Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAJLD. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 7, 1846. * THE NEW YORK HERALD. JA1ES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. tLD ^ IV. | <iy. Price t MMS per copy? I "SBSWBEKKSfc ? rHNbra Uteh. I ?!? * coram naieatioiu, by Mil. addressed to to. coiblnhmcnt, mut be jpo*t pud, or Iho postage will be deducted irom the subscription money remitted. MME8 GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor 01 fHt ? , Nrw Ton Hr??ui bTtnewem Nerth-West corner or Fnlton end Man in Ms. STEAMER UNICORN/FROM BOSTON. FOR HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. The Steamer UNICORN left Liverpool y^kgaOfm for Boston the 19th lost, sad will swTia CtmmZM^;_bo.'!t twodaya after,hcr .MTir.l in Boston, W,^aL,?dfHdlf"' N 8 ,r"*ht "'^VlflLVfeAS'V ?j accommodation!, ?p Ply to "ADJRfcSJ J ??? ? W*il *? New * ork. N n n.Mn ? / ? CO., i Court ot. Boston. ri?.i ?7,h U.Dlcorn* I/0.? Bp**0?- will wsit st Halifax the I "rirtl of the ateamcrW tpril l/from Liverpool. *. r Ak REGULAR mail line" ? BETWEEN NEW YORK SRA'Ki a?aJ?? ^Si" R*4*"?'? hare and Freight I whhe,hT8?onSn?f? their Steamboau on that u?? f'J? Navigation Company Railroad Company, having t-rmiunted, tatronte ate withdrawn, and will diacon I ?^PPMg at Stoningtou for eigther passmen or fright! . J'r P/^"' Li?*. D0.w r"?s<abluhedbets?een Wrk ?n*,l e(>,,?5ct,n* with the Boston end Providence Rail i?^LnLU raB b"tTe" New York and Providence Direct SSWK^ TSe^?oftheN.'yiS AN. ?f ,#W N AH R A< i A v 8F.TT, 6M tons. ... RHODE ISLAND, IMO tona. ?"5? auovrnand popnlar 6rst cleat vessels, bnilt expressly ??&S theircoM^ction^ in ii??' They are all fornuhed with Patent Life Boats, and iS.fe.uLroo^T?ClbWMCO,Bmod4ti0M- h"?P>~ n "ww 'uuuii. I i u,S.nyfri will leave Idsy. From Boston in ' I? o'clock, at the ludia N#? v?eiT "T 'acr i^lntD?pot' ** Providence, arrinnv at jewYorkeM'ly tho following morning. Those from Ntw .Vorkfrornitbe ?jubli.hed PieV Na. l latte^Plsce at5oL eloefc, reaching Providence a'so early the following moraine ?d proceeding without delay in the Ma 1 Tnin 7orT?Sto5f after a comfortable mghu rent on board the Steamers withent toeh^raiteel *'erry or ii'torSd l?mMhiSft f? ??lf from boats to ears, to much complained of esnecMi. fan " k' t"T*UlM hetwoen Ne w Yorh and 3Je j*?ts Wflljand at Newport going end returning. ,mf?K Pw"3?e. *ate Rooms or Freight/application liS on board. ^ In Boston. at the Depot of the Boiton r? Providence Railroad; in Providence, to the Arcnt *t rh* Depot at India Point and in New York?ot the A?/a ra o J ,k! irarn ' "the 0ffie* of ,he ( omPany, No. 71 Greenwich Ufewrardtfffcto l?!^g*.yd j ?nd MAMACHU8fcTT8, CaJt.'Pottm" PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. it'iL ?;nd*y* excepted?Through Direct?at 6 o'clock, P.M. |/Vow the pter bttwten Covrtiandt and IAbtrtv ttt """ ? Steamboat COLUMBIA. Capr. \Pm. H. P#jHl7,U SfiP ?? Mooday. Weducaday. t tottoclTTe ?* r' Thnradiy Md 8atnrday eveninci. At S o'clock P. M., Land in* at Intermediate Place*. ? v Q?? ^ Foot of Bar day St., Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Braiwrd, o"cLdc Wednesday, triday and Sunday after Stewboat NORTH AMERICA,Captain R. H. Fnry, will jVlDck" ly' Thnraday and Satarday afternooos, at 5 The above boars will, at all time*, arrive la Albany in ample limr for the morninc cara for the east or west. M t rJI m mderate rate*,and none taken after 5 o'clock ] All person* are forbid treatise any of the boau of this line, 'ithout a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, applv on board the Boau. or to P. C. chultr, at che office on the wharf. 18 rrC REGULAR MAIL LINE J^ETWEEN BOSTON k NEW YORK. a?S2^saSijssnstf & ars!,, y. Snndayi excepted, from pier No. J North rim, at S o'clock r. M., aad Siomngton at 9 o clock P. M., ornpon the arrival if the mail tram from Boaton. "S~?I Thf .atwwera are officered by the moat experienced ? - ".. . "" 7-" wawvoavw afj VUO HIVBI akpCIICBCVU men. |nd Will (borten the paasace berwwa New York and Boaton Irom IX to 2 honra. thereby arriving in ample time far all the line* running from New York, north, south aad west, and all ?.............. ?"??. in., waul aad wml and all h? line* from Bo*ton, north and east. The ORKuON will leave New York?Tuesday, Thursday ad Satarday. J^WBBiWiSttsfcg^aia-w. i Wednesday and Fridw. ' Leare Stoaiagtna?Taeaday, Thnradry aad Saturday. L'or P'atase or freight enquire on board of the boat, at pie No. 3 N. Ke, or of OEO.E. FAIRCHILD, No. 19 We*t street, or of JNO. H. RICHMOND, Providence. THE Propretore el Steam boau wishing Sf:!l ??'.wall to pay a VMM ou mrH lm*r NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER 1100 tons burthen, Capt. John Eldridge, "Uo" I The Ships of this lme^ing all IM9 tons a^d upwards, per poa about to emUrk for theTftd Country will not tail to see t advantage* to be derived from selecting this line in pmfe ?- ? ' ??W? -v..v?pw aauaaa ertvviui? till* IUIB III pnUO* pBC? to *ny Other, as their grvat opacity renders them every lay more coml oruhie and coareuieut than ahipa of a ?^i0 ilaas, and their aceommodationa for cabin, aeeoad cabin id ?tee rage oa*eeugera, it it well known, are superior to any Ihei; I'm of Packeu. PereoM wuhmg to aeeure bertha, honldaot fail to make early applieatioe on board, foot ot larling slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, At tbeir g-neral Paisage OAee. 75 South m! isne, ip stein. TaCKKTS FOR HAVKt-Orcond Lino?The packet ship UTICA, Cap*. K. Hewiu, will rail oa '"'"ilftSSTHRcttV" alrh 9TonlineBuildingi, ?? Wallat. GLASGOW LINE OF PACKXTS-To tail lit ? May. bar regular day?The fine, fast railing, capper ?ad fir. bark ANN HARLEY, Capt. R. ?cou, will lea.y to receive freight in a lew days, and anil a* above, her galar day. balance of freight or paaaaga, having excellent aecom OODHULL fc MINTURN, V Son that. odationa, applv t W rUK LI V &KFOOL?New Line?Hegular Packet of lath April.?The elegant feat railing packet shin .SIDDONH, E. B. Com anaatar, of 1104 tone, will -hove, bar ragnlar day. Ij.. p or freight or passage, having acoomaaodatione nnanrpaaaed splendor or comfort, applyaoa board, at Orlaaaa wharf, ot of Wall street, or to C /"Price of pmeage, flit. " ' " " Death ? treat. , will anecead ? ?* I C /"rnee ol passage, gira. .. ? *.+? <^>LUN?kCO.. M Boat Packet abip Shandaa, G.B. Corni>h, maatar, will ? Hindoos. and rail 26th May, bar regular day ' COUNTRY MERCHANTS riaiTlNO the city of New York, are invited to eall and I examine the complete and extensive stock of Aeeonat, Cw ND ALL OTHER ARTICLESaou> >r STATIONERS, At the Ltwut Possible Pricet RICH It LOUTRKL, II William at, mil lm*me one door below Cedar. FOR THE PILES. |R. UPHAM'B KLECTUaRH ? An internal remedy, la a ' certain ear? for the Pilee. either internal or external, bleed or blind. Sold at No. 121 Fallon street, No ? Division at, ,d by the propriator, a ragnlarly educated physician of twen ' years' rxpsrienoa, eoofiaed to an office practice, whore lea md all Chroa;c dioaaaca are anecaeefnily treated. Madi I office, No. UP ? wary, I doors above Spring atreet. 71 IT ImdfcVm W ? ATLANTIC WHITE LEAL). THE ATLANTIC WH1TR LEAD COMPANY hana, t completed their Works, are now randy to omenta order r pare White Lend, both Dry and Uronnd in Oil, to alaaoat |y extent that may be wanted. The C oaranny have spared no ipanae in the eraction of the Worka which wonldtend, in m least degree, to the improvement of the Lend, having tiled themselves of every modem improvement for that ling well aware, from oar long familiarity with the difer eada told in onr market, that by fhr the greater proportion as sash has been, and still is greatly adalterated with jytea, an article of mineral prodnetion mneh heavier than hite Lend, and in itself possessing no virtne of any ptr mt whatever, * being, when mixed with oil, almoet trena rent, and in fact having nothing bat im specific weight te -nmmead it, the Trumiwes of the Atlantic White Land Com fSSiSL. 'HHolfM, Thit i i view of maaafeetnnag oely e prime I icle, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but oca tliiy of White Lead, both Dry aadGronnd i) Oil; that to a itnctly pore, genome article, and perfectly free from any which the Company will warrant as rehaaa their Lend?' imay bewail aaanrvd that every,de |n the parity ol every ponnd of White ^dbyttafcompray. whichporeneae Iteration whatever, which the Company will warrant as lariban their Land?' 9 may be wall aaamrd parity ol every | 'nil sold by the Company, ????? the gnearr durability o. I be foond much more economical ia its aae, even in the it common description of painting, owing to the body or eriog qaahty n poaaeaaee. therabyjrivieg a & batter finish ltd two coals, l Has the adulterated White Paint won Id with ?ee, of whieh every painter will hear witaeee. ,'he Company alto manutactar* Red Lead and Lil ih to all who may | , therafe ybeplei *d maun factored and sold by the Company, whichpnrenem 11 not only tend to the greater durability of the Paint, bat iV Company also mimntaetura Had Lead and Litharge, and re" aala a variety of Paints Uronnd in Oil, vm: Verdigris, ack Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Parie Otven, """j'j? *" UKCT inswiO 6reen.Bc. fcc. , -atTieen appointed aaneral Agents for the Compmy, all should be direct*.1 to at. ?e?? POLLEN It COLGATE, 2*7 Pearl street, comer ot Beekmea at M; ?J*"! ^fcandbi I'M 'Pecta TO LET. A HOUSE, Bum. Quit* and Orchard, at Bloomiug dale. uear the Hudson River. Rent Si09 Aoply, be tweeu 1* and II o'clock, to B. 1} HUTCHINOS, X Johu atrnt _ LET-The lower part of Houae, attic room basement. No. 175 Chambers atreet, to a amall, re "WW *?*' I'V. a ? ?# viiaiMiri-.(* *V1 fcW ? m .spectsble family. Enquire of tfTwm R. H THOMPSON, 42 Had.on atreet. M< TO LET, STORE No. 114 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, moat suit able for the tale of books, periodicals, newspapers, kc. Apply on the premises. aSlw'r A TO LET, THE HOUSE No. 11 Orchard atreet. Enquire of .MSON, A. SAMS mil lw*re 441 Pearl st. FOR SALE, OR TO LET, The Modern built three story brick house, 115 Adams street, Brooklyn ll sot sold by private sale, it will be JBalKdispnsed of at public auction, on the 15th day of May next. Half ol the purchase money can remain on mortgage, for a term of years. Application to be made on the premises, 115 Adams at. Brooklyn. n4 lm're FOR SALE, jw| OR Exchange for City Property, 640 actca of rich land jfB&in Scotland county, (formerly Lewis co.) in Missouri.? ^ was purchased in ID! from government, and selected for the present owner, who has a government deed for it. The taxes are all paid to this year. A aurrey of tke land lias been 7#, P.O. made. Addreaa box 147#, P. O. e a4 lW*re 1U LET OR FOR SALE. A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Stable and Coaeh House attached, with about an acre of land, the nnneinsl part of which is well atoeked with fruit and lacy shrubs, and eu.loaed with a picket fenee. The stages nasi every ten minutes within five minutes' walk of the house. Situation between 110th and tilth atreeta. For farther informa T BATHGATE, 1S4 Ninth atreet, flr 1)t. , Harlem. mrll lm'ro M FOR SALE, A Small 8team Distillery, with all the apparatus mud fixtures, now ready to nut into operation; (it is likewise i) wul be s<"" ? wll adapted lor distilling camphine;) wul be told at a great sacr Ace, if applied for immediately. The house and More to be let, and possession to be given im mediately. Enquire on the premiaee. *. E. comer or 24th st. and 6th avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, a2 2w*m 25 Old slip. TO LET, A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lota of ground, situated in the Tillage of Hastings, Westchester Bcoonty, State of New Fork, within a few miuutea' _ of the steamboat landing. Said place it divided into gar deua, which are wail stocked with fruit. Also, a pleasant grove, with a stream of water, and several good springs. Pos session can be give# immediately. For further particulars, ap ply at the store of Mr. Schlnsaer, Hasting's Landing, or of al lm'rc MR. ECKERT, 72 Mnnay at, New York. Ms TO LET. IN FORT LEE, N. j., RATE HOUSE, with about 4 ? A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of gronnd and a number of wooden buildingi. in tolerable ^^Acondition, which were formerly need at a chemi cal factory, at present occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; Rated oa the Hackensack road, only a few minutes walk n the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low. to whom a a rood tenant very low, to whom a lease will be given for several years, if required. Inquire of Leo-Wolf, No. M Liberty street, New York. Dr. Morris Leo-Wolf, No. ml lm'rc mX Ml TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, WHO DE8IRE a Handsome and Capacious Store in one of the most crowded and flourishing thoroughfares HIHLof Brooklyn?The undersigned has now erected, in ?Tyrtie Avenue, near a dry goods store, whieh is doing an im mense business, a fine three atorr brick building, <4 feet front by 40 feet deep, with handsomely finished parlors, he , a large and commodious store, and an excellent and spacious base ment. It will be finished, and ready for possession before the first of Msy. will be an exoellent location fora retail dry goods business, and will be let low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN LANGS m30 Jw'r 145 Myrtle Aveune. AA FOR SALE?Four Lots on the north side of 41st fijl street, IB# fret east of the tih avenue, with anew Hons*, uiaUL and another building ou one of the lota suitable for a workshop, slsughter house or stable. Alto, about an seres, with a amall Houae.on the Rockaway and Jamaica Turnpike road, about half a mile beyond ihe Toll Gate. It contains one acre of Peach Trees, in fall bearing, and of the choicest fruit. AImv, several other pieces of Lund. Inquire of JOHN L. NORTON, Jr., at 14 Delaneey street, between the hours ol J and 5. a6 lw*rh TO LET AT MODERATE KENTd. k^THE Am floor tod cellar of Score No. 71, Maiden p-w Lane, shelved and countered, and being an excellent JiaAitind for business. t Alio, the modern 3 story biick Dwell lag Honae, with mar ble mantela, mahogany doom, plated furniture, Ite., Mo 111 Hammond alreet, near Greenwich atreet. Rent $?M. Alao, the deairable reaidence, incomplete.'order, with bean tifnl yard, No it0 Warerly Place, a few doora weat of 8ixtn Arenne, occupied by Judge Price Rent (ISO. Alao, The large 3 story and attic dwelling houae !No. SO Barrow atreet. or Weat Washington Place, at preeent oeca G'ed by Mr Hefferuan, and all in complete order. Rent $700. noire of LAMBERT 8UVDAM, 158 Wayerly Place, or SS Wall atreet. 18 Sr HOUSES TO LET. Ji, CONTAINING the modem improeementa?Rent $350, ?situation deairable?Theae houses are aituated on the ?Fourth Arenne, between 25l? and Kth atreeta; alao on 25tn and 38thatreeta; they are three atory brick buildings. con tain 12 roogsa each, nae gardeaa, marble mantela, (olding doora. black gratea, fancy bio were. Ice. They will be put in perfect order, and are admirably calculated for reeidencea for prirate lamihea. The rail carapaaaerery fire minutes from 6 A. Ma till 12 at night; they can be reached from the City Hall m twen ty minntea. Apply to D. EVANS, No. H City Hall Place, or at hia reai dence, 130 Fourth Avenue. N. B.?Some of the house* are admirably arranged for two families. .. . ul lw*r ijLlM but been of the bi ?tiUAKKY FOR SALE, OH TO LEASE?Situ* ate ob the Passaic river, in North Bellevillo, formerly belonging to Abraham Joralemoa, Esq. Said quarry extensively worked for thirty yuan past, and is one of free stone in New Jeney, and is in the best quarries od order for w or kin j?, store boasts twi_ . seventeen dues of land, wnieh will be sold an tin, or the good order for working. The premises consist of two dwell ings, store boasts twobama. two hundred feet of .wharf, and quarry separate, if deaired. For farther partiealara, enquire of the subscriber, at the pom office in BeUerille, N. J. _ JOHN C. LLOYD. BeUerille. Feb. ?. 1M fl> lm'mc HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. A PLEASANT country seat in the village of Madh PNw son, Moma county. Now Joraey. within a few minntea XjlLwalk of the beaatifnl res id a nee of Wm. Gibbons, Esq., being a boat 39 miles from New York city?communication to and from twice a day, any day in the year, per Morris and Es 1 (torn twice a day, say day in the are Two Houaea sag a Bern, wtfti a Antra's well of water. Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity. The premises ars located in a commanding position, overlooking miset ars located ta a commanding position, overlooking whole village; and is one of the most deairable locations in place, being within two minutes walk of the railroad de tho place, being Within two minutes walk of the railroad __ pot, which readers it convenient for a person doing business in the city, who dosii*u to retire in the eonatry. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON, fti lm*rc Momatown, N. J. kd FOR SALE?On very lavorable terms, or to Let, four ff*jm three story and basement brick dwelling Hoasee, inHo JSJULhoken, now in course of completion, and to be ready for oecupancv by May first. They will do fitted in beaatifnl style, with all the late improvements. They each contain 11 rooms besides the kitchen, and finished with marble mantels, and black grates throughout- Two of these bouses are 31 feat front by 33 feet deep; and two of them 34 foot by U, with wide court yards and iron railing. ?WUl -!? mJ 1^| | The situation commands a fine view of the river, boy sad city, and m within one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boatt leave for Barclay street every fifteen minutes, crossing in ? to iq minutes; and every half hour to Canal and Christopher streets. Terms of yearly commutation of the for ry are moderate. Part of the pure ham money can remain on mortgage, at 9 per ewac^ Ag^iyto J. A. STEVENS, Jr., Hobokon. STRAW BONNETS. L. CHAPIN, No. 13 John scroet, near Broadway up -? " * * Faahionab stairs, has on band a good assortment of Fashionable >|T Straw Boaaeta, which he is selling at the tow eat market PTMuVinert and others are invited to sail before purchasing elsewhere. mrll lm*r SPRING FASHION. BROWN k CO., 171 Chatham Square, eoruw of Moct i treat, wish to inform the public of their recent improve hi the manufacture and finish of their $3 Hats,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important considerations to the wearer. The proprietors do eonfide^^^H^^^^H assert theirTrt* to be much superior to any over before sold for the same price. Call and satisfy yourself of this feet. m? Im'rb SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. fjl WHY will you pay $<5* and 19 for a Hat, when you PHCENIX HAT ANL)&^LAPNMANUFACTORY, 103 F niton Street, and jjet as good n one for $3,3*1 Go and examme^foi^jout Jt PREMIUM BOOTS. , FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 city mode, and are ?qua! to those told in other atom for it* Fine French eqnal to thoae told in other atom for fS. Fine French Call Ooota for $A 40, canal to the best made ie thia city for $? or $7, at YOUNG k JONES' French .Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moot fa.hionable in the city.? Onr Boots having been jndged in the late Fair at Niblo's, art stid.to_bc the beat ever solo in this city. ion. B, 4 Ana street, roadway, Now York. All Boots warranted to give satisfhetion. Mending, fcc. done in the Score. _ . d YOUNG k JONES, 4 Ana stnot, aoarBro^^tam BOOTS AND MHOE8.?The Public sre invited to ? call and examine the lane assortment of gentlemen's, la Hdie* and misses Boots, sCprn and Oaken, in all their van. &HAFER dg CO, TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Mli Brandway, near Pggk Piaee. A BE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Pneheta, an an XI. tiraly new assortment of the Auunt Sodqu Cloths and Cut timeres, adapted to the early spring trade. Having concluded iooablet who haf# rimed Knrope, lhoy""tro now pr^arcd to ftiocut* ordorv ia a acyto of oaaaaal olooaaoo .? mrll 1m*v 4 ?fc i saROm! & ARCHER. IS! Water atreet, corner of Maldsn Una, HAVE ON HAND, a largo assortment of Caps. Silk and Fur Hjta. of every description, and Spring stylo, stnw and ranuma Hats. Also, Oil Silk. Ulsxed Lawn, Visors and Cap-stocks, which they offer at very low price*. Dealers aid maaafacturot will do woll to examine their gock before purchasing elsewhere. nit 1W ml* tW TTHTTMPH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY <fc KAHN. IMPORTERS. 93 NASSAU STREET, UP stairs, 1 have received, by Into arrival* from th*ir house in Paris, Hoiinh TOiaf* in bunches, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, kc. fcc., together with a most extensive assort meat of MATERIALS FOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER .MAKERS, embracing ? variety uueurpeeeed ia rkhuem. gad MM *y FUME BATH. TO ALL who art afflicted with rheumatic complaints, i we would say go aud Uy Dr. Swett's Sulphur Fuuia , Bath, 304 Broadway. The peculiarities of it are such, that it cuiea effectually this complaint, and alao all other diaeaaea of a chronic nature, auch at BCrofnla, Oont, Bait Khrum, dis eases of the Skid, Joints, kc. The charges are to modera ted. aa to fetch it within the aaeaaa of all. mt9 Im'm ASTOR HOUSK BATHS, Entrance, No. 1 Veaey street, (Private doer Aator Homo.) rpHE PUBLIC are reapectfnlly informrd that the above A Bitha are in complete order. The hathiug tabt are entire tv new, (ooppar,) ana the largest in thia city. In point ol cleanliness aad attention, the hatha cannot be excelled. The Bat ha are Price of i open until 11 o'clock at night, (Salurdayuight, 13.) j a bath, 25 cenm. The warm Sea Batha at Dethrones , at reel, are aa naual open from sunrise, until 11 oVIock P. M m24 lm'r HENRY C. RAbiNEAO. Proprietor. CLOTIUNG TVf ITCH LOWER than the General Pricea-^IACOB VAN iVl DRR DERB1LT, 36 Maiden Lane, between Wm and Nassau atreeta.the cheapest faahionable gentlemen'a and boy'a clothing eatabliahment in New York. N. B. Hundreda of garments ready nude, which will be cold wholesale or retail, verym20 Im're MAKTELLE & HU LDERM A AN, 37 Maiden Lane, N, V., MANUFACTURES and Importers ol Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupes, Bands, Carta. Seami, Bandeau and Braid Hair, Dan guy'a celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inchet long, aad a uew atyle of Everlasting Cnrla, and all kinds Ol Hair Work, wholesale aud retail. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. mr22 lm*ra TURACCO, SEGARS AND BASS. A A. 8AA1 AN OS, No. 91 Broedway, npataira, offers for ? sale, a splendid assortment of 'hoice Begara. aelerted expreuly for his eatabliahment. Alao, 40 balea of atrietly prime St. Jago Tobacco, and.a small lot of Bass, by wholesale and retail. m!9!m*r 835 000 HAV-^NA A-? PRINCIPE BEG ARB, 360 000 Kionda, all aixea, 50 000 Emnlacion, lit 50 000 Lafayette, 150,000 Esperanza, 20,000 Reg.ha, 25,000 La victoria, 1st and Havana Tobacco? 100,000 Principe, 30 ,000 Lafayette, pressed 10.000 Esculapio, do 15,000 Europe, 25.000 Ban Roman, 1st, 50 bales Tobacco. ??The whole cut tied to debenture, and in lota tu suit purcha sers. For sale by B M. P1CABIA. mr22 lm*m 117 Front street, near Wall, np stairs. SEGARS-FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS iavite the attention of country mer chants, dealers, and others, to their eitensive stock of Be gan. This stick has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lowest prices for cash; they are, there fore .enabled to offer the different qualiti ? lower than any other establishment in the city.The assoitment comprises every atyle and quality, from It to $25per thousand. KENNETH It LAVERTY. mrlS lm'rc Wholesale Seg?r Emporium, 103 Wall at. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, | AHND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS?Hiving juat re ccived by the Havre perkets Enrich and Francis 1st, a fresh assortment of French Flowers aud Materials, of the best take pleasure l and examine, i k COURT, 116 William at quality aud latest styles, at ??low pricrs, we take pleasure to invite the dealers in the same articles, to call and examine, at BRUN, LAROSIERE A COURT, FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LMOW1TZ k BECKER, No 34 John street, have just open ? ed a splendid assortment of French Artificial Flowen, materials for flower makers, ke. fcc. which they offer to the trade, at low prices. nil lm'me | NEEDLE & FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, 77 Maiden Lane* CROWLEY fc BON, manufacturen of the above 1 vv articles, respectfully inform the importer* of New York and other cities, that they have now on hand a large stock of the above articles, which they are willing to sell at a small ad vance from the manufactnring pricrs. Any of the trade, or ira can have their needleslubeUed with their porters, can nave their needles labelled with their own name, if desired. P. 8. ? Roccrt Crowlkv, importer of Sheffield and Bir mingham Goods, in part of the a have store. ill ltn*re NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL & FOOTE, No. SB John street. A No. S3 John street, and having just received a large and well selected stock of desirable goods, would iavite the atten tion ofpurchasers to their assortment, consisfeg in part of the following: FRENCH. ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN clOTHS AND CASSIMERES, Drap d'Ete: Deep d'Foie; Fancy Twseds; and n fall stock of Summer Gootls; Satin; Serges; Velvets: &a<1 a large assortment of the newest and most fashionable style of lancy Cassimeres and Vestings. a fell tentioa of Tutors is particular I y requested to onr stock, as ex Also, a fell stock of TAILORS' TRIMMINGS. The at traordinary inducements will be offered them, and they are re spectfully invited to examine onr stock before purchasing elsewhere. KNOEPFEL k FO0TE. ?fl7 lm*r No. 39 John street. ?STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, ?MHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few minutes. Those who deubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If hum bugs would take this method there would be ao reason to com W1 plain. Gentlemen can have their whiskers and hair change Torek any color ot shade in a few mtaates. Private rooms for en ang ing the hair. None genome unless signed " H. Striker," in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Bold wholesale ana retail, and applied at No. 5 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, np stairs. '3D lm*rh PATENT .DAP-WELDED IRON BOLDER FLUES. FOURTEEN AND A HALF feet long, and one sad a! half to four, inches i diameter C ? 4 Liberty street. THOB. PROSSER, Patentee. NewYork. To trie Tea, Coffee and Sugar Trade, fyc.?Econo mist*, Families, Hotel Keepers, ft. J. S. SCOTT A CO., No. 76 Nassau street, corner of John, HAVING purchased the fitst let of the new season's Teas, possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, and so rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a luge varie ty of Green and blaek Teu, of the beat quality only, inclu ding the old fashioned Sonchoug and Engliah Breakfast Tea. such as used to be imported twenty years ago. The stock of Coffee, Sugars, ke., needs no comment, as they are selected of the finest quality. J. 8. SCOTT k CO. are alao supplied with a stock of flesh imported Glaagow Spiced Hams; old Esgliah Cbeessa of great variety and flavor. All goods bought will be delivered within fire miles of the eity free of charge. Aud all orders from the country, with en closed remittances, will meet the same honorable deal ing as if selected by the parties themselves J. ?. SCOTT It CO. 71 Nassau at, m30 lm*m near John si. DR. 3. FRANCIS, OCULIST, 405 Broadway, THIRD DOOR FROM UIAKD STREET. WE, the undersigned, hiring witnessed astonishing cares performed by Dr. Francis, believe his preparations ire one of the greatest discoveries ever made for diseases of the Eye, and highly recommend him as ssafe sad skilful Oculist. ICeT. Dnnonn Dunbar. Rev. 8. H. Cone, Rev. J. Andrade, R.C. Priest, Rev. G. Benedict, Kev. J. Peck, Rev. A. Wheeloen. XT" References given to those in die eitr who have been totally blind from Amorosis?sight now perfectly restored; Uleers and Bpecks removed, ol the longest standing. JT7" A number ol undoubted testimonials, to be seen at the omee, will latisfythe public of his astonishing success. iXjt Artificial Eyes inserted withont pain. \LS~ Advice to the poor gratis. Dr Francis will remove on the first of May to No. 4)0 Broome st. first honse, second block east of Broadway. a4 lmdfcltW?re LEFT OFF WARDROBE ANL) FURNITURE 11T ANTED.?Gentlemen and Families can obtain the fall VT value for all kinds ol ssperfiuous effects they wish to dispose of, sneh as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Fanitare, Ac. Levehsttw, 400 Broadway, sp stairs. Ladies having any Cast off Clothing to dispose of, can obtain a lair price by sending for the sobecriber, Mrs. T. Ln v anew if. N.B. A line through the Peet Offiee will he prompt ly attended to. m4 lm*rc BERING AND bUMMER CLOTHING, AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT OF W. H. DEGROOT & CO. No. 1U4 JKultoii Street, BXPHERE the following great attractions will be presented: ? Cloth Coste, from fit to tit i A1 paces Costs, from B3.Sd to $9 ; Thin Costs of Linens, Ginghams and Prints, from 79 cents to $1.M - Castimere Pants, from S3 to $< ; Merino Pants, from St to t)-9t; Drilling, and other Snmmer Pants, from $1 lot) | Satin Vesta, from $) to $4 ; hammer Vests, from 79 cents to SI .79. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cassimores, sad Vsitings, which wdlba made to ordar to suit the most fastidious. Boys' Clothing, squally cheap?which prices are ADMITTED to be twenty-Hire per cent cheaper than any oi bar atom inlkeeltv. m)l lm+re ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, ADE from the beet materials and the finish equal tc in the world. Steel from ) to S cents per inch; eo MH ADE from the best materials and the finish equal to suy in the world. Steel from ) to 5 cents per inch; eopper I from 1H to 3 cents per inch: Plates from ) to 40 inches; Card I Plates Us to Ids par doe A Isrga stock always oa hand and rea. Idy for orders at a moment's notice, and soot by Adams El I prom. Manufactured by JOHN BRUCE. I mrll lm*r t4 and 3d Piatt street. N. Fork. 19* BROADWAV, ? CORNER OP JOHN STREET. I TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEM8ELVES. I From tht Eetninf Poti. ' SSpecimens of RING'S unapproachable VERBENA ?CHOI FOR 8HAVINO. ? Thia article, aahraieslly ?praised by thoae who made trial of it, last year took the first I premium of the Inititate Fair. Indeed it Mfullv conceded by I those who kuow, mat it is impossible to manafhetare an mi I els equal to it. It w softening to the skin, fragrant to the I sense, a destroyer of freckle* and pimples, and is sold cheaper I than the old aoape. All, therefore, who wtmld consult ecooo I my and comfortin sharing, shoaldpoasess themselvee of it. I From the New Vork Oaxette.-The New Soap -We apeak I from experience, and we speak from the more profsssional I knowledge of onr benefactor and friend James Grant. No. 4 I Ann street, who says it is abend of say thing ever yat found I oat in lh?? dfpArtnoot ol modern improvement. It M not enly I an emolient " bat il i? iomething more- In thort, we believe I it it the heit thavisg lojtm the world, the hirdeeteedH thavine Derfectiy I roughest beard. io as to tender the operation M \y easy. Mr. Hint has lately taken the beei nor, at the corner of Broadway and John street. ?*eei of Dr. Manor, at the corner of Broadway and John street, where hie inestimable article may be obtejned; nan, likewije, King*! Cough Candy, which it eaid to be a pleasant and dtr* ??"? ? viihhm V'giiujr. which w tain cnrefoPthat troublesome companion I From the (Sunday Dispatch ?Every should proenre" King's Verbena Cream " It Is an exquisite should proeare " Ring'* Verbena Cream." It If . an exquisite article softening the neerd, and allaying all irritation of the ?tin, so that it becomes an absolute pleasure, mttead of an a o Inoyanes, to nasi the rsxorH Beware of imitations, and oaaerve the written signature nn fiaxth* dimcoon*for nee.of **C. H. Ring." Prepared tndlo? .. 1*3 Broadw.y .corner of John street N. B.?-Merchants are pmronlarly roqsmedtoe^fa|^v amine this article, a* now prepared, as to sad ?sarin c? and prion. It cannot be bene?dm from n steel plate, engrayMmg^HMfc^^^^^^H Hatch, far exceeding any tl Charleston, S. C., March 28,1816. Th* Quten City?Excitability of its Citizem, but no Oat?Resources of South Carolina?Slaves? Failures. Oar "Queen City,*' as we are rather fond of call ing this old settlement, is usually just about as quiet as any of the small villages which crown the high hills of our upper districts, or nestle in the interme diate valleys. Indeed it is a marvel how calm we always are, while by our Northern brethren, we are usually regarded as the most fiery Hotspurs in the world. Events which in some cities will keep their in habitants in het water for weeks, are scarcely noticed here. Even war, and rumors of war, pass by our ears as the idle wind, or as a dream of the night when ! one awaketh. And yet we have excitability enough, i but lack, I think, stamina, or as a Yankee would say, perseverance; or, what is still better, I in sporting parlance, we have speed but not bof- ! torn. Shall I illustrate ? Look at the past history of ! our city; where are the results of the commercial conven. 1 tions held in Macon and in Charleston years ago? Echo answers,where T Where is the importing capital which was to fill our harbors with ships, and eur city with the products of Europe 1 And whore are the many local projects which were to beautify and adorn, as well as to add to the oomfortof our city 7 Projects are formed, but execution does not follow, or if it do, it is tardy and feeble. In our mere local affairs we are far behind the age. With a tolerably dense population, and with many of our public buildings on one street, while most of the wholesale stores are on another, and the retailers are on a third, why is it that our city is not at night il luminated by gas, or at least that portion of it where the public buildings are located, and, the heavy business is transacted! And yet we are not quite defunct. There is a little leaven which is gradually warming and quicken nd which ing the heavy mass, and which may in time produce aome good results. Capital is slowly stealing into manu facturing interests, and our intelligent men are begin ning to perceive that a measure of industry is after all the surest source of wealth and perpetuity in a nation. The upper distriots of our State are rich iu water power, timber, granite, marble, minerals and soil, and with a proper improvement of these gifts of nature, can be as prosperous as tho most favored of any people. The Granite Company .near Aiken, have already commenced their buildings, end will be in operation in the course of twelve months. Having a largo capital, this company will be prepared to compete with any other in all the market* of the country, as Mr. Gregg does now with his Vauclaure oanaburgs. You have seen the notice of tho arrival at this port of the slavers Merohant, Pantha and Robert Wilson, sailed on th* African coast by the U. States ship Yorktown. The Northern abolitionists would have a full feed of horrors if they could look into these ships and overhaul their oargoea. 1 do not mean of ne groes, for of them none were fonnd on board; but of the implements and goode used in the traffic. The curiona part of all this slave trade is, that these vessels, and I may say all the American vesaels engaged in this barbarous traffic,are owned at th* North. Let Northern abolitionists look to this. We have had aome excitement here in relation 4o a failure of one of our houses, which carried down with it one of the staunches* of the auc tioneers, and was tho beginning of a long series of other failure*, during which another auction house was overwhelmed. This is, in our commu nity, a ran event, lor though failure* among onr merchants do occur, yet is it rare to see one fallow on in consequence of another. These auction houses were conducted on high principle* of integrity, and undeniable ehancter for honeaty and industry j ?and in these respect* would compare favorably with any others in the city. There are stnnge rumors afloat about their having betnyed confi dence in a most shameless manner, and it can only be on thia ground that they received the credit which rumor speaks oi, some $40,000. It seems that this man, aitei placing himself in the most confidential, bro therly and friendly attitude, has turned upon his bene factor, and literally robbed Mm and bis partners out of every dollar of their hard-earned capital, and is now plotting to injure their characters, and has, by his son, or some other myrmidon, even gone so far as to assault one of the parties in the street, with ajblndgeon. How ever, all these things will be investigated, 1 suppose by the law doctors, who will always make a little out of every such squabble. Buciuoss with th* jobbers seems to bo tolerably fair. Hayne street is busy from morning to tho next morning, for now thoy have to woik night and day. Our whans are filled with cotton, aad all wo want for prosperous times is a ready sale for the staple, et a fair priee. I have just heard that the office of Surveyor in the Custom Hones, made vacant by the deeth of Mr. Tho*. H. Jersey, has been filled by th* President appointing Thomas Gadsden to the " living." So muoh for having a "frigpd at court" Our representative kaows<how4o" help his boueins." But th* public cannot complain.when men ef tuohgreat ability and,industry as characterise the last two or thru* appointments, are placed in reeposible offices. Offio* seekers will growl, bat who cares for them 7 Wilmington, March 16, 1846. North Carolina?lt? Rtttmrcu?Turpentine-Rotin, Pitch and Tar?Wilmington?A Lucky Editor ?Succtu to Talent?An Htirtu?Matrimony. The stranger who enters North Carolina, either from the North or the South, will be atruck with the wilderneaa appearance it almost everywhere presents. Its sandy, sterile soil offers little to tempt the adventurer or emigrant to settle dewu, and where there are few people, there is little to interest the sentimental or enquiring traveller. Pasting from the easy, affluent, aristae ratio city of Charleston, whose very atmosphere is fragrant of re finement, we come neat, in a steamboat journey of ene night, to Wilmington, the commercial capital of North Carolina. For this we pay six dollars te the captain, and one dollar for dinner and tea, the distance being about ninety miles. The voyage for the moat part is made along shore, with the wild Atlantic dashing upon us. Wilmington consists of about four streets, at right angles, and about 1900 whites and 3000 colored. It has been peculiarly unfortunate, having had several fires. In many places, the black ruins of once stately blocks are to be seen. The timber used la their buildings, be ing all charged with turpentine, pitoh and rosin, there is no saving a house when once it catches Are. The more water that is thrown upon the burning pUe, the more and the higher it biases away. The city is built quite down to the water, on the river Cape Fear, which is navigable from the sea to this point (13 miles) for the largest ships. The river stretch es its arms away back through the State for three or four hundred aalies, until it becomes lost in rivulets in the Tennessee mountains. The river is navigable in some parts of the year for steamboats, as far as Fayetteville, about one hundred and twenty miles beck in the interior. On walking along,the banks of the river, one can see scattered down and up many steam saw mills, receiving in immense logs from the raftsmen, on one side, and on the other rattling them out in boards, to ships bound to the West Indies, and to the eastern markets. There are to be seen here, some twenty turpentine distilleries, most of them lately set up, and all doing a very profit ibli business. This has become, within the lest two years, a very lucrative one, indeed. The boundless forests of fir which covor North Carolina, offer material to the enterprising for a couple of oeuturies to oome. These forests can be purchased for a dollar an acre. Some farms have been sold for ten cents an acre ! and the highest 1 have heard of did not exceed two dollars. The soil yields little or nothing for the food of man or beast, except in the immediate neighborhood of rivers. One may travel an entire day .on the stage, without meeting more than one or two farm houses. This re mark applies to the region of country from Wilmington to Halsigh, a large breadth of about 30# miles. Many speculators hare latterly entered into this tur pentine mafiufacture. One negro man will oollect 300 carrels In a season, which will sell for about 000 dollars; about 100 dollars will feed and clothe the negro; thus there is a pretty full margin at profit for the capital em barked in the land and negroes. It is better by far than cotton raising?many cotton planters are going into it. and the expansion ot manufactures and arts, at home and abroad, keeps p*ee with the increased number at thoee who are entering into this profitable btuineae. For the benefit of those who have never been in a turpentine country, 1 may describe the process of gath ering and distilling this subtle spirit. The trees are cup ped in the spring; about eighteen inches square of the bark is peeled oft; the cupping is made by one or two cuts of an axe, ol a peculiar shape, near the root, la the summer and fall the turpentine ooxes out through this vent. The negro comes round from tree to tree and gathers this oosed matter into his bucket. The trees are continually exuding during the season. The ensuing year they are cut a little higher than before, when a new crop is obtained.|The process may be repeated for five or six years, cutting higher up the trunk each year ; after which the trees are cut dowo bed chopped into short logs, and aie piled together in peculiar heaps, called "kilns," when a slow fire is put under the heap, and thus pitch and tar are obtained from the heated pile. The fhtty matter, or raw turpentine,is pecked into bar rels, brought to tne distilleries, boiled and evaporated in the common way in which spirit Is extracted in the alco hol distilleries, the steam, passing through a large worm or refrigerator, which is set in an Immense vat of cold water. The surface oi the water teiag the hottest,passes off, while the attendant knaps pumping cold water through a pipe, that forces it to the bottom, cauaiag the hot water, created on the surface, to pass off. The steam comes out in spirits of turpentine below, and is barreled tightly and sent to all the markets of the world, and the residue is rosin. North Carolina sends out an immense quantity of In dian corn, staves, turpentine, pitch, tar, and rosin, be sides which shs is beginning to manufacture cotton and woollens, of which 1 shall further Inform you in my next. A Tbatkllbb. r. 8 -There are two newspapers published in Wli ra Logon, a whig and democrat?a second whig peper is talked off. The editor of the Democrat has been but a few years in this lucky city, cad has already struck his roots deep into the earth. He la young, talented, and brave as Cmsar, and leads to the nymenial alter at Eas ter, a tstholio heiress, wotth forty thousand dollars in solids. The democratic folks think this Is a capital addi tion te their cause, and the whig lediea are spiteful ?sough in their remarks about the hsppy couple; but as iswini. "our democratic brother" can afford to bear a Utile badinage. Decisions In Ctinncerjr. Before Vies Chanesllor MeCoun. April 6.? Gouvnnrur 8 hibby and Wife, ft Samuel MSI ' L. Qoutrmrur et alt.? In this case, the defendant claim* exemption from all personal liabilities between the first and second sale of landod property. The Chancellor ordered that the defendant be committed until he shall pay the specified amount demanded, and ten dollars costs for the present motion. Datid Dud'sy Field, vs. Elitka Root, Jr. and Cyrus W. Field ?This was a motion for an attachment against the defendant Root, for refusing to be sworn and examined before Master Cusbman, on the 19th Oct. 1844. Ilia Ho nor decided that the ground* for refusal were in them selves sufficient and justifiable, as considered in connex ion with the case of Hudson vs. Plats, before the Chan cellor, Aug. 37,1844. The present motion was there fore denied, with costs to be taxed. Adelaide F. Dnege, vs. Seth Drigge ? This was a mo tion for a new trial,which his Honor said roust be denied, not only upon the case itsalf, but upon the affidavit of newly discovered evidence. John P. Crothy ve. Franeit E. Berger, et. ait.?The re port in this care was confirmed, and the compromise and settlement was approved in behalf of the infanta. The People of the State of New York, ex. rel., Harriet Mr Kelly vt tVitliam " Butler.? In this case there has been a violation of the injunction upon the part of the defend ant; it having been established beyond controversy or dispute, that the defendant, after having been served with an injunction, went on and sold property thus en joined, saad therefor* is adjudged with a contempt, and that a fine he imposed of $40- for which he be commit ted until paid. Randolph W. Towntend ve. William Brown?An at-1 tachment in this case was ordered to issue to bring the defendant before the Court, and that ha ba hald to bail in the amount of $300, to answer. Eliza Taylor vt. Ann Smith.?In this cause a decree of foreclosure and sale is no obstacle, and the prayer of the petitioner was denied, each party paying their own costs. A. Dowt and F. W. Quiteiu vt. Henry Cotton?This was a bill of exceptions, and in which his Honor decidsd that they were ail well taken, excepting only the fifth, of whioh the defendant was entitled to the benefit. The matter of the fifth exception appears to be fully answ r ed and denied already; but the answer to the other ex ceptions are clearly evasive. The defendant is there fore entitled to the costs of the fifth exception, but not to any on the hearing. The People of the State of New York vt. Jothua Webb. ?The defendant in this case must be adjudged in con tempt, for not paying the costs demanded of him, and that he be committed within.twenty days, if such costs are not peid. Joerph F. Wilier vt. William Henry, et. ah.?A demur rer shall be allowed in this case, with costs, to be taxed, and to be paid by the complainant, and that he have leave to amend his bill onpayment of costs. Jothua Cait, it. ale. vt. Frederick Dimon.?This was a bill brought forward upon exceptions to a Master's re port Ordered that it be allowed with costs, to bo taxed Before the Hon. L.H Sandford, Assistant Vice Chancellor. ArKiL 8?Eleanor Clarke and othere vs. Diana Sawyer and ethere?K. H. Owen and W. Silliman for Complain ants;?D. 8. Jones for Sawyer and wife ; W. C. Noyea for M. Fisher?Decided that the will of the real estate ot John Fisher, made May J, 1837, was not invalid be-' cause of unsoundness of mind, or of undue influence. Complainants at liberty to add parties to the snit in or der to have a construction of tho will; if thoy decline that, bill is dismissed with cost*; the 'arrangement with M. Fisher is to bo carried into effect. Charlee Sagory Receiver of tha N. Y. Banking Co. vs. 7. Duboie, Jr?C. B. Mooro and F. B. Cutting for com C. plainant; K. 8. Van Winkle and C. O'Connor lor defend ant? Deaided that the defendant byi his suhictiption to the articles of association, and by force oi the general banking law, is liable to pay up his stock, so as (o make his stock full stock, although the subscription contains no express promise to pay, and the director* of the bank resolved not to call In more than 15 per cent. Also de cided, that defendant is not entitled to be credited upon his stock the last dividend whioh was applied thereon, the same being an improper dividend. Decree accord ingly. No costs against defendant; complainant's costs out of the fund. David Leavitt, Receiver of the N. A. Truel_ and Banking i and el" Co.. vs. Francie Qnffin and othert. ? O. N. Titui for com plainant; D. Selden for defendant, Griffin?Decided that the assignment and transier made to Mr. Griffin lor the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas, was invalid; and must be ?et aside, with costs. The Real Estate Bank ami their assignees not being necessary parties, complainant may dismiss his bill as to them Zenat Cooke vs. Silat C. Smith and othere?F. Savre, for complainant ;*C. O'Connor for Browning k Benedict, II. Brewster for S- C. Smith and Gray ; J. Wyman Jones for J. Smith?Decided that tha sala by 8. C. Smith to Gray was intended to hinder and delay creditors, and was void a* to them. Complainant entitled to his debt, interest, and costs out of the goods sold, or their pro. coeds, iuthe hands of Mr. Benedict, assignee of Gray The assignee is to have his costs out of the funds, and to bo protected in hit pay snouts made before this suit. Lorri ~ ain Freeman vs. Martin Doming and othere- Jomet C. Freeman vs. the to me and othere.?Original and sup Slementel suits.?A. H. Dana for complainant; A. r. tann for Doming and Mooch; C. |Van Santvoord for Newton and Van Santvoord; B. W. Bonney for Wad dell, feneral assignee.) Decided that Cottpiftlhini, J. L. reeman, ia entitled to have an account taken against Doming and Meech, in respect of the steamboat Tele graph, and a receiver of the proceedi of the aale in Do ming'! hand*. That the[general aasignee in bankruptcy ia entitled to receive the Traits of the auit, aa part of the asaeta of L. Freeman; bnt mnat now elect to take the suit with itafbarthena, or elae relinquish bia claim. Bill diamiaaed with coaU aa to laaao Newton and A. Van Santvoord. The Fmnert' Lean and Co. r?. P. H. Perry and etheri?K. H. Ely and W. Curtia Noyea for complainants, David Wright for defendanta?Decided, the bond and mortgage held by o< mplainanta are valid, and decree ac cordingly. C B Perry'a mortgage, a prior lien. Bill diamiaaed with coata aa to P. H. Perry and wife. (The Cinta decided are, that in 1838, the Fanners' Loan Co. d a right to loan money on mortgage in reapect of their truat, annuity, and life inaurance power*; that a mortgage dated Jane 96, 1838, and payable one year af ter date, on which the loan waa advanced July 14,1838, and which reaerved intereat to be paid yearly on the lat of November in each year, waa not in contravention of the charter, which prohibit! the company lrom making loana out- of New York payable in a shorter time than one year, and the internal pay able ennually.) The quee tion of uaury, ea argued, waa not raiaed in the anawer Enoch Smith te. John Silli and wife?SiUi and wife ve, ?W.P. Smith?Original and.croaa auite?W.P. BuflTett for Smith; 8. W. Oainea for Sills and wife. Defence ol uaury aa aet up ia not proved. Smith entitled to a decree for fore cloaure and aale. Croaa bill diamiaaed, bat without coata. Cavara Aboukd at the Tbbm in Albany Martin J. Borit vi Jtleaander Boyd and otheri; David P. Carey and otheri vi. the tame defendant!; D. P. Corey and otheri ti.John Infold and otheri? Original and two aupplemental auita.?A. C. Paige lor complainant!; Dan iel Cady for Boyd and Ingold.?Decided that Borat and hia assignees had a valid right to redeem againat the Boyd'a, the farm and mill! in queation. That the price ot the milla aold to Zeillev, may be applied to reduce the principal mortgage debt, and the account againat the mortgage for the renta, he., of that part to ceaae. That a mortagee'a possession ia not advarae, ao long aa thare ia a right to redeem; and an equity of iademption passes by the words "reel estate" in an assignment. That Borat should have been a party in the two last suits. That the auit againat Ingold ia an original suit in the nature of a supplemental one, and the evidence In the two prior suits cannot be read againat him. That the defendants in those auita were neoeaaary parties to the auit againat Ingold. and that the Mohawk Bank ahould bo a party to the redemption, if Ingold has any rights The decree ia to declare oomplainant's rights against all the defendants exoept Ingold, with leave to complainants to add parties by a new bill only, on aaaeodment to the aeoond aupple mental bill, on payment of Ingold's coata of the hearing " served and preparation therefor. All other direotlons reserved Huldah D. Barnei vs. H. C. Somas'* credit on, in nui of V. Church va. If. Church, and otheri.?K. Miller for Mrs. Barnes ;H. Hogoboom, for the creditor* ?Kaoep Uona to the Vice Chancellor's report overruled with coata. The coata of Mr*. B. before him, to be paid out of the fund, and the residue of the fund distributed, accord to hia report Jt. Ten Eyck and E. Brincheehof vs. Myron Holmei, 'V end otheri?C^Steven* lor complainants; Daniel Cady for uainaatsi defendants.?Decree that complainants are entitled to be first paid out of the mortgage taken by Holmea from Wil ler's, for hia debt against VV.'a, and for hia liability as surety for W.'a to complainants, Holme's aasignee to pay accordingly. The charge of fraud not made out No oosts to either party. F. A. Sharpe and A. Clarke vs. E. S. Bandy and otheri ?H. W. Strong for complainants i J. Holmea and N. HU lar for Wight ?Decided that issue of fraud is not raiaed, but complainants are entitled to their debt and coata oat of whatever balance belonged to Brandy at the end of the first year, of the securities delivered to Wight, and to complainants. No costs for or J. M. Daemon, Clerk in Chancery, vs. Walter Da Front and otheri? M. T. Reynolds for complainant ? and for " ? Cola defendant, Kilmer; D. Bust, N. for W. and R. Coleham mar ; J. Koon for Do Forest and Sharp?Decided that under the will of Conrad Colohammer, the four infant fpandchildren took a vested estate in fee, each in one ourth, el the lands, determinable aa to each on hi* dying without issue living at his death, and in that event his share was to go to the survivors. The la tier was a con tingent future estate and valid. That the lands having been sold by a special guardian by order oi the Court of , and Mrs. Kilmer having died without issue, Chancery, the surviving grandchildren, and not her husband, take e of the proceeds. The intereat which had no b#r phin i _ crued at her death belongs to her husband. Deoree ac cordingly, and lot a foreclosure and aale under the mort gage held by the clerk. The survivors to release to the purchasers, before receiving any part of the principal of tie mortgage. David Oilman va. Reuhen and Williem T. Monk?A. Dean lor complainant; Deod. Wright, for defendanta. - Decided that complainant, both aa aocurity and assignee, ia entitled to the mortgege given by W. Monk end its proceeds ; but e* he was an infant, he mmy elect to ac count for tba amount of tha mortgage, or (or the valua L Rat of the merchandise he received. Reference to n master, to take the account?no coata to this time te either perty. Receiver ordered, if cMaplainant will risk the expense. Eteeabelh Wemplt vs. Henry Vm Warmer and ? there? A. C. Paige, for complainants ; B. W. J sues for Ven Wor mer end wife.? Depositions of McWilliems and 8#rah Wample, suppressed with costs. Decided that the gut of the notes, kc , by M. Wample to Mrs. Ven Wormar, was valid - complainant to pay Van Warmar and wife their costs altar appearance. Ceaanlaiaaat may have an account before u master aa to M. WempieV property of which she Is entitled to the iacome-ker right to such income data* from the testator* death. If she take* a reference, all further direction* referred. Smmuel Douglau v?. Hannah Vitl* and S. P. IP. Doug loot -H. W. Strong, lor compliment; J. Edward* and 8. Stevens, for defendant. Dougls**. Decided that the judg menu in partition made in lbUand 1818, by the Itensae laar Common Plana, being delective on their face, tha commieaionert not carrying out the whole direction for partition, and it being proved that thia waa owing to a parol agreement between the Vielea and the grandson's ad litem, of complainant and of 8. P W. Douglass, by which the complainant waa to have the whnU donor land in fee after hia mother'* death, in order totnake in* share equal with the otbera ; and the complainant then being an infant, thia court haa jnriadiotion to remedy the evil, and ia bound to interfere aa between the original parties Decree referring it to a maater to aacertain the relative value of the allotroenU when made, and the value of the land* aaaignnd for donor, aubject to the widow 'a life ea ? tate ; and what aum, if any, complainant ought to pay to the other* for equality, on retaining the donor landa with thoae allotted to him The allotment* a* made in the partition to remain undiaturbed IF!ilium R. Barton va. UannahMay?C. C. Parmelee and Ira Harria. for complainaut; H. P. Runt, for defendant. Decided that the tranaactiona between defendant and Maullin, were in effect a mortgage on lot No. 307, and complainant waa entitled to redeem. Hia tender waa aufllcient, and defendant must receive it without interest, execute a deed and pay the co*U. The master's report confirmed aa to defendant not being damaged by omission to remove the buildings from lot 309. Circuit Cearl. Before Judge Edmonds. Aran. 6.? McCarthy vs. Hodgeo *t el?The question raised by defendant's counsel aa to the legality of plain tiff's naturalization papers, ia not yet decided; the entire ef yesterday waa consumed in the argument of it. Varieties. The democrats of Milwaukie have nominated Mr. Juneau, aa their candidate for mayoralty of that city. A Phalanx, situate two miles north of Braceville, Centre, Trumbull county, Ohio, W8* chartered lately by the Leislature of that State. This association is said to be doing remarkably well. A co-partnership ha* been formed in 8t Louis for the purpose of erecting a factory tor the manufacture of glass. The guardian of an idiot mny sue at law, not only for the recovery of a debt, but in any case in which the guardian of infanta may maintain a suit. But an idiot ra ly not of himself get Into a lawsuit, although he may know enough to keep out of fire and water; for a man in law without his wits, might as well be, in the lan guage of Coke, " in the infernal regions without horns." A western editor, apeaking|of the Oregon question, says If wo must have a war, let us be found erect?in a posture of defence?and at least with our national pantaloons braced up. A company of emigrant* is soon to start from Lafay ette, Indiana, for Oregon. If they intend to stay tbey should take wives along, for women are very scarce in Oregon. The Albany Knickerbocker predict* that John Young will be the next Governor of New York. Criminal statistics show that parriclte is morafffequent in France than in any other civilised country. An association has been formed in Rochester for the purpose of pursuing the business of fishing on the Upper Ex Preisdent Van Buren arrived ia Albany, on Satur day. An " old man" writes to the editor of the Southern JftscfUony, that " according to the twelve ruling days, there will be another dry season from March to Novem ber, 1816." A man named Austin died lately in Canada West, from intempernce. It was stated on the inquest that he was in the habit of drinking about thirty glasses of spirits per day. A family were recently poisoned at Fete rsburg Hunt ingdon county, Pa. in consequence of eating apple butter which had been kept in'glated crocks. One or the fhml lv, a young man, had died, and all the rest who partook|of it were in a critical situation. On Saturday morning,at an early hour,David Hummel, a saddler of Harrisburg, Pa, committed suicide by hang ing himself from a rafter in the garret of his house. As he was well off in the world, the surmise ia that he did the rash deed in a temporary fit ef insanity. A letter from Warsaw, Illinois, dated March 90th, says: ?" The Mormon expedition is encamped about sixty miles up the Des Moines. Many empty wagons have returned to Nauvoo. Rockwell, the assassin, and Red ding, have returned, with the avowed intention of murdering somebody." On Saturday George E. Lacey attempted to murder his wife by shooting her in the neck with a pistol, at his residence in Fetteraville, N. J. The wound was con sidered dangerous. The unfortunate young woman had been married only about three months, and he was too poor to support her. She was carried to Philadelphia, and taken to the residence oi her mother, No. 90 Union street. It is supposed that he ha* committed suicide. The Bt. Louis circuit court decided last week that where a bankrupt, subsequent to his discharge in bank raptor, promifei, orally or otttorwiao, to pay a aaot, tne moral obligation retting upon him it (Officiant consider, ation to rapport hia promlte. Three of the boat comedioa in tho Engliah language, were written by Iriahmen. Richard Brinaley, Sheridan, and Oliver Goldamith The greateat dramatic writer of the age, Sheridan Knewlea, ia an iriahman. A committee from the temperanoe aocioty of Al legheny county, Pa., have repcrted against the order of the Sona of Temperance, aa deatructive to the cauae of Temperanoe, and incompatible with true Bible princi ple. A convention haa been called to aaeemble at Farm vile, Va., in May next, to conaider the anbject of con necting the Upper Roanoke and Appomattox regiona of the State of Virginia, with tide-water, and the West or 'Sonth-weet. It is proposed to aocempliah thia by the erection of a rail read. The reaidenoe of the late Judge Buchanan, near Wil liamaport, Md-, waa conaumed by Are on Friday laat. Biahop Purcell, of Cincinnati, haa contracted with Powera, the sculptor, lor two Cherubs, te beacnlptnred from pare white Carrara marble, to decorate the alter of the new Cathedral in that city. The Eastern Freshets -?Tne Mayor of Bauigor haa lsaued a proclamation respecting the loss of pro perty at that place by the recent flood. Tho obloct la to qniot the mlnda of peraona abroad who may feel an inte rnet in the bnsineaa part of tho community at Bangor, and the Mayor atatea that from the beat information he can obtain, he ie of opinion that the loat doee not exceed $260,000. " A large portion oi-this aum fella on man who can bear the loaa without great inconvantence, and the remainder is divided among a large portion of our men of bueinora, bat faw of whom will feel the Loos se verely." The Kennebec Journal atatea that all tha milla and workahopa at tha Kannabec dam aaoaped uninjured; and the dam iteelf atood flqn. The only injury received is the removal by the ice of the upper pert or an old abut ment, which stands at the junction of the old and new dams, and a portion of which projected above the wader. The Journal stye the breach can be repaired, and tha dam placed beyond the reach of the ioe in future, at aa xpense of one or two thousand dollars. Tha following particulars of disasters in other parte of the State, are oopied from the Maine papers On the Androscoggin greet disasters have occurred. At Livennore Falls, the bridge end all the mills have been swept off, together with nouses, stores, and other buildings, to the number of seventeen; another account saya twenty-seven, and ? third thirty; but we take the lowest. This mutt be a severe blow to the inhabitants of that am all villages We leers, also, that all the bridges between Tops ham and Livermore, with the exception of that of Lewieton, have been carried away; they are four in number, and were located at Little River, Southwest Bend, East Turner and North Turner. In Bnchfleld, the " Hell bridge," about half a mil# cast of the village, was destroyed, la Paris, the bridge at Snow's Falls was carried away. At Mechanic Falls the ie also gone. Skew began Pwyh'i fr?i states that tha bridge at Nerridgewock has bean oarried away. Thousands of aoroe of ioe covered the intervales et Bloomfleld, and caused great damage to fences and land. Great leland was covered with water eight feet deep. Two men, Mr. Cyrus Williams, of the Fores, and Mr. Amaaa Jonas, of Anson, ware drowned. Oar correspondent at Deer Isle writes under dale ef list nit.:?" Schooner Lark, Lowe, picked ap inFenob scot Bay, HRta alt, the roof era store house, containing a quantity ef Sour, corn, shingles and lumbar, and tew ad it into North West Harbor, Deer Isle. Cast. Haskell, of schooner Mobegan, atatea that be fbll In with a saw mill, in Owl'e Head fay, an the loth Inst, but bahf alone, could not get it ia. He also atatea that ha saw large quantities of lea and lumbar in tho bay. Important Decision.?In tha United States Dia" tnct Court Judge Woodbury delivered a very learned and'elaborete opnion ia tha case of Towae and Talbot, in equity vs. Smith. This was a case arising under our Insolvent law, and tha point te be dec ids d was whether e discharge under that law was binding upon acitixen ot New York. 1%# bill in thisfcaee waa brought to obtain an infunction a a ait brought by the defendant, a citicen of Now York, In the United States Court, ia which heat. The Court dismissed the advantage ov< r ?h aew pending haahung upon this decision, which baa been long wished for by the legal community. A ftall report of It will appear hereafter?Hoiton Mrr. J?mol iridge Is i The Ska or iww i ore, in toe inuea mates t.oun, 1U ?? tacbed property of the maker. Tne Court diami bill, thus giving to a foreign creditor en advents our own oitisens. Tha fate of many salts new | Another Horrible Mobbee?A Father Mra deeet) nt hie own 8on.?The Huntingdon (Pa.) Qlobt save that an agod oltiaea, named Irwm, Who re sided et the PennaJIranla Huntingdon and Centre ceuntfoe. was murdered by hfi own son on rriday evening tort. It apoeare from what we could learn from our Informant, that the ran was verv much addicted to intemperaooo, and, while labor under a lit of mania potu, seized and held hie father uTth one hand, and with tha other inflicted several deep and mortal wound#) with aa axe, upon his fees. The lather lived bat e few hears. PESTRwrrvE Fire in Oewboo.?A note by tho stage from Oawogo yesterday afternoon, says t "A lire broke out ia the east and at tha Eagle Bloek at > o'clock this morning, by which the entire block waa seasoned. Mortofthe goods war# saved, hot in a da maged state. Bight steies ware aaneamad. Lees net stated."--ftprecuee flier, Jtfril t.

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