Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. V?L ZUx 93-WM? ??, MM. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 4, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. J AXES GO&MN BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation... Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every d*y. rric# I ew Krccrj* ' 1. in ndvsaea. I>?tr.ry Saturday? Prieo Ma earn tauun?payable in advance u ik* esuai pncM?always snai imu. PRINT1NW or nil kinds nMl?4 with beauty and dea aelch NEW YQKK AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS. S't> sh BtluulTfrow Naw*o? on ths lat^n^Olargow o^h^Th of asch month. From N. York. Fm Oi'gow. Ship SARACEN. N.T.Hawkins, JoctV' Nov'rU. f PiV 1. Mwk I}. Br. Ship BROOKSBY. H. M'Ewsn, \ Nov.V. Aug is.' I Mvrb 1. Dec'r is. _ _ . t Autast 1. MarlS Br. Bsifc ADAM CARB, , < U?'r I. 8.|.t. IS. ' April L Jaii. IS. , May 1. Jul. 15. Br. Bvk ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, < i 'apt 1. Oct IS. ,, , , . (Ja.i'y. 1. Februs. Tft These thips tic good, ?ubcrai tial Ttii.ii. ably ew m ndad, and will mm pULCtusl'y on their regular days Their acc. m modatim ? fi.r pasisnger* ire good, and arar* altai lion will be pa d topromi-ie lha ' comfort The ageais nor capfaina will not be '(.sponsible lor atiy parcels o' packagaa aenc them, uu laaa bills of lading aresigued iharel'ar. For Uaignt or paaaag , omir to WOODHULL ft M1NTURN. *7 Sonh street, New York, or aire RF.iD h M' HH Y, Glaagow. BXEA.? EK. UNIC ltN, ProM IkhsfON, FOR HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. The Steamer UNICORN left Liaerpool I fo. Boston the i#lh inat, and will tail in ksbont two daya after her arrival in Boatoa, for the porta of Halifax, N 8, and dt. Johns, ? Newfoundland Kor ircigtit or pmtge h vine elegant accomtnodationi, ap ply to mar -den k cr " " 1 . ... _, CtT, 6 Wall at. New >ork. HARNDEN Si CO., (Conrtat. Boaloo. N. B. The Unicorn, from Boa ton, wli wait at Halifax the nrriaal of the sterner of ? piil d, from Lirerpool. al r REGULAR MAIL 1JNK BETWEEN BOSTON ft NEW YORK. ? by the Lai and splendid steamers OREGON .an.! KNICKERBOCKER. lh aunnet - HEOtlN, command d by Captain A. P. St. John, and KNICKERBOCKER, commended by Captain 8. Thayer, will ran throughout the season, from ths 1st day of April,in conu-ciiuu with ihe Stoun gton and Providence and Boston and Providence Railroads, leaainr New York dai* It, Snuday.i exeepta<l, Irom pier No. S -North riTer, at 3 o'clock r M..and Sfouingtouat 9 oclock,F. M-, ? .... , or npon ths srriTal of the. mail train from Bo*ton These steamer* ae unsurpassed m spend, splendor and eom fort, hiring each of them 60 Urge com in odious* stste rooms, and bertha for 300 parsons, besides targa priests r joss* for lamiliea .ud parties Th.-- ('earners are officered by the most experienced men. end wli shorten the passage between New Y<wk and Boston from IX ro 9 hoars in r?hy frivirg in ample time for all the 1 ues nulling from New York, north, south and west, sod all the hues from ?niton, north and east. The OR i ON will lasrs New York?Tneeday, Thursday and Saturday J*?a.? ' tciiington- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tim KNICKERBOCKER wiU leave New York?Monday, Wedue.dtr ai d Kndav. Leave Stoningt-'ii?Tuesday, Thnrsdry and Saturday. Fur p aamre or freight enquire on board of Urn boat, at pier > No. 3 N. K., or or OEO. ? FAIRCH1LD, No. 19 West street, mhS tofh orofJNO H. RICHMOND, Providence. PEUPLE'S LINE OF 8PEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Daily, Sunday* excepted?Through Direct?at S o'clock, P.M. From the pur between Courtlandt and Liberty its. Steamboat COLUMBIA. Capi. \Ym. H. ? Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, f and Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDR1CK HUDBOfc. Capt. R.G.Cruttan den, will leave on Tneadny, Thursday and Saturday evenings, StC o'clock. At 3 o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barday St., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Fury, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at S o'clock Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt L. W. Brainard.will leave on Tneadny, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at ft o'clock. The above boat will, at nil times, arrive in Albany in ample tim' for the moroing cat for ths east or wast. Freight taken at mo derate ra:sa,and noes taken after S o'clock P.M. Ail persons am forbid muting any of the boats of this pmr Without a written order from the Captains or Ageats. r^Forpassage or fteigkt, apply on board, wlef C. Schultm at __ ___ .? - - tlr office on the vimi ii*Mfe _B)|rr.-| *a I HE Frutrelort of Steamboats wuhing fl. Bells hong, would do well to pay a visit on the sts inboats Niagara, Iron Witch, Governor, true boat John Sterwi*. Woosier, Traveller, he., and examine 11. Homer's Improved_8tyleof Bell Hanging?put up neat and atioug, and warranted for one year, by H. MTNo a Ann rtreel mi3< lm*r N?w . o sail sailing , poeitivaly sail .a eoove, liar regular day. JBI For fkrdgiil or tuns age, having hsudsome famished seeom modstiont, apply on board, at Orleans wbari, foot of Wall streets or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South atrenL Positively na goods iccuivod on board after Monday eve "'jteut1 'in* New OrlesM. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forvard a.'l rood to his address. Packer bark E.H.CHAP1N, Welch master, will succeed the Khakaprwre. and tail April 11th. bet ratoitr day. NEW LINE OF PAi KETd ?OK LIVER 0k. POOL?Patket of ISChoi March.?Th* splendid Ait ? ship ROfCIUfi, IMS tons mil... ?r.g fkvorite Daekt bnillw-u Captain E- Eluriiga. (bsiBg unavoidably detained,) Wil' poiitivr'y a;ul on Saturday, April tth Th* rccomiu.'darioui of this magniAesot pockst are une qualled for splendor u-.d onmfort, both in asbie. second cabin and >l*or..go. Prnovs wts/ iug to socum bertha should col fail to make *srly application on b<mrd, at ths foot cf W?'I atmot, or to W. k J.T TAPSCOTT. air TS South street, corner of Maiden lana. rOR. LlVI.BPOOL-New Lme-Tnchet of 4th ? April ?The very ep'eudid |>?etet eW KOBCIUd, ,Kl.ln lac mister, will be lovfunaUr detained en til it tin April, hatttim Bay rely apou bar tilling positively h or freight or paaxiwa, kviii aceommodatiors aasorpaaeed for splendor or eomfnrt, apply on bonid, at Oriaaaa wharf, foot of Wall attest, or to _ _ K ft. OOLUTNB ft CO.. ?? (loath KM Packet ship Riddoos. K. B. Cobb, master, will sneered the Roanus. ami sail Mth April, hor ixgnlaf day. ml7 m K^^^HEEOIiLAft LINf. O? rACKETBRll'S-raefcei 6th April?The Km clam, Itot sailing psek ^^^?t ship AHH?uRTON,Cnpt.HowUii4,bnrtkeu 1?M m shore, bar regular day. ? ilaviiig eery superior seeommpdauone for cabin. Id cabin anft Of f AtJt ^^^^^^^^?Aprii?The class, ^^^^^^?HBURTONCapt.How^^H bar reenter Oaf. aceomunodauoas for persons inaending on hoard, foot of^^^H JOStPH mAHH Corner tffut and Booth at sraftOHi viffifeSSrstia' niTIHI ?rif a???wi?i wmiNnnvwuiuN ?u? c?uui. w hvw mmw Mreraco patsencera. persons intending to muhark, shoald ? JOSEPH MeMURRA V. *? ^^^^^^^^^^Koruer of fine and Booth streets. Mth April, her rngalar day. N. B Pariuns dratroas of sandtaf for their friends, eta bars the-i brought out by tba aboro ship, on moderate terms, by making aaplicau ra an shore. milt PACKETBFOR HAVR^-fteoud Line-The (.'apt. K Hewitt, will sail on packet stuvUTlCA. Cape. K Hewitt, will sa ithe 1st of May. For fimah^oj ^aaasjs^^il^to (2rh BTonnae Buildings, M Wall at GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS-To sail Ut aXW^May her regular dry?The flua, fait sailing, capper JUlUwedBr. bark A*N HARLEY, lapt. R. tcotr.wUl hi is? y tu receive freight m a law day*, and sail as above, bar retul it day. k or balance of 11 eight or paaeage, having excellent see Ota mod turns, apply t W at rc WOODHU1.L ft MINTURN, ?T Bmlhst. OOUWTIty MERCHANTS VISITING tbaeity of New York, are netted to call and eismiif the complete and attentive stock of Ac ount Books Hi .tioscrv. Paper Notorial, and Letter Copying Press es, G .Id Pe s, <duill>, lnkt aad Plaids, AMD ALL OTHER AKTI CLfcA eou> nr STATION ERA At tht Lowtti How bit Hnctt. RICH ft LOUTH Kt,. tl William at, mil lm*rae one door below Cedar. 192 JBROADWAV, OOHITgft OF jnMN 8TRKRT. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. FVe* the Evening Feat. LJPEflMENS of Hwi n.iappri>aciiabla VERBENA IV REAM I' OH RHAVINlJ . ? Thm article, nnivraally praised by who made trial of it, ler year took (he Am i prvmium of (he lax (ate Fair. Indeed it ieffcllv roaceded by I those who know, taat it is impossible to maaafaetare an arti | ale equal to it- It is soiLaniac to (ha akin, fragrant to tha , a destroyer of freckles and piai lea, aad it sold cheaper Seuae, a aaxroyrr oi irecaies ana pimples, as a n sold cneaper than the old n ape All, therefore, who would coaanlt econo , my and comfort ie shaving, shonldpoaoeos themaelvea o' it. prom the New Yotk Osteite ? Jmi New Soap.? W? speak from experience, ami we apeak frees the asove professional knowledge of oar benefactor aad friend James Grant. No. 4 Ar a street, whesays ii is ahead of any thing over yet found ihtwrv. wnvB'yi ft n gftpw ?i mj wiim| *m yw imug oat in thiadapsrtiaaal at mod am improvement It is sot only an .moiieat ''but it is sonp-ihuig mora.'' la short, wo believe ? la tha best shavii g soap in tha world. i it is tha beat ahavi. g soap in tha world. From the Evening Mirror.? Ring's Verbena Cream, We know by experience to be the beet kind of shaving soap, aad those persons woo have troublesome beards, should not be wilhs t it It baa a penetrating way of its own, and eefreai ' operation of tha hardest androagkeat board, to as to lander the opr abnviny perfectly easy. Mr Ring has lately taken the beat nsaa of Dr. Minor, at the corner of Broadway and Jol rasa of Dr. M inor, at the corner of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable article may be obtained; ana, likewise, King s Cough Candy, which is said to be a pleasant and ear Bun cure for'that troublesome companion. From the Bandar D apueh.?Every man who shaves himself shoald procare Ring's Verbena Cream." It la an oxqnioito article acfhraiug the heard, ?md si laying all imitation of the ?kia.aothit it becomes an abaolete pleaanre, instead ef an an 'noyaoee, to nae the racor BewareofiaaMtiona, and onsen a the written signature an ,$?? - ?? N. ? - Merehnnte art |?rucaiarly mqaeated to call sod ax aniiee Dot article, as now prepared, as to quality, anantit r sa pes ranee and price. It earn ot be beet?the splendid new label iioma s .-el piate. rogrHVeil by Messrs. Rawden. Wright It Hatch lar exceeding say tatng of tM kind before the DUblie. uii le-*r v MIA^'EK dc CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Mftli BcAailwav, near Fssrft l'laee. A CKNOVi' RECEIVING,by the Havre rark'U, an an .1 tirely new aasoitment of the flaeet Bedan Cloths and Car of the Rue Castiglioae, Paha, well known to moat el oar faah Kii, tl.les who have visited Knrope, they are now prepared to execaie ordorx ina atylo of nnnannl ologaace ?tttlocr M a TO LET, 8TORE No 114 Fulton it'eet. Brooklyn, most suit able for tn* sale of books, periodicals, newspapers, kc. Apply on the premises a3lw*r A TO LET, THE HOUSE No. SI Orchard street. Enquire of A. SAMSON, mil lw'rc 443 Tearlit. TO LET. THE LOWER PART of th, seat two atory How* f No IK Cherry struct? Fro. t and back parlor. Dimly pa .pered sad finished, ?i h kitchen, b.d-rouins, Ac. A-ply ' premises, ar at No SM Ciierr* it m28 Iw'r TO LET OR FOH SALE. A JJJODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Stable aid M Coach Route attached with about aa acre of land, the principal part of which ii well stocked with 1'roit and ihraba, and aa loiad wi'h a picket fence The stages pawerery ten aainutet W'lhiii Ave minutes'walk of the boa**. Hitattiou between : loth a d Ulth ttreeXa. for farther inform* tiua apply to Jt-HN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth ttraet. gr Or. WOODS, Harlem. mrll lw'rc FOR -SALE, a A Smtll Steam Di?till-rv. with all the apparatn* and Altar'? aow ready to put into opeiatioa; (.K it likewise nttur-s now ready tu put into opeiation; tu it likewite well adapted lor distilling e mph urj) will ba told at a great taer Ace, if applied fot in m --tir.rly. T<-e houtr and atora to be let, i<nd possesion to ba given im mediately Enquire oa the premises. N E crner ol 14 h at. aud 8th arenuc, or of JOHN BENSON, al2w?m Si Old tlip. TO LET, AHOU8E AND BARN, with nboat sixteen Iota of rronnd, snuated in the village of H intings, Weutclirs'e MBConnty, Sta e of New Fork. within a f-w annutea' walk 'f the steso ho-1 leading Said Plaee ia din ed into gar d-na, wh.ih are wall stocktu with fruit Alio, a peasant grove, with a at'-am of wata , and several good apriaga Poa tearioo can hp given immediately far further Bertie lars, ap ply ai the itora of Mr Be I inter, Betting's Landing, or of ?l lm*ie MR. ECKE*T,71 Mnrsv at. N.w York. 3b eai facto TO LET, IN FuRT LEE, M j79 A na?T RATF. HOUSE, with about 4 acres of around nnd a number #f vroodtn buiidisfs. ia tolerable Tood c-'uditiou, wbieh were formerly used as a CNem? caj factory, at present occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; j situated on the Hackeasack road, only a few mi'utea walk from tbr ferry* Rant aa a food tenant wmrw low. to whim * irom tbe ferry. Rant la a good tenant eery low, to whom a I M required, lu^niieofj Dr. AA orris Lso-UTolf, No. 99 Liberty street, New* ork. ml lm*rc m? lit DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN BROOKLYN 1 HE FOUR S I ORE Briek Baarment H -use, with doable stair rates. in exealieut conditioa. No 7 Till ry .street, Brooklyn, neat to voraer of Fulion at met, and At# annates' walk of the Fulton Ferry?Kaut S430. ALSO TO RENT IN BROOKLYN, Three of the two-atorv and a tie briek Honsea, with haaementa and under cellars, built ia tke bast manner and modern atyle, OB tha corner of Saada and Jackson itrnetn? Kent tlM Apply to TONNELE A HA1.L. re 17 lw'rc Corner oi Petri and Beehnaan ata. TO DRY GOODS DEALER*, at WHO DESIRE aHandanme and Capacious Store in Ijnf one of the moat erowwed aud flourishing thoroughfare. JwtfLof Brooklyn?The a .dnraigued haa now e eetod, in Myrtis Avenue, near a dry good, atora, which ia doiag an im mense has dpss, a Bun thrae story briek baildmg, 24 feat front by 48 feat deep, with handsomely finished parlors, be , a l*rga and comm-'diooa store and nn excellent and apaeions bate meat. It will he Aaiahad. and readr ler possession before the first of May: will be an ezorllcnt location for a reta'l dry goods basin ess, and will be let low to agood tenant. Apply to _ . JOHN LANGSTaFF, mSO2w*t 145 Myi-Ip Avenue. MFOK SALE?On very f-vorebte terms, or to Let. four thrae atory and basement brick dwelling Houaea, inHo bokan, now in coarse of con-pieties, aud to be ready for occnpsncy by May first. They will be fitted in beautiful atyle with all the late i nprovements. Tbey aach contain 11 rooms besides the kitchen, end finished with marble mantels, and black grata, throughout. Two of these nooses are 31 feet front by 53 taut deep; nnd two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide court yards and irou ratling. The situation commands a fine view ol the river, hay and eity, and is within one miante's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry beats leave fur Barclay street every fifteen minutes, crossing in I to lb aiinutesi ami every half %uur to Caaal and Christopher streets. Terms of yearly cuahtutatiou of the fer ry are moderate. fart of thv purchase money can remuh on mortgage, at! per cent Apply to bN Iw'r J. A. STEVENS, Jr., Hobokea. 8ARONI & ARCHER, 151 Water street, corner of Maiden lane, t! AVE ON HAND, e large assortment of Cape. Silk and AA Fur H.ts, of every description, sad Spring style, Straw and Pumdi H&ci. Also, Oil Silk. Glaard Lawn, Vigon aad Cap-stocks, whick they offer at vary lowpricea. Dealer* aed manufacture* will do well to eramine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. mil lm' m30 3w FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAHN. IMPORTERS, 53 NASSAU STREET, UP STAIRS, have received, by lata arnvils from thnir house, ia Paris, and offer for ajla, a vary large and choice selection ol the ? STTI NEWEST STYLES OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bunches, wreaths, sprigs, garluda, Ac Ac., together with a most exrensiva assortment of MATERIALS FOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS embracusg a variety uniorpassed ia richncw. aad eitent by any other importation. Also?Artificial flowers by the case, imported expressly for tha Jobbing and coaatry rraae m24 lin'r ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. ppHE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY havia A completed their Works, are sow ready te execute orders fer pure White Leed, both Dry and Ground ia Oil, to almost nay a unit that may be wanted. The Company havn spared an expense in the erection of the Werhs which woald lead, ia the least degree, to the improvement o( the Lead, haying availed themselves of every medera improvement for thai pnrpoa ? Beiai Tag id IWl from oar long familiarity with the differ eat leads sold ia on r market, that by far the greater proportion I ?oid ae each has bene, asd null is greeny adulterated with I Barytas, aa article of mineral prodectioa much heavier titan White Leed, aad ia iaelf possessing ao virtaa ofaay pig ? being, when mixed with oil, almost trans pareai. aad ia faet_hsviag nothing but in specific weight to leeixamvad it. tlm Train as of (ht- Atlantic Whim Lead Com paay have pnaaad,unanimously, the following resolution, rix: a "Mseslved, That ia v ew of maaafeetunag eely a prianl article, die Atlantic White Leed Couij ifaetunag oely ? prime ' ?easy will make hat oee id Otoaad ia Oil: that to quality of White Lead, both Dry aaiTOioaa?nCTTT^!!5Ho be a stricfly purs, gpauiae article, aad perfectly free from ant adultemioa whatever, which tin Cemuariy will warrant asi such to all who may purchase their Ueed. I Parehaean. therefore, may be well aaaurrd that every de I rarchesers tlwmTore. may ba well aaaurrd that every de pendeuce may be ptaced in the pnnty ol every pound of Whiti I Led oMBafsetured aad sold by tha Company, wbnh pereaes* will sot oely tend to the greater durability of the Faint, em will he found macb more ccoaomieal ia its use, even in the most common description of painting, owing to the bodyoi leoveriag qutlity it posse sac*, Thereby giving a far better finish | with two seats, than the adulterated White Paint would will three, of which every paiste' will Wear witness The Cnmpney also manufacture lied Lead and Litharge, aa hnve/orsala ai npy ofPamu Ground is Oil, vix: Verdigris Blarh Psiat. Yellow Ochre, SpaaLh Brown, Pari* Green. Braastneh Green, he he. Having base appointed general Agents fer the Company, all otdem should be directs J te aa. POLLEN ft COLGATE, 17 >m*r M7 Pearl street, corner ol Beekman street 8TRAW BONNETS L. CHAPIN, No. U John street, near Broadway ap "las ob hand a good assortment ol Fashionable loaaem, which he is selling m the lowest market prices. Milliners aad othen aro invited to oalt before purchasing else* hero. mrll lm*r SPRING FASHION. ^^BROWN ACCh, 17l < hatham Sgunre, corner of Mori ?xreet, with to iiform the public or their ec?t imi>'o>e ra-cf in the mannraetnro and finish of their |) Hata,combining fashion, bemry aad durability, tiirae important considerations to the wearee. The irroprtetora do cor.bdeatly aaaert theirhata to be maich superior to ant ever before told for the aame prici Cell ?d aetiafy yourself of thu fact m? Im'th SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. ?"H WHY will yoe pay H JO aad %i for a Hat. whoa yoa eaa go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AN1> CAP MANUFACTORY, 108 Fulton Street. aad get aa good a oaa for tl.MT Oo and eaamiao tor yoap ?eltfli. milt lurn Jfi PREMIUM BOO IS. FINE FRENCK BoOTS for Wid, city made, and are equ I to those'Old in oth r itora. lor $4 Fine Fetich Calf Boots lor ft JO, fqnal to the beat made in thu city lor $4 or f7. at i OUNtl It JONES' Prrneh Bavt aad e Manofaetory, eoe of tb? moat f*>htuoable in the city.? r ft Ata haeiae haen t ra ' ? n ? Km Into fc'dlP at Miltln V are Oar B ota having heeajerigvd in tha late Fair at Nieio'a, are aaid to ba the beat ever told in thia ei y. All Boota warranted to gire aa infection. Mending, Ac. done in the f*urv YOUNti It JONES, 4 Ann erect, ?8 lm*m nea' Bro?dway, Saw York. J BOOTS AND SHOES?Tha Pablie are invited to cell aad aaamiea the large aaaoiintent ol gentlemen's, la dtea and misses Boon, Shoe* and Oaitera. in all then van. ties. Which ar? to be loond at the cheap eaah atore ol Klrn'r H BIOOAM. lU Canal at., con er Sullivan. I^O MARRIED LADIES?A Secret Worth hiwwing.? . Apply lor farther paiticelara to Dr. CH K MON TEL, lower pott office. No leueia tahea frem tha office nulraathey are post paid. - - - coN? "* ^*rr. II Wall .tre BOOKS BOUGHT. DAMONS wishing to diopoao of their Libraries, A l4T_?'l*~Jli wn. alwiya find,ready perchaaar at pncoa, by addraaaiag afow lines, givug aame and nam ^?eithei HHgow namber, tt J. M't;ABE, apt Im'r va Neaeee. or H7 Ktviegtac a tract THE PARISIAN SECRET. J MUST PUBLISHED, a new translation from the ? tilled " The ranaian Secret, or Sell-Preeerrattoo," a perfect aeeanty agauat Sciaal Diaoasea, under all eireamst?aeas, SSxar Peru, Loadoa, and other large eiuee BY ALUCANDER LEBAUM, M. D., Member of the Faculty of Medicine of Pane. Phyaician to the Venereal Hoapital. Kaichf of tha Legion of Honor, Ac., Ac Roe de St. Honor* H, Paris. Pnbliahed by Hobert H. Dement, Legal DcpetV for Dr. Le lanm, IM Washington auert, Boaioa. Pnoe UK ceata par opr?two copiea lor |1 All ordera ?hoe Id be aodraaaed, poet beam, copy*- . _ _ paid, to Robert H. Demoot. aa above h or salvia New tork, only at the " Mairon do Santa," 111 Falton atrect, Philadelphia, Colon A Adriaace, in the Arcade, Chaannt atreat BEWARE OF FRAUDS! A aperioaa edition of thia work haa just been iaaned hy a pnbltahing hoeae in Broadway If yon wduld art the genuine, bey only of WYATT A RETCIIl'M, ONLY AGENTS PUR NEW YOKE CITY, Ul b 111.TON STREET Tha genuine work haa upon the title page Jieaa words: "Sold by Robert H. Dnmoot, Legal Dapulj '<" lh. Lebeora, I* Wa * fiagtowadvaC, Soetaa." end ronforaa ? pagoa. The ~ tpnriona edition omits theee worda, aad contain* only It puaes ; UUP ?a ay* same or trig uoar leroinvr matter. BEWARE OF FRAUDS! and bay only of the SOLE AOENT8, U1 vp f KAuJJbS ikfl bfty only of Uic BULK Al>l!anT8t 13 F^touayvt. No other daalet aap nnauiblv sell Ike geaaiaa. SPK1NG AND SUMMER ?^?ING, AT THE <-LorH,Na W. H. DEGROOT &. CO. No. IDA Kultoo \ITHERE the folh.winffr?n?U^tioM wjll^PreeeMrd. W CoaU. from U to $? ; ?? 2! to?i ; Thin Cnata of Lluen.. Giugh wi. *ml Pri 'U. If m 7i cental" $t 50 ? Causimcre Pa?t?.fr?m tStofi 'p^"l7nr! from ft t.?!.*?; Drilling .mid otner ff"? ?> tofl ; S-tiu Veatt. from ft to f. ; 8?niairr V e?lt, fr m 7J ccute to f 1.74 Alao, n large oaortmeut oft .lothe, Caaeimrree, end V**tiuga. which willbe made to order to rait the most futidioai Boy?' Clothing, equally cheap-^which prtaa ere ADMITTED to be tweut/ore pet cent ehe?|*r than auy 0 her aioiv in the citr. m21 "? ,rc ? DAY'S PATENT SHIRRKB SUSPENDERS-.All theae gnoda tie now tuoutli ob tlie cord, tod IU every w '??" ?nX timilnr eooda. No peraoimare ?uthori*cd to uw Day a Pilcntt end nil the Smooth CorToood-, not having ihe tnh.criber1. name to tbem are eounlarfeit, mid made by Piratical ua? "f hie woeeet. A Inwe at ck of there gomla for ttlejin New York, it toe a tore of the pateuwe ted proprietor, ? Maiden Lane, at ter Bret May, in Boatoa?Merart bearer ft Kunwlcon. Baltimore?.Vleaara LrtU* ft Hack. 1'hi adelphit?Meaarr. Kirlland, MauiGeld ft Hall. " K V Krug ft < o " Mitchell, urogutrd ft Co. 1 Baye't of Shirred Bu?pcndem are cautioned not to he deeeiv l ed by the preteecea ol thoee who pirate on uiy patent*. Such peraouaar'P'oaeeutrdat law by me . nd w th e Tew honorable eaceptioea. are leagued together to do me battle. ? mff Im'rrc ___ H UA* ENGRAVERS' steel and copper plates, Made from the beet ratteriala and the ftaiah equal to any in the world. Sfel fee* J to 5 oenla par inch; copper from IS to J ceata pet inehi riatee Iroin i to <0 loehra; Card Platen U. to 16. par do* A large atock a' wnyn on handaurea dy for orden at a mo meat'a notiee, Md neat by Ajtnmn Lx philosophy OF WORMS IN THE SKIN. k MANY YOUNG PfcR-?O.Ni??e-perially thote of full habit., or who indulge in rich food-are verymnch aa noy.d by the appear.nie of black apotn upon he aide or the note on >he upper lip. the ehiu the forehead fcc., jr*e?^in* gnioi of guupewderntiehin* in the akin. When the ? t? ta roughly aqaeeaed. a am ill worm-liae aubatance protrnaea I havir labia k head, 'a he auppoaitiou. bowerat, that they ere iu reality woreia ia erroucona Tlteie npota are occaaioned by *e u< due *ccumul?tiou of the fatty m*t|er which ia separa ted from ihe bleod for ihe pmpoee of lubnc ting the ?kuj at thin overptua chokea np the porea and coucre ea. The dnat fl ),tn g in the air nd erea to thia greaay eubataace, and canaea the blarh tpeck. Thiagirea the ace a dirty and diagaating apre-rance, aad the remedy of aque**iug. ao ??,T'r*^'7r.r^ aorted to, ia not only piiufel, bnt frequently ?!??'?'? 7"? often he oyer diateuaion of ihe p-rea canaea inflammeuoa and ^The ouly certain remedy for thin affection ia to waah the lace with warm water, and OuURAUDU Italian Medic t.d Soap, which ia alao mfalltole iu the removal of t in, frecklea, a "o w naaa, tedaeaa, nnatnlea. ri gworm, morphew. ?*ll ,rh'""J; chapa, cracka.chaf a, old aorea, ke. Beaide being delictona lor Shading, ikUURAUb'B 'P?dr. ^bni. ja w.rr^i^ to ?mdi cate nape Annua human hau. GflURAUD^ Oreemn Hai Dye ia the only preparation eitaattbat will poaiuvaly dye r?d, light or grey hair, a rich . aad nuahangeable bUc*. UUU R aUD'S Liquid Rouge ia deaigued to impart to pallid chreka ibenatertl hue ol the tone. ??-?aed qy It i. important that the?e artielea ahonld be pure ??ed genuine. Thin can oulr bedoue by p'oennng them at Dr. Ye T* Uouranda Depot, 67 Walker atraet, lat atare hKOM Broadway; of Jordan. 1 Milk atrcet, Boatuu, and of dregjiata geaaially Uirouetmut Die Uuioa mia in in PHALON'S MAGIC HAIR DYE. A hair cr whiiuti to a beautiful brown or olacli? without ujo ?,a-s te 2.Sr-uJW3. x.ATXgp THE EYE. TkR. WHEELER, Oculiat No. ? Greenwich atreet, New D York, eear the battery, devotee hia exeleaive attention to diaeasea o/ the Eye and Opnthalmie Surgery, ^ public that that there aee not amougst the numeroua di-e?aea?o which the hnmin eye U aehiect. but diaordere of that ormui which c-nnot be eeaeatially relieved or cured by mm. The vaat number of undoubted teetimoniala which can be aeau ? hia oflke, will aatiaiy the puolie that bu Pwctio- u ad either iu extent or auceeaa hy that of any other Oculut in Offie^ho"n from I A. M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after whieh which will be umnrted en f ?A pe mphk/ cm tela iag remarka 00(rD"*3,,t"0o^e ?^?eral idKucm of great cirw effected by Dr? Wheeler ? mode of treatmeet.een be had gmteitouatr at hiawideece, or vbe.ame will be fovaW rded ? any one making applieat ^ te him by lat er, pint pu.< - Im r DR. POWELL oculist: A? 2, o'clock, at hia rnaidence, *lIJ rand way, Ophtltalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Pannage, Cataract end attention and auccem jnyetmte caaea of 8T&AB1BMU8, or SquiaUag, cured ta * j'uVim^ed. ARTIFICIAL EYES, of auperior beanty and ftniah. ? . BPfenCTACLES adapted to erery defect. Advice to the poor without charge. ? ARTIFICIAL eyes. ? iu the United Scatea. Any ptnon that wishes to be well ewt ed^oolHw^pply i She maker, who ho hcen .n tba ot forty veara. M. WISE, OPTICIAN, FbOM OERMANV, \f OST RESPECTFULLY infjrnu the citimme of New .VI New York. aed the public in general, that he ho located himaeT in thu cty^.J ^ gR() KDWAr Where maybe found e Unie and compete oMitm"t of SPEC'/At LErt AND READING GLASSES, In Gold, Silveraau Steel Fr.uio M W. would alao remind the pu die to whom he ia paru illy known, by hia vilita to Saraloga Spimge for ihe lolteo ycaia, that by hia haowledga of tne f ipticai acicnce, he ta enabled todet ?rmine the glotea auitable far any eye Per aoua with w*?k ?Tee can be toppLed with glaoee whieh will are'tly'-eneftt and uot atraie ihe eight . ..... Particularaitcnt.on u eGled ton newi'vle el Perapeetive GrouudOlaa* of the ftneat iliet, which, thro eg n their high loliah and true ground, produce the pureat viaiou, aad have lieen highly rvcommeniad o the beat in their eftwt upmt the eye. lor prveerviag and improving the eight in eennaaed writing "short Ilftted pereona. and each o here been opented upon for Cataraei, eea alae be euibd. __ ,. . . He inaeru aewGleaeea. of anpenor quality, in old Irimo, and aolicita the patronage of ell in wot of < A I will warrant all Spnctaclfi parr, hoed fromime toi aelt the tight for flwn ytaru, or wiclMuga thuw without cssra charge. uiH Sm*r GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. DjVmm the Eveoieg Poet.1 R. A C. CASTLE, who ho practiced for the leal MTen reen vora in thi. city, ho obtained aa en viable .mine .oe in hia proleauon He operatea upon the J^'h wi^gteet-klU ind abilitv* He hw elao urepafd a Cempoeition f> r Blltug ?e r"yed tender teeth, which, whi e it teemte the ??'<>?^ ail *r d% and infcciug 'genu, it becutnra at hard aa the tooth it elf It ia peculiarly ad-Pted (or neifoui peraoo. Dr. Coti; in-rt. urtiiTc... TeedE(,AgTLgi Deutjet. m!5 Im'm Ml Uroalway, corner of White at. CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS MAGNETIC FLUID. THIS UKMAHKABLB DISCOVERY comprise* an ea -??^.tirely vt.'e and norcl application ol th* rioo* power "*( agent, by of> a* a remedial agent, bf meena ol which the or dinary batirneae, lectrie and mague ic machine. aia enurelv dypeiwed with, aad the power applied in a manner equally mach cheaper, and with po Act convenience and aifety. The On.iaaic Riam In coeueeiioe with the Man tntTic Fluid hare bare need wiih eetiia aneeeaa in all eaara of HHl.UMATIDU, acute or chronic, app<yiag to the head, wee or liaahe ; Goat lie Uoloretai, Tooib*eh?, Brooch tia. >orr?aa or ^iek Headache, lndia'ation, Par.lysi*. Palayi K _i|?i tic Fila, Cramp, P. I pit tion of tho Heart, Apopleav, n, ii?t tic Fiu, Cramp, ralpit una ol tha Heart, Apoplear, 4 iff one of J iloti. Spinal Lnmbego, Neuralgia. Nerroaa Tremor. Diaaineaa of tho Hoed, Pain* in thr Hi-ad ?oil Silt, reaaral Debility, Deficiem y of Ne>ri,u? aad fhy oio-l Energy. aad all "?trro- a Diaori.era la eaaea of Dye pepaia, wbieh ta iimily a nerrona derangement of tha dune tire orgaaa. (her h. re been found equally ?aerenalal The Hinga are of different prima; Being made of all aiiea, and of rariona ornamental pattern* and can br worn by the moat deli cate female wijinnt the aliibteat ineourmi-iic* THE GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS, fce., art modi catioaaof tha intention, aad ara recommended in more chrome eaaea ol diaeaae, wham the Ring* do act po ?? - They E ? -1 ?e?a anAcient intenaity or iKiwer. They are adapted to the watat.aima, wriata, aualea, cheat or any pan of the b-dy with perfect eaae. Aay galvanic power that 11 required may thai he obtained, and i o eomplMnt which the rayaten n? agent of Oalvaniam can affect. will fail to be permnur.tly relit red. CUHMffE'S MAGNETIC FLUiD it used in connection with the Ring? end their nodifiMtiOM. Tnis composition has been ptoootinccd by the French Che miiU, to be one of the most valuable discoveries ol modern science. It is believed to poveevs the rrmarkab.e power of rendering the nerves sensitive to Galvanic action, by this means causing a concentration of the influence at the seat of disease, and 'hos giving rsi?id and permanent relief. CHRISTIE'8 GALVANIC SIRENGTHENING PLASTERS That* article* form an important addition to the Galvanic Rings, actiaa upon the *ame principle, but having the advan tage of more local application. Jit an meant Jot Strengthening the t yntern when Militated *jj it urate or other c*iu<?; at n ccrlom aid in conetilutitnaj weakn?t?; at a will on found of givat aoa permanent advantage. The reader in efened touumnoaa ftp-HOME CERTiriCATEB.HOO

in the N. publiakedia the N. Y. Sun. Mirror, Tribune Ail?t. and other paper* Th*** testimonials. all of which are from tho moat rw ?peetiblc aonrcea, hare been *el*ccdftom .ereral hundred of a similar ' ^ ",J lime thi ML ?imilar character, which hire "beau procured daring th* ihoit lime the diacorgry baa been before the American public. Only Agency La New York Nr. IM /Vltew ttrttl, Suet 2,/^LXUTION?Beware of jpuridu* imitation! of thtae tide*. Meter*. A. B. k D. 8\.aDS< article*. Meaert. A H. k D. 8\P.DS are not, and ni *er har# been, agents for Dr Christie. nor can I warrant a* genuine aay art rlee called "Galranie" which are offered by the abort men tioned firm. D. C MOORHEA0, Agent Genera* for the United S'atee, intBI Im-rc lit Fulton *treet, New Vert. UAL?Ire tuna Urreil Leal, now I aad lag (mm (hip Oar nek, ftMLraM. mi fe^nlj if^nn^nSmmn, FUME BATH. TO ALL who its afflicted with rheumatic complains, We woo Id lay go and try Dr. Swell's Sulphur Kama Bath, 304 Broadway The peculiarities of it are inch, that it caiaa rpMt'ial'y this complaint and also all other diseases of a chronic nature, such as Scrofula, Oout, Unit Rheum dis eases of the Skin, Joints, lie. The charges are so modera ted, as so fetch i? within the nnm of all mI9 ln-*m ASTOR HOUSE BATHS, Knwtnee, No. 1 Veasy street. (I'rieate door A at or House.) I 'IMlK PUBLIC are respectfally informed that the shoes a. Baths are in complete <rder. The mthing tub* are entire i tr new, (copper.) and the largest ta thi? city lu point ol | Clearliae*s and aitcu'ioo. the baths cannot be excelled. The ' Bethe are open until II o'clock at night, (Saturday night, it) i Fr ce of a bath. 25 cents. T'is warm tea Bitln at Desbrosaee , street are as usual oiun from sunrise, until II o'clock P M mU luiV HENRY C. RABINEAU, Proprietor IMPORTANT to EMIGRANTS GOING WEST. I rpH iS subscribara beg to inform iheir friends and th. public ' M. thai ihey lorward passengers to all parts of the We.leru 8tat-a and Canadxs via the railroad from Albany It is nsu*l, at this season of the year, for those a >t acquainted with the ronte to iiay their'are to go hv the canal. ? or their informa tion. we beg to state that the earliest probable time the canal will be navigable. will be the N h Apr I. and it mar be the Is' May. Pe sooa, tbeieloie, until that time, nmar go ky 'he rail road, ticket! for which can !>? ohtuurd at the rtry lowest tains, of W. It J 4'. TAPSR'OTT, 75 South at., cor. of Maiden lane. N. B. Due notice of the opening of the canal will be givoa. mil rh CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than ihe General Priee?-J ACOB VAN DhRBILT, X Maiden Lane, between Wm sad Nassau streets the cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing tssblishmeut in New York. fa B Hundreds of garments ready made, which wi'l be sold w oles.le o retail. .#ty '? m30 lm*fe MAKThLLh tV HoLDEKIVLUnN, 37 M Men Lane, ?. V., MANUFACTURES and Importers ol Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs. Toupes. Bands, Carls. Seam.. Bandeau and Braid Hair, Dtaguy a celebrated Cnried Hair, fifteen iucheu h ng, ai d a aew style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds ot Hair Work, wholesale and tetail. N B ?The trade supplied on reasonable terms, turn tm*an TOBACC ?, SEGARS AND BASS A A. SAM AN OS, No. #4 Broadway, up stairs, offers for * sale, a splendid assortment of hop-e Began, sele- ted expressly for bis establta! meat. Also, 40 bales of strietlv prime Sr.Jsgo Tobacc*. and a small lot of Bass, by wholsaale a??d retail ml9 '!???? ft*-lt\ flfWl HAVANA AND TRINCIPE 8EOAH8, OO'ljUv/V ami Haraua Tobacco? 360 000 Kionda, al ? sixes, 50 O-o Cmulacioa, lot 50 000 LafaTeite, 150 000 Eaperauxa, an,rot Regain, 05,400 U Victoria, 1st 100,100 Pr<uoipe. 30 000 Lafayette, pressed 10 0(10 Ksrulapio, do 15.000 Europe, 26.000 Baa Roman, lot, 50 bales Tobacco. ?'Th% whole ent iled to debenture, and in lotsie >uit purcha ser. For sale by B. M PIC ABU, mraa lin'm 117 Front street, near Wall, upstair*. ?EGARS-FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. PpHE SUBSCRIBERS i-ivite the attention of country roar A chants, dealers, snd others, to iheir esb-nsive stock of Be gan. This stick has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lowest prices for cash; thsy sre, there fore.enabled to offer tne different qualiti sl >werthan any other establishment in lh? city.The assortment comprises every style and quality, from $2 to $15 per thousand KJCNNtTH k LAVKRTT. mrll lm*rc Wholesale Seg'r Emporium. 100 Wall St. monthly report for march, OP THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, ?o. TB Chambsn Itrast. oasesscccxsipoli.v eatnsti 1 Pain in the chest 1 Infl immatinu of bladdar 5 Palpi'ation of the heart 4 Primary consumption 3 Organic disease of the heart 7 Irrita'ion in uretmia and nock under trea meut of bladder 2 Casts ol gr.-vel 5 Second-rv venereal 1 Case of sand is urine General debiiiry 4 Eruptions of the skin 1 Case of nodes 1 Sore Mouth I Asthma 2 Warts on tongue 12 Seminal weakness 5 Cases of gonorrhoea 2 Deafness cur d by rsmoviag 2 Cases ol ear ache foreign bodies 5 Cases ol dys epsin 1 Impoieacy 7 P.imarv venerea! 4 Pain aad dixxinsaa in tko 3 Incontinence urine head 2 Pains, bark aad side 1 Contracted keeejoint 7 Falling of -he womb 1 Andma ol the hands 1 Rheumatism, acute ( Constipation 2 Night swants 1 Apoplexy 2 Dormant liver SccciiiruL OrcSATiona and Cukes. 2 Fractures of both bones of I Encysted tumors removed the arms from i he head 1 Operation fur fistula in ano i Cases of purulent discharges 2 Tonsils temovad from the ear 1 Disloca ion reduced 1 Uvula removed 4 Ulcerat-d legs of five years' I Operations for squinting standing ? Btnerues cured in the 1 lull tm mat ion of teetiv ur-thra 2 Operations for 1 Fracture ef the cranium 1 Operation foreuutraction, I OpruMluie sWsu the extensor propiius pel- 1 Kungns takaa from ear Itcis pedis, drswiltg the 1 Hare lip big toe up at a right angla 1 Ulcer in rectum 1 Forrigo, a bad disease of the 2 Cases of hernia under treat scalp, of long standing ment I Operation forhydrecela 4 Pieces of diseased bone re 1 Amputatim moved Irom leg 1 Fatty tumors removed 2 Sore ears The poor attended ta between 4 aad 5, m the afternoon. N B.?This lastitaboa is act counseted with any other in this city. H. BOSTW1CK, M. D., at 2w*r Attaedine flurr.i. and Pbvsiciaa. SCHENCK'S PULMOIN I C SYRUP has cured me. READ! RhAD! THE FOLLOWING CERTIFI CATE OK RICHAKD L COX, A MAN OF HIGH STANDING IN NEW JERSEY. o N THE 3d day of May. A. D. 1*45, bef-t'em* the .Ble ar-rib r, o>.e of the Aldermse of the city of Philede'phie. ler oually tppc ird KlikartlL. Cot. ? cit zen of Eva. n-m, Bmliestoi livgtou county. Bate of New It ?#y, who, oa h i solem" atfirmnticn, did detose and s-y: That for sbeut twelve months past he was vtt ezsd bv a >h rt. dry cough, with ? sense of burning ia the palms of his heads and soles of his lert, toge ther with dmtreiting night swasu. 'lint state of thing* cea m t li. u. d undt Nov< sntier last, when be was suddenly seised wi h a severe psia la tlie ids ?nd breast Mis family I'h'. s eiuj tbea iuformed him th.t his lung. were in a diseased state, a id he became gr.-d tally weaker and weaker, emits i ted ai.d wasted is llesb mild reduced almost In a skeleton; bis br a tinea; wis short an I ions and the leaatetertioo led to rum-.-esb.uc.oa, fur It Was with toe gre.-test difficulty and l?nn thai any ? hinge eoald be made ia hie eloth-e, or even in us iking up the b dm which he lay. At this period his physi cian. I a it il y and fr ends tad ed all wh ? saw him?coeeidered hie ease beyond th-rea h ef h"Pe. For two days h>a appetite had ent rely forsskan him, sad he took Bo aoarubmsat daring that rime ?when he determined to try " Pehan k'a Pulmonic yrnp." Thrt he had tikea hoi .boat ten buttles of ih ? said Syrap, when a large gathering formed in his left side, which soon r pe ed voder ti e southing intleeoee of the flying Hr h.d giveu up the use of .11 other medicmeeat this time, and strictly foil owed the dire> tiooa eecum -saying the Fnlmo nic hyiup?'hat be discharged is the prseesce of nia wife and brother at least a Mart of thick greenish muter of so sffeasrve a nature, that his (heads eoald scarcely stay ia the room with him?that at this tune he wu unable to raise his bead from the pillow ia coBtrqaesee of his his weaker*. ; bat he eeotiaaed the ass ol the meuicise, having know* that Mr. Scheuck him - aelfhad bsea eared by the same mrdiciae in the lowest stageef cob nmption, alter all other means had failed-that for several weeks he continued to eipeetorme freely?whi. h gradually dimiunned in quantity, and chat ged to that ol a he ilthy char acter?that his appetite began to improve?his atnsgth lore tarn, and in a short time he wee able to sic np in his clumber 'lbs period intervening i etwesn takii g the first bottle aad his recovery was ai oat ten weeks , th-t the rapid changes ia his Condition crested sarh surprise m d wonder in all Who saw him during his illness, that friends and i etghbors flocked online ail? to see. as it were, a man riaeo from the g.eve. That as the Syiap still trengtheued a .d im< r ved ih; ijsue, he continued using it till b-had ukea iwenty-flve bottles. 7h the new be lieves himself a aonud ?,sa ; and u in the enjoyment of good II health ; thai he la able to at end to all bis duties, and to fuiAi i hem aa a township officer as well as at say period of bis life; that he has had his luugs Piainiued, sad thai they are pronoun eed te be in a perlectl) sound conditio" [signed] RICHARD L. cox Affirmed 10 Ud subscribed, this Id day of Mas, I8IJ, before me. [Signed] CilAUNCEV BUl.KLEY, Alderman Kvksham. Burlington Co., N. J,, April ttd, 1*44. We, the sub ent ers, residents of the township of Eve ham do hereby i.erulj that we are e elleequainted with -r Rich rd L Cot. and frequently visittd him in Jie last stage of Pulmo nary Consumption, which we believe was cued by the use of Scbeaik's I aim uic Syrup, mid feel it. urdnty to recommerd i. to the sou.umptive ia the stro gestpossible turns having bees eye to one eft .e greatest evres erer perloimeo n tins .eegisu of the eenuir>. Be j mis Bashman, John Leeds,jr. William L. Brows, JohaH Ellis, And.. William Resnuuit, John H Elim,, Pra.klw ?? Col, John b t 01, Ihos. H Hawliugs, Jee ? Hswlings, Joseph Ellis, Jacob HswUsgs. Mavlvoh. N. J .May Ith, IME Mr. J. H Sehsoek?Kr: I am pastor of the B.p.iai charch at Marltos, New J . racy. Boms three or four moaUi. sines I w ? taken by one of the de<eous to see one of his nsishburs, Mr. Hiuhsrd L. Cog, thee lying, to ail h-im-ia appearance at death's door by consumption. My distinct impression was that the K live one week l o my surprise 1 gentleman would set live one w*sk To my surprise 1 saw rum in my coogregsnea last Sahba>b, s healthy looking man. To-day i have been at his house, sad received from h m the as surance that your Syrup was he n.eaus ol saving hi- hi*. I am rvspectfaliy yours, JAMES M CHALLISS. The giegme Pulmoaic Syrup is prepvred eielasi vely by the proprietor, and ia for sale at his principal office, No-1 Court least street, wher* persona can receive advice, have their laagt landt street, where persons can receive advice, have their lungs sz.mmed,sad obtain pamphlets describing CONHl MPTION, DVHPErsiA sad LWER COMPLAINT, free of charge. kor sale alio by A B. Sands It Co 274 Broadway ; Hatchings, 24J Bleecker st; Ford, 2:4 Fourth at, cot Wooster: Event!, W Hudson st; Dr Gardner, U Montgomery at, Jersey City; W. A k T. A Via Zusdt corner Smith and Deavsts, Brooklyn; Redding k Co, I State at. Doe too. Please bear ia mind that P.?. Beekman does net tell my ori ginal (ieauine Pulmoaic Syrup, and to svoid deceptioa, apply for the eld established medicine, st No. 4 Courtlandt street, si lm*r To tks Too, Cqfftt and /Sugar Tradt, Q-c.?Econo mists, Families, Hold Ktrptrt, ft. J, s. scott k co., No. 78 Nassau strut, corner of John, IIAYINO purchased the Ms' lot of the new season's Te IT possessiegthat r i chess* of flavor so gsearally combined, ' io rarely obtained. uR'T, wholesale < w? iu i-w - . mm-I, .HHiwir or retail, s lai gs v.rie IT of Green ,sod Bisi-k Teas, of the best quality only, inclu ding the uld fashioeed Soachetig aad English Breakfut Tea. sauh as ussd to be imported twenty years ago The stoefc of Coffee, Ssgars. ke, needs he earn meet, as they are ssl sated of J. .<4. Sc'cTT it CO. are alee supplied with a stock of (rash imported Glasgow Spiced; old English Cheeses of great vaiiety sad flavor Ail coeds bought will be delivered withia five miles of the pity fiee of cnarte. Aad ell orders from the country, with ae- I cloicd ietai.tai.ces, will meet the same honorable dealing ad if I sel- cletl by tbe parties themselves J. ?. SCOTT k CO. 71 Nassau st, I eSImn nest Jobe st. TRUFFLES. SALE.?A supply of TruBee jast received, and far F?J!Ai''l"A WWWHSffi-w. Alee, Bordeaux Wins* is casks sad cases, Eiersch, Absinth sad Champsgue, ef the best brshds i?M*i Portland, (Me.) March 22,1846 Population?OUervatory? Chowder Partite?Great Sport?FOrti/icationi?Foiagn Trade. Although I am a very constant reader of your valuable paper, yet I do not now recollect of having ever seen in it a word from our quiet and beautiful city?and as it has recently arrived to the honor of being mentioned in the Htrald in the way < t expresses, (in which,#y the way, yon eo signally defatted tba al lied proas of Now York and Philadelphia,) perhaps a few lines may not prove unacceptable. You must know, then, that our good city numbers about 14,400 inhabitants, white and black?the last, however, being few in number, and mostly confined to tba limits of "Nigger-hlll," a high sandy hill at the northern extremity cf the city, on which ttands what we call the Observatory, a wooden structure, about siity feat in height, used us a lookout far veaeelt bound into our harbor An axcallent teles -ope ie kapt hare, and by its aid. in a clear day, Oaeuiu lighthouse, at a distance oi fifty miles or mora Noitb-East. is distinctly visible. If now we turn our eyes to the N. N. W , Mount Washing ton, the highest peak of the White Mountain range in New Hampshire, can be plainly seen without the giass; end during tba greater pert of t e year he bus his nig t cap of snow on Looking to tba Eastward, the beautifnl expanse of Caaco Ba., with its thiee hundred and sixty Ave islands sleep! g calmly on its bosom, lies belore us. These islands sro a famous resort during the summer for our belles and beaux A party, of perhaps a dozen, hire a boat with a man to take charge of it, and also to make the " i howder." (for nothing would be thought of tbo party without a chowder ) and laying in a stock of provisions and materials for lemonade uud cofiee?any thing stronger b-'inrontof fsahiou now, owing to the exertions of Mr Nw D**, and other celebrated advo cates ol temperance, residing in our city?take their de parture from the wharf If the wind is favorable, in less tbsn an hour, they find themselves at " Diamond Cove " This is decidedly and deservedly tKt resort of pleasure Iiarties In fact, it is the realization of our ideas of fairy and. It i< in the form of a hnrse shoe, with a fiue gra velly beach, smooth as a house floor, lying between the water and the dark pine woods. After landing at a rude pier made of trunk* of trees, onr party follow the bent of their inclinations. Some go in pursuit of berriea, oth ers dowers, while the more sentimental ones etray off into the recesses of the woods?where, seated on a mossy bank, beneath some umbrageous tree, the love sick swain pours into the ear oi some fair girl, the ott told tale of love, and almost fancies himself in Klysium Another party, mote of the practical order, and having an ey a to the good oheor ahead, are ranging up and down the beach in search of la-go white clam shell*, to seive, after having a twig attached as a handle, aa spoons, with which to help themselves to the chowder?for it is held "meurais hontr." to eat chowder with anything bu clam shell spoons. While all this is goiog on, the " skip per" ia far from being idle. Having got his kettle on shore, his first task is to bnild a fite placo of stones; this is soon done, and the kettle placed over it. When the chowder is ready, tba stragglers are oalled in and aaaem bio around with their plates and spoons. After all are served, they find seats on rocks or logs; and with an ap petite rendered particularly sharp by exercise, they commeoce the delightful task of empty i _ plying their plates Ye Gods! here, with the cold March winds blowing around me, and sitting by a biasing fire, what visions ot soft balmy air, lovely damsels and?and -disintegrated cod-fish rise beiore my mind's eye Alter finishing the cbowdt-r, the song and joke pass gaily round, until lha venerable old pine trees, casting their lengthened sha dows over the water, warn them it is time to leave.? I Accordingly, after once more getting on board their < boat, the anchor ia weighed, and to the song ot " How, brothers, row," or some other favorite air, they quickly pass the short distance to the city, and find themselves at home. On Jewell's island, about ten miles from tho city, there were, n few years since, very extensive cop peras works; bnt the concern proved a failure, and there has boon nothing done at them for the last five or six years. Onr harbor is one of tho best on the ooast, protected completely by land, and ao easy of ac coss that pilots are unknown here. It is defended by two forts?forts Bcammel on an island at the entrance, and Port Preble on Cape Elizabeth, which makes the southwestern side of it. These two forts bear names which are Identified with our warlike history. At the southern extremity of the city stands the depot of the Boston and Mains Railroad, a neat edifice of wood. Tba ateaaiera from tha east have their wharf within a stone's throw of the building, and tba cars ran directly to them. On leaving the depot, the road paaaea under the "new bridge," leading to Cape Elisabeth, whieh at this point ia snfflciently high to admit of it, and making a large curve, creeses the guard look of the Cumberland and Oxford canal, by a draw bridge; then strikes diagonally across the harbor, on a spile bridge, about a mile in length, which also has a draw to admit tha passage of small vestals, most of which ara loaded with plaatar lrom Nova Bootia,which they carry to Stroudwator,a lit tle village at tha head of navigation, wharo there are mills for grinding it. "Cape Cottage," situated on the shore of Cape Elizabeth, lour miles from the city, rivals in scenes of the romantic and picturesque, Nahant, or Rockaway?ia a great resort for our citizens, and has also been honored by visits from many distinguished strangers?amour Uiem the celebrated George Combe, who, with his wife, passed a number of weeks here when ke was ia this country, and who so pathatically describes in his book the miseries he endured lrom tho musquitoei. Portland suffered very eeverely during the land speculation of 1837 Many who were wealthy, ' were nffned by that unfortunate mania, equalled onl. by the tulip speculation in Holland, or the mora recent railway operations in England Tba fereign tra te is principally with the West Indies, and a large amount of capital ia embsrked in that business. A groat many ships are owned hers, which ereeugsged in freighting, " i lumber aud are seldom seen in our port Onr exports are lumber of all kinds, boards, joists, sugar boxes, molasses bogs heads, barrels, lie , he But tba timber in the immedi ate vicinity, is neatly all cut off, and that branch of our trade is moving north, and Rangor now does a great tin ber business. It is only within a few years that wa bava beano to re cover from tha disastrous effects of the land fully. But with the constructing oi the rsilroad, business received a fresh impetus, aud we are now prospering again We expect soon to have our reilreed through to Montreal, and with it an aceeasion te our business. L>itkoit, March 18,1846. St. Patrick'i Day?fagulatart?No Licence, fc. Since the decisive victory achieved by the Herald over the combined forces of the allied powers of New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, in bring ing the foreign news from Boston to New York in about tovea hoars, your paper stands sven higher th?n bo/ore in public estimation hers. Yesterday, the anniversary of the birth of Ireland's patron Saint, was celebrated In an imposing manner ; early in the morning the Shamrock leaves in the button holes of " the boys," betokened St. Patrick's day. The Montgomery Ouaids, composed entirely of Irishmen, and on i of the flnost military corps in the city, paraded, at tended by the U S. Bind, and the beautiful weatner at tracted a lull attendance at the City Mall, to listen to an excellent oration oy Charles H Stewart, Esq. In the evening, a sapper was given at the National Hotel, of which a large number ol eitixene partook?and though there was no liquor on the table, there was good leet log, wit end ninth arouud it On Monday evening a repeal meeting was hold; the same strong feeling ap peers to prevail en this subject as formerly, and the at tendance at the meeting was quite as large as on any previous occasion. The principal question before the Legislature at pro sent, is with legaid to the tale of the railroad. Tbo House passed tee bill, and the Senate this morning re jected it by 10 to 7 - loss than twa third*) but la conse quence of the absence of one member, the hill Is to ho < aconsidersd. 1 do not doubt that it will pass, notwith standing this morning's vote - those in lavor of soiling, deeiro it in order to pey eg the mate indebtedness, while those who oppose it, contend that the State 1s tuily able to meet every dollar see owoa, principal and intaiest, in cluding state scrip, war rants aad bends-in iaot, lbs senp is now received by the beaks at par, and there can be no doubt that tee internal impievemeat warrants will in a short time be vary naerly par. Capitalists should place uo reliance on those who are Interested in get ting them to sacrifice by sailing at a low price. mails* Butler, oi New Y ork, waa hare a weak ago. ft wss said that ha proposed to purchase the Southern Railroad, but this report is probably mtiieunded. At tbe lata charter eleciiou, " no lice use" was sue cessiul by a large msjonty; therefore there cau he no DR Ol more lieousmg to bo oru nk on the promises, and in fu ture every man who wants liquor will novo to moke a grog shop ol bis own bouse, unless liquor sailers follow lbs Massachusetts plan, and keep a " striped pig" for ex hibition. h'or several days past wa have had bright and pleasant doys, and clear moonlight nights ; oveiy thing indicates that the " spring lima oi year is coming;" and in Jeffer son Avenue (cue Broadway ol Detroit) taay be seen the beauty and fashion ol "the City oi taeBiraits." This avenue is probably one oi tha fluent streets at the West; it is snout two miles long, l'JU test wide, very level end regular, and running parallel with the Detroit river. Tbe lower part ta devoud to buaineaa ; iariher up are numerous residences, tastefully laid out, sod suriound ad with trees,which add vary much to tha boauty ol tha street Appointwxnts by tux President?Richard J, MeCullocO, to M inciter and refiner ol the Mint ol Luued mates at Philadelphia, vice Jones R .McCiintock, resigned. John M. McCaUa, ol Kentucky,Seoond Audi tor of tbe Treasure, vice Wa. 0. Lewis, lemoved John R Macmuido. ol Louisiana, Troaauier of the Branch Mint of tbe United mates at New Orleans, vice Horace C. Cemmack, removed. Felix Grundy May son, to bo tfocond Lieutenant in the marina corps, I rose 14 th Novem ber lest, vice Lieut. Robert D. Taylor, deceased. Reu bau flurdine, of Waskiugton, and Henry Reaver, of Georgetown, to be Justices of tha Peace. Sxllimi orr Cheap?" Free Geatin for No thing "?We copy the following unique advertise- , meatlrom the Deiioit >Ytt Rrrss i? UHVIIVIB tUB i/BIIWIt f FCC JTT*?? J? '' ' " Twins.?The undersigned, having recently lent bis wife, and bar Waving a pair of twin daugaters. wbsoh h ? would give to soma good lamily that would like to adopt them as their own. the ioiauts can be seen at the house tiiBin u inru own. i nv iuibum ^ - of Mr H. t Parry, Woodward Avenue, Detroit leans Diarrenpsaraa. U*raiaii Emigration. We perceive it stated in Mr Hilliard'e mail ?tewner report, that "Germany and the North of Europe contains (contain) a population of 1 O.tiU), 000. destined (or this country " Won't we want "the whole or none!" And yet Mr. Htlhard is ? 40 man. How shall we accommodate this mighty horde short of 64 40 and the Isthmus ot Pannms 1? The (act, ot course, must be as sta ed. fortt-e ?'rnor able member had every opportunity oi aacartaio ng. 40 on 64 40. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge E inioudi, Aldermen Stoneull and Compton. Aran. 8 ?Ths I'njile v$ Otmrgr Hittrr ?This case w?? re-timed yesterday morning. Ths prisoner's coun sel first enquired if the proceeding* now shoot to talis Slece were to be put in the shspo of a record? I'pon bo ng answered ru the afli metivo be stated thst ho wonld But iu two riles*- oDe to the jurisdiction of the Court, and ro other the pies of nui'rel record. To tbo first plea tiro counsel for the people demurred, arid an issue of fa. t was taken to tbo other. A jury whs then empannellod (ifter being objected to by pi Isorrer's counsel,) 10 try whether there was a record of the prisoner's conviction or not on the flies of the Court, and n he were the men mentioned in it The jury found that I hero was a rocerd, and that he was the person named thaiein rottet was then re main I bis counsel to ha\e m til Tuesday next to pro per, except'oris, on which day bo is to be hi ought up again to receive judgment. The Court then adjourned. Circuit Court, Befote Judge Edmonds. AfcCo thy vs. Huitg'i tt at?-This was an notion of ejectment to recovoi possession of one half (being the North pert,) oftbe Carleiou House, Broadway, formerly owned t?y (he lete Dennis McCrnhy The oe*e was tried in the Circuit Court lest tall t ut it seems the jury could not upon that tria. agree ?i.d it now comes on to be tried before another jurt As the proceedings on the former triat were very fully reported in the Htra<4, end as there is no new feature in the present proceedings, we shall mere y give an outline of ths plaintiff's clum. Mr McCarthy died in IPSA, without issue and without havi g made any will, Jaaving a iar. e real and personal estate- the personal eatate was divided Between bis wi dow, and his nephews and neicea; but as the latter were aliens, or at all eventa their parents thiongb whom they MOM only inherit they could not bike th ? rael estate, and it would, therefore, necessarily escheat to the State government Mrs McCarthy, the widow, and Mia. Bant, a niece of Mr. McCarthy, entered into ions ar rangement with the government and procured an act to be passed by the State Legislature, under which the pro party now in diapute was sold to a Mr Walker, who sold or leased to the defendant. Hodges; tut it seems that the property never did legally become escheated, itiaipiurtr ?s ti e ?ova-tm.eiit neglected to comply with the requirements!), la ? n - s stoles, which i? O'tiies, when the owner ot real estate t ics without mall og a will or leaving nrir. that can inherit, that the govern ment shall, rur ve years, continue to publish io the State papers an or vertisement setting torth the facts, and calliog on all persons intsrestad to come in and prove their claims. This not having been done, the pl*jn"9? now eteps in an! alleges Ihst he was naturalised in 1X84, one year beiore the death el Dennis McCarthy, and claims the property as his heir. Alter some documen tary evidence was put in and read, and one or two wit nesses eiammed, the Court adjourned. For plaiulrfl', Messrs Gerard, I.ynch. Emmet and Koster. For dvlund ant, Messrs. Whiting O'Connor and Hpe&r. Sprclsl kesalot.a. Bt-fore Recorder 8cott. April 8.?Charles Smith colored, charged with steal ing two silk handkercbicls trom the store of C. H AVater house,was adjndg- d guilty, and sent to the penitentiary for the term of two months. Nicholas Howlett, a boy, was found guilty of stealing an iron plate from Robert Morrison. Sent to the House of Refuge. Nancy Rubine, a colored woman, was adjudged guilty of an assault and battery on another colore i lamsla, named Cantine,.in throwing a brick at bar head, dho was ordered to be locked up in the city prison for XI irty days. Charles J. Greely, charged with stealing soma laed pencils,and a pocket book oontaining a small sum of mo ney, from John McQuade. He was found guilty, but aentenoe was suspended. Wm. Millar and Richard Conklin wore then placed tt the bar for committing an assault and battery on pclice man Farley, while he was proceeding to arrest a prisoner on e charge of larceny. They were found guilty, and Conklin was fined 838, and Miller 810. Nicholas Miller was next tried for stealing a quantity of iron from the foundry of Maeara. Secor. Ho was ad judged guilty. Sentence in this case was suspended. George Venoal, charged with committing eo assault and battery on C. Johnson, was found guilty and fined 618. Isaac Robbins, a colored man, was adjudged guilty of nn assault and battery en Bes^amin Grattan, also on a po liceman, and sentence! to the penitentiary for the term of throo months for each offence John Kelly, charged with stealing eome ehirta from Abraham Abrahams, in Chatham street, was found guilty and sentenced to be confined in the city prison tor ona month. John McCalvin, for stealing aoma articles of trifling ?sine from Mr Scanlin, was sentenced to be imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of three months. After disposing of some other oases of mUor impor tance, the Lourt adjourned until Tuesday next. Common Plena Before Jud?e Ingrah'm. April 8.?Kit her Miller vi Jat /fcnivti.-This was an action on e sealed instrument, to recover >76,the amount of a quarter's rant. The statute of limitations was set up, but the Court decided that it did not run agaiast a sealed instrument It was afterwards shewn that both plaintiff* and defendant wero married,and taeir husbands were not parties to the action. Upon this ground the Judge non-suited the plaintiff. For plaintiff Mr. Beard men; for defendant Mr Major. FVrfue#n vs. Csjfla.?Tvrdiot to-morrow morniag. Varieties. A gentleman In Philadelphia, named Lee, haa lately gratified the private circle of hie friends, showing the jk silulity of setting a straight rod in such a position that, if left undisturbed, its shadow will rotrogtado, or wheel beck, twice In the course of a day. He has pro posed to perform the experiiueut in the public square, if the permission of the City Council cau be obtained. Mrs Deer, a lady of wealth and standing, residing aboutmiles from Middletown, Md., end aged about 88 years, put an end to her existence en Menaey morn ing about day-light, by throwing herself out of the garret window (soma throe stones high,) ol her dwelling, which caused her death almost immediately. A man, while receiving >he rite of baptism in the river at Cincinnati, lately, was carried away by the current and drowned. A law baa been passed by the Legislator* of Mississip pi, directing the manner in which the convicts shall bo employed It secures all for which the mechanics eon tended, and appears to give general satisfaction. We understand that a splendid club bouse, on tho plan of those in London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and New York, will shortly be estabiisbed in Boaton. DOCTOR AKNT*S RELIEF SALVE. POR WUUNDt. Bruit##, Ram*, Chomc Ram or Rw?i r lingt, rile*. U'cet* tod Inflamed Br enact It u iliol toveraign rtatir for Bloi.h*. m th Fw, and Chan**) or Rough nhir u velvet. Ron gh akin. It will toot rcudtr it traaaparent, tltu tod toft ( Extract ort letter from Doctor Wood.) I tm highly gratified to hear that ihe " Relief Salve," pro pared by Ur. Charles Arm, it beiug introduced to the jmslie. It potsetses merit* which will *|>er Illy give it a high rank in the confidence of yoat enstomer*. It 11 dend-diy *opotior to nay other preparation with whioh I htr* .ny xcqaaulacae " I har* mad* frequcat uae of it with the gieato-t poatibla aaecaaa, and freely and choerfolly commended it to other* I eauoot withhold an axpraatiou of aurpri** at th* happy affect* I haee fcoown It toprodoee 10 **r*ral ram* of inflamed breaiU and oarer*.n (Etiract from a letter written by a female to her relatiye.) ' M-nday morning called at Mr#. HnlbertV flhe had *affer ed an I na aud au tnarii with bar braa.ta that I expected frora what w* had hanld. to fled har dead. They bad, however, appti ild ' Aro?'a Relief flair*' thet nigh- and tH* u-it day, aad to my great .atufactioa, I fotwd har entirely relieved After apply ? eg it twice a* I had dimete-Mhe milk atarted a at re am ; they pat the ehiloto har breaata, and thay are uow both doing aery well ind-?d They euJI me the U??d Saawrhaa for mentioning the aaly# to them I ?m vary glad of being the mean* of doing aome good in the world." D clor H illock - Sir: That thonreat rnwe ef " Ant * Re lief Sylv*" niy bt known to th* aflicted, I do*** it *ay doty to ?tale a few act* to . oreted With my own oaa*. Ahont twenty y-a-? ago I receive'1 *q injury Iro? the i ol a burning cannon irrikine me ir my groin; from that ap to th* nraxeut time I hava Buffered much dittreaa and pain, aad Anally it re aalird In a diffnaad nnenriam paivadiag my leg *nJ foot. Dariua ihi* protract > J aeaaoa of luff ring, I hav* lied recou ae to all the" anrarai y, ' and highly recommended " Pwu Ex tractor*. " he., he., <1 h uo be. efit Haviug recently 11 a*u a *eT?re cold, ay leg Wta again the ?eat of moat excrnrialiog paia, aad had all the appearance of i in no in.unheal i on. I .at adyiaad that, ia order to mra my life, ar leg mnal be amputated. Again I ie.orn-d to the rarioaa highly recommended remediea, hat foaad no relief, until I was p*i*ami*d to try the "Relief Salve" After the fint application 1 felt tare it benefit; aud on th# .eroud, th# dark mahogany color <4 my lag aad root changed to a nataral and healthy appearance. By a*iog two box** th*?* ellmg and influxruatto disappeared. and my leg became *?f" f rJ** from pal* It ia uow in a batter condition than it ha. . cea It* tea yaa-a. I do therefore recommend it .irongly to ?. 'her* ?*?? faring from auaiiar aAiction*. aad ha*? aodoabnt wiM prove a highly valwahl* application far all the parpoaea for w..i?.b It M recommended. Reapectfally yonra,fceg, pAJU^m French1* Hotel. Ne t? Fallon eUeat,jfaw Yort John auaat,midby meat ef the raapeetable draggiata. fit tm*re COMFOH T FOR TUF JWFLICTFU t)R nfi WfTT o KELOJNOER'S pain EKADICATOR. THIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, etutimw to aatonuih all who aae it, or who have been favored with the .lightest knowleda# of im waedaa weraiageflaet. none th. hum ia *r#r# n Fain and Inflapamation eaaaot t*ui*.u where thi* infallible remedy ia applied, H matter* But from :?331SX8MSSr_ ".v. TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, BOARD I NO HOUSE* .nd nllwho like thaw ka-i.itu te B# .potlee#, clear aad bright For <nmg il.e highest | o ?h. lot reqairiag lea* labor, bat u eeiqe. i royentnm ??**#, tot