Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1846 Page 3
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1010 R'? JaMii0 for tb* )iz MU*. ^woreYwl'tJreet Britain The importations of eotton m-evfX-huet into Braxil for 1843, war* valued at If 11 718 j49, of whiok ff *14 MS oame from Uroat Bri taia. trade givee a vary great outlet to British :i ton mamifhcturaa. The total quantity of manufactured goods, in p ckages, of cotton, linen, silk and woollen, recoivad in each of the put six ye?r?, was a* follow*:? 1840. 1341 ? im. ISil. IMI. Htj Flekares 39,340 41.327 31,175 JQ.991 J8.6e# 39.321 Ol tt.ase impora'iona, there ware of cotton ? 19.40) MOT 12,<8! 23.G0J 33,771 31.100 Or about twothirda of the goo,la imported into Rio Jmelro, are of cottoo manufacture. Too importation of cotton manufactures in 1915, showa an increaaa upon lSUof 20} per cent; upon 1843, of 3*3 par cent; upon 1913. of 34 j par cant; and upon tha average of the six yean, ol 6 percent. Tha tranaactioua of 1915, aa re gi'-'e tha amount of buaineea dona, and tha pticea obtained, exceeded the average of previoua yaara, and thj result is, to a certain extant, eatiifactory. in cot toui, except in printa, tha market waa not much over charge.!. Old Stock Uxehangt, 1 11 U ?6'elS'2 141 50 Harlem RR <kX 31,00" N V ?iate T'a '19 141X S5? do *30 42 S! i 0 Oil o S's 1*4 >10 da 42 $-,(? do 91 '1 S* do 41<* IMI I) do 9!>* 100 do b31 13 91 fix) I'aaiurky I'a 99 47) Long Uland RR cah ?1 IJ.owi III K|.l Bda aS 3j 50 do *30 3! *)0f0 iudi naBctdi 37X 330 do c?U 33X H.uu do 37 50 do 32 , i: NO do 13)5 37x 3d do 32X t NO Re*d<ug Bocd* 72 251 do *30 34 S'''0 do 7lX in" Nor fc Wor RR 51 a:?'M do 71 )i'4 do (10 51 P W r?nn.Si (3 0'% 200 do *30 53 10) liiVSBuk 4.X 1(0 do ie 31 30 N .) Trust 8 75 do 33X lb) Firmer*' Trait 31 330 Heading RR M 30 do *30 II 30 do *10 CS St) Mcrri* ratal I4X 100 do (10 ?SX 173 'futon Co 33X 100 do OX *20 do alO 33 X 130 do O'X 113 d> >3 ?X 30 do 03X 30 <!o bS S3X 1)0 do () to M-hawk RR a) 4) 1C0 do 190 02 00 faterioa KR M ?eiwntl Board. !0 iha Reading ato OX to do >10 MX 00 do 130 67 100 do lie ?.3X lte do *90 i) M do 6)X 335 do I9dt 03 M do *60 44X 34 Lo ? If land S2X 99 do 09 do 31 lew Stuck Rxehanga. M ?h? Vickebarx Bk >1) 35 eh* Cnntoa Co Wdty 33X 9) Korfc Wor Wd?dy 53 ? do c**h SIX 23 do a 15 33 l? Long lal RR <t?h 33 25 do b3 31 >3 do Wdsday 39 70 do *10 33 30 do 33X 3) do >10 53X 100 do a) 3IX 73 do Wed.'dev 33.X 30 do *3 32 23 do *60 51 50 d> Wdadnv SIX !0 do cash 33 X 30 Hnrlem RR c *h 42', 00 do b2 33.X 93 Reading RR tw 04\ _ In tkia city, on the morning of tha 14th April, William Al-i.toi* Thomu, aged 51 yeara, iormly of thacity of Brooklyn Hit relative* and friends are reepectfully invited to at tend hie funeral, thie (Wednaedey) efiernoon. et half pest 3 o'cl ck. from bra late residence, till Broom (treet. The numbers' Benevolent Aessociation, and tha frianda af hi* toe. Thome* O Thomas, are invited to attend. At Holmei'ale, Monmouth County, New Jersey, on the 13th instant, efler many years illuess, and in tha fell .hope of a Messed immortality, Mies 8allv Stillwsll, seal 53) ears, daughter ol the lato General Jarrett 5 illwell, of this (New York) city, a Patriot o( the Revo lu'iflD. Tha friends of tho familv are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at the Baptist Church in Holme ' ? e. on Wednesday, the 13th instant, at 10 o'clock. On Monday, 13.h instant, Mr. Silas Lyom, in ?> ;U year of Lis age. 1 Tho members of the Washington ? No ient Chapter No. 1, Columbian Council No. Encampment No. 1, and all Masonic bret i glancing, are respectfully invited to attend at No U2I West Savaataanth street, near tl, one, on Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock On Monday after noon, the IS h, of a linger!: William Philip in Iha 84th year of his age. The friends of the family, and thoao of hi* son-in law, B W. Duvia, arc requested to attend hi* funeral, ou Wednesday, tha 16tn, at 3 o'clock P. M., from his lata residence 103 Fulton etreet, Brooklyn, without further ineitet ion. 144 ska Ling Island *10 SIX 30 do ?x 30 Farms Lose 14 34 do 34 30 Nor k Wor 31 S'i do all 3IX 30 Mtt a 14 X 30 HarUm 41X 30 do 43 30 do 43 30 do 43 T U''' ?1 rtween Heekm-n and John meets, ia Wiur * a ^T"f '".ii BOXeoatviaing a , eat lemaa'a port ait Tna ? iVlWr rewarded oy leaving it at 24 Vcsey at. KOhIoH MIKaClK-, with inaur curious thing* prac- < ' **1 by Monk*, will b* eru aed, at 7k o'clock, wvauitg ( W ednrsoay. April liih), in the M. B. Church, At torney ?te.t, between Delancey and Kivmgioti. by the Rev, r.. Lrahty, late of Marshall Collet*. Admittance to led in ?n1 |ju>l??iaii, lt)> canu each. Mr. L. will d monstrate that Ui< R. cannot ba citiacna of the Uuited State*. ?pl> lt*r TO THE FARM Kits, HORTICULTURISTS, &c OF WESTCHUrtTEIl COUNT I V THf lint AnciTamary of the Brcio'y of Agriculture and A lion ra'tnrnof Wmtches er Conoty. will be celebrated on 1 Ht'ttMIAV. the Ilui mat., at IS o'clck, at th* Goeit Iloum at While Pla>na; en which occasion a report ol the pro ceeding* of th* Society daring the oust year will be maOo, and a Hat of ibe premiums to be offered at ihe aeit Aonn.l Fair will ho pretexted. At the samo time, au eleciiooof officers for the e.ta>og year * ill labe plnee, aad nther tuie,eating busi Sera will be lra*avct*d An address wi 1 be deliee-ed by Judge Albert LookwvoJ, aad addresses may be oiptcted fiom o'hf gnat ?? ea. Ail the friends af Agriealtare aad HorticuUnre are invited to atg.-d. a'4 ltrrc COLMAN'S EMPORIUM OF ART AND CLASSIC CABINET GALLERY OF OIL, PAINTINGS, WHICH milfoshia immense stack ol Booki, Painting*, F.mrrariega, Fancy Stationery, Drawinaa, Drawing Ma teiiala, Mntio. fce., ar- now to be fraud upon the a*cond no r, ?poneSight ufraty et ira,(having leased the firat floor.)w ore eee,y (hint will be aoldit at low price*, and many mnen below the racul r juicer being t'aiironi of cloning up as soun aa poa aiblc hit Bin k Deparimmt. A ? heap List will noon bo pablithad for those who will buy in q Pureluetre n'o iavitrd to e II and examine hit New Room*, Nil >at r roarwav. aeeoi d floor. a ij coders tf re C*p> ica (mi Ntw Your Gas Lion ? Co. < Ai Til lJUl, IC46 ) THE PRESIDENT AND DntFClORS have this dav declared a dividead of foar end ouehdf percent on the . rp t.l ?t' ? k nf this Company, fur the tic mouths and ng 1st Feb rnt'i taut, ptyablc to the slockh< I lera o ? a-d afier Friday, the at of May urit The trena'er book will be closed from the Uth iaat ie that date. By ??rdar. a I rra r. L EV'R'TT. Pecre'ary. EDUCATION. 8TATEN ISLAND INSTITUTE. WH DuFF respeclfaily i- vitesth* attrniion of parents e tu hii ?ubl shineot ?t New-Brighton, for Clasarcil, C mm ri land Uaneral Edncaiiea. 'Ike peculiar?drantagei wh'eh ibis la<tiiat i Vera will be low d woithy ' f aotice ? Circulars in the Eaglish, Fraach, Spanish and Qerman lan guages a an be ebtaiasd at M*aars. Hoe. Lockweod kSona, all Broadw>y, or' t the Academy,which may b* visited every da- IHmd'ii eacepted ) Tbaneit term w.ll coinmcaee en the firat of May. ?tS Itrpdie *rr? LECTURE IN ST. PETER'S CHURCH, BARCLAT STRtt-ET THE rev. DR. taYDKR. PiMideat of the College of tho Holy Crrea, Wo-ce?t*r.wjll leetaro ia 8?. PetcVCborch, i Ba-rla- *treet. oa SUNDAY EVENING, tk* llth inat, at I ?'tin b-Sol-je*', 'Aoriraler Conleraion.'' Tiek?U Crata aach, for ibo benefit of the Charch?to bo had at Dangnn's Bone atom, IB; Faltoa atrwt; and at the door , of tha CI areh *? tha eeeaing of th# lactam. Persona having t ekera for tt a very Re* i)r P. wet'a lectnrv, which was to h -vr been deiirnrtd oa tha It A of Marek,) will bo admitted to 1 tb's Isctur*. The d .ore of th* Chareh will bo opoaed at T o'clock, all Jl*r TbAT'S PATENT HOSE.?The eaporionc* of ten year* XJ in 'he minufactara uf Robber Hen*, has proven the uter impossibility of eombinii'g permanently Robber with fibrins I nabtiaecra , ietermmgkd m >ncb way as to make a Hosa free fseai ih# tr.nbla of m id w aad rot, eeaarqaoitly manafae- ; tnrr ah ive abandoned the brunts* The new Patent Hoae of any imei.tioa. ia tree from the ? bjeetions, aad I now offer it fur rata, under a gnarantee. in seen terms as wi'l be tarnished buyers eu purch-ae Every piece will have the name of ike > p i* t-e, and dale of the l*atont. according to law, imitatloaa of which, is a Preal offence under th* lnwe. Price IIX cnta perfmt. aniuble I-r Croton ntd other ??*?? in proportion.? Mnnnf.ctnitd a?d Tor rale, wholctaleend i*t-il, t y HURACE H DAT. J5 Maiden Laao. >11 rre after 1st May. U Court ? dr at. T7R JOHN KOAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, IT A 8CIKM1FIC CHt.MH'AL LOA4IOUNJ OF IODIN K tha' b a ? eifonmd anch aa'0 iakme rurea oflp iR il ndm (sl er every other icmrdr had fai ed ) that it wr u'd eteager i-el *f if ihe) c uld not l e subatan iaird by the moat reapre -11 |?aoa> who bavii a ed it. It pjiroaurniiy and ef facta l.y eare.r Iihii watism, ei herf'h ooi -or luflso mr'nry; Y*ha. tbi? Iom of ihf n*e?'fthw Limbs < oitiaci ions ? f in i o,pi ai d Mrecuw, Sonic THa at and Oot'T. il matter' aot r>i h'.w loi a a aodiae; Spkaivs. dnt'iaaa Ti ?i.'a?.HAai> Se ri. a mas snd r.trt JoiaT' yield to a few ?ppliCAtiooa ol tint L rnnif li h ? b-en u i?d with incredible an'ceea in Fcre f At or IT'iigi Evil Uittant qf Spirit and Hip Joint, Ttc ltrl'i ram ?j.'* ill N- r?i ua Aff-et'ona; it has never b-euki ow? TO f I r Hie* Fltth H'onndt, Ftrer Sores, Old Ulctri and fibcelled Leg t. ii speedilr i"H efferta llv ernd cate? CntntM mi Ouc'ieus m the f?m? Reeum. Eryiipelea Pimploa, Riev Worm. Sarbere'Itch. Bevld Head. ? a I it instantly re l.-vea I o"th?ehe H??deehe, Pnin in the Sid* and Br*?at ? T*i? Li iim-nt will >tai d npon ita intrieaie merit, and only wantvarnal toeonviate the bi?"lid of ita healing vitlnrs. rri-eipal Depo , 8. IaUERSOLL fc CO , ?? John street. ell lpi"r _______________ KITCHEN RANGES, HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'TCHEN RANGES. rpHF, Prop irtors are bow p erwrrd to fnrni-b Holmes' raarea 1 to ih* tr de. or set them uif for privet* femilim cr boardii g b>?, hv? an pa ehn?o.l th- light from the yet# tea to aua factor* n I seli ihem. Our *ip#'t nee in maiiufectanan and sen ng Kitchen Rang,* in thin city, forth* past II rear,, wer rn;i oa ia asserting hut Holmes' Rang- canon' b* an penned for ocouoa y, convenience, and derability. They are warran red to uer'orm ihe puriiovee for wh ch thry ore purchaaod, end if au they w II ho r>m ired fre# of any > rp*nae to th* par ihuer. Nnmeraoa ??frreoro* coo t * giveu to pernoa# with ia? '0 pnr-i'-an 1 ha piieoa >ang* from M to41 dollars. Tbe proprietors am conatai tly mamf.ciQnai, and are well aupp ied with parlor. oAce, and bed too a GRATES, ef the Be* set pet era-. Also?TINWARE brigl t, pleia tadjapaaaed. Th*y have maaoue at all timet ready to w Hang**, grates, and boiletv? alio, coeaie chimncya, end warmnt them nor team k*. A. OILHOOLY ft SON, nil Im'rrc 71 Nan-ao at'**t. A. SEtUNETTE ANU OTAKD BRANDY, landing. inrt HftF riPII lOf the old and genaine hr?nd aid 1UU lid quart r rnki >eit*a au|ierior quality, h gli p oof 3*0 eighth do > and flnvur. now lancing a* tier 8 E. R , Lorn the bug Mary Parhina-joat arrived fr.-m Horhelle, taJ f if anln by 8. T. mlCOLI, fc CO . _ 17 and M Front at'ret. Also, M hairRjffU?4.* A?1"" c,tk? 8?c?t quality Otatd, Dui n> kCo BRANuV, ol various vintage*, pal* and col ored el||:i?*m fesw"" ?'mijsrj CENTR5VTLLE COURSE?TROTTING. ILL WfcD.NESDy. wipr I lHho'clock, P. Swavp stakes for $IT5, mile b.ata, boot Jui i, ud*' thn sed dU George Smith, immn g S MedOO R T Walker, names o *? 1 pm Moor*. A. loire ntoii... ?r-I hiniB. all HSMTSxW'l , ANTED?Br a rcipeetabla Protestant yuung worn n, a UTANTED-By ? reapectabla rrofesUut yuuog worn n, a ? ? aifuaiDn at child'* lurae, nr fo Uku care o children Oca who uudereMndt ilia cant of ehi'dran, and it a good plain tewer, or haa no oljrccion to cooking o-chamber work, nod who ha* rho beat of city reference. Apply at 117 Ridge atraat. apl5 It*r ANTLD-By a rea pacta tile yonug woman, a airu itina aa vv Vouk or eh;mb nnaid, or :o auitt in washing ai d i?eo ing The be t of my reference giveu. Apply a 2?l Mulber ry street. 8ml floor. front ivom ap'5 It* rc WANTED, Y A YOUNO LADT.a vitaaiion at ladies'maid or nurve. B Sheiata *riat:',r tcedU, and capable ol making np la die*' inualiu, ke I prodare aac-llent reroinui nJationa, Uirw uiu*iiu. ?? 1 ! '???? ? ficiivHi irruuiui uumum*, and haa ? o ol j-rtioa in 'ravelling. An.itc ad.treaaed en C. M., At the nfllee of th- Heral I will be attended i >. all St*rve WANTED, A SITU ATIO^*, by a at-ady young man, in a gautlemau'e faaiily, to t >ke care of horaei, and would luvenooljc tion to go trarriling with a gentlemui. Please uqu re at No. JS First atraet. alt t.'r BOY w ANTe I.' to I tat n the Engraving huaiaes.h* muvt ?fa luee a tae e for d. awing?one II or 15 yeara old, who can giro gun 1 re c.euce, can appl at CLASSIC'S a*4 i *r 1 Murray atraet, car Broadway. WHALEBONE CUTTER WAN . ED. N experienced man at cutting aud fimvlnng w halebone, would maat with a good vitiation be addressing WM. H. RICH eRDSON, No. 101 Market, Philad-lph.a, with r< lerence. a 15 ?t*r Ar JOHN WUJtAKEIL IF JOHN WHITAKEIl, late of T'v.rp.nearlrkipUia, York >hire. England, will call oyiuo the nubaeribera, or will for ward to them hit addreta by mail, b- will learn aomrtbing of iin 'Oriance and paenniarr adrai tau. to hiaaelf. ail lm'rrc 11ENRY, CUUUiieL, fc CO . 25# Pearl at COACHMAN. A MAN of ateady and t-aeperate habits ia dcairoma of ob laiuiog a si uatiou as Coachman. Ha haa hr.d couaidvra ble rxpenenc*, uudaratanda thorough') the caae ofhoraea, and ia wiling to wait on table and lo mike . maalf gen-rally uaa lut. Can give goo eny reference Kit last employer ? Addreta N C , care of the porter at Meetta. Ilowland It Aapin wall'a, Soutb at. or at tba office of tiiia p ?er. aJ m CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE y WANTED. IADlES OR GENTLEMEN baring any aaat off clothing J or furniture to diapoe* of. can obtain a fair eaah piiee for 'fa time, by eroding for the auba-ribc,at hi a reaidence, No. (9 Una. e itfet, tr through the Poat UArn, which will be I unctuilly a tended to. M M.COHEN. N. h ?Lad.aa can be att rndad to by Mr*. M. 8. COHEN. al5 Im'r PACKET 8rtlP?4Ue.EN OF THE WE8T. from hirer pool? Conaienee will please aeud thtir permi's en board, at writ aide Burling Slip, wphoat delay. All gooda not pat mi tied iu fire days are liable to be tent to public at re. WUODHULh It MINTURN, at! r IT Mouth atreet. NUTICE. MR O. PE LIRAI will please aend hie permit on board Ship Liverpool, (foot of Dover arrret, East Rirer I for one caeeof hooka marked G. L . without delay. aihu THENIX HORSE BAZAAK, Nog. 189 Ai 191 Mercer Street, one door above Bleecker Street. THE Subecriber hiring i btaioed poaaraaion of hit old tstab liahment, haa put the tame In thorough repair, for the se en mmc da'ion of lirtry and male horaea. The adrantagea of thii eaubliabTou for sale horaea cannot be aurpeaaed by any am ilar eitabliahmrnt in the couutry Dealeia and others are iuntrd fo examine the above premiaea alt Ji?r - THOMAS If. DILK8. BOAKl). A GENTLEMAN and hit tainily a be accornmoda'ed with b and ihr a-coinl ? iry of a m idem built home, conaiatiLg -nt pvlor, t <1 roo oa, and pantriea at tached. ? e privilege of huig room adioimug, in a pr.rala f , wher. Ii-r b ? I ra will bn taken?or two orth' ul jir la. with hrc.tkfa?t aud tea. ituation ii ia Lexi glon \ venue, near the ladroad a> d atn ea. A I n* adilrea.ed lo L. Z., at the ortica of the H-rild, '.i|| o? puncniallv atiendxl to alt TWb*inc il! Per < v?i lit love In a Uuuat Frlccg. FASHIONABLE VI8ITINQ CARD ESTABLISHMENT. A PLATE and Filty Card primed lor $i 50; the beat En amelled Cuds printed from engraved plates at M ceuta per pack. A SILVER DOOR PLATE fun ished and beautifully augrarnd for $5 Kngrariug to' ihe li&de equally low, at CLASSEN'3 old stand, 1 Mai ray itrect, corner of Broadway all lm*r CHICRERING'8 PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 993 Broadway, No. ft and 7 Lafarga BvlldlnR. ppHE PUBLIC will find at the aboee rooms a general assort 1 mentjuf Grand aoJ Sonera Piano Fortes, at the same price SI vt me "nrlnrr in Roatna at lrw*r IDLE HOUR BOOK. IU8T PUBLISHED?Tho " Idlu Hoar Book," coottuini " 300 pages, with 004 engravings -price only IT eeau?re plot* with tnu. Oar Comic Almanacs. for 1147. live in nambrr, will bo is ?aed in Anril. They will bo tho best oyer got up, and chesp at that, specimen numbers s-ut by mail. Thesrubscieere istiu the attention of the trade to thieir unrivalled and large variety of tbe vari'-us kinds ol Children's Books, Soug Books, Printers, he., toge her with colored Litho graphic Prints, the t?s in the market. MO kinds . miO 'w'rr TURNER h FISHER, 74 Chatham-at. LONG BREED CANARIES. \IB HASELETT'0 entire Breeding Stock, so marh ad will be*aol3"ouff is^iU>'!Elii/^w*?Mayi&>pu^can Will . _ reanee.fully invited to call and examine them. Also, the nsual variety of Singing Birds from different parts " ? * ? ? ? ? ~ Vp. ?" K of the habitable Globe, Fancy Pigeons and Cages v Gold Fish, Cattle Fishbone, and bird aeedsof every description. Every article for the Breeding Cage, (kc For sale by A. GRlKVK, 5 John street N.B.?Archie's Bird Fancier, containing fall directions for breeding Canaries, and the beat method of teeding birds in general, for sale as above. English and Scotch Terriers for sale by -??_ . . HJlCt at' tm*re A. UH lEVE.. S John street TO BAKERS AND BREWERS HOPS. HOPS. HOi-S.?'WALTER UREENOUUH, 111 Wall alreet, will sell on Wednesday Morning, 15 li inat., st II o'clock, prima near Western Hops, in lets to suit par ehorr< all St" c COLLECTION AND GENERAL AGENT, Churleutoii, S. C. fPHE 8nbs-river being permanently locat-d in Charleston, -a ?. C.. ffers hit services as agent, ?r 1st the collection ef dr Its and the pn'chise ol bills of exchange, in South Cam ins, Or ifi. or Nor'h Carolina, (having correspondents in all tha principal cities and towns) hating had ample experience in all ma tera arp-rt-lning to the busina.s of a Bank General Agent end Exchange broker E-cry interest entina ed to him, will at all tim<s receive prompt attention. The utmost punctoali ty in the execution of ell orders, will be observed. WM. W MAHTIN, No. 9 Broad street, Charleston, S. C. ntptkcitcga New Yoag?Joseph D tf.o.i, John O. Wluter. Collins It Carbart, O It A. Wetmore. h. \v. Clark, Dodge k Co.. Bee bee, Ludlow It Co Phu-sdilvhis?E- W St Co., Charlrey It Whelen. < HiHU'toH. 8. C.?H ->n. F. H. Elmore, Hon. Ker Boyce, Robinson k Caldwell, Mil'' i. Kiply k Co., Jsme? Adger It Co. T. St'eet, D'ektonk Mills. al4 Is twTh *r CAMPHENE AND CHEMICAL OIL '?'HE hub enber is prepared to ripply dealers irit.i t nape J nor quality ol Campnene mil Chemical OIL,at slower price thau any otheresublttnineut i : this city, delivered free ofcattage. Also, ?,iriw of Turpentine, at the vary lowest market priee. Apply personally, or by letter, to JONAH F. CO hCRLTN, Office 18 Water srrtei, rhote Maiden Laua. a!4 lra*r Dnt'llary, 1st A> cue aud 15th straat. i O TAILORS THOSE who wish to attain a complete I aowledge of the art 1 of cutting all tha serious styles ol garments as era worn at the present time, would do wall t obtain Stioemet ? work oa tha au'jact. which is universally illowed to be eorop'ee? tha pries of which is fr m t to 10 dollars per copy; the differ #ue_e ia ^rice be ng wholly in the_,b.nduig. To be had ofthe author, h"i 111 Broadvr?v. * cw York. a!4 1m* NOTICE TO TAVERN KEEPERS AND OTHER -For sale, tha stock, fixtures, and good will, togethar with one Sear's lata#, irom May flrat, ol that ws'f ksostn Tatera Mud, fo marl* occupied by Peter Me.Latkey, daeaased, and kaowa for a number of years as tha Glasgow House, No. 343 Hudson street. The whole will be sold together or separate, at pn rata sale If not disposed of before 18th, tha whole will he sold by pablie auction at 14 o'clock ol the forenoon of th-t day. For farther particulars inquire o? tha premiaea. aid 1 w*r FOR BALE, A SMALL STEAM DISTILLERY, with all lh? spnara tas sad Oxtarrs now ready to pat into operation; (itia like wise wall adapted lor drstilling;) mil be sold at great sacr Sea, if applied for immediately. T' e bona# and stora to ba let, end posaeasioa to be given im mediately Enquire on the premises. "4. E. e >mrr ol 34.h at. and 8th aeenne, or of JOHN BENSON, allw'm 35 l >lds lip. THE LORD'S PRAYER, ILLUSTRATE from L I-, in a s?ri?s of Ten Dsguervso lypra, hy J. E. Mayell Cb?s int and Fifth streets, Phil* delphia. His friends and ih> public era invited to sea his O-Ilery. Adm -a. .a gratis. Thr Art taaght on the prise pies ol Chemical Philoto div. With a kuowlnlge of the m uutac torer.f eeery thing used in the p rw*s?. N.B.? At the iloor is mounted the American E-vl*. bear ing in hit brtk the Milage Medal of tne Franklin laititnte. alO w to families wanting furniture A SMALL FAMILY. Is .ring for Earapa, wish to dispose ofthrir Furniture, (all new list fall. 1 of one Gulnar, one bedroom and k.tchen lor,ittur-. Carpal*, Rog?, rockery, kc , srsiisb'e lor u sin ill family eommeuci jg house keeping, Ac , which will be sold eieeadiurly low. A so, for sale, erry chosp, one art Cvrrngr t.arneis, r*udem honor, and Boggy harness, a.ed only three limes, beinr vary a rong and suitable fir the cuntry ; also a lady's saddle, gentleman a do., bridles, Ic Apply between the noun of 14and I o'clock at Hi Mercer street. LAKE SUPERIOR COPPER STOCKS. GTOCK8 in the various Corny anies bought and sold by O ImainM I ? Htrvt kf.O.Ve I Hanover it THORN CHAMPAIGNE AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is in store, to which ihe attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gtwtlemrii ia jar itad. The standing of this Wine _ _ mm _ is now superior t# that of any lu this country, aud at ae higher priee than that ofthe bast brands. CTLIVINGSTON k CO., ailliatf re i? W?il weeet SALT.?1400'sacks of Asbtoo's. ia pim* order, on board tha ship St Patrick, from Liverpool For sale in Iocs to suit pircha-srs Apply to aT Iw'r e . DAVID OODFJY M W,|| w. iO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS. T ATHES of all daae/sptioaa, fiom 7 to 15 faet long, furni.h ' tab! el ?J ad at short no ice Also, ea ting engines, suitable for all kinds of work. Ker terms and description, direct to tne sub scriber, Hudson, Now York. a4 tm're JAR T. PERKINS. STRAW IIATS, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND PARIS EMBROIDERIES. jv; U8T OPENED, per hylrie dr Grilse, last jacket from Jsrrc, 13 Cases, includirg ell the new stylrs of the above; _jd f.r aalc on the moat reasonable tarmt, aud ia lots to suit I siclissirs, by A UNSWORTH, In porter of Paris Got da, 43 John ?t. Pa Alao. lease trimm'd Paris STRAW 11AT8, diiact from thr most fashionable house in Paris. al3 3t*m TO DEALERS IN FlSHlNG TAOKLh. LARUE aaaortmsat of I hiua Grass Eitkiog L nea. Halmori and Trout Mi k Worm Uuu, to sot XX Salmon and Trout Mi k Worm Uuu. to suiieit, or eouu TO COUNTRY BOOKSELLERS. SPECIAL NOT1CK.-THE OKAEFKNBIJUJ PILL WCOMrAfTr arc now ontmiaint efficient sgeucies in every town, c<ry aud village in rh* United lt<n?.the British ha vine*#. Weal Iodic* and i?rts of Bnlh America. A* i|?i* ral ml*.the ctmpsoy will appoint Booksellers ?uly a* tbair Agents. In no case will a druggist be employed, aad iheie i ?'III be but oue general agent aai any town 'i ke arraugemeuts I of the Gr-efmbiirg Pill Comrany ere anch aa will lasers a large sale for ibei' Pills, aed good jgmu will tied he ageecy i a good baaiueaa. It be ug durable to rpeo tha difftri ui ages ctea simnltaueouslr, none of the Pilla will be offered fur aale 1 until the whole avalem of afeociea ia org-utxej. which will require some little urn#. B"ok?ellerx will find it for their m ' lereat to call at Me offic* ol the eomp n-, which will be for I the present at No. I?H Naaa u atrect. wit door to Tnmmaay Hall. FRANCIS M PRATT, General Ag in. del ?? r l\ Ail i'4- A l*A > 1 I VAOTVlll A? f 8?The extraordinary rirtura^of the uburg V ejte table filla. and p a philosophy of their action upon the man system, will be fatly eiplained at an earlv day It ia ue ce aary at thia time only toaay that they are aery far anperi r f.i RranitrafkV Mr.lFaf'n or wail* nf ha>r mlla Anil Will I in ffkr*fl l t?Brftn<Iretji'i, Moffat's, or miy other pi Us, and will immedi ately become the leading pill of tho day. Krc L'Hh~a.t&STMlD BEST 1SSTKUCTIUN IA WRITISQ. Jlcndrmy, 189 Broadway, oppntitt John itrttt. BKISTOW'S i Superior and El-gapl Commercial System of WRITING, I WILL continue tohr loug A((dnriug hii stay in New York.) I vv to Ladies and Gentlemen of evkrt nut, Day or tre 1 ntng, ia Twelre Lcea.>ne, for the email charge ol Oilt Five Dolusas I ! Ma Baierow, Kimahing Writing >1 eater, promieee aad ore aa.tTcca to ALL. old or youug. to import a aaauTirvL, rear, ztrrniTiori ami rtiHioMii r aryle of Penmanship, no matter how ea,u1M.Lroi?t.K or ciiNrtu may bet!>.* ? ^y . IN TWELVE EAkY LESSONS FOR ti ? < ".?Boo* Hrkint, and Shobt Haiaouoght tkoA>ug.Uy. N. B ? Private lestuus girta. Families and Bchoole ettead ? ) HV^wlm're LOOK HERB. COO nnn WOeTH Ob window HHAD'hBsell JJwv.vvV/ mi, ff at li prr ceut below coat, to clone the bua.ueaa at the latt.fMay KUWARU WAM?l.tV, No. 2t Catharine at. letwaea East Broadway aad Heuiy at. a!3 le'r The Long Island Insurance Co. Capital ttOO.UOO Dollar a. Orpica 41 FtiLTOi* struct, Broorlv*. CONTINUE to take riaka on bai.dinga, machinery, mer chandixe aad proiwrt*, oa their nana] faeorahlr 1 tenna. Thia company liar paaaed through the two greatest i eouflagratioas lhat haee evet occn'ted ia the eonotry ; thev 1 owe their eicape from 'kern with comparatively alight lots*. | to the ayatem which thi y hare always praetiaed ol limiting i and acatteriag their riaka. All losses wnich tke company m*v ati'fa'e will he adlueted and paid promptly aa heretofore The Compiay rake apraiaJ care to notify Bioir easterners ia New York, of all sipirsgiios of policies. g. W. DEL i>lATER, President. al Imia'r E.C.FINN, Secretary OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY > New Yo*k r ebruary Id. I did. I AT AN ELECTION for Director* ol Itii* limitation, for the mining year, held this day, the .'oUowmg named gen tlemtawere elected such ? DIRECTORS. Thomas WThorne. Elisha Rings, Thomas T. Woodrnff, Anson titkar, B. R. Rohson, M. I). Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moaea Tucker, James E. Holmee, John R. Oarieoa, Jeha P Moore, Joha H Lee, William K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tnaia, Thomas Morrell, Frnncia P Sage, Kay ear Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq , was unanimously re-elected President for the nnaaiiy rear GEO T HOPE. Heon-tarr. (1 rre THE IHAUUH HOT ACL, 64 Rtadt Strut, tVeit Sirte of Broadway. THE Subacriber reapeetfnlly informs his friends aad the s. public, that he hta la ely opened the above Establish ment, in a style superior to any other house of the k nd io the eitv of New Yoik The aatiaf'Ction which he has hitherto ; tiven to hia numerons f imda and oust iraeri, while Proprietor i of " Tne Shades," lu Th ?>nea atreet, lie flatters himself will i be a gnarantv to all who miy patronise him in his new estab ? liahmcnt, while no effort on his part will be wanting to merit the continuance of their patronage. Tin-usnal relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ' ad Eggs. Ike will be served op ia a superior style. The Room will be r?rnlarly (applied with city papers, aa I well as a lull aupplr of foreign papers, by every arrival from E'lr-pr. mil Ira'rc JAME8 EVANS. NORTH AMERICAN HOTEL FOR SALE. 'PHE LEASE, F.X'urei, and alio th? Fnrnitareif that long I. establish" ! house kuiwa as the North American llo'cl, kept hy tne It* John Emmons, r sq , sitnated on th? corner ol tlie Bowery and baverd street. It is now fitted no m the most elegant style, with two sp endid Bar Booms on the first and ,1 seoi nil stories, with a I tree and elegsnt Ball Room in the rear, Tlie wi.ole it in complete order, and possession will be given immediately. It is cow doing the i most profitable butiuets ever d me before. To a p raon of good : character and tcquuUd with the hn.iness, it is sure to yeld a fortune in a lew year*. Th* lease his nine yeersvet uneapi od. The above will be dup>.sed of on f?voia"le t-rns. ou appli cation to JAME8 H BEE US. Eaecntor, ?5 Iw'm No Ud Chatham street, crner of idott. DAGUEKKKOiYPE PATENT 184UKD. DAOUF.RREOTYPE ARTISTS are informed that the Patent fur the new Coloring Protest of the tnbtcribeti has been insert Applications Tor lite Patent right for the United States, may be ad tressed to the subscribers?the price of which will be $75, materials and inatrnetiona included ? Infringers will be dealt with according to law. A new pries eurreut, embracing V iightlaender's Apparatus, and ell other articles need in the Daguerreotype art, may also be had, by addressing (post paid) to LANGRNHEIM, flS lm'rrc e Philadelphia Exchange. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAHN, IMPORTERS, S3 NASSAU STREET, UP STAIR*, have received, by late arrivals from their house in Paris, and ofTer (<t sale, a very large and choice selection of the NEWEST STYLES OK ARTIFICIAL FLOWER8, in bant hes, wreaths, sprigs, garltoda, he. he , together with to^TttflXtSVUirXJCnricjAL flower Makers embracing a variety unsorpaisea in nensM*. nia tion. tlowere by the case, imported expressly for any other importation. Alao?Artificial flowers by _ the Jobbing anrt ennntrv trade. nU lm*r BILLIARDS IMPROVED. f\TTIS FIELD, reep-ctfolly ialorms his friends and the vF nphlic V/ , public, that he hat returned to hi* old favorite quarter*, BASSKOKD'8 ROOMS, entrance 1 \ Ana it, ad'Oining the Museum building, or 149 pulton ifeet The Rooms and Tf blea have been put in perfect order. The Tables srs 8'ats, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber aud Cloth Cuahioua. They will no doubt suit Kurooeau and all ^est^plavsrs, being Si'Bogthernera-C^ S nsw style Billiard Tsblee far sale- l.di. ?raL? " tr#d*' ?on,t*ntly on hand and far sale. NEW TARIFF. IMPORTANT NEWS to Shipper! of Grata and other Farm Pr. duee to Greet Brita.n. A new law having p <?s*d the Legislature, admitting the im portation of foreign corn aud provisions at a very low rate ol daty, an opportnn ty will be given to those who ere deeirons to ahip to the ulaagow mnrket, to open a good eoonexioe With the subscriber, who h*s been fifteen years in Hie Greta and Provision trade ; aud as there has hitherto been none of any imparlance, or who had anypraciical know ledge of that trade in tslmgow, a batter tppoctamiy coal i not be ilosiied by respectable hoesos to form e connection iu tlist market. Lib eral advance* will be given to shippers. From the subscriber'# long rxperienco and knowledge of the Grain and Provisioa Trade, and also his friendly intimacy with the buyers, a large ana respectable trade may be calcu lated epou. The subscriber begs to refer shippers to Mr. A- H. Finlay, Aator House. ROBERT RUBERTSON, tn2l im'ie 83 Unien street, Ulaagow. BU1LDERS AN D CAK PEN T ERS ACHOICF. LOT OF WHITE P.NK LI MBER, well seasoned, now landing *t the new lumber yard 0-jruer of West .'ii-l Disbroasea streets, North river, which will be sold eh-np for caih. bv ht 1 w*rre WM. M. FOSTER. ARTIFICIAL flowers. EVOELKNKR begs leave to acquaint hie friends end ? customers, that his elegant stock of Artificial Flowers, both French en J American manufsetare, has net reeeived the least injury by the late fire at 1X1 William street, >s the goods wars removal iu time. E V. wt 1 continue t ? tell wholesale sod retail, at the lowest prices, el HI William stieet, and begs dealer* to inspect hie stock before bapi g alaewher-. el lm*r? NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL & FOOTE, No. 39 lohti itrevt, HE subscribers hsvu established ? >LOTH STOKJCat 1 No. ? John street, sod having jn# reeeived a large sod " - - - * ? goods, V well selected stock of desirable goods, > old iuvite the stteu- | tinu of purchasers to their assortment, e .sitting in part of the "FRENCH, ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN ctOTHa AND CASSJMERES. Drap d'F.te; Deap d Foie; Fancy Tweeds: and a fnll stock of Summer Goods; Satin; Serges; Velveutand a large assortment of the utwest and moat faahiouable style of fancy Cassimeres i and Veatings. Also, a 'ill stock ef TAILORS'TRIMMINGS. Theat tention of Tailor* is pa/tienlarly regeested to o?r stock, a* ex traordinary inducements will be offered them,aud they are re i spectrally invited to examine ?u' stock before purchasing 1 elsewhere. KNOEPFKL Ik FOOTE. fl? Im*r No. 39 John street. CHAFER & CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 9411 Broadway, near Park Place. ARK NO W RECEIVING, hy the Havre Paek-ts, rut en tirely uew assortment of the finest Kedai Cloth* and Cas simeres. ad ipted to the early spring trade. Having eoaclnd-d a berma-ieut ar-aogemeut. as cetter, with Mr. P. Andriot, lata of the Hue fastigltone, P-ris. well known to moat n. ear fash ionable* who have visited Karope, they are uow prepared to exeeetc orders iu a style ef nunsual elegance m. 11 Im'r 41X Broadway. LF.FT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED?Gentlemen and Families can obtain the fall value for all kiuda of saperffuons elfecti they wish te dispose of. snrh as Lidiea and Gei ilrmen'a Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Furniture, ke. Lgvrvswn ,u Broadway, up stairs Lrdiea having any Cast off Cloth ion to dispose of. era obtain a bur price by seudieg for the subscriber Mrs. T Lg vt!?*Tt>. N.B. A line through the Poet Office will be pi i prompt ly attended to mt Im're AT 136 NASSAU STREET, THE Highest Fries, in Cash, ie paid for Gentlemen's Clothing, end sold again on th- most reasonable terms Alao, Reptirieg,Cleaning, Dyeing and Pressieg, in the most elrgsnt and supsrb style. Ou h nd. 100 Drap d'ete Costs, and 3C0 Linen Pants, cheap?with an assortment of seasonable Clothing, each as Costs $1 to It; Pants $1 to 3; Vest* M rents. *9 Im're SO AM, E8BKNCE8 AND PERFUMER V. of all kinds,' . spot, No. 3 Conrtlandt street. The Bobseribers, origin inventors sad manufacturers of the genuine Walnut Oil Mi Wry Slaving Soap, which w# warraut to snrpaa* all other pre parations, having greatly enlarged oar facilities are prepared to eiecm any urdrrn in oat line. We have eonstsutly on head hi hly seenu-d Almond, K se, Mnsk, Windsor, Palm, and Toil t BMP*; extra Pale Family and No. I Hoar The Crotna F oating Hoap,a new and splendid article, well sailed for Baths and private family use, warranted not to sink and to i aud produce e rich sad pleasant lather. Together with a large i general aeso tment of Perfumery, Ksseneee, he., both Foreign end Domestic, selected and put up with the greatest care; also oar eelebrsl.d Crystalline Candle*, for the West India and Sonrh Amer can markets, warranted to stead any climate. Or -eers, Drn {gists, and dealers in general, are rtgasaMd to call and examine for thewselvee. l?xim*r IOHNBON. VROOM fe FOWLER NTW,^J?l> UAHDLE* patent lap-welded iron boiler FLUES. FAQURTEEN AND A HALF feet loeg, and one Md f half to foe? IioKee disme'u Awmwii lAiJca. Nn(1<1?. J * CURTf v?, Auctioneer. <fleiA*u or the stock or vi?m e. k H. S. HOi. K WELL.-The sate of iht tb?n ralutbli ?lock will bu continued this d ay, by Jacob 8. Piatt, at III .. u1'.' to ?""""Ma at It o'clock precisely. At U o cl ck, the n h elocba. flue t eld and silver w at-bus a ad the superb m u'ato' (uit?ble for a watchmaker or a geut'emau's hall ar atudv I wi'l h> a< Id arli llr H. Lllil 1 Hardware Me Tu t'e k Doe late. LaIIi Ao, Aurti"iiurr CUTLERY?BRITANNIA WARE. ? ir.u will acll 1 hia Dtv, at H o'clock, at the 'ucti'Hi room, No 1)0 Paa.l afreet, ISO loti or cntla y, in doxei.s and ends, r?xora, udioe whlpl, l-tter piper, spaCta- ! cloa, shoe aoirra brick trowels, brushite. ahoe thread, t? iae, ' t-ble and t-a spoons, c.unbe, kc.kc, A lao, butt hinges, (ilea, ilutes, ke. kc Alan the hilauce of J. Wostouholme a Biirau Biaware. Catalogues naow ready. aplj It* rre D J K-CURTIN8, Auctioneer AMAOVO HARDWARE BV THE mENRY clay JACOB8 PLAT Twill acll thia dar at it a'eiock, at ' he Auction Room, II Pint atre- t, rerurr of Gold it , 1 casks hand, paaael. iron and blued back and compass Sawa, ?cd forks, pocket ?nd pec knives. Wade k Botchers' mors, kc Te* ma thraa months, for aumi of filtO. and upwards, all I rrc WM. W SHIRLEY, Anctiooear BALE-BY H E. WILLARD? THIS DAY. at it )i'clo:k. at the ih'ea atorr houaa No IS Bridfe a'reet, a ger-eral aaortmaut of pari r, bed-mom aud kitchru Kurnuu-e cona rtiua of eaneia. au'ai, chum, tab) a, 'wdateada. budding, oil ? loiha, mantel ornaments. gi ?audo'cB, anUr lampa, china, glaaa, ? rockery a> d ki'cheo w re. Sale poiitiea, ra n or ahiua, for caah, and the goo js to be tnkau away the same day. At it o'clock, one roaewood Pianoforte and Slot I. all It*rh OIL PAINTINGS HORATIO HILL successor to Ourley k Hill. Itt Broad way, N?w York taO g Room, wi'l aell on Wcdneadjy b veniug, April ISrh, a ci lla< ti.n of f*ll Paiuiiuaa computing ma-y gains, art from iba Cuarom Houae, being the produe tioaa ol emma it Flourish, Date i, aud tia m n manors The short- co tectum ta wa.l w rth (lie att-ut'oo of connmaaianra, crtiaL, dr-leia *'d patiooa of the fine aita. Can now be tee a at the Auci Room al4 Jr*r E H I "OLO At, Aoctionaer. COSTLY RO*?;WOOD tND MAHOGANY FURNI TURE Ealra Biae Mantel Olaaaee Library Book Caaet. Chatdalirrt kc.?To be aol I by audita on Thursday, April itth, >t il o cl ek, at Strong Plaaa, Brooklyn, iu inn rear of Or Stone'a Chare o?. Parlor Furuturc?Comprising maewnod and medallion, crtmton centre Sufii, Dieaaa. Cr>ueh*a. Ottomans aud Chiira tn maian. Centra Tables, I >rg* aixc Lampa, with glaaa la?trea, criauou and while ailk Curtama, with aila trimminga; qua# manrel Ola-ass, large g'aia Cheude'ier*, royal inou Car pa a a,J Han, wmte ud uold: mih gin) Co'aa and Couchaa, man tel Mirrors, with bios and go d velvet frames. Lihrqiy Furniture?L braiy Bookeaaea, and Chairs, Car t?. kc. pet Bedroom Furnirura? Bruseela and Ingrain Carpe's, French Badaiead, Sir-??u?. Dmaiug Otaa a?. K.gyptian MsibeCom modes, Ki gl-ih Hall Oil Cloths, Hall Lumps and H t Stand, large rxtsunon dining Tables A I the lurnitura was maie to oide- iu New York, together with a Hue lot af kitchen fur niture. Catalogues to be had at the auctioneer's office on Wednes day K H. LUDLOW ItCO. Auctioneers, allSfrr < IBS) V Wall street H DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. pLF.OANT ROSEWOOD AND M * HOOANY FUR -Cd Nl IUHE, ROYAL WILTON CARPETING kc. at No. 10) West Thi teenlh street,-TUTTLE k DUCLU ZEAU will tall oa Tuesday. April 14th. at 10 o'clock, on the premises, theenlirc Furniture contained iu the honae No 10) W#at'? hirtaenth street, dear the Sixth Avenue, consisting in part of carved roar wood pa lor furniture, of the style of Louis XIV.. via: tvle-?-tete Div tus. Cha>rs,Ottomans and foot ben ches covered with crimson vulvet, eo suite; ebony carv-d Pier Table, of the moat antique fashion) Royal Wilton aud Urua acla Csrpetini: ex'ra larae French plats Mauttl Olaaa; Chi nese Willow Chairs: mahogany Sofa and arm Chairs; uiteut Discern and C.treel Limns; splendid gilt Clock; Freuen gilt Man'el Oraaments and Ol-andole's; suspending Wall Brackets, silver monntuJ Candl- sticks with h-auchea; China Dinner and TeaServic-a; hall Oil Cloths; htair Carpets bra-a Stair Rods; French bedsteuda; 1 aleaant mahogany bedstead of Elisabeih au style, feather Beds, Mat raaaes, ke. Alio several vluablo Oil Paintings by the most celebrated and aacient masters. Also, the Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will eom al' j'SMItT re A CARD H K. WILLARD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer!, WILL giv* their personal attention to the Sales of House hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeeping Sleeks ofCiOckury, Dry Goods, Orocary, aud sales of Real Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their friaodt nod the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, 1): BROADWAY, until May 1st, when they will move to the spacious store, No. 17 WALL atreet. lata Adams' Express Office. all lm*m TO LET A SUITE OF ROOMB. furaiahed or unfurnishad, for one or two gentlemen, at 10 White street. ali It'rre FUR t*ALE, a IF APPLIED FOR BOON, the lease, farnitura, and bar room fittarre of a first rate stand Said bonis h-u ample accommodations for fo ty or fifrv lodgers The looms being large, airy,aud in first rate e nd'tion Said hou e is now doing a good buaioess, and is one of the moat plcaeant locations in the eity of New Vork. For further par icule s i quire at No. )1 Path Roar, betw.en the hours of ten and two ocl'>ck el4 )tiv*rre (JONKy isLAaL) FAViLLlUN. One undivided pa t of the lease, fixtures, kc.. of the ebova esubliahme t. for f'-ur years from the first of MuMaf next, it offered for sale. The wall known success or the Paviltion last yea-, ia so writ understood uy the public gen-rally. ihst'Oiniueot is deemed unnecessary Forfuither information please inquire ot DAVID E. WHEELER, tt Wall atreet. alt StawiaSw or of ALONZO REED street, ?th avenue. N. B ?'The Kaiekubocker stages go within a few blocks of the house. ali )t*m FOrt SALE, A LIOHT WAGON, nearly new. Alio, a strong IwfN bnilt Barouche, >> ith .haft end pole, and double set 1 ^ A- of harueas if required. Also, a fust bav naaro,sound id ki d. and trots a mile in three minotes. Apply to ul Jw*re MUlH'l. |4>AAC8t)N. af Heekmeuat NEAPOLITAN BONNEi"?. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees aid Manufacturers 9P ___ trade with their inimitable Neapoli-ant, for which they lecrived two silver medals at tbolasttwo Fairs f the Amitt esa lastitnte, and which for at' le and finish are uosurptued They warrant them 'o alter and clenn eq-al to new. Apply to PaTTIxON. NOEkCO tSDalaseya-, aT Imi?*r >r Vvse k Sous corner Pino and Pearl. COTTON KAIL CLOTH, HEAVY CAN VAS'S, deC. THE SUBSCRIBERS hiTf in ??!? ud irn daily rictirioi direct from the m-nnf ciurtri, t fim sanely of COTTON CANVASS, both plain and twillad, adapted to all the various purposes to wh ch Cat.rut can he ap|i'nl uot ?*-eiti g ? e" those for whi h hareiofote Limn alone has bee.i deemed safflci-at. They desire toea'l Cis i tent.on of >b>p owne a and masters of Tease's, tmhe ?'oft or Ship Curau, dtiipnad expressly for aqn>rr rigged rrtiels It haa turn found, after -nbecting it to tho severest toat. 'o post aa a'l the qoa'itiea r qniaile; to be eqat.fy aofi and plia ola as the Imrn 'o wear full aa long, holda a better wind, and . eoa'a bat aoont <-oe half. Theaanem y be said ol the Coftnn Ravens Dock, which they hare of all qnalitiaa, widths and weight FOX It POi.HEMUS, at 2taw fftdkS t r SI Br? d. corner Bearer at HARDWARE AT AGENT'S PRICES P^HK SUBSCRIBER, Agent for aerernl Manafaetnrerain > X Cap land, ia enabled to aapply dealers from first hand*, alao at first pricei. Parrhaaera will consult their own latareet by taking UP STAIRS PRICES. U00 groan low priced Table Cntl*ry. Scuta aaeorted 1, S and 1 blade Knives. Filea?a eemplet- aasortment of beet eaat xfeeL M Caaka Trace, Oi and Log Chains. *5 Baskets Vicet, fine Cotter Key. 110 Doxes Patent Knob Lnckt. Alan. Frying Pane, Bad Screwa, Candlesticks. Bolte, Spoonr, Pod, Clot at and Trnnk Locks, r.arrjr Coiaba, Re. Re JOHN A NKWBOLD, m? ImiaMWRPaae No. ii John atreet. no starve. TbX AS TIRN OR TWELVE good Mechanise, who hare eeah ee pitalt of a i on pie of bandied dollars,and who are willing to sews in the beat pirt < f Tex .a, may hsar of aa eanaaal ehainee f wa pleasant and profitibla location, by appiyii g at No N Naaaan tt, room li. up ataira^ al todlw'rc PAPER HANGINGS^ WINDOW SHADES AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS. SOLOMON R H\RT, Ml Broadway, am sow receiring pe- the rariona p .eke* ships item England and France, the largest and heit asao.tmeat of tha abore go. ids ia the city, all of which they they offer in anj qnentity, wholesale or retail, at lower prteea than can be fonnd m any other sstablish ment. Country merohanta and others will find a large assortment of Window Shades and Paper Hangiaga of all lbs rariona tiylea aud prices, which they am requested to eall and examine, alfteodins'rrc LOOKING GLASS PLATES. HANLINEROSTHEIMEH. 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Meek Valenciennes, flee Ksfllish Thread Lac as sou Edau ga ; 1 black Brussels and imitation Lares of every deocrtption tnmmiag. floancing, he., Itc ; Linen bobbin Edgings and (Rings . lot of Mnslia trtmniingv, ladies'Morning Cup*, lae* Cap i^?, Mnslint apea. received from anelion, will be sold -M riar. teres the cost or iMrokraTloe. >. 373 Broad way. 3d Apnl, 1(40 a7 lm* tt e OALe-l am detiveriDg from my yard, corner of Oreonwieh streets, the real f*seh OrchMd Red Ash,. st ie low pmces for cash only,vis: Egg sod Broken $? 75. I* ?* 1 and Stove, mned, $5 50. Buyers can positively depenO r*.7ofl?" CMX tk'ITCT*4 " CLINTON LATHS I1 ISimifcZSCI B! TO WAlMIMOTON, April If, ; Congress. A large concourse of people attended in the gn1 leri.-s ot the House this morning, in expectation of those "awful disclosures" from the State Depart ment ; but not being forthcoming alter the lapse of several hours, the multitude dispersed with great unanimity. We understood, (though we did not wait till the adjournment,) that Mr. Buchanan posi tively dei lined transmitting the papers called for, and that the clerk, who had been guilty of an intrac tion ot contidence, m permitting ihem to be over hauled, was threatened with an official discharge. We presume that the papers of the secret service fund would disclose many ttema oi expenditure, and instructions upon their spj licatioo, that would ha of no possible advantage to any body ; but wbicb, in having subserved the ends ol the government in the accomplishment of great measures, have been of advantage to us all In a late letter, we took occasion to uae the cud gels in behalf of Webster pretty liberally Wa were provoked to thia by the ex parte ma'nnenta of this quarrel communicated previously, and tri m the appenrancea of an unfair conspiracy to crush >h# Senator from Massachusetts at all hazards. W? have no interest in t>)i? litigation whatever, except to see that it is fairly conducted. We expect that the two distinguished gentlemen will yet settle the milter by "arbitration," or'by "compromise and negotiation," upon the principle of " equivalents and muiutl concessions," as in the Northeastern Boundary Treaty. We belong to the peace party, whenever the peace can be honorably vindicated and maintained The Oregon question, upon a bill for the mi irnU? rim protection ol our citizens, was the su jeet of discussion in the House?a resumption, in fact, of the old discussion of two months ago upon the maui question of the notice?still yoar reports of the day will show that the dabata waa not without aome in terest. Toe President, in reply to the resolution of Mr. J. M. Clayton, says that no aerrespondenea between the two governments has taken place tinea the submission of the letters on arbitration. Still, from the remarks of Mr. Webster, it would appear that letters irom Mr. MeLane have bees received ty Mr. Buchanan, not reached by the terms of the resolution. Mr. Upham being detained at hie lodgings by sickness, Mr. Huntington apoke upon the speeial order of the notice, in favor of peace, and of an expression of the sense of the Senate as clearly as can be given, in favor of a "compromise." The debate, from an informal understanding, la to be closed on Thursday. Meantime, Gen. Hous ton has given notice that he intends to speak on Wednesday. We should not be surprised if he were to go the entire figure, especially as regards the notice Instructions to Mr. Pakenham are expected by the Unicorn in relation to the basis of 49 ; but from the tone of extracts in the Herald of yesterday, we are disposed to the apprehensiou that the gams in etleciually blocked, and that the next measures ef action for the Senate, alter the notice, will be the tony war steamers, and the 60,000 increase of the regular army. We hope and trust, that if we are to htve n war with England, it may be postponed until we shall have settled the balances with Mexico. She is ri pening for annexation if the peace can be main tained. TWENTY-NINTH COJIOIUEM, In l?ii?U. . Washington, April It, 1948. Morning: windy, cloudy, and lowering. A good m S!1!? People in the galleries. Priyer by Kiv. r? Journal of Saturday last. Petition! By Mr. Atchison, from Missouri, for a mail route to Oregon By Mr. Die, from Ontario C01uatle'B. NewYork, against the renew si of Wood's plow patent. By Mr. Corwm, a simi lar remonstrance Irom Ohio. Mr. Johnson and ethers also presented petitions. M _ , BARON STEUBEN. .L t iT1* moved instructions to the Committee on the .Library, in reference to the purchase ot the oor trait of Baron Steuben. Lies over one day. - Uf WAX. ? l ' *?RBBB* introduced a bill providing for the right ol way through the public lands in certain casea. , FRENCH spOI.IATIOSB. Mr. J. M. Clayton submitted a resolution far in formation from the State Department, on the sub ject ot trench spoliations prior to the year IMP M r. Allkn objected to its consideration to-day. and the resolution was laid over. , THE DAY or JUDGMENT. .Mr. Allen, with some remarks on the necessity as to the specific d\PA among Senators shHll proceed to vote upon the Orennn'l.ihe Senate said he would now state that when t&e Senate should come to set upon the subject, he would move to lay the original resolutions of the Committee of Foreign Relations of the Senate upon the table, and to take up the resolutions of the Huuse of Repre sentatives He reiterated hia desire lor au under standing among Senators, of a fixed day, soma time during the week, tor the fioal action of the Senate upon the resolutions, ao that the whole body of the Senate may be present. Mr. Johnson, of Maryland.?Does the Senator name any day 1 Mr. Hannigan.?I would name Wednesday. Mr. Ai.lkn ?1 would say Wednesday, but if ?*??? be not agreeable, Thursday. Mr. Hanneoan ?Wednesday. Mr. Moxkmkad said that he had no objection to the appointment of a particular day?Thursday would suit him. Mr. Johnson, of Md., supposed that if aa Thurs day anv Senator might wish to speak, whs had not yet spoken, he would not he excluded. Mr: Hanneoan -No, air; but Jet it be understood that the Senate will not adjourn until it -R-l' have taken the vote. Mr. Johnson supposed that the understanding was not arbitrary. ~ Mr. Allkn.?There is no arbitrary rule. If any Senator on 'i hursday wishes to speak.he can speak: lor wnh the ubdrritandiog ttxrd in the minds of Senators, that they shall not adjourn betora (hay come to a vote, we may have a doten speeches. Mr. Wkbstkk ?I have no objection. Mr. Allbn.?I would iheo suggest Wednesday. Voices.?" Thursday," say "Thursday." Mr. Allen.?1 hursday, then, sin; as it is the wish of Senators on the other aide. Mr Mokkhkad suggesteu that amendments and incidental propositions might ao prolong the diaeuw ?ion aa to render it impossible to oome to a vote on Thursday next. Mr. Websth.?Discussions of that sort aregan* rally short. " Mr. M op ehkas.?The Senator from Maaaacba setts says that discussions ot thst sort era genem'ly short. So ihey srs; but they take time, notwiih standing. Mr. Allkn thought (here would not be say oro tracted discussion upon incidental questions. 7hay could be very readily disposed of. Ha thought, therefore, that there would be no difficulty in bring ing the Senate to a vote upon the day devignetod. [The subject was here dropped, with the under standing that the Senate on Thursday shall proceed to vote upon the Oregon resolutions.] FRENCH SPOLIATIONS Mr. J. M. Clayton hoped the Senator from Ohio would withdraw hia objections to the resolution re specting French spoliations, and let it now bo passed Mr. Wkb'trk explained briefly the nature of the case. In 1831, France had paid over five millions lor the redemption of indemnities, accruing from her spoliations upon our commerce. The commis sioners appointed for the distribution of this fund among the claimants had refused any award to claims growing out of French spoliations prior to 1800, on the ground that the United States had as sumed the responsibility of all claims up to that time. The information required by the resolution was in reference to the paying out oi the 95,000,009, and the Secretary ot State was ready to furnish the information. Mr. Allen withdrew his objection after the reso lution was read, at hia request; and it was adopted. GEN. SAW. HOUSTON SPEAKS ON WEDNESDAY KBIT Gen. Houston, having dropped hia Texan grey, and donned a new and elegant rait of Senatorial black, arose, and gave notice that, with the plea eure of the body, he would addreas the Honae on the subject of Oregon on Wednesday next, on which occasion he would give such views sa should govern him in the vote which he would be called to give upon this important question Mr. Webstbr suggested that the Senate prooaed to the special order ot the day. Several adverse reports upon private cases wars agreed to. Sundry bills were reported from tba House. THE OREGON NOTTPJCATION. Mr. Huntington arose, and announced that aa the honorable Senator Irom Vermont (Mr. Uphara, entitled to the floor) was still sick, and unable to attend in his place in the Senate to-day, he (Mr. H.) would submit some views upon the proposition be fore the Senate. With a few general observation*, Mr H accordingly dipped into the main questii a. On the subject of the notice, he contended tl at the .senate should express clearly its judgment in beha'f of the settlement of the controversy by " mntoal concessions and compromise" between the bisk contracting parties. Mr. H. contended for an ho norable peace, as evincing mors patriotism than advocating ao unnecessary and dishonorable war. (Several messages, by Mr J. Knox Walker, from bis Exoellency the President ol the United States,

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