Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Val.HU l?01.WMaR?.?3M, NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 2, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMB* GORDO* BBWHRTT, Proprietor, Clronlation...FortT Tho^jmnd DAILY HERALD?Misery day Price 1 mm pereoyy rVVZ"l^a,H^KAL5^'ETeTT Butr^.,m 6* cut "iDTa-nS^Sft' ? MTWW. PRINTING of ill km* mwrf ?**?,. beauty and dee patch &jusz :^?TT.?f,sri??z?R ?.c?.rau-..j!^^ssrs,?fi. n,_ ? frmnut of the gates? ? "g HERDMAN k CO.. United Brgtee and O- fot Britain and lrolind Emigrant Office, * * Sooth street, New York T IN, KEENAN k Co., LiTprjxiol. i Greet Arirnc end Ireland I via Liverpool) by the regular Packet Ship* railing every five daye. The eubeeribera ie culling the attention of old ooentrymee and the public generally to their unequalled arrangement! for bringing oat parnengen from the old country, beg to ntate that preclude an unnecenaary delay of the emigrant. The nhipn em ployed in thin Line are well known to be the lirtt and largeat clue, commanded by men of experience; and aa they nail every five dayi, am. offer every facility that can be furnialted. W ith those nnperior arrangements, the aahacriben look forward for a continuation of that patronage which haa been no liberally ex tended to them for no many yearn past. la cane any of thoee engigeddo notemhark.the pannage money will be refunded aa customary, hot farther partic u Drn^r('-I"11J? 61 South atreet.New York. HERDMAN. KEENAN It CO.,, Liverpool. M. ft ?Draftn for any amount can aa nnnal he furnished, paeahleat afl the principal Banking Institutions throoghontthe United Kingdom, on application an above. aire NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. t On and nfUr Monday, March 16th, the boat* of thia Ferry will ran vj follows until further notice:? l.eave 8'aten Inland 6, 16, II A. M. 1,5, P. M. Leave New York t, II, A. M.; 1, 3>a, 6. P. M. N. 9 ?All freight at the risk of the owners thereof, ml? re xnuwakr. AND NEW YORK. FARE 12X CENTR .rTTi?S-I?wjdid ISteamer PASSAIC, Capt John 'iV1 , commence her trip* (or the season nutii lander noC:-0" 7' M%rth 16th' ? follows, at 7h?*Tvi^rrY^ir I Leave Bare'ay ?t., New York, ITrIi.K?.L 2j-A M- I * O'clock P. M. ..fjyi'j-y?*!1??ery TQMontMe rates, for which there are Pu?,, hL?. ? Ne wark and New York. The ed ud SL. *5? "a ^ck saloon, elegantly furnish Vl2 fm*rc t00m bolh for fre,?1,t "d Passengers. Sln^'???vJJIiICORN? FROM BOSTON, FO,k HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. The Steamer UNICORN left Liverpool for Baeton the 19th inst, and will sail in about two days after her arrival in Boston, for the pons of Halifax, N. S.,and St. Johus, Newfoundland ?,iSVr-a?,*?b',J',iDJf elegant accommodations, ap ply to MARNDEN A Cd!T 6 Walt st. New V oik v n -ru v.ilARNDEN A CO., 9 Court st. Boston. e ..e Unicorn, from Boston, wilt wait at Halifax the arrival 01 ,)tc steamer of * pril 4, from Liverpool. al r REGULAR MAIL. LINE BETWEEN BOSTON A NEW YORK, 'by the fast and splendid steamers OREGON .and KNICKEBBOLKER. Jhr steamer ? ? HEGOIM, command.d by Captain A. P.St. John, and KNICKERBOCKER, commended by Captain 8. Thayer, will ran throughout the sessnn, from the 1st dsy of April, in connection with the Stoniagton and Providence and Boston and Providence Railroads, leaving New York dai ly, Sundays excepted, from pier No. 3 NorthViver, at S o'clock r M., aid Stoning ion at 9 o clock P. M., . . . . ,? or upon the arrival of the mail tram from Boston. Thase steamers a>e unsurpassed in speed, splendor and com fort having each of them SO luge commodious private state rooms,anaberthsfor390parsons, besides large private rooms for families and parties The steamers are oAcered by the moat experienced men, and will shorten the passage between New York and Boston from Ui to I hours, tn-reby a ; ./?>?. ?wsi.,iii-ii.y arriving in ample time for all the lines running from New York, north, south and west, and all th*.met front Beaton, north snd east. The OR r.UON will leave New York?Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Leave Ptoningtnn?Monday, Wednesday and Friday. _Th? KNICKERBOCKER will leave New York?Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Leave Stoningt"D?Tuesday, Thnrsdry and Saturday. For passage or freight enquire an board of the boat, at pier Wa. 3 N. R., or of _ GEO. E. FAIRCHILD. No. 19 West street, mMUmfh orofJNO H.RICHMOND, Providence. PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANV. Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at ( o'clock, P.M. ?Flroin the yier between Courtlamit and Libert* itl. aMQ ag Steamboat COLUMBIA, Cspt. Wm. H. AnasnamSpPeek. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, SESMEBLand Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRICK HUDSON. Cspt. R.O.Cratten dsn, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. at< o'clock. At 6 o'clock P. M., Lauding at Intermediate Places. ' From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R H. Fury, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock _ 8teunboat SOUTH AMEBICA. Capt. L. W. Brainard.will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'elnek. The above boa's will, at nil times, arrive in Albany in ample tim-for the morning ca's for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates,and i.our taken afteri o'clock f.M. A11 persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the Csptsins or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to r. C. Schnltt, at tha office on the wharf. rr30r THE JPropretors of steamboats wishing Bells hnng, wonld do well to pay a visit on board tha steamboats Niagara. Iron Witch, Governor, iron boat John Stevens, Wooitrr, Traveller, Ac., aud examine H. Homer's Improved Style of Bell Hanging?pnt up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H7H. No. I Aan street mrtf lm*r NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVKR Wfr^fW POOL?Packet of 30th of March.?The MMHussailing and fovorite packet ship ROSCIUS, 1190 toea burthen. Captain E. Eldridge, (being unavoidably detained,) will positively sail on Saturday, April 4th The rccommodationa of this magnificent packet are une qualled for splendor aad comfort, both m cabin, second cabin and strcrage. Persons wishing to saenre berths should not foil to malm early application on board, at the foot of Wall street, or to W.AJ.T.TAP8COTT, sir 75 Booth street, corner of Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL-New Lioeafacket of 4th ail IP RC kMfjfV April.?Ths very splendid packet tilftfc ROSCIUS, JwiSwfoiEldridge master, will be unavoidably detained until the 4th April. Passengers may rely upon her sailing positively that day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unsurpassed for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans whirf, foot of Wall street, or to K K. COLLINS A CO.. 39 South street. Packet ship Siddoos, E.B.Cobb, master, will succeed the a. ana ? Bosons, snd sail 2Clh April, her regular day. REGULAR LINE OF PACKET SHIPS?Packet iHVho' the Uh April?The Brat class, last sailing pack-1 JNMaeet ship ASHBURTON.Capt.How laud,burthen 1000 toua. will sail as above, her regular day._ I t'.ua. will sail as above, hsr regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin. 2d cabin and sh-crago passengers, persons intending to auWrk, should raike iinmedute apt iicabou on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or MeMl KltAV. ? Corner Pine and South streets ? Tha picket ship J. R. 8KIDD Y^Jjap^Skiddy^ burthen 1000 mm * A", ,u * ?** bb* km making spplieatiou as above. moderate terms, by FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Louaiaaa aad New pIljBIVYorh LiDe.?Poaitiv-ly First Regular packet, to ??il pscaa^hip Packetslup SHAK^FeaRk elegant, font'sailm. .i5"? S'?~ Agent n Now Orleans, JAB- E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all roodi to his address. Packet bark E. Hi CHAPIN, Welch, mastar. will sucMed IAPIN, Welch, master, will succeed the Sisakspears, aud sail April ltth, her regular day al jflkidJ! jBBboa Paeket ship BALTIMORE, for Havre, will ba lilt" "" ~ detained until the 3d inst. Passengers will please br board st pier No. 4 North river, Thursday morn ing, 2d l ist, st 12 o'clock precisely The mail will close at the Post Office, and letters be takan om the Reading Room* at half past II o'clock. air FOR SALE, The fine clipper built sehr ACTIVE. coppered and ecopper fastened. 113 tons r g stared, well f und in u -very th ug. She can be seen at the foot of Rut gets ti < i. r.. R. For perticalan, apply at 37 Pearl il al S.'rh J. M BOVES. PACKETS FOR H A VRi.-8*eond Lios-Ths .packet ship UTICA, Cape. F. Hewitf, will sail oa ' '"jsfvs njkcKU* s2rh 9 Tontine Buildings, 99 Wa'l at. FOR SALE, The fast sailing Schooner EAOLE?la ti tons n ? gister, carries M0 bbls, or123 tons, and ia complete i order lor any voyage ; will be sold low, if applied lor immediately. For terms Ac., apply to " HARRISON PRICE. 19 Cc ? mfl l?'r HARRISON PRICE. 19 Coantiea slip 1'ACsgf p OR MARSElULa.8.?The ship MIS mHCTW SOURI, Captaia Sylvester, will be deti,ned until JHMfoi thc 3th r,.i Height or passage, apply to '.M ambVhlain a Uh. CH AMBERLAIN A PHELPS, or to 1 A^enu. BOYD A HINCKEN. L - " rheumaT1sm:| t'omponid Syrop of the Hydriodate of Potaiu 8ARSAPAR1LLA, sjtd YELLOW DOCK ROOT. THE ABOVE is prepared from the purest articles, and ia recommended as tha beat sad only sura care of Rheums* ttim At this eraseu of the yearAsperislly, it is of tha greatest importance, as It Will leioovesll iiuue .x rcmely naplrasant svmptom., (severe iwioa, stilTneas of the jomu, back shoul ders, tsc EC.) it Ihiud, tmriAds.ajsd quickens the csraulauon. and leaves every part of the animal acoaomy in a perfect slate nf health. The Tirtaes of eueii anicie have long ' , nf health. The Tirtaes of eMh anieia Kara long beau known ?ryrjajly mcraaaod. ^ R|NO, IN Brandwuy. SL TO LET THE HOUSE No. 11 Orchard street. Enquire of A. SAMSON. mil lw*rc 44) p,.?i >t. TO LET. THE LOWER PARTof the int two story Home No. lit Cherry ?trret?Front and hack potior, nicely pa pored and finished, with kitchen, bed-roams, lie. Arply premises, nr at No IX C Perry st mti Iw'r tEOR BALE, at Centrertlle, Scaten ltlaud, two milea from Port Richmond, a neat well bnilt cottage and out buildings, with 10 acres ot land, elevated and beanti itaated, and in good order. Apply to H. It 8. RAY NOR, 79 Bowery, or mrM lw'm O. M. LA KOROE, on the premiaea. TO LET, No. 141 Mercer street, a first claaa two itory brick home, in good order, uearSt Thomas Church, and ouly 1 lew steps from Broadway. Lot 23 by 100 feet. Apply irnadway, or 94 Maiden Lane. Alio, the brick itore and dwelling III Broadway. Apply aa nboye. m311t?re Mi1! at T37 Br BR TO LET?The neat three atory brick home No. 13 PHm Church street. The house is in good order, with Cro XJ&ton water, it haying been painted and repaired last fall. Poasraaion can be given immediately. Can be seen from 19 to II A.M., and from 1 to 5 o'cloek. For further particulars apply to K. HEATH, No. M Chambers street, basement, from 11 to 1 o'clock. m!4 Steod'rc TO LET OR. FOR SALE, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable and | Coach House attached, with about an acre of laud, the ^principal part of which is well stocked with fruit and shrubs, and en losed wi'h a picket fence. The stagea pass every teu minutes w.thin live minutes' walk of the honse. Situation between 110th and tilth streets. Kor further informa tion apply to JOHN BATHOATE, 154 Ninth street, or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mrll lm*re a S burg, L. KOR BALE, OK TO LE (\ ontti moat reasonable terme, three two-story Dwelling t.rnsee, in North Sixth, between 8ixth and Seventh streets, Williams burg, L. I. Two of the above are new, and intended aa genteel residences, being finished in the beat manner, and supplied with spring and rain water in the kitchen, and coal vaults in front, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain reared, at 9 per cent. Enquire on the premises, or of robert Angus, fll lm*nto 99 Wall street TO LET, 4. AHOUSE AND BARN, with aboutsirtsenloti of % ground, situated in the vit'nyeof Hastings, Westehestsr Irounty, Stain of New Vork. within a few minutes lp?f the steam bou landing. Said place u dieted into gar dens, which are well stocked with font- Aluo, a p ****ot grove with a atrrsin of water, and several food springs. Pos session sis be gireu immediately, For farther particulars, ap Tly at t^.tom of Mr Sclosser. Hasting's Landing, or of slim"* MR. ECKKHT. 72 Mnrray st. New York. TO LET, IN FuK I LEE, N.J., M. A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with abont 4 acres of (flA ground and a number of wooden buildings, m tolerable ss'sia?sft da. ml lm*tc ml> lit - oiiiRRV FOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?Situ at?onthe Psssaie river, in North Belleeille, formerly l??rm >--i?i? to Abraham Joralemon, Esq. Said quarry has been extensieel/ worked for thiitv years past, and is one of^the^urt Quarries of free stone in New Jersey, and is in WordSfffVStSng. Tt-P-jmi-^^o/f^wjUj S^of tariff * "the qnawy^wparate, if desired. For farther particular^ enquire ol the subscriber, at the poet office m B j'^HN b iXOYD. j Bellerille, Feb. 11.1?4*- "n*mc | NOTICE. u | a DWELLING HOUSE8, STORE?and eacant Lots, for sale rent or exchauge. Invustui enu made on pro ductire'Real Estate, that will .P?T" on ten to tweuty percent on the purchase money, with an iJ crease in ralue ISfiSr?6, ~npvu~ ta,tanabiffiiar Third Ayenne, , tiolu< specifications and contracts for buildings, furnished here or at No^Broad "JJ.t. auh. short ".Sr/m-rc Architect? TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, XV/ A A y a row1 , __ u TWO New three story and basement bnek Houses, flb with the privilege of free ferriage, now in coarse of eom pietion which will be ready for occupancv on or before They will be fitted in beautiful style and be re rd*m wi'th alltL ate improvements.. They each contain 11 r the kitchen, finished with marble mantels and h^rTe?t?^rouXut and are SI feet front by M deep, with m&ESnwtoidm^aUingn. The situation is delight ST- rnLaViaw efthe riyer, bay and city, and is minSte?. wait of the ferry! where the new ferry SK Apply at the ferry at Hobokeu. miaiw . .. lJESiKABLE RESIDENCE IN HROOKLYN_ THE FOUR SlORY Brick Basement Hous^ wiih double stair-eases, in excellent condition. No. 7 1i H -y JuUstreet, Brooklyn, next to corner of kultou street, and 5Tth!n fire minutes' walk of the Fulton Ferry?Bent $150. ALSO TO RENT IN BROOKLYN, Three of the twottorr and attic brick Hon?e?y with buemenf andTndlr celCrbuTlt in the best manner and modern .tyle, 0a,hVrP.Vrt?or '^TONnSTi^hTlL, m?nw?ro Corner of Pearl and Beekman ?ts TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, ^4 WHO DESIRE a Handaome and Capacious Stow in one of the most crowned and flonruhmg thoroughfares I...M _r Brooklyn?The undersigned hes now e.ecied, in MySi Arenue. nwn dry goods .tore, which is dmng M im^ measa bus uess. s fine three story bnek hand ng. 24 leet iroiu bv 40 feet deep with handsomely finished parlors, be , a lirge and commodious store. sod... excellent and epscions bme m._, ir w;ii Km finished. and ready l#r potacaiion before the first of Msyi will be en excellent location fors * bu.inesa,sod will be let low tonjood m20 tw*r 14i Myrtle Ayenue. HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. tA PLEASANT country mat ?? the Tillage of Madi son, Morris county. New J- "W-' J? Elf walk of the boauufml residence of Wm, Gibbous, uq? .bout 24 miles from Now Vork eity?communication to and from twice a day, any day m the Tear, per Morn, and La tex Railroad. Said place contains abont one sere, on which are Two Houses and s Barn, with s first rs'e well ?f water^ (Jood schools and churches in the immediate ^ nmmiiMg ffirik located in a commanding position, overlooking She whole Tillage; And is one of iho moat desirebie PB JJ) rw! feina within two minatra walk of the railroad de not whic\i renders it conrenient for a person doing businessin the city, who dec ir-o to retire m the country. For particulars enquire, or addreos to the subscriber^ ^ THo8gPSON, (24 im?re Mornstown. N. J. ^4 FOR 8 ALE?On Terr ftvorabla terms, or to Let, four th,., itory and basement briek dwelling Houses, inHo lliktokro! now in course of completion, sn5 to be resdy for ne^^anevby May first. They will be fitted in beautiful style wuh^inL ls^iIprVrements. They each contain 11 rooms broide. the kitchen. and finished with marble mantel., and Mack orates throughout. Two of thesei houses are 31 feet front by 53 feet deep; and two of them 24 feet by 44, with wide ""The7 sltumioncommnotSi n fine yiew ol ihe"Te^.b*J crossing in 2 to 10 minntet-, nnd eyory half hour to L?B?' Christopher streets. Terms of yearly commuUtion of iho fer rTA7t?ft*e*purchase money can remain on mortgage, st? per ee^u t*^'T 10 /. A. STEVENS, Jr., Hobokeu. EXTRA EARLY PEAS.?The subscribers haTe ie mBK eeiyed and offer for sal# their annual supply of vegetable, Sum field and Bower Seeds, which are warranted genuine, vis* E Warwick. Cedonulli, Nimble Dick, Seimetar. Msich ^ Marrow. Victoria Marrow. Woodford's Green Marrow. nrnf M.rroi> Till 8ocir, fitc . IiCm York? b. Vr elliogton, E 8ugnr Loaf'nod Oi SKtrt Cnbbtgw, E. RwdinH Md with a general assortment of the best known VegeUble Seeds, ^w bushels Wheat, nnd early ash Imved kidney Pots torn* on* of toe largest collections of Annas], Biennial and Pe r tnn laTt'lo wer Seeds.with n general nnsorunnnt of green house PIBo7n?u!rcot^!edCof the most delicsU and fragrant flow "MWr" DUNLAP A THOMSON. $24 Broadway. THE ' INVISIBLE WIG. CJO closely resembles the real head of hair that aeeptien and S eonnoisaenrn have proi ouueed it the moat perfect and extra ^d.nwv Invention ofih* day. The great advantage! of thia novel and nniqoe wig is its bring made without sewing o* which causes its appearance* so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness nnd natural appearance, as to d*fvV*t#ction7its teiture being so bennnful. so porous and so free. tha* m all eaaea of P-rspiration ev.porWonHnnimpe .i _ j the Brent trill oi other wif? entirely tTOKjea# iw THE ~ fxii WHKKLFR Oculut No. 29 Oreeowich itreet, ?tw D YoVk ntnr the liati%. derote. hueiclatiTe tttention to public that thai there are nnf amongst tbn wmwg <l^?nsm to which iho ha man eye w snbjeet. any di^rde'tol tnat orj.u which c -nnot bo sssonually rnlwxnd nr enrndby gmjine TBit number of ondoabh-d twunoniili ^? eicted his office, w ill satisfy the pnol.c ihst his prsctinri. ^t exc.^l ed enher m extent or snccess by that of any other Genu i ihe^ife^ States^* ^ g A. M. to I o'clock P. M-, after which "?.^te'cir^Cmle. mid which will b. i-mrtml on pamphlet containing remarks on Discs*** of the Eye,'??h several insUneea of graat cures rffeetod by Dr. Wheeler s mod* of trraiment, cao be had gratuitously M his "J ik* same will be forwe rded to any one making applications him by Ist'er, pout pns.< _PJ7 lm ARTIFICIAL EVES. ? in tha United States. Any parson that wiahsa to be well suit ed, should always apply to the maker, who has been in tht srt forty years. mlilm'rc lePt off wardrobe and furniture xir ANTED ?Gentlemen and Ftmilies can obtain tbeftill W yalne for nil kinds of tnpvrflnous effecu they wish to disposo of sneh as Lodion and Gentlemen's Wanting Apparel, Uispose Ol, soen mm L-yuosryis. 4M Broadway, nP i .. j j IA n?f im-rc miTi i AKk tLttUIPMEftb?FOREMEN'S CAPS. U?Ur HVBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the A fall sssortment of erery variety eonsuntly on haod, and ?yj!"th-'h<yrn'GHATACAP.W Broadwar r ASTOR HOUSE BATHS, Entrance, No. 1 Vesey street, (Private door Actor How.) THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that the above Baths are in complete order. The bathing tubi are entire (?new, (copper,) and the lanteat id thia city. In point ot cleanliness and attention, the bat ha cannot be excelled. The Bathaarv open until It o'clock at night, (Saturdajnnght, 12.) ?br Price of a oath, 25 ccutt. The warm Sea Bathe at Detbroaaea (tract, are aa usual open from sunrise, until II o'clock P. M m2t lm*r HENK i C. HABINEAIJ, Proprietor IDLE HOUR BOOK. SHED?The " Idle Hour Boc es, with COO engravinga?price only 37 cents?re YU8T PUBLISHED?The " Idle Hour Book," containing V 300 pages, plete with Tun. Our Comic Almanaca, for 1(47. five in number, will be it aued in April. They will be the beat ever got up, and cheap at that. Specimen nuinberc a-nt by mail. The subscribers invite the atteution of the trade to iliieir unrivalled and lane variety of the vannua Itinda ol Childrru'a Books, Song Books, Prion ra, lie., togeher with colored Litho graphic Printa, tlie bear iu the market, 500 kinds m'.'J i in "re TURNER k FISHER. 74 COUNTRY MERCHANTS VI81T1NO the city of New York, are luvi'ed U ca'l and examine the complete and extenaive atock of Ae-onnt Booka. Stationery, Papar. Notorial, and Letter Copyiug Preia ea. Gold Peia, Quilla, Inka and Kluida, AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES (old bv STATIONERS, At the Lowest Possible Prices. RICH & LOUTREL, CI William at., mil lm*me one door below Cedar. IMPORTANT to EMIGRANTS GOING WEST. THE aubaeribera beg to inform their frienda and th* public that ihey forward passenger* to all pans of (he We> tern States and Canadaa via the railroad from Albany. It ia usual, at this season of the year, for those not acquainted with the ronte. to pay their taie to go by the canal, Fur their informa tion. we beg to atate that the earliest probable time the canal wi l be navigable, will be the 70 h Apr 1, and it mav be the lat May. Pe'sous, therefore, until that time, tnnst go by the rail road, tickets for which can he obtiiued 't the very loweat ratea, of W. fc J. i". TAPSCOTT. 73 South at., cor. of Maiden lane. N. B. Due notice of the opening of the canal will be given, mil rh CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the General Piices?JACOB VAN DERBILT, 36 Maiden Lane, between Wm. and Naaian streets,the cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy'a clothing establishment iu New York. N.B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which will be ?old wholesale or retail, aery' m20 lm*re MAKTfcLLE Ac HULDERMANN, 37 Maiden Lane, N. V., MANUFACTURES and Importers ol Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupea. Bands, Curls. 8eam<. Bandeau and Braid Hair, Dauguy a celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches lout, sad a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds ol Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade aupplied ou reasonable terms, nifl 1m*in TOBACCU, segars and bass. A A. 8AM.ANOS, No. 91 Broadway, up stairs, offers for a sale, a splendid assortment of ? hoice Segars, selected expressly for Pis establishment. Also, 40 bales of strictly prime Sr. J ago Tobacco, and a small lot of Bass, by wholesale and retail. ml9im*r HJ To the Tea, Coffee and Aup;ar Trade, frc.?Econo mists, Families, Hotel Keepers, See. J, S. SCOTT di CO., iVo. 76 Nassau street, corner of John, "AVINO purchased the tiisi lot of the new season's Teas, . possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, and so rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a laige vsrie ty of Orern and Black Teas, of the best quality only, inclu ding the old fashioned Sonchoug and English Breakfast Tea. such as used to lie imported twenty years ago The stock of Coffee, Sugars, kc., needs no comment, as they are selected of the finest quality. J. 8. SCOTT It CO. are also supplied with a stock of fresh | imported Glasgow Spiced Hams; old English Cheeses of great | variety and flavor. .All goods bought will be delivered within five mitce of the city free ol'charge. And all orders from tne country, with en closed remittances, will meet the same honorable dealing as if selected by the paitiesXhemselves J. S. SCOTT It CO.76Nassaust, m30 1m m near John sr. FUME BATH. TO ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we wonld say go aud try Dr. Swstt'a Sulphur Fame Bath, 304 Broadway. The peculiarities of it are such, that it cmeseffectaally this complaint, and also all other diseases of a chronic nature^ such as Scrofula, Gout, Salt Rheum, dis eases of the Skio, Joints, kc. The charges are so modera ted, as ro fetch it within the means of all. mt9 Im'm SARONI & ARCHER, 181 Water street, corner of Maiden lane, HAVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Cape. Silk and Far H.-ts, of every description, and Spring style, Straw and Panama Hats. Also, Oil Silk, Glazed Lawn, Vixors and Cap-stocka. which they offer at very low prices. Dealers aed maunfactnres will do well to examine their stock before pnrchaaing elsewhere. mil lm' mJO 3w FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS?Having just re ceived by the Havre packets Zurich and Francis 1st, a fresh assortment of French Flowers and Materials of the best quality and latest styles, at low priest, we take pleasure to invite the dealers in the same articles, to call aud examine, at BRUN, LAROSlERE k COURT, mI71m*sie 116 Williams: FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOWITZ k BECKER. No 14 John straet, have jail open ed a splendid assortment of French Artificial Flowers, materials for flower makerx, kc. kc. which they offer to the trade, at low prices. n.IS Im'mc M. WISE, OPTICIAN, FitOM GERMANY, Y7 OST RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of New IvJ- NewYork.and the public in general,that he has located himself in Una city, at NO. 437 BROADWAY, Where may be found a Urge and complete assortment of SPECTACLES AND HEADING GLASSES, In Gold, Silver and Steel Frames M. W. would also remind the.publie, to whom he is partially known, by hit annual visits to Saratoga Springs for the last ten years, that by his knowledge of the Optical science, he is enabled to det*rmiue the gl issei suitable for any eye Per sona with *eak ayes can be supplied with glasses wnich will greatly benefit and not strain Tne sight Particular attention is called to a new style of Perspective Ground Glass, of the finest llint, which, through their high Knlish and trne ground, produce the purest vision, and have een highly recommended as the best in their effect upon the eye, for preserving and improviug the tight ia continued writing and reading. Shortsighted persons,and inch as have been operated upon for Cataract, can also be sailed. He inserts new Glasses, of superior quality, in old frame*, and solicits the patronage of nil in want of nia articles. I will warrant all Spectacles purchased from me to suit the sight for five years, or exchange them without extra charge. mt7 ltn*r DR. SWAYNE'Si Compound Syrup if Wild Gharry, THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor la Dw, It may truly be ?aid, that no one h*? ever been so successful in com pounding a medicine, which has done so much to relieve the human family, to rob die ease of its terrors, sad restore the Invalid to Health and comfort, as the Inventor and Proprietor of that most desar redly popular family megieine, Da. Swavisc's CoMrouivr Srace or Wild CHxmav.and none has been so generally pa tronised by the profession and others, both in this country and in Europe, nor has thera ever been so great an effort, ia the short space ol only a<x or seven years, to deecive the credu lous and nnlmnking, by patting up Nostrums kinds, of various kinds, by various individuals, sffising the name of Wild CHxanr.and as much of the name of the original prepare tion as will screen them from the lash of the law, and one of the Impostors who pats oat the common paregeric of the ?hops, and calls it the Balsam or Wild Chkrbv. baa had the impudence to station the publie against the Original Pre paration, Dr.Swavrk's CoMrounD Svaur or Wild Chmbv, which is doinx so much good in the world BkWARE OF SUCH IMPORTERS. And purchase none bat tht original and only genuine article, aa prepared by Dn Swat nr. which is the only one compound ed by a Regular Physician, and arose from many years eloee attention to the Practice of the Profession, and which Ird to ihia great discovery. Thousands and tens ol thousands of the best testimonial* of the unparalleled success of Dr. Swayne'a Compound of Wild Cherry, for the enre of Consumption! fitting Blood, Liver Complaint, Tieklinf or rat. Nervous Debility, Weakness of Voice, Coughs. Colds, Spitting moon, ur Rising in the Throat, Nervous Debt ,, , Palpitation or Disease of the Heart. Pain in the Side or Breast, Broken Coaatitntioa from various causes, the abuse of ca o mel, kc.. Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping C ugt<, kc .were declared to the world years before say othar preparation I of Wild Chubey c me out. The most setsKieal may satisfy I themselves as to the truth of the above by a little inquiry ia Philadelphia- The genuine article ia prepared only by Dr. iffle* has been removed to N. V" SwAVtsg, whose office has been removed to N. W. corner of Eighth tad Race street*, Philadelphia. The Balsam and other spun'ews articles of Wild Cherry hat been sold out, tad resold oat, aud the proprietors are obliged to resert to Falsi: - hood and ST*ATAOr* to make Ihrlr own out of it The ge nuine aiticle is put ep in plain atyle, in square bottles, eovrret. with a blue wrapper, with a yellow label, with the proprietor ? aigoatnre attached. err- The Pnnlie ere requeued to remember thai it is Dr SWAYNEH COMPOUND BYRUP OF WILD CHER RY that has and is repea'sdly performing .such miraculous cures of ciseases which have baffled the skill of the Profes sion, sad set nt defiance the whole ca'alo?n* of Patent Medi etuis, which are daily puffed through the organs of the press. Therefor*, asb for Dr. RWAYNE B COMPOUND BYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, aed pan base no other. Auxists m Ngw Yong?Charles H. Rin , Druggist, 191 Broadway, comer of John street: Sands, 1M Bowery ;?Vanwr, W nleerker street: Dodd, 771 Broadway: Lewie, 517 Green wich stre.'t: Hart, M Or and street; Everett, M Hudson street; or Bailey, comer of Fulton and Sends streets, Brrooklyn. ft* I m*m CURE OF CORNS. JgUNIONs, TUMORS, EXCRESCENCES, Bad Nails, jv lie.?No. 439 Broadway, between Howard and Grand St. MRS. BF.RHARD. from Paris, has the honor of inform ing tha public that she still contrasts tJ practice upon the feet with the greatest ancceat, hieing exclusively devoted her time to those diseases, to which the lart are subject. She is confident ia promising that she will entirely remove corns from their irritating and painful location, without canting the least pain or possibility of danger, or making the blood flow. The operation will not occupy more then fonr to five minutes, aed the relief so insuntaaeons that persons thus treated can immediately put on their shoe* and walk without the least in convenience. Mrs. B. his practised her profession for several years ia Eu rope and >n this country, and has acquired great skill and mnrh Practical experience. Facta attested by numerous certificates fiom_the most celebrated physicians of New York, Boston, and Philadelphi moder i Terms moderate for yearly attendance. _ No. 439 Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets, Now York. mil lmo*rt aKOHOI A LUMBER CO. Notes wanted at * per diseoant, by D. R I'M K. - diseoant, by ml Jm*re It W?|l street L'AK.vie.H8 AND MILL KM BANE, Htgerscwn. Md k The Notes of thia !??*.? ison bought at on* per coat das ?isi-x Sl ?0 TO MILLINERS. ^ i CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated' i wt premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, inform* the public in Ben], that he ha* for aale a moat spleudid aaaoriment of lea Fancy STRAW HATS, manufactured of an entire new article, called Paris Straw Gimp. made to the shape of ! the Shepherdneea Gipsev?>o beautiful and becoming, they need only be aeeu to be admired. Milliner*, aud merchant* of ! the trade, will do well to call and eiamiue before they make i their purchase*, a* the goods will be sold by the case or doxen at a very liberal price. 1 CARL KINO, 17 Division street. N B.-A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods ; and Pan* Ribbons always on hand. 123 lm'r i 8THA IV B ONNET8. L. CHAP1N, No. 12 John atreet, near Broadway up stairs, ha* on hand a Rood assortment ol Fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market prices. Milliners and others are invited to call before purchasing elsewhere. mrU lm*r SPRING fashion. m BROWN It CO., 171 Chatham Square, corner of Mott d^reatreet, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and finish of their $3 Hats,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important considerations to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert theidliata tu be much superior to suv ever before sold for the same twice. Call and satisfy yourself of this fact. mSO lm'rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. WHY will you pay 94,34 and 93 for a Hat, when yon can go to ROBKRTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND GAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, and get as good a one for 93,30? Oo and examine lor your selves. inrlt 1 rn're ? premium boots. . KINK FRENCH BOOTS for 63 30, eity made, and are Iweqoal to tho.e ioIiI iu other itorea lot $6. Km* French ?Calf Bool, for 14 30, to th-be.t made ia thu city AFforg6orf7, at YOUNG fc JONES' French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, oue of the moil fashionable in the city.? Our Boot* haviug been jodged in ihe late Fair at Niblou, are said to be the beat ever sold in thia city. All Boota warranted to fire ra'iafaction. Mending. kc. done in the Store. YOUNO It JONES, 4 Ann atreet. m33 Im'm near Broadway. New York. J BOOTS AND SHOES?The Public are invited to call and examine the large aaaoitment of gentlemen a. la diea and iniaaea Boota, Shoea and Uaitera, in all their van. tiea, which are to be found at the cheap caah atore of mil Im'r H. BIOOAM. Ul Canal at., corner Sullivan. NEEDLE te FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, 77 Alatltlcn Lane. WM. CROWLEY It SON, manufacture? of the above artielea, respectfully inform the importere of New Yoik and other citiea, that they have now on hand a large atoca of the above articles, which they ate willing to sell at a small <o vaace from the manufacturing prices. Any of the trade, or im porter., can have their needleelabelled with their own name. P. 8. ? Robert Cbowlkv, importer of Sheffield and Bis minghnm (Inndi, io part of the ahove atore fls Im re NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL Sc FOOTE, No. 30 John atreet 13 H E subscriber. hare eetabltahed a CLOTH STORE at No. 39 John atreet, end having jnat received a large and well aelected atock of desirable gooda, would invite the atten tion ofpurchasers to their aaaortmeat, conauting m part of the ^FRENCH. ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN cLoths and cassimeres, Drap d'Kte; Deap d'Foie; Fancy Tweeda: and a full itock of Summer Gooda; Baua; Sergei; Veleets;and a large assortment of the newest and moat fashionable style of laucy Casatmerea "AUoTa^aH atock of TAILORS'TRIMMINGS. The at tsntioa of Tailors is particular!? requested to our stock, as ci uaordiuan* tuduceuir.uU will be offered them, and they are re elTawheiT.inT' to e"mU^NoVpTELY?FO(5TE!'",n'1 ft7 lm*r No- 39 John atreet. i SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT OF 1 W. H. DEGROOT & CO. No. IO* KuJton 8treet, WHKRK the following grest attractions will bepresented: Cloth Coats, from $? to $16 ; Alpacca Costt. from $2.40 to $5 ; Thiu Coatsof Linens, Ginghams and Prints, from 75 rents ti $2-50 ? Cassimere Pants.from $3 to $6 -.Merino Pants, from $2 to $3.50; Drilling, and other Summer rants, from $1 to $3 ; Satiu Vests, from $2 to $4 ; Summer Vests, from 75 cents to $1.75. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cissimeres, and Vestinga, which will oa made to order to suit the most fastidious. Boys' Clothing, equally cheap?which prices are ADMITTED to be twenty-five per cent cheaper than auy other atore in the citv. ?>21 lm rc CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. THIS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY comprise# an en tirely anfe and novel application ol the myeterioui power of Galvaniem a. a remedial agent, by meana ol which the or dinary battrrieae, lactric and magnetic machine* aie entirely dispensed with, and the power applied in a manner effectual, much cheaper, and with perfect convenience and aal'ety. The Gslvamc Ritan* in connection with the Man nktic Fluid, hava been uaed with entile aneceaa in all ra?ea of RHEUMATISM, eente or chronic, applying to the hear', face or lunba ; Gout, Tic Doloreux, Toothache. Bronchitis, Nervoua or Hick Headache, Indigeation, Paralysis, Palsy, Ei ilaptic Fits, Cramp, Palpitation of th# Heart, Apoplexy, Stiffness of Jointa, Spinal Complaint*, Lumbago, Nj-nralgia. Nervoui Tremor*, Dizxineaa ol the Head, Pains in the Head and Side, general Debility. Deficiency ef Neivoua and rhy ' aical Energy, and all Nervoea Diaordera. In case* of Dys 1 pepiia, which it .imply a nervoua derangement of the dijre. - tive organ., they have been found equally sneeeaslul The I Kings are of different price*; being made of all sixes, ana of varioui oniamrutal pattrrn*. and can be worn by the moat deli i care female without the slightest inconvenience. I THE OALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS ' Ac., are modi cation, of the invention, and are recommended in more chronic carta of diaeaae, where the Ring, do not po. .eat aufficient intenaity or power. They are adapted to the wai.t,aim., wri.t., anele., cheat, or any part of the body with peifect rue. Any galvanic power that i. required may thu. be obtained, and no compl.iut which the my.tenoua ageut of Gtlvani.m can affect, will fail to be jwnnaaeaUy relieved. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID ia used io connection with the Rings and their inodifiuationn. Tnia compontion has been pronounced by the r reach Che mists, to be one of the most vol sable discoveries ol modern science It is believed to possess the remarkable power ol rendering the nerves sensitive to Galvanic action, by Uitt meana causing a concentration of the mtluence at the seat ol disease, and thus giving ran id and permanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. Thaaa article* form an imporunt addition to the Galeamc Ringa, acting u|>on the came principle, but having the advan tage of more local application. At on tjrrctual mrant Jor ?Strengthening (he tvtlrm wben dtbililalrd bu diteate or other cau.c.; at a certain old in conililutional ?eeakneti; at a prmntire far coldt, and in all ajfrtlioni of IM cbettKtntr allu.lht (IALVASIC STRENliTHESIS(iPl~lt>TFR will be luund of grvat and permanrut advantage. The reader ia referred tonumtrooa C0P-HOMK CERTIFICATES,-?0 publi.hed in the N. Y. Sun, Mirror, Tribune, Atlaa. and other paper.. The.e teilimoniali, all of which are from the moil re ?pect.ble .onree., have l>e#n selec'edfromseyeral hundred of a similar character, which have been procured during the abort time the discovery ha. beaa before th# American public. Only Agency in New York So. 134 Fulton .trrrt, Sun Jr/"c5iUTION?Beware of tpuriout imitationi of the.* article*. Meaart. A. B. It U. SAN D8 are not, and never have been. agenU for Dr. Christie. nor can I warrant at genuine any irt>clea called "Galvanic" which are o^red by thoabove men tionrd him. L). O MUUtlTlIjAi/, Agent Genera' for the United Btatea, mr34 lm'rc 131 Knlton ttreet. New 1 Qrfc. The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital HOO.OOO Dollar*. Omen 41 Fultoh aTBggr, BuoogLin. HAVING their capital very newly entire, continue to take riaka oa buLdiags, machinery, merchandixe and property generally, on their usual favorable torma. This company has passed through the two greatest eouflsgrations that have ever oceuired ia the jMuntry ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively alight loaaea to Bie ay.tem which hip, have alwaya pmctited of limiting and aetftaring their risks. All loeae# wkieh tke company may .u.tain willbe adju.ud ami Paid promptly a. ^DtXAMATER. lTflmia'rc E. C. FINN. Secretary. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY { NrwYoua p pbruary 3d, IMC. J AT AN ELECTION for Director* ol lit.* Institution, for the enaning year, held thia day,the following namod gen Jmnwr.^bA Thorn a. WThorae. Kliaha Rifga, Thomaa T. Woodruff, Anton Baker, B. R. Hobaon, M D. Joaeph Drake, Thom.on Trice, J.oeeph Allea, Moaea Tucker, Jama# E^Holmeg, John H. Daviaou, John T. Moore, John H. Ul, William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnnia, Thomaa Morroll. Francia T Safe, Snf*"#w?'r.',ift' John C. Memtt, Robert Sn.ilh. t a .nbarqnent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. ORNE, Ewi . wae rouUctod Tre.i<l<mtjbr the eesmuy Tear GKO. T HOfK. Berr?tarv G rve NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCH ELOR'i new invented Wiga and Scalp* ?o perfect ly resemble the aatnraj bair as to defy detection lt i. bow .enreely a matter of regret losing an indifferent head ol hair, when a new ooa, perfectly adapted to the conntenanee ' atyla of erery wearer, and withont any of the relation. > Ions ei peri en ceil by wig wearers, can be procured street, near Broadway T$ and atyla 04 ernry wearer, and witho difficulties to long experienced by wig at WM. BATCHKLOH'S, 1 Wall Rem or ed from 163 Broadway STRIKER'S SOLI/1 ION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few miantea. Those who denbt i'a virtues, art requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If hnm bng. would take thia method there would be ao reason to com plain. Gentlemen can hava their whiskers and hair changed to any color or shade ia a few minutes. Private room, forenang (n| the hair. None genniae nnleaa signed " 11. Striker," ia red ink. One trial will prove the feet. Sold wholeeale aad retail, and applied at No 3 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hail of Records, New York, np ????r*. iM ,0,^1, * Biwoaaa aad Spring a reel*. The entire et ll,M leet rreen eat evo M.ttedo do aha '?'*1 i/l nt ?JCTW K?*?wood FSNe. r. 13,666 'nik*' * ,**h' 'H and 1 i, eh Mahogaa 13# leg. Mahogany, 36 do Rosewood.6 do Zebrxwood. V lor. W.r.nwnod fce . ft, )aif |n.*m &HAFER & CO., n.?AIL?RS AND DRAPERS, 8*'l Broadway, near Park Place. A RE NO W RECEIVING, by the Havre ?n en ?\. tirely new assortment of the flre.t !<eda < Cloth, and La. ?imtraa, adapted to ih* early spring trade Having coacladed a permanent arrangement, aa eatter, with Mr. f. Andnot, late of the Rae Caaltglione, Taria, well knows to moat ol ear faah ?ooablas who hav* viaited Earopn, they art aow prepared to eincata ordora in a style ef nanaaal elegant a. ?rll la*r MIH Broadway. VnpmUdtd Flood in Main#??"? Million Dollar# Worth of Proportjr Destroyed. [From the Bangor Mercury. March 3# } The ice in the Penobscot bai again at irted, and the water haa flowed to an unparalleled extent. There ?a now aix leet of water in the Smith a Bloc*, and acceaa to our olllce on Main atreet, opposite the old Hatch House, is only had through water half leg deep. Kxchange, Broad. Water, Wall. Central, Main, and oth er streets, are now navigated with boats. It is impossi ble to tell, at this hour, of the damage which has been done It must be immense. All communication is now cut off with the east side of the stream. The bridge across the Penobscot must have been carried away, to gether with countless thousands ?f ?n?her whmh lav piled on either margin of the river. The night is thick and dark, and we cannot as yet tell of a tithe of damage ; in the loss oi lumber, mills, houses.stores^ goods he The loss, however, occasioned by?tho flood of the last tweuty-four hours, cannot be less than t1*00?'0?? ? city has never experienced so sad a reverse. Many of our fellow citizens in comfortable circumstances twen ty-four hours since, are doubtless deprived ol their all But we beg ef them not to despair. Pecuniary losses can be borne and surmounted. Don't despair. The cases of many will doubtless call, but not in vain, on the tender consideration of creditors abroad. At the first rush of water after the jam started, it was with difficulty many escaped being swallowed up. Be veral came near losing their lives on Smith's bridge, and it is feared in the flurry and excitement, some may have been drowned. Boats are plying in West Market square, up as far as our land office on Main street, and above Dr. Ladd's store on Hammond street. Two-thirds, or perhaps we might say, three quarters of the stores to the city, now have from four to ten leet of water in them. A gloomy time it is. The store on upper steam boat wharf haa been awept off. The two stock, near the old steamboat wharf,.have beeni moved some distance lrom the stocks. When dayl gbt shall dawn, an appalling spectacle wlU be heart sickens at the waste of property-of the earning! oi hard working, enterprising men. The elements sees, to have been commissioned by special providence, to spread a pall of gloom over the business prospects or tbo approaching summer. But down easters will no knock UDderto "seeming Providences ?*he,r.jrecuP?' rative energies are great-end they will be fully'com missioned nd put in immediate requisition. The water i. eight feet in depth in West Market ?qu?re The Pe nobacot bridge baa not boon carried away,but is in peril and will be destroyed without a doubt. The amount of lumber which has been swept down stream, and which will be utterly lost, must be immense, The whole area of the busineas part of our city, on both side* of the Kenduskeag, ia one sheet of water, and boats 1 pioceed from one point to another, as the only means of conveyance. How long the water may remain at its present altitude ia problematical. Should the ice break up below the city, it will soon recede, hut we confess there is little prospect of thie at present. Several| vessels on the stocks in Brewer. have bsen considerably injured. W. fear also that much damage haa been done at Brewer village. We have visited Penobscot bridge The ?cene of de vastation there'beggara all description. The ice is pil ed mountains high in some places, and the Corporation Mills, about ball, mile above the bridge, are in an up right position. Bridge and every thing on the banks, must De irrecoverably loat Tha large piles on the margin of the river, above as well as below, are turned topsy-turvey. The abutmenta on ei'bar end of the bridge are carried away, and when the jam ?g?in starts, the whole tunnel ef the bridge will be ?wsP1 ott. The stores in City Point are filled with water, and much flour and corn will be damaged. The waterha run into the bar-room of the Penobscot Exclhange.whiicn is entirely surrounded with water. A whole block of buildings on the corner cf Kendu*ke*g bridge it Mir y capsized, as are also great numbers of store bouses on the wharves. The three bridges spanning the Kendus keag are swept off, with the exception of the piers. There can be no calculating of the damage. The water still remains nearly up to the ceiling or toe first floor of almost every store in the city; in some it is much higher. Large rafts of boards are now anchored opposite our office, 44 Main street. The Post Office l full of water to within about two feet of the ceiling, and such was the rapidity with which the water rose last night, that it wss with great difficulty the P*{*"a?d books were saved. The Postmaster sndclerks bad bare ly time to save their livea. The Poat Office is now kept at the new Court .House, in the Grand Jury room. Ru mon are abroad that lives have been lost. Many 1 run families have been driven from their lodgings. Scores of men are at work attempting >o save the lumber. Jerome s Expreia office is now kept at the City Hall. Never be fore, as we bellove, haa so much damage been occasion ed at any time, as at present, in any pert of the country. Bangor has received a heavy blow. To describe ?Nibs particulars of this awful flood, would require a o*?1* newspaper, and we muat be pardoned for the disjointed narrative we have given. The water is still rismg. Varieties. ? , A college is to be located at Prairieville, W. T., called Carroll College, commence operating sometime in September next. It will be free from any sectarian or party bias. A part of its faculty is already secured, and all the professoiships will be filled at an early day. A Urge class of students will be prepared to enter the Freehmen's class at its first commencement. The Boston and Albany Railroad Company hay. changed the hour of morning departure, from the two cities, from 9 A. M. to 6. A. M., and have reduced the fare to $?? The water in the Detroit River ia now nearly as low as in 1833. In 1834 it began to rise,'and contioued to do so down to 1838, when it wss at its maximum. In 1819 it began to fall again, and has so continued to the present time. Rev. J. N. Msffit has been preaching to crowded audiences at Ithaca. We understand that he has made an engagement to commence a seriee of meetings at the Methodist Chapsl in Rochester, this week. A disparate effort was made on the 34th ult., by a pauper at the County Poor House, at Carlisle, Ta., by the name of Ramsay, to take the life of the steward. A young man by the name of Henry Mann, aged J1 yeara, who resided in Uniontown in Laporte c???>{7. Indiana, committed suicide on Sunday evening, 8th ult, by shooting himself with a rifle. An unreciprocated attachment for a young lady, wo understand, was the m ?w.?? lion, have returned, and aeport that their brethren had robbed thsm, and then sent them bock. The bill for the abolishment of capital punishment has been rejected -n the Massachusetts Senate, by a vote of 17 yeas to 19 nays. Four member* were absent. The Hon. Caleb Cushlng is spoken of " the democra - tic candidate for the office of Governor of Maasacbutts fttMr. Everett ha* taken up his residence in Cambridge, and entered upon the duties of the presidency. In Peris ladies wear daggers at their girdles. Hers they wear thorn in their *y"- , . w__, ! "Hie contractors upon the Boston, Concord aii^ont real railroad are building their shanties on the line, and making preparations for beginning the work. Elder Nickeraon, a Mormon preacher> J* no* on. * missionary tour tin Bsrnstsble (county, Mass , and has made a number of converts. Four young men et Windsor Locks wore sailing down the Connecticut river in a small boat, on the ?f the 39th ult, a atrong current running at the tims, when, in going under the railroad bridge, theboat ?P* of the oiera and capsized, throwing them all into the water Snd drawing two of them. Their name, were Geoik's Chapman, son of Elijah Chapman, of Varnon, aged f 8, and Gurdon Cutler, son of widow Dennis Cutler, of Union Village, Manchester, aged about 33. Mrs. Elizabeth Peterman, of Rochester, Fulton county , Indiana, thus noticos her absconding husband Left my bed and board, last August,th.rebyre^ingmy mmnmnaea lighter, my deer and beloved companion, David Peterman. without any juat cause or provocation All the old maid* and young girl* are hereby forwarned against harboring or trusting him on my "count sa l am determined not to he accountable for hia debts, or, cuncciallv for his conduct. Papers will please "op7, anlTobligo a female who is rejoicing at her Gappy riddencr ? ^ p4uhTi]le hsve determined to light thoir city with gas. All right- go ahsad. In addition to the loes of tho bridges on the Delaware et Milford end Piogmen's Kerry,the.hWo^T'wh^lv those et Big-Eddy, end Coshocton?the former wholly and the latter partially carried away. There la no bridge standing on the Delaware above Belvldere tors distance of one hundred mite* or more?* cireumsUDCe that has never oceured before In the history of the most d^?rmrettegh" Mobile, Ala., on tho 19th ult, tho Mayor in tha chair, a committee was appointed to aolic t contributions for the relief of the suffering poor in Ireland Jsmei Msgee, Esq., is the treasurer. MW were subicrihed on the spot to commence the charitable W An attempt wsa made on tho 34th ult., to burn the public bouse of Joshua Emory in Cannoneburg, Pa , but tho fir# was foi innately discovered before much damage "There'hes been found near EvansviHe, la . of fossil bones of an immense animal celled Die Atkarinm the tec# of which i> extinct, but the becw?? of which'have been found in different portions of ico world. someday*. The highest price asked is 70 cents. Philander Farr and Melissa A. Teller, both of Eaat Chardon, Ohio, have eloped * P th# fugitives left s former companion and children in the 'Th*. >?evr Orleans snnou nee. the death of Judge McCallister, Judge of Lafourche Interior. e* The Lee county (lows) Democrat, of the 14th ult., By s gentlemen direct from Keosauqua, as leern Ihst a gentleman by tha name of Oshorei wasi shot on Thursday morning, snout three miles south of Farm inaton, in Van Buren county, by a man named Freeman. The men wore neighbors^the particulars are not givon., Excitxmknt at Coujmbits.?Considerable excite ment was created at Columbus, Ohio, on the aim. in consequence of tho alleged abduction of * c msn. wl.u had been living there twelve or iftean J"", but who is laid to be a fugitive from Kentucky. respectable citizens of Columbuo, with iJesgL*. tLST Peace, were immedtetelyof the leagued with the Kentucklans, in the ebdoetloo negro. Paris, March 2,1810. Affairt in Frame?Tht War m Algtnm?Thr 'IVouUtt in Hayti. Poland is beginning again to tall into a state ot fermentation. The government is alarmed, and ar rests of young men and studentiTin all the towns, are, by the last accounts from that unhappy country, continually going on. The same spirit of disquiet ia also manifesting itself in Prussia. At Posen there has been great agitation, and numerous arrests have been made. There seems to be some connec tion between the Poles and the people of the adjoin ing States of Prussia. It is said that a grand plot has been discovered, which is the cadhe of so inany ar rests; but this may be nothing more than a plot of the government against the people, to And an ex cuse te oppress them more rigorously. The railroad speculation in Paris, which for a time was almost as active as in London, has not turned out quite so [disastrous to individual fortune# aa in the latter capital, llailroad stock keepa up its price, though the Bales are limited; thus, the quota tions on the Bourae are as follows:?Tne railroad from Paris to Rouen, 40$ ; from Orleans to Bor deaux, 11|; from Amiens to Boulogne, 11}. The war in Algeria becomes more and more seri ous. Abd el Kader has resuscitated all his energies, and is now in the Held, at all quarters, with lornu diible torces, animated with religious zeal. Marshal Bugeaud is believed in have brought the army, and with it the colony, into great danger, by bis :U advised measures. Conscripts are being levied in all parts of France, as in the days of Napoleon. Never, perhaps, was there a war undertaken by p ranee, which lasted so long a time, with such fatal destruction, and such infructuous results. It will Iks a deep stigma upon the reign, character and policy of Louis Philippe. The Duke ot Montpensicr, and the Duke d'Aumale, the king's two younger sons, are at Marseilles, preparing to embark for Algiers, with fresh troops and reinforcements. But it is a Guerilla warfare, and little expectation of catching, or ever subduing Abd el Kader, can be entertained. To add to tho disasters which hover around us in this fatal country, it ia said, with every appearance ot being well lounded, that the plague has been added to the list of our sufferings. It ia certain that it broke out on board one of the French steamers, on its passage from Alexandria to Marseilles; but every exertion is made to keep down or conceal the ialui truth. There ia no appearance of this war e\er terminat "JfJ- After all the blood and treasure which it has already cost, in addition to the conscriptions now levying throughout the whole country, a demand is also made from the Chambers for an additional sum of twenty-five millions, for the present necessities of the war. All the tribes hitherto friendly to t ranee have revolted. The blame of all thtamis fortune and mismanagement ia attributed to Mar shal Bugeaud. It is reported in the political circles here, that Pierrot, the black President of Hayti, has writ ten a very moving letter to Louis Philippe. It id meantime certain that England had offered her me diation on behalf of the Haytiens, but if it will be accepted or not is uncertain. It is somewhat singu lar, that though France is still at war with the Ar gentine republic, yet the minister of that republic remains at Paris, where he forms a part of the diplo matic corps, and is received as such. He figures among ail the royal receptions and levees, and con tinues all the relations between friendly powers. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Edmonds, Aid *n8toneall sod Compton ?,liF"L^7Su"tnee Ca?-Tkt People VS. Elder and i caV'# TM *'*?n 10 lhe Jury last even, ing, after a very lengthy end able charge by Judge Ed ?*,er flbout 16 minutes' consultation, rendered a verdict of guilty against the defendants. Common Pleas. Before Judge Daly. Aran. I ? CKmrUe fergu,on vs. Edmund Coffin.-This an action for slander anJ for a malicious prosecution. n"Jsit. the ,enio[Partner in the firm of Cofflo, !ly k ^? '^"rwg 00 bu,iDeM in Exchang- Piece; and the plaintiff was a clirk or porter in their store, r .L. 7" a J0"0* man named Henry Macy also a clerk hr?!k* ,tma ,iln* in February, 1?4?, a Are broke out in the store, about 8 o'clock in tho evening, and considerable damage was done before it was nut out investigation into the the matters connected with the Are, it was found to be the work of eo incendia ry, and measures were taken to And out arid brine him to justice-such as calling at the police oBce, leaving a statement of tha facte there, and oAsring a reward. About I'm"? qiantity of goods wore stolen from tho store named Failiner. Upon Falknar's being questioned how ho came by tho goods, ho stated they Sad been brought to him by young Macy. In the course of the inquiry r&lkner gave some Information which Mr. Cofiu thought implicated fr ergus n in the arson, upon whieh ha caused him to be arrested and brought to the police oAlee; an examination was then bad and Macy was examined and he having sworn that ha could not attach any suspicion to "ay one in the establishment is having bean concern ed in the fire, Ferguson was discharged Shortly after the first arrest some other circumstances trsnspired.snd Ferguson was arrested a second time, on a charge of be w?.f?"?2n!*d ,in Ore to tha store in Exchange ^f? f?r, * f"?3 Uro?ny He was tskso to ?? ?. if* ? ' up' Bod detained there for save tai ,ook ptac* ? -C0D,i "d n?? Vf*1 Eerguson was again discharged. Bui notwithstanding the demises! of the complaint and lus discharge, by the magistratae, the plaintiff allege* Inn. ?10 ??>merous ?i 7h?' w" 'a* 01 th# ?"<>n. He lur . 8.V . ? an attorney's letter to be written to the defendant on the subject, end the defend ant called at the attorney's office, and a long converse tion entned between them, in the course ot which .Mr. Conn said the plaintiff was not free from suspicion, and that he weald take on himself the risk of what he said Altar three witnesses for tht plaintiff worn examined, the Court adjourned. Smith Mr" Brmdy; for defendant, Mr. J. M. I _ , , ? . Before Judge Ingraham. Calth F. I And t ley, ve. fPm. Jonee, Sheriff, dc?This ,w" ?n "?uon for an escape. The facto are shortly these Lipdtley brought an action of trowr against a man named Charles Waiter, and held him te bail. Wal jjn attorney procured two persons to go before one ef ,nUr in,? ?i'heial *nd afterwards Bled the bail piece, got a certiAcets from the clerk and brought it to tho Sheriff, upon which he discharged Wal 'i1, ?,?rward" ,urn#d out teat no notice of giving special bail was given to Lfndsley *s attorney, who upon finding it out, and that the bail piece was A led snd Wal ter discharged, called upon the bail to appear before the judge and again Justify why his presence was refused; Sird he then procured an erder setting aside the bail piece and all the proceedings had thereon, and called upon the Sheriff to produce Walter's. The Sheriff re fused, alleging that he was justified in discharging him T V1 and judge* order. Tha plain tiff than brought tha present action. After the case bad been gone through, Mr. Blunt, on tho part of the Sheriff S?"i.D#*!uit,??th* I1*?"* *?t. tket tho action against Walter should ba on contract and not In troTsr? and secondly, that the Sheriff was justified in letting f . f?.Jor tb# reMOM above stated. The Court sne , ihoee grounds snd granted the non suit For plaintiff Mr. Gaucher; for dafeadaot Mr. Bloat Marine Court. Btfore Judge Waterman. l ?Aiioull end Battery onthe High'Beat -Auotin J. H kite vs. Richard Connxltatd.-This was an sotion brought by the eeokef the ship Shenandoah, for tho re covery of damages, for an alleged assault and battery, committed on hoard that ship, during hor last cruise by the mat* of said vestal, sou who appeared la hb own behalf Judgment to-morrow. V. H. District tnnrt. Arm. I.? Judge Be?u granted an order Uat week to hold F.insa McKsul, Jr., oar Consul et Lenin, whe bee lately retained to tbia city, to beil in IMOfl, it tke aait of a man naeied Joseph Mil wood, whe bed been a sailor on boerd the brig Husan. The charge againet the Con sul is for falM imprisoning Mil wood at Lagaira, and treating him harshly while in prison He was arrested this morning by Deputy Marshal Morrison, and had not giren bail up to three o'clock. The Albany Cenjrry Locoroco Corrrgrrnoi? A How and me indebted to the Editor of the Knuhnhtktr for information from the Loeofoco County Convention. The Hunkers nod Darn Burners went out this morniog in great number*. Tha Barn 1 Burners got possession of the house and mod# refer Cogger President. Personal violence ensued, which resulted in the withdrawal of the Hankers. Tb* Barn burners then proceeded to nominate the following ticket: ? OorrltiY. Lansing, of Albany; John C. Bchaylor, >of i Water*list, Doet. Holmes, of Now Scotland, and Mr. I Willsrd, at Knox.?Albany Krtnmg Jou.nal, March SI. ' Fbom St Dostmoo.?The brig Wssson, from Aux Csyes, arrived [on Tueodny night, with a lew days Inter intelligence from Hsyti. we lenrn verbally, ; from (.'apt. Norton, that every description of busi ness had ceased?the stores all closed, and the streets and market places divested of every appear ance ol mercantile operations. The house of the American Consul was closed also, bat his flag was still displayed at the root. The city was entirrly under inariial law. General Richi, who was re cently proclaimed President of Hayti, at Marchsrd, the ancient capital ol the Emperor Dessaltnes. in the north, was expected to arrive on the 14th. The offi cers of the army generally express themselves in lavor of the late President, while the aoidieta are lenient to th^ newly appointed chief. A French steamer of war arrived on the 7th, and sailed again ou ihe 9th, for Jeremte. An English war schooner also arrived, and hauled up close to the town, lor tha purpose, it is ssid, to re.ent any insult that msy be offered to the English Consul, or residents.

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