Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1846 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. xn^ir*. 103~W*oI? ??.4318. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circolation?Forty Tho"?w^ fcMIuna1:1117' M"1 P? eepr-O' i cents per timer. - - -- rr^iN.T.1?-gof *" ki?di**e?,irod with beauty ud dapwu rF a., *???ed with beauty and ****** m.- ? <M comiuamibauoaa, Df uuiii, addressed la fedacmdfM!?7& "t? ^ ?pu,t P*1-' or *be poeugs will b? ?educted from the subscription money remitted JAMES UORDON BENNETT, iflLnntrr _ _ _ Proprietor or the ? NrwTeuHeaALDEar.MLmNMBWi North-Weat corner of Fallot and Naaaan ata FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. PORTABLE boat une rl 'JnfEe suu 1 ? * ? ? M n 1 thot ? ?w.w *Vtv*auuD DOA1 UlINCi. ubscnbera beg to inform their friends and the public M~rkl"p" t'leir1,'a P'T?r?d to forward good, and passengers ??>? CV"' b7 the. bore unequalled line of Art t, it the very lowest rites, thus mthrina u.a. i.e. ./ tkese bosts W?' ith? b*ln* 00 tr"?bipmems by ??????eat5*f^tee'matrrtl^^awUl 5ttSil^n'the^ani shipment and dispatch ol goods consigned to thtm. foi\,V^i^.irhS.^inh^?te - UT,Wd "? b ? Ur RU'CUM UH W. ki. T. TAP8COTT. 75 Booth et. cor. Maiden lim. ? n 50?1"* Dm at 7 o'clock. FORALBANYANDTROY. 'y/.Aetand. dip?r on board. Land ire atCaldwell'a.Weat Point, Newbnrgh, Hsmp too, Prraghkeepaie, Hyde Park. Khineberk, rutol. Cetekill. HnAann I'>ki. iti_j__ U Red A.adti, ^r , \ H W r*rk. Khineberk, ^ nuok, llrutol,Cittkill, Uadtoa, Cnntlit, Kinder -.T"".'TROY. Captain A. On,ham. ^n-adar ^nmfh* r l" Horn me, )* and Saturday at 7 o'clock, A. IvT., from tne foot of Ber^ay street. Be.uruing on o'ppiwiti AoSg^r'70' board, or to F. B HALL, NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. <^L .TOR ALBANY AND THOY DIRECT, <G"? ^ P"er foo ofCoartlandutreet. s. ,S'v,rf; s??s Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Like ChSun? The a>amer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Mncy, learea the foot Moa<U7' WednesdayaMFrSay^ atasrea the wtoS?**" orPreifht, app!y on Board, or at the OAca on ^NoTtea-AMgooln, freight, bank bill*, apeeie, or any other kind or property, poaitiyely at the owepra' rak. all _ THE-Propretora ef Hteamboau wianing -S?i rh?0,;,rrid 1? ffiJL ?.? ,k u 00 Z?B11 to pay a Tiait on ? iJ? , ?the eieamboata Niagara, Iron Witch Uoeernor, iron boat John Sterena. Woo*tec TrsT.11.7 iS. ' no uiat Home.r'' 'mprorcd Stylo of Bill Hanging?^'t A^mVtreet """V' "d WarT,nted for one year, by rf BTnTb mrM lm*r n^/n!" j LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY ' FVnin eicepted?Throufh Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pur between GourUandt and Liberty tte dSSBLAH8^^.?AND5!.K hudso?C Ca, Cape o'clock. ? ? - At S o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. Froen the Foot of Barclay St. l??AMEKICA. Captain R. rf Fnrry, will ?O o'eiock Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, on^TaeaduV TWd!?*?.* n522f Wnk H P,tk' *?" >eaye k ^hnredarand Saturday afternoona, at i o'clock. ri? Jr. bo* ? W1"' ?'*" tunea, ?rira in Albany in ample ttae for (he moroinv c??? for the east or weet. f. M.'" B,oder*t* rates;"uooe ukea after iX o'clock, AII persona are forbid trotting any of the boat* of this line. whhont a written order from the Captain* or Achats. . Tor passage or height, apply on board the Boats, or h> f. C. Bchnlu, at the office on the wharl. a,4 rre PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?To land Pas _ JJo^VIl'l^^-^,^ wWo.5 For freight or passage apply to . '"H AMBERLAIN It PHELPS, or to ?P? rc BOYD h HINCKEN, AgentaT as? s?i ab rrc w.HP myuiOTIIdlda, 1 above, her recular day ?ot?, ner regular diy. ror freight or paaaage, having bandaome fkniah?i anMm ss^,ru,*w,T^^' ^^w^f^r'orwS ? . . . E. K. COLLINS k CO, M 8ooth itfML ingP??r g00<^ r,c?'T*d board after Saturday even Agent in Now Orleans, J AS. E. WOODRUFF who will promptly forward all rood, to hit addrem ' WUI *byi OSWEOO. Johnaoa, master, will succeed the Louiarille, and tail Mondiy, 37tk inat., her regular day. ?oKuvearSo^LB?YSi SrSiSXd"??' !h' 'P* *?"*? Th- ??"ifcfii foRfrjB^rop^. C^Yr'wilTroir p^ltiySl^ ?!l3 . ,p' S-ba i?'h April. It is wall known that the accom * w r', "? ??in a moat superb and r~,Y?"??u out in a moat superb and ahonl^Jir'^J % S^.1 foot ol Btekm&n street, or to the subscribers ' all . Mr I. R0?HK. BROTHERS ft CO. * ' r p Pniton street, (neat door to the Fulton Bank.) .... v. ,ur,i uwi w me rauon Dam.| Rjty ULAR LINE OF PACKET SHIPS PacSei ?of the ?th May/?The drat elaaa, tut railing peek **bjP HENRY CLAY, Captau Nye, will Mil i rfts..s ?kor^wrreguiar day. ""'f T.T an peri or accommodations for cabin. M cabin an< "boni, vweiiner*. periooe intending to embark, shoe Id - ?jssfefes' ais'Sikr - *? "?, corner of South street. burthen MM ton*, will ?ail on the 11th Mny, her e VU..I J>g UiC.tlL ItlVA I | ^rMj?.vsgi|-31r^?3;i eh?? I JL'JZ?" feJiroV ?r sending for their Mends, can hare tneei brought out by the above ahip, on moderate terms bv making application as a bore. rmrre*Uter!?iTTb* T'*?1 ,hlp UT1CA, burthen nejrav P*r rwnter525 tons. AdpIv to HI ?SVD k HINCKEN, Agents, .7 Iwrre No. 9 Tontine Buildings. 8? Wall street. ?? TO MILLINERS. CARL KINO, the well kaown sad celebrated Brit premium Straw Het Manufacturer, inform* the paSlie in nertl, that he haa for rale a moat ipleiNlid aseortmentof iea Fancy STRAW HATS, manalactared of aa entire new artiele, called Paria Straw Oinra. mad* to the ihape of the Shepherdaeaa Oipeer?*o beantifal and becoming, they need only be aeea to be admired. Milliner*, and merehanu of tlie trade, will do well to call and examine before they make their purchases, aa the goods will be eold by the caae or doaea at a rery liberal price. CARL KINO, 17 Diriaion etreet. N. B.?A general aeaoituieat of all kind* of Straw Oooda and Pan* Ribbon* alwaya on hand. US lm*r STRAW BONNETS. L. CHAT1N, No. If John itreet, near Broadway ap CKw ataira, haa on hand a rood aaaortmeat of Fashionable Straw Bonnet*, which he i* selling at the low eat market price*. Milliner* aad other* are iaritod to tall before purchasing cUcwhef* mrl4 lm*r oe.mleiUeN's hats?spring style: BU1D, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS.? Oaatieaaea'* Hat*, of the Sprint pattern, uniting mnch elerance and beauty of atyle, ate now ready for eumuaaUon and aale, by the subscriber. BIRD, nrU Ire*rr (rawer nf Pin* sad Nasaan ztr et ' SPRING FASHION. ' (f BROWN kCO., ITS Chatham Square, eornee of Mott JpSktrmat, wish to inform the pablic ol their recent improve ment in the m luufactore ten flmah of their S3 Hau,combining fashion, beaaty end dnrability, three important eoaaideraiion* to the w*ar*r. The proprietor* do confidently ?s*ert their hau to o? mack eaperior to any ever before sold for the aame price. Call and satisfy yoaraalf of this fact taM lm*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. f~R WHY will yoa pay and $5 for ? Hat, whea yoa IP* can go to ROBERTSON'S PHCENLX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 10S Pulton Itreet, ead get a* good a oae for ttJMl Oo aad ewamiaa lor roar eelre*. mrlf 1 m*rc [Metropolitan hat and cap store, No. 9T9 1-9 Grand street. rm PLUNKETT It CO hart jest opened this new establish meat with a apleadid aaaortmeat of HATS aad CAPS, not to b.* aarpatatd oilhor in quality, eleganee of shape or dn rability, which they offer to the pablic at the following eery low price*:? Hat*. First quality Nutria Far, at $1 M Hecoud do do do do IN First quality Moleskin, do IN Second do do do I M Cars from IT)tf cent* to $1 73 each. Wholesale aad retail orders punctually attended to, and eas terner* hitsdroned and ke|* in alup* gratis. l7 lm*rre J. PLUNKETT and R. PARDESSU8. look AT THIS! AND GENTLEMEN, if yoa want ( fine article of Boou and Shorn, call at M7 Bi Broad way. wh-re you'will Aad the le'geet assortment, eh*>pe*t. ?nd mmt f* thiol* bl* hi ui? ciw. Do not aiattki the number, Jt7 Broadway, corner of Franklin street ' . N of '?P0?*d French Boots, at tha VrtmJ M. CAHILL *14 lm*r PREMIUM HOOTS." a Manufactory, oae of rbe moat fa?hioo*ble in the eirv ? Oar B.-ott biting been judged in ihe law Fair at Niblo ?? ara said to be the best ever *ol<! in tins eiiy. * ? All BooU warranted to git e satisfaction. Mending. kc done in the Store. YOUNG k JONES,? Ana street, , m!6lm*m near Broadway. New York. " HOOTS AM D ?HOK??The Pablic tr* isvued to V eel I and etamiue the large aaaoruaeat of geatiemaaV. I*. n TO LET A SUITE OK ROOMS fare.eVd <e ?' *-r'. for one or two gentlemen, at !? M'wta strtel. all! ~ TO LET, A IWIJIJ. No #4 Vanck nrw*, in good rtp*ir, wifk Crt?too w?t?r a T?* R om. i*di Act vaw U R __ JohtTa fuk. Eikqatr* of ^rti rCOR,M J9*m 9tr^t a TO LET, THE thro# stvry brick Hoaaw, Ma 1ST Craaa mm, ey pn?i a z on Charch Thw h >aee is in perfect .rder. tad will bo rented tn be occupied bv a siegle ftmiiy at a rory moderate rent. Applp o^the !*?? I lw'rre PET AH PI R.N IE, Ml Front 04 a "DO RENT A BEAUTIFULLY attested Kott OSr*. ia ? Swath street,^oo thw second floor Tao or ami Loft* caw also ba had with It. For fa-the* Mtneuiare apply ta W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT. T? Swath at . all r corner ef Meidee Uwa TO LET? Thw aaodwra throw atary sod iti r Hta No, M Second Avenue, kw wtwa tth aad Mb streets ? A It ia well fiatthed. with mshoeeey down, piotwd (arat first atorf, aorn ta the owe Jed Mary, tort aad piate (Uaa ia StHHVPMI aad very conveniently are need through, at Apply oa the premises I aa be aeea Irota II A M M.dalfy o'clock P .M.daily all I FOR SALE, OK TO L.LT, 9 TV Mode-a bu .It three rtorr bnek koaae. Ill Ataai street, Brooklya 11 eat acid by print* sale. u will ba disposed of at pablic aactiua. oa the 5 h day of May aeit. Half ol the parehaae money eaa romaia oa taoitg*ge, A for a te.m of yeara. Applieatioa to be I 11} Ailaiaa at, Brooklva. at )? FOR SALE OK TO LEArtK, TH E Hon at aad Lot 47} Broadway The laaia h >aar ie H stable fiye atonea high wilh the attic, aad 19 fret drep 1 back bailding ia thrra atoriea high and at le. t door A The _ a on the tear front ng on Merear street, 4t feet deop The lot ia M feat ftnr ia-has front aad raar, aad Ma lae* drop Po-aoca wiahiug to coufor with the owner, Dr CHEFS. MAN. may do ao bet wean Uaa hoaraof ( aad g, A. M.. and lg and t^, P.M. all ?W* rve ' TO LET OR FOR SALE, ON vary layorabletrrma, foar thro# ctaryaad baaomoat brick dwelling Honiaa, in Hobok?n TVy r?eh coo tain 11 rooma bwaidoa tha krteliru, aad ara Acted ia n: rn) style throughout. Two_ of those houses ara II loot front by 53 fret doep; aad two of them M fact by *4, with wide court yard iu front. The aituatiou command# a fine yicw and in within one minuce'a walk of the ferry, whert boat# leave ryory fifteen miautea, for Barclay atraat, and arery half boar for l a aal and Chriaiopher atrceta. They will ba let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to glfitw'r J.C.STEVENS, Hobohwu. TO LET, MTO A SMALL FAMILY?The upper part of a hoaaw ia Chamber# atrert, consisting of front aad batk raaaa with pinfty. on the second lloor. aad a front and bed rooui on the third floor, aad if reqaired aa attic room, with the ute ol Crolou water, aid other necessary privilege#. Ap ply to A. 8. VAN PRO AO, 57 Warrra at N.B.?If deairabls span ot tl. - eb .ye may bo obtained. a7 Iw*r TO LET OR FOR SALE. SL A MODERN BUiLT COTTAOE. Suble aad ? Coach Home attached, with about aa acre of land, tha ^principal part of which is wrll stocked with fruit aad y shrubs, and en loaod with a picket fence. The stages rase every tea minutes within five minutes' walk of the house Situation between 110th and tilth streets. For farther informa tion apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Nialh street, fir Or. WOODS, r* ? , Harlem. mrll tm*rc TO LET. J* A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lots of |--im ground, situated iu the rillage of Haatinga, Westchester XaUkcaunty, State ol New York, within a few minatca' walk of the steamboat landing. Said place is divided into gar dens, which arc wall stocked with nail Also, a ploaaact grove, wilh a stream of water, and several good springs. l*oe aeaaion can be given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply at the store of Mr. Scr-losser, Heating's Landtag, or of al lro'rc MR. ECKEKT, 7} Murray at, New York. TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, hA WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store in JI77W one of tha moat erowued and flourishing thoroughfares lalftof Brooklyn?The undersigned has now eiected, ia Myrue Avenue, near a dry goods store, which ia doiag an im mense bna nese, a fine three ttorv britk bailding, 14 fact front by 49 feet deep, with handsomely finished parlors, be , a large and commodious store, aad aa excellent aad apaciona base ment. It will be finished, and ready lor possession before the firat of May; will be an excellent location fora retail dry goods business, and will be lot low toxoid tenant. Apply to N LANG9TAFF, m30 >w*r 145 Myrtle Avenue. Bl CURE OF CORNS. UNIONS, TUMORS, EXCRESCENCES, Bad Nails, ?-> Re.?No. 459 Broadway, between Howard and Oread at. MRS. BERHARD, from Paris, has tha honor of inform ing tho public that she still continues Co practice upon the feet with the greatest auecesa, haying exclauvely devoted her time to those diseases, to which tha leet are sat ject. She in confident in promising that she will entirely remove corns from their irritating and painful location, without causing the least para or possibility ol danger, or making tha blood flow. I The operation will not occupy more than four to firs miautea, ! and the relief ao instantaneous that persons thna treated cab immediately put on their shoes and walk without the least in convenience. Mrs. B. has practised her profession for several yeara in Eu rope aad ia this country, and has scanned great skill aad much practical experience- Faeu attested by numerous eartdicates (lorn the moat celebrated physicians of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Terms moderate for yearly attendance. No. 459 Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets, New York. mil lmo*re CONSTIPATION (COSTIVENESS) DESTROYED |KTlTHOUT MEDJCINn.8, INJECTIONS or BATHS _v V ? Discovery recently made in Franc* by M. Wartoo? Price Thirty cents?the fifth English edition, translated from the <34 French edition of the exposition of a trataral, simple, agreesble and infallible meant, receutly discovered in France, not only of overcoming, bat alto of completely destroy ing*ol> atibate, inveterate and habitant constipation, without mine ei ther puntatiree, injections or hatha, followed by a grest num ber of anthentie documents from emineut physicists and other persona of distinction, certifying the complete efficacy of the means. To each document is subjoined the name and exact address of the physician orother person who testifies The authors of the certificates attest, not only that this natu ral means destroys constipation, and that it causes the intesti nal canal to perform its evacuating functions as in its narraal states, but also that it euros, at if by enchantment. 1. Panful dictation,(dyspepsia.) J. All, or nearly all, the diseases to which the bowels are subje t. 3. A great number of other as- j rious, dangerous md lemg standing diseases, for curing which , medical scieoce i* entirely impotent. Sold at the National Depot, of WARTON, of Pari*, 74 K Maiden lane, Naw York, and by all booksellers and medicine dealers la the United Hate*. ml lnt* r I DR. SALMON'S REMEDY HOR disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, aecom a panied with lndicestiou, loss of appetite, heaoaeno, bilious attacks, giddiness, palpitation, languor, low spirits, Iota ol strength, pains in the hack, side, and lower part of the chest, habitual costiveness, worms, and other distressing symptoms THIS CELEBRATED MEDICINE has met with extra otdinary anceeaa id private practice; and is prixed so highly by ail who hava taket U, that the proprietor has been induced to introduce it to lh? public generally. He assures any sufferer from the above i-omplaiuts, that it it. aa it profapses to be. a perfect cure, invigorating the system ,rea taring appetite, health, color and strength, evan to the most debilitated. THIS.REMEDY CONTAINS NO MERCURY, nor any preparation of it, and doea not prevent the cloeeat attention tc business. 1 aa most satis factory references given if reqa ired. CHARLES H. RING, in Broadway, all lia?m eor. of John at.. Sole Agent for N.Y MOTHER'S CORDIAL. TtiK superior efficacy of this article, whea used in the last stages or pregnancy, ia so apparent, that no female who has one# experience dits benefits would be willing, on any eoadt tion, to be deprived of it. Its effects are to shorten and dimi nith iha sufferings attendant ou Child Birth one half, and inns place otn cOild and m ether in a state of safety. This isuo quack article, but the prescription oft regul r Physician, -is who has made this breach of his practice a per ? tinier study. For sale at 1M Broadway,corner of John street, all 1m*m 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. 'T'HE Subscriber returns his thanks to his friends and the A public for the very liberal patronage citended to him since the opening ofhi* Store in New York. Premising that in Perfumery the maxim should prevail, "either the best er none," he earnestly solicits one moment's attention to he fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he is capable of offering the very beat, whether the competition be foreign or Ameri can. 1st. He possesses unequal led advantages in Paris, in hav ing been for many years Ulterior of the Labor atory of Lan gier Pere et Fils, for half a century the first house in this line ?n Europe, tod Since the first exhibition, some years past, ot his Perfumery, it hes, without a single exception, obtained ia New York, Boston and 1'' Il-MpVe, the First Premium over all competitors, and at the ' - ? initios in Naw York, he wis honored with the Uol. never before swarded to Perfumery. Ird. His Perfumer- has banished the imported srheoever it has come feirl> into competition. This is em phatically the case with his Shaving Cream Why should it not be sot His Perfumery is, in fact, the foreign, JJJn. in its quality end mod* of fabrication, syith the aneitioa of aa excellence which the foreign never can possess , ?namely, freshness and advantage in in any of these articles ol latest importance, owing to their perishable nature. 4th. i prices are from M to 3* per cent lower. In fine, the sub scriber, educated in the best foreign schools, imported with ?it'll of hit nstive city, offers the products ofhm laboratory equal to the best imported, and superior to Sf? u of recent preparation, at mnch lower Pneee.. He. ihurefbre, flatters himself that kie ] ?Lzz^znm ?- *? s^*?w iuhmu uib? ma preparations ??Pffc?dc the imported, except with thoee w "v* pr*KT merely became ^bbb!b? " ?*T|# to the inllaeoee of ? i J? _the subscriber always keeps on head t perfect Mwruaaat of the beet fbrvin perfumery, end ?o?PWiat the two. and ol Pridnal * Jodcment or preference ot the in > *0 from thoee a* he assure* the 'shment without purtieularly invites -T-??? r ?it it -?-fa to hii eery com plete assortment, which he offers to tbem et prices from * r? M per cent cheaper then they buy elsewhere *to E. ROU88EL vmi.1 "-to""w-'6fiSS. TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, POAUDINO HOUSE* and nil who like their Furniture to mJ be epollre*. elear end bright. For giving the highest polish, lor requiring leas labor, uioe in hung, preventing stains, for cleanliness and cheapness, Lansley's h nrmture Cream is and. uiably superior to say, CHA8 H. KINO, Agent, flQ Im-r in Broadway, corner John street TEETH?TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF DENTISTS Y? A T the old eetablishmeat,61 EAST BUOADWAY. TV Teeth set ou pivot 31 cents Tsc'hsatou fine plate,...... from tl M to tl M Teeth ftMed with fine gold foil 30 Price* for ell other woik in proportion Willi the above list Teeth mcinuted fisr other Dentists Alt work done at this of fiee warrantee N TAYLOR, fiM lm-ra Harvieal and Meeh*n<eal Dentin r^ENUINE HAVANA (UlOAJUI sltkawn brand " El 192 BROADWAY. oofcNM or m? mm. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. urr.i IVIM of ,lONi(r*,rr^^irh?kl# 1 ?SilkAM rOH SHAVl.NO?Tbaa nrtiele. VERBENA ?aaivarsally yarned bv ih-we ?be bU. trial sf N. last T?ar took the Sr. I fiiaita W Um Inst .rata Kut Indeed |? is fall* conceded by ? wU(l(WMMUI?MMI ? be karew Mat It I. .MiaiWa le saane facta re Ml. Mia ii It .a aoAcmng to the ekmfragrant to th? ?destroyer -i freckle. and pirnt Irs. unl w sold cheaper than the old soapa. All. tte-efare, who woe Id eeaeelt ecooo .?d romfoei i|A?m atu.eidpnaiii ihiawliao*n ? r ??d comfort la shev m akontd y "sesna ??'?WiMveao- it. ?ivm the New York (Ban ?Tbi New Aoap.- W? speak f-om awraM. m4 ?? 11'ia> (torn the mere profeaaioual knowledge W ami hakuM tad freeed Jw? Grant. Nu. I A>a ma. alt ai> -i a akaed at aar mum am rd foe ad "'"el modern improvement" lt?set ealy Sal It a xaaatkiaa mora.'* la abort, ma Wlttl Kthe beai a ban eg ?. ? ta the world mm ika k.aaiag Mfieee ?Swift Verbena Cream. at aa ky eeyeeimwe m ba tha baat hiad of ? having ?oap. tad -j'jbb lataaaa ?s< kata trwebtseome titarda, ekoald not ka witheei it It km a i-eaettaung may of Ha own, tad aafiaaa the harden aad , uugheei beard, ao at ta >aadtr lh? operation of ?Sirurn lorfe. ity aaay lit. Rmg baa lately takaa tha baat a aaa at Or M ,1 ?.e, at tka aana' of Broadway aad J oka atrart, a hat I hie .r.-enreeUe article m?T ka obtained; aaa. likewise, M ay ? t oayS t aady. wbeek a aatd ta ka a plgaaaat aad Ar .-ongh < lata ran far1 da tram tha MumUv Diepatch?Avery aaaa who .Saves kiataalf akeald procara ' Kiali Varkaaa ( raam " It n u enqueue Mil gefkrstug (he beard aad allaying all irritatioa of (ha akta. aa that it baeuaaee aa abeolate (daaaara. matcad of ta aa aaraaaa, ta aaa tha reeoa Beware ad lonanu m4 aiiaia tka wnaaa ai gears re aa der tha directions fur am. of " A H Ring " Prrpe/ed aad Idt aalr, mhalaaaia aad reW. aad im aaaartaam. ky <Hd KI.Vo, Druggist, Ml Broad a tj; faaf ad J oka draw ktrttMor to Dr Wm. H. Milaar. N B.?M-reheats ?o inmrslarfy -?q seated ta tall aad aa am tea thu MMH, ?? wr prepared. aa to quality, 9aaa tit T, ay. iruun .ad pnee It man at ka Sam tka ay I redid raw label Iroaa a aWel ( lata, engraved ky Vtran Rawdue. Wriaht k Hatch, let eaeeedtug aar lhia? ad dm ktad kafora tka public m4 lai'r _____________ Kl!'"llh.S RA\tiK> HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'Tt HEN RANOES. THE Ihepiictasearcnew yrtmrrd ta fa rat. h Hoi mat' ranges 1 Ullhr tr.dr, or aat tfiam ? for private I. mi lira ot hoard lug h on aaa. har .aa pa'CIMrrd tkr n?ht from i ha pate, tee to mat. a I.dare aad a*II the*. Ow rift'i art w maaafactariae aad ?Mag Kitchru Hang's ta thta my. for the yaat M raara, war raati aa la asserting that Holmaa' Meat' raaaot hi omy. caaaaairaaa. aad darahrlity. Thay tad to perform tha tarpaaaa lot mk eh tkry are parrhased. aad f aotlbrv Will ka -rviived Irraof aay .spent# to tha par hoar. Numrroaa references caa ka gi?'? to paraoaa math lagto peretiane 'I ha yttcre rauga trmm ti to <} dallara TSa propnctaraair conetaeily ?aaafactariaa. and era wall layy iad with parol. oRca, aad bad-room tiKATEB. of tha Beeeat pat'rraa Alao?TI N WARE briykt, plata aad japaoaad THay kava aaona at all ua?a rrady ta art Haagra gratea. aad boalara? ao, locate eMauacya. aad wariaat tham aottoam. ka A. UILHOOLY a dtl M, 71 Naa-aa at'rct MA ROM St ARCHER. 1B1 Water straat, I?aar mt M ml dan tana, HAVE BAND, a laryt aaaortarmt of Cape, Bilk aad II Eur iita, of yvary daacnpboa, aad Bprtag itylo, Straw aad Faatiaa Hata Alao. (hi Bilk. (Mutd Lwi, Vitorg aad Cap-Mocks, wkich they offal at rery low pricaa. Daaltra aad mauufirtoraa will do Wall ty rumiar tkeir stock Vrforr porrhaaiag olaawhaaa. mil Im* aN Iw THe INVISIBLE WIO. CO cloarly raacmblm tka real hrad of hair tkM acaptice aad C? eooaotaaoart bara lirocoaaced it tha moat iwrfrct aad aatra ordiaary invanuoo ol tka day. Tkr great adraaUgar of thia novel and am.jur wig it ita bciag mtdr without trwiug waariog, which cauiot ita rppaarutcra ao cloarly to raaerabla the uatarel hair, both ia lifhtaaaa and at sural appearaace, aa to defy detection. lU tt?tare being to kcaatifal. to poroat aad to ftar. that in all curt of p-raptr.tioi^av iporttion it aaimpa dad, and the great arila of othirr wiga ratirely aeoidrd. '1 If aceiKic and eoonoiaaemr ara alika invited t'< impact this novel aud beautiful Wig, aad the pecaliar method of mtirg tha head at the mannfactarer'a A. C. BARRY, IM Broadway, eoraarol Liberty street, up ataira nit lm*r? PHILOSOPHY OF WORMS IN THE SKIN. ANY YOUNO FEKoONb?eapenally thoaa of fkll kabita.or who indalge in rich food?art vcct mnch an noyed by the appearance ol black apota opoa the tide of the no>a, on the upper lip, the chin, the forehead kc.. reaembliug graina of guupowdtr aticking in tha akin. When tha aaia ?? onghly aqneeied. i .mall worm-1 ike rebalance piotraaea haying a black head. '1 he inppoaitioa. hoar aver, that thay are reality worma. ia arroneoaa There spots are occaaioaed erroneoas. , __ by an nodoa aecnmalatioa of tka fatty m iter which w ?ep.ra ted Irom the blood for ibe purpose of inbrie .ling the "km. and tliia ovarptua chokes up the poraa ami concre aa. Tkr daai II mting in the air adiwraa to this gaeaiy aabatanca. tod caaaaa H JflU"! IB 111? llf BUiirrte w i~?*J ?? vm\.m?*\.w. aarw va-??. the black apeck. This gives tha 'tea a dirty aad diagaatiag appearance, and tha remedy of aqaeeaiag. ao aaiveraallr re YeH sorted to, ia not only pviofol. but iregeaully aar I a.a Very often the over distention of .he p~raa can aaa inflammation and painfal pimples. The only eartaia remedy for this affection ia to wash tha fade with warm water, and UUURAU D'B Italian Medicated Snap which is also infallinle ia tha removal of taa. freckles, sallow nraa, redueaa, rastalaa. rirgworm. morphaw. salt rheum, chaps, cracks, chaf a, old sorea, Ac. Beside being dalicions mi Shaving, tfOURAUD'S Foudre Hebtila ia warranted to nadi cita saparflaoua human hair. UOURAUD*S Grecian Han Dye ia the only preparation ettant that will poailively dye red link, cum ??>?? katt m eanli maaal nnaka Kftm klack i 4 fit T light or grey hair, a rich and unchangeable black. UOU II AUDI! Liquid Rouge i _ ia dmigned to impart ta pullid ckeoki the natnrvl hoc of the iota It ii important that these nrtieloa ahonld be pnrcwaea fanuine. Thia can only be done by procuring them at Dr. Fa ia Gourand a Depot, ?T Walker street, lit store FROM Brood way: of Jordan, I MiUt atrsM, Boston, and of draggisti generally throughout the Union. utlla'a GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. (Fromtka Evening FoM.] TkR. A. C. CAJSTLE, who hat practiced for the laat acres Lr teen rears ia this city, haaobuieedaa enviable . miuencv ia has profeeaion. Ha operate, apon tka Treth with real .kill and ability. Ua baa also prepared a Composition for tilling de cayed teadar teeth, which, while it result the action rT all ac<di and infecting agents. It becomes as herd as tka tooth it self 11 ia pecaliarly adopted for aarvoua peieons. Dr. Cnstle insert* artificial Teeth DK A C. CASTLE, Deetist, mlilm'm HI Hrondway. coraer of White M OHTtlbTIE'S 0?1\IU1N? GALVANIC RINGS MAGNETIC FLUID. rpiU8 REMARKABLE DI8COVERY comprises an en A t rely safe and novel application ol th? mysterious Ivwtt of Gdvnuism as a remedial agral, by means ul which tht nt dinar) batieriete, lectric and magreiir machinra art entirely dispensed with, and tht powar 0| plird is a mannrr equally ?Hectail, mneh cheaper, and with perfect convenience and ssfety The Gslvasic Riisos in connection with the Mao nrtic Fluid, have been naed with eutirs success in all caeea of RHEUMATISM, acnte or chronic, applying to the head, face or limbs : Goal, Tic Oolorcnx, Toothache, Bronchitis, Nervosa or sick Headache, lndigeetion, Paralysis, Palsy, Epileptic Fita, Cramp, Pilpitatinn of the Heart, Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints, Spinal Complaints, Lumbago, Neuralgia. Nervous Tremors, Dirtiness ol the Head, Pains in the Head and Bids, general Debility, Deficinntr at Nervous and Phy sical Energy, and nil Nsrvooa Disorders. In cases of Dye pepeia, which is simply t nervosa derangement of the digjs tive orgaas, they have been fonnd equally sneceaalnl The Kings art of different prices; being made of all sixes, and of Tarioui irnameutal patterns, and can be worn by the moat deli cate ft male withont'the slightest inconvenience. THE GALVANIC BELT8, BANDS. BRACELETS, he., aremodi. cations of the invention and are recommended in more ihroote caeea of disease, where thcRings do not po alb adapted teas sufficient intensity or power. They an adapted to the waist, sins, wrists, anales, cheat, or any part of the body with perfect esen. Any galvanic power that is required may thus be obtained, and no complsiatwhich the myatenons agent of Galvanism can affect, will fail te he-permanently relieved. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID is need in connection with the Rings and their modifications. This composition has been p-ononnctd by thr French Che mists, to be one of the most saleable discoveries ol modern science. It ie believed to posse's the remarkable power of rendering the nervee sensitive to Galvanic action, by tkia means tensing s ooneentrttion of the ioflornee at the seat of disease, and 'has giving rapid and permanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. Thee*articles form en important addition to the Galvanic Rings, acting upon the same principle, bat having the advan tage of more local application. At an effectual mrswe Jot Strengthening the system ichendebililatrdbv disease or otkrr causes; as a certain aid in constitutional weakness; as a prex'ntire/or coldt, and in alt affectioni of Ike < keel fenrr alia Ike GTAI.VAtflC STRENQTHENlNQ PJJtSTER will ge fouud of grvat sad permanent advantage. The reader it eferred tonnmerona 0?-HOME CERTIFICATES,-?0 in the N. Y. T published in tne N. Y. San, Mirror, Tribune. Atlas, and other papers. Th-se testimonials, all rf which art from lbs most re spectable sources, have bvee selrc rdliom several hundred of a similar character, which have been procured daring th* short time the discovery has been befoie the Americas pnblie. Only Agency in Nrv York No. 131 Fuiian street, Sun Building. ? (E^CAUTION?Beware or rpwriau* imitations of than articles. Messrs. A. B. It D. SANDS are not, end n?ear hate been, sgenta for Dr. Chriatie, nor can I warrant as genuine any articles called "Galvanic" which are offered by the above men tioned firm. D. C MOOhHEAD, Agent General for the United States, mrk lm"re 131 Fnlton street. New York. FITS! FITS! A CERTIFICATE of Care of Epileptic Fits, of 21 yeen standing, cured within the last three months, by Biting Irani' Vegetable Extract, and tworn to before the Mayor ol the city of New York, March the 7th instant To all whom it may eoacern ?I hereby testify that I have been afflicted for twenty-three yean with epileptic tits it would be impoesible for me to deecribe my sufferings, for 1 have suffered through the various stages of this dreadful diseae*. from having the attache light and far between, to h?smg thr m in the moat awfal manner and yeryfrvqneutiy. I have tried the medical skill of nnmerona physicians wilhuat ever receiving any benefit whatever. I have always beee trying every reme dy. (so called) I could hear of, nntil I gave np a> I hopes of ever being cared, end looked forward to ihecqM grave as a blessing rather than iife. 1 at length heard that Mans' Vegetable Ill tract, was making many wonderful caret of this nreedfnl dis ease, end confess it waa without a shadow of faith I called on Dn. Irene It Hart, and represented my case to them. | bo came ?t oflci convinced thai they andintood the tiiiir. ana hope revived?yet. thank God ! my health revived too. I per revered in the nae of thie reediciae about three months, and throath the blessing of the Almighty in the mremi need, 1 am restored to health, and 1 would chetifall) recommnod. nay, 1 would arge thoae who are tllicted no longer to don be, bat call at opce tt iU Grand atreet, Frew Fork, and be made whole. I real! be happy to aoe any pern* who won Id w?ah to coaveree with me on Cnta ?abject, at my retid-nce, 4f Fare* etieet, Now York. WILLIAM A. PARHELLS. Sworn before ma, this 7U day ol March, A. D , l?i?, ??'?> I" r W. F. HAV-.HMEYKR. M.yor ?fHFHALON^S^^m ?MAGIC HAIR DYE. A PE$?ANaJSYALUABLE DldCOVEKY. bang a fa liquid dye. whirh inKABtiBMiailv phanvsi th# color of iKc l\ liquid dye, whieh inataataaeoaely changes the hair cr whinners to a beantifnl brown or black, without ieju Sy to tha hair or skm Gentlemen can hare their whiskers yed in five m.snt-i a: the depot, 111 Broadway. Price per nettle fit mrlt Im'rh Extraordinary Letter from William H. ??word. Ausuae, Muck II, 1949. Mr Dbab Bib ?Your Utter of the '14tb in?t., in which yon inform me of adetir* entertained by yourself and otbere to place me in nomination before the people of the county oi CbauUuqne, as a candidate for the office ?f B member of the Convention which has been called to revise the Constitution of this State, has been received. If ever I should become so miserable as to distrust mankind, my habitual confidence would be revived hy tome new act of friendship on the put of the whig citi i*na whom yon represent. Here is a trust, sought by the most eminent persona in the State, and to bo confer red by the people el Cbautauque county, among whom ire meny ss well qualified for it as 1 am ; and yet, it is orgad upon me, aa If 1 were not already buried under limilar kindnesses coming from tbe same quarter. It would be ungeneroua to accept such an offer under such :ir. umsunces, and no man can ever find a good motive for an ungeneroue act. livery personal reason which ?ver existed for mv continuance in private Ufa, atill ex ists. Years have brought with them an increase of the lumber end the need lor whom 1 labor. I admit that the Constitution must be revised, thorough ly revised. The Slete of New York lies in the gate of ?he continent. end has long been receiving a full tide of non, oi knowledge and mousy, from all tho other Ame rican States, es well es from Europe, in additien to natu ral increase. Enjoying tho instrucUon of half a dor.en colleges, five thousand churches, twelve thousand icboola, and as many libraries, the State has alarmed its antiquated guardians by complaints that its condition is ancomfortable, and its energies cramped by the Const! ;ottea assigned to it a quniter ot a Century ago. But ail n agree not only upon the necessity of revision, . ?n eU the necessary amendments except one. A pert of the community hesitate to adopt the prlnoiple of aoivorsel suffrage, and weakly imagine that democracy to of New York can bo cloggod a little longer in tbe State of New York can bo cloggod a little longer hy iaweoi naturalisation and registry acta, operating on the exile ; and by proscription of color excluding tho African. But the progreaa already made in exploding those errere, give* ua en earnest of e complete triumph ?f democrstic * hig principle* in the Convention. The property qualification is already renounced, and the oppouer.ta ot universal suffrage have fallen back upon tbe pU a of the hopeless debasement of the African race. With the aid of mistaken philanthropists, they bo-e to detest the enfranchisement of the colored man, by the artifice of submitting an article for that purpose to tho people separately from all other amendmen's to . Let the lb* constitution. Lot them try that. " Whom Ood de voirs to .testruction, he first makes mad." The apolo gists of slavery ia Now Hampshire recently separated a kin tred question from all other issues, in a popular election, with whet result has been seen. Universal suffrage in this State is not a local ques Hon Slavery continu s in the South, became the ne groee there are represented in the public councils, and virtually "eta, througe their masters, for perpetual sla very, while Northern aliiaa disfranchise Iroe negroes whom nature would oblige to cast their votes for free dom. Tbe evils of tho compact have become intolera ble. Tbe Ires States increasing in population and in wealth seventy-five per cent more than the alaveholding states, b*v* fallen into a hope less minority. Their in terests eie sacrificed at home, and are betrayed abroad. W* have reached a new stag* in onr national career. It ii tbet of territorial aggrandizement. F.stend jurisdic tion loan element of national strength if the moral con dition oi tbe people be sound ; of national weakness if toat ooedition be unsound. Slavery has impoverished : be Stale* where it eaiels, so much, that they are inca pable ef endowing schools, maintaining mail*.construct ing roeds, or auppotUng armies. With principles in re gard le revenue which always prevent the general go vernment from etlabh king proper defences, the Slave holding Mates ere ready apologists in every case of fo reign iojustice end aggression The people have in structed the President to maintain the American title to tbe whole of Oregon. The President thereupon requires the consent of Congress for proper notice to tireat Bri tain. Congress debates and he sitates until the effect o! ta* not roe u altogether lost. It ia slavery tbet " doth make cowards of as all," and Justiy so. New York, witnout a discontented citizen or subject within her boider*. would be stronger alone than ell the twenty eight states. Massachusetts defied England seventy years ago. She has only on# statesman wbo would dare to commit her to such a conflict now, and ka belong* to the i evolutionary ege rather then to this. I went no war-I want no enlargement of territory? soonor than it would com* if w* were contented with "a masterly inactivity " I abhor war a* 1 detest slavery. 1 would not grve one human life lor all the contioeot that remains io be annexed. But I cannol exclude tbe c invicuon teat tbe popular passion for ter ritorial aggrandisement ia irresistible. Prude no*. Jus tice, cowardice, may check it for a season, but it will gain strength by lie tut ;ugstion An American navy ia hover ing over Term Lies. An American army i* at the heart ol what we* Mexico Let the Oregon question bo eottled wbon it may, it will, nevertheless, com* back again. Our population is destined to roll it* resistless waves to tbe iry barriers of tbe north, and to encounter Oriental civi lization on tho shore* of tbe Pacific. The monarcbs ol Europe are to have no rest while they have a colony re ia tilling en tM* wmouet Franc* bee already sola out ?Hpeln hes sold out We shall see bow long before England Inclines to follow their example. It behovei us, then, to qualify ourselves for our mission. Wc must daro our destiny. W* can do this, and can only do it, by early meeanres which will effect the abontior of slevory, without precipitancy, wi'hent oppression without iajnetic* to slaveholders, without civil war wlth the consent of mankind, and tho approbation o lleaven Tho restoration of tho right ef suffrage t< freed men ia Uo first act, and will draw after it, in dot time, the sublime catastrophe of oaMBcipatioa. Bat this act has already opened. There it no need foi roe to go upon the stage, nor have tho self-conceit to be iiev* tnat I could be et til useful. The people of Cheu Uuque county have obliged me many time*, and always witnout solicitation They must now grant mo one favoi tipon rr lucst, which is, to leave m* in peace at home Under ne circumstances, and upon no consideration, could 1 consent to baa candidate for public office. I am, vary respectfully, your obliged And obedient servant, WILLIAM H SEWARD. Affray at Charlottesville?Death of a Stu dent ? Wr learn from * gentleman who came from Charlottesville hi the Sunday train, that ? terrible ifujr occurred there Haturday night I at t. at the menagerie, (racent'y in this r.ity.) between ? company ot university undent i, and the perion* attached to the menagerie. It ?asms that the etudeoU were duorderly and riotoua and wuuld not permit tb* showmen to clear the circle, In or der to exhibit the perfoimancee of the elephant. The keepor ? i the elephant and the other ihowmen ramon itrated with the refractory etndenta and repeatedly do med them to clear the ring in order that they might proceed with the exhibition. They bowavar refuted, when the heeper, determined to prooeed, brought in the elephant to tore* thorn aside- A* toon aa this was done the atndeate attached the keeper with violence. The rest of the showmen came te hie iMistance, and a gene ral and fnrioaa fight took place between the two partial, in which iticha and bludgeons were used. Oar inform ant state* that at one time some five or six of the stu dent* were knocked down end lying prostrate on tho ?round. One, we lament to hear, who received a violent blow on tho head, died of hi* wound* on Saturday night. The student* wsra drivsn off, hut afterwards raturued with a reinforcement and wore about te make another attack, when tb* dtitena interfered and stopped them. Two of tho showmen were apprehended and lodged in Jail. The name of the student who was killed, was ? ? Oiovor, of Alabama. He was a mild, quiet and amiable young gentleman, not engaged in th# affray, bnt acting as pacificator. Ha was in the midst of tho combatants, endeavoring to quoll tho riot, when he received the blow that unfortunately terminated his amtstanc*. We also loam that the name ol tb* man who indicted the blow by which young Glover was killed, was John I. Ballsy. Bailey, we understand, has beea arretted. He got on the cart thit tide of Beaver Dam, when he was recognised by one of the students, who was on his way down. BaiUy denied hi* nam*, but the student who re cognised him, made oath to his identity, and bad him ar retted. Hs was brought to Richmond by some of tho passengers and lodged in J til?Richmond RewadUcasi, dyn' 14 Wailike Preparation* in Canada ?It in well known that our Canadiao neighbors have bc.-n for tome time silently fortifying all th? important points on I.ska Ontario. The defensive woika at Kingston are very.sEtenaive and substantial The epera'ione af that government in this respect have, until lately, beea kept secret. Since the opening of Perliemont, many facts t snow bow ? hsvs transpired that shew bow sE'ensive have been the prepeiation* for defence Tho following wo And in the Brtitsb Canadian, a leading government paper, published at Toronto. "In consequence ol thepiesent unsettle* slate of the relations l-etween Great Britain and the United States, orders have been lorwsrdsd te Wool wick lor a powerful armament, consisting e< various piece* of ordnance, of diffeient ealibres. gun earrioges, ammu nition, k -., for tho various ship* ot war and itoim vessels at present stationed on the roasti and rivers of Canada, and the iakee, that form the boundaries between M and (ha United (Kates The nuaiber of piece* of ordnaac* that will b* required lor this purpose, is estimated st more than SCO Toronto >? to be fortified similar te Kingston, together with otter prefects of s like nature " -Jbriiihr ftrwerroX. Lamentable Dec una anus; ?'>a Sunday even lag about seven o'clock, our tillage was startled by an alarm peal from the Court houee hell. Those who bed lbs reached the Court-house first, found the Grand Jury room filled with smoke and flame*, aad, sad to relate, the sged mother of Bherifl Van Suakirk, who bad moved into tao Court house hut two or three days, perished la tha flames The fire wae seen eabdued, but Mr* Van ?uakukdied from its effect* shout II o'clock the isa* night. She had beea left alone but n law minute* by tha family, who wore taking their to* bolew, ween on# of them who wont iat* tho ream, diecevered the aged lady 1)ing on tho bed completely envelop* ! in flame* Sue w*a "eft sitting by a eery not mil a'uve wirn which her clothe* had probably com* la contest, when ?e her agony she had thrown herself upon the had I Ma die ponastion I* rendered peculiarly afllietiv* to th* lamily, by tb* oertaiaty that in n brad ay# oi time-- ler oh* wa* H6 years of sge, end vary lee hie- as* must he** passed peacefully into that better wnrlJ fee which she had been leng prepared. The warmest ?jmpetniee ef our entire population are with th* euflorrrt by this deeply | ainluf occurrence --Refeideee iff. J) -dy"*. ATEoriotm Murder.?In Ore .isburg, r*ri*'t St. ilelrns. (Lou ) a lew days ago, Mr Win. iWi, a re* pec tibia citizen was shot dead whilst anting W? his family at hie own fireside The aim ef lb# *?*u*mo was tearfully accurst*, sight buckshot entering tb# body, aad one passing through th* brain Kvery effert has been made te di Mover th* m or decor, hut thus lax la Albany, April 14,184C. Lsgielative Affaire?Interesting Proceeding*? The State Convention. I alluded, acme time amce, to a new bill (or the regulation of the representation oi the several coun ties in the State Convention. This proposition has engaged much of the time and attention of the le gislature for a number of wook* put. Ths Assembly bu boon unable, u yet, to arrive at any definite arrange ment of the queition, and bu referred the whole matter, u I understand, to the Juatioes of the Supreme Court, without, however, pledging itself to be controlled by the decision of theae ofllcera. 1 suppose the bill, if pass ed, would materially affect the complexion of the con ventlon ; and the resolute perseverance which has been manifested, in favor of the measure, may be attributed 1 to this fact. The point which remains to ba settled by the justices is, I suppose, whether the clause in the . original convention bill, which provides that tha repre sentation in the convention shall correspond with the number of members of the Assembly .alludes to the repre sentation, according to tha recent apportionment or not, and whather tha Legislature is invested with power to determine the proper construction of this cl.use. With out waiting for the decision oi the Justices, the Senate look up this bill to-day upon its report complete by a se lect committee. There seems to be a preponderance of Senators in favor of the bill which regulates the repre sentation by the recent census, but no deflaite action vu had upon it. If the matter is not decided previous to the eleotion to be held on the *J8th instant there may be a vast deal of tiouble in this convention concerning the right of members to seats, ss without a special pre paratory enactment delegatea will, in soma counties, ba elected aocording to the old census. In many instance* nominations have been made according to the new ap portionment, and in others by the former one, ao that ths affair promises to be rather funny it some permanent construction i* not put upon the law. An opinion expressed by Senator Young to-day, in debate upon this apportionment bill, seems to be clear and definite. Mr. Young aaid : "Under the oM constitu tion the election was held in April, and tha political year began in the ensuing July. The members of the Legislature were elected under each new census the year it was made. But at present the election takes fdace in November, and the political year commences n January, so that the members under a new apportion ment cannot take their seata until the year after it is made.'* It would seem that this view ot the case is per fectly right, and that its adoption without discussion would be enforcing a substantial principle of economy as well as saving time which might be employed more appropriately. The Hudson River Railroad bill, which has been made a special order soma half doxen times in the Senate, was again passed over to-day, and made a special order for tomorrow. Tbe Grand Jury are not in session to-day. We occa sionally hear rather remaibable opinions concerning the amenity of Mr. Attorney General to tbe this con vantion. Kven if he were guilty of participation in this moat horrible outrage, it is boldly binted by bis parti sans that the Gramf Jury of Albany connty dare not prefer an indictment against him. And why ? The an swer is most significant, and if true, most derogatory to the imperturable integrity, and inflexible firmness which should belong to such a body of men. Because be is a government subordinate?because be ia Attorney Gen eral of the State. This is the answer beldly bandied about. The recreancy of public men, and their exemp tion from culpability is becoming a little too common in this country, and 1 should not be surprised to see some strong indication ol popular sentiment upon this subject yery toon. In tbe House to-day, Mr. Tefft presented a written re port against allowing railroads to carry freight free of lolls. The report was agreed to. A bill was reported to repeal the law giving bounties on salt, coal and lead, and to reduce the duties on salt. Referred to a committee to report complete. The principal portion of the session was devoted to tbe third reading of bill* and resolutions, among which were the concurrent militia resolutions, directed to oar Representatives in Congress ; which were passed. Tbe bill to continue the bounty on silk in force until 1851, was passed. A lengthy debate occurred upon a bill regulating the salary of the diatrict attorney of Oaeida county, and the bill was recommitted to the committee with instruc tions to report a general law authorizing the Board of Supervisors in evsry county in the State to flx the sala ry of the district attorneys in tbsir counties. The House occupied a short time in committee upon the anti-rent bills?no action. It is understood that the bill in relation to devices and descents, presented by Mr. Tilden, will not necessarily a fluid the tenantry any kind of rslitf. It is a bill of ex change or contpromise, not proposing to exterminate and annihilate the deep and terrible injuries which are suffered by the poor tenants. It does not reach the case nor approach the merits, and now a feeliDg of aversion and fear to appreaoh the snbject in hand, seems to be growing. Ths opinion that ths abolition of the distress for ront will not holp tenants, is gaining ground, and under this false plea action ox the bill will be avoided.? Gold is almost infinitely powerful. Tbe result I greatly fear, and 1 have ample grounds for my fesrs, will admin ister a terrible lesson to the law loviog citizens of this Bute. Tbe House was also in committee upon a bill to en force and increase the contributions of the canal fund to tbe general fund. It seems that the commissioners of tbe canal fond have withheld portion> of the uonual eppropriaton of $300,000 from this fund to tha general lund, which by law should be made. It is farther pro posed to increase the annual contribution from $300,000 to $*00,000. Pending the debate upon this bill, tbe Honse took a recess until 4 P.M , at whioh time Mr. Bai ley, of Putnam, commenced an eloquent and learned ad dress to tbe House, setting forth ia detail varions im portent information concerning tbe canal revenues?the condition of ths lateral canals?their worthleaaness?the Irauda in the management of subordinate*, Ice. fcc. Mr. Bailey speaks with energy and with consummate skill in influencing the passions. The election for Mayor is proceeding very quietly Feuds are forgotten, and electors go to the polls peace fully, as they should. There is believod to be no doubt of tbe election of Mr. Parmelle, by from one to three hundred majority. The meeting of tome one hundred people, ct the hall of tbe Capitol last evening, consisted in a series of vin dictive execrations and denunciations of Mr. Kdwin Croswell, by the officiating orator. The proceedings were harmless. Cherokkr Nation, March 12,1846. State of the Cherokee Nation?Anarchy?Plan to ] Regulate Indian Affaire?New Railroad Routt to Oregon, fa. tfc. I will fill up the sheet with Cherokee matters ? You know that there is trouble in this nation* but jrou ought to have some correspondent here to let you know what ingoing on?I don't volunteer mors than thit, having no lsliure to devote to it; bu will give you this to ehow what wight be done. The three parties of the Cherokees are divided in their interests, but the Roes seen are particularly the point of attack, from both the old settlers and treaty men ; these twe latter, being in the minority, ere In turn hard ly treated by the Rosa men ; when one of either party is killed in an affray, the friends of the murderer se crete him, and there is no such thing as bringing him to fiunisbment. The Rasa men are many of them poor, and i*e hy plunder on their more wealthy but unprotected nvighbots. Life is never safe, and law has no sanction. This state ol things has been brought on by onr gov ernment placing the apple of discord among these people; and aa yet. It stands by and looks at convulsions produc ed by its policy, and declines to step forward, because there la no law for it My idea is, they had better make ene, and here is a plan for action. Ht il rnetted, ft , iy Ms Smelt, ft. fc.?1st. That fiom and after the pesaage of tbis act, it shall be lawful (or the President ol the United States, whenever he shall think such a meesuie necessary, to prevent domestic violence n any of the Indian nations, to proclaim martial , law within such a portion of the Indian territory as may be necee ery to *fftct that ehjeot tod That this act shall be of force only so far aa to place In the hands of the United States troops, the pun ishment by court maitial, of all persons guilty of mur der, mansiaugoter, or attempt to kill ; and upon any in dividual io the country so designated, being charged with either of the above crimes, it shall be lawful for the commanding general of the farces in said country to hie a general court martil for the trial of the same, sod that the privileges and torau of said court shall be the privileges and forme at nroeect in use io the amy of i United States, and that the individual so charged be ing convicted of the dime alleged, shall suffer dca'h, or such other punishment as mty be indicted by the sen teuee of sosd court This, I am sura, with onorgetic commanders, and the desire ef ear army to see civilisation progress, would, is e short time, restore order in this nation ; end I am squall) suie that nothing else will ecovmpUeb it They cannot do it themselves, and *ome impartial party most do it, er alee abandon tho laid, end let them hill on ; one day the weaker party most he destroyed. Humanity 1 would dictate that the martial course la the better. Yea talh of a mil road to Oregon; why not tea United Stales employ the ten yearn they would bo lighting the Oregon war in constructing such a road It would cost loss then the war had when it was completed; it not only would givo us Oregon, but with our shrps on the West ream nod easy communication to thorn, wo could drive John Bell eat ef the I'oci# Ocean There ia one point la Hue Oregon war never talked ol; it is theVoilowetone rente 1 h?re is a pees that way. sod a practicable one, sad CM miles el railroad would unite the upper naviga tion el the Yeiien stone with the Fail* of the Columbia, if I em not misinformed Beat las, the Veliowstaae coun try M as Is Oils as Oregon, perhaps a lrtUo colder. It is wetl weeded, sod has navigation te Mt Louis or the ocean A Bearishiug Utete sou Id he male oa the west sfeeo ef the Becky Mountains, oa the tributaries ef the Yellow stone, and I have bat I Mils deuht, if sipiered, the Couutry weald ho found te possess vest mioeiel wraith. I give this, net from observation, hut report The Boolea TVtasmpi ef the I4U instant, says i? There was a herd (reel last night, mid N was quite cold till e iasa hoar Uua merest g lea oa still water formed hall aa sack in tkKhaoae Tho threatened storm of VwIiUm. The HtMiirt repo walk aauhhaemeat of Mmn. iforriaoa k Cmbonu In Okie in? wee bural on the I th instant The building an too f??t to length ami ha flra taak aeai|the c?ntr? auppoted from ? parka from luruiog atumpa in (ha vtcuuiy Loaa in buildings, oafhinary, stock and manufactured articlei, about >4,600. Inaurod fcf ft TOO. |Wa laari froan tho Galena Oat?t/?. that an ??timeb'.e trench geotlemen by tha oaina at Franci* : >, l.a-.ault, a at murdered on tha fret initint at Oient lourity. Wis.. by ? man naaaad flruue It ???ma that Iruco had erected en enclosure upo i Lataaull't ,nd ?a the latur apprtrwhad tar tha pur,.?? of am ( ta rraorat Brnca ahot hie 4oWJ with a rite and then uahed upon him, and put an and ta hta lata w<?> a ku.l. A complimentary dinner wee eiveu ta John h tfki ner Can . of Baltimore, at New Orlaana ? the 4th w?tv t. Col Wm i-hnaty, President, with Ham. Feytou, at If ice President. A man named Alexander Ua'Iio, haa baan v**"m Re 1 lo jail in Pnnca William County, Va, aa anap^C"'1" "? taring murdarad, a law daya ainca. a aaa aaaaad Godfrey - The Pittaburgh Oaaatte aayt that very saleable da poaitaa of coppar 01a have beau discovered on tho Allegheny rang# In Pannay Irani 1 A company of gen laman hare purcbaaed ail the land ludicatiog coppar, mi ara now mining and preparing to commence einelt Dg Miaa A B Harron, of Norfolk, Virginia, baa preaant id to 8t Palrick'a Roman Catholic Church in that city a magnificent picture of the Crucifixion. Miaa H , during 1 late riait to Italy, commiaaionod Ferrari, one of th.i Irat copiara ot Klorance, to repair to BotogWa and tlu-re execute thia- painting from tha original by (iuidu Preserved in the Pope'a collection?it bring prowouuev ' y critic* the flneet painting on thia aubject iu exifteim* Thia lady ia in possession ol the brat pnvs'a galiariM in America, collected by her late father. She ha* aW? presented to St. Patrick's Church, a copy ol Murillo'a Aaaumption, obtained at her solicitation fiom tha origiaat in the poueeaion of the Queen of France. On Thuraday araning, April 0th, about half paat aigi>r o'clock, a meteor of uncommon aplendor was earn New Haren, in the northeaatern part of the heavens The obaeryer, being in Jhe second story of * hottae, a*u the meteor through a window, and donhtla-a failed ta lea tha body at ite earliest appearance. When it fir*: came within the observer's field of riew, ite aititada we* ten and a half degree*. The meteor fell almost rertically, ?lightly inclined to tha left (or northweid.) and die appeared without apparent explosion, at an elevation of ?ix and a half degree*, and fifty three degree* *a?t oi true north. It wa* of a fiery red color, and much brighter then Jupiter. The sky at tha time was hasy in that quarter, and the full moon.'shining. John T. Robioion, editor of the Princoton Whig, has been olected Mayor of that city. A. D. Croasman an independent whig, ha* bean elect ed Mayor of New Orleans. Great Freshet in Nrw Orleans.?Owing to the heavy rum which fell on Saturday and Saturday night, together with a atrong northeaster, the swamp ia the refir of the city waa soon filled, and tha wind driving the water into tba city, created great alarm to the inhabitant* of the back part of tbe town. On Sunday, about mid day, the flood increased so much a* to cause apprehension* that it would equal lha great flood of 1831, which oauaed great damage. The inhabitant# liv ing in low heuaes at the Lake have removed to the city ?their habitations being no longer tanantabla. From 1 to 6 o'clock, P. M , 011 Sunday, the waters rose nine inches in the rear of the city, between thh New CansI aud l.ake Road, leading to tbe landing of tha Mobile mail boats; and yesterday, at 13 o'clock, it wad within three inches of tbe greatest height of the flood of 1831. and still rising. Tne houses, yards, stablaa, hotels and outbuilding* at the end of tbe New Canal, or Shell Roto, are all inundated, and for two miles towards the city tho canal has overflown its banks, leaving the house* in tha distance to appear aa if they were floating on the see.? Tne destruction to bridges has been very great. At one o'clock yesterday, tha whole of St. Mary street. Hevia struct down to Philippe, including tha Houae of Ralago, end Second Municipality Wockhoute, were inundated Also, all the streets between Hevia und Canal sta , down to Circus street, were inundated. Faubourg Treme le under water. Tbe canals Carondelet, Claiborne, an<J the works of the Draining Company having overflowed their banks, with few exceptions, the water bad got back to Rampart atreet. At Lake Pontcbartrain the railroad, wharves, Itc , were all overflowed, and should tha water increase, the cars will be compelled to atop running. In all tha places wa have mentioned tba in habitants aro compelled to use boats or take tha back of a good stout negro. No calculation can be made of tho loss, which has been, or will be, suatained by thia flood, hut it must be great, and will fall on many nnabla to meet it. We regret to say, likewise, that tba Charity Hospital, and the infirmaries generally, are all inundet e l, randeriog acceas to them exceedingly difllcult. At tbe time we wiite the rxiu has ceased, but the wind oon tinuet, and the waters are still rieing. Should tha wind chop round to the north-west there is no knowing tho extent of the damagei which must ensue.?Jf. O Doits. Jipi H 7. Supreme Court Decision*?Special Term ? Mr. Justice Beardsley, Presiding?April IS.? Boehfl ??. EUicott st ?1. Motion to raifbr caao back to circuit judge for ro MttUnont; granted. Adam* a#s. SanJlsnd. Motion to set aside inqoaat, Ac.: denied with costs, without prejudice Gilbert vs. Gilbert, el aJL Motion for appointment of commissioners to make par tition, granted In the matter of the application of Henry D. Tuttle at al Motion ex parte for a oeitlorara, granted. Watervliat Bank vs Russell at al. Motion ox parte to amend judgment record, Ae.; granted. Travis, ads. Gregory. Motion for attachment; granted by de fault. O'Neil ads. Ladd. Motion for judgment as in ca?e of non suit; granted. New York and Erie Railroad Company ads. Patterson. Motion for judgment as in case of non suit; granted. Scudder ads. Owen. Motion lor a commissiod; granted by default. 8ame ads. Owen, jr. Motion for a commission ; granted by default.? J'humas et- al ads. Petit et. at (end another cause ) Mo tion to set aside execution; denied with costs. ffievuu* rs IIoih Metion to vacate port of a rule whioh stays proceedings; granted, costs to abide event McGiant v* Neville. Motion noticed by del't; ordered to stand over until next special term Daucby at. al ada. Yarick. Motion to change venue; denied Green ada. Merritl Motion for judgment aa in case cf n n ault; denied with out cosia and without prejudice. Prince surv'r. Ac. va Carrie ot el. Appeal trora order of circuit judge, vacat ing an order of discovery, Ac.; a discovery ordered, Ao., costs to abide event. Hill et. al va. Rusael. Motion lor leave to reply double default opened, and motion granted, cost* to aeide event. Newton at. al ads. the Hudson River Bank. Motion to set aside default, Ao ; granted and referred, coats to abide event. Woodworth ada. Miller. Motion to change venue; denied with cost* witnout prejudice. Webster vs. Parlin ax Ac. Motion to substitute an administrator de bom$ new, As ; granted. Ransom ads. Williams. Motion for judgment of non pros ; plfT hat leave to serve amended bill o< particu lars dn terms. Houghton et. al. vs. Gardiner. Motion that deft day coats, Ao , or that precept issue; granted with costs Wesson et. al ads. Phelps. Motion to change venue; granted on pay't >7 costs. Jawstt at ada Clark Motion to sat aside execution, Ac ; granted on terms Ferguson ads. Brown. Motion for relaxation of costs, granted with costs. Pratt, jr. et al ads. Bennett. Mo tion ordered to stand ovar to neat special term ?wfUeny Jlrgnt, Jlpril 14 DR. J. FRANCIS, OCULIST, 465 Broadway, thisd oooa rsois sracrr. WE, the andrrsigned. witnessed astonishiaf cures performed by Dr. Francis, Driiere his prcpn-stioas arsons of cvrr made for diaeuses of the Eye,and h slily recommrod him as assfe and skilful Oculist. Rev. Duncan Dauber, Rev. H H. Coee, Kev. J. Andrade, K C. Priest, Rrv.O. Benedict, Her. J. Peek, Rev. A. Wheeloek. rr>~ Reformers fives to those id the city who have hero totally blind from Amorosit?sight now perfectly restored; Ulcers and Specks rakioved ol the longest staadiuf A nombrr ol andnubled leatisaonials, to be seea at the office, will raliafy the public ol hfc aston ehing sueeeea UArtificial Eyes inte tsd withent pais. IAdvise to Frineis will remove oa the first of May to Ne US | Broome at. firsi hcass, second block east of Broadway. at ImdAltW'rc THE EYE. DR WIIEELEP, Ocnliat No. ? Greenwich stee-t, New York, aear tht Buttery, devotes his eteluafvn attention to diseases ol the Eyr sad Ophthalmic Bnrgery, tad maurvs the public that that there sr. not aasongst the numerous di .ease to which th. he man eyr ? sehiect. any disorders of that organ which c.nnul be essentially r.'irr.d or cured by him. The vast nnmbrr of oudonbled tsstimouiala which eaa be seen et hit oftec, ?ill satisly the puolic that bis praetire is not etc-ed rd either ie esi.nt or ineees%by that of say other Oculist in the United States. UAc hours from! A M. to 1 o'clock P. M.,aftor which he visits eul door patieota. ?a* Anfinal Eyts for sale, and which will be insetted on reasonable terms A pamphlet containing remarks on Diseases of the Kyo, with several instances of great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler's made of irrstment.ean be bed gratuitously al his residence, or the same will be forwr rded to any one making application to him by let'sr. post pas, nJT las*r ARTIFICIAL EYES. Vf ADE and inserted by Dr. J. GRAY, No. Il? Bowery, N. \ ork, the only manufactory ol the He man Artifi-iaJ Kyo in the United Slates. Any person that Wishes to be well salt ed, should always apply to the maker, who has b.ea in the ar t forty vasm. m'i lm*re M. WISE, OPTICIAN, Prom GERMANY, \10BT RESPECTFULLY lofwme the eitisms of New LYl New York, aad the public in general, that ha has local ml himself in this city, al NO. 417 BROADWAY, Where may be found s Isra.'andI corni""IK*;* * Hf'Et/l A< LIS AND HEADING GLASSES, In Gold, Silveruoo Steel brasses M. W. would also remind the public to whom he is parti'II v known, by hit snsasl visits to Pnratog* Springs for the last ten years, that by his knowledgi of the Optical science, he is rnshled to drt-rmioe the glasses suitable for sny eye Per sons with week eves can be supplied with glasses which will gre tly 'eneiil and not strain the sight Particular atlration is called liga new i'vle id Ferspeetire Ground Glms of the finest flint, which, through their high polish and tme ground, prodace the purest vision, snd been highly recommended soihe beet in their offer! upon lb" eye. for preserving aad improving th* s'Sbt is continued wntn g Nhort sighted persons, and anch a* have been operated upou for Cataract, can also be sailed. ? ? He inserts sew Glasses, of superior quality, ini old rrnmm aad aolieiia the pationage of all in waei efemaroeiee. I W'll warrant ell dpertarles purchased Norn me to m M sight fur five years, or eschsage them without eatrt ?T im'x

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