Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW FORK HERALD. i?3?3io NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 14, 1846. ? W "J 0?k>*. THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMS HMtDM BMNCTT. Prepritltr. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HtR-LI!?IwtMj Yr.?I MMfvmr-D PE^fflS?S?KrSftSi5?.w.-L.. ?dnan. PRINTING of all kudi nwaud with beauty proprietor New Tm H?? u-D ErriiuiMVin North-Went corner of FallM u>d Naaaia Mi '1 Hr. HUBSCHIBkliu ban uTTelurm Uaeir friends and to* pub-1 H Wei tern info^^H lie that ihey forward paaeaucora to ail pnni of the Weitern Sut-s and Cansdas via the railroad from Albany. It u this lemon of the yeer, for thoee net acquainted with the . For thai [#. to pey their lire to ro by the moil, ror their informa tion, we beg to state that the earliest probable tiaae the eaaal will be navigable, will he the M h Amr-1, and it Mar be the lit May. Pe noj, therefore, until that time, MM go by the rail road, ticket* for which can be ohtaiued at the very loweat rates, of W. It J. fTTAPBOOTT, ? 75 South it., cor. of Maiden iaae. N. B. Due notice of the opening of tm canal will So girtn. f *7r NOTICE. OTATEN ISLAND -FERRY. On and after Monday n March K'li, the boata of this Firry will ran u follows until furthir notice:? Leaveikaten Ulead I, 10, 11 A. M. 1,5, P.M. Leave New Y ork 9, 11. A. M.; 1, IX, 5, P. M. N. B ?All freight at the risk of the owuen thereof. ratlr-* NEWARK AND NEW YORK, FARE 11* CENTS. The Splendid Steemtr PASSAIC, Capt-John O.ffVi on Mo Until lor.h-r uoice:? d2SM. JhweAJE. O.ffv, wilt commence her tripe lor the ituoo ua Monday, Much 10th, cad rua a* follows. Leave Newark. I Leave Bare'ay at., Naw York, at 7X o clock A. Si. | 4 o'clock P. M. Freish car iad at very reasonable rain, for which there are storr-h' UAte and agents, both a. Newark and Naw York. The Parnate ha a large aud sine ions dock saioon, elegantly furnish ed. and great deck room both for freight and passengers, mrll lm*rc Morning Line at T o'clock. FOR ALBANY AND TROY. Breakfast and dinner on board. Landing at Caldwell's. West Point, Newbnrgh.hamp , on, Ponghkeepaic, Hyde Park. Rhinebeck, Red Muok, Briitol, Catakill, Hudson, Coxsackie, Kinder hook. T*e steamboat TROY, Captn:n A. Qcrtiam, "Tuesday, (This Morning,) Thnrsdav and haturdry' at 7 o'clock, A. M . from tae foot of Barclay street. Returning on oppoeite tin. For Passage o-Fie'ght, apply on board, or to F. B HALL, at lite Office on the Wharf. ell rrc a WBT1 fiUA THE Propretors el Steamboats wishing jjan2?*?jgg*BMIslroug^sro^^d^*el^^ai^^Ui^i^ Jm><ril (he sleimboati Niagara. Iron Witch, Governor, iron boat Johu Stevens. Wooater, Traveller, Ate., aud examine H. Homrr'a Improved Style of Bell Hanging?put up nest and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. It. No. ? Aen street mrll lm*r PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From tlu vier between Courtlandt and Liberty itt. jKK Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, ?B. G. Crutlaiidan. will leave on .Wednesday, and Friday evenings,at7o'elock. i'OC HESTER, Cant. Alfred Houghton, will leave ou Tu< sday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, M seven o'clock. At J o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Placec. From the Foot of Barclay St, Steamboat NORTH AMERICA.Captain tt. H. Furry, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at i o'clock* r-.aiotMiat COLU.M'i^Captaio Was. H. Peck, will larva ariHf on Tursday, Thursday artlT Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock.' The above boa<a will, at all times, arrire in AJbeny in ample tim- for the moruing ca a for trie east or west. Freight taken at modern e rates: none taken after 5)? o'clock,. P.M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the bouts of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. Fur passage or freight, tpplv on board the Boats, or to P. C. Sehult/ .at die office on the whart. alt rre BNKW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL?Pocket ol the list of April?The splendid, fast sailing and favorite packet chip LIVER ItA tons burthen, Capt John Eldridgc, will tail on April tl, her regular day. The Ships of this liae beingsit WBt tons end upwards, per sons about to embark for the Old Country will cot fail to seo the advantages to be derived from erlcctiug this line in prefe rence to anv other, as their grant capacity renders them every Cray more comfortable eud convenient than ships of a am ill glass, aed their accommodations for cabin, second cabui gad steerage nesse ua ere, it is well known, are superior to any etl er line of Packets. Persona wishing to aeenre berths. Should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling a.ip, or to W. It J. T TAP8COTT, At their g-neral Passage Office, 75 South at. comer of Me den lima, up stairs we P. 8 ?Tic Liverpco1 will tail Lom Liverpool on the 6th of Jnae. Parsons wishing to send for their fri-nda, can have them brongbtont in magnificent ^packet o' any of tbe regular line. every above silling on the 1st, 6 h, 7th, llth, 6tb, 21st aid Mih of month, on favorable terms. Application to be made as The slrgatt packet ship SID DONS will succeed the Liver pool end sail on the MRi of April, herr guler day. ali r XjfE- PgflSYOE TO ANO FHOM LIVERPOOL.? hMWy The Packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, sails fur Liverp-nl On the 16th of Auril. Ti.epacket ship LIVERPOOL, Capt in F.ldridge. sails on the -let April, and the packet ship 8IDDON8, Captain Cobb, oa the Xtn of April. For passage, having enreiior accommodation!, apply to _ JOHN HF.RDMaN It CO, 61 Booth it N. B?Passage from Ores' Britain and Ireland (via Liver pool) esn alwsvs be erenred by the regular lineof packet ships seili.g ? veiy five days, and drafts cau as usual be famished for - ny any amount, payuble throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above, or to hERDMAN, KEENAN h CO , 411 m 86 Waterloo Rotd. Liverpool. m ?no cell BLACK BALL. OK OLD LINE OK LIVER, FOOL PACKET^ FOI\, L1VKRFOOL ?Only re nal** packet of the ISth April. The magnificent celebrated fut tailing fironte pec et ship NEW' | wlllsa " YORK. T. B. Cropper, Commander, will (ail positively on Ttiuraday, the i('h Apiil. it lawell known that the aecom modvtiooa of the NewYork lit fitted oat in a moat eaperb and eontly miutr, with every modern improvement and conveni ence, that cannot bat add to the comfort of thoaa embark inf. Peraona netting the old eoentry, or a an ding lor their fri-tda, ?hoald call and aee thia apiendid apeciinen of naval architec tnre. before engaging elaewhere. Fur pnaaage in cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage, early application ahonld be made on board, foot oi Jietktnan atreet. or to the anhacrihen, ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO. a'l r B Fniton atreet, (neat door to the Fnlton Bank.) xA*- FOR LONDON?Regular Packet cf Wvf JV"-The packet ahip ST. JAMES, Ci JMbwrnaiwil' aaif aa above, ner regular day. ihe lat May Capt. Meyer, Pur .ataage in cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage, having ?plecdid accommodation!, ar|dy on_bcwid,_oMo OSKl'H McMURRAY, 100 Pine at corner of South. P. S.?Peraona vriabing to tend for their frienda, can have them brought oat to thia country by one of the Line, vailing '??inhot i from London on the 7th, 17th, and 17th ol each month, on re? aoo?Me rerme. by applying "* ahove alt r *7 Iwrri K)n SALE.-The packet ahip UTICA, baitben "5 t?aa. Aoply to BOYD It IlINcKEN. Agenta, per r eg later MS tear. Apply to BOYD It MlNcKEN. A*l P I 1 wrre No. t Tontine Bnildinae. ?* Wall atreet FOR LIVERPOOL-New Line-Rcgnlar Packet ? of ltd) April.?The faa? tailing packet ahip bIIUDONS, E. B. Cobb inaatar, of UM tone, will ' ore, her regular day. For freight or paaaaxe, having accommodationa aaaarpaaeed 'auder ' * for apleodor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to (L^Price of pnaaage, f 100. C a,. i.tll.LINS ft CO . M Sonth a treat. Packet ahip Sheridvu, O B.Comiah. muter, will ineceed lh< Snldona. and anil Mth May. her regolar day ag gJKg- GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS-To aail lat MFJafVMay her regular day?The fine, feat aailing, cepper ?libei Br. bark ANN hABLEV, Capt. R /con, will bi ira. y to receive freight in e lew daya, apt aail u above, her regular day. For balance of freight or paaaage, having excellent accom modation!, apply to at ic WOODHULL ft MINTUBN. IT Sonth at. t Mild SlAiES aNj great hkiTaiN y ifAi'afV I ? wmmmmmm AND IRRLAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI MB OTFICE.-r " ? GRANT OFFICE.?The aabacribere ere prepared to engage p. aarngera to come oet by the early Spring ahips, at n very low rale. | Dtnlla fnrniahed. payable throughout the Uo'led Kingdom. For further parnenlera apply to ft r J HF.HDMAN fcCo.,1! Son'hat. FOR SALE?Te eloeo a concern?The Line o Liverpool Pacaete-coneieaing of the ahipt KGSCIU8, SID [JONS, BMErIDAN end UARKICK. M | J They were bnill iu thia city, by ftrowa ft Bell, with nnnanal eare; for inouel, material (a very large proportion of their frame being live oak.) and woWtmoaahiti, they ore uneq routed, if not ao-onall'd?mlted on the atoeka, and re-aalted every year aincv. Their eeeommedationa lor pnaaengers art very exten . if Sonth at aire and Mtdiuaiely furaiahed. Apply to " COLLINS It CO REGULAR LINK OK PACKET SHIPS?Packet RSTSVof the #'.h May.?The firat elua, Cat aailing pack MMMMwect >hip HENRY CLAY, Captaia Nye, will aail u ah .ve lie,' regolar day. Having v?iy rapenor ter.ommodatiooa for cabin. Id eabin and afcTagn pawengera. peraoua intending to eanbark, ahonld make loimeikate application on board loot of Maideu Lana, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY. I OA Pine, corner of Sonth atreet. The picket ahip VIRGINIAN, burthen IWO tooa, will aneeeed tlie HENRV CLAY, and anil on the llth May, her regular dty. N. II rbraoui deaTnna of aending for their frienda, can have then brtnght out by (tie abuve ahip,ou moderate termi, by making application u above. ?U ' ..FOR NEW ORLEANS ? Lomaiana and New ICTiy York Lin*.?Pr-e'tiv-ly Firat Regular pocket?To mil BMSflmaTo morrow, (Wednesday, Isih intianl).?The ele a*L. f*el eailiua packet bark E. H.CtlAPIN, Couu, maater, will receive freight all th a d ,y, and poeitively mil aa above. Fot tn-ighl or ;manage, having naadaoine turuianed ecti.m moditioua, apply on board, at Orleaea wharf, foot of Well ?treat, or to . K. K.COLLINS ft CO. M South atreet roai ively no gooda received on board after ihia evening, ISth i"at fa.amg<r? will pltae* be on board at I o'clock to-morrow morui' g, litd mat. at which time the ahip will aail. A?riil in New OiKaue, u.\s. WOODRUFF, who Will promptly forward r.| .ood to hit addreae. Packet ahip LOUISVILLE, Hant. ma. the E. H. Chapin, and anil Moediy, Apri . _ ater. will aueeeed . . April loth, her regular day elf FUKJNUUKE FLUSH. Til E SUBSCHIB a.KS have received from their manufacto ry an attentive teaoi tmeut of plain and emboeeed Farm ture Final) ea, of all colore and qaaliuea, auitoble ler cabinet, coocn. and railroad ear maker* V. CALLLEUJMlLiftOLELlAOftCO.. ?1 lm*r m Pearl run. TO LET. d IN B? OOKLYN -TW two tlirtf srorv brck houses, IB artiste No#. Hut 16J Bridge streot. The hiwes are fgi esw and wary wsy couvrmest. aad within flatten >atM walk froa the t'ulion aad Citttariue streets terries, tanners at No. ttt Bulge street, Brook'vn. a7 Iwrre ft TO LET, ABOOTJ. Ne. 64 Variek street, ia rood repair, with Crotoa Water a Tea R om, aad a Sot view of St. John'* Park. Enquire of *rrr f COt. >1 John (tract. a TO LET, THE three stwy brick Haase, No 167 Croat street, op P'si e Z on Church The hnuae ia in perf-ct older, sod will be be occupied b ? a tingle family at a toi y moderate rent. Apply on the premiere, or to 1 lw'rrc PETER PIRN IE, 166 Front at. TO RENT. MA BEAUTIFULLY turn ted Kroet Office, ia M South etreet, oa the second floor. Two or more Loft* can uleobehid with it. For further particulate, apply to 1 W. * J. T.TAP8COTT, 7S South at , alt r corner of Maiden lane. PORTER HOUSE FOR SALE. M The wall known home, known aa the "Old Home VJJB rtead. 333 Bowery, with the atr-ck. fixtures, aad lease ia ?ESIK offered for aale, aa tha proprietor baa not time to attend toihe dntr ol it. it will ha told law to a good caatomer Ap ply on tha pramiaaa. all >t?'ic M TO LET?The modern three atory and attic Honaa, i ffflB No, It Second Avsnoe, Ita ween 4th aad 4th streets ? JSaULlt ia wall finished. witii mahogany door*, plated furni ture and plate glass in the rirat ato>y, bath ia the aecoud atory, and Very co ivsutetrtly air age J ihronght at. Apply ou the prnmuaa Caaba area from 11 A.M. to S o'clock P.M. daily * all lw*rrc FOR SALE, OK TO LhT, MThe Modern bailt three atory briek honae, 114 Adams atrrst, Brooklyn ll not aoldby private aale. it will be disposed of at pablie aneti?a, ou the l4'.h day of May neat. Half ot tha pnrcbaea money oan remain on mottg?ge, for a tent of years. Application to be made 6n the pramur?, 114 Adaraa at. Brooklyn. ?4 lm'rc FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, S^d THE Honae and Lot 471 Broadway The main honac ia flSB fire atones high with tha attic, end 60 fret drep. The Xal|L back building ia three atoriea high and (4 left deep A arable no the tear front ng oa Mercer street, 41 fret deep. Tha lot ia 16 feet f mr in has trout aad rear, and 100 lee' deep Pr'sor.s wishing to coufer with the owner, Dr. CHEE8 M AN, may do to between the hour* of I and 6, A. M.. and 3J* and 416. P. M. all !w? rrc TO LET OR FOR SALE, Aafl ON rerr t? vorabletrau, four three atory and besement ffr!w brick dwelling Honae*, in Hoboken. They erch con JmJH tain 11 rooms betide* the kirchen, and are fitted in beautiful style throughout. Two of these honae* are II feet front by 43 Met deep; and two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide conrt yard in front. The aitnation command* a flue view and is within one minnte's walk of the ferry, where hoot* lease every fifteen minntea, for Barclay (tract, and every half honr fur Ca nal and Christopher streets. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to alfl2w*r J.C.STEVENS, Hobeken. TO LET. TO A SMALL FAMILY?The upper purr of a honae " fro in Chambers street, eonaist'ng of front and bark reoin with pintry, oa the aecoud floor, and a front sod hid roeui on the third floor, and if required an attic com, with tha me ol Croton water, a. d other necessary privileges. Ap ply to A. S. VAN PRO 4G,47 Warren it. N. B.?If desirable a part of the above may be obtained. a7 2w*r STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. MA HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with * few or any number of tern that may b- desirable, Herat. Ic , he., attached,ou the North shore ? fS'.a'cn Island,front ing on the river, aid within thr*e ruinates walk ofCaatl'ton Steamboat Landing, ?re mile from fort Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. The pr'party has a front on the water of abont 406 feet For farther particular* enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. 31 Wall street, or on the premises, of Mrs. June Bnr far *7 iw TO LET UK. FUR SAi,E. Jmk A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable aad |"jn Coach Iloaae attached, with abont an acre of land, tha XiHLprtncipal part of which is well stocked with fruit sod fancy shrubs, and en losed wi'h a picket fence The stages pass every ten minutes Within five minutes* Walk of tha houst. Situation between HOth a"d tilth street*. ?->r further informs ^?WljrtojyHN BATHGATE, 144 Ninth street, or Dr. , Harlem. mrll >nt*rc TO LET. A HOUSE AND BARN, with abont sixteen lots of ground, situated in the village of Hastings, Westchestai county, State of New York, within a few ratnnterr ?Iv'hiuij | uhi.r us awn g win. witniu ? icvr issiuutv* 1 of the iteizrboet landing. Said place is divi 'ed into gar m with rr dens, which are well stoehen with fruit Also, a peasant grove, with a stream of water, and several good springs Fos farther tension caa be given immediately For farther partic'Iars, np 1 naft? "Vfe Also, about s n acres, with a am <11 Heuamon the Roekawav tad Jsmiies Turnpike rend, about hnlfn mile beyond he Toll Gate, it c ntaios one icte of Paieh Treer, in foil bearing and of the choicest fruit Ale-v several other pieces of Land. Inquire of JOHN L NOHTON, Jr.. at 14 Delanbey jy street, between the honrs 01 3 and 4. aS lw*rb TO DRY GOODS DEALERS. kR WHO DESIRE * Handsome and Capacious Store in JTTJW one of the meet crowned and flourishing thoroughfares JsslleO^ Brookiya?The u dersigned has now e.ecied, in Myrue Avenne, near a drv goods (tore, which is doing an im mcul j bus neat, a fine three story briek building, 14 feet front by <0 fret dorp, with handsomely finished parlors, ac . a Irrge and comm idioos store and in excellent end spacious ba?e menr. If will he finished, and read r ler possession before the first of May: will be an excellent location fir a retail dry good* business,and will b* let low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN LANG9TAKF, m30 2w*r 144 Myrtle Avenue. TO LET AT MODERATE RENTS. THE three story modem brick House, No. 4 Eighth stieet, first door east ol Sixth avenue. The desirable Honse No. 140 Waverly Place, occupied by Jndge 'tier; rent $6-0. The large Honse No. 40 west Washing'on Place; rent $700. Also, the principal pirt of Hons# No 114 Hammond str-et, say from seven to tea rooms wita good kitchen, the division will be agreetble by Aldeiman Wale, whose family con sist* of three persoua. L. SU Y DAM. el! 3t?a,vUtT rrc 46 Wall street, or 146 Waverly Place. CAUT1UN TO THE PUBLIC. warn WM. R. PRINCE k CO., of Flashing, having as MH|certained that Irnit and other tract have beea repeatedly mastoid ia the Fnltoa Market as cotriog from them, they find themselves compelled to a*y that all inch stitaments are absolutely false; ana they have determined not tosnpuly any trees there. All orders for them mnst be sent to them per mail, or left with their regular agents, Clark It Austin, 131 Fulton street, of whom price and catalogues may be obtained. a!3 JtVre SSAROM & ARCHER, till Water street, corner of Maiden lane. HAVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Cap*. Silk and Far H.u, of overy description, and Spring ityle, Straw tad Panama Hats I Alto, Oil Silk, Glazed Lawn, Visor* and Cap-ftocki. which the; offer at vety low price*. Dealert ai d manufacture* will do well to alanine their *tock before purchasing e lie where. mil la? ?alO lw HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUNS. AW. SPlEB It CO , having removed to 91 Maiden lane, ? offer a large and well ataorred stock of Hardware, Cut lery. Oona and Gun Materials, by recent importation*, at ?? treinely low price* tor rath or arpvoved pttar at Irtifh C0 TO MILLINERS. CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated3^ first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, inform* the public in MB premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, inform* the puEBVQH a^Mual, that he has for sale a most splendid assortment of ^H'e* Fancy STRAW HATS, manuiaetured of an entire new article, called Pans Straw Gimp, made to the shanc of the Shepherdaess Uipsev?so beautiful and becoming, they need only be seen to be admired. Milliners, and merchants of the trade, will do well to call and examine before they make ! their purchases, as the good* will be sold try the case or doles 1 at a eery liberal price. 1 , CARL KINO, 17 Dieisioa street N B.?A general assortment of all kind* of Straw Good* I aad Pan* Ribbon* always on band. IS lm*r STHA W B ONNE TS. L. CH AP1N, No. M John street, near Broadway up stairs, ha* on hand a good aaeortment of Fashionable Straw lionnets, which he is selling at the lowest market price*. Milliner* aad other* are invited to call before purchasing elaewhere. mrl4 lm?r GENTLEMAN'S HATS?SEEING * 1 FLE IJIKD, CORNER TINE.AND.NASSAU STREETS ? ? Gentlemen's Ham, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elerauce and beauty of style, are now ready rev examination aad sale, by the subscriber. BIRD, mr?< lrr>i?re < nrner of Pine and Naaaan Str et SFlUiMi FASHION. ^ BROWNkCO., ITt Chatham Square, corner of Mott Cruet, with to inform the public of their recent improve in Mt iu the manufacture and fiuiah of their $3 Hau,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important considerations to the wearer. The proprietor* de coi.htieu'ly assert their hat* to be much superior to an* ever before sold for the asm* price Cull and ratiilv yourself of ihiafact. mM lm'rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS [1 WHY will you pay Rjt and 13 for a Hat, whea yea Jte can go to ROBERTSON'S PHCEN1X HAT AND GAP MANUFACTORY, 103 V ml to n Street, and get m good a one for S1,M? Go and ezamine lor your selves. m.ll liu*rc MfcTROFOU FAN HA I' AN LI OmP blURE, Nik. SI7R IU Grand street. ^^fLUNKETT It CO bare just < peacd this newesuhiish meut with a splendid auoiurient of H ATS ?ud CAPa, not to b aurpuased either ta qua! ty, elegance of shape or du rability, which ihey offer to the public at the following Very low prices:? Hats. First quality Natria Fur, at tiso Second do do do do ...100 First q rality Moleskin, do 3 no Second do co do 191 Cart from TJX eent. to fit 73 each. Wholesale and retail t nirrs punctually attended to, and cue tomera h i) ironed and kept n shape gratis. n7lm*rre J. PLUNKEt 1 aud K. PARDESSUB. PREMIUM BOOTS. J1 FINE FRENCH BuOTS for *331. city made, aad are eqa d to those -old in otn-r xtor.i lor S3. Fine French Call Do.ita iorti 10, equal to tlic best made iu this city lor 14 or >7, at YOUNG It JONES' breach Boot and i Maunfuctoiy, one of the moat I. Iiiooable in the city.? I Ouf B ou II 1??U been judged ID tlx* lav Fair at Niblo'a, art ' said to be the Wat ever *old in this ri y. All Boots warranted to give sa'itfsction. Meuding, Ac. done in the Store. YuUNu A JONES, 4 Ann street, mis im'm near Bro-dsixy, New York. J BOUTS AND SHOES.?'The I'nblic arc invited to call anAexamiue the large assortment of genliemea's, le diet and niissex Boots, Shoes and Garters, in all theiryart ties, which are to be louad at th# cheap cash store of ml* lixb H IKiUAM. ? Ceual st, erwner Sullivan. GEORGIA LUMBER CO. Noma wanted It * per cant D. R PECK, ?f karfux U Wall i St Ewtna a lot Ettranftroi tl Intfet. THE FRENCH AND SPANISH Languages, "ho Alee hra, Oeometrv. Surveying. Navigation and Bookkeeping * 1 1"? V?vin?ii uui t'ii i|b?'v/u vi eipeditioaaly and effectually laeghi, oo very i Private lessons f iv-su tu adults, at their own rtudraen, or moderate teims. rnrata lessons given to adults, at their tiwn ?hmihh schools attended. References ol the highest jeipeet-ib-lity. I mil lm'rc IAOO D. MAURICE, 171 Caoal it Danamatypa ApyanUui. JOHN ROACH; Opriciao. 22 Nassau Street, II AS constantly oa hand.Frnnch. German and American In II stramatits Coating Boies, Mercury Bntnt, and <11 the other eastrrial need by operators, are mauufictu-cd under his ttlcti<in. Chemicals, Plstee, Cases, Quicki'uff, kc kc ? rs Ground to order. Thermometers and Surveying Corn pasaas manufactured for the trade Magneto Electric Machines, of approred construction , for medical pu-poses. mI7 lm*Tc LANGENHEIM & BECKERS, TVAOUERREOTYPERS. tl Bsoadwat. bklow Filtou S-rarer, hare enlarged their Atelier, and are novr iitond ed with he beat kind of light?the style and quality of Pie ed i ? ? ...? .? ? ta'ei they prcdnca with it aia iika those made at tl>e krchangc tu Philadelphia, by W It F. Langeuheim. their p Jicera. Their uew mode of deadeuing lha bsclurruid of Picture*, by sundry permanent colors, is aow pat*ut*4, an I girea such beauty of effect to Dagueneotypes.aa to be for the publ c very inviting, at least to esataii e specimens of ihia ait L \NOENHEI >i fc BKCKKBH, Acencs for Voigtlaeuder k SohnVGer-i an camera-, andL. BECKERS, Duguerreotyr* ai lui"r Chemicals, he. FUME BATH. TO ALL who are nflietcd with rheumatic eomplaiats, we would say go and tiy Dr. Bwetth Sulphur Fame Bath, 304 Broadway. The peculiarities of it are lueh, that it cuiea effectually this eomplaiut, aud also all other diseases of a chronic nature, such at Scrofula, Gout, Salt Khrum. dis eases of the Shin, Joints, ke. The charges are so modera ted, as io fetch ir within the means of alt mil lm*m AS'l OK HOUSE BATHS, Entrance, No. 1 Veaey street. (Private door Astor House.) THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that the above Baths are in complete order. The bathing tabs are entire ly new, (copper,) and the largest in this city. In point ol cleat,liue'S and attention, the baths cannot be eicellrd. The Bathaare open until II o'clock at night, (Saturday night, lk) i sb roasts Price of a bnth , IS c en's. The war in Sea Baths at Desb street, are as usual open from sunrise, until II o'clock P M in24 lm*r HENRY C. KABINKAU. Proprietor. CLOTHING AfUCH LOWER than I he General Prices?JACOB VAN i*i DKR --- - - DfcRBILT, * Maiden Lane, between Wm. and Naaaao streets she cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy'a clothing establishment iii New York. N. B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which will he sold w'olesalc or retail. >erym2Q lm*re JVIAKTEEL.P, iSc HOEUEKMAJNN, 37 Maiden Une, N. V., 1%T ANUFACTURE8 ai d Importers ol Ornamental Hair 1*1. Work, Wigs, Tonpot, iluuds, Curls. Seam<, Bandeaa and Bmid Hair, Dvnguy a celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen incites long, aud a new style of Everlasting Carls, and all kinds ol Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. m.-23 Im'ni TOBACCO, SEGA KB AND BASS. A. BAM AN OS, No. 91 Broadway, up stairs, offers for A sale, a splendid assortment of ? hoice Sugars, aelerted egpressly for his establishment. Alan, 40 bales of strictly prime St. Jago Tobacco, and a small lot of Baaa, by wholesale and retail. nil9'm'r Q.J I nfin HAVANA AND PRINCIPE BEGARS, OUVjvUv ami Havana Tobacco? ISO 000 Riooda, all sisea, 90 0 4) Emalacion, 1st 90 000 Lafayeite, 190,000 Esperanza, J9,CO? Regalia, LaVu 29,009 La Victoria, 1st 100/00 Priaeipe, JO 000 Lafayette, pressed 10 000 Eacalapio, do 19,000 Europe, 29.000 San Roman, In, 90 bales Tobacco. ?The wholeaot'tled to debenture, and in Iota in salt purcha sers For sale by B. M PICABIA. mr22 lin'm 117 Front *(reet. near Wall, np stairs. SEGA RS?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS iavita the attention of conatry mer chant!, dealers, and others, to their eitrusive stock of Se gals. This stock has been selected with the greatest car-, sad purchased at the Terr lowest prices for cash; they nre, there fore, enabled -o off--r too different qualiti slower than any other establishment iu tbeeirv.The nssoitmeut cumpruss every style and quality, from $3 to $29 per ihousand KENNtTH k LAVERTT. mrll Im'rc Wholeaale Segr.r Emporium, 109 Wall at. FREflOH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORI8T8-H?*ing>st re ceived bv the Hivre pnrkeu Enrich and Frauds 1st, s fresh assortment of French Flowers ?nd Materials of the brsi i jnality aud latest styles, at low prices, we take pleasure to 'invite the dealer* in the tame articles, to call and einmiae, at BRUN, LAKOSIERJC, k IIOUKT, ? ll( William a: FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. H' LOWITZ k BECKER No J4 John strret, have just open ed a spleadid aaaortmant of Freucb Artifici 1 Flowers, materials for flower makers, ke. kc. which they offer to the orede. at low prices all lm*mc To tkt Tm, Cqtftt and tugar Trade, ^t.?^Mli muff, Famtiut, Hold Keeper t, tec. J, 8. SCOTT Si CO., No. 76 AituMu ?treet, comer of Mm, AVING purchased the teai lot of the new season's Teas possessing that nchueta of flavor so generally combined and -o rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a laige v.rie ty of Grern and Bla- k Teas, of the ocst qaoli'V on V, inclu ding the old fashioned Soachoug and English Breakfast Tea, such at used to be imported twenty years ago The stock of Coffee, Begnrs, kc , needs no comment, as they are selected ol the finest quality. J. 8. SCOTT k CO. are also snppiied with a at >ck of freah tmt>orted tilaagow Spiced Hams; old English Cheeses of great variety and Hirer. All goods bought will be delivered within five mile* of the city free of charge. And all order* from toe conatry, with en closed i amicuscet, a ill meet the same honorable dealing a* if talccted by the parties themselves J. S. SCOTT k CO. 74 Nosssa st, m30 lm'm near John St. SPRING AND SUMMER} CLOTHING, AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHINO ESTABLISHMENT OF W. H. DEGROOT & CO. Jo. lOtt Fulton Street, | IT HERE the following grsat attractions will be prrsanted: ?T Cloth Coats, from $* to (Id ; Alpacca Co?w. from $2.50 to |i ; Thin Conu of Lioeiii, Ginghams and Prints, from 7} cents to $2 M ? Cassimere Pauti.from (3 to $6 ; Merino Peat., from SI to $2.50; Drilling, sud other 8utnmer Panu, from SI to $1 ; Satin Vests, from $2 to $4 ; Summer Veeu, from 75 cents to $1.7). Also, a large assortment of Clothe, Cassimeres Will 00 and Vesting., which will be made to order to suit the most fastidious Bops' Clothing, equally cheap?which prices are ADMITTED to be TWENTk-FI? 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I'HE SUBSCRIBER offer* to the Public a method ol A making shirts, which renders erne nod comfort to th* die i< wearer audit a complete fit;as no pain* hay* beau spared to ob tain the boat h reach pattern shirts. Having had long atperieuee io the business, the Subscriber ia enabled to make nil the necessary improvements and give general satisfaction. WM. COLLINS 122 lm?r CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. 'I^HE Sa.'iecribers have no hesitation ia taping to the people JL ol New Vork, and the neighboring ciriet. that they can ind do challenge the merchants ol onr conulry, fu and near, to compete with themiu ihe s.le of _ . WINDOW SHADES. They kayo a manula- tory ia the State of Nnw Jersey, sbont 12 miles from ttw eity of New York, and poaseas every fsi ility for inrnafeciurnig their shades at the least eipense Of their beamy, worth and cheapness, they will convince the most in credulous by their giviua them a call. DuNC'KER A BECK ER, No 41 Chatham st, N, Y., an* door ftom the corner of Chamber* st mil lm*re JUNG-te BEHRMANN, RKMOVED PROM 71 LIBKRTT STRUT TO ?1 SOUTH WILLIAM TTRXKT. ml lm*m CO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. L1REK STONE 'ormshed by the subscriber, equal to Con r nerticut in quality, and It par cent cheaper, on applicauon ? A. WiLso.a.Sjo i eCuttar, Jersey City, or at the Quarry, Iquacknuouk, N- J, 117 Im're ASM. II VKKELAND. 50 WINES, BRANDIES, GIN, fee. CASES very old Madeira Wine, eeeh 1 dozen, brands, Sitckburn, Leal, Newtoo, Gordon A Co; *4 esses fine old Amontillado nod Doff Uoidoii Mherry, in do; Otaid, Da puy A Co. Brandy, in half pipe* and qr casks; A. SeigntUe in da; old Psle Cognac, MM, in qr casks sad eighths, ol a very superior quality. iheabovawinua art of n high grade, bopled by the lass Geo BemaatM yearn s?o,and lo* sale low, by K. B. DALk . Sacreeeor to ?4 Im're Bam**; A Castle, 94 Broad st. brriRUTi^a from thr ARQKWTfRR Confrdrra tiom.?By the arrival of the Mazeppa from Rio Ja neiro, we have Buenos Ayrea papera to the 10th ol January. There were no merchant veseele in port. The opening ot the twenty-third Legislature of the province took place on the 1st ot January, when the acting governor, Felippe Arena, Minister ol Foreign Affair", delivered the auqual message, which was listened to with much attention. The Packet of the 81 save, the following gentle men were noticed in the consular and diplomatic boxes: Hon. Win. Brent, Jr, Charge d'Affu.res. and Joseph Graham, Esq , Consul ot the Lntted b,The mother of Governor Rosas died on the 12th of December, aged 76. , The bodies of Edward Pheasants and John Wil liams, the two seamen drowned from the United States brig Bainbridge, had been recovered and re spectfully buried. The governor, in hit message to the representa tives, in alluding to the relations wtfh this country. The government preserves a frateraal friendship to wards thi American mates. It observes strict neutrali wardf 109 American maw. ? "? V ty in their internal affairs, and gives tbtm constant proofs of cordial benevolences. .. .. . The rectitude ot tho government of tae United satss, end its elacere desires of drawing closer tho 'bond1 ? friendship with the Argentine ltepublis, have been dis tiuRUisbedly made meuifest in tae honorable termina tion ofthe disagreeable afl'sir occasioned by Captain Philip F Voorhees The cabinet of Washington gave a favorable reception to the just demands ?f?be Confede ration. Tho government highly esteems that testimo ny ofthe good policy and honorable friendship of tho enlightened government of the United States. Both the Republic* ol La Plata duly appreciate suoh worthy and ^The'charg^d'Affairea of the United States generous^ ly made offer of his friendly "rviceo to bring about the solid and honorable pacification of Biese States. The government accepted them with alacrity. Although the esteemed interposition of that *tioguLhod dipV matist has been thwarted by the ?*, Britain and Fiance, the conlederatiAi and ment will ever acknowledge with high wUsm this proo of amicable benevolence and siuceao humanity on the part of that of tho United States. The government oonfldentiv expects thst the claim ofthe republic still pending before the cabinet of Wash ington will bo attended to. ? The Packet says, "It Is confidently assorted that Gen. Urauiza with a large division*?! Argentine troops has actually recreated tneUiuguay. and that the campaign against the rebels of Corrientes is to be opened imme J,ThToaeita Mtrcmtil gives the details of soms batbar out and scandalous atrocities committed against the in habitants and famillfs of the town of Salto. It appear, that on the 23d of November l^t ot six in tho evening, a column ofAnglo French infantry with the Italian b^ caneer Garibaldi, the English ru?en M^ndoU. one hundred and fifty cavalry, loft Salto. On the sow, they attacked Col. D. Manuel Lae^leja. who was eituat Ail fit Taoftfi with tk? convoy of from Hino Th* forco^in4or hit command war infinitaly inferior in noate^ Dotwlthatanding this, with ^. dignity and Bra very ofworthy Orientals, they suscsined a combat so un rnunl. At length, after a hard coaested struggle, nu merical superiority prevailed over the heroic efforts of that handtul of Oriontals-ihe unfortunate Omental fa retliea tailing into the handa of Garibaldr and tho Anglo French forces. Colonel Lavalleja har. n.verthelos. rallied his tquairon ol cavalry at the Paso de p'fdr" on the river Arapey. The Anglo branch and Garibaldi robbed and commiitad every spaoina of violence uponjthe uiniies of the convoy in the most iofamoua aod baiberoue manner, pilluging and destroying at the the property of tho traders and other gersaus who had aban The pirates butchored in cold blood several ?*Pe* ?. hie Oriental ciiiz.-n.i, whose ago and standing *?"lj have commanded respect and consideration from civihz ed people. Amongst these was U EusUquio GoniaLz, whSVo. cowardly and barbarously killed by Mund'U V Mariano Gonzvl.z, the father el a amity, and an old inhabitant ol Pasandu.also fell a victim to the fttTbe Utile to wn" of* Salto has been completelyrobbed. The door, and window, kave ?mor. pulMI out of the TOO uoon ttUU Wiuuvwo ssovw r , _ , ... hoasos belonging to the patriots who tyJ ranv The Anglo-French have converted the Church a-i?? i.,tn a fiithv barracks. With ?h? most infamous cf Salto into a filthy barracks. W.lh ?h* most inlamous violence have they taken from neutral foreigners who had remained in ihe town, all kinds of effects, moat pur ^Th^Oriootai^^cM1 are'preparing to ft'quaa. hld'trr^d ohntf?orm#atC8?U Anna del Que au [v. teirty leagues 'tfsuot from Concordia Greet and unoortant event* are tfretf mg~tn that teat ot war Seueial Rosas eslimeieejfce of^the eornrng vear at sixty millioos and a quarter-the revenue at Ji* million, and a hall-leaving ftlty three be provided by extraordinary means. The war expenses are estimated at twenty-right milUons. He pr,?^'*finue a sum of two million. per monto bo voted, to continue (.trough the blockade, and for three months after its tar nUMU0D Rio its Jaistiao, 20th February,!848. There it no news of anv importanca received here tor soma time past, from Mo'tevideo or Buenos^Ayrvs Fiom the former place wo have letters ofthe ?ihnst. They give the infotmstiou that greet distress Pr?v ?"? >n Buenos Ayres, end as many as can.are The decree eutborizing the monthly issue of FI.StKi.uuo, hasb.enpublU bed. A. the pert -?rthof J.nn.ryi. included in the decree, Buenos Ay roe will ho inu"d*.*j| with o largo accession of popor to iu circnlstion which m...h.Vfvreat influence, good orbed, upon the com the country. Preparetions ere making lor sending out an expedition to Ouarde do Lrjon liow has ordered the militia, which is composed of ell the foreign commercial residants of Buenos Ayres ??**! a.oth.rtto equip themselves .anew uniform. Thisu to h? done et each individual's own empen.0. From Maldonado, there ie nothing important since the trooos of the government evacuated that department, in consequence of their deleet in the battle Of 'belGth. ln Fntre Riot cavalry skirmishea are continually occur ring between t?10 confl.ctfng porUoa. I rgu.ra j ,1 _ llriigtilT kififl cflffiCted ft jllllCtlftD Willi Oe'rzon end all the foroea which he had in Enlrt Riot, ^h?e combined forces msrehed immediaiely upon Corrientes ?ome account of e greet bailie ie daily ex pected but tor which si?fe victory wUl declare is us certain. A great number of vessels belonging to the French and English, or under th> ir protection, were reported by the lnat accounts aa deacending the Parana, eecorted by the Kngliah war ateamer Fuebrand, and another ateamer, laden with gooda, merchandise and produce, from the upper country. Lieutenant Doyle, of the Kngliah frigate Philomel, who waa obliged to undergo the operation of amputation, in conaequeoce of woonde received at the fhmoue battle of the Ooligado or Parana, hai died, not exaotiy of the amputation or ol hie wouoda, but of a dyaentery, which aupervened after the strongeat hopea for aome time had been confidently iodulged in, of hia recovery. He waa buried, with all the uaual honora, on the 39th of January, at 31 r. m. " the i Sr. Delftndia embarked on board the ateamer Gaatend, to proceed to Colonia and Uruguay on the evening of the Oth of February. It was reported that be waa about to proceed to Buenoa A?ral> aa Dearer of propoaitiona of peace, and the wildcat hopea, with the moat abaurd ru mors, were aet afloat. For these, however, there waa not any foundation, though the hopes, aa well aa the rumors, of approaching pociflcation, shew the bent ol men's minds, and that they are heartily tired of the pre sent hostile state of things. There are many native Spaniards in Buenos Ayres, who are said to be anxioua to leave the city, but who are prevented forcibly by the government <rom doing ae. Hr Katiada, Captain of a Spanish frigate nas sent on their behalf by the Spanish authority to demand their liberation, which, however, was peremp torily reinaed by Rosas and hia ministry, who declarad it to be against the policy of the government. Some of them, with great difllculty, escaped from the cavalry which lined the coast, and earns away on board tba ship Haroe, in which Sr. Katiada himself returned to Monte video. Tho veeeala mentioned above aa under convoy sailing down the Parana, alter paasing a few leagues be low Santa Fe, weia met by the Argentine Commander, MaroiUa, with eight pieces of flying artillery, who can ~ until 7 f nonaded them from 7 o'ciook until 7 in the evening, do ing tremendous damage, while, as the Bueooe Ayres journals say, they did no damage whatever in return, rhfc, however, appears donbtiul. From Cape Haytiin ? Capt. Shackelford, of brig Colorado, from Cape Hoyden, at this port, lant evening, brings to tba Msichanta' Exchange a memo randum under date ol 36th ult, to the effect that Presi dent Pieorot, (or Psirot.) on the night of the 34th sent in his letlgnetion and ratned to hia oouutry residence, not however without insult from the mob, who followed him with sUmei and brickbats. Oeneral Bobo, who had just bean appointed General ef the depar.ments of the North by President Kicbe, entered the town tho next morning at the bead ol a largo body of troops, and took possession of the Palais National. Ha came for the pur pose of proclaiming President Kicbe, and establishing the Constitution. There had been much alarm among the colored people from fear of pillage and massacre on the pait ol the blacks, and several oi the most wealthy had left the island. Their fears appear to have been groundless. On the 34th, a difllculty occurred between a Haytien men-of-war tobooner and a boat's crew be longing to the French ateamer Tonnere A musket sh-l was fit ad from the so-oouer over the boat, for the pur pose, as it was said, of intuiting the crew. Tho com* mender of the ateamer complained to the Haytien Ad miral. who allowed him try take two ol the uflaudeii, one a lieutenant, on board the eieamer, where they were flogged. The aflair had caused much excitement on souit, and an at empt wee made to kill a French tailor, who eppsarod on the wharl at tha tune, but he escaped by swimming, although thiee shots were Bred at mm while in the water. An attempt was aiso ma .e to kill tea captain of a French brig, who escaped to bis b jet under a strong gusrd ol Haytiou offlcoie. Tha drum* beat to aims, the troops paioded on the ramptrts and the steamer hauled in tnore, and brought hoi broadside to beer upon the town. Tne difllculty was dually ad justed through the mediation of toe French Consul, and the steamer tailed on the morning of the 36th.?Jfeslen jidr. Jipril It. Senator Ynloo haa married Miss Wicklifls, daughter of tha ax-Potunaatar General. The editor of tha N O f'icaytme la exulting ovar fresh cusumbaia, ripe blackberries, and Ingram lawan. Ctmmon Council. Bono or Alokkmk!*.?Tbi* boord hold a meeting last evening , Alderman Charlick, president, in the chair. The reading of the minute* we* dispensed with. Petition* K-frrrtd ?Of the inhabitant* of 44th * treat, to widen and flag that street ; of sundnr peroone, to have 4th avenue, to Irwin plane, lighted with gaa ; of sundry peraona, for a fir* bell ; ot ? Farrel, in relation to dock* and alipa ; of M. M. Quackenboaa, and othera, to hara Liringeten atreet lighted jwith gaa ; of Stephen Allen, lor the femoral of Oieenwich Market ; of John F Oreen, for leer* to erect a balcony on the corner of Chatham and Pearl atreata?granted ; of Hose Co No Si, for a hose cert ; of S. Patterson, to transfer e atell in Ful ton Maikot; of J R Wetharell St Co.,for a leaae of the bulk heed at foot of Day afreet; of sundry peraona, to bare : the pier between warreu and Chamber atreet* repair d. | On motion of Aldarman Benson, it was resolved that the auperintendent should take immediate maaaurea to i hare it repaired. j Communication/ Rrferrt d From William Martin, i calling the attantion (if the Board to hia bill for extra ! services a* Inspector of Streets ; from Dr. H Quackeo : boas, fur medicine furnished at the upper Police ; from Water Commissioners, relating to the claims of the con , tractors for building a receiving reservoir in 86th stieet, and recommending the acceptance of the contractor'* of i far ; from the Corporation Counsel, enclosing bis opi nion in favor of paying John Murphv the money which was stolen from the 4th district station honae, by po licemen Bennett aud Gibba. Tno recommendation of the OQflnaal was opposed by Aldermen Messarole and Benton. The reading of the report of the Comittee, to whom the matter was before referred, and was reported in favor of payin r it, wss called for; it wes, with the other papers, referred to the Finance Committee. Defence of the Oity-- Message from the Meyor, con taining a communication from the Secretary ot War, oalling on the city government to give posaeaaion of the Battery and the Cattle Garden to auch officer aa the general government may appoint, to be naed aa a drill battery for the Stato troops, and for other puipoaes. Re ferred to a special Committee, consisting of Aldermen Divver, Dodge and Benson. Communication from the Clark of the Board of Edu cation. enclosing sundry bills for tko expanses of Ward Schools. Pier at Ike Foot of Oreen etreet 'The report of the Committee on Wharves, in relation to extending the pier at the foot of Green stroet, wua laid on the table, on motion of Alderman Divvor. State Prxton at Sing Sing?Report of Croton Aque duct Committee, in favor of entering into a contract with the Inspectors of the State Piison, to supply it with Croton water, to the eitent of 30.000 per diem, for the term of five yeara, at the rate of $750 per annum, payable in advance, with the privilege of five years from the expiration of the above term, at the rate of $1250.? Accepted. Leaeing the Public Dotkt and Slipi.?A resolution to lease the public docks and slips pasted the Board of As sistauts, aud was sent in to thia Board for concurrence Alderman Beneon hoped it would be laid on the table. Aldermen Stoneall wished it would not b* taken up to night. The motion to lay on the table via carried. -di(* and Sciences?The Report of the Committee on Aits and Sciences, in relation to the shipwrecks that have taken place on the neighboring coasts within the last few years, requesting his Honor the Mayor to write to the Secretary of the Treasury, recommending him to adopt the plan offered by Major Joseph Hopkins, the superintendent of light houses, for the rescue of per sona shipwrecked, waa taken up and read. Before the question on the report could ha put, Aldarmau Seaman Jumped over the railing, and the Board was left without a <|'iorum. Old Hays was sent alter him with orders to anest and bring him before the Board, nolent voleni, but1' the Aidermanmade his escape, and Hays had to return without him. The Presidont said that if it was the ploa sure of tho member* present, he'd send the Sergeant-at Arms to his house.and have him brought back. There was no response, and the Board adjourned. Board or Assistant Aldermen?Nathanir! Pearce, Fi-q , President, In the Chair, and a quorum ot members present. Petition* and Rrmomtrance* pre/anted and Referred? Of the owner* ot the steamboats Bslle and Express, for exclusive use of pier at the foot of Robinson street Of sundry persons against the construction of a sew er in Carlisle street. Of sundry person' against extending the pier, at the foot of North Moore street. Of.Folsom and Andrews, to be remunerated for the lots of a horse, in consequence of the bad condition of pavement. Of Daniel 8. Baylaa, to be appointed an Inspector of Lumber. Lamp Path?A communication was received from the Cvuip'roller, in relation to a bill presented by Joseph W. Brick, amouotlng to upwards of >3,000, tor gas lamp posts Referred A-eetl-Of Committee on Fire Department, in favor of leeiiog premises in Dover street, for Ilosa Company No 10, and leasing premises now occupied by tnat company in Roosi-vit street. Carried Paprrefiom the Board >?/ Jilierm'n? Report of Com "*?iiea aud resolution iu favor of extending pier, foot ol Spring street, end appropriating #t I 000 to defray the ex penses thereof After considerable discussion the action of the Board of Aldeimen was concurred in. Nothing further of importance beiog brought up, the Board then adjourned. Court of General Session*. Before Recorder Scott, end Alder'u Henry end Jackaoo. John McKko*, Eiq , Diitrict Attorney. Apiil IS ?Caie *J Joi-ph C. Jhhley ?In the case Ot Joaeph C. Aehley, convicted lome time ego of forgery, end eg?ioat whom several other indictmenti, for offences of the use character, were found, Mr. Voltes, of coun sel for Mr. Aahley, mad* an application to the court, to poatpone the second tiial of Mr. A , until the May term on account of the unavoidable absence of Mr. Jordan, the senior counsel. The court, with th* consent of the District Attorney, permitted the trial to bo postponed until the nest term. A person, by the name of Martin, having been brought into court on an attachment, as a witness in the case ol Mr. Ashley, the District Attorney moved that he might I be held to bail, lor bis appearance, when called upon to testify. Martin was accordingly hold to bail in the sum ol $1000. Cass of EJw iri Wilcox.?In the case of Edward Wil cox, indicted lor obtaining property by false pretences, the trial was, on motion ot his counsel, postponed until the nest term of the court, as were also several other cases. Attempt to Commit a Rape ? Lawrence Costigan, in dicted lor having, on the till of January last, attempted to commits rape, upon the peraon of a married female, named Rosanna Carmichael, of No. 01 Hammersley street, was then put on his trial. Mrs. Carmichael went to a coal yard, :corner of Bed'ord and Hammersley streets, for the purpose of purchasing some coal, the ac cused, alone, being in chaige of the yard at the time, when he proceeded to drag the complainant into a sta ble, adjoining the yard, in order to effect his infamous design The jury rendered a verdict of guilty, but re commended the accused to the meicy of the court He was remanded uotil Saturday, for -entauce. Forfeiture of Bail. ? Benj C.Watson indicted for for gery, Jeme. Myers indicted for a grand larceny, and Albert Kershaw indicted for obtaining property bv false pretences, severally failing to appear when called for trial, their respective recognizances were declared to be forfeited. 7Vtel for Keeping a Diiorder'y Houte.?Henry Colton, indicted forbeiug concerned, with others, in keeping a gambling house at No. 19 Park Nace. The jury in this case, at a late hour, had not bean able to agree upon a verdioi, and the court adjourned until Wednssday next Superior Court. Before a full Bench. Aran. 13.?Decisions.?Jottph L liat vs. H. P. Wan maker, Public Jhtminutralor- Motion lor a commission granted, unless the plaintiff consent to receive the testi mony. Costs to abide the event. Charlet H. Rumll et ale vs. Walter S. Wetmore.?Mo tion to recover the verdict denied. Jacob Crane vs. Thomai Sergeant.? Order heretofore made set aside, with costs to abide the event. Chattel Jt. Davit tl aio vs. Jindrtw S. Gorr?Reference ordered. Janin Rowley vs. Jlmbroit L. Jordan.?Judgment af firmed. Oeorge Swarty et els ads. John Liltltbergar.?Motion for new trial denied. Gilbert T. Hoyi et alt VS. Edward Rackwill it ah ? This was a suit brought oy a police eficer, lor the recov ery of a taward of $600, offered by deiendant, for the ar rest of a psrty name! Hoppy, ko. The Jury found for plaintiff A motion fur new trial being made, the court denied their application. Minor C. Msry et all vs. /ftw Pork and Harlem R. R. Com/imy. ?Motion to sot aside rspjrt ol referees de nied. John Murphy it al vs. Samuel Iff. Dodge ?Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, with liberty tor defendant to plead and pay the costs. Elisabeth Herring vs. Elisabeth Fiohtr.?Judgment for defendant. Hawkim vs. Cottnll?Judgment reversed. Before Chief Justice Jones. Burr Wake man vs. jfastin Sherman ? Action of as sumpsit, brought to recover the amount of two promisso ry notes. The statute ol limitations and discharge, un der the insolvent act, are pleaded in delenoe. Verdict to morrow. Before Judge Venderpoel. Hnpkim et ate vs. Ron.? Action of assumpsit to re cover the amount of a promissory nota. Verdict to-mor row. In Chsuicerjr. Before Vice Chancellor McCoun. Aran. 13 ? D-cinoni ?Jonathan Goodhue et al. vi Chattel Walien.?Ruled, the Court inignt issue a writ of assistance to put ihe receiver in possession of the leasehold premises ; but I think the Court cannot pro- ] coed to enforce payment by D Berrien of the tents, which it appears he has received, without making him a party to a bill lor that purpose. 1 think the compiaioants must file a suppismental bill, In order to roach Berrien personally, and to compel him to do what the orders made in (be rase require of bim. Ehaabelh Ondiw a< X vi. John B. Key ? Order accord ing to the notice of motion. Obarhah H Piatt et. Ehtabeth Ondranaux?Enter the usual order for the appointment ot n receiver "gainst hi tabetn Ondranaux,the judgment debtoi , but such receiver!hip is not to extend to tho trust estate, or to the rants aud piodis thereof, in the hauda of the d puty re ceiver, or to the defendant Bauchard. A large number of copiee of the Ceurriir. ol New Yotk, Containing a repot t ol the discussion in the He nete, in legerd to the purcheee or annexation of Cube, have bean burned at Havana, by sidar ol the Cepiain General. Spirting Intelligence. Bbookltn Stab Cbiccbt Club?The Brat meeting e thie association for the season ctme off yesterday, on their ground in the Myrtle avenue. The weather waa meet unfavorable for the tport promieed? a game of cricket between the member* of the club a beee ball game between the memtere of the Knickerbocker Clab, and a pedeetrian match for eome between two aspi* rente for pedeetrian fame. It wee poet 11 o'clock era the amuaemente ot the day commenced Saortly after, a violent atom of wind, hail, and rain came on. which made them deeiat from their endeavor* for time, and the company, which waa eomewbat nemeronv lef. trie ground. Notwithstanding, like true cricketer a, ti n majority of the club kept the field, but not with much effect. The wind, hail, rain and, mow prevailed t uea extant that play waf out of the qoestion ; but ti < . did the beat they could, end in the Bret inning* the aeni ot the club made aome 48, while the juniore only tror> I eome 17 or or 18 The game waa net proceeded wiU furth r. In the interim, a game of beae bell wee pro ceeded with by aome novieea, in an adjoining Bald, which created a little amusement; but It waa eo badly defined, that we knew not who were the conquerors ; but we believe it wai a drawn gam*. Then eucoeeded the pedeetrieu match of 104 yard*, between William Bardell I Arthur Haggeraton a Bardell took the lead at the atari, and led all the way, which he maintained throughout, and came in eome three orfour feet in advance, in about 10} seconds. Very good time for novices. After the match, the loier challenged the winner fcr a like match, for >40, to come off within a fortnight, which was readily accepted. Thus concluded the open ing of the cricket seaion of one of the most promising clubs in tbi* vicinity ; and ere it closes something differ ent may be eapected from them. Movement* or Traveller*. The arrivali at the principal hotels yesterday were unusually limited even for a Monday, as the following catalogue will show. At the Amcbicaiv ? C BesuiUnd, W Flint, Georgia; Samuel Hull Charleston; W H Osnnieon, do; Arthur Brad lev Utica; N C Heywood, N V; Allen. Muuro One ids ce; W Eaton, Detroit; W Parsons, N J; Cspt McMichaels. ship Montreal, Canton; (1 o Lindsay, Phila; G Gray, U 8 ? i J M Allen, Texas; C Farr, Va; J McLeod Murphy. U 8 N. Astor?8 Kellogg, H Huntly, Utica; A McCowan, Troy; J M Bryan; T L Roger*, Mo; C Johnson, Ark; Ed Tabor, J C Taher, New Bedlord; J S Beer*, Geo; Jsmee Stevenson, Albtny; C Hedge*. Hudson; A D Goodwin, Rochester; W Peck, Buffalo; Chas Fratar, H Benjamin, Phila; J G Chensan, Ited River; Nathan Reaves, New burg; H Kipo. W T. City ?J W Hutchinson, Buffalo; Stephen Yale, N Y; H Lildan. Kingston; W H Veeey, Col Travere, N J: Wa Sexton. Washington D C; 11 Itanain, Kitkill; C Chaun cey. U 8 N; J W Ellis, Ciu; J Gjldamith, Watartewn; W W Connell, Illinois; J Biolaaky, Phila; 8 Msmile baum. Lake Superior; Edward Toney, Pa; Capt Lovett, jr, ship Montreal; Com Perry, U 8 N; Ambrosio Amigo, M Trizonc, Nestor Avanesa, Joaqtiea Pevea Joae Gu ile ins, Mexico: II Crabbe, U 8 N: C Prnner. Boston. Fa*rtKLii*.?P Perry, Conn; b Russell, N Y; J Kirkpa tiick, Norfolk; C Ehle, Cauujonarie; Geo Davie, A, Smith, Pi; Phelps fc Raymond, Syracuse; E Clark, Og deniburg. Howard ?J B 8'anberger, Fa:rfleld: The* Adam*, Ed Johns, Phila: R Germain*, Buffalo; D McDonnell, To ronto; H McKinley, Pa; Goo Cramer, Lyons; Tbes Greer, Kingston, Canada; K Denny. Troy; J Packet, do; GooM Si Spy, Phila; Geiimen It Wiltbauk, Phila; A B Penson, Boston; H V liius, N Y. ; C. MUl, Phil. Police Erjireee Robbtrt ? Officers A M. C. Smith, of New York, and McGowen, of Philadelphia,arrived in thia eity last uight, from Philadelphia, having in custody Benjamin Pra't and Jim Purdy, both of whom we understand to be, "erostmon" Also, s woman, celled Sally Ann Pratt, the step daughter ot Purdy, who was livi'g with Pratt, when arrested. They were brought to this city on a requisition Irom Governor Wright, charged with being accomplices of Dr. Hatch, Harrington and James, alias Jim Webb, who were arrested aome time ago, for robbing the express agent of Livingston fc. Welle, at Rochester, of some >80 000 The abaca officers hove recovered from Pratt a' out >6000 of the stolen money, a part of which is identified These two men (Pratt and Purdy) are both old counterfeiters, and were intimately acquainted with Dr. Hatch, bafor < the robbery, who utixrwards deposited the mi-Jor part of the money, for ?afa keeping, with this Pratt. We are informed that thia this! (Or. Hatch) will be admitted as 8?stes' ivi denoe against these u n, when tried at Rochester, where they will be sent, in a few day*. Committed to prison by Justice Osborne. Stealing a Watch?A man, called Bernard Csffrer, was arrested, yesterday, for stealing a watch, worth >30 ?the property of O weu Kinney, No 84 Cherry atreet. Committed to prison by Justice Osborne jin Jiff ctionate Urolher ?Officer Wooldridge, of the 8th Word, arrested, lest night, t yonug men, by the name oi Thomas Donohtte. charged wiui robbing hU sister, Elizabeth Donohne, residing at No 84 Mulberry ?tree , ot all her haid earnings, amounting to >175, In bank bills. On the officer searching Thomas, he uuoov ered a certificate ol deposit, on the Bank of America, for >100, very neatly sewed up in the lining of his oap. Also, on bis person, >40 io gold, *11 of which be finally con eased to be the money stolen from hie sister?the balance, *?.?, he had spent in various way*, for hie own amusement. Committed by Justice Osborne, for trial. United States CI remit Court* Before Judge Nelson. Aran. 14?The Swnlluw Cage?The United Stat'e ve. William Burnett?1 hi* case wee summed up yesterday. Judge Nelson delivered a very able chetge, which oc cupied an hour end a half in the deliveiy. The Jury retired, and after about an hour'* consultation, returned with n verdict of not guilty. The court then adjourned to Wednesday next. Kings County Court off Oyer and Terminer. The court waa opened yesterday in Brooklyn by Judge Edmonds, and adjourned, no busies** being ready. The oriminai calendar i* very light, them being only two cases, one for counterfeiting, end the other for grand larceny. The circuit court wee then opened, end the civil business proceeded with. There era 80 <-.a*e* on the civil calendar, but none of any magoituds. Thar* will be no court to-day. ? SCHENCK'S PULMONi C S YRUP HAS CURED ME. READ! READ* THE HOLLOWING CERTIFI CATE OK RIOHAKD L. COX, A MAN OK HIGH STANDING IN NEW JERSEY. Oft THE 3d<liv of Mar. A. D. I84J, before me the nW ? crib r, oueofthc Aldermen of theii'yof Philadelphia, personally appe ted Hichard L. Coi. a tit mo of Kveahim, Builington county, 8 a'e of New le eey, who, on h'l eolema ertirnietiuu, did dtrow and ey: That for about twain moat ha put he w.a attickcd be a ah rt. dry coach, with a sense of t'B'oiuc i ' the palma of hit hands and aolea of hia la, t, toge ther with dietreteing night sweata. '1 hia arete of thing! ten tina d until November latt, whca he waa aoddeoly aeited <ri h a severe pile in the ado and breast Hia family phyaicien then informed him lhat Ilia lunga wee in a diaeaaed ?tate. and he became grad tally weaker sen weaker, emaeiitsa and waa I ad in dash until reduced al most to a skeleton; his br athing waa ahort and laborious. and the leaateaertioa led to extreme rih.asiiou, lor it ww with the great*at didkealty and pun that any i hang* could be made io hia clothee, or even in making np the b*d in which he lay. At thia period hia phyai ci*u. family and fr enda -ind ?d all wh > aaw him?considered hia caae beyond the tea' h of hope. Kor two days hie appetite hid rnt'trly forasken him, and he took no noariahmeal daring tnat time ? when he drtrrmiurd to try " Sehen k'a Pnlmooie yrnp." Th t he had t.ken hn' .boat tea bottles of th- said Syrup, when a large githaung formed in hia left eide, which toon r pe ed nude the toothing inllaence of the Syrnp He had gieen up the nte of .11 other media nea at inn time, aud airictly followed the dire tioue accompany ma the Pnlmo nic Kyiup?hat he diaoh.rgrd io the pretence of nia w>feaud brother at least a quart of thick greeuiah ma ter of so offensive a nature, mat hit Irisuda could acarcely stay in the room with h m? hit at thia lime he wa^seble to raiee hit head frow the piliuw in couaequence of hiAit waakneaa; bat hecounaeed he uaa ol the mo-iciue. known thai ?*r Behrueh bun ?eifhao oseu cared by the aim* mad,cine ia ike lowest atagn of cou<umption, afttr all other lae.iai had failed-that for Wrreml weeks he eontianed to expectorate freely?who h gradually dimmish --1 la quantity, and charged to that ol a he.ltky char acter?tint hia appetite heeaa to improve hi* strength te re turn, and ia a short pne he was able to ait op la hit chamber. 3 ha period lateiTeaing r-efween taking ina ft rat bottle end ha recovery was at onr leu weeks , thai the rapid changes ia his Condition canted an. h surprise at d wonder ia all who saw Mm daring hit illnesv th-t friends aud aarghbors flanked ? online - ally to as*, as it were, a man risen from the g. ava. That as the Syrnp still-trengihei edaad im r ved th system, he eoaliaawd eong it till h, had taken i wtniy-ftre boitlea 1 h t be new be lieve* himatlf a aonud ; aed in the enjoyment of mod health ; thai he it able to atread to ell hia datiee, and to ratftl ttwm aa a tow, ship officer as well as et say period ol hie life ; thai he has had bit examined, and thai they are pronuae ced to be in a pcrlectiy aonnd condition (Mcue.ll RICHARD L. enr n<i anbacribed. thia Id day of May, ItO. befori [Signed] CHAUNCLY iulklcyT Affirmed to end Signed] CHAUNClCY BU Alder EvcaHAM. Bnrliogtoa Co., N. J , April ltd, 1M4. We, the aabfcrit?ra, residents of the township of tee bam. do hereby certify that wa are well acqnaiuted with nr Rich rd L Cox and frequently visited him in the last turns of Palmo uirv Consumption, which we believe era cured by the uae of Bchenck'a feim >nie Syrnp, and feel it ? nrdnty to recommend it to the comnmptive in the atro geat poaaible termt having beeo eye witoeaaea to one oft ?e greateat enrea ever performed in thie ?eetioo of the country. _ Be>tj mm Bneknian, John Lerda.Jr. William L. Brows, William Hamniut, John H Ulia, Aud.ew O'lacom, krankliu B Co*, John B < oa, Tho*. ""milage, Jos E Hewhuga, Joseph Ellu, Jaaob Hewlinga. Maabro*. N. J .May tth IMA Mr. J. H Be bench?Sir: I am pastor ofthe B.i?iai chart-hat Merit on, New J- no v. Some three or foui.mouths since I w-a geu tie Ulan woeld not "re f " mr .urpriee . saw nun iu my coagregauoo lad Htbbit-h, a healthy looking mm. To day I h9*u at hit nowr, Hud rwifrd fr*m h Ath? a* tnraarr that yoerSyraP was the MM of mviag |u. lifc I am rrtfieetfaliy yoors, J A.I EH M CHALLISB. The geauiec Paltnonic Syrnp is prepared eiclnaively by the DVictor, and ia foraaleathia principal office. No 4 Coart I.ueet, wlierr per,out can receire, har? their Inure ?lamni'd. and uht.ia I"imphle1adi-aaibii>? CONS MPI'lUN, DYMPKFBI.% ad I.IVEK COMPLAINT, free of charge. Kor ? lealenhy A B. H.ndafcCo tTlB.ndwiy; Hutrhinga, Hi Blrecker >ti Kind, l i Kourth at CO. Wooeter: CveriH.M liadaou at; Dr (J.rdncr to .Viourgomery at, Jersey City; W. A h r A Van Z ?udt corn,r S.niih vie Dean sis, Broo.iyai Reddiae X Co, I State at. Boston. Pleas* beai iu mi ,d lhat r. S. Beekm.a do*, not sell my ori Cn?l I leucine Pulmonic Syrnp, end to amid ilere.tiou, apply r the old established metficiee, et No. 4 Courtlaadtatreei

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