre of land, tha .principal part of which is well stocked with fruit and shrubs, and an loteil with a pieket fence. The stages cy shrubs, and an loted wi'h a pieket fence. The stages every ten minutes within Ave minutes' walk of the house, stioa between 119th aad lltth streets. For farther iaforma ' r to it. HN BATHGATE. 134 Ninth street, or Dr. I, Harlem. mrlt lm*re NOTICE. DWELLING HOUSES, STORE Band vacant Lots, for tale, reel or exchange. Ioreacm erne made on pro > doctive Real ?atate> that will pay I r ora fen te twenty r.rnt on the pnrehaae money, with an ii ereaae in ralne of fifteen per^cent per annum. Ml ney procured on id ted Mortgage; and Policies .of Insurance obtained from moat responsible companies in the eoniiyg^ Jy^lM ird Arenae, B ?Plane, elevations, specifications and contracts for wings, famished hsrs or at No. ? Broad street, at the short now e. CALVIN POLLARD. 11 lm*rc Architect. at KOK SALE, Oil TO LET, oath: moat reasonable V terms, three two-story Dwelling, i.ruses, in North IB, 8ixth, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Williams ?, L. I. Two of the above ars new, snd intended se genteel deuces, being finished in the best manner, and supplied " *pnng and rain water in the kitchen, and coal van Its is it, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain trad, at ? per cent- Enquire on the premises, or of ROBERT ANGUS, ? t lm-nve 99 Wall straet JtlUARRY FOR BALE. OR TO LEABE-Sun ite on the Passaic river, in North Belleville, formerly belonging to Abraham Joralemon, Eaq. Said quarry l*?n extensively worked for thiity years pest, and is one be bei t quarries of frre stone in New Jersey, and is in i order for working. The premises consist of two dwell , itorr bouse, wo barns, two hundred feet of wharf, and 'utcan urea of lead, wuieh will be sold entir.*, or the y separate, if desired. For farther particulars, enquw l snbecriber, at the post uflUe in BeflevtHe. N. J. JOHN C. LLOYD, blleville. Feb. It. 1MI. fit lm-mc ? KOK NEW ORLEANS.? Luaieiana and ISev York Line.?Poeitiv-ly First Regular packet, to sai to-morrow, Tuesday. 31st iast.?The elegant, fas g pocket bark G FN feSEF., Minott, master, will post ? T sail ss above, her regular day. >r freight or paaaage, having Handsome famished iccom atious, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wal 0 C0 E. K. COLLINS A CO. M Honth street, sengers will plesee be on board at 3 o'clock to-morrow d.y, list lust, ?t which tuns ihe ship will sail. _<viii IU New url-aua. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who wil iptly forward e!| -oodt to his address, riift ship E. 11 CHAP1N, Welch, master, will tnceeei Oenosee, aad anil on Monday, Cth April, her regnla i30m I(*OR LONDON?Mrgul-r Packetrf'hr istApril ?The picket sh;p PRINCE ALBe.RT, Cspt. ?e bur, wilt sail as aoovs, her regular day. a.taga in cabin, second cabin and steerage, having did accimmodaiioai, apply on boa d, or to J08EI-H McMURRAY, ? '90 Pine st. corner of Booth. NEW LI.1E Ob PACKETB ?Oa LIVER POOL ?Packet of 30th ef March.?"Hie sp'endid.faat MilH.g and fnvoritr packet chip ROSUUS. 1100 tons ien ? apt in E. Eldri igv. (being nn voidably detained,) potitiwly ami on Saturday, April 4th * i ccntninodationa of this magnificent packet ore one ed for spieudora d comfort, both m cibtn, second cebia t erage. IVno-i wisl tug to teeare beiths should not fail ake e ixly application on bo-rd, at tba foot of W all atraet, W. A J. T. TAP8COTT. 75 South street, corner of Maiden lane. BLACK BALL. OK OLD LINE OK LIVER JV POOL PACKMfiJ KOR LI VERPOOL.-Ooly re DfiaauUr packet of the 1st of April. The magnificent i-elsbraird fast sailing favorite pa. et >hip KlJHOPE, ird (J. Father, Commander, will tail positively on oa.lav, tr.e .si A pi il. It it well known that the tccom '?< I" tin Europe an ted out in a moat anperbaud ?? mtuuer. with every modern improvement and control thatcsuuot but add to tha comfort of those embarking, ns visiting the old country, or tending for their fri*id*. J call and see this apleudid specimen of naval architee before engtging elaewhera. For passage in cabin, second and steerage, early application should be made on board, 1 Beekman a treat, or to tha subscribe?, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO it B Kultoa atrvet, (neat door to tha Fulton Bank.) tjfc ?VK LIVEKriOL-racket of ?th or March !?, of Anr,|-Tho apendid, fast sailing packet ?fcehip KOsClud, Cant Kldridgr, will sail on tha ISth at 1 he packet skip EUROPE, Captain Kaibar, will sail e 1st of April. r passage in cabin or stnaraga, having nodatious, apply OHN HERDMAN It CO, ?1 South at. B ? Persons sending for their friends can have them tht oat by the above packets, or any of the line,on the most able terms. Drafts famished for any amount, payable at ve I rinciptl towns throughout England, Ireland, Hcot a d Wales, on applic iii n as above. m29m k FOR LIVERPOOL.?The New Line-Regular irket of the 2 st April ?The superior, fast soiling pacaat ship LIVERPOOL, 1154 tons burthen, Capt. t idridge, will sail at above, her regular day. freight or paastge. having elegant and superior acaom ioLs, apply to the Captaia on board, at waat aide t f Bur 0,#OODHUU. k MINTURN, 17 South attest. * of Piaaage, SIM ? iwket ship Qaren of the West, 1250 t ins burthen, Cap lnlip Woodbine, will succeed tha Liverpool, and sul reaul"r dav. 21 t May m29m HJMjULaK a.I>fc Of rAClCfcaT rtHlPA?r?cJi?t rf k . JMMMPiMMMP An1 the Sth April?The first class, last sailiug pack* l&aet ship ASH BURTON. Capt.How land,bartMalfM ?ill sail as abuvt, her regular day. iug aery superior accommodations for eabin. Id cabin and ge passengers. Parsons iatandiag to embark, should immrsfcue application on board, foot of Maiden Line, or JOSEPH Mc.MI.'KRaY. Corner of Pine and South strtata. a picket ship J. R. 8KIDDY, Capt Pkiddy, bartkea 10M still aaeceed the ABHBL'Hi ON, and tail on the iprd.hor regular day. B. I'rrsous desirous of teudiug for thair friends, can hava i,rouge* out by tha above ship, on moderate terms, by g application " a bora mllr ? sj- FOR OLAbiiOW?Regular Pacaat?The fine fWfaMtailing British bark ANN HARLEY, MO tons, ?bCspt. Kobsrt Hcoti. daily expected, will meet with gespatch, o i arrival, hor height or passage, having ax ?tsr>Uiii i.ifui. . v. s.vrBsiavi |rgu?qj|Q, IWT1UI B1 it accommodations, apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, r South it. regular packet ship Saracen, Capt. N. T. Hawkins, will id tha ? na Harlry. m? mc KOR LIVERPOOL?The well knosru, fast sail ,is^shi|> ASH BUR TON, 5M tons, Captaia J. D. bits, having moat of her cargo engaged, will meat huii k dispatch. [balance af freight eg passage, having excellent a'com [io.Jt, apply to the Gait tin on board. foot of Dovar sc. ' WOODHULL k MIN TURN, 87 South street PACKETS KOR HAVHE-Secoud Lioe-lhe ,packet ship BALTIMORE, Capt J. Joluiston, jr., ?will tail on the lat of April, isighi or pasa?ge, apply to BOYD k H INCKEN, ? Tontine Building, rn Wall at p'OH LIVERPOOL?New Lisa? Paakat of 4th IVilP?1.Th' **wspleedid packet ship ROSCIUH. mlater, will bo aaavoidably detained until ? April Passengers may rely upon bar sailing positively freight or pass sue, having accommodations anturpassed la dor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, f Wall street, or to K A. COLLINS k CO., M South t irtshipSiddoui, E. B.Cobb, master, will taeeeed tha us, sad sail Nth April, her regular day. m!7 i for sale, SI The fast aailiag Schooaer EAOLE-li fg tana re P fitter, carries ?00 bbit, or IMtoaa, and in compters ? order for aur voyage ; will be sold low, if applied .Mediately. Kor terms ??.. apply to Iw'r IIARH1AQN PHlCK H Coenrles slip - l*A' ?Et lOH MA??^-jfle ,hip A1m. y SvlL'RI, Captain Sylvester, trill bedctiued until fm the 5th proximo. metis....... BtlYD k HlrvCKEN. \ Ageats WANTED?A ship to load for a southern port.? lyto E. K. COLLINS k CpT^ SA^' HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. A PLEASANT CHtitryintiatht villus #f MaHi ' too, Morn* eouotv. New J rsey, within a lew minute* ..walk of the beautiful residence of Wm. Gibbous, Esq., : sbout 13 mile* from New York city?eommonieatina le end from twice * day, any day in the year, per Morri* and K* M: being ab and iron mi Railroad. Said place contain* about one acre, on which - ? II* ~ I are Two Hons** and a Barn, win a flr*t r? * well of water. Good schools and churches in die immediate vicinity The , premise* ?re located In a commanding poamon, overlooking 1 the whole village; and i* one of the most desirable location* in { the rlace, being wthiu two mmntrs walk of the railioad de pot, which reader* it convenient for a person doing business in I the city, who desire* to retire in the country. For particulars 1 enquire, or address to the subscriber. ' E. T. THOMPSON, rat lm*rc Morristuwn, N. J. TO LET. THE LOWER PART of ihe neat two story Hons# ' No >36 Cherry strMt?Fro t sod back parlor, uicely pa ,per?d and fiuished, wi h kitchsu, bed-rooms, lie. Ai lily In- premises, ar at No m Cnrrry st m>6 lw*r DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN BROOKLYN. 1 Hk FOUR SIORY Brick Basement House, with !"!? doable stair-cases, in excellent condition, No 7 filbry aU^street, Biookiyn, neat to >.ornerof Fuhou street, and within fivs minutes' walk of the Fulton Ferry?Rant fi30. ALSO TO RENT IN BROOKLYN, Three of the two-story end a tie brick Hoasee, with baMmantt and under cellars, built in the best maimer and modem style, on the corner of Sands and Jackson streets?Hsnt t2*> Apply to TONNELE It HALL, oi37 lw*rc Corner of Peirl and Beekman sU. TO LEC, IN FuRC LEE, N.J., M A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acre, of P>{W ground and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable Xjl^good condiuou, which ware formerly used as a chemi eal factory, at present occupied as a pianoforte msnulactory; situated on the Hackensack road, only a few mi-ntrs walk (rom the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to who in a lease will begiveu for Mveral years, if reqnirvd. Inquire of Dr. Morris Leo-Wolf, No. M Liberty street, New York, ml lm*rc m26 14c ffllll ?iULb ?FOR SALE?On very f-vorable t*rms. or to Let, four three story and basement brick dwelling Houses, inHo bokrn, now in coarse of completien, ana to be ready for oeeapancv by May first. They will be fitted in beautiful style, with all the late improvements. Tlie/etch contain 11 rooms betides the ki'chen. and finished with marble mantels, aud black grates throughout Two of these houses are 31 feet front by 33 feet deep; and two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide court yards and iroa ratling. ids n The situation commands a fine view of the river, bay and eity, and is within one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boats leave for Barclay street every fifteen minutes, creasing in I to 10 minutes; and bvery half hour to Canal and Christopher streets. Terms of yearly commutation of the fer ry are moderate. Part of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, at t per cent Apply to m>4 3w*r J. A. STEVENS, Jr., Hoboken. J A FOR SALE, at Centreville, Staten Island, two miles m from Port Richmond, a neat well bnilt cottage and out ?Lbaildings, with 10 acrea ol land, elevated and beauti y situated, and in good order Aptly to H. It S. H-AYNOR, 76 Bowery, or mr33 lw*m O. M. La FORGE, on the premises. kB TO LET.?A Three Story House, westof Broadway, pj? and nea- Canal street to a small family, who would be JUHLwilliug to board a gentleman and his wife in part pay ment ofthe rent. For iur-her particulars, enquire of mi23 lw're F. NASH, 13 John st. MR EXTRA EARLY PEAS.?The subscribers hare rs 9SH ceived and offer for sal* their annual supply of vegetable, sma. field and flower Seeds, which are warranted grouiue, viz : E. Warwick, Cedonulli, Nimble Dick, 8cimetar. Match less Marrow, Victoria Marrow, Wocdford'a Ore-n Marrow, Drof Marrow, Tall Sugar, Ac , Ac ; E. York, E. Wellington, E. Sugar Loaf and Oi Heart Cabbages, E. Radish and Lettuce, with a general assortment of the beet known Vegetable Seeds; e lew buthele spring Wheat, and early aah leaved kidney Pota tom; one of tne largest collections of Annual, Biennial and Pe rennial Flower Seeda.wiih a general assortment of green house Plants, fancy stands, lie. Bouquets, composed of the most delicate aud fragrant flow ers, at all timet mZ4 lw*r DUNLAP A THOMSON. 63S Broadway. FRENCH HORTICULTURE. G. MAGNE has the honor to inform the amateurs, r loriits, and the | ublic in general, that he hat just arrir ,ed from France, with a collection of Pl<nts aid Flow era of toe greatest beauty, and of every variety, such as Ca melius, Peoniu, Arborise, Magnolias, Powlooia, Imperials; an assortment of gralted, and other Hoses; a beiutilnl variety of Fruit Trees, Grape Vines and Bulbs, blower Seeds; all ve ry fresh, and in a perfect state of preservation. The depot is at 313 Broadway, under the bookstore of Mr. Berthau, where the catalogue may be obtsincd, and the plants and flowers examined. F or sale at wry reasonable prices. mW iw*r cC TO MILLINERS. & CARL KING, the well known and celebrated first premium Straw Hat Mauubctarer, informs the public in Qual, that he has for sale n moat splendid assortment of ies Fancy STRAW HATS, mammaetured of an entire new article, called Peris Straw Gimp, made to the shace of the Shepherdness Gipaev?so beautiful and becoming, they need only be seen to be admired. Milliaers, and merchants of the trade, will do well to call and examine before they make their purchases, as the good* will be sold by the case or dozen it a ffirr libirtl Dries. CARL KING, 17 Division street. N B.?A general assortment of nil kinds of Straw Good* and Pans Ribbons always on haod. 113 Im*r ST HA IV B ONNE T8. L- CHAPIN, No. 13 John street, near Broadway up suira, has en hand 1 good assortment of Fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he is Mlliag at the lowest market prices. Milliners and others are invited to eall before purchasing elsewhere. mrl4 lm*r Hats?Spring Fashion?1846. n THE UNftERSlOftKD would respectfully call the attention of his frieads and patrons to his assortment of Hats ofthe Spring Fashion. In sv.lie ting their patronage he would remiudthsm of his adherence to his established low prices, vix:?Fine Moleskin Hats, $3; Fine Nutria Eur Hats $3; Short Nap Silk Hsu, $3,3d. WM. BANTA, No. 94 Canal st cor. Wooster, aud ISO Chatham st ml4 3wis*r SPRING FASHION. BROWNkCO., 178 Chatham Square, corner of Mott J^mitreat. wiah to mform the public of their recent imp-ore mint in the manufacture and finish of their S3 Hau,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important cousideratioua to the waar?r. The proprietors do confidently assert their hats to b? much superior te an? errr before sold for the same price Cell and satiety yourself of this fact m>0 lm?rh SPRING STYLfc., GENTLEMEN'S HATS. WHY will you pay S4,30 and $5 for a Hat, whea you Can so to KUBERTBUN'S PHCENLX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, and f et as rood a one for $8,387 tio and examine lor your* selves. mrta lm'rc i KIM. > Hti>CH tSUUia fOkt $J 30?City made, and are eqaal to those sold in other stores for $3; fine French Calf Boots for $4 38. equal to the best made in this __ city for $f >r$7?at YOUNO It JONES' French Boet and Shoe M' actory; one of the moat fashionable in this city; our Bcvu ..tying been judred in the late Fair at Nihlo's. are said to be the best Boots erer sold in this city. All Boou warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNO It JONF.S.4 Ann street, jaff lm*rh near Broadway. New York. PREMIUM BOOTS. J FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50, city made, and are eqnd to those'Old in oth?r stores lor $3. Fine French Calf Boots for $4 30. equal to th- beat mada it this city lor$6or$7, at YOUNO k JONES' French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moat fa-hionable in the city.? Our Bnota haying been judged in the late Fair at Niblo'i, are said to be the beat tear aold in thia city. All Boou warranted to gire satisfaction. Mending, lie. done in the Store. YOUNO It JONES, 4 Ann afreet, m23 tm*m near Broadway, New York. J BOOTS AND bllOEB ?The Public are wetted to call and examine the large assortment of gentlemen's, la dies sad misses Boots, Sheds sad Oaitera, in all theirvsu. ties, which are to be I'onud at the cheap csah store of mJ4 lm*r H. BIOOAM, 141 Canal st., corner Sullivan. The INVISIBLE WIG. CO cloaely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and EJ eonaoisaenrs hare pronounced it the moat perfect and extra ordinary iiymnw of ihcd.iv The great advantages of this novel and nnique wig is iu being made without sewiug o wearing, which causes iu appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both iu lightness sod natural appearance, aa to defy detection, its testnre being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all esses of perspiration evaporation i* unimpe ded, and tha great evila of other wiga entirely avoided. The sceptic and eonnoiaaenr are alike iovited t" inspect thia novel and beauaifnl Wig, and tlw peculiar method ol fitting the head, at the manufaeiurer'a A. C. BARRY, 148 Broadway, comerof Liberty street, up ataira. tnt lm*re THE EYE. Dr. WHEELEn, Oculist No. 8H (Jreenwich street, New York, near the Battery, devotes his exclusive site mi ion to diseases of the Me and Oplihalmic bnrgery, and assures the publie that that there are unt amongst the nnmeron> di eases to which the hunisn eye is su'gect. any disorders of that P'Jfsu which e<nn>t be tssentially relieved or en red by him. lhe vast number of uodoubred testimonial* which can be sesn st his office,will satisfy the puolic that his practice is not excred ed either in extent or success by that of any other Oculist in the United States. E7* Office hours from ( A. M. to I o'clock P. M., after which he visita ont door patients. *?' Arificial Eyea for isle, and which will be inserted on reasonable term* A pamphlet containing remarks onDiseases of the Eye, with several instance* of great cures effected by Dr. wheeler's mode of tr'Stmant, can he had gratuitously at his residence, or We same will be forwarded to auy one making application to him by let'er, pout pai < mj7 im*r DR. POWELL OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE BURGEON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 3 to 4 o'clock, at hia residence. Ml Breadwuy, corner of Warren at. Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Teer Passage, Cataract mid Opacities, eltcetuaJIy rnmavad AMAUROSIS treated with neat Mteatioa and success, lavmeratr cases of STRABlBffUB, or Squinting, cured in ? few minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty end finish. _ SPECTACLES adapted to awry defect. Advice to the poor withoet chant. Office and residence Ml Broedwar entrance 1M Warree ?treat. mSW.W.FitSen Imft4tw*r 1MlUT\Kt MJUIP.*le..?To? tlEKKMEN'i* CAt'e. 'HE SUBS' KIBER respsetfully ealla the atteetion of t>ie military public to hia assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all companies; Military Cays, Knapsacks. Boxes and Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Country compa nies, about changing their uniform, or those about forming A fall aasortment of svery variety constantly on head, and made to order at th- shortest notice. f M tm'rre H S. (IHATACAr W Broadway. MARTELLE Sc HOLDERMANN, ;|7 Mcldcn Imnc, N, Y-, HAANWACTTRES and Importers ol Ornamental Heir ivl Work, Wigs. Toupes, Bands, Curls, Seara<. Bandsaa and Braid Hair, Danguy a celsb'sted Curled Hair, fifteen laehas long, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds ol Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade supplied ou lesson able tertna FOl'N TAIN HOTEL, LIGHT STREET, BALTIMORE. THE PROPRIETORS of this Establishment, long known A a. Be.LTZH'JOVKR'8, relnru thmr grateful thanks to the public for iha liberal patronage bestowed upon the house mice it bai bean ..nder their care, and brg Isare to my that? drtermine<l, if p easnre fa,are success?they hare jnat added to their former spacious baildiug a now, beautiful aud airy ihrre atory wing, eoutaioiog about thirty lodging rooma. Thia addition rendera the Ladies' Oshivabv much mora commodioua, aud gieaa the Houae one hu> dred and fifty rooma. The whole atruetnre haa undergone a thorough revi aion in painting, papering, furniahrag. fce. The Bathino De paaTMKNT i( ample, both for Ladiea and Geuileiaeu. -ud will be conducted on the h umpean plan, the moat auperinr for com fort and deapatch. The eiteuaiee improTementa thua made, enable the proprietors to offer f >r the accommodation and pa tronage of the pablic an establishment replete with every thing calculated to render it attractive and comfortable, iiicludiug the moet untiring aud aaeiduoua attaeliou to eiaitara, on the part of all connected with it. Terma?Uei.tlruiru'a Ordinary $1 IS par day. Ladiea' Ordi nary f I >0 per day. DIX k FOGG, fO 3sw*4w Propri-tors. STONE KUH. DRY DOCK. Time Bxtendeal for Receiving Proposal*. NAVY AGENT 8 OFFICE, New Yobs,? March 14th, lilt. I SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed " Propoaala for 8toua for Dry Dock," will be received at thia office until Tours day, the 16th of April neat, for furnishing and delivering at the Navy Yard, New York, Granite or Sienita of the lof lowiog dimensions and quantities nearly:? Rough Stone. Mitre Silli. Rough Hammered * 3 ? f $ 3 ' f <3 6 S- o 5 5. ~ S- fL *^?2 *3 a a (% I ? 6 8: : s s- ' e A lot 6.6 r I. 17.U 8 0x3 6 3 0 j 14J 10 21 B 66 5 0 ?, a. 17 0 4 6x3 8 30 j 1U a.O a 3 C 41 4 3 22 a. 17 9 4.6*4 0 36 K 33 30 3 0 D 43 31 11 2. 13.3 4.614 0 3.0 L 91 3.0 tl E 143 3 6 30 3. 11 0 4.6i4.0 30 N1 401 3 0 II F 44 3.0 3 3 3. 11.8 4 6x4 0 3 0 N 7S 3.0 14 G 4 30 3 1 3. 10 0 4 6x1 0 3 6 O Ml yde from H It 3 0 1.9 3. 7 0 4.614.0 3 6 1 ft to 3.3 thick 3. 3.0 0 0 II Pattern Stone. Cubic Yards. Width. Thickneaa. P 391 4.1 13 30 It tl 176 3 6 (6 8 30 34 34 T 163 3 6 3.3 U 170 3.6 3 0 V 396 3 6 3 6 W SO 30 33 X 307 3.0 2 0 T 31 30 1.9 Z 13 3.0 16 ^ S.. . 26 3.6 1 9 The above stones from A. to >1 iuclnaive, and alio those marked Mitre Sills, amounting in all to about 067 cnbic yards, are to be delivered rough. Those marked from I to O inelu ?ire, amounting to about 1437 cubic yarda, are to be delivered rough hammered on all aidea. Those marked from P to a, in clusive, amounting to about 3209 cnbic yarda, are to be deliv ered, hammered ou all aidea, one of which will be fine faced work. The contractors will be furnished with plant and patterns for the above atones, and they must be quarried iu such man ner as to admit of being worked full to the patterns Thia atone must be of the beat quality of granite or sienite, free from sap teams or cracks, and in blocks from three to eight feet long, to average five feet. All pattern or dimension atones will be received as they will measure when hammered, and no allowance will be made for any excess of aixe. The atones meat be delivered in the order directed by the eDgiaaer of the dock. Proposers will state the price per cnbic raid for the Rongli Atone, the price per cnbic yard for ft he Rough Hammered 8tone, the price per cnbic yard for the Hammeresl Pattern 8tone, the pice per superficial foot for the Fine Hammering, and tne price per superficial foot for the Rough Hammering. The Rabble Stoee will be required of tne following de scription:? 2,300cubic yerd?, in blocks weighing from 400 to ?00 pounds, to average 6041; 3,900 cubic yards, in blocks of from ?On to 1.100 pounds, to average 1,000 pounds ; I 300 cnbic yards, in blocks of from 1,100 to 1.600 pouuda, teaverage 1.400pounds. This stone must must be of the best quality of Granite, 8ic uite, or Gneiss, split in rectangular blocks, with good beda. Proposers for the Rabble 8tone will state tne price per cunic 1 The above stone is to be delivered in vessels alongside of inch wharf at the Navy Yard, New York, as the engineer of the dock may direct, end to be lauded on the wharf at the ex pense of the government, the crews of the ressela assisting in the operation. The delivery of the stone mast necessarily be governed by Ihe appropriations made by CongTesr All the above atone will prtnably be required | prior to the 36th Jane, 1647. The contract mnat be subject to suspension in case of failare on the pert of Coogreta to make appropria'ions far this work, or at the option of the Navy Department; end it it to be dis tinctly understood .that the Department reserves the right to increase or diminish the above quantities of atone, aud whether increased or diminished, the prices shall remain as first con tracted f r. And it is further to be understood that the expen diture lor contract! under thexe proposals will uot exceed the icm of one hundred thousand dollars. Persons offering pro posals are requested to seud samples of their stone to the Navy Yard, and te state the location of their quarries. Bonds and security will be required, and to secure the faith ful execution of the contract, 10 per cent, of the amount deli vered will in all cases be retained, uad net paid an til the eon tract it fully complied with. Every proposal submitted under this advertisement, mnat be >ceerai*oied by the names of the anretiea to be offered for the fulfilment ol the contract, if obtained Primed specifications, and memorrnda or information, have been prepared for the nae of person intending to propose for the above atone; copiea of which will be lurnitne by the Navy Agent, at his office, or upon application to the Engi neer, at tne Doch. It is snggrved to all persons intending to propose for the it'll, that they shall carefally examine these specifications be fore tendem g their bids Copies of the specificttiona may be obtained from the Navy Agents, at the several stations. Parti- ? desiring any further information, will apply to the Engineer, at the Nary Yard, Brooklyn. PROsl'ER M. WETMORE. Navy Agent. Papers which hare published the adveriisem-nt fiom thia office, dated 14th Jaunary last, will ple?ee atop the same, and I'Ui'lith tne above once a week until 16th April, and in all cases transmit bills in duplicate, with a copy of advertisement annrx d. to this office. Prop sals already rr ceived can be allowea to remain, or may be wuhdr-wn at the pleasure ol the pertiea interested. ml7 Iaw4wr THIS 1 tiral HARDWARE AT AGEN 1"S FRIGES. THE SUBSCRIBER, Afeot for several Manufacturers ia En* land, ii enablrd Co supply dealers from first hand*. aUo at firat price*. Purchaaera will conanlt their own interest by cabin* UP STAIRS PRICE8. 130* grou low priced Table Citlery. , 5 casks axorted I, I and 1 blade Kniree File*?a eomplet- aaaort men t of beet eaat ateel. JO ('ask* Trace, Oi and Log Chain*. Si Baskets Vice*, fine Colter Key. 100 Dozen Parent Knob Locks. Alto. Frying Pan*, Bed Screw*, Candleatieks, Bolt*, Spoons, Pad, Clotec and Trank Lock*, Carry Comb*, Sc. ke. JOHN A. NEWBOLD, mJ lmiuMWfcK'rac No 55 John ureal, noitair*. I O BUILDERS OH LOCOMOTIVE ENGINES Proposals will be received by the anderaitned *p to the firtt day of April, proximo. for furniahing the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company with *11 Locomotive Engine*, Co be delirered on or about the firU day of October neat Informa tion a* to teua* and condition*, and in reference to plan and weight of engine, will be furnished upon application to James Murray. Engineer of Machinery and Repair*, Baltimore k Ohio Rail Road. Baltimore, MarchJJ, 1346. mSI 3uw3vr re LOOKING GLASS PLATES. HANLINE It OSTIIEIMER, Importert, No. J Bankureet. Philadelphia, hare jnat received, by arnralt at thin nort and New York, a roll rjaortment of Looking Glass Plate* from 9 by 7. to 41 by 30. All aim polithed plate window glass from 18 by 13, to 57 by Jl. Also, Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacle*, Pipee, Snuff Boies, ( igar I'aaee, Money Purtea, Marble*. 8latea, with a yariery nf jthrr French and German good*, which they n'Vr t Jie lrwit market price#. i*113merv rhr CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. REMARKABLE DISCOVERY compiises an en tirely *afe and novel application ol the myiteriona power of Galvanism aa a remedial agent, by mean# ol which the or dinary batterieae, lectric aid magnetic machine# ete entirely diipenaed with, and the power applied in a manner eqnally effectwtl. mnrh cheaper, and with perfect couveuience end ?afety. The Galvanic Rinoa in conneeliop with the Man ncTlc, have been used with entire ineceia ia all caee* nf KHEUMATI8M, acnte or chronic, applying to the head, face or limba ; Gout. Tie Dolorenz, Toothache Brouchiti*, Nervous or Hick Headache, ludigritino, Par.lyeia, Palay, Ei ileilic Fite, Cramp, Palpicntirn of the Heart, Apoplexy, Siinueaa of Jointa. Spinal, Lnmbago, Neuralgia, Nerrone Tre mora, Dixcineaa of the Head, farm in the Head and Side, general Debility. Deficient y ef Natron* and Fhy neal Energy, and all Nerrone Diaortltr*. In eaaea of Dys pepaia, which ie simtly a nerroui derangement of the digrt tive orgaiia, they hare been fonad equally successful The Hinge ere of different pHe**; being made of all aiaee. end of ram ai ornamenral patterna. and can be wore by the moMdeli cate frm lie rrl hont the ilighreat inronrenirnCe THE GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS, kc., are uioui cationaof the invention, and are recommended

in more chrome eeaea of disease, whe>e the Ruga do not po - ieia inllrienl intenal'y or power. Ther ere adapted to the Waist,aieat, wrieta, ancles. cheat or *uv pert of the body with Cfeet eaae. Any galvanic power that t? required may thna obtained, and no complaint wliieh the myetenou* agent of Oalvaaiam can affect, will Lit to hepermaneat'y relit red. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID ii need in connection with the Ring# and their modification*. Tnis composition hu been pronounced by the French Che iniita, to I)e one of the moat valuable diieoveriea of modern ?eienee. It ie believed to poaaet* the remarkable power of rendering the netvea icaeitive to Galrtnic action, by ihie mean* canning a eoncentratioe of the inflnenc* at the teat of dueaie. and thna giving rapid and immanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. Thee* article! form an important addition to the Oalvanie Riuge, acting npnn the iame principle, but having the advan tage ol more lornl application. At on effectual meant Jar Strengthening the iy?f<m vhen debilitated Ay rfuraie or other cautrt; at a certain aid in eonititutional u-eaknen; at a preventive far loldt. and in all affections of the chett gener ally. the Oil l.VASIC STRENGTHESJSG PL4STER will be found of great and permanent advantage. The render i? teferred to numerous (fri-HOME CERTIFICATES,hOO publiahed ia the N. Y. Snn, Mirror, Tribune Atlae, and other papers. Th-ae teitimoniala. all of which are from the moat re spectable aourcee, have been aelec'edftom aeveral hundred of a ?imilar character, which have been procured dnruiglh- short time the discovery hae been before the American public. Only Agency in New York So. 1J4 Fulton ttretl, Sun ^[^"CAUTION?Beware of tpuriout imitations of these article* Meeere. A. B. k D. SAN DH ere nor, and n-ver have . been, agent* for Dr Chr.atie nor can I warrants# genuine any j art clen called "Galvanic" which are offered by theahove men- , tioned firm. D. C MOOHHKAD, Agent General for the Ueited Hiatee. mr3l lm*rc U4 Kolton street New York. NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. DATCHELOR'e new invented Wigs and Sea I pa ?o perfect G ly resemble the natural hair a* to defy detection. It ie now i car eel y a matter of regret lowing an indifferent heed of hair, when a new nee, perfectly adapted to the countenance tad atria of every v. rarer, aod without any of the vexatious dimenjbweeollougeiiwrieenedbTwigwearere, can be procured at WM. BATCHr LOli'8, t well street, near Broadway. Romovedfrom 1*8 Broodway. mil Im'm /1 UAL? M loua Orreli Ceel, aww landing trona ship Gar TRIAL OF ALBERT J. TERRELL, FOR THE Murder of Maria Ann Bickford, IN B03T0N. ACQUITTAL OF THE PRISONER. FIFTH AND LAST DAY. Pnji reuse Judicial Court. Present?Judges Wilde, Hubbard aud Dewey. Counsel for tlio Commonwealth, Samuel D. Parker, Esq.; for the priaonar, Hon. Rufus Cboate and Anni* Merrill, Esq. Boston, Saturday, March 28. At 9 o'clock, the hour of adjournment, the Court came in. A large crowd of ipectatora was, ai ha? keen every day of the trial, in attendance. The clear and beautiful day without, 10 calm and fresh with spring, contrasted widely with the proceeding* and appearance* within the Court Asm. Anxiety seemed plainly depicted upon union every countenance among the spectator*, who were but impatiently awaiting tha result of the day's proceedings. The prisoner, with his medest, yet dignified appearance, seemed to farm tha " centre of attraction," haifconsci oua, yat calm, that he wes the chief personege in the room, whom the busy crowd wore most eager to behold. He site erect, .shows a fair front, is noatlv and well dresied, and would make no mean figure in the fashion able promenade Ji-ooc Dtwrt'i Charge to the Just. The priaonar at the bar Cauda charged with a crime of the Jeepeet dyo? the murder of Mrs. Maria Ann Blck ford. The Judge adverted to the enormity of the crime in a clear and candid manner. The prisoner hge a wide circle of friends?hi* accusers bring forth strong proof ol bia guilt ; yet hit innocence is alto partially ahown, by tha interference of certain unavoidable circum stances and passion*. Life is tho gift of Ood ; and the matter should be weighed with calm consideration.? Murder is the crime of which ho stands oharged ; but it must clearly be proved that it waa a malicious and pro meditated act.'It would bo uaeiosa to point out the differ ence between (murder and manslaughter, a* tho caao teems to admit of but this istuo?that it i* murder or sui cide. You have heard the evidence given?upon your | Judgment you mutt rely for direction, and it ia your I duty to render a verdict in accordance with that judg ment. There are several kinds of testimony which may be given? circumstantial and positive are among them. But witnesses are liable to do porjured From our knowledge of human nature and actions, it* pasaioniand temptation*, we can but have either one kind or the o'her. Circumstantial evidence must fully aatiafy tha jury of the existence of tho facte sought to bo establish ed. If these facte aro not fonnd. the evidence cannot bo supported. The facts are well known; and tha Judge then referred to the scene ot blood, and commenced tho recital of some of tha evidence of Coroner Pratt. Of this testimony he wished the jury to consider?tho fact that he (Pratt) did not visit the body until soms hours alter the deed was perpetrated, especially. Whether they should raise questions as to tho true state of things as existed at that time, and the ear lier part of the day, their own judgment should decide. After examining the witnesses' testimony generally, be said the qu-ation is?Was it a murder or a suicide T - Several re pectable witnesses testified that i?(might be a suicide. And, again, it may be said that aha had no prin ciple upon which to rest?nothing to hop* for?the caa* of laudanum, and the throat of taking her own life with violence too, waa brought up?tho fact that tha carried dirk-knives, and other deadly weapons, upon her person; all seem to go strongly to show that tha dead waa a self act Bui tb* witness who has testified to such Important facts at these, should receive close scrutiny at your hands. I submit to you whether there is the least doubt that tb* deed was done either by the deceased or the priaonar at the bar. If in yonr judgment it was a suicide, you mutt, of course, acquit the prisoner?or should you judge otherwise, it will be your duty to return a verdict according to that judgment. But waa the prisoner in the bouso at Iks time? No evidence has been shown that the prisoner waa in another place : but on the contrary, evi dence is shown that bia clothe* war* found in the room. Also the fact that the fire waa kindled an d left to burn and destroy the works of an unholy and wicked act, may be considered in this connection. Bea tho matches scatter ed ia various parts of the room?and especially those found in the bed?showing the certain attempt to con coal the guilt. It may be well to notice the posi tion of the body when discovered?end we have tes timony that it would seem impessible that it should have been able to move after the infliction of tha wound. The fight of the prisoner from tho aeon* of blood, was very peculiar, and, aa it wonld team, with no apparent idea that b* was liable to bo charged with mil r*a>. JBtitg t*M that it was tho foot, hr prompt ly replied that he would meet that charge. Bat follow ing tne advice of friends, he took a different course?pro ceeding to Montreal, and then to New Orleans. All this may be conclusive evidence that he feared to meet the arm ol jastico ; yet it is auppntable- that the flight was ' in consequence of tho " old affair "?adultery?of which h* was liable to b* punished ; and not wholly be 1 cause he feared to brave the graver charge of murder.? There ie some evidence of alight patty quarrels, which will go to weigh somewhat in the conclusion of this case. And another point?that oi tha deep love, the etrong attachment, kc , at all time* manifested by the prisoner, (notwithstanding the illegality) teems to be "no!* wil" vholly inconsistent and noreeoncilanie with the fact of hit guilt. It might have been that he was so fascinated with her charms that he could not break it without tak ing tho life of tho syren. But who did the deed ? If the evidence satisfies you that tb* prisoner did tho rash act, you must bring him in guilty. Tb* law presumes ?hat all parsons are capable of violating the few, until they are found at times to have no control over the con science, mion or judgment. ir the Utter (ball do the caae of the prisoner, he ought to be acquitted. If pre ponderance to this phantasy (upon which the defence is founded) is fully shown; and that the prisoner is liable to act from mere impulse, he should not be held responsi ble for this act. In case of somnambulism, the dreamer has no control whatever upon the actions. The law seeks not the punishment of one who has lost his reason, conscience, or sensibility, through any thing that comes under either of this head or any other. Huch are strange but yet common occurrences. The testimony of physi cians of eminent standing is not lightly to be regarded. And In connection with the testimony as regards the philosophy of this phenomona, Judge Dewey recited nearly sll the evidence brought forward by the defence to pro* e that the prisoner was subject to this species of derangement. Closely compare'the testimony ot sll thess witnesses, and see that they do not clash. Was the Erisotie- in this state ol sleep at the time of the murder? oes it not appear that he made all necessary ar ? angements to proceed to Weymouth previous to the murder?that he saw Head on the morn ing of the 37th of October 7 He had just left the sta ble where his horse was yet in readiness, and he must have had his sense all awake at both these places. OtnTLBMtH,?The cause of the prisoner is in your hands?deel with him as your judgments shall direct? if you deem him not responsible for the deed by any of the causes mentioned in the defence, it is your duty to acquit the prisoner. II not, then it will devolve upon you, in fulfilling the requirements of justice, and tor the protection of society and ita general welihre, to bring in a verdict of" guilty." [During some parts oi Jndga Dewey's charge, consid erable feeling prevailed, and the prisoner appeared deeply effected. In referring to some particular point*, the most perfect order prevailed; while tears warp plainly visible in the eyes of the prisoner ] The Jury went out nt 1-4 before 11 o'clock. At five minutes of 1 o'clock 'Mr. Sheriff Eveletk an nounced to the Court, that the Jury had agreed upon a verdict upon this Important ca?o. He warned the audi ance to receive the verdict, whatever it might be, with out the least noise or disorder, and charged the offlcers to prevent it. The Jury returned, after an abaence of 9 hours, at 6 minutes of I o'clock, with a verdict of NOT GUILTY. Notwithstanding the Sheriff's forewarning?a suppres sed applause pervaded the court room ; and while the prisoner, with his syes firmly fixed Upon the foremsn, received the verdict of his countrymen, a thrill of joy seemed to glow upon if. Tbe'Jurydid not consider the question of sonambu lism at all in their v?rdlct. The priaoner was formally discharged on the indict ment of mnrder. The street* end avennes loading to the Conrt-Mouae wera thronged with peopla, who received the intelli gence with much approbation and faaling. Leoibi-ativx Scthmaiit.?In the Senate, to-day, private claims occupied the entire aeaston. The bill for the relief of B. Thomas and B. Worden want to a tkird reading The bill for the relief of the heirs of James Dobbin passed The hour of meeting was chang. ed from it to 9 o'clock, and afternoon lessions dispensed with. Adjourned. In the House, the select committee on so much of the message as relates to the Manor tsnursa, submitted s report through Mr. Tildon, accompanied by fonr bills, to abolish distress for rant?to squsliso taxation to amend the statute of devi' es and dascanta, and to extin guish certain tenuree? and in ralation to costs in courts of record. The committee reported, also, by a majority, ?gainst the bill in relation to tanuras. Ten limes the usual number of the report and bills ware ordered to be printed. The hill to extend the Troy and Schenectady railroad to Utica, was raad a third time, and several amendments proposed?one of which imposing oanal tolls on the Mohawk and Hudson road was adopted?and then, without taking any question, the house adjourned. Albany Argut, Marc A 38, f .M. ArroiwTMKim mr the Goi*e*i?o*.?Selah B. Strong, of Brookhaven, Suffolk county, Circuit Judge of 3d Circuit, vice Charles H. Rtoggles resigned. to take effect 4th April next. Bowen Whiting, Circuit Jndge of 7th Circuit; J. L Richardson, First Jndga of Cayuga county; A. Holliater, W O. bradley, I. Hisson and E W Sheldon, Judges or saideounty;Commission ers to hold s special Oyer and Terminer and Jail Da livery in Cayuga county, on the 1st Monday of Juna next. Adequate mesne am being obtained to manufacture the vast amount of sorplnl grain grown i > Michigan. Here tofore the centis and south-western portion of the State, has led off in this branch, bat now wo find afrosk im pulse awakening In the nerthern portion of the ponin sula, to participate in milling The Ml Clrmrnt PMr.?l sa) s.ihe C' ming season promises to he a tery active one end much al'eration lor the belter will be mado beloie navigation again cloaes. Numbers ot new mills art being erected. Thro* persona, Charles Ingle, Richard Lopor, and a lad named Patiick, wera drownod in iha Delaware river in the gale of Tueaday night, they being in a canal best, which foundered. Varieties. Mr. Hsmits is lecturing on Chins, in St. Louis. Th# residence of B. Holliday, in Weston, Mo., was destroyed by Are on the 'id instant. The celebrated trotting mere, Lady Suffolk, is going to England to trot against a famous horse there Tor a purse of 000 guineas. James O. McDaniel was on Thursday last, at Portland, Me , committed to the County House of Correction on a mittimus from the Municipal Court, under sentence of four day's confinement, for the crime of" telling for- < tunes !" The sentence should bare been four years. The publishers of the New Orleans Jeffertonian, hare been elected State printers of Louisiana. On Saturday last an old gentlemen named Denuison, whilst riding on horseback to Funkstown, Md., was run against by a buggy, knocked off his horse, and so injur ed by the fall as to cause bis death In a few hours. Tba firemen of Philadelphia, had a grand parade yes* tsrday. The anti-rontera, of Rensselaer county hare nominet. ed William Van Schoonhoren, of Troy, Perry Warren, of Pittatowu, gnd Abram Witbeck, Jr., of Oreenbush, as delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Judge Ruggles has resigned his place as Judge of the second circuit He takes leare of his station with a high reputation as a jurist'and a oitizen. Andrew Rogers, an Irishmam, has been arrested for stabbing Stephen Rogers, at Hsrtland, Vt., so that he died two days afterwards. Roger* was in liquior, and the parties were quarreling about a woman. Ploughing has commenced in the counites of Ohons lags, and Monroe. The 8pringfleld Republican says As the Eastern ft eight train was leaving the Depot Friday morning it came in col ision with a number of freight cars, coming >ftt * ^ in from a side trak. Nearly a dozen of the cars on both sides ware smashed up, broken to pieces, and their con tints spilled add more or less destroyed. Mrs. Bynthia Davis, who, representing herself as poor and pious, has obtained shelter under hospital roofs in Utico, Syracuse and Rochester, repaid the kindness by Robbery; was finally caught and bribbed at Rochester. Mr. Panineau attended the Festival of St. Patrick, in Montreal, >nd in a speech expressed the hove that better and brighter days were in store for Ireland and Canada. The gin house, with IKK) bales of cotton, of the estate the late Jeremiah Lnftin, in the Fork, was destroyed by fire on the 1st insL, says the Montgomery (Ala.) Jiiotr titer. The Pulaiki Courier expresses its preference for the Hon. John Bell as the next whig candidate for the Presi dency. The Methodist Episcopal Church at Tazewell Court House, Va.. was consumed by fire on the night of the 14th inst It was set on fire. Seven hundred and eighty-one brick houses, and four hundred and sixty-Ave frame ones were built in Cincin nati, during the year 1845. Benjamin P. Parsons, of Enfield, was found dead on the 34th inst. about one mile east of Thompsonville, near Frenh Water Brook. He had been missing since the 34th of November last. The democracy of Connecticut are making active preparations lor the ensuing State election. Of 9 000 bridegrooms in Massachusetts, during the past year, >0 were under 30. The steamer Oen. Morgan sank on the 14th instant in White river, 16 miles above the mouth of Cash river. The following named gentlemen have been nomina ted, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to the Supreme Benoh of Louisiana, viz George E'istias, Chief Justice ; P. A. Rost, George R. King, and Thomas Slide 11. The execution of Moses Henry, a man of color, who murdered Delila Fisher, his wife, a month or two since, according to the sentence of the Hustings court, was to take place in Richmond, on the 37th inst. The Rev. Wm. H. Bordley, late of the Aisquith street church, Baltimore, has accepted the pastoral oharge of the Methodist Protestant church in Charleston, with the consent of the Maryland Annual Conference, of which he is a member. An unusually large and brilliant meteor was observed on Saturday evening last, at naif past nine, in Cam bridgeport. The curvature of its track would be de scribed by a radius of ..bout forty degrees. When first seen it was moving horizontally from east to west. In Its descent, its light gradually subsided, until lost, with out explosion, between two small stars in the elbow of Cepheua. Its course was on a line with these two stars, w ban last seen. Its greatest light equalled nearly that of a half moon?its velocity oft sen degrees per second of time. Tom Fiynn is lecturing on temperance in Newark, New Jersey. The trial of Thomas Ritchie for the murder of Mr. Pleasants, commenced at Chesterflsld, Vs., on the 36th instant. The counsel engaged for Mr. Ritchie are, Messrs. Andrew Stevenson. John W. Jones, Samuel Taylor and Wm. Overton. For the State, Daniel Flour nay. F.?q , Commonwealth's Attorney, for the Chester field Supreme Court The story that the prisoner re fused bail was a fabrication. Of course the Court could I not bail him, nor he presume to ask it. ! The corner atone of a new Roman Catholic Church I was laid in Washington, 1). C , on Wednesday, lue , edifice is to be erected by the German Catholics in the I District, and will be called " St. Mary Mater Dei." The J most Rev. Archbishop Eccleston was present, and the sermon, in German, was preached by the Rev. Mr. Has linger, of this city. At Washington, on Wodnesday afternoon, the wind woo Tory strong. Several buildings woro unroofed ond o number of tree* woro uprooted. The fall of rein woo light. The dwelling houoo of Henry Smouae, near Cumber land. Md., one of the moat valuable maneiena in Aliaga ny co., waa deatroyed by Are on Monday night. Furni ture eared. Tbo Jlltxaniria Onzflit says, Commodore Word" worth (and not Commodore Jonea) baa been appointed to the Ordnance end Hydrography Department, and that Commodore W. haa accepted tne poet temporarily. Faul Coleman, ol Oreenport, Columbia county, made 390 pounda of butter fron^the milk of one cow, in six montha. The Norfolk Jlrrald aaya that the increaae of Noriolk, in buaineaa, wealth, and imputation, during the last three yeara. haa been perceptible to every intelligent and observing citizen. The Commiaaioner'a book" ahow an increaae ol real eatate o( $133,048, for the year end ing tho 1 at of February, 1840 ; and an increaae of fiO per cent on the number of white malea taxable in 1840. To tal value of improved real eatate,$3,874,033. The death of the Rev. Dr. Duncan, the originator o the Savinga Banka, ia announced in the late English pa pa re. He died at hie reaidence in Edinburgh, in Februa ry laat Moaea Whitchar, of Benton, Hew Hampshire, waa killed blatantly, on Wedneaday afternoon hut, by the falling of a tree. Within the aeven yeara preceding 1843, it ia laid that ninety million# of dollara went to Europe, from the United Stater, for the article of iron. Dr. Iaeac Vanderventer haa been nominated aa the whig candidate for Cengreaa, in opposition to Judge Douglaaf, in the Afth Congreaeional district of lllinoia. It aeema that after the long war,and the aaaurance that there are no Indiana in Florida, eome of the warrior# are a till lurking in that State. A party of three men, hunt ing near Penracoia, ware fired upon by Indian*, and one of the number killed. The FioridUn aaya there ere In dian werriora enough remaining in Florida to cane* great trouble, ahould en outbreak from any cause occur The Ntu> Ismdon Nitct warn* ell people to beware of a person who baa reaided in Stonington for about a yaar, calling himself Dr O. Smith, Tbompaoman physician,who married the daughter of a respectable citizen ef that Elace, got a horte upon credit, and atarted for parts un nown. He waa movad to bia sudden departure by the discovery of his previous merriages, and it being ascer tained Uiat he bad another wife in each of the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York. He waa held in much esteem at Stonington, and waa an activa eshorter at raligioua meetings in Stenington and vicinity. The iteambiat New World, which left Mobile for N. Orleans, on the l$th Instant, came in collision with the brig Croton, about twenty miles bclew the city. The New World was struck on the larboard aide, the blow tearing away the wheel bouse, end breaking the flan ges of the wheel. The loss la estimated at $3000 The brig bad her Jib boom, bowsprit, and cutwater carried away. The cook of the New World was thrown ovef board by the concussion, but was rescued without much harm. Twenty thousand dollars have bean subscribed for a theological seminary t* be nnder the care of the Sy nods of South Carolina and Oeorgia. Forty thousand dollars iatha sum required for the purpose. Columbia, B.C. is to be the site of the inatitution. A suit bea been brought against tho city of Philadel phia for $100,000 for the hurniag of St .Augustine church by a mob, duriog the celebrated riot*. The suit ia brought in the name of the "Brothers of the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine " The county commissioners of Philadelphia oppose the claim on tbe ground that the Hermit* of St. Augustine being a branch of a foreign so ciety, and being under the control of a foreign poten tate, the Pope of Rome, could of right hold no charter under tbe law of this country. Aa they have been in the receipt of an income two or three fold grantor than that charter allewed, it la contended that t he charter ia also void. Tha Kmnth'c Jonrnol aaya upwards of forty vessels, some of them large ships, are now building on tha Da mariscotta river. Tha IPiMst'M (F. C.) Ckronlcit aaya that ths scarlet lever is st 11 prevailing in that town; and it also prevail ing in the upper part of tha Stats of North Car*lina. Tb* posts for tbo telegraph, between Baltimore and Philadelphia, have been eat up as faraa Wilmington. The Governor of Pennsylvania haa signed the New York and Erie bill Tha Points Coupee Tnkunr of tbe 14th says: A few days since, ? flsthoat, descending the river, when e short distance above this place, floating downward aa smooth ly as poktible, rank instantaneously,' hurrying to a wa tery grav* all en board. Whothar she struck a snag, or sunk from some other cause, we ar* not able to dlvice. There were several persona on the bank of the river at the time, spectator* ul the scene, without having it in > their power to lend the laaat assistance. A moment Be fore, tha heal was gliding swiftly dawn with the smooth J currant; Ik* cast ike had disappeared beneath the dark watan of Ida river. On* cry of horror burat from the craw ; bafora ita echo bad died away, tha water* cloaad orar tham. Thar* i* not a clew by which to learn who tbay ware. Tha boat ia supposed to hare bean owned in Louisville. The Harritburg Telegraph, of Wadnaaday, aaya:?"The water waa let into tha aection of the canal from Dun oan'a Ialaod down to Middletown, yesterday, end it ia expected that tha navigation of tha Juniata diviaion will ba opened on Monday next." Norria Chandler, tha boy who waa eaid to have bean murdered in Shuteabury, according to tha clairvoyant ravelationa of a meamerieed woman, ha* ratarnod to hi* friend* in good health and apirita. Tha Bangor Whig of tha i#th inet. aaya :-"We learn that aavaral of tha Union Mill*, at Orono, ware damaged by the freibet yeaterday. Tha rain to-day make* the river proipect appear rather aerioua " The citizen* of MUwaukie and Oalona are aanoualy agitating tha eubject of a railroad between the two point*. To tha thoroughfare ol the Lake* and Erie an tal, inch an antarpriea would be of great importune, i iai much a* it would eecur* for thi* rout* tha entire Dai* of the Upper Miasiaaippi. Mr. Denieon, aged 00 yean, a reipectabl* citizen of Washington county, Md., we* killed near Kunkatowa, on Saturday, by being run against quite violently by a horae, with a buggy, which had run off bom its owner. The penalty of doath by hanging waa executed in ftiohmond, vs., on tb* 27th inat. between 12 and 1 o' clock. upon Mosaa Henry, a slave, for tha murder of bia wife Delila Fisher,aome time in January laat. The place of execution waa near the poor house. Soma thousand* of spectator* were praaant. A powder mill| exploded in Enfield, Ct.on tha 22th lnat Only two persona war* injured. The scarlet favar 1a prevailing with aom* severity in Rapides, Louisiana. We iaarn from tha Texaa Democrat of tha 11th lnat. published at Austin; that Lieut. Roger*, of Major B. L. Beau's command of U. S. diagoous, itutioned at that place, mat with a aerioua accident a few day* sine* ? while in tha act of loading a I|rg* pistol, it accidentally eaploded, end the contents, consisting of a bullet and a number of buckshot, together with tna ramrod, ware driven thraugh the centre of tha right band, producing a most serious wound. It ia feared that amputation will t>* necessary. Tha Lautiaillt Journal eayi:?Wo learn that a young man, named Richardson, a resident of Lexington, baa publicly stated that ha shot John V. Waring. Ho is a aon of Samuel Q. Richardson, who waa killedhy Waring soma years ago at Frankfort The Buffalo Jldvartiser of the 20th inat. ears that Lake Erie ia dotted with fragments of ice, drifting about to whatever point tit* wind may urg* them. From the mouth of the harbor to Fort Erie, opposite, the way ia clear, and aom* large fields of ica coming within the in fluence of tha Niagara, aoon move off with race horae ?peed toward tha Falls below. Gross and Brutal Outraor?Abduction or a Frek Citizen in Boston.?In the present crowrfrd state of our columns, wo can Jo but ii<*lo mora than briefly refer to a most gross and brutal outrage commit ted upon a free citizen, " in tha peace of th:a Common wealth," without color of law, as we understand it, by a runner from another State, aided, or rather pioneered, by constable Derattua Clapp, en officer ot thia city ? Waiving, for the praaant, any detail of matters personal to ourself, which wo have been urged to give to the public, and which would fnliy justify an iudictmant against tha officer for an unprovoked, mean-spirited and forcible assault, we must content ourselves, at this time, with oopying and endorsing the following article in tha Olive Branch, which appeared this monung " A son of Hon. Romulus M. Saunders, of North Caro lina, is, or has been, detained in tha Lunatic Hospital at Concord, N. H. He recently took the cars and came to Boston. Gentlemen who have seen Mr. Saunders, have great doubt whether ha; is sufficiently insane to require hi* datantian.or indeed ia insane at all. A parson purport ing to b* a meisanger from tha physician of tha hospital, by brute force, aeized Mr. Saunders, dragged him away, wa presume, beyond the Jurisdiction of tha 8tat?, un heard, into du. anc* vile. "An effort waa mad* by soma benevolent gentlemen to obtain a legal investigation of the sanity or inaanity of Mr. Saunders; but while legal counsel was beiog had, he was spirited away, Heaven knowa where. Whether Mr. Saunder* ia or ia not inaana, is of small import; the investigation would have put all right; en this principle no man ia aofe a day. We believe the parti** can b* ln dictad and prosecuted for forcibly abduutiag a free citi zen. Tha parties should, by ExaouDvo warrant, bo brought into (Ma Stat*, and thamsalvea triad for a nigh faleny. Citizens are aroused." We have at command concinaiva evidence to show? what wa had gathered to aom* extant from o bar aour caa, and what w* bad infarrad ouraelvaa from aavaral soundly.conceived and well written article* from tha pan of Mr. Ssunderi,in two or three recant numbers of tha .Asylum QuxotU?that he had not been regarded as pro perly an insane man, much las* as a dangerous on* to b* at liberty?but had been spoken of, by on* intimately connected in the immediate charge ol tha Aaylum at Concord, more than aix month* ago, whan hi* bodily health, on which tho peculiar state of hla mind aaamod to depend, was less firm than at praaant, aa being retain ed there a* much to aava trouble to hi* father** family, and provide for him where they auppoiad ha would ba economically and properly taken car* of, aa from gay other cause. Mr. Saunders, it should be understood, ia not a boy tin der age, and within tha proper tutelage of hi* father, but apparently an intelligent, well educated gentleman of thirty. Intelligent, however, as ha appeared to u* an aur interview* with him, and calm and rational aa he aeamad to be, his pallid trepidation and alarm at being hunted lik a wild beaat, and arrested like a felon by an officar of Juatica?when humanity and prudence would have dic tated the soothing and persuasive argument* of aom* kind friend-gave to our mind alarming apprehension* that tha brutal aot* attending hia recapture might vary likely drive him to madness or desperation.?Beslim Sun, March 28. Winnkiuoo Distuhbanc*.?Tiw? report here i?, that Governor Dodge hae tome sSOn mon on the noith aide of the Wisconsin, opposite Muscoday?that he has Rbout forty Indiana in irons, because they wont be kept still without thorn. Dandy, one n! the principal cbiela. was taken altar a bard chase by the diagoona, who had to leave their horses,and fellow him on all fears through a windfall. He was brought teKort Crawford yester day, to be sent to Kort Atkinson, where he was to have been confined till his band, 100 strong, came to hiiu Irom far up the Wisconsin. But Dandy is no feol. 11a feigned himself sick and sore trom the chase, and pre tended to be unable to turn himself inbed. He was too ill to ride on horseback, so a buggy was provided to convey him to Fort Atkinson, and ,iust before he was to start to day, accompanied by the two dm ..? who bod bim in cnatody, he deairad on< of them U with him to the privy, walking hell b d groin., g at every step. Bat when about hai ro?s the area within the Fort, he suddenly spr .* ho a deer, bed# the sol dier good bvo in Kuglish, i ri le for the eaat gate like a streak ; the saliy-pi lie gate, being open ? The aoldier, not thinking that a n, pistol or awora was neceaaary to guard a hair dead Indian, had no weapon with him ; bat gave auch rapid ohaae, that Dandy waa feariol be could not pass the gato before hie gnard reached him, and to avoid a recapture, he dropped sud denly upon the ground, a few feet shert el the gate, and across the path, by which the soldier waa pitched over bim and struck hia head against the gate with such vio lence as to stun him ; and before he recovered, Dandy was out of sight, and haa not bean heard of since in tbeee diggings. The whole of this fnsa turns out to bo about an In dian's borrowing a canoe to cross the river without leave, as the whites bad frequently done by them. Ne vertheless, if the Indians would keep on their own land, there would be no intrusion on either hand.? Wiecemss* Herald, Ftb. '14. IDLE HOUR BOOK JUST PUBLISHe.D?The " Idle Hoar Book," containing 300 pages, with 600 ragravinge?pries only 37 oral plate withhtn. Gar Comic Almanacs for 1113. five in number, will be im sard in April. Tb-y will be the boat ev<* got ap, end cheep st that. Hpreimsa nambarss*n'b> uisii. The sabsa'ihers inv.te ihn attention of 'hs trade l? thislr Krailed srd large variety of the varices kinds ot Chlidraa's hi, Song Bosks, Primers, fee., togs her witheOleredLitho graphic Prints, the H-s- ir ihe market, MKi kieils ma w'rc TL'RNk.R % FlkHk'.H n Chothsnnt. A8TOR HOIJPF. BATHS. Kntrance. No. I Teany street I rnrase door Aster Hoaee.) 'PHK PUBLIC sr? respectfully informed that the shore J. Baths are in sompls'e ?rd?r. His Sarhmg rah? ore entire If new, (eopper,) and the largest in this city. In point ot eleanlineia and attention, the bs'hs cannot be treelled. Tha Baths are "pen antil II oclonk at fright, (hara dry night. it.) Price of a oath. 13 cents. Tie warm g,-a Bilhaat Detlirotias street, art as a seal open from satirise, antil tl o'clock P M bOI Im'r HKNRY C. AAdlNKAU. Pvnprituir PHILOSOPHY OF WORMS IN THE SKIN. MANT YOUNG PKHUONtk?especially those of fall ksbits, or who indulge in rich food?are rery much an noyed by the appearance of black sl ots a|<on the aids or the nose.on the upper lip, tha chin, the forehnad. Ac., rrsemblieg grains of gnapowdrr sticking ia the akin. When the seisin roughly squeezed, a small worm-like substance piotrsars, having e bleek hesd. T he supposition, however, thsl thai stn in reality worms, is erroneons. These spots are occasion? by en asdae aecamnlstion of the fatty mmer which ?ssparuj ted from ihe blood for the parpose of lebnestieg the sk? sue ? i... ,k. ...... .nd rooem'es. i n* nasi this orerplns chokes op the pores and cracm'es. J." floating in the air ad wren to this grnesy 'skats"?*.' , the black spick. .Th.._?,v^.J.cef.Md'ny appeiraaee, sad the remedy of sqneei??, sorted to, is not only ptinfnl, bat "Sraral^fUmmatioe and often the'over distension of ike pvre< l?0lllBirT"T and '"'Thi n?loelrJ'..n remedy fer this sgection is to wnsh the face whien also 'XZZm mor^he^sLl?' JkUSS. nest, redness, P" ^ .? .area. he. Betide bema deiseieus tor ,{nu" " designed to impart to pallid cbenka ,b* | Importint that thereortielea shonld be pnre?ted ??,ni,e This can onlr be done by procuring them nt l?r. P e R tCrnnd i Depot, C W.lknr street, 1st store KKOVI Biosdway: of Jordan, I Milk street, Boetoa, tad of draggiMa senS'ally ihrosshont ths Union. sstt Im m (1 hOHOlA LUMBlbR CO. Neat* wutsdat Ik P? eeM