Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1846 Page 3
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TOW" y Atlas, March ST.) The water attained lb high?t poiat tk<* morning, ui I aew gradually going dawn again. A large number of i* boeta ara at our wharves, and ara principally freight wit h spring good* for our merchants. who And it es dibgly difficult to trmaafor thorn to tboir atoroa. Tho I look and piar morohanta will no' bo looaora to any groat >?tant, except front tbo brief suspension of tboir Duii |a*ts (From tbo Bangor Whig, March 3d ] Tho weathar la now gloomy: tbo rain atorm of yaator iy continued through tho Mget. and aa yat tbaro ia no appaaranoa of clearing away. Tho fraabat ia vary high, m l wa ara hourly expecting intelligence of diaaatera up i?ar by tha flood, and an overflow of a portion of our ity ia feared While anxioualy awaiting intolliganco, wa will iut rova tho time by giving a view of the poaitioa of tha ivar la at evening. Tbo river, extending from a mile ibove tha city to nine milee below, ia filled with solid cs twentv iocboa thick, and apparently aa firm aa in mid rintar. During all thla distance the water is compare (lively sluggish. About a mile above tha city, at Treat'i (Balls, ia the first jam of ice. which flowa tha water back |fbr several faat in height. Tha next Jam ia at Eddington I Band, about four miles above tho city. This jam flows I the water back as high aa the top of the dam at tha City ?Mills, and tha water now stand* up to tho bod of those ? mills, and it is thought it is quit* impossible they can latand Between the City Mills and Lower Stillwater, is Ian enormous jam, tke jam. which haa flowed tho water (back over tha top* of soma houses on the banks of tho (river, and caused tb* Bacon mills, supposed the safest (of any on tbo river, to crumble and bend up and float (The damage cannot now be estimated. The people liv ling in that vicinity have been driven from their homes, land tha people on the hank* of the river below the jam lwer? yesterday making their escape, fearing its approach. The great jam in peering Oldtown caused much alarm id some damage. The danger is supposed to bo passed it that place,unless there shall be an uncommon ruth of so from above, which mav not reasonably be expected, xcept perhaps, from flunkhaza and Olamon, where tha e is very firm, but which msy be floated out by the gh freshet, and which, it is fssrsd, may take place - "ie jam in passing Great Works did but little damage the mills, but took off a bridge, and created alarm. At t'llwater great loss occurs. Tbisigm is hourly expect pd to break away, and come ruining down. 8hould it lo so before the river below is cleared, tha City Mills Bust go, and tha damage and lass be very great, as the ants of those mills this year exceed fifteen thousand hollars. They are greatly needed in the business of the keaxon. Should this jam coma down within a day or Iwo and start tha two others onward to this city, in the present stale of the ioo, the overflow would probably bo treat. Should wa receive no further intelligence before go ?g to press, our friends abroad will understand some thing from this of tho present state of tho river, and ?ust await with us for further davelopemants. We go to press at 13 o'clock. The City Mills ara "ending, and matters on tho rivtr remain as thay ware st night, except that tho high tide to-day, haa flowed (?to some collars. A? 'Hill's Infallible Ongnent, for eradicating itvrissia, sad all exfoliations of tha scalp, stay the fill ins of Jta hair ranew it oo bald plsees, preveat grey heirs, mak* tha lair eerl, end a superior toilet article, is positively recom Vod d by the most eminent physicians and ethers in this *nd ?berritie". who h?v# been benefitted bv its use Principal Ac* No. 13 Nassau street Agencies?J Jarvis. 495 Bro?d ray ? Mr. Evrrird. 175 Grand street; Mr. T. Sewell. 47? prand street; Mrs. Sloan. 594 Grand atreet; and at the princi Ja' wholesale and rrtsil ding and fancy good stores, all of Ihom have certificates of ngeocy, is all ease* signed by th* Wins tor, to prevent counterfeits. I Roussel's Perfumery Establishment, ISO (roadway, between Liberty and Courtlsndt streets. Mrr n?nt? and dealers ar* invited to call and see ths great variety rCologns*. Extracts, Toilet Soap. Shaving Cream, lie. tie,, flared Tor sals at ths vere lowest prices, and warranted of tho lost superior quality. wholesale and retail. I French Lunar Pills?Ladles will find tho |ra srtie's. (no disappointment ) at lit Cherry struct. Navigation of the Ohio River. Placet Time. State of River. I Cincinnati, March IS flood. I Wheeling, March 19 18 feet, falling. IPittsburgh, March 34 9 feat. lLouisville, March 31 .14 feet 6 inches. HOKBY BARKBT. Sunday, Huvk 919-6 P. Iff. I There appear* to ba a greet apathy among speculators 1,u claaiaa, in consequence of the peculiar position of nr public sflairs. Every tiling, both of a political or ammercisl character, is in such an unsettled state? lore is so much uncertainty hanging over the most im Irtsnt measures before the people, that we are all in |e dark, and in a eery feverish state of excitement, ow long this is to continue, no one can tell. No sooner ?we receive advices by one steamer from England, Isn we anticipate these by the next, and all are anx josly waiting some deflnite accounts from some source, Iput at rest the many rumors and reports continually jrculated in our principal markets, by those interested I depressing prices and in producing panics. Tha stock arket is steadily settling down, and many of the best bcies have been for some time graduallyMeclining Id unless soaiething of a favorable nature turns upto T?*t the downward movement, quotations wlU soon bch a lower point than they have touched at any time Ice Congress convened. *nne* a table giving the quotation* for the princi I stocks used in this market for speculation, for each r of the past week, and at the done of the week Mm. It will be perceived that prices have fallen ? within the past few days several per cent, and the Isiog quotations show a decline during the week fcater than has been esperienced in any single week 1 many months past. The market is in a very de based condition, and we see no probability of any im itate improvement. loTATiews FOB the raixcirat, 9tocbs us the New Yobx " MARshiT ICrtTf S* 2* m <$ a.-j? sl jw jx ?* Si! S* tit* MS - M WV ?* I""*8"** Mf - - 3$ _ Itsne _ _ _ ~ 3*94 Bitncky Siirs 10| jooj^ _ _ ]MW ~ - "X wx w2 n To p Ksiiroed".is* - z z z z ~ ItJd flume BlinkjU 1 _!'? J* ? J* Z }$ ? U* 5* jj* l compsraon of prices ruling at the' close of the rket yesterday, with those current at the close of the oue WMk* ?*f?ibit? a decline in Long Island of 1] cent; Harlem, 0 per cent; Canton, 3; Fanners' o, li; Norwich and Worcester, 4}; ObioCs.J; 11U b, l|i Pennsylvania *?a, i; Morris Canal, f There e no sales of soma of the fancies daring the week, the operations have been coninod almost exclu* j ly to tho farcy railroad stock*, he Senate have fined upon Friday, the fid proximo, ike the vote upon the notice resolution* in relation he Oregon question. Debate upon the question must le then, and we shall be in a measure relieved from Snxiety caused by the delay of this important mat Tho result of the vote wo can anticipate. It is the "al '"P'emion that the resolution* of Mr. Colquitt , prevsil; that a compromise will be recommended, that the President will bo requested to continue no' jit on*, with that point in view. The resolution* of Crittenden are considered by asany as being too re | te?! in their nature; they would make compromise srativs; would oramp negotiations, and place it be k the power of the President to maintain an indepen | position in future negotiations. The resolutions of Colquitt arrive ar tho same point, in fact; but they ?tbe President more discretionary power to act, iin a better position to negotiate. le whole aflsir is involved, in an ocean of mystery. Ivote upon the question in the Senate, if favorable jmpromise, will, without doubt, have a very favora fleet up<m commercial efsire generally; but it by eans removes all the difficulties that surround the ir. It may be some satisfaction to tho peace par I roughout the country, to know, that so far as that llttive body is concerned, no action likely to in Is tho difficulties in which tho two countries alrea I re been placed, in relation to the points at issue, La made; and as that body stands between the House jpreseatatives and the Executive, a vote expressing lioion, is a matter of some interest The Senate oe I ? tfr7 important position upon all question* rela. lo our forsign policy. The President is powerless lilt the consent of the Senate, and this gives a char to the action of that body, that creates confidence' I people. The special message of the President ?unending an increase in the army and navy, and Itsblishmerit of additional harbor fortifications, ere. It first considerable excitement in commercial cir but it has since somewhat subsided. It was nofh lore, in fact, than a reiteration of the suggestions Iin his regular message to Congress. It confirms pinions and position taken in that document, and hat events have transpired since Congress first together, making it mora necessary that our means !?nc* should be extensively increased. The most S ing and important poiat in the special msi sage, showing the unofficial and gratuitous exposition ? President * views in relation to the Oregon quea sy those who pretended to be hi* mouth pieces ? ?resident evidently felt called upon after Mr Hay U speech, to place himself in a proper pisi ion be' ke party particularly, and the people generally | do a* ay with the impreesion that had become al [universally entertained, that he had changed bis In upon this important matter. This, more than I mediate neceesity for appropriations to place the ly In s better atste of defence, was doubtless the |>al object iu view, in presenting to the Ssnate ? message, at the tune whoa that body had under Wt|iw at length, in oar columns to day, the tmtj of commerce and navigation bat wean tha Unit ad States and Belgium, racantly ratified by tha Sanata. It ptocai Belgians In tha pocition of tha moat hrotad nation, in barcommercial intercourse with thia canntry,ant ax tenda equal lacilities to tha United States. Tha traaty la ta remain in forca tan yaara, aubjact to twelve month' no tic a after tha axpiration of that tima, from oitkor party wishing to tarminata its operation. Tha Reading Railroad ia in active operation, ami tha ti importation of coal irom tha minaa to tide watei, has so far, thia aaaaon, baan much beyond tha moat liberal aatimatas foroiad by the company. Tha buainoia o( thi* road u only limited by tha aupply of ctra, and the da. mand for coal continuoa unusually activo for tho season of tho year. Coal Tsivipostsd on Rxalin.i Railboau. IVeek ending March 36. Total ,inct Jan. 1 tt Port Carbon 1.61101 41,74? 89 Pottirille 4,475 10 29020 11 Schuylkill Hires 9.715 04 51,955 08 Port Clinton 1.148 15 9 513 18 20.991 11 141417 06 Rates ir Toll and TaANsronv avion from Mt. Carbon. S. Haven P. Clinton. To Richmond SI 40 Si * Si 10 To PbiltdelphiA... 1 .'0 141 1 25 Tha long and anxiously laokad for r a port from tha committee of inreatigation appointed to oxamino the affairs of tho Roading Railroad Company, haa made its appearance. One of tha principal objects in institu ting thia iarastigation, was to induco tho holders of stocks and bonds of tho company, to raako an effort to rolioro tha concern from tho embarrassments ot a largo floating debt, by presenting to them an accurate and detailed statement of .its financial condition and its resources, prepared by parties in every wny qualified to judge of both, and having no intoreat whatever in tha company or property. Tho moat important item in tho report of the commit tee, according to our opinion, ia that in relation to the transportation of coal from tho mine* to tido water. The opponents of thia road, havs harped more upon tbii point than any other, and it is, therefore, more necessary that the assertions made by tha opposition, should bo re futed as early as possible. Cost or TaANSroaTine Coal on the Reading Rail* boad. Coal transported for tha year endins Nov. 30, 1144, tons, 421.958. Total coat, as stated in the repoil of the Per ton. Managers $178,278 41. .41 JOcta. Add items errohennaly charted to other aecoanta, bow transferred by the Com m'tter to Transportation Account, viz: Repairs of locomotives $800 07 Clearing tracic of locomotive " Richmond" 489 89 Experiments in burning coal.... 1,855 21 3,125 07. .08.74 eta. Toils pa'd State road, for tha transporta tion of 82,9.8 3-10 tons coal, a part of the above named quantity, for city delivery 1,5)6 54. .01.0) eta. Prniv rtion of general expenses of the TrajuporUliou Department 13,833 03. 03.23 cu. Total coat of transportation of cool $281,883 08. .47.79 cu. Tho abovo amount of $201,063 08 inclados ail tho ox ponaoi strictly belonging to tho transportation of coal It doss not, however, include any part of tho repairs of tho railroad, or of those expenses which are incurred for tho general administration of its affaire; these items' amount in the aggregate to $99,327 22. Coal transported for ) months ending July li, 1)15, toot, 420.9M Total co?t. aa per statement of Snperin- Per ton. tendent of traosporuiion $170,59) 26. .39.6) cu Tells paid Bias road for the transporta tion ol 72,687 7 10 tons, a part of tha above named quantity, lor city delivery 6,682 33.. 155 cu. Proportion of general expenses of the Transportation Department 15,46) 5).. 3 M cu. Total coat of tranaporution of coal $192,731 15. .44.33 cu. Tho above emount of $192,724 IS, includes only the expenses properly belonging to tho transportation of coal. It sxcludaa repairs of roods and expanses of gen' oral administration ; those items amounting in tho aggro gate to $86 606 87. Tbo returns for tho eight months anding July 31, 184S, show a reduced expanse of nearly throe cento per ton on all tho coal transported, which faot is sufficient to induco us to believe, that as the fa cilities of tho company increase, tho expenses of trans, portation will decrease. Aa tho abovo tables show tbo oost of transporting coal, wa annex tables showing tho receipts from tbo coal husinata of tho company for tho aamo poiiodt Rxcxirra yoa the TaaNf vobtation op Coal on Read ino'Railboad. From Dec. 1st, 1841. to Sov 30th, 1)44. From 421,95) toes of eoal at $10) 3-1) per too $141,50) 91 LeasDnmpage $26,416 84 Less allowiuie a in settlement of freight bill for missing coal, Rc 1,75) 28 30.175 00 $411,313 )t Deduct coat of transportation as above.. Ml,68 J as $218,87) )} For Eight Months ending July 21, 1645 From 429,920 tons of coal at $1 06 |?r ton $438,498 52 Leas Dnmraae ,$31,724 26 " refunded for freight of miming coal 1.713 11 23 587 37 $104,<89 15 Deduct cost of transportation as above .. 192,724 15 $214,265 00 Net receipU on transportation of 851.17) tons coal $130,935 S3 This ahowa n net profit of about fifty cents per ton. Tho gross receipts for transporting 851,871 tons, wore $825,323 06, averaging nearly one dollar for every ton transported. The statements made by the Committee of Investiga tion, must forever put to rest the charges made against thia company by its opponents, that the groea amount charged for carrying coal was leaa than the actual coat; conveying tbo idea that tha larger tho quantity of coal transported, the mora injurious it was lor tho company. Old Stock Kirhange. I S5.000 Reading Bds t30 7) 56 shas East Boston Co 16,1 $5.0.1# Trna'a 5 a 70 51 Nor It Wor $5,006 Ohio 6's. I860 95 450 do $10,080 Itl.Bpl Bonds TY* 50 do $5,000 do 190 31 50 do 50.shai Am Kxe Bask 05 50 do 5 Bank Stale N Y 90U 000 Har.em RK 50 Morris Canal 17)$ 100 do 100 Far Trust s30 27 250 do I 400 do *7 25 do 75 Cantos Co 37,'? 350 to 1 100 do ?70 37), 250 do ! 150 do b30 30. 425 do I 100 do :n'? 50 do 250 do slS 37). 50 do 75 do 37* >60 Long Isl RR 10 Porumli Dry Dock 9 250 do 10 do 1.60 '0 110 do j 80 N H 8c Han d RK 93 Second Board, $3,000 Pe-b'a 5's b30 B9}$ 58 shas Nor !c Wor si 00 , $2,000 Ohio 0'a 95 100 do tnw 60 I 50 shas Harlem RR 51* 25 do b30 Mi; 50 do SIS 160 do 60 50 do 51,Si 125 Canton Co 3*), 50 do suw 51V 50 do s30 T', 50 do alO 511$ 150Long Island 44V 50 do >30 51)$ 100 Morris Canal *i#17?? New Stock Erehange. 50shas Vickskurg Bk c 6\ , 15 thai Morris Canal 50 do bl5 b), 25 Nor It Wor anw 66) 50 Long Isl RR ?3 44* 25 do ! Ml fill? 9's alia 50 do Mond?y 25 do *10 ? - 50 do Tuesday 44V 35 do s3 50 do nw 44V 25 do Monday 100 do c 44)2 25 do c 50 Harlem RR b3 52 50 do c 30 d > alO 52 25 . do Monday Died, On Saturday, 281b instant, after a short and severe ill ness, Elixaobth, wife of John Grundy, aged 27 years, a native of 8cotiaod. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and of her father, W. L. Mather, ere respectfully invited to at tend her funeral thia day, Monday at 3 o'clock, F. M , from her late residence, No. 306 Second street. On Sotnrday, the 28th instant, Mra. Jane, wife ol Go ds rd Johnston, aged 73 years and 6 month*. The friends and acquaintance* of tho family, and those of Oliver Johnston, William Beard, and Thomas John son, are invited to attend bor funeral from 6S Pike street, at 4 o'clock this afternoon. On Saturday evening. 28th instant, of consumption, Sabah L. Bakib, daughter of John Baker, in tho 16th year of her ago. Tho friend* of tho family, and mombora of Brooklyn Lodge No. 26, I. O of O. F., ere respectfully invited to attend her funeral thia (Monday) afternoon at S o'clock, from tho residence of her lather, >4 Washington street, Brookh n. On Friday, 27th inatant, Mabc.arbt Holdxn, aged 21 yaara, 8 month* and 17 day*. Tho frianda of tho lamily are requested to attend her funeral thia (Monday) morning at half-poll 9 o'clock, from tho residence of her father, Richard Holden, 219 Jay street, Brooklyn. To the Tea, Coffee and Sugar Trade, tfc.?Econo mute, Familiee, Hotel Keeper t, tpc. J, S. SCOTT A CO., No. 76 Naeeau etreet, corner of John, AVING i art based the t in lot of the m? icaaoo's Tfu, p-itsC'Sing 'hat 'iehoea* of flavor *1 generally combined, mid -orvcly .bt,in*d,.ff-r, wholesale or retail, a laige ran* ty of Ore-n ?nd tola k Taaa, of the beat qaali Ton v.incln die the old fashions I ifoaehong and Knglish Tra, H | imn 1" used to he impor-td twenty years ago The stock of | Cofren, Sugary, lie , ureda no comment, ai they art selected of ' tha flomt qnallty. ;dtt ? J. 8. SCOTT fc CO. are alto ? applied with a itoek of freeh i imported i/lasgow Spiced Ham*; old JUgliah Cbetaea of graat vaiiety and flivor i . AH duoda bought will be delivered within Ire milee of the city free of charge. And all order* from toe country, with eo , elored remittance*, will meet the name honorable dealing aa if I selected by the partita themselves J. 0. SCOTT k CO. 71 Naeaan it, mJO 1m m near Joha *'. EBEN R. CLARKE, TAILOR AND DRAPER. KK WILLIAM 8TKI.KT, corner of Pine, New York, re tftf spectrally inform* hie friend* and the public, that he ha* jn.t r- ceitrd a eery handiome assortment of Spring Goods, which i f will m ike np in the moot farhionable ttyle, at a rea ?f n.lil- . ite, far caah ? nly. mke lt*m Cr. B CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, NKAIl FULTON, 1M WiLLIA -i 8T , oppoait* the New Building*, haa ? uiost k.legant Assortment of SPRING GOOtfS, which will be made tooider, in the most fashionable manner, at the following pricai :-l)rew Coott, all colon. $14 manner,at uie ioiiowiok |?ncrs i/irf? v??n, ??* to $?; oilier garment* rqa.lly low. Spring Mack, of a ta*ty cat. M. OlSce 1 nets, Vests, kc., elerav* kept on hand. Armv and N*ry tlaifofms. cou>^ witigo,y,y' < TU LET. THE MANSION HOUSE of Dr TiInmMw. ARB with several acres ofground, it llooaiifM*. about I JiJLBilH (torn tha City Hell. fronting on tin Huiliao river, wi I or Wt, a nh house famished or uarannliri Alan, ? two awry buck front Honaa No. 113 Uoerck street ? Beat SIM. * ? ppiy to 0. B. HUTCHING*, No. X John at,from It to IS o'clock. mSt If rh A It A UK CHANCEi. EOKBALK?Tha woll known public h?uae, the Vj M va'ambla, No. t llo?toratraat, junction of Division ? _^_Thia it an opportmntv that seldom occara for an enter prism* bonneaa man to pu-ell too ooa at lha boat buainaia placea la thacity It ia splendidly Atrad np with lonr tropin alleys,ball room, club loom, be . wnieh mora ilian paya the rent of the whole lionae. To lha right kind of a peraou, the preaent occn pant beiu* in ill health, would make the terma of purehaae eaay apply as ahoy. lt*r ! TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, tWHO DESIRE a H?odaome and Capacious Store 11 one of the moat crowded and tloariahin* thoron*hfare* of Brooklyn?The naderaicned haa now e ecird, in i Arenua, near a dry gooda a tore, which ia doing an itn meaae bua neat, a fine tbrae slorv brick building, 34 feet front j by 40 fret deep, with handsomely fioiahed parlora, ?c , a large and cominadioiia atore and an excellent and spacious base I man'. It will he finished, and ready lor poaaeaaiou before the I Arat of May: will be an eicellent location f >ra reta l dry gooda buaiucas, and will be let low tOjtjiood Ie in30 2w*r 143 MyrMc Avenue 1 " NOTl* E. A MEETING of the Stockholders of the Bridgewater Cop. per Mioiug Company, will be licld at New Brnutwick. New Jeraey, at StePe a Hotel, on the Arat Tneaday m May j next, at IS o'clock M , for the purpo-.n of electiug seven diree tora, and othrr bnsiaess relative to the eoncerua nf the Covpg 1 nr- mW In JUDAH DOBSON, fee. B. W C. M Co. OUR FLAG. JOHN MILLER his opered tb? Saloon at No 336 Oraod alreet, aa a Billiard Room, and will be happy, at all timea, to receive viaita from hit friruJ? and patrona. N- B. The beat of Liqnora, Winea md Megan alwaya ou hand, and " Haus"always at home, mt$4l*rc ! RHEUMATISM TO ALL, who are rfflieted with thia diatrraaing comrlaint, we would saygo and ny Dr. Levatt'a Sulphur Kutna Bath, 304 Broadway The peculiarities of it are mch. that it cuiea effectaally thia complaint, and also "II othrra of a chro- . IIic nature, ancli aa Scrofula, Gout, Malt Rheum, itiieaaes of the 8bill, Joinla. fce. The chargea are ao modelled, aa lo fetch it within the means of all m?9 iui'm ARD?100 barrela, ?ud Itt kegs pure Leaf Lard, of rery superior quality, now landing from slips Heury Harbec and K. II, Chapiu, from New Orlriuia, foraair by mM m E. K COLLINS St CO.. M South at PVCKE f 8H|P SIDDONH, from Liverpool?Consignees by thia ship will plmue hive their permits on board, at Orleans whaif, foot ol Wall street, immediately. All gooda not permitted in five days, tnust he lent to public store. inM m E K COLLI.NSVCO .06 Soulh at. SHlr K A1 AMAZOO FROM LIVERPOOL-Consignees by una ip will please lisi* their iiermitaon board, at I'ier No. 3 Ntir b Kiver, immediately All gooda not permi'ted in live days will be sent to Public Store. ni33m BARK K H. CHAPIN, Irom Sew Oileana, ia discharging at Rector street wharf, N. R. Consignees will please at tend to the receipt of llieir go da immediately. mli NOTICE. MR G. HE LIRAI will please send his permit on board Ship Liverpool, (foot of Dover srrret, East River I for one ease of books marked G. L . without delay mttm INFORMATION WANTED, OK JOHN MULVANEV. wh > left Philadelphia, Pa., four yean ago next Ansuat If now in this rity, he is request* ed to call tu Thomas Mulvauey, No. K Elm street, comer of i White street. mil 3t*rc WANTED?A Man who is acquainted wi'li every descrip tion vf Job Work. None need apply bur. one who has u I perfect knowledge of his business. .1 pply at fourth story He ' r'ld Puildirgs. m3i It'm WAN i'EU?A good assistant at Millineiy Any geu'eel rnrsqu desirous of a good home, with the v<ew of learning I millicery, dress and corset making, may li ar of the same by applying at 131 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, up Hairs. One from tha country preferred. Alto wanted n good t-rvunt. mil I'tod'm A RESPECTABLE FEMALE, about to return to Liver pool, would be glad to take charge of children or to at tend ladies during the passage, lha advertiser it a compe tent nnrse and aecnstqmed to the sea Respectable references as to character and ability can be given. Auy commonicationa addressed toS W.,left with W. VV. Shirley, Eaq , 111 Broad way, will he promptly attended to. mil live BOX for ornamenting gardens, fur ??le Enquire in Twenty third street, Arat honse east of Thud avenue m343w*rrc LAKE SUPERIOR COPPER STOCKS CJTOCKS in the various Companiea bought and told by J (mMlm'r) J. 8. HUNT It CO.. No. I Hanover at. WANTED, A SITUATION, aa Book-keeper, Cashier, English and German Correspondent, Accountant, Agent, lie., by an unmarried man of 40 years of age, Who has been employed in these capacities since he was My care old, in sundry mercantile houses of first rate a tan ding and respectability in New York, Philadelphia, the West Indies, Mexico, and Germany (from whence he lately arrived). He haa also be?u employed in j other branches of business, vix : i< F ctor iu Factories; and aa Reviser ol the books in failures and bankruptcies of large mer cantile houses, where tuch we e kept purposely or ignnrantly complicated and incorrect, and which were given to him by the authorities to rectity and correct, and to render a true, just auih plain stat*ment of their affairs. He offers, therefore, his services to executors and trustee*, appointed in similar cues, and for the regulation of estataa. kc. He, farther, would ac cept a situation in the South, the West ladies or Mexico, as he is sufficiently acquainted with trade and business there, rtv apecting Ilia capabilities and character, he cm give such refer ences aa to aatialy those who with to mike use of hi* tervicss, and who uiay drop a line to F. 8., Box No. IX, lower Post Office. mX lm*rc MRS HA/KN will open an assortment of nub JVJR/b' J1SD SEW YORK MILLINERY, on Tueaduy, the Slat March lust., at her Show Rooms, 114 Ur?nd street, corner Broadway mX lw'rc GENTLEMEN'S HATS-SPRING STYLE Bird, corner pine and Nassau streets Gentlemm'a Hats, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beauty of style, are now ready for examination and tale, by the subscriber. BIRD, mr!4 tm?rr I'onier of Pine and Assam street. NEW TARIFF. IMPORTANT NEWS to Shippers of Grain and other Farm Produce to Great Biitmn. A new law having passed the Legislature, admitting the im pottstion of foreign corn and provisions at a very low rate ol duty, an oppoitun ty will be given to those who are desirous to ship to the Glasgow market, to open a good counexiou with the subscriber, who h*s beeu filtern years iu toe Grain and Provision trade r and aa there haa hitherto been non* of auy importance, or who had any practical knowledge of that trade in Glasgow, a belter oppoituniiy could not be desired by respectable houses to form a connection in that market. Lib eral advance* will be given to shipper*. From the subscriber's long experience and knowledge of the Grain and Provision Trade, aud also his frivudly intimacy with the buyers, a large and respectable trade may be calcu lated upon. The subscriber bega to refer shippers to Mr A. H.Finlay, Aator House. ROBERT ROBERTSON, inlS lm'rc 13 Union street, Glasgow. TWINE AND SHOE THREAD. X 6, t, 9,13, II, 34 and X lb. BeineTwine. APj 3 and 3 cord Utlling do 3 and 3 thread India do "Hopewell"cotton 8eine do of every aite. Wrapping, Wool tad Manufacturers Twines, of every de scription. 8h"e Thread of every description, including Titley, Tstham and Walker's, for sale b WINDOW SHADES. NOTICE?To those who mar wuli CO puich -se this article, either by Retail or Quantity the Subscriber would re ' sprctfnlly State, rhat he is the Sole Inventor and Exelaaive I Manufacturer of the real O.nnine P tent Oil Transparent Window hhades, whith are free from Jldhrtivtnrtt ; (not lia j ble to Curl on the edges,) and tlie only kind tint 11 suitable to all the various elimetet of the country. H i present Stock ; Comprises every article that <? Naw, bich. Cheap, or Desira ! b e in the linn of his business, aud for tVholeiaU, his Manu | facturiug facilities, place him beyond the reach of all Compe tition. Factory 71 Diviiiort street. %7~ 8TORE NO. 453 PEARL b'l'KEET i four doo s South of Chatham. H. T. WEBB. Also, the Superior Wire Window Shades, Wholesale and Retail mW iwia'r &ARONI & ARCHER, 151 Wetter street, corner of Maiden lane, HAVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Cape Silk end Eur H ts, of every description, and Spring ityle, Stiaw and Panama Hats. Also, Oil Silk. Olazed Lawn, Vizors aud Cap-stocks, which they offer at treiy low prides. Dealers and manufactures will do well to examine their stock before porchaaine elsewhere. in 13 Im* m30 3w EXPRESS NOTICE. AN EXPRESS for Youkere, Piermont, Sing Sing, Cald '? ells, West Point, Newbnrgh, Ponghkeepsie, Hyde Perk, Kingston, Rhiuebeck.Hed Hoek, Bristol, Cstakill, Hud son, Coitaekie and Kinderhook handing, wi'l leave the office of the underaigned every afternoon at 5 o'clock until further notice. L1V1NOSTON It WELLS, m3i tfrc No. It Well street. BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, No. 1 St. John'i L~nu corner Beach street, New Fork. THE SUBSCRIBr R would inform his Customers and the 1 Pnblie, that he k t epe constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common tl udCages of every deecription, winch he offers f ?r sale at a lower rate than they can be bought else where. Merchants v ouldlind it to thetr advantage to call and examine hitstock. J. KELLY. P. S. Country ori ?it attended to with promptness and dis patch ft Ira'm COTTON MILL,. Iff ANTS a situation aa Manager of a Cotton Mill, a vv intimately acquainted with the virion* modes o4 m luctnrmg cotton wool, both it England and America; eaa bo recommended by two men having charge of the best conduc ted establishments la the United State*. Address J. f C. at this office jell tm*rc DR. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. THE superiority of Dr. Hnll's instrument* over nil others X is acauewledged by the most eminent physicians in EnJ rope end A meriea. Office 4 Veaey street, Astor Hones. A female in attendance |g the ladies' ml lm*m TASSELS, shade*, pictures, (SUITABLE for trimming hits, csps, blinds, sh U so.av umbrellas, paris<.|s. cloaks, aprons, sleeves^ bags, kc. Also, a Variety of bindings and cord, for i sale w hols sale,' by J It F. M4YNAHD, mil lm'm (7 Maiden lane, corner of Willi m st. A SHAFER <k CO., TAILORS AND DRAPE R8, 311) Broadway, near I'ark Piece. RENOtVRECE VINO, by the Havre Pack-ts, sum tirely nrw assortment of the li est Beds-' Cloths and Cea simeres. ad ipte.l to the early tprmg trade. Having concluded a permanent arraiigemen . as cutter, with Mr. P. Andrio', isle of the Hue Castiglione, Pari*, well known to most o. oni fssh ?onsbies who have visited Europe, they are uow prepared to execute oiders iu a style of unurual e.esance. nr 12 lm*r 34 tK Broad way. MOUSSE LIMES i>~ . Al l/y\ NEW SPRING STYLES o, Fr reign and Domestic, IUU jut received, suitable to ?utnern and Weetera Trad>. and for sal* by w- SHELDON k CO., IM Imam ?' William .tre.f /-I 6Lu LEAF AND DENTISTS OOLII FOIL OF SU lJf peri ? perior qmdity.?Oold Foil $38 per ox.; Gold Leaf at the lowest maraet prices; Pale Oold 15 M per package ; Silver ? Leaf, Oold, Silver and Copper Bronzes, Re., at the Factory,. M Rondo street. J L. WAlJOH, j3l lm*rc Praetienl Oold Beater. , THORN CHAMPAIGN E. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champjgne is in store, to whico the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The (tending of this Win# is now anponor to that of any in this eonntry, and at no higher price than that of the best brands. _ C. LIVINGSTON k CO., mllistf re tl Wall street. JUNG ?lte BEHKMANN, BVktOVKD KROM 71 LIBERTY K'lBEBT TO ?1 SOUTH IFHIIAM TTHE K T Ml 1WM auction iJUiCi, blue figured ?n| otherim^I?. l W1"' bloo,wh*?, gram t? F*nc> Jug*, fee aTL!?/.'? ?b"M Ton Set.. Toilet War.,' ?helrf. to .ait whol?ul. .^ ri,lu1% ti *"' f loto- tn# ?JO ICO, PO*Ulr* Md on ? ?"?<!'? OT.r fifty dollar*. Li ?00CSHAWLS H,N" f?'the Spring 8,|r, Jilsu SCARFS, imported expressly J'" "!>..- WM, No. 456 Hreede?vVi..l i. '***? room iu the Coliseum HindooShiwI* lud's^lT* "" **>ul "?ortm?.itol Per.i.oanii at,o. ASVLAS?'S^aL^'^hy'W^^iwS pwarily for sprieg iab-. 122 wiwIT y ?*T ?""?"'??'"?Ported ox nly .old offr,'.ro,ri f Wh,ch .wl" b* Pe???Pto who desire article* irTthJt 'i * *,[^1 ""ducement to ladiea T??rspMt-thf ownar krj .uccurr*4 ?? HTinl thelth April. |? lhe Lie in? I. flf*ie for ?!,WLP# on Long Shawl* ol .|| color. 7 1 fouud 'logout Caihmai. W"WrJ to'^^'Vlio^ l0Ut[* "* ?? ?coring y*rJ?'".T,uVr^*rr?'t *fiP#r ?'n<,o? ?hawla, iu eo.t from 30 to 75 "ioll.;."!""1"1 *" W001, aud dolV/^T.8.h,:*rPe"UU Ju-'>*"?? KMI.. coit fro. IS to 40 ei^^P.lTh"e?"c"rTt "audT "?J C">hmr," *?*. duality an<T adapted to the ure*ent ' 9 ??Penor from 10 to SO doll an each* p'c"rBt *",ou- "?"4U| m co.t Catalogue, will be ready and the eood. win ' . exhibition the day previous to the Lu 7? ?"?n?ed for PO'tl. nlarly i.y?ej to e.amine them ' W'''n ?? oteL8,'"C' I sales' I Ada^tejLtodfflV.PM,i0,U,,0re' ^ 17 WALI-^r I I108K HILL STABLJCB, 34Ui Street and Third ter-y'Mft n~r. ?? ,|i * Proprietor T. KLNG chaJclks spaniels; r?. tlo . uou aT. o! EugU. l/anil 'p'coichVw'l"P 7* JTV' in30 Jt'r * a ?joi iir Jf'o ?'.??'? b>' " *?? "KlhVK. JJohuar ?. p. TOR sale, ~ ?SS^SPANlKLS bTlf-k n?d t*? CHARLES Iujp oied la.t ?umm.r tWim i P?* " of the Pureit brred. raaUf Toy km? Thi owJir?.1?' " ,r'V "P"'?-no d.^ aren at 84 Couitlaadt itr>et b?lemll!"^r CI,P-, *?'?" be nTA we?? ShU?K( ?'fD,!i,h THRUSI^in ran, ? A superior show (use |?r ?|p intS Jt*r Utter Bag will ed at 4* P. M . on Tneaday. 3,., in.t. j^rr DtLiyjtiTl^y ^ASSICAL AN^MlLf ^aetfuTlVinyited 'M^^ckeSI'^ rf<> oKoioed at the Book Store of H^oc'k^Mfc M i ?n26Th8atMnnU?rc DLFF, A.M.lf J ?? Priaripal. I DAY'S PaTFNT ' "" S= L^X^rTA'le nvtt.?^; r v ftTr'f1 A]?5?.rCkrffthVi^ Wr'iiS'W.riffi S"i" & k"ow7io8.' Ph m?-i i~Me? " K0'1 k Flack. Philadelphia?*. Kirtland, Maufield It Hall, si ??. v Krur He Co n.. fa. . Mitchell, Srognard It Co. siSS-SKrr6 H DAY Opptce op the Morris Canal. > ThTOTirit?Tt.? r-.!r.#ey..CJt>'' March 21, 1846. \ ^ order ol th. Canal Committfe.^^ : 50oS^Mi4orSEG"ARS: I hieheJ^^^i'i^Wioaa. all made of the ! f hon*?* r" ? ^ willL-" " <1 ? &o?WSSi thau any other ho?en Country me'chanu ^Pot., keeper. yeVnr^dTo mS7 Sw'rre UE WLLLS> J'-. 1? Front street. CLIREHUOU'S S V E.N TI LA TING AND GOSSAMER _ _ - tflOS AND SCALPS, M^TlITV1 t?ni^HANCE' L'UHTNKSS, aed DURA darn in r n ? 4,m "I the tirstproduetioui of mo tXLXtr. "**' difler ftom Vn otSn mcrTlhr t*,e br?w than the uatjral hair doe?f* and hannv oo "athernVrimJ.'/.h pr/"*ure '* ?>b*'?trd. For a w^ifnt c,,mi,e ^ "leatimablr, being of only 1 ounce qu^rter^i'fthe'cOTmrre^C?D're*,> ?nd sentlemen from errry be referred to?^^ DO,r weir,n? C* ? wi??. ^ ^ '"-fn'r11 be f0??d t0 *?'t the eireumataneea of all. CURE OF CORNS ^R^KNCEV& Nails, MRS BFR% A Md Grand au ine fha [rom ?""? ?,M th? honor of inform ing the public that the still continoes to practice unon rh* ITrentnat sncceaa. having r.clu.i^He djyot^d ?? 251K . 0,e "'???*"? to winch the leet are anl jecL She ? from ,ei ,n ProB,,f,n? that a he will entirely r-move com" I il?? ,tU" 'rritatiiig and painful location, without causing th2 leaat pain or poM.hility ol danger, or making the blood flow! li rll W Wl- noJ ?ccu'>5r niore than four to fire minutes ?? JLhd r5f,Ief #? ?n*t?taiieous that person, the. twit3 cm on 'heir shoes and walk without the least in ?' h*e Practised her profe?ion for aeveral years in Eu i'* thu country, and hnt acouired great skill and much Rr^ fki"P"'#,,cf . h'Cta attested by numerous certifiratra and PhiTadelphin!' '' phy,,e,luu ot Srw York. Boatou. Trrma nioderate far yearly attendance, No 45? Broadway, between Howard and Grand atreeta. New ? mil lmo"re WlNUUW SHADES, TASSEDa. UOKD iter" O^J)?2NDAY NEAT, (Feb. Sth.) th* aubacraber wili . Wo? M Ch?t??*m Street, New York, One door from the corner of Chambers, a new, extrusive, and V . t*AN8PaEeNT WINDOW SHADES emulating of every variety of patterns and quality to'be fonnd W,V?m Furopeor Amanca. Price, we wTll not eSwSK but rom our facilities for well as for import* ,n^eih,?,we can "fe,yrdSfy competition withtfi w??^ on nand^ "** aMOrt?nent ofT??U. Cord. Itc., will U kept eaM^hSf^h.^.^? "* re,pectr?1,y N?w York, Feb 7th, 1848. wr ...?!yj)EALfcKd FN WUULLEWa. H. cinVi^S^ k 00' ?ce*t, Re-finiaher* of iwen awLrdJi m'ti"'!/? f" ,!. *1""1* TI,e ?oM has Wo!>|"m (4,^1, ' the ""P'occccnt in re-finishing Refer* to Mesira. Woleott k Blade, 63 Pine street; William LfcDf|leE *1? ' Ploce, comer of Broad streett ?nd to D. Brigham k Co. 80 A.o otroot; where orders maybo ml 1m*r UUAPS, ESSENCES AND PERKUMERF.of all kinds.' tr.nii? Cor ' ,trrt- The S^haenbera, original JUJ^uu manufacturers of the genninc Walnut 6il Mili tary 8ha?ina Soap, which ?? ?.rr.n. om " i? .Tl'-"1 ?>?. UL wawaawawviHICie Ul UIO fPaillilC VY Afnut Ul I Ajlll tnry Shayiuf Soap, which we warrant to aurpaaa all other pre * *IM Yeu'*r,'*<l our 'Militias are prepared f? ?**cue. My orders in our line. We hare constantly on a'^'(hlp aeented Almoud, Rcae, Mask, Windsor Palm f? , ""i 1 extra Pale Family and I^Jo. I Soap' The Crotno ? onting soap, a new and splendid arbcie, well railed n.!Lb!y '"k prl,T,fe ""'If "'i warranted not to sink and to rnlul'ililmlf1. pr yy .. Together with a lame and genenU aaao tmout of Perfumery, Essences, kc.. both Poreieu Md Domestic, selected and put up with th* greatest care- also SUntk a Cryatalliuo Candlaa, for the Weet India and uL?'b A?." "D warmnted to atrad any climate, woeerx, Dm^giata, and dealers in general, are requested to "IIMdcxamiaofor themaolve*. 10 M?lm?r IOHNSON. VROOM k FOWLER CHEAPEST JtND^S I^MSTRUCTION Ijf ' Academy, IN Jokn *?*<? Superior and Elegaqx Commercial System of WRITING. \Y r? I do ring hi. .lay in New Yort,) vv .to Ladies and Gentlemen of aog, Day or Eve aing, in Twelve Leaanna, for the small charge o| aa b ... u!ftT Fivg DoLLaaa ! ?.b7??.*!?T27v ij * Writing Master, promises and ova aanTEEi to ALL, old or young, to impart a seavtipul, free expeditious and raaMionaOLE style of Penmanship, no matter h^woaD.iLLEOiBLK or cuamped may be the writias IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS FOR M io &S(LY! ? 0ook Kkkpipvc* and Bhoit Hapid Uught thoroughly N.B.?Privau lessons cirsn. Families and Schools attend flJtawlm?re V,.,,,. COUNTRY MERCHANTS IBITINO the eiiy nf New York, are invited to call and ? "?? complete and extenaire .lock of Acount "MWP. Paper. Notorial, and Letter Copyint Preaa 'aVA0,7.P? ?U ?""? Fluid., V1' AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES solo nr STATIONERS At lhe Poniblt Pricet. ' met I-. R,CH k COUTREL, 61 William at., Im-mc one door below Cedar. u?aacE3^1^V?n* nic* of , ? , ,, DENTISTRY\ A'ri2fk0ld-Ub,"hm?".? FAST BROADWAY. J,"'*1'? on pivot JO cents ri5i5wJa?te?cr.!;?-r8 Teeth'mount'id fn^fhW<rvL'd P'?P?rt"0" with the abor* lut 6ca irarranunT^ f?' ?U"' D~tMtt' ^ work f? *??? IM Im're Surgical and M.chanAl Drat/at. TUB SHADES HOTEL., HI Reade Street, IVeet Side of Broadway. giaen to hit nnmerona f'iendt nod etiat'.ineri.jphile Proprietor of '? Tne Shadea," in Thvnea atreet, he flaflBr himaelf will be n gnarantr to all who may pntroniae him is hie new ettab liahmrnt, while no effort on lilt pirt will be wanting to merit the eontinaanee of their patronage. The ntnvl relithet, Chopt. Hteakt, Welah Rarebita, Poach ed Kgga. ke will beaetyed ap in a atiperior atyle. The Room will ba regular If tnpplied with city popart, at well aa , mil tnpplf of foreign papara, by every arrival from ? o r.1' mUlm?.e JAMKH KVAWS LtUbT ?* I.Xv?iw'quarter eatfca lied Port Wina?luat rw V&"4 ^'^mfflSPaWSlSU AamBMBvn. PAiUt THJCATHK. Lm Opera Night Bat Ov Hondajr 10*ealnn. March 30, Will ba performed LE BRAHSEUK DK PRESTON. Daniel Robinson, a brewer _ (ieorge Robiutoa, an officer in tha army.. f " Toby Crosshair, a eergeanl ... Mr Segum. F.ppie Mra. Segum To eoaclad* with _ VERMONT WOOL DEALER ? Deuteronomy Dutiful Mr Marbla Mr Waddell Auderaon Cant Oakley ,. .Crochar Amanda .. Mies Kata Horn Doora opaaai fx a aloch.aad lha Caneia wui ruirreaJaiT at T o'clock. ? rnca of Admiaaioa?Boxaa, M ; Pit, M wall; (Hilary UOWKUV THKATKK. A. W. J AC Kit O.N ... MANAGER AND PROPRIKTOR ORAND COMBINATION. _ (TP-DOUBLE COMfANT./l Rockwell ft Stone's Equestrian Troupe in combination with lha Dramatic Company of thia establishment. Bloiitlaiy Kranlnc, March 30, Will ba perjormed EL HYDER, or the War Wolf of Hindustan. Mat Mizau Mr J R Hcott EI Hvdcr MrC R Thome Ben Tarab Mrt rCony Hafez Mr Hadaway Harry C'Wfkon Mra C R Thome Prinp*ai'7aila Mia Pkillina Princes* viada Mra Phillips l'revioua to which DON CACdAR DC BAZAS'. Don Camarde Bazan MrC R Thome Marnauu Mra C RTliorne IC7* Lower Bozea SO eanta?Second aad Third Ttera, >1 ?x; Pit and Oallery 12X renu. Doors will open it half paat ??curtail will rise atT. BOWERY ARPH1TMBATRE. SANDS, LENT <$- CO , PROPRIETORS, Freth Novelty On Monday Evening, March 30tb, \ Will be introduced, for tint first time in America, the thorough bred Arabian horse PAS TEMPS, ; Purchased by Mr. Bauds, from Kraucoui'a, Paris, who will per t form the POLKA, WALTZFS. Ac. I First appearance in America, also, of the celebrated English fairy a teed CINDERELLA, | In an original and curious act of leau. n Mr Moaely in hit great act of England, Ireland and Scotland. Beaidaa a great rariety of other eutertainmrnta. See bills. \ Bozea ID cents: Pit If1, cents. ? Doora open at 7; performance to commence at half past T. mW 3t*r P.klsMO' KifKiiA HOtSIC. dumber* street. RnrirwLr ,B!U ANT~AU8PICE8. Tmntof*"? 8lo^1i" haying eageged thi* splendid lemplr of Amusrmrnt.will open it ou Tuesday levelling, March 31st, '?. .V'u.r*,,e of *l,r!0* * mo,t el-*uit series of miscellane ous enterts itimen t*- t hc best conceivable variety nUhtkT!Lrfol BKA8S BAND, fourteen in number, will (ur aeroh.r mE?"!*"*IO' exhibition* of gymnastic akill, acrobatic and athletic manoeuvre* in which will be seen the A,e?oh,.':".,i ,?*"""?<?" So". ,<?* first and mo.t ","uUr Aeroba-iiu the world, and the celebrated William Cole! and hu'"??'roll,,?f| Hector and Billy. ' r.i?lV/0'*" Vo-aiuu will alao perform. Their recent remarkable.occe*. in this metropolis cannot bat attend them .?..X VuIhey are tru v refined, invlodioti* md origin*!. Osl nano. Ih* anblime f*i etto vocaliat, i* one of their number, nerf irm^n. "u'*"hrae curious and eoclisating mJLli JLli Mi r e Hurmoaicoo, aud Musical Sticks* awiso deservedly famous, is engaged corP? will ba hereafter mentioned; they are f?nl'VhJ^^M.WTK '.V ,h'ir P*cu'<ar professions, and will af .h... puohc decidedly the most noble, faultless, varied and chaiteol eutert.iumeiu*. Particulars in t*e bill* of the day. cen^^^'.rpaVJo^irhon.V' ?'C">Ck RATIONAI* % BATKB^SlD CIRCUS, Chestnut Strest, Philadelphia. PROPRIETORS?MESSRS. WELCH, MANN AND TH,Z.H!*"C arn acmiainted that thia magnificent esta mnniK. U,?k ,0 w*r?ly patron I ted daring these list *11 nfrh!.w'?rl!i^le eitrxena. atrannera and yiaitora, from all paru .?? ?pseidily close in order to fnlfil the impera alwndr entered int > for the limner Thia aa aL?.? 'V?1 !brt" to ,,rePue the hundred aud seventy Sin. k Hd A"'?Wl,*? connected with thu concern. and to uaure the thousands of liberal patrona who have rendered euM?rfrUlld^e * irh,on ?"i1 P?Pu'?ity. that the moat ??d nnceaiing effort* will be essayed to render the Performance* or the R ng and 8ta*e the mo?t gorgeous, !m?l.NI mwtg.mmoff? 1 "MlU* PnbUc "" irpr#e,*te or ?Pectaele of tin. wonderful season, ia the Cattract or the Ganges, from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane anthorities, produced w-th a *ncce?aion of Oriental Hceuery, inch aa cannot be surpassed in any country rroceaaiona oj the moit gorgeous and coatly kind, exceeding in number all former auempu . Every ttyle of Kaatern Banner*. Hag or In fX' Sf/fc^IS- 's1r,,P7,""rtrwhelminf Torrent of Heal Wa ter, for the display of which the Premises hare been greatly Li l-nf?" ? ?urpasyngly grand Car of Mother of Pearl, lin . b?teu gold, drawn by cream colored hor.ea?furion* combats, general engagements, fearful conflagrations* and a succession of atartling effects, such as the resource* of this | 1*' ??'?bl'ehmeotcan alone furnish, and bring iu a aaperior manner before a discriminating public. m!9 M"- fDER respectfully annonneea to the public of New \ ork hi* lutention to give on THURSDAY. April 2d, at the ? i .a u r j, TABERNACLE, the chef d oauvre of the grsat modern Krercli composer, Keli cien David? | THE DESERT! ( A Grand Oile Symphony, in three pirts, interspersed with Re eitat'on*. Arias^ Chorus**, and Orchestial Symphonies, upon ? ?cale of magoitnde hitherto unprecedeotrd. . The performance will commence with the Coneert Over ture to Marmion. composed and dedicated to the New York Philharmonic Socie y, by GEORGE LoDER. After which, Le Desert, by Fcltcien David. Tbe Recitations and Soloa, by ROB'T GEORGE PACK To conclude with .a Grand Festival Oreiture, by Liud pawtner. Tickets }p cents, to be obtainrd at the various Mnsie Stores, and of H. Meiggs, <46 rtroadwiy. m2fl it'm HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY AND ANATOMY, DWITH THE MANIKINS, &c. R. WIETINO giver histoid regular Lecture of tbe Course, in Clintou llall, This ( Mondavi Evening, March 30, at 7* o clock, on the circuta'ion of the BiooH?'Vraout and ilrtereal: tome < f the causes of Palpitation of the Heart, and some of the means of relief; the connection aiisting between me heart and oth^r portious of the system. See. Respiration, Arterialixaticn of tha Flood: importance of healthy Lungs; Hereditary Descent; tome of the ?auses of Consumption; Ven tiUtion* Tight Lacing; audI several things which weaken the luags. To be illustrated by dissections of the Manikins and a? eihibition of Che heart, lungs, trachea, Itc., and an inflsted lung or one of the lower auimals. Admnaion 12% cents. m30 lt#m wmsss.rso MUSIC FOR PARTIES. P*?Til; fum'iheBwub the Violin.Hnrp. or Pianoforte. Ur u J!to J- aud O- Ayliffe, No. 127 Elm itreet, corner , ?rHoward. ml lm?m MUSIC TAUGHT, i r|KTHE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, by a Lady. | who haa a thorough knowledge of the teianca. She can 5ive moat respectable and satisfactory references. A line ad ? essed to w. H., at the office of this paper, shall be puoctnsl , ly attended to. mrlO lm*r "" MR. UEDF1ELD, " PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PIANIST, Ac.. ! No. ?13 William afreet ' V ' WILL be happy to play at Concerts and Cotillon Parties; get np Musical Entertainments, and give instructions on I H?" r.UB0 l!,ort": ,^r- G has a beautifully toned Piano Forte, that h? will sell cheap for cash. Can be seen at No. Mk Broad ! **7 jW'a'n MUSI (J. MDUM8DAY, No. JS Bond itreet. neer the Bowery, ? Professor of the Guitar, biding. Accordeon aud Vio lin, continues to tench Ladies and o tntlomen at their own re sidencea, in all porta of New York City, with much facility and rapid progression, by nil uew tiofnever failing system. L. Terms vary reasonable. Apply si B Bond street, ml lm*re FRENCH ' ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAIIN, JMPORTER8, 3S NASSAU STREET, UP STAIRS, Iiiij nceired. by late arriinla from their house in Paris, tad oner for sale, a very large and choice selection ol the . NEWEST STALES OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, to bunches, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, Ike lie., together with a most extensive as ortmeut of MATERIALS FOR AKllFlCIAL FLOWER MAKERS, embracing a variety unsarpissed in richuens. and eitent by | any other importation. Also?Artificial flowers by the case, imported evpressly for the jobbing nail coantry trade. mil Im'r BiGhLOWft NEW ENGLAND EXPltESs. 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Where may he fonad ? largeind complete aaaorltnent of SPECTACLES AND HEADING GLAUSES, la Gold, Silver end Steel Frames M. W. wonld alio remiod the pnhlic. to whom he ii partially known, by hit annuel Tisita to Saratoga Springs for the last ten years, that by his knowledge of the Optical science, he is enabled to determine the glasses suitable for any eve Per sons with weak eyes can be supplied with glasses which will greatly ren?fit aud not strain the sight Particular attention is called to a iwwavle ol Perspective Ground Glass of the finest flint, whirh. through their high polish and t/ae ground, produce the pat eat vision, and have been highly recommended ssihebest in their effect upon the eye, for preserving and improving the sight in continued writing and reading. Shortsighted persons.and such at have been operated np<m for Cataract, eanalso be snited. Ha inserts new Glasses, of superior quality, in old frames, and solicits the pet'nnageof all iu want nf nit articles I mil warrant all Spectacles porchated from me to snit the sight for five ytcxt, o; nrliangs them witliont citrg charge mST trn'r LATK8T lUTKLUBlUCg BY TO I Alii ... .. _ March 27, 1848 Mucefkmeou* EpMt- TJu Oregon <*?et ion-Oath, enngt and GUanng?Po,^ Politician, and Malnmony-AnKdolet-FacU and SvecnUtiana Men and Thtngt?A Chapter of Lift in IfaM tngton. ' We l>r?l?o?e to discuss a variety of topic* ,n tk,. ?ju*. and ye, we tru* they will be found a^I .I? y?u anJ your readers, without a division ''rut Phase or rax Oeeoon Qcution ?Tuk 1 resident's Position, and the Position or tii |A".~ e ,pMliJ m''B8a?e ot the President is evidently non-committal. It only discloses the fact that the estimates trom the War and NavyDepart meats, under the sanction of the President, were re . k? "k 'Ted""e ?r preM,D? "nportance ; or that wh.le the President desire. the twohouSL to back him up in coercing a fair bar<?in ?... * Pakenham, they have been rather pMutld L leave he responsibility in his hand, of . ?? mine," anxious of escaping the contingent ex?E? of the moral influence of a preparation fo^w The es|>ect of the question is not changed bv th^ '"''?"P-, The anticipation of a " compromiio" upon the 19th degree, or upon that basis, ,8 rat* r strengthened, indeed, by the message The speeches ol Messrs. Chalmers and Sevier, in- this view, are worthy of especial notice. Mr. Chal mers is as much in the personal confidence of the President as any member of the Senate, scarcely excepting Mr. Haywood. His views of the Presi dent a position are the same. But the speech of JJr;,Stp'r >? still more conclusive of the readiness of the President to a settlement upon the line of forty-nine, without regard to inches ." In the de bate at the opening of the session, upon Gen Case's war resolutions, the position of kr. Sevier was as W? ! ^ M 'hat of the General; he was for " "U"nf a little louder to John Bull than to any body else " Now, we have Mr. Sevier among the staunchest ad vocates of peace, and of an " honorable compro mise. And it was amusing to witness the spas modic exultation of Gen Cass, on the reading^ the President's message recommending a peace ful preparation for war. The General seized upon it as his last plank. He would 44 rather have these recommendations from the President than from the thunder of British cannon." ciearlv indicating that our late minister to France had not abandoned his presentiment of an "inevitable war " But we tell you that upon a treaty of settlement on the basis of the 49th degree, if the vowofGencSl Cass is requisite to its confirmation, Bfe will give it for the treaty, and thus by his own act, obliterate his prophecy of the "inevitable war/'and even with four fifths of the Senate for the treaty, we challenge you that the General will not be found against it. He has never said that it would. While ne has been obedient to the war spirit of the West, he is uncommitted against the peace of the country! At the time of the adoption of Cass's resolutions, on the 16th of January last, ot the democrats ot the Bo ?o V ?fr.?La "compromise" upon the line of 49, Messrs. Calhoun, McDuffie, Westcott, Yuleo, Benton, LewU, Haywood, Speight, and Chalmers, were about all ttiat were positively claimed. Bagby was considered dubious, Colquitt wis not regarded as pledged, Sevier was esteemed as the right h?nd supporter of the Spartans, and from the high and domineering spirit ot the ultras it was fearsd that the 44 orty-nine" men, Calhoun at the head of them, would, before the adjournment, be formally read out of the party, excommunicated and turned over to the whtgs. Now look at the change. Three-fourths of the democrats ot the Senate are in favor of a 44 compromise," and the only positive in exorable 64 40 men, peace or war, are Messrs. Al len, Hannegan and Braese. Personally, Allen is not a fighting man, Breese is a man of peace, and the only warrior, therefore, of the Spartans, is our friend Hannegan; and we know he would fight 'tj1* *.Turk; Mr. Semple, of Illinois, Mr. Atchison, of Missouri Mr. Dickinson, of New York, Mr! Fairfield, ol Maine, Mr. Jennesa and Mr. Atherton, r. Hampshire, are in some sort committed to i but if a treaty upon the 49th degree were sub muted, and its adoption or rejection were decisive of Iieace or war, and the vote of every man of them was required to the confirmation of the compact, ; every man of them would stand up to the "com promise. There may be some doubt about Mr. Dickinson. He may regard hia consistency an of greater consequence to tne world than the preaer* vation of peace; but we cannot believe it The Bill op tux Estimates.?According to the president s special message, the recommendations from the Navy and War Departments to the Naval and Military committees of the Senate, as a peace ful preparation for the probable contingencies of hostilitiesjare made under the sanction of the Ex ecutive. The Secretary of War recommends an addition of fifty thousand men to the army, to be enlisted for one year, which, including rations and pay, would give an aggregate, exclusive of contin ffocies, of fen millions to the ordinary expenses of the army. The Secretary of the Navy, including the ten proposed war steamers, the fitting up old hulks, the erection of tenders, kc, recommends an addition of filty nine vessels to the navy, at an expense for the first year, including the building, arming manning Arc., ol not less than thirty mil! lions ot dollars. Ordnance and ordnance stores for the army, the refitting and strengthening of lortifi cations as suggested, will cover an expenditure of ten millions more; so-that the whole expense ex traordinary, of these most extraordinary recom mendations for a peace establishment, will rise to an aggregate of fifty millions ot dollars. The bill which has just passed the House proposes an addi tion of about 5,000 men to the regular army, which ?. oSaI/S11 in/!re1a8''10 'he army expenses ot about $1 -50,000. I nder the present aspect of things, it is absurd to apprehend that any serious attention will be paid by Congress to the tremendous requi sitions ot the army and navy bureaux. The ten war steamers will tie held in abeyance?the fifty thousand men will not yet be enlisted-while the bill lor the increase of the regular army, from the House, will, we expect, meet with more decided favor. We do not wonder that the estimates of the bureaux were suppressed from publication by the Senate. Father Ritchie Voted Down.?Father Ritchie, through the organ, having lately read to the Senate a reprimand agaiust adjourning over on Thursday and certain Senators regarding Father Ritchie ra ther as Printer to the Senate than as dictator, voted an adjournment over from yesterday,under the ayea and noes. We are told that a Senator from the South, of the church, but who has no idea that bather Ritchie shall become the shepherd's dog over the flock, being absent, but having requested to be sent lor in case of a vote to adjourn over, came in upon the call, and demanded the ayes and noes, in order to place a rebuke upon the record against the interference of the Executive editor in the no tion of the Senate. The fact is, Father Ritchie must rather follow the action of Congress than expect to dictate to it. The power of the administration, limited to three years, and being of an unequivo cally passive character, is not able to command, through Father Ritchie, the action even of tho House; how much less, then, the cooduct of the Senate, ii|H>n the individual authority of our dear old pap-pah! Gen. Thomas J. Rusk, Senator from Texas.? General Rusk, the associate Senator of Gen. Sam. Houston, from the new State ot Texas, is one of the very finest looking men in the Senate. He stands full six feet, strong, sinewy frame, well pro portioned, and perpendicular. He is about forty five years of age. He is South Carolinian by birth and education. He studied law in that State, and in 1824 removed to Georgia, where, in tho course of a ten years' residence, in practice?the practice of the law?he married. In 1884, he re moved to Nacogdoches, in Texas (the Red River country) where he resumed the practice of his pro fession. In the formation of the provisional go vernment of Texas, in December, 1885, of which David G. Burnet was appointed President, General Rusk was chosen Secretary of War. He was pre sent in this official capacity at the battle of San Ja cinto, April 21st, 1836. At this battle General-Hous ton was wounded early in the actien, and taken of! the field, when Genera! Rusk and Major Wharton headed the charge upon the enemy's entrenchments and carried the day. Subsequent to this victory, General Kusk assumed the command of the army, on its southward march, in the expulaton of the ene my. In the auminsr of '45, he waa chosen Presi dent of a Convention called tor the consideration of the resolutions of annexation, proposed by tha Unit ed States ; and the State having accepted the terms, and having adopted an acceptable constitution, and having been admitted into the family with the clear certificate of a legitimate daughter, General Rusk was elected oae of the Senators to repr-sent the new commonwealth at Washington. General Rusk is a man of family, and of considerable property. He is a cotton planter ol the Red River country. His re sidence is at Nacogdoches. General Hotuton is not vet in. Hit history ia more like achapter of the Arabian Nights than of an American politician. We shall furnish it when he shall report himself to the Senate. Marriaoen at the United States Hotel.?Our house has become famous for its Gretna Green mar riages. During the last summer we had sometimes as many as three of a week. And you may rely upon it, that in all the happy matches, at least, the happy couples become for life the sworn patrons of our landlord. The glorious consummation of tn-ir annexation is something to rememberilor a life time. We could relate some very interesting hair breadth escapes in association with some of these runaway matches,1 anecdote, howeve Branch T. Archer, - . ever drew sword in her defence, or sat among her civil counsellors, oocupied last summer, a room nearly adjoining the public parlor. One al 'emoon, while taking bis tmta, hs had a vision; p8C*1*h ' l)Ul lt would hardly be fair. Ona runawsy matches, but uwo^n^t paM over Dr. Archer, of Texas, as noble a man aa

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