Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Nisan 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Nisan 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??L za? Ho. 104 ?WbaU ft*. 431T. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 15, 1846. rrim tw? THE NEW YORK HERALD* JAMES QO&DON BENNETT. Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price t eeote POTmhp "ffi^aaaKsirsrs^ s^saw. ?Iran. PRINTING of ail kinds executed with bennty and deepstea. GT7" /*'l I roar, ui wmua.nxuaai, a. man, eddree?ed to the-stab iishmrnr, maat be poet paid, or the i'o?ttgo will b? Mretri I rem the Proprietor, o: tie N*w Yos?T7?*at.o RiT.tDUDam North-Wnt comer of Fulton tad Naaaao au FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. ? i'Hfc snb-ertbera org to in'orm tbair trieud. and the public. A th.i tliay ara Prepared to forward good, and puscogeis oo the r?iai>lranftiCaaal by theabove unequalled line of rort abla Boa:, at the vary lowed rataa. thai insuring large lou of goods from bain; aeperit.d, there being uo transhipments by these bo iti. This line i? uodar tba superietendanoe of Thoa. Boruridpe, iu Philadelphia: Tsff It O'Connor, iu Fi't.burg; mod O'Connor A Co., iu Baltimore; a fact tha aubacribcia deem ? sufficient guar.utee that tr.ry oara will be takra ;u the trail ahipu-nct ?r.d rfuimtch ol good. aeaugaed to them. Meir hints about shipping by vbie route are invited te call be fore completing tbair arraegMBaatt ea wTIt J. T. TAPSCOTT. 71 loetb at. oer. Maiden lane. NEW YORK, ALBANY A31) TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the pier too' ofCourtlandt itraet. . . j Fajtengera taking thia Beat will arrive ia time to take the Morning Praia of Cara from Troy waet to Baffsto, and to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plma. The ataaraer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Mary, leave, the foot of Conriliadt street Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at tvin o'c'ocx, P. M. For Passage or Fre'ght, apply oa Board, or at tba Office on the wharf. None*?All goods, fre'ght, back bills, .peeie, or any other kind ol prapeitr, positively at the ownera'riik. aU THK Propretore of eteamboats wi.huig ?Belle hang, wenld do well to pay a visit oa _ .board the ateamboats Niagara. Iron Witch, Governor, iron boat John Stevens. Wooster, Traveller, Ac., sod examine H. Homer's Improved Style of Ball Hanging?put uo neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H. No. I Ami street loiSi Im*r PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALB ANY Daily, Snadeya excepted?Throogh Direct?et 7 o'clock, P.M. From tke pier bttwten CwrUandt and Liberty *ti. .WVI Steamboat HKNPRIK HUDSON. Capt. ^aJnadPR. O. C'rattaoaea. will leave oa Monday, leave on fnveday, Thursday and Saturday avamngs, atsavsu o'clock. At i o'clock P. M., Laadiag at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R. H. Furry, will leavs oa Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. H. Peek, will leave on Tueed .v. Tharadav and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Tke above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample tim- for the morning ca?s for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate ratesone taken after JX e'elock, P. U. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boau of this line, without a written order from tee Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply oa board the Boau, or te P. C. Bchultx,at die office oa the wharf- alfrrc |SP PACKETS FOR MABSEILLE8?To land Pae bXWV1'If"? ?t Gibraltar. ? The Ship PRINCE .HE JHKioTnYILLE, Captain Lawrence. will sail oa the lit of May. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN A PHELPS, or to vapltrc BOYD A HINCKEN. Agents. >LMP PASSAGE TO AND Ktovi LIVEHPOOL. The Packet thipNEW YORK, Captain Cropper, JHHffiw sails for Liverp -ol on the llth of April, and the packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt?ia Eldridge. oa the list of April, and the pocket ship 8IDD0NS, on the Stthof Aptil. For pataage, havieg surer i >r aer?mmodstions. apply to alb rrc JOHN HERDMaNA CO. ?l Southst. dBSMT ?OR NEW UbLadhb. ? buiMiui and New York Line.? Shot Regular packet?To sail ?nmPlrMonday, Wth icst?The elegant, fast aailiag paeket ship LOUISVILLE, Hunt, master, will positively sail as dbbye, bar regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply oo board, at Orleans whar? foot of Wall ? tract, o. to E.K.COLLINS A CO, MSoeth street. ^Positively no goods rscsivod on board after Saturday even Aaaat m Now O cleans, J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will "'SlSsr shtp"*U SWEOO ~ J o'ii um .'.""master, will succeed Iks LouiavVfe. and soil Monday, 17ik iusU, her regular dag. m ?an eete I oi Milkman atreat. < BALL, OK OLD LINE OK LIVER ^^^HPOOL PACKETS rOR LI V KRPOOL?Oni y ro ^^^??iiaUr packet ef the 16th April. The magnificent ?^^?eelsbrtied nut aailiag favorite pat et ship NEW I TORK T. >. Cropper, Commander, will aail positively oa ? Thunder, the t*'h April. It is wall known that the aecom ? modstioue of the NewYi rk are fitted out in a moat auperb and I eoady laeaaar, with ererr modern improvement and cauveai ? ance, that cannot bat add to the comfort of thoae embarking. ? Person ntitinf the old eoontry, or eendiog for their frinnda, ? should call and saa this apiaadid specimen of naval architee ? tare, before eogagug elsewhere. Kor passage in cabin, second RmdmmdmmwMrnlr application should oe msde ou heard, k CO. all r SS Knltira street, (aeit door to the Fatten Bank.) ' NSW- REGULAR LINE OF PACKET SHIPS?Tucket^fa\5,rc,te1%ri,5f-T? akove her rsgalar day. Having rej superior aeoommodatiewa for cabia. 3d cabta and ?Woragn paaaeagan. persona intending to embark, should ?rake laawkiti applicuoa oa b^.foot ofkUiAs.W or !? JUofiertl IVleittUiiHAit _ IN Pine, corner of South street. The packet ship VIRGINIAN, burthen INC loss, will succeed tba HENRY CLAY, ana tail on the 11th May, her regular day. . N. B. Persons dtsirous of ten ding for their friends, can have them brought out by the above ship, oa moderate terms, by ..making application ea above. al3r BALE.?The packet ship UTICA, burthea per regular Att tons. Auplr to ???? BOYD k HINCKEN. Ageets, B?1 I wrte Ne. > Tontine BoilHin,s.M Wall street. 1^ HOiLUEAUX WINES. I YUST Received, tar bark Csllao, from Bordeaux. 70# caeca I ?? red Wines. St. Judiea Oacra, Chateau Larosn, Margeana, ? Latoar, Leoville, kc. I Mcaaksand half do nd Wines, St. Jolien, Madoc, Msr I' lean*. ka. ? 91 casks sad hall do whita Wines, Haat Saaterae, Haat ? Fre.guse tad Craves. ? The above wines have been earefially selected for this mar I ket. by my house in Bordeaux .and are now landing and offer ? ad from the wharf, oa reasonable verms, by I ?Xrod 1m*re JOHN SCHMIDT, IN Fulton ft I ^ TO MILLINERS. I CARL KING, the wall kaowa sad celebrated ? first preminm Straw Hat Manalaeturnr,-informs the punLe in ? asueml. that ha has for sale a moat splendid assortment of I Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, manufactured of an entire I new article, called Paris Straw Gimp, made to the shape of ? the Shepherdnaaa Gipeor?so beautiful and becoming, they ? need only bn seen to be admit ad. Milliners,and merchant* of ? the trade, will do wett to calf and examine before they make ? their purchase#, e> the goods will he sold by the mm or doaea ? at a vary liberal priee. I CARL KINO, n Division street. I N B.?A general aaaortment of all hands ef Straw Goods I and Paris Ribbons always on head. (JS lm*r I STRAW B9NNETS. I L. CHAP1N, No. 11 Joha straat, asar Broadway up ? stairs, has oa head a good assortment ad Faahiooabla ? Straw Boaaeta, which ha is selling at the lowest market ? prices. I Miiliaam and other* at* iavtted to sali before parchasiag ? elsewhere. mrt4 lm*r I Wfmsggg* rapvnv vrvzii Bird, corner pinb and Nassau btkeets. Ge * ?Xwtke ^ mdi Ip*w <^>ra?r nl "in# Num tcr tt MJ GmtionM'a Hato. ot Lh? Spring pRtUrn. uniting much SRK t&VKB!*' ~ "w -"iKr3*3 lorsp nl Pine m* SPKfoiG fashion. ^BROWNfcCO., n Chatham Sqaara, earner of Mott nvet. wish to inform the public od their recvat improre msarin the maaafaataia and fiaieh of their t> Hats,combining fashion, beauty and durability, three important considerations to the wear*!. The proprietors do co'Adnaily naeuitthair huu to o- much superior to anv aver before cold for the same price. Call and eatwfv VfjgBfl "f 'his fact m? lm*rh siring style. GENTLEMEN'S HATE. Hi WHY will yw pay kjt and $1 for a Hat, when yon can go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Falton Mraat, and get sa good a aae for IIJN Go and exam use for your selvea. mrU lm*re METROPOLITAN hat and cap store, Be. 37311>3B Grand Meet, ?FLUNKETT k CO have just rpened this aawastoMish asant vMi splendid amortmoat ef HATS end CAPS, not to b- surpassed either in ual.ty. elegance of shape or du rability. which they offer to foe public at the following very low pnccus? Hat*. First qaality Natria Fur. at fl N Seeaad do do do do ? 9 N First qaality Moleskin, do 3 N (tocos d do do do IN Cars from I7K cents to t> ft each. Wholesale and retail < rders punctually attended to, and cus tomers h?ta Ironed and kept >a shape gratis. *7 I Wire J. PLUNKE fT dad K.PARDE88WB. LOOK AT THIS! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if rou want k fine srtwfo or IBoot* and Shorn, ca I it Jw Broad way , ? h-re yoa will dad the la geat assortment, chaspeet, and moat fashiotsble in the eity. Do not mistake the number, 917 Broidway, corner of FVaaklia street. N. B ?A large assortment of imported French Boom, at the low price ? dollars. M. CAHILL alt iiu'r " kkEtolUM BOOts. HF1NE FRENCH BOOTS for fit M, eity made, aad era musI ta thoae sold ia other stores for $5. Tine French Ca Fhoots for ft RL equal to the bent made I* this eity for $6 or BT, at YOOSTO k JONES' French Boot sued i Manufactory, MUdftbe meet fashionable ia the city? Oar B. ou baviag beaa jodgml m the lamFair at NiMo "a, are and to b? lk* heat ever told in this city. All Boots war rented to give ea'isfseuott. ?BJm'a aaar Broadway. New York. dies sad misses Boon, Shoes and Gaiters, in all then van. WANT ED. MTWO 'MALL ROOMS, ue famished nnr the Bat tery, for a single ituilrmm. Address H. H . Her,Id olfiee. <11 tt?rre TO LET, tA HOU8K. No. 64 V?rick street, in food repair, with Crctou W ater, a Tea R.iom, anda Sue view of St. John'a faxk. Enquire cf ? *rrt P COC. >1 John street. TO LET, A THE three it^ry brick Honae, No 1IT Croat atraet, op puieZion Church. The honae 11 in perfect order, and wilI be rented,to be oeenpied b ? a rise'* family at a very moderate rent. Al'l'ly on the premises, or to dla'nt FETfcR P1RNIE, M6 Front et-_ TO RENT" A A BEAUTIFULLY situated Front Oflh-e, in W South ?tract, on th- s-coui floor Two or more Lofts cau also be had with it. Enr fathe'i>nr;iriil?rt apply to W. k J. T.TAF8COTT, 74S<m.b at . al> r ton.araf Meidvu tana. TO LET?The modem three rtory a..J attic Honae, No, 60 Second Amine, e pli and itli streets? JLNhlti* well Auittcd within !vw nv dunra, plated furni ture aed plate glaia in thadra: atO'V, in the ttcoud story, and rery conveniently arr uy?4 through. ut. App'y on the premises l.aulu triu Irotn It A.M. to 3 o'clock P.M. daily ulllw?rrc ' A FOR SALE, OR TO EEC, MThe Mode-n built three ?tory brick house, 115 Adarae atrret, Brooklyn 1' net solJ oy private aide, it will bs di?pjJtxl of a; pul lic ancti n. o . the '3 a day ofllry next. IJnll' ot the pa-rinse monty een remain on muitg-jre, for a term of ve-ra. Application u> be mode oa tho preruisre, 315 Adams st. Brockton. ?4 loi'rc FOR SAIJ2 OR TO LEASE, AaA THE house and Lot 411 Srotdw.y The vain honae la IJKm Are atoriea high with the artia. anil Id fret deep. 1 he .^flHLbacli building is times smrietugh aud 64 1 art deep A stable on the reer front ca on Mercnr street, al fket deep. The lot ie 36 feet foor in-hsa frant aa<l rear, and lot lee', deep Pa-sous wishing te confer with the owner, Rr. CHESS MAN, may do so between the boars of I and I, A. M., and 3ka end 4#. P.M. all 3w*rrc FOR SALE, IN WILLIAMSBURG, bng A MODERN-BUILT two story and basement frame ffTHf HOUSE,coUoead* front, situated in Second street, be jietfLtween Sooth Eighth and Honth Ninth sueett. It is besuiifallv sitnat'd, commanding a fine view ot the East River, and within sound of the Peck Slip ferry bell. The lot on which it stands it worth over $1666, and the whole will bPsold for verv little over what the honae to bnild. It has been erected a little ever a year. Possession on 1st May, or earlier. For paiticnlan, apply to W. It J. T. TAPS'CJTT, ale r 13 Snath street, coiner of Maiden Lena * TO LET OR FOR SALE, had ON very Uvorsbletrrms, four three story sad basement PX? brick dwelling Honaee, in Hoboken. They m-ch coo tain II rooms betides the kitchen, and are fitted in beautiful style throaghoat. Two of these houses are 31 feet {root by 33 kyt deep; and two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide court yard in front. The sitnation commands a fine view and is within one minute's walk of the fetry, where boats leave every fifteen minutes, for Barclay street, and every half burn for Ca nal and Christopher streets. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to all le'r J. C. STEVENS, Hobokea. TO LET, a TO A SMALL FAMILY"?'The nnper part of a house in Chambers strer t, tousistmg of front and ba'k room with pmtiy, on the seroud floor, and a front and bed room on the third floor, and if repaired an attic rnom, with the use of Crotun water, ad ether neceeeary privileges. Ap ply to A. S. VAN PRO AO, 51 Werren St. N. B.?If desirable a part <1 Ui? -hove may be obtained. ?1 3w?r STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. MA HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with ? few or any number of aertsthat ui?y hi desirable. Barns, be , be., attached,on the North shore (fSta'm Island,frent ug tin the river, and within thr-e tmnntrs walk ofCustl'ton Steamboat Landing, ore mile from t'ort Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brigktou. The property has a (runt on the water of about 406 feat. For further paiticnlan enquire of William end John O'Bri en, No. 11 Wall street, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jane Bar gcr si Iwr TO LET OR FOR SAeE, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stible and Coach Honae attaehed, with about an acre of land, the Lprincipal part of which is well stocked with fruit and sncy shrubs, and an losed wi'h a picket fence. The stages pees every Ma minales within live minutes' walk of the house Situation between 110th and 111th atrcgu. For further informa tion apply in JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth street. Sr Dr. WOODS. Harlem. mrll lm*re TO LET. AHOUBE AND BARN, with sbout sixteen lou of pit ground, situated in the Tillage of Hatting*, Westchester JUHLcoantr, Stara ol New York. within a few miuntea' uaJk of the steamboat leading. 8aid place u din ted into gar lena, which are well stocked with trait Alto, a peasai.t trove, with a stream of water, and sereml good springs. Pos sesion can be fires immediately. Vor further particulars, ap ply at the store of Mr 8c-ilnt>er, Hasting'* Lauding, or of [ al lm*re MIL Et'KEMT, 71 Marias st. New Turk. TO DU.Y GOODS DEALERS, JA WHO DES'RE a Handsome and Capacious Store in ?? Hyme Arenas, aear a drr goods store, which is doing an im nanss baa asst, a fiae three atorr brisk building, i4 feat front >y 41 fast deep, with handsomely finished parlors, Ac . a large iad commodioas store eadaa eseelleat ?nd spacious base aent. It will be finished, nnd ready ler possession herore the irstof May;.will be ae excellent location fore retail dry goods latin eat, and will be let low ton good teeaat. Apply to " " "TTAk" JOHN LANGSTAkt', 141 Myrtle Avon as. SARONI & ARCHER, lfil Water street, corner of JIalden lane, J_1 AVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Caps. Silk and 11 Far Hats, of ayery description, and Spring style, Straw utd Panama Hats. Also, Oil Silk, Olaxed Lawn, Vigors and Cap-stocks, which her ofiTar at eery low prices. Dealers aid maanfactaret will do well to 'xamiae their itock before parchaamg elsewhere. mil la* m30 Iw THE INVISIBLE WIG. CO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and C5 connoisseurs have pronounced it the moat perfect aad extra rrdinary invention of the day. The gnat advantages of this lovel and oniqtte wig ia its being made withoat eewiag o reaving, which eansaa its appearances so closely to rtsamble .lie natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as o defy detection, it* tortus being so beautiful, so porous and 10 free, that ia all cases ofp-rspiratioa evaporation i* nutinpe led, and the great evils of other wigs eatiraly avoided. The iceptic and euaaoisseu are alike invited to inspect this eoral out' if a) Wig, and the peculiar method at fitting the head. it the miuKIaeturars A. C. B AR.RV, 144 Brodttwty, corner ol Liberty street, ap stairs. ?? lm're CURE OF CORNS. BUN10N8, TITMORB, EXCRESCENCES. Ban Naits, Ac.?No. 4J9 Broadway, between Howard and Grand St. dftd. BERHARD, from Paris, has the honor of lufonn ng the public that the still c.nnn'-e# to practice upon the set with the greatest success, l?ring exclusively devoted her die line to those diseases, to which the lert are subject. She is confident in promising that she will enciraly remove corns Vom their irritating ana painful location, without earning the east pain or possibility ol dscger, or making the blood flow. I'he operation will not occupy mote than fonr to fivo annates. ind the relief to instsntsneons that persons thus treated can the least in armed lately put on their shoe* aad walk without Mrs. B. baa practised her profession for several years ia Ee ?tetettegggKry, and hug 5. r^m ^^^?adelphia. ope aad in this country, and has acquired great skill and maeh irsetical expvrieaee. Facts attested by nameront certificates Vom the noet celebrated physicians of New Yon, Boston, TVrass modtstio fee yearly attendance, Mo. iS? Brood way, between Howard aad Grand streets, New 'oik. mil Imo'rc CONSTIPATION ? (COSTIVENESS) H ?destroyed ? II71THOUT MEDICINhS, INJECTIONS or BATHS V? ?Discovery recently made ia France by M. Warton? Price Thirty cents?the filth English edition, translated from he *Jd French edition of the exposition of a natural, simple, igreutble and infallible meant, recently ditceverad m France, tot *aly of overcoming, hut also of completely destroying, ob Itiaate, inveterate aad habitual eoasiiertieo, without using ei her pwgaiivet, injections or baths, followed by a grrst num jerof antbentie doaaaseau from eminent physicists and other mv oi aataeatie ooeaaaeeu iron eminent physicists and other jorsons of distinction, certifyingthe complete cAecey of the neans. To each deenmeat is subjoined the usme and exact ?^?^Mthe physician iddreas of the phvtician or oth< r prison who testifies The authors of the certificatee attest, not oaly that this natu al meant destroys constipation, sod that it causes the iutetti tal canal te preform iu evacuating functions as ia iu narmal nates, bat also that it eu res, at if by eachutmrat. 1. Patafal Ugestinn.(dyspepsia.) 1 All, oroaarly all, the diseases to eh'ch the bowels are tgl je t. t A greet aember of other te ioat. daogeroas >nd losig ttaadiag diseases, for curing which ? ri.-cr it IdSijt itsndiag duesees, to Sold st the National DepotTc?'WARTON, of Paria, 74 H itviden take, New York, wl by all booksellers aad medicine lealrrt in the United States. m?lm*r 192 BROADWAY, COKMBK OF JOHN STUIT. TO THOSE WHt> SHA"E THEMSELVES the Evening Poti SPECIMENS of RING'S unarproachable VERBENA 3( REAM FOR SUA. - . h.s _ article, aaiytraally irtiSed by thoae who mad* irmi of it, last year took the first murium of the Institute Fair !> dted it is falls conceded by hose whe know, mat it is impossible to maaafaetare an arti :la equal to It. It is aofteeing ro the skin, fragrant to the lease, a destroyer of frweklet and pimples, and it sold cheaper ban the old soaps. All, thnrslore, who weald consult eeuno Froi ay.aad comfort in shaving, should possess themselves ol it. mtha New Yow Gaxetir ? The New Soap.?We speak mm superieaeo, atn we speau from the more professional laowiedg* of oar broefhetor and friend James Great. No. 4 fir? street, who says it io ahead of any thing evor yet found rat in this depeitment ol modern improvement. It is not only IB emolient" but it it something more.'* In short, we believe t is the beet tbsvisg soap in the world. Krom tho Kvaniag Mirror.? ^^^^^^^^^^^?^?Riim'sVerton* Cream, we caow by capeeieace to be tlia beet kind of sharing soap, and hose person* who have troublesome beards, shoald not bo Bitheut it It has a penetrating way of its own, aad tofirat he hardest sad roughest beard, to as to icndor the operation of hiving perfectly easy. Mr. King Ms lately takea the busi less of Dr. the corner of Broadway aad John street, a hare his iaestimsibie article asay be obtained; aae, iftgwtea. Ring's Cough Candy, which ia said to ba a pleasaat tad dfc> Ring's Cough Candy, which is said to 1 am cure foprhat troublesome eompuiou. Prom the Sunday D speech.?Every man who shave* himself ihould procure "King's Verboua Cream " It i?.in exquisite irticle softening the beard, aad allaying all imtatioabf the ikia. eo that it become* an abaotuta pleasure, instead of an *n aorancs, to use Hie raxor Beware of imitations, and onterve the written signature an ler the directions for use, of " C. H King." Prepared and lor ?h. ?W-1. - mJ. ?d ?- fTrbTViTor? 1M Broadw.y, c< mar ofJobs street Successor to Dr. Wm. H. Milnor. N- B.?Merchants are particularly requested to call and ex imiiM this article, ?... as now prepared, as to-quality, quantity, ap pearance and price. It cani.ot be heat?the splendid now Mel Irnm a steel plate, engraved by Meews- Rewdun. Wright A Hatch, Isr eaecedn.g any thing of the kind before the public m4 Im'r MOUCMiEUNKS L?.. . AiNL. 1AA NEW SPRING BTYLESo. * creign sad Pammdl, "ttbC tm m*m 4' Wtutem svsnt N HAKT WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, !?!43 Cbutnnt Street, PHILADELPHIA. D ATHB just introdncpd-Wirm tad Cold?ia flat apart JL# meats, for bock ladies tad aeatlemea; tad the entire orgr aizauon tad fctiac up of everydepartment of the Wmi.i Jttot Hoate. complete mX7 Im're MANSION HOUSE, MIUDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT 'PHt UNDERSIGNED begs Iwrt to annonaee to his A friend, nod the public, that he h\s Iced the above honae for . term of rear., aad hope., by lone espencuee and .iriet att'Dtira to business, to merit a liberal .hare of their patron ate JOHN L. MONKOK, mrg ira-re Formerly of the U- 8- H tel. Be?ton. EAGLE"COFFEE HOt'SE AND BA I'HS, O. Mi Pearl, between ('entreei'd Elm?Warm, cold ?ud Slower B.itha, equal to tho.e maey home in the city, at '.Hi (tab; Lodcioit., ?' i'h good rlrau bed., 1?>: ct?; hoard ing and Lodging, fg SO per week. In the reading room will he fonndueviuiaper. trntn London, Liverpool, and all the priuci p-l o" the Urited S'Mes. at Im'rh blGLLOw's NEW ENGLAND EAFKLftST POH Fitahbarr, Keene, Greenfield, Braxtl.boro, Wiudaol, Woodcock, Moiitpelier, and linrfiegtou, Vt., and the t'a nadu. All Package*, Parcel, end nnv ol the abort town.,or any part of thq western portion of New [ and Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the cure of L. BiOELOW, i Court street, Bootor.. N.B.?Be acre to mark Package, to care or " Bigeiow's r j or em " jjsrc ATLANTIC WRITE LEAL. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COW PAN Y Una completed rbeir Work.. . re now ready to el rente order, for pore White Lead, both 117 cud Ooned 10 Oil, 10 .In#.' any ea'.rct th? may be wanted The Cojii?>.y hxrnsparid no eiiienae iu hta erection of the Work, wiiieb would tend, in the leaat degree, to Lhe improvement ot the Lead, hivinf av.uted themselves of .very modern improvement for that pnepore. hems well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent lead, .old iu our market, that by far the greater proportion ?old at such he. bean, and .till 1. greatly adulterated with Barvtei. an article cf mineral production tnneh heavier than White Lead, eud in itself possessing no ?ulue of any pig meat whatever, it being, when miied with oil. alioo.t trans parent, and in fact hovlug nothing hat it. ai-ccifie weight to recommend it, the Trusrres of the Atlautie VVnite Lead Com pany have pnavd, nnacimonaly, the followicg reaolntion, viz: "Resolved, Tuat iu view of manufacturing only n prime article, the Atlautie White Lead Company will make bnt one qmlity of White Lend, both Dry and Ground io Oil; that to be a atrictly pure, genniue article, and perfectly flee from any adulteration whatever, which the Company WiM warrant at inch to all who may pnrchaae their Lead." Purchaser., therefore, may be well assured thet every de pendence may be piaced in the parity ol every pound of White Lewi manufactured and .old by the Company, which pureneaa will uot only tend to the greater durability of the Paint, bat will be found much more economical iu it. oae, even iu lhe moat common deecriptioo of painting, owing to the body or eorering quality it po.sesses. thereby giving a far batter finish with two conta, than lire adulterated White Paint would with three, of which every painter will beer witneaa. The Company alao main factum Red Lead and Litharge, and have for aale a variety of Paiuta Ground iu Oil, vix: Verdigria, Black Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Pari. Green, Brunawick Green, Ire. Ire. Having been appointed general Agent, for the Company, all ordereahoold be directed to na. POLLEN k COLGATE, f7 tm*T NT Peerl atreet. corner of Beelctnen .tract FOft THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. A HIGHLY velnehle Coametie for eradieutrag Eruption, on the Face end Bkin, particularly Pimples. Blotches, Tetter, Bnnbnrn, Ringworm., Freckle, and Cntaneou'JCs ereeenesa. Tha uae 01 the " the akin end eatabfieh at 74 eenta each, at No. hv Mrs Have*. iv? Fnlma NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. D ATCHELOR'a new invented Wigaand Scalps so perfeet U ly resemble the natural htftr aa to defy detection. It u now aearoely e matter of regret loeiog an indifferent head ol hair, when a new one, perfectly adapted to the eonntenanee end style of every wearer, and without any of the vexation, difficulties ao long experiencedbvwigwearers, can be procured at WM. BATCH FLOW'S, J Waif street, near Broadway Removed from I6S Broadway. mil lm'in STKIKEK'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, IXTHICH will change grey hair to ita original color in a few v Y minutes. Those who denbt ire virtues, are requested to have their heir changed before paying their money. if ham bugs would take this method there would be eo rcaaou to com plain. Gonllameucaa have their whiskers and hair chanced to any color orshade In a few minutes. Private rooms for cnang ink the heir. None genuine nnless signed " H. Btriker," in red ink. One trial wiU prove the fact, iU prove the Tact. Sold wholesale ana retail, and applied at No i CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hail or Records, New York, up stairs. It# Im'rh ;NEEDLE dc FISH-HOOK MAN UFACTOKY, 77 IHaldtn Lane. tlTM- CROWLEY It 80N, naovketutn of tha above ?J articles, respectfully inform the importers of New Yotfe and other cities, that they have bow on hand a large stock ot the abort articles, which they are willing to sell aU small im if desired. . , P. 8. ? Robist Cuowlbt, importer of BhffleW and Bit miiurli?vn in part of the above itora HI Im'ff HAVANA SEGARS. , ! lOO.OOO Very Superior, received per late arrivals from Havana, viz: Norriiga's, Victoria's, Wandering Jaw's. Bayadere's, Emilia's, Nsb.js'i, end floatation Begnrn, ail warranted of the highest grade ot Tobacco. The advertiser is receiving consignments ot the Bner qualities of Havana Be gan by .vary vea.ei from Havana, with advices to close sales I rotnpllv, Mid will, therefore, sell at one or two dollars leas per thousand, than any other importer. Country, merehank. aud hotel keepers will God it to their interest to cell. mtftWrrc GEORGE WKLL8 Jr.. It? Frost street SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP HAS CURED ME. READ! READ! THE FOLLOWING CERTIFI CATE OF RICHARD L. COX, A MAN OF HIGH STANDING IN NEW JERSEY. OHM THE Sd <Uy of Msv. A. D. IMS, before the sub ? iciib-r. oueof the Aldermen of the city of Philadelphia, lersonally appc;>trd Richard L. Cot. a citnen of Evariuim, Bniluiglon coauty, Rat* of New Jaisey, who, on hie solemn affirmation, did depose and sry: That for about twelve months past he was attacked br a shirt, dry cough, with a sense of I timing ill the palms of his bauds aud soles of his lert, toge ther with dsitTeMing night sweats. This state of things eon Unnrd in^ November last. When he was suddenly seised with a sefere pun ui the right side and breast. His family physician theu infortned him that his longs were in s disreted state, nod he beeaine gradaally weaker and weaker, emaaisted and wasted in flesh, until reduced almost to a skeleton; hit br athiug was short and laborious, sod the leastcsertion led to esueme ethiustioa. lor it was with the greatest difficulty and pain that an* change coald be made in his clothes, or even in making up the bed tu which he Isy. At this period hit physi cian, family ned friends-ind-ed sll who saw him?considered his case beyond the rest h of hope. For two days his appetite had entirely forsaken htm, end he took no nourishment during that time? when he determined to try " dchenrk'e Pulmonic kyrnp." That he bed taken bat ebont ten bottles of the said Syrnp, wheu s large gathering formed in his left side, which toon ripened under the soothing influence of the Syrnp He had given up the use ofaU other medicines at this time, and strictly Tollcrwrd the directions accompanying the Palino de Syrup?'hat he discharged in the presence of hie wife aud brother at least a quart of thick grrenish matter of eo offensive a nature, that his friends eould scarcely stay in the room with him?that at this time he was nnsble to raise bis heed from tbe pillow in consequence of hie his weakness ; bnt be coetiuaed he use oi the medieiae. having known that Mr. Schenck hitn self ban beeu cured by the same medicine in the lowest stage of consumption, alter til other means had failed?thai for several weeks he continued to expectorate freely?which gradaally diminished in qaautity, and changed to that ol a healthy char acter?that his appetite began to improve his strength to re turn, and rat short time hs wis able to sit up in his chamber. The period intervening between taking the first bottle aud hit recovery was atom ten weeks ; that the rapid changes in bit condition created each surprise and wonder in all who saw him during his illness, that friends and neighbors nocked continu ally to see, as it were, a man risen from the grave. That aa the Syrup still strengthened and imr rived the system, HI continued using it till he hid taken twenty-five bortlea. That he now be lieves himself e sound men : and is in the enjoyment of good health | that be is able to attend to all his duties, and to fulfil them m a township otfleer as well as at any period ol his life; that he has had his langs rwnined, and thai tkcyire pronoun ted lo be in a perfectly soeod couditiun^^^^^^^^^^^d yBiWd) RICHARD I. cox ? ? subscribed, this Sd day ef May, IMS. before me![Signed] CHAUNCEY-BULKLEY, m Eras nasi, Burlington Co., N. J., April tSd. 1M4. We. the subscribers, res ideals Co., Ik. J., April *M, 1M4. the township of Ewe,ham. ar.gaeinted with *lr Rirh?rd suited hi* in rile last stage of Pel mo ich we believe was em red by dm use of aed feel It ourdgty lo rooommaad L le the Musumptive in the strongest possible terms, basing, been eye witnesses ? ens of the greatest tares ever performed jmthie seetien of the oouetry. H"j .mm Beak mar, J oho Leeds, ir. William L. Brown, Hitliam Hummitt, Johh If Ellis, Andrew Oriaeem, I Iffrtakltu B. Cot, John B Cox, Thos. H. H*wrings,I Joe.?! Mewling*, Joseph Ellis, Jacob Mewling*. I I M , Nlsy Mh. lMfi. ? ?Mr. J. H Schenek?Sir: I am pastor of the Samlet church at Marlioe. New Jersey. Some three or fonr mouths siaet 1 was I Mnritoe. rssw Jenny. Boms three ox rour mouths siaee 1 was I takon by on* of the detoens t* see one of Ms neighbors, Mr. I Richard L. Cox, then lying, to all homaa eppeerunee at deathSI door by eoueumntiea. My dietiact impression waa. that thai geaUeman would net live one wash. To my surprise 1 saw hmi in mr congregation last Sabbath, a healthy looking man. To-day I nave bees at his house, and received from h>m the as surance that your Syrup wee ilia means of saving his lib. lam respectfully youre, JAMES M CHALLIBS. "Hie g?iiainc Pulmonic Syrup is prepared exclusively by the Orietor, and it for sale at hie principal office. No. 4 Court l street, where prison* can receive advice, have their loans ?iMnined, and obtain pamphlets describing CONSl'M PTION, DYBPEWlA sad LIVER COMPLAINT, free of charge For ssle also by A. B. Sands It Co. JTI Broadway ; Hntehiegs, 343 Blcecker at; Kord, T4 Fourth st. eor Wswtti Ever at, 94 Hudson st; Dr. Oardner,4J Montgomery ?t. Jersey City; W. A. k T. A. Van Z-wdt. corner Smith and Doan eta, Brooklyn; K?ddiflff tL Co. 8 Htils at, BoMoi. Please bear in mind that P. B. Beekman does not self my ori eal Genuine Pulmonic Syrnp, end to avoid deception, apply the eld established medicine, at No. 4 Conrtlandt street Bird cage manufactory, NO. 1 St Johns' Line comer Beach street. The Snbeerib er would inform bit Lnstnmo'taa the Public, th?l ho has eons'aitly on hand, a la ge atock of faacraad common ! Bird Cagve, of all neseiiptions, which ho will sell cheep* r tium they caa be bought else where. Also, Crgee made to order. J. KELLT. P. 8.?Country Merchants would fled it to ffioit advantage to call aed rxamino bis st,?k al Im'r HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUN?. w. SClICH 8 CO., haruif *finoT?l to 91 MiMm Iim, ? offer a farm* and Well aborted atock of Htidware, Cil lery. Gnus and Gob MUcoriala. by rccoat importation*, tt ?* tnmcly low prioca for gfh or arproyod p?yr at lifh A RN1TUK.E the SUB AC R: BUS have rsceivod from their mauufbelo* X rTWSOXteJsiveas' irtmeutof plain and embossed ffurei ture Irishes. of all colors sod qualities, suiUabla foe oubfcmt, -*? mnariiw Kuiuoiro. e| lm*> lffi Peso 1 scree*. AN EXAMINATION INTO THE ELECTION RETURNS. ANXItTY FOP,THE RE8ULT. ['he above sketch represents the politicians of New York scanning the returns, in order to~as certain how their respective interests will be affected by the result. They may be divided into four classes ? the office seekers, the street sweepers, the apple women, and the hogs ? and each has its reprt sentative in the above cut. The apple woman is apprehensive that if the native candidates are elected, her occupation will be gone; the street sweepers, if the democratic candidates succeed; and the hogs are anxious to know the result, because, under the native regime, their " area of freedom" was considerably curtailed; and they fear a recurrence of the calamity if they are again elected. One of the office hunters looks pleased with the result, while the other Btands horrified at his plans being frustrated Belvidkrk, Boone Co, III. March 16,1846. IUinn*? What brought me here?It* Sot!, Climate, Agriculture ami Commerce?Railway*, Canal* and River*?The Population that wat, it, and will be?Jit Bird*, Beait* and Pithe*. In the fall of 1844, when about to sail for Europe, you kindly furnished me with a few back num era of the Herald, which constituted, during the voyage, the chief portion of my literary food. On a sea voyags I am strongly opposed to ths uso of in digestible materials of any sort; but those furnished Id the colnmaa ef the HtrmlH, came quite up to my mark, racy and tendev?ebnnnding invatiety. I eogarly do" auxiliaries had thus supplied mefh/" ViVtWG. aW37...of now find myself located on the summit of a most beauti ful prairie, just twelve miles east of Rock River, and about threo minutes'walk from the monumental mound, where, until within a fow months past, sat in state, sup lie ported by a lew rude piles, the mortal remains of " Dig Thunder," a celebrated Indian chief, the whole of whose bones, big end little, hare beon pilfered, to grace ti e cabinets of cariosity-mongers in divert parte of thee* States. On c.y voyage, end during my beregriuatio. e columns of the/Ftreld,I read ? very into through the resting letter from Illinois, giving each o fascinating de scription of the wilds of the far Watt,.that, on my re turn from Europe, I hastened onward to visit a country the reeding of which so delighted and excited ma. Thus, then, by virtue of reeding the HtraU, I am where I am, tba precise epot being mote clearly indicated by refe rence to ihe address of this letter. Countries whose nomas hove more magic about them than,that ef stale Illinois, have latterly nwde each large demands upon your space that I fear thle fashion fallen country will be censMered to possess but a slender claim to a place in tha columns of your groat national reflector. But surely Oregon, {Texas, Mexico, Cnbe nnd California, will, out of pure politeness, for once aland aside end allow Illinois to show ber nose; if not, you, eir.will, good enough to jam us in some how, far I fear we are forgotten by ell the world except the Illinois State bondholders. Tour Illinois correspondent, to Whom I have before aHuded, was rich in his description of this country, but he was no less true. On the soore of fertility of soil, every new country presents its prominent claims, but I em satisfied that to no spot on earth need this State yield iuthntr spect. The soil it light, deep, and of a friable or sightly sandy character; and once broken, is suscep tible of cultivation by the vary aimplest process. Here, wheat, corn, potatoes, end oil the chief products of a Northern latitude, both at to quality end quantity, at tain perfection, and in no country in the universe does the husbandman meet with a richer reward for hie la bor, and no whore, 1 candidly believe, is the requirtd amount of labor laes. As to climate, I have spent a sum mer, fell and winter here, without any interruption of health- Indeed, in respect to health, considering this as a new country, I do not think It can be excelled. Al though, if unheel thy localities ho looked for, I dare say thoy may be found hero, as in every other country, however good, grand, or great may be its general fet tures. At respect* health, It may be truly said, without reierano* to elimat*, that our health ia more or laat in our own ktoping, and will be good or bad in propor tion to the trial* to which it may be subjected The squirrel and the rabbit art now almost the only animals left to furnish occupation for the sportsman. The latter "ape Injuriously abundant, a* in many instances (when new is on the ground) tbey eat off the bark of young fruit trees and thus destroy them. The wolf ianot yet quite extinct, but is become so scarce a* almost to be considered a novelty. The quail and prairie hen ere etill plentiful; these ere new the only remnant of the feathered tribe to attract the attention or the sportsman, except, it may be, along the water couraea, the occasional visit of a few docks or geeaa. reaches flourish here, a* would the apple and other fruit trees : but this country has beau too recently settled to allow experiment to pro duce practical roealti. Of applo trees, however, I have teea several hundreds In flue condition, but too young yet to boor. A neighbor of mino had a fow apples on on* ot bis trees last season; but they were unfortunately destroyed by hie children Defer* attaining full growth.? My ptavlous observations ara just as applicable to Wis consin as to Northern Illinois, and with respect to both I may say, that the eniy serieos obstacla to tha settle ment of them is the searcity of timber for feel, fencing and building purpose*. There I* sot a eelitary pin* tree tobsmetwita. Tha lumbar, or tlmbarueed for build ing, has to bo shipped from Oreeu Bay to Chicago, end thena* carried by tb* return wboat teams, a distance of somotioMs, 100 miles oad ever. Netwithetandiag this greet drawback, thle Wee'ern country Isfast lliing up ; end I venture to predfet that in loss the* Bvo year* from ify aa tbto time, scarcely so eligible epet wUi o* loft unoccu pied in tnoa* vast region*, for, not only ere the hordee of emigrants from Europe flowing in open tie, but tb* eld tattled countries East are fast) contributing to swell our rapidly increasing population To give yon ? more ac curate idea upon this subject, I would state, that the po pulation of 14 Northern counties in iMOJwae M 700. The present population, in the seme counties, is 119,740 And as t* produce, the amount of wheat raised in eleven Northern counties, in 1840, was 440,179 bushefr, while the Jomomit raised in the same counties in 1844, wee (9,700,060)two million* sevei^hundred thousand bushels; tnd to conclude this subject, the total value of the ex ports irom Chicago (the great shipping port of Northern Illinois) woe in 1840, >-i-i8 ?*?. while lor 1844 they have amounted to above >9,000,000. There is eno her greet staple article of production which I ought to notice, that Of food: of this article there ha* been shipped from Goln no dnriog the peat a*?soa 00,000,000 pound*. But, sir, if | no dnriog the peel sex eon pounce, bus, sir, ill our yeorTv increase of population be* been great? if the multiplication of our products has beon vast and aurpri tiog?that increase and that moltiplicetion furnish bur meagre data whereupon to found n calf illation of the re sult of the neat Ave year*. If, aa regard* the peat, w* have accomplished o much while merely jogging along io the .old ox team end spade and shovel feahion, what may wa not expect when a railroad shall bring a market to our doors, and when without toil end anxiety we can have our lumber end luel deposited almost Of on tba spot where tbey are to be used I To this delightful eoosi ta rnation w* ore hastening. Two grand points ot commu inedD* nicatiou are about to b* opened between tb* Jakes end the Mississippi?on* by o railway between Chicago and Illinois " " ~ ' Osiers, tb* ether by the lllinoiii and Michigan Canal The latter ia now in progress end cenei-SraDiy advan ced, while, with respect to (he foim*',*irh inenor#* havo been taken as leave no doe it of it* early com moncement, end rapid and successful completion. At Chicago. Oelona. and in etch county s'ong ttm intended line of railway, la large amount* of ?<*rk hove boon sub scribed for, while such is the fhverahfe character of the charter under which the company arc operating, that 1 apprehend little difflculty will be found ?5omplo?ng the aubioriptien 1 st in the EMtem moMy merheU, The entire co.t of the railway, care, and a^omplete, ui eeti mated at ia.001.T7a, and the annual coet of running the road repairs, fcc., is estimated at flOO,000. The follow ing u tW e.Umate of reoeipte expected to be realtxed from the railway:? ? ooft Eitimstsd receiote from lead *?vw From agricultural product! JW.OOO From merchandize ? From passengers, $330,000 I might add to thsse additional and very inteieetinjr statistics, but fear to encroaoh upon your epaoe. Bttu, however, the subjects upon which! arauowwrlting cannot be coneideted of more local importance, ins much at thie Weetern country is the great territorial ro servoir destined to receive the surplus <" ?"* am.** of nil -tn^ woTld hetide, thit St raapect to this railway, its to the State of Illinois is beyond estiraate. while surh is the level sutfaon ol the country over which it has to pass, such iU unbounded fertility, and c?l"jclty' o P 1 Auctions viewing it lastly as the grea'"? i o nab far a?as the grand track'of a railway that will, at nu distant day, connect the hakes with the PiCifio entei toia the very highest opinion of it, considering i merelv i? the light of an investment. I glory in it as a great public enterprise, destined to help us on to a view 5f that great Western Canaan at which the >?? been so lonr looking?Oregon and the Southern adja cent territory. Sir, I am ? subscriber to your territoiial creed, or, in plein words, I believe in the Pfj^cy ofan nomine California and aU the other fine lots thereabouts, which now are, and.for countleae ages have remained, a WNowa'few words about the Illinois and Mlch'gan ca nal This caoai, as you are aware, is intended to form a junction with the Illinois rivsr. snd thus open ^ ^and navigation by these and the M^sotepU^tweea N?W York and the Oulf of Mexico. The leagth of the CBMl will be one hundred miles; the length of the 'UmoU river is, from the termination of the .?~J' of that river. 013 miles. In twelve vgraiSSSSwi stsastiVm? - ?????'? an improvement of the Illinois jri^'/C^w ?' ?"JJ{ with that and more extended objects In view, nee J ? been completed by lien. K Mowry, Esq..ClvUl His survey commenced under the auspices of t tary of ths Navy, who rlaeod at Aie risepowelof the Oa vernor of the Slate of Illinois tbe sum of ?1MK> fo?^that purpose. Limited to that amount live ot his own charge for personal aervicesi-Mr. Mow X.ioo, many oth.r Ibia,., t. ?*VWiz?? position, extent, and character of ell obstructions 10 e ritgToV wlt.^?.nd fourteenth, to Mcert^ ths practicability of making such water, and if practicable, the cost of such impro "to these instructions Mr.Mowryroports (among other ,;frX i&sssi sffK thi# kind of improTement the riwr il Vtn Jrfttfr* ed This plan of improvement would '"'V'J tkraafeetof water.) six locks end dams, at an estimated * af ?iAA 71a 03 Te this Mr. Mowry adds That rorastbtagmust bs done to improve tJ* "'jf*"0,0 Ih. It ream is certain;" the interests ef the general go vt* Me^end those ol the SUte r.quir. it .ud without it the Illinois and Michigan Canal will be in itself a , Mnwrv sta es "with regard to an improvement of the I dh klsslt* txasU^tssS'jiJSxS I flcult to aaceitain or estimate without a particular e 1 B Thu?nthen, the .hip canal remainaat ? m.tUr ?6? ^.imintsMthoea recommended for the Illinois n ver^ One dam has already besn thrown lord whorA the rifir DiiitirM TOO fnt In width. TkA progress of improvement is slow, but when complete. This river, for purposes of oevigatlon, (by boats of three feet water) and all objects requiring water P?wefrO*Jf' i w?m? eeTof great importance. Now. sir, I have vnrttten of roil and climate! agriculture ^ co?nm.rc.. railways, ceusls and rivsrs?the population that was, is, ?..i will be- of birds, beasts, sod Ashes-no, by the bye, | and will be Well wherever there's water enough many V.t^ish^,^s'dm!nngT*nrim^b arified and ever j grateful reedera ef your In mitable lUrmli. The bark Justice Story, cleared from Providence, R. I laat Hidav for Bshia, with the mechioery necessary e nil in otirotion e cottee fectory of aOOO splndUe. The machtuerv belongs to I compeny of Braailiens. lilh one Americen. Mr. Corson, formerly of the United mates Army. Six men, including eu overseer for eeeh department, end three women, weavers, go o?t In the Jutrice Story. The company propose to make coarse twilled goods,No a,for rice and coffee bags and negroes' W Repeal buttons havs made the it appearance In Boston A melancholy accident occurred at Mill Village, In Dedham, on Saturday last, by which a young man named Robert Adorns, about U years of age, waa instantly killed. He was engaged in raising a heaey pole, on the top ef which was placed a martin-house, en?by the giving wsy of some pert of the rigging connected with the derick, he wei thrown to the eerth, e di5u???. 16 !??', curing instant death, having t?roken his neck The Boston Freemen advertises (or girls, as appren , Ucesto the printing bu?ines?. . rr nt The Portland gills hava recently ,o of Female Wechabites A see rot end e beeevoiem I elety Police Intelligence Aran. 1*?Jiitor?A young man about eighteen yeara of age, by the name of John Conway, who is *n ap prentice to Mr. William D. Kobinann, cliainnaker, No. AM Washington street, wet arrested last nighi, charged with Mtting flro to the workshop of Mr Rohuisou, at tha above place, under the following eircumstanoei: It ap pear* a fellow apprentice, by the nam* of David Storms, observed Conway clamber ap on the tide o< the (hop, from the yard, and touch aometbing with a lighted segar.and immediately leave; they both thon wont home to bed, when in about half an hour atterwarda, a fire broke out in tha workehop, and befora the Are waa ex tiDcuiehad abeut 9300 worth of atock wae daatroyed, and J><0 worth of tooie, and no inaurance on aitbar. Jus tice Merrit committed him in full for trial. Ktftet! of the Election ? David McCartney wae arrett ed yeeteriiay afternoon, for a violent aaaault on a man in ? antra street, by a blow on the head, it ie eupi-ound, with a atone Ho fell immediately eenaelea* to the giotind, and was taken fortnwnti to the City Hospital; and the laf news that wo heard from him wua, thai it w? doubtiul w bother he woull live through the r ,ght. McCartn.iv wae committed to paeon to await the I mult. liltiat Vrt<n& end Perjury Jaiamiah Hoarier Wie or rested yur'erday morning, chafed with illegal voting in the second district of tno b'ouith VVmd. hie vote hav i"g been sworn in by the inspectors according to Jaw. it was a/letwarda ascertained that ho had, the tame morning, voted in the third diatrlctot the earn* ward, and gave bi* reaidsnce No 339 Water street; but on tha lu?t voting he eta ed he lived In James etirof, Justlco Oeboroe committal him to prison (or eve mm* Uen. Jln?tk*r J-iigal Voter ? Peter Mccoimick wae also w reete.l r eeterduy, charged with aCenipl'ng to vr,;o ille gally at the fourth d'etxiot in the Sixth Ward. Ha wae aworn, but the vote waa cot received by tha luapec'.ora. Locked up lor examination Supreme Court Decision* ? Special Term?Mr. Justice HerJaley presiding?Saturday, April 11 ? Miller et si vs. McClcUan?motion for a to omission ; grunted by default. In the matter of Ann D.ivla ada Stilwell?motion ex parte for a ceitiorarl: granted. The Long Island Railroad Company ada. Udell et el ? motion to change venue ; granted ,- changed to Rich mond county. Mortimer adi Saston cud another can r ?motion for judgment of nonpros ; granted with bests. Katletty va Suuth?motion for ceitiorrtri ; granted ex parte. Mattity ada. Henke?motion for judgment o> non proa ; granted bv default. Church va. Oay et al ? motion that pluintitThave leave to isnie a ne v A fa , It ?,.? granted by content. Kin1; ada. Homey n? motion to chaiy venno ; denied with eosM. Korn ada. Bennett at el ? motlou to ?et aaide defauK, las ; denied withcoata. t or nell ada. Alexander?motion to set aaide judgment and lor leave to defendant to vet ve a case, Ac ; granted on terms. Marion et al- va. Van Hoeaen?motion to va cate order of Circuit Judge. and to aet aaide execution, Ac ; denied with coata. Wilder ada. Latham?the de fault taken in thia cause openad, and motion ordered to stand over to next special teioi. Smith adm'x, Ac , ada. Boynton?motion oidered to stand over to next special teem The Mayor, Ac , New York ads. the American Print Works?appeal from taxation of oosta j allowed, and coats taxed, hy default West et al. va. Cartlidge et al ? motion to amend declaration; granted en terms. Stevens va. Whittimore?motion ax parte for certiorari; granted.?Albany Jlrgut. The immense amount of timber which the British have drawn from St. John for many years past, baa drawn ao heavily upon tha foroata, that timbor in Now Brunswick is now said to be growing scarce, especially in the St. John waters. Much com pi slot is made by tha Main* lumbering interest, at the imposition of an export duty ol 30 cents per ton, on all timbor leaving the 8L John. A dual almost cams oAriu Augusts, Maine, a day or two ago, between the son cf Chief Justice Wsston, lately a midshipman in the U. 8. Navy, and a young English naval officer by tha name of Beck, who has been wintering here among the grandees. The affair grew out of a quarrel in a bowling alley. John Bull off coat and wanted to take it out in pugUlstle style; but the Yankee was no boxer?so the Englishman seat a chal lenge, but the young ex middy refused to ffght. After seme diplomacy the affair waa made up, and gunpowder, which riz on the Arat rumor of the tight, is fall again. Tha two factory stores of Mr. Bliss and Mr. Carpenter, at Attleboro', Vt, were Broken into end robbed cm Thursday night laat by two young men, one named Brown, of Taunton, and the other Salisbury, of Attlu boro', both of whom were arrested in the aet of pillage. About $30 in gold were found upon their persons. Governor Ford has pardoned McKiony, convicted of the murder of Pbiieo, in Rock Island county, Illinois. DR. J. FRANCIS, OCULIST, 469 Broadway, THIRD DOOR FROM OSsflD STRUCT. WE, the iniirnifuid having witnessed utosishing nra performed by Dr. Francis, mlim his preps mow uoom of lb. greatest discoveries sver made for diseases ?f theKya.aad h ghly recommend him u aaafe and skilfal Oealiat. Her. Danoao Danbar. Ho*. M 11 Cone, Ha*. J. Aadrada, R.C. Pneat, Rev.Q. benedict, Me*. J. Peek. Ha*. A. Wheeloek. Uicrs and Specks removed. oT&ie'lotftfv.I'.l7^F jjtaT. JT7" ,\ nnmher ot undoubted 'eitimonmle, to M aelWWTBi | office, will ratiaf* the public ol Mnnstoirshing aoeceaa !i_7" Artificial Eyas i use i toil without pain. [C7* Ad*i?o to the poor gntis. Or Francis will i*mo** on the first of Mar to Na 4M Broome at. firat honao, second block oaat of Broadway, at lmdfcttW*Te FANCY NEEDLE WORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWBKNCB, IMPORTER OF ZEPHYR WOOL, CANT AM, PAT 1 TEKN8. BEADS. FRINGES. OIMPB, kt , M JOHN HTHEET, NEAR flkOAD WAY.?H..L. tak-s this ? tleod if iuformin informing the tnda and public generally that he haa the above acoie, and ia prepared in offer an aitooaive afock in hialina, aeJectrd by himaalf, in Europe, wth eapaciil rjler eocero quality and novelty ; and, by hia artaagemoats, mole confident that Dia pneea cannot fail of commandinfi a aharo eg public patronage. Ha ia now opening many article* entirely new ia the market, aad respectfully aolicita a call a*l> tm*ra FITS! FITS! A CERTIFICATE nfCnra of Epileyoe Fia.of Bysnra sanding, cured within the laat three months, by naoufl Ivans' Vegetable Eitract, and aworu to before the Mayor m the oil* of New York, March thaTth instant. To all whom it may concern.?1 hereby testify that I have been afflicted for tWeaty-three yyars with erusepiie to ll would be impoaaibie for me to daacribe my sufferings. for 1 have ?uffarcd through the varioua stages of tht* dreadAU diss sou, from having the attacks ii(ht and far betwaoa, to having them in the moat awful manner and vervlhrquoarfy. i have tried the medical akiil of numerous nliyaieiaoa without ever any benalit whatever. I have alwaya been trying every reme dy (to called) I could hear of, until I gave op ell hopne ef eve* beiag cued, and looked forward tu the cold grave aa a biasing rather than life, f at ledgth heard that Iv?na'Vegetable El tract, waa making many woodcrlul enrea of thai dreadful dw rate, and eonfeaa it waa without a aliadow of faith I culled ou Dra. Ivan* A Hart, and rrpr. muted my eaae to them. I bo came at once convinced that thay uudaralood (he disease, aad hop* revived?ye*. thank Or.d ! my health revived too. I pee aevered ia the uae of tbia medicine about three mootha, and through the bleating of (he Almighty in the me ana need, 1 am raaior-d to health, aad I would ohoorfully recommend, may, I would urge thoae who are afflicted no longer to doubt, but call at once at lit Grand afreet, .Tew York, and he made whale. I ?hall be happy to ea* any parana who would wieh to eonvmse with me an una ?abject, at my residence. M Kaaai street, New York. WILLIAM H PARBELL*. 8worn before ma, thia Tth day o] M-reU. A. D ,!?<#? mrlt lm*r W. F.HAVKRMltYiR. Meyer COMFORT FOR THF .1FFUCTKD. DH. DE WITT C. KELLJNGER'S FAIN ERADICATOK. THIS TRULT WONDERFUL MEDICINE, cooduueu to astonish all who aae it, or who have ban favorod with the alighteat knowledge of its weuder working effects upou the human system. Pain and Inflammation eaanot remain when thia infallible remedy ie applied, it mutton net from what cause it mty hive originated. Principal Depot, t* John streot. 1 U lm*t PHALON'S MAGIC HAIR DYE. ANEW AND INVALUABLE UI9COVERY. being a liquid dvo, which instantaneously changes the color of in* hair or whiskers to a beautiful brdwn or Mack, without mjn* ry U> the lair or skin. Gootiemeu onu_ have thoar whtskera dyed in fire miuutae at the depot, tU Broadway. Price per bottle fl. mf 'm*rh the Eye. ? DR. WHEELER, Oculist. No. ? Oreeewiafc swum. Now York, near the Buttery, devotee bsseveWr* awaeuoo to diseases of the Cya andOpnthalmiO tMigsry. aad ay re. the public that that there are *ot emoegot the sanmreaa a eaae a which in* hunvta oy* it ??hjat, any dleerdera of that ? jpn which e .naot be manually relieved nreursdby Mu. Thu vat aombe* ef uedouVtod teeumo.i.l. which sen he eeen at his offlao, will satisfy the pnnlit that his pmetiee b not evoeed rd either m ateot Or tuoeete by 'hat of ay War Oouliet In 'oiSe'ehoori from I A. M. to I o'clock P. Mf.,afkor wbieh bo vuita out dn*r pahwiW. . mfieial Byes for sola, ArritnaaTBya lor sals, and whiah wfll b* reasonable torwa . A pamphle. containing remarks onDiseases of the Eye, with several iMMneea of meal cures effected by Dr. Wheeler's mode ef treatment, cu be bad grataitoasly a hie roeldeiic*. or the same will be forw-rded to any on* making application to hla by let'av. post pal? mfT Iss'r ARTIFICIAL EYES. Vf ADKand ie-erwd by Dr. J. GRAY, No. lit Bowenr, N. i*l > oik, the only manalactory ol the Human Artifici.i Eye in tha United fhatea. Any pernnn that wishes to be well vsif ed, shonld alwnfs apply to the maker, who has been in the art foriyvenrs. mil Im're m. wise, oftician, FkOM GERMANY, AM OBT RESPECTFULLY iaforaa the eitieaa ef New 1?1 Nsw Yotk. mm4 the imhlic is inini, thsi hs Km !ms?4 himtslf in thu city, it ? NO ?? BROADWAY, Where may be found ? large and 1 " BraCTACLEfl AND HEAOIRO GLAR9EB. In Gold, 8ilvaraodfft##l Frames M. W. would also remind the I oldie, to whoa beP*ffj?nr known, by hia annual eiaita to garasog* fipeinga for ihe leat ton years, that by hia knowledge of the OptimI *?'?"<?? Jf enabled to determine ,h* * 1.3 .Uasa7 Iai too* with wtik evN K# tsppl's? with iumii which will , are tly ?ncfit wd sot ,?i, .j a ' (^uMQMTof'rtt "awtflint, whiel, throagh thefftlfh i f,Ite rroaed, produce the rorast yiateu, and have c-MsSSSHedMu'dSjehis BtertedSwdpersoes.eedaeeli aa have bean oparatod npon for CSMeti cm ?l?o b? iiiUfl. He imnrta aew (ihwaea. of anperior qnaltty, ie old Irs men, and solicits the potxonage of all in watof i issrtielr*. . I w M warrant all Spectacle! parehasod from me to rail iM sight for Ave years, or etchings them without antra ekarffv a\V ym'r TASSELS, , _ C LIT ABLE for trimming bate, caps, blind* ibedss ptoaoae. "?ilea r M.?1? ? r

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