Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1846 Page 1
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2SW THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 8, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. J1MB8 wmn BKfUXKTT, FrtprteUf. Circulation...Forty Thoisand. DAILY HER A I.D?Craoy day. Fwm > Mam M?'rf ? ralfmna of all kU? ?nm< ?tt bounty and da* ^ All bam at aommaaiaanipaa. by malL odfcamodtn lb* aatabliabmaat, iMbfal paid,or thopoatago will bo Nrw Tout HntuKmiLMraxn Nortb-Woot ooraer of Faltoo ood Nwn ate. TO LET. m TO LET, STORE No. 114 Faltoo afreet, Brooklyn, moot snlt ablo for the tola of boos*, periodical*, newspapers, lie. Apply os the promises. U lw*i A TO LET, ? THE HOUSE No. >1 Orchard street. Enquire of ? A. SAMSON. ? all lw*re ttl fear! at 1 FOR SALE, OR TO LET, ~~l AMI The Modem bo lit three "tory brick hooae, IIS Adam* WW "treat, Brooklyn U not sold by prirato a*]*, it will bo XmU 'li't| ml of at public auction, on lb* lSch day of May seat- Half ol the psrehaa* money can remain on mortgage, for a tens of vest*. Application I* be mad* on the premiaea, MS Adama at. Brooklyn. at Itn'rc M pt 8ALM 6k fa tkf. m WilLamabaraa. a CTIW neat two ator* hooae and trtaagalar lot. 47 feet on streM JatfLfar the sum oflllM. Mat can remain on bond and mJV face for Ire yearn. The bona* ia sow, containing (Wo room*, cellar, cistern, kc.; a nantparterre ia front of tho bonne. Inquire of J. G. (Font, South First itreec. between ltth and 11th atraeta; or No. I Little Green ureot, New York mm *7 7t*r M TO LiET WOOKLYN-?Tha two throt rtorr brick hoaaea, I aitmaao No*. 1M aad 1M Bride* street. Tho henaaa are V^H now,and orory way coaraoiast, and within fifteen minute* walk from tho Falcon and Catherine otroets limea. ? Enquire at No.TIl Bridge street. Brooklyn. *7 lw?rrc J part of a hosao ? a^HTO A SMALL FAMILY?Re ? in Chnmbora atrect, eonaiating of frost and bHMH with pmtry. o* tha Mjcoud Boot, and a front and bod ro?ui on the third floor, and if required an attic room, with I the ate ol Crates water, and other neceaaary privileges. Ap- I Ply ? ? , A. S. VAN FRO iO, 57 Warron at H N.B.?N daoiroblo a part of the above may bo obtained. ? ?7 >*"r TO RENT, ? JmL A BEAUTIFULLY aitaatad Front Office, in Boath U'fB afreet, between Ba ling slip and Maiden lnae, oa the JBilfr "fMsd floor. One or more Lofts can alao be had with it. Porfmtherp^emljr.,^wJw | yt * k?? i ? l Jirovvi x 173ooutn sx.* h *7 r comarof Maiden lane. | STAT EN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR HALE. I MMA HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with * few or any another of acrao that may be desirable, Barni'kc., he-, attached,on the North shore,of Staten Inland,front ing on the river, and within thr?e minntea walk of Caatletoa Steamboat Landing, os* mile from fort Richmond, and a mil* and a half from Now Brighton. The property baa a front on the water of about 400 foot. For further particular* enquire of William aad John O'Bri ?a, No. 51 Wall atroet, or on tho prontiaoa, of Mr*. Jan* Bnr ger a7 Iwr ? ^^?TxTLeT, AT STATEN island. I THE NE W.hasdoomo and wall fiaiabed Cottage, situ m&SSmEB^Uta*- ","k" ?? hen a shea boon kailt *>iih great ear*, and ia eomploto with every convenience. The aitnation ia beautiful, aad com mand* a fiae view of tho rirer, bay, ocean and tha city, aad ia bat a abort dMaac* from tho ianoag. ? For particulars enquire of MRS. GRYME8, ? F*7 <tis*r at Capo di Moato, State* Ialand B TO LET OR FOR SALE. ? M A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable aad BHW Coach Houao attached, with aboat an acre of land, the XiHL principal part ofwhich ia well otoeked with fruit aad I fancy ahraba, and aa.lotod with a picket fane*. Tho atago* I peas every tea minatas within five minute*' walk of the bona*. I Situation bctwaaa llttb and Ulth atreeta- For farther informs- I WofffiT Vtafem BATHOATE' 194 Ninth rtyytTjE Dr. I A Small Steam Diatillery, with all the apparatus aad Ifiitnrea, now ready to mat into operation; (it ia likawiae VHLwall adapted lor distilling camphme;) wul be aold at a giant aierifieo, if applied for immediately. T^e boom and atom to bo lot, anApoaaeaaion to bo given im ? mediately. Enquire on the promMa, S- E. cornor of Mtb am land SthjToano, or of JOHN BENSON. ? as Oid a lip. ? ^ 1 ?A HOUSE AND BARN, with about areWoa lota of ground, aituatad ia tho rillagaef Haatiaga, Weotcheator ^ap,county, State ol Now Fork, within a few miautea'l walk of the ateamboat landing. Bam Place ia diridad into gar-1 dens, which are wall stocked with Unit. Also, a ptoooaat groyo, with a stream of water, and aoranl good springs. Fee aaaaioa an bo given immediately. For farmer particalan, ap Mtolet, in furt lee, n.ZSHB ?a?g~ M JaS' Mb A FIRST RATE HOUSE, wife* about 4 acre* of ground aad a number of wooden bafldtnge. in tolerable good condition, which were formerly now a* aebnmi ?SBRMSRRwm formerly used as a cbonu ???I, at proaant occupied a* a pianoforte manufactory; ?mated oa tha Haekanaack rood, only a few miautaa walk from the ferry. Rent S> a good tenant rary low, to whom a lease will be given for sever*] years, if required. Inquire of Dr. Morris Loo-Wolf, No. I* Liberty street. New York. ? ml lm*rc mK I4t ? TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, WHO S?SIU a Haadaome ud Ciftewoi Store In RWaMofthe nMterowdednd flourishing thoroughfares , Jmk"f Brooklyn?The tidatiiivd hu bow erected, ia 1 Ijah Arenas, aaar a dry food* (tore, which b dot a* aa ? messe busness, a fine three stare brick bailding, M feet front by tt bat deep, with kaadaoaaaty tabbed part ore, ha., a large I and commodious (tore, and aa excellent aad apacieaa baie m?at. It will be tabbed, aad ready far possession before thai irst of May; will be aa excellent location fora retail dry gooda ,#t ,ow iWisswtoflfr? | ^JMe*r Hi Myitb Arcane. I I FOR SALE.?Foar Lou oa the north aide of I let retract, M feet aaat or the feb arenae.witb a aew House, Land another baitdiog oa one of the tola aaitable for a MPKHop, slaughter hoaae or ataUe. . _ , BAIao, about an acres, with a mall Hoaaa, ea the Rockawav ad Jamaica Turnpike road, aboat half a aaua beyond the Toll ?ate. It eonUina on* acre of reach Treat, in Tall bearing, ?id of the choiceet Trait. Abo. eareral other pieeae of Lead. Inquire of JOHN L. NORTON, Jr., at Id Delaacey atreet, between the honra ol I aad J. at lw'rh ^?tolet at moderate rents. THE tret Boer ted cellar of Store No. Tl, Maiden Laaa, ? haired and eoantered, aad bang ea excallant MB Abo, the o, the aiodara latorybiick Dwelling Honaa, with mar aaiels, mahogany doore, plated furniture, he., No 111 ?tad street, near Greenwich (tract. Heat SIM. ^^?o, the deaireblo residence, incomplete forder, with hct^m ^?ud, No ift Warerty Place, a few doore weet of Sii^H ^^??e, nccapied by Jedge Price. Rent IM. ? The large J atory and attic dwellbg hoaae rNo.H VMV? atraet. or Weet Washington Place, at preeent octM pied by Mr Hefferaaa^aad ell in complete order. Beat t7i no aire of LAMBERT SUV DAM, lit Warerly Place, Sgwall (treat. ad 3r VcH riui/afcs to LETT HONG the M CONTAINING the nwdiiflWHBl fHW sitmtion deeirab'e?These housrs are sitaated on thel , |fl Fourth,. between Utn vnd ?:h streets; also on 1Kb and Jgthatrectaj they are throe etory brick buildings, cow I rein It rooms each, fine gardaea, marble maatels, folding doore. Meek gestae, fcaey bio were. he. They will be put ia perfect order, aad are admirably calculated for reeideacea for prirste arailies The rail cars pass every fire aiaatas from ? A. M. till 12 ?t night; they can be reached from the City Hall intwea I ^Apr&toD. EVANS, No. lgCdty Hall Plana,or athbrash I '"N.V-Bonse ofthebouiee ara admbaUy srrmged for two M fhanWoa. at iw*r i WB$SISB?8& ^Bm> eatensirely weijked for thirtyyaarepeet, aad boon MP the best qaanias of free atone m New Jersey, and b ia good order for wepking. The pruabee eoariet of two dwell ags, (tore benais If e heme, two baadrod feet ef wharf, and I ai rente ia Ares of land, which will be cold entire, or the JOHN C. LLOYD. Ft*. It, \jm. fit Iwfim* ?HTHUU4LS AND LOT FOR SALE. ? A PLEASANT eonniry eeat m the villsge ef Madh I sheet 23 miles from New York aity eeaamanication to | ^^^Hntwieoaday.aaydayindie year, per Morris and Eo ?Hlr||d, Bbd^to^ contame e^ont one acre, on wbieb lood schools and ehnretwa 'in the immediate yiainby. tC so plane, Mag within two aanm walk ef the reUrond da pot, which renders it convenient for a person doing buaiasssm ho (by. who dm ires te retire m the country. Per particulars eaqeire, or addrsee le the subscriber. C. T. THOMPSON, fM lm*re Mo ma tows, N. J. M?FOR i,E?Oa Tory lavorebke wrms, or to Lot, four ^?three atory aad beaemeet brick dwelling Hoaaee, is Ho ^?befcea, now in coarse of completiea, and to bo randy for SS^at? by Mary first They arifTbo fitted ia beaatifal style, with all the late japvnv enseals. They each eoataia 11 rooms bee id as the kttehsa. and finished with marble maatels. aad black grata* throuahout. Tim of dress bosses are 31 feet rant by S3 fretiUee; and two ef thorn M foot bydt. with wide court yards Md iron railing. ? The aitnaclqo commands a fine f lew oi the rirer, bay tad aity, end a within ana minute's walk of Aa ferry, where the aow fcrvy beaks Lore fee Issaksj street every fifteen mtnataa. eroeeiag m I to M mtaatoei aad every half hoar to Canal and 'hnerapbareweeta Tana of yearly eommntatioa of the far rTP?t^tS^rehcoi maney can reomea on mortgags, at I pee cent Apply to | mfC >w*r J. A. BTKVKNB, Jr., Hobokea. <r ? <JjtrTr'1 in from loHfWBWWMiP? who baa a goynrnPRnSnoH^The taxes ara all paid to thtarey. A anrvey of tkelaad has been m?de. Address box Iff*, P. O. a4 lvr*re | ? CAUTUiN TO THE PUBLIC. WVI. K. PRINCE k CO.. of Flashing, hiving M returned that fruit end other trees have been repeatedly gild m tha Eehon Market ae cumieg from them, they HBPPaselves compelled to say that all inch statements are ibsolntslv fabe; and_theT bare dllWmiali not to sanply any torn there. All ordsn for them mast ba mat to Ami pat mail, or laft with their ragalar agreu, Clark k Austin. 1M 'niton street, of whom pnoe and eatalogaoa amy be obreiaad. , aTlt*rra CH&JWKST AND^BKS I^ INSTM.UCTION IN m Jtk*ttr"' ^tKwVori.) .. _ OifLT Frvg Doluu ! Mm. luHtw, Finishing Writing Mum, promises ud mum. eamteej to ALL, old or young, to impmt a beautiful, fees, ?XPEDITIOCI and FASHhmablk style of Penmanahip, yioonKxxrjwe end Bhoxt Hero taught tAemigkly.| given. WMtl end Schools attend ltawlns*re St Enaena a lot Attrunjerot U Jngiei. rrHE FRENCH AND SPANISH Languages, also Alee A bra, Geometry. Surveying, Navigation and Bookkeeping a pre, treomecry. surveying, xpcditiousiy and effectually taught, oa Tory moderate terms, nrste lessons given to adalta, at Private lessons givu to adalta, at 'thair owe residences, or schools attended. References of the highest respectability, mil lm*ie I AGO D. MAURICE, 171 Canal st. THO BUILDERS OF LOCOMOTIVE ENGINES. ^?Proposals will be received by the andeniusd ap to the first day of April, proximo, for furnishing the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Compear with fix Locomotive Engines, to be delivered oa or aboat the first day of October next. Informa tion at to tana aad condition*, aad in reference to plan aad weight of angina, will be famished upon application to JAMES MURRAY. Engineer of Machinery aad Repair*, Baltimore A Ohio Rail Road. Baltimore. March IS, IBM. m2J Jtawtw re NEW TARIFF 1H M PORT ANT NEWS to Shipper* of Grain and other ? Farm Produce to Grant Briuia A new law having pasted the Legislator*, admitting the im portation of foreign com aad provision* at a very low rat* ol doty, an opportunity will bo given to thoonwho are desirous to ship to the Glasgow market, to to *P*a a good connexion with the sabecriber, who has been litem yean in to* Grain ?? there has and Provision trade ; and as there has hitherto beea none of any importance, or who had any practical knowledge of that trade in Glasgow, n bettor opportunity coald not be desired by respectable bosses to form a connection in that market. Lib end advances will be given to shippers. From the subscriber s long experience aad knowledge of the Grain and Provision Trade, and also his friendly intimacy with the bnyen, a Urge aad respectable trade may b* calcu lated npon. The sabecriber begs to refer shippers to Mr. A. H. Fialay, Astor Hons*. ROBERT ROBERTSON, nN lm'rc (3 Union street, Glasgow. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS, AND BAKKRS H?baleEW WEST,*RNl ?Y THJt rOUND OR Potash. I Oil Peppermint, I White Wax, Sal Soda, I Coarse Sponge, I Castor Oil, Refined Liquorice, 1 German Cologne, _ . .Blue Vitriol. I RnssitIsinglass, _ a fall assortmsnt ef Drags, nil *f the firstquality, for sale ^^^^^^^maut ef Drag*, all of the first quality, for sal ^^^^?weeks a Anderson, Druggists, spl lm?rh 30 Fniton, corner Water, and Of Bowery. B*m*lyp* Apnarati ? JOHN ROACH, Optician. 0 Naaaaa Street, I ITAS constantly oahimi .French. Gorman and American Ia XX strumenta. Coating Boxes, Mercury Baths, aad all the other material aaed by operators, are maanftetaredMRHPV inspection. Chemicals, Plates, Cases, Qnickstalf, Ac Ac. Lenses Ground to order. Thermometer* and Snrvc^^^H Ac lie.? nMNrasnnmBHP Thermometer* and Surveying Com ihim mmnfacnired for the trade Magneto Electric Machines, of approved construction, for medical purpose*. m!7 lm*rc ?M?nu i mum iniihi M? TU8T PUBLISHED?The ?? Idle Hoar Book," containing v^M^pn^ao, with 00 engrarings?price only 37 cents?ra ? Our Comic Almanacs, for 1047, five in number, will be is sued in April. They will be the bast ever got up, aad cheap at that. Specimen numbers sent by mail. The snbieribeta invite the attention of the trad* to thieir unrivalled and large variety of the various kinds ol Children's Books, Song Boob, Primer*, Ac., together with colored Litho fiSnmsi-HBiB^TTIiatii^t I, mm 1W*W TURNER fc FISHES. 7, Cbatham-et. SEGaRS! SEGAR3! SEGAR3! KK ftOn HAVANA SEGARS, very superior, received tlO.vUD per late arrivals, commsing a variety of choice breads. Also. 0,000, roeaivqd par ship Adelaide, from Havana, all mad# of the beet Vnalta AbaJoTabaeco. The advertiser is receiving consignments by every vessel from Havana, the finer qualities only of Segers, to be sold low, for oash, aad will tall lass thee any other hoase. *7 0t*ne FRANCISCO J. BAN1E8, No. 7 New at. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. EH VOELKNER begs leave to acquaint hi* friends aad cnsttMaen, that his elegant stock of Artificial Flowers, both Franco end Amnrican mnnnfsctnre, baa aot received the least injury by the lata firs st 130 William street, as the good* ware removed in time. E- V. will ceatiaae t j sell wholesale ud retail, at the lowest prices, at 10 William street, ud beg* dealers to inspect his stock before baying elsewhere, el lm*re ??fancy soaps and perfumery* ITM-O. THRKEfCOURTLANDT STREET, Depot for the U' sale of the Walnnt Oil Military Shaving Soap Highly Seeated Toilet Soaps, Elsgut Extracts, Essence*, Cologaaa, IfUu Oils, Pomatums, together ?ith every other article hi oar ?line. Country Merchants, Druggists and Dealers in gen oral are invited to examine our extent ive assortment, where they I eu b* supplied at Superior pale and alwayemn hand.) can he supplied at the lowest rates No. 1 Soaps, Patent Chryitallin* Csadles, JOHNSON, VROOM A FOWLER 8HAFER & CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Hill Breadwey, near Park Placet A RE NOW RECEIVING, by tha Havre Packets, ta cm Jn. tirely now aasoiusoat of the finest Sodu Cloths ud Cas simaras, adapted to the aaily spring trad*. Having concludad a permanent arrangement, as cutter, with Mr. f. Andriot, late of the Rns Castiglione, Paris, wall known to moat of ear fnsh tooeblee who have vuited Europe, they are now prepared to execute erders in n style of unusual elegance .* ?uU 'ie*v Broadway. great bargains in new goods. "DETER ROBERTS ku received by late utirtb, end JL offers cheap? EMBROIDER IES. Needle-work Capes from ?),SO to $03. Freaeh work'dCol lar* 73 cents aad upwards ; Embroidered Laws Hhdkfi. from S3 to tW; Draun, needle-work end Temhonr, from $3 te S40. LAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tape, kam'd stitch, Riviere. fun and colored border*. MtSLlNS. Book. Mall, Jaconet, Swiss, plain, striped aad cheek'd Organ die, Tarlatan, Btiined aad embroidered for Curtains. HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Black and wkita Silk Hone; do. with cotton tope ; ailk em broidered at ?*. par pair; vary fine Liale thread, opea work, $6 per doxen ; Ban aableaehed cotton, open work, $1 to $3.73, (recommended aa remarkably cheap): plain work cotton, a moat eaeeileot article at $3 per doxea, eanally told at $3,7J ? A moat excellent aaeortmeat of Liale Thread, plain and em broidered Bilk Glove* of all sixes. LACES. Ctpeo, real aad imitation, of the lateet end moat faxhionahl* styles; Veils, black andtwhite, in chantilly, Bmaieli point mahnes, point d'Aloocon aad other rarietiea, Regency. Mech lin. Valenciennes, fine Rngliah Thread Lacee anO Edgings; rich black Brussels and imitation Lacea of avsry description for trimming, flouncing, Ac., Itc.; Linen bobbin Edging* and Inserting* A lot of Mail in trimming*, ladies' Morning Capo, lace Cap Crowes, Muslin Capes, received from aaetsea, will be sold U ran cert, unocn the cost op impobtatioiv No. 373 Broadway, 3d April. 1040. *7 im? rre seats per from IS Coots eat ripping?Ingrain Sid ceau par yard: Brnasela ? on yard) Hearth Rags, Taole Covers and Shawls eleaaed, I to 75 teats; Dresses dyed or washed from SO ceau to |1, cleaned or dreaeed from SI canta to II, Faata do from IS to M eeata. T- SMITH, 71 Allen st. N. B ?Terms emh. ng tia*re EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. iB Paarl street, between Centre and Elm?Warm, cold and showar Baths, eqnal to those in any house in the city. at 13X cants; Lodeiags, with good alaaa beds, 1IK eu. Board ing and Lodging, fi M per weak. la the readiag room will ho foiad aewspapers from London, Liverpool, and all the princi pal ernes of tne United Bcatae. a4 lm*rh NORTH ameRiCaN riot EL #0r ^ALe. tPHE LEASE. Fix tares, and also the Furniture cf that long JL established house known aa the North Americas Hotel, kept by the lata Joha Emmons, h ?q., situated on the corner of the Bowery and Bayard street. It ta now fitted an in the most elegant etylo, with two spieedid Bar Rooms on the Ant aad second stories, with a lame and elegant Ball Room in the rear, withspnng floor, lie. The whole is incomplete order, and ?sioa will he given Immediately. It is bow doing the _ profitable business ever doae before. To a person of good character aad acqaiated with the baaiaam, it ia tare to yeld a fortune ia a lew years. The learn has nine ymrs yet unrxpired. The shove will be diepoMd of on favorable taram. an appli eatioa to JAMES H. BEERS, Executor, aS lw*m No 17t Chatham street, corner of Mott. ST HA W B ONNK TS. L. CHAfIN, No. IS John street, near Brendway n. ?9 (tain, has oa hand a rood assortment of Fashionable Strew Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market "HSU. and others are invited to call before purchasing elsewhere mrU lm?r bPRLNijr FA&klttN. (M BROWN ITS Chatham Bgoara, aoroer of Mott ^^etreot, with to inform the public of their recent improve ment ia the manarhetara and flaisb of thair $3 Hata.eombiaing "?'8,i *mg?y jmd darability, three important considers tio as to the nsosr. The propriaton do eoafideatly assert cheirduu for ixr SPRING STYLE. _ ^OEJfTLBMEira BATS. jl WHY will too pay MAS and >? far a Hat, when you PHCEN1X HAl^'c^gAjrUFAOTORT, Mdjjm aa good a one for examjiM torjour METROPOLITAN HAT AND (iAT^fd)K.E" Nm-Bfjii-a Grand gtmt, low prices: Hats. Firnt quality Nutria Far. at..., Becoad do do do do.... First qanlity Moleskin, do... Becoad do do do,,,... Cart from 17K eaau to $1 73 aack. itnally i Wholesale and reuil orders punctually attended to, and cus tomers hats ironed end kept in shape gratia. a7 Im'rrc J. PLUNKF.TT a?d R. PARDEB8UB. PREMIUM BOOTS. ^ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for 13 30, city made, and arc ?eqnal to those sold ia other atom* for $3. Fine French ? Calf Boots for $4 if equal te th? beat made ia this city YOUNTO A JONES' French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, ess of the most fashionable in the city.? Our Boom having been indeed ia the late Fair at NibM**, are said to be the beet ever sold in this eity. All Boots warranted to aire satisfaction. .Mending, Ac. done in the Store. YOUNU A JONES, 4 Ann street, MM lm*m near Broadway, New York. J* BOOfi ARB Enblfc 'are invited to mil aad examine the large assortment of gangsmen's, la dies and mlasaa Boots, Shoes aad (Hitera. in all their ran. Intilliqknck peom Canada ?To the "pre* line of Virgil it Rice, we are indebted for the following intelligence MowT April M, 1Mfl. The 8t. Lewrenee ia still n?eoonfl*uee day morning, end daring 1U ttoVh#'whole denly to disappear end e? inddonly be "P1"*** P thocitv The river is now on e level with the quays, ^.A .hl' several piece* lie* midway ecro** the ?treete fronting the river. Grifflntewn is completely tn^deted end the ceUere ef the Heu?e of Assembly end *11 the house* end etoree in the lower pert* of the city ere fnli of water. Frov the existing eigne of the weather, the navigation ia expected to be open from two to three wnake before the uauel time. ... , . Thertockofdry goods remaining on hand from leet year1* importation i* considerable, end lodging from the great number of Montreal merchant* who here g?n* to England withe view of purchasing.we ?,T"P,ct coMidereble spring Imports irom the English market ? Ac conn t? from Glasgow sav that the imports from the Clyde will this year be under the average. The stock of Muscovado sugar in market is light .the retailers are selling at 8d, but there is every probability of tho prioo being much higher before long, as it will bo some time yetbelore fresh imports can be brought totTiMrtot There are numerous failures among &s grocers, whese trade with Upper Canada has he** considerably damaged by the op can drawback bill, a good proportion of tho Upper Cw node buyers preferring to lay in their stocks from New Y tome other failures ere expected. One * the *ac S2S?ir othor dtV ; ^Us liabilitis er, shoe ? * AL- .-II .kAnkamTMN. S5MKh55?Sw5 the other day; hi. 5153SES ??| 2XSJSZS} among the small shopkeepers. . ?, p,n. Wo are endeavoring in our smali way, here in tsm . a- t#^2tate the recent Minieteiial crisis in England. We ere evidently on tho evo of eomo change; it is more ^rospooTed that communications have iwsdte. ESSforagsawarttw ded. would havo been awkward for the parties tapir ^ cated The matter has gone no farthor et present, but ft will doubtless lend to a partial reconstruction of "fcIM now in midwession, end it it en egroeable foe tore in it that there is less party disposition to got through Publ?hu*inMS, than was I evinced during the lost session of Parliament. L The Free-trade Association have I <ra?a (a *kn nub lie. which hsi bM& rftftil with ottch '*? I tention, end brought about some conrersions^ Kingston and Toronto or# expected to bring e strong co '^The^Prerident's message, received yesterday, hosnot I I occaaionod vary much sensation; it is looked on merely I JJBmT what took place some time since in the British Parliament, and 1U tendency is considered deci-1 <>eTbe'new militia Uh about to bo brought before Par-1 liament, provides for tho addition of four axtra companies I I to eeoh ot the volunteer regiments. : _i_ I I The disputed possession of the civic chair remains un-l I daoidad, the application for the rule yue warranto having| ^Tho oahea now in storo, are?pots2191; pearls 14S7. I Affairs in thx Axoxntinx Republic .?We have received, by the way of Rio de Janerio, late and in' tf resting accounts from Buenoa Ajrrea. Our Rio correspondent givea the substance. I Rio ax Jawkiso, Jon. S4,1846. I ? ? * We receive very little intoUigenool from Montevideo or Buenoe Ayres,wh^o^^rsned| an It ePDoan, however, certsun that the Argentine ?? ^bliclfC^lved in greet diBUinlUro a. to poeuiUmy mature. Presidsnt Rosss has ?D"0"?cafnint^ *??? ease to the Legislature, a deficit in tho treasury ^ 863,707,438 currency for the past so requires for expense* rendered n*cV**Gr_J)F tho warlike operations carried on, e monthly sup rdy of twD nffim of dollars, to be raised sar KI aU the ttmothe blockade shall continue and ms lyto?a?e in throe month. c?-Uon ofth, blockade. This immense sum will be issued, as he ae manda in paper, and may have a fatal effect upon the prosperity^iuenos Ayr.., throwing into circulation. 5S&SU9IS&SB5Ss?g2 1 S?Wu> S5c!SS.KU^ ?*???? fijgrg I the exportation of tho precious metals- Experience boa JSSwn the futulity ofaU such pla^ to krop . which they fulmineta with some force diction against England end France, for their hderfe ranr ? with Buenos Avres, end determination to claim a 1 nxM o'way on ^e Vr*atPar?na to th. mighty P? vincea and colonies to which that river co?duoU. British and French say thet Bo? nea Ayres ha* no right to stand at the ibrka olthe ro?d-Pr*T,f"'^'odfto rainr to see their friends, and carry a lew gooae so fhem'i^e threw Ca^ul. say 'that Eogfand ?d France heye no right to doer the track, end PiJWB Buenos Ayres from stopping up the gangway- " terference of these three tgenU ^/o?sed ths toofthe intorforers, and they coll the paper bullets' our consul, and bis foliowars, insults and outragaii, for which they threaten to demsnd satlsfacUon. There I is no news from the armies on either side. The auwa I trooDi ft re cone up the river?the blockftde ?till u hep up w!tb? rssf sererity, and eventually it wouldroem a. if Buenos Ayres mnst succumb, and consent tf m the passage of the river be free to the nations, prorinces to which this great river is the gt&V&ZS: SEtsH. two Chambers of Legislation, on the 37th ? Ijft SSSSpSsssraBr^s: I of England and France In the matter of the blookade. t | have given you already the gist ofjhe whole Ob-teao* in Philadelphia.?On Sunday even ing. n voune man, named George Janvier, accom panied by a lady, prooaadad to church In Fifth atraet, below Carpantar, and finding that thay warn too aarly, concluded on taking a short stroll around thejneig hbor hood, and than return to church. Thay proceeded lei surely down Fifth atraet, to a short distance below Mer rick and Tow no's foundry, and, upon turning back, two ?an, who worn lying in amtrash, sprang from their hid ing places upon them, and while one attempted to choke Mr. J., the other attempted to carry off the female. She screamed lustily, and all attempts to secure her were made in vain. The villain finally released his hold, and she led and escaped. Her oompanion, after a desperate straggle with the other villain, effected his escape, and ran in a con ties y direction to the one pursued by the young woman. He was considerably frightened, and ran across the oommone ia that neighborhood, with the in tention of taking a circuitous route towsrds the city. He had not proceeded fer, before bo saw a man standing against a fence, and fearing that ho was an accomplice of the aggressors, the young man took another turn In his heedless flight, and became so bewildered, that he did not know exactly where he was going. The young lady, when she made her escape, as stated above, has tened to her friends, who, in their torn, summoned aid. , end proceeded at once to the watch-house, and lodged the information. The watchmen being in attendance, a number of them were despatched with lighted torches to reconnoitre the vicinity where the outrage was commit ted. Thay supposed that Janvier had been murdered, end, after several hears vain searching for his body, they returned to theiwatoh-house "Ifm ?*< ?nonstus."? From various suspicions sntortainsd against s houss bo low the scone of the supposed murder, it waa reaelved WW (H? ICVDV Dl iO? luprvvwu n wnn that it should ho searched. Accordingly whea daylight the house, spota of bleed aad matted hair ware discover- I sd on the door stop. This was discovered as so much proof that the bloody deed had boon consummated, end that Janvier was no mors. The house waa entered, and, strange to relate, but one old woman waa to be found in it, though numbers of strange looking, quarrelsome per sons ware seen passing and repassing its threshold on Sunday evening. Everything t amain ad in doubt res pecting tha fats of the young man, until about 8 o'clock, when be made his sppoannoo at the Alderman's ofloe, and thus the alarm eccaeiened by hie absence, was calmed. He said that when daylight ceaseJhe found him self in the western pert of Moy mm cueing. Hie face aad neck exhibited scars and scratches, the result of the struggle ho had with the villains on the evening pre vious.?Pkiled Sue, frill. Army and Death?On Saturday evening last, an unfottuate occurrence took place in the Cherokee nctton, about seven miles from this pises, which resulted in the death of Mr. Joseph Crosslaod. The circum stances, as we learned them, are w follows A Mrs. Brawn, Grassland's sister, and C.*s wife, who lived near neighbors, ware at Brown's, and soma difficulty ensued, andthey commenced to qusrrrel, and from words were about to proceed to blows, when Mrs. Brown took as old maaket, which was loaded, and had the bayonet fixed, and threatened Mrs. Cross land with it; Grassland, arriv ing about this time, spoke to Brown to stop tha quarrel and fight, whan Brovfa replied that tha woman would hot harm each other, and that man had bettor lot them settU their ,ewn difficulties ; Grassland persisted in Interfering. sad growing angry in trying to quail the r?""G struck his sister, Mrs. B., when Brown draw a knife and inflicted the death woun'", which was in the bach; Brown fled, and Crossland fired a gun at bim without tfleet, and died soon after. Wo regret very (IT.-. sl?**r -'?H* was > quiet, good man, bat vary fiery end headstrong when enraged. Browa has made his eseape- Ten ferm Int.Uutncrr. Mirth 91. AA^awf ^Ju^inii?bin'ni804 * *?* htT* bM Albany, April 6, 1816. Tfte Outbreak at Albany and the Nominations to the State Convention?Bill to Abolith Capital Pun ishment poetponed?Action of the Senate on various Bills.

On my return from a temporary visit at Washing ton, 1 find politics and politicians in a state of fusion here. During my absence the wretched cliques of a gieat party have been at loggerheads, and a terrific rencounter has occurred. Delegates have been nomina ted to the State Convention by these cUquee, without re ference to the great question of constitutional reform. Is these nominations they have looked only at tha exal tation of confederates, and have not been impressed with a sense of the great interests involved in so important a measure as the revision of the constitution of a State, it is to be feared that fanatical and incendiary elements will be thrust into this convention, without patriotism, or honor, or integrity; for whon malevolence and hatred are the prime movers in nominating conventions, the worst results are to be expected A bill to abolish capital punishment, and to substitute ^^^?imprisonment therefor, has been introduced perpetual Into the house by Mr. Titus. At the solicitation of nu morons friends, that gentleman will amend the bill, to the effect that this question may be first submitted to the people, at the next November election, and then ac ted upon by the legislature. The amendment will be 0 fib red in a few days, togethar with a report which I isball send you. ? Among the bills for the relief of the disaffected .ten antry, the bill to abolish distress far rent, has been dis cussed at some length. Senator Spencer is decidedly | opposed to it. The remaining anti-rent bills were made a special order tor to-day, but they were paasad ovar. A bust of Silas Wright, taken in plaster, was exhibited to day in the Executive Chamber. It is very like the gov lernor. I ? At the South, the trees are covered with foliage, and the fields are carpeted with green. I had seme capital 1 Charlotte de Rutee for dessert at Barnum's Hotel, in Bal timers. I arrived there on what seemed to be a oarai val day. At Philadelphia, snd south of that city, a ftp is always givan for the Herald, and on several occasions I paid eight cents for a copy. I cannot commend too highly, the address of the officers connected with the railroad from Naw York to Philadelphia -, more particu I lariy, Messrs. Forbes and Gamble. To day in the Senate, Mr. Williams from the Commit tee on Bail roods, reported in favor of the Assembly bill to authorise the construction of the New York and Albany Railroad. The Senate was in oommittee of the whole on the bill to abolish the publication of certain legal notioes; after some debate, the bill was referred to a oommittee to report complete, and the Senate ad journed to 4 P. M. ? In the House, to-day, the bill to authorise the exten sion of the New York and Erie Railroad into Pennsyl I vanh, was debated at length, end finally recommitted to [the Committee with instructions. ? Mr. Fullerton reported in favor of his bill for the re ioraranisetion of the militia. The bill for the relief of I William Baal, involving a claim of some f30,000 against [ the State, was passed in the House. And the House ad journed to 1 P. M. The Senate met at 4 P. M. to-day; but there being no quorum preaont, adjourned till to-morrow. I The apportionment bill is still pending in the House, and it is highly probable that it will be defeated. I I met the Hon. Albert Gallup to-day, and I am sorry I to say that the injuries he received at New Scotland I were very severe. These disgraceful scenes show I what may ultimately be tha effact of such terrible poli I Ucal tnimofity. I The weather Is very warm?thermometer approach I ing SO degrees. Police Intelligence. Charge of False Pretences.?Our efficient officer, Mr. Gilbert F. Hays, returned to the city, yesterday, having in his oustoay a man by tha name of John J. Kinney, whom he arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio, on an indictment and a requisition from Gov. Wright, charged with obtaining a large amount of dry goods from the firm of Doremus, 8uydam k Nixon, dry goods mer chants, corner oi Nassau and Liberty streets. Commit ted to prison, by Justice Brinksr, for trial. Highway Robbery.?As Captain Thomas J. Warren, of Philadelphia, was passing along Watar street on Sunday night, and when near Jamas street, ha was accosted by one of the girls of that region, when after some little conversation, two men came up, who knocked him down and foroibly held his arms while the woman and one of the men rifled his pockets of his watch, valued at fill; also his poeketbook, containing go, and immediately made their escape. Where was the polioeman of that w star " ward 7 I Stealing a Coat.?John Phenlx was " grubbed " yes lipflfit in th* srt fif ?dfilinff * tw**fl roit worth tl'Km. te relay, in the act of stealing a twaed coat worth $4 J be longing to George Clark, No. William street Ldek ed up for trial, by Justice Drinker. Petit larceny.?Margaret McCarty was arrested yes terday for stealing a pair of shoes, worth five shillings, from the store of William D. Bigelow, No. 143 Chatham | street. Locked up for trial. Robbing a Room Mate.?A young man oalled 0. C. Clark, was robbed last night, at No. 3b Bowery, of a watch worth *96, a gold breastpin and key; supposed to have been stolen by two men who lodged la the same room with Clark. No arrest Taken from a Thief .?A lady's gold bracelet, with a locket attached, was taken from a thief yesterday, lor which an owner Is wanted. Apply at tha office of tho Chief of Police. ? Shooting at a Policeman.?A policeman of tha Seventh rard, by the name of McAnamy, was shot at with a un from a third story window in Montgomery street y a fallow called Abraham Brown, but luckily was gun l by a fallow sot hit from tho lact that there were no ballots in the gun. Mr Brown was afterwards arrested and locked up in tho station house. I|We understand that Mr. Brougham, whose eoireee in oston draw crowded houses during tha .past winter, la about to come te New York, for the purpose of giving some of his entertainments. The Expects Robber.?It was J. James end not Jim Webb, lately arrested in Philadelphia on suspicion of being concerned in tho last express robbery. Ha was tuk.n on tha 18th ult. by officer* A- M. C. ana James W. Smith, of this city, and not by James Young of Philadel phia. ? Unite* Itetet Circuit Court. Before Judges Nelson end Betts. Alter Um court was opened yesterday morning, the grand panel waa called over, and the following gentle man baaing answered to their names, were sworn as the Oraud Jury: William 8. Coe, foreman: James Webster, Abraham Offea, J. Sherman Browneli, William H. Bum, Peter Content, Henry Deals, Clarkson Crolius, Archi bald F. Fnrn, Meees H. (Irinnell, Elite HatSeld, Edward 8. Tunes, Halford Martin, William Mooch, Benjamin Ferine, Samuel Pittman, Casper Trnmpf, Jesse Van A? kin, William Varian, and Benjamin Webb, Esqt. His honor Judge Nelson delieored the customary charge, explanatory of the powers and duties of the Grand Jury, alter which they retired. Indictments against N. T. Deals and Willinm L. Shaw, captain and mate of the schooner Patnxent, on a charge j of being concerned in the slave trade, were laid before them. Three ether indictments were also sent up,one for an attempt to pcss counterfeit money, and two for as sault and battery on the high seas, with a dangerous weapon. The court then proceeded to hear motions in civil ensos. Ferrelt el mL vs. Jttwill ? The plaintiffs brought eleven ?operate ections against the defendant, to recover penal ties. The defendant demurred to sack of the declsra I tions, ana the causes were placed en the argument cal ender. An application waa made yesterday, by plain | tiff's oounssl, to argue one of the canees, and that the remaining ton should sbids the svsnt of that. The Court I hold, that, inasmuch as ths plaintiffs had elected to bring ?tevsn suits instead of one, ha could not bo permitted to compel the defendant to accede to the tonne proposed, and denied the application with costs. ClresUt Csurh Before Judge Edmonds. Aran. 7.?McCarthy vs. Hedgeiiet si.?This csaa is still em trial. The plant iff closed yesterday, end defend ant's oonnssl moved for a nonsuit. Ths argument waa not finished Whan the oonrt adjourned. Common Pises. Before Jndge fagraham. Aran. 7.?Dfeitss Hewlett vs. ffsrrsi M. Jfevlss.?Ac tion on o promissory note for 918T, made by dafandant, payable to a third person, and discounted by plaintiff. Defbaco, waut af consideration. The Jnry found n ver dict for the plaintiff liar the tall amount, without leaving their seels. Before Judge Daly. Clerk va. Sewurindyke.?Tula causa was not finished when the court adjourned. Court off Oyer an* Terminer. Before Judge Edmonds, Aldermen Btoneoll and Compton. I Aran. 7 ?Ceee^eJ Oeergt Fetter.?Th# District At torney moved the oourt to have Potter sent to the State I prison, to undergo the remainder of hie eontenoo. On ?mflfou of Mr. I I motion of Mr. Werner, prisoner's counsel, time was granted until Thursday, to make an application to the Supreme Court for a stay ot proceedings. I tfuieemce Cue.?The Feofle vs. Revert Elder tt el.? Ten days were given, on motion of defendant's counsel, to prepares Mil of exceptions in this causa. Superior Oourt. Before Judge Vanderposl. Aran. 7.?Cenred 9ekej>j? vs. John Heidm ?In this s, reported yesterday jury rendered a verdict of IM damages in fovor of the plaintiff. No other {cases befog I ready, both branches of this oonrt adjourned ovar 1 to morrow merniog at 10 o'clock Court Cnlauilar Tui. Dav, Srrcaioa Cooav-Nos 49, ?, IS, 31, 93, 34 34, 99,14, 14, 97, If, 4S, 41, 49 to M, 48, 40. Otacurr Couav-Nos. 7, 41, 4?, 08, 79,10C to 140. Common Pi. t as-First part?77, 181, 189, 187, 191. W 143 183, 97 199. Second Part?84, 90, lit, 190, 138, 194, 978, 48, 190, 98, 148, 188, 34 140. There is a bill before the LegieUtnrs of Michigan, for a plank road from Marshall to union city. The steamboat Wabash Valley ran sgainat another boat in the Mississippi, Just above Now Orleans, on the 38th nit., and sank to her cabin fioor. One hud Jo known to have been drowned, and several passengers an supposed to have been lost. Henry Bhepsrd, aged 18, adopted son of W. R. Henry* af Aurora, Ohio, was drowned in the Upper Cuyahoga, at Btreetsboft, on the 99d alt Court or Generul Itulont. Before Recorder Scott end Aldermen Henry and Jack eon.?John MoKeon, Esq , DUtrlct Attorney. ^Aran. 7.?7\e Grand Ingueet ? At the opening of tho court thie morning, the reoniiite number of peraona ap peared aa member* of the Grand lnqueat, of which Wal ter Mead, Esq., was appointed foreman. The Charge-?Recorder Scott then delivered his charge to the Grand Inquest, in relation to various subjects which might be presented to the consideration of that body, Sec. At the close of the Recorder's remarks, the Grand Inquest retired. Forfeiture of Rut!.?Lawrence Costigan, indicted for an assault and battery, with intent to oommit a rape ; John O'Cennell and William Darling, indicted for com mitting petit larcenies]; Jacob Rohr and John McCullv, indicted for assaults and batteries | and Michael Mitch ell, Indicted for dealing in lottery polioies, failing to ap pear when called upon for trial, their respective recog nizances were declared to be forfeited. Trial for Jlnault and Battery ? Francis Bixby, indict ed for an assault and battery on Wm. S. Corwin, cf No. 639 Broadway, committed on the evening of the 16th of November last, was then placed upon hi* trial. The case having been briefly opened on the part of the pros ecution, Mr. Corwin was called and examined. He do Kited that while passing 'through Hester street, near ott, he reoeiveda vielent blow on his head, previous to which he heard a noise be hid him, and on looking round, saw the accused, who instantly struck him. Witness had not had any altercation with the accused ; did not see him again until the subject was brought before the Grand Jury. Croee-examined.?I was struck first in Clinton street, but by whom I do not know ; it was about 8 o'clock in the evening: I received the second blow in Hester street, about two blocks from Centre street; it was then about half past 8 o'clock; 1 do not recollect seeing any lady with Bixby ; I did not accost any lady that night; I was atruok on the head, but I cannot say what with ; no per son was with me at the time ; there was no female with Mr. Bixby when I saw him; 1 think I had a cane in my hand ; it was a small cane, with an ornamental head on it Dr. Rooaas examined.?I was called to see Mr. Bixby on the night of the 16th of November last; he had a se vere wound on his head ; he was in a state of insensibi lity at the time, and unable to give any account of him self ; I attended him for about six weeks, for ten days or a fortnight of which I considered him in a dangerous condition; the wound 1 found on his head might have been inflicted by falling on a projecting stone, or by a bludgeon, a slung shot or loaded cane. Crsss-rxoasiiwe ?The wound might have been occa sioned by one fall on a projecting stone. Jambs MoGubn examined?I live at No. 113 Mott street; I remember the night on which the occurrence in question took plaee; 1 was standing at the corner of Molt and Hester street; 1 heard a noise, and on looking towards the spot from which it proceeded, I saw a se vere scuffle down the street, about thirty yards off; one of the persons engaged in it soon afterwards fall, when | the other crossed the street and entered a house; 1 then | went to the man who had fallen, raised him up, and per ceiving that his head was severely cut, 1 then assisted in conveying Mr. Corwin to the doctor's office, and then to the 14th ward station house. Croee-examined?The bricks of the aide-walk wore considerably out of order: Mr. Bixby left Mr. Cor win and wont into house No. 183 Hester street, occupied by Mrs. Harrison. Ksrr. Kisnsa examined?I arrested the accused; I had soma conversation with him the next day in relation to the occurrence in Hester street; ho then informed me that he was in company with a young lady; that Mr. ? * to Mr. C * CorwinHnsulted her; that on going up to Mr. Corwin to remonstrate against such conduct, Corwin struck him with his oane, whereupon he (Bixby) struck Mr. Corwin with his flst. Hanav Manasav examined?I recollect the night of the affray referred to : 1 was standing at the store, at the corner of Mott ana Hester streets ; I saw a scuffle be tween two men; one of them fall down; 1 then followed the aocused, hut just as I get across the street, he enter ed the house of Mrs. Harrison, No. 183 Hester street. The case was then opened by Edmund J. Porter, Esq., en the part of the defence. Aubst J. Smith, examined.?I left Mr. Bixby at the corner of Chrystie and Delancey streets, about 8 o'clock on the evening referred to; on separating he started to go and see Miss Harris; I did not go with him. Obobob Coucs, examined.?I was with Mr. Bixby a few minutes before 8 o'clock: he left me at the corner of Eldridge and Delanoey streets, and went along Delan cey street to the Boweiy. Miss Cathbbisb Amanda Habbis, examined.?I was In company with Mr. Bixby on the evening of the affray; we had Seen in a short distance to escort a young lady to her residence: on returning when we arrived at the corner of the Bowery and Hester street, Mr. Bixby ask ed me to excuse him a few moments, and left me to walk on alone, which I did; before 1 had proceeded for, Mr. Corwin came up and looked at me full la the face, and said something to ase; also made some signs, of whioh I took no nolle*, but hurried toward* home; on reaching the stoop in front of the house, 1 stood for a mo ment, when Mr. Corwin beckoned for me to go to him; when Mr. Bixby cam* un I informed him that the person on the opposite side had D*en Insulting me; Mr. Bixby then wenl to hint and asked him what he meant by hi* conduct; Mr. Corwin replied that it was none of his (Mr. Bixby's) business; at the same time struck Mr. Bixby with a oane; whereupon Mr. Bixby returned the biow, which caused Mr. Corwin to fall. The case was here closed for the defence, aud the pro secution recalled Mr. Corwin to testify that he did not speak to any female en the night in question: that he never did speak to females in the streets, ho. The case was then ably summed up in behalf of the accused bjr Thomas Warner, Esq., who wms followed by Jonas Phillips. Esq., on the part of the prosecution. It \ then submitted to the Jury, ujk under a brief charge from the Reeorder. After a short consultation, the Jury cam* into Court and rendered a verdict of guilty. Seateno* deferred until Friday morning. Penobscot River?Its Safety?Cause of m Flood.?The recent destructive flood in the Penob ?cot river very naturally occasions surprise, from the fact that the Penobscot|is one of tho safest rivers in tho whole country,as to freshets. No mere water freshet can ever reach a very high point, from the fact of the exten sive meadows bordering the river, and whieh, in ease of high freshets are flowed, sometimes making the river u doxen miles wide at some points. These safety valves are a moat perfect security against destruction by a wa ter freshet The recent flood did not arise from any ex traordinary quantity of water in the river generally, but from the peculiar character and uncommon quantity of the ice. Early in the winter we called the attention to the fact that the river closed with ice when at an uncom monly high point, and that the quantity of anchor-ice was unprecedented and was then gradually filling up lector IT' I the channels of the river and streams. The effect of this was to All the whole river with ice equal to some six or eight feet in thickness, and in some places thirty feet thick, about two feet of it solid ice, and the remainder porous. Through this mass of toe the water of the river has trickled with great difficulty; thettide, usually lour teen feet, rose most of the winter only between three and fouriieet. There has been, then, a fear for the whole winter that there would be trouble in the breaking up of the ice in the spring. The rains in March, after an una eually dry winter, broke up the ice in the river some distance above this city, causing this to Jam up and dam the river, and thus overflow the banks. This, as we have previously shown, was effected at several places on the river, until at length the whole mass reached this vicini ty and produced the great and destructive overflow which has been suffered. It passed off from this city by draining from the foot of the jam down tho river, instead of being borne forward by the force of the accn | muiated back water, and hence so little damage was sustained in the final passage of the ire to the ooean.? No man now living on the river recollects such an in stance of tho formation of the ice ss that of the past winter. We have no historical account of such an in stance, nor is there a trace of traditionary lore upon the snbject. It is a new feature, and one not likely often, if ever, to occur again. No milis or bridges were carried away by the force of the current or by the lateral pres sure of the Ice, but by beinji uplifted on account of the superabundance of water, held like that ia a mill pond. ?Ranger ffii|. LxeisiuTivx Summary.?In the Senate, the Che mung and the Chenango junction canal bills were reported by Messrs. Sanlord sad Deaaistoa, and want to a third reading. Ths Hudson river rail reed bill was re ported by Mr. Williaaae, end went to the oemmittee of the whole. The repeal ot the eot ef 1114, amending the charter of Trinity church, ih tho city of Now Yorh, was tho subject of two elaborate repertafrom tho Committee en Charitable and Religious Boots ties?Mr. Emmons and Mr. Burnham uniting in ono adverse to, and Mr. Clark submitting another in favor of tho repeal?concluding with recommending the pessage of a bill. The special order, the bill abolishing the compulsory publication of legal notioes in a central paper, and providing for service ot notice, personally or by mud, or publication in a pa per, as the court or office before whom the proceeding may be hed?was taken up, and its details occupied tho onure morning session, ft was reported with amend ments, and referred to a select oommMoe to report com plete. On motion of Mr. Saafesd, tho Hudson river rail road biU was mode the special order for Friday et 10 o' clock. Recess. In the Assembly, a memorial was pre sented from mono hunts of Now York, against renewing ths compulsory features of tho in*paction laws. The morning, until o'clock, was spent ia a discussion of the bill authorising ths Eri* railroad to build s portion of their lino in the Mate ef Pennsylvania, by Messrs. Wsi bridge, Perkins, Plena, Titus, Collins, Worden; end, on motion of tho latter gen tie nan, the bill wis recom mitted to the railroad committee- - All, jtrg?, April 8. The steamboat John Owen.'Captoin Davis, arrived et ^^^^^HDstroit, on Saturday This is the first Boffhlo, from CH arrival of tho ssason There ia to bo a groat democratic town mooting hold in Independence square, Philadelphia, an Monday avail ing, the Uth inst , " to sustain the poiiey of President Poik, upon Oregon, our foreign re tattoos, and ths nation al defences." ? It is supposed that Mr. Anelii's picture, " The End of ?e World," was destroyed on board the Philadelphia, tod Boston packet William Pitt The picture was valu ed at uo.oje about $6,000 insured at tho North American office at Philadelphia. At East Burke, Vermont, on the night of the 'lath nit , t small house was overwhelmed by an avalanche of eaitb Horn e high and very steep beau in its rear, which had became disengaged, from the loose oewditton ia which tho frost left it, assisted by o covers storm. The house was occupied by Charles Newell end his wifs, both aged and dec rapid people Their bodies were taken from tho rum* ss they ley in their bed, end they were evident ly suffocated by the mud and water with which they were found ooveted. Court oflpwlal teutons. Before the Recorder sod two AlJsrmse. Aran. 7.?John Whiting, charged with ? tailing twenty yard* of oloth, alleged to be worth $16, from (he store of William J. Jackson, was adjudged guilty, and isntsncsd to bo imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of three months. J urnes Ring and Jamoo Collins wsre callsd to ths bar for beating their wires; but aa ths lattsr did not appear, ths accused worn discharged. Michael Hanley was found guilty of assaulting a do liooman named Do Shay, and sentenced to bo confined in the city prison for ton days. John Simmons, ohargod with stealing a watch worth $30, from Charles B. Reed, was adjudged guilty, and ?sntenced to bo imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of three months. Thomas Dooloy, tor an assault and battery Ml ice man Charles Nash, and threatsniim to stab biiu wit < a knife, was ordered to be confined*ten days in L) Oflftjr prison. JobnC. Brown, for a violent assault and battery aa Elizabeth Benedict, also on his mother, was sentence,i to the penitentiary for tha term of two months. Francis lnman was adjudged guilty of stealing a look ing-glass, he., from Mary Hilson ? sentence suspended. Barney Molrsy, a boy, charged with stalling a quan tity of beads from Solomon D. Willis, was found guilty, and ordered to bo locked up in the city prison for ton day*. John Ryall, a colored lad, was sdjndgsd guilty of stealing a quantity of gold, prepared for the manufacture of pencil oases, from Mr. Hexokiah B. Kennedy, and sentenced to th-t house of refuge. William Brown was found guilty of stealing four axis from James B. Harilsrul fit Co., end sentenced to bo locked up in tbo city prison for thirty days. Tha court then adjourned until Friday next The Execution op Pauline?The slave Pauline was executed yesterday at half-past 12 o'clock, st the parish prison, in accordance with ths sentence of the court, for oruelty to her mistress The spectacle was, as such spectacles are, horrid, and yet the street in IPont of the prison was thronged with the populace, who gathered at an early hour to see a human being launched Into eternity. There were mon and boys, and women too, with infants in their arms, who, while they uttered exclamations of pity, still stood and gaxod. Hare and there wore carriages filled with female spectators ; and all ware stretching their necks, standing on tip-too, push ing andjostling each other, that they might get a good sight. The coarse joke and brutal laugh might bo hoard, too, aa if hanging was quite a pleasant and laughable affair?a sort of aheap amusement for ths people?they seemed so jovial and jocose about it While this scone was going on without, everything was preparing with in. shortly before 13 o'clock the sheriff waited upon tha unfortunate culprit, who had bean in company with Priest Louis in her coll, and announced that all waa in readiness. She was then dressed in a long white robs, her arms bonnd with a black cord, the white cap placed upon her head, and walkad, accompanied by ths priest, sheriff, keeper of the prison, and ettoars of the Criminal Conrt, to the gallows, which was erected upon a plat form between the two prisons, fronting on Orleans at, screened by a doable gate. She was perfectly firm, end apparently indifferent; to hsr fate. Alter praying with ths clergyman upon the gallows, the crucifix was pieced upon hsr neok, and a white poohst-hsndkorchisf In her left band?the rope was adjusted on her nock by one of tho conviots, whose face was blacked, and ehe took her seat upon tho bench erected upon tho platform. Tho gates ware than opened, and a loud murmur ran through tho populace at the sight of tho wretched wo man. Tho party on tho platform uncovered ths osp was pulled over the culprit's eyea, and the gallows waa slid out so that it projoated a few feet into the street. In a few aeeonds the drop platform fell?tho seat npoa which she sat gavs way, and aha dangled in tho air. It was painful, tarribls, to see tho fearful struggles of tho dying woman, for it waa several minutes bstore all was over, aa her neck waa notbroken by ths fall, and she died from strangulation. At tho expiration of about twenty minutes, she waa taken in, and pronounced dead by tho physioian. As she was taken in and tha gates closed, a sort of ill-sapprosaed shout rose from a portion of tho crowd, and gradually tha wbols assemblage broke up and want away.?N. O. Piaaynas, March 3$. Movements or the Mo&mons.?The Mormon expedition ia now encamped about ten milea from Keosauqua, Iowa, and about)fifty miles from Nauvoo. From their encampment empty wagons are daily retnrn alo Nauvoo, and soma parsons have returned or foot, notorious O. F. Rockwall and Jack Redding have returned. On their way, being asked why they come back, they said they wore alter some soalps. Tbo Mor mons have now boon encamped at Keosauqua several days. Their men biro themselves out to the termers in ths neighborhood, and thoy seam disposed to remain for some time. There is some mystery in this movement, and much curiosity to know what it moans. Wo suspect that the secret lie* hero. When the Twelve arrived at Keosauqua, thay learned that Bill Smith had returned, andlwaa figuring largely in Nauvoo. Thoy also learn ed that tha Stragitas had gained considerable strength after thay loft. Thay, therefore, determined to halt and send back empty wagons lor mora provisions, and also send back their buliiaa, Rockwall and Rsddlhg, to frighten certain obnoxious individuals sutof Nauvoo. la tho meantime, a revelation, by Orson Hyde, has bean published, in which ha denounces Strangism in tbo strongest manner. It is evident that Smith and Strang are hiving Urn Twalva much trouble ; and if accounts from Nauvoo can be relied on, will soon contend for the mastery in ths Holy City. Many of the teams that re turn from tho camp cross over to tho island, instead of going to the city. This looks suspicious, for this island is the theatre of more viilany than the city itself. There have bean a large number of births in the Mor mon camp. The children nearly all died or wore put to death. Thay ware buried under brush heaps near tha camp.? Wartav Signal, March 36. CHALLENGE TO THE UNITES STATES. rpHE Subscribers have ao hesitation in saying to the pueple JL of New York, and the neighboring cities, that they can ana do challenge the merchants of oar country, fax and near, to compete with them in (he sale of WINDOW SHADES. They have a manafaetorr in the Stats of New Jersey, aboot 12 mnes from the city of New Verk, and possess ovary facility for manufacturing their shades at the least exponas. Of their beauty, worth and cheapness, they will convince die moot io rrrdolons by their giving ihem a call. DONuaER fcBECK ER, No. it Chatham st, N, Y., one door from the corner of Chambers st. mil I a* re SHIRT MANUFACTORY, No. 91 MAIDEN LANE. (UP STAIR8.) SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. rpHE SUBSCRIBER offers to the Public a method of A making shirts, which renders ease and comfort to the wearer and to a eomplete fit; as ao pains have bean spared |o ob tain the best k reach pattern shirts. Having had long experience ta the business, the Sabeeriber is enabled to make all the necessary improvements andjhve general satisfaction. WM. COLLINB ftl lm*r SPERM OIL AND CANDLES. TNXCELLENT Winter Bleached Sperm Oil altlagallj JCd Bleached Solar Oil, 72 cents; a prime article of Sperm Candles at 12 cents per pound, families, boarding house and hotel keepers are invited to call and examine the above before purchasing. Portals by J. O. FOWLS.A, Groeer and Tea Dealer, 22# Greenwich it. cor. Murrey, and 42# Greenwich cor. Vastly. mrlt lm'rc GERMAN SILVER. TAMES G MOkkET, No. 121 rrtnce street, 2d block v writ of Broadway, is constantly manufacturing German Silver of various numbers end wrdthn, which He will warrant to be equal to any. either foreign or domestic, fer qnaiity, and which He will sell at wholesale or mail, at reduced pricus P. 8. Ail foods sold will be delivered in any part of the city, or Brooklyn, free of expense. s2 lm*w SECOND HAND flLOTHINO end Furniture Wented-The hifbcec cosh C ..... to n k^. VftB K N. B. A line through the Poet Office will ho punctually at tended to. Constantly on hand, n seasonable assortment of now and second hand Clo'hing, cheap for cash, mli lm*re TO TAILORS. TT is daunted annnecesssry to say more in ftvor of 8TENE 1 MATS' celebrated work on Cutting Garments, than that it has racoivad tha most aaboaudod approbation of the moot eminent of the profession. By the ale of the snmorons Dia grams it eoaiama, togetber with tha ample mpdaamdnsa aeeom paayiag the same, a person of mods rata capacity ana, in a few hours, Cor with nasi an* si.unafren any uf the various styles ol garments now in vogue, sod in s manor net to be surpassed by tits most expertsaeed cutters The following are a few of the many highly respectable names whe testify to dm merits of '^The* iaudi reigned being luacsaosHy au#uriumd with Mr. Bteuemeta' Treaties on Cutting Germenu, with pi ousts re nmmiul It ns a werk, complete In ran arrangement. tad in iu saa&'sartr Aquas' ?. aiirts me., ke. 0.7" The tbave esa be obtained of the asWhee, at No. HI Broadway, New York, pnee from $2 to f 12 Per copy. msrt ImoJd'r BORDEAUX WINES. TUBT Received,per berk Celine, from Bordeaux. 722 eaass v red Wines. St Julian Dueru, Chateau Laroee, Margesui, L>Nculuwd hairdo red WuM, Be J alma, Medoe, Mar **21 casks tad hull do white Wiaau, HaM Snutarns. Hani Preignsc and Gravaa. _ Tha above wiaee have beau earefolly selected for dne mar ket, by my house ut Bordeaux .and are now leading sad offer - "iiatt'ff Kittr. i. i.B.. CHINA CRAPE SHAWLS. JUST RECEIVED, Lswurw Plain avd Satin Damask Crape Shawls, from ?# teBM. st aodtwfh '?hveredttAen^T^m^ CLINTf>w ?" TASSELS, a CITABLE for trimming hate, cape. Minds, shades, pictures. O sons, ambrellas, parasols, cloaks, aprons, sleeves, beg*. He. Also, e variety of hiadiags and cord, tor sale wholesale, M J. k F.'MAYNABD. of William ?t. mltlm'm #7 Maiden lane, cornet i_ TO DEALERS IN WOOLLkWm h. sassits&a bseu awarded to HVM. for the improvemout karwffuiahiag rSUJT to*M??ara. Woleou k Mods,? P??o WflJ

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