Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. r?uxn?mm.!oo-ww??.?3i3 NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 11, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES MRSOll BEMBTT, Rwprtrtif. Circulation.. .Forty Thousand. DA1LT HERALD?Ksery day. mee 1 ??i for eopy-filtK ceatt per annum?p?y*M? ? ?Awe*. I APVKRTI8RMJLNT8 at tho nana! pnc?-olwiyo ijjfc | PRINTING Of all ITT- All Uttm or coaamaaicatiou, hy mail, addreseed te Ike as tab Its tun ent. mail be poet pud. or the poetage will be ^^'r^^Yiaa^TOyT^ETT. i New Yoau HvuujfEe^uwMmuwv Nerth-West corner of Fnltqa end Neeein ate. TO LET. M IN BROOKLYN.?The two three etorr brick houses, fljB eitaate Noe. <M tad 133 Bridge street. The honees ere JajliL new ead eeerr way eouveuieet, and within fifteen nnuate? walk from the Fulton and Catherine street! lernea. Botaire at No. 1M Bridge street, Brooklyn. aT lw*rre TO LET, 'A IIOU8*. Yarick street, in good repair, with ' Ore too Water a Tee Boom, and a fine viaw of St. ..John's Park. Enquire of _ i ?r*rrr F COB, it John street. FOR SALE, OR TO LET, MTV Mode's bedt three story brick house, 115 Adams street, Brooklyn It not sold by private sale, it wiU be disposed of at public auction, on the 15th day of May feat. Half ol the purchase money can remain ea mortgage, for a term of Tears. Application to be made on the premises, >15 Ajeeis st. Brooklye. at im*re TO I.KT 1M TO A PMALL FAMILY-faeunperpartof a house in Chambers strert, aonsistiog of front and batk teem Xilm with pnntrjr. on the second floor, and n front and bed room on the third Boor, and if required an attic mom, with the mo ol Cretou water, aid other necessary privileges. Ap plYto A. P. VAN PRO 4G, 57 Warren st. N. B.?If desirable a part of the above may be obtained. aT !a*r STAT EN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. A HANDSOME COUNTRY BEAT, with a few or any oumbor of aerrs that may be desirable. Barns, Be., __ he., a'tache<l,on the North shora,cf8tntea Island,front iug iiu the river, aad within tbr*e mmntes walk of Castltton Steamboat Landing, nee mile from fort Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. The property has a front on tha water of abont 400 feet For farther particulars enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. H Wall streat, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jene Bur ger aT twr HOUSE 105 AMITY STREET FOR SALE OJt EXCHANGE. And THE three story brick House aad Lot No. 105 Amity V jl street, opposite St. Clement's Episcopal Church, lot OS JUL by 100. house 35 by 40, with 10 foot ptaxsa. Tue House is nearly new and bail t for the present occupant, in the beit manner, and is in excellent condition, aad % or the pnrchisc money may remain on mortgage at 0 per cent If not sold this week it will he rented to a small family. Apply as above at 0 in the morning or evening, or of TONNELe k HALL, al 4t*r MS Pearl street comer of Beekman at. TO LET OR FOR SALE. J/A A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Buhl# and Coach House attached, with about an acre of land, the JUmpmeipu pert of which is well stocked with fruit aad fhncy shrubs, and en .loted with a picket bace The stages Ess every tea minutes within five minutes' walk of tha houss. tuuiou between 113th and tilth streets. For farther informa tion apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth street, Br Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mrtt lm*te TO LET. A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lets of M A SuTi ^^m ground, siicated in the village of Hastiogs, Westchester HHicounty, State of New York, withia a few miuntes' 1 ? walk of the steamboat landiag. Said place is divided into gar Ideas, which are well stocked with Fruit. Alto, a pleasant grove, with a stream of watsr, aad several good spring*. Pos session can be given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply at the atom of Mr ScrJoster, Hearing's Landing, or of al lro'rc MR- KCKE HT, 73 Mnrrny st. New York. fmSm FOR HALE?Four Lou on tha north aide of 41at street, ttO fret east of the 3th avenao, with ? new Nona*, ^^Kandanother building en ene of the lets suitable for a ^^??liop, slaughter house or stable. Also, about six acres, with a small House, on the Bock away and Jamaica Turnpike road, abont half a mde beyond the Toil Gate, it contains one acre of Peach Trees, in full bearing, and of the choicest fruit. A'st, several other pieces of Land. Inquire of JOHN L NORTON, Jr., at 14 Delaacey street, between the hours ol 3 and 5. efi lw*rh FOR SALE, OR Exchange ft r City Property, Ml tews of rich lud ?n Scotland county, (formerly Lewis eo.) in Missouri ? it w?s purchased in 1S36 from government, aid selected for the prsseot owner, who has a government deed for it. The teres are all paid to this year. A sarrey of the land has been made. Address boa 147#, P. O. a? lw*rc torn: by properly preparing the seed before planting, it will ba mad- prool against th? grab worm,army worm, crow and other worms and caterpillars ; althoagh the virtues of the prepara-l ill sugei^^ I the plant, it does uot deteriorate it in the least. Full direc tions for the teed protector, sulphate of ammonia and the C.C. w' ale oil soap accompany the various preparations, and they ST- for tale by the proasletor. Dr. Lew it Feochtwaager, mi Liberty street, near William. Also S3 Liberty street, near William. Also from Lawrence It Reese, Charles H. Ring, corner Broadway and John street; Grant Thorbam. and Duulop It Thompson, Broadway ; in f hiladel | phis by H A. Dreer. #? Chesuul it P.S? At the same plares may be had all the valuable and infallible preparations of Dr. F., such as for moths, ants, bed-l bogs, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, fleas, flies, Ac. Ac. Ac. JI j mocqnitocs, fleas, flics, Ac. Ac. Ac.J I Iteod'rrc I and haw bet?To sail tsday, .11<thiaatant relegtnt^fsst sailing H. packet bark E. H. CHAPIN, Conn, master, will positively sail as above, htr regular day. ? For .freight or past age, havinghaadsome famished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharfj foot of Wall ?treat, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO,? South street. Positively no goods received on board after Monday evening, 11th instant. Agent in New Orleans. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, whe will promptly forward all roods to his addrms.^^^^^^^^^B Packet ship LOUISVILLE, Host, master, will succeed the E. H.Chapia, and sail Monday, April kith, her regular! .V PASSAGE TO ANU FHO.V1 LIVERPOOL.? ILN The Packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, J^Q* sails far Liverpool on the Mth of April. N. B? Passage from Gnat Britain and Ireland (via Liver pool) can always be aaen.'ed by the regular liaaof packet ships iuitiur tverv five days, in drafts can as usual be farauhsd for any any amount, puyabla throughout th* United Kingdom, en applies ion as *boTeJi02jlDMAN, REENAN A CO , ,11 m M Waterloo Road, Liverpool. "mSS?BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER Jtiffc. POOL PACKET* FOR UVERPOOL-Only re MfiKaauliur packet of the Mth April. The magnificent and eetebmed fast sailing favorite . Pet., et ahip NEW YORK. T. B. Cropper, Comma ider. will sail positively oa Thursday, the iSth April. It is well known that the aeeom mod itious of the NewVork ate fitted out in a most superb and costly manner, with every modem improvement and conveni ence, that cannot but add to the comfort of thoseembarking. Persona nsiting the old eoantry.or sending for their ftyada, should call and see this splendid specimen of atvriarchitee tare, before engaging etaewheru. hor Passage in cabin, second cabin sud steerage, early application should be made on board. Sot oi Beekman street,^ U. m^nberj^ ^ cQ all r ? Fulton street, (neat door to the Fulton Bank.) |? REGULAR LINK OF PACKET BHlPS-racget tfHkof the Illh April?Th# first clam, last sailing pack JHssi skip J R NODDY. Cat*. J. C. Luce,burthen MM vous. * ill tafl u shove, her regular day. faving vary superior aecommedatiens for cabin. 2d cabin and attwiMP pemengera. parsons intending to embark, should make utf .medkato application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH MeMUBRAY. _ IN Fine, eoraar of Booth street. The packet ship .MENBY CLA*. Cam Nye. burthen MM toes, will succeed t?e J? R- ?KIDDY, and sail on the ?th May, her regular day. , ....... . .N. B Persona desirons of sedfiinaior their fneads, can have them brought out by the above nip, on moderate terms, by making application as above. all r FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 1st May MMMil ST. V?Ti e packet ahip BT. J AM ED. Capt. Meyer, KaWil sail as above, her regular day^^^^^^^H i -stage iu eabia, second cabin . .. , ssaage in eabia, second cabin and steerage, having splendid accommodations, W^fc^oMO IN Pine st. comer of Soath. P. S.?Persons wishing to send for their friends, eon have them brought out to this country by one of the Line, tailing from London on the 7th, 17th, and 17th ol each mouth, on rue tonsble terms, by applyisg as above. aw r Horning Line at 7 o'clock, FOR ALBANY AND TROY. Brest fret and dinner on boe-d. Landing at Caldwell's, West Point, Newbuvgh.Hamp ????? tea. Poaghkeepsie. Hyde Park. Khinsbecn, . Hod nook, Bristol, Catakill, Hudson, Coxsaekie, Kinder honk Tne steamboat TROY, Captaiu A. Gerham, y??sdj^, Thrrsday and Saturday (This Morning,) at 7 o'clock, A. I %>m the foot of Barclay street. Returning on oppeeite J *!? - Passage or Freight, spp y on board, or to F. B HALL, *? \fice on ihe Wharf. sll ne p77777r~P > LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY* n.n u a ** aicepted?Throagh Direct?et 7 o'clock, P.M. ' Courikuutt and Ldbarty ttt. Fromthtjnn tkeamboat COLUMBIA. Ctpt. Wm. H. - ]T will leave oa Monday, Wednesday, .s.i k vid?y evenings, at7 o clock. WkW* HUDSON, Capt. B. O. Crvttnn V? W Thii isdaW anrl Hgfn Pfln V P Y pn i nWI. de^Tu^vr^Thr.V.'.Thur^y'm Wdayaveniugs, ** 7 0>A?Weloek P M Lsudi.M M Intermediate Flaeaa. ?<?'tL' KTol Barclay St , From Oa Captm. L W. Brainard. Steamboat MOUTH AMUsHICA. will otj Mondny, W?dnM?haTt 8mn4my WlBf noons, at J o'clock. n ir wl|| Btetmboat .NORTH AMRR1CA.'L?P??|5*- J-Tr't |??fe on Tueidiy, ThimLy aii laJ?rdaf pfternoooi, The above boars win, at all timee, arrive iu ,JJba*y in ample tim for lbs morning cars for the east or west . _..i^.k Fr-igtt taken at moderate rates:'none taken after in 9 P. M. AIIP-TVOSS are forbid trusting any of the boats of this I1"*' without a wriuea orderfromtbeCaptama or Agenm. _ _ b or psssaga or freight, apply oa board the Boats, or to P. V< Behults, st ike oflen on the wharf. git rre an^relanB AJHynk mitnostr to any part of Great Britain < 2j|^B|HB.Ir*laad, can obuia drafts, of lbs sabsenl tor any amount. Urge er small, pay ble on demand, in all tbsmmm|mM^^^^^H siir FOR. SALE A FOUR WHEELED DOUBLE 'SEATED WAGON. J\ wkk Leather Curtsies. neat sod in ricelleat order; to be mm if Mr. HAWTHORN'S (table, comer Thirteenth itreet ?d University Piece. alk'rvc POX for orsieiantiag gardens, for aala. Eaqairv in Twenty D third itreet. Am home cut of Third eeenen m>4 lw*Tre THE SHADES HOTEL, 64 Read* Strut, Wat Sid* of Broadway. THl Sabscriber respectfully informs hit frieadi and the X public, that he hae lately opened the above Establish ment. in a style superior to any other home of the kind ia the cite of New York The satisfaction which he has hitherto 1 given to his namerons friends and castomers, while Proprietor of " The Shades," in Thames Areet. he flatters himself will | be agnarantytoallwhomaypatroniashim ia his new estab- . liahmeat, while no effort on his part will be wan ting to merit the contioaance of their patrooage. ? The nsaal relishes, Chops, Steaks, Webh Rarebits, Poach-1 ed Eggs, he. will beservad np ia a superior style. I The Room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as I est ii;^r '"j/uSLUvanS"! ^Hnotics to capitalists^^M THE ADVERTISER has plans and specifications lor a com X piste Mt of Screw Machinery, which he is desirous of putting iaio opsrahoo. If this notice should meet the eye of any person disposed to undeitake the business?further particulars and the most satis- | factory references will be given at a petronsl interview, which may be obtained by addressing G W. R., at this office, stating the time and place of the interview. at St*rrc LOOKING GLASS PLATEN. street, this port Plates from I by T, to M by M. All sixes polished plate window glass from It by 11. toST by M. Also,Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacles, Pipes, Ann* Boxes. Cigar Cases, Nlouey Panes, Marbles, Mates, with a variety of other Preach and German gooda, which they offer at the lowest market prices. | Jell Intend aba I "OREGON AND TEXAS SADDLES" JI B k J. BULL, Fashionable Middle and Harneea Makers, ? ? No. Mt Broadway, have added to thair fine assortment [of goods, .rasset and black Saddles, adapted to those new countries. Officers of the Army supplied with Saddles for the Texan service, with the "Twigg" pattern tree, made agreeably to his directions ; Heditors, Bridles, Saddle Uagt. lie. Emigrants to Oregon and Texas fitted oat ia the cheapest |aad best manner. s7 eod?w*m ^^^?SEGAR WAREHOUSE."^^M No. 87 Chtapndt. Baltimore. Jm D. ARMSTRONG fc THORNTON respeetfally sail ? ? the attention of Southern and Western Merchants to the following stock, enumerated below, which they will sell on I pleasing terms >.?M Castello 8EUARS. ^?M,m Rifles do 75,004 W. Regalia do B OM L. Regalice do I Mt.! _ 150,000 La Norma do 54,Ml Canoaes do 50,404 Principe do 140,MO low priced do 404 boxes TOBACCO, t cases Smoking Tobacco. SO boiM do PipM, kegs, bottles, bladders Gezrott's Snuff. ml lm eon ? CUMAPBiTMM^Af^fotSTRVdTlOtt us Academy, IN Broadway, opporitt John rfreef. BRISTOWVS Superior and Elegant Commercial System of WRITING. \X7lLL continue tot* taugbt( during hie stay in New York,) vv to Ladies and Gentlemen of xvxar son, Day or Eve ning, in Twelve Lees one, for the email charge ol Only Fit* Doixae ! .Finishing <*-*= Ma. BnisTow, Finishing Writing Master, promises and sua rantees to ALL, old or yoang, to impart a beautiful, run, xxrxDiTtous and fashionable style of Penmaeehip, no matter how bap. iLLEoiBLn or cuMTEp may be tho writing, IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS FOR SS kPDNLY! *,*Booa Kcxrirca and Shout Hand taught lAenrugkiy. N. B.?Private leeeoai given. Families and Schools attend ed. SI Suwlm*re TO TAILORS. is deemed nnnneeassary to say more ie favor of 8TENE ^BVlETS' celebrated work oa Cutting Garments, than that it hae received the most unbounded approbation of the most eminent of the profession. By the aid of the numerous Dia grams it contains, together with the ample explanations acrom-i Kyiug the same, a person of moderate capacity can, in a few ra,Ct ^ut with base and elegance any of the various styles ol garments now in vogue, and in ajnanner not to be surpassed a few of by the most experienced cutters. The following are a few M the many highly rcspeetahle names who testify to the merits of the book The undersigned baisw practically aeqaainted with Mr. Btenemets' Treaties on Catting Guments, with pleasure re commend it as a work, complete in its arrangement, and in its practical application to Catting, superior to say heretofore published either in Europe or Ameiica. P. Hoary k Son; Daniel Cutter; Btaats k Baker; Charles Coxj E. W.Tryon fc Co; B. T. Horner; James Daily; P. Havilend; J. H. Ban alter, fcg-ke. The above can be obtained of the author, at No. 113 Broadway. New York, price from $fi to f lfi per copy, mart lmaod*r THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees aid Manufacttu %Bml of tho Neapolitan Bonnet, tie prepared to supply ^ trade with their iaimitable Neapolitans, for which tl * COTTON SAIL CLOTH, HEAVY CAN VASS, &C. THE 8UB8CRIBEBS hare in iter* and are daily receiving direct from the atanuf lcturers, a great variety of COTTON CANVASS, both plain and twilled, adapted to all the various purposes to which Canvaaa can be applied, not excepting e*en tnoae for which heretofore Lisea woeshaa been daamid aahemu. i They deaire to call the vteetion of ahip owne a and maatera of veaaa'a, to the toll or Ship Canvaaa, daaigaod expreaaly for square rigged veeieU. It haa baen fonad, after subletting J( to the aeverrst teat, to Kiss all the qualities r'qmiiite; to be equally aofi and plia 1a the linen, ro wear full aa long, holda a batter wind, and coata bat about onaJialf. The aarne may be aaid of the Cotton Ravens Duck, which tbey hare of all qualities, widths and weight. FOX It POLHEMUS, at ttaw WedkSit r 5d Broad, comer Beaver at NORTH AMERICAN HOTEL FOR SALE. Tl^HE LEASE. Fixtwea, and also th? Famitnre of that long m. established noose known as the North American Hotel, kept by the late John Emmons, Esq., situated on the eoraer of the Bowery and Bayard street. It is now fitted an in the most alogaat style, with two splendid Bar Rooms on las first and seen ad stories, with a large and elegant Ball RoouMn the rear, with spring floor, lac. The whole is in romplate order, and possession will be given immediately. It is now doing the moat profitable basinets ever done before. To a prraon or good character and acquitted with the business, it is sure to yeld a fortune in a few years. The Item has nine yean yet umpired. The above will bo disposed of on favoiable terms, on appli cation to JAMES H. BEERS, Executor, ad lw*m No 170 Chatham street, corner of Mott. HAY'S LATENT CHIRRED SUSPENDERS-All these goods are now ? smooth on the cord, and in every way better than any other similar goods. No peraonaars anthorixed to ase Day'a Patents and all the Smooth CorA Goods, not having the subscriber's name to them are counterfeit, and mads by piratical use ofhts process. A lame stock of these goods for sale ia New York, at the stove of the patentee and proprietor, It Maiden Lane; af ter first May, in his new store, B Courtlandt street. REGULAR AGENTS. Boston?Messrs. Soever It Kaowltoa. Baltimore?Messrs Lentxk Flack. Philadelphia?Messrs. Kirtland, Mansfield fc Hall. F.V Knur k Co. " Mitchell, Brognard It Co. Bayers of Shirred Suspenders are cautioned not to be deceiv ed by the pretences of those who pirate on my patents. Such persons are prosecuted at law by me, and with a few honorable exceptions, art leagued together to do me battle. mI7 lm*rre H. DAY NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. Cams t the received two silver medsilVat the last two Fairs ..f the Am en can Institute, and which for stvle sad finish are unsurpassed They warrant them to alter and clean equal to new. Apply to PaTTIBON, NOE It CO.. M Delnacy aE. aT lmts*r or Vvse A Bona, corner Pine and Pearl. STRA W BONNETS. ' L. CHAP1N, No. n John street, near Broadway up stairs, has oa hand a good assortment of Fashionable Strom Bonnets, which he is selling at tim lowest market prices. Milliners mad ethers are invited to call before purchasing slsawham. mrM im*r TO MILLiNEBS. 2 ^^CARLKJNG.the well known end celebrated first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the public in general .that belbaai for sale a moat spisadid assortment of Ladres Faacy STRAW HATS, manufactured of aa entile sew Stiele, eailed Pans Straw Gimp, made to tha shape of the Shepherdnem Gipeor?so beaatifal and becoming, thov seed only be seeo to be admired. Milliners, and msrenanta of tha trade, will do well to call and examine before they make their purchases, as the goods will bo sold by the case or firm at a very libera) pries. CARL KING^ 17 Division street. N. B.?A general assortment of nil kinds of Straw Goods aad Pans Ribbons always on head. IB lm*r GENTLEMEN'S HATS?SPRING STYLE Bird, corner pine and Nassau stkeets Gentiemea'a Haw. of tho Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beauty of style, are now seedy for examination and sale, by tho subscriber. BIRD, mrOS 1m* rs Corner of Pine eed Naeeae ttr et SPRING FASHION. IB BROWN It CO., 171 Chatham Square, earner of Mott Jphotreet, wish to inform the public of thtir recent improve meat ia the men a fact a re and fioiah of their fit Haw,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important consideration! to the wearer. Tho proprietors do eoofldemjy assert theirhau to be much superior to any aver before sold for the same price Call and satisfy yourself of this fact. mtB lm*rh SPRING STYLE. ? GENTLEMEN'S HATS. WHY will yon pay filjl aad fii for a Hat, when you oaagoto ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, IDS Fulton Stmt, aad got as good a one for SIM? Go and examine for your aelvol. mrlt ltn*re (METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, Nm. 9TB 1-9 Grand street. fl PLUNKKTT SCO. havejmat epooed ihiaacw establish aaeat with a aplsedid assortment of HATO and CAPS, not to o* surpassed either ia quality, elegance of shape or du rability, which ihey oflier to the public at tha following very low prices!? Hats. Fint quality Nutria Fur, at ...filM Second do do do do IN First quality Moleskin, do IN Second do do do IN Cars from VX cants to fit TJ each. Wholesale aad retail orders punctually attended to, end cus tomers hats ironed aad kept ie shape gratis. s7 Itn'rre J. PLUNKKTT and R. PARDESSUS. PREMIUM BOOT8. J FINE FRENCH BOOTS for fil JO, city made, aad are eqml to those sold in other stores for fiJ. Fine French Uslf Bouts for *4 SO, eonal to th? best made ia this eity for fit or #7, at YOilNO k JONES' French Boot aad l Manufactory, aae of the most re* h ion able m the eity.? Our Scott having been judged in rhe late Fair at NiMo1*, are ?aid to be the best ever sold in this city. All Boots warranted to girt satisfaction. Mending, fcc. done m fo. Store^ FUME BATH. TO ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we would say go and try Dr. Swett's Sulphur Kume Bath, ?* Broadway. The peculiarities of * are such. that it cuiea effectually this complaint, and also all other diseases of a chronic nature, auch aa Scrofula, Gout, Salt Rheum, die eases of the Skis, Joints. Ac. Thp charges am so modera tad, as to fetch it within the mean* of all ? mW lm'm ASTOR HOUSE BATHS. Entrance. No. 1 Vesar street, (Private door Astor House.) HP HE PUBLIC are fkspeetlully informed that the abore J. Baths am in complete order. The bathing tubs are entim It new, (copper.) and the, largest fa thu city. In point ol claaaliaeta and attention, the baths cannot be excel led. The Baths are opeu until 11 o clock at night, (Saturday night, it.) Price of a bath, 35 cents. The warm Sea Baths at Dethrones st^mennann. -^^^SlN^pJo'priawr. CLOTHING lVf UCH LOWER than the General Prices?JACOB VAN 1*1 DEE - " DKKB1LT, J# Maiden Lane, betwern Wm and Nassau streets,the cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing establishment in New York. N. B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which will be sold wholesale or retail, sery ,r"~ m Jg tm*re MAKTELLE <Se HOLDEKJV1AIMN, 97 Maiden Lane, H. Y., llff ANUFACTURE8 and Importers ol Ornament-tl Hair lVA Work, Wigs, Toupes, Bands, Curls. Seaim, Bsudean and Bnid Hair, Dingeys celebrated Cnrled Hair, fifteen inches long, and a new style of Everlasting Cutis, and all kinds ol Hair Work, wbotaaale and retail. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms, mrtt lm*m TOBACCO, BEG A US AND BASS. A A. BAMANOB, No. M Broadway, ap stairs, offers for ? sale, e splendid assortment of choice Segars, selected expressly for his establishment. Also, 40 bales of strictly prime 8t. Jsgo Tobacco, and a small lot of Basa, by wholesale and retail. mlllm*i HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EOAR8 OuUjyUv end Havana Tobacco? 300 000 Rionda, all aixea, SO OvO Emnlacion, 1st SO 000 Lafayette, ISO,000 Esperanxa, 10,000 Regalia, MS,ooo UVm ictoria, In 100.000 Principe, Jo 000 Lafayette, pressed 10.000 Escnlapio, do 15,000 Europe, 26.000 Ban Roman, in, SO bales Tobacco. -The whole entitled to debenture, and in lotatu suit purcha sers. For sale by B. M PICABI A, mrtt lm'm 117 Front street, near Wall, np stairs. SEGARS-FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THHE SUBSCRIBERS invite the attention of country mer ? chants, dealers, and others, to their extensive stock of Be gan. This stock has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lowest prices for cash; they are, there fore,enabled to offer the different qualiti slower than any other establishment in the city .The assortment comprises every style and quality, from $1 to $3y*r ihousynd^ .ENNETH ft LAVERTY. mrll lm're Wholesale Bexar Emporium, 100 Wall St. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORIBTS-Havtng just re xn. ceivrd by the Havre packets Zurich and Francis 1st, a fresh assortment of French Flowen and Materials, of the best quality and latest styles, at' low prices, we take pleaaure to invite the dealers in the same srtiel ?...? same articles, to call and examine, at BRUN, LAKOSlERE It COURT, ITlm'me 110 William st FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. T O WITZ fc BECKER, No M John street, have just open Jul ed u splendid assortment of French Artificial Flowers, materials for flower makers, lie. lie. which they offer to the trade, at low prices. mil lm'mc To the Tea, Coffee and Sugar 'Trade, fyc.?Econo mists, Families, Hold Keepers, frc. J, 8. SCOTT <fc CO., No. 78 Nassau street, comer of John, IT AV1NG purchased the littt lot of the new season's Teas, IXX possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, end so rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a large varie I aiiusv ? UlglJ uutaiuoui vh i WMiriunnic ui igiMi| at aaigw vnnp ty of Green and Black Teas, of the beet quality only, inclu ding the old fashioned Bourhong and English Breakfast Tea. sack as used to be imported twenty years ago. The stock of Coffee, Sugars, lie., needs no comment, as they are (elected of the fleest quality. 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The patient war a colored servant girl named Emallna Brown, about 83 years of age, who haa been living in thajfamily of Rot Dr. Higbee. She haa been, for eome time peat, afflicted with a large tu mor upon her back, immediately under the left ahoulder blade, and haa tried rarioua remedial to cure it She at laet concluded to hare it cut out, and for that purpoee called on Dr. Homer Boatwick, of No 7S Chamber* ?treat Dr. Boatwick, who haa always been aceptical upon the aubject of magnetism, thought thia might be a good oaae to teat it, and called upon Dr. Olts, a magnet ic practitioner, living near him. Dr. Oltz, after aeeing the girl, expressed perfect confidence in hia power to place her in the magnetic atata, ao that the operation could be performed without the petient'a experiencing any pain. Dr. Oltz commenced magnetizing her-, and auc . .. ||H| ym#i jn ceeded in putting her aaieep, the first time, in half an hour. Between that time, which war laat Wedneaday and yeaterday, when the operation waa performed, he had magnetized her five timea. The operation waa per formed at No. 14-1 Church afreet, about 4 o'clock. Dr. Olts, aaaiated by Dr. E J. Pike, commenced in the uaual manner to magnetise her about half past 8, and, by 4 o' girl wt clook, the girl waa aound aaieep, and apparently inaen ?ible. There were, at thia time, about h dozen persona in the room. Dr. Oltz now aaid the patient was ready, and left the room, leaving Dr. Pike holding the hand of the gnrl, with one hand upon her forehead. The girl, be fore Being magnetized, waa sitting in a chair with her head lying forward upon a pillow on a table. The up per part of the dreaa was removed, and Dr. Boatwick, putting on hia apron, and taking his instruments, pre pared to commence. He flrat made a longitudinal incis ion eight inches in length, through the fieah over the tumor, and then commenced cutting round it. When the knife wu first put in we were watching the face of the giri closely, expecting to see her atart, and hear her scream; but there waa not the slightest motion. She lay aa still and motionless as a marble ata'ue. Not a qui vering of the lip or of the ayo-lid could we observe, br Boatwick, aaaiated by Dr. Childa and Dr. Stearns, con tinued cutting away upon the tumor, and in three mi nutes it was taken out, there being, during the whole time, no aaotion on the part of the girl. During the whole operation Dr. Pike sat near the patient with hie hand upon her head. Several physicians examined the pulse, and said it was apparently in a natural state. Dr. Boatwick than, with a large darning needle, sewed up the inciaion, there still being no motion of muscle or nerve on the part of the patient. After placing adhe sive plaster upon the incision, and bandaging it, Dr. Oltc was called in to wake up the girl. This he did by making passes over her face; and upon waking, abe was told that the operation had not been performed, and that she must now have it done. Thia was done to see whe ther she would know any thing about it. "Well." she said "aha was sorry but ahe wanted it taken out" "Do you feel no pain?" asked Dr. Boatwick. "None," aaid the girl. "Have you felt none 1" "None," waa the answer again. She was then shown the tumor, and seemed to bo very glad to see it out It was an adipose tumor, and weighed 10 ounoea. We then left the house extremely puzzled. The persona present who witnessed the ope ration, were Dr. Homer Boatwick, Dr. John Stearns, Dr. Samuel R Childa, Dr. Eleazar Parmly, Dr. Sher wood, Dr. E. J. Pike.W. H. Stioemets, E. L. rancher, M. O. Hart, Oliver Johnson, John R B. Van Vleit, and Ed ward Gould Burtum. The time from which the opera tion was first coaamenced, till ahe waa awakened, was just thirty minutes. Ths Sixth Waid Yocno Dehocbacv have adopted a now motto for the coming election. Here it is "Phioht PmKacr.Lv Phos Phivtt Pmoue Phoxtt? Phovoan Phollah !" Under thia aignthey are bound to win. Too Late, almost.?On Thursday evening laat, the whiga of the Seventh ward had a meeting for the purpose of harmonizing the eiectora of that ward. James Nash and James B. Kseler were nominated lor Alderman and Assistant, being the seme nominations that were made at a union meeting held on Saturday last If the other wards would harmonize in the aame manner, and prevail upon either Mr. Coxzena or Justice Taylor, to decline running for the mayoralty, there would be yet some prospect of defeating the democratic nominees, if either of those gentlemen were to take thia course, ho would be much enhanced in the estimation of all the city re formers and the city. Aa they now stand, neither of them can be possibly elected. Paopzsaions.?There were several processions out laat night, one Of the 8ixth:ward democrats, and one of the "natives," who marched through the principal streets with banners and transparencies. Connecticut Election.?-One hundred gun a were fired by the democracy laet evening, in the Perk, in honor of the reetilt ef the Connecticut election. They aaedee great deaPof noise. Twould be funny, now, if the remit hbould be the other way. yVag^-Thse murning about 9 o'clock, a fire books out Iin a building in a court running from Little Green ?treet, occupied by Edwin Bishop, enemeller end jewel * " Wet " lar; John Waters, refiner and asaayar; John P. Waters, engraver; and H. B. Melville. The interior of the bojldingwaa partially destroyed. Had it not been for the prompt arrival of the fire department, it would have probebly proven a moat destructive conflagration, it waa, no doubt, tho work of an incendiary. Tom Elton'* Lictveb at tha Presbyterian Church, In Allan (treat, on Wedneaday evening, before the Recha bitea, attracted an overflowing audience, tha greater proportion of which consisted of ladies. Elynn is cer tainly deatined to become a powerful auxiliary in the temperance cause. H<a laat effort was admirably adapted to the nature of the place in which it wu delivered, and wu given with great spirit and affect Know Tnvsblv.?Dr. Wieting will begin a course of lectures on anatomy, fcc., nt the Tabernacle, on Men der. CoaoNsa's Orricz ? Suddtn Dtatk.?'Ths Coroner held an inquest yesterday at the Dead House, on tho body of Thomas McDarmott, born in Ireland, twanty-cne years of ago. It appears this young man wu a porter to Meaars. Carlton fc Erothingham, No 137 William street, and was found dead in tha vault. Verdict, that he came to bis death bv coneastian of tha brain and lunara. Police Intelligence. April 10?Ptttr Fuuki Again. ?A oountryman, by the name of Robert J. King, residing at Lovejoy's Ho tel, waa done oat of $13, by that notorioua Peter Punk, called Swift, whoae " crib" la located at No. 6 Chatham atreet, upon the eame old principle. Alao a poor Ger man, from St. Josephs, Michigan, whom they fleeced oat of $7, which waa all the money the poor fellow had in the world. We underatand theae two men intend to apply to the mock juetice ahop, in the Tomba, for re An Operating Polietman?We underatand that a 6th ward policeman, baa been operating a little on hia own hook, anch aa obtaining orders for clothing and other little matter*, from a priaoner, under the pro mine of pro curing a pardon from the Governor. Thia ayatem may anawer very wall for a miaerable individual, who dooa the exclusive dirty work around the mock justice ahop, with the approbation of a certain individual whom thia chap haa fairly ander hia thumb. Tho Mayor, how ever, may, in all probability, form a little different opinion. Pttit Larceniti. ? Jamea Jackaon waa arreated laat night, caught in the act of etealing iron, belonging to William whitlock, in the First ward. Locked up. John Lewie waa arreated for etealing a $3 bill. Look; ad up. Edward Brown waa arreated by a policeman, charged with stealing a aoldiar'a Jacket, for which an owner ia wanted; apply to Captain jMcGrath of the Sixth ward. Locked up. Till Tlutvti.?Michael William* and Joaepb Douglass were caught in the act of robbing tho money-drawer of Elizabeth Tiernan, 0th avenue, corner of 30th atreet. Committed by Juatico Merritt for trial. Chnrgt ?/ Embtzzlrmrnt?Under thia head wo noticed the arreet of Mr. Robert Decon, charged with embe ?? sling aeverul boxea of ribbona and artificial flowera, eta ted to belong to a Mlaa H. Murphy. No. 401 Broadway. Upon thia mattor being investigated before Joatice Drin ker, it waa deemed a maliciuua a treat; consequently Mr. Decon waa honorably diacharged. An Aliatine Rettery.?The realdonco of Mr. E. P. Prentice, aituated at Mount Hope, near Albany, waa barglarioualy entered on the 7th or April, and a large quantity of ailver ware, valued at over $1000, atoleu therefrom. A reward of $300 ia offered for the recoveiy and detection of the thieve* ; no doubt thia property fa in New York?ao policemen, and pawnbrokera, keep a good look out __________ ?porting Intelligence. Mbtaipik Jocbbv Club Races ? Brains Mkbtiko, 104$.?First Day, Wednesday, April 1st?Proprietor's Parse, $160-Mile Heats. A. Lecompte k Co.'a b m. Laura Lecompto, by Tar quin, out of imp. Sarah; $ year* old. 1 1 John Clark'* b. c. Reekie**, by Steel, oat of Miss Bet. .by Marion; 4 years old S3 W. H. Parrot's b t. Kate Lackett, by Monmouth Eclipse, oat of Shepherdess ; 4 years old $ S P. A Cock's b. f. Fancy, by Woodpecker, dam by Kosciusko ; 4 years old 4 4 Time, 1:40J?1:60. Won handily by Laura, who waa the ferorite ia tho raoe. SccofiD Race?A Sweepstake for throe year olds? Subscription, $360 -Foileit, $60-mite heat* D. F. Keener'* ch. o. by imp. Leviathan, dam by Merlin $ 1 1 W. H. Parrot's ch. c. Washenango, by imp. Sor row, dam by imp. Leviathan 313 Wm. P. Greer's br. c. Count Meoli*,by imp. Priam, item by imp. Leviathan 4 3$ P. J. Minor's g. g. Javelin, own brother of Dart. 1 die. Time, 1:4?-1:47|?1-.60. The first heat won cleverly by Javelin, who waa the favorite at starting, against the field. The aecondheat waa contested by Waehenange. Tho track was in ex cellent order, and the attendance very large The entrees to-day for the puree of $400, two mile heats, are Victress, Croton, Mary Waller, Ellen Car Dell, a S year old Ally by Tuscahoma, and a throe year old oolt by Leviathan, out of Aitco Grey. United States Circuit Court. Before Judge Nelson. Aran. 10.?73* Saw/lew C????T\iri dev.?Tho trial of William Burnett, the pilot of the Swallow, waa re auamd this morning, and shortly botoro the adjournment, the counsel for tho defence rested. Tho V. 8. District Attorney than produced seme rebutting toetiaaoy, after which the court adjourned. Tho ease will, ia ail proba bility, bo given to Urn jury to-morrow. Alsamt, April 8, IMS. The PuUic Printing ? Cheap Haiti? Slat* Matter*, ft. Tlie proposals tar the public printing were opened yesterday, in the office of the Secretary of State. The propositions were very low?several of them being of fers to do the advertising at oost prices. Mr. E. Croe well proposed to do all the legal advertising gratuitous ly, and will therefore retain this branch of the public printing. The documentary printing will be divided between Messrs. Carroll li Cook, and the Me ears. Van Benthuyaen. The competition was decidedly brisk, and the contraot prices will hardly enable these firms to pay their workmen even a reasonable remuneration, with out less. A rather remarkable incident occurred during the opening of the proposals?one sealed proposition for the advertising was not opened at all, it is said, and it is confidently hinted that this paper contained the oil's r of a tonus to the State by Mr. C roe well, for the privilege of advertising legal notices, which was kept back as a reserve, to be used in case any other competitor offered to do the advertising free of charge. This may be true, and it may net?it is a rumor, and I give it. In view of the (act that more than three million five hundred thousand dollars has been expended upon the Genesee Valley Canal, leaving only about one million of dollars to complete the same; and further, in view of the fact that one million five hundred thousand dollars has been expended upon the Black River Canal, leaving about three hundred thousand dollars to complete the same, and that vast amounts of property and large sums of money have been Invested in view of the completion of these canals , Senator Chamberlain, about the begin ning of the session, offered the following resolution : ? "Resolved, That in the judgment 01 this Senate, the laith of the State is solemnly pledged to oarry forward to completion these works, as soon as the finances of the State shall be in a condition to do the same; and if not now in such a condition, good economy requires that the works in progress should be protected and pre. ..rtr? ? served." This resolution was made a special order for to -day, and upon its announcement by the President, 8enator Chamberlain arose and read a prolix and very able speech or report in favor of the adoption of the resolu tion. This Senator is one of the good men of the Se nate?one of the men who are distinguished for their ur banity and their wisdom, and whose characters are alike honorable to themselves and their constituents.? N o action was had upon the resolution. On motion of Mr. Jones, the Senate agreed to take the question on the New York Pilot reeolutions, on Friday next, at 18 A.M. The bill to pay the expense incurred in the suppres sion of the anti-rent revolt in Delaware county,was read a third time and passed. Senator Denniston reported in favor of the Assembly bill prohibiting the sale of liquors on vessels navigating rivers, lakes and canals. The Hon. Joshua Spencer left this city for New York last evening, and will probably return to-morrow. Se nator Van Schoonhoven will not insist upon his right to the floor in.reply to Mr. Spencer, upon the bill to abolish distress for rent, until the last named gentleman returns; and thus this bill is passed over temporarily. The Hon. Sam. Young Is absent ou a visit to his family Mayor Havemeyer, of New York, was present in the Senate chamber to-day. The several bills for the relief of the New York insu ranoeycompanies were transmitted from the Assembly to day| ana read a second time in the Senate. In the House last evening the bill to incorporate the American and Foreign Bible Society eceupied neerly the entire sitting, and was finally referred to a commit tee to report complete. During the evening, Mr. Steven son gave notice of a bill to forbid the erection of debt by the Common Council of New York, except for specific purposes. Tnat grade of social revolutionists who exclude them selves from the mass of society, seem to be increasing in numbers and power. 1 allude to sects called Agrarians and Commuuists -as the Bkeneatles community, the Buffalo community .land many others. The social orga nisation under which these people live, is understood by the people, almost universally ; its effect is clearly evil. A bill to incorporate the Ske Bkeneatles community has been pending in the House some weeks, and to-day it was called up in order. Mr. Bioss, of Monroe, who, it may be well to say, is an ultra sectarian of this creed, addressed the House in favor of this bill at length. Mr. Bloea is a very singular man; his eccentricity is extreme. Mr. Bloss arose at the end of the main aisle, nearest the Speaker's chair, and addressed the House with his back to the Speaker. Daring his homily he frequently tra versed the whole length of this ai?le from the chair to the principal door of the House. Pending these terrific charges across the chamber, his arms were raised high above his heed, which was thrown back at an angle of about 40 degrees, so that his eyes, which were capped with a magnificent pair of gold framed spectacles, were elevated in the direction of the celling or the Assembly chamber. His voice is deep and sonorous, and his deli very purely clerical. Heavy drops of perspiration rolled down his cheeks, and the blue veins in his forehead were distended to their greatest tension. In allusion to this community, MP. Bloss said "A nobler set of esee and women were never congregated to test the great principles of reform " He said, "Kings, Queens, maids and matrons, nay, the Skeneatles community, must be reached in that Legislature." He said, "we refuse to incorporate this society because they do not cast out devils in our way. What says the great fhther of spi rits 7 (ho asked.) 'Forbid them not,'" (he answered) The House would not allow him to proceed. Messrs. Kinne, Bailey, Stevenson, Phillips, Chase, he., debated the bill, and it was rejected. The bill to make the real estate owned by banks, avail able for the payment of their debts, passed the House to-day. The principal portion of legislative business is wholly of a local oharacter, not affecting the interests of the populace generally. Great reforms, inlthe institution of whioh indomitable energy is indispensable, are Ignored, I or suffered to sleep the sleep of death. Aimkt, April 0,1846. Tht Mackenzie Pamphlet?The Recent Political Riot? Legielative Proceeding!? The Weather, gc. The eppeel from the decision of Vice Chancellor Me Coun, in the Mackenzie caee, la being argued before Chancellor Walworth in, thia city. The injunction, aa not properly effecting the publication of the great maae of these lettera, and aa only affecting the letters of Jesse Hoyt, will, it ii believed, be dissolved It is said to be somewhat funny that in the case of Slamm et at. the de cision of McCoun was decidedly opposite to his decision in the pending case. The Grand Jury are hearing testimony concerning the rec?nt outrage at New Scotland. The District At torney having been implicated in thia transaction, the Court has made a special appointment of aa officer, lor tho time being, to do the duty as government attorney. Comment upon the conduct of the Attorney General, in this connection, is needless; but how deeply it is to be regretted, that a man occupying his position would vo luntarily involve himself in an affair ot this kind! There are various speculations aa to the result. It Is supposed that he will resign, to avoid the compunctious obloquy which would attach to a dismissal. But there is a dis ruptions moral in these events?a powerful evidence of the impossibility of a permanent association of politi cians any where in America. Tlio Hon. John Townsend, member of Assembly from New York city, has been named. I learn, as a gentleman eminently qualified to represent his constituents in the State (Convention, with Inflexible integrity and distin guished ability. I am told that thia greatly esteemed member of the House has been urgently solicited to ac cept this nomination, and in view of his acceptance,! will take occasion to say, that, without doubt, the inte rests of the people would be ably and honorably re presented by this citixen in the Convention. The Hon. Joshua A. Spencer, and the Hon. Samuel Young, have returned, and occupied their places in the Senate ?*?<? morning. Debates somewhat remarkable for their prolixity and personality, continue to occur in the Senate, upon pure ly local matters. Nearly the whole day was occupied in the discussion of a motion to elect a proxy President ol the Senate. The Lieutenant Governor is absent occa sionally, and the intolerable Jealousy of Senators will bot allow them to elect a temporary chairman. Tho ef fort failed to-day as it did yesterday. The Printing Committee presented minority and ma jority reports, relative to Trinity Church in the oity of New York, and the Senate ordered three times the num ber of these documents to be printed. The Senate ihen passed the bill regulating duties on foods sold at auction, reported by the Committee of onference some time since. By the previsions of this bill all domestic goods will be duty free. The anti-rent bill was not taken up to day. *** to I Last evening the House passed the bill to amend the Excise lew of IMS. The amendment regulates the sale of liquors, for mechanical and medicinal purposes, and provides, that batons election under this not, shall be bad in each year. t, A very brilliant masked debate occurred in the House to day, upon an amendment to the bill suthorizing the extension of the New Ifork and Erie railroad into Pennsylvania. The matchless exordiums and pocem tions, arose upon a question whether the survey of this road should be left at the option of the engineer, or whether it should be compulsory upon this ofScer, to run it through the heart of bullivan coun ty, in this State, which is the border county. The die. cussion was thrilling, quite thrilling ; a score of beauti ful eyes looked down from the gallery ecstatically, upon thia grand political dejeuner ; members computed each and the others aright, by logarithms?flights were taken ?flights ot fancy, and leaps over figures on the oil cloths ?climaxes were reached, and evacuated, with a down ward tendency?with amazing rapidity. Stoics on that floor, offaied maiden reasons and deductions with re markable effect; intellectual and insulated pilasters sprang up comely and humorous ; all the world was there to see, and among them a dozen Senators, con founded at this "feast ot reason," and excited to tears, by the tremendous effect of small pinches of Soetch snuff, retailed gratuitously, from boxes set in diamonds. Tho celebrated John Young was there, and the distinguished Mr. Bailey. Sullivau county .was dissected and distracted, and the magnificence of her mineiala, and the fertility of her rich pastures, com pounded a splendid embodiment to speeches of remarks ole power and finish. Ah! it was a great scene?Ka phael might have given you aa idea of the phyeique, and your Washington reporters oi the intellectual. Dut I am not up to the work. "1 acknowledge the corn." The House finally agreed to refer the bill to a commit tee of one from each be sate district, with instructions to report the same complete to tho House at 7 P. M. this OVeuiug. Mr. Alberts on reported tho Now York Police bill complete, to-day. The Committee of the Whole also took up and passed the Sonata bill, for tho relief .of Messrs. Thmaas and Worden, (canal contractort.) named tome tin* since by me. * The weather U very lovely ; precisely the tempera ture to make a man happy, if there were nothing elee to make him sad. I ahall try to send you a sketch of tho gorgeous festi val to oome off to-night at Bleecker Hall. Ex-Presidents and ex-ecntivei will be there, and brigadier* of tho regular army, and cadet* fiom West Feint, and be?tl ful worn?, and handsome civilians. ?oramaonta of Travellers. Tho following comprises the majority of yesterday's arrivals at the principal Hotels At the Amsaicss?Captain Allen, U. S. Dragoon, John Col lins, F. Thibault, Philadelphia; John 8n?ph?rd, "oston, J. Page, B. G. Byton. Baltimore; H. Morse, Philadelnbia; Hon. L. C. Levin, Washington: Oen P. S. Smith. Phila delphia; Capt. McMichael, ship Montauk, Cantoi Th Arnold, Norwich; C E. Obdston, Ed. Naroy, C. < .da ton,'Charleston; C. Finch,Lynchburah; O Doty, U. h.N.j R. Hopkins, Virginia; W. White, Cnas. Wslliord, Frt.l aricksDurg. AsToa-S. Phillips, A. Msrah, Boston; B. HarilatiJ, Col. Jack, Philadelphia; John Cobb, Beaton; N. White ridge, Baltimore; Tho*. Clarke, Partem?th, Ohio; J. R. Thompson. Providence; Miele Woodworth, Hyde Park; W. Ke?p, Lockuort; J. Coleman, Rochester: W. Math ews, Boston; John Crow, Albany: J. Far, Band Cake; Strong and Oliver, Philadelphia; R. Nicolls, Troy;P. D. Cadno, Baltimore; N. Weston, Salem; W. Coffin Boston; J. ilrvino, Penn.; H. Placid*; Mobile, Alia ; H. Eaton, Baltimore; M. Chapin, P. Worder, 0. C. waterman, N. B : R. P. Rsmsdell, Buffalo. Citv.?P. Seymour, Peekskill; 8. Gordon,! Savannah; M. Atkins, N. T; H. G. Little, Ala; Dr. Reynolds, 8 C ; James Wray, Ptulad: J. Deversus, Utica. P. M. Car roichael, Albany; J. Hutchinson, Buffalo; Geo. Ksr, Va; J.C Gunn, J. Foster, Honesdalo; J. A. Van Zandt, H. Uoulde, Washington: L. Champenso. Ponn'a; F. Shep herd, New Haven: J. M. Rubric, Buenoe Ay roe; Dr. Harlen, Hartford; G. Wheeler, Trenton; J. Davie, Steu ben co. f) FasNBLin?Mr. Fishor, Boston, T. Boodle, Philad; W. lion, Mass; H. Sherman, N. H; E. H. Mulford, L. 1; C. Pynchon, Georgia; 'saac Freeaor, Pa; 8. H. Morgan, N. J; M. Colley, Now Hampshire; James Tuton, Joseph Rankin, Little Falls; B. Lundy, Waterloo; E. 8. Evans, Albany; J. Summona, Victoria; J. Douglas, L. Rsslay, Fredonis; A. Bridges, Cambridge: A. Hubbald, Utica: J. Walker, Buffalo: J.l Day, Rochester; E. T. Nicolls, Cleveland, Ohio: H. Cobb, Boeton. Howsan?D. Mitchell, Columbus; Goo. Howard, Mr. Cameron, Toronto; J. 8. McNight, Lake Superior; J. Potts, Prov; B. Kingsbury, Pa; Goo. Tibbatts, Milford, Conn; E. Crehore, Boston; J. Richmond, Mass; D. B. Fisher, do; J.Howland, New Bedford; Huddieston and Wooater, Troy; W. Brown, 8. C; J. Marriott, N. C: M. Townsend, Troy: II. Tree, Rochester; C. Dunlap, Bridgeport; J. Craig, A. Nawell, Medina; C. It W. Re main, Toronto; M. Molntyro, Canada Wast; M. Doner, Syracuse, Mr. Buchanan, 8. Oliver, Canada; H. King, Lyons, F. P. Croft, Albany; F H.Wood, do; 8. Blake, Boston. Court off Special fee saloon. Before the Recorder and two Aldermen. Aran. 10 ?Margaret McCartv, charged with stealing a pair of shoes lrom a Mr. Bigelow, was found guilty, and ordered to bo locked up in tho city prison far twenty days. Ann Thompson was adjudged guilty of stealing a place of muslin de laine from a atom in William (treat, and sentenced to be imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of two month*. MIsaac Townsend, colored, for an aggravated assault upon Frederick Fischley, as be was passing through tho "Five Points," was sentenced to spend a couple of months in tho penitentiary. William Smith, a lad, charged with pilfering eotton from baloa on the docks, was adjudged guilty, and sent to the house of refuge. John Bennett, also a lad, was found guilty of stealing $16 worth oi slothing from Thomas Kealo; but in this caso judgment wii suspended. George Smith was next placed at tho bar, on a charge of committing an aaaault and battery on Charles Welsh, drawing a knife unon him and threatening to take his life. He was found guilty and ordered to bo confined in the city prison lor so days. Hsnry Rosenmeyer for committing an assault and bat tety on Wm. Meir, and attempting to stab him, was ad judged guilty.' Judgment suspended. Mary Campbell, lor an assault and battery on Mary Burke, was ordered to bo locked up in the city prison for two months. John MeCorlay, charged with making a violent aaaanlt and battery on officer Tompkins, was booked for quar ters in the city prison for one month, and directed to pay a Boa of $60 The court than adjourned. Court off Oyer and Terminer. Before Judgo;Edmond>, and Aid. Stoneaii and Compton. Aran. 10.? Cass of Otorge Fotttr.?The prisoner was brought into court this morning; after tho Judges had taken their seats, the District Attorney moved for Judg ment. Judob Edmoitos.?After tho bill of exceptions had been settled by us, u was presented to ma for an order to stay proceedings, which I refused, but gave tuna to apply to Chief Justice Branson lor an order to stay proceedings. It now turns out that the application was made and refuiad, and it only remaina to pronounce the judgment of tho court, which is, that George Potter bo remanded to the State prison, to servo out the remainder of the term of five yean, for which he was senteno d. Tho prisoner was then given In oharge to offloer Bow yor, to bo convoyed to Sing Sing. Nuiiant' Cess.?Tkt People vs. Rshrt KUtrtl sfs ? This caso was again called un this morning, end after hearing Mr. Clark for defendants, and Mr. Blunt for tho people, a stay of proceedings wa*> granted to defendants, until the first day ol the next May term. The court then adjourned without day. Court of General Sessions. 1 Before Recorder Scott end Aldermen Henry ud Jack eon.?John McKeon, Esq., Dlatrict Attorney. Are 11. 10.?Francii Bimhy, found guilty on Tuesday last, of committing n s violent eaaault end bettery en Mr. Wn IS. Corwln, of No. 080 Broadway, on the evening of the 10th of November teat; wee directed to pay a One of $to. No other busineee vu tranaacted to day, it being Good Friday. The court accordingly adjourned until to-morrow morning. Sunuemb Court Decisions.?Special Term?Mr J Justice Beard sir y presiding. ? April 8, 1846.? Wheeler adi. Watkina?motion to change venae denied. I Kullington eda. Livingston end wife, and another canoe ?motion to aet aside default. Ice , denied with coate. The people ex. rel. Quinlan va the Board of Super visora of Sullivan county?motion, ex parte, for an alternative mandamus, granted. Williams ad a. Conrad? motion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit, denied with coete, to abide event Taylor eda. Crosby-motion tor Judgment aa in case of nonsuit; granted, unless plaintiff stipulates and pay* coala. Mertindale at aL eda. Rockwell. SurvV, kc.?motion for a perpetual stay of proceedings upon judgment and execution, as to dePt Mertindale ; granted by default. In the matter o( the application ot Law rence Bates for a certiorari -granted ex parte Oliver ads. Crary?motion to aet aside inquest, kc.?granted on terms. Pilling vs. Frost et al.?motion experts for leave to issue a new execution ; granted. Rows ads. Shares ?motion tor Judgment as in case of nonsuit ; granted by defaulL Place et al. vs. Christie ?motion for leave to issue an alias Fl. Fa.; granted by default. Ads it ads. Mills?motion to change venue j granted by default. Towle, imp'd, kc., ads. Belliimer?motion tor Judgment as in case of nonsuit: granted by default. Puitse ads Keith end wife?do. do. Winton ads. Bagg?motion for I two commissions ; granted by defhult. Havens ads. Skiilman- motion to vacate defhult, kc.; granted with costs, by defhult. Palmer et al ads. Reimer?motion tor judgment as in oase of nonsuit; granted by default. McDougall et el. vs. Peters?motion to set aside Judg ment ; granted with costs, by default. Cameron ot al. ads. Scboonmaker- motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit; granted With costs, by default. Miles et al. ads. Allyn et aL?dd. do. Johnson etal. ads. Nulter? do. do. Montague, imp'd ads. Purcell and wife?motion to set aside execution ; granted. Berne ads. Doris?mo tion to sat aside execution ; granted with coats. Geno ads. White and wife?motion that plaintiff lie security for ooste ; granted absolute. Richards et al. ads. Hawks ?motion for relaxation of ooets ; granted on payment of f7 costs. Gardner ads. Valk-motion for Judg ment as In ease of nonsuit i denied without ooets. Lathrop ads the Cortland county Mutual Insurance Co., and another cause?motion to sot aside defcnH, kc; granted in each ease, with $10 cost for both. The People ex rel Wells va. the Judges of the Yatee Common Pleas ?motion ex parte tor a mandamus ; granted. Ore slant vs. Tollman?motion to require Bamuel and Oserge W. Tiffany to pay a judgment, kc ; denied with coots. Beou ton imp'd, kc. ads Sexton and another cause?motion tor I judgment of non pros.; granted with oeet by default ? Adams .imp'd, kc. ads do. Fox imn'd, he ads do. Dean, imp'd, kc. ads do. Bowen. imp'd. kc. ada do. Luce ads Burcklo et al?motion that defendant bo allowed double corts, granted. Bmith va. Fisher?motion ox parte to amend Judgment record : granted. Black lord ada Partus ?motion to set aside demult, lie.; granted with costs. Mack va. Houghton otal?motion for relaxation of costs, granted. Collins at al, ada Say monr at al?motion tor judgment as in case of non salt; granted with coat* by default. la the matter of Orrta Thompson et al ads Rock wood ot al?motion on apponl to vacate an order of Circuit Judge ; dented. Van Bsren ads Tears-motion, to sot off Judgment, kc.; granted without coats. Cornet sds Clark at al?motion for discontinuance postponed, and an order allowing a commission to taho a deposition for the motion; granted?.Li any Arg%*. Varieties. The Bristol print works st Taunton, Mew., turn out fifteen hundred piece* of MtUa f* ??{?? Tboso are of the riohest quality, and with others made in this country btvi linoit endided the erticle iron tbroed. The Galena fill) Os?'h states, upon the authority of a Mntleman of Observation, who has recently ktrav.fted aver that section of country, that there an one hundred oZSateMy M?!e within forty miles of, and including oung women in Ohio, boa lately contracted e habit of going off into a trance, in which state she professes to bo trenapoited to hoevon, whore she is able to see who have already secured seats, and also to see who of those vet in this sintul world have their names in the Book of Lite Hor nemo is Funeton; end Miss Funston is *csring some of tho Buckeyes horribly, et her revete ttens. The Hegeretown Ntwi of Saturday eeye that the when in that region of country presents e most promising appearance, and is as tar advanced as it generally is n month inter.

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