Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YOilK. HERALD. r?L XUM Ho. eO-WteU Ho. 4303 NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 1, 1846. rrlMtwaCiBtt. (THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS flO&DOM BKHNBTT, Proprietor Clronlation...FortT Thonannd. DAILY HERALD? Every day. rneo a MM par I f/D DeTIDnnm~(Mv->kl< im ? ii aiivilhtisKMXNTS at the manal laissa ilwp Mb rRiNTlNtt of all kinds wm?4 with baanty aad das It^K. patch. ?tag'/wiR11 ? _ ? Preyrieaey ?djte New Tm? Hanau farm a? rr?ltM aad W.MI. ftTMM STEAMER UNICORN. FROM BOSTON. FOR HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. .r?. ? 71" D"ieon,.9*? Baetca. 'will vreit*.! Jfahfrs th. __T Apfi, 4, iRt EXCUki BOA.T FOR 1 i, Proridmea aad j ?niT?< a> 1?Er PLEASt/Rfe EXCURSION "-L ; DAY BOAT FOB. BOSTON, vl. 'SrcprS? leave nteatngtoa immadiatrlr aa the arrrral oftha Oregon tonABobtom The Oregon will laara Stonfas Wedoasdar) eveuing at 9 o'clock, for N. Ycrb, I nu-ot kI ? '5* ,na,1 t?la f,om 2o,'on- This arrange incnt ha, heen made 'or ooa [far only. after which the ORE Ira LKKRBOCKER will form a Daily Evening "Ijj* "Dr *'? Stoowgton, Providence and Boston Rail- | cnJiZ? ^"i"bo,UJ"rf ?M0rpuied for 'peed, splendor and comfort, and commanded l>v the BKtat experienced mea, aad will ahorten the tr |i from Boston from 1)4 to J hours. *t??I ?''?-? *?' ftC'Ph'- euqnii* on board the boats, at piar ?GiJ' ^onhn*?r. or.f the reat. GEO. E. FA1R6hiLD, at the office on the wharf, 1* Went at. r GEO. K. FAIRCH1LD. Agent. REGULAR NAIL LINE i?BA. BETWEEN BOSTON It NEW YORK. JBaScLvMiiSt'.'i'ssvr"'?o,mo" ihtycr. will ron throne boat the miki, from the 1st day of -April, in coouecuoo with ihr Stonivgcon nod Providence and I I Boa ton aad Pror-dence Railroada. (carina New York da" 1 i?? ?aa<"y? cacepted, trom pier No. 3 North rim, at 5 o'clock i M., and Stoninpton at 9 o clock P. M., or upon the arrival of the mail tram from Bo-too. .?'??meTi a-a airsnrpaaied in apeed, ipleador aad com JSx'SlfflWSSS 60 I,r,e commodioua private atate .Ed^te* PW>M' bet,d" Ur?'' P,,T,U rlCBU _ Th" ateamera are officered by the moat experienced men, frolTiU ?? aT?" 11,8 between New York erd Beaton ? ? * homiw^eh rehy a-rmcg in ample time for all the ib^ir.Bf^?frssfco^,ohrv?. "d "**?ud aji an^ SaumLy will leare New York?Taeaday, Tharaday Leave Btouiugtn-fuesdiy, Thnradry aad 8atarday. No. 3 fi**A??r>ofre ' cuqaire on board of the boat, at pior ... ? OLO. EKAIRCH1LD. No. 19 Writ itreet, mht'tmfh or of JNO. H. RICHMOND, Providence. PEOPLE* LINE OF STEAMBOAT8 FOR ALBANY? Daily, Monday a excepted?Through Direct?at ? o'clock, P.M. From the pur between Courtlandt and Liberty et?. ^Vn^fl Buambont COLUMBIA. Cap'. Win. H. Ijfciii ttgja3*Pcc't; Will leare on Monday, Wednesday, ,^teamb7at IffiNDR?C 1^HUDsBfcff Capt. R. O. Cratten . T1. l lTe 00 Taeaday, Tharaday and Saturday ereninga, clock. At 4 o'clock P. M., Landinr at Intermediate Placca. I From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. h. Fary, will ntVo'cfock Wedneaday, Friday aad Sanday afteraoona, Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt.L.W.Brainard, will Wto on Tuesday, Tharaday aad Saturday afteraoona. at 5 o'clock. . The above boa'i will, at ail timet, arrive ia Albany in ample tim-for the morning ca't for the eaat or wemt. P M t*^B 11 "derate ratea,and none taken after5 o'clock Allpenoos are forbid treating any of the boat* cf thia line, without a written order from the Captaina or Agent*. k or outage or freight, apply oa board, or to r. C. Schaltx, at th. office on the wharf. n 'JOr ad%ftr| '{ RK Propretora of i? team boats withing P*11', hno*' wno,<l d? well to pay a on g m ?-board the etcimboeta Niagara. Iron Witch, Ooreruor, iron boat John Sterena, Wooater, Traveller, Re., and examine H. Homer a Improved Style of Bell Hanging?pat "d w?"??md for yw, by H: H. No. i Ann afreet mrlt lra*r ' Pareoaa wi^nog to aaaara bertha tboald not fail to auke early apphcauoa oa bonrd. at the foot of Wall street, ?? W. i. J. T. TAP8COTT, r ^ Soath taw, eotmrnr of Maiden lane. *'OR LI VERPOOL?New U.e-Putat of 4th fflSV App?j?Tha very apleodid packet thin ROSCIUS. AMpfaEldn<ke muter, will be aoavoidably detained oatii Sat ml Paxaeogera auy rely upon her tailing positively 1 For freight or pnaaana, baring accommodation ansa roused t^/ErN^f"! or comfort, apply oa board, at Orlaaaa whnf loot of Wall atreat, or to n ^ A. COLLINS It CO.. Si Seath strut t ackot ahip Siddoiu, E. B. Cobb, muter, will succeed the Roacini. ud mii nth Jb hni km* ???1 ? j.? '"ft m L? Sr?'IM,r ^Cniar day. ?,' P"****?' hnringhaadaome famithadeccom IT , ' W'f ?n hoard, at Orlaaaa wharf foot of Wall 1 ,u,fh> or co > . 1 E. K. COLLINS fc CO. M Soath street. ( Poaitirely no good, rataired oa board after Saturday ere 1 uin|, i?n 13it* ? r* N,w Orl-aaa. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, who will 1 promptly forward ail aroodc to hia addxinu. iiim*i hnrk E. H. CHAP IN, Welch, maatar, will raccaed | the Shakxpcaro. and anil April 18th, bar ragalnr day. al I fcjfik j ^ooho' ship BALTIMORE, for Havre, wiB be i ?jfV<t?'?*oed natil the 3d iut. Paueagara will please be SHHlmoa board at pier No 4 North river, Tharaday morn iag, 3d lust, at It o clockpreciielv The mill will clou at the Post Office, and letters be taken from the Reading Rooms at |< half put 11 o'clock. ,1 r FOR SAL1?, ~ The fine clipper bailt aehr ACTIYK, coppered and .copper futened. lit tons r gistered. well f> and m c B<" . She can be aaan at >he foot of Rat gere F ^ *or partiealare, apply at 47 Petri at ?' ' J. M ROVEB. r FOR SALE. The faat tailing Schooner EAOLE-Ia 10 tone re ? MlK giater. earriea U0 bbla.for 134 tone, and in compile < W^aafc order for auy voyage ; will be told low, if appliod Lfor immediately. For term. Be., apply to mT I w*r HARRlHQf4 PftlCE. Id slip , ASTOR HOUSE BATHS, ffsrvofct Y?7jssL(,!gr?r It ?w^af- The aachtag tab. are ratire |lv new, (copper.) aad the largest m this city. Ia poiatol I ciMnhuau aadattratioa the hatha cannot be excelled. The I'B-thaare open until 11 o'clock at sight, (Satarday night. It.) I Price of a bath, ti ceau. The warm Sea Bat ha at Datbroaaes ,"1U *,aAj ontil II o'clock P M 1 mMlmV HENRY C. rAbINEAU. Proprietor ! ' IDLE HOUR BOOK~ .JUST PUBLISHED?The " Idle Hoar Book," containing Aitafe W1,h ? 37 ST9 a ehear at that. Specimen aambenemt by maR P &ARONI & ARCHER, IBl Water street, earner of MaMea lone, HA VE ON HAND, a large assort meet of Caps. Silk aad na Puai Hal* i#,cr,f;tl0,i Spring ityla, Straw AUo, Oil S.Ik. (Raced Lawa, Vigor* tad Cap-stocks which thai ofar at very low prices. Detien ud mnaafacinret w.ll do well to 'urnine their ttock bvfore pnrchuiax elsewhere. wit lm? a? tw a Treatise Oiy*f*MleSi%3"1S 8EXTJAL SYSTEM, By ED '' fjss- .a-tirJa meat of treats .. abaae. in all classes o< society, ana tnen enecia in the produc tion of Hcrofala, Coaaamptioa, Bronchitis, Be. ftc. Every questioo that can poaaiblviatareit ike reader it coasiderrd ia PJifta- Horace Oreeley remark*. "This ia a work for ?which there was th* moat urgent used Thousands era man ally hurried ta premature graves by vices which May ararcaly know to be sack, who w< old have been preserved for liru of m-fulness aad honor, by the aeaaoeable perusal of a work like tins : there u not a p ge that do** not bear oa its lace aa im premise wareis* i "nxll not th* waraiag be heard V The New Yo V Joarnal of Mtdieiae aad Collateral Sci rncea, the Boston Medical tad Surgical Joarnal, Kreaiag JL haragiraa the highcM aentiman-i to thu yaloable lao''^- . . ., ng lawWedfw'rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FL0WER8, Aluust?$y^,,ssj?4agbTearty: W,T '? *c IN Williaaa it FRJBWOH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. I Qy'Tg^ycAEK N, J h?n,ror^ JL4 (ki * spinnnin a*?ortm??it of I* ranch AitiAtrial fcliy-mw KMkm' **ke'which ^ ?**r JPiUfO, It low prMfl U|| fan*mm ~ CLOTHING jl,f (ICH LOWER than the OcocfaI Prifpi?JACOB VAN" \l Of RBILT, W MRidcn Lra., Utwesn Wm wd N^Mn' TO LET, THE HOUSE No. 11 Orchard mm. Eoqoire of ~ lMSON. m A. SAMI . ______ 441 Pearl it. TO LET. THE LOWER PART of the mm two ateey Homo ^Hvt, ar u No M Carrrt it. mM iw*r A^ TO LKT.-A Three Story Howw. wmof SHMdooT, F|1 and nea- Canal ureal. to a aaMll family, who wonld bo JJHLwilliat to board a reatlemaa and hia wire in part par ?ant of the rant. For farther particular*, eoqaire of inr31!w*re F lUlW, II Jahaat TO RENT, MM MM!. AdmV tfl^I TO LET, ^^?ar R ?r<|. Lot SS by MO feet.- Apply ?tract, a firm elaaa two rtory brick MW It-Thoaaa Chnreh, and only TU LET OR FOR IOOUN BUILT COTTAUB. Stable and mm ettiahad. with >b?il u acre of land, ths ?port or which is wall slocked with frmit and and sa.loaed wi'h a picket fence Tha Mages ?htwrM aiottM within Ave minutes' walk of ths houss. Situation between 110th nod tilth atreeta. For farther informs tion apply to JOHN BATHOATE, 154 Ninth street. or Dr. WOODS. Harlem. mrll tm*rc FOR BALK, OH TO LE l\ oath - moat reasonable terms, three two-atory Dwelling l.rusee, in North BixthJbetween Sixth and Seventh atroets, William* I. Two of the aboee ard new, and intended aa rented icea, being finished in the bast manner, and supplied with sprinc and rain water in the kitchen, and coal raalts in front, he. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain ecarod, at ? per cent. Enquire on the^ NGU8 f 13 lm*nh M Wal I street TO LET, A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lot* of (round, situated in the village of Hastings, Westehesler MBCounty, State of New fork, within r few minutes' walk of the steamboat landing. Said place is divided into gar dens, which are well stocked with fruit. Also, a p easant grovt, with a strram of water, and several good springs Pos session era be given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply at the itore of Mr Sc'.loner. Hutting's Landing, or of al lm*rc MR. KCKERT, 72 Mur.av at. New York. m TO LET, IN Foltr LEE, N . J., A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with abont 4 acres of gronnd and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable good condition, which wen formerly nsed as a ehemi cal factory, at present occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; situated on the Hackensack road, only a few mimtea walk from the ferry.. Rent to n good tenant very low, te whom a lease, willbe jgiver^foraejrnru yemi, if required. Lag aire of Dr. Morris Lao-Wolf. No. M Liberty street. New York, ml lm*rc mM lit M QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEASE?Situ PJV ate on the Passaic river, in North Bellerille. formerly .UM,belonging to Abraham Joralemoa, Esq. Said quarry baa been extensively worked for thirty years past, and is one of the best quarries ef free stone in New Jersey, and is iu good order for working. Ths ptemiase consist of two dwell ings, storr house, two bane, two hundred feet of wharf, and seventeen sues of land, which will be sold entire, or tho quarry separate, if desired. For further particulars, enquire ot the subscriber, at the poet ofiee in Belleville, N. J. JOHN fc. LLOYD. Belleville, Feb. H. IMS. f? lm*me NOTICE. DWELLING HOUSES, STOR*. 8 and vacant Lots, for sale, rent or exchange. Investments made oopro duetive Real Estate, that will pay ir on ten to twenty rcaut on the purchase money, with en ia erease in value of percent on the purchase money, with aa ia erease in value oi from ten to fifteen per cent per annum. Mi ney proenred on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Insure ice obtained from the moat responsible companies in the eou^j^ A^1]miM35 Third Avenue, _ N.B.?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, furnished here or at No. ? Broad street, at the short est notice. CALVIN POLLARD. III lm*re Architect. TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, BmB TWO New three story and basement brick Houses, pit with the privilege of free ferriage,now in course of eom JasHLpletion, which will bo ready for occupancy on or before May 1st. Thar will be fitted in beautiful style and be re plete with all the late improvements.. They eeeh contain 11 rooms besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels and black grates throughout, and are II feet front by SI deep, with wide court yards asd iron railings. The situation la delight ful, commanding a fine view of the river, bay and city, and is within one minnte'a walk of the ferry, where the new firrry boats leave every 19 minutes for Barclay it, crossing ia I to It annates; and every half hoar to Canal an Christopher eta ? Apnl v at the ferry at Hoboken. mid tw* re DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN BROOKLYN M THE FOUR 810RY Brick Basement House, with 7JSB double staircases, in exealleat condition. No. 7 Tillsry JylRitreit, Brooklyn, next ro comer of Fnlion street, and mntlmmfive minutes' walk or the Fulton Ferry?Rent $45S. | within ALSO TO RENT IN BROOKLYN, Three of the two-story and attic brick Houses, with basements and under cellars, built in the best manarr and modern style, on the comer of Sands and Jackson streets?Rent IM. Apply to TONNELE It HALL, r of Pearl tnd Beekman at ir.17 lw*rc Comer i TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, BA WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store ia FmB cue of the most crowned and flourishing thoroughfares JjJH,of Brooklyn?The nsdarsigned has now cecied, in Myrtle Arrans, near a dry goods store, which is doiag an ira mease bus ness, a fine three storr brisk building, M feet front byte feet deep, with handsomely finished parlors, be , a large and commodions store, and an excellent and spacioaa bass meat. It will be finished, and reedy ler possession befora the first of May; will be an excellent location fura retail dry goods business, and will be let low toegood tenant. Apply to JOHN LANOSTAFF, mM2w*r 143 Myrtle Avenne. HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. BA A PLEASANT country seat ia the Tillage ef Madi eon. Morris eonatv, New Jersey, within n law minutes ?11 walk of the beaatifhl residence of Wm. Oibbons, Esq.. being abont 19 miles ftom New York city?communication to and (bona twioo a day, any sex Railroad. Said are Two H oases and a Barn, witn a first me well of water I twiee a day, any day in tho year, per Morris and Es about one i lex Railroad. Said place contains abont ona acre, on which ?re Two H eases Good schools the whole village; Uood schools and churches ia the immediate vicinity The premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking MrtMMtoiild ia one of tho most desirable locations ia lb# place, being within two minutes walk of the railroad de pot, which manors it convenient for a person doing basinets ia the city,who dm im to retire in the eoantry. For paiticolars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON, IX lw*ra Momstowa, N. J. MFOR SALE?On very favorable terms, or to Let, four three story and basement brick dwelling Houses, inHo bokea, now in eonrsn of completion, and to be ready for occupancy by May first. Thry will bo fitted in beautiful ityle, with all the late improvements. They mch contain 11 rooms besides the kitchen, and finished with marble mantels, sad black grates throughout- Two of these bonses are 31 feet front by 33 feet deep; and two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide court yards and iron railing. The aitnation commands a fine view of the river, bay and city, and is within one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boats leave for Barclay street every fifteen minutes, craning in I to M ruinates) and every half boar to Caaal aad Christopher atroets. Terns of yearly commutation of the fer ry are moderate, of ths pni Fart of ih? pnrchsse money can remain on mortgage, at (per cant Apply to J. A- STEVENS, Jr., Hobokan. JSC EXTRA EARLY PEAR?The subscribers have re IP5n feared and offer for sale their annual supply of vrgemble, wdkt, field aud flower Seeds, which are warranted genuine, tix : E. Warwick, Cedouuili, Nimble Diek.Scimetar, Match less Marrow, Victoria Marrow, Woodford's Omen Marrow, Drof Marrow, Tall Sugar, fee , fee ; E. York, E. Wellington, E.Sngar Loaf aad Ox Heart Cabbages, E. Radish aad Lettnce, with a general assort meat of the best knows Vegetable Seeds; a fsw bushels spring Wheat, and early ash leaved kidney Pota to*; one of the largest collections of Annual, Biennial and Pe rcunial Flower Seeds,with a general assortment ofgmea home Plants, fhacy stands, fee. Bonqaete, composed of the most delicate and fragrant flow ers, at all times m34 lw'r DUNLAP fc THOMSON.<33 Broadway. THE INVISIBLE wig. GO eloerly resembles the real head of hair that sceptics sad O connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect and extra ordinary invention of the day The grunt advantages of this ?oval and unique wig is its being mad* without sewing weaving, which causes its appearances an elonsiy to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, aa to defy detection, it* tenure being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all craes of perapiratiou evaporation is naimpe-l ded, and the great evils of other wigs entiraly avoided. The sceptic and connoisseur era alike invited to inspect this novel of fitting the heed, Broadway, comer of sceptic and connoisseur am alike invited to inspect and beauaifal Wig, and the pecnlinr method of fitting the head, at the maKlactarar'i A. C. BARRY, 14* BrosdwtHHM Liberty street, up stairs. ^HTHE EY E. ? TIE WHEELER. Oculist No. B Oraeawich ? f7 York, near the Battery, devotes hiarislnsiva i duteMte of the Eve and OpJiihalm.e twigoiy, and PoMiethat that there are not amongst the nameroas di 1^? which the human eye is enbject. any disorders of that organ whack c-naot be essentially relieved or curod by him. The I vast anmber of undoubted taMiaaontels which can be seen at hisoftca, will satisfy lha pnelicihat his practi'e u not need ed either untiit or snccoea by that of any other Ocaliat ia the United States. \OT. U?eeJ"*" IA M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after which he visits oat door patients. *?* Artifieial Eyas for sole, and whieh will ba inserted on fllNMOM teiVIB | A pamphlet containing remarks oni Diseases of the Eye, with several instances of great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler', mode of treatment, can be had grataitonsly at hia residence, or th* ?>? tmw* rded to any one making nppiieatiou to I him by let'er, post pa. < ?so )m?r ARTIFICIAL EYES. M\K,taa only i ia the United States. ed, should always apply I forty years. ml31m*rs stairs. Ladies having any Cast off Clothing to di^^^^^H obtain a bir price by sending for the sebacriber,^^^^^M rutins. N.B. A lias through the Post Once wil^^^^P ly attended to. mi lm*re li'lMILITAttY V.QUlPMh..iTo?FIEREMENM CAP?.| 'I'HK SUBSCRIBER reapectfnlly calls the attention of tl toe attention of the 1 military public to his assortment of Military Equipments adap'rd to all companies; Military Caps, Knapsacks, Boxen and Baronet Scabbards of every vamtf. Country compa nies, abont changing their uniform, or those about forming now companies will be supplied with samples. fire caps-fire cAps. of every variety constantly on hand, end i KB Brogdwiy, A full assortment of every variety constant ?rss;!sr^"1ir..n?iT*car,l haktwkUj's WASHINGTON HOUSE, H i CkMUat iMIimod on or iUhm the Im 4-y of Octolm^^^H tHM NMMWand roadjiioM. sad ia weigh*of engine, win U B Baltimore, Marth 13. jJBKSrtSBffiMr, ^^Mlooking glass CIANL1NK AOBTHEIMEK, IB I4 JtoiJolpfti^hoTe Jm> reeeivl oaf Mow Yon,? nil mortawt of I RVTfflS? Bin, with a rariM polish Also, Toilot Cigar Cmm ?MM variety of odml which they offer at the Iooimm ? tail lieal IMPORTANT to KM 1GHANTS GOIlte W?4K f HE subscriber! beg to inform their friaudsand the wblli A that lher forward pasteucera to all pnrts of the Waaa Stetra and Canada* via the railroad from Albany, it ia usaim, at tni* aaaaou of the year, for ihoae not acquainted witagBe route, to pay their taie to ro by the caaal. Fur their km^^m tiou, wo leg to state that the earissat probable time I will be navigable, will be the M b Apr 1, and it^H Uaw nip 11 ? ? I ? >U?. .? _^a l -*? . _ May. Persons, therefore, uut-1 that time, muilgo road, ticket* for which can bo abtuned at ih^H rate*, c t W.kJ. I\ TA^H _ _ _ TS Sooth ?t., co ?. of Maiden lane. N. B. Due notice of the opaaiag of the canal will be given, in'l Hi CHEAPEST AKD BEST INSTRUCTION IN WRITING. Academy, 1M Broadway, opposite John tlrttI. BRISTOW'S geperior and Elegant Commercial System of WRITING, IXTlLL continue to he (eugAt( (taring hi* atay in New Yo'k,) Tt to! "" " Irlr I w w I ww to Ladies and Gentlemen of uvsnv ana. Day or Eve ning, ia Twelve Leeaon*, for the amall charge ot Oivlv Five DoLuaaa ! Mm. Buistow. Finishing Writing Matter, promisee and oca ma.vTEEt to ALL, old or yonug, to impart a aaauTirt'L, raam, cirtDtTioi s and rasHionsei.E style of Penmanship, no matter how bad. illegible or caaMrEu may be the writing, IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS FOR 13 00 ONLY! *.*Booa Kekviivo and Shobt Hand taught thoroughly. N. B.?Private lessons given. Families and School* attend ed II ltawlm'rr To the Tea, Coffee and /Sugar 'JYade, frc.?Econo mise, Families, Hotel Keeper t, Src. J, 8. SCOTT A CO., No. 76 Nattau if reef, corner of John, HAVING purchased the But lot of the new season's Teas, possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, and ro rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, alaige vsrie ty of Green and Black Teas, of the best quality onlv, inclu ding the old fashioned Souchong and English Breakfast Tea, such as used to be imported twenty years ago. Tha stock of Coffee, Sugars. Ac., needs no comment, as they are selected of tha finest quality. J. S. SCOTT A CO. are also supplied with a stock of freah imported Glasgow 8piced Hams; old English Cheeses of great variety and flavor. All good* bought will be delivered within five milee of the city free of charge. And all orders from the conetxy, with en closed remittances, will meet the same honorable dealing as if selected by the parties themselves J. B. SCOTT A CO. 71 Nassau st, mN lm m near John at. FUME BATH. TO ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we would say go aad tiy Dr. Swatt'a Sulphur Fums Bath, 304 Broadway. The peculiarities of it are such, that it ceres effectually this complaint, and also all other diseases of a chronic nature, such as 8crofula, Gout, Bait Rheum, dis eases of the Skiu, Joints, Ac. The charges are so modera ted, as to fetch it within the means of all. mN lm*m DK. POWELL, OCULIST, A ND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Disoaaea of ??. the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from f to 4 o'clock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, corner ol Warren at. Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Paaaage, Cataract and Opacities .effectually removed, /puviuvoi cucviiuuij a samwv was. AMAUROSIS treated with greet attention and success. Inreterate eases of STRABISMUS, or Bquintiag, eared u a few uiintss. Jest imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of auporior beauty sod finish. SPECTACLES adapted to ovary defect. Advice to the poor without charm. Office and residence Ml Broadway?entrance 1H Warten street. mi M.W.FASon lm A 4tw*r ? M. WISE, OPTICIAN, FflOM GERMANY, RESPECTFULLY inform, the citizens of New ^^?ew York, ud thepablie in general, that bn hu located [ himeelf in this city, at NO. 417 BROADWAY, Where may be found a l*rgaand complete aaaortment of SPECTACLES AND READING GLASSES, la Ooid, Silver and Steel Framea M. W. would alio remind the public, to whom he i. parti .11 y known, by hi. annual visits to Saratoga Spring, for the laat ten years, that by hia knowledge of the Optical acience, he ia enabled to determine the glaaaea euitable far any eye. Per ?one with weak even can be supplied with glaaaea which will greatly neoefit and not (train the aight Parucular attention ia called to a new a vie ol Perspective [Ground Glass.of the fiaeat flint, which, through their high CMoliah and true ground, produce the purest viaion, and have ?ecu highly recommended aarhe beat in their effect upon the [eye, for preserving and improving the aight in continued writing and readme. Short aighted peraona, and inch aa have been operated upon for Cataract, can alao be anitrd. He ioecrta new Glaaaea, of euperior quality, ia old iiamaa, and aolicita the patronage of all in want of Maartielea. I will warrant all Spectacles pnrchaaed from me to snit the sight for five years, or erthange them without cztra charge. wfl 3m*r DR. H WAY NIC a Oomponnd Syrup ?f Wild (Hurry, I THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor In Data I it I may truly bo I said, thai no one he* I ever been so aacceaafhl in com- I pounding a medicine, which has don# I so much to relieve tbo human family, to mb die- I aaee of its fervors, and restore the Invalid to Health and I comfort, aa the Inventor an l Proprietor of that most dessr I redly popular family raenieiue, Da. Swavhe's CoMrouitr I Sruup op Wild CHKunr.aad none has been so generally p? I tronized by the profession and others, both in this country and I in Europe, nor has there ever been so great an effort, in the I abort space ol only a<z or seven years, to deceive the credo- I Ions and untninking, by puttisg ap Nostrums kinds, of various I kinds, by various individuals, afizmg the name of Wild I ('HKaav, and as much of tha name of the original prepare- I tion as will screen them from the lash of the law, and one of I toe Impostors who puts out the common paregoric of the | shops, and calls it the Balsam op Wild Chf.nbv. has had the I impudence to eautiou the pubhe against the Original Pre- I poration, Da. Swathe's Compound Svaur opWild Chebzv, I which ia doing so much good in the world I blwahk of such i hi posticus. And purchase none but the original and only genuine article. I as prepared by Da Bwavng, which is the oaly one compound- I Mira Regular Physician, and arose from many years close I Attention to the Practice of the Profession, and which led to I his great discovery. Thousands and tens ol thousands of the I I hest testimonials of the unparalleled success of Dr. Bwayne's I Compound of Wild Cherry, for tho cure of I Consumption ! Coughs, Colds. Spitting Blood, Liver Complaint, Tickling or I Rising is the Tnroat. Nervous Debility, Weakness of Voice, I Palpitation or Disease of tho Heart, Pais in the Side or Breast, I Broken Constitution from various causes, the abuse of ea.o- I mel, Ac., Bronchitis, Asthma. Whooping Cough, kc , were I ?declared to the world years before any other preparation I of Wild Chcbst c me oaL The moat sceptical may satisfy I Itheraselves as to the truth of the above by a little inquiry in I ? Philadelphia. The genuine article ia prepared only by Dr. I ISwAVitg, whnae office has been remov ed to N. W.eorner of I 'Eighth and Race streets, Fhiladelphis. The Balsam and I other spurious article! of Wild Cherry has been aold out. and I resold ont, and the proprietors are obliged to resert to Kalis- I noon sad Stuataoem to make their own oat of it. The gv- I unine article ia pnt np in plain style, in square bottles, eoverei. I with n bine wrapper, with a yellow label, with the proprietor a I signature attached. I \C7- The Pablie am requested to remember that it ia Dr I 1 WAYNE 8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHER I RY that has and it repearedly perlormiag inch mirseuloas I cares of diseases which have baffled the skill of the Profrs- I si on, and set at de dance tire whole earalo*ae of Patent Medi I etiwa, which are daily puffed through tha organs of thu press. I Therefore, ask lor Dr. SWAYNEB COMPOUND SYRUP I I OF WILD CHERRY, and prnvhase no oilier. I Aserts in New Yoaa?Charles H. Rut , Druggist, in I I Broadway, corner of Joha street: Sanrls, 1*1 Bowery iWarner, I KKnleerker stieet: Dodd, 771 Broadway; Lewis, M7 Oreer- I wiehstre-t: Haft, 311 Grand street; F.remt,M Hudson street, I or Bailey, corner of Fulton nod Bands streets, Brrooklyn. I fM In'm I I CURE OF CORNS. BHUNlONn, TUMORS, EXCRESCENCES, Bad Nail*, I H lie.?No. 430 Broadway, between Howard and Grand at. I MRS. BERHARD, from Puis, has tho honor of inform- I ?ag tha pablie that she Mill continue* to practiea upon the I teat with the greatest success, hiving ezclnsively devoted her I time to those diseases, to which the leet are subject. She is I [confident ia promising that sha will entirely remove core* I from their irritating and paiefnl locatioa, without causing the I I least |?in or possibility ol iLsger, or nuking th* blood flow. I

The operation will not occupy more than four to live annates, I tad the relief so instantaneous that persona tlms treated can I I immed'stely pnt on their shoes and walk without the least in- I convenience. I I Mrs. B. has practised her profession for several years in En- I rope and in this country, and has acquired great skill and much I practical experience. Facts attested by numerous certificates I from the asost celebrated physician* of New York, Boston, I and Philadelphia. I I Terms modeiste for yearly attendance. I No 1M Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets, Now I | York. mil lmo*re | I WANTED. AH BITUATION. aa Book-keeper, Cashier, English and I ? Oerman Correspondent, Accountant, Agent, fce., by an I I namarried man of 4b years of age, who has been employed in I these capacities since he was * years old, in snedry mercantile I holies of Ont rate standing and respectability in New York, I Philadelphia, the West Indies, Mexico, and Germany (from I whence be lately arrived). He has ale* here employed in I other branches of business, viz : as Factor ia Factories; and aa I Reviser ol the hooka in failures and bankruptcies ol large mer- 1 cantile honsea, where inch were kept purposely or ignorantly complicated and incorrect, and which were given to him by I th* authorities to rectify and correct, and to reader a tree, just I and plain stats meat of their affairs. He offers, therefore, his I services to ezecntors aad trustees, appointed in similar esses, I and for the regulation of ratate*. kr. Ha, farther, would ae- I erpt a situation in the South, the West Indies or Mexico, as be is an Ik ready acquainted with trod* and business there. He- I apertiag hi# qapsbilide* and character, he can give such refer- I ences as to satisfy those who wish to make use of hia aervicna, I and who may drop alma to F. S., Box No. IB. lower Poet I Office. m2? lm*rc Albany, March 10, 1840. ? Claims ?Seduction and Adultery?Militia Pines? tdRoksrie County Buildings?Representation? Anti Mosst? Iflij ATiBitiiuB to ike Convention, fa. Hi Senate met at 9 A. M. this morning. The quel Nm before the Senate wn upon the Anal paiaage of the Ml for the lelief of Meura. Thoma* and Wordan, for fonagei inatainod by the negligence of the State engi MR, to the amount of W.49S. The Committee on Claima ?parted againet thia claim, bat the committee of the ?Male allowed the claim, and reported the bill for the ?eltef of the petitionera te the Senate. On a motion to gaeo the bill, Mr. Johnron from Delaware, commenced a ?petition of a ipoech made on Saturday laat. Then the Senate reaolrad itaelf into committee upon Me bill to puniah aeduction and adultery ; there ia a si ?Mar Mil pending in the Houae ; the bill waa amended a* aa te render men over eighteen yeara of age, only, Ifobla te proeecution for thia offence ; it doea not affect JMMnen over 31 yeara of oge?no action. Tho bill to nnaeide for a registry of births, marriagea and deatha, paaaod in the Senate. The bill to aboliah impriaonment lor the non-payment of militia Anea waa attempted to be paaaed, but an objec tban waa urged and it waa tabled. In the Houae, the bill to erect and locate the Schoharie ?aunty building* came np in order?icene magniAcent. ?eater matona from Schoharie anaioua to secure the abstract* for the erection of theae building*, present to the mptber of -even. These master mason* are divid ed MM factions, and wore holding a special convention fer the consideration of their respective claima in the lobbies ; pandemonium entree : grand tableau battle in ohari* the ante chamber ; map* of Schohari? spread upon ta bins, and argumentative interlineations and intersec tions ; tremendous feeling upon the matter ; totally un accountable ; pecuniary considerations supposed to oc casion it Mr. Howk, ex M.C. Irom Schoharie, and a representative of one of the factions of master masons, walked up the main aisle and pulled Mr.Chase.of Tioga, (who was addressing the House at the time) by the sleeve of hia coat in a very unparliementary manner,and then re'reated to hia original position. Mr. Chase waa seen to turn round, and waa understood to say, " let me alone." Mr. Howk, nothing daunted, advancd again, and made a second desperate pull at Mr. Chase's eoat skirts; the hon. member instantly concluded his speech, and rotiaad to the ante-chamber with Mr. Howk; another member secured the Aoor, and the House Anally appoint ed three commissioners to select a feasible location for these bwUdiogi, and the bill was referred to a committee to ieport complete. This is a simple illustration of "a scene M the Home of Assembly." The debate upon thia bill occupied nearly the entire morning hour. The House passed the bill to annex the towns of Ka gle, Pike and Portage, in Alleghany county, to the coun ty of Wyoming. It seems highly probable that the bill apportioning the representation of the several counties in the State Con vention, which has passed the House, will create much trouble ia the Senate. The bill is held to conAict with the positive expression of popular opinion in favor of a convention; this position is nased upon the assumption that the people intended that the counties should be reprooeated according to the census of laat year, and that accordingly a re-apportionment law would defoat the object of the people. It is further held that the ex elusive purpose of the faction which introduced this bill is to secure the balance of power in the convention by lessening tho representation of some counties and in creasing others. John Young, in the House, is in favor of the bill, and it promises to make some trouble in the Senate. The able report made by Mr. Tilden, the chairman of the House branch of the anti-rent commission ers, will be. read In the House in a few days. The report presents an argument of great ability upon the subject of the taxation of the interests of landlords in these estates, in the shape of rents or tributes, and decides in favor of the measure; it recommends the re peal of the laws authorizing distress for rent, on the ground that it is an odious distinction in favor of one class of creditors, oppressive to the tenantry, and of no utility to any class. It ia adverse to the bill presented by Ira Harris, concerning tenures, on the ground that the bill is unconstitutional, and also for the reason that it would be inoperative and useless to those whom it is intended to benefit. But the report will soon be publish ed, and a copy will be forwarded to you. It will not be forgotten that it is the production of Mr. Tilden, one of the New York delegation, and a gentleman who com mands the esteem of the House and of his acquaintances for his manly conduct in the discharge of all the oblige lions which society imposes upon men. His report ad vocates at length the bill in regard to devises as being "onabiy unquestionably unconstitutional. This bill ia founded on the same principle as the celebrated law of 1787, abolishing eaUll and primogeniture. The day ie Might and beautiful. Ira Harris, Thnitow Weed, and Pater Shaver, have been nominated*! delegates kg thw whigs, te the Male The biB te authorise the sale of lands I in the counties where they are situated, was" w the committee of the whole in the.House to day, and re ferred to a committee to re( art complete. Varieties. Mr*. E. L. Rose, ?( New York, (? native of Poland.) delivered a free ieoture, in the Michigan House of Representatives, on tbe 34th ult., upon the science oi government | Oen. Leslie Coombs has consented to be a candidate for the State Legislature, from Fayette county, Ky. 1 ho Mobile papers announce the appearance in the markets of that city, of ripe stra wherries and new pota tces. We learn from the Port Tobacco Timet that on Satur day night week, negro Bill Wheeler, convicted of insur rection in Charles county, Md., during the term of last August Court, and sentenced to be hung, but whoso sentence, by a special act of the Legislature, was re mitted to imprisonment in the Penitentiary during his natural life, broke from the jail of the Sheriff of that county and made his escape. A reward of $ 100 has been offered for his apprehension. The Methodist Conference was in session at Alexan dria, Louisiana, on the 18th instant We presume it was the Conference of the Protestant Methodists. The Mayor of Savannah has committed for trial Mr. O'Neail, for setting Are to his own building on the 28th ult, with intent to defraud the insurance companies. The Hon. Henry Clay, who has resided in New Or leans, for some two or three months, left that city en the 31st nit, on the steamboat Alexander Scott. Mr. Clay will stop a few days at Hatches, and then visit St. Louis, before returning to Kentucky. He appears to be in excellent health. In the Parish of Point Coupee, La., a young man nam ed Freeman shot a quarteroon gill, Oh tbe 18th lost, from the effects of which she died : and afterwards attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself His wound is considered very dedgerous. Cause?jealousy Joseph Origsby, under indictment for murder, was arreeted in|Ilfinois,and baa been given up to a requisition from the Governor of Missouri, and is now on his way to Adair county. A new female sect has just appeared in a pert of Ohio, called the " Female Kings," who hold that the order of nature has been reversed-that the time has now ar rived when the " last shall be flrst|" consequently that woman is the lord of creation, and man her servant. They sit in judgment upon the saints, are endowed with eternal Ufa, are proof against injury, and are under the special care of the Lord?fad, clothed and preserved by his power. They have succeeded in making a great many converts, and the infatuated creatures have left their families, and are wandering about without scrip and without purse, taking no thought of the morrow led, as they tbiok, by tbe Spirit, '? to fellow the Lamb whithersoever hegoelh." Some persons who were formerly members of the Shaker community are giving exhibitions at Providence, R. I., in which the dancing and shaking, a part of their worship, are represented with tbe appropriate costume^ Hon. Mr. iustice Hagerman, of Toro The Hon. Mr. iustice Hagerman, of Toronto, C. W. goes out to Europe in the Hibernia. Ro?bury, near Boston, has now become a city by a vote of 888 against 103. Important Cask.? In the District Court yesterday, before Judge Sh&rewood, the case of the Bank of Northumberland, of Northumberland county, Pa, against the Farmers' and Mechanics' flank of this oily, was taken up. It is an aotion of assumpsit brought to recover the ?urn of |7,000, with interest, from the month of April, 1840. It appears from the evidence, that in the early part of the year 1S?0, the cashier of the Fanners' aaid Mechanics' Bank, William 1 Fatten, placed in the hand of a certain Paul Oeddes, a merchant of the borough of Northumberland, then in this city, six sealed packages, containing in all the sum of 8103,000 in notes of ths said Northumberland Bank, to be by him delivered to the said Bank. The plaintiffs' testimony goes to shew that the said Geddes extracted from one of the sealed pack ages the sum of 87,000, and absconded. The carpet beg in which the paid packages were delivered subsequent ly to the Bank, by another person, was produced, but Paul Geddes end the $7,000 have never been heard from since. Tbe question to be settled in this case, is, whioh Baakistobethe loser of the $7,000. The plaintiff says that Oeddes was the agent of the defendant, and the fend ant contends th .t he was tbe agent for the plaintiff. The case wee resumed this morning, but tho ovidence is not ystconoiuded.?Philadelphia Stnlinti, Merck 31. Humors from Maxico ? Rulnors of "dire import" touching the affair* of Mexico, and the progress of political end military intrigue in that country, thioksa on ut. Le Petria, (a Spanish papor printed in this city,) states that e letter written from Corpus ChrisU about tho beginning of this month, aeeerts that Gen. Taylor, in conformity with toetruCLens, baa bssn tasting ths qualities of hit men with a view of procuring them le 1 march to Matameraa, under pretence of being deserters, j and obtaining admieeten Into the Meaican army. " la i this manasr, (says ths lattar,) tha American government may introduce thousands of moa among the Mexican 1 troops, and in the prooeee of time, when the Mexican I forces are composed mainly of soldiers of tho United States,the annexation of all Mexico will be proposed,and ? in case the people racist, the troops with American sentiments and Mexican unMerms, will sffeet their con- . quest, and Mexico will come to the same end as i Texas." TSe Editsr of the Patrle does net know whet founda tion there may be lor hli rumor; but he sees by the lest dates from Mexieo that various deserters from the American camp had arrived at Matameraa, and that a oompany of dragoons completely eqaipped, was expect ed,and it would seam as if this Iniarmstion r onflnned tbe MM iMtaoaUaa 0 BoUetm, Mwrck 38 Movement* off Traveller** The arrivmli yesterday were sufficiently numerous to abow the still increasing acceaaion at the principal ho tel*. There are registered at the Amsbican.?Mr. Cooper, Georgia; Wm. Charchill, Slog Sing ; J. Nevins. New Jersey ; Adam Campbell, hit* r ~ " ? White Plain* ; General Wall, New 'Jorsy ; J. H. Barnes, Boaton ; George Smith. Chioago ; Charlea Sullivan. Red Hook ; W. A. Buckingham, Norwich ; J. Higgin, North Carolina ; M. Ardell, Weat Point; L. WUliama, Sevan- ' nab. Aavoa.-O. Warren, Boaton; H. Coffin, Portsmouth ; C. O. Whitmore, Boaton ; T. Chamber!, Philadelphia ; J. Symongton, Madeira ; C. Lansing, Robert Byrne, Alba- j ny ; A. Taylor, Troy ; C. Cutter, Portauiouth ; J. Spoon er, do.; J. Lyon, do.; Chamberlain, Bacon and Dana, ; do ; 8. Bacon, St Louia ; J. W. Maaon, Boaton; H. James, Albany ; George Russeli, Middletown ; J. Stokes, Phila delphia ; E Samson, Boaton; Mr. White, Charleston: K R Hawlenbergh, Philadelphia; Thos Griffith, and Dr. Vanderbergh, Philadelphia. Franklin.?A. B. Campdeld, Buffalo; H Symon, Ver mont ; W Burrows, Union College ; T. Babcock, Troy ; K. O. Breekars.Warrenahurgh; W Kent, Philadelphia; J. Norton, Babylon ; J. Townaend, Chester ; Captain Day, Norwich ; W. Taylor, Buffalo -. Moselv and Davis, Alba ny ; L Decker, do.; W. Hart, Troy ; H. Haddock. Phila delphia ; T. Diamoh, Albany ; W. Howard, Springfield ; " :ut. E. E Pritcbard, Connecticut. J. Kimball. Connecticut. Citt.? G. J. Thomas, Virginia ; M. Johnson, New Jer sey ; J. L. Van Schooohoven, A. Thomsell, Boston ; C. Shear, Albany : Charles Taber, New Bedford; H Hol land, Richmond ; W. Brentford, do. ; Isaac Cook, Penn sylvania ; Moses Magen, Troy ; Michael Carmichael, Albany; E. Detmore, Croton; E. Vernon, Lanaingburgh; J. A. Stoddard, Alabama; Ed. Oatley, Rochester; Hon. Z. Pratt. Prattaville ; George Tibbetts, Troy ; J. B. Champ ing, Philadelphia; H. Owen, Washington ; M. Johnson, New Jersey ; J. 8. D wight, Boston ; George Simpson, Charleston ; H. N. Corly, Philadelphia; J. Broughton, Baltimore ; L. Nodringham, Virginia. Globk.?W. Fenk, Alexandria, D. C.; M. Harrison, Engineer; Mr. Duncan. Louisville, Ky.; David Yan dres, do.; M. Dawson, Philadelphia ; W. Jameson, Bos ton ; W. Watson, Texas; C. H. Fisher, A. C. Bovie, Philadelphia. tlowisD.-W. Lamont, W. Kilholly, Baltimore ; D. M. Gregor, Saratoga ; J Watson, Perth Amboy ; Captain Rollins. Baltimore ; Dr. Burgin M. Mills, Philadelphia ; Heath R Gregory, North Carolina ; L. Gardner, Troy ; J. R. Vanderbelt, Albany, 8. Telldson, Louisiana : Capt Lathrop, Albany; Messrs. Kea, Drake, Tomlinson, Troy ; R. L. Noyes, Albany ^ D. Smith, Norwich ; H. F. Johnson, Worcester ; C. Kellogg^ New Jersey ; D. O Kelly, Troy; George Sanford, Philadelphia; J. C. Adams, Baltimore ; W. Dewitt, Albany ; W. Walsh, Baltimore. Bosirtl off Supervisors. A meeting of this Board was held last evening, his Honor the Mayor in the chair. Several petitions for relief from taxes, were, as usual, referred. A report from the committee to whom was referred the application of a number of the fire irsurance com panies, praying to be relieved from taxes assessed upon their nominal capitals, was submitted, andiinstead of se ven percent being charged them, it was recommended that no interest be demanded, which was accepted and adopted. The Committee on Criminal Court* reported adverse to the petition of Abraham S. Hillyer, lata deputy Sher iff of this oity, for expenses paid by him to remove Alex. McLeod from this city to Utica, in 1841, amounting to 9130 6H cents, was ordered to lie upon the table. The Committee on Annual Tax reported adverse to the petition of several inhabitants to be remitted the amount of their sssessments, and that the Comptroller he authorised to draw his warrant In favor of James H. Knowltonforan amount equal to the tax on $1000, in the 13lh ward, for the year 1843, and that he further draw his warrant in Ihvor of James Trenor for the sum of $43 90, being the amount of an erroneous tax paid by him in the year 1844. The Committee on Polioe reported in reference to paying Manrice O'Keefe, constable of the Fourth ward, for conveying a number of prisoners committed as va grants to the Tombs, amounting to $10 30 (871 cents each being charged) was, after some discussion, and in which the chairman submitted his views at great length, and stated that this matter was somewhat similar to the " saltpetre question," and that it should be referred to the board for its final action. The law, as stated by the chairman, contemplates the payment of but thirty seven and a half cents lor such commitments, and that therefore this charge was excessive. Upon the other hand, it was contended that this charge, as rendered, was strictly legal. The petitioner was allowed to with draw his petition. The same oommittee submitted the bill of Peter -Van Dyke for services rendered in the 3d district police, being for 84 days, at one dollar per day (and for sweep ing the same) was, after a long discussion, refused, it having appeared that no authority was shown for the same. Several other bills for extraordinary services, were audited and aUowed, or otherwise suitably referred. The board then adjourned to Tuesday next, at five o'clock P.M. Police Intelligence. MAacii 31.? Grand Larceny?Catharine Pinkney was arrested yeetssday, charged with stealing a gold chain and seal, two gold rings, a jair of gold ear-rings, also a quantity of clothing, valued in all at over $80, the pro perty of Mr. Edwin Townsend, No. 90 Bowery. Com mitted for trial by Justice Gilbert fugitive Arretted?A black wench called Sarah Crop per. alias Boles, was arrested yesterday, charged with being a fugitive from justioe in Philadelphia. It appears that this Sarah is an accomplice of a woman who was convicted of a grand larceny, and sentenced ta the penitentiary for three years. Committed by Jus tioe Drinker, to await the requisition of the Governor of Pennsylvania. Wkat'e in (4* Wind .'?The celebrated Dr. Hatch, alias Brown, alias Jones, was some, little time ago ar rested on a charge of robbing Livingston's Express, at Rochester, of some $30,000. This man, now, it appears, is strutting aboat the publio streets in Baltimore, dress ed to kill, with a heavy gold chain around hi* neck, and can be seen frequently in the vicinity of Mercer street How came he to be discharged by the authorities at Rochester, without being tried 7 A Cutting Woman?A black woman, by the name ef Linden Jones, was arrested last night, for seizing Sam Seeman, a buck nigger, by the wool, and cutting off the tip end of his nose, with a Jack knife. Locked up, in de fault of $300 bail, by Justice Osborne. Intone.?Catharine Mullen was brought to the station house last night, by a policeman of the 9th ward, sup posed to be insano. Interfering oil A on Officer.?Peter Brett was arrested last night, for interfering with an officer, while in dis charge of his duty. Locked up. Breaking in it a Homo*.? Catharine O'Reurk was ar rested last night, charged with breaking into the dwell ing house No. 170 Broome street. Locked up. Robbing a Companion.?Mary Jane Brown was ar for rested last night for robbing a Jack tar, called Frank Robinson, of all his loose change, while in a house of prostitution, in Walker street. Policeman McLaughlin, of the 14th ward, caught Miss Jane, and locked her up in the station house. ?ere off the Kreahete?Tlaelr Extent. [From the Eastern Argus, March 30.] We learn that the waters on the Kennebec nave risen to a fearful height, caused by the rain and melting snow. On Friday, about two o'clock, the whole mass ofice be tween Augusta and Gardiner, poureJ down on the swol len waters, carrying everything before it. The store houses on Long wharf were swept in ruins into the dock. A building on the Pittston side was also destroy ed, occupied by Mr. J. E. Meirill as a stable. About two hours aftsr, the ice jammed about two miles below Gardiner. The arrested water soon began to rise rapid ly, and at eight o'clock it had overflowed Water stre-t, filled the cellars, and covered the steps of the Cobosseconte House. The merchants began to move their goods. At half pest eight the jam save way.? On Saturday morning the ice again jammed, and Water street was overflowed. The vessel of Mr. Wm. Brad streot, on the stocks, near the steam mill, was thrown over, and also that of Mr. Coop ir, in Pittston. < pposite. Messrs. Richardson k Co., hsve lost two hundred thou sand feet of lumber. Their mill remains uninjured. A barn of Messrs. Moulton, and on* belonging to Captain ' ? " village, Graver, in fittston, some two miles below the ' have also been carried away- Alao two store-houses in Pittston?one belonging to Messrs W. fc H. Stevens, and one to M r. Joseph BradatreeL The mills on the Gardiner side sustained no damage. The merchants saved their goods by moving them seasonably. At 3 P. M., on Sa turday, the water commenced falling at O., and the jam broke. But little further damage we* apprehended.? The water is stated to have been higher than ever known before. Great fears are entertained of damage on tko river, in towns not yet heard from. It was impos sible to proceed on the road to Richmond aaoro than thro* miles, on account of the water. Buxton, (Salmon Falls,) March 3d.?Wa are in the midst of an ice freshet, which, judging from the masse* of timber floating by, must have swept away all the boom* on the river. The booses at this village gave way yesterday afternoon, and last night, between the hours of nine and ten, wont out and over tho dam and falls. The stills end bridge received no injury. The flume en the Western (Holus) side of tho river gave way at its head, which will suspend labors in the grist, lath and shingle mills supplied by R, till it can be repaired. The boom at the Bar Mills, on the West side, and tho Lamp boom, on* mile above that, are both carried away; also Smith's bridge, threo and a half miles above the Bar Mills. We have no intelligence higher up the river, other than that the river is every moment bringing. It is quite certain that the booms at Moderation,and also at Bonny Eagle Mills have given way, and perhaps the bridge at Moderation Village. Every little period the current is filled with masses of timber,mingled with ice. which floats by the wrecks of piers and booms, mill logs, plank, ho., from above, and every time from places still further up the river. The water is now at freshet pitch, but not so high in the Falls, by eight or ten feet, as in the spring of '49. The damage don* has beau caus ed by the brooking up of the ice, which has occurred weeks earlier than is usual. The ice has made, the pest winter, much thicker and firmer than In previous years. The piers and booms are much weakened by ago and decay, and both causes render the river mora liable to be swept at this season. The ice on breaking up at this place, was quite thro* feet in thickness, clear and solid as crystal and enough has gone by and out to sea, could it be hed and transported, In good state, to msrkets >bs i ~ within the tropics, to make nabobs of all the inhabitants upon the river. Dr. O Flaherty, the eminent < a hullc divine, died in Salem, Mats , on Sunday evening, the J9th inst. Tho bill for supplying Boston with the jmru nod abundant waters of Long Pood ha* passed both brunches of the Legislature of Masseohusett*. and was wnt to tho Oqvarnof fat hi* approval From New Gkanada.?By the arrival oi the Co lumbian bark Bogota, Capt. Thotnaa, lrom Cartha gena, we have received the annexed interesting let ter from our correspondent at thai place Cakthaoika, MarchS, IW. SES 8' ?? rapidly under the preeent sdmini.tra ?Zn wa. plenty , dour $10 per bbl. tlon. amiiw" k |hrae monthe. waiting a pasaega I have been here near y which tine, iit trom tuo to the United ^tete*. to?.j,fe date, only one -American ?i ?h!Cha?kJ Patton Captain Thornaa. baa entered ?e??el, the bwk J. Pat , P> ^ f#f N#w York on the as,?"?? ??? ?>; isas 2.'S~S!Sr>;?"?5SA ;ujz ?#**** ed vessels (which mostly consist of a jew achooneri ol war and guard* coa?ter?) Uuled up and " dared to be aold, both on the Atlantic and Pacific, end no?ro?ieion made' for the support of their oBcer.. end crawa many of whom are suffering for the vary necaii ?ariaa of life, in consequence ot which many lnfiamiaeto r. anonvmoue band bill a are put in constant circula tion liv tLm, and the citixena are much slarwed from f?r of en Outbreak, and th. raising of a mobfor plun^ dar ko The military have lately been stationed to ?Mid the gates of the city and patrol the streets ; end fndeed from many other causes, the people are in of MiUtion. Such ia a revolution in ifquador, and the reatnctions on commerce by tbeir own government at BomU tending to the ruin of thair maritime potts and citms for it is a lamentable fact that Banta Martha and r^thaMna are in a very dilapidated situation, many ol the houses in ruins and untenanted, and the great mM* if th? modU ta a slate of the most abject poverty; and wara not for the ebundant piscatory productions of the saa and rivers, the cheepnese of P^vWens, swih m hMf corn. plinUin1, rice, yam?? and catada, whicn fmm thg vgrf luxuriant richnoat of tho Boili aro pro* SSUtt abundance, together with .11 sortsoftro. Pi0a\l^urir-;e.7 wSall?this*'greatXCof JK n"..Mrie. o7f life, the me.s of theUpU ^ C?rtha. Btates sr nuffi'r ,MMri?.iaISTn a flourishing stata. and at the tim. b^s rreat benefit to our commerce, were it through the Isthmus. I Harder of Mre. Blckford?Confeeslon from Tlrrcll. [Prom the Boston Bter, March 31] 1 The public will probably be surprised whan wa state, ,i we now now do, that TirreU hat confyd {*?'*? a.t,j Mr i Bickfori! This, we understand, ie thafact, and th^cfrcumstanc.s are these i-Wh.n offlcer. Whi^ ole and Joseph W. Andrews went to Weymouth In ??arch of Tirrell, on the day after the murder, they saw and conversed with bis wife. Officer Whipple her, and flrst teUing her that shacouldanswerthr mi.ition he was about to put, or not, and that it would be testimony which could not be used against her hus alts ?*-?: Z"t " i.kad how ha appeared, she replied that she ceuld Sit dascriba hi. '^.-they ?? ? >aw in man ; and that she oonld notdeecrlb# ear :.v^j5rspb^iii,.r?,,d. Another ,'kDgnln fMt, w. codca...> * '*b I the case ie, that one at the coroner', jury stated to oB rffiUn. Andrews that whoever did tho murder cut 1 ?,?.^.n^.^adri^him".M?ine Tirrell'. hend.wh... pie and Andrews were seeking him in Weymouth, a man informed tham that ha had aeon TirreU. coming l,om bi.WljMgA] the? TirreU committed the murder, but did not consider the tMtimony" uch e. to w.rrant a verdict of guilty, uu courik' iow' .b. cb..l. rf TlnjlIVb.. <M?rt*< zsssst. ? cans, h/had again to enter his cell, when he presumed thet his acquittal would give him his freedom once more wSmw together these fecti, net merely because nnblic intereet ia feverishly excited by this most extre ordinarv cese, but that the people may feel the imper ? , . , which is at jsiaft?the question of reliance UwTfor Dr^tiin urin.tth. bend of the assassin. Auruitui informs us thet ho wee celled on, I y erierdey? by e Mrs Blcklord from Low.U for hi. rid to fluding Ue wher.ebout. of ker teagMei n- .,/:rj ft girl of fifl68D T681*1 WQO| OO til# HID in?l.? 1 M lftmSy in which *he hA<l b#?n rttldirg at 8onth ^Lowei 1 ?'It U*aac?frtainebst?? he^pe?? ed that wM* ar iSgftt^kVsr-s: , pTMr*BISjitortTSri husband of tho murdarad womu, ?vnressed the opinion yesterday, in our hearing, thet ' his wife would have been, eventnaUy, thorenga y clrimad, bymaan. of moral euasion ; although, ha said, ?be was a very corrupt woman?vary. Heortlag Intelligence# 'he,SM I^or w^ Uare Mobil. '? .if the indications, wa are lad to expect a unusual brilliancy. Thennmfcor of gr^UT exceeds ti.t of termer ymrs T^ie msating over the Metal re Ctweetjee place (Infl. DtUa, Merck 31 MARTELLE to HOLDERMANN, 37 Maiden Um, H. V., Vf ANUFACTURK8 sad I mportsri o< Onuawhl Hair i*A Work, Win, Toepes. 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