Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??kzn^ M.?9-WlMUI?.43oa. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 6, 1846. rftMVinOul THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAIES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation.. .Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?K.ery day- men I MM per copy "Sttarsasxt&tsrt-Mr**- * ? pricM?always eask rajNTINO of aU kinds exoeuted w?h beauty aaddts ICT Ail Uttan or eommuaieatious, by mail, addressed la the establishment, mast be pont paid, or the postage will ba n"~"vlsas'So^VYiSNnT, Proprietor oi the NiwTeuHmio ErTsstttHMxirr North-Writ comer of Fulton and Naaaia sts. STEAMER UNICORN. FROM BOSTON, FOR HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. The Steamer UNICORN left Liverpool (for Boa ton the llth inat, and will Mil in laboat two day* after bar arrival in Boston, for the porta of Halifax, N. 8, and St. Johna, ? Newfound land For Height or passage, having elegant accommodations, sp HARNDKN It CO., ( Wall at. New fork. plrta _ _ HARNDEN it CO., I Conrt at. Boston. N. B. The Unicom, from Boston, will wait at Halifax the arrival of the steamer of 1 pril 4, from Liverpool. al r INDEPENDENT OPPOSITION FOR ALBANY. Fare HB Cento. ACCOMMODATIONS. Furniture, be., equal to any boat that g~es?splendid State ? ^ Rooms line wide berths Ke. The ONEIDA, Captain Cupper, leaves for Albany ou Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays at t o'clock, and arrives in Albany kefore day break The Pablic are called oa to support this Tit* oiar s rrosi Tiorr on tha river, and the real cause of the low fare. Oa the nights this boat does not run the old monopolies charge their own p-icea, and the people .offer. And in return tha rcorLS, whsn this mat uoeb oo, should ba careful to so in her. March tuts iu order to keep her oa must not forget to scud their freight by her. at ll*r REGULAR MAIL LINE .MM ju BETWEEN NEW YORK bgdU3> AND BOSTON via PROVI ITri ^gaw ^HUH^BDENCErb^StMmer^n^Uir-jH^BL road. Reduced Fare and Freight 'I he arrangements of the N J. Steam Navigation Compauy with the Btonington Railroad Company, having terminated, their Steamboats on that route are withdrawn, ana will discon tinue stopping at Btonington for eigther passengers or freight. The Daily Mail Lies, now re established between New York and Boston, connecting with the Boston and Providence Rail road, will run between New York acd Providence Direct Every Day, excepr Sundays. The Steamers of the Navigation Company consist of the MAH8 A' HUSETT8, of 1000 tons. MOHF.GAN. 40* tons. NARRAOAh SETT, 001 tone. RHODE ISLAND, 1000 tons. All well known and popular first claw vessels, built expressly far the Long Island Bonnd, and by their construction, great strength, and powerful engines, are specially ad pted to its na vigation. They are all furnished with Patent Life Boata, and in addition to the extensive cabin accommodations, have pleas ant private state rooms. Passengers wilt leave each place every afternoon except Sun day. From Boston in the Mail Train and take the steamer at 0 o'clock, at the India Point Depot, in Providence, arriving at New York eirly the following morning. Those from New York flrornlthe established Pier, No. 1 Battery Place, at J o' clock, reaching Providence a'so early the following morning, and proceedirg without delay in the Ma 1 Train tor Boston, after a comfortable nights rest on hoard the Steamers, witheut the annoyance either ol Ferry or being disturbed at midnight to change from hosts to cars, so much complained of, espectalo h' by ladies aud families travelling between New Yerk and oa ton. The hosts will land at Newport going sod returning. For Patssge. Berths, State Rooms or Freight, application mev be made eu board. Iu Boston, at the Depot of the Boston and Providence Railroad; in Providence, to the Agent, at the Depot at India Pout and in New York, of the Agents on the Whaif, and at the Office of the Company, No. 71 Oraaawich stmt. In pursuance of tha above the fsst and splendid steamera RHODE ISLAND, Captain Mancbes'er, on Mondays, Wed nesdays end Fridays: and MASSACHUSETTS, Cnpt. Potter, on Tneedays, Thursdays aud Saturdays will leave Pier No. 1, N. R . duly, Sundays excepted. Each of the above magnifi cent stesmrri have commodious stats rooms, and can berth MS peaseogrts. They carry the great Eastern Mail, a-as tlfh PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at# o'clock, P.M. From the pier between Court/andt and Liberty eti. Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will lea re on Monday, Wednesday, ULaid Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. atHENDRICK HUDSON, Ca|>t. R. O. Crutten den, will leare ou Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evenings, at# o'clock. At 9 o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., cimmiat SOLTn AAIKRICA. U W. Braiaard. will leave oa Monday, Wednesday, Friday ana Sunday after >ooa, at 9 o'clock Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Fury, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 9 o'rloek. The above boars will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample tim- for the morning cms Tor the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates,and none taken after 5 o'clock IP.M. AII persons are forbad trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the Boats, o* to P. C. Schultx, at the office oe the wharf. a# rrc REGULAR MAIL. UNb BETWEEN BOSTON It NEW YORK, ?by the fast and splendid steamers OREOON .and KNICKERBOCKER. J h'Steaiue. OREGON. commanded by Captain A. P. St. lohn, and KNICKERBOCKER, commanded by CaptainS ITiayer, will run throuahout the season, from the 1st day of April, in connection with the Htouington and Providence and otton and Provideuce Railroads, leaving New York dai , Hundays eicepted, lrora pier No. 3 .North river, at 9 o'clock M., and Stonington at 9 o clock P. M-, or upon the arrival >f the mail train from Boaton. These steamers ate unsurpassed in speed, splendor and com 'ort. having each of theru #6 large commodious private state owns, and berths for MO persons, besides large private rooms "or families and parties _ The steamers are officered by the most experienced men, nd will shorten the passage between New Y irk and Boston rotn IK to 3 hours, th -rehy arriving in ample time for all the .lira -unning from New York, north, south and west, and all he lines from I'oitoo, north end east. The ORU.ON will leave New York?Tuesday, Thursday nd Saturday. Leaie rtnuingtou?Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The KNICKERBOCKER will leave New York-Monday, Vedneidav and Friday. ... Leave Stoningt n?Tuesday, Thursdry and Saturday. For p-asace or freight enquire on board of the boat, at pier (o. 3 I, R-, ?r?'EO E FAIBcHILD, No 19 We.t steel, mh3' ?mfh orofJNO H. RICHMOND. Providence. THE fropretora el' Steamboats wishing Bella hung, would do well to pay a visit on hoard the steamboats Niagara, Irou Witch, ?.ernor, iron boat John Stevens, Wooeter, Traveller, #tc., Ml examine M. Homer's Improved 8tyleofBell Hanging?put p near and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H. No. I ?treat mr? lm*r NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER. POOL?Packet oI the 21st of Anril?The splendid, _ fast sailing sod favorite packet ship LIVER _0L, I MO tons burthen, Capt John Eldridge, will anil on oesdsy. Arril 21. her regnlnr day. The ships of this line be in* all ltOf tons and upwards, per ms abont to embark for the Old Country will not fail to see ie advantages to be derived from selecting this line in prefe* mee to any other, as their great capacity reader* them every lay more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small lass and their accommodations for cans, second cabin id steerage paaeeagers, it is well known, are superior to any her line oi Packets. Persona wishing to secure bertha. At theif g-neral Passage Office, 75 Booth St. |,j ttc corner of Ma den l?ne, up *tair?. RF.OULAHL INr. O0 rAl KM' nrllrrv?Packet of the Sth April?The first elate, last sailing paek set ahip ASHBURTON,Capt.Howland,burthen 1000 _ ....[sail as above, her regular day. iiaviag vaiy superior sccommodatioaa for cabia. fid cabin aud erage passengers, persons intending to embark, should keimme&ate application on toard^foot of Maid^ea^Laue, or Corner of Pine and South streets. I packet ship J. R. SKIDDY.Capt Skiddy, burthen 10## ns, will succeed the ABHBURTON, aud tail on the Bth April, her regular day. |N. B Persons deetroas of sendiox for their fnende, can have e-u brought out by the above ahip, oa moderate king applica'ion as above. ml3r PACKETS FOR HAVRE?8*eoud Line-Tha ,packet .h iiUTICA, (.apt F. Hewitt, will tail oa .the tat ef Am,. foe frmah^v ? Tontine Baildiags, >? Well ?t OLAMOW LINE OF PACKETB-To tail lat .May her regular day?The Bee, fast sailing, capper ??^edfcr. bark ANN HARLEY, Capt. r TcoW.wiII imuTyito receive freight in e lew days, and nil ae above, her gnl*r dsy. For balance of L eight or passage, having excellent ne.cnat ,a|>Pl^00D4ULL It MINTURN. V South et. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Peehet IWof Kth April.-Tha alegtnt Cut nilieg packet ahip HbltDDONB, *'? ? Cobb matter, of Till# tons, will . as above, her regular dsy. f Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unsurpassed > st>le dor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, i of Wall street, or to "Priee of passage,$10#. _ E a. l UI.LINS It CO.. 51 Beuth street, kcket ship 8heridan, O. B.Cornish, meater, will sneered kedons. and sail ffith May ^^???^?^^^^H^^^megular packet, to mil elegant, will positively I aa eoove, her regular day. I or freight or passage, having handsome famished eeeomI datious. apply on hoard, et Orleans whart, foot of Well ^^m, her regelar ^^^^^^^?aving handsome furnished ace^H at Orleans font uf Wall I* E K COLLINS* CO. 5# South street B Wm agevs will Please he on beard at 3 o'clock, Tuesday, 7th Itanl, at which time tre ahip will sail, bent in New Orl-ane, JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will Kpt ly forward all goods to his add race. Eket bark E. H. CH AP1N , Welch, meeter. will succeed B^fitupMrB, and tail April IRK, hw ruyulmr day. a|H ??^COUNTRY MERCHANTS I lldTINO the eity of New York, tee invited to call and I anemia* the complete and extensive suck of Account [oka. Skatitmery, Paper. Notorial, and Letter Copying Praas i^ALL^i^fiftRa"kTM LEhsoLd bv STATIONehhJ ? At the Isoweet Poetible Pricet. m ^^m RICH It I.OUTREi., II William et, ? ^Blm*me ?me door below Cedar. B IMfoiTthe piles. I K UTHAM'S ELKi TUARV?An internal remedy. jaTI Rtb ? by ire proprietor, a regu arly educated physician of twea-l (years experience, confined to an office practice, lea -ad all Uhrou'e diseases are saeceaafully treated. No. W ihrou'e diaeaees are saeccaefaily treated. Modi I* r. wary,I doors above Snrrag street. st TO LET, STORE No. lit Fulton street. Brooklyn, most suit able for the (tie of hooka, periodicals, uewipapers, kc. Apply on the premises. a31w*r TO LET, THE HOUSE No. II Orchard street. Enquire of " iMSON, A- SAM! . mil lw*rc 44) Pearl st. m (kocy s TO LET OR FOR SALE. A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable aid Coach House attached with about an acre of land, the ^principal part of which is well stocked with fruit and shrubs, an cy shrubs, and en losed wi'h a picket feuce- The stages pats every tea minutes wthiu five minutes' walk of the house. Situation between Utth and lllth streets. For farther infbrma iou apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 1*4 Ninth street, fir Dr. \ Harlem. mrll lm*rc FOR SALE, A Small Steam Distillery, with all the apparatus and 1NIV fixtures now ready t? put iuto operation; (it is likewise JUHLwell adapted lor distilling csmphine;) will be (Old at a treat aacr fice, if applied for immediately. Tte house and store to be let, end possession to be ipven^im mediately Enquire on the premises. A. E. corner of . and 6ih avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, a2 2w*m 8 Old slip. TO LET. A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lots of MM A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lots of (nil ground, situated in the village of Hastings, Westchester JiaULcounty, State of New Fork, within a few minutes' walk of tbe steamboat landing. Said place ia divided into gar dens, which are well aloe kca with fruit. Also, a p easant grove, with a stream of water, and several good springs. Pos session can be given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply at Ike store of Mr Sc'.lnsser, Hstting's Landing, or of si lm*rc MR. EC KE RT, 71 Muri uy st. New York. at calfaci TO LET, IN FORT LEE, N.J., A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of ground sad a number of wooden buildings, intolerable. goodeendition, whieh were formerly used as a chemi netory, at present occupied aa a pianoforte manufactory; ', only a situated on the Hackensack road, on Iy a fcw miautea walk from the ferry. Kent to a good tenant very low, te whom a lease will be given for several years, if required. Inauireof Dr. Morris Leo-Wolf, No. W Liberty street. New York, ml lm*rc mtt I4t TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, JM WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store in PW one of the most crowoed and flourishing thoroughfares XJBsOf Brooklyn?The asdersigned has now erected, in Myrtle Avenue, near a dry goods store, which is doing an im mense bus aces, a fine three storr brick building, 24 feet front by 44 feet deep, with handsomely finished parlors, fcc . a large and commodious store, and an excellent and spacious base men'. It will be finished, and ready for possession before the first.of May; will be an excellent location fora retail dry goodi business, and will be let low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN LANG8TAKF, mWtw*T 113 Mynle Avenue. M QUARRY FOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?Situ !?[?? ate on the Passaic river, ia North Belleville, formerly JiafKbelonging to Abraham Joralemou, Esq. Said quarry has been extensively worked for thirty years past, and is one of the best quarries of free atoue in New Jersey, and is ia good order for working. The premises consist of two dwell ings, store bouse, two burns, two hundred feet of wharf, and seventeen teres of land, whieh will he sold entire, or the quarry separata, if daaired. For fnrthar particulars, enquire of the subscriber, at the poet office in Belleville, N. J. JOHN C. LLOYD. Belleville, Feb. ?, IMS. ft) lm*me NOTICE. a, DWELLING HOUSES, STORES and vacant Lots, for sale, rent or exchange. Inveatm ems made on pro ductive Real Eitale, that will pay from ten to twenty Rrcent on the purchase money, with an i l crease in value of imten to fifteen per cent personam. Mtneyprocured nn Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Insurance obtained from the most responsible companies in the conntiy. Apply at 133 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. N.B.?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, fnrnishsd hen or at No. 6 Broad street, at the sBorv est notice. CALVIN POLLARD, U lm*re Architect A' C5r*n^ FOR BALL, OR TO LE l\ ontti * moat reasonable terms, three two-story Dwelling i.rnies, in North Biath, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Williams uuui, vcinccu oikiu iuu ottcuiu iu?eu, *f iituwr bin, L. 1. Two of the above are new, and intended as genteel residences, being finished jo the beet manner, and supplied with spnc, and rain water in the kitchen, and eoai ran Its in Two trout, fee. Two-thirds of the purchase money mar remain scared, at I per cent. Enquiia on the prem ises, or of ROBERT ANGUS, f U lm*n% 9* Wall street HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. tA PLEASANT country seat ia the Tillage ef Madi son, Morris eounty. New J-mey, within a tew minutes walk of the beaatifnl residence of Wm. Gibbons, Esq., ibout IS miles from New York city?communication to and from twice a day, any day in the year, per Morris and Ea sel Railroad. Said place contains about oue acre, on which are Two Houses and a Barn, with a Ant ra'e well of water Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity The premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking the whole Tillage; and is ooe of the most desirable locations m the place, being within two minutes walk of the railroad de pot, which renders it eouyenient for a person doing basin ess is the eity, who das ires to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON, 1M lm*M Mometown. N. J. UALC?rill Terr I- Topple terms, or to Let. four three story and basement brick dwelling Houses, in Ho ^^Hboken, now in course of completion, and to be ready for occupancy by May first. They will he fitted in beantiful style with all tne late i uprovetnents. They each contain II rooms besides the krchen. and finished with marble mantels, aud black grates throughout. Two of these houses are 31 fret front by 52 feet deep; and two of them 24 feet by 44, with wide court yards and iron railing. Tha situation eommandi ? fine view o( the river, bay and city, and is within one minute'e walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boats leave for Barclay street every fifteen minutes, crossing m I to It minntes; and every half hour to Canal and Christopher streets. Terms of yearly commutation of the fer ry are moderate. Part of the purchase money ess remain on mortgage, at gper cent Apply to m34 2w*r J. A.STEVENS, Jr., Hoboken. SARONI & ARCHER, 1B1 Water street, corner of Maiden lane, HAVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Caps, Silk and Knr Hits, of cvsry description, and Spring itylo, Straw sad Panama Huts. Also. Oil Silk. Glased Lawn, Vigors and Cap-stocks, which they offer at very low prices. Dealers asd manufactures will do well to examine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. mil In' wit Iw FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAHN, importers, si Nassau street, up stair9, 1 have received, by late arrivals from their house in Paris, and offer for sale, n very large snd choice selection ol the NEWEST STYLES OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bnnches, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, fee fee., together with a most extensive as.ortment of MATERIALS FOR AKlIFlCIAL FLOWER MAKERS embracing a variety unsurpassed in richnrts. end extent by any other importation. Also? Artificial flowers by the case, imported expressly for the Jobbing and conntry trade. m24 lm*r ATLANTIC WHITE LEAJD. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY harm completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders for para White Lend, both Dry end Ground in Oil, to almost any extent that may be wanted. The Company have spared no la tend, ia expense ia the erection of the Works which wouli the least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, havm, availed themselves of every modern improvement for thai purpose. Beg^wel] aware, from our long familiarity with the differ MMMHsold in our market, that by far the greater proportiot sold as such has been, sad still is greatly adulterated with Barytes, an article of mineral production much heavier thai White Lead, and in itself possessing no virtue of any pig meat whatever, k being, when mixed with oil, almost trans parent, and in fact having nothing but its specific weight to recommend it, the Trustees of the Atlantic Whits Lead Com pany have passed,unanimously, the following resolution, vis: "Resolved, That in view of manofactering only a prime article, the AtlanticWhite Lead Company will mane bnt one quality of White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil; that to be e strictly pure, genuine article, and perfectly free from any adniteratioa whatever, whieh the Company will warrant as such to all who may purchase their Lead/' Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every de pendence may be placed in the purity ol every pound of White Lead manufactured and sold by the Company, which pureneu will not only tend to the greater durability of the Faint, bnt will be found ranch more economical in its use, even in the most common description of painting, owing to the body or covering quality it possesses, thereby giving a far better finish with two coats, than the adulterated White Paint would with three,of whieh every painter will bear witness. The Company also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a variety of Paints Ground ia Oil, vit: Verdigris, Black Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Paris Green, Brunswick Green, fee. fee. . Having been appointed general Agents for the Company, all orders should be directed to ue. POLLEN fc COLGATE, (7 tm*r M7 Pearl street, comer ol Beekman street STRA W BONNETS L. CHAPIN, No. U John street, near Broadway up QUI stairs, has on hand a good assortment of Fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he is selling ?t the tow set market and others are invited to sail before purchasing elsewhere. mr14 lm*r _ _ SPRING FASHION. fX BROWN fc CO., 171 Chatham Squsee, comer of Mott d^mstreet, wish to inform the public of their leceut improve meat in the nManfaeture and flaish of their $1 Hats,combining fashion, beauty and durability, thrao important considerations to (he wear*r. The proprietors do confidently asacrt theiAisU to be anch superior to ay ever before sold for the same price. Cell aed satisfy yourself of this fact. mlt lm*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. ?JL WHY will you pay rf.50 and $5 for a Hut, when you Jflb can go to ROBERTSON'S PHCENLX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, loa mmm nmt, ?? Go and. and gat ae good a one for *1,5# 1 Go mi examine for your selves. k mrlt larre ffi PREMIUM BOOTS. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for |1?, city made, and are equal to those sold in other stores for $5. Fine French Calf Soots for *4 SO, equal to th* bust made ia thia eity Ifotffor *7, at YOt'NG It JONES' French Boot and ??McufT, one of the most fashionable ia the city.? Manufactory, , .. Our Boots having been judged in the late Fair at Niblot, are said to be th* best ever sold ia this city. All Boots warranted to give satisfaction. Mending, fee. done in the Store. YOUNG k JONES, 4 Ann ??met, m25 lm*m near Broadway, New York. . BOOTS AND SHOES.?The Public arc invited to I cell and examine the large assortmei t of gentlemen a, la, ? dies and misses Boots, Shoes snd Gaiters, in alltheirvun. I ties, whieh are to be found at the cheap cash store of >24 im'r H. BIGOAM, 14tCtnal st., cornor Bulliveo. SHAFEK dr. CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Park Place. ?fell Broadway, near f AHK NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Paek-ts, aoeo tirely new assortment of the fiaeet Sedan < lot lis and Ctn ?imeraa, adapted to the early spring trsde. Having concluded apermanent arrangement, as cotter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late I of the Hue Caatiglioae, Paris, well known to most ol ear fash ion shies who have visited Europe, they are now prepared to m FUME BATH TO ALL who Me afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we would i*y go end try Dr. 8w?Us Sulphur Fume Beth, JM Broadway. Hie peculiarities of it ere men, that it cuiea effectually this complaint, and also all other diseases of a chronic nature, auch aa Scrofula, Gout, Bait Rheum, dia eaaea of the Shin, Joiula. Ac. The chargee are so modera ted. aa to fetch it within the means of all mW Itn'm ASTOR HOUSE BATHS, Entrance. No. 1 Veaey street. (Private door Aator Home.) THE PUBLIC are reapectlhll? iuformed that the above Bathe are in complete order. The ?at Inn* tuba are i ' entire It new, (copper,) ana the largest in thia city. In point_ol cle cleauliuca aud attention, the bath* cannot be excelled. The Bathaare open until II oxloek at night,(Saturday niaht, IS.) Price of a hath, 35 crnta. The warm Sea Baths at Detbroaae* atreet, are as naual open from sunrise, until II o'clock P M dM lm*r HENRY C. RABINEAU, Proprietor IMPORTANT to EMIGRANTS GOING WEST. THE subscribers bag to inform their friend* and the public that they forward passengers to all parts of the Weitern Stat-i and Canada* via the railroad from Albany It is usual, at this season of the year, for those not acquainted with the route, to pey their fare to an by the canal. Kor their iuforma beg to state that the tion, we bp* to state that th? earliest probable time the rauaJ will be uavigable, will be the *0 h Apr 1, and it may be the 1st May. Pe-sons, therefore, uut l that time, must go by the rail road, tickets for which cau be ohtiiued at fhe very lowest rates, of W. A J. 1\ TAPSCOTT. 75 South at., cor. of Maideu lane. N. B. Dne notice of the opening of the canal will be given, mil rh LOOKING GLASS PLATES. 08THE1MKR, Importers, No. 3 Bank stmt, * * Fniladtipbw, hare Ju?t receiveJ. bv arrivalc at this Dort and New York, a lull assortment of Lookiug Glass Plates from ? bjr 7, to 44 by 31. Ail sixes polished plate window glnss from LI by id. to57 by 34. Also, Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacles, Pipes, Sontf Boxes, Cigar Cases, Money Purses, Marbles, slates, with a variety of other French and German goods, which they niter at the lowest market priees. jalt fmend rhi CHKJlPEST-INDITEJCT ISSTHVCTIOH IM, Academy, 110 Kroaduay, appetite John street. bristovFs Superior and Elegaqx Commercial System of WRITING, ?yipi LL confinuetoSe taught (during hi* stay inNew York,) LL continue to to Ladies aud Gentlemen of xvgnv tot, Day or Eva Ding, in Twelve Lessims, for the small charge ol Opclv Fiv* Dollars ! Mr. Bsistow, Finishiug Writing Master, promise* and goa> ranters to ALL, old or young, to impart a beautiful, rant, expeditions and pasmionable style of Penmanship, no matter how bad, illeoible or ceamped may be the writing. IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS FOR ti OffTWLT! %*Booe-Kekpinu and Shobt Hand taught thoroughly. N.B.?Private lessons given. Families and Schools attend ed 11 Jtawlra're TO TAILORS. IT is deemed unnneeesaary to aey more in favor of 8TENE -*? METS' celebrated work on Cntting Garments, than that it has received the most unbounded approbation of the moat eminent of the profession. By the aid of the numerous Dia gram! it romaina, together with the ample eiplanationi accom King the eame, a person of moderate capacity can, in a few a. Cut with ease and elegance any ol the various styles ol garments now in vogue, and in n manner not to be snrnassed by the most experienced cutters The following are a few of the many highly reipectable name, who testify to the merits of th* boek. The undersigned being practically acqaainted with Mr. Stenemeu' Treaties on Cntting Garments, with pleasure re commend it as a work, complete in it* arrangement, and in its practical application to Cntting, superior to any heretofore published either in Europe or America. P. Henry It Son; Daniel Cutter; Hlasts It Baker; Charles Cox; E. W. Tryon A Co; B. T. Horner; James Daily; P. Haviland; J. H. Bancker, Ac., Ac. tj. T' The above can be obtained of the anthor, at No. 113 Broadway, New York, price from $1 to $11 per copy. mar! lmeod'r BORDEAUX WINES. JUST Received, ;>er bark Crilao, from Bordeaux. 700 eases red Wines, St. Juliea Ducrn, Chateau Larose, Margeaux, Latour, Lroville, Ac. OS casks and half do red Wines, St. Jolien, Madoc, Mar ge inx. Ac. 31 casks and hall do whit* Winei, Hant Santerne, Haut Preignac and Graves. The above wine* have been carefully selected for thia mar ket, by my house in Bordeaux,and are now landing and offer ICti uj us j iivuso ? u isusuouua , mas an mac uu ed from the wharf, on reasonable terms, b m20e?dim*re JOHN 8CI|.v1|5t. 103 Fqlton st M dc?u!i.t<e? V^co.WAN ??jBftlaSlttl >U'."' "" a ?ad boy'e clothing .oM whoa^f^y;'..^^ ??d?, which^ win b. MAK?1.t;^L11i * "uddekmann, m rr~ H.? u?h?'jw&k.whSS^ir?d^,7lMt,n?CBrU'Md *'?* on ?"o?"bl. iinnt A A^uvni' AND BASS a?^%ras^ z. .,. "'wua, all I1ZOI M^uua}!c1t1",ut 160,000 Kiperanza, m?X Preaaed ? ??? EacoJapio, d? 13,000 Knrope, 25.WOO 8*u Roman, lit, _mrtt lm?m ,1T Krnn, m>L T'hk^^be^10^ ^nd domestic. 1 cWta dwler. tbe"?*?I?* of country m.r ears TKi? moSilfu ' l to their eitentiee stock offif. l"ch?Ld?Xk r7rTbT:i:^*?,'d "P 'he grl.?t ?r?Sd ?ore,enabled to offer tEe diforeifr nil!,?' ?* ' y ,re'there *?t*bl lahment in (kecitr ThJ ^o?^ . w*rli,*1,al,,,othor ?d quality, fi?. %i17*2^7S Wrjr w*>?W2?jy*rm,u | FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS A ND MATERIAL8 KOK K1 OR(bth ft , ' /*? cmred by the H .rre Me k JL V- ' L JHar ingj net re freah aaeortmeut of Kr^nrh^'i j?? * FVancia lit, a quality- ?d l?JaVatyl" ? Mo:e"ri"d ?{ "?e hi.t uirite the delete in ih^mVme arTicYea 't!! call t0 ? . 116 William at FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS trade, at low prior. "*"??. ** ?c. whtch they offer to tU oe IISH-IIOOK MANUPACTOKY, ranee from the "?irmtacn.HnJ !'?Jl'"1"' to ??" ?' ? 'mall ad Ur* ** ^'?ttd ?{ho*&s??? Mine-ham NEW CLOTH STORE KNOEFFEL ite FOOTE, h"e -awRd"? CLOTH^Srk? t?tlw o'f Ta'l5?kn?,?TA.'l yRB' TRIMMINGS. The at traordinary indta?eSi?Jm ?"n k r T>"5,,ted t0 <>?"?toek. aa ci m.-V; 5NoV?fLtf1rr^S!,M'-? W1WCH^lehaSOLU'1 iON * U*'"he HAm W m,aH&T&mVK?n?i?nl color inVfcw hare their hair cbaaned hef.llt !l ? riitaee, are reqneeted to bogs would take thia method therewooIiSk!' money. " ham plain. Gentlemen can hare their ?rh?k.r.^?.dV!*I<? to e5m any color or ahade in a few wiimta. Pwl . *" changed to 'a"Ci" ria.xg';; -Si'ss a^KSiStiss' lb,, moi'dw^wry of K r^c.^. 10 FATEiNT tiiAP-WEEDED iron KDil.hTiP" To the Tea, Coffee and Sugar Trade, frc.-Eeono mutt, Famdiet, Hotel Keeperi, *e. J. S. hciWT *t CO., ' "8 Nattau ttreet, corner of John, AVINQ parchaaed the tilat lot of the new *riann 'a Traa &^r^dk8oicToi;f a1^isiasu^r loir" StV,,f fc. lm?2I"d ""utT T?ar? to. The Mock ot the flSeVwhy '' " *? co""n*nt> " 'har ?? rejected of _y^>TT > CO. are alto ? applied with a Mock of freeb rariety an7 (Uror* Hama; old Kogliah Cheeeee of great ?hTAS^etSfi' w;1'>?d?,!"rfd ?"hi? fir. milee of the rloaed remiuanSS' - it 41 "'u*? 'rom,M>* "nntry, with eo aelecUd hi^?nhi riTSi.^. "?" honorib1' u if mM Itn'tn *' *" ^"^T k CO. It Naeaan M, ? near John M. WrT!nS^S AIM). Pordeini Winei To rT2.F**L'? Jl ^ ?trn*t rod Champa..., of ,h?LS fife"4 '"**? """"h^Abeinth C'!l!?,ria "li^lX'Ta'tL-t'ieHrLtiJi'-i va#.i HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 443 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. DATHS jut introduced?Wuin uid Cold?ia See apart- ? JJ meats, for both ladies sad gentlemen; and the enure ergn nixstion and fitting np of every department of the Washington ; House, eonuAcCs. mZ7 lm*rc ' MANSION HOUSE. | MIDDLKTOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to annonnee to his friauda and the public, that he hns leased the above honse for a term of years, and hopes, by lone experience and strict attention to busiuees, to merit a liberal share of their \ patronage JOHN L. MONROE, mrt 3ra?rc Formerly of the U. 8 H tel. Boston FOUNTAIN HOTEL, IIOHT STREET, BALTIMORE. T'HE PROPRlE't ORS of this Establishment, long known a- m BeLTZH'JUVKR'S, return their grateful thanks to the public for the liberal patronage bestowed upon the house since it has been .'.n<*er their care, and beg leave to say that? drtermiueil, if i? ssibte. to ensure fcunre success?they hare just added to their former spacious building a new, beautiful and airy tlirre story wing, containing about thirty lodging rooms. This addiUoti renders the Lambs' Onui.uanT much more commodious, and gives the House one hundred and fifty rooms. The whole structure has uudergoue a thorongh revi sion in painting, |?pering, furnishing, lie. The Bathmo Dk FASTiirNT is ample, both for Ladies and Oentlemeu. ind will be couducted on the European plan, the in oat superior for com fort and des|iatrh. The rateusive improvements thus made, enable the prop-letors to offer f >r the accommodation and pa tronage of the public an establishment replete with every thiug calculated to rruder it attractive and cuanfortably, including the most untiring and assiduous attention to visiters, on the part of all connected with it Terms?Gentlemen's Ordinary $1 IS per day. Ladies' Ordi nary $1 30 per day. DIX It FOGG, f99 2iw*lw Proprietors. HALL DRESSES FIFTY 1'EK CENT U* THE COST OF IMPORTATION. PETER ROBERTS respectfully announces to the that having purchased largely at auction, he is eua offer a magnificent selection of Ball and Evening Orel HALL DRESSES FIFTY PER CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. the ladies, enabled to _ Dreesea at the above tremendous redaction. He also calls attention to a quantity of Embroidered Cellars, Chemisettes, Re. slightly soiled, which are selling at leas than one-third the original price. The remainder of the stoch of Winter Hosiery is of fered at eqnilly low prices, and ou inspection it is believed will be found cheaper than anv in the city. NO- 171 BROADWAY. lm*r? JUNG te BEHRMANN, REMOVED PROM 71 LIBERTY STREET TO ?1 SOUTH WILLIAM TTREET. ml lm*m LONG BREED CANARIES. MR HASELETT'S entire Breeding Stock, so mneh ad mired on New Year's Day. They are already mated, and will be sold only in pairs. Bird Faueier* and the public are respectfully invilM to call and examine them. Also, the usual variety ofSinging Birds from different Peru of the habitable Globe. Fancy Pigeons and Cages, Gold Fiah, Cu-tle Fishbone, and bird seeds of every description. Every article for the Breeding Cage, Re. For sale by A. GRIEVE,} John street. 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Hegulice do 150,000 La Norma do 50,004 Canones do S0.9C4 Principe do 100,900 low priced do 9(0 box?s TOBACCO. 9 cases Smoking Tobacco. 30 boxes do Pipes, kegs, bottles, bladder* Garrett'* Snuff. m7 la eod re A WIGS, WIGS AND TOUPEES, THE MOST NATURAL, NU nearest the real M or hnir, of icy in Now York, ii to be hud at LAIRD'S, 92 Chatham street, formerly of 316 Pe irl itreet. It would leem qoiie unnec-itary to any any hi in reference to there * ig>, aince the r extensive nee, and great popularity, ao fi mly establish their worth. But n strangers aro liable to be ire posed upon by the pretended wig toshers who ao xbonud among us, we deem it oar duty to pro claim their merirs, that no one may be misled, or deprived of so valuable a bead of bair, A great variety of ladies' ornamental hair work, in the vari ona branches, wholesale and retail, at at lm#rb LAIRD'S, 92 Chatham st. CLIREHUOH'S VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALP8, 206 Broadway, up stairs, May, yob elegance, Lightness, and dura bility, be classed am ng the first prndnetions of mo dern art. In their manafarture, they differ from all others made here. The hair is singly inserted, and so equally distri buted as to appear .net issuing from the skin ; they cover no more of the brow than the natrral hair does, and having no metallic spring, all disagreeable pressure is obviated, bora southern climate they are inestimable, being of only 1 ounce weight. Senators, members of Congress, and gentlemen from every quarter of the country, who are now wearing C.'a wigs, con bo referred to. The pricas will bo found to suit the circumstances of all. at lw*rc GENTLEMEN'S HATS-SPRING STYLE Bird, corner pine and naisau streets - i Gentlemen's Hats, of the Spring pattern, uniting much 1 elegance and beanty of style, are now ready for examination , and sale, by the subscriber. 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Ike., and a general assortment of lumbar, usually kept at ma hog any yar a in this city. mil Im're THE SHADES HOTEL., M Rndt Strut, Wat Stde (\f Broadway THt Subscriber reapeatfally informs hta friends and the a pnblie, that he b*a la ely opened the above Establidi ment, in a atyle superior to any other house of tho k<nd in use citv of New Yoik. lis satisfaction which ho has hitherto given to his nnmeroua friends and customers, while Proprietor of " The Shades," in Tha nes street, he flatters himself wtU be a guaranty to all who may patronise him in his new estaly lishment, while no effort oa hta part will bo wanting to ment the continuance of their patronage. The nsnal relishes. Chops, Steaks, Welsh Harebila, Poach ed Egga. fce will heserved up in a superior style. The Room will be regnlarly supplied with city paperi, an well aa a lull supply offoreign paperi, by every arrival from Europe* mil lm*rc JAMES EVANS. TO ARCHITECTS, STONE COTTERS, AND BUILDERS. CI REE STONE ? umished by the subecriber, equal to Cou F nectieut in quality.and 10 per cent elienper, on application to A. Wiuoit, Sto-t e Cutter, Jersey City, or at the Quarry, Ann ?c km oak. If. i. fl7 lm-re ABM. H. VREELAND. ^^^^^HLOOK AT THIS. [SELLING OFF FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST, H A GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Baou and /XShoot, to make room for a largo supply of French Goods, now on the way. comprising cork sola Boots, water proof sad light Freich do, fine call Shoes, ramps, and Dancing Gaiters, Lady'a Gaiters, Buskins. Slippora, Ties, patMt lamher, white and black Sutm, white KidTCIogi, Moccasins; all kinds of Rabbet a and Overshoot, ike.,' Retail of which will be sold >5 per cant loss than heretofore, at H7 Broadway eor^Frukliu HI lm*me NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCH KLOR'saew in rented Wigs and Seal pa ao perfect ly resemble tho aatarul heir aa to defy detection. It ia aow aearcely a matter of regret Inning an indifferent head of Ii PlfWftlf hair, whea ? new one, perfectly adapted to the eonmenaace and atvle of every wenrer. and without any of the vexation; diffictilnea io long ex|*ritnced by wig wearers, can be proenrvd U WM B \1VhKLOIT8, g Well street, near Broadway. Removed from l? Broadway. mtl Im'm BOOKS BOUGHT. JEk^ONS wishing to ditpnao of than Lihrurtcr, either Iain or pw i w I. Uvrav? bud a ready purebae*r and good ieea. hr addreeemg afew lines, givijg^anw and number, to an< tm'r V# Naanon or tgr Ri.lnetoa atreet. LAKE SUPERIOR COPPER STOCKS. QTOCKS in the various (ompaoiea bought and aoM hy O (m?lm*r) J. B. HUNT It CU-, No. I Hasovet rt. _ Carthaok**, March 9, 1846. ! The Itihmut of Panama to the Pacific- The thoret of the Pacific to Bogota and Carthagena?The Coun try, itt Riven, Product,, and Population? Com mercial Intercourse with New Granada. I arrived here December the 20th, over land <rom the Pacific, and have remained ever since, watting: for a passage to New Fork, or any part of the United States. During all this time there has baan but one venal bare from the United State*, the bark J. Pattan, Captain Thomas, from New York, via Santa Martha. This vassal has now changed her na tional character, and bears the Columbian dag of New Oranada. She is now named the "Bogota," and will sail ?" th? 10th instant, under the command . f . K ""d cr?w, with a "paper captain," as he is technically termed, to enter end clear the vessel ^>r*ren?n!n\fP"S J * ch.?n?? ?' rtaK ? reduction of 30 OeJn. i. K a' 0n ? merchandise imported to New Oranada, besides paying less port chnrir#tM than vessels of the United States. This must effectually ban ish ourflsg and commerce from her ports.and super.ede 'k* ?"?e"hy of appointing consuls and commercial agents to protect our commerce here. It our govern ment are not already aware of the facts, they ought to know them, that retaliatory measures may ba enforced in the United States. The great part oi tbair exports to our country are now free of duly (such as hide^T dye Perhaps a corresponding duty would be imposed, equivalent to the 40 percent, charged on goods carried in United States vesiels, above what Columbian vessels pay. Many of our countrymen eheuld like to 'P.10 tr*de with this country, but under the present restrictions on our commerce, it would be ruinous. It is to be hoped that our minister, now at Bogota, mav receive instructions from our government to try to P'^f ?nr commerce on an equal footing with their own; ?hi # r v ? ln 7#i,el< under our own flag to the ports of New Oranada on the Atlantic and the Paci fic, is completely annihilated. last f?ra cha**"" 10 P<???* daring Periflr ??'?! thence took passage in a schooner on the ?II ?tf to the sea port of Bona Ventura, in New Oranada, Snu.^hlh .?'?**? * CMoa UP tha Hi0 L>*?ua to rimdrii- h*fti?uCaroe n?7'*?tion. It is a steep and flftf nf illli. ff ??untain torrent, very shoal and full oi rapids, up whioh the canoe men waded, dragging he canoe after them, literally going up hill in a canoe tTeM,Md*flJw?erI?en^"Dk* '? *niud b?"'ond description fl?wera and mountain precipices upon the most hith r^f. ?,*if ' we.had two portages, to pass round ijfill 7 1 We found other canoes reody for us. whirh7?iL?T.* y* fettui? to Juntas, a small viUage, ^ -1^1. V 8m.? rrom junction of tha Rio Pepi ?nd V P Hara wa took mules 2Z'T th* mountains to tha City of Cali, situated e*!re"1,ty of the valley of Cauca, in the ?I5 ???0h ?n" Yentura, which is bounded on the east fh-i. y 0 ,lof,y mnges of the Cordilleras, with, ' toS"- Tha Ta"aT ts abeut eight leagues wide to the base of the mounteina, and thirty ISEffJV ?"*' W".h tha ba,utiful river, or stream^ ^ouca, running through its centre. It is al ^ Iavaj of the richest soil, producing all the Iniv Ifl'r ! climetee in great abandance, aa well aa ?r the fniito of our more northern climea, from the H're.wth'n three degrees of the Equator, IIS nfi times delicious ice creams, punches and juleps. The valley is said to be elevated about 6000 reet above the tea level, aud contains several large cities and towns, among which are Cali, Popayan, Pasto, Boga, and Palmyra. Cali contains about 16,000 inhabi tants; the houses are of one story on account of earth quakes, several slight shocks of which we felt while there, three months, the timo I staid. This rich coun ?uPPbad ? dry goods and other merchandise, mostly fr-. m Jamaica,across the Isthmus,by way of Puna ma and Bona Ventura ; but the expense of freight and land carriage is so exorbitant, that every thing of that kind sells very high. Doubloon* are coined at the mints I; Jp?Pay*n "d Bogota, and are worth nominal value, A ' .!*] *ro bought up with the currency at $17 60 and often $19, to take to Jamaica to purchase goods, where they pais at $16. Salt is brought from Guayaquil and it very dear, often fr m $7 to $10 tor a hundred pounds; and Set as it it a great country forcatUe.much of It is needed, ome rich mines are worked, and the gold collected is mostJy sent to the mint, as it is prohibited from being taken out of tha country; yet much of it find* its way to Jamaica,{Europe, and a little to the United States. The penalty, formerly, was confiscation, and ten years imprisonment in chains at hard labor; but at present it is only confiscation of the gold. The government would obtain nineh more revenue by imposing a small export duty on it, whereas, now much ia carried oil and they get nothiDg, una yet it makes one of the restrictions on JJ*jh which helps to impoverish the country. From tha P0* of Bona Venture, which is situated in the Bay of Choico, on the Pacific, and took Pa?falt? * ?""w across the Bay to Boca Oineao; went up that river to a portage ot about two hoars' walk,with negroes and Indians to carry our baggage to a " que brado," or brook,where we embarked in a canoe, and de scended the torrent almost a* swift as an arrow, in some places dodging our heads under the dead trunkaof treee which had fallen across the stream, and often bring, ing up suddenly on a log or tree juat under water. The trees and vines intertwining with each other acrois the stream formed a complote canopy over our heads for miles, until the stream gradually widened into a beauti ful but rapid river, and finally emptied into the river Ca iimar, down which we went until it emptied into the river 8t. John,or Joan, about fifty miiea above its mouth, wltwVilw * ? wid? beautiful river with a rapid ourrent. W# ware six days polling up il'f lU baoka. ??her against tha limbs of tree. wujcq overaanf Jit baoltf, itopoinff ivery ojfbt at iodi an hut* to sleep and cook our food. Wo found game in abundance throughout the whole route, often shooting wild turkeys, parfotans and other birds , from the canoe? we alto shot several " perioos," or sloths, which looked as venerable as the old trees we shot them from. There were also plenty of venomous snakes banging about and coilad round the limbs of tha trees over our heads some of a Urge size, green and black, ringed from head to tail We thought beit not to disturb them , (or lear they might drop in the canoe The Indian and negro hats scattered along the banks of the river, were built on posts about six feet from the ground over whicn Uiey pro jected, so that these venomous serpents could not get in. We entered by a ladder on the outside, which at night ' . as hauled np. They bavo little clearings round their houses, where they raise com, sugarcane, plantains, ?c., tor their own conitimption. The soil is very rich and vegetation ia luxuriant beyond description The natives seem to live in happy indolence, not caring for tna morrow. We landed at the town of San Pablo, and had our goods earned acrois the Umio, or portage, to the head of another qnebrUo, or little stream, where we found a canoe ready to take us down. W# walked across this place in aboat two hoars. It is about five "A J J1,1 l?a r?ad or Path waa *?ry bad. We were often fording brooks up to our middle in water, and once up to our arm pits. Snakes were in abundance. Thus we crossed this vast continent of America, from naviga ble water to water, in just two hours. We entered ano tbercanoe at the source ef the San Pablo, a mere moun tain brook, and descended liko a torrent, often seeing women and men on the ear dy points, standing in the wator, with a large wooden bowl, washing the sand to obtain gold dest. The river gradually widened, and emptied into the liver Quito, down which we went, un tu it emptied into the Rio d'Atrato, at the town of Qnib <lo, site* ted opposite it* junction with the Quito, on its beak. Hare wa took passage in a bang,, or large deck ad caoaa, and drifted down to its mouth, in flvo days, whare it empties into the Atlantic, at a village called Tnrbo. A road ia now in progress from this point, which it is said will he finished in two years, to the val ,6Z1?LAntl0Cbia (,n tba province of that name), and will bring much trade to Carthagena. We then coasted up along the sea coast to Carthagena, where wa arrived December the 30th. The canal now in progress from the latter place to the river Magdalene, under the super intendence of Mr. Totton, will be completed, it is said, in about nine months more. Should you not deem ell thie of enlBcient interest for publication in the Herald you will no doubt be able fully to appreciate the im Kirtance of thet part relating to our commerce with ew Granada, which deserves immediate publication ? so that, pending e negotiation for a treaty of commerce, our vessels may be placed on an equal footing with those of other nations, end a duty be imposed on th ir vessels in our country equal to what they make as pay in theirs Tub Calamity at Owboo.?The L'wrgo Aavtr titer of the 26th ult. contains the following particu lar* ol the melancholy cataatropha at that Tillage, which reaulted in the lorn of four liTea The Path ataga waa awampad thia morning, juat on the verge of tha Tillage, having croaaed the bridge orer tha Owcgo oraak, and tha dnTer, three passenger* and one here* ware drown ed. There were four paaaengera, of whom one only, Mr. Htnrges, of Candor, eecaped. From hi* account, 1 ap peals, that altetthaving croaaed the bridge, tha horaea plunged into deep water, having probably diverged from tha road. Three of tha paaaengera became no frightened thatthay Jumped out and ware inatantlv overwhelmed by the ruahing water*. The driver alao threw up tha rein* and jumped off, and waa inatantly loat. Mr. Bturgea aeema to have had mora preaance of mind, and though eitting on the back aaat, he made hia way forward, a aisad the Unea, aprang to tha top of the ataga and called for help. At that early hour, about 4 o'clock A. M , fow peraoua woro stirring; but ho waa aoou htard by Mr. J. O. Crane, who put off in a canoe and reacued him. Mr. Bturga* walked to the village and gavo the alarm, and ?oon after it waa light, aevaral of our citizen* wont to the apot. The ataga coach wt* found eome ioda bolow the road, on the flat* of C. F Jobnaoo, capaised, with all tha baggage eoeure, including two mail bag*. No bodioe wera found. The water waa about four foot daep on the road, on tha aeuth aido of which waa a deep guiiey, and tha cur rent waa Very atrong. Mr. 8 think* that all would have boon i avail hod they kept to the atage, but their fcara predominated, and they plunged into the etroam, auppoe ing that they would laud en the rood. It unfortunately happened that they Jumped oui of the aouth aido into deep water.and being encumbered with ooete and cloak*, and chilled by the water, they could uot exert them ?elver Mr. 8. think* they did not live five minuta* after they jumped off Tee persons loet are Truman P. Hoeo, of Otsego county, W. Conkling, of Ulster, Pa , Tbomaa Bowen (the driver,) and lease Nathana, a colored man, belonging to Lire I re. They woro all young man, and the drat named lied been teaching achool in Pennsylva nia, end we* returning to viait hia Irienda. Our citizen*, with many Ironi Tioga, rallied for the purpose ol tearcbing lor the bodies, and succeeded in finding that of the uegio, who ha* been decently buried by our colored population. It i* probable that the other throe havo boon awopt into the river. Home protection is doilnod to bo, a cloaet in your par lor,tui table to hide in, away from creditor*. Harvard Coli.iox, ?% Cambridge, March 26th, 1840. \ Harvard ColUgt?Inauguration of Mr. Ewrttt? Cambrtdgt City, fyc. tfc. The feeble notes of a Cambridge chicken stand but a poor chance to be heard anud 'he the dm and cackle ot your iui#hty hen-coop,New York. But I sing of my illustrious mother?of that alma maltr under whose fostering wing?one of an unhedged brood, I an now nestling. She, "the beautiful mether of a beautiful offspring," has, 1 think, no insignificant oiaisn upon your regard. To a recital of her doings, yon will, peihaps listen. Venerable in herself, from her age and respec tability, she acquires each day renewed glory, from the honors heaped upon her children. Scarce a corner of the civilized world, but offers a home to one or more of her numerous and scattered progeny. And the brilliant suocessot many of bar sons, borne on the wing* of fame from all quarters oi our land, tefiucted back upon her, ttieir common parent, shed around htr an imperishable halo of giS'y. Not that her sons sing their own praises. Ills a fowl aspersion upon our race, to a sert this to be our theme, when we crow. We crow, as is well known, to usher in the new day?we crowod tor one ot us did,) last lourlh of July, to usher an the rising sun ot peace : - We hope we always shall crow,at the dawn of every such great era. Hut 1 torget. 1 promised to give an account of my illustrious mother- her doingsfand atate of hesdth. Ho I will boldly pluck a quill irom my gobbling kinsman, (whose literary and epistolary reputation 1 always en vied,) and try what 1 can do ut wiring. Cambridge itself is much tho sama as ever?still sub ject to those pleasing alternations oi mud and dust, which have always so eminently distinguished it. The profes sor, or student, disposed to be erratic, (whether in body or mind,) finds on one dey his nether estremitiea im mersed, to a most alarming height, in its classio soil; on the neat, his upper man is attacked by the same com modity, though in a different form?or, ea eur learned profeasor of chemistry would say, in tha pulverized state. Von will soon be called upon to recognise Cambridge as one of the sisterhood of cities. She has petitioned tor a charter, tor no better reason, we believe, than that odo or two of her leading spirits, not content with the glory of " Selectmen," aro ambitious to write themselves " Mayor." The approaching inauguration of Mr. Everett is the all-engrossing topic of conversation. The 99th of April is the day toward whiah all eya* are turned. Our neighbor Boston, too?throughout her ranks of besuty aod fashion?manifests a lively xeal in the matter; though for the present her attention ia distracted by the trial of Tirrell. The exercises on the oocasion are expected to be of a high order of excellence. An English oration ia to be pronounoed in the village church by the new Pre sident ; another, in way of salutation, by a graduate member of the college ; and one in Latin by Mr. L , who stands so deservedly high in the Univeraity as s classical scholar. After this rich fesst for the inner man, as usual en such ocoasions, in order to show no partiality, a corresponding entertainment will he fur nished for the outer, and a dinner stands next in order in the b.l! of the day. The evening's amusement bee been the aubjectof much controversy. The faculty will not allow a ball with wine?the students won't have one without. The proposed ball, therefore, has degenera ted into a soiree, to be given by the faculty, and attend ed by the graduates and students, with their iair friend*. To crown the whole, there is to be en illumination, for which our group of hundred eyed buildings seems pe culiarly well fitted. Such is, at preset, the order of per formances ; what changes fickleness or discontent may make, meanwhile, we know not. But of ell such, end whatever else of novelty or gossip there may chance to be in Cambridge, we will soon inform your readeis, should this have found favor in their eyes. Forth* pre sent, Biddy tires, and must to roost. Varieties. Ad old gentleman, by the Dame of Cockerill, from Ohio, in attempting to ride aero** the Potomac, on Satur day laat, near Creiaptown, \ld., was thrown from hie hone and drowned. The Baltimore jtrgui relate* the follewitur scene,which occurred at the Are in Paca street, on Thursday night last. A valuable dog, belonging to a colored hackmaD, whose premises were destroyed, was seen repeatedly rushing into the burning stable ; aad whenever disco vered, was rescued from impending danger. But, evi dencing the greatest agony?thinking, (tor we must give him the quality ot thought,) no doubt, that the horses, the creatures of his association, care and attachment, wore in the flames?he could not be restrained; and, esoaping from those who bad possession of him. be again furiously sprang into the burning building, and perished amid the flames. A bill has passed the Massachusetts Senate to abolish the distinction between written nrfll speken defamation of character, Which provides that uv?ty person wbo shall defame another l>y woids, stall be punished by Ane. or imprisonment, in the oommon jail, or by both Ane and imprisonment at the discretion oi the court. The truth of the matter charged as slanderous is allowed to be a sufficient just'flcation for defamatory words. Walter F. Leak has addressed a latter to the editor of the Kayetteville Obttrvtr, in which he expresses his de termination not t*> withdraw his name as a democratic candidate for the offlce of Governor of tho State of North Carolina, notwithstanding the lact that James B. Shepard has been nominated by the democra ic central commit tee. Mr. Leak says he will canvass the State, even if he should not get MO votes. Major Thorns* C. Legate died on the IStb nit., at Gale na, 111. Major L. entered the U. B. Army in 1813, tnd was with Gen. Scott on the northern frontier, in some of the best fought bstiles oi the last war Dr. Wilson, a Catholio clergyman, at Angnsta, Ky.. stated ad a recent temperance lecture, that he resided seven years id Rome, pursuing his literary and theolo gical studie% and that however men might from her religion, and despise tho PontiAcal authority there, he never taw a man drunk in it during his whole resi dence in it. The father of Sir Robert reel was a cotton manufao turer.and at hit death left property to the amount of $12, 000,000 The present Premier, the Prime Minister,waa a classmate of Lord Byron The Boston Allan says that the Wardena and Vestry of St. Luke's Church, Philadniphia, have extended un un animous invitatiun to the Rev M. A. D'Wolf Howe, Reo tor of St. James' Church, Koxhury, to becama their Rec tor. A fatal accident occurred in Knox county, Tenn., on Houston river, on Sunday, lMh ult. Amos Carter, his wife, and Miss Vlelinda Luttrell had attended meeting, end on their retum home attempted to cross the river in a canoe. The wind was Mowing very hard and overturn ed the canoe, and tha two unfortunate females were drowned. Mr. Skrrvys, thr Bsi/siaj* Charge ?Wc regret to learn that Mr. Serruya, late Belgian Charge to this country, has taksn his Anal leave of onr government, preparatory to his embarking ior Europe to occupy a po sition equally honorable with the one he has AJled in the t inted States. He has been appointed by his government to a mission to Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, and Olden burg. In common with a large circle of his acquain tances and friends, whom Mr. Serruys ha* made in this country by his amiable and popular manners, we sin cerely regret bis departure irum amongst us; and wa hope that ne will aeon And himself surrounded by numer ous friends in the countries to which he is now sent; but he will scarcely And any mora sincerely attached to him than those whom he leave* behind him in the United States.? WosAingfsn Union, April 3. Shocking Accident at Clocrville, Madison Co.?I have just returned from witnessing one of the most shocking and heart rending accidents that sver bofel this community, or becasMmy province to record. Chariot Chapman, an intelligent, amiable and robust iad of seven years of age, a of Harrison Chapman, fell emong the machinery of a saw-mill, which bis father was tending, and was literally jammed to pioces. He was seen standing for the last time alive, at tr.e upper ?nd eutor end of the mill, on the bridge, covering the month, of tho flume. It it presumed that he slid into the water, belew the rack guarding tha flume, when thu tniil waa in lull metlon. and the draft of water strong, and consequently, he wat drawn anddenly and ewiftly through tha flume, to where tt struck the water-wheul. Tblt being of the patent cast iron, and strongly protec ted by a covering, alto of oust Iron, and the mouth of the cavitiea being rbout four inchua in dlumuter, did not allow of Ufa eacnpe through. Hero tho body was whirl ed around with the wheel, between H tnd the covering, end of course obstructed the motion of the miiL On go. ing below, to see the canse, the father discovered a torn boot and a piece of cloth floating in the water below the wheel, which he immediatelv recognised to be those oi hi* son,which gave him the first intimation of tho appall ing accident The 'agonising tones and movements of the lather, immediately brought aastsunoe. The reser voir waa emptied, and s boy entered the flume, with a rope attached to bis watet, to the wheel, who after some exertion, obtained the body, end both were drawn up.? His acalp waa complttely torn from his hand,-aad pieces war* picked up in tho water below the wheel ; his skull breken, and a few piece* gone. Every large bos* in his body was broken and shattered, end his flesh hor ribly torn.?Car oj tho Albany Argui, April 4. SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, AT THE CASH TAILORINO AND CLOTHINO E8TABLI8HMF.NT OK W. H. DEGROOT & CO. No. Illfl Ku I ton Street, AIT'HERE the MJowmg great atSreeftoos will he presented! ?V Cloth Coats, from 8* to M > Alpaece Coete. (to to 84 ; Thin Coals of Liaent, Ginghams and Prints. fr>m 75 rente to $$M ? Caseimrro Pauls, from Rite 84 ; Marino I'auts, from 8t to 81. JO; Drilling, and other Summer, from |l to 8* ; 8*tin Vesta, from 8* to 84 ; Bummer Vests, from 74 caul* to 81.74. Also, a larse assortment of Cloths, C .ssimrres, sod Votings, which wilt ho made to ardor to suit the most fastidious. Boys' Clothing, equally cheap?which prires era ADMITTED to bo twonty-nvo par coat cheaper than say o, her store la the eilv. mil lm*re ENGRAVERS' NTEBL AND O O P P E 11 PLATES, MADE from the host materials and tha finish rq"*1 ,0 in the world. Steel from I to 4 cruU per iechi from to 1 cents par inch; ftstm trom 1 w ?* bwhrej *? Plates Us to Its per do*. A large stock at ways on toadsuJ e - dy for orders at s mo meat'a aotire. sad seot by Adam* press. Manufactured br JOHN mrll lm*r M aad 3d Flew street, n- set* ,

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