Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1846 Page 3
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tCltjr Xnt?lll|?M?. K Airoa Hocic On Fiat ! !?PaoSASLi Iacsn- ' at tni Howabb Rock?Tka City ! ' " ? 'wal last iTMinf ibiat 7 o'clock, UN tkiflltag Mfi toon ran through tha city Ilka f" Hoiin wuob Sn. Tha angina* ">on an t:.a -pot, and a vary large crowd gathered and la Bio*.;?*y, th* Park, Barclay, and Vesey ?<*. ire wan no flame, but a d?n?e black imoka eaamed >? issuing fiom all part* of tha roof Tha wind wa? mt high, and bad th* flimes one* bar* buret out, 'be fi a gal fairly under way. nothing could have *d the Aator and tha American Houea. As it wee, tha wei speedily extinguithed having damaged only a room* in tha upper itory. Tha water found it* way, ra?*r, into all part* of tho bouio, and did conaidera damaga Tha hoarder* war*, of cour*a, thrown into at codaterration by tho alarm of Bra, and movod ir beggega into'halower part of th* hoata, ready tat it out whan tb# fire became really dangaroua. A 1J Frenchman, who had jtut got *?taly anaconcad in bvd bavioa probat'ly had a baid dry'* travel, awoi* mo?t horrible English at being tbu* an^aramunioutly urd out, laying it wa* "von dam imposition." Tb# vant (irl* were running in all direotieos, and ectasia t, and tb* bout* waa, tor a time, filled with the most earthly noiiea Th# indafaiigabl* Chief of Police it coon on th* (pot, wi;h three hundred men, who re dispersed over tha house, so as to block up #v*ry j trance Had tbi* not beau immediately dona,tha house in id have been stripped by thieve* Th* Chief told th*t ha had a*en present a large number whom he ro gmsed a* old thisvei and pickpockets, end that ho Cpad on* fellow with an arm load of plunder, which took fiom him and sent him packing down tha atair*. era is but littia doubt in our mind that tb* house '* set on fire. Probobly for tho aoho of plunder, would esrtainly bo a vary remarkablo coincidence it tha City Hotel should take fir* one night, and tba ?tor House the neat, both iu tho upper story, and ?thin a vacant lodging room. A rorvant girl says, at sbs was coming along the ball and smelt something lining, sad went into the room from which she thought smell cam*. Hare sb* found a bod on fir*. This as a vacant lodging room, and befor# tba alarm was * akt * ?? * ?* ~ van. Ws think this matter demands an Investigation, j>d a strict watch should be kept at ou? principal hotel*. Th* following stores under the Attor wore materially maged, but. fortunately for tb* owners, were folly in .ted i-J k 8 H Langlsy '? bookstore ; Bartlett tt wei rd's do, and Dougherty It Pearson'* clo'hing store.? tere wu no damage done on th* south sid* of the sn aiiMi. The buildiog was insured in the Nertb River d Greenwich laiun-uc# Companies. We learn that it a* let on fits in three different places. The tety and secuilty of the baggag* of tha inmates the Astor House, as well as tba property of th* hou?* elf, may be well ascribed to tho cool end deliberate ganizntion, bv Messrs. Coleman It Stetson, of the wait a, police and firemen. No baggage was allowed to b* moved no il tho hope of safety brightened, and then it as lettered in teen I*yr to its proper place. Nothing ?a occurred to diminish th* comforts of tb* establish eut, which cannot be impeded by a temporary diaaater k* the present Abnut A o'clock, andduting th* great excitement at ?e Astor House, whil* tbo firemen wore on duty, and a police actively engaged in the protection of proper tnother attempt at incendiarism, at Howard's Hotel, *? frustrated by tb* < ailv discovery of two bedrooms nitting a quantity of smi ke, on the highest story. By lompt exrrtion* the diabolical attempt failed. The bio! of Folic*, wbo was on dntv at th* Astor, with ail is available fores,proceeded to th* Howard and dispos anner of innocent tricks upon every body else And the icker and tricked must alike take it in good humor.? tisi* aro many versions in regard to the oiigin of this >. th* middle ages it waa customary to exhibit, for nuscment. acenaa taken from Bciiptur* history. Th* :cue whoie Jesus is sent to Pilate, and from him to Ho ld, and back again, was usually suacted about tho first r April, on occount of tba Easter feast coming at that m*. This may have given rise to it. " Bonding from lia-oto Herod" is qnita a common expression or trick ry in Geimsny. Whatever may have boon i's origin, il* custom has certainly obtained a foctbcll in tha oild which will take many of the reforming yaars to <P up P. ople must lock out to-day for mischievous 1 *f his men according to th* emergency of th* mo ion!. ?> which appear I) ing on the pavement*, but. upon be of, are found tightly nailed into the '?stoat, which prevails in neatly all tha European conn ies, and rountriea settled by Europe na It is said that All Fool's Day ?To-day i? the first of April, or all obi's day, on which eteribody baa a right to play all oys, *ho ' j will tell them "tbay have dropped their hand* ?i chiefs," and then sot up a hearty laugh at tb* sudden ?sling for it in the pockets. Look out for pieoes of mo g taken hold rirks, when some mischievous round tb* corner eta up his merry " be, ba," at your vain attempt to raisa - A vary common trick is to ptece an old straw hat In It* centra of tb* sidewalk. Almost everybody who omea along will feel dispose?' to kick this old hat Now >e it known that this bat contains a large, heavy stone, nd tb* unlucky kicker, as ho bring* bis foot against it, i c-ives a vary severe k ockiog ?f tho toes. Notes of Tivitstiou to partfos may be sent to-day iu any quanti ses, ond hundreds of other tricks, " too numerous to Dentiou." will be petforaaed. A vary good story i* told il Raht-ltis, wbo was in MarseUlaaon April Fool's day, od being out of money, wished to get to Paris. H* ao oidingly get several rials, filled them with brick dust, iod labelled them, " IVisod forth* royal family." They rrre found on b'S person and ha waa taken, under a tuot guard, to Pans, where he was oxamiued and the rich discovered. Look out for fun to day. Dkmocbatic Cawdidatk roa Matob ?The I)amorr* ic Mat oralty Convention met last evening, and nomine *1 Aodrew J Mickle, tobaooo merchant, of 110 Water traet, a* their candidate for Mayor, at the enauing char ?r election. Lost Child*!!*.?W# notice, on the watch returns, ?erj Vnorning, an unusually 1'rge number of lost child * a At lbs weather is getting fine, they begin to ramble iv?y from home ana aro consequently lost A great lex I of trouble and analaty would be saved if parents would 'imply hav# th* child's name and residence mark si on its apron, or aom* other pait of it* dross Tb* po iccmen Hading it would then immediately leturn it to its i>?ina. NEW AbHANOEMEWTS ON THE BOOTON ROCTE.?Tht Olf lidoent steamer Oregon leave* Pier No. 9, N. R , at 7 M-lock thU meriting, for the purpo-e of teUor bar >lace in the lino between Stonington and tbii city, to hi in connection with the Providence and Utonlogton l.llroed. The spltmiid ateamor Knicfcetbocker ha* il*o been put on tbi* route, and will leeve for Mtonington o morrow afternoon, when the arrangement! of the lew lino will be complete. The Case or Ma. Van Dcsen.?The conneel of Mr. I>*tn Oaten be* requeued u< to etato, that a ?nit ha* Ven c oimenceu againat a member of an eatonaire firm 'i Pearl street, for circulating report* injurious to the merest* and character of Mr. Van Dnaen. The Cho?ch or the Holt ArosTt.ES.?'The corner* i'opo ?l the Cbuicb of the Holy Aportlea we* laid yes erday at the corner of 38th street and 9th avenue. The iiruaf ceremony of the Episcopal church was perform ed h> Rt Rev Bishop M'Corkry, and most of tho clergy ie*ident in tho city war*in attendance, together nth a large number of anectater*. The church i* to be uilt of buck, and to be fifty feet Iront and seventy-nine deep; to have a wood spire one hundred end eiaty foot ii bright, and intended >? eeat four hundred and thirty. <*o poison* It will be completed in Auguet Tho church whieb will occupy it 1* under tho charge of Rev. Mr. Thayer, end baa beco worshipping in a hall near by. " Mas* Meetino" in the Pabk.?There la to bo ano har mesa meetiog in the Park at 0 o'clock this alter noon, to hear the report of the committee who wont to Ubso; to obtain tho perdon of Miehael Walah. Pi as. A Are woe discovered in William etreet, a few nor* below Ful'on, at about half past A o'clock yester day morning. There was considerable damage done to he root Tie house was occc piod by a number of (am tliaa Coponeb's OrncE ?ftudJtn Dttik ?The Coroner bald inirqnoat at No. 71 Walnut atroot, yaaterday, on the <ody ot Elisabeth Reynolds, born in Morristown, N. J., id years of age, who came to her death by serous apo ileiy- di#d through apoplexy. Tho Coroner also held an inquaat at No 68 Vandam traet, on the body of Boy ley Hyatt born in Westeheeter county. New York, 48 year* of ago, who came to his death by a fit of apoplexy. Court CalondaiwThlo Daps Cieccit Covbt ? No calander lor tbi* day. Common Pi.kas- First pott?147, 189, 117 98. 89. 87,161, 1.1 9 rl 199,7. Second part-168, 89,84,98,114,119, 130 198 III, 160. 108 IHatd'r- Romnambailam ? RnldtW?Tha NATIONAL POLICE OAZErTK, of this week. Will coa* t<iu a fu I and ?ecar*t? Mir kt of ALL the TestimoNt Biven m ihe r-eei.1 tri I of Albert J Ti-reM. for the murder of Me/ie A B .ek'oril. with the rharae of the Ju igo, sod all o'ner in irreatug earticolarn. ill. Ur iel w iih an esgravisg. Ohee?87 Cou JCstlt ot Agaats supplied, *s asoaL Daniel Olarble'a Prise Dranaa??>O0 ?Tbe * hi.titioo f>.r this liberal s.ff'r. wesreheppy to lesra, r ?q ti ties E0'?strd. sod ? voral o'the most ilitttngaiehed is tho i..e of I' m itie literature, may t o observed at tV Psrk The rmt'sn fully luting his pecnlisr pouts, as they flow hh tarsi It fr< m hi-voire md i imttsblesetioo. the virions pieces will rsseh dr. 4sr la at L*fevr.-fc Fish's Pavilion Hotel, bosun, md sre stpeetrd to be delivered by the flrtt of Jaue. Portable Drmlnf Case* ?The attention of lbs travelling I u li.-is raspec fully invited t> ihe sa^se-ibsrs r. mpleie Mia v.h d assort meet of ts ? above useful sad coo r i.i'Bt spieodage to ag-i.lle.nau's toilet. Their apor meat ?mb ??vsev?f\ vtrie'T of Portable Cat* suitable either lor a Ion* or >h rtj nruer, each CJuteiutBg all that is necessary for traveller's toilet ia the most d -sirable snd c <wpNct form. O. HAUNDER8 k SON, 177Broadway. ? pposite Howard s Hotel, Health, Physiology, Anatomy, tho Waal :i?s,fte? t'R. WIETINO ? vos his I i-R. WIETINO t vos his founhrsgaltr Leeiars ?r the Coarse i? I lint'.B stall, this (Wedaosdav) evraiug, At> il t, si 7t< Velock. ou Nutruieu; Animal Heat; iho Se rrsMOiss ? ; tha rhyiosophv tf Colds. Coughs. < ii."m t on. 8ro.ehiti>, Hheumstism, ke ; Cloaalioeee sad V asiLtlna . the Laws of Ba hiagj Oecssed Teeth ; Affrt ti-as i.f she Laogs Liver, Kidneys ke.. and some of the meats of euro. To be illas'rsted ? y distortions from the Manillas, i v1 iu MM imi M<i iIh Litw gki'i, and muroas m-nhs e ?. tho Lertgs .nd slim ?? try <-* utl A so, e drier ptioo, with medals larger then life, of the tad Ear. Adm stiou UK eeats. HllPi Infallible Onguent, recommended by she s positive rvmedy for dsndraff.bsldaessArsV hssrs.aiid e- e basui.falioilet p'tpsrstioe for the ladies ead ?thr ?. P-ioripsI Office. No. II N'sssa street Ass?>?'**? MrTj. 1. Schieffeliu. No. Ill Censl?'; J Janrl*. M5 Browl. vis ' Mr. Evrsrd, I7t Otaad street; Mr. T. SowsII. <78 O ssd street; Mr?. Sinai. Ml (iraad siseet; sad at the pcteec P,i wSoles'leend r<t?fl drug ead finer g ods stone. *11 of a bo nave or p iAospos oi grscy. ia ell eases ugaed by the serfetia. . rigmstor, to preveat counts French Lunar "HI* bails* will And tho urs article, Coo disappointment ) at 118 Cherry street. (lff<OI''Bsi ?? m?Li eta, i unvi cyspmgs, OBI tv lug| nlf.r-d use sale At toe very lowest pri-ss, am hi At ?upe-iiir uaslttv wholesale and retail. m. Navigation of tho Ohio Klver. ?*. Tim placet Time. Idol* ?/ fisnr. Cincinnati, March 96. Wheeling, March 19.., .Is feet, falling Pittsburgh, March 38 , ? ? .18 faot Louisville, MatahM. 14 faot 8 ?-? At* V. . ?W?T DIARti KT. March 31-0 P. M. Quotif ion* for fltirk* look better Mif. The (i lea Were alaioxt axclOAvely confined te the principal Rail, reed stocks-Long Island, Harlem, and Norwich end Worcester?and araadvance is noticed in each. The ope ration* were limited, however, and we see no evidence of the improvement* being permanent. Long Island went up ) per cent; (teuton, | , llarlem, 1} ; Norwich and Worcester, J ; Prnmsylvan-a b't, J j Kaading, j, and Illi r.ois 0'*, | The highest closing quotation for prime aterliag bill* o exchange, wasSj per cent premium First rate bill* (old freely at 9} psfr cent. The demand is active, and the aitpplp fully equal to the enquiry. There appear* ?> be considerable excitement in Low er Canada, in radaUon to the alteration, oithooorn BUtain, aa thay abrogate tha exclu*iva monopoly heretofore enjoyed by t he C.nada. in the ex portatiou oi grain and breadstuff, to England at a noal. nal duty, companed to that 1st,ad apsn similar article, entered from foreign countries, The loss of the differ ential duties, in favor of tha Canada., wiU tuidoubtedlr '"71much ?*"?* the trado hith.rto carried on with the mother country in breadstuff*. As an offset to the injury anticipated by . loss of the differential duties, it is suggested that American wheat be admitted into tho porta of Canada, for tha purpose of milling and conver sion into flour, as freely as poseibla-to admit it as a iaw material, under boDd, for export, of aa equivalent quantity of flour, it is suggested that it be the subject of no fiscal regulation, but to let it pass in any shape. It is anticipate 1 that the passage of a bill to this effect, by the Colonial Parliament, would reoeive the sanction ttl# llnParU1 p*r!iam?nt, as it would increase the com merce of the Cenades, and the carrying business of Bri ?ngeged in the North American trade. Tha navigation laws of Canada, regulating the transport tioa of foreign produce to and from the British porta iu North America, is sufficiently restrictive, as it now stands, to place that buainesa in aa favorable a position se could be desired. ^ Quebec is a free port; that is, any foreign vernal may bring direct any geods, tha produce of tho country to which she belongs, and there discharge it She is not allowed to ascend the river to Montreal, or te any other inland port oi entry. At Quebec, her cargo to be for warded, must be transhipped into e British bottom, and then it may be forwarded inland, either duty paid or in bond. In like manner any American veasel, from the upper waters,may enter any Canada ports of entry loaded with American produce. For instance, e vessel laden with flour may clear from Cleveland, and descend the whole line of oar waters, and put htr cargo on hoard e British tha toim M"trtl1, "ilhout P'y'ifl any duties beyond tea tolls on the navigation; for tha custom, department will consider that if there is net en actual, there is a con" .tractive warehousing. Montreal being the lowest port ol entry, but not a free port, a foreign vessel descending can go no farther. She must discharge into a British bettem, just as one ascending cannot go any farther . " fr"? port| and must there discharge into a British bottom, at Montraal. Flour shipped at Montreal, alter transit iu bond, will go to Britain as American, and bo subject to the duties, whatever they be, the same as if shipped direct from so American port. With respect to the inland trade, anything mar be now brought to 8t Johns, and will be passed by the custom, there, without delay, for minute inspecti on, un der a bond for tho estimated amount of duty, which, on ; eirival at Montreal, will be replaced by one for the exact amount. It may then be forwarded, under bond t? any warehousing port of antry in tho Pro vines, nav ( '"f duty when taken eat for consumption. It is possible that the Provincial Parliament will -rmt" | del the whole system of provisional duties. It will be ! seen by the annexed statement, that with the alteratons i?? ,r,i0 fl?Ur' r#MnUp Pr#P?*^ bp Brit sh Ministry, the exportation of breadstuff* to Liver tTm is T\!rk'C*nb*m,d* ttp? ' mor# favorable term, then vie Montreal. This will draw from the parte j of Upper Canada a very large portion of the breadstnffa , ofthat section, intended for exportation to Groat Britain These statements hove been prepared fore Montreal journal, by an Individual intimately connected with the tiade, cud therefore acquainted with the subject. Exportation or Flops vo Livtnrooi, via Morthh .WU,t- in Canada.* * ElSJk ^Mont;#ai jj i ovir New' * excess of inauranee.!.V.Y.7.V. o a Cost ot importation and grinding in Canute.'ivaVti.: Ian??1* ,hipriaff direct to Montreal from Clave 6 < >r tmai;-vteN-.wr^k,,,;:,U:.,r.0m Balance in favor of New Tork, as the shipping port, I i Thia balencn favor of this city, will nold good do ring the three years fixed upon for the continuance c the remaining protection under the corn lews of Urea os .^1. C??tinuaDO* of prewnt rate of toll | on our public works. U, after the expiration of the three years, the pi esen ! ,?* Corn 1,w' ?f England should be ebo listed there will be an increased exportation of bread ?duffs from this port, as we should draw that trade frox i Canada, to e greater extent than yet realized. The re duction of toll* on onr public works ia likely to proceed more rapidly then en those of Canada, and we shall, therefore, be better able to control this trade in a few ' 7#mr" h#B0*i ,han ?? are now. Under the contemplated ? equalization of dutioa in Great Britain upon Canadian and American flour, shipment* can be made as annexed. | Exportation or Flour to Liverpool, via New Yore and Months.?i.. Freight, P-r barrel, from Toronto to Oswego d!' ft* to Now Tor*,.. .a o N*w York te Liverpool, j ? Average rate of insurance, (l per cent).... . 'q 3 C NtewVo?kMP?rt lFOm T#r0nt? ,0 L,*?T<x>?. rlo~~ Freight, por teiraL Vram ToVonto to' Kingiion,."*.o I Do do Kingston to Montraal,,., 1 9 a..j-- . Montreal to Liverpool a ? Average rate of intoreact, (2 par cent) . . I'.' * o e 7 S This Imtm a balance in favor of that city of two ihil ! ling* porbarral. 80 far as the trade In bread it a fa bo I twoon Oroat Britain and North America ia concomod, | under tbo present formation of tbo corn lawa, and and or ! an equalization of dutioa of Canadian and Amoricaa | floor, it ia pratty evident that the bulk of it moat bo car* riad on between thia city and Liverpool, but to what ex tant it will bo carried, ia a matter of mock uncertainty and doubt It ia tbo impreaaion in the minda of many in timatoly acquainted with the boaineaa, that the privi legoa we now enjoy in shipping our grain to Canada, for manufacture there and exportation, are much greater and mora valuable than any wo may enjoy under the now British tariff. It ia a question whether both tbo United btates and Canada, will not, in faot, bo injured by these alterations in the com laws of Ore at Britain, and the Canadas, so far aa ill carrying trade is concern ed, more than the United Slates. Tbo monopoly that Canada has heretofore onjoyod in the entry of bar agri cultural products into the United Kingdom, at a nominal duty,<when the agricultural pro lucta of all other coun tries were almost prohibited, baa boon of vsry great be neBt to the Western Metes; but the modifications in the 1 eorn lawa of England, placing all countri?s, except Bri tish colonies, for throe 7sera, nearly on a per, cannot but | prove injurious to a portion of the agricultural interests ! of this oouatry. There are so many extonaiva grain growing countries, mora favorably situated to supply Oroat Britain with any quantity of breadstuff*, than tbo j United States or Canada, that wo shall bo, unless under peculiar eiieuBMtaneee, almost entirely shutout. Now Mask Bxahaago. SOshssFsrTr Wdedy STK S3 .has Nor k War hi IIS 1 IS Long 1*1 RA stw 4H its d > toe do u in ii do I SO ? d> S? ?J> S3 do ! rj do t , isa do *1 ! ia do hi' at do Wadasdy 43 30 do kSNotfcWor ?? ?i< *3 do do as do rtw as do as <io st ei* as do S3 do btw SI*. S3 do S3 do bt Old ItMN U BVa. '31. soap MX MehssHarlem RR ^^Ala-aaaaVa 7# V do alt ? 'loo do , ? 3* do 34 $1 NO Illinois Spa Bdi 1* do aN 34 S3 *b<* Ulisois Beak 14 1M do bW 34 iS Ksrm- -s'Trsst XTjj do hit 3J\ I2J do TJX t3 Asb k Both BR i?e 30 M'.rn, Csssl "H ? Nor k Wot RK eiW : 0 CujI u Co MS as do bli SI m ? as do bio It t> do l? sill, 0 do bi3 saw M do ?? Sis ! 13 Mohawk BR M<; 1S I di sj? 41V t'l do 113 Loag Island RR 30 do CO do 1? do 1M Resdiag RR ftJJM Head* Mr* Bda M Nor k Wor he* Ilk s* ska* Harlem MK MK St do MO (1)2 M <jo 5JS So Loaf Island R R jo do si sue do isC so do jj it jo i >2 > A Nor k Wor KR ?| ttRstdiagRK 73* t? do II n?M?d. At St. Paul'* Church. on Tuesday, March 31ft. by tha Rev. Dr. Higbee. William B. Wmit?, Cm. to F.milib, daughter of John Thomaa, Esq , all of thla city. Dtrd. On Tuesday, March 31, William Lajio, in tha fid yaar of hi* ago Hi? frianda and acqnaintancaa. and thaaa of hi* father in law, Patrick Clark, and al?o his brothaia is-Uw, Hugh, John and Jaaaa Clatk. and Joseph Blakely. ara respect fully incited to attend hi* funeral on Thursday alter nooD at half past 3 o'clock, from his lata residence, cor ner of Henry and Scammsl atresia. On Monday evening. 30th ult, after a severe illness, Asa, wife ol John Kelly The relation* and frienda of the family, and those of his brother, Patrick Kelly, are rerpeotfully requested to attend the luDeral this (Wednesday) afternoon, April 1st, from her late residence, No. 90 Madison street, at half past 3 o'clock, without further invitation. Oo Sunday night, 39:h ultimo. Mast Tishoct Tiaa, daughter or the Tate Jacob Tier, in the 63th year of her age. The relatives and friend* of the famil* are respect fully invited to attend her funeral on Wednesday after noon at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, No. Ml Second street At Williamsburgh, on Tuesday. 31st March, Mrs. M D LiTiaosTe.v, in the 31st year of her age. Thefiiendaof the family, and those of her brothers, PhjlerE. H. and Alfred B Dibble, are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral ti is (Wednesday) afternoon, at half past 3 o'clock, without further invitation, from the corner ef North Third and Water streets. Very suddenlv, on Monday evening, 30th ult, Batlcv Htatt, aged 47 years. erf FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD LOHT?Last ereuing, about quarter pa?t 1* o'clock. a Pocket Booh. cwteiumg $106 iu bask Bote-, and iwo gold pieces "? ha above '?win! ? ?1' he paid by r'n uing the nine tJ C. HANIOAN. '4th Waid Demociauc Head Qua lert. c .ritar Cir ind tad fcjiiabelh ate. al ll'ro NOTICE. THE Proprietor! of the A?l >r Hou.r raanrctfuUy nnnrunee M the puulic, <hat the el ght li-uung* by Gr, U?t artt.iug, will eaa<e bo iBteiruptioa to th- baeiueet of the hou>e al 3trh COLEMAN *t H |'? T4QN | 'I'll*. MfcMl'BHil Protection Esigiue ( .on pan ? Mo 5 | I do mo?t respectfully rs'.ura th-ir siurtra thtnha to Messrs. ! Coleman fc Stetaoa, f>r the boaatif"! >ui>rlr or refreshments ? farinahed by them, altar the fire in the Aatnr Moure, ou Tata- ; day eremite. M?rch Slat. By o-der of 'he Coinp i y. al If rh WM C.CQvvril Oee'y. C\RD?Th# Engineers of the H ire Dep-rtineut rrtu'u Uinr aiacere tha ha to M?atrt Coleman It Stetson. for the 1 bouutsous anpivr furnished by them after the fi e at the Aator Home, laat evening. By order al It'ih W. WELLH W1LBON.-?ce'y tTHE AMERICAN Agricultursl aaaociition will hold a A regular meeting thia evening, An-ill. at 7>6 o'clock, in the Historical Society a Room*, N V University. al It'rh R O DORKMUa, Bee Sec. WANTED, I A Protectant American or English woman aa Name, to taka care of two child en One who ran give unquestionable city rrlerenera, (n me othera need apply) may call at No. 34 i Barclay at.. from 9 to 11 A. M. al 7l*rc wanted; BY a Ste'dy Yonag Woman, a aitaation aa Chxmberma'd. and ta aaaiat in wishing and iroaiag, or th inberouid ana i wairar ia a private fam-ly. The heat of city refereoce airea i Imm her laat place. Please apply No. 336 MulbarTy street, first , floor, fi on I room. ?1 Irrc WANTED. A SITU 4TION by a impeccable young woman, aa Naree and Chttnbe rins id Ilea moat excellent city rrf-r-ace.? Pie a- enquire a" 06 Croehy t , rear. al lt*rc . WANTED, A8ITUATION aa Wet Narae. by a ha'lthy young wo man. with a freah breaat of milk. Apply at 350 Mulberry I atreet al S eoJ'r ' WANTED, BY a Respactabla Young Waman a aitnatioa aa Cook, Waaher and Iraner, in a private f .mi y. or to do general houarwork. The beat of city refereacec given. Apply at 35 Day atreet, fr? a the hoqra of II to 4 oVoek. at lt*rh | TEN PIN AtLEYS r)R BALE?S good Ten Pia Alley ?, with Balls. Re. com plete, to be dispos- d of on rees'M.abl* te-taa App y to I el Ifrb R WHIT*KF.R 16 Waabiuaton at. I MrvDAiViE GOLDSCHMIUT /"kPENHBich Pariaiao Spri g Millineiy.atNo. MS Broadway, I VS e raat llaiuie a tret, up stxirs, Wadacaday, April lat, U'6 at 3t*r CAUTION TO 1 HE PUBLIC. JM WM. R. PRINCE It CO., of Fla-hing, hariag ** MRicenaiaed that trait aod otter traea hare beeu rrpetiedly ?dhn.a ><d in the Fulton Market aa comiag from tbem. they fled I' einaelea* compelled to aiy ti at all anch sttemcita era absolutely false; aad they hare dcta'mined rot wasp. ly any liera there. All orders Tor tbem maat be tent to tnem per mail, or left wih their rrgalar ag-nts, Cl-rk k Aaatin. ISO Kultoe atreet, of whom priee aad cataloguea may le obuiaed. al *t*re ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. EVOKLKNKR begs leave to aeqoainf his friends and < r-uatomrrs, that his elegant stock of Artificial blowers, l>oih French an I Am*r**an ma' uf-rto-e, baa not rreeired the lean iajaiy by the late fire at Itt William atreet, as the goods were r*or*i iu lime. K V. wi I eoulieae t ? aril wholesale and retail, at the lowrat priees. at 1H William at'eat, and hega detleri in inspect his stock before bar it g else where, al la* re GENUINE HAVANA 8EOAR?-Of the new brand. "El Judio Er rante," (the Wasderiog Jew) foriale by V MANCHO. . al laa'rc at65 Fulton at , Spanish Hotel, up stairs. ! TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. i A L*RGK assortment ef f'hiuaOrsaa Flaking Liaea, and I <eV Malmoo aad Tront Si'k Worm Outt. to aa it eit; or coun try dealers. Every artiele in fishing tnkl# will be found at rea-onable prices, at MONRO k 'SFi'liiegaadSporti'g Tackle | Kstahliehmcnt, M Fulton at. crner of C'ilf. el lm*rh FURNITURE PLUSH. THE SUBSCRIB tRS hare received f em their manufacto ry an exie-rsiv* sano'ta^nt of plain and rmboaaed Fnrai , ture Plash as. of all color* and qualms*, suitable for cabinet, coach, and railroad -?r m-kera V. CA1LLEUX, tlLSSOLELIAORCO.. | al lm*r 133 Pearl at'ert DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. WE the anhscribere, bare this day dwao red copartnamhip by mnrwal eoaaeut. The debts heretofore dee will be j settled by Wn. E. Barrel), t7l (fraud at. Signed, W T. BURR ELL, UI J. LAUMONIEK , New York. Apejl 1. UK. ?1 3t?r St Ensen* a lot Ettranjeros ef Indict. THE FRENCH AND hPANISH Lar go age., . lao A Ire fa re. (Jeometry, Sarrermg, Narigu o i a< d Boo- keeping 1 expeditiously aad effectually'aagkt, nu very mod-rate 'ami. I Private lea on* give ? to adults, at their own lestdeaeea, or I schools a' tended. Rrfereucna o|' the higheat reipect-b lity. , mil lm're 1AUO D. MAURICE, 171 Caual at. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore exiwing between the aubue-ibcrs. ur.derthe Arm ef COON It CL'HKAN, ia i hereby dissolved with mutual content. L Either ef tb# said firm ia an'ho"ae.l to collect the onutanrl i ing debts, and use tha aama of the firm in liquidation of ita 1 affeira. DAVID T COON, JAMES CURRAN. New York. March 14th. 1646. Tha subscribe- would reap ctfully inform hit fries da and aequaiutai cea. that he shall conusor business on his own ac ! count, at T7J Pea'l street JAMES CURRAN. New York, March llth. 1646. al 4t*rc GREAT REDUCTION?NOW OR NEVER. 1\/| M GOLDSMITH will eoutmar tr receive pupils for a " lew waeks lougn-, only, at the reduced taunt of Three Dollars, for the course of 16 lesaous iu M rrantile aad Epia'o Ury Peuma< ship?gnaraniee-ng a aatnfaetory improvement, and a graceful rep'd hand, at tke ei| ir.tio, ef tha cooraw ? AcadsmyfM Broadway, Rrioma Net 11, >3 aalil Cir-alan mar be h td at the rooms Ladies r Isaa every day at II " clock. Gentlemen dariag the day aad ereaiag. mil >t*t LEFT OFF WARDROBE. JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS, Ace. f1 LNTLEMEN or Kamilias hariag sapnrBuoaa Effect*. AT tuck a* Jewelry, Clothirg. Fire Araaa. kc. to dispose of for Caab, Can do ao to their advantage, by aoadiag for the sub scriber, who will attend ahem at thoir^raaidnnen*^ by appoint ,,Bl No S Wall street, N. Y. Orders left at subscriber's office, or a liae seal throagh the Poat Office, will meet with prempt attewriou. al lt*r CHINA HALL. PI Broadw-y. eeraer.Cbambars "treat ? Fraarh aad * ngliah China. Liming Service*. Tea Pets aad Toilet Setn, at redo od prie-a; whiie Fraaen China Diaing Sots, ? 36 piaeoa. $37 3); fine Eaglish China Tei 8-ts. chieig parteras, e<>mp!*t',44 piecra, onl) $tj also, fine white (aowrat Kyle) china Tea Beta, complete, 44 pieces, for $5: also, wb:to emboaaed car a 1 ea Seta, complete, 4< piece, for 65. nsual pr e* $7 56; also, blue raised fig. chiaa Tee - ea. complete for iii Dining bets, a groit raiiety. equally cheap; Toilet Set-, very cheap; cut aatf pressed Glass Tamblan, Wiae Glasses, Ite at leoncrl prce*. Y?u will tot bo disrppoiited if you will take tbet'oubl* to tall aad see these To beeuaeted ro soli at Ih-?e napre erdeated low prieea the terms will bo cash only, at tke lime ol porrh-taiog. Positively oaly owe prico. al 3i'r J. KERR. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS, AND BAKERS HOPS. NEW WESTERN, BY THE POUND OR B \LE. Potash. I OH Peppermia', I White Wax, Sal SoJa, I ("oars# Ri ongo. I (Castor Oil, Carraway Srod, 1 Refined Lioaortc*. | German Cologne, OilLrmra, I Blue Vitriol. I Rossi lataglats, and afall auortnut of Drugs, all of the first quality, for sale by WEEKS k ANDERSON, Dnumaia. apl lm*rh 36k'olto i, Conor W t?>. and 6CBow#ry. DEN 1ISTRY. DH. BROWN & BROTHfcRS. CHEAPEBT OFFKE intkis csiy. for Denul Operations, it Tie), Broadway, botwea Reads aad Chambers at: Srewinm mineral aad naloral teeth ista- rtod from $1 to 3 -? eeiyod leoth ft'led wi'h wh'to eamoot. and warraated, J# Toothaeh* effectually eurad. without the least i*iu, 3fi Tetth extr?e'#d with I *? thus h If tn# uautl peiu. si Dr. Broarn R Broth-r, 36IH B-oedway, 3 duora shorn Cham ban street, next to Buwart k C I 'satw Marble Store. N -B Lra. B-k B. aio pr- pured to at. end all oparattoeo dtp jagtheerrnng al3t*rb OUR P LAG. I OHN MILLER his opo-odth Baleoo al No. 3M Grand 1 s'raat. aa a Bil iard Room, aad will b* happy, at all liaea, rec-ire visits from his fri-ud- aad patroaa. N B Th* best of Liquors, Wines t ad Sogers always an and, r ad " Hrnt"always at boma. mlf 4t*rc ^CLINTON. AlKTIMH HALM. w*. W IHIRLiy, a-T. t. CATALOOl'R HtLK-L'Kui Glaas ud Earthenwvo? By H. E Wl LLARl). th?? dir. Wedaaed-y, April I, at 10 o'clock. it ih* More No. J Pur sir ?(. i lar?e and general Meortmro' of fliwiug, aud otherblua printed, ponfed, edged, dipped aod CC Ware, iu lou from Ihe toelyea to ta>t whole Mia aad r?Uil detlcra. Alio JO luck met pressed data tum bler*. d ahaa lantern*. kc; ebiaa aadgranite tat aad dluaar ?etc. h 11 lantern*. aolar lampa, he Term*, 60 day.' credit peer gjn. approved euloratd uites. Gaud* wall pack-d fof ahipp'na. at m. dar ta rhi g a. al lt?rh AJHJWARK?ka^UTTLK k DUCLU ?fA[J W'U aril Tbia Day. at lb o'clock, at the aa'aa room No. *31 Petri atraet, a good assortment of rocke' Cutle ry. Ti*: T. Turner hCo., Ibbotaoa. f'rarce k Co, aad other makers. Also, tabla kniraa tad forkt, ahoe thread, brick trowel*. ahoa kniaaa. tabla aorl tea aprona, i?ot aomba. hjir braakaa, wn>k boiaa aegar caara. racer strop*. Srioa twiue, rapar ?La'.et. aranlM, a-oid paper, wheal lieadi, kc. C*l*logues ara now toady. at ii*rk ? CUPkrb nost!w?>o"o fOV&i$urkj&'i lto n car ~ JTLT8, kc.? I utile k Ducluteaa will *ell oa ThararUy. April l.t at 10 uVioek.atNo lit We?t loth atr?wt, one door frotn7th areou*. a riah aiaortmeot of aaperb faah louablr Rose wo el Furniture. the property of a family remo? log from the city, couai-tinf of Pirior Furniture "aa auita," ri*: 1 Tata-c-teiea, 1 Dia&n, 1 Bolwrr t'bair, aad mad all I oa barkcarrad Chair* core-ed with royal purpla velrat; roaa wtol <lw?a '1 able matble 'op; m .h ogMiy md 'oaawond Bi fae and Chain case ec with h iir cloth cushion*, Pier Tablet, alabaster *nd bwruiglia Vote*, bronn aad rill Clock*. Oirun dolra aad Maot-I Oruame t?. Muaia At aad aad Boob Raes, e'rg tut rosewood Piaao Fo>ta. Hall Ltu'wu, Staiued OUaa. platad Wafer*. Caku B?akel?, Ctatnr, Papiar Marble Tat f raya, 1 elegant Pat ler Mac ja Cai t'a Table. China Dinner iTw " ... . _ andTe* at Gla** Warn, marM# lop Ureatiuic Bu rraoa aad Waahttaadt. Bookctue aad Secretary, l.o?kiug G!*s*e*. kc ? the wh la beioa entirely uew, haying brao in oa? only alnce May lott, aad mad* by oat ot tha baet Broad way mtke-a Cat Irguee ara uow ready aod may be obtaiaelat the auctiou room No Id Pearl atraet, or on tlie pemia't. al kia rh FURNITURE SALE aT THE ALHaMRA. CATALOGUES of the New Cabinet and Household Far uita'r, to be anld to morrow, Thoriday, tn Id April, at tha Alnamra, in Broadway, between hpring aud P taca atrert*. ran he obtained at the office of tb* *ab?. rib?r, after It o'c'nck this diy. ANHl^NVJ BLk ECKER. alltik Auct oarer. T broad *t

large sale of engravings at auc TION. ALKVT will icll, Thii Evening, at 7 o'clock, at No. 191 ? Bro'dway, a namerngs collection of Engraving*. pla'O aod ? lored imcnr which ore tw ? I rue n-ti of ike Pittl (iel le'y. part i f which will be anld la single aambrri. Mao, ?Pi" ' .... ... ?aim-Piintioga, and ranona O'har articlra al lt*re GAtCwEN Ac HOUSE PLANTS at AUCTiO.v A LEVF will aell oa Thur*d*v moraiag, at II o'clock, at ? No. 191 Broadway, a eery choice eo'leeti ia of Planti, fr in the garden of Mr U Boll wd crlreitd by him whea to Enrol*, loot year, cousi>ting of ataaa'ord and moaa Roara, of vinous Anesoit*, tod ia Ana nrdart two largo Rhodadendr'nc in flower, with a etriety of ifeeo h nae and parlor Plan'a, too ?a'iot a tn derail al]t*re J K t;i)BTH9, Anr'r. T<HI"D BP^INM BALE OF NEW CABINET FURN1 1 TUBE?1ACOB B PLATT will rell on W.dnetday. let April, at Ito'elock, at the apacinut Ware Ro.ima, No 371 Pearl atreet oa m-iimficurrr'a account, a eery large aaaoitmant of fwhieiiabla atvle new Rnarwo.d, Mahngauy, black Wal nut and Punted Cabinet Furniture, onuaiatiag in rait of drain ing Bureaus, ^ofta el g<ut Eaay. Rocking and Parlor Chairs, Card, Dini k and TrnTiblea, Frearh Waidrobct, Diaaua, Ott maiia. Hall Tablet Centre do. etc Alao,Urge and until a xe counting houca and actt ug deiki. Also, a number of Rarr<geratora, to clna? a cneaaru. N.B The aboee tal? ia well woithy tha attantiou of chip pert housekeeper* and the trade. Cat I ga-a rcedv ear'y on the morning nl the tale, ml' It H. DUCLUZKAIl. auction-nr. Large balk ok elegant pkhsian aud Hin doo 8H AW LB AND SCARES, impound ?spicwly fur the Sirring Sals*. TUTTLE i ? "ft DUCLUZRAU will sell, on Wednesday, April 1st. ?t II o'clock, *i the large room in the Coliseum. No. tit Hrmdwoy.n I rge nod riMuit assortment el Persisu end llin-looSh >wl* <nd S-?U. comprising oyer M Cashmere tqa-re end loan Shew la end hearfa, just received by ships Zurich and Argo, ft >m Europe, hamg eutir-'y new pa lerna, imported ex preaaly for spring *?l-s, the whole of which will be pervmpto rily told for cxsh, offnru g th* treated induc-meol to Indies who deaire article* in that line that hi* occurred in aeeexal vein pwt the owner being obliged to leave for En rope on the 8th April. In the aale will be fonnd elegant Caahmeie Lougr-hiwlt. ol all color*, 4 yard* long, and warranted all wo >T, adapt a to the aprin* season. Alio?A ve y la-go aa*ortnteat of inper Hindoo Shawl*, mentoring 1)4 vardi square, warranted all wool, and averaging in coat fr m 30 to 75 oollar* each. Alao?Hai at Persian do, I yard* square, coat from IS to 40 do'l r* eath. Alao?A very large assortment of superior C uhnere Bcarfa, via: bine, green, white, acarlet and tri-eolored, of anperior ?nalitv aud adapted to the preaent aeaaon, avenging in coat to '? 10 io M dollara each Catalogues will be ready and the good* w II he arranged for eihibiiiou theday pevious to the aala, when the public are pe-ti ularlv iivised to rramine them trl' St'ih I A CARD H. E. WILLARD It W. W. SHIRLEY, Aactioeeere, WILL g>v? their personal attention to the Sale*of House hold Karuitnre at the retpieuee of families declining i housekeeping Blacks of Cioekevv. Dry Goods, Grocery, and | sales of Reil Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Alao. soli cit from their friends and the public, consignment* to their BALES ROOM, 151 BROADWAY, until May 1st, when . No. 17 WALL street, late they will more to the spacious store. Adims' Express Office. mill lm?r FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, A Pair of BAY HORSES, well marched, sixteen hands high, long tails, fine, atyllih drivers, single or ' mble; sound, nd kind. W..uld be rxchanved for I oi.e lioi.e, or a pair of low prieed b jrsts, aaitnhle f r the ? conutry. To be s-eu for two days only, at New York Tatter sails, 4IC Broadw sr. at It*rn 2aSii? and Western ^?KOSE HILL oTABL.ES, tlth Street and Tlurd venae, and opros.te Ball's Head. Jnat arrived and i^wbr sale at the abovt Stables, about fifty Northern estcru Hone*?among which are eight pain matched; eight or tea good road hones, and several eoe cart, fa'm and shipping horsas R. K. NORTHRIT, ft lm*'0 Peopriefor U KING CHARLES SPANIELS. JSfZZSh.Three p? r very fine, teciwd per ship fit. James, fiom Ui.dou. Also, English ana e cotch Terriers, lor sile by m3lllt*r A. I* 'IEVr7, 5 John at PICKET SHIP StDDONS, from Lir, rpiol?Consignees by this ship will pl*ase hive their permit* on board, at Uilanus wh*if, foot ol Wall street, imm-d ately. All goods not permitted in five days, mn?t he sent to puOlie store, man K K COLLI MS fc. CO , 5? South *t SHIP KALAMAZOO, font L-verpo* I. is dt*ch<rging nn dar general ord-r, at tier Nn. 1. North river Coarigneet wil r I esse sttnd to pie receipt ol th it aoods mil DAKk K H CHAh.V: irem lew O.leins, is discharging L? at Rector street wharf. N. R. Con-ign-ea will please at tend to the receipt of their go da immediately. mil NOTICE. MR. G. nE LIRAI will pleue send h:s purtnit on board Ship Livrpool, (foot of Dover srreet. East River ) for one case of bt* k? mniketi <>. L.. withnnt delay mgin ?X for oruamenting gardens, fir ?ls. Enquire in Twenty B third atraec, lint home east of Thiid av-nne ir.ll lw'rre New kork legal observer lor April, cm-tuns? Art and OprrUioi of Mortgages oa alter aeon red proper ty; Pmctieil roiuts?1. Tratio-mena Marks:!, Restiamt of Trade; 3, Infanrs' Necessaries; 4, Letters of Adminittr itioa rel-liug rae.k: Ret-or-a The l.haneell?r's Court?Gieen vs. H Wicke.Cred tor's Bill, Elimination V .C.Uen'llord'iCouit, Thompson vs. Ca m rhso1, bringing advaocr nan's into hotch pot; N Y. Supreme Court, M'Larnsi vs Hartford Ins. Co. in Chieellor Lyodhurst; Mas'or of rhe Rails; Queen's Bench; Ex-h qu r; viisevllweoas, he. Published at $1 a year, in advaoe at 41 Anu at., N Y. mil 2 is'rc SAMUEL OWEN. Ed tor. IPbINU PUHIKIEK OK TMK BLOOD. WINER'S ARCANUM EXTRACT. S A SPRING rUHIKlER OK THE BLOOD, this me , dieine cannot b# snrpnn,ed, workiog na way throuth the systsm with a silent and effective inrce, cl#-using the Blood, He-roving Dyspeptic luflneo'et. Sootning the Nerves. Re moving Internal Obstructions and Disaaaaa that won.'d other wise csu-e injury totha Liter and Langs. WINe.R'S ARCA>UM EX rRACT is nlroa caitsi . ears for all diseases artaingftem an impu'e state of the b nod. such A as Pernfala or King's Evil, White Swalliugi, Diseases of in a . - - - - - , Disss* Skin, Pimple* "r Pustules ou the face. Biles, Diseases of the ! Boi es, Ulcers of all kinds. Syphilitic aod Mercqrial Diseases; | also, for affections of the Liver, Dt slept is, Costiveness, P?| , pitalion or th- Hvart, long standing Rheamatio Affect inns, j Gout, and >11 chronic and Na-voa* Complaists, occurring in I debilitated eoaHitntinos. lu simplicity r commends iha nse I of it to parents whose children are afll.eted wi h any disss** of the blood or skin, or whnve constita ions have beeu injured by lengliencd illwss and the use ol de'e erioas mediciuas as it ill cffectsallv parify the bl od and renovate lha system, and where symptom* i f scrofula sie in >he least degree vLibla, this medicine, if properly administered, will mo t surely extermi nate it This medicine is mneh cheaper, plansaalor, and wirraeted ?ni?rior to any other sold. The followms certifieatea are selected from umong many o,h?ra in uuasesaion of tlie pn prietora. Kor further particulars and couclnsive svideoca of iha value and efflc-cy ol thia medieiue, are pam;lilets, which may bo obtained of ageuts gratis. CmunttrHu, Jan. fth. IMi Mr. Pi. B. O. Kiasloe?Sir : I have triad the Arcanum Ex tract which you estolhd so hiahiy. aud n id itVI. and ludesd mnchteitcr lisn yua rocomm-nd-d it'obe. Pr-vi ustomy ! t-king the Areannm, I was completely eover-d with blotches, I no pin of any bodv or limbs reiug r xempmd. and beside I ess j gre-tly rfllieled with the Piles. Before I had aaed 'ha Area I nam one week t it Matches began to tiiappoar, and my pilesi to , become easy. I am bow in bettet healtn than I Ipiva been for i a uamb-r of yean, and all owing, I am uuly convinced, to llie I us >1 Wia?r's Arcanum I can concneali.n'ly recommend it as mb of ibe very bv-t medicine* lor scrofuloos nff ctions or crnptiras I erer heard of. Years, truly, L. A-BLODGET, 51 South Id St. P>?iL*p>LPHia.Jaa.Sl. UK Mr. E. B. O. Kinv'oa?Sir?Be'ieving th?t Wlnr r'? Areannm Evtmrt is well calenintrd to afford relief to thousands mho are bow snffvrine, I feel eomiellad, ia aeeorda'.ce with toy principle* of philaathrnpy and hnmsnity. (mneh as I diahka to have my name paraded before the pnblie at a puffer of any patent medicine.) to stats a ease which caaaa aader my own immediaste ob>erv#tion. Mv tittle g mohsou. about thrae year* of age. has boea aflliet ed with a breaking ont all uv-r kis b idy ana f?ee sinee h* was lea with n breaking out all ov-r ai* t> toy ana i tee since ne was two months old. Bev-rsl physieians were called ia to we him, and t ey all prono?tie*d it aa hereditary acrufslons aff.cuoo. Ho was a coua-ant son ret of anno-anee to bit oioihtr. ami at lioM* apparently suffer*d th# meet intense pain himself. Oao of his brothers h.vmaditd tboet thrve ysars sgoaltar having had the " Wnite Swelling.'' It was fea-ad bv the family that this child wonld soon follow him. * fter having ated all the Scrofulous M'dieir* within my laason. I chtncod to ae* an ad I v- rtisemeat f j* the sale of " Wib?i's Arcauam." I parehaasd a bottle, and after htvp g aaad it thrve weeks the bo- i* vo ire ly fro# from nay oraptirmo, hie general health is mneh improv ed, and h* is now pronounced by Physician* to bo cured. 1 ha child amy ba saga at say time, by c?.lu-g at No. II South Uih ftroat ,,VoaivefTfra'eN'BMy*?tUIUtT. Price, ,4? kMSas.forli Prepared by John ivirer ifb, ff Maidan laaa.N. Y.,*oU nip wi rsforthe Uo.ted Suirs frog Sold by Wyon fit Kaiabum. Ill kalton street; R A. Sand*. IM Bowery,corner or Bpriag; J. W. laa^MMta^H and J fc J. CoddiaqtM, MS Hudson, Brooklyn,by Mr*. Ran, 1)1 Pulton street. F T Quirk Tol^H Dr. Me-.aa. 1M Kultou street la AlbaayV^^^^^^^^H State street Phil-dolpHie. T. W. Dyott cond street and E B. G. Kinalee, Mb Cheat"at street. Baln more, Charles Wi eawn. New Orleans. Bertrand It Suor. Richmond, Va. Guy*nr. WikjS fcCo , and by Drnggists gsue rally thrnaghoat the country al Im'm CKJ'l iUfb MLLOn. A NTH a situation at Momwot of a Cotton Mill, a man ? intimately acquainted wfth th# various saodo* ai mann laoturmg eonou wool, both in England and America; can be led i jail I LAKE stfPEftloR OoPMsIl sfMks ? sold by gTO^K. AMVSKMKNTa. PARK TiUCATKK. MR GEO. VANDENHOKF b .MR MARBLE. Wm ? r'tdnt* i?r Bfeiiin*. April 1, Will h? pwfnrmril jf man in his ml . . m JCi'tlr Mr 0 VaodroholT Bebadtl . O ? rrett Dowmighr Ba re EVERY Ma* IN HIS t^'MOR iwarifhr ??'? Dome Kiteiy * ???? .Mis Blind To conclude wDh HUE AND CRY. Lot . Mr Mntble 1 ol Camphor .. M'Dotill Miit Flamingo ??? .Mr? Vernon Domiomii oii-en.aau iMtinu will tiMMMtlf M 7 o'clock. ? , l"rioe of Admisnion?Boxss, M i Pit, M cenu t Gnllnry A man. BOWERY THEATRE. A W JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR Pa.NY -CD. - - - combination With ORAND COMBINATION. ? , O"DOUBLE COM PA .v Hockwell ?. Stous'a Eqatstritn Trout* in the Dramatic Company of this establishment. Wcdncidty KtmIiis, April 1? Will h? P-rf?rmed, rVANHOE. B".i.%? /B Rcolt Th Black Knight Hlmehard itlrjl Cha< fraa aurih Cony Rebecca Mrs li Joans Pr? ? to which ELLA ROsENBUI JRO. Rosenborg Mr C R Thore Ella Rosenborg Mr? C K Thorns To conclude with To conclude with IDIOT w frNEaS _T7"Lower Boxes 30 ceute?Sec wo ana Third Tiers,* ca ; Pit and Gallery 11H eeuU. Doom will open at half Mil0?cnr'ain will rise art ORBEYWIcn^THEATRl, Conur of VARICK* CHARLTON STREETS Sols Proprietors Measrt. MV til# It TOMI INBON. Monster JOHN O MY* RS. Actios and St" ge Manager H. P. ORATTAN. Treatursr 0 M. I'OMt INBON. Deputy Treasurer WARREN DRAPER \ I e public are respectfully informed, that iu accordance with prrrioai annouuceuirut, thia mig.ilUcut establishment will open on Thursday Kvcnlng, April 9, on which occasion will bo presented Shabapsare's Tragedy nf R'l.MMI AND'.r > RiJMEO AND JULIET Romeo Miss CUrs Ellis Mercatio Mr H P Orattau Juliet Mrs W H Cri?p Lady Cspultt Mrs Hastunrills To cnuelnde with DON UlOVANNI Don (Jinr'nui Miit Jnlis Drake Don German '? r H I'ha. mtu Lepsrello Mr H Chapman Bride Mtaa H bailee Prices. Plicate Boxes (IN 'rreheatra Boxes (Admiaaaion) $1 each. Balcouy (FirtTicr) JO ctt. ? - ? cu. L pper Boxes 37)4 els. P? 23 eta. TIME I? Doors open at 6)4 o'clock?Curtain rises at 7 o'clock pre cisely. Box office open d?ily, from 10 A.M., to 3 o'clock P M., when Private Boxes and tilac-s con be secured, or tickets | u re hoard on application to Mr. Draper. MOW Mitt AAPUITlUiAllU.. SANDS, LENT ~CO , PROPRIETORS, , Frtth Novelty! On Wednesday Evening, April 1, j Will be intr >duc*d, fgr the Ant time in America, the thorough bred Arab'an hour PAS TEMrS, j Purchased by Mr- Bunds, from Fran oui'e, Perit, who will per form the I POLKA, WALTZF8, Ac. First appearance in America, alao, of the celebrated English : fairy stand CINDERELLA, In an origiuU and entioui art or 'eata. Mr Moaely in hit great act of England, Inland and Scotland. Besides a g ear variety of othtr entertainment* See bil.'a. Boxra 2} cent*: Pit 1rente. Doom open at 7; performance to commence at half peat 7. m30 lt*r PALIUU'II uPEHA HOUSE. Chambers xtreet. NEW AND UNRIVALLED 8PLENUOHH. i Oe WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY EvKNINQB. April lat and 2d, will perfoira the new corpa of vocal, inaliumeotal and acrobatic Artists. at thia splendid abiin* nudrr the control of Rockwell fe Stone. Ar.hur Nrlaon, the in? n or of the woudr. u> Rock Harmoniron. will -xerute aire oe (hat rnttru I ra-at. ilia Dulcimer, and Mu ical rt.cks. The great Tyrolean Votdntt, Harrington and Son, the uorquall-d Acrobata, and Mi-nich, ihe anrerh corde vnlnn e aniat, will peiform. Partirulara in tt-e bills of the day. Doom open at 7; romm-nee at 7)< o'clock. Admittance 2S centa. to, II part* of the home. tO-A CARL)-Cfi NATION Ala THKATME AND CIRCUS, Cheatnat Street, Philadelphia. PROPRIETORS?ME88RS. WELCH, MANN AND DELEVAN. 'THE PUBLIC are acquainted that thia magnificent eeta * bliahment, eo warmly patronixed during theae I tat aia mnnrht, by th.- eititena. stranger* and visitor*. from ail parti I of the world, muat speedily clrwe in order to fulfil the impera tire eogageeieuta al'rady enured iuta for the innmer This an nounceineut ia pat forth to preptre the hundred end lerrnty A?e Artiste end AeeiaUnte connected with thie concern, end to I assure the thousands of liber*! patron* who bare rendered : the Circus n Temple of Fashion and Popularity, (ha t the moat t energetic and unceasing efforts will be essayed to reader the I closing Performance* el the R ng and Stage the moat gorgeous, novel end waned that a diacrj j nating public can appreciate or ! agrnefnl management off v. The conclusive apectacJe of this wonderful 'eaton, le ; THE MKCRE f MINE, from the Theatre Royal, Dmry Lane i authorities, produced with a succession of Orient*! Hceuory, inch as cannot be aurpueaed in any country Processions of the moat gergroua and costly kind, exceeding in nnmber all former attemiita Every style of Eastern Banners, F1 ig or Iu signia o i Aulhoritv?an overwhelming Torrent of Ketl W? i ter. for the dispGy of which the premises bare been greatly enlarged-the aurpaa.innlr grand Car of Mother of Pearl, lio , ed with beaten gold, drawn oy cream colored horsea?furious combats, general engagements. Iea<fal couilagratioas, eud a ; succession of startling effects, such as the resources of thia ra t eti Mishment can alone furuish, and bring in a superior | manner before a discriminating public. mil New york backed music society-Mi. be GU'N, Miss J L. NORTHAI.L, Mr. FRA8ER, Mr. I hr Ol IN. wi h other di-tingnishcd Voceliata, will appear iu I the splendid of the I HEVEN SLEEPERS, I tobeglvenatthcTaberuac'e, on Friday Evening, April 2d, by the Sacred Music Society Characters Represented. Antipnter?Proconsul of k'pheiu* Mr. Fresnr. I Honoris?hie wife Mre Regain. I Msitlruv?Bislioy of Kphtsue Mr Brguin. Matches, 1 Miee J L Norths'I Brrapiou, I Mies Windmaller. Johannes, f A M?mbqr. Coa?t*ntin*. }8*fea Sleepers Mr R i unning. Dyonirins, I Mr D B Bell Mtximianni. I Mr F H Nash. Ms eiaani, J Mr JC Smith. ! Cho n<e< of Bhcpberde, Priests, W?rridr* tad Propln of Ephraas, by th* whole etiungth of the Society, tided by a nu merous una effective Orchestra. Conductor Mr. V ('. Hill. Ornaniat Mr. H. C. limm. I Perfoimnnce to commence at I o'eli ek. Tick* s $1 e?ch?For atle at the Music Store*. Sexton It Miles, Broadwiy; <-e rg? F. Neehitt, comer of Well and Wnterets: J. IV Peikiae, No. I Wall at. J. B. Flandrow, IK Bowery, and ?t the drw.r of he Tahernacle. al 3tth R. GEORGE LODER reepectlnlly announce* to the public Of New York hi* intention to give on THURSDAY. April 2d, at the TABERNACLE, the chef d'eeurre of the great modern Fte eh eompoeer, Fell cirn David? THE DESERT! A Grand Ode Symphony, in three pirt*. interapereed with Re citations, Ari*s1 Cho-us-s. .,n d Orcliest al 8ymphonmn, npen a scale of magmtnd. hiilieito unprs-eedcntid. Tie performance will commence with the Concert Orer tnrc to Marm'on. eom.cised and dedicved to the New Yotk Philhvmonie Socio y. by GEORGE LoPER. Alter which, L* Desert, by Feiiciea David. The Recitations and Solos, by .HOST GEOROE PAGE. To roueinde with a Grand Festival Orel to re, by Liud poirtner Tickets ig cents, to b* obtained at the various Maaie Store*, M' ? Meiegs, <(? dmadwiy. ? NAtlolJAL AfiAllkMV Of DbSIliN. T<WENTY F R8T ANNUAL EXHIBITION?Th* hang J- iog of tha pictures will bewia on Mondr y, th* Sth instant. All works received tiler ih?t a.te must niertenrily inn the risk of eie ueion.orof such l lace as nan be estigaed ibem. My order of the Cnntcil. a< Jti?*reWFfcM JNf> O. CHAPMAN. Sec.* ?-URGICAL OPERATION IN THE MESMERIC STATE, without pain, on Tuesday sveniig. M.rrh 31st, at 7>k o'clock, at the 8oc:*ty Libraiy Rn, m 344 Broadway. Lertare on the a plication of Mesmerism in Human Wnl fsre, by Dr. Collver, bei n hia first l?e nre since hit retnm ftom r a ope. illue-raied by some splendid by Dr. Dods, who w.ll lecture on Wednesday evening, Ap il lit, at th- seme place, with a variety r.f wondeiful cvperiments. cn men'al transfer and mental hallucination Admission 24 et*. m3l 2t.a?r THEATRI'-AL notice. THE OLYMPIC THEATRE, Boston, ? onsiderably en larged and improved. wiM be opened under the direction of the aubicrib-r, on Mot-dav earning, April 7tn re aona of acknowledged talent, wishing engageminta, will please td dies*, post paid, W O Jf>N 1.8, Acting Manager, or mil 3iia*re C. GRAHAM, l.essee. POPULAR ORATORY, AT Rntger'a lastitote, Krid y evoking. April 3t> at the So ciety Library Rooms. Mady. April gin, at 7>i o'clock? Profesior Whitney resprctfuliv announces, 1st the solicitation of frienrfr) that he ?i|l giro a course of fir* 'eetnros, I'luttia tive of the individuality of n markable living, or receotlv do i patted Ameri. an Orator*, niverwflnd with tragic and comic re i citations. Forouiliaeof Lata res. Uses of admits ion. see fir cnlart. Admission for an eveuicg, 14 cool*. fcsrb Inttura will be complete in itself, i ut iha whole loim a connected conrie. Second lecture at Rutgers, Tuesday nrening. April 7lb. mil 4tis*r ^?hardware at AGENT*! PltCES. ? rpHK SUBSCRIBER. Agnat for several Manaf.cturera in 1 Eanland, it enabled to supply dealers from first hsnda, alao I *> firet Ptrinaa. Purchaser* will consult their own laterealby Uhui* UP hTAIRS TRU ES. 120* nroes low priced Table Cuil-ry 3 casks araortrri l. f and t blade Kairas Files?n eomplet* assortment of bust cent (teal. _ 30 Ceeke Trace, Ox and Log 1 I 13 B-sketa Vic**, Ana Cottar hS.C'lMMuSTn*hLoO*,C,n^< ml ImnRWkfNm No U John ttrsw an tra'rx WINDOW SHADES. airehmtthisnfliele, becriktr wonld re aveatnr and Exclusive T tnot Oil Transparent -.-?-j.. JUheiivenei* ; (not lit hie to Curl on th* odgea.) and th* owlp kind that l * suitable to all th* renon* eliaiatatnf ih? coam.ry. H e preasat ft wk Cnmpriaes every article that >a New, ? n;h Cheap, rr Deeir. - be ia the line ?t hia business, and for Whflerelr hi< Menu faetartag faeilltiee, place him beyond the reach of all Compt - Farlem 71 Divition ttrrrt. STORK NO I t L n'l REET, four duo a Month < f -hn-hsm. H T WKBB _ Alao, th* Superior Wira Window Bhedea, WholeaaU >nd Retail a* Iwis'r MRS HAZt'N will open aa aaaortiweot of rich F.I HIS ASP NEIf" YOHK M11.1.1SEH V, oa Tu..d.t, the 31st March iast, at her tiho" Rooms, 111 Or?ad vrrtl, eem*r Broadway. a*M iw*re tit ion. r$T* LA1JB.M 1ft I ?LLHihll.tS III lUJb iUxUbft, HIGHLY INTERESTING FROM WASHINGTON. THE OREGON DEBATE. ? PCECH OF MR. WEBSTER. Waminoton, March 80th, 1MB. Mr. Webster defined his position upon the Ore gon to-day. He is ior conceding the basis of the 49th degree, and, upon a pinch, the free navigation of the Columbia, and De Fuca's Straits. Mr. Webster also suggested that, in his opinion, it would be best to postpone the Oregon notice, and the debate upon it; to lav the whole thing upon the shelf for a month to come. Mr. Allen fired up at this; and considered it humiliating, thus to be waiting for news from England. We oaght to act like men, by acting independently of the opinions of Queen Victoria. The debate was upon Mr. J. M. Clayton's resolution, calling for the latest Oregon correspondence in the pos session of the President, which was further post poned a day or two, at the suggestion of Mr. Web ster. Upon the regular order of the notice, Mr. Barrow made the speech of the day, in favor of the notice-' in favor of 49?in favor of a clear diacreiion to the President?against the Baltimore Convention; ag-iiost the asaumption of the whole; against war, aad in favor of peace. Mr. Barrow speaks out his sentiments without reserve. TWBHTY-NIXTH COSGBBU. In Senate, Washinoton, Monday, March 90 IMS. Another luminous and sparklinc mirning. Prayer bjr Rev. Mr. Tustin Journal of Thursday laet. Lirge eon course of people in the galleries?eome expectant of a epeech from Gen Caea, and othex excited byaeortef curiosity to see (Jen. Houston, the lion Senator front Texas. TEXAS IN THB SKNATB. Oen. T. J. Keen submitted, from tho government of the State of Texas, the credentials of tho election to tho U. S. Senate of Oen. Sam. Houston. The credentials wore read i whereupon Oen. Rusk introdueed ni* col league to tho Vioe President, who administered to Oen. Houston the constitutional requisition. Ou motion of Mr. Spbiont, iu order to ascertain tho class of Senators to which each of the now Senators from Texas should belong, the same process o( deter mining by lot was adopted, as in the case ot tho Florida Senators. Three ballots, designating tho classes, num bered 1, 3, and S, wore then placet, in one of the ballot boxes, the first number signifying that cltsa of Senators whose terms expire in 47-the second iu MB, and the third in Ml?the Federal Constitution providing that one third of the Senate shall go out every two years. Oen. Houston drew N >. 1, consequently his term ex pires in 1647; Oen. Rise drew No I -he therefore sei ves out :be fail term to 1911. [It is probable that the Legislature of Texas will elsct General Houston for a full term, from 1647, before tho expiration of his tsrm ] Petitions wore preseuted by Messre. hxru, Dstnls, Jarnaoin, Ashley, Mobbhbad, Johnson, and others. On motion of Mr. Johnson, the Committee on Com merce were instructed to inquire into the expediency of n new custom bouae at New ?risen*; and also, of Im proving tho harbor of Ponchatrain. The resolution oi Mr. J. M. Clayton, offered soma time ago, colling upon the President for the lateet Ore gon correspondence, since the transmission of the letters between Mr. Pakenham end Mr. Buchanan, en the alter native of arbitration, was taken up. Mr. WxeSTica said he would advise his friend from De laware to let the resolution Uo over for on# or two days. He had no doubt that tba Executive had recant lattars in hia poasaaaion from Mr. McLene; nod this might hove baen inferrad, from the feet that the Cheirawn of tho Committee on Foreign Relation* bad opposed thia tion. His opposition ergued that the Executive govern luds it inconvenient to mcnt finds it inconvenient to communicate any inform* tion upon the subject at this moment Yet Mr. W. would observe, that tha Senate being railed upon to perform n legislative act, they (ugbt to be put in poeseeeion of every thing that they believed could hsvo an important beariDg or effect upon this question If it wor* other wise the Senate would havo no necessity for tho caJL There is certsinly soma degree of embarrassment in this case. If the F.xecutive deems the correspondence iooon veuient, either because it shall go on, or is expired, or shall be renewed, as far then as it might effect such ne gotiations, tha return of the correspondence would bo inconvenient. The President had recommended the pea sage of a Jaw at the beginning of the present session of Congress, end had furnished the correspondence upon the question up to thnt period, unasked for by eithor House. If thai correspondence were necessary, the rest would be also required, if the Senate were entitled to a part hey were entitled to the whole. Mr. Webster had thought e cell upon Congress would hive been more appropriate after negot a lions were fiaeJly closed. Meantime, negotiations should have been quietly pursued ; and if tbev failed, then the Executive could properly appeal te the action ot' the two houses oi C ogress. He would not go into the ground ot tho notice, or whether it was e proper eat of Congress Mr. W. did not now intend to discuss. It had been said that the notice would be useful as a wea pon, e moral weapon, in the facilitating a settlement bjr negotiation. Ho hardly understood the language aa ap plied. The term " weapon" did not enpreat the thing exactly to hie mind. " Weapon" was a term not alto gether pacific in iu signification ; end Mr. W. doubted exceedingly whether it would, as expected, facilitate a conclusion by negotiation. And yot it must be per ceived that we should perhaps suffer as mooh inconve nience from standing still as Irom going forward. The tiuihis, the great mistake was the extreme pretension of the President e year ego. Bat for this, tho notice " by Dot! might have been passed by both House* without danger oi exci'ing any opposition from England ; but with the assumption oi the President, that our title to the whole territory was " clear and u. questionable," the passage of tha uotii'o bad bean a question of tome alarm 1 country. The notica waa not requisite, nor was it In tended to be requisite, to enable the President to esta blish his extreme claims. Here lies the difficulty. a I suppose Congress is not prepared, nor Is country prepared, for the pushing, at the haxard claim sf f ~ *'~ of war, 'this extreme claim of the Executive. If he wants the notice, with this view, Con gress unmasks the difficulty in which they stand. The President was mistoksn when be reoommendad tho notica, with the design of the assertion of our positive rights to the whole territory. He should have tfrot con sul!! red the previous concessions of tho government, far many years pest. It would have been judicious tbne ter to have ascertained whether the previous proceedings oi the country wonld sustain him. Referring to the oflbr of the 49th degree, its subsequent withdraw el, and tho assertion of the Executive ot our " deer eod unques tionable" title to the whole territory, Mr. Webster de sired to know whether the President meant the declara tion to be applied in an oflloial or in e mere personal sense?if In the letter, the assertion wee entirely out ot i how far place ; if in the former, it would he well to see I ne is sustained by precedent action, with tba concur rence of tho two bouses of Congress, for many years past, which admits that England has rights In the north western port of this Continent, rights entitled to reepeei. Mr. Webster believed that the public opinion In both was in favor of e settlement upon this question upon tho I, ('he 4Bth degree, with the froo basis of the line of 18-M, . _ navigation of the Columbia, end the passage of De Fa ce's Straits.) If the Halted States government were reedy te adopt this offer, if submitted, or there was no reason to apprebond that the people ef the Culled States would not approve it, the 49th parallel, Mr., W. contend ed was the only firm and eligible basis, from the terms ef the Treaty of Utrecht and from its being the boundary Esst of the Rocky Mountains. The learned Senator re ferred to various old maps in which this boundary was extended to the Paciflo Ocean East ef the mountains the boundary Is, at all events, established, end new stands a* the line between the territories of Great Britain and the United St*t?e. If e line of continuity or contiguity i* desired to the Pacific Ocean, there eon be oe outer: and as such thia division will givo us tho groat valley ef the Columbia, our title to which, from Gray's discovery and exploratiou, could well be maintained. The United States can never offer the territory South of parallel to the Columbia river, and sh* never will. The the permanent or limited navigation of the Columbia ie justly e subject for negotiation, but bolow the 49th paral lel England oanoot claim. As to all the straits and inlet* of tha sea, they are properly t te subjects of reety stipu lations. If this be so, why should tee settlement ef the question he delayed? Why hold back, if we would avoid e rupture? Delay under such circumstances, is injurious to both countries, and Ume may de much te wseken end destroy that mutual respect and caodor existing between them. The general sentiment ef both countri-s concurs in this general bails of settlement. As yet theru wee no proposition put te this effect from eithor. Bat neither would be onwilllog to do that new, which they would ultimately de to avoid the serious calami ties of e collision. Why should not ono or both soiao the propitious moment, end with calmness, prudeuee, end foresight evert the disasters ol n failure, as they may do ia a settlement of the question ne it will eventu ally be settled, upon the general basis suggested, with certain rights ef navigation open to bock countries? Mr. Webster said, that in bta view, so for from there belt j| en immediate necessity for action upon tt.e notice.? wauid be the better course to peetpob* the subject for e month. All desire that Congress shall bring this ar gument te e close ; end if we wonld close it ietever, wo mu>t put aa end to the notice. But while we desire this, it becomes us to see that if pressed here te act npon the notice new. we must oall for nil informs ion ilnur to that whlgh tho Pi eeidoat submitted at the beginning ef the eessiOD. He did set propose to pat the question of postponement, bht he suggested this step te these who nod tho conduct of affairs in the 8seats, the! the imme diate cell for letters sad correspondence *hioh it would be Inexpedient to give, may bo svoided; *w; that wo may see mere conclusively whether there will be any necessity for the notice at all.. Hemsds this suggestion with the fullest ^ ithe notice would not aid fenegotiation.- J Lot uo pause,until we shell be elTtiiia strongest coeisiderations suggesting the passage w hit noticeMr. Webster islMraieii that "sown choice would be that the ueasiforatieu of thenetfossheuid be iiMiiMHMfl far om month ; nod thit hi im rtmluUM of Iromelnconvenlenoe, h* further suggested that R might be permitted te lie upon the UbU fcr some days Mr Allrn said that the expressed wish of the henv tor from Massachusetts to have tho reseiutieo of tho Senator from Delaware postponed for soma days, ren dered ? eonecessery to diaeute tho inexpediency ef its adoption at tbis time But the Senator bed mods this the occasion lor mote important mat or of remark than the more expediency ef this re?tartan it was undoubted

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