Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??i.Xiu ??.M.WMala.iMT. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 5, 1846. rrto* HE NEW YORK HERALD. JUKI MUM BRRMBTT, ProprieUr. ClrouUtiom...Forty Tboutnd. 1A1LT HIIALD-Kwr day moo I mm* m?rt .tajSfiftiWfii ItTlfftlffi ef til km* maaalad w*m Wutr a?ddg? V All letter* or MMmmuNhtl maU. muiu?mm. mm W poet paid. at th# pontage will ba lacmd1 mm the 7 o E-^N KTT, mprxttr ?; ?>!? Thi HlUU KtTIMJI N?rtH-W#et eo-aev of Falto* aod Nmi tim UU EtvaaUaHNB** ia ata. NKW YORK AND GLASGOW Ll.NE OF m m Jfe ^^finM nm^Tm ih. JnTTfrom New Turk M the tot, and Olnjow ouil ?*ch"t" FromN. Yoik. ?m lH'iow. tJasel. Jaly IJ ip SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins. < Oct I. ?ju,'[1? > Feb. I. Much 15. tJulyl. Apr u 15. . ShipBROOESBY. H MIwm, M*tv! ?**. # UmimIi 1 llm#> r 14 ( Much 1. Dec r 15. t Allan I Mav 15 r. Bark AD AM C ARB. . ] Wt 1- B?pt. IS. f April 1. Ju. 15. t Mir 1- lw* U . Ba?k ANN HABLET. R Scott, ] i>aPt L Oct 15 (Jajl Fa bra a. IS. Th-a* thira ere good. aahaiaotiei veeeola ablyeesamaadad, d wi'l ?. I pnnrla.lly oa their raguUr day# Their eeecm odetinr ? for riweit* ere sued.nod eeerr attesUoa will be ?d In inoBKc 'hen comfort The agema nor capraia* wi|l t he ,r.i> .n.ii lr fwr e.y peicel. o' package* *ant them, an ?t bill* of tiding areaigued therefor. torWtorpm^gd^ ^ M(NTlTRN *7 On h (tree!. New Vork, or ?4 re RF.ID fc Ml BR aY, Olaagow. STEAHKR uNIGi KN. FROM BOSTON, FOR HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. The Hte*m*r UNICORN left Liverpool for"Bo*too the I*th ie*t, and will_**il in ?boat two day* after bor arrival m Boat on, lor the porta of Halifaa, N. 8 ,and St. John*, ? Newfoundland For height or pe*?age hiving elegant accommodations, ap |y to HAR^DhN It CO., I Wall at. Naw *ork. HARNDEN to CO , ICoartat Boston. N. B. The Unieore, from Baetoe. will weit at Halifax the rrival of tbe at-amvrof ?prit 4. from Liverpool. ?l r REGULAR *AIu UN? LM?| BETWEEN BOSTON k NEW TORE. l^~A^?3*by the fas'nod splendid atoamara OREGON ^SBCaadKNMlKEBBOLKER. ainl 1 h. Meeaiei .'HEGoW eoanuM by Captain A. P. St. nhn, and KNICKERBOCKER, commanded by Ceptaia 8 luyer. will ran tbronahoat the aaaata, from Oi 1*1 d*y or ipril,in connection with lb# Htonington sad rrovidenee and >o*tiQ aad Pror dence Railroad*, leaving New York dai r, Sunday* excepted, tram piar No. 1 M., and Stoaingtoa at ? o clock P f 'he ai*il train from Boston. piar No. I North river, at 5 o'clock M-, ornpoa the arrival These ataunera am antnitiatted <a apced, splendor aad com nt t tvmg each of them W large commodious private atate noma, a*d berth* for 5M peraona, baaidaa large private room* or families end partiae ... Th ? aieamera era officered by the moet expeneaeed mea, od W'l i aliorten the pemaga between New York and Boatou row ltd *o 2 hoar*. h-rfiby arririeg in ample time for alt tba " w York, narai, sooth and warn, aad all m* ?uoningfram Naw 1 he lina* from ftoaton, north and seat. Tli. Ollt .ON will laava Naw York-Tneaday, Thar*day L?.v? -tnuingtoa- Mosdvy. Wedueadar and Friday. To - KNICKERBOCKER will laava New Vork?Monday, K'edne-div a, d Friday. Leave Stomnat o-Tne*d*y, Thuradry and Saturday. k'i>r o iu*t or freight enquire on board of the boat, at pier ' *a?tQ E FAIRCHICD.No 19 Weat .feat, mh3' 6mfh or of JNO H. RICHMOND. Providence. PEOPLE'S LINE OF8rEAMBOATB FOR ALBANY. Daily, Buudays ectfpted?Thtough Direct?at t o'clock, P.M. from the pur between C*mrVandt and Liberty $t$. ma* j0L 8 team boat COLUMBIA, Uapj. Wm. !!. ^JtLQirerk will leave on Monday, Wednesday, ZZjHCK. and Friday evening*, at 6 o'eloek. MMMmlHENDRICK HUDSON. C-pt. R.O.Crattan 4eo, will leave on Tueaday, Thnraday and batnrday evenings, at 6 o'clock. _ At 5 o'clock P. M., Lauding at Intermediate Placet. From the Knot of Barclay St, Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Cai?ain R. H Fury, will leave o* Monday, Wednesday, Friday aad Saaday afternoons, WSteamboat SOUTH AMERICA Capt. L. W. Braiaard.will leave oa Tueaday, Theraday and Satorday afternoon*, at 5 The above boa'e will, at nil timet, arrive in Albaay in ample tim* for the moruim ca*? for the eut or writ. ^ u . V mg\ I ukeu et as ode r a- e rate?vUid none uken alter 5 o cloca ^ AH p.taona are f irbid trnatinr any of the boat, of this Una, without a wn tea order from ike Captains or Agents Korouange or freight, apply oa board, or to f. U. ? ?b? office "* the vabarf THE Proprator* of ?teamlMiau wuhmg ? Bella hang, weald do well U> pay a viait on ? ? ? beaffi 'be ate? in boat* Nug ira, Iron Witch, Govrr.jor, boat John Suvciia. Wooaner. iravoller, fcc., auil 'Iimne tl. Homer * Improved Styleof Bell Hnugiu???at up ne.,t and auoi.g, aad wirr^ited for one year, by H. B. No. I Am atreet eir?4 In r NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LfvEK JBk POOL?Packet ol th* Slat of Apnl-The "PGnd'd SK fnt asBiug aad favorite paekat ship LIVER foTr lim tons borthan. Capt John Eldridfe, wUl and on Teeaday April 21, hor ragalardny. The ahipa of thw line beiuMnil IW9ton# andnpwarda,Per son* about to embark for the Old Country will not fail to am ?out about 10 tiwwMW ?w? ??? W? "T?T' T" '"? ?_:*>s the t4vantage* to be derivag from aeltctiag tbit ikb# in prvfe ranee to any other, as thair great capacity mndma them overy way more comfortable and eouvaaient dim ships of a small class, and their accommadacioaa for caffia, aeeoad oabia and iteerag* paaaiagor*. it ia well kaowa, are saparior to any of Packets Persona wishing to secure bertha. ether lino of Packet*. Pnrsoas wishing to secure bertua. should not fail to make aariy applies tioo onb.mrd.foot of Barling a.ip, or to W. fc J. T T AP8CO FT, At their g-noral Paaaage Office. 75 Sonih at.. gj Tre r?r?>r of Ma den Une. w_p?ra^?. rA? FOR NEW OtoChAjVo ? Uauiaat ano N?w AWk. York Line ?P'-aitivly F:r*t Reanlar packet, to sail i&ULou Tueaday."th instant.?The elegut. fast anting PeketXp SHAK-PEaRE, Roe*, master.lwdl ponuvaly mil an aoove, her regular day. ... . . . . For freight or passage, having haadaome famished ace 3m ard it?', apply ou board, atOrlwmi wharl, foot of Wall 01 W E. K. COLLINS fc CO. 5? Sooth .treat. Positively no good* received oa board after Monday eve ''/Ural1 'TNew Ortoaaa. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who wUl HS&tt&tt will aneemd the Shakapcara. aad ami April 19th. her rran'-. u-.v. at * tons. mil u of the 6lh April?The lilt claas, laat aailiug pneh pet ship A.SHBURTON.Capt.Howlaad,burthen 1000 torn, will utl as above, her renltr day. Havicg very superior accommodations for cebia, U cabin and at,*er*ge passengers. peraoaa intending to embark. ahoold make immediate application oa board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOHF.PH McMURRaY. _ Corner ofPme and Booth streets ? The picket ship J. R. 8KIDDY. Cart "kiddy, bnrtben 1000 torn, will aneceed the AMHBURTON, and mil oo the *>th April, her regular day. ? ..... . N. B. Persooa deairona of aendiax for their fnende, can have the') brunght out by the abore (kip, oa moderate terma, by ?uking application aa above. m?r PACKETS FOR HAVRE?B-eoed Lioe-THe packet ship UTICA, Capt. F. Hewitt, will nail on die let of May. Bor fre^ah^or |?asi|^? ' a2 rh ' Tontine Bmldingt, M Wa'l at. GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS?to tail Ut May her regular day?The fine, faat tailing, capper ed Br. bark ANN HARLEV, Capt. R. Peon, will ea y to rretire freight in a lew daya, and tail aa abore, brr TeJ'c>rbal?nee of freight or paaaage, hariag exeellent aceom ? oddtiooi. spplf to .Ire WOQDHUteL h M1NTCRN, r Hon* it. COUNTRY MERCHANTS I8IT1NO theeity of New York, art uritad to cell and emmine the complete cad natcnaire a lock of Ae-oaat Booka. Stationery, Paper. Notarial, and Letter Copying Preaa ea, Gold Pe ia, Qatlls, Inka aed Flnida, AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES sou* nr STATIONERS, At 0u L&mrt Pom bit Prica. AiCIl It LOUTREl,, 61 William at. mil lm'mc one door below Cedar. V1 192 BROADWAY, S COK.hgR OF JOHN STRUCT. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. FYeaa the JEvenang Peat. PF.CIMF.NS of RING'S unapproachable VERBENA _ CRF.AM FOR SHAVINO. ? This article, nairnwilly praiard by ihuae who made trial of it, I a at year toek the firat po-niam of the laatitnte Fair. Indeed it ia lolly conceded by thoae who know, tnat it it iapoaaible to mannfactnre an arti cl? eqaat to it. It it aofkeoing 10 the ekia, Iragrant tn the aente, a destroyer of freeklea aad pimples, and ia aold cheaper thin (he old v apa All, therefore, who would eoaanIt econo my and romfort ia shaving, shouldpossess themaelrea o' it. From the New York Gaxette ? The New Soap.- W? apeak from etpcrience, and we apeak from the more professional knowledge of onr benefactor and friend Jamee Grant. No. 4 Am street, whasays it ia ahead of any thing orer yrt found oat In 'hit department ol modem improvement. It it not eely rmolirnt *' but it it aomething uiore." in abort, we believe it la the best shavir g snap in the world. from the Evening .Mirror.?Ring's Verbena Cream, we km>w by expetieuce to be the beet kind of shaving <oap, w by eipe,ieuce to be the beet kind of shaviug <oap, ana tho?e in-raoua who hare troublesome bearda, tbould not be Without it It hat a penetrating way of ita owa. and aol teoe the iardeil and rongheat beard, to aa to ?ender the operation ut shaving perfe tlyaaay. Mr. lung hat lately taken the butt nets of Ur. Ml nor at the comer of Broadway and Johu atiert. where hit inestimable aiticlr may beoblaiued; tan, likewise. King's Coagh Candy, which ia said to be a pleasant and etr Cain i n v loi' hat tronoleaome c .mpenion From the Sunday D snatch - Every man who shaves himself shonhl proeare " Hing'a Verhena Cream " It is an exquisite II irri article a fieuing the beard, and allaying ail irritation of the akin, a ? that it becouu-a an abaoiate pleaenre, instead of an an noyance, to nee me raa ir Beware of imiwtior.a, and ooaorva the written signature nn kfor uae of C II Ring." Prepared ai.d lor dcr the dirtctiood .... ?, v. u r re tale, wholesale and Mail, aad for exportation. by C. H. KlNo, Druggist, " 'ohn atrt \? Btoudw.y, c< rncr of John street , Successor to Dr. Wm. H. Milnor. N. B.?M?rchnut? am particularly requested to call aad ex amine this article, aa now prep,red, aa to qaality, quantity, ap pearance and price. It eau-ot be beat?the sidendid new libel from a at, el pitle, engraved hv Messrs. llawdon. Wiigbt k Hitch, rxctedn-g any thing of.the kind before the public, mi l?i*r FOR THE ?LE!S. Dfl. UPHAM S KLE< TUA**?An internal remedy, ia a r? i tain car* for the Piles, either interna) or etteraal.bmrd iag ur blind Hold at No 111 r mUn street, No ( Division at., and bv t .? prui necor, a regu arly educated physician of twen ty y?or? txputuaam, confined to an office p aetiec, where l-iies ird .11 t-h omc diseases am anceeaslull) treated. ?,edi ?"?Ipfast ufAcc. M how cry 14 doom above Spring street, mi; inuMkdgiWi Ml M TO LET, STTORt No 114 Kaltoa street. Brooklyn, moat snil ?blo for the aala of bookl, periodicals, newspapers. ka. Apply on the premises. aJiw'r TO LET THE HOUSE No. tl Orchard atract. Enquire of A. 8AM90N. m31 lw *rc 441 Pearl at. TO LET OR FOR SALE. A A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Bubla and Coseh Home attached with abomt an acre of land, tha I principal part of which ia well ?rocked with fruit aud throbs, anil en loaed wi'ha picket fence The stages pass every ten minutes w chin fire miaatee' walk of the hooae. Situation between I Kith and IU1I1 streets Korfnrther m forma- | &!? "Ogly to JOHN BATHGATE, 1J4 Ninth atreet. Sr Dr. WOODS, Harlem. narlt !m*re FOR SALE, a A Small Steam Diatillary, with all the apparatus and , finura now ready to tint into operation; (it ia likawiae well adapted for distilling catnphine;) wul be told at a great eaer See, if applied for immediately. T-e home and a'ore to be let, and po<waaioo to be given im- , mediately. Enquire on the premisea. * E. corner of <4 Ji at. and 6th nreiine, or of JOHN BJCNSON, al lw*m tS Old alip. TO LET. ~ t A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen loto of ground, aitnatnd ia tha Tillage of Hastings. Westchester couaty, State ol Nsw fork, within a few ninnies' f the steamboat landing Said place ia diri led into gar dens, which are well stocked with fruit Also, a p aasact ?Tore, w itii a stream of water, and aereral good springs Pos session can be giren immediately Kor fanner panic 'lan, ap ply at tha store of Mr Saul "star, Hasting 'a Landiag, or of al lm*re MR- ECKKRT. 71 Mor.av at. New York. " TO LET, IN FORT LEE, N J., M A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of Vug ground and a number of wooden building*, in tolerable XeULgood ceudition, whieh were formerly used as a chemi ea] factory, at preaaat occupied aa a pianoforte manufactory; situated aa the Hackeuaack road, only a few miautee walk from the ferry. Rent an e good tenant Tory low, to whom n lease will be given for savers) years, if required. Inquire of Dr. Morrii Leo-Wolf? Ho M Liberty street, New York, ml lm*rc m26 I4t TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, AgL WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store hi riw osm of the moat crowded and nourishing thoronghfarei (bsMLof Brooklvn?The u?dersign?d hat now cecied, in Myrtle Arenac, near a drr goods store, whieh ia doing an im mense bus nets, a fine three acorr brick building, 24 feet front by 40 feet deep, wi th handsomely finished parlors, ?c , a large and commodious store and aa excellent and spicinas base ment. It will be finished, and ready lor possession before tba first of May; will be an excellent location fora retail dry goods business, and will be let low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN LANGdTAbV, m? 2w*t 145 My fie Arcane. UUAR11Y KOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?Mitn Bg ata on the Passaic rirar, in North Belleville, formerly JlflL belonging to Abraham Joralemon, Esq. Said quarry baa b?wn rxtnasirel/ worked for thiity yenre past, and is one of the best quarriae of free stone in New Jersey, and is in good order for wanking. The. premises consist of two dwell tagi, store bouse, two barns, two hundred feet of wharf, and sereuteeu a bras of land, wnich will be sold entir.-, or the quarry separate, if desired. Kor farther particulars, enquire of the subscriber, at the post office m Belleville, N. J. JOHN C. LLOYD. Bellerille. Kob. I*. IMC. fit Im'mc NOTICE. a, DWELL! NO HOUSES, STORE Sand raeaut Lota, for tale, rent or exchange lareeMi enta made on pro ductire Real Estate, that will pay from ten ta twenty Krcent on the purchase money, with no is crease ia ralue ol imten to fifteen per cent per annum. Mt nay procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Inanraaee obtained from die moat responsible companies in the country. Apply at 136 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. M: being at and Iron N.B.? Plana, elarationa, speosfications and contracts for buildings, furnished here or at No. 6 Broad street at the short estnotise. CALVIN POLLARD. 110 lm*Te Architect KOR SALE, OR TO LE (\onth most reasonable P^B terms, three two-story Dwelling i-ruaea, an North JBBL 8i?th, between Sixth and Brrenth (tracts, Willinmt burg, L. I. Two of the above are new, and intended as genteel residences, being finished ia the beet manner, and supplied with spring aud rain water in the kitchen, and coal vaults m trout, lie. Two-thirds of the purchase money mar remain eeured, at I per eent. Enquire on the premises, or of robert Angus, f 13 lin'rra M Wall street HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. A PLEASANT country seat ia the village ef Madi son, Morris county. New J raey, within a lew minutee walk ol the beautiful resideaee of Wm. Gibbons, Esq. about 8 miles from New York city?commumeatioa to aad worn twice a day, any day in the rear, per Morris and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, on whieh are Two Houses nod a Barn, wit* a first ra e well of water Good schools aud churches in the immediate vicinity The premises are located ia a commanding position, overlooking the whole village; .nd is one of the most desirable locations in the ulace. being within two minutes walk of the raihoad de pot, whieh rectors it coereeieDt for a person doing business in the city. who desires to retire in the country. Kor particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. ?. T. THOMPSO t, lm*rc Monutown, N J km KUil BALE?On rerr t-Titrable terms, or lo Let, fuui r? three story and basement brick dwelling Houses, inlio JU&boken, now in coarse of completion, end to be ready for oerapancT by May first. They will be fitted ia beautiful style with all the late is.proreraeots They each coutnin II rooms besides the kirehea. and finished with rnarb'e mantels, aud Mack grates throughout Two of these houses are 3i feet front by i! fivt deep; and two ef them 14 feet by 44, with wide court yaids and iroe railing. The situation e unraaads a fine view ol the river, bay and cup, and IS witlnu one mienle's walk of the fe-ry, where th new ferry boats leave for Barclay atreet eve'y fifueu m'nutea crossing in I to M minutes; and every hall" h <ur to Cnual aud Christopher streets. Terms of yearly commutation of the fer ry are moderate. Part of th* purchase money can remain on mortgage, at S per eent Apply to nMlw'r J. A. STEVENS, Jr., Hoboknn. 8AR0NI & ARCHER, 151 Water (treat, corner ot Maiden lane, HAVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Cap*. Silk and Far H u, of every description, and Spring - trie, Straw ?n:J Panama Hata. Abo, Oil Silk, Otaxed Lawn, Viiora and Cap-itocks. which ihci offer at re<y low-price*. Oealera ud maoufictnres will do well to'lamina their stock before purchasing elaewhere. mil lm ? m30 3w FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAHN. IMPORTERS, S3 NASSAU STREET, UP STAIRS bare received. by late amy-I* from their hoaae in Paris and offer for sale, a wry large and selection ol the NEWEbT STYLES OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in buuihss, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, lie fcc., together Willi a most eileosive as oriineut of materials for artificial flower makers embracing a vaiiety aniurptassd in richneaa. and extent by any other importation. Also?Artificial Sower* by the ease, imported expressly for the Jobbing jgd oonutry trade. all lm*r ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY harin completed their Works, are now ready to execnte order* for pare While Lead, both Dry and Orouud in Oil, to almo* say extent that may be wanted. The Company have spared no expense in the erection of the Works which would tend, in the least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed themselves of every modem improvement for thai purpose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent leads sold in our market, that by far the graater proportion sold as such has been, sod still is greatly adulterated with Bars tea, an article of mineral prodoctioo mnch heavier than White Lead, and ia itself poesesaiag no virtue of any pig heiat.when mixed with oil, almost trans parent, and ia fact having nothing bat it* specific weight to recommend it, the Tr us rues of the Atlantic White Lead Com piny hare passed,uuaaimously, the following resolution, via: 'Resolved, Tnat in new of manufacturing only a prim* article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but our quality of White Lead, both Dry and Oronnd in Oil; thai to be a strictly pure, genuine article, tad perfectly free from an) adulteration whalerer, which the Company will warrant as sneh to ail who m y purchase their Lead. Purchasers, therefore, may be well asaawd that every de Bnce may be placed ia the parity ol every pound of White uauiiafaetured sad sold by lbs Company. which rareneaa will aot ouly tend to the greater durability of the Paint, but will neJound mash mora economical ia its ase, even in the moe' rommnn description of painting, owing lo ihsbodyot covering qaality it possesses. thereby giving a far butler finish with two coats, than the adulterated While Paint would with three, of srtiich every painter will bear witness The Lompeuy also maauCactnre Red Lead and Litharge, an-4 have for sal* a v irie?y of Paints Ground in Oil, via: Verdigris Black Print, Yellow Oehrt, Spaabk Brows, Paris Green, Brnixwtek Greco, fcc. fcc. Having been appointed general Ageuta fur the Company, all order, should ha d.rect.4t. ^ COLGATE, 17 lm*T HI Pearl street, cursor ol Batkmaa street STRAW BONNETS Xh L CHAPIN, No. It Juha street, near Broadway ap CB) stsirs, has on hauJ a good sseoitment ol Fuhioasbte Straw Bonnets, which ha is selling at the lowest market pace# Milliners and others are invited to sell before purehaeiag elsewhere. mrll lm*r _ SPRING FASHION. fM BROWN kCO., 171' hstham Bqasre, comer of Mott J^mnreet, wish to inform the | ubl<c of thsir leeeul improve mrut in tils mruufaciare ?ud fi ush of ineir g) Hala.romb'Siug lush ion. beauty an 1 durability, three important eunatdrratiues to the waster. The proprieto-t do ro.hdeoi ly assert their hat* to b* much supencr la sav ever befure sold fur the same price Call and sstialy yoersrf of ihn fact ?? lm*'b SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HA TS WHY will you pay and $i for a Hat, whau you can go to ROBERTSON'S PHCEN1X HAT AND GAP MANUFACTORY, 10a Kalian sad get as good a ooe Cor UJdT Go mtd rgamlue lor your ?elvae. m II lo.vre PREMIUM BOUTS. FINE FRENCH BtrOW I* $) M. city made, and are cqu I to thus# -old ia otn-r not" tor SS. Fuse f eueh Calf Diii'ta'or Bt 30, eoaal lath* beat mad# i* this eily let *4 or S7, at YOUNG k JON*B' I reach Beet and i M Uiafes tury, one ol ik-moat la hiouabte ia the euy.? B ota havma I era jsdged in ike late Fast at NiMo*a, are said to be the best ever sold ia this ri y. All Bout* wairented to (ire ?* isfactieu. Me-.ding, kc. done in the Btnr*. VOUNt* k JONES, 4 Aaa s.reet, mt5 im'm near Bio dway, N rw York BOOT'S AND ellOES?'The Public are turned to J call a.d II .mii.r the largo aaeoumei.l of ge I'rmrnV la d .ci ai d o- lues Boola, 8m ?i -ud Gaiter* in ?ll their van ties, which ar- to lie I uinl at the cheap cask store rl loll in'f 11 Blf sGA VI, IIS Caaal St.. cor- ei Aeilisau ~ nrAttit * cu., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 9511 Broadway, nsar Park PlaM. ABE NOW KECE VING, by tha Havre Pack-la, aaeu tirelf n*w M?ortmrt?l of the fattt i? Cloths **4 simeres, adapted to ihe early iptiog trade. Ilavioe e.-nclwd.d a pennan t ai angemea', na cnuer, with Mr. P Andnoi, isle of the Hue Laatiglioee, I'arsa. well be. wa to moal s?. ea> laah ?ouabir, who bare visited Europe, they are aow prapaied to aaecuie oidert in a styta of an usual atagamt* mrll lml _ MKBmAmy. AN OLD REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOT ANB HIS DAUGHTER at the far west. PREPARATION FOR ESUORATION TO OREGON. Religions Intelligence. Calkndab roa April ?#'h, Sunday before Enter; 0th, Monday before Easter; 7th, Tueadny before Enter; ?th, Wednesday before Easter; fltb, Thureday before Eeiter; 10th, Good Friday; lltb, Eester Even; 13th, Eat ter Day; 13th, Monday in Eaiiter Week; 14tb, Tuesday in Easter Week; 19tb, lit Sunday after Eaiter; 36th, St. Marktbe Evangelist; 26th, 31 Sunday after Easter. Rev. D. F Robertson will preach this evening iu tbe Chapel oi the Th-ological Seminary, one block above 'he University, corner of 8th street. Subject?"The Identity of the Sabbath under the Patriarchal, Jewish, end Christian Dispensations." Rev. Daniel T. Bagg, pastor of tbe Madison street Presbyterian church, corner of Oouverneur street, will preach his first anniversary sermon in said church this evening The Bev Erskine Mason, D D., will preach tho neat of the conrse bf Sabbath evening sermon* to the impeni tent in the lecture room of the Hammond street Pres byterian church, corner of Hammond and Factory streeta, thia evening. The eleventh ennivereery of the Sahbath Scholars' Missionary Association ot the 8th street Presbyterian cbuich, will be held in that chnrch thia avening, at half past 7 o'clock. The Rev Dr. Hutton will deliver a sermon this eve ning in the Reformed Dutch Chnrch, corner of Avenue B and Fifth street, and a collection will be taken in be Lalf of tbe 8unday School Library attached to tbe church. The Fourth Presbytery of New York Will meet on Tueeday. April 8.h, at half past 7 o'clock, P. M , in tbe Central Presbyterian church. (Dr. Adams') Broome st , and be opened with a sermon by the Rs v. Chaa. H.Reud* Moderator. Toe Preebytery of North River will meet according to adjournment, in the Presbyterian church of Pough keepsie on the 3d Tuesday of April, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Rev. Charles E Furman has accepted a call from the first Presbyterian cnurch of Medina, N. Y. Tbe Presbytery of Elizsbethtowa will hold its neat stated meeting at New Providence, on the third Tues day (the 31st) of April, commencing at 8 o'clock. P M., with a sermon by the Moderator, Rev. Joseph M Og Jen, "On the duties of the present to tho coming gene rations." The Rev. Richard T. Huddart will preach to the Yonng in the Free Church of the Epiphany, 130 Stanton street, between Essex and Norfolk streets, thisevenirg. The Rev. Isaac Peck will preach to tbe Young in tho P. E Frea Church of tho Holy Evangelists, this even ing. Anglo-American Free Church of 8aint George the Martyr, No 400 Broadway, Rev. Moses Marcus, Rector. Divina service this day at 101 A M., S P. M , and in the evening at 7 j o'clock. The Rev. John Dewdney, Rector St. James'Church, will preach in tha evening. The New York Fomale Bible Society will bold their anniversary on Thursday, tha 0th day of April next, at the Bible Beciety House, at 13 o'clock, M. Revivals are mentioned by the religioua papers, in Amherst College, Mais., in Hsmilton, N Y., and in rati ons other places. The number of revivals appears to be increasing. Clebical Pesvbbt to Potest?The Rev. N.A. Hewitt, canonicaily connected, we believe, with tbe Diocese of Maryland, has announced his formal secessicm to the Church of Rome. Rumors of other secessions are afloat. A munificent donation of $10,000 is announced from a church-woman of England, for tbe purpoae of completing tbe Church on MoUDt Zion, Jerusalem. It is stated in a late Tari. paper, that Monsieur Odin, Romish Bishop of Texas, is about to ambaik from Havre for that country,with 37 priests. CoeriaMATioif.?Bishop De I.ancey hold confirmation in St. Pater's Church, Auburn, on Sunday afttrnoon, Sth of March, on which occasion prayers were read by the Rev. Mr. Seymour, of Skanaateles, and tha Bishop preached and confirmed twelve persons; the confirma tion preface being read by the Rector, the Rev. Mr. Coxe. ORDifiATio,* ? In SL James'Church, Batavia, on Sun day morning, the 16th of March, the Rev. Win. J. Bake well, Deacon of St. Michael's Church, Gtneseo, was ad milled to the holy order ef Priests, by Bishop De Lancey. Diocese or Pekkstlvaria.?On Friday last, being one of the Ember oaj s, the time appointed by tbe church fer ordinations. Mr. Samuel Moorenouee wes admitted to the holy order of deacons, by the Rt. Rev. tbe Bishop of the Diocese, in It. Peter's chnrch. The sermon was preach ed by the Biehop, from 1 Corinthians, 3d chapter, 3d to Mh verses. Cotiswstior ? On Sunday evening lest, the third in Lent, the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of the Diooese administer ed the holy ordioence of Confirmation to twenty-three persons, in tha ci.urch of the Asc nsion. And oo the af ternoon of the same day, to twenty-eight persons io St. Andrew's chnrch. Philadelphia. He also held a confir mation io the morning in St. Matthew's church, Francia ville. We hove not heard the number confirmed. Mxi-anciioi.y ?(m Tueeday last, Captain Samuel Whitney, ot LiocoinvilJe, his wile, and a young lad, attempted to cross oar bay in an open hoot, on tbeii way to I estino By some means or other, tbe boat was cap sized and Cant. Whitney and his wife were drowned. The beet suae; Mrs Whitney was picked up afloat, but lite could not he restored. The boy was saved by get ting open a cake of lee. They probebly started from Duck Trap, and ware upon this side ot tBe bay when the accident occurred. Capt. W 's body has not been found. About one yeer ago, l apt Waituey retired irom the firm of It h J P Wbitney. of N-w OiLans, with an am ple fortuue He came North, married a lady atCastioe, sod tboia was before him every prospect ot econtiuurd ?tie ot world.y enjoyment Truly, " in tho midst of lite we eie in death." We learn, since the above was in type, Wat the boat struck s cake ot ice and stove a hole hi her new, in a squall, abo t 3 o'clock. P. M Captain Wmtney attempted le stop the leak with his coat, but oouid net succeed lie than divetto.l himself of his clothing, and aiteaipted to awuu ashore with his wile, a OI shout h-rif a mile Before startiug, be asked the bey If he cossld awias; the boy replied Uial he would try, and succeeded m gsiurg upon a rake ol ice The hey says, "as he turned luuud to sea where Cap'ain Whitney was, h? beheld him struggling, with his wile, te keep hiaetli above water " '1 u* child oi Mrs. Wait ?ydted eg? week* age.?Jh /est Sipnol. la F-urepe and out el Europe, the order of Jesuits nassesses new Id provinces, (bat ot Rome, ef 8 cdy. of Naples, ot Turin, ef Spain, ol Puna, oi Lyon,of Belgium, el England, e< Austria, ol Oerauiny, el lieland, of Mary tend, ef Kentucky, endef Miaeouri. Tbeteim lee for," if derived from the Oraek word " lophaa, signifies te reeeaia ,uiet, or le live at ease. Turn prisoners escaped frwa Plymouth Jail en Tues day tofihi last. More Particular* or the Freshet* In Blaine. [From tho Ea*brn Argus, April 3.] A correspondent from Machie* write* u* that on Hatur d.J Kni ?he highest freshet that he. been known on that river once 1779. the new boom, built by the M. W r aud Mill C?mp*Dyf about two miles above the mill* at the village, broke, owing 10 the heavy_pte?*ure ot loss and broken ice. and letloo*e a large body cf log* ? ndic * w hioh. init*cour.e,carried away a portion ot the southern end of the new dam built by sold' t,? liruke the lower boom, carried a email bridge below tjfo new bridge and part of on* aaw mill, and injured one ftrrJOTu*. though not to a great amount K ro? u 000 to 10 000 log* cam* over the lull* to'10"1lh* ? '?? a portion of which will probably go to ?et. All the mill* at this village were et one time in great had ?t wit been for the .trength of the new bridge above ii.a mill* buil 3 year* ago, every mill mu*t have gone. The ultimate lo*?'olog and mil. owners, and the owoe.e of the new da Island boom, will not fall much, if any, *'ThTir'-shot, at I.ivermore Fells, swept a*jy the little villaee there The ice jammed up below the village, ,nd rented the water to re* ^len "Tjam _ ,,,,|i.a ili? n* the whole village. When ine jam broke, the water .wept off "T*D ** broke the wet* ? ewePt?? - i thet Ha'd th? ri.e of the river oc curred'in *the night, it i* thought It would have beln imnoMi' le fir the inhebitenU to have eecaped. The 'Hall Bridge."**called, about oue hell mile eut.of Buckflehi village (.a,* the Demeera) wa. si... ? bride* in Turner, n A far from the North 1 urner Toll Bruise We alio learn Uiat the bridge at Mecbtnic fX in Kiand. wa. earned away. We have beard of no damage iu thto town t^.) "cept the loe. ofthe bridge at the head of "?now FWle," and a law water courses boing Union J The heavy rain of Wednesday and Tuuraday. together with the melting snow up river, has earned quito a rise with th*i mei ng gC00,T,peiu*d with *om* d*?truc mfroml bridge in .hi* piece several houi?-until th# ice below the boom* gave way ? when th.. boom* broke, aome time in the ?**u,|1*:h thl whole ma*, of lumber, drill .tuff and ice ilntham went ovrr the lalls One of the abutment* of the la" toed bridge wa*injared by th. log*, ice. .ndother.tug driftlnw aveinst It; but th# damage wa* inconsiderable. The cbiei loss which the citiaeu* of this place * i .j Kr ?h? (rmihet is tliet of iflrcfil thounsuu tog which wer^'wepf over the falla; probably the greater partof winch went to *ea. We have not eoiie and that all the hooma on th* river, for securing lumber Irom this place to Fryaburgar* carried ?*,*y The water ha. fallen, and no furtaer danger is eppte tended jj,.rom the Bangor Whi*,,APr|iAJ tha reeent There are many incident* connectedwitl.tharecant '"t "v/iM Su- ws-sr-s saw ? irh? p,,nob?cot Bridge was carried away, ana ? waa Lmmo Hor the lose to be e.Um.t.d at about th. original Mi at. A tew dollars eapen.* wiUM*k. ,.,n at ouc that Lot us itit? a lew iftCi ? . | p..||*t hut lindtii -? waarltiven Irom the whirl ot i'lty tuiui. i'uiMuuuu reolaced at a comparatively small sum A urge sneu fiifed with shingle, bui.t open, but: it. were ?euemliv saved. The contents ol th* great saingi* as not of Abner Taylor wete aecured So Faulk's. Ho of other*. Many barrela. stave* picmew. ?hooks heed in*, kc kc . which were tuppoeed lutlt bet . t*rthaT*o?t, have been saved. It .. true>????? many cf iheae article, here paid high wages lor WOK recovery} sometime* aa high as a ' workshop of their value, but they are Dot lost. ' b" block* | ot Mr Holdeu. containing a quantity ol ship b ock., floated acroea the stream and pie?**d ?J'"1** l.h? market. He aucceeded in gotlli g out mo*t; ol hi* vflVcta Tna City Orey's Hall ami ?lr. laylor a puuip .hop both of wbicti were tilted mid afliat the large wooden store hou.e of Mr ?f>,Dl'.. WH, ; ?tieet, tuough some damaged, (the laitor o ?!h?c atone time supposed to be on lira Irom lime), are ?" ?y.7. The building, floated eff and lo.t from eboy> the matkot on the stream, were not ol much va'ue. Ol. ot (uet? ??.?? mill?"?? "? on" ?" ?',1 AH* ."I ry caipehtet'* Shop liom Mr Drew* yard at Biook o... a two .tor, bowling ?li.y ?>um Fr...hl.n Br, le^.oii* the previou. wreck of* shell de?go*d lor iMiliUi* nous*, one a small carpenter shop, * Kl, occupinl by vieesre i'.iman k Burtmok o..? ; r?u^e shop. These were all roe,., tail dug, end of hn*little valoo. Meesre. Pitman It Burtmnk ;u; ceded in out mo,t of lne'r ?tf,cU ,n * ,0TnT \UsTs' f ed state The .hop. at the r arriH* X?r<1 olI on , Twh.too k ? o , wVr. aU aflmt and in groat.peril on | H.I 1Kb.y, but A?0$t0Z? uiioa|*c odly I Mved^ The'markei house ha* been gooOpiopoitjrto | & ownirt, and theu 1c* ie |*i^ ? doUo., > but if they can get an extension of thair lease, a* we hopo they may. ami believe they will, their loes may ul timately be made up. Moit of the storehouses oo the wharves, though at one time afloat, yet remein, tome of : them a little cramped and out of place ; but the Meeera. I Low can put their ecrewa to them, and m a week or two they will look aa trig and neat ae aver. Tne Drew block on Kendu ?keag bridge that war partly upeet, came back into ita place, and ie now quite straight and regular ? The (large etore home on Vsszis's wharf, containing 1 about'hree thousand batnela of corn, was at one time ?upposed as doomed to destruction; but the weight of the corn probably saved the building There 11 in the upper side, and near the middle of Exchnnge street, a large cake of ice, more than five feet thick. On Broad street there are ice balls tweatv-five feet in diameter, and scattered about tbem in every direction are thou sands of smaller masses. It will be difficult for those who did not witness it to realise that all the business part of the city was a pool in ? hich large vessels might sail?that Exchange street and Main street, and others lower down, were deep canals for half their length, and that Central strwat was a running river. But such thing* were, and hundreds of stores were under water. Boats were in requisition, and various contrivances were resorted to in the efl'ort to turn an honest penny; among tbem we noticed one fellow had taken the Wall street sign and fastened it upon the stern of his boat, in order to popularise bis boat and route. The scenk in the vicinity of the steamboat wharf, or at Hose place, is truly astonishing-such heaps oi ice thrown in wild confusion, furnishing a capital idea of ibehorgs upon tha Northern ocean. It is quite wonderful, considering the suddenneae and extant of the rise of the water, that no more lives were lost in this vicinity. Thsre were some families in great p*riL A family living at the Point, between Brewer village and the river, were alarmed by the approach of the flood, and itarted, aeveraj wo men in the number, for higher land in the vicinity, but before reaching it, the water was up to their arm-pits. They reached what was then an island, and were compelled to remain during the night. A family living near Crosby's ship yard, could not escape, and were taken off in a boat by ooe of the neigh bors Twenty women and children, as the water flowed over the plain at Brewer,fled to a school house,bat conld net retun, and were obliged to go back upon tha hills and remain uutil the water subsided Three houses at Brewer were ground up with the ice,and several o hers were slightly injured. The damage in Brewer, throe miles up the river, consists in the destruction of two mills belonging to Rowe & Eaton, dam and bridge ? Thieo houses and two barns have floated off from the same vicinity. Gen. Miller at the Post OAtce, with his clerks, had a cool time of it. They were all at work when tho flood suddenly came upon thvm and filled the office to the depth of four <eet The actual amount of property lost in the city by this flood is estima' ed by pretty good judges, at betwren two and three hundred thousand dollars. This falls sevaraly upon soma of our citizens, hut the heaviest losses come uponthoee able to ride out the storm. In Cliancery?Ftrst Clrcmlt. Before Assistant Vice-Chancellor landlord. Aran. 4.?Af*nroe ??. DovgUt -The discussion of thii weighty, unique and interesting case, was today brought to a close in an exceedingly able and eloquent argument by Mr. OrUfin, for complainants. The defences interposed are?1st That by a decree of the Court of Sessions, at Edinburgh, in the year 1814. the defendant was declared heir, according to the Scot- J tisli law, in right of primogeniture, to the whole real 1 estate to which his father would have been entitled un dor the will, or testamentary settlement of Sir Wm. Douglas That Mrs. Monroe was a party to the proceed ings which resulted in that decree, bad due notice of. ' and it bound by them That the castle and lands affected | by tbese proceedings, lie in Scotland; and redress, if any, j must be had, on and by an appeal from this deciaion to | some higher ( ourt in that country. The reply to this was, that at the time of the decree in Edinburgh, Mrs Monroe was an infant, and had, in fact, no notice of what was going on. Tint the petson who pretended to ap pear on the occasion, as hsr solicitor or mandatory. hed uo authority so to do from herself or her guardians That the suit was a sham proceeding, got up ' y co lu eion, and hurried through in less than five months during the last war. when there was no intercourse with this country. That her uncles James and Saanuel Douglas, whose object was to aggrandize their branch of the fa mily by consolidating the whole real estate in the p r son of one of its members, hsd contrived this means for that purpose. That they had applied to her mother to sell out the interest of the New York family in the real estate; and, being refused by her on account of the non age of her children, they had availed themselves of the arrival of the defendant, George ?ouglas. in Scotland, and his attaining manhood to get him declared heir by 'heae surreptitious measures, and thereupon had imme diately bought him out. That neither she nor bar guar diata bad been informed of tbese transactions at Edin burgh, until years afterwards, whenTat the conclusion ol the war, her brother George returned home and ap prised them ol what had tekun pin a That immediately, and ever since, the question had been agitated as to his i i ight to a larger share ol their uncle's property than her sell That as the sale made by him to their uncles had i been a very advantageous one, she was willing to con- I him it, and look to him as her agent or trustee for the proceeds That the alternative was before him either honestly to admit himself trustee and account for the proceeds, or to confess himself partierpi erimmit in the abominable fraud by which his sister?only I'J yeayoi age, to whom he ought to have acted as a lathsr? bad neen deprived of her just rights. That the decree, or judgment of a foreign court, is no* binding, but may be inquired into and rectified by another tribunal, unlsss all the parties in interest were duly tepresentcd wherever there has heeii collusion and Iraud That the defendant. George Dongtsa, by selling out the real estate he had thus obtained, and transferring the avails to, and investing them in this country, had himself voluntari ly changed the jurisdiction; and that as theiubjeet mat ter, ard all the parties interested were here, it is compe tent for our Courts to investigate the case afresh. The second ground of defence taken, is that complainant, by her guardians or agents, acquiesced in and confirmed the title of her brother Geonre, under this decree, in various acts of homologation. To this it was answeied, that the whole object ant) scope of the Ediuburg decree, wss to exonerate the 'rustees of the estate from any further participation in the question as to the relative rights of herself and brother. That this inquiry being put aside, to await the final liquidation of the estate of their uncle, by which th* comparative value ol the real and person al property was to be ascertained, all lnteimed ate acts done by herself, or by others for her, had been hypothet ical, and in transitu, and had reference aelely to en tirely different matters. Tbst it was not until the year 1H39, when their uncle's estate was finally wound up. they were in circumstances to come to e settlement; but that thereupon, when it was ascertained her share of the personalty was much less than what he had rq^sived as the tealty, she had ;cslled upon him, and offered herself to bring the whole into account for rediviaien, share and share alike, upon the family principle established by their father on his death bed, and confirmed hv their mother, in her letters as guardian. 3d, The lapse ol time, or statute of limitatio ns, is the next plea put in by the detsndant-and to this it was replied, that no right of action accrued, until the fioal settlement of their uncle's estate,when complainant arrived at a knowledge oi their relative positions, and could understanding!/ call upon defendant to do as she would have dooe by him, had her share of the personal property turned out larger than his of the real?and besides, that defendant had repeatedly pledged himself, as a brotbar should, who would not turn a sister's forbearance against herself, not to take advantage of the statute ef limita tions. 4th, The last and principal ground contended lor by the defendant is on tbe m rits, that by the true construction of 8ir William Douglas's settlement, ac c irding to the Scotch law, as expounded by the opinions of lawyers in Scotland at the time, he was entitled to the whole real estate parsiig through his father, in ex clusion of hi* brother and sisters. That the ambiguous terms " heirs" and " children," used in the settlement, | mast be construed with reference to the hootch law of ! inheritance, which gives tbe real estate to the eldest -on, aud the pereonal to the younger children, with e right to the former to collate, should he find it expedi ent , that Sir William Douglas, iu recommending his ; brothers to settle what they were te receive fiom him, i together with what they ownad themselves, so as to continue tbo whole as long as posaibla in the male line, clearly indicatad Ida wi h that their respective shares in bis landed property should vest ia thsir eldest son-. I On the part of Mis. Moniee, the reply te this was, that j had bar brother Ueoige settled in Scotland, and retained or repurchased tna castle, the argument in favor of too , detectable right of primogeniture might have had tome force ; but in this country, of which be is a citizen, it has no application, upon tbo prioelpla rOessnfe serfens 1 cesso! ct ipsa f-z; that her unci# knew her (ether bed be come nstur lized here, end therefore only recommended mm to do what be was aware militate I against ear in stitutions , that it this recommendation he* any potency, ; it co vera the pereonal eo well to the reel estate of their uncle, end ncr brother ohouid have taken all ; and ; not only to, hot it include* bote tbe real end pereonal estate ol their fathei as well a* of their uncle, thu* leaving herself, her sister*, aud her other brother, en tirely dcetitut* ; that what we have actually done our- ; selves w* do not recommend other* te do lor uo ; that her uncle himself had not given by his settlement a pre ference ol one bro<h*r over another, nut bud divided his property among them equally ; end that by this analogy tbe defaudant, ut elieven's, is not entitled to the whole reel aetata, but was bound to divide it with hi- brother William, who is as much ol tae male line a* hims.lf, that it was natural th Scotch lawysrs, ia construing tbe settlement, should have a bias in tavor ol the rig at of primogeniture, so mdisp*usable as it is to the existsm e oi men eiistociacy, aud their very form of government; but that hate we ate free te cnnstrue the instrument under which both pane* claim, ss being, es it ie iu fact, the uw oi the case, iriespective of any I articular code or systsm of aocl-ty, according to the d to tales sf common sense end the mles j ? f logical interpretation That her brother 1* neither ! the Ann, nor the iktUrm ol bis tether, but ouly one < f them, i but their tether having pieU*c*e*ed, they did not take from bnn by inherit nee, bat by puichasa from their unci*, whoso niteiitio was tba soie rule for inter- j or ting ui< will. Tuet her father died iuieetote, declar ing the lews if this country made the best wilt for every one, end li r mother, in ta* iett&s produced ui evidence, bad iiwKted, that aa hctwteu tro'hurs and SMiers, "efueiity w*i justice ?' That m punning this claim, ell sua seek* i* to lie pieced on the seme f iottag with her btothai, aud in t-1. g so, she ie but acting es he hail if.?u avowed he Would plctM>.) toutid* het w*r? tueir situation* reveis?-d. All she ??k* Is the fur hear lug of w hich she had hi fore been dtplived, in oritur that what she religiouny balit-ved to be the real lutentlen rf their uncle, the very law ol the case, may he fulfilled aad thie lite-iobg diapute finally srtlltd Wa proposa giving an exlanusd leport of Mr Unfile'* great ami convincing argument iu this, so soon as it can he piepeisd tor punt Mom Indian Murders ?From the Van fiuren Inteilifenctr of the 14'h in St., mid the Tahlrquah Ai*oc (?, we take tin following: ? V*? understand that a 'race* ensued between e number ot Cbsiukee IndiRD* of tbe Ridge and Roae parties, a few days since, in which Samuel Martin, a Rossman, was killed We have heard manv stories In reference to it, and flod it difflmlt to riadit any thing but the iact of tbe killing We learn from a gentleman who resides among the a n.tnolee, that they are wall pleaeod with tbe country ti ey base la ely removed to; and are clearing large farms r-ady lorcultiea'ion the ensuing summer. They wi'l w? ere ? ire, now rapidly advance and improve, as tbey t .ion* a disposition to cultivate the aoil, end depend upon their labor, aod not upon the obese, for snbaivteuce. Muanae hid Roeatcar mtai CtssaoaKR Nation. >e Tuesday night last, two wagoners intha ampl >y c Mr. Tvree Musseit, who war# on their return from i ort Gibson, aad ware encamped near Illinoia rivar, ware attacked by two Indians, supposed to bo Creoks, and or e of them shot dead and the other wounded Tbe Indians then robbed tbe wagons, took two of tho mules, and escaped. The man who was killed was named Reynolds, and bad bean in this country about a year. Wa understand that Mr N. B. Dauningburg, tho con tractor for furnishing ratiens to tbe Cherokee* who bavo left tbe nation, was arrested by a party of Cherokee*, a few days since, near Fort Smith, under tbe pret*no* ot h:$ having harbored the ?' Stair'* boys; aad that it was feared that violence would be done his person Wo hope, for the sake of all concerned, that tbey will not dare to injure him If he has committed auy crime, lot hnr. suffer by tbe laws of the land; but if he is innocent and suffers wrong frsm tbe hand* of tbe Cherokee*, wo aie sure that bis wrongs will be avenged by hie friends, for we bave always heard him spoken of as a good citi zen, and tea worthy man. If any mob should molest him, wa hone tbe Cbeiokee autboritisa will lerret out th? ringleader* and punish them a* they deserve. Since the above was in type. Mr Danningburg has been released, and w* learn received no personal Inju ry. He had his horse shot from under him. and after be ing tak> n some 30 miles from the place of hie arrest, was released. W? understand that tbe two Cherokee women, named Check, have bren arrested and are in tbe hands*f tbe Sheriff of Illinois District, charged with participating in the murder of Martin Culsowhe, a short time siu e, near Fort Gibson. Tbe only witnesa in the case is said to be a mute Ore- k who witnessed tbe affair, and who impli cates in it a United Slates soldier, whose cap was found near tbe body of the murdered man. The woman will be tried in a short time; and we think that the proper ?'epa should be taken by those whose duty it is to take notice of such oases, to bave a full investigation, that the coirectness of the charge alleged against the soldier may bo ascertained If guilty, the proper etaps should be adopted to bring him to justice Samuel Martin, a Cherokee, was murdered at or near Maysville, on Fri day last. He was an old and inoffensive man. A Chero kee named Squirrel, and another man, wboee name wa have r.ot heard, but both of the Fort Wayne party, are suspected, it is reported, of tbe offence. FUME BATH. TO ALL who are afflicted wuh rheumatic complaints, we would say (o and n y Dr. Bwett's Snlphar Fame Bath, 304 Broadway. The peculiarities of it are such, that it euies effectually this coinplaioi. and also all other dis- >*es ef achiooic nature, such as Scrofula, Goat, Salt Kbeam. die. eases of the Ski'i, Joints, lie. The charges are so modera ted. as 'o fetch i' wlhin t*e me nsofafl. m?> lw*m ASTOR HOUSE BATHS, Entrance, No. 1 Vcsey street, (Private door Astor Hoaae.) 'PHK PUBLIC are respectfully informed that tbe above 1 Balis are in complete order. The -athiajr t*b? are entire ly new, (copper.) and the largeat tu this city. In point of rleni.liiie'S ruid atteniion. the baths cannot be excelled. Tbe Baths are open until II o'clock at nitht, (Saturday night, It.) Price of a bath. 2}cema. Tne warm Sea Baths at Desbroaaes street, are as usual opeu from suuriae, until 11 o'clock P M mat lm*r HENRY C. RABlNEAtJ. Proprietor ! IMPORTANT to EMIGRANTS GOING WEST. ; 'P H E subscribers beg to inform (heir frieudt and thtpublie I that iliev torward I'ssteuiers I" *11 pars of the We, tern j Sut-s and Cau-iUs vin the railrond fiorn Albany It is usuil, 1 at tnis season of the year, for those u >t acquainted wit > the I route, to pay their 'a'e to go bv ih< canal, h or their inform* i tion, we beg to state that tne earliest pro able time the renal I will be navigable, will be the 20 h Apr I aud it mat be the let | May Pe sous, the ethre, nut I that time, must go by 'he tail r ad, tickets for which can b? olit iurd at 'he very lowest rates, of W. It J f. TAPd' .t>TT, 73 South st. co . of Maiden 'an*. N. B. Due notice of tbe opening of (h* canal will bs giv?a mil rh CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than -be OeueraJ Pries'?JACOB VAN Ds RBILT. *"? Maiden Lane, between We aad Nana an streets ttie cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing establishment in New York > B Hundreds of garments ready made, which wi't be T. i s ?old w oles'le ii' retail. <erv ' mil lm*fe MAKTELLE jc holuekmamn, HI Men Lene, If- V-, MANUFACTURES and Importers ol Ornament>l Hair Work, Wigs Tonpes Bands. Curls. Beam-. JBsndese md Braid Hair. Dsiiguy a celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches long, ads new sty'eof Everlasting Curls, and nil kinds ol Hair Work, wholesale and retail N B ?The trade supplied ou reasonable terma. mr22 Ira'm TUBAOC SEGARg AND BAS3 A A. BAM 4NOH, No. 34 Broadwav, up stairs, off-rs for ? sale, a splendid >saoitroent of < hour 8egara, tele lea sipresslv for t is establishment. Also, 40 bales of strictly prime St. J ago Tobacco, sad a small lot of Bass, by wholesale Old retail rn 19 ' me HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EOAU8, OOrljUUV ano Harana Tohsero? dSO 000 Hionda, si sizes, 10 0 n Etnul.-rcion, 1st Mi 000 Lafayeite, LV) W0 Kaper-uiza, 20,(00 Keg'lis, 21,(0d La Victoria, 1st 100.(00 Prn#:pe. 10 ono L*fay-i.te, pressed 10 000 Kicmnpio, do IVOOO Kurop , 23 000 Han Horn an, 1st, 30 bales Tobacco. ?Thewholeent tied to debenture, sari in lotsiu -oitpurshw Sirs Forstlsby B M PICABIa, mr22 lm*m 117 Front street, near Wall, upstairs. SEGAR8?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS isvite the atteatioa of ei nary mar chants, dealer), -nd others, to their eileasive so A of He gars. This st 'ck has been snl-cred with the greatest cam, and purchased at the very lowest priers for cash; they sir. there fore,enabled to offer the different qualili s lower than an i ->thec rstsblishmest in tb-eiry The assortment comprises svrr) style and qaa.ity,from $2 toS23p*r honsand KENNETH It LAVFRTT. mrtl lm'-e Wholesale Hegsr Emporium, 100 Wail it FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS KOK KLORISTS-H-eiogjaat re ceived be the H-vre par kaU Zurich and Frmcis 1st, ? | fresh aisnrtaieiit of French Flowers ?nd Mnt-ri. s of tha b-st quality and latest styles, at' low pric-*, wa taka pltaaora to iariie the dealers in the >nme ar.iclei, to call and essm-ae, at BKUN, LAROSIEKE It i OUHT, m17 Im*-"* lit Wil'ltm st FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOWITZ It BECKI.H No 34 Johu street, l-sv* ja?t open e<l a splendid assortment of French AitiAeol Flowers, | mat-mis for flower makers, lie. kc which they offer to tha 1 trade, at low prices n II Im'iae I NEEDLE ?Sc plSH-HUOK NLANUFAOlOltY, 77 Maiden Lane, ; \\f M CROWLEY It SON, manafacrniera of the above "7 articles, respectfully inform the importers of New Tor k and other cities, that they haveaow on hand a tame slock 04 the above articles, which they are willing to sell at a small ad vance from the manufacturing prices Any of the trade, or im porters, can have their nesdlea labelled with their owe lart. if desired. P. 8. ? Roster CaowLgy, importer af Shade Id sad Bir m-neb-m I foods in pan - f the shove store fll ln*ee NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL & FOUTE, No. 3D John itnat, rplIK subscribers hare eatabliahed a CLOTH STORE at A No. 19John street, and having Jaat received a large and well selected atock of desirable goods, would invite the situa tion of purchasers to their assortment, consisting in pun of das following : FRENCH, ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN CLOTHS ANl) CA8S1MERE8, Drap d'Ete; Deep d'Foie; Fancy Tweeds: end a full stock of Slimmer Goods, Hntin; Serges; VslveUjsnd a large assortment of the newest and most fashionable style of iaaey Caaaimeres and V eatiugs. Also, a full atock of TAILORS'TRIMMINGS. The at tention of Tailors is particularly rqnssled to oar stock, as ea tmotdinary inducements will na o Ms red them, aad they alarm speetfnlly invited to esamua oar nock before pirchssiag else where. ENOEPFEL k FOOTE. flT lm*r No. M John ?treat. STRIKER'S SOLU'llOHFOK THfc HAlK, WHICH will r hangs grey hair to its orrfctnal eelor in a few mieates. '1 hose who doubt Its eirtuea, are requested to hare their hair ck-nged before peyieg their money. Il haaa minutes I hose who deabt _ their hair changed before pe,__ bugs would taka this method there would be no mason to nana plain. Uentlemeu ran base their whiskers aad heir changed to any color or shade in a fear annates. Private room, far enang mg the hair N nr g-nuinr . alesa signed " H. Striker," and ink. Oue trial will prove the fact. Mold wholesale and retail, and applied at No.iCHATHAM STREET, opposite the na.l of I'.ecorda, New York, ap swirs. ?* lm*rh ONE PRIOR BOOT AND SHOE STOKE fHE PROPRIETOR of the Was umtoa Boot aad Bhoa ? Store. No 111 Greenwich, eorner of Barclay street, wow'4 i-sprctfeily inform hit eastom era end the public generally, that be hu rstahlished the One Price system. Th- price will ht fonnd written on the differ! kinds ot Boots aad Shoes, which will be the lossst and only price asked .u lumre is this Establishment He would thank tne public lor tha liberal patronage mceivsd, and snli-H a -matin nation of the una in tins moat deai/nble way of tr?da, the One Price System. Do uol forget ihe uumber.tll Orreuwich. corner <f Barclay street, near the Hoboken Kerry JAMBA WfOOlNK fH lin*r PA'l ENT .LAP-W p.LOtbE IKON ROIL*.A Fl.lJRS FOURTEEN AND A HALF feet long, and one end a hall' to four inches diamrtei _ _ _ THOH rKOMER. Pateatee. ? ? tm*Te ' I ih-rtv IIW "*W Y '?k i ? Ik* Twa, Coffee and tugar Tradt, fr?Xamac miUt, r^diti.JhifdJ^erPtri, +c. J, I. SCO FT A <0., Wo. 78 Wauau Hrtft, eornrr of John, HAVING .yr?b?edllie IS lotolilMte* seaaoa's Teas, pnsie Sing bat lehneM "I flavor s . generally combined, and -.orvely . hrsmed, Mr. Ir or retail, a laige v?ne lyofGrrii -ml ol? ? Te?s, -f the neel iia Ji y .a v, lacle di a Ihr old fadnooe Mswehoof end Enslish Braafelbet Tea. au I, as o?-d IO I>? impart d I went? yiarssgo The atoek of i , h gi < he , a -ds no comment, as they an selected of 'hJ.*>' IlllTT h CO. ere also tupniie.1 with a at ek of fresh impo ir.i tsleagow Spiced H nn; old h gliehCheeses ofgreat r, ieiy ?'.<! fl ?or A|i . i-o Is bought will he d< livered within Ave miles ef the city free II coarse. And el ordi r, HOIK t-.r Country, ? ith ee rlo rd reuu t o res, w il: meet ihe ss-ne hnr hie u-alien as if sel.cted by the p.riiee tliem - lies J ??. ?,.<>TT fc AO 7? N is>> a at. inW Im'm near J- hi. sr. lu i0i*b II* Uat W?ud ? N*sseu sueek

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