Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Nisan 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Nisan 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??U XD., 104 -WteU Ro.4315 NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 13, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day, Price! cut psecopy?$' "raLTS^^teM.t-nUT-rnc. 6* cent. p. copy?$3 liHcou per annum?payable is advance AD V ERT18EMXNT8 at the usual price.?alwuyu ?d> idrueo. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and deepates. lljr* All ieuera or communications, W man, addresses le 6 establishment, matt be post paid, or the postage will ba acted from the subscription money remitted. 1AMEI GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor el tae New Yoaa Haaaui EsraeLisHMasrv North-Wcit corner of Faltoa and Naasaa su NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS. .m. m* m. taaXua from NswYuraou the M^n^Ulatgow on >f each mount. Ci From N. York. Fm Ol'gow. C June I. July 15. Oihip SARACEN, N.T.Hawhiua. J Oct. 1. Noy'r 15. , f Feb. 1. March 15. Br. Ship BROOKSB Y. H. M'Ewen, \ n'ot.L aS* it ( Match 1. Dec'r 15. Br. Bark ADAM CARR, , ^ Dee'"'.' "slpt.'iV f April 1. Jan. 15. C May 1. June 15. Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, \ Kept. 1. Oct 15. ( Jan'y. 1. Febrna. 15. These snips are good, substantial reiaela. ably commanded aud will sail panctaaily on their regular days Their accom , modatieee for passengers ?re good, and every attention will be |wd to promote their comfort The agents nor captaiua will not be lesptnsible for any parcels or package* sent them, un less bills of lading are aigaed therefor. For freight or passage, anplv to WOODHULL it M1NTURN. 67 Sou-h street, New York, or at rc REID It MliRH vY, Glasgow. ! GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. ?flfr Jfe Jfe. DERSONS wishing to send for heir friends ia any part of A Scotl nil, to sail direct from Glasgow, can make arrange incuts wih the Subscribers, to have them ta any of the regu larlmaof pcketi, sailing mm-hly from Glasgow. The ANN HARLEY, Carta n Scott, ADAM CARR.C'ptmu McEwen. SARACEN, ''aptain Hawkits, BROOKSBY. Comprire the ahoye line, and the high character of those ree se's should ba Sufficient inducement for persons who may b* ?ending for tPPir friends in Scotland, to make arrangements for this (tt.e only) lioe. Further particulars given, on application to W.fcJ.T. TAP8COTT, 75 South street, corner of Maiden lane, or Messrs. REID It MURRAY. Agents all> r ia Glasgow. JOHN HERD MAN It CO.. Uaited States and Great Britain and Ireland Emigrant Office ?1 South street, New York. PHMHN, KEENAN k C ... Passage to and from Oreat on'am and Ireland I vis Liverpool) Dy the regular Packet Ships sailing every five days. The subscribers in calling the attention of old countrymen and the public generally to their uneqaslled arrangements for bringing one ptksengcgs from the old country, beg to state that after this year the buaineaa of the Honae at Liverpool will be coaductrd by it* Branch. Those sending for their trieade will at once see the great importance of this arrangsment, as it will preclude su unnecessary delay of the emigrant. The ahipe em ployed in this Line are well known to he the Grit and largest class, commanded by men of experience; and as they tail every five days, anu offer every faeility that can be furnished. Witn those superior arrangements, the subscribers look forward for a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally ex tended to them for so many years past. In case any of those engaged do not embark, the passage money will be refunded as customary. For farther particuUrvaj^l^bj^tetter^ postpaid, 61 Bouth street. New York. HERDMAN, KEENAN It CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amount can as usual he furuiahed, payable at all the principal Banking 1 ostitutions throughout the United Kingdom, on application aa above. a2rc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. fmrmfcta -* rf}HE Public is respectfully informed that the recent breaka JP in the Canal, caureri by the late fre?bet, having teen te nured. the PIONEER It EXPRESS LINE, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced ita rrgnlrr trips for the season on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot. No.67t Market street, DAILY, at 7K o'clock, A. M. By this route raueogers will avoid all the fatigue and dan ger of night travelling m coarbes, both Railroads being passed in daylight. For farther information apply at the Old Established Office, 174 Maiket street, 5 doors above Eighth street. ale6m rre A. B CUMM1NOS. Agent 'l HE SUBSCRIBERS beg toiulorin iheirftirad^n^^^ub^l lie that ihey forward passengers to all parts of the Western States and Canada* via the railroad from Albany. It is nsaal, at this season of the year, for those not acquainted with the route, to pay their lare to go by the canal. For their informa tion. we beg to state that the earliest probable time the canal will be navigable, will he the Mth April, and it may be the lit May. Persons, therefore, until that time, mnst go by the rail road, tickets for which can be obtained at^ihc very^lowest 75 South at., cor. of Myden lane. N. >. Due notice of the opening of the caaal will ba given. F e7r NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Oa tad >Nt Uotdir, March 16th, dm beats of tkia Furry will IBB ?? follows until farther nonce:? Leave Staten Island ?, 10,10 A. M. S, 5, P. M. Leave New York 0,11, A. M.; i.IX.f.F.M. N. B?All freight at the riak of the owners thereof, ml ire frtS\VARK AND NeW YORE, FARK UK CENTS. TheSpleadinSteamer PASSAIC, Cape John ?Oslfr, will commence her tripe for the season ?oa Monday, March 10th, and ran as follows, until farther notion:? Leare Newark. I Leare Barc'ayst., New York, at 7H o'clock A. M. I 4 o'clock P. M. Freight carried at rery reasonable rates, for which there are store-heuaes and agents, both at Newark and New York. The Paasaic has a large and apecioos deck saloon, elegantly famish ed. and greet deck room both for freight and passengers. writ lm*rc __ _ Morning Line at T o'clock. FORALBANYANDTROY. Breakfast and dinner oa board. Landing at Caldwell's, West Point, Newburgh.Hamp ton, Ponghkeepsie, Hyde Park. Hhinebeck, I Hook, Bristol, Caukill, Hndsoo, Coxsackie, Kinder honk The steamboat TROV Cantata A. Oorham, Tu'icJar, Thursday and Saturday (This Morning,) at 7 o'clock, A. M . from the foot of Barclay street, tte.arning on opposite TFor Passage or Freight, app'y on board, or to F. B HALL, at the Ofiieo on rhe Wharf. nil rrc PEOPLE'S LINE OFSTEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily. Sundays eveepted?'Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pur between Courtlandt and Liberty its. Steamboat COLUMBIA. Cnpt. Win. H. ? Peck, will leare oa Monday, Wednesday, ra55t?n4Bk^iiffl6&rSS*e c?~ den, will leare on Tuesday, Thursday and Satarday ereaings, at 7 o'clock. At i o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain L W. Braieard, will lease oo Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 8 on day after nooas, at J o'clock Steamboat NORTH AMF.RICA. Captain R. H. Furry, will leare on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday afteniooas, at 3 The abore boa's will, at all limes, arriee ia Albany in ample tim* for rhe morning ea*s for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates; none taken after 5% o'clock, AII persona are forbid trusting any of the boats of this lias, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the Boats, or to P. C. Behnltt, at he ofiice on the wharf. al# rrc THE Propretors of Steamboats wishing ? Bells hung, wonld do well to pay a visit on -Kneed the steamboats Niagara. Iron Witch, Ooveruor, iroe boat John Stevens, Wooatrr, 1 reveller, lie., and examiee H. Homer's Improved Style of Ball Hanging?pn t np neat and sirocg, and warranted for one yeer, by H. H. No. I Ami street mrti lm*r PASSAGE TO ANU FHOM LIVERPOOL.? The Tachetship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, Hif1 ^Tli^Iac sails for Liverp -ol on the Mth of April. up LIVERPOOL, Cam .in Kldndge, mile A Xne packet ship I ? the alec April, end ihe packet ship 8IDDON8, Captain Cobb, oaths Wtn of April. , , Fat passage, having snpeuor accommodations, apply to 7oilN HERDMAN k CO, tlSouth st. N. B.?Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland (vie Liver pool) nan always bo aerurrd by the regular line of packet ships Hiliog every fivt dtyi, and draiu can aa usual be foruished for any any amount, payable throngboat ths United Kingdom, on application ?abovejor to^^ reenan fc cQ all m St Waterloo Road, Liverpool. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OF LIVEJL POOL PACKET* FOR LIVF.RPUOL-Only re ntals* packet of the 16th April. The magnificent - ebrmed feat sailing favorite pec at ship NEW YORE. T. B. Cropper, Commander, will mil positively on Thursday, the ifih April. It is well known that the accom mod ltioas of tho New York aie fitted oat in a most anperb aad cosily m inner. with every modern improvement end conveni ence, that cannot bat add to the comfort of those embarking. I Persons visiting the eld country, or sending lor their, ! should mil aad see this splendid specimen of navel architee- . . lure, before engaging elsewheie For passage in cnbin, second cabin nod steerage, early application shonldbe made on board, foot ot Beekman street or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. >'1 f n pwttop itffft, (nnt door to thw Knlton Bisk.> JOft LONDON? Hcsnlsr Packet of the 1st May a?Wy-The packet ship ST. JAMES, Cept. Meyer, aeif as above, her regular day. ko., usage in cabin, second eabin and steernge, hnving sp'eudid acecmuioda ioua, apple on board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, t. ? t ?. !,l corner of Booth. P. S ? Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have them broaghc on} to this country by one of the hue, aailing from Loudon on the 7th, 17th, end flth ol each month, on ma souable terms, by applying as above >lt, MM* FOR ?ACE.?The packet ship uTWa, burthen TO LET. IN BKOOKLYN ?The two throe ?tor* brirk boosts, iitoote No*, '64 ud IN Bridge ttrret- The hou?e* ore new and svary way conveuiest, *ud within fifteen mianles walk from the Fulton and Cathoriae ?treat* Icme*. En< aire at No. IN B'idga street, Brooklyn. aT 1 w'rre TO LET, A HOUSE. No. (4 Varick attest, in good repair, with Crcton Water, a Tea Rom, and a fine riew of St. John'* Park. Enquire of F COE. 33 John atreet. TO LET, THE three story brick Houie, No MT Croa*itroet. op pssi r Zion Church. The honse ia in perfrct order, and will be be occupied bra single family, at a very moderate rent. Apply on the premier*, or to a* 1 w*rrc PETER PIRN IE, in Front at st TO RENT, a A BEAUTIFULLY aitnated Front Office, in N South atreet, on the aecond door. Two or more Lofts can alao be had with it For fu>ther particular*, apply to W.kJ.T.TAPSCOTT,73South at. alO r corner of Maiden laue. PORTER HOUSE FOR SALE. NN The wall knoarn home, knowu aa the "Old Home pjVttrad, 333 Bowery, with the atock. fiaturea.and leaae.i* XelffiLoffered for aale, aa the proprietor haa not time to attend toihedutvol it. It will he aola lew to a good customer. Ap ply on the premiaee. all 3t*rrc M XO LET?The moderu three atory and attic House, No, 80 Second Avenue, te'ween 4th and 3th street! ? It la well finished, with mahogany doors, plated furni ture and plate (lass in the first ato'y, bath ia the aecood atory, ind very coevemeutly arr uged throughout. Apply ou the premises Can be eeeu from 11 A.M. to 3 o'clock P.M. daily all 1 w*rrc FOR SALE, OR TO L.ET, a The Mode'u built three storr brink houao, 315 Adams street, Brooklyn ll not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at publie auction, on the 15th day of May aeat. Half ot the purchase money can remain on mortgage, for e term of years. Application to be made on the premiaea, 115 Adems at. Brooklyn. a4 lm'rc FOR SALL" TO LEASE, THE House and Lot 4 *'i llioadway. The main house in fire stories high with tin- attic, and 60 feet drcp. The _____ back building ia three stories high aod 64 leet deep A ?table on the rear front' ug on Mercer street, 4t fret deep. The lot ii 36 fret f >ur in lire front and rear, and 380 lee* deep IV iota wishing to confer with the owner. Dr. CHEE8 MAN, may do so between the hours of I and 9, A. M., and 3H ind4H, P. M. all 3w'rrc TO LET OR FOR SALE, a ON very t'vorableterms, four three story and basement brick dwelling Homes, in Hoboken. They each con tain 11 rooms beaidee the kitchen, and are fitted in rul style throughout. Two of these homes are 31 feet Iront by 33 feet deep; and two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide court yard in front. The aitnation commands a fine view and ia within )ne minnte'a walk of the ferry, where boats leave every fifteen minutes, for Barclay street, and every half honr fur Ca is) and Christopher street*. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to alO 3w"r J. C.STEVENS, Hoboken. TO LET, TO A SMALL FAMILY?The upper part of a home in Chambers strett, eonsiatiug of front end baek room with pinrry, on the second floor, and a front and bed -ooui on the third floor, and if required an artic room, with :he use ol Crotou water, aid other necessary privileges. Ap ply to A. 8. VAN PR04G,57 Warren at N. B.?If desirable a part of the above may be obtained. iT 3w*r STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. A HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with ? few or any number of acres that may be desirable. Bams, lie., _____ he., attached,on the North shore.i fStaten island,front ing on the river, aid within thr-e minutes walk of Casib ton Steamboat Landing, ore mile from Port Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. The property has a front on the water of abont 480 feet. Fhr farther particulars enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. 33 Wall street, or on the premieco, of Mrs. Jene Bnr ger a7 lwr TO LET OR FOR SALE. A MODERN BUILT COTTAOE. Stable and ffv? Coach Home attached, with about an acre of land, the XJLprincipal part of which ia well stocked with fruit and rancy shrubs, and en loaed with a picket fence. The stages past every ten minutes within five miuntes' walk of the house. Situation between 110th and 111th streets. For further informa tion apply to J UllN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth atreet. Or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mr!3 lm*rc TO LETT kri A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lots of p? ground, situated in the village of Hasting*, Westchester XjpLcounty, State ol New York, within a few minutes' walk of the steamboat landing. Said Place ia divided into gar dens, which are well stocked with fruit. Also, a p'easant grove, with a stream of water, and several good springs. Pos session can b* given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply at the store of Mr. Scnloaser, Hasting'a Landing, or of al lm*re MR. ECKF.RT, 73 Murray at. New York. jN FOR SALE ? Four Lota ou the north side of 41et pM street, 300 fret east of thalih avenue, with a new Hone*, Xsl&and another building on one of the lots suitable for a workshop, slaughter home or stable. Also, about an acres, with a smill House, on the Rockawey and Jamaica Turnpike road, about half a mile beyond the Toll (Jate. It contain* one acre of Peach Trees, in full betting, and of the choicest fruit. Alto, several other pieces of Land. Inquire of JOHN L. NORTON, Jr., at 14 Delancey street, between the hones ol 3 and 5. a6 lw*rh TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, tWHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store is one of the moat crowded and flourishing thoroughfares of Brooklyn?The undersigned haa now ereeled, in i Avenue, near a dry goods store, which ia doing an im mense bm-neai, a fine three story brick building, 34 foot frout by 40 feet deep, with handsomely Aniahed parlors, Be . a large and commodious store and an excellent and spacioos base ment. It will be finished, and ready lor possession before the first of May: will be en excellent location fort retail dry goods buna ess, sad will be let low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN LANG9TAFF, u*M tw*r 143 Myrtle Aveau*. HOUSES TO LET. Bfl CONTAINING the modem improvements?Rent $330, prm situation desirable?These houa-a are situated on the Xal& Fourth Avenue, between 33ta and Nth ? reets: also on 23<ri and 36thstreets: they are three story brick buildings, con tain It rooms each, fine gardana, marble mantels, folding doors, black grates, frncy blowers. Ice. They will he put in perfect order, and are admirably calculated for residences for private families The rail ear* passetery five minutes from 6 A. M. till list night; they can be reached from the City Hall in twen ty minute*. Apply to D. EVANS, No. 16 City Hall Place, or at his resi deace.lM Fourth Avenue. N. B.?Some of the honsee are admirably arranged for two familiue. a4 lw*r HOUSES AND US.T FOR SALE. JA A PLEASANT country seat in the village ef Midi fTTjV eon, Morris eonnty, New J.-rsey, within ? few inmates XjtfLwslk of the besntiral residence of ffn. Gibbons,' Esq., being about H miles from New York city?communication to and from twice s day, any day iu the year, per Morris and Es ?ex Railroad. 8aid place contains about one acre, on which are Two Htiuate and a Barn, with a first ra'e well of water. Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity. The premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking the whole village; and is one of the most desirable loeatious in the place, being within two minutes walk of the railroad de pot, which renders it convenient for a person doing business in the city, who dss ires to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or addreas to the subscriber. K. T. THOMPSON, Qt lm*rc Morrittown, N. J. TO LbT AT MODERATE RENTS. THE three story modern brick House, No. 6 Eighth street, first door east of Sixth avenue. The desirable House No. Ud Waverly Place, occupied by Judge Tier; rent IKI. The large House No. SO west Waah:ngton Place; rent $700. Also, the ptieeipal p irt of House No IS? Hammond street, ?ay from seven to ten rooms with good kitchen, the division will be made agreeable by Alderman Wale, whose family con stats of three Mrsons. L. 8UYDAM. all lt*SM4cT rrc 68 Wall street, or ISO Waverly Place. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC: JM WM. R. PRINCE fit CO., of Flushing, having ?s Kg|csrtainod that Irnit and other trses have betn repeatedly ?4m?aold m the Fulton M. ikei us coming from them, they And themselves compelled to siy that all inch statements are ?bsolutaly false; and they have determined not to supply any trees there. All orders for them must be sent to them per mail, or loft with tbeir regular agents, Clark It Austin, Ml kulton street, of whom price and catalogues may be oblaiood. alt 1t*rre sAA- r'OK LI VEKPOOL-Nsw Lme-Kegulsr Packet ?Wkof Nth April.?The elegant fast aailing packet ship SmCo?IODON8, E. B. Cobb master, of 1IM tons, will Mil as above, her regular day. ?? For freight or passage, having accommodations unsurpassed for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleaas wharf, foot of Wall street, or to O"Price of passage, filtfi. ? a. l OI.LINg fit CO.. M Sosth street. Packet ship Sheridan, O B.Cornish, master, will sncceed tli- Siddons. and sail 28th May, her regular day st tfg- GLASGOW LINE OF PACKKTS-To sail 1st ?^W^May, her regular day?The fins, fast sailing, eepper JHKsd Br. bark ANN HARLEY, Capt. R reou, will bs iea.y to receive freight in a lew day*, and tail aa above, her regular day. For balance of (might or passage, having ogcollont accom "at re ' ^VpQDHULL fit M1NTURN, it South at. tfis> ONlTk.I> STATES ANSI GREAT BHiTAIN |I9KaN1) IRJlLAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI ?Hb GRANT OFFICE.?The aubacribera are prepared lo engage ptsasugen to come out by the early Spring ships, at I very low rate. Drafts can. as tuna], be furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to f?r J. HERDMAN fit Co.. (I South st. AT FOR SALE?To eios srere built in this eiti 'or modal, material fa very large proportion or their Iramo Ming live oak.) and woAmanshin, they are nnrarpaaaed, if not inequalled?salted on the stocks, and ra-salted every year nnce. Their acctMnmedations for pasaengcra are eery extsu Sd South st. live and handsomely famished. Apply to ~ K. COLLINS fit CO LOOK AT THIS. SELLING OFF FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST. Am GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Beou and ?.Shoos, to make room for a large supply of French Goods, low on the Way, comprising cork sole boots, water proof and ight Freieh do. fine call Shoes, Pomps, and Dancing Gaiters, Lady's Gaiters. Bask is s, Slippers, Ties, patam leather, white uid black Satin, white Kid, Clogs. Moccasins; all kinds of Rubbers and Overshoes, kc.fce. all or which will bo sold 16 Mf cent less than heretofore, at *7 Broadway, eor. FMhUm itrm. M. CAM ILL. WIGS, WIGS AND TOUPEES, A THE MOST NATURAL, ND nearest the re?l head of hair, of any in Now York, is _ to bo had at LAIKD'S, M Chatham street, foimerly of I'ft Peirl stieet. It would leem qsilo unnectMry lo say say hir g in reference to these Wigs, since their extensive use, and treat popularity, so rt.mly establish their wntlh. But aa ?trapgers are liable lo be imposed upon by the pretended wig naBeri who eo abouod among ns, we deem it our dntyto pro ?laioi their merifi, that no one may be Dueled, of de|Wiv?d or 10 valuable a head of hair, A groat variety of ladies' ornamental hair work, m the van ma branches, wholesale and retail, at at Im'rh LAIRD'S. * Chatham ?t. MOIL C HA IN.?Thirty-two casks COIL CHAIN,assorted, .sVl **1"' "?" D: VtbltX CENT UNDEK tjetfr houSuS! OF IMPORTATION. P Am ? *n^ DS/ih^-S7P*c,ift,llr ???9??eesto the ladies, "K-v^s; wStSSSfi# at- " schools attende/ B.f . * U'- *f l,h?1' own residences, or B,te?: fei^gsraas ALL fume bath. :pitssaysu: ?"Va ??.,?a^isrig Ud. as 'Q fetch it within't^nVor dl*- "" ,*?? Kft? ASTOK HOUSE BATHS '(."teWKTSA^vA^S M dc?rb]?l.t.e5 '?--"' -??? -tehwi.i k. *" im^fc ai0^.^ * "UCL?EKMANN, M'hrvmSjS''s vu-?_.u ?.,, m?TmV^t'a,k',BPPl'"d 0n rea*on?ble ternu. 7 A 5kgar-? and bass. lm 3AMAN08, No. 94 Brosdwnv dd atsin _? #. aS??SiSg?li sBg5p^?? M 000 Lafayette, ' 130,QPO Esperanza, ?.000 Hrriilii, ,La Victo *.000 Lafayette, pressed 10.000 Eaculapio, do - li.000 Enro? 10,000 Europe, 20.000 San Roman, 1ft, _mrn im_m 117 Front street. near Wall, op flairs. ThSKZeig? ?Nl) domestic: ?*d quality, from $2'I?3^82522 COD,pru? trtr7 "?>? m?, KENNETH It LAVERTT. Wholesale Separ tmporiam, 101 Wall ft. rarll lm'rc rao^HS, fbjenoh artificial flowers k?jJgg^^^fc^stetfRaai trade. low pr?? *"' ** *?? wh,ch *'7 of'' to the Trt ?7=r?- Ptll Im'ac 10 the Tea, toffee and &wgar Trade. frc ?Ecotin HraiFiftG*fc mviwn? iVajfau itreet, comer of John. "-ssgtjges^s ^gpS^I^ city'fiSSt.'f ch^JS?1 ^VTll^lr"?4 wit,,i,, 6rt mile* of the closed remittances' ?4ff mret%t*^?5Y eo?Btry, with en .elected by th. pit7? t?Sebi. # honorable d^,n, ? if m* lm'm J" B" ?^OTT * CO. 70 Naaaan at, ? near John at. AT STHFNr a^lf^ SUMMER* CLOTHING, ,' "SS5K' CLOTHING W. H. DEGROOT & CO. IITHEHF ,K?? n1Wj# lr,,ltWh WClJfc^SoW*0" rU1 h? P~en ted: to $5 ? Thin nf i , ^ ? Alpacci Coats, from $2.50 "?!? f Omihams and Prints, "nm TJ from $2 toll 30- Drilh-- A1'[rom*31?W ; Merino Pants, toW i^n Vrs'ufJo^lTlf .a" 2""?" ?>?f.from *i rv^.^ ? <&fiw than any other iroro?, ti^jff T*-F1*? ^uPST ??Mi>oS? shades:? N either bv lbJliUj'o0 MT wish to purchase this article ssiffim- & 'j?y^V7.^aaaiia Window Shades, which are free f?^ .AAk Transparent gg&s Comprises rvsry article that n N#w Kii. rL? n*?*" ^?^asi? NO- - RAleo, the Snperior Wire Window Shade" WhoS.^d m* lwia'r CLOTHING SECOND HAND c VffiS'Z?. rSVSSTS ?Z?hJ!-o?!.\-, ? -Jw-??as52ssra,j^! i,gj cieb,?*Aaar;a -ay.'.." , GERMAN SILVER. 4MMSg test : cash *2 lm'm & TO MILLINERS. ^ J9^ CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated lint premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the public in general, that he haa for aale a moat splendid aseortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, manufactured of an entire new article, called I'aria Straw (Jimp. made to the shape of the Shepherdnrea (Jipsey?eo beautiful and becoming, they need only be ?een to he admired. Milliaera, and merchants of the trade, will do well to call and examine before they make their purchases, as th^ goods will be sold by the ease or doxeU at a eery liberal price. _, , , CARL KINO, 17 Division street. N. B.?A general aaaortmeut of all kinds of Straw Goods and Paris Ribbons always on hand. 1% Im'r STRAW BONNETS. L. CHAP1N, No. It John street, near Broadway up Cm* stairs, has on hand a good assortment of Fashionable Straw B onsets, which he is selling at the lowest market prices. Milliners sad others are invited to sail before purchasing elsewhere. mrli lm*r GENTLEMEN'^ hats?string style Bird, corner pink and Nassau streets ? Gentlemen's Hate, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beauty of style, are now ready for examination aud sale, by the subscriber. BIRD, wrll lre*re Corner nt Pine and Nassau itt et SPRING FASHION. ft BROWNkCO., 17t Chatham Square, corner of Mott J^fostreet, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and finish of their $3 Hats,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important considerations to the wearer. The proprietors do eoufdeutly assert their hats to be maeh superior te any ever before sold for the same price. Call aud satialy yourself of this fact. mM lm*rh SPRING STYLE. " GENTLEMEN'S HATS. rW WHY will you pay 14,5# and $3 for a Hat, whan you eaa go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 1W Fulton Street, ?d get as good a oae for )IJtl (Jo and examine for your eetvm. mrll lm*re METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, fa. 47)4 1HS Grand street, II PLUNKETT It CO have Just opened this new establish meat with a sptmdid aaaortmeut of HATS aud CAPS, not to bf surpassed either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability, whieh they offer to the public at tire following very low prices:? _ Hats. * First quality Nutria Fur, at S3 30 Second do do do do 3 00 First quality Moleskin, do 3 0* Second do do do t M Cars from f?H cents to $1 75 each. Wholesale aud retail i rders punctually attended to, aad cos lorn en hats ironed and kept >n shape gratis. n7 Im'rrc J. PLUNKKfT and R. PARDESSUS. PREMIUM BOOTS. A F1NE FRENC K BOOTS for S3 3d. city made, and are fmeqnsl to those told in other stores lor $5. Fine Freueh ? Calf Boot, for %> M, equal to the best made ti thia city YofrNU k JONES' French Boot anil Shoe Manufactory, one of the mott failiiouable in the city.? Our Si oca having been indued in the lal* Fair at Nibloli, are said to be the beat erer sola iu this city. All Bonta warranted to gire aa-iafactioa. Mending, ke done in the Store. YOUNO k JONES, 4 Annsireet, m35 lm?m near Broadway, New York. "Z BOOTS AND SHOES.?The Public are invited to ? cull aad exemiue the lam assortment of gentlemen's, la ? diea sad missea Boots, Shoes and (laiters, in ail their van. n- -ma* uWaUgM .The Blue Bird. A LA NINETEENTH CENTURY. The violet* welcome thee, from the South, Fair bird of the azure wine ; Thou ipeakett nearli, from thy enriched mouth, Which tell of a gloriou* ipring : And thy low *ad note on my ear doth float, Like water* murmuring. When the cedar gleam* with a brighter hue, And wild flower* gem the vale, Then come* thy voice, a* chryttal dew, In the deaert'a midnight gale ; Or a* vanithed love, from heaven above, With boyhood'* twloe-teld tale. The auitor cling* to the robin'* note, A* he warble* a loved one'* name, And the eagle'* cry, o'er a atormitruck boat, Tell* the neophyte of fame ; But tweeter far, in the balmy air, Thy voice?ever the aame. CaLEB LtON, OK LyONIDAI.E City Hotel, April 8, 1846 The Blue Bird. ENCORE A LA FIFTEENTH CENTURY. An April morn I wandered forth, Betide the Hudion'* flowing wave ; The wind* came gently from the South, And bunting bud* freih vigor gave. Retting beaide & withered tree, Around whoie root* the violet* iprung, A tweet-voiced bird there c?me to me. And through the wood* bit echoe* rung. That *ong, co gentle, tad, and mild, Waa ladened with the Pait'a bright year* ; In thought, again I wa? a child, k And lelt my eyelid* fill with tear*. The voice* of my early home Ware woven with it* bleated itrain, Ere gold bad tempted me to roam, Or curat ambition lured in vain. A* tbipa, departing, in the hay, Whose white *atl* glimmer through the tree*, My bark, upon life'* stormy way, May reach it* port 'mid calm and breeza. Yet tuou didit noble thought* impart, In song, to glad that untrod tea? To high reaolve* it nerved my heart, And filled my *oul with melody. Caleb Lyon, or LrONtnALE. City Hotel, April 0, 1846. The "*w York Pilotage?The Necessity of a Change In the Praent System. We are admonished by the recent disasters on our coast, of the imperious necessity of the proper regu lation of the pilot system. Had the proposed law of a distinguished merchant of this city been enacted there can be no doubt that the Henry Clay would have safely reached the " haven where she would be. It was therein proposed that pilot boats should he stationed as follows: one 20 miles east of Sandy Hook, another off the Hook, another 20 miles thence south-east, and still another 20 miles south. Had there been a boat 20 miles south of the'iHook, the Henry Clay would have been saved, as it was at or near that point she met her fate. Of all subjects, the pilotage of the port requires system, and rigid regulation by law. At present the competition of the New York pilots with each other, and with pilots of New Jersey, and those created by t he merchants, precludes the possibility of attaining tne desirable and important object of stationing boats at approptiate places, to inteSept vessels ap proaching the port. The New York pilots, depend ing alone for support on vessels coming from sea. cruise at various distances of from 50 to 260 miles trom shore, and it not unfrequently occurs that thev are passed by inward-bound vessels needing their services. The same competition leads the New Jersey pilots a considerable distaoce from land; and tnus it is that occasions occur when vessels are ex posed to the dangers of shipwreck from the want of a pilot; nor can a diff erent state of things exist, so long as the whole subject is token from the appro priate control of State legislation, and so long as the act of 1837 permits the State of New Jersey to issue icenses to transact business within the territorial limits of the State of New York. At present there ts no control or general supervision over the subject. There is no law of the State of New York regulating Photo kseoaed under its authority. The Board of Commissioners of Pilots, wiio have undertaken to license pilots, have not the power to enforce the re gulations they have adopted. The States of New York and New Jersey can i only regulate pilots created by the authority of the respective States, and the Board of Merchant Com missioners has no control over either, though in re gard to the licensed pilots of New York, it exerci ees the influence of evil in excluding them from em ployment. Thus, we have three distinct bodies of men engaged in the pilot service, each deriving authority from different and antagonist sources consequently, each pursuing the business in such manner as most conduces to the advantage ol itself and prejudice to competitors. If the competition were fair and open, the merchant pilots would | starve m a single flow of the tide; bnt as the mer chants are pledged to their support, and hence com ! muted to monopoly, outward bound vessels afford them a reasonable harvest, to the prejudice of the pilots of both States, whilst the State pilots perform all the service that is really valuable s in that pur suit, endeavoring to anticipate their rivals, they % u em5loyment far at sea, and thus scattered on the broad suriace of the ocean, vessels are exposed to the great probability of passing all, and on reach ing the scene of peril, are left to the slender chance of finding the inexperienced merchant pilot. In order to an efficient regulation of pilotage, sys tem and organization is indispensable, to be estab ESS? / ?rou?h plenary and energetic au thority of Stole government. Congress cannot "^eJ t? the diversifiedcharacter of pilot duty at the different ports throughout the Uni ted States ; a general regulation would be produc tive of universal confusion. Regulations appropri ai u P?rt ?f Mew York would be entirely inap plicable to the Capes of Virginia; and so, thro gh ?Ut u1! knifed States the Bame embarrassment would be encountered. The services performed by the pilots of New York, differing entirely from that of the piloto of every other port, the compensation r In .8hort? " U wholly imprac ticable for Congress to digest an entire system, and ??Lr.e*?U.r"e 18 to adopt thep.lot laws of" the respective States. >u khefwee of these considerations, superadded to he delicacy of interfering with State municipal au thonty and police, strongly influenced the Congress ot 1789 in the enactment of the 4th ol March, of that year, wherein it is declared, ?? That all pilots in the bays, rivers, inlets, harbors and ports ol the United fJcontinue to be regulated, in conformi ty with the existing laws of the States respectively, wherein such pilots may be, or with such laws as ttie States may respectively hereafter enact for the greSe^' ^ *urc kgiwati*? provision by Con How often have attempts been made to regulate the If?,J -PUSH1 At??"??y?. Clerks and Marshals of the United States, by a uniform law or tariff of com pensation, and how entirely has the time and talent devoted to the pursuit been wasted! That subject now stands precisely where it has for the last half century, and where it probably will remain until ttie pract ce of the courts, and the duties ot these omcere, shall be uniform throughout the different judicial districts ot the country, notwithstanding tne crying abuse that universally prevails, and the discredit into which the federal tribunals have ,"? ""f'1 at 'ength they have become a leprosy i on the body politic. Another grave objection to committing the regula tion of pilots to the federal government, is the in creased federal patronage wnich must attend that course. It Congress assumes the management and control ol the subject, as a feature at federal adminis tration, as a consequence, pilots will be appointed by tne President, or probably by the Secretory of the Treasury, and we shall have a legion of federal of ficers, like locusts, covering the land, exceeding in number, on our sea board and inland seas, the urmy of assistant postmasters, who now exert so impor tant an influence in federal elections. * repeal of the present law these evils will be avoided, and the suspended rights of the States will be restored to them. Is it not incomprehensible that the representatives of the people and Senators of States can tolerate the principle upon which le gislation by Congress has been advocated and sus tained, involving as it does, either the integrity or intelligence of their constituents 1 Why is the Power* legislate token from where it was reposed '? l' eicePf uP?n 'he reproachful reason implied, that ihe States had betrayed their trust f Nothing short of that proposition is presented, and as long as the present set remains on the statute book, it stands a monument of recorded rebuke to each sovereign State of this republic. Publioola. A new and important routs for travel has boon opened across Lake Michigan from Milwankie. A number of tra ler.vel left Milwaukre at 7 P. M , and arrived at Grand Haven the next morning, being about twelve hours on lbs lake, in the schooner Champion; thence to Grand Rapid* by ttaamer Paragon ; and procaediag to Battla Crook by siaga, to taka tka oonvayance by railroad far Detroit. By this route they were traveling about 4S hour*, not to in clude the delay* of two night* at Grand Rapid* and Baltla Creak j an I tola route will be greatly facilitated in time, and, certainly, whan the mail lino u ectabiuhed from Grand fUrar to Milwaukio. The distances will bo, from Milwauhi# to Grand Rapid* by **earner, 130 miles ; Grand Rapida to Battla Craafc, by ataga, about SO mi la*, and toenc* to Detroit, by railroad, lis mile*. bchenectody *' d,m,cr,t' hM b*en ?l?cted Mayor of Sporting Intelligence. MuTiini Count Jocxxr Club Racbs-Sbcoud Dot ?Thursday, April 4?Propria tor's Purse $400: Two Mile Heats. R. Ten Broeck, Jr 'a, gr. h. Croton, by Chorister, dam by Muokle John; 6 y. o A 1 1 Wm. P. Greer's ch. f. Mary Waller, by Sterling, out of Discord; 3 y. o 3 0 3 Glen J. k H. Cage's ch. f. Ellen Cornell, by imp. Bel shazxar, dam by imp. Leviathan; 4 y o.. .8 6 3 P. A. Cocks' b. f Victress, by Orey Eagle, dam by Royal Charlie; 4 y. o 3 3 4 A. L. BiDgaman's b.f. by Tuscahoma.dam by imp. Belshazsar; 3 y. o 4 3 6 Y. N. Oliver's (Dr. Withers) gr. o. by imp. Levia than. out of Alice Orey, by Pulaski; 3 y. o. 1 4 die Time-3:441-3:431 -3:431 The attendance yesterday was very large,to witness a most beautiful and exciting race. Croton, although con sidered an uncertain nag, was the first favorite in the race. ?N. O Delta, Jlpril 3. Vartetlea. The Louisiana House of Representatives, have passed a bill dividing that State into sixteen judicial districts. The Opelousas WKig of the 31 st,contains the following fertioulars : ?The body ol a yong female, rot more than years of age, was found in the Atchafalaya, a little above the mouth of the Courtableau. Upon examina tion, four stabs, on the right side, were fouud yet (resh. She had also been scalped. This unfortunate girl is re presented by those who saw her, to have been beautiful. What could have been the object of the fiend in thus cruelly sacrificing the life of this poor girl ? As she was feund unpolluted, the murderer could not have been guided by lust Theft alone must have been the motive, as she was found entirely divested of her clothing, save a,pair of silk hose, which, probably, the assassin nad not time to take away. They had a riot at Wilmington, Del., on Sunday last. One of the most violent hail storms which have ever oocurred in the State of Louisiana was experienced at Baton Rouge on the night of the 33d ult. A small child of Mr. Barnes, residing in Gay street, Baltimore,was injured very badly a few nights ago, by a large rrat, which lacerated one of its limbs while it was lying in bed between its parents. The Port Tobacco (Md.) Timet of the 3d inst., notices a case, brought before the Court at that place, which is enough to make the heart sicken. The parties were /achariah Dent and his son Alfred, each swearing his life against the other, and testifying that thay had had sundry fights with clubs, knives, ks., and the old father, to swell the catalogue, testified to his having been shot at with a ball, and exhibited his arm to the court,to show that his son, in one of their affrays, had broken it. We learn from Hagerstown that the extensive tannery of Daniel Shindle, in that place, was entirely consumed by fire on Sunday night last. The tannery was the largest one in the place, end Mr. S.'s loss must be very heavy. The steamboat Nimrod, was passed by the steamboat Brilliant, Captain Vanzasen, from St. Louis, at. Delta, on the 34th ult., in a sad oondition. The Nimrod had been snagged through her guards, ber chimneys ? knocked down, and her boiler deck and cabin much injured. Senator Yulee, was in Cincinnati on the 4th instant. The express for Mobile, in starting rapidly from the railroad dei epot, at Montgomery, Ala., with the Hibernia's news,; on tne 34th ult., came in contact with a negro at the corner of the street, and the horse falling with his knees on him, killed him instantly. A jury haa been empannelled in the case of Polly The Governor of Kentucky has appointed three com- | miHioner* to (elect an eligible (ite for the erection of a lunatic asylum. The Juitice ofthe Peace and Conitable who aided in kidnapping of Jerry Phinney, at Columbu*, Ohio, hare been committed to priaon by the mayor of that city, in default of bail-and a hack-driver i? under arrest for being concerned in the affair. It ia aaid that M. Liebig, the oelebrated German chemitt, has discovered that the champagne wine im ported into Germany, ia extensively adulterated, by meana of carbonic acid gaa, and the laughing gaa, or protoxide of nitrogen. Quite likely. It ia said that two of the chiefs at Tonawanda last week received information from the War department at Washington, that the time for their romoval had arrived, and that they must forthwith prepare to give up their lands. Blacksmith, the principal Tonawanda Chief, has just returned from Washington, whither he has been on business connected with the treaty. Steamboats run regularly between Cincinnati and Galveston. fn Portland, Maine, on Tuesday there was no ohoice for mayor. Charles Holden, democrat, and editor of the Argue, bad MO; Greeley, whig, 704; Adams, " citizen," 614; scattering 0. The whigs have eleoted two alder men and six councilman; the democrats one alderman, one councilman, and one constable. Four aldermen and fourteen councilman remain to be chosen. The ATetioiMi Intelligencer ot the 0th inst., says that shad are selling at the flsh wharf In Alexandria, D. C.. at f6 60 per hundred, and herring at $8 60 per thousand.? On Saturday last shad were selling at the fish wharf on the Alexaodr* "Mo of the Potomac, close to the Long Bridge, at eight de'lars nor hundred?fine fresh shad, just taken from the'river. The Potomac fisheries are at this time points of great interest, not only to the merchants of tho District, but to those ol every other city and mer cantile town throughout the Union. They are making large quantities of tbreeply and ingrain carpeting in the Auburn prison at this time.? From.a statement which we find in the Daily Advtrlieer of that place, it appears that the contractor ia now throw ing off about 10,000 yards per month?using not less than 300,000 pounds of wool per annum. Three hundred pat. terns of hearth rugs were made there, also, during the peat year. It is proposed to make a railroad from Richmond, in Indiana, through Dayton to Xenie, there te intersect the great railroad from C incinnati to Sandusky. Tho dis tance is 66 miles, and it is thought the cost of the road will not exceed $000,00 0. When done, it ia believed it will take to Cincinnati all tho travel and light freight of North Eastern Indians, and of North Western Ohio, one ofthe best and most flourishing districts in the United States. A young man named Johnson Spaulding, who resides* near Leonardtown, in St. Mary's county, Md., shots deaf and dumb negro last week. At first S. denied hav ing shot the man, and took an oath to that effect. After wards he confessed tho act, but averred that it was accidental. He war probably affected with somnambu lism. Tho If. O. Delia of the 4th inst says tbet on the eve ning previous, a police officer arrested R. G. Stevenson, and two negroes named Tony and Peter, just as the three were about leaving the city on board of steamboat " C. Connor." From information received in the city, the two negroes were idsntified and arrested a* fugitive/ from iuitiet, after hsviDg on Monday night last escaped from the jail of Hancock county, Miss., where they were con fined, having been convicted of the murder of an over leer, about two months since, aod were nnder sentence of death. They were liberated and their chains knocked off in a very mysterious manner. When Stevenson was arrested, the negroes wore in his possession, and ho says be bought them recently of the Strain*n estate, to which they formerly belonged. It appears, the Strahan estate is the plantation which joins that on which the overseer was shot dead in his bed in the night, by the fugitives. Both Stevenson and the negroes will be examined before Recorder Baldwin. The fare on the Utica and Schenectady railroad, has been reduced to $3, and all free passengers are pro hibited. Lroislativk Summary.?In the Senate, an ela orate report on priaon discipline, was submitted by Ir. Hand, trom the State Prison Con mittee, adverse to ny general statutory change, but recommending a bill esigned to check future excesses. Mr. Backus sub lifted a minority report against corporeal punishment. 1 motion by Mr. Mitchell to print flvo times the usual mmber of both, went to the Printing Committee. The >ill in relation to the Utica Asylum, was then taken up n committee. Mr. Johnson in the chair Messrs. Spen der, Barlow, Backus, Lott, Talcett and Bookman, sus ained the bill, against the objections of Messrs. Voung uid Porter. The committee went through the bill, re tried it to thi Senate, and it went to a third sending, 15 o 4 Executive session. The House proceeded to the consideration of the bill o amend the act relative to the annexetion of certain owns in Alleghany, to the county of Wyoming, but ao uestion was taken. The House refused to go into the onsideration ofthe anli rent titles, and proceeded to the bird reading of bills. Among those passed was tho bill ? incorporate the Ocean Steam Navigation Company.? llbany*1rg%u, AptM II. SupRMR Court?Special Term?Mr. Jnatice BeardaJey presiding?April 10.?Payne et al. vs. Christophor st si ?Motion to sot seido Judgement, fcc.j denied with costs, without prejudice, kc. Scbsnasrhoru imp'd ads. Wilkins. Motion to sot aside default, kc ; granted on terms. BlasdeU ot al. adss Kaston Motion to sot aside judgment; granted on terms. Berry ads. Monfort Motion for Judgment as In easo of non-suit t ranted with costs. McDonald ads. Waterman. Motion or Judgmont as in csis of non suit; denied with coats to abide event. The Bank of Lyon* vs. Ktsson ot al. Me tion experts that satiefecUon of judgment be sntorad; ited. Stacy vs. Fsrnham. Motion for a commission; grant.? ? ... granted by default. Thomas et al. ads. Fitch et al. Mo tion to change venae ; denied. Smith ad*. Burnham et al. Motion for Judgment as in oaae ef non suit: denied, costs to abide event. Wilder ads. Latham. Motion to set aside execution ; fronted by default. Lewis ot al vs. Giimora. Motion to substitute two referees; granted by default El wood vs. Averill, 3 other causes. Motion that tho motion noticed in this eons* stand ovar until next special term. Hill ot al. va. Rtuaell. Motion for leeva to plaintiffs to reply double; granted by default. Porter od*. Dutkan. Motion for judgment aa in esse of nonsuit; granted with costs by dafattlt. Ellis, Jr., ads. Mulock. Motion to change venue; granted by default Finch ads. Cook. do. Livingston vs. Mcfntyro and Smith et al. Motion that two fiist defendant* pey plaintiff 's cost*; granted by default bam* va. Same. do. Wheeler vs. Borasso et at. Motion for re-taxation of costs; $0 01 stricken out Dskin at al. ads. Brush. Motion for] judg mont as In ease of non-suit; grunted, unless plaintiff stip ulate sad pay costa. Rolyaa ads. Jsrmaia Motion to change venue, denied. Backbone# ads. Chrystla, MB? Motion for judgmont of non pros; granted, raise* plain tiff furntak a bill of particulars, kc.?tlttoup 4r**? Mosquito Territory* [From tbo Belize, (Hon.) ObMrrer, March U ] The indepeodeDce of thia kingdom, although under the powerfal guaranty of Horland, ii what ita Spanish American neigbbora are much inclined to dispute. and they would fain hare all the rest of the world acquiesce in the sage axiom they hare propounded-that an inde pendent State of red men cannot exist. It muat, there tore, hare been with feelings not a little mortified, that they reed aocounts of the ceremonies aud nativities with which our town was honored and enlivened last spring, on the coronation of his youthful Mosquito Me But they hare not been rery long hi finding out some thing they no doubt consider as a pretty fair set en. as may he seen in perusing the subjoined article taken from El Redactor Eficial dt Honduras,(dated Cemeyegue, 30th December, 184# : BirTiaM or the Mosuiito Youth, aon of Oefieral Lowry, Military Chief ofthe Mosquitos, on the North ern Coast ?The suprema government, deeply iutereJU-a in the civilization ol that unfortunate portion of the "Hondurenos,"established relations, not without diffi culty, with its principal chiefs, for the purpose of charging itself with the "citequixation" and instruc tion of the youth of whom we i|ieek. He hae remained in thia capital for more than three years, at the expense of the government, and, undar Us paternal care, has been instructed in the chief precepts and mrsteries of our religion, for the purpose of receiving the huguat sacraments of baptism and of confirmation, which acts took place, yesterday evening, in the holy Cathedral church, amidat the sublime ceremonies with which the church receives the catechumens into her bosom. SfeTue sponsors were, at the font, the President of the state ; tor confirmation, the minister of the Treasury , and the Baptiser, his Reverence the Bishop. We rejoice at this happy evsnt, becausa tt will not be long ere the Mosquito youth carriee to the tribes ot his country the Crose of the Baviour and the dogmaa of his holy religion, to destroy the Protestantism of the Englisn Church, which begins to gstminate there. From Jamaica.?By the arrival yesterday of the brig Tarnto, Captain White, and the brig C. Hat field, Captain Thompson, we have late dau*? trout Ja maica?by the former to the 19th and the latter to the 34th ult C. Mason was lecturing on Rhskspeare at Kingston. The Kingston Theatre was closed on the 14th ult. fer want of encouragement from the citizens. The Kingston Tims* in noticing the regimental order, announcing tha date* and pieces of several musters of the Kings on regiment of militia, directed by law, usea the following language: "Resist the 'R. O.' en mass*. Shall he dare to fine the four hundred officers ana men. or will they be idiots enough to pay the warrants? Shall he send the four hundred tojsil?or will they kick the marsbels one by one, and defy the power of the hitherto all-powerful Colonel P'J This look* rather turbulent in her Britanic Mejesty'e subject*. We are informed by Capt. Thompson that tha brig Othello, Irom Curacea, bound to New York, with a cir cus company on board, touched at Kingston on the 31st. The,schr. James T. Bartine, Capt. Johnson, from Naw York, bound to St Andrews, via Jamaica, arrived on tbe 30th, had experienced very heavy weather. She was compelled to discharge her cargo, anil, upon examina tion, was condemned and sold on the 33d. The British brig Mercator had also been condemned. She was sold on the 19th, and brought $700. There was no particular change in the markets up to the sailing of the C. Hatfield on tbo 34(h. The brig Sophia si rived at Kingston on the 19th from this port.?AT. 0. Delia, April 3. From St. Thomas and Guadaloijpr.?The schr. Ocean, Capt. Savage, arrived at this port, brings dates from the above placet a few days later than pre viously received. Pitch pine lumber was selling at St. Thomas at $33, and that market, a* well as Guadeloupe, was well supplied with American produce of all kinds, which was dull of sale.?Savannah Georgian, 7<A inst. FANCY SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. NO. THREE'COUkTLANDT STREET, Depot forth* ?tie of the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap Highly Seemed Toilet Soaps, Elegant Extracts, Essences, Colognes, Hair Oils, Pomatums, together* ith every other article in oar line. Country Merchants, Druggists ana Dealers in general are invited to examine onr extern ive assortment, where they can be supplied at the lowest rates Superior pale and No. 1 Soaps. Patent Chrystalline Candles, alw* ya-oo hand., a7 Im'rtc JOHNBON. VROOM fc FOWLER SHIRT MANUFACTORY. No. 67 MAIDEN LANE, (UP STAIRS.) SHIRTS MADE TO OBDEK. THE SUBSCRIBER offers to the Public ? method of making shirts, which renders ease and comfort to the wearer and is a complete ftt;as no pains bsv* been spued to ob tain the beet t reach pattern shirts. Having had long eaperients is the business, the Subscribes IS enabled to make all shoMOOOsnry improvements aodgfve general satisfaction. tvM. COLLINS f2J lm*r CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. 'lUlE Subscribers have no beaitatmn in saying to the people A of New York, and the neighboring eitiea, that they een and do challenge the merchants of onr country, fu and new, to compete with them in the s?W> of WINDOW SHADES. They have a manufactory in the State of New Jersey, aboat 13 mile* from the city of New Ycrk, and possess every facility for maaufaetanug their siiades at th* least sipesis*. Of their beauty, worth ana cheapness, they will convince the moet le ered a Ions by their giving them n call. DUNCKER k BECK ER, No. it Chatham st. N, Y., eae door from tha corner ol Chambers st. mil 1m*re UintrreotTp* Appw?tw> JOHN ROAUH; Optician. 82 Nuun Stritt, LT AS constantly on hand .French. German and American la H itru meets. Coatiag Boies, Marcnry Baths, and all Ike other matrrial used by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. Chemicals, Plates, Cases, Qniekstnff, he ht-? Lenses Oronnd to order. Thermometers aad Burr eying Com manufactured Tor the trade Magneto Electric Machines, of approved eonstrnctioa, for medical purposes. mlT lm're LANGENHEIM & BECKERS, TV AOUKRKKOTYPKH8, Ml Baononvnv. BCLOW Four on hJ Btbket, hare enlarged their Atelier, ana are now provid ed with ha beat kind or I if ht?the style aad quality of Pic tares they prodace with it are like I hoes made at Che Cachaege in Philadelphia, hy W. h F. Langenheim, their partners. ? ? Their new mode of deadening the backcroatd of Pictnree, by sundry permanent colon, is now patented, and giyea such betnty or elfect lo Dag uerreotypea.aa to be for thn public eery writing, at leant to esamiee specimens ef this ait LANUENHEI >1 fc BKCKEHB, Agsnta for Voigtlaender k bohn'al German cameras, and L. BECKERS, Daguerreotype a51m*r Chemicals, ke JUNG & BEHKMANN, RRMOVID FROM 71 LIBERTY STRUT TO Jil SOUTH WILLIAM TTRRRT. ?1 Irn'm * GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. DETER ROBERTS has receirad by late arrirale, aad R offers cheap? EMBROIDER IES. Needle-work Capes from Bl,SO to $25. Freaeh work'd Col lars 75 centa and upwards ; Embroidered Lawn Hhdkfs. from M to $30; Dresses, needle-work and Tambour, from II to M LAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tape, hem'd stitch, Ririere. Fancy aad coloied borders. MUSLINS. Book. Mall, Jscoant. Swiss, plain, striped nad check'd Organ din, Tarlatan, Striped aad embroidered for Curtains. HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Black aad white Silk Hoee; do. with eottoe tope ; silk em broidered at ??. per pair; vary fine Liale thread, open work. IS i<er dozen ; Hue unbleached cotton, open work, IS to SS.TS. (recommended aa remarkably cheap); plain work cotton, a most excellent article at |3 per dozen, nsoally sold st $3.73 ? A most ezcelleet assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered Silk Gloves of all sixes. LACES. Capes, real and imiution, of the latest and most fashionable itylex ; Veils, blaek and white, in ehantilly, Brussels point malines. point d'Aleneon and other varieties, Regency. Msek lin. Valenciennes, fine Kuglish Thread Laces aae Edgings; rich black Brnsseli and imitation Laces of every dascnption for trimming, flouncing, fcc., ke-; Linen bobbin Edgings and Inserting* A lot of Muslin trimmings, ladies' Morning Capu, lace Cap Crowns, Muslin Capes, received from suction, will be sole 25 pzu czrrv. unDcn the cost or importatio*. No. 302 Broadw*7, 2d April. IMS nT lm* rr e TO ARCHITECTS. STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. 07 Im're CLIRBHUG/TS VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS, W< Broadway, np stairs, VIAf. FOB EL KUAN CK, TIGHTNESS. aad DURA lv.1 BILITY, be elaasegam ng the first productions of mo dern art. In their fannfaetnre. they differ from all others made hare. The hair's singly inserted, aad an equally distri buted aa to appear inn tanning from the skin t they Borer no more of the brow than toe natural hair does, aad baying no metallic spring, all disagreeable pressure ia obviated. For a soathem climate they are meetimable, being of only 1 ounce weight. Senators, members of Loogfom, and gentlemen f quarter of the country, wbo am now wonring C.'n be referred to. The pricee will be found to rait the circumstances of all. at lss* re NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCH ELOR's new invented Wigs aad Sceipe so perfect I ly reeemkla the natural hair m to defy is now scarcely a matter of regret losing aa indifferent neeeot hair, when s new nr.e. narfeetlv adapted to the countenance I^VfiSSfS'b wis tlntl-J. rait ejtr oreonn WINES, HKAtruiESJ, GIN, dec. ISKS vsiy ol<f Medmm " ,ekborn. Leal, itillado and D h (V. Brandy, in h jid Me Cognaa. n t'abo'e'wiaes are of a hijrh rrsde. hot'le Bemaat JO years ago, rod for sale low. by K. B. DALY, Successor to. a'n Bemenl h Castle, Ot Broad vt RD?100 barrel sand M kegs, just received and for safe lT K g ( OLI.IN* k ? ???? * rwnhsi all ?NcH LIWaR FILLB-l-diea will lUd Urature^am ilf (ni1 iiwuKiiaiBssi)Ml|icks?r|IW4 *? 'wfrg f

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