Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. TabXIb. Ho.M~WltolalU.43DI. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 10, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. J AIM BORHOW BBMETT, Proprietor. Ctrcolatkm...Forty Thommnd. DAILY HERALD?Kiery day. rnca I MaM per copyw Abi? in adva MM PRINTING of all kind* exaantad with beauty aaddaa jBteb 0~y AU laden or eomoioaicannus, by Mail, addressed ta the Mtobluhment. maal be post paid, or the rostage will be gedactad Iron ihe suboeriptioa mceey ramitted. J AM fit! GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of tea New Yaaa Hensjj) KirieiJiHMiir Nertli-West comer of Fulton and Naau sts. GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. JR t*gfc JSL JSSb JSub mat mat PERSONS wis! i> | to eectl for-hair friends ia any part of Se-tlsu-l, to rail direct 'rom Glasgow, cm make arrange mente wi h ihs Subscribers. Co hire ihcia m nay of tba regu lar line of p-eketi, sailing bob hly from Glasgow. Tba ANN H AKLKY. Capu ji Scott, ADAM CAHR.C'ptMu McEwaa. 1iroaoScK8bV:,p^?wk'"' Compri'a the above line, sod the high character of those ves se s shoull he ?uflicicot inducement for persona who may bt sending for their friends ia Bcouand, to make airangements for this (u,a only) line. Further psrtieulan gires, on application to _ ' if. k J\T. TAP8COTT, 7S Booth street, ooraer of Maiden Una, or Maura. REID k MURRAY", Agents tie r ia Glasgow. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. I'HIC Pah ic ia respectfully informed that tba recast break* A in the Usnal. can<ed by th* lata fre-het, hiring raea re pured. the PIONEER k EXPRESS LINE, ris Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its regalar trips for the season on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Drpot. No. 171 Market stm?t, DAILY, at 7)6 o'clock, A M. i By 'hit roete raeeengsrs will avoid all the fatigoe and dan ger of night travelling in com hea, both Railroads Doing passed la daylight. For fnrt ier information apply at the Old Established Office, 37< Ma- ket street, S doors above Eighth street alOSm r e A. II ' UMMINQ3. Arent REGULAR MAIL LLNE AM MM B TWEEN NEW YORE C3B|Qe AND BOaTON via PROVI 3ESMSK.DKNCE. by S'eam-m and Rail-^H^BL road. Reduced Vale and Freight to Boetoa?CabiaJdC SI: Deck, $3 Ihe arrangements of the N J. Steam Navigation Company with the Nonington Railroad Company, having t-rmin'ted, their Steamboau on that root* are withdrawn, and will diseon troaa stopping at Btoeington for eigther passengers or freight. The Duly Mail Line, now reestablished bet ween New York and Boston, connecting with the Boston and Providence Rail road, will ran between New York and Providence Direct Every Day, except Sundays. The Steamers of the Navigation Company conaif of the MASS V HUdKTTS, of !M tons. MOH KG AN 4* tons. N ARR AUA bSKTT. (M tons. RHODE ISLAND, 1006 tons. All we'I known aud popular first elms vessels, built expressly for the Loiur Island Bound, and by their construction, great ?trangth, and powerful engines, ue spec ally sd-p'ed to its na vigation. They are all famished with Patent Life Boats, and in sdd-tion to tne e?tensive cabin accommodations, have pleas ant piiva e atata rooms. Passengers will leave each place evaty afternoon except Baa day. From Boston iu tba Mail Train and uka the steamer at ? o'clock, at th-India Point Depot, in Providence, urivingat 9ear Yoike rly the Allowing morning. Those from New ork from.ihe ea'abUsbed Pier, N*. 1 Battr-y Place, at S o' clock, reaching Prvideore a so early the following morning, and proceedn g without delay in the Ms 1 Train for Boston, aftsr a comfortable nights mat on board tha Steamers, wtbent the annoyance either ot Ferry or being disturbed at midnight to change from boa's to cars, so much complained of, especial ly by ladies and families travelling between New York aud Boston. The boats will land at Newport going end returning For Pa-fue. Bertha, State Rooms or Freight, arpli ration ?any be a<de on board. In Boston, at the Depot of the Bostou and Proridcnee Railroad; in Providence, to th* Agent, at the Depot at lulia Point and in New York, of the Agents on the Wba-f, ana at the Office of tha Company, No. 71 Oiaenwieli street. In pursuance of the above the fist and splendid steamers RHODE ISLAND, Captain Maurbes er, on Mondays, WtJ near-ays and Fridays ; and MASSACHUSETTS, t apt. Putter, on Tuesdays, Thar,days and Sa todays will leave Pier No. I, N. R . d sly. Sundays eacr.trd Each of the above msxoifi cent steamers have commodious state rooms, and can berth MO pasaengMs. They carry the g-est Eastern Mail, at tl ?h xO, DRAFTS ON UKEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Pemona to n mit Mifr to nay pan of Great Britain or Ireland, Ua obtain draft* of the snbaerib- i fur any amumnt, large or ?melt, paya ble sa demand, a all the principal towaa and e tiaa. W. k J.T. I'APSCOTT, al>r . 75 Sooth at. cox. Maiden Lano. REGULAR MAIL. LINE BETWEEN BOSTON It NEW YORK >by tho fast and inlmd d stenmera OREGON Eptnl KNICKERBOCKER. lh* (teuton <*? R EUuN, commanded by Captain A. P. St. John, and KNICKEKBOcK K.R, eommandod by Capuiu S Th'irer. will reatkronahoat the aaaann, from the lac day of April, in connection with the Stoo u gton nod Proridtnee and Boatoa and Providence Railroads, leaving New York dai ly, Sundayi i iceptod, iron pier No. 1 North river, at 5 o'clock r M., and Stouiaetoo at 9 o cloek P. M., or upon the arrival of the mail train from Bo- too. There iteaineri a e rpaaaed ia tpecd, splendor and com fort earing each of diem (0 l?rge comm. dionr private atata ronma, and bertha for M0 peraona, beeidaa large private rjona for laauliea -ad party** The steamers, are officered by the moat experienced men, aad wdi shorten the passage between New York and Button froia IK (?1 honra, th -reby a-rivug in ample time for all the I n 'tuning from New York, north, aonth and want, and all the linea from Boatoa. north and out. The OR V .ON will leave New York-Tneaday, Thursday aad Saturday. Lea-e u.aington- Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hi. B?Paaarugaiioa t a arrival of 'he stamen at Stoning too procoed la.oie liately in tho apler.did Railroad Cars to Pro ? ide-.ce m d Both n, without any delay: and a Baggage Matter atcompaniee each train to Boat m, to lake aharga ot the Bag '*i"oc KNICKERBOCKER will leave New York-Monday, Wednetdwaod Friday. Leave Woe .n?t m?Taraday, Ttinradry aad Saturday. For p?u<ue or freight acquire on board of tho boat, at paor No. 3 N. K., or of UEO. E. FAIRCHILD, No. M Wert rtreoc, mhl' tmfh or of J NO H. RICHMOND. Prondneo. PEOPLE'S LINE Ob' STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Bnndaya excepted?'Through Direct?at T o'clock, P.M. From the pier bt tureen CourUandt and Liberty eft. Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leeve on Monday, Wedaeaday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. jbort llENDRIK HUDSON. Capt. R.O. Crutten den. will leave en Tnraday, Thnraday aad Satnrday eveninga, it 7 o clock. At 5 o'clock P. .M., Landing it Intermediate Places. From Ike Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain L. W. Braiaard. will leave on MomLy, Wednesday, Friday and Saaday altar noona, at 5 o'clock Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capttia R. H Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thnraday aad Satnrday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. Tho above boa's will, at all timos, arrive in Albany ia ample time for the morning cam for the seat or west. Freight taken U moderate rates,'none taken after iX o'clock, P.M. AII prnoes are forbid tntsCtng say of the boat* of thie line, without n written order from tin Captains or Agents. k or passage or freight, apply on board the Boats, or to P. C. tKewbart. alO rre Behnlta, at 'he nffiee on t NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the pier foot of Coartlaad street. Passengers taking thia Boat will arrive in time to takn the Morning Train of Cart from Troy weat to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall aad Lnkn Cham plaiBe The low pressors steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Maey, Th'? Ev- 7 o'e.ock, (Friday, ApriRIO.) I For Passage or Freight, apply on Board, or at the Office oa the whyi. ^Freight most be pot in charge of the Freight Agent, o* the eompa?y will not be responsible for I., a. a Ik ?black ball, or old line oV liver. PPOOL pack, la FOR LIVERPOOL-Only re naalar packet of Uia Mth April. The magnificent rbrated fast tailing favonte pn?. at ship NEW T. B. Creeper, Commander. _ wiU sail positively on mo,M costly is mow, with every modern improvement and conveail ^ta that eaaaot bat add to the comfort of those embarkiael raday, tba it'll Aptil. It ia wall knoWn that the accom T,SR ? ai f ? dittoes of the NowY. rk aie fitted ont ia a most anperbaad eaca, that cannot bnt add to the comfort of those ambarkiag. Peraona waiting the old eouncry.or sending (or their fru-ata. ?hunId onlt aad see thin splendid specimen of naval architec ture, before engaging elaawhere. Far passage ia cabia, second H'. early application ahoulffbe made oa board. cabin and Lot A Hi aad atoornga, early application ahonltf be made on ? alt r S Fatten meet, (next door to the Faiton Bank.) Ell* NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana aad New eJJWy York Line.?P'?UIT-Iy FirstRegnlar packet-To sail sail as above her regular day. For freight or pmsage, hanng htndaotaa fntaiahad aoenra modatioaa, apply oa board, at Orleans wkitf foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLI NS ft CO. * South atroaL PoHtieoly no goods received on board after Monday eraaisg, llih mat vat. .Agent m Now OrLoas, JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward e'i ->ood to bit add rent. racket ahip LOUISVILLE, Hunt, master, will saoeood the E. rt. Chap m. and anil Monday, April 3bUi, her rage I tr day aH OF PACKET SHI Pa?Packot ? 'th April?The first class, last aailiag pack IJ R 8X1 DDT, Capt. J. C. Leer,burthen 1000 ^^^^^^^Hbove, her regular day. aeeomaaodatiooa for cabin. Id eabia and life rage passengers. paraoaa inteading to embark, shonld make immeAate application ou hoard foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. n.~u tons, will aacceed the J. 1L SKIDDY, a?l sail oa the 9th r?fii?rany. N. ? Peraoaa desirous of Muffing for their friend., ena have tht ? bitmf ht out by wnp, on modemte t?rmBf by ?uikinff ipplicauon m thorn. a)o r sail a. atwre, her regalar day. "oyer, Mill ... _w . (Uy. - to ,,ro?d e*bia and steerage, having ap'endid eecoioaiodntioai, api ly on boe-d. or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, * Pius at. corner af Soath. r. t-i'iB'ii wishing to lead for their friend*, ena htra than brought not to this country kr one of the Line, aailiag I from Loudon oa ihe7th, 17tb, and ?7ih ot aaeh month, on res- * aonahja ??naa, by applying ?? above ,tg , LUUCNCH LUNAR FILLS?Ladita will Aad the fare arti JP cla (no diaaoooiaaaert) at 113 Ckany etreet. al im*r? j TO LET, STORE No. 114 Fnlton ipml Brooklyn, mod suit able fur til" lain </ books, periodicals, newspapers, fee. Al>ply on ihn premises. a) lw*r toTft JA IN BROOKLYN?The two three stor* briek hoasea, atf >ste Noa. Bl and 1M Bridge street. Tha hua-ee in JijML new and ??ery way coureuieet sod within fifteen mn.uira walk from the Fallon an i Cstt erinn sl.eets 'ernes. Eu nire at Wo. m B jigs it-art. Brook'y aT Iw'rrc to Let, A HOUSE, No. 64 Vsrick st-eet. io rood repair, with Croton Water, a Tea K om, ud a Duo Tiaw of St John's Park. Enquire of >*rrr F COS. 41 John rtroat. FOR SALE, OR TO L.ET, The Modi a built three story brick hoaae. Jli Adams atrrot, Brooklyn It oot aol J by private a le, it will be dieo nod of at pablic auction, ou the 15:h day of May next. Half ol the purchase mom y can remain on tnoitir tte, for a torn of vain. Application to bo made on the premies, II) Adama at. Brooklyn. a4 taa'rc A wanted, M TWO ROOMS. kb*d room and sitting' room, well fur [???? niabed, for a (eotle ? an and h's wile, also aeeommoda Jnll, tion for a female servant, with Board in or in the vici nity of Broadway. Apply to R. R. C.. at the desk of the Ho raid office afiiftre TO LET. TO A SMALL FAMILY?'Thetipper part of a house io Chamber! atre-t, consiat-ng of front end ba'k room with piurry. on the aeeond floor, end a front and bed ro mi on the third floor, and if required en a'tic rem, with the uto ol Crotuu water, aid other neceeaarv privileges. Ap ply to A. S. VAN PRO k(J,S7 Warren at. N. B.?If detirabla a part of the above may be obtained. a7 tw'r FOR SALE OR TO LET, A^THE HANDSOME and commodious dwelling and H-W carriage bonae, with about one and a half aciaaofland, XJiJL well stared with every description or freit, aitnete in the town i two milee . fcVANDKI or to S. 8 Pell, nee- the premiere. Possession may be had immediately. e? h'rrc STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. MA HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with a few or any aunXer of eeree that may be desirable. Haras, fee , fee., attached,on the North shore if Staten Island,flout ing on the rtvsr, and within thr-e umntes walk of Cat lb ton Steamboat Landing, ore mile from Port Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. The property has a front on the water of about 400 feet For further paitienlars enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. II WeJl street, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jane Bnr ger aT lwr HOUSE 10ft AMITY S1 REET FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. AaA THE three story brick Home and Lot No. 10) Amity fy?W street, opposite St. Clement's Episcopal Chuich, lot 2) XJJL by 10*. liooae I) by 41, with 10 feet piazra. The Home it nearly new and built for tbepreaeat occupant, in tit* be. t manner, and is in excellent condition, and % of tnc pa rebate money may remain on mortgage at 0 per cent. If not sold this week it will be noted to a small family. Apply at above at I in the morning or evening, or of TONNELL It HALL, tl 4t*r M) Pearl street corner of Beekman at. TO LET OR FOR SALE. HA MODERN BUILT COTTAOE. Stable mad Conch Honae attached, with about an acre of land, the principal part of which ia wall atneked wjth fruit and hrube, end eu loaed withe picket fence. The stages pass every tan minutes within five minutes' walk of the house. Situation between 110th end tilth streets. For farther informa tion apply to JUHN BATHGATE, 1)4 Ninth street, Or Dr. WOODS. Harlem. mrll liu'rc FOR SALE, a A Small Steam Distillery, with all the apparatus and fiatnree now ready to nut into operation; (it is likewise well adapted lor distilling cimphine;) wul be sold at a great aner fice, if applied for in mediately. T*e home and store to be let, nud possession to be given im mediately. Enquire on the premises. *4 E. earner ol 24 h at and Sth avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, i3tw*m X) Did slip. well stared with every description ol limit, situate in rn of East Cheater n*ar the Episcopal Church, tbont lea from the Harlem Railroad. Apply to LAWTON NDKHPOEL, No X Fn raise Buildings, Wall atreet, A fancy ? TO LET. tAHOU8E AND BARN, with about sixteen lots of ground, limited in the vil'uge of Hu?tings,Westcneste county, Stae of New fork, within a few minuter f the steairbont 1 aniline. Said Place la dm ed into gar dene, which ere well itocked with Fruit Alio, a p eaaa1 grove. with a atr?am of wata*. and mveral good springs roe tetaion can be given immediately "or further pertic ilars, ap ply it the atom of Mr 8c ln?er. Halting i Landing, or of a! lm*rc M W. ECKF> T, 72 Murine it. N.wYorh. TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, tWHO DESIRE a Handiome and Capacioue Store in one of the moat erowwed and flourishing thoroughfare* of Brooklyn?The u dersixned hai now e ecied, in s Arenne. near ? /rv goods store. which u doi?* an im mense hus new, a ft e hree itory brick building, 24 feet front by 4# feet deep, with Wid?ame-y finiibed parlors. He . a large and comm?dioni ,uii?. and cu excellent and apacioni ba?e men'. It will oe finished and read, ler possessionbefore the Brit of May. win be au .-xo Hem location fun rete-J dry goodi bminetf ,and will be let ,ow to^e good le^ant^^^jy^to mJ01w?r 1?S Myrtle Ay'enne. FOR SALE - Pent L t? on the north aide of <l?t itreet, irof-et e.n.i offhe 3 h arenne,with anew.Horn-, I Jy|M,and another hmldin* on one of the loti amiable for ? workthop. ilanghter house or stable. Alio, akont t x acrei, with a un til House, on the Roehaway and Jamaica Tururihe road, about halfa mile beyond - he Toll uatr. it ctuteiui one -ere of Peach Treea, in full bearing, and of the ebo ect fruit . , ,nu? , A*s*,sev ral Oiher pieces of Land. Inquire of JnHN L NORTON. Jr., at HDelancey atreet, between the boors oi SandJ. ?* '* fl> TO LET AT MODERATE RENTS. tTHE firat floor md collar of Score No. 71, Maidei Lane, a haired and countered, and being an cicellanl al'itd for buaiuera. . . _ ? . , , Uir modern J story buck Dwelling House, with trar bla mtntela. mahogany doors, plated furniture Re., iho 171 Hammond street, near Greenwich street. Rent $400 Alio, the deairable residence, in complete -oid-r, with beau tiful yard, No W'averly Place, n few deorsweitof 8i?tb Accuse, occupied by Judge Price Rent 6M. Aleo, The large J etory and nttie dwelling house.NO. M B irrow atreet. or Weat Washington Place, at pcrw-nt ocru. pied by Mr Heffernan, aud all tn complete order .Kent ?7?i Inquire of LAMBERT 8UVDAM, 132 Wir.rtr Place,or 14W.11 etreet. '* * *'c HOUSES TO LET. jw* CONTAINING the modatn improvement*?Rent Hit ffl? situation deairab'e?Theee hona a are moated on the 1JL Fourth Avenue, becwaee lit r and IS'h a reeta; alao oa 2V,I aud 36thstreets; the/are three atory brica bui dinga eeo 'nin It room. each, fine girdeus. m?rble mtntela, olding doora. bl -ck gra'ea, f-ney blowers, Re They will be put la P*ri>? order, and are admirably calculated for 'eaidences for P?rjt? trinities The rail caripme try hve minutes from I A. M. till II ?t night, they can be reach aid from the City Hall intwsa trAp"iyt'to D. EVANS. No. M City Hall Placa, or at hit real* d*NMb'-8oma oflhe houses are admirably arranged for twe families. '? ""*r HOUSES ANU LOT FOR SALE. A PLEASANT eountry seat in the Tillage ef Midi eon. Moms county, New Jersey, within eftw minutes xiilwalk of the beautiful residence of Wm. Oibbons, Eeq., being about 23 miles from New York city?coamanication to tod from twice u day, any day in the year, per Morris and en sex Railroad. Said place eonUina about oue acre, oe which ire Two Honaea and a Barn, with a firat raie well of water Good schools and churches ia the immediate vicinity The premises are located ia a commanding position, overlooking the whole village; ted-is ooe of the moat deairable locattoaa ? the place, being within two minntee walk of the railroad de :, wbicn renders it convenient for a person doing busineaeui i city, who desires to retire in the coeatry. For particulars enquire! oraddrm. to the aebeeribvr ^ nQ^ (54 lm*r? Mornatowa, N. J. SPLENDID EVERGREEN TREES, flee. WM. R. PRINCE R CO.. Oaihinf. hava the only ?on collection of large Kvergreea Treea, for sale on hoax 33C Island, eompriaiag above 1M? splendid Balm of Gilend. or Balsam Fir, Norway and Whit" Spruce, Hemlock Spruce, Sileer Pica, fce. iter are fu'l b"acbed from the ground, end remarkably beautiful. Aleo, IMt Panlownia lm penalit, 7 to 9 Get high, the moat ariendid tree eyer intro duced to our country, and tbaae are the paly l.rge treea of the kind, in mit Flu.hing Nursery. 12 #00 Alanthua, of all aixaa , and 1 MO Elms, lor sale, at low rates, to e*ur a plot of ground. The Peer. Plem, Cherry. Peach and Apneot Traea, are 0 to It fret in height, and remarkably vigorous, each as are nowhere else obtainable. Purchasers are invited to view the Treea, as t hey can awe from 2 to 4 rears by their superior aiae jtpnl 0th. 1040 '3 31"" ; FOR SALE, mm OR Exehaage Cot Cwy Property, 040 acvee of rich land Mm Sco'land county, (formerly Lewis eo.) m Mtaaoori. SClt was purchased in 106 fiom gowrameet. aadaelecled tor uia present owner, who has a goverumwit deed lor it. The taxet are all paid to tbi.jrear. A survey of the land ha* breo made. Addreaa box llTd, P. O ^ lw^rc GENTLEMEN'S UA TS-SPHlNOSTYlJ: OIKD, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS.? tJ Gentlemen's HaU, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beauty of ityle, am bow ready foir examination and aula, by tha subscriber. BIKU, mr14 Plt># NiWiWl ftT ft ? ORWIUf W UT BTCI WIWIB mnpana aua w?- r' ntidy Toort#lf o( this f?ct. b* 1? rfc SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. rM WHY will yon pay $4^0 and ti for a Hat, whea yea jpa can go to PHOENIX HAT AN?)" GAPNMANUFACTORT, 109 Walton Street, and get as good a oee for UJI1 Go and examine lor vour ii're selves. mrl2 lm METROPOLITAN HAT AND OaP SlORE, No. 'ATM M Grand atreet, PI PLUNKETTRCO have just < peeed tkia a men! witha apleadiA aaaoitment of HATSaed CAPS, not to b- surpassed either in quel ty, elegance of shape or da rabilitr. which they oaer to the public at the foil owing very low poem;? Hats. Firat quality Nutria Fur, at $3 SO Second do do do do IN Firat quality Moleskin, do I 06 Second do do do... IN Cars from Zl% eeati to SI 73 eaeh. Wholesale and retail ? rders punctually attended to, and cus tomers heti ircned ar.>tkept <? ? lie pa gratis. aT im'rrc J PLUNKE1 T aud R. PARDE8SUS. ?PREMIUM BCXJTS. J FINE FRKNCW P;<OI*h for $1M. city aside, and are feqaui to those .old ? or i r tore, lor t5. Fine French Caff Boots ibrfil Je. .oil to th? beat made n rhia city lor M or $7, at YOUNG k JONES' jfrench Boot a^ a Mann factory, oat of ih- moat fa<hionahle in the eity.? Our Boots hiring . e n indg-d >u ihe late Fair at Nibie**, are eaid to be ihe at ever a->'d in this ci.y. All Boots w.iriani d to fire au'iafactioo. Mending, Ro. done n: ih. Stum. Yonwu * JONES, ? Aon t'reel, ui25 im'm near Broadway, New York. J BOOTS AND eHOFlM?The Pnblie are invited to cell gad examine the large aaaertmeat of geuiiemene, la dies and miurs Boots, Shoes and Uailars in all theiivxri ties, which -mr 'o I e found at the cheep cash 'tore of Ulm*r H. BIGGAM, 141 Carnal at, corner Sullivan Farther Particular* from Mexico. [From lb* New Orleans Picayune, April I.] Ps.vsacola, March 90.?The Soman railed from Vara Cruz on tba 80th instf, and arrirad at Ptuaoola after a passage of nine day*. She bring* dataa from tba oitjr of Mexico to tba 14th j instant Tba newa by tha Cambria must ba*a arrirad in Maxieo by the 14th instant, th* data of tha laat adricee from that , city. A vessel irom Naw York, on tha 18th, brought j new* atill litter, by airht or nine days, of tha orobanlo ?ettl emaat of tba Oregon quae tion on tha basis of tha 40th parallel. As Mr. Slidell has not, therefor*, actually received hia I passports, those who hnow the irraaolutlou and unstable ! policy *f a Mexican administration, may esteem it poeii- | bla that the sniwer to Mr. 91id*U will be reconsidered, j and his mission, at tha last moment, accented undar a satisfactory compromise or an admiasion or his preten sions to the full extant This surmise is only admissible in riew at tba uncertain Datura of Mexican politics, and wa hare ovary reason to beliara that Mr. Slidell, having bean twice rejected by Mexico, and refused opportunity to pay hia diplomatic addresses, ha* abandoned tha oourt ?hip, and ie by this time on his war to tho United State*. A panic prevailed ot Vera Cruz in conaaquanco of the supposed intention of our float to blockade or open hosti lities on tha withdrawal of Mr. Slidoll. The people ware deserting tha oity, and two days before the Somen sailed, all the Mexican nary war* ?ent undar tow of staamara, to a place of safety, far up tha Alrarado liver. The " Locomotor," which bad before denied tha axiateno* of any alarm, oa the IStb frankly admits its error, bears witness to the fears of tha citizens, and calls on tbe authorities to adopt such precautions as humanity and tha public tranquillity demand. The pri sons and hospitals ar* especially commanded to the at tan'ion sn) aare of the government. A detachment of 1800 man was on its way to reinforce the garrison of Vara Crua and San Juan da Ullot.? There ar* said to ba about 1000 man in the oastle. It is also reported that mora troops have been dispatched in tha direction *f Matamoras, and that an sxptditlon against the California* had actually left tha capital.? General Ampudia, yon will racollaet. lett the capital about two months ago, with a large body of troop* for the northern Rentier. He has arrived at San Louis Po tosi. On attempting to mov* from that famous halting place of all the armies of the north, he was arrested by a mutinous outbreak, and more than 1000 of hia command refused to inarch further. The gallant General seizing tbe standard, appeared before the revolterr, and sham ing them aa ptliroons, atimulated their patriotism to fol low tbe national banner. This appeal produced a mo mentary impression. Order waa restored in the rank*, and tha line of march resumed. But on arriving at the gates of the oity, tha mutineers war* again in the ascend ant, and bieaking from the ranks, returned to tha city, took possession of soma of the churches, and prepared to resists any attempts to coerce them Amnudia has thus far diligently followed the footstep* of his illuatrious pre decessor, re rede*. Is soma naw revolution masked un der this military revolt 1 The publio discussion of the monarchy question ap l many able i * pears to have called into tha Held so many able advocates of republicanism, that the monarchists are content to abandon a pen controvaray, and devote themselves to tha prosecution of tkair intrigue* sacretly. Tha clergy and high aristocracy ar* the main support are of tha royal party; tha great body of tha nation ar* ardent republican*. Parade* and hia cabinet, professing to observe a etrict neutrality, have, by soma indication* too trivial to note circumstantially, shown a pradiliction for the monarchical party. Tha last act ol tha govern mant, aa it subvarts tbe liberty of the press, as well as shows tha politic* of Parades, is worth mactianing. An article trsn-latad fiom an Amaritsn paper, was published iuth* Zenpoottrc*, and afterwards copied into 'be Monitor; here it came under the notice of the Presi dent, and so far exeited bit ire that tha printer was sant lor, reprimanded in tha most violent terms, and dismissed with the threat that h* should b* shot, togeth er with the editor and all other* who sent him writings to publish, if the offence was repealed A full account of this disgraceful interview waa taut by tha printar to ha editors of the Monitor and published, with the reply oi tha editors, in that paper .an the 14th Inst. The Diario d'l (hbi?>nvt tha official journal, subsequently t* this occurrence, notice* ceitain anonymous pamphlet* which have be*n issued, proposing tha cession of Texas to the United States, a- d also Naw Mexico and California. Tbe intention of the,government fa then announced of putting eg end to all diaoussion on the form of govern ment, under the provisions and penalties ol an old ordi nance, which wsa equivalent to a threat of imprison ment. In conaequenc* f these occurrences and official indications, the editors in Mexico'have issued a solemn protest on the part of "tha Republican press," against tbaae acts of the government, and denounce them to tha nation As tbe republican portion of the press iw thus brought out, this set of the government is doubt less supposed to favor tome political move of the monar chical party. Tha protest is signed by tha editors of the Contra Ttempo, Monitor, Reformo,, (former ly St-gf# XIX) and Don Simpiicio. Tbe Locomotor, in alludiDg to this subjoot, any* that tha proposed cession of Texas Ac to tbe United States, U so unworthy a suggestion, that it oonld not have eat nated from any sincere Mexican, and that it must bavs b?en published by soma of tha adherents of tha monar chical party,with a view of bringing the republic as part ot tba pre aa into d arepute. and provoking the President to act ageinat its lit arty. Although the open advocacy o tha monarchy it necessarily silenced by this prohibi tion, it is supposed they are quit* ready to retire upon ? ivert intrigues, provided they cam first shut tha mouths jfth ir opponents The Diario del Cobirrno, of the 10th, reviews the pro sent stats of tha Texas business, and indulges in soma reflections on tho deceitful course which the American cabinet has pursued towards Mexico. Tha Rtfoim, of the 0th, in noticing the refusal oi the government to receive our misistar, gravely says, that in our attempts to negotiate, w* bav* had in viaw no other object than to gain time to complete our work* oi fortifloation, advance our 'roops to the vicinity of Matt moras, and parade our maratJm* forces before their ports with the bop* of frightening tha government into undue concessions. The advance of our troops to th* Rio Bravo, is an nounced in th* metropolitan papers of tba 13th. Saoor Esonadron is reported te be on th* eve of going to England on important public basinets. The advices from Yucatan are to th* and of February* Th* people are occupied with the elections to the Extra ord nary Convention, which ie to decide th* political position of tbe Peninsula. There is bat little doubt that they will declare for absolute Independence. Vxaa Catrx, Thursday, 11 o'clock, Much Iff.?Gentle men 1 have just closed n letter to you, but must tdd that Maxieo, that itphe govtri meat, is, 1 think,in its last agony?in labor, nod what she will bring forth God, if th* nation is under hia divine can, only knows. Sporting Intelligence. TiOTTixn at HiiLiif, Yutiidit?Tki (porting season for this year, in thi? riciuity, commenced, yse terdej, et the Harlem track. There waa a good num ber preaent, although the naga were comparatively "unknown." >t waa for a Puree of $80?mile heata, beat 1 in 6, nnder the caddie, between Wm. Wheelan'a b. m. Jane. C.8. Bartine'a br. g. Lilliput. M. A- oh. m. Alice. It wac a one aided affair ; Jane had it all her own wej throughout, and won with eace, aa foliowa:? Wm. Wheelan'a b. m. Jane (J. Spioer)... 1 1 1 C. 8. Bartine'a br. g. Lilliput 9S3 M. A 'a ch m. Alice SSI Time, 3 64-3 9?3 68. K la auppoeed that Jaekaen haa left the oenutrj and returned to Englan i. Giidersleeve haa returned to the city from hia South era tour. Tmb ltacaaAT NawOaLaaea?Obbat Sroar Avxiet raTBD.?At a meeting of the|Metaire Jockey Club, held on Setnrday evening at the St. Charlea Hotel, "tha Great Gold Stake" waa peatponed until the apring of 1847. The regular apring meeting will, therefore, com mence on Wednesday, lat April, (aa will be teen by aa advertisement! with two flue racea. Aa the time ap proeohea, the interest in racing matter* increaaea, and crowds of strangers are daily arriving to witness the sport We hazard but little in auguring a campaign unparalleled In the annals el the Southern turf. The following stabiee are now In attendance, preparing lor the contests :? Thomas R Irk man has Li-eb-tn nah, Jsannotteau, broth er to Bool, an own a.ater to Sartln, and several young things. Mr. Small has Croton and Tom Placide. Dr. Withers baa two S year olds by imp. Leviathan. Mr. Tidwoll haa a Count Badger colt, 4 years old. Col. fflogaman haa Bataey Coody, Llsotte, and aovorai young things. D. f. Renner haa Music, Beacon Light, and several young things?Ave in all. J. AH Cage have Waverly, Joe Tucker, EUoa Car neli, and a 9 year old. w. P. Oreer has Darkness, Mary Waller aod Count Moolia. Capt. Minor, Bracelet, Javelin, Habe Carter, Luna Doe, Coronation, and some 9 year olds. W. H. Parrott haa Weahenango, the Trifle Ally,a Du ane colt, and one other. Lecompte k Co. have Laura, El Bolero, and a I year old. Mr. Tucker haa a 4 year old colt by St. Leger, and two 8 year olds John Clark haa St Cloud and two 8 years olds. J C. Cocks has Victress. Fancy and Arrah Nail. The stables of Wells, Carnal, Hefflnfton, Johnson and Miller, are hourly expected. The Course is in ex cellent condition, aod all Its appointments in first rate order. The Sew Orltmu Tropic of the 1st Inst, says Jack son offers to run Barlow two miles for 9400, or any man in America, Irom 9 to 30 miles, for giOOO ar $3000 aside; and will give half a mile in 13, or three quarters In 30 miles. A Dig brag, surely ! Mr Stanley aud Mr. Schul tan are playing a game of cheer. Present state of it ?? Staniey has won 7; Achult'n 9; drawn 8 Scbulten has to win two more to beat. Mr. Stanley's laurels are In ALBBAeenis, La., Racks.-The Red R/rsr RepwA'/een fnrnUhrs us with the result of the Alexandria. La , r cor. We have only room to say this morning that Lou isa Jcrdae won the two mile purse, beating Ml'kwa in 8:41?8:49; and that Purity Ton the purse for mile heats, best 8 in 8, besting Attela Lecompte in 1:61?1:80 ? 1:81.?tf. O. fit., Mnrth 81, further News from Mexico. The old reports are not believed? Our Pirnipo' it not received ; The whole world new bsgine to start? Where lethe PleMpe'! eh, where I He now to on the backward track, And wa shall aeon receive him book. National Academy of DmI|B. I Wo rejoice in the evidence* of increasing inter- | est in works of native artists, as manifested by the : numbers who yearly crowd the exhibition rooms of the Academy. It gives promise of a brighter era in j art than this country has yet witnessed; and if ' those whose happy province it is to cater to our ap- i petite for the beautiful, are only true to themselves : ?if instead of giving us mere types of the old mas ters,they aim to nuildf up a school of their own,from ! abundant materials existing around and among ua, i then, and not till then, will art attain an eminence ' from which it may be able to look down on ibe past, not up to it as unsurpassable. In the meautime, whatever serves to gratify our aspirations lor the beautiful, is good, and should be encouraged, al though it may be far short of our ideal standard. A bad pioture is better than none; for it is only by comparison with abetter that we learn to estimate each truly. As there are different standards of beau ty, so itis manifestlyiunjust'io establish an arbitrary one, and condemn all wno do not come up to it, aa unworthy. We might extend these remarks, but will content ourselves with saying, that in the ob servation* we may make ou the exhibition, we shall endeavor to be just. Whea an artist baa at tained a certain degree of reputation, he can bear a little criticism?it is wholesome, and may do him good ; while the young aspirant for tame, if he has any merit, should be encouraged, net blighted, by harsh aad unmeaning seventy. So, courage ! ye young Raphwls, who have been looking with trembling solicitude to this exhibition! We shall be lenient with you. " Afsw England Scentry "?C. Croptv ?This picture does not sustain the reputation acquired by the "view in Orange county?Greenwood lake in the distance." Though there are parts of it beautiful ly handled, with much character, yet it is wanting in effect. Like the dove in Noah's ark,the eye wander* over the picture in search ot a resting place. The foreground lacks strength. The general tone of the picture is cold, although it is noon day in summer; aad the water has no motion, al though from the character ot the sky we might ima gine wind enough to wake it. It is New England scenery, however; it is nothing else. " Vino on Lake Oeorge"?By the tame.?We can not well conceive how one who haa painted aome good things, could paint one so bad aa this. This picture is lacking in what given greatest value to a picture of this character?effect There is no strength in the foreground. The distant hills are never so blue in nature. The reflection in the wa ter, of the autumn clad mountain, is good; but the water, we think, is too glassy. We never aaw it thus. Ia the stillest day, with not a breath of it will be rippled,Jiere and there, if not by its own inhabi tants darting to the surface, by the numerous wing ed insects skimming over it. Municipal Nominations?Municipal Reform. James Gordow ffamrrrr, Esq :? As we have failed in getting up an independent reiorm party, on the present occasion, owing to the apathy of the moderate portion of ihe citizens, and the fear of othera to throw off the collar of their party, dec., we have again to submit to the choice of such candidates as the wire-pullers and lenders of the different parties have seen fit to select. Now, sir, as 1 have thrown off the patty collar, 1 intend to vote for the best men, if 1 can find which the best are, without any regard to their being demo crat, whig, or native. As there are, doubtless, a choice as to which are most in favor of reform, I should like to know their various opinions on that point, as well as their personal characters, qualities and qualifications, dec. But as the party papers cannot be expected to give us a fair, impartial and candid statement, 1 appeal to you, as an independent journalist, who do not wear the collar of any party, to give us a fair analysis ot the characters, qualities and quali fications for the offices to which they aspire, par ticularly whether they will go for such reforms as are needed and desired by the people, and a reduc tion of our taxes. As Mr. Mickle is anew man on the political cheas board, and little known by the public or ho party, a brief report of his character, dec , would be very desirable. It is very desirable that the Com missioner should be perfectly honest himself, ae well as not to wink at disuonesty in those who furnish the soap, oil, dec., for the Alms Home We want good men, the very h->st men, for Mayor. Commissioner, Alderm-n, dec., and look up to yoi tor an exposition as to which are the beat that are now in the field, to fill those Ghees. Will you tulti. the expectations ot the public, and gratify yout friend 1 j. m. Charleston, April 4,184<i. The Mailt?Office Seekert?The Surveyorthip of the Port ?State Politict ? Approaching Election ? Extentive Failure?The Herald Agent, 4*c. Since my departure from Gotham, 1 have been ruraliting about here, and between magnetism, the atricals, concerts, and magicians, have spent the tima pleasantly enough?the inner man being pro Tided for by mine host of the Pavilion Hotel, who far* nishes his intellectual guests, through the Herald, wherewith to give gusto to their provisions, and oonvar. ration at the dinner table?for be it known to you tha' our Northern mail, when it does reach us, is Used, by the schedule, to be on band at 11 o'clock, A M. For the last four days, however, it has been blowing and raining eo much in the wholesale way. that retailers of North ern news are used up, and this roust account for your receipt, with this letter, of something less than half a dozen southern and Western mails that have been lying in the Post Offlse, under the magnetic influence?not of our worthy Postmaster, for he is a most determined op poser of Professor De Bonueville's doctrine, end like th< gallant Colonel in command of the Arse nil here, hat shown himself so to the teeth?of a young lady, who suffered extraction without pain, whilt in the " sloop" produced by the Professor. The only item of political gossip that wa have, is the appoiulmeiit ot Thomas Gadsden. Esq., as Surwor ol the Port, the previous incumbent haviDg " shuffled og this mortal coil," after holding the office over thirty yean. Tha breath, however, was scarcely out of hie body, before a boat of cormorants sought to batten on tho spoils. Some went to Washington - some drew up petitions?and all tha usual menmu vres, in such oases made and provided, were re sorted to ; but, alas! for human hopes! one who want to Washington, returned with the sad intelligence that o parson novar dreamed of, was to pochot tho snng sum of 93,600 per annum. Every body eeeme pleased, however, as many imagined there would be a worse selection. The successful candidate was formerly a purser in the navy, and is a fat, halo, and hearty body, which loads one to believe at least in his good nature?a quality with which at least soma of his compears war# not over endowed. The Collector ia getting papular, although a quasi whig, and ho would do well to hoop a true whig or two about him, instead of certain nondescripts whose position is where "nobody knows and nobody cares." Tho state of politics here it would be difficult to give to a New Yorker; and after various enquiries, I give up the job of explaining it as a bad one. The next election takes piece in October, and it is thought that tha pre sent representative iu Cougreee will not stand a poll. Hence'hi* succeseer is talked about, and soma two or three have been mentioned -among thorn the Hon. Wm. Aiken, the present Governor of this State, C. O. Memin ger, Esq and Ker Boyce, t-q I am told, bowevar. tkat tha selection in this case, as well as in others, will de pend much on the " Corner sliguwhich ia eupposed to bo headed by the President of the Bank of tho Stale. A Senator and members of tho Legislature are to be ckoeen at tbt earns time. The only electioneering now goin* on ia relative to the office of tax collector, for which tboro are about six candidates already, and " tha cry ia etlll they come " The prominent candidates era Hanry L. Ploekney, tha incumbent ef tha office, ere (em, and Col. Fianels Lanoo.a very popular and worthy gon t lent an. Tha latter elands highest on tho betting lUT, so far. Fuilnres have been as plenty as blackborriee here this winter and spring; end half e million of dollar* at least will bo required to square the yard*. Ae a consequence there is bat little business doing, except in cotton and rice. Tho dry goods men, if they aell any thing, mast do Hat a loss, from the vast quantity thresrn on tho market by auction sales. The benk* apply the acrews tightly, and if a man can not come np to nis engagement*, he la cloaed up in quick time. This will account to yon for tha numerous sMignasenta noticed in the paper*. I am told that the place is goiog to the old Harry, in oonsequeno*, and tha population are going to the West. Mr. Amos Haad, your agent here, is a vary gentle manly personage, and ia getting on swimmingly, a* everybody must, of coarse, do, who acts on your sys tem of doing business. His store ie the lounge of the lit. rati of this literary city, of which, he ia no small specimen himself. Oeart efOysr end Termalmwr. Before Judge Edmonds, Aid. Steneall and Compton. Arstt Nuitanet Caoe.?The People ae. Rohl Elder et el*.?Tho motion for a stey of proceedings in this cause was again raaawed yesterday, and tima.until this morning, given the parties to prepare and file affidavits The Case e/ George Potter.?Motion for Judgment postponed to this morning, to give Fetter's counsel time to be informed of tho result at an application mad* to Chief Justice Branson, for an order to etay proceedings pending the appeal to the Supreme Couit from the deci sion of Judge Edmonds. Common Picas. B*fur? Judge Uetv Aran. 0 ?Clarke oo. SeesTiedghe?The evidence in thlicvee was closed yes'erdey by both p*rtie-, after which counsel summed up. Jr !g* Usly trill charge to <Liy. alter church hoar. The other branch of the Common Pleas wa* adjourned lo Saturday. OO- The municipal election in Annapolis. Mary land, on Monday, resulted la tie eleetJoo of the whig United Htatea Circuit Court. Present JuJge Melton. ArilL I. - Trial <?/ William Hurnelt, Pilot of Iki Slf*? boat Sicalltw ? Tb? ptisoner l? indicted under th# ect of Cong ree? of the 7th of July, 1813. entitled. "An Aet to provide for the better vecunty of the lives of passengers on boerd eeeeeli profiled In the whole, or in port, by steam " The indictment charge* that the prUoner (being ? pilot on board of the steamboat Swallow in April, 1846.) did, by negligence and want of attention to hie duty, cause the boat ta ba lost, fcc. Mr. Marbury. the Assist ant Diet net Attorney, opened tha ca*a for the prosecu tion, tt.d then prooeadeU to call witnesses. Robbht IIsrtlv examined by the District Attorney.? la a deck hand, at praaant, on board a sieamboat; was employed a* a deck hand on board the steamboat 8wel low on the 7(h of April lost; she aOarted from Troy on that day aud stopped at Albany; alie afterwards proceed ed from Albanv, and about 30 milea below. sh ? rue on a inch; Witneaae'a employment that evening, after he left Albany, was at the wheel; captain Squires wea tha mas ter; William Burnatt waa the pilot of tha boat that night (the man now on trial;) witness continued in the wheel house till about half a minute baiore aha struck; Bar nett was at the wheel at the time Cmables A. Msnn?Reside - at Utica; took passage on board the Swallow on the 7th of April, 1846. at Albany for Mew York; aha left a very few minutes after six o' clock; there were three laales and child under my charge?Mrs Parker, Mrs. Becoid, end Mr*. Bertol; one of the ladies had o child about 8 yeara old; witness was in the state room saloon when the boat ran on the rook; witness end hia companions had taken two state rooma? one to be occupied by the ladies, and the other by wit nai a; they were all sitting together when the boat struck, and tha concussion was so greet that they ware pitched forward from thair seats on the floor; there ap peared to be a succession of shock*; but they did not seem to witness to be very violent; they immediately got up from their position and enquired what tha acci dent was; they did net know, at first, tha extent of the danger in which they were placed; very soon after the boat had atrnck, witness went on the promenade deck with a view of ascertaining tha nature of what had oo curred; witness observed that it was very dark, and was unable to percoive what the difficulty was, but, perceiv ed, however, the rush of water, and that tha boat was sinking; returned immediately to the saloon, and fonnd that the excitement and alarm, amongst the passengers, waa feanully increasing; witness endeavored to calm the ladies; and in a few minutes after, tha alarm of Are waa given, which increased tha alarm of the passengers; the witness then went forward to ward* tha point from Which the flrepioceeded; but could not diecover the Ore; and tha alarm at this time became vary great amongst the passengers, and witness return ed to see about the iadieg; end about the centre found Mrs Secord in great terror, screaming and endeavoring to gat through the skylight; the water was coming in at the same time; and witnees, with the aaaistance of others who were above, pushed Mrs. 8. and other ladies through; at this time tha water in the ealoon was up to witness' knees; witness then endeavored to get ont through another window, in wtiioh he cut his hand, and ha waa finally got out with tha assistance of other*; Mrs. Parker he had never eeen afterwards; she was drowned; the other two ladies and the child were saved; altar we got up they found tha boat was at the bottom and dene tucking, which restored confidence; part of the stern and promenade deck ware under water, at was also a part of the roof over the promenade deck; after confidence was restored, tha first thing witness did was to go to tha forward part of the upper deck and call aloud for tha ladies, by name; witness remained on the wreck for halt an hour; was the last passenger that left it; recollects that he a<sisted in g- tting en old lady out, who bad been nearly drowned, and putting heron board the Express; doe* not know of any other person who was drowned, except Mr*. Par ker; there were three boats left Albany that evening; does not know which started first; think* the Swallow was a head; alter getting out through the skylight, saw the Rochester pass by; she passed through the channel and did not come to our relief, and there was grest indig nation amongst the passengers; the etearaboat Express came next, and camo along side at; the Rochester re turned afterwards and came along side the Express; taw the Swallow the next morning; her position was then about forty five degrees out of her regular course, aud her bow was twenty or thirty foot above the rock, and we had to gat up by a ladder. Several other witnesses were afterwards examined, but their testimony is not important. The case will be resumed tbie morning. Arsm 0 ?Tits Steailow Cat*?This cause was resumed this morning, and three or four additional witnesses ex amined lor the prosecution?their evidence is merely cumulative, and ol no interest. Mr. Cowles opened for the dr fence. We understood from the opening that they intended to show there was no negligence or wsot of j -kill on the part of B rnett, and that the accident was I altogether unavoidable. Tha case will be continued I tais morning. ! Court of General KniIui. Before Recorder Hcott and Ald'n Henry end Jackson. John McKeou, L>q , District Attorney. Aran. 8?Trial for R.?4fc ?ry in th* l?l Dtgee t.?Mile* Vanton ervd Patrick H'anton, at the opening of the court tbi* morniug. were jiat on their trial for having, in the month ot Kearuary hat, seized and forcibly taken the ? am of $10 60 t'rum the person of Oeorge Finton, of Leo nard street, while at a porter hnnte. No. 19 Washington ?treat, kept by the accused. On the part of the prosecu tion, Finton deposed that, on the night in question, be went to Stanton's porter house, and while there, he wai taken ioto a bark room, and shown a number of unsign ed $10 bills, and requested to Oil them up, and on relus iog to have anything to do with them, the accused seized him and took the money from his pocket. For the de fence it was shown that Finton was intoxicated at tha nose ; that the mom y was taksufrom him for safe-keep ing, and subsequently returned to him. Tho Jury, after a brief consultation, rendered a var riot of not guilty. Trial far Forgery - James 8axton wea then put on trial for forgery in the aoceod degree, in baviog passed to Mr. Lemuel Curtis, of Grand street, a counterfeit throe dollar bill, on tha Cumberland Bank of Portland, Maine, on the evening of the 7tb of February last, in payment of a bill for repairs done to a watch The prosecution failing to prove the scienter or guilty knowledge on the part of the accused, the jury, after a few moments consultation, acquitted him. Tha court then adj. umed until to-morrow morning. Apiil B ? The Ca?r ef Edwnri T. Nukole ? In the care of this person, indioted for obtaining goods by false pre tenets, also lor forgery, and held to hail in the turn of MOO* to answer for his appearance?his counsel, Mr Bacchus, of Clovsland, Ohio, made an application to the court to have the amount of hail reduced, which motion was opposed by Mr. Muiock The Court reducod the amount of bail la one ease to $400, and in the other to $1000. Cats of Henry Pevford ? In the case of Henry Penfold, ? ndicted for forgery in the second degree, In passing a counterfeit bill on one of tho New Jdfsey banks, a nolle graiequi was entered, on the ground that tha indictment wea defective, inasmuch as the bank, of which the hill in question was ? counterfeit issue, was ? broken insti tution! consequently tke bill wis merely a tales token. The accused was, therefore, discharged. Trial far Uktl ?Ansel Frost, iodxted for a libel on Dr. Lucius 8 Comstock. published iu the Earning Mir rnr on the 10th of June last, was than put on hia trial. On the part of tba prosecution, Henry J. Grew deposed that he saw in tha office of Mr. Frost, on one occasion. weawsw aeo bow aaa sua usuvv vi tus. rives, wis vua wnwivu, several papers containing the alleged libel, put up in libel, put wrappers. Witness has had 40 papers, in whioh the ar ticle complained of was inserted as an advertisemsot, ia his possession. Tho alleged libellous article, sntitled " Lucius Comstock's Looking Glass," was then read from a copy ot the Keening Mirror, of the date referred to. Oeoijfe T. Taylor was then examined for the de fence. lie deposed that be waa acquainted with Henry J Grew, who had testified on the part of the complain ant ; that he considered bis character, as regards truth and veracity, bad?ao much so, that ha should be uuwil ling to belfove him unoer oath. Several other witneaaos on being called, testified to the bed 'chatacter of Graw for truth and varacity. Tha coanael of Mr. Froat alto contended that it waa entirety untrna that the alleged libel has bean pnblishad and circulated by the defendant in thia snit, and that in fact there was not tha leaat cauae to anspect that Mr. Froat waa tho author of the libel In question Tba complainant having tailed to show that Mr. Froat waa tha author of tho libel, or had bean instru mental In circulating it, the Jury without leaving tkeir aea'a, rendered a verdict.of not guilty. Plea ef Qmhy ?Lemuel Marshall and Charles Oft ran iter, indicted for a misdemeanor, a ate red pleas of guilty. Pleas received and the parties directed to attend next week fo sentence. Heragnia ineee Forfeited? James Murray sad Jeremiah Davis, indicted for aggravated assaults sad battery j Lewis D. Baldwin indicted for a petit larceny ; Jeseph Walden, indioted for three burglaries) Lewis Leekwood, indicted for a burglary ; Louis Wiener, Indioted for re ceiving stolen goods ; Henry ftmidt. indioted for s mali cious trespass', Edgar and William,Wilson Indicted for a grand larceny , and Terrenes Burn*, indicted for keep ing a disorderly house, falling to appear when called upon for trial, their respective recognisances wars de clared to bo forfeited. Tho Court thon adjourned until Monday morning noxt ArromTMisn by to a Governor.?April 4 ? Mjutary?Charles S Koe, of the eity and county of Now York, brigade msjor and inspector of the 3d bri gade of infantry, fcc , vice Major Morrison, resigned State -Nicholas Davereaua, Silas D. Child*, and Chat. A. Mann, manager* otthe State lunatic asylum, re-appt*. Bsul Alley, of tae olty of New York, trustee of the tea men's fund and retreat, vioe Jams* Lea. appointed dor- , ing the prevent session, and declined tke appointment. April 7?New York?George Roberta, inapector of > lumber, vie* William Groan, removed from 8tata; Jas. J. Baldwin, weigher of merchandise, re-appointment; i Robert M K. Strong, Francis Tlllon, Thomas Shank fond, Michael P. Meson. John B Has kins, Moans B. Mm \ oiay, Jacob D. Wheeler. Isaac O Barker, Peter Wilaun, ! Robert F. Wins low. Dayton Hobart, William L. Morria, 1 Anthony Carroll, John M. Davoy, Garret H. Strykor, Jr. La Roy HoiOMa, Charles F Limeback, Edward W. Cone, Lewis 811 be rod, Thomas J. Powers, Alfred A- Phillips, and Andrew H. Green, commissioners of deeds, reap pointments; David M. Cewdrsy. commiaaionoifof deeds, vice Augusta* L Cowdray, deceased: George C. An thoo,dim. ot deeds, vioe Alexander H. Robertson, do- ' ceased, F ikar J Beck. Slsphen C. Williams, William B. Altkan, and Alexander R. Rogers, notaries public, re-apyoietmsnta; William H Botis, notary public, rica John Lcveridge, farm expired; Edward N. Tailor, Wi|. lism J. McKve, and Augustus Pnrdy, notaries public, vice Peter Van Antwerp, Lewi* Sieherad and Edgar J Leete.term* eapira 7th ' ay next; John O'Brien, notary l ublic, vice Janus G. McAuam, resigned; Edward C. Watt, notary public, vice Alexander Wataon, term ex pires 4th August next; Abraham D Dltmara and Chariei A. Rapallo, notaries public, vice Edward Dully and John W. Ooln, declined to accept commission. April 8? Dutchess?Abraham Bockse, first judge, vie* Reward Barculo, resigned Mia port or Court. Before Judex Vanderpoel. AraiL 8 ? Cemst.irk ??. Vpmecr.?This OOM VU Oeil ?d up, but has been laid n?r. J Scad vt Muthaneei M Frtn-h?This wm an utlw against tha master of tha ship ?? Moslem " brought bp a eeaman, for withholding suitable nourishment aud food ?lor alleged cruel and unuaual treatment, and im prMonmont in a foreign port; and for assault and bat tery, under the following circum-tances It appeared that the vessel tailed from New York, in ioi Rio, in houtb America-thence to Manilla, where the took in a cargo, and tailed for China, and returned to Vanil ia Having again repeatad bar trip to China, and re- < turned to Manilla, rhe tailed for the Indian ooean, and got to tho Cape ol Good Hope in a leaky condition The iSptaianut in at Cap* Town and diachetged the whole ciew. The Captain engnged, hereupon, with another ciew, consisting principally of Englishmen, of which tlx plaintiff waa ona. Having put to tea, the v*s;ol in orei.sed in her leakage, when the crew remon.tinted with the Captain, requesting him to put hack to tho Cape of Good Hope, the vessel being uniafe. Tnr men were all set to woik at tha pumps. ap peared, premised, subsequently, to put into St. Helena; and aa ia alleged, deceived the crew in tbia reapeot, and consequently promieed to >011 lor Pernambaoo. The man, heroupon, refuted to work the ihip, upon which the captain offered to girt them an additional! dollar per day. Tba plaintiff and two oihera of.the tailor*, named Kooney and Phillipe,having refuted to work.were chain ed down in the forecaetle, and aa wet alleged (objected to frequent cruel and unuaual punUhmeut. impria u ment, confinement, aoJ even kept without food tor aim day*, with tba exoeption of one meai, which coneiited ol the ceptain'e rice pudding, which the three took out ef tho cook'* apartment*, and speedily daipatchad; upon which they were put in irone. Tha delence aata up dis obedience to orders, and attempt* on the pert of plaintiff, and Phillip* and Rooney, to crealo a revolt. Adjourned over. Before Chief Juvtice Jones. Mir chant ve. Pott.?Thi* was an aotion for malicious prosecution, brought by a seaman againatt: e captain of abip Elisabeth, in charging plaintiff falsely,as ia alleged, with an audaavor to create a revolt on board said ship The oaae baa already baen triad twioe. Adjourned over AfbilS?Merchant va. Poet?In thia case, already noticed, the jnry rendered a verdiot for defendant. Circuit Court. Before Judge Edmonda. Arait-B.?McCarihry vs. Hod fit tt al ?In this case t Don-iait was moved for, on tho ground that it was not proven ; plaintiff had complied with all tho requirements of tho statute in obtaining hia naturalisation papers ; the defendant'* counsel contended that ha was bound to prove, substantially, that ha declared hia Intentions two yoars before he obtained hi* certificate ol naturaliaation. On tha other side it was insisted that tha court record waa enough to show that all preliminary proceeding* required by the statute were taken, and the parties ought not now bo permitted to go bsbind It. Judge Edmonds took the same view as tha defendants' counsel, and granted tha non-auit The Mormons?We huve some very significant intelligence from Hancock and the counties imme diately surrounding the same. Tha feeling against tho Mormons is as acroug as avar, and will be quieted by no other consideration than that they actually comply with the terms of tha Carthago Convention. In accordarre with the recommendations of that body, an organisation baa boen effected in tho counties directly interested, which has lor its object, the carrying into effect the de claration of that Convention- Some old and respecta ble citizens, who are averse to any unnecessary strife, ? ava taken upon themselves to go round among such Mormoni as have expressed a wish to remain, and warn mem of the consequences of remaining. If strife en sues, and force become* necessary, in the heat of excite ment it will bo Impossible to distinguish between a good or bad Mormon, and the very fact that they belong to that disreputable fraternity, may not save them from the consequence* of remaining; although in their past lives, t .ey may not have been directly connected with the more unpopular members of the same persuasion. Their safest course ia, then, to leave. If they do not go with Brigham Young and hia crowd, they can do bettor else where than iu Hancock, sod it is a settled thing they cannot remain Public opinion has so declared it, and it they do remain, after what baa passed, the oonee queuces be upon their own heads.?Qiuncy fKAig, UU noii, March 28. Mystiriocs and Melancholy Occurreucx ? RuIub AxtHI, a young man who has for the last tew months resided in this city, either intentionally or accidentally shot himself on last Saturday, in the vicini ty of Capt Anderson's residence, about six miles from thi< ptsee. On tho day previous, he went to Capt. Andar ?o .'s for the avowed purpose ol hooting a few days in tha neirbborhoodtaud on Saturday morning with hi* dog end gun left tba house. As be did net return ut ? -itebt, Capt A and his family felt uneasy about him, but concluded that he had stopped for tha night at some ii. ighbonring home At about 11 o'clock next morning tbo dog returned without hit master. Tbiaclrcnmstanoo, witn lae restless conduct of the dog. excited their most fesibil forbodings. The captain and rotue of hta friends f? ltowed the faithful animal, who Ud them directly to the spot where the young man Uy. They fouud him on hia back, with the content* of the gun id his heart -the mumb and joint flnxer of hia left band shot off - his clothes mostly burned to cinders on bit body?and his gun, ram-rod and powder flask lying separately near his Cm dy It is luppoaed that about hail of a pound of ; powder which be had carried In the loft pocket of kis vest, exploded and ignited hi* clothes. He was much respected by his acqusintance*, moral In his habits, and ? worthy member of tha Christian cbnrchlntbis city. We understand that he has affectionate parents in Michigan, who will deeply deplore hia untin ely death. ?Da tiuqut Ex miner. | SirrxKMZ Cotm-r?Spicial Tbum.?Mr. Justice < riearrialey Presiding.-?April 7, 1846 ? Batirrman, I sheriff, fcc., ads 8tover? motion for Judgment a* in cut of.nooault; denied, coat* to abide event. Fanners' Bank 1 v?. Viala at nl?motion en porta for defendants to appear and plead to ecire foeiaa after pnbiioa Ion, fto.; granted. Waldron and Stone?motion to change venue , granted ; Brigham, Jr., ada Fooler?motion to tot aside inquest, kc.; gianted on terms. Manning et el vs tip-motion to substitute a referee ; granted bp default Hyde et ai vs^Holwap et al?motion to amend Judgment reooid ; granted by default. Briggs ads Supervisors of Ouoadaga cou-jtv-motion pot ov?r to next special term. Wallis, impd'd, kr , ads Hull et al?motion to change venue ; denied with coets. Orosvenoretal vs. Rogers et al? motion as parte for J. A. riiamm. a witness, to show cause ht nest Map term whp an attachment should not istuo ; granted. In the matter of tho petition of Ooergo E. Waring - motion es part# for attachment; granted, la the matter of Cook and Sherwood?motion for an al terna'ive mandamus , grantsd ex parte. Worrell vs Be i attie st al?motion ox parte for defendants to appear and | plead to scire facias after publication, lie.; granted ? ! McKit et si vs. Groff-motion ax parte to amend Judg ? ment record, nunc pre tunc; granted. The Poo la ex | rel Kellogg vs. Schuyler, sheriff, kc.?motion to de liver op sheriff's bond for prosecution; granted ax parte. Whipple et al vs. Comstock, et al?motion to vacate in pert ao order entered at December special term ; grant ed by default ; Hubbelt vs. Cbapin?motion forcertio rarl ; grouted ex parte ; Brace ada McDonald -motion for Juogment aa la case of non-suit : denied w ith costs ; McC'ulfock ads Mack?motion for doable ooets ; grant ed witk coats ; Orap at al va. Calhoun, and another cause-motion to sot aside aa order of circuit judge ; granted ox parte; Living'ton and wife va. Mucky at al? motion to amoad Judgment record ; granted ex parte ; Gregory va. Trustees of Methodist Protestant Society In Peekskill?motion for 'aferonco ; granted ; Travis vs. Travis?motion to appoiat now referees, he ; denied with eoeta ; Peck ede. Batteries?motion to change ve nue ; denied with costs ; Daniels ads Jonas?motion to change vonno ; denied? Arekoli at al. vs. Kidder?mo tion that commission, he., on lis with tho clerk of ikia court in New filed with tho clerk of Otaoge county ; granted bp default.? Jttbany Jtrgut. ~ FOR SALE, A FOUR WHKELK.J DOUBLE SKATED WAGON, with Leather Carinas, neat end ia eteellcBt order; to be seen at Mr HAWTHORN'S stable, com tr Thirteeet-i street end University flue*. at 1 "rfg Ojf for ornamenting gardens, Wult Eaqaira ia 1 nrnoty third street, ini tmw east of Third eveeee alt tw*rre NOTIC~TO CA PIT A LISTS THE ADVERTIS 'R has pl*ns o d ?perifiestioss lor a com t piste set ?f Be ew Machinery, which ho is dsetrees of patting in o operation. If IMS none. .ho-W meet the tye of aap pereeo disposed to eedeitih* lb* betia ??inrthtr parueala.t and the meat sane farto'y referancet w'll hesiVre at a per-ooal interview, wnich m*p be obtained by addrwslag ? w. B, st mta eSee, stating the time ana elare of the interview. afi l*Tre to FAMlLlh.^ WANTTnG FURiJITltt&.d SMALL FAMILY, leaving for F.ampe. wish te dispose of their Ferniiure, (all new last fall,) constating of on* pel loo r, one bedroom and kitchen farnitar*, Carpeu, Rags, Crockery, ke , saiuble for a small family commencing hoeae keepiag, Ac , which will be sold exceeding I v lew. A'so, lor sale, vrry cheap, oa# set Osmafe Harness, Tandem harness and Buser harness, need oulp three times, beiar very nrorm andauitaftle for the country ; also a lady's saddle, geotlrmiia a do., bridles, Itc. Apply betwvea the hoars of l? and I o'clock at l?? Marcar sunt. a7 ls? r FANCY SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. NO. THRCE I OURTLANDT STHEET, D.p- tfor the sal# of the Waient Oil Military Shaving Soap Highly R ented Toilet Soaps. Elegant Eiiraeta, Essences. Cologues, Hair Oils, Pomatums, tegeahsr ?ith every other ?rti?U in oar lies. Con a cry Merchants, Dtuggista see Beaters ia geeeral arc invited to examine our extee ive assortment, where ther esn he segplted at the tewset rates ^Superior pel* sad No. 1 Soaps. Patent Chryatalliee Caedlea. aTTm?rc ' JOHNSON. VROOM k FOWLER ARTIFICIAL FLOWjeRS. EVOELKNER begs leave to arqnaint his friends and s customers, that his slegaat aleak of Artificial Klowera, both Fraech sod American n?annf>ciare, baa not receivod the least iajary by the late fire st 1M William arrest, as the goede were remove ? in time. K V. wi'l continne 11 sell wholesale and retail. at the lowest prieee, at 1M William street, and bags dealers to inspect his stork heroes having elsewhere, nl lei're BHTd CAGE MANUFAC10RY, NO. I St Johi?' Lane corner Beach street. The Sahscrib er woeld inform his < nstnme a an the Pabl'c, th't ne has coat antlv on band, a la ga stock of facer and e'.m12". Bird Cages, of all desc<iptions, which he will (ell cbieper tins lHey cm be bong-.t elsewhere. Also, Cigea made to oidar. J. KELLY P. 8.?Country Merchants woeld find it to theii ednwWff call acd examine hia st >ck -?? WkNlttJkK ^^i ^CZLwcu. THE SUSSCR1BLH8 have received from ^f'L^gVorui ry aa extensive sssmtme it of plain sod'J" . esMaet, tern Rushes, of all colon and, seitabi. '?>' "0,n coach, and railroad car makers .. _ on a CO.. 1 V. CAlLLKufrHLSSOLELYOp^|iiw4_ B A

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