Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1846 Page 4
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and ?ll ih writing ] With ??me further general observations upr.i the absurdity of a war abofi Orweo i. Mr. Huntington renewed the reran lion ol titration by the President: und eats that the Secretary of State, under the hxecu tiveV msth cti.ii. 4. in his opinions upon th'a matter of nrbtUatmu, ht.J en* out a whole chafer from the taws of nations upon this notice. Mr. 11. proceed ed to an embornte !eo?l review of the weakness of the ?6nel<i>ions against arbitration by Mr. Bach anil. Thence to the utate o! affairs between the .two nations generally, and especially as ex ist itig in Oregon. He would prefer, upon the whole, that th* notice should be postponed for some weeks, in the expectation that ere,its ought occur in ths uusrim wtnoh would render tli? notice en tirely unnecasdry. Reviewing the evils that have already grown out of the unsettled state of thisqu-s uoi, and the probable harmless result of n mere uofece, under other circumstances, he said that from th* recommendations of the President, it was al most impossible to hone that it could lead to a paci fication ni its unqualified fortn. If we give the bare notice, with the purpose understood that at theend of kthe year we proceed to occupy the whole of the temtoTV. it must at once stop all negotiation up<>n ihfi subject. In conclusion, Mr H hoped that the honor ajid the peace of the country would both be pryerved. . _ NO MO?K LETTERS ON HAND. The President, in reply to Mr. J. M. Clayton, calling for copies of the ullic ml correspondence, if any, since the last, upon arbitration, were trans muted to Congress, strys that none has taken j place between thi*n governments of the United States and Great Britain", since the date of the last documents submitted to Congress. Mr. Webster irked that the message be rend again; he de ired to see if it met the te'rms of the resolution. Tne message was read. Mr Webster s ud that the inquiry did not ex clude th* idea that letters had been btely received by the Department of State from Mr. McLane, our Minister at London. It was generally understood tbU there bad been receutlv such tatters received lrotn London. If there be such letters in the De p irtuient, it would appear that they arc not embraced in the terms of the call. 8ome conversation followed between Mr. J. M. Clayton and Mr Webstkx, when, On motion of Mr. Allen, the message was or dered to be printed. the aunoxEis. The Phksidknt transmitted a voluminous mass of papers to the dsn ate, on the affairs ol ths Cbero krrs The Secretary was proceeding to read the pa pers, when, with some passing remarks between Mr. Sevier and Mr. Jarnagin, the communication was referred to Committee on Indian Atfaire, a .d ordered to be printed. [Tne message proposed a division of the Chero kee country, in Arkansas, between the Roes party und the old treaty, or Itidge, party. And this is the only mode in which the peace can be preserved be tween them. We hope the President's recommen dations will be carried out ] And the Senate had a brief Executive session. House of Representatives. Mn Moi*d*t, April 13,181?. ssrSr53? 1 ~ ~.UV4'r, &, S','h Revolution, \TLT. 'if J' h 11"'edJn the ,in>? "f'ha at. si rtW^rr^'^sJSt s tt r ^^^-wusyssas s Mr n.?-. A .L.'TTI-K *?oLunoi?. the Houee* ani?kiT?. "V'?the hakit of troubling lution, (holding U in his hind )'? T# re"d * UtU? re,? fer^.or^*^ * ?t I.h.v. been trying hara't flaaceedad. 81 resolution, ana U Af,TwUlLt b? read for information. Whole be discharged f^m Th^VnXfe^^'eSH f th* U.. bill to license csn.i bT.t f vJ^eV-^'no^0 ?f Me'ver'"" -Th" r?"olotio" * ob toted to 1 Mr. McCoisiskll -1 obj.ct to it. tb?L*o?aTdfMSLT,h0 be iU'PMdadi b* resolve itlelf Co^m^ito'oinh^Who^** H?a,? t0eothth^ighnt.fof American*^ettlers ?f "&tbf bi"P?# Mr. Ash*? row for the purpose of making The *,"-A?ATIOS. ?k. i7;. to while be v.. ,b. made to him V.'geniIwZnZ* Xl^?00 ^ beon ?fo^wh.2an0o?nbi'w?^n,,odcd hJ? *?* Mr.r?. ; .t"? *'- * *08t [Criaa of '* Oo on," *? ro on 'i Tha Sort i^k* a0!01 AlMbaiI,a ?taU4 on Saturday that a ro* KntwS?^^ ?*"'?*"** was incorreot, and the charge was untrne. and cailed for ore^f^' u ," ii*H?rs5w was accurate in what he hsd Utel tan Tk* Unmmm }C *"D'?TI0" "CO ORKOOW. ' ' w V ' ^ a vo'e of?at e* i, nosi 79?resolved it Unicm * r?mmlttM ?r,h0 Whole, on the Stat, of the WrnmMoT'"' ?f M,ine' w" caU#d t0 pM,id? ?'?th. *?r?Jn?TlT?nia, moved that the bill 101 '? "? ?r-? ?fcaE?*~iftssw? ^Vs.os.^-Uf take th. vote ?? thohrst motion The quastion was taken, and, by ares 79 noes aa ik. was^declartd to be open for amendment, and it Is'as fob 2ft ewht! ali thet ne/bon ni nil. hereby oxtendod for in tha second article ?? .fiJit 1 uotiea provided ilr mCm?,"'11 iV} m*nt'ooed treaty." sassiw i&sSr,Ssm** ft tag*p.r.H.1 J I,",.. V^fSilSSS proper for Congress to pass a bill containing no v Urtin VmS^es-' "vs-saBwa ?^,^i,;^lsrs'irsui2?^,"?^. "si for ? He tho. vindicated our olaim to ,7Sr^ ?,Htrr,t!l*?'1 in confJ*ilon, in eTtpL; *. 5"7?L .by. ?J>* convsnlloo ef l(l?, ?/ the wotd^"settlement^" I k l^?bj' bj th* Bmi",on ? seitlsmsri "?wool, and she had no right to make Ohio whither ^?r Ad??? was asked hy Mr Farrw! of ewwi'dsrstien of K'" mtlto m ITSl '22 k^T"" in r r?0iiu w.| ^r; p181 witiif ill h?r rkbti on tho nifod. ii w.. ? ooo'Msration J Mr. Adams re S^of th# kint. wt*toekV!iel1, Jh*p* WM "o her- ! to the south tide A?. r * Mat-49 deg.-and ran it s??m treaty we wo^tfKr^V'i?' Looi ?ooth side, niwte, thlt ,^tv falV" ,0rT *** * 0,8 " *0- ?f^h We dfo not cl^T Vnd.r IS11 f'?,0f ?'?nc* *ny rtght so the Pacific Thl i i*?wataaa treaty, ?0 Utie te any of the t?inl.ri^"o?n ih'" ofJU Kur01?~ ac<}Siescence in giants ai th? p?V ^""continent was Mr Adsms gave hi. authority Pr the St?f ? eSS?"h K & dUr#Et!?* on thi* cohtinent It wm fo?!!, ?? V, "*d *ff. rtrsfbook, 1st chapter, and ?th vsHl n,?*a* !y*l till# op to the same source TtiTpIL. ck*lono ifrfrood at that of aar Fnranmm* ?i?I P ?r,Dt wil ha proftd, railnqruihad bw troatv in^Vao f#iV .?r,ta'n? J llSsKn^S to ee^U rn.T2f. ^ 8oQ,h 8*?. Afterwards only so to thl wt.T -' "7 * dominions extended Our right 'J.ndouV,d *wrDt,7 0l;d"r ****** claim was < %.. %ew wo sis W>tJr**t " ??? '? actual IMS Which was nnt J oonrawtson of , which ??eluded .1? OD* of.I J*4?1 ccoqpsstQn, but J? of a third power w7^U'>* fo^rved the tights ? dhh only iiosir thai P?*'r' 9^oin- She was | , States TU wheu if ^ m0'b.*"d?? '*? United lbs treaty of fait'* "r tb* Spanish this was obtained by I # Britain having obtained A ,mf fC0?^ the idea of Orsat * of IBobOt, tcMTnd *?!'!,*"7 ''*!"? "oiler the discovery , ^contempt, end went i.?V?* 1**.^?'? pistauaiaca with t Vrwree was trad-nv nn hi ,,torr of his veyagsa eom. time, our T5J22* "count At the ??. were en that coast fh? u W and Wushiofton, . Mis. those vessels. Tb.y SKSlSh "th#r'U" d'* ?' Metres Metre. iwptwwntH to^rTK'J?1* niMl< 1 was a fraudulent treder on roM.5^51 "??< ? !h 7r! " ' British .abject S,ul^CI?,,*,, butthl ^ ? WW not gs^'^ai: ^"U01 print* adventurer. without i commiieion from Con gress. Ths Nootks convention gives Ureal Britain lha right of sattUmeut.navigation. fade. fcc?ne jurisdic tion. But the word " settlement " ??? looked upon aa giving them permanent rights to poeeess territory. Ho waived the point whe her that convention wat annulled by war. Ha waived the declaration oi Oreat Britain to him that luch treaties had basn abrogated by war. without exception He made that no question. But, if ?he did obtain that ri?nt from Spain, aha forfaited it by the conventions of 1818 end 1817. Copying the Nootks Bound convention, in every reapect, they left out th# word " aetilement." Thay omitted it because they did not wish ua to exerciso the right of aottlatn -nt. Mr. Adsru? lh?u<instituted a com; uriaon between the Nootka Sound convention, and that of 1911. kr.. kc. Mr Beat of South Carolina, ratnarki-d that Mr. Adams wui reaponaibla for Mr. Oallatin'a otfer. He did rot mean to be disrespectful cr discourteous, but ho emit aay, in hii judgment,there ia great truth and force in the posit on of the Ptesident, that hta predcceaaora. (among thorn Mr. AJama) offered to divide the taiiitory wits Oreat Britain The question waa taken on the amendment proponed by Mr. McHanry. and it waa negatived. Mr. Hovevoa of Alabamn, moved to atrike out In the proviao, the first icction: "That thin act shall not bo con strued nor eiocuted in such a manner, aa to deprive the subjects if Oreat Britain, cf any ot the rights and privi ' liqes, secured by the third article of the treaty, signed at London, October 90 1811. and continued iu force by < tha treaty of An gust ti 1817," the words "until laid tre*<y stimulative, shall cease by virtue of the notice, provided for in tha eecon 1 article of said last mentioned lieaty." ! Mr. Smith of Connecticut, siihtnitted a proviao, aa e substitute, that this act shall not be extended to tho sub- j jecta of Oieat Britain, in the territory of the United State* which liaa west cf ths Hockv Mountains, until otherwise provided hy law If the substitute should be adopted, he contended then Congress could aay when thel.iwa should bo extended to British subjects, and they ought to retain the war power in their own bands, and nut confide it to the President Mr Smith of Indiana, laid wo gave tho "notice" to destroy the claims of (ireat Britain in the territory, and then to extend our laws over the people. In his opinion, anything short of 04 40, would be a very feeble affair. Mr. Titoairto.v of Punnsylvnnia, contended that we should extend our laws over all we had n right to. If we hud no right from 49 to 44 40, who had? Mr. J. R iMssaaoLL replied, nobody. It wat a high way, open to alt the world, to occupy, possess, and sub jugate. Mr. Thomvso* (aid, if thia waa the cuae, why should 1 wo not then|oxtend oar laws over it 1 Mr. Twuaaia.v defended the 44 40 mon, and stoutly maintained our rights to that line. Mr. Daisikl gave a history of the Oregon question j and. in the couraeof his remarks, he said, eo far from limiting our jurisdiction, by this bill, he would vote ngxuit 49 or 64 40. We did not know what the Presi dent was doing iu the matter ; ha might treat for 41, Si, or 4S ; in fact, we did not know whet the Executive would do. Let the first section remain as it was, with out A xing a boundary ; and if tha question should be settled, tnia bill would oome in and meet the contin gency. Mr. Wooswean insisted that the convention of 1818 end 1813, did .not make the question one of boundary, and tha title to tho territory did not belong to giving the notice for the teiminatiou of the connection. At five minutes past four o'clock, the committee roae. The SrsAxca laid beforo the House several executive communications, one of them with reterenoe to Chero kee troubles. FALLS OF THI OHIO KIVBS. Mr. Hehlt, in pursuance of a notice previously given introduced a bill to remove obstruotiona in the naviga tion ot the falls ot the Ohio river; and it waa read twice, ami referred to tbs Committee on Uoadl and Canals. Tho House adjourned. rw, ... . New Oxlrans, April 6 1846 The 1 Veather Leopold Dt Meyer-Theatrical, Markets. in 6,,di?g ? ""i*? J can Bit down, and write a few line*. For the last three days it has rained almost incessantly and the ?nd extended up into the citv .. r.- .. ? ?waap, cu? itreeti. The old shell\oe3f i[*. RlmPart "<1 Cir overlowed as Well ai the rei?!?.. *? lake, is refused to carry freight to!d?? ? company have of water on itiJ rZT^Z'cZ^01 ?f tha ?? <l?rs. at'd members of the gene'ral ionnln ?a*or' "C" and will be a closely con?e.ted ine U' OC0Mn to'^*Jr. UitafaaWS; Chffiton aM;y#r" arri-1 ?? town concert. fhe Keaot anfved' mt'TJ?T'DC/t hi" mence an engagement oI six ,?ornin*: and com fret to learn that Mrs MowaWa.' ?' eT'nin* ' ?? .orego mother engagement* Mobile In" 5?"P",1?d ,0 of ill-health, caused bv the I? consequence and travelling Mr Crisn roes^fn .h V*u? of playine Mrs. Mewatt leave. nextP week PThe/sV!r,ht0.4y' aDd and the Swiss Bell Rirxers h... ; T? Aofo,,at Family rana. The ??Criokit ?n^h?!i felurned from Ha tised by Mr. J. E. Durivare form i haa h??n drama nected with your establishment?j[' helieve, con% fUTThercro?ftrd ^ "e9D ,UCC" the sale. eTeedW* UmTV inlU *" the week, ?]*;;; una l:Ms ?%&z TA. mather-D.Sney S Cart^T'' *** """? aoney s. Carr? Sktpmtnlo of Flour from F?T"\n P?*t--arr?t .f ..Buffalo BU{n_ZorLZ ' AuUiflealion?Eutinnm of n j, ? ,can CUy-M^rkou Z **-"-??? of tA. The weather continues cool but clear in this ?n?i~ ;?r7,,.?.,w .ho..;.c'c; The Hon. Dabney s. Carr, our minister to Constantino pie, sailed yesterday ,in the ship CircinnaU fro J?m" port, for bis destination, via Liverpool ' KniTM*.'^'KjVf'JSr: a3, a?Sril'uCu #rM'd ' "? this port during the past vear has been' , W>?d from than.tW.OOO Dming the onsrter?-. i- )arge, not less March, the number of barrels of flour*?- ?a jfae 3,it ?' was 40,100 barrels ; Ww M?Vl MP??d ?? Brazil, lend, 31,161 ; Montevidio 7 lin V'? barrel,; Eng. tar. 878; other place. S 017-maiioI . ^: V.17 ' 0inr?* ?P3 barrels of lfour, shipped fromto'al #f ,u. port, during three cXdar^ monthV"The* ^a'??1^ I sdso very lsrg* exported d?'ing the | ln1hi:c^XX*#.UZcii,i:"d ?UT'U' --rested on the obarge of stealing about Siaiw"11 ,0 Pri?on, Globe .on, By tho use otVhe?U? p$'^ frK? r??? da'htng apnearanee, and presented Iii .k ?ad,e 1uite a flcations of n Droadwsy .well SmrJif.'a*tari?r quali it has been ascertained that he is n onsh .k?mni1,ment' known New York burglar, ''Buffalo Hm'.,b,D.tba We? timore, doubtless, on a trip combining I Tiai,,nf Bal ?aws snsisfS^S - "? loag life before them. prospect of a continnes?tontbe irn'msns^* and' unorerthli c,ty iodioMion of iu extent, I will m5??!',W,Ud,- Aa a? during four day* of last week on? ?e.ntion that, ??? add nearly >34,000 worU , ?Tl lo^w.rt UbllBh The number ot deaths in this Vt?- ^ week, was SS-males 33 female, at ^ lh* P?1 rie ; off 13, and small pox 3 Consumption car parcels were made on Saturday at a4^e m??a awa11 but iittls inquiry yeatertav bit 7#" Thara w*? ?4 75. Solas or 600 btlr Vesterdav at "h" at ilemants for recaipta frrm cars ar? ?i u ili ?ate. Set of City Milts fl0ur Wou|d a M MJ. Holders inquiry. The receipts ot ' b,,t there is no tales of good to prime reds at 106 /flSi a**B. Limited flour white wheat is worth Via i^J?*oatlU Family Th>r* #w^s^hut^?ve7y' Uttle" en^uii^ **"follow! U cantT ?"*",0U 01 bhda ??"d a^?. WHSl.1" ri'blj '94 b'd- ^"-O" k Ohio KsiPoad Hl'.f riasr^To^pT^^h^^^ ?H; tea do,. j 9k^M^,,,rK^+.?Mk' ? d,r?' ?w StstsS s, b J. >IW ; Sea Citv Vi is. '?tareit, ttk; Mnrtgase Ce ifh Loaa It ' '??????# |S? i^^^asia^aras ? . .. Flsrtlons. "i ww? uku ii a groat deal of excitement in ,h?tigh not in the several wards, rising out of the 1?? Aldermen ?nd persons! .ad loc^l Uoi^gi Th..^0'? 1ue,,io?. we understand, that union or opDoriuf?,a' wards ware eleotad. opposition LckeU in these jXEzsx:c?" w"? - *? a.*SST5i' M5SiTJS.?vKy!!!?srr'^f. ?S,"Llii'y:rn''l"?" <" ?i? *dMn SiL'SifiSj tnrtof lends, ubj.c 'totoT lt~ ' h" prwvent (ummission ?iii . *7' *Svfl? the dm the State ht? prevent ???mmission will"esnirJ" ,84?' wh#I to be receiver of public manest^'r is ,I*.j 1 sobjsot to sale at NatcuitocheJ \1^ Z district ot Isnds ra, in tho tiM si Jtfcn r?!' State of Louiaia ?I'ato olMWS-inni .. . Tnck*r- wignad. Jamas It ?l Miasloslppi, to ha oonsu] at Buenos Avre. The Dels wars Division of the Pamu?i>.. . was epenod on Tnoadsy. r*?Mylvania canals Burr ala, April 12,1849. Lakt JVavigattotb?Banking Movement*. Oar Lake u now open, end the steamers am about prepared for spring baafneaa. The Wiaoon ?in, Capt. Cord, and the Empire, Copt Howe, will probably take the lead, as they ore the large at boats on tbe Lake. Mr. Reed is building two new boat*; one, the Niagara, is to be a fine one, and U aaid will be the fastest on the weatern waters. Mr l?reel T. Hatch, formerly President of the Com mercial Bank of tola city, left for your city thie morning, and young J'.moi T Goodwill. form est y Cashier at Os wego. let: ot the same time. The report is that Good will is on his way to take charge of the new bank at Vicktburg. Boston, April 18th, 1848. Laying tko Keel ef a New York Packet Skip. When a church la about tb be ereoted, the laying of the comer stone is always celebrated by some rellglou s ceremonies, but when a ship is to bo built, the laying oi her keel attracts little attention, except from those who are employed about it. Now, if a church requires the prayers of the pious, certainly a ship, which is continu ally exposed to dooger, ought not to bo neglected, more especially as the latter is often, on trying occasions, the scene of pretty hard swearing, bard knocks, and other un church-like acts. This subject is worthy the serious attention of the ministry at large. An honorable exception to this neglect of vessels, oc curred in the ship yard oi Mr. Daniel McKay, at East Boston, last Saturday afternoon. Tbe keel of a New York packet ship, intondad for Slciddy's line, was laid there a* out 6 o'clock, in thn presence of one parson and of twelve full grown men, who were thin-wrighte and sai lors. lief re the keel was finally adjusted, the twelve assembled round a pitch barrel, on tbe bead of which mounted e venerable tailor, and addressed tbe assembly ably and eloquently, upon the science ot pious ship building Wneo bo concluded, it was proposed to sing a hymn, but unfortunately, tbe voices of the twelve, alter repeated trials, were found to be too oro?ked to chime, whereupon Capt. A. G. an experienced and pious old salt,and an excellent whistler withall, volunteered to whistle part of the 107th psalm,about those "that go down to the sea in ships " He commenced well, and was pro ceeding along much to tba ediloatlon of the company, when a parson, who had been drawn thither by curl oeicy, SDeexed audibly and distinctly, threo times. This unfortunately interrupted the Captain, who looked raarlingspikes at the intruder: and it was not until he had taken a hearty swig out of a bucket of water, that he resumed. The echoes oi tba sneezing having died away, the Captain finished this part oi fire ceremony with becoming dignity. The last part of the keel wae then placed in its pcxitien, after which the twelve geve three hearty cheers, acd the person sneezed once by way of Amen. Tbe keel itself is of rock maple, 178 feet long, la two depths, etch depth 18 inches wide by 14 deep, tbe first in throe pieces with 10 feet tcarphs, and the other in 4 pieces, of tbe same dimensions, making the two com bined 29 by 16 inches. There ero eight 1 inch copper bolts in each scarph, and the parts of the keel have cop per bolts through them at intervals of eight feet, the whole length The vessel of whicb this is the founda tion, will be 188 feet long on deck, have 42 feet beam, 24 feet depth of hold, and will measure about 1400 tons, and be the largest merchant ship ever built in the United States. As she has not yet received a name, we have decided to name her "John Smith," for the prerent, as a compli ment to tbe large and respectable family of that nemo. A large ship ought to have a large name, and where can a larger one than Smith be found/ Bosto.*, Apxil 14,1840. Removal of two r enerat'e Treee from the Common?a Sin gular Case in Court?The Water Jlct accepted?Mr. Wiloon't Reooluiion againot Slavery paottd by the Houte?Mr. Burnett in the Senate again?A new Ship for Skiddy't Line?Stock Market?Dr. Woodward, +c. On Sunday night we had a (mart little ahower, which aerved to lay the duat, and made the grass on the Com mon look still more green end beautiful. In promenad ing around this earthly paradise yesterday morning, I noticed that the woodman's axe wea busy in bringing to the ground two of the venerable sycamore or button' wood ttrees, which have so long spread their gisnt branches for the shelter and protection of man. They hate outlived several generations of those who have been in the habit i resting beneath their ample foliage; but at last thn nrrosvs of death had reached them, and it < nme nece nry to re nova their lifeieai bodies aud mbs, that they might not, henceforth, cumber the nd which they had so long ornamented and mode 1 by their presence, i'eaco to their ashes. \ somewhat singular case was tried ia the C >urt of ? mon Pleas yestetday, in which Bepj. F. Hallett, , u distinguished lawyer, waa plaintiff, and Josiah He*, now in the McLean Asylum for the Insane, was the defendant. Mr. Oakes is an old man, who has accu mulated property, and is the fathor of a family of chil dren- Ho buried his wife some time since, and very soon afterwards manifested a disposition to marry a young .1.1 T? thi. H.- ?l.l ?_ I. ?I . _ ???. ? girl. To this the children objected; and to prevent it they had him tent to the Insane Asylum. It was thought by the old man end other*, that he was deprived of his liberty without any authority of lu w" mat question, rue motion was brousrht before the 8upremo Court on a writ of and Mr. Halle'tt, the plaintiff in the present suit, acted l. counael for the old gentleman, end endeavored to pro cure hie reloaae. The Supreme Court, howevor, deci ded that ha was insane, and that ho was rightfully re strained of his liberty. It became nectaaary..therefore, to appoint a guardian, to manage hia property, lie. When Mr. Hallett* bill for professional ser vices before the au-reme Court, the guardian refused to pay it, on the ground that Mr. Oakes was an insano man, and therefore not competent to do business or contract debts i end henee the present suit was brought to re cover the amount of the bill. Witnesses were examined as to the insanity of Oakea, and tbo evidence given be fore the Supreme Court, by content, Wat laid before tbe jury. It waa not disputed tbat the services ware ren dered ; nor was it contended that th* charge* wtie un reasonable. The Judge charged the jnry, that if they found Oakes to be a sane man, they need go no farther, but render a verdict for the plaintiff. If they did not consider him sane, though not furiously mad, and th* services rendered were necessary to test the question of the lawfulness of his confinement, they still ought to ?;ive the plaintiffs verdict. The Jury returned a verdict or plaintiff giving him 910* 17, the rail amount claimjad. They did not agree, however, as to th* sanity of Oakes, sigh-. being of opinion tbat he was sane, and tour that he was not. The counsel for the defence took exceptions to the ruling ot the Judge, and will cany the case up to the Supreme Court The act passed by the Legislature, for bringing the water of Long Pond Into the city of Boston, was sub mitted tu tbe people yesterday, and the vote stood as fol lows : For the act, 4487 ; against it, 848?majority, 4839. So the question is now fully settled, that Boston is to be supplied with water, as soon as the work can bo ac complished. Mr. Wilson, of Natick, succeeded in getting his reso lution against American slavery through the House yes terday, by a vote of 147 in the affirmative, to 82 in the negative. Probably it will not pats the Senate. Mr. Barnell, the Nantucket cashier, has again taken his seat in the Senate. No report has yet been made of the condition of his (bank. There must be something " rotten in Denmark," or we should have had some state ment of the affairs of this institution long a^o. On Saturday afternoon the keel of a New "York packet ship, intended for Skiddy's line, was laid at East Bos trn. The vessel is to be 188 feet long on deck; have 42 feet beam . 94 feet depth of hold, and will measure about 1400 tons. The stock market improved a little yesterday. Dr. S. B. Woodward, Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum at Worcester, intends soon to re'ire from the ?tation he now hold*. He bee purchased a residence in Northampton, Massachusetts. It will be difficult to make hia place good in the Asylum, and his retirement will be lamented by all. Males of Stocks at Boa ton. Baexcns' Boxao, April 18?10 shoes Norwich It Worces ter KK. ?X;87J do, foft; 7S do Western RR. M; 80 do Loos Island KR, 84lf; 28 do. S4K; IS <]o,3tK; 80S d >,14. seller, 10; ltadc,34; 88 do East Boston Co, 14J(; 1 do Boston It Wor tas ter KR, 1ISK Sxa jvoBossn.?8 shares Old Colony RR, 18*K; 88 do Lonf Islatii RR, MX; 4t do Norwich k Worcester RR, 88; 88 do, b 3 88; 1M do Erst Boston Co, 14j<. Fim* in Norfolk, Va.?Several small frame tene ments on Bermuda (treat, between Fen Church (treat and Church (treat, were consumed by Are, on Friday I evening last Three on the north side ot the street, owned By Mr. Jos. Nash, and three on the south side, \ two belonging to Mr. J. Q. Hattoo, and one to Mr. K. De l cormis These tenements were generally old, and not ? Tory valuable. ? Nf/olk Bracen, Jtpril 14. CUfflnRRClAli. flaw York, Tassday, April 1*. Cottow.?The market was very quiet to-day, no tales I of any moment being elTeeted. yesterday the sales amounted to 1,100 bales. Lrraarooi. Cussivtcatiow. lafhrior, Ordinary, ? I Middling. TV Mood Middling, TV Middling Fair, T*j rair, ah | Fall* Fsir. ?X ' Qood Fair, t J Viae. Rkai. Eatats at Auctiow.? House and lot North West corner o( Pearl and Ferry streets?lot 34 by 100 feet, $16700; two story brick house and lot, No. 173 ! Henry street?lot 31} feet by 79, (less a pieci II by 8 feet, taken from the rear) $4 800; three story brick honse in 8th street, between Avenue C and D, being , No. 8 ot a new block of buildings, $4 000; The Governor Tompkins' mansion at Staten Island, between the Quer ; en Una and New Brighton ferries, with 9 acres of Isnd; i house of marble, 60 by 00 feet, with addition of 60 feet * wings $10 800; house end lot corner of Hudson and North Moore streets, 33 by 76, $6 100; houses and lots. 84 , 68, ami 68 Liberty street, 60 by 03, $14 080 each; house and lot 153 Broadway, about 31 by 114, $20,390; do 160 do. do., $37 900; do 13-2 Liberty street, 30 by 64} i feet, $4,700, do. 68 Liberty street, 39 by I IS feet, $32,760 Now York Catile Market. Aran. Id?At market-1037 Beef Cattle, (900 from the fonih ) 60 Cowes anJ Calves?408 Sheep and Lamba. PrlCea?Beef Cattle?We qnote good retelling quali ties at from $6 to $7 39 Yesterday a few head supe rior brought $7 90; but the former figures may be re garded as the extremes of the mstket 300 unsold. Cows and Csdvee -A spirited dem md prevailed dur ing the week, end nil were LR-ia tt prices langiag, as ID quail yj from $18 to $86. Sneen ami Ltmbq?All demand lor Sheep eeaaes to have falJeu off The email number offering wore aH sold at $3 76 a $8 a 6. Hay- Mood Timothy fbils) connaanda 876 eatfta per cwt. Sales of a lot ol Westchester, loose, at $1 08. Tha market is but poorly supplied . [ Cant*it?Ship Hotatic-ChcHy* Van Reeaedeer. Albany. Kio JawciRO-Bfig Superb?Henry 8 Into, ef Ua? JEoI?kC J Jo1*"*?*, New York; Ctfl J Buhep, Baltimore : E&SE5RSa uar. mi w, 'M8Ar"!?"U^lLAnftSu?-3Giir Mnri* M Klote?Mrs Teaaolia. MCh^nLnwew-SMeH Allen?Jame* D Oliver and ladr, Id wiu W Oliver and Inly. PHttengers S*lled. Caithaobka?8chr T R Beiron?Mro ,R A Jay end ebilA Pt- t?u Mind; Caui "?'divard 8 Oten, BritUh Army; Kd C B lilwin. New Rvveu; Bic^ d ? lip, 5^V <{f1i ^aright Lyiusu, M?ss; N Miirevltus, Isltouville. NT; R Dspeyeter. John X Morris, John kishsr, Uaorge V*rden, t Gorhvn, N York. m??n kikttign iniportutlo.n. CAitToit-?hip Horatio?MM half chests yone* hyson 117 do | hyron <77 chritt do CM half do gunpowder 4? half do imperial 1 100 cuei canuislers go?powdsr 100 do imperial SO half cherts i Nmgyeng pouchug 48 dodo souchong S0? chess hjsoaskin I 330 hetf <lo do Ml do twaukay 11' do oolong touching 1M do do I -vowehocg 1? do mohea powchong 138 do do seuchoog SM 13lb k-iBS gunpowder iOOOlb do do5#0 l3!b do imp-rial !?0 61b do i do 500 Sib do bysou 330 6lb do do ?I0 metis cassia to order Bi toast'*?Brig Newcastle?6 es wine 1 hhd do Ca-y fc t-o : ?S3 h' pi s brandy 40 qr do J Caswell?I ci White It Sheffield ?33 hda wine N Courtin?15 do A Psender?!0 hi pps hrandv J ' Lit ur?sodo ISqrdo BireUv fcLiymgston?19 h*s PMoiJ?g ! ?16 lids I of do wme J B Stonrenel?5 hf pps h'*?dr 5qrd* I III ease* John De-end It c??? hi Jt 4 qr pps brandy H Boblsn? <0 hlwU wine, SO naif da, tShalf pipes braody. 21 quarter do, 31 tierces vim gar. 34 eve. cherries ;i, brandy. 13 do' 1 An i ret I*', C tzet k Aitoin?10 b?lf pipes br?ndv,200 baskets oil, 0 lives Aim-lolls Robert Balbid keo? 21 casks brandy, 1 C*?? untriit curki. 5 d ? sardiues looil, 6 do p uner Daniel Bt Amine ?3 caikt cream oftarfsr Joseph K keens?308.eases wiuej D k M Williams?8 bids pine nerd Qrinoell, Mlnturn fc co-23 I hhd. wine C Mell-tfi-S eki brandy A Bi.nnger k eo OaHU?Hark Aliolh?7349 boodles wha'ebou* 800 bkls oil Ori-iurll Mioturu fc eo. S'?e, Gardner k Howell. A fc B WilleU.BJudsou.andT lIM.IU.ofNew Yotk-43b'xee?m; rinsitiaa A Morwia-sOO hidea P I harnham k co?330 Jo H I Ingall.?'303 do 11.410 roll "kins 13 casks mustard seed 7 do I arrow rout J Heum-well, of Boston. , ; Sr. DoatiNtio?Baik Jnnuett?#81 hides Aymir It co-^30 pieces ns hega .y 10 hbl? honey 1 bos A O Rosiire k co?1030 pieces mahogany M H Ogdea. Domestic lmpertstloni. I ?AVStitAii-BHg Sterling?227 bales Collins k Carhari-M l TBrrritl-Sl Curtis k Hfyetsi?10 W H Hqwland-05 do , Providence, (Hlh?Mdo 75neic.** rice Proiner Freres?44 hslss sottou Spoffo-dTilrstoo It eo?30 Denniston k co?30 ' bags feathers 5 bbls 1 cask Kar.lsad Iwr k eo-3 bss Clevw land k Danforth?1 hhd J HTsIlmao?1 box J M Qnimby-1 Uibton fc Rilehsy?3 R A KingsUnd-J cask* W H Daren port?3 do Spear k Vauderboff?34 ludea J Raadell?01 barrela cotton EkRH Grate* , , . . _ ? Chauusstob?Ship H Allan?H bsles eotton W J Barrett? yig gpofford.Tilnstou fc co?IIJ W rhillipt?30 Henry Colt It co?13 bslea iron G 8utton-7? befell nee Pornera, Ferria It , to?6 park jras V Jon*s-l b? J Mylier?I trunk F Horton?1 bt J W Kutharford?71 beles co'tqn Taylor k Ritch?I .eaagi Hiebardson k Wataou-2 caska J McKeniey-W bale* eotton yarn W J Mott. 1 MARITIME HERALD I ? NOTICE TO ?HlMiA?TE*?. ... We bope that Captaiu* of Tmeii arnruif at this port, wui not driver any ahipping lisu, newapapera, news, or parcel* in 1 tended for this any persona other than the New York Pilots, or Ctpt. Robsht Silvcv. of our newa fleet. PORT OK RBW YORK, AKRIIs 15. ION RISKS. S 23 IUW SETS ? 37 Moeia tim 10 31 M WISH water 11 03 M Cleared. Buk M W Brett, Maybrw, Nenvitaa, Brett k Voae. Baik Treutoa, Oliver, Hivane, Conk k Smith. Bark Brat lirro.lVilliams, Rio Jineiro, 8 Baritow S Cn. Hsra ? H lh'pls Conn. Slew Orleans, K K Collins k Co. Bt'g hlits, (Br) Hainan, La Poole, Nh, Ooodhns k Co. Brig Archrlaua. Newe?mb, Tampico, J Ogdea. Brig Rxcel. Smith, Savannah, Bterges, C carman kCe. Brig Wlnr, Hebhard, Uren*da, A Hubbard fc Co. Behr Boston. Nash. Wilmingcoo. NC. Sehr Oregon, Oorenaa. Philadelphia, MeKee, Hand fc Co. Behr rhebo Alits, Osborn. Norfolk. Schr Sdiah Augusta, Banker, Richmond, Ye, Piatt fcrwr "scbr Nancy Bishop. Beott, Port au Prince, Skelding fc Ferris Schr Churloite, Pa>ker, Boston. Htoop Roscins Frisbie. Tasntos. Sloop Midas, French, Providence Barge Delaware,Crease, South Amboy. utiym, Bhip Horatio, Wood.from Canton and Macao, Dee Slat, with teaa.fce, toQrianall, Mintnrn It Co. Jan 17, on Jara Head, etehsnged signals with ship Helena, Bsejsmts, hence for Cen tou. Feb 2,1st31, Ion 6133 erchanged aigoet* with ahtpCle I rendnu Stoddard, from Canton for New York. March 33, let 1 l 31 Ion 33 13, spoke lir ship Medusa, 1 day from Calentts, for TrinitLd. April 4. let 33 33, lou 37 03. speke ship Manchester, ' of B-th.47 days fr?m Liverpool, for New Orleaa* . Bhip Ellen Brook*. Theeman, It d?y* irom Mobile, with ' cottoa, to master. Sth inat. 1st 34, Ion 10, spoke brig Gen Pit lesd, from N Orleans for Beliimor*. Ship H Allen, Wilson, 6 dsys from Charleston, with cotton, toOSuttoj. 10th ioat. ? miles east ol Fry,ng Pan Shoals, eichanged signals with bark Como, from Boston for Charlaa ,Pd*ark Alioth, Spring, (befor* reported) fromiDahn, SandwieH I Islands, Not 3?, with oil, p. C M Todd It Co Jan 33, spoke 1 ship Canada, Topbam. of Now Bedford, bound home, to cruise a short time in the South Atlantic Sea. Jsn 39th, Cap* Horn bearing NE, distance 3? lesgues, passed ship Janea. of N Bed ford steering N W. March v. 1st 3 13 8, Ion 35 10 W. spoke Br ihip Gilbert, Fiuley, from Liverpool for Bombay, wisnedto ^s'wbrig Soperb, (reported yesterday) Nisson, from Rio Ja neiro, Feb 10, with coffee, lie, to L S PhipM fc Co. Sid in company with bark Baltimore, of BHumore, f;r Montevideo. Mareh W. kit 32 0( N, Ion 30 13 W, apdse bi-rk Wado, Downs, of New Bedford, from N W Coast, bound hory; hid IMP bbl* vPa ssw 9 home with 3100 bbls while oil. and 10,000 lbs bone. April 7th, lain* N. lou SO 10 pasted herm brig Lady Huntley, of Ha lifax, steering sosth. April Oth, let S3 tO, loe 70 30, *Pdbe brig Minerva, of tudftom StKitte, 11 days est. boeod to N Breas wick, wi.bedto be rooorted. April 11th, lat 37 20, Ion 7240, saw ship Shskapaare, of New York, close hauled to the weat WBrig fiolua, Lewis, from Rio Janeiro, and Bahia Feb 30th, Withooffee. tn Unoscnmb fc Bsckwith. The A w-a 10days to the south of Cape Frio, with northerly gales. The Danish , brig Leprio arrived at Rio frrm Bt Jorephit Bey. Patageate, wit-, the coco and effects, logethsr with the eiew, 04 whale baik Tuscaloosa, Uoodwia, of New Bedford, (btfors report ed) whichwu list in St Joseph's Bsy. Get 4.1045. On the 30th Feb. pasted au American ship going up the bey. The A brings the I, tier bags el the U ? squadron *t Rio, and of U S ship Marion, on the Coast oi Africa No dat# given, lat 30 47, lou 70 39. a poke brig Salina, from Boston, stealing to the sonth "fle'k Jennet, Prinee, 15 days from the city of St Domingo, with hides, to Aymmr fc Co. ... . n Br oi if Lady ofth? Lake, Wwgwood. 9 days from Berma d.i. in Middleton fc Co. trig Newcastle, Dounell, from Bordese*, Fab. 10th, with braDdy. Oslrieht fc Kmger. Feb. 7th, arrived in the river bng Toplitf, from Charleston, with loss of bulwarks. 13th inst, saw a bark off shore, with loss of msia-top-mast; 1st inst, 1st 30 37. Ion M 10. ?i>oke French bark Tndant, 13 days from MartiniqnejOf and fnt Maiaeillea. Brig sterling. Thompson, 5 dsya from Savannah, with cot ton, to Donh;.iii fc Dimon. , , Brig D. troit, Pnrter, 30 hour* from Philadelphia, with adae, 8 'hr'Voliinteer, Eldridge, S3 day* from Pasq Cabello. Te*u, witn cotton, to Mr Wilaon 1st inst, in a gale from the east. Baroty B I ay lor, of Chatham, Conn, was washed overboard ti d Itst. The V carried away j.b-boom. end split aula. bchr Delaware, Gill, 38 dsys from Tobasco, with logwood, toC Boardman. of Boston. . . Brig Duncan, Gilchrist. 17 day* from N Orleans, with pro visions, to Rutland fc Holmes. 30th alt, 1st 33, loo 10, spoks brig Loratto, hence for N Orlesns. Behr Msiia M Klots, Warren. 10days from Savannah la Mar, Jam, with logwood, fc-, to W Dawson. Scbr King rhilip, 8h?rmaa, of Kingston, IS dtyi fro in 8tJt* go deCtba, with srg*r, to Foster fc Niehervon. Br schr Elizabeth, Joyce, 13 dsys from Ariehst, N8, w h P'Schr' Moruiut Star, Henderson, Egg Harbor, with pork, b*?LlOfive,BCarson^&i*eokt. NC, naval ?tores, to HWa ring. Sid in compauy w th schr Sally Miller, for N York. Sihr Ann Maria, Jonea, Newborn. NC, with naval stores, to S L Mitchell. 8U in company with schr Star, for N Y ork. Schr Usury G Kirg, Dragg, Wnsbisgton, NC, with naval " gtehr F.tcelsior, Bel!#, from Cape Hattsras, with cotton, an chors aud sails, from the wreck of ship Cells. Schr Traffic, Graham, 4 days from rhilsde phis, with e t0SchrPaMinmField.8dsys fro* Newborn, navslswrea. Schr King, 2 diys hrom Philsdelphu, with casl, bound te TSehr?Oen Pott, 3 dsys from fhiladelpbia, eoel. Sehr Tax tor, 3 days from Philadslphis, coal. cosL Schr Star, Robins, Washington, mvnl store*. 8:hr Ellen, Flnhart, Suffolk, shingle*. Schr Sar?h, Bartlstt, Georgetown, floar, Schr Waliar, Warren. Lewis. Dal, corn Sehr Sage. Johnson, Philadelphia, coal. Schf American Sratam, Nelaoa, Virginia^oef. Sehr Sally Wheaton.J^hantoa, Philadelphia, c Schr Stranger, Irom the Henry Clay. Schr Ladr Jane, from the Heorv Clay. Sloop lr?ee H Borden, (Yarn Philadelphia, coal. Below, Ship Ovwvgo, Johneton, Irom New Orleans, wilhmdae, to E I Collina . ? _ , Ship New Hampshire, from New Orleans. Brig Joieph. Krllar, 17 day* from Naw Orleane. Sailed Barks Rapid, for Havana; Braiiliero for Rio Janeiro; Br brig Elian, for St John*. ni'CUlaiitoat utcariL Tirr. Haunt Ct it.?Thii reeeel hu bm got of, and ?u bronght to the ttr yeeterdiy mora log. She will be put apoa the dir dork, end the neeeuary repei'i made immediately. rrr Wenrc oeder obligations to Mr. Jonathan A Chapel, ?t New London, or very eeineble ehippmc intelligenee. Bate CReiRRi, Father, hence (Feb 4) forOibrelUr, Ac, pat Into Ftyal preeioe. to tl a tth alt, ia diatreaa, with cargo dam aged, cabin and balwerka store, craw tick and ia the boapital; cargo diacharging. Farai..?Ship Apollo, at Charleatoa, bringa acceaatato the Ith of March, aad reporta?ahipa J N Goaaler, of Philadelphia, from New York fei Londoa, leaky, diacharging, for repairs; Arrnm, of Thomaaton, from Glaagow for New York, dia charging, aad weald bare to hearc oat. Brig Chairaa, of aad from New York (aee abore). Br berk Lady Sea toe, of Lteer pbbi, for St Johaa, NB, rndder broke, and hnll otherwiae ia! jared, repairing. A Br rcho*cer. from Jamaica for Liverpool, war wrecked on the Writ end of the ialaad a few daye prrri ona to the aailtug of he A, aad one seaman aad a lacy paaeei grr loat, tt-a raat of the craw barely eacaped with their lire The waather at Fayal during the paat winter, haa been aaoi ore aerere than any for the iaat lorty yenra. A few daya preriooa to the arrival or the Apollo at Fayal, there had bH?ewe or J for the iaat lorty yeeia. the Apollo at Keyal, two reaaela paaaci to the northward of the ialaad, Srmg gnna of diatreaa, but it blew a gale of wind from the weetwnrd, which prerinted their receiving any i???? Be Bate C W E K.?Thia raaaal. repotted in oar neper of Tth Jan, aa been fenad abandoned, wee bearded by the ship Euphrasia, Bant in, master, from Baltimore, ia let K JI, N Ion SI? W, aad took off the captain, aep*reargo and fire m?n, ail of whom were earriad ioto V?|parniao. The mate, m?n, ail of whom were carriedlioto Valparauo. The aaate, Thomas Jamea. waa drowned. TheL fff R wat owned by the Mewra Roach, of Halifki. and waa boaad for Demarara, with a cargo of talt pork and Sab, St Hit. PaULthl, from Oalreeton, boned to IadUn Point, with M German CKigraata, waa wracked off Paaao Cebello on toe ltth nit The amigranta an caeded in getting eahore, bnt loet every.hingricept what they wore npan thetr persons. - The achooeer waa wholly loet. fena. Cunt L Swew.-The .tern of a reaael picked np by CM Ravage, et Savaenab, i* eatd to belong to the sehr Chas. L Snow, Foster, of thia port, which left Fraakfort, Me. for Betiie, aeme time since. Sim wae III torn burthen, and aboot one year old, Baaa tlayoca, Eyting, at Nasiae, according to the Iaat ac ff) hid Kaithed dieehargiag. it hoiea of i eeenta. (Moroh ?,?- ? - _ I gar, damagd, were told the day praetoaa. She wu to heave oet the following morning. Bate GategiTOtr. hence for Galreatoa, prerienaly reported J "? ^ ---- ,J ' " ?- n lor gmoo. condemned at Naaaan, waa aold to Mr kaecn for Mm, who tatenda to give her temporary repair*, and .end hat to New York or BosMm. lawk* the owners at libofty to take bar av 8mip Toil, (Br) from New Orleans for Liirmol, ww rime sines reported having pa'into KirWm in distress, ?ld for b?r destination oa ih- 79th alt. Spiraea decreed on (tup andcario, smouuiod to $13,500. kpokaa Br Pilot boat Bloaaom?llth inst, M mi lea 8E of Highlands, aehr Florid*. I rum North Caro'iaa, bound to Boston; bad laat part of dock load, wise 4 to be reported. 8uip Roht Pattm. of Buadoiuhain, Irom Boat on forMaUn laa. April C, lat 33, lue 71. Sehr Frances, Irom St Johns, NB. for Matanaat, had boon 10 day* id tho ico, an* lott wo of the crow orerboard, lat 11N. loo#7 W Marrh ti. lit 23 M, loo 50 45, ahip Kanaington, Kilham, fi da from N Ynrlt for Cant?n Jan 0, la: 41 'S 8, |0-i 55 30 W, ahip Charles, from Boatoo for Bar-da ch Ii'ands?all wall. Feb 11. la! 22 rt 3, li u 25 a W, brig Mary, of Halifax, 51 ds oat, bound t.i viauritiui. Ap it(. lat31N, 1 in71 W,brig Wilson, Wildington, lids from Laguea, for Lire'iool. March C, lat 25 30, loa 26 19. was aaon ahip Cygnet, from Lon don for N Orlo taa. April 1, tat 25 N, Ion 70 W, brig J Patera, steering 8* Whalsmsn ? At Rir Grande. March Ith, bark Philip lat. Case, fm Sand wieh Island*, with 1780 wliale.g) ?ptn, and 17 000 lbs ions; to i leive seine dn*r for bag Harbor , Art at New Bedford. 11th inst, ship Columbus, Fish, Sand wich Islands, Oct 24. 49 days from Prmambucc, with 1300 bbls wh 800 sp oil, and 30.0MIrs bona. Spoke. Nor 4, 1.1 7 N.lon | 151 45 W, shit s Atactics. Nbah, Htooington, 1500 wha'e 100 sp; ! [6th, 1st 5 51S, Ion 154 W, TKnaei, Bishop, HH, 1840 wh. for N'e w Zealand end hams, *1 Ror.-.tougs, Nor so. Thomas ' Dickaaon, Lnwen,SH, I9C0 wh. bpofce, Jm 2, lu56 45 S,I<>u 7? W, bark Georgeh M j.hi. Beard NB. clem, for North west Coast, all well;6th, lat 53 21 S. Ion 6256 W. ahip Edward Care", Stray, Nintickrl, l wh, for Noithwest Coast, all well. 18'h, lat 41 58 8 Ion 54 18 w Tiger, Brewiter, Stnuiugtnn, all Well, clean, for Northwest Covet; 29th, l it 3837 S, Ion 51 12 W. brigCatoe. wood. Cnsliing, Wrstport, clean; Copt C. reported speaking two riavs, brig logs, Curiworth. Wan-ham, 450 sperm. Hied en board the Columbus, of consumption, F?b 11, 1846, Joseph Barnes, of Baltimore, aged 35. Ait at do, 13;h inst. ship Condor. Tsber, Pacific Ocean, New Zealand Jan 33, with 3500 hbli wha'e 110 spoil and 30 (00 lbs bnur. Spott on New Zealand, N"y29,ship Marcus, Taker, Fsirhi's-i, 600 bbls: Dee 17, barks Persia, WMppey, NB 1700; 22d, CI Sin r lit. Fu ler, New Loudon 2000; Jan 33.1st 47 8, Ion 04 W.ship France, Edwirds, Sac Hub >r, 1760 whale 100 sp en bawd; 25th, lit 48 8, louOl W,Vrk Vilraraiio, Luce, NB.tOO bbls; Feb 7, lat 37 8. Ion S3 W. saw a bark showing a blue sig. nal, white boreir, w?fb letter H in it; ll'h, spoke bark J F, Oon nell, liuasey, NB. clean; lid), la* 30 12 8, Ion 42 SO W, ?bfp Alexander, Sawtslie, NB, SO sp. who reported speakrig a few days pref'out bark Lebaron, Price, Newport; brig lues, Cud worth, Wareham. 450 ip. April 0. lit 16 N.lon 71 u W, ship Nornreg, if Boston, l-ost ovdrboard from the Cornier, Sept 5, 1844, James Baker. ffired about 66- Died on board the C, Deo 14,1145, Martin Copiland, ?ged about 27. Ar at do 13lh inst ship Honqua. Brown, Sandwich Islands, October 23, with 1000 barrels 175 sp) oil, and 13 SCO lbs hone on board; seat borne 300barrels (10 sp) oil, nad 17,00) lbs hone.? Left at Maul in Octohsr. ship Roman. Barker, N B, 100 this season; Warran, Gardner, Warreu. 400 this season: Frank]in, Chadwick. NB, 1200 ihia season, Eufny, Pisher. Providence, 1090 this reason; J:-aeph Meuis. Tabnr. Matt. 1600 this season; M nut Vernon, Corel I, NB, 4(0 this season; IsaaeHicks.ttice. NL, 1400 this season, Alexander Coffin, Hathaway, Nil. 700 this ssaeoa; Iris. Spooner, N B, 4(0 this season; Rajah West, Westport, 100 thu season; Chsrokee, Deroll. NB, (00 this season; Vineyard, Coffin, Eifaartown, 1200 thia season; Bart Goenold. Mother, N B 1400 this season; Ocmnlgee, Manter, Tilbury. 1X00 this season; Factor, Hawes, NB 1400 thia sea.; Lewis. Tallman, NB 600 tliia season; Sooth Carolina, Ceffiu, NB, 000 this season: Sally Anne. Clwrk, N B 2(0 this season, Lagoila, Colt, N B 1M9 this season; Harvest, Taber, F H NO this season: Champion, Corey (late Sanford) NB (00 this sea; Stephanie, CoggeshsU, NB 100 tbil season. Spoke, uo d*te, 1st 48 38. l ing62 50 W ship Bnlena. De?<*r, NB50 bbls sp anil lOOwlj January 28. 1st 36 N, long 54 W, ship Arab, Bit ley, F H, oil, if any, not stated, bound ,o NZetlaud. Arret SAnmgtan, 13th instsut, ship Me*eury, Pendleton, fm New Zealand, with '-000 barrels while oil. and 1700 lbs bone ? Spoke Dec 14, lat 46 #2 8, long 166 4k YV, ship Ocmnlgee, Tia bury igiO barrel* oil. forNWC. Spoke in lat 46 01 8, long 160 40 W. ship Liverpool, of NB, 14(0 bhls for NWC. Spoke Dec 17th, in lat 47 ?l S, long 150 40 W.ship Lagorda, of NB, 2700 barrels "oil, to cruise a short time, then home. Jan 18th, in lat 57 30 S, long 71 W, ship Audley, Clark, of NB, 6(0 bbls sperm. Arr at Ntw London 13th inat, ship A rmata. Hall, frnm N W Coast, via Nz*altnd. with 2775 bbls wh 120 *pol 87,000 lbs bone. Reports sailed from Lnhaiua. Oct 30, Nswark, Pendle ton, Stun, 1700 hblr, Irom Chili *nd home; Md, Meteor, L.s ter. Myotic, left bit first officer sick and discharged his second; ? Dee IS. ' * ? ~ ' sp-ke Dee IS. 1st 44 SI S, Ion 157 W, M wtpelier, Taber. NB, " I not ? tared, het>d of her uklug ? wh 5 days after; 32d, lat 47 8, loa 152 W; Vesper, Clark. NL, 2700 bbls, had tak*n 1 rt wh and t sp-inre e* tbeN W Coast; Cieero, HowlaadJN B, 1500.1 .st her head en NW by running into bark Feme, of NL: 26th, Left 8t5rbuck,Nye,Nen,?II well; 20th, lat 47 8, loa ISO W, John Wella, H-dsst. SH, 2050, had taken 3 it and 2 sp whs since leafing N W; Capt H reports haf mg spoken a few days before Phoenix, 8kianur, NL, 1U0 boned to Talparaiao to refit for NW: list,1st 47 8, Ion ISI W. Gov Tronp. Sylfa, NB. 2000 bbls; B\rt Goenold, Mother, NB, 1600bbla; Milton, Cash, NBedford, lOOObblt; Jan 7, 1st 418. Ion 124 W, Splen did, Smith, of s dgsrtown. 2500 bhls; 26tb, off Diegot, British ship Uroige. of Lifcrpool, from Rio fot Valpsmito; 27th, off Cape Horn, Obsd Mitcbell, Wing, NB, 65 daft out, all well; the British ahip George report*. wK*n ia lat 47 B, fell in with s feral casks and ip'ts, and supposed they came from tome f hsler which bad keen cut away; Feb I,'at 46 50 8. Ion 55 14 37, the ArmtU picked np n cask which appaared to I ay e been at tea thre- months, and contained two ha-rela of floor in good or ler, being branded on the head J K Parker; on the state was brinded Kmersos, N Y city, 1145. Oth, lat 44 38 S, Ion 54 2t W, picked np another cask, which appeared the same, and made by the tame man; had be*n filled with rightwshale oil, but wnen picked np was empty, and free from water; on one I of i he lieada wea marked C E 8, wi'h marking iions. Feb 11. lat 17 40 8, Ion 47 20 W, spoke bark Dofe. Douglass, NL. 550 | bbls sp lSldowh. bound te Falkland. 15th, lat 32 S, Ion 453* , W, Plymouth. Edwards, 8H, dean, loat cooper, Charlea V ? Smith, 10th, ef fever. March tih, lat 5, ion S3, Corinthian, ! Eatterb'Ook, Brit ol. 2500 bbls. boaad home. Ilih, Lfncas. Gil- ' let, NB, 3900bbls <io do. April llth, lat 30 8. Ioo7l, schr Mart, i Hill, of Bangor. Capt Hull report* that the New Zealand | vessels had done poorly, few baring taken more than two I whales. The piloi host H B Hall, oa i he 13th pat pilots on board ship | Mercury, of Slouingtoa, and Philip 1st. of Gre-nport, from ; Sandwich Itlatdt, with 17(0 wh 25 spm nod 17030 lbs bone. Foreign Porto. Canto*, (Wham pea,) Jan 7?la Port, skipe Chile. Bray, for i&haTk&8*' && Lomhock, nnc having got ashore a few davi before in beating ihrnnsh a narrow passage at the mouth of Canton riser, and would hare to repair before she could load for home; batk Edith. Johnson, forU States, ria Rio Janeiro (undersail) soon; and others is before. Mown Komi, Jan 0?In Port,ship Gentra, Drinker, from and for New York 25th; and others is before. Malta, no date?Ia Port, bark Satan Jsan, Paine, Boston, fo* hmyrna?put in for repairs. Ma taisxas, April 8? Arr, bng Joseph Atkins, Oernsh, from New York. In Port, bark Chester, Watson, from anil for War ren, Kl.ldg; Rangar, Learltt ftom Portland; brigs Wildes P Walker, for Providence, Idg; New England from do, jnst arid; Lycoming, from New York, Idg, Sailod, shipn John Parker, Cnmmings lor Hsmbnrg; Pinto, for Boston. Oahu. N'of 20?In Port, brig Chenamaaa, Sylvester, from Columbia Hirer for Boston, ia 20day*. Rio GtAKDE. about Feh 6?In port, bark Rutins, Doty, fra New Y*rk; brigs Meimaid, end Eagle, from Stlem. Kio Jakciro, Fab IV-Sid bark Lnnomns, Mansfield, fro New Yorkjfor Monterideo; withont brrakmg bnlk. in port 21st, Diaish ship Pollux, Holdt, from Cadiz for New York, ia a wt days. 8wf una, Feb 18?In Port, barks Oamanli, Gardner, end Em ma Isadora. Hal let. for Boston, abt Mar l;brig Sarah Abigail, Drew, fm do ar 12ih. Palzsmo, Frb21?ahip Vaepaaian, Brnwer, for New York, Idg. 81d 29ih, brig Uncas, W itacn, N Orleans. ?t Jaoo de Cent, April 1?In port brig Emetine, of Poit- ! York; Adelir.nfand for Philadelphia, on th# i Bad, for New ... 4lh nit; brig Petiel, arrif eo 19th from St Thorns . Tobasco, Ma ch 19?In port brig Helena, Sheimaa, for New York; schrPalymra,fordo: brig Ilnttfille, ol Lifer pool, was lost on the ber on the 14th March?crew tared. Schr Lord Anson, of Jersey, England, lott at the tame time?craw tared. Valfabaiso, Jan 13?In Port, ahipe Edw Ererett, Bweetlit, foriheco*atsoon; Mississippi,Harvey, for coastal Pirn, I or 19 day*; Euphrasia*. Bnntin, do do, aboae 12 days; bark Ann Barney, Mix, (from Lambtyeqne, arr Dee 17) for Calm**, I or 4 daya. Sailed Dec 17, bark George It Henry, Gait, Cobija, brig Ontario, Kelly .Tahiti and Oihu; Slat, bark Uortenaia, Haidia, Africa ana Baltimore; JanO, brig Caynga, Bisiel, Cal lao and Canton. Home Ports- ?" AutxaifpniA, April n?Sid schr Hamilton, N York. Boston, April 13?Arr, ship Rockingham, Pethallow, Mo bile; bark Miqaelnn, Smith. Malaga, Feb 3; achr Adeline, Moora, Fredeairkabnrg. Telegraphed?Brig 8t Simons, from Mobilr. Signal for a bark and a herm brig Cld, bark* Dian tha, Theodore Brown. Harana;Mn?kiogum, Crockett, Matan tua; Coaroy, Micab Humphrey, Charleston; achrs Victoria, (Br) Fengeron, St. Peters, Poitltnd. Bid, windNVr, [good breeie, ships Warren. Alhent, Manco;barks Peru, Imo-I brigs Orleans, Ellsworth;schr ( iot brig,at reported.cld)I ??zalla, of Bangor. Brig Harriet: has tailed. I IMBanook, Ami 9?Are, acht Cottage, Attwood, Baltimore. I I Bath, April 10th?Arr brig Tom Paine, Andersen, St Ma-1 Ins, Ga I I BnfEULf, April Oth?An achr Lodi. Atkiaa, New York,vial ? Boston. sv I I Ch ASLtiTUN, April 16?Arr, ship Apollo, Ifow, Ant warp, I If ia Karri, Si days, to the matter: Br bark Agneo, J oh aaon, I ? Hondnraa, indutreia, benad to Loadon, with lost of apart,! ? rigging and tails: Br hark Wellington, Blaakia, Gteeoock ?I ? nth, French bark Bamberra, Martin, PointPetre, Gnadl5 days.! 111th, cld, bark Atethata; Baxter, Venice; brig Haidee, Smart, I ? Newport, R I. ? I Epoartown, Anril 9?Arr. schr Lanra It Elixa, Colby, Nl I York, and aid lerHockcort; 10th, tcbm Juno, Robinson, and! | Co;si, Smith, New York for Thoinaatoa. 0 PM?la port, ship? I Young Hero; tchrs Juno, end Coral; sloop Nichols. I I EisTrotT, April 3?Arr achr Pliant, Wada. Philadelphia; I 17th, berg Axim. Dunham, N York; schr Henry ISld, 3d,bri(Openango,Jehnaeti.Phil*dalphia;7tk,a?aa lole,l I Woeater, N York; tin, Pern, Parker, Newark. I I East MicniAt, April 7th-Arr brig Charles Hammond, Nl |Y?rk. I I Hallowxll, April 7?Arr, achr Gil Bins, Cnnaiagham, Phi-1 llsdelphia. I I Mob.lx, April 7?Arr brig Mobile. Bnekley, from New" lYork. Ngw Bsuians, April F?Art, ship Aerelint, Kelly, fm Bee ton; harks Henrp Shelton, Long, from Rio <e Janmrn; Brnoa, Paarson, do; bngs Qrmus. S*r iih, fm NaW k orh; Ttmo, Bnr di- k, fm Newport lUi "chr Mary, 1 hem**, niBt Jag*. Tow boaf Jeffmon left the aW Pest oa the >rd lose reports skip* ICTomandall, Thos H rerhlnt, and Sapsrb, still ?a tha Bar, | I hound ont. Sh'n i-ha' Ism ?ga* west to atn on the Ird insunt. j I Below, three tl.fpe, names unknown, tad barkNnahta, bkaau, Itm Pmladalphla. . . _ _ ... I Newfout. April 13? Ait. brig Busy, Wnrren for Matni-tssi , Itch's Flue Head. hhilvWcM*Tor New York( Oriend. Mtohi Ist foe do; tlo-je Jat 1 ensphere. Profidence far New fork He |len New Bidford for eot KnbeL Kali Kif er far do; Monitor. di?| Ida; 12th, ship Kdwin Peerce. Preree, Aialaehieela fer Ben hi I America- eehrn Meneer, New York for Well fleet; Mieherdl iRoak, Progldenee; ffineen, dntof Baltimore; Argo, New Lon-I Idonisloove gaily, Brietol for Nnw Yorfcj Tecnmeeb, N York! I for Proaidenee- Peeeed np, 4 PM, bark Prnrtdeaea, fm Again-1 Ichicola for Fall River I I Phiiabblfhia, Arnl 14? Arr brig Hallewell, Prior, from I |r.l ims. (Trait fee to Thomas Bond. Cld. sehr.Vfary k bussB.I ? Fuller ton, KapnebeC; Bbaneah, Tnllmedge. Newark, N J; I iMgm^Ntw York; Amenea, Beet.N York;gta^H^ Lnke, Lake, New York; A me net. Beet. N York; Excelnor, Crockett, Brightoei Eipieea, Smith, N Yoik; BrnmUaa. Wiee, Albany; Mexica, Temitn, N York. I New Hafen, April 11?Bid eehre E P Batten, Anderson, 1 Philsdelphiai Benstn, ??, New Yolk; Hsrfest,Prasby, do; along Cieero, Bessel, do. NiwnusvroET, April 12?Arr sehr Angnstns, Kilbora, Bsl timere PnofiDiNcn, April II?Arr schr Breads. Sweet. Pocomoke, Ve. Sid sehr Silfia Higbee, Higbee, Philadelphia; sloop Merchant, Trebhlet. Ha tlord. Sid llth, brig Orrsv Talt, itoa; sloops Mcntilla, Wheeler, Philadelphia; , Kenney t Juno, A'ers; Radiant, Hawkins; Ae d Proof Glass, Blf denbnrgh. New York. Jse Leer beer. rial, Osks; and. ? Wt vrimre, OIfqrHVUI|II, i'BW lOfl* Pout land, April llth?Cld, hers Maris Htrsny, Gordon, Cuba Richmond, April 13?Bid, schr 8 Rockhill, Predmofe, KslI Riftr. llth for New Yorn. ? Id arhr Colnmbit. Berry, Pniladelphii Sid sehr E H Hernek, N York, llth, sld bng Run bow, Net York. By Last Night'i ftootkin Hall. m Aliiandbia, April 11?SldBrachr Olira Branch, Hioion, Bo'amda. Biltimoii, April H?Arr *chr Rob Roy, Avery, Irom Nor niet.lmi. Haw off tha Potomaca ihip at anchor; and of Poplar I laud, a bria with Ki.klaad, fc Co'aai?iial. aap , poaadlkafrincri/ai- "?* ' 1? A r a Jup, tiardarr, from Porto Ric3;-b?tli wr nod op. Br low, la rifbt from tbc trlc?r?j?h, thlp Stephen Lii'mta, Iron Lirarpool; slao a bark, 1 fall naiad brifa, (oaa&Bwed iah) aad I achra, all at anchor?wind at r>n? I rota NW.'- Cld achra Hrnfiata. Haihw, Naaaja, N P; Erie, Niekaraoa, Boa Ma. Bid OMiaaati, Codrnan, far LirerpooL ia tow of ataamrr far LirarpooL ia low af ateamr _ aeo, SaaaflN Itaamwu. Wataaa. Itaaaaa\ km Vatrr I Wieli, LaBroa, Bt Johaa, P R. Nr?9?UF.AndtU*AfrkiicUBiMd Btatoa, York, froa N w York; schr Martha Jaao, Darling, hMk; Mr Angaria, At Piovideacs. Philadelphia. Apnl 14? 4rv aefcr Anvil, J??. IVta Ntw York CM bnts CMkUnV India*; Maim. Wa is. Triai. dad de Cuba; ?chr? 8-C'oit, Hon. Boston, Mosart. MeFar Uiid. do; Richmond, TKics.-i, do.steamm i rounds*, Marriaoa, New York MONTHLY REPORT fOU MARCH* or THE NEW Yul.'iC MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, Ho. I? CUuban Itratt UIMIVOCKHrVUMIU'tlU- ... . S fiin in tha chest 1 lnfl munition of bladder S Palpitation of she heart 4 Primary eomahpfioa 3 Oiganic disease of the heart 7 Irriurion lauretkiaandseek colli r ties' mew of bladder 3 Car ? nl rr-vsl 5 Btoud-rv vooarval 1 C m of auud in nrioa Oeceral debility 4 Eruptions of tha akin 1 Case of node* ; 1 R?re Yloath " I Aa'hma 2 Wartacu tonjru?-? 13 Bcnun-l weakn'ts 5 Casern! gonorrhoea 3 Deafness eaivd by removing 3 Cases ol ear ache . f rrlg-i bodiaa 6 Cum oi dya epaia ? IwioieuCT . 7 P. irauy reuereal 4 Pain aud diasiMM fat tha 3 Incontinence urine . head 2 Pain, hark and lido 1 Ci.ul acted kneejoint 7 halting of the womb I jEdms u! the band* 1 It' a .iinrtism, acuto ? Constipation 3 N'aht sweats 1 Apoplexy 3 Da.maul liver _ ' Brcoxssrvt, OrelUTiona aud Cuem. 3 Fractures of both bonea of J Encysted tumors moral the arma irom the head ; 1 Operation far flatala in ano 4 Catesofunru.ant discharges ' 3 Tonula lemoved .,''?.rn *?' , 1 Oiainca'ii.n reduced 1 Uvula emoved 4 Ulcerapdlegs ol fire years' 2 Oper-tioos for sqaintiug aia-iding * btnctu re cured in the 1 Inttinima'ion cf testis ur-ihra 2 Operations for I hjmoaiia 1 Fiactareof Ihe cranium I 1 Opemtivu for c ntractioo, 1 Opened large abscess the exit user propria* pel 1 h'ungui takuu froin ear lieis p.ils dr:i?iug the I Hare lip big toa up at i right angle 1 Uleer ui rectum 1 Porrigo, a had dn*.,se of the 3 Oars of hernia under treat ?ealp, of lung ?t udnig meet 1 Operation foi hydrocele 4 Piei es of diseased bona to 1 Amputation moved I rom leg 1 Katty rnmora r morad 3 Bore ears The poor .itumdad te tetween 4 and J, iu the afternoon. N B.?This untintici: ia not eotuircit-d w.tiiuuyother Ut tbtecity. H. BOSl WICK. M. D., ?3 2w*r A'fending tln-ireou anl Pavswisn ? ENGRAVERS' p STEEL AND COPPER PLATE8, 1VTADE from thu heat materials and tha fiaisheqaaJ to any lTA in the world, ap el from 3 te 5 ceul? per lech; copper from IK to 3 routs per knob; Plates from 1 to 44 inchest Card Plates 12s to Km per dox A large stock always oa baud an J ree dy for ordera at a moment's nolise, sed sent hy Adarus Eg preaa. Manufactured by JOHN BRIJCK, mrtl l?i*r 34 andM Plait ure-t. N. York. NO 1 ICE. DR. VAN ZANDT'H celebrated Heaiih Restorative, And Dysprp'ic and Aoti-Billha* Catliame Pilla. are told at Wyatt Ik R etc hum'a. No. 131 Fulton atraet Price 3S centi per mr33 Im'm BOOKS BOUOHT. DEKBONS wishing to diepoae of their Libraries, either I large or small, will always find a i?ady purchaser and coed prices, Dy add-ettim afew liner, giring name and number, to J. M'C.VBE, ap4 lm*r 7i IVssjss. or If Hi?m>tps street. Ol aTkAPILAToRY, _ LIQUID HAIR. DYE, for changing the color of the hair to any required shade of black or brown, in a few I minuses, by a simple and easy process, without staining the l skin, or in any way injuring the hair. The great advactuea 1 posiea.ed by this Hair Dye user those hitherto in use. will be ; at onre apparent. It produces a perfectly natural color, in ? ; comparatively short apace of time; and much of tha trouble , and annoyance attending tha use or all former Dyes, are en , tirely obviated in this. For producing the light-r shades of [ brown, the Atrapilatory may be said to be the only preparation ' thr- uuh which a satisfactory resnlt can be relied oe; and in j addition to the oolor haviug socio*# a reesmblance ta that of ; uatnre, at completely to defy dete-tion, the uee of the Dye 1 will be found in no reepeet injurious to the ha r, whieh, alter , the operation, will reteia its aecasromed softness, elasticity, . and gloss. Private apartments lor ladies and grntleaiea wieb-_ ing to have their hair changed, at J a31m*rc J LAIRD'S, 93 Chatham ot. DR. MARSHALL HALL'S CORDIAL RENOVATOR. Fill. MARSHALL HALL, one of the moot celebrated Phy* JLStieiane iu Europ., le the d'tcoverer of this reliable medi cine. It ia now need in his practice amoag the aobiiity of (Logs land end through the coatinest of Europe, and iu. every us ed t' , stance where nsed according te directious, has produced the ( i moat happv -ranIts. It is CEcInaivrly directed to the cure of i anrh complaints as arise f-oma ditomaoixa ion of theganerm | live organs. Its qaiek and weaderfnl action ia aneh that cold { neater iaberility cannot remrin i* the system that ia under { its iaflnaace for half an hoar. It will afford decided relief to | tbose, who, by early tadnlgeace ia solitary habits, have lalLa , into a mate of chronic debility. I Conatitutioaal weakness, brought on by e seers t habit indul ged in by young men. This is, whan too frequently indulged in, the greatest evil that can b-fsll man. Byspepai*. weakness i of the limbs, and small of the bsck, confusion of intellect, j forgetfulness, palpitation ot the bairt, aversion to society, i coa-umption. emaciation, are the symptoms of this disease.? i Oleets. whites, obstruction of certain evacuations, total im I potency and barrenness Forwarded to all parte of die United State*. Price $3 per bottle?6 bottles for $4. Sold it 14 ttnane at. at) im*r DM l< CoBMET. 19 Dunce St., member ef the Royal College of Cnrgeona, Loudon, and of tha Medical Society of New York, may be consulted in the treetmeatof certain delieate diseases. His long exper eaes and close attention to this elaae of complaint*?his exraordluary success and aataaaiva practice for thirteen years in this city?and above all, hie legitimate trail' medical qualifications, are afew of the grounds on whisk k rasts his claims. Dr COBBET'8 mods of treatment is safe end expeditions, squiring neither the use of mercury nor rest suit in diet or ex requinog i errise Btrictnres enrvd ia oie or two weeks, with scarcely any pain. i>.fci;;i?_Tboseladl*idaals wbohsve lodnl ged m e certs is loathsome aed secret habit, can positively lo restored to health sod society. Mild cisss removed in two to roar days. No charge anion cured Kemembei?19 Dusueatrest, next door to Dr. Johnson's, ali lm*r MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE f DOCTOR JOHNSON. IT Diume street, itv Chatham ?U ia one oftlieoldettand mnateipaneaeedaaadiea] iHitnl Ml practitioners in the eity of New York in the treeueeat ere certain class of delicate diseases. The Hector is established la one stead for eleven years, end dan of that time hae sneeesstal ly treated U.Oet eases of Teaereal, raerearia] and other delicate complaints. The "Dr.'s repntatioa for skill in these old half cured cues that hare existed for years is pre-eminent- No mat ter how long yoa may base Gleet, Strictnre, Ulcers apoa the body, or us the throat, or aeee. pains in the head aadbeaee ef the lets, 1 will aad can core yoa, if yoar ease ia curable. Constitutional Weeks res, sometimes ealled Srmiaal Wiskame, brought on by a secret habit iadalired ia by roaag mm Many an aafortaaate yietia of this unnatural vies hae sapensaaed my saiatarytrestasat- Dyspepsia, weakness of the limbs md smell of the back, eoafasioa of iatslleet, forget/mloses, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, we oaly symptoms of this aom plaint. HnwarraaU a cuo in as err ease ?r no ehaige. Mild aad recent eaaaa eared in two days. Dr. Joknaoa ia a regularly dneated f hysieiaa aad Bnraeoa. ali lm'r , MEDICAL NOTICE. TkR. COOPER, 14 Dtuae street,hstwsea Chatham aad WU JJ liam streets, has for tha laat tea years oonftaad his psae tioe to the treatment of venereal, mercurial aad otbsr diesasea of a delicate natnre. Dr. Cooper apeot years ia a celebrated Lock Hospital, and has forth# last ten years enjoyed the moat extensirepractice m private diseases of any medical iaan ia New York. He can core the most aggravated ease# of this disease, and mildcasea removed ia two to five days. The Dr. is a regularly educated physician and surgeonjutd never suffers his patieuta to leave natil a perfect core is performed. Stricture?Doctor Cooper bsa discovered a new method by which he can care the worst form of Stricture in from oao to two weeks, with scarcely amy psin to the petient Constitutional Debility, brought on by a secret habit wdulg ed in by young men.?This, when too Ireely indulged in, be gets dyspepsia, weakness of thelunbe.aad small at the back, confusion of intellect, forgetfalae**, palpitation of the heart, and avaraion to society. A cue warranted in every case or no charge. Be sate aad reeollect the number 14, with the mortar ever tha Door. tH lm*r READ THE F0LLOWING ADVERTISEMENTS hospital e eoasul MEDICINE AND PHARMACY 06 NASSAU STREET. MEDICAL ADVICE PRIVATE DISEASES. THE MEMBERS of the New York College of Medicine ? aad Pharmacy .established for the ? oppression nf quackery, continue to direct their particular attention to all dissaare nf a private nature,and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical traeatmeat, a safe end permanent care withoat injury to the constitution or confinement from busiarea. Isvslida era particular! y rejected to make applicatica to the College M the first appeirtaca ofthoea diseases, u a vast amount or suffering and time amy be that avoided One of the members of tha College, forms nyyaars connected with die principal hi ? in Eat ope, for the cure of these complaints, attends for tatioo daily from I A.M to7r.M. Terms?Advice sad Mndirine_?*?cure guarraatied IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY InVaL!DR-Fc-BB living ia the nauutiy, aad finding it inconvenient to make pat. sonal applications. aaa kavu fhrwnrdad to tbnm t cheat cootaia K all medietas reqoivreto perform a radical sure,by ra ting ? tr ease explicitly, together with >11 symptoms, time ofaoa traetica. aad West meat received elsewhere, if nay, and ea siest ag |f, poet paid. ______ VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS. ?1? OR tha radical rare ef goa-rrheta.glret.semieal vmisnieaa, r Cud all ms-eparnlsnt di ths'gre from the urethra. There Pitts. Ike result ef twenty rear's etperiaare ia tha tfos-rtsl da Chsnm ia Parts, are proehUnscd by their eelahra'ad lavaator rrefesaor Tviprea.aa aa iaJUiiMe irtaody ler at) disaressif the Urethra. They efihet t tare ia a eineh shorter time thaa say other remedy, withretadatiwgthebte.di, disagreeiag with the etomeefa, er confinement flam hasiasne, Pries f I per be*. "COisnsnnTunoNAL debility cured. ?1 HE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College of I Medietas slid rharmecy o| u,? city of New York.? con fidently re sommaadsd lor all reset oldebi itypredaerdby eso erst iadalgaaea or eioata of aay kud. It ia an invalaabla remady for impotence, sterility, er barman ens, a aires depend ing aa ami formation. Single bottles f | each | (tees of half a doaao S3 ; carafe 11 y peaked and mat to nil parts of the Unioa. RICORD'S ALTERA+IVK MIXTURE, PORtlia parmnaeat earn of primary or secondary syphilis, vanerial olesn, nodes, er any complaint rredaeed by aa injudicious use of mercury, or antkilfnl medical treatment. All parses* inspecting n veoeiitl taint remaining ia their eye tern shoe Id ate this powerful purifier with nt delay, ae no per son can consider himrelf safe after having the vrnenel disease, withoutthoreugMy cleansing tha syatsre with this justly eel# bra ted slterrstrre. Hold in single bottles at fl eneh: in eases of half a doioa fot ?J; carefully packed and seot to ell parts of the Union. CONCENTRATEU EXTRACT OF SARSAPA RILLA, GENTIAN AND SASAFRAS, PREPARED by the New York College of Medicine aad A. Pharmacy,established for the suppression ofquackery. Thin refined and highly ceurentrat-d extract, possessing all the peri (Vnig qualities and curative powers ef the above confi dently recommended by the College a, infinitely superior to eny crtran of ftarsapnrilla st present before the public end may be relied on as a certain remedy for til diseases arising from aa im Ears state ofthe blood, inch assemfnli, salt rheum, ring worms lotchesor pimples, ulcere, psin in the bonne or joints, nodre, cutaneous etapf inns nlcerstrd sort throat.or any disease arising from the secondary effects of syphilis or aa iajadieioaa use of merecy. Sold in tingle bottle*, at 73 cents. " ia cue* of half a dotan hottfre, |> M one dune ft N Cisea forwarded to all nsrta of the Union. N B ?A vary liberal discount to whole sal a purchasers. ? w" RICHARDSON, M. D. _.lf/" .The Concen'r-ted Litrscl of Harssgarilla. Ore tree ?ad Wi?nfrss n ejm ,,r ?nl? iyg tHvieioo i^Cwy. _ t fpO MARH1KD LAD ICS-A Secret Worth Karwma ? X Apply for forth at par tscu I are to Dr. CH. W. MONTr.L. lower poet office No letters taken frem the office aalem tksry LTRKNCH LUNAR PILLB-Ladiae will find the sure am P etc (as dtMMsatmcmi) at lis Cheoy smash sfi lm*n

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