Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. V*l. *11., Ko. 101 -Wfcola Ho. ?11? NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 12, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAI LY HEKALD?Every day, Price < (Mi par MfT I' 15?payableia adrancv WEELY HJCHALD?Erery Saturday?Pric. 6* < 1 pneae?always ea?h ?? advance. PRINTING of all kiad* executed with beauty aad doapatok ,XiK All letters or eooaanaicauooa, ay mail, addressee to he establishment, maat ba post paid, or tha postage will ba &^'""ta?jBS3?aiSS?3fACTT, Proprietor o. the Nrw Yams Hmu) EinuiaHMiat North-West comer of Faltoa aad Nuno au TO LET. IN BROOKLYN.?The two three ttorv brick hoasea, I Noi.'II end IK Bridge I nloate Noi. 'II end IK Bridge street. The hon.ea are . new and erery way convenient, and within fifteen mm iitea walk from the Fnlton an I Catherine atraeta lemea. Cut uirr at No. It8 Bridge atreet, Brooklyn. a7 lw-rrc TO LET, MA HOUSF, No. <4 Variek street, in good repair, with 7-j-w Crotoa Waters Tea Room, and a Dae new of St. .LdilL John's Park. Enquire of at ? **rr? P. COE, it John atreet. TO LET, THE three atvry brick Houae, No 107 Croat atreet, op pitieZ.on Church. Tha houae ia in perfect order, and will be rented,to be ocenpied bv a aiegla family, at a vary moderate rent. Ap|'lj^ premises, or to as lwj-rrc PETER PIRN IE, IK Front at. TO RENT A A BEAUTIFULLY situated Front Office, ia W Booth atreet, on the second tloor. Two or more Lofts can also ba had with it. For I'm the- particulars, apply to \V. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 7S Sooth at . ? corner of Maidan lane. TO LET?The modern three atory and attic Honae, No, SO Second Avenue, he ween 4th and 5th aireela ? M XJaLli i? well finished. with mahogany doom, plated furni ture a hi plate glhaa in the first stn'y, bath ia the aecoad atory, and vtry conveniently err nged throughout. App:y on ihe premises Can be seen tiom 11 A.M. to S O'clock P.M. daily al 11w*rre Jewi The Modem built three atory brick honae, 215 A dame [???? street, Brooklyn II not aold by private aale, it will be XaJULdisp >aed of at public auction, oa tha !5:h day of May belt. Half ol tha purchase money can remain on mortMfie, for a term of Tears. Application to be made on the premiees, 215 Adams at, Brooklyn. a4 lm're FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, THE Honae and Lot 473 Broadway The main ho five stories high with the attic, and 60 feet dr <32 luck building is three stories high and 64 leet deep, A stable on the iear front*ng on Mercer street, 42 feet deep. **he lot is 36 feet f >nr in hes front and rear, and 300 fee' deep P- a.,.. ? mi.Uo ? ? will. ?ka ...... n. d ' 1 rPM?i s wishing to confer wiih the owner, Dr. CiUuES^ MAN. may do so between the hoars of 8 and 9, A. M.. aad SK and P. M. all hryc Mi TO LET OR FOR SALE, ON very I?vorabletrrms, four three atory and haseeeeat They oaak ooa brick dwelling Honaee, in Hoboken. tain 11 rooms betides tha kirebrn, and are fitted beautiful style throughout. Two of these honaee are 31 feet front by 32 feet deep; am . | aad two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide conrt yard in I rant. Tha situation commands ? fine view and b within one minute's walk of the ferry, where boats leave every fifteen minutes, for Barclay street, aad every half hoar for Ce cal and Christopher streets. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage, flulr to alt 2w*r J.C.8TEVENS, Hohgjjb A TO LET, , TO A PMALL FAMILY?The neper part of a boose IPwith pintry, on the second floor, and a frontMBRIS u on the third floor, and if required an a'tie mom, erith lire ol Croti.u water, aid other nee-seary orivilegee. Ap ply to A. 9. VAN PRO tO,57 War-swot. N. B.?If desirable a part of the above may be obtaigofi. a7 2*> ST AT FN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. a any tin mber of acres that may bv desirable, Bi he., attached,on the North shore cfStateu lali ing i,u the river, a d within thr'e minutes walk of C Steamboat Land ng. ope mile from rott Richmond, and and a Ii ilf from New Brighton. The pr -petty has a tront on (be water of about 4M fi For further pai ? pa.ticnlara rnqnire of William and John en, No. 31 Wall street, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jai ger m TO LET OR FOR SALE. amd. A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Htal f.T.m Coach House attached, with abont an acre of h JiJJLprwcipal part of which ia well stocked with ft. fa >ey shrubs, aud en loaed with a picket fence. The pat* every tea miuutea w.thin five minuter' walk of the Bltuition between 119th and tilth streets. For fnrthar ' tiou apnly to J'./HN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth street WOODS, Harlem. mrl2 TO LET. . A HOU8E AND BARN, with abont sixtee I gronnd, situated in the Tillage of Heating*, We ^county, State of New York, within a faw : of the steam boat landing. Said Place ia divided into gar dans, which are well stocked with fruit Also, a pleasant grove, with a stream of wate', and several good springs. Pos canbe " ~ acsaion can be given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply ai the atom of Mr. Bcnloaaer, Hasting'a Landing, or of al lm*rc MR. ECKKRT, 72 Mnriay at. New York. FOR HALE?FonrLou on the north aide of 4lat I street, 3C0 fee east of thelih arenue, with anew Hons*, Land another building on one of the loU aniuble for a workshop, slaughter honae or stable. Also, abont s<x acres, with a small Honae, on the Rockaway aad Jamaica Turnpike road, about half a mils beyond the Toll Gate. It e utains one acre of Peach Trees, in fall bearing, aad of the choicest fruit. Alia, several othsr pieces of Laud. Inquire of JOHN L. NORTON, Jr., atl4 Delancey atreet,betweea the hoanot I and 5. al lw*rh I OR Exchange fir City Property, 640 acres of rich laad |in Scotland county, (formerly Lewis co.) in Missouri.? .It was purchased in 1136 ftom government, and selected lor use present owner, who has a government deed for h. The mart are all paid to this year. A aurvey of the land has been made. Addreaa box 1471, P. O. a4 lw*rc 1JT1, paHSKGK TO jAN^J KROM Camlie C^PI^r. m iheKtnof' ??jj',p?,ir.r accommodat'?"*' JfljJJIh at. For passage, haviejyai* HERDM^ * (ti. Liver allm BLACK BAj^ OROLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL -Only re gnIir packet of the 16th April. The magnificeut eelt!irated fast sailing favorite ^ai et ship NEW YORK. T. B. Cropper, Commander, will sail positively on Tnnraday, the >6'h April. It is well known that the aceom mod <lions of tlie NewYirk aie fitted oat in a moat sepcrb and costly in inner, with every modern improvement aad conveni ence, that cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking. Persona visiting the old country, or tending for their friends, should call and see this splendid specimen of naval architec ture, before engaging elsewhere. Fur passage in cabin, second cabiu aud steerage, early applicatien shonld be made oa board, foot ol Bookman atreet. or tolhe subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. all r 35 Fnlton street, (next door to the Fnlton Bank.) FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of tha 1st May iTbe packet ship ST. JAMES^ju^Jdaxa^ il! sail aa above, her regnlar day. For latsage in cabin, second cabin and steerage, having splendid accommodations, eppl^on_boeid,_or Jo_ h i7S,'atrI tSTf*' aonvble tertua, by appl,',-?;^^.h 0l aad^oV^' alt r fflomliig Line at 1 o'clock, FOR ALBANY AND TROY. Breakfast and dincar on boa-d Landing at Caldwell's,Weat Point,NawbnrgK,llamp ML ton, Punghkaeptie. Hyde Park. Khineherk, J. Hed nook, Bristol, Caukill, Hudson, Coxaackie, Kiuder honk Trie ttearabva: TROY, Canta-n A. Oetham, fncaday, ' tatnrday (This Morning,) at 7o'clock, A M . Thursday and I ,,, ... from t'.e foot of Barclay street, gseinming on opposite dart. For Passage o-Fre ght, app y on board, or toF. B HILL, at the Office on the W harf. a 11 rre PEOPLE'S LINE OFsrEAMBOAI'S FOR ALBANVe Daily, Sundays excrpted?1Through Direct?et T o'clock, P.M. From tht pur between Cmrttandt and lAberty itt. Steamboat COLUM' I A. Cap'. Wm. H. Una^Mrf1 Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, 3R-?and Friday rveninrt, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R.O. Critten den, will lesve ou Tncsilay, Thursday and Haturday eyaninga, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., I HHTTTU a it I'D r<- a .i. I V Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday alter noona, al 5 o'clock Btaimbovt NORTH AMERICA. Captain R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday afternoons, at 5 oYlni-k. The above boa's will, at all limes, arrive in Albany in ample time for ihe morning ca t for tne east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates; none ukan after SR o'clock, P. M. All penons are forbid trusting any of the boets of this lias, without a written order from the Captains or Agent*. For passage or freight, apply on board tha Bo all, or to P. C. Bchnlts, at-he oglce on the wharf alOrre TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS? WPDiiifl. 'I'HE I eh ic is r.specUnlly u.lormed that the recent breaks A IB the C*nit,<?nied t,y tha late fte bet,hiving tain le ?u red .the PIONEER fc EXPRESS LINE, via Rulroad and Cai al from Pbi.adelphia to Pittabergh, commenced its regular Irins lor ihe sooaiu on Monday, (he 6tn of April, leaving the Dy-)t. No.n Mavkstit'o-t. DAILY, at 7E o'clock, A.M. ' By this roate I Msec fare will avoid all the fatigae and dan ger ?f night travelling in coaehea, both Railroads being pasted in diylifh'. KV; M'YWWWKM'W apply at the Old Established OIBee, S7d Ma.ket street, 3 doors above Eighth atreet aU??TC A. B CUMMIN'OS, Ageal BALL DRESWSES FIFTY Bblt CENT UNDER THE COST OK IMPORTATION PF.TEll ROBKR I 8 respectfully annoaarea to the ladies, that having purchased largely at aget,?0, ho V. enahM M ofier a magnificenl aelectiou of Ball and Evening Dresses at the above tr.meodont 'eduction. He also calls attanticm to" qQ.-jiU(> of Embroidered Collars, Cheaiiaettea, he. slightly qQ.Mitiry oi aesreiafiw i-neaniaettet, fee. ? soili-d, wliiehar^ arlling at leas than -ae-thirO the c price. The remainder of tha slock of Winter Hosiery Jered at eqnally lew prieea, and on mapeetioa it is i ti'istnassvsir^-" *? EAGLE^COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. ut Pearl (treat, between Centre ltd Elm?Warm, cold and ahower Baths, rqual to thoi* in any Konae in the city, at 11X cents; Lodsings, with good clean beda, 12M eta; Board* ins and Lodgieg.SS at par week, la the reading room will be foead newspaper* from London, Liverpool, and ail the princi pal eitiea or the United States. ad lm*rh HAVANA SEGARS. 100,000 Very Superior, received per late arrivals from Havana, viz: Noreiaga't, Vietoria'a, Wandering Jew's. Bayadera'a, Kmilio's, Nab-ja's, and Plantation Began, all warranted of the higbeat grade ot Tobacco. The advertiaer ia receiving conaigomenta ol the finer qnalitiea of Havana Be gan by every vessel from Havana, with advices to close aalea I romptly.-and will, therefore, tell at one or two dollars lesa per thousand, than any other importer. Country merchants and hotel keepers will find ic to their interoat to cell. in27 2w'rrc GEORGE WELLS. Jr., 1W Front street. A^J SHAFER & CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Mil Broadway, near Park Place. i NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Packet*, an en tirely new assortment of the finest Sedan Cloths and Cae ?imeres, adapted to the early apring trade. Having concluded a permanent arrangement, as cntter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late of the line Castigliene, Pari*, well known to most ot our fash ionable* who have vinted Europe, they are now prepnred to eaecate order* in a Kyle of nuiunal elegance mrt? lm*r 4l}tf Broadway. TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. LARUE assortment of China Grata Fishing Lines, and j.M. Salmon and Trunt Silk Worm Gutt. to anit city or conn try dealers. Every article in fishing taikle will be found at ?...A..shL vwiaas at I 'I iMV)H V 'ft b mliinff inri iiitnplirB Tmmklm reasonable prices, at CON KO V 'S H islung and Sportir c Tackle eut.M Enltou*t, corner of C'lli. al lm'rh Establishment, WINES, BRANDIES, GIN, tets. EA CASES very old Madeira Wine, each 1 dozen, brands, t/V/ Blackburn, Lent, Newton, Gordon It Co; 25 case* fine old Amontillado and Doff Gordon Sherry, in do; Otiud, Du pay It Co. Brandy, ia half pipes and qr casks; A. Seignette in do; old Pale Cognac, 1221, m qr casks and eighths, oT n very inferior quality. , , , ..... . , The above wines we of n high grade, bottled by the late it JO yews ago.aj^ifor aahsjqw.jiy b. m. DALY, Successor to n4 lm*N Bement & Castle, 94 Broad at. BIGELOWS NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. towns, or aay pert of the western portion of New Hampshire amd Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the ?woo? L. BIOELOW, I Court street, Boston. N.B.?Be rare te mark Packages to cure of " Bigelow'a Ez ^WICEO^IEFr^O^N^^NC^OMP^fY | NrwYoag r ebrnary 2d, IMS. ^T^AN ELECTION for Directors ol tbu loatiutioo, for _ the coining yew, held this day, the following named gen tleman were elected inch _ DIRECTORS. Thomas' WThorne, Elisha Rings, Thomas T. Woodrnff, Anson Bakw, B. R. Robson, M. D. Jowph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Mosra Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, Jehu P. Moore, John H. Lee,. Will<am K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tanis, Thomas Morrell, Francis F, Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. I At a subsequent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. ITHORNE, Esq , wai unanimously re-elected President for Sh* conning veer GEO. T HOPE. S-cretarv. ftrrc MART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE. KM Chmtnnt Street, PHILADELPHIA. D ATH8 just introduced?Warm and Cold?in fine apwt JLy meats, for both ladies and gentlemen; and the entire erga nization and fitting np of every department of the Wtabiagtoa MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETQWN, CONNECTICUT. f^HE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to hit a. friends and the public, that h* hra teased the above house for a term of years, and hopea, by long experience and atrial attention to business, to merit a liberal share of their patronage JOHN L. MONROE, mrl Sa*rc Formerly of the U. S. Hotel, Boston. .FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAHN. IMPORTERS, 53 NASSAU 8TREET, UP STAIRS, here received, by late arrivila from their boose in Pwis, and oner for sale, every large and choice selection ol the NEWEST STYLES OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bunches, wreaths, sprig*, garlands, fee fee., together with a most extensive asortment of MATERIALS FOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS, embracing a variety muaipaised in richness, and extent by any other importation. Also? Artificial flowers by tha case, imported expressly for the jobbing and eonntry trade m24 lin*r JO COUNTRY BOOKSELLERS. SPECIAL NOTICE?THE ORAkFENBERG PILL COMPANY are now organizing efficient agencies in every town, city and village in the Uuited Stales, the British Pro vinees. West ludiei and raits of 8-nth America. A* a geiie ral rale, the company will appoint Booksellers only ai their Agents. In no ease will a druggist be empleyod, and there II be_butygegrneral.agent in any town. The arrangements vf the Graeunberg Till Company are inch at will inure a large tale for their Pillt, and good agent* will find ihe agency a good business, it be-eg durable to rpeu the different agru eietsimaltaaeonily, noneoftbe Pills will be offered for sale until the whole system of agtacies is organized, which will "" rulfinditf require some little time. Bookseller* wul find it for thsir in terest to call at the office ol the comp-nr, which will be for the present at No. IJ4 Naaaiu ttree^nen^door to Tammany Hall. FRANCIS M PRATT, Oeoerel Ag-nt. P.S.?The extraordinary virtues of the Gr. efenbnrg Vege table Pills, and tbe philosophy of their aetion upon tha hu man system, will be fully explained at an early day. It n at ce-aary at this time only to say that they we very fariaperi-r toBrandreth's, Moffat's, or any other ptlls, and will immedi ately become the leading pill of the day. alO 6trc BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /"hTTIS FIELD, respectfully inlorma his friends and tha U pnbl VJ pubfie, that he has returned to hia old favorite quarters, ? BASSFORD'S ROOMS, entrance 1R Ann at, adioining ths I Mnaenm building, or 14* Fnltea street. The Rooms and Ta ? bias have been pnt in perfect order. The Tables are Slate, I Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber end Cloth Cushions. I They will no doubt suit European and all great plavers. being I the brat in this eonntry. Larger balls for Southerners?Caro lliua balls for German?. I N. B.?B isaford's newatyls Billiwd Tables for sale; India land French Cn* Leather, brat ia the city; fin* Billiard Cloth, ? and every altieiei n the trade, constantly on hand and for sals NEW TARIFF. IMPORTANT NEWS to Shippers of Oraia tad other Eva Produce to Ureat Britain. A new leer baring passed the Legit lata re, admitting the im portation of foreign com and provisions at a rery low rate ot daty, an opportan ty will be siren to those who are deairoaa to ship to the Glasgow market, to open a good eoouetion with the snbteriber, who hat been fifteen rears ia the Oram and Prorision trade ; and as thera has hitherto been none of any importance, or who had any praciieal know I edge of that trade in Uleegow, a batter opportunity could not be aetiied by respectable houses to form a connection in that market. Lib eral adraneea will be siren to shippers. From the subscribers long experience end knowledge of the Orain and Prorision Trade, and alto his friendly intimacy with the buyers, a large ana respectable trade may be calcu lated apon. The subscriber begs to refer shippers to Mr. A. H. Finlay, Astor House. ROBERT ROBERTSON, mil lm'rc I] Union street, Glasgow. BUILDERS AND CARPENTERS. A CHOICE LOT or WHITE P,NE LUMBER, well seasoned, now landing et the new Inmber yard corner of Wast and Oetbroates atreets, North rirer, whicn will be told ehrsp for cash, by 'T 1 w*rre WM. M. FOSTER. FURNITUKE PLUSH. THE SUBSCRIBERS hare reorired from their mannfacto JL rv an extensive assortment of plain and embossed Furni ture Plushes, of all colors and qualities, saitable for cabinet, coach, and railroad car makers. V. CAILLEUX, KILB SOLELIAO It CO.. al 1m*r 1M Pearl s-reet ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. EVOELKNER begs learc to scqatint hie friends and ? customers, that his elegant stock of Artificial Mowers, both French and American manufacture, has not receired the least injaty by the late fire at 1M William street, as the goods were remove.1 ia time. E V. wi l continue t > sell wholesale and retail, at (lie lowest prices, at 111 William so est, and begs dealers to inspect his stoek before bnyiug elsewhere, si lm*ra BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, TWO. I St Johns'Lane comer Beach street. The Snbserib Av er would inform bis Cnstomcsan the Public, th-t ha lias c ms-si.tly on hand, a la ge stock of fsceysnd common Bird Cages,of all descriptions, which he will sell cheaper thaa tli-y can be bought elsewhere. Also, Cages made to older. J. KELLY. P. A?Country Merchants would find it to their advantage to call and examine hit stock al lw*r GLEN COVE, L. I. TO LET OR LEASE for a term of yean, as a Summer Boarding House, an el'gant e. nntry seat. aaarUlau Cova. It will bow accommodate 2} b .aiders, aud with $l(C0 outlay, IPO more. It has advantages over say other place iu its vi cm ty. Address B. B . at 111 Broadway. 'J be Fnrbitnre, Stock, fci., will be let with the rlaee, to a sa'e tenant, or sold at a vs I nation. at ftrre THORN CHAMPAIGNfcl. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is ia store, to winch the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. Thastandiug of this Wine is now superior to that of any ia this country, and at no higher price than that of the beat brands. ... , C. LIVINGSTON k CO., mlliatf re 10 Wall atreeL The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital 1100,000 Dollars. Ornct || FttLTorr stbxict, Brooklvit. /CONTINUE to taka risks on bnLdhiga, machinery, mar v-r cliandite and property generally, on their nsaal favorable term*. This company las passed through the two greatest eotiftapanons that have ever occurred in the country : Uiey owe their escape from them with comparatively slightloeees to the system which thoy have always practised of limiting and scattering their neks. All losses which the company mar sesron will be adjusted ?nd paid promptly as heretofore. The f ompiny take special care to notify their castomeri in New York, of ell eiptrscioaa of policioe. oui.-. t ?3nMC??!: SARONI & ARCHER, 151 Water street, corner of Maiden lane, LI AVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Caps. Bilk and ?1 Fur H.ts, of every dascriptioa, and Spriug >tyl?, Straw and Panama Hau. Also, Oil Silk. Glared Lawn, Vixori and Cap-stocks, which ther offer at very low prices. Dealers aad manufactures will do well to'lamina their stock In-fore purchasing eliewliere. ml2 Im* mm Iw LJALT.?IdM sacks of Asbton's, ia p'ime order, on bor.rdlhe D ship St Patrick, from Liverpool. For tale in lota to suit psicbaiars Apply to aT IWr-e DAVID OODF.N, II Wall at. HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUNS. AW. SPlES k CO., having removed to 91 Maiden lane, ? offer a large end wall assorted stock of Hardware, Cut lery, Guns end Gun Materials, by recent importations, at ex tremely lew pneti lor cash or approved paper- al larib PREPARATIONS FOR THE CHARTER ELECTION, TUESDAY, APRIL 14 OFPE^ The above cut represents the extensive preparations oi the party in power for the ensuing election. After New York has slumbered in filth for nearly the whole year, the party turn out and have the streets cleaned, in order to humbug the people with the idea that the city is hereafter to be kept clean and pore. The philosophic street-sweeper is seen in the foreground, delighted that it is near " election time," because he gets a job and the drinks, for his vote. In the background is a mass meeting of city reformers, urging upon the people to elect a reform party. The street sweeper does his best to throw dust, in clouds, in the eyes of the public. Next Tuesday night we shall know whether he succeeds in his efforts. Theatricals* Pass Theatre.?The performance of Alfred Ere lyn laat night, by Mr. Murdoch, war the crowning glory of his engagement. No greater applause has besn called down from any andience that erer assembled at the Park; and we are inclined to believe that the play of " Money" is the gate, as it were, through which Mr Murdoch will pass to the loftiest temple of his ambition' Fisher's Mr. Graves was capital, and Mrs. Vernon dis played her usual grace. At the close of the play, Mr. Murdoch was loudly called for, and made a very neat and effective speech. He said, that although be appear ed again in the afterpiece, he could not but respond to so flattering a call. He could but repeat those expres sions which, in reply to former acclamations, he had uttered from the depths of his heart. It would always be hi* pride and his boast to deserve the applause ot a New York audience. He regretted that his present en gagement was ciosed. His next appearance was to be in Philadelphia, where he was about to produce a na tional drama, founded on a most interesting incident in our history, and written by an Amerioan gentleman. This drama, he trusted, he should also soon present at the Park. The dancing of Miss Lee and Mrs. Hunt was the very personification of active grace. ^ Bowser AssmiTHCATas ?This establishment conti nues to be the centre of attraction to all lovers of fine and astonishing horsemanship. The house is nightly crowded to witness the wonderful performances ot Mr. Sands and his remarkable children. Bowtav Theater.?The enterprising manager of this popular establishment is rapidly coining money. The entertainments that he offers draw tremendous audi ences. To morrow night the grand Dautical drama of " Lafttte" is to be produced in splendid style. New Greenwich Theatre?The great success at tending this theatre, and the crowded housee nightly assembled,, are sufficient proofs of tho Just oethnation of tho labors of the managers and the talents of the com pany. We aee, indeed, no reason why thie theatre ?hould not be patronised by the uppeptown people, as well as any theatre is by tha down-town folk. Last night the " Stranger" presented a rich and attractive feast of intellect, it would be neediees to soy much upon this wall known and admired drams. Mrs. Crisp as Mrs. Haller won all hearts. The performance is character ized by chaste simplicity and slsgance. Altogether, the performance did credit to all engaged la it, and we hope it will be repeated. Mai. Mswatt tit New Orleans.?The brilliant oa rear of this lady, both as en authoress and actress, has alnady afforded a subject for frequent and flattering commentary in ell quarters where her fame and reputa ive travailed. As a recant Mutante, who may tion have I be said to bavs s tapped from the privacy of the boudoir and the study?to the moie trying and exciting scenes of public life?few have added more to the rich chaplet which her fame as a fascinating writer bad already won for her. Her merit aa en euthoreas baa only been suc ceeded by bar high qualities as aa actress, whose pow ers of delineation and accurate conception have been amply rewarded, wherever she baa appeared. Mrs. Mowatt has recently publisned a new novel, in Phila delphia, and will, it appears, soon be in New York to fulfil another engagement at tha Park, in May next. She has been moat favorably racaivad in New Orleans, and has been frequently called before tha curtain, at the St. Charles theatre. Her ? access, in' particular in the play ot" Love's Sacrifice," has been most gratifying to her numerous friends, and the play in consequence has been selected for the beuefitof Mrs. Farren,tno leading stock actress ot tha 8L Charles theatre, Mre. MAwatt perform ing her original character ot Margaret Flimore. The highest honors beve been showered upon her in ell quar ters. In rsletion to her late novel, "Evelyn," Fanny For iester speak* of it with a sort of euthusieam, which shows how deeply she admires it She says, " I love it, and wonld be but slightly obliged to any offlsious friend who should undertake to reason me out of my partial ity. 1 lova it, for it breathes e healthful spirit of chsar lulness, which needs not the dignified and somewhat cold torm of philosophy. I love it, for without prosing, and without cent, it teaches the pure and heavenly heavenly principles of our Divine Mas<er. 1 love it, for its life, its soul, is that angslic sentinent which v bearath and forgiveth all things.' " T< ere is e sort of deep refine ment in witnessing so cordial a tribute from one woman^ of genius to another; and who does not appreciate it ?? Mrs. Mowatt's success at the Park, on her return home iu Mey, will be unbounded. Cltjr Intelligence. Excitement in Mott Street?a Tale or Love.? About half put 7 o'clock last evening, persona travelling in the vicinity of the lower port ol Mod etieet w^re as toabbel bp hetriog acreama of ? female orying murder. We happened to be poaalng in that direction, and pro ceeding to tho a pot from whence they came, we found a great orowd of poraona around the door of the houae No. M Mott at., which, upon inquiry, we found to be a reapectable eatnbiiahment. There a young man waa atanding on the door-etep with a young female in bia graap, who ho anid waa hii aiater. Sue, it aeema, had be come enamored of a youth, and her brother and parenta dieliking tho matoh,forbade hia entering their houao. She, not to be daunted in thia manner, left their houae aud went to board at thia houao in Mott atroot. Her brother finciug where ahe waa, proceeded there laat evening, entered tho houao, and Boding hia aiater, fbraed her, for the purpoae of forcing her homo. She, of eourae, resist ed, and thia waa tho cauao of the orioa. About the time we came up, ofBcer Sackman alao made hia appear a uce and attempted to raleaae Wo giil, who waa screaming and crying,.from the graap of the brother. The latter immediatelytook out e piatol and lcTelied it at the offi cer, and would probably have ahot him bad not a number of citizena preaant seized and taken the piatol from him. Toe officer then procured a carriage and took them both to tho station hoaae, and the matter will undergo an in vestigation. The eourae of trne love never did run amooth. A SiLTTETaa Question?Who drew the picture ol " Charity " at the " Tea Tarty" at Nibio'a Saloon 7 A question of reracity fa now tha itaue; and from the well known determination ol the advene partial, we would not be eurprited if Uui matter, when prepared, should bring to light eome astonishing (acta, who bald No 38 ? hot ua hsva soma light! CosONca'a Ornc*.? D??fA ty Intemperance.?Tha Cor oter held an inqnaat at No *9 Walnut at reel, yeatorday, on the body of Margaret Fitxiimmons, born in Ireland, and twenty-aix years of age, who cam# to hor death by a fit caused by intemperafice. Verdict aooordingly. V. S. Circuit Court. Difore Judge Nelson. TV Swallow Caee.-Th* United State, ra. William Burnett.?Tha evidence for tha prosecution and dafanoe was ctosad yesterday. The esse will be summed up on Monday, and probably will be given to tho jury on Mon day evening. C. I. District Court. Before Judge Betia. Jeeepk Milwaod ve. Eneat McFaul - It waa stated in tho Herald a few day a ago, that the defendant, McFaul, who ia ear Couaul at Lacuna, wsa arrested at tha snit of tho plaintiff, and hold to bell in 0MOO, for false imprisonment snd cruel and harsh treatment Tho case came on yea torday, botore Judge Betts, who, upon investigating it, discharged tho defendant, upon endorsing hi. appearance oh tho writ, and entering oommon bait Police Intelligence. Aran, 11.?Burglary.?Tbe eating home, No. 147 Fallen street, kept by Mr. Ounter, wii burglariously entered on Friday night, supposed by a false key, and a tin box, about eighteen incbea sauare, stolen Irom be hind the bar, containing bars or silrer, silver combs, fancy silver flowers, ana other articles in silver unfinish ed, valued at about $400, the property of Charles Hoi ilton street. xapfel, silversmith, No. 110 Fulton street. This, it ap pears, was placed in the custody of Mr. Ounter every evening, by Mr. Holzapfel, for safe keeping, in case of Are at his workshop. The above box has bean left every night with Mr. Ounter for the last eighteen months, with perfect safety, until yesterday morning, when it was amongst the missing. Recovery/ of Cloaks ?The premises No. 431 Broome street, were entered last night by some shivering tascal, and three ladies'cloaks stolen. Policeman McOaughlin, while onthalFtve Points, in tho course of the night, ob served a black fellow with a bundle of clothing. Upon going to arrest him, he dropped the bundle and ran off. The bundle proved to be the identical cloaks stolen I proved to be the identical cloaks stolen the same evening from Mrs. Martin, in Broome street. Stealing Sai-rrngns.?Arthur Herman was arrested last( night by a policeman of the 1st ward, on suspicion of stealing six sovereigns from Patrick Riley. Lock ed up. Petit larceniei.?Rachael Martin was arretted yester day afternoon, for stealing a dress worth three dollars. Locked up. Maria Mullen was arrested last night, charged with robbing a young man, by tho name of James Hooker, residing at No. 18 Wooater street, while in a dan of prostitution, at No. 6 Little Water street, on the Five Points. Locked up. Suicide in Ike. Stale Prison.? A convict by tke name of Pierce, sent from Biooklyn about fifteen months ago, hung himself in the cell on last Thursday. It appears that a negro informed him of the death of his father, which waa caused principally by tbe misdeeda of the son; this apparently prayed upon hii mind considerably, also with the knowledge of one of bis brothers having been arrested for some felony; therefore to both these causes, this rath act was attributed. llosird of Supervisors. This Board mat last evening?The Recorder in the Chair. Tbe minutea sf the last meeting ware read and ap proved. Petitions were received and referred. From L. Wood, asking correction of tas; also, from Amos Bendell, The Jackson Marine Co., and others, asking corrections of tarn. Referred. Bill of W. M. Price, counsellor, for professional ser vices, in the com of Costello, $300. Referred. Bill?Carriage hire tor judge and junr, In attending to view the "Butchers' Melting Establishment." Order ed to be paid. Reports?Of Committee on Annual Taxes, of several rtitions tor relief of tax?adopted, via : Oeorge Scott, Shotwell, Frost and son, Murrs and Clark, Henry Oaks, and others. Adopted. The quarterly returns of Coroner's report, $1,03-2 37] and $1,467 76. Referred. Poliy Hod me?Report of Committee in fsvor of pay ing Mr. Bavin's expenses for board, lie., in the case of Polly Bodine, and tor services as jailor. Referred. Burning of the Caroline.?Report in fsvor of paying Abraham P. Hilyer, $130 tor services, lie., in conveying Alexander McLeod to Utica, In the year 1341, on a writ of Aelcss corpus from this city. Lost?Ayes 3, noes 11. Tho Board adjourned. Common Fleam, Both branches of this court have been engaged since Friday, in naturalising citizens, preparatory to the com ing charter election. Appointments by the President?By and with the advice and conaent ol the Senate.?Gorham Parks, of Maine, to be consul for tbo poit of Rio do Ja neiro, vico George W. Gordon, recalled. George II. Goundie, of Pennsylvania, to be consul for the city ef Basle, in Switxerlsnd, vice Beth T. Otis, recalled. Tnoa. W. Gilpin of Pennsylvania, to be consul for tho port oi Beltast, in Ireland, vica James Bhtw, recalled. Thomas B. Abrams, of Pennsylvania, to bo consul for the port of Msyeguex, in the Island of Puerto Rico, vico Gordon Bradley, recalled. Charles Ward, of Main#, to no con sul for the island of Xaozibar, in the dominions of the 8ultan of Muscat, vice Richard P. Waters, recalled. Stewart Steel, of Pennsylvania, to be consul for ihe port " ind, vice EJ of Dundee, in Scotland, vice Edward Baxter, recalled. Robe t L Longhead, of Pennsylvania, to be consul for the port of Londonderry, in Ireland, vice James M'Do well, declined, who was appointed during the last recess o( the Senate, vice James McHenry, deceased. Samuel D. Heap of Pennsylvania, to be consul for the eity and kingdom of Tunis, vico John H. Payne, recalled. Lulber Brackett, of Maine, to be consul tor the port of Pictou, in Nova Scotia, vice John J. Peary, deceased. James Taylor, to be collector, lie , for the district, and inspector, fcc , for the port of Wucesset, Maine, vice Mo see 8haw, rt moved. Silas Weaver, to be surveyor, Ac., for tbo port of East Greenwich, in Rhode Island, vice Joseph I. Tillingbast, iremnved. Edwin Wilber, to be collector, fcc , tor tho district of Newport. Rhode island, vice Wil'iam Knois, removed. Murray Wballow, to be collectoi, fcc., for the district and port ol Protque Isle, Pennsylvania, vice Charles W. Kelio, whose commission expired John B Guthrie, to be surveyor, lie , for tho port of PittabUig. Pennsylvania, vi-e Wm B. Murray, re moved. James Fisher, to be surveyor, lie., for the port of Peutnxet, Rhode Island, vice Peleg Aborn, whose commission expired. Timothy P. Spencer, to be deputy postmaster at Cleveland, Ohio, vico U. Andrews, remov ed. James K. Gibson, to be deputy postmaster at Abing don, Virginia. Pbomotions in tni Asms?First Regiment of Infantry. ?Captain John B. Clark, ol the thiid regiment of iniantry, to bo roejor, November 36,1643, vice Dearbon, promoted. Third Regiment of Infantry.?First Lieutenant Philip N. Barbour, to bo captain, Nov 26, 1343, vice Clerk, nro moted. Second Lieutenant William B. Johns, to bo first lieutenant, November 26,1343, vice Barbour, promoted. Bra vet Second Lieuteoant William K. Van Boksiin of the seventh regiment of infantry, to be second lieutenant, Nev. 36, 1345, vica Johns, promoted. Pbomotions in tms Nsrv?Albert G. Clary, to be a Hautenam in the navy, Irom 11th April, 1343, at which time he wee promoted to fill a vacancy, occasioned by the death of lieutenant James M. Lockert. From New Mexico ?The following is an extract j of a letter from Independence, Miaoouri, under date of March 22J, 1816 :? " Some fifteen of the wealthy traders to Mexico have just arrived from Sente Fe, across the plains. They started thence about the 16'hof February ; tha distance is 780 miles. AmonAt them ate Signers Armijo end Floras, Mexicans; Messrs Colhotn, Klliotty l.assurd, and K. and F. J Leitensdorfar, of Missouri. Sjgoor Ar mijo brings 330 pounds of gold dust, and all reprosant ihe yield of tha gold mines as very large this eeeson ? The trade from this place will be four times greater this year than any Heratofore.*The merchandisers, of which we already hear, will bring back next soling $1,300,000 in gold ilust and specie. Many more trador* arc on their way infrom Chihuahua, Zacatecas, and other towns of ths interior. The above gentlemen have had to endure, in addition to tho rigors of so blosk a Journey, every possible indignity Irom the piratical aavages, to whom onr government allows full awing upon tho plains. Five of tbolr Mexican servants werr killed, and one wound ed, by the Yutas, at the Wagon Mound, beyond the Arkansas, and the large bands of loose mules aud horses being brought in for the return trip, Wore inn off and stolen. Subsequently, at Cow Creek, 300 miles trom Independence, they were stripped of their remaining animals sod provisions by tha Pawnees. From Una place they hare bad to struggle la oa foot, destitute aad depressed." Albany, April 10, 1840. Grand Ball?Religion in Albany?lit Inefficacy at to Real Good?Indictmentt by the Grand Jury, growing out of the Late Tumulti?Attempt to Aeeaeeinatr the Editor of the Argue ? The Intended Attaeein deprived of hit Piitole and Knocked Down?The Threat Repeated on Conditione?Doingt of the Attembly? Bille brought in and Referred , or Patted, <J-c., fc. A grand ball came off lait evening at Bleecker Hall. The room wit too email by half, and volume* of dust 1 were raited under the bounding feet of the dancer*. It is, however, a pretty room?gothio style?the finish is superb. A temporary pulpit, with the folds of the Ame rican flag pendant from it, was erected for the minstrels. The cupola of this pulpit was formed with the helmet* of the artillerymen, with simple plumes of Yankee red. A chandelier lighted with gas, and with polished steel stilettoes, hanging from the gilt chains for effect, and supporting several ,tiny star-spangled banners, hung in the centre of the saloon. At 10, P.M., a score of young officers escorted into tho chamber, Ex-President Van Buren, and Governor Wright, Bragadier General Town send, Smith Van Buren, Esq.. (son of Ex President Van Buren,) Senator Beekman, Mr. Attorney General Van Buren, Mr. Frank Townsend, and others. Several aides de camp made up the rear garde de corpt? all fine look ing fellows and dressed with a good deal of taste. After the reception, the dance-.began and was kept up with spirit to a late hour. Ex-President Van Buren was lost iu a crowd if romping brunettes, and the gallant Go vernor retreated somewhere. A* to religion Here, in Albany, hundreds go to the tabernacles every week, professedly to do duty, accord ing to divine law. Bnt we do not remark any effocl; we do not observe any progression toward good. And who has, for the last centurv ! Nobody. The forms are rigidly kept, and nothing but the forms; the salutary 'ruit* which should follow are never seen. A great question is now agitated among the clergy in Ameiica, vis."When will this good fruit begin to bo setn 7" This query has arisen here, and the trouble, for the pre sent, teems to be that the ministers are totally at a loss to what circumstance to attribute the absence of it. The investigation is proceeding, and we shall tend you the result This is ail we with to say about religion in Albany, for tho present. Tho Grand Jiry have made several indictments ol persons connected with the recent not at Now Scot land. Who those person* are, has not, at yot, transpir ed, but publicity will bo given to their proceedings very soon. Assassination teems likely to rffbult from this most unmanly conflict between the Van Buren and Polk fhc tion*. In the Argue of this morniog, in allusion to the recent outrage, Mr. Croswell designates a Mr. James McQuad* (who was present at the convention) ae "a notorious character, prominent in the row in tho fourth ward, and ever ready tor any service that the unscru pulous chairman of the 'General Committee' may re quire at his hands." This mention of Mr McQuade so incensed him. that he walked into the counting room of the Argut office this morning, at about half-past eight o'clock, armed with a revolving pistol, with the resolute intention, as he subsequently avowed, of shooting Mr. Croswell upon the spot. The bookkeeper said, "Good morning, Mr. Mctfuade no reply was given ; when, after ascertaining that the editor was absent, ho left the room, shutting the door violently after him, and started for Mr. Croswell'* house, near the Capitol Park. The clerk suspected hit purpose, and followed. He was pur sued up State street, to the corner of Chapel, where the pistol was wrenched from his grasp, and he felled to the earth. Thus, for the present, the assassination it averted. Mr. McQuade has since addressed a letter to Mr. Croswell, demanding a retraction of the article in question, and threatening his life, if it be not made. The procoedings of tho House last evening were con* fined to private bills. Nearly half the Senate session yesterday, and near ly the whole to-day, was thrown away in a futile effort to name a President of the Senate, pro tempore. The in ability of the Senate to agree upon suoh a minor matter, evidences that envy and jealousy have tome part la the feelings of that body. The Senate eeeased to be ashamed of its proceediage, for after a long discussion to-slay, it ordered that portion of the journal containing tho electivo effort to be etricken out. The bill authorising Justices of the Peace to issue ex ecutions after the expiration of their terms of office, in ceitain cases, was ordered to a third reading, at was the Assembly bill, authorizing the Supervisors of the city of New York to raise raouey by tax. Mr Hand reported in favor of the Assembly bill to establish* House of Refuge in Western New York. The Hudson Rivor Railroad bill, which hat passed the House, was ma.le a special order for Monday next, by the Senate. In committee, the bill to abolish distros* for rent was taken up. Senator Van Schoonhoven began a maeterly address in answer to Mr Spencer, and in favor of the bill. After a brilliant exordium, however, he gave wey for a motion to adjourn, the hour of 3 P. M. having ar rived. fn the House to-day, Mr. Stevenson reported tho bill complete in relation to the arrival of aliens at the port of New York. The bill provides that the Mayor shall demand on* dollar of each captain for every such pas senger arriving in their vessels?the funds so accruing t > tie applied to the support of mch persons a* shall become a public charge within two public charge'within tWo yea'rt from their ar rival - the captain to be subject te a fin* of )U0 in case he refuses to pay over the money -further, the bill in vests the Mayor and Common Counoil with full power to regelate the other details. The bill was ordered printed. After much gasconade and badinage, a substitute to the bill authorizing tho extension or tho Now York and Erie Railroad into Pennsylvania was brought into the House this morning, and ordered to a third reeding ? TMt new bill was drawn up by Mr. Worden, of Ontario, and upon its first reading by him, the House accept ed it. Mr. Tilden'a anti-rent bill in relation to devises and descents, was taken up in committee, and this, together with the bill to abolish distress for rent, and the remain ing ai.ti rent bills, were, without debet*, referred to a committee to report complete. The House agreed to nam* the day of adjournment on the 90th of this month. Mr. Boyc* gavo notice of a bill requiring quarterly returns from insurance companies, to the Comptroller. No actioo has been had on the bill concerning the ap portionment of delegates to the convention. No action can be had.itseems, and any approach to the question it opposed with a vehemence worthy of tho orators of the French revolution. The election will undoubtedly be held eccordiogto the present apportionment, though the pendency of the bill is said to be an occasion of trou ble to nominating conventions. Weather fine, sky bright?political hell, black as Egypt. 09- A fact came out in the Senate, yesterday, " ignt which la of some consequence in shedding li^. upon the policy of tho administration, and of removing from it ovory charge of apathy Which has been made upon it A quory Iron Mr. Mangum, wko address ad lbs Senate on tho Oregon question, draw tram Osnaral Caaa tho (act, that his resolutions in the early peiwdof the session, looking to military preparations, wera prosantad with the macUon ot tho President of tho United (Unto#.? Union of Friday. Keltgioua InUlllgtiiM. l#th, l*t Sunday after Eaater 8t M,Pk,sI Z"t' Mm, %& 8u?uT^urlM,;; Ma,k ,h# E?" Thia being Enter Sunday. the ?errir^e in Ik. i -*k^ lie churchea, in this city, will be of the mo.? impoaln, kind. At it. We, \!S?.?S? will be performed, for the flrat time in Amefkw-aSnl eermon appropriate to the day, preached by Dr*rfoT SeaMeira to tmb Yoyrco?The Her Benl rMn. t0ur.uf Cburch ot tbe Holy Evangelist* ^IrtZf preach the closing lermon in the cour.e to u> y 'oZam in that church, this evoning. young, Duy- ?M?Uat miniater of St. Ann* r.1?0 r'in,uW Pr"*ch to ">? Toung, in the free church of the Epiphany, 190 Stanton atreet.thu erening. itiak!fn ?nnouncea the death of M Rameau! k!I^P 0'MTre ?n??rt?Au*, Apoatolical Vicar of Tche Whirf h- K f,*11* Ll-, "? Wu but 4* T"" old. 14 of ten?.i ?iw paa?ad in the Chineae empire. The same lh* domiae of M. Joachim r^nlrihi. n?"i . c*r of chM 8iond Chen 8L Thia venerable prelate, taya the Uniotrte, carriea to hie crave ftfiZME"4 by' tU* torn,,nU indicted upon him Eoape'or Kialtfng" captivity, under the reign of the r.Tk? and moit authentic eatimatea of the Roman atholic* in Germany, ia twenty.two millions. Trlnl of Folly Bodlne. Nxwauaeii, April 10th nun The trial of Polly Bodino ia Ust progressing, and be era everv appearance of a apeedy termination. A. had been previously stated in the Htrald, a Jury wae obtaioedon Tuesday, in about eight houra, which may appear some what siug ular, but ia easily accounted for, from the feot !k! t w" m,eVn* WM bo'ng held in Newburgh, and the sheriff Was thereby enabled to And many who had never before heaid anything concerning the ca?o. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoal. Aran. ll ? Ororgt Walton v. William Jtntt, (Sheriff.) Thia waa an action to recover for money had andre oeived. It appeared that one of the SharilP* deputies le vied on a quantity of typea, praaiaa, he , belonging to e party, named Main, againat whom there were three exe cutions Pending two of them e mortgage in favor of the plaiutiff. was executed, and the deputy sheriff paid over the proceeda to the d feudaut, who applied the mo ney iu payment of the three execuliona. Plaintiff now fk*'.11?! * Ule "me repaid. Tho defence aet up waa thai the money waa paid to the Sheiifftc aatiafy the exe cution!. A nonauit waa granted for defendant Before Chief Juatica J one*. Jthn Duranvt.jtlpkrit Dtltturt?Thia waa an action to recover for freight. It appeared that plaintiff affected a charter party, with the maater of the brig "Tuacany ? bZ iar'." YOfrk' fr0!? Borde*u*. *nd .hipped on ????. ! 1 . porcelain, conaignad to defendant Suit ia brought to recover the amount of Iraight. Tho defence seta up that tha porcelain waa broken. The Ju ry will render a aealed verdict to-morrow morning. Western Africa.-?The Kent, Capt. Gavet, from Monrovia, brings flies of the Luminary to the Uth of february. ft announcea tha death of Rev. Wm. B. William*, principal of tha Confaranca Seminary at Mon rovia, after an illness of twelve deya. He wae e native ?,.""c<!ck; Delaware Co , Now York. Ha want out with the lait expedition which aailad,in tho ahip Roanoke, from Norfolk, and only arrived at Monrovia on the 8th of December laat. Sickness had borne heavily on ^ha miaaion family. Rev. W. B. Hoyt and Mra. Hoyt bad bean vary ill, but were recovering. Mra. William, and Miaa Johnson had been affected with chilli and fever, but not dangeroualv I k*T" a" ^ Williams and Rev. H B Matthew* alio had | bean down ; the latter ha I nearly regained hi* health? the lormer waa atill very feeble. Tae Monrovia Legislature convened on the 6th of Jan ?*T' Jbe message of Governor Roberta ia an able and interesting document, occupying ten columna of the Luminary. A large portion of it i* devoted to the ember t n in ,he w*y oI ,h? colony by tho acta . m# Brit,,b Government and naval commandera, espe cially in relation to the leisure of the acbooner John aeya. The Governor afrongly urge* the adoption of meaaurve for the recognition of Liberia aa a aovereign and independent atata. He announce* the auceeaa of negoti.tiona entered into for the putcbaae of territory in the Little Baaaa country, which aecurea to the common wealth an unbroken line of ooaat from Digby to Grand Baaaa Point. Alio tba extinguiahmant of the native title to the whole Sinoe country. The inhabitant*, at their own roqui at, have been incorporated aa citizens of Li beria. Other negotiation* for the purcbaae of lead ware in progress. That tor the purcbaae of New Cratera had ~ ' 'brou*h tb? opposition of tho alava trader*, iu Governor preaenu a highly favorable account of the progreaa, revenue, commaice, lie, of tha colour. Srrrum Court.?Special Terra-Mr. Justice BeardMey presiding.? April 9. 1846 -Lee ads. Un dsrhill?motion that plaintiff Ale aecurity for coat* *b,olut8 by default. Smith ada. Cram ar-mo! i granted by default. Bent at al. va. Locke at al?motion for a commission : granted by default. Paraona at al. ada. Carver?motion for Judg ment as la can of nonauit : granted by default. Law rence ad*. Fanner?motion /or Judgment as in caao of nonauit; granted by default. In the matter of Edward ,on for/PPoln'tnent of guardian for Infanta in partition ; granted esparto. Eraser y?. Taylor et al.? motion forjaavo to reply several matters ; granted by default. Stewart ada. Thompson?motion to sot aside declaration and tervice, and rule to plead ; granted by default Mechanics' and farmers' Bank ads Caraw et aL?motion to change venue ; granted by dafaalt Pholna r.Mi? rV,t_motiou [3T * C01?m'*ai<?n; granted by do ?T|7?fl ?<!?? the Methodist Episcopal Church, Lit . . .t .?moti?n to Mt aside Judgment and axsoution. and that caao be settled, Ac.; granted on terms. Peek ada. Smith?motion to remove cause from N. Y. Common Ploaa and to change venue; granted. Ransom ada. ki?^. ,7IBStl0n ,.?rch"uff* i denied. Tomp ? Newark Lima and Cement Manufacturing Company?motion to aat aside inquest, Ac. ; causa oS dared to bo referred to a aoia referee, by consent. The Chenango Mutual Insurance Company va. Hamilton? motion for relerenee ; granted. Tha same ada. Hamilton motion to aet aside report of referees ; granted on terma. Wet more ada. Veddar?motion that plaintiff Ale security for costs ; granted absolute, folk ve White motion for reference ; granted by default. Winane at al. va. Rodgers et el. ; order granted esparto, that de fendant appear and pl> ad to aci. la. The Mayor. Ao.. Brooklyn, vs. Faulkner?motion to sat aaido Inquert. Ac. ; granted on terma. Daviaa va. Hicks?motion for leave to enter judgment for plff, Ac.; granted by de fault. Same va. Van Sicklin, do. do. Travis ado. Tiliot ?on?motion for judgment of nonpros: granted by do feult.?Albany A, gut, Jip it 9. 7 Central America.?We have advices from the interior to the 26th ultimo, but the news ia not of much intaraat. The Archbishop of Guatemala (raatditm in Havana) is dead, and it is said hi* remain* will ba con veyed to Guatemala for burial, by way of Belixo. It is "?m k-n 'la'ed that the appointment of his successor Z. JZJ !V,VU? pr1?nan?t wlth ??cb good or evil for Afar^A U GnaUmala.-flai,*,, (Hnfur;) CHtrvtr, COACHMAN. A MAN of steady aad tempera ta habit* is desirous of ob taining a arnation as Coachman. He has had coasidere ble esperieate, understaods thorough'y the care ofhorsoa, aad u willing to wait oo table, and to nuke himself genrrally ase lat. Cnagivn goo i city referent# from his last employer.? Address N. C., care of the porter at Messrs. iiowlaad k Aspta wall's. Hoots tt, or at the office of this piper. at m NOTICE?Those that want their Gardens pat ia goad V.order, or then Vm-s pra ed, or New Gardens laid oat. Wl>l please call ou Mr. H. Htewart, (iardener, where orders will oe attended to. Hemore-I from Eldridge street to M Urindstreet, in the basement, back room. Due Wood fur ??!? at the Mm- |>Uc . all tt'rrc $50,000 TO LEND, ON BOND AND MORTliAOE, fur a term of years, on good prodoctiee real estate la this city or d rook I fa. The above named ram oelongt to as estate ia trast, and it Will be d sided in sums u> smt aiidicmts. Apply to & s. BROAD, No. II Well street, m the Crocon Weter Office, Besemeat. s3 lm*rc MUSIC TAUGHT, AKTME MOST REASONABLE TERMS, by a Lad*. U who has a thorough knowledge of the science. She da sire most respectable aad satiefectory references. A lies ad dressed to W. H., at the office ot this pspai, shell be pa actual - ly ntfndrd to. mrlg lm?r TO LI VERV STABLE KEEP- RS Cab Prepristors, he. aTONR'B UlnTAMr.TER?This is aa apparatus which can he tp| lied in a minute to any carriage, ead will ia diea'e the disuncr lra*? lied over, cooeegaenUy will bo found ol great utility to those hiring oat carnages, ar a those wuh ing to ascertain th? speed of their horses. Use above, together with aa apparatus for a similar purpoau, applicable to locomo tives, steam hosts,he lor sale it Stone Brothers Crotoa Plumb ing ind Water Kilter Esubliehmaat, )M Broadway, all ll'r fffiTBALE, A SMALL STEAM DISTILLERY, with all tho appars las and tutor's aow ready to pat tatoopaiatioa, (ilia liha wise well adapted lor distilling e,mphian;) will be sold at greet seer Ace, if applied lor immediately. Te home aad siore to bn let, and pot session to ba givea im mediately Enquire on the | remises, n. E. corner ot W k sc. aad Clh avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, at >w*m SUM slip. ?ii Ha niirnu >a (n i'tr ?? ?7-5 wanting gouds in their line, to their siteoiire ssaortnient of PAPER HANOI NOB, Borders, Eire Board Pnalu, Certain Papers, aad all other articles in their lias ol Uutumes. lTh B. have received from the Institute* for the awiruv mentof Domestic Msnelactnres in the cities of New York. Philadelphia sad Uoslott. silver medals for the maaafaecare ol their m nods llsCteT themselves that they can sella better article The subscribers wonld particnlarlv call attaatioa to their large assortment of Presto Papers lot Parlors, and Colama Papers lor Halls, Pablic Rooms, Entries, he. he Also, COTTarw Partus, a now article for Windows. Papering ol Rooms, Halls, ha. promptly attended to by < '"'.'onetry me-chants aad city daalen will Bad it to their ad sataga to give as a call. HC WELL h BROTHKRH, No 1ST Broadway, sj Im'ric Two doors a hove the Olti Hecol. L" ARD.-Tm harrele and M ksttE Jam reset vedawd foe sale bv K K r.(>l,I.IN<k ? ?i W looth.' "II L'KKNCH LUNAR PlLLtV?Ladies will Aan the ears srtl P cie (aa duaoocmuneat) at ill Cherry street ad Im rg

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