Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1846 Page 3
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? ?mmmmm mU and void. A farther previee WW ambaeqnently adopted, that the praoeding proviso ihall be of no effect sales* tb? stockholders of the Panosylvanm railroad conpany shall pay a farther instalment of 90 per cent by July ?0, 1817 The annual report of tho trade of Rio Janeiro for 1848, makes a vary favorable exhibit of the business of that port eoo>pared with farmer yeara. The import trade was extensive 04 rrprdi imports and sales, and upon (he whole note profitable than in previous years. The new tori# has worked sauoh better than expected, but it is luggeeted that further improvements aright be mode, by e modification of the dutiw upon those articles the importation of which is almost prohibited hy the present tariff. The expert trade ix 1848 was much beyond whet it had bean in termer years, both as regards quality and value. The number of vessels which arrived at Rio Janeiro in 1048, direct from tho Unitod States, with tho amount of their tonnage, woe as nnnexod: - Coulisses or Rio Jansioo. _ , Ho. Tout, Baltimore, 18 American 1 Spanish 29 *-*7' Boston, 14 American *4 New York, 23 American 1 Sweed 24 6,407 Philadelphia. 7 Aaarricaa 7 1.439 Ficb, tVa.)21 American. 23 8 223 Ail othaWMts, ? Aaarrican # 2,C9t Tetnl direct arrivals from Unitnd States Ill 30,021 Total Aataricu vastels indiiect 3T 11,380 The largest number of veesels from any foreign pott was: ? Lreipxl ,.(2 18 227 l-tehou (the oest) 34 13.7S/ Buenos Ayres 30 7,418 Cadis 42 10,933 Tbo operations in the flour market of Rio Janeiro in 1848 ware more fevoiable than thoee of 1844; tho medium prices were about equal to thoee of 1848, except of European, which generally arrivad on a dopressed mar ket Tho arrivals in 1846. oonsietod of 48,848 barrels Oallego; 88,408 Haxall; 8,888 Richmond County; 47.547} Baltimore; 3-3,462} Southern; 4,869 New Orleans; 8,006 Philadelphia; 17,613 European?ol which 11,899 were first quality,and 8,330 barrels c cast wise , principally old. The importations ol flour into Rio in tho past four years have bean as follows : ? _ 1842 1813 . 1144. 1813. B trials 134,768 814,940 178,993 181,388 Tho atock i. first hands on the Slot of December, 1840, amounted to 13,788 barrels, as follow*:?8,700 barrels Oallego; 3,600 HexaB; 1,800 Baltimore; 700 Columbia; 109 8eulhsrn, and 1,989 Marseilles. The transactions in flour in 1848 were a* annexed:? iliVOSTATI014 aire ConscurTioiv o? Floub in Ri* Ja NKiaa. 1143. Btoeh in all hands, let Jaauary, 1841... 31,394 bris. Imported direct 114,333 " coastwise 3.838 117,338 " Shipped coastwise. tt*-e*p artad 80,3*9 843,949 20,820 46 949 18.719 198,997 42.000 31.719 la firs: hands 31st Dae , 1143 11,719 la second" " " 43 000 Cousampticxia 184S 14(491 " The stock of flour on hand on tho Slat of Dactmbar, 1846, was about flva thousand barrtla lass than on the 1st of January, 1844, and amounted to abont one-third of the yearly consumption. Trade between tho United States and Rio Janeiro is annually increasing, with vary groat rapidity, and becoming based upon a foundation of the most valuable and solid nature. The principal agricultural products of oue find markets in the other, without coining into competition with similar articles of native growth. The consumption of the most important ataplea of the Rio Janeiro market?coffee and sugar?in this country has already reached an enormous extent, and is rapidly loci easing. Our tariff is much mora liberal, in admitting the products of Brazil, than ths tariff af that country in admitting our products. Under our present tariff, ccfl'ee is admitted free, and tha contemplated change* in omrcommercinl system, place no restrictions upon its importation. The coffee trade of Rio Janeiro in 1848, was graater than the average of tho previous four years. The qusn* tity exported was 53,809 bags less then in 1844, but sxcesdsdths average export since 1841, and was nine, teen per cent In advance of the least annual export within the five yeara. Tha number of bogs shipped from tho commencement of the crop season?which only comprises pert of tho commeicial year?since 1841 43, was as follows : ? Extort of Corves from Ris Janeiro, for Fits Tears. 1811 42. 1842-41. 1843-44. 1844-43. 1843 49. Bias 339,398 640,416 831,493 684,339 974.161 This shows an increase upon the average of 30,757 bsga, upon tha smallest quantity of 114,789 bags, but a decrees* com pared with 1844 44 of 10.899 bags, or one and a-half per cent. Destination or CorrEs EsroaTRO from Bio Janeiro. Deiiination. IS44 1 843. Inc. Deer. 79,137 79.33) 198 ? B.rme * 17.811 26,9i6 ? 883 C.pecf Good Hops... 9 220 11,331 3,313 ? Chamel 164.7.9 73.019 ? 99.730 Drniaaik 37.719 11.134 ? 6 383 France 11.612 3,630 ? Hamburg 143.786 143,129 3 36J ? Hollaed 3,811 ? ? 3191 Mrriitarraneas 93 947 111,694 87,657 ? Portugal 11,383 19,419 1.977 ? Pnia.u ? 1.019 1119 ? 3,133 13,263 19,968 ? Sweden 83,469 29,735 ? 2.874 Trieste 64.672 32 368 ? 12,106 Usual State* 333,149 331,276 ? 1,873 Veaice 39 3,419 8,419 ? Other countries 1981 1,498 475 ? Be;* 1-280,411 1,200,002 88.848 181,7)8 The comparative export to the various ports of the United States, in 1043,1843,1844 and 1846 was : Ifaltim'r Bom. H.Orl H.Yk. Phil. Moh. Chitn. 1812 52.392 13,312 93 671 1'0,!47 19,6*0 ? 9 772 1141 146 703 30.237 134.113 183,923 33.191 19.2?7 3.431 1944 189 869 90,911 189 997 194,440 28.833 7,617 13 039 1913 117,996 46,937 167,789 172,739 23,294 1 198 3.G8I The aggregate exportation of coffee from Rio, in each of tho past four calendar year*, hoa been as annexed:? IS42. 1841. 1844. 1843. Bags 1,179.731 1,199 333 1,803,434 1,2(9,063 Mere than one half of the whole exports'ion in 1846> was shipped by seven houses In Rie Janeiro, viz: ? Maxwell, Wright It Co Beg* 178,534 Charles Coleman k Co 116 887 Miller. Ls Corq k Co 70.783 F Le Breton k Co 60.910 Phippo, B-othere fc Co 00 707 Bchroeaar k Co 07.164 Astley, Algorri k Co 69,371 Total 630 797 Old Stock Sxchanp. . t?06 NY Bt.teS'a 'Si 1M 100 Loag I .land BR >M 34 9 WOO Ohi.)?'? I960 91? IIS do 14 $.0 0 do 91)2 100 do bH ? IS 100 Pcnna S'? (9 109 do SIM ? MOO Indian* Bnd. 34)6 IS do J3K 109 h? N O City Bk CI M do ltth May 34 90 Ohio L fe kTru:t 91 390 Ho 100 Morria Canal IS 199 Nor k Wot RR 11S Canmn Co IS SO do 75 do 14 U 323 do 5 t'tiea kSehe RR luW ?o do 49 Harlaa RH i'\ |) do 175 Ho *4 50 do 30 do ISO 441^ 109 do 115 do 44 100 Haadinf RR IIS do 41% IS do MO do 130 4 4 30 do tUO do bit 45? Second Board. 30 1U1 Harlam *29 4TS4 1M Nor li Woo 30 do b? 4IX 190 do 30 do b39 44 ISO do 251 do 43 IS do 3d do 41 30 do b 30 F*|Di L"U 31 190 Lone Island 13 Nor k IS'or 5lX 139 do 100 do 54 30 do 2i do alS 34 30 do 2S do 54 ' IS Canton 25 do b3 31 39 do 190 do bll 34 New Stuck Exchange. ? 59 iha Cantco Co Tna'y 34X 23 aba Nork Wcr *7 54 '23 Morn Canal Tn ?dy 15 23 do bl 36% |75 do eaili 15 15 do anw 36 199 Harlrm RR e ah 44 25 do Wrdi'dar 55*4 39 do *3 43 23 do eaah 5',V 30 di Tnaadar 44 25 do Tueaday 53)4 30 do aan 4lT? in do Wed'adiy 33% 39 do Tueada. 41% 50 do 55W 59 do tS 43% 59 do tl 5"? IS Lony I*; RR 31% 25 do a3 VM 50 do euh 31*. 299 do rub 35)2 30 do eaah 31% 23 do Taeaday 55 50 do atw St 190 do eaah 53 lno do Tneadnr MX 20 do eaah 34% ' 30 do can M 23 do eaah S4V ISO do cih 32% M do Thnraday 54% 59 do Taeaday SS\ 39 do Taeaday 34% 25 Nork Wor at 51 Harrled< On Sunday rV#nlrg, lha 12th Inet, bjr tha Rot. Mr. Moot*, Facnamca A. Cooram to Miat Luna Booabt, yot.rgert daughter oi Jacob Begirt, all of thia city Died. On Monday, lath inatant, Mr. Silai Lroie, in tha 06th year of) ta aga. The tnetnbera of tha Waahington ? No. tt. Ancient Chapter No. I, Columbian Council No. I. and Columbian Encampment No. I, and all Mafonis brethren in good ataixlirg. ?ro reapectfally invited to atttnd hi* funeral, at No Ml Wait Seventeenth etreet. near tha 9th Ave nna, on Wndneaday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. 'J On Monday afternoon, tha It h, of a lingering illnaaa, Wti.LiAti in tha 64(h year of hii aga. The It i?nd? of the family, and tboaa of nia eon-in law, B W. Uavia, are req-ieated to attend bia foneral, on Wedra?day. the l&tn, at 9 o'clock f. M., from hu lato re'Mer.ce 103 Fulton atraat, Brooklyn, without further invuation. ) On Monday morning, tha 19th imtant, of a lingering nine**, Ml" Lonrx Mow. daughter of tha lata Kdwani Stow, nt Boaton, egad 94 yaara. The funeral will take place from tha retldence of har blether in law, William Phillipa, No. 60 Liriogaton ttra.t, Brooklyn, on Wedneaday tho 19th In.taaf, at 9 o'clock P. M Tha relative, and frianda of tha fnmdty are irr pertiully t&Titad to attend. Boatan pa par a will ideate copy. A> Perth Jtmhoy, New '.Jeraay, on tbo lOthinitant, Colonel J ami* H. Backbtt, agad 49 yaara, aon-in law gftho lato Wm. Porta. Waatchaatar.papara plaaaa cop/. HiufclB Tim if 11 af IJ?Ilia la th* ahy tad county of N?w York, (WI Hie 4th day of April to tho Itth day of ??? . 53 Men. 51 Women; id Boys; 35 Girl*. Toul, 1M. DMKMfl Apoplrry, 111 AslhrnvS; Bleeding. J:Bleeding from lungs t; Bronchitis. 1; Carar.h, t; Cincr, li ('.ml'in.J: C holt:i lufautam. 1; f'ootaiapti'oi, el; Ciwrjliif't, 17: Croup, 3; Debility. 1; Delerinui Tr?fu?, 3: Ditnkiu 1; Dropy.J; Dropsy in the head, II; Dysentery, I; Erysipelas, t; kever, billions, 1: Fnvnr puerperal. I: Freer, remount, I; Fever, scarlet, 4; Fever, typhoid, 2: Fever, typhus, I; Fever nervous, li Heart, due air of. 3; Hipdnraa-, I; Hooping cough, 6; ludaramatiun of brain, 7; Inflammation of bowels, 5; lnflini ?station of lungs, 11; Inflammation of throat, 1; In flammation of livtr. 4; InUtnperanee, 1; Lura Veurra, 3; Marasmus. Is Mortiflpatiop, 1; Palty, I: Premature birth, 3; Pteariay. t; Scrofula. 1; Small pt 1,1; Snicidt, 2. Teething, 1; Ulceration of throit, I; Uiknown, I .Age?Under 1 year, fO; 1 to 1 yeara, If; t to 5, 1*; 5 to 19, ?; 19 to W II; I# to 10, 31; 39 to 40. 21: 40 to 50, II; J| to 00. 7: On to 70. 3: 70 toM, I; 00 to 90, 1; Unknown, | Colored persons i? CORNELIUS 8 ARCHER, City loepector. City Inspector a office. April II. 1940. WANTED, T A YOUNG LADY,a rilaation aa ladies' maid or itm. She 1* exaertat the nredle, and capable ol making op It ' masliu. kc Can prodneo tic-lleut r?<-< mm odatinni, and hna no objectiou to travelling. A note addressed to C. M., 1 the office of the Herald, will be attended to. n<4 3t*rrc B WANTED, A SITUATION aa Seamatreas, by a vourg woman ef re cbtr.icter. Tho belt of ciry relrrencea can be bad on apply ing at 74 Mutt street. a!4 lt'r WANTED, A8ITUATIOv. bv a ?t ady young man. in a gentleman's fanily, to t. Ice car* of horses, nud wnu'd havenootic tion to go travelling w ith a geu.lemin. Please iaqoreatNo. 33 First ttinet. ClllTIC WANTED?One wno is *cqaented w ih paint ing as anart and who is capable of wriu.g just critic ens, Apply at this Office imiredively. al il fh WAN FED?A IrcMin u, who is capable of working l?-ge poetets. Auy peri on suited 10 'hit capacity w<ll find permanent employ intuit. Apply at the 4lh story Herald Budd ing. a'l lr*rrc w AN I ED?A genteel yonus wnmau to at end to the do f-mily?1 mettic duties of a email f-mily?mast undent "id the manaeemeut, as there will he no lidy to snperinied. Eogluh or American, none other. Apply at I Pouih street all t*rh A BOY WANTt D to learn the Engraving bn.i' mu>t h iee a Us e for drawing?one 14 or 15 yeara old. who can give good re nrence, can apply at CLASSIN'S *14 I *r I Murray ?tre*t, car. Broadway. WHALEBONE CUTTER WANTED. AN experienced men at catting and finishing whalebone, would meet with a good sitaation by atld'ossing WM. H. RlCHaRDSON, No. 194 Market street, Philadelphia, with reference, atl It*. JOHN WHITAKEK. IF JOHN WH1 TAKER, late of Thorp,near Skipten, York ? hire. England, Will call ejioo the subscribers, or will lor wa?d to them his address by mail, he wil' learu aoaething of importance and pecuniar r ad vantage to himself. all lm'rrc HENRY. COOOILL fc CO . m Pearl at COACHMAN. MAN of steady and temperate habits in desirous of ob He has had couaidera ' the care of horses, and XA. lain ing a situation as Coachman. F hie experience, understands thoroughly I is willing to wait on table, and to make h _ himself generally use ful. Can give goo* city reference from his last employer ? Address N. C., care of the porter at Mrasn. How land It Aepin wall's, Soatbat, or at the office of this paper. XITANTED? For a small family, a Waiier; he mnst be TV qualified to drive a pair of horses. Apply to R. K. C. at the dean of the Herald offita. He must be sober and Wring good recommendations. all 3l*.re PACKET SHIP tlUbEN OK THE WEST, from Liver pool? Consignee, will please tend their permits an board, at wa?t sid? Barling Slip, without delay. All good# not per mitted in five days are liable to be aeut to public si re. WOODHULL ?t M1NTURN, all r 17 8onth street. NOTICE. IkYK. G. DE LIRAI will please send hisparmiton board it A Ship Liverpool, (foot of Dover arreet, East River.) for one ease of books marked G. L., without delay. m25m OMISa MIRACLES, with the deceptions practised by Monks, eipoeed This ( I u*sd?y) Evening, bv Rev. hi. LKAHEY, la'e n Monk of La Tr?ype, in France, wh*> will ap pear in his monastic dresi, nt Rev. Mr. St.llwell's Church, Chrystie street, above Walker. Doors open >4 paat aeveu. Ad mi tarre 10 ceots. a!4 it*r PHENJX 110RSE BAZAAR, _u. No*. 180 & 191 Mercer Street, one door above UleecUer Street. THE Snbscriber having obtained possession of his old tatab lishmeat, has put the same la thorough repair, for the ec i commedition of Iivsry end sale horses. The advantages of this eatablishmeu for sala horses cannot be surpassed by toy { similar establishment in the conntry. Dealers and others are < invited to sxamioe the above premiies ( ai4 It*r THOMAS H. DILES. $4,000 TO LOAN on a Farm in Westchester, Put or Dutchess Coun'y. $1.400?$1,'50?' $1,000 to laaa ou property in New York. Brooklyn, or Wil liamsburg. For sale en the most accommodating terms, Farms i of all aizea. and all prices, and ia all parts of the country. Real Estate Market, 37 Wall street. : alt ll*r A. BUrFUM It CO. BOARD. A GENTLEMAN and his family can be aecommoda'-cd with board, and the second story of a modern built home, consisting of a front patlor, two bed-rooma, and pantries at tached; with ihe privilege of n bathing room adjoining, in a private family, where no other board ra will be taken?or two or three single gentlemen of quiet habits, with breakfast and tea. The situation is ia Lexington Avenue, neir the railroad and stage lines. A I ne addressed to L. Z, at the office od the Herald, will b? punctually attended to. n!4 TWT'mc TO BAKERS AND BREWERS OPS. HOPS, HOfS.-WALTEl^FEENOUGH. IN Wall street, will sell cn Wedneaflffi Morning, 15ih tnst., at 11 o'clock, prime new Western Hop*, ia lets to suit pur chasers ?1? 2t*re COLLECTION AND GENERAL AGENT, Charleston, 8. C. rPHE Subscriber bain? permanently in Charleston. A ?. C., offers hit services aa agent, or for tha collection of ' drafts and tha pu relives ot Litis of eichnate, in Houlb Csro ina, Oe ngia. or North Carolina, (having Correspondents in all tha principal cities and towns) having had atopic exp-rieuce in all ma'ters ar p<*i Uiniug to the busiue.a of a Bsnk General Agent and Exchange Broker. Keery interest enf.ina ed to him, will at all tines receive prrmpt atteali n. The utmost punctuali ty in tlie execntion of ail orders, will be observed. WM. W. MARTIN, No. 9 Broad street, Charleston, 8. C. aiFxagircEs New York?Joseph D. Beers. John O. Winter, Collins k Carkart, O. k A. Wetmore, E. VV. Clark, Dodge It Co.. Bee bee, Dndlow k Co PHiLADri-rHU? E- W. Clark, k Co . ChvrWey It Wh'len Cmahlkstoiv, S. C.?Hon. F. H. k Imore, Hon. Ker Boyee, Robiusos fc Caldwell, Millers. Miply kCo., James Atlgrr It . Co.. T. Street. Dickson k Mills. si, lautwTli *r M. LEVETT, DENTIST. VTORE HARM results from bungling performances of in 1YJL eorvn eonpeteut Dentists than the public are aware of It is ofthegreateet importance that all branches of the Dentist's art orthe greatest importance that all tranche* cl the Dentist's art shoulabe skil.ully and nndarstsndingly practiced. To those whe thiak with as we recommend Mr. Levett, corner of Broedway and Warren street, the introdneer of the insertion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth on the principle of etmos pheric pres?u-e.?Noah's Weekly Messenger. all !t*rre GAMl'HENE AND CHEMICAL OIL THE Hub criber is prepared to supply dealers with n supe rior quality of Cempneue ind Chemical OH., at a lower price than any other establishment in this city, delivered free of cartage. Also. Spirits of Turpentine, at the vary lowest market price. Apply peisonallv, or by letter, to JONAS F. CO aCKLIV, Office l'C Water etrtet, above Maiuen Lane. a*4 tm'r Distillery, 1st Avenue and 2Mh street. Twine and shoethread?a,2,9,12,12,24 and 3? lb. Se>neTwine 1 and 1 cord Uillirg d> 2 aud 1 thread India do , " Hopewell" cotton 8eine do of every sixe. Wrapping, Wool and Msnaficturcr.' Twines, of avary de scription. 1 Shoe Thread of every desciirtion, including Titley, Tstham ; and Walker's, for sale by .1 I l.?. g 't'l all lt*r (:EBRA k CUMING, 106 Pea-let. lO TAILORS. rPHOSE who wish to attain a cunplrte knowledge of the art 1 of cuttipg all tha rarious styles ol gar irments as ate worn at the present lime, would do well to obtain Stinenet a w-rk on the sa'j'ct. which is universally allowed to be coup e e? the puce of which is fr m I to 10 dollars per copy; theuiff-r auce in price be ag wholly iu the b udiag. To be had of the anlhnr, K<? U3 Broadway. New York. all lm*r DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE BURGEON, attend* to Diseases of the Ey*and to all Imperfections of Vision, from* to4 o'clock, at his rrsidenes, Ml Broadway, eorntr ol Warren at. Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract sad Opecitioa, effectually removed, ^? I AMAUROSIS treated with gri . treated witli great attention and saeeaas. Inveterate eases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured ui a few minutes. Jast imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect Advice to the poor without charge Office and residence Ml Broadway?entrance IX War-as street. al4 4t*ih NOTICE TO TAVERN KEEPERS AND OTHER -For tale, the stock fixturei, and good will, together with one Sear's lette, irom May first, ol that we'l kaown Tavern (and, fn merlv occupied by Peter McLuskey. deceased, and k iowu far a number of years as the Glasgow House, No. 392 Hudson street. The whole will be sold together or separate, at private tale If not disposed of before Thursday, April KtV the whole will be sol J by public r nation at I* o'clock ol theforenoon of that day., For farther psrticnlsrs irqn<re oi the premises. *10 l w*r FOR MALE, A SMALL STEAM DISTILLERY, with all ihe apnara Us and lis terra. now reedy to pal Tnlo operation; (ii is like , wise well adapted lor distilling cvmphine;) will be sold st ) great sacr fice, if applied for immediately. T<;e house and store to be let, sud poisession to be given im mediately. Enquire on the premises, * E. crner of 21 h st and 6th avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, aJ 2w"m 26 Old slip. THE LORD'S PRAYER, ; TLLUSTRATKl- from L I-, ia a series of Ten Dsguerreo M. types, hy J. E. Msyall Cheannt end Fifth etreeta, Phila delphia. His friends sad the public are lavited to see his G illery. Adm>ssioa gratis. The Art taught on the price pies olChe-nical Philosophy, with a knowledge of the in nulac tnre of every thing nsnd ia the p.oeess. N.B.?At the door ie mounted the American Eagle, bear ing ia his beak the Silver Medal of tire Fraaklin Iastitnte. a I* Iw TO FAMILIES WANTING FURNITURE. A SMALL FAMILY, tewing for Europe, wiah to dispose of their Fnrnitare, (all new last fall,) eoutieting of one parlour, one bedroom and kitehan furniture, Carpets, Rngs, Crockery, kc , suitable (or a smvll family commencing honse keeping, kc , which will besold exceediaily low. Also, lor sale, very cheap, oae set Carriage llarneu, Tandem harness, sod Baggy harness, ured OLly three times, beinr verr smug ' and suitable far the country ; elio a lady's saddle, gentlemen ? do., bridles, kc. Apply between the boars ol' It and I o'clock I st Its Mercer street. s7 Iw* r 8* LAKE SUPERIOR COPPER STOCKS. OCK8 in the vtnoaa I omjaniee bought and sold by ImfflmVI I ? IHtN> hl.O.Nn I Hsnsver it THORN CHAMPAIGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is ia stirs, to which tha attention of merchants, hotel keepers, } and private gentlemen is ioTited. The standing of this ??ine | is now soperior to that of sny iu this eonntry, and at no higher priee than that ofth, neet ^?uvino9TO jq k c0,( I mtlistf re ie Wall street LOOK AT THIS! , LADIKS AND GKNTLE.MEN. if yon want ^p_* fmeaiticle of Boots anil Chocs e* I et S6T Broad way. *li-r< yon Will Had the la (test assortment, ihespest, cud most fashionable ip ihe city., Du not mistake the number, 367 Broadway, corner of Fracklia street. N. B ? A jerge sseortmeut ol imported French Boots at tha I dollars. M. CAHILL ow prl *14 D ce J i Im'r CENTREVILLE COURSE?TROTTING. ftl W^UNESDaY. Apr I lilb.#41* o'clock. P. M.. *???>} TT .i.V^ for $17}, mil* heat*, boat J in 4. under tbo nad 41*. ... George Smrh, nam re g C f!}.rio\, II T. Walk**, name* .0 If-Moor*. A. l.oi**. nimti Hiram. alHtBMTltWM ? Tlilrtl Ward OemocraUc Republican Regu lar Nominations. For AMcro'i- ? JAMES H TITUS. Kor .* eiiiteat AMeim.o. ELISHA RUCKMAN. Kor Aaetaaor*. Bnruat Col* ? . Marcu. Hard. Kor Couatoblea. Lewi* W Donald*on. John Vid?tt>. Kor In.peetore of Election, lat Diauut-John VvTKemingtoo. John B- Atkin* Id " ?Charlee Parot, John C- Henahtom. Sd " ?F*orr M. Pot'er. William ll. Janeeu. ISAAC V. KOWLKK, Chiuman. cuSn^uViSl^ Jr j Fourth Ward DomoeratleRepublican REGULAR NOMINATIONS. Kor AMarman GEORGE H. PURSER. Kor AiPa'aM Alderiaan. DENNIS MUULINS. Kor A?ar*?or*. JAMES AVERY?JAMES G. SMITH. K r Coaalahlea- __ EMANUEL JOSEPH?ROBERT LE A IS. ln*prc<or* of Election. Kint Dietrict?C H. Colladiy, John h *#? ? 8econd Di* tr ct? Simeon Abr.hnm*. E. B. Frllewi. ThirdDietrict-Wm Stoiy. P. H. McUniro. Kourth Di?trict?John W. Ar*rjr, Jao. H ?uwio- P. II. MoGUIRE, Chairman. | SecreUrie*. ?'?b*rre Kourth VVnacl Democratic Republican Reg ular Nomination*. Kor Alderman. JOSEPH A. DlVVER Kor Ai'i* ant. WILLI AM K*. ID. Kof Aaaestor*. Denial C. Penti. Jolia D. Kratiog. F<r Cotitable*. . . Maurice O Keeffe, Edward J. Qunk. Kor luapret'-ea of EleCICil, lit Diitriet?William J Coffin, Patrick Crow*, td ?? ?Joa-ph K. Pilnmr Florence McCarthy. SI " ?Ertmuad Mahuiy, Tliomae Hay# 4th " ?Edmnud Fitieerald. Ahaoloia G. Diioa. Democratic Elec oraof the Kou th W?rd. be not deceived? lhe on,y Wch'sklk'mills!'Chairman. 1 homtJ'lL"h"U' \ ais tti?*rre Firtientli Ward. THE ELECTORS of the Fifuenth ward are aaruevtly re one*ted to eramiri* theirtieketa ininutaly, bafoie vo-iug ae it ?. rerorted that George Kiely, ol CogitationHall. ib- | tend* t* smuggle iu hie name for Aeteeaor. in thy rlac* ol E*r* Ludlow, lhe refit ar nominated candidate. And a better tickrt e00,<A TAX PAYER OK THE FIFTEENTH WARD. aid lt*r Seventeenth "Worrl. . fTtHE following Ticket b?viugb?en adopted ct the r*8"l" , 1. m'eting of the Democracy of the Seventeenth Ward In-.d ? H.?nU$Sr. Hall, on Tread ? E?.n in.. T.h" whwh Thorn a* Jerem-ah, Eaq , waa Pr??id*nt. and Henry K ewer, Robert B. Boyd. Orvill J. Naeh and ' hillip SehnyWr, E*qi , , were Vic# President,. and Josephne N. Cr*in,Thouia? MeSps- . d*a and Jame* Van Namra. acted .a 8ac..u*it*., the Seventeenth Ward Democratic Republic mW.rd Co? mine* do. hereby, order the .aid Ticket to be publrahed in all tlm democratic papara until after the day of election. By order of the Waid Committe#. . ay oruer 01 KEYBKR. Chairman. , W*. E. M???. gee re ant*. Samuel 8. CosctLi* 1 Kor Aldennjn. ? JAMES WALSH. For Aaiiitant Alderman, JAMES ROBERTSON. For .l?ie?ior*. GEORGE II. ROSS?JOHN H. KELLY. for Constable* rrnusentfa BENJAMIN F. GAMBLE-CALEB B. TOMPKINS. For In?p?ctor* of Election. FiritDUtrict?Cryrlea Wright and Cbo 81 Second Di.irict-GfO. A. Correy.and Chu. K. St. John. Thud Dlet'ict?Abraham K.Patinon and Orvill J. Naah. Koar'h Diatr.ct? Nathan B. Grahsm and Chat. W. Bakar. Fifth Di.tne:?Wm. E. Mock, and Jam*. D. N-aker ItT- Poat pleaae copy, all it aMairrc MB Per Cent Below itle Uaual Prlcea. ^ fashionable visiting card ESTABLISHMENT. t , porpack. A g,LveR DOOR PLATE . , corner of Broadway. " - CHiCK-LRLNG'8 PIANO-FORTE WARER00M3, ?9a Broadway, No. A and 7 Lafarg* Building. rrHE PUBLIC will find at the aboye room# a geuend aasort T mcntofOnmd and Square Piano Fortm. at tU ?mapne. 1 an ?t my Factory in Boatoe " "" IDLE HOUR BOOK. | fUST PUBLISHED?The "Idle Hour Book " containing I J Mb paaea, with MM wigrarins*?price only IT canto?iv I for 1317. five in number, will ba ie I anVfln A^ TW will be tl-^t eyer got up, md cheap i tt that. SiHfcimea nnmberi rat by mail. I Therahacnbers uivitw the attention of the : KB?rt!r LONG BREED GANARIES. MR HASELETT'S antire Bnacding Stpck. ao mueh an VapArr^ns^sMta XVpSt'llm mtiele for the Breedm, Cage. Ac. ^ajd.h^ ^ N B.?Arehie'e Bird Fancier, containing full direc!??' I brawling Cuulriaa, and the beet method of leedmg bird* in general, for sale m *bof6- . , ! ^'uhand Scotch Tamer,for yy. ? John TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS. T ATHE8 of all descriptions, from 7 to & feet long. furnish jLA ed at abort notice. Also, cn'ting engines, suitable for all kinds of work. For terms and description, direct to tno aub aeribar, Hudson, Now York, at lm're JAB. T. PERKINB. KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'TCHEN RANGES. 'THE Proprietors ara now p:snared to furniihHolm**' ranges 1 a to the trad*. or aet them up for private familiea or boarding honaea, having purchased the light from the imtetiteo to manu facture ?ud aell i hem. Oar expeii-nee iu manufacturing .and aetling Kitchen Raugea. in thia city, forthe past II /earr, war ranta ua in asserting ihit Holmea' Mangr cannot be aurpaaacd for economy, conveaienee, and durability. They are warren- | ted to perform the purposes for wh ch thiy are purchased, and . if not they will be removed free of any tzpenae to the par ehaier. Numerous rtfercncea con te given to persons wish ing to purehaae. 'i he piicea innge from 25 to45 dollars. The proprietors are conataatlv manufacturing, and ara wall supplied with parlor, office, and bed-room URATES, of the newest pateini. Also?TINWARE, bright, plain and japanned. They havo masons at all times ready to aet Range*, grates, and boilers? also, toeotg chimneys, and warrant them nor tosrn be _ A. G1LHOOLY k SON, ? a12 lm'rre 71 Naa-aa street. TO COUNTRY BOOKSELLERS. qpecial notice.-the okakfknbero pill ?^COMPANY are now organizing efficient agencies in every town, city aud village in the United States, the British Pro rincee, Wgst ludiea and I arts of in-nth America. As a gene ral rule, the company will appoint Bookseller* only a? their Ageuta. In no case will a druggist be employed, and there " ? * ' l. The aril w II be but one general agent in any town. The arrangement* of the Hrsefenburg Hill Company ara such as will insures large sale for their Pills, and good agents will find 'he agency a good bnsineea. It be ug d airableto rpeu the diffcmit agen cies simultaneously, none ol the Pills will be offered for sale until the whole svstein of ageoeiee is organized, which will require some little time. B'-ohsr Hers will find it for their in terest to call at the otfice ot the comp n-, which will be for the present at No. 1(4 Nass-u street, nezt door to Tammany Hall. FKANC13 M PRATT, General Ag-nt. P.8.?1The egtraordinary virtues of the Gr: efrnbnrf Vege table Pills, end tie philoiophyof their action upon the hu man system, will be fully explained at an earlv day. It is ce ee-ssry at this time noly to say that they are very far snperi r toBrandieth's, Moff-t's, or any other pills, and will imin 'di ately become the leading pill oftheday. al8 6rrc STRAW HATS. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND PARIS EMBROIDERIES. JU8T OPKNED, per Sylvia de Gruse, last packet from Havre. It Cases, including ell the new styles of the abovt and for sale on the most reasonable terms, and in lots to suit purchasers, by A. UNSWORTH, Importer of Paris Goods. 42 John ?.t. Also, 1 case trimmed Paris STRAW HATS, dii set from the most fashionable hoaso in Paris. s!3 3t*rn A. SEIGNETTE AND OTARD BRANDY, landing. 1 GA HALF PIPES iOf the old tad geenine brand, and Jvv 150 quarter casks /extra superior quality,high proof 2(0 eighth do ) and llavur, now lending at Pier 8 E. R .from the bug Mary Perkini, just arrived from Rochelle, and foraale by 8. T. hlCOLL k CO. (7 and M Front srert. Also, 35 halfpipea aud 30 quarter cisks finest quality Otard, Dapny fcCo BRANDY , ol' various vintages, pale and col ored.'m LOOK HERE. 419A OOn WOltTH OF WINDOW SHAD'S aell fflWiVW ing eft at 15 per cent below coat, to cl >*e the business at the lit of May. EDWARD WAMuLEV, No. 28 Catharine at. letwaen East Broadway and Htnty at. all lw*r TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. A LARUE assortment of Chiua Grass Fishing Linns, and Salmon and Tront Sf'k Worm Outt. to snit city or eonn .1 1 ? a roui on n una watt, to anil city or eonn try dealers. Every article In lulling t*?kle will be found at ^Mtei, at CON HO Y'8 Fishing and Sport.rx Tackle M Fulton?t. corner ef Ciitf. el lm?rh reasonable price Establishment," ~9 WANTED. MT WO SMALL ROOMS, unfarnished. near the Bat tery, for a aiagle gantlomaa. Additaa H. H., Herald office. *14 2t*rrc TO LET, AT SJTATEN ISLAND 48 T1IE NEW, handsome and well finished Cottage, sitn ? attd near Capo di Monre, Platen Island, together with L Stable, Onch Honae, ke. he honae has keen milt - ith great care, and is complete with every convenience. The situation ia beautiful, and ooan mands a Hue view of the river, hav, ocean and the city, aaS is hat a short distance Trom the landing, f or pmiculars esquire ef MRS. GRYMES, a7 ttis*r at Capo di Monte, Stetea Island FOR s<ALE, And IF APPLIED FOR SOON, the lease, fgynitarn, and fftjB bar rai.m fiaturee of a first rate stand. Said honae h-a XJ&ample accommndationa for forty or fifty lodger*. The room* being large, airy, aad in first rat* ondition. Heid hcuie ia now doing a good business, ?nrf it one of the moat pleasant location* in ihe city of New Pork. For further psr.icnUe it quire ut No. SI Park Row, botw,en the hours of ten and two O'clock. "G Sn.'rrr FUR SALE, IN WILLIAMSBURG, A MODERN-BUILT two story and basement frame HOUSE, collonade font, situated in Second street, lie .t?ran South Kighth and hontli Niulh stints It is .Manfully aitnat d.enmmandinga fine view ol the blast River, and within sound of tho Peck blip ferry hell, 'ihr lot on which it stands is worth nvtr (1(100, end ih* wh< le will be sold for very little oM wh.t the house c tt tntnlld It has bare erected a little over a year. Possession on 1st M*r, or eailier. For paitienlart, apply to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT,

aid { li South autet, cot nor of Maidru Lane AV 'TJOM IALKM. E. H. DUCLUZRiU, AimIqmw. LEGANT AND COSTLY ROSEWOOD AND MA hooavy furniture, made by boudouine. FINE rAINTlNoa. Ac.. AT No. 97 GReENK STREET. -TUTTLe. A DUCLuZEaU will sell on THURSDAY, A pill IMh, at 10 o'clock, at No. 97 Greene street. the rntiie fur niture contained in said hoess, the whole of which wee made to order bjr Boudoaiue, and hit been hat e short time iu use consisting nl' rosewood Tate aTetes, Chain and Oltoai <ue. of tb- s ylr of touie XIV, covered iii criroso* plueh, wiih two sets ol elegant ilnuutk Curt tint to match; light rot* w nod fancy Chairs lu crimson satia; elegant rosewood Kouteile, tewiiig Chairs and Sofa Tables, ela? of Lcais XIV style; mahogany Sofas, Couches, Chairs and Ottomans: two eatra large French plate pier Olasaet, I9tx39; elegant rich French gilt mantle Or eaments end Oirandoles, with eitra lieeay pyramidical drops: 2 l If*' 'Jo'af Camps, Wilton and Braeasl's Caipeliug and Hearth Hug*. silver mounted elated Writers, vrg> table aud Beef Steak Dithat. Revolving Caator, Cake Baskets, Candle sticks, with branches, line gilt Candelabra* for ten lights, Brut if.''* H1." ' ""'em, Hat and Umbrella Stands, PI* ted Sjjir Rods, Gothic Chair* for hall, dining end breakfast Tables, French B-dsteads, marble top Dressing Bureausend WMbdiadi, Flirtation Chain, Kiench Crib. he. Also, cottage chamber furniture, via: Trench Bedsteada, Dressing Bureaus, Waslutauds, Chain, he., printed white and green. Also, a valuable collection of Oil Paintings. Alto, one fine toned Piano Forte. Masic stool, he. Alto, the Kitchen Fnrniture, with which the sale will com mence. Catalogue* mvyAie obtained it the Auctioneers', and tha goods eaaminod on Wednesday, fiom IS till 4 o'clock. all Si*rh WM. W SHIRLEY, Anctiouar. HOUSE FURNITURE?By H. E W'LLARD?This Day at 19 o'eloik, at the huute No Ml weat 19th street, near Broadway, a neat a aortmentof ptrlorand bed-room Furniture, c mraincn in the upper part ol tl e house? carpets, sofa, chain, tables, mantel girandoles, china, glass, he. Alio, bed-room fnrnirare and kitchen warv A CARD?Families selling nut this month, are solicited to cell *t the H?lea K< om, No 171 Uroolway. a 14 ItT WM. W SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. House furniture sale?by h.e. willard Wedoeaday, April 13th, at 10 o'clock, at the 9 story house No 23 Bridge s'reet, a get eral assortment of pail jr, bed-room and kitchrn Furuituie. consisting of carpels, sofas, chain, tall'i, r-rdeteails, bedding, oil eloiht, mantel ornaments, gi randoles, solar lampi, china, glass, < rockrry a: d kirchen ware. Sale positive, ram nr thine, fur oath, aud thegoods to be taken away the-ane day. a!4 lt*r irk CUKIIsS, Auctioneer. TERFMPTORY SALE OK A STOCK OF GOLD JEW ELRY. GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. SUPERB AND ELEGANT CLOCK9, SPORE FIXTURES, ho. JACOB 8. I'LATT will commence the tale of the ebova valuable etock, (by oidrr of Mettn. K.ltil. S.Rockwell, who are about closing their business, | This Day, April 14th, at 10 o'clock, ou the premises No 411 Broadway. Term*, ap proved endorsed note* at 90 days, for earns nf $100 and upwards. For full par.iculars, tee auction head of the Courier and En quiier, and catalogues which are anw ready. aU It'rh J. R. CI IRTISH Auctioneer. HAR DWARW. CUTLERY. DAM AG* D GOODS, Ae JACOB 8 PL ATT will tell This Day, at 19 o'clock, at 27 Piatt street, 390 cards, cases and lots, aaaotted Hardware and Cutlery. Also, by order of assignees, the atoelc of a house uu fmtunare in business, consisting of coffee mills, hoes, rakes, mincing knives, tninmrrs,scythe stones, augen, Binges, butts, pistols, guns, he he. Also, 300 Pennsylvania powder horns, and 20 cuts iak. Also, 144 ya'ds wire Cloth. India rub. Also 509 yards Iudimrabber carriage Cloth. , Al-o, 20 boxer cut sparrow bills and} cases pins. Also?Celln's brand axes and edge tools Also, 109 gross new table cutlery, and pocket and penknives. ?o, an invoice ol tancj goods. Also, au invoice of Birmingham Hardware, damaged on board the ehip Henry Clay Pom Ltverpoo1. N. B ?Catalogues now ready at the Auction Room. a'.4 lt*chl OIL PAINTINGS. HORATIO HILL. ?ueceaa?r to Gurley h Hill. 199 Broad way, New York Long Room, will aell ou Wednesday Evening, April 13th, a collection of Oil Paintings comprising many gems, intt from the Cnstom House, being the produc tions of eminent Flemish, Dutcn, and Ge mm matter*. The above collection is well worthv the atl-ntion of connoissieur*, artists, dealers, ar.d patrons of the fine ait*. Can now be teea at the Audita Room. al4 <t*r FINE PLANTS AT AUCTION. ^ LEVY will sell ou Tuesday morning,at 11 o'clock, at *?. No. 29) Broadway, a choice collection o' Green-house and Orutmeutal PLAN 1 S, conn.ting of monthly and pernciuil Rose* of various names: Unerases, Hcllethropes, Verbenas, Axaltas, Hyd'einge, wi h varionsothers too numerous to men tion. Also a few double Dahlia Root* and Madeira Viues a 13 It?m E. H I "DLOW. Auctioneer. IOSTLY FOREWOOD AND MAHOGANY FURNI TURE. Exlra Size Mantsl Glasses. Library Book TURK. Exlra Size Mantsl Glasses. Library Boor Cases, Chandeliers, he.?To be soil by suction on Thursday, April 16th, at llo' Strong Place, Brooklyn, in the rear of l>r. Stone's Church Parlor Furniture?Comprising rosewood and medallion, crimson eeutre Sofia, Divana, Couches, Ottomans aud Chiirs to match, Centre Table*, large sice Lamps, with glass lustres, crimson and white silk Curtains, with silk trimmings; square mantel Glasses, large glass Chandeliers, royal Saxon Caipete and Rugs, white ana gold; mahogany Sola* and Couches, man tel Mirrors, with blue and gold velvet frame*. Library Furniture?Library Bookcaae*, and Chairs, Car pets, Re. Bedroom Furniture?Brussels aud Ingrain Carpets, French Bedstead, Bureau*. Drviaiug Ulas-es. Egyptian Marble Com mode*. English Hall Oil Cloth*, Hall Lamps aud Hst Stand, large extension dining Table*. All the lurnitur* was mane to order in New York, together with a fine lot efkitchen fur niture. Catalogue* to be had at the auctieueer's office on Wednes day. E H. LUDLOW A CO. Auctioneer*, *ll3t?rr (138) 27 W?ll street H DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. Elegant rosewood and mahooany fur niture, royal WILTON CARPETING. Ac., at No. 103 Writ Thiiteenth street-TUTTLE A DUCLU ZEAU srilhsell ou Tuesday, April 14th, at 19 o'clock, ou the premise*, theeatire Furniture contained in the house. No. 193 Weet Thirteenth (treat, neer the Sixth Avenue, consisting iu 8,rt of carved rosewood parlor furniture, of the style of Louis IV.. viz: trte-r-tete Dsrsus. Chairs, Ottoman* and foot ben efits covered with eiintson vclrrt, eu suite; ebony carvrd Pier Table, of the most antique fashion; Royal Wilton and Brus sels Carpeting; ex'ra large French plate Mantel Glees; Chi nese Willow Chairs; mahogany Sofa and aim Chairs; patent Dtaeem end Carcal Lamps; splendid gilt Clerk; French gilt Mantel Ornaments and Giratxi le*. suspending Wall Brackets, silver mounted Candlesticks, with branches; China Dinner and Tea Services; hell Oil Cloths; Ktiir Carjicts,brats Stair Rods; French bedsteads: 1 elegant mahogany bedstead of Elizabeth an style, feather Beds, Mat ruses, Ac. Also, several valuable Oil Paintings by the most celebrated and ancient master*. Alio, the Kitchen Furniture, with which the said will com mence. Catalogues ready the day previon*. aU 3tS M AT'rc H. E. WILLARD h W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, WILL firs their perianal attention to the Sales of House hold Furniture at the residence of families declining hoasrkerpiur. Stocks of Crockery, Dry Good*, Grocery, ana ss!r* of Rest Estate, it the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their friends and the public, consignments to their cit from their mends and the nuolic, consignments to their SAL?8 ROOM, 13! BROADWAY, untilTlav 1st, when they will more to the spacious store, No. IT WALL street, late Adams' Express Office all lm*ra FOR SALE?A supeior taned fiano-fort-, manufactured by ass of the best (city) makers?entirely new, ih octares? Will be sold low for cash, by applying at lit bprmg street, orar the glass- sta'aers store all 1t*m BIOELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. | POR Fitehbarg, Keene, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windioi Woodstock, Montpclier, and Burlington, Vt., snd the La nadsa. All Packages, Parcels and bnainesa, to any of th? abera towns, or any part of tbe western portion of New Hampshire and V ermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the care of L. BIGELO W, 1 Court street, Boston. N. B.?Be sore to mark Pack as as to care of " Big elow's Er press " jSSrc EAGLE.COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. fill Pearl street, between Centra and Elm?Warm, cold and shower Baths, rqual to those in any house in the city, at 11X cents; Lodgings, r ith rood clean beds, HE eu; Board ing and Lodging, $2 M per week. Inthereadirg room will be found newspaper*.from London, Liverpool, and all the princi pal ciiiea oi the United States. at Ira'rh PlAKi' WhLL'a WASHINGTON HOUSE, 2'43 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. OATHS jnat imtrodnced?Warm and Cold?ie fine apart JL> ments, for both ladies and genti entlemen; and the entire orga nization and fitting up of trery depart man l of the Washiiuttoa Honae, complete m77 lm*re MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to annoeaee to hi* friends and the public, that he hue leased the abore honae for a term of years, and hopes, by long euperiene* and strict attention to business, to merit a liberal share of their patronage. JOHN L. MONROE, Formerly or the U. 8 H tel. Beaton ?STRIKER'S SOLU'llON FOR THE HAIR, ? VI7HICH will change grey hair to it* original color in a few vT minutes. Those who denbt i's virtue*, are requested te hare their hair cbanned before peying their money. II hum bi'tts would uke this method there would be ao reason to com plain. Uentlemrn can have their whiskers and bair changed to ma for eha any color or shade in a few minetes. Private rooms forehaug ins the hair. None genuine nnlesa signed H. Striker," in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Hold wholesale and retail, and applied at No. 5 CHATHAM "1 UEET, opposite tbe Hall of Records, New York, ap Stella. tJO liu'rh FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. HIGHLY valuable Cosmetic for eradicating Eruptions on the Face and Skin, particularly Pimples, Blotches, Tatter, Sunburn, Ringworm*, Freckles and Ootaneous'Kx' I the The use or the Lptioa Tor a short time will clear - ??? in battle* t; also, lm*ei the thin sad establish a brilliant complexion. Sold in t at 74 eeuts each, at No. in Bowery, corner Spring street by Mrs H?ve*. It# Fulroe street. Brooklyn. ft It ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. TMHE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY bavin, ? completed their Works, are now raady to execute order for pure White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil, to almeat any extent that may be wanted. The Company have spared no expense in the erection of the Works which would teed, in the lea*: degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed tbe cue I ve* of every modern improvement for that Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ eat lends sold in onr market, that by far the greater proportion sold as snch has been, and still is greatly adulterated with Barytas, an article of mineral production much heavier than White Lead, and in itself possessing no virtue of any pig ment whatever, it being, when mined with oil, almost trans parent, and la fact having nothing bat its specific weight to recommend it, the Trustees of the Atlantic Whit* Lend Corn ay have passed, unanimously, the following resolution, vis: 'Resolved, That in view of mannfaetanng only a prime iele, the Atlantic Whim Lead Company will make bat on* I article, the Atlantic White Lead Company wiTTmakeE^^H quality of White Lead, both Dry sad Ground in Oil; thu to Be a strictly pare, genome article, and perfectly free from any adulteration whatever, which the Company will warrant as aaeh to all who mar porches* their bead." Purchasers, therefore, mar be well assured that avery de pendence may be placed in the parity ol every pound of White V I P.A aA| A Ww tkn romnaau atLLL Lead manufactured and sold by tbe Company, which Pyrenees durability of the Paiat, bet will not only tend to the greater _ will be foond much more economical in its ase, even in the most common description of pointing, owing to the body or eoveriug quality it possesses, thereby giving a far better finish with two coats, than the adulterated White Paint would with three, <J which every painter will bear witness. The Company also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a viriety of Palate Ground in Git, Vlt: Verdigris, Black Paint. Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Puns Omen, Brunswick Green, Re. he. Having ben appointed general Agitata for the Company, all orders should be directed to e*. POLLEN h COLGATE, f? im*r MT Pearl etiuet, eoruer of Ueekmaa street B NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. ATCIIELOR** new invented VV ig* and Beelps so perfect ly resemble the ns tarsi hair as to defy detection, hie sow scarcely a matter of regret losing an isdifferrat heed of hair, when a new one, perfectly adapted to the cnanleuance and style of every wearer, sad without aay ef the vexations difficulties so long experienced by wig wearer*, can be procured atWM. BATCHELOR'B, I Wall street, gesr Broadway. R-movedfrom W Broadway. mil Irn'm DALT - IIWiwli of AthtonV la pi me order, ou board ih* D ship fit Patrick, from Livarpool. For sala ib lots to nth pxiehaiera. Apply to ?7 lw*n? mmm* DAVID OGD?N, U Wall it. AKUMCnJKH*. PARK 'PHKAi'ttJt. Ridtictiim i>f Price*. Bun, Ant tier 75 p 'HU | Fit. 50 cents. ?* second tod third. .14 " I Gal'sry 85 " MMH MARY ANNE LEE'S BENEFIT. This Kvcnlns. Will l>? injrfi>7tn?d the Drums of CRICKET oyHE hEAaTH, John Perrybii git Mi O Andrew* Mr. Ttcklsloa Mr Kukrr Caleb Plummer Mr But Berlin Miu Crocker Tu couc!? '? with live Ballet cf GISELLE. Giselle Miu Mary Ass Lcs Myrtha Mr* Hunt Prince Albrecht Mr O W 8mith Door* op*o at * qaartar tJ T, and lh? Performances will com nunc* at t quarter put T. UOWEHk THKATtU:. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRlitlDH. This Evcnlbf|. The Performance will commence witli LAblTTE. LiBttt J R Scott Alphonao Mr Blaochard (Irurral Jacktou Mr Davenport Conatnntia Mr* U Jones To conclude with CARPENTER OF ROUEN. . Maiteau Mr Davenport Anti'ia* Mr Clarke Madelon Mr* Phillip* JT.r-Lower Boxes 50 cents?Second and TVrtf ?u.| Pit ana Gallery IJH emits. Door* will open hi 7 o'clock - curtain will tise at half pest T. OH (? K N \V 1CH >VT H K ATRE, Corner of VARICKtr CHARLTON STREETS Sole Proprietor* Meurt. MYERS It TOML1NSON. Mauagrr JOHN O. MYERS. Acting and Siege Manager H. P. ORATTAN. Treasurer O. M. TOMLINSON. DeputyTreuarer WARREN DRAPER. This Evening. The performance will commence with SIMPSON It CO. Mr Simpson.. ...Mr W Chapman Mr Bruin ley ..????. .Mr H P (Jiattan To be followed by HKKR CI 1NE. 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He stands meantime, as passive under these charges of false hood, as any man could be expected to stand. Oregon was not touched, to-day, in the Setate upon the main order. Several resolutions for in lormstijn were passed, of some importance ; and that's about all. The House, after considering a number ot private cases, adjourned. "The Doctor" promises a chapter upon ths week's proceedings, to-morrow. Washington, April 12,1846. Information of a very important character arrived here last night from the South, and it is thought tha the late arrival from England has brought out some thing similar from our minister at London. The Cabinet were with the President this morning be fore 10 o'clock, and remained with him for some time. What ihe nature of the information is, I have not yet learned, but may to-morrow. I am aware, howevej, that a mutinous spirit pre. vails among a large body of the army of occupation before Matamoras,owing to the intolerant and bigot ed conduct'of General Taylor, the officer in com mand, towards two-thirds of hia command. That proportion of the troo|is profess the Roman Catholio religion, and yet are forced, under the penalty of im prisonment and lite lots of several months pay being stopped, to attend a Presbyterian place ot worship Thia partly, if not wholly, accounts for the large number of desertions that have taken place in that army since its location at Corpus ChrisU and before Matamoraa. The following extraot of a letter from a portion of the troopa there, aud which ia published in the New Orleans La Propagaltur Catholiqu*, shows but too plainly the seeds ot the disaffection among them. " Ths Catholics form tha greatest part of tha army o occupation, that is, shout two-thirds. As snch we can not willingly depart from the spirit of tha church, by sssiating at and taking part in tbs lectures, sermons, or prayers of ministers who Uavs not received their mission from the apostles, and hold no power from on High. We consider them bat aa wolves in tha clothing of iambs, of which our Divine Master has warned na to beware. "But in the circumstances in which, as soldiers, wo are placed, we cannot violate the orders oi omr officers, who compel us, indiscriminately, withoutregatd to our con sciences, every Sunday, to attend the srrmons of a Presbyterian minister, whose worda ore mainly directed to insulting, calumniating, and abusing ths Catholio church. We know, nevertheless, that one of tha arti cles ot the Constitution declores that every man is free to worship Ood in occoidanco to the dioiatea of bis own conscience; and if so, how is it that soldier* are denied that right. "The edifice in which the Presbyterian exorcises are held, serves also as a theatre during the week, and it ia there we aro forced to march every Sunday, to listen to abusive declamations against our faiO, uudor pain of loss of three or ionr months pi imprisonment, and the loss of three or ionr months pay, for disobedience of orders. "We have believed it to be our duty te make yon ac quainted with this intolerable grievanoe, and our desire is that ths facts should ba published, at least in sub stance, in some newspapor, that the public may sea what a mockery is made of our conecience " Comment upon the foregoing extract from the letter cf those troops, is unnecessary. It ahovrs the unlortunate spirit of persecution of a particu lar denomination of Christiana, which ia growing up in our country, and which, tf once tolerated by the government in those who hold subordinate ata tiona under it, in connection with the private | abettors of fanatictam, the hopes and prospects I of the founders of our free institutions, for their un limited perpetuation, will prove in a short timo I from now, to have been but an idle dream. I can ? not credit the opinion for one moment, that either the President, or Secretary of War, hus given the leaBt countenance to this unparalleled folly of Gen. Taylor; for,if they have not, his recal from the army ought to be instantaneous and unconditional. No apology that he may ofler, should e*.cerate htm from the punishment that he justly d- serves, for ? forcing two-thirds ot his troops against their con scientious convictions, to attend a place of worship for which they have no regard; and that, too, in front of an enemy of the same religious latth as themselves, with whom, perhaps, they may, the very next moment be ordered out to fight. Is it i reasonable, therefore, to expect that these men, save i under the infliction of a seared conrcirnce, caused ! by the intolerance ot a narrow-minded bigot with j epaulettes, should fight in defence of a fl ig whose I stripes are used to inflict the most poignant wounds ! upon them, and who in such a condition are called to defend it. It is not in human nature to expect it; ; and I am, therefore, surprised that desertion to the ? enemy, has not been greater than what we are in formed of. I have dwelt at Borne length upon tliis subject, for the purpose of placing the matter before the puolio, and to show them the dangerous condition in which I we are placed on the Mexican frontier by the tolly | of one of our officers. The government must attend to this in time, or else disastrous conae I quences may follow from a continuance of it tor a I month or two longer. The President has been most unfortunate during the first year of his administration, In selecting subordinates, who have, by their intolerance and bigotry, in this respect, alienated from him those, without whose support, he never could have reach ed his present station. He has only one remedy left to change this feeling that I can see and learn from my intercourse with persons of that persui sion, and that is to dismiss, forthwith, from office, every man who makes religion a test or disqualifi cation for office, iu any of the departments of go vernment. Nor ought he to permit any one to hold otfice for one hour, who is connected with religious periodicals, notoriously established to abuse and falsify the religious opinions of any other class of citizens. Our government is happily sustained by all denominations, and it should neither counte nance nor support those in otfice, whose conduct is calculated to bring it into disfavor with any class, at least, of its own supporters. . . The Senate, notwithstanding the constant appeals of the press and the country, to decide upon ths Oregon question at once, yet hold on from day to day, in idle and useless debate, upon what their minds have for months past been made up upon. If ths people can stand this trifling with their patience, time and money much longer, they are certainly possessed of a greater amount ot the first named virtue than ever Job was. In all conscience, there has been talk enough on the Oregon question, and I thtak rathsr too much for some of tnat body. Had this subject been disposed of a month ago, ws would not havs had the scenes in the Senate and House of Repre sentatives, last week, to record ; lor, however de sirable it may be. at all ttm**to ferret out the ma levolence of public men, ignorance of the case of Mr. Webster, would have been bliss to all parties. If the Senate be mad enough to hold on to the sub ject for a week longer, they may find themselves entangled in other matters witn which the coun Shaa no desire to be acquainted ; so that, uader circumstances, it is better for them to come to a vote during this week upon the Oregon resolutions, and put an end to all the disgraceful squabbles and heart-burnings, which its procrastination has given ; rise to. Aeiei.. WASHixoroK, April 12,1816. The great luuei of the Day?Corn Dodgers and the Oregon Question, and the Corn Lawe?Forty-nine The Preeidtnt?Mr. Jlagby's position?Major Torhman and the Union?A Libel Suit?Mr. IVe'jiter rt. Ingtreoll?A queer .< ite of 1hinge? The Arte York Pilote and the Clumber of Com merce?Miscellaneous Heme, 4ir. Cor ft Dodoers ?We write for the Herald. We write for the million. We Write for neither whig*, democrat*, natives, nor aliens, christians nor infi. dels, but for all, and the rights of all, and the troth concerning all. Our great purpose is to keep up with the locomotive spirit of the age?to mark its tendencies, and to anticipate its remits. We believe there is "a good time coming," if we can avoid a fight. We are looking forward to the day of "Rye rodgen, and Corn dodger*," among the starving masses of England and Ireland: when the Kilkenny wife shall change a supper of di luted buttermilk, and diseased potato peelings, far a smoking pot of Indian hasty pudding?when the ronnddie-d and jolly corn-pone,'?old Virginia" style, shall smoke upon the griddles of the English pea santry. Then we shall give to those poor creatures a visible illustration?a tangible, edible proof of the ?'horrors" of southern slavery; for one of its hor rors is, that the slaves of the south bavo an abun dance of "hog and hommony," "herrings and hoe cakes." We recollecf hearing at a methodist camp meet ing last summer, in the Old Dominion, a chorus, which carried with it, something of the assurance of a prophecy. The saints were collected around the rude altar of the encampment, a group of mourn ers in earnest lamentations, wore bewailing thoir sins in the strew j while the brethren and sisters