Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1846 Page 4
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toted h - , ,^T . . tMHfi 483,864; end be -tftal.mwfteela, Haaigi 17*,486 toea. ThlaoshMto ? felling otf in toe aggie get* tonnage entering toe port; the fcllarfg eff being confined almost entirely to Anwri - oam "dossals. The cenaeree of toe lsUod oi Cuba in 1844 wee limited compered, with former year*; toe exportation of the principal etaplee of toe laland baring been reduced by the abort eropa, and tbe limited demard ?broad for thai# products. The returna tbia year, ao far, ?bow en increaae on laat, and we bare no doabt the tor* nege estericg Havana, in 1846, will bo as large aa ever before. Old Stock Kiehenge. JI M* Kentucky t's M 5# ibi Canton Co ','00 Ohio 6'. 1K0 tl )M do ft tt? do 1170 tl 125 do 25,Me Penmvlsania 5's MX J* do do O CT IS do U.M( do C7 75 do u.aae do bj ?7 sa stoe RR 25 *oe <lo ?M MX tli Harlem RR M.aofl Readme Bda 70 100 do * rn do 6# 104 do IVOOO do b! MX 110 do 25 ihi DelfcHnd ap *30 110 tM Nork Wor SO M?rh*aic?' 8k 107X IN do 100 Vieb*bo'x Bk (X 50 do 1*0 Morrii Canal MS ltd do 4"t do MX 10 Readiog RR 5*0 do >60 MX lot do 3#a (erven' Tr May SI Six 50 do , ?*0i d'? $00 do 100 Long IsltadRR SIX m do g|5 d? || IIU 400 do 10 Utica k Scba RR 115 50 aha Reeding tl 50 sh> Morris SO do 01 50 do 50 do . tl 10.090 Peun* 5'? I no do sio tsx 10,000 do 50 Harlem It too M?nd 100 do 4t 75 Nor k Wor 300 do 41 S5 do IN do blO 41 IS do 100 do blO 41 100 do SS0 do *10 40X 50 do (00 do 41 *5 do 404 do 4IX SS do Hew Stock Kxchange. 75 aha Canton Co cab IS 54 aha Nor k Wor alt SIX Si do Thuriday S3 25 do >10 52 15 do <S II 15 do Thnreday 51X " " ? 1 "" " " 51* so Marie-* RR e>h 4iX 35 do Thursday 100 Long Ii HR e>h St S3 do bS 53 30 do bl SI 35 do >10 SIX six 100 do Tharsd'y 31 175 do caah >5 do can SIX married. On Wedneeday. April 16th, at Chriat Church, Brook lyn. by tha Rer. Dr. Stone, John Wbiolet, of Yorkahire England, to Julia GaaTBuns Littlkwood, of the same place. DM. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning, April the 15th, of consumption, John Chifit, aged S3 years. Hit friend* and acquaintancea are respectfully inrlted to attend bis funeral, tBRa afternoon, at 6 o'clock. On Wednesday morning, 15th inatant, JoaarHiNa. daughter of John and Elisabeth Murphy, aged 1 year, 6 month* and 14 days. The relative* and friends of her father, and those of bis brothers, Jama*. Thomas, and Martin, ire respectful ly invitra to attend bar funeral, this [Thursday] after noon, from the residence of her father, corner of 109th street and 8d avenue, at S o'clock, withour further invi tation. THE Marriage of Miaa Lourzi Bogeit, published in this paper oti i he 13th ioat . win a mistake. aid ti*r TMK KEY E LEAhEV, Lte ol Mar.hol College. will A del nri Lecture at 7X o'clock, This (Thursday j Keen ing, April Mth. in the Bee. Mr Spoor's Chnrch, formerly Temperance Hall, 208 Allen street, uearHoa?ton. Subject? j '? The Unchristian '} re?(ment of Females by Pop ah Priests in toe C IP fen i nal " Ladies not aduii ted. Ticketa UK centa I each, to be had at the door; and on Friday evening at Clinton Hall, corner Naaa u aria Bechm'ii afreets al< If r j MODERN TOM JONES. Already translated into French, and now extensively sold in , Paris, and about to be dramatised for one of the New Yo k Theatres. WM. H. GRAHAM Tribune Bmldinra, and WM. TAY LOR. Aimr House, have for sale THE MAT HI- I CIDK. bv John K Doer, U.n.N., a deeply thrilling and in- J terrsting history of a Foundling, who becomes, after the ! commission of a .moat heinnus crime 4f-om which the title of ! the werk is drawn), a fearless, wary, and renowned bnca- * neer of the South Atl tntie and Weat i ndiee. Thia ule of the passions is a romance of the old school, one I of a class of which we have had but few bearing any avidence ; of genina since the days of Smollett and Fielding. " In this sto y all tha elements of the Mono Lewis school of romance, love, murder and aednction are combined and { woiked np Hunt'I Merchants' Magazine. As a muticul writer, uie author cf thia wotk is said to be equal, if not superior, to Mariyatt. Urice 25 cents. ap t it* re 'I'KAVELUNU MAPS?Pock't Maps of the t?|ates of? A Msiue,, rice 25 cents. Ohio, p. ice 21 cenu. N. raampshtre, " Indiana, " Vermont, " Illinois, ' .Maasachnsetfs, " Missouri ' Counec icnt, " Michigan, Hhode Island, " Wiseomin ' New Yotk, " Iowa. . " r"?'tea?N;R. kia I *r 717 Broadway. NOTICE. : NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons having bosght stone f o - Laimbeer's Quarry, at Kipp's B-y, formetly oetu- j piedhv Measrs Mutt li Knowiton, that the acconnta of the i Quarry will be settled by R. H wV?LIaM*'l aI>1B?RER Daie i this ldth day of April, 11(6 slllw'ih j BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. | A FEW genteel boardrrs, gentl-men and thnir families or single genth men. can be accommodated in a private family i in Br H-ine arreet. uear Hudson, where every attention will be ; pnid to rrake it pleasant isd agreeable. The rooms are large with raiilries attached; privilege of bithing room, "C For further p.iitwulars, please - all at 5M Broome street, neer Hnd snn street, or C, H. RING, 192 Broadway. aldJt^rli NOTICE. CARPETS CLEANED from 10 to 100 yards, without rip ; piag, ingram 6)4c per yard; Brussels lc., ruga, table cuY^ri ud ihtwlicl wied ir?ra 95 to 75c.; dre#??i dved or w* ter*d50c fo $1; co ?u cle ned or dyed 60e. to$l; pants do 25c. toMc^Tauonugdone. T.?s cmh ?# ^ ^ FOB SALE?A splend d Gothic Pianoforte, French B-d, Chairs. Waihs ands. Dining Table. Lookieg Glass, Oil Cloth, and a Dining Set. at ISO Eleventh street, near University Fisce. to be sees between 10 A. M. and I P. M alO Itins r NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM MATTHIEFSE*,ir Fulton street, invites the in spection of the t ubl c to his choice stock of Freurh Bl .ch sod cWed Cloths and Casaimeres. Veatinga, of all va vieti-s, suitable for smug 'rade which are {"J**, Mr? ti-K Cusumers desiring to hove KAEOANT *ND DUHABLe GARMENTS AT MODERATE -PRICES, wnul-4 d ? well to h?vs their garments cat by ih? efficient cut ter. of this establishment, who are cap ible of giving as neat a fitting g-rment as he moat fa-tidRUs can desire. AM artic.ea ol small wear ci ntinually on hand, Shirts, espe "ll'm amber the nnmbar, 117 Fnltjn street, all tm*r WM. MATTHIESSEN. M LhVETT, DEN fiST. ~~~ A*ORE HARM reaulu from bungling performances of in lYi ecrrpetent Dentists than the public are aware of It is of the g ? eatest imoortanc# that all branches of tha Dentist s art shoald be ail.ullr sad understanding! y practiced. To those whe think with us wu recommend Mr. Levett, Conor of Broadway sad Warren street, the introducer, of the insertion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth oa the prtaeiple ofumos pbtric prctrad.?Noth'i Wttklf Me?ngfr. eif lt*r drTpWell, oculist, AN? SSfiTS c'clock, at hit reeidenee, HI llnadwiy, corner olI Warren st. Ophthalmia, Stoppage of tha Tear Paeaage, Cataract sad Opacities, effectually reeoTwL !^?0,2iwM/^s^%,swsrsL>? * JMt'importod. ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty sBq be telle SPECTACLES adapted to ovary defect. Advice to tha poor without charge. "X '^a^t^aH^Warym CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the Ounurul Frieaa-^JACOBVAN DERBILT, M Maiden Lane, between Wm. and Naassn streets the cheapen fashionable gentleman s and boy s clothing establishment ia New York. ... , 1 N.B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which wi'l be >nld W-nlcsalc or retail.?am mm ins rc MAKTbLLh ?SC HULDERMAJNN, 3T Maiden Lane, B.Y., MANUFACTURES sad Importers ot Ornamental Hair Work, Win Toapes, Bands, Corla. Seam., Bandeau ffitad Braid Hair, Daagays celebrated Carled Hair, fifteen ineliee long, and a saw style of Everlasting Carls, aad all kinds si Hair Work, wholesale sad retail. N. B ?The trade supplied oa reasonable tsrma. miM |m*m (MU1 HAVANA AND rRINCIPE 8EOABS, OO'Luvv and Hnvnna Tobacco? can aaa an ! J. all AMIAA 1AA AAA Psineisu 360 ON Kionda, all siaee, 50 0-0 Emnlrrion, 1st 50 ON Lafayette, 150.0N Kspersnta, #1,100 Keg.lis, JJ.tN L. Victoria, in 1N.0N Principe, SO ON Lafayette, presi " 10 ON Eacalapio, do I5.0N Europe, 25.ON San Roman, in, 50 bales Tobacco. 25,(00 U Victoria, in " owes jooacco. ?The whole eet Ued to debenture, aad ia lots te smt pareha- i s.n For rala by B. M. PICABIA, mr22 lm*m 117 Front street, near Well, up stairs. | SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, j AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING- 1 ESTABLISHMENT OF W. H. DEGROOT & CO. , No. ton K sal tost Street, IITHERK tha following great attractions will be Presented: W Cloth Coats, from U to $W -, Alpacea Cyu. from tots ; Thin Coats of Linens, Ginghams aad Prints, froia75 eenta to t2 Jo ? Caasimere Panu. from B1 to t? ; Merino Tants, from |1 to ?7 Ml Drilling, .nd other Summer Paats from |1 to fit ; H .tin Veeu. from $t to ?4 ; Rammer Veeta, from W coats to $1.75 Aim, a large assortment of Cloths, Csssrmeras, sod V?-tings, which willVs made to order to suit the most fiutidioos Boys'Clothing, equally ehe.p?which prieee are ADMITTED to be TWENTY-Fl VE per, eeBt cheaper than toy o her store in the eit?. N*' "? n ' SECOND HAND CH| LOTH1NO and Furniture Wsnted-The hi ah eat eaeh nrine ??nn for all kinds of Second Hand Ooods, by prion given tor ail amoa o ( hath am st N. B A liaa through the Pout Office will be paawaally at taaded to Coo.Mutiy on hand, a wasoaable assortment ol new -nd seeoad hand Clo'hing. cheap forcaah ml? lm re WIGS, WIGS AND TOUJCJilss, THE MOST NATURAL, AH ND nearest the real head of hair, of any in New York, is to be had at LAIRD'S, 92 Chatham street, 1 g Peitl street. It wonld teem quire nanec?aeary io say say thi g in rafsrraeeto these Wigs, sieee their evteaeive great popularity, so fi.mly eaublish thair woith. Bntas strargers are liaola to be imprsrd upon by tlw prereaded wig mskem who so shooed among as, we deem K our doty,to pro claim thair merirt, that no ooe may ba misled, or depnvea oi so valuable s head of hsrr, . A feat variety of ladies' ornameatal hair work, in the vari oas braachea, wholesale aad retail, at .4 Ita'rh LAIRD*, fl Chithnm St. FANCY SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. NMo. three COUKTLANDT STREET, Dipot for the sale of the Walnut Oil M-htary Shaving Soap Highly S -cited Toilet Soaps. El'gaat Extracts, Essences, Colognes, Hair Clls, Po ussta nts, together with every other article ia oar line Cuant'V Merchants, Druggists and Dtalara in general a<e invited to examine oar extan iva assortment, where they a ti ha supplied st the lowest rates hiiie-ri,ir pah- nod No- 1 Snays. Pab nt Chryttalline Candles, JOMNBON, YEOOM A FUW14UL y UHrrMTIlaUl VWMB TRUTT1NU. OtUkSDAY, April 91st MHklw fMt?Mil* hsau, beat! X 10 fir*, loiier the saddle. Un/I_ Wm ? .tat k. f? To- Moore 'OUND-A veree containing soma b'llt, was h?i>dtd 1 d> in Greenwich, nearfyrmg, by a boy. Tbeot a have it by poring for thia advattisament Inquire at can bare it by paving I Anchor Tavvro, St Centre street. B" WANt* A hi I UATION-A steady womuwho lias lived fo?r years in h?r lant place. and can tne In.heat city raferracea. aa cook and general hout? work. Application to b? made at <91 Washington atraet, batwaen Charlea and Parrv. ?'? lt>rTC APHOTESTAtsT Oirl wiabeaa aitnalion aschamueimmd. aeamatreaa, or chUdtmsid. Inquire at 391 Tanth atraet, Dry Dock. ?'< ?t't ~ WANTED. ? V A YOUNO LADY.a ait.ation aa ladiaa' maid ornuree. 9 She ia ei cart at the nredie. anil capable ot making ep la dies' muslin, Itc Can prod.ra aic-lleot reeomm-ndstinua, and haa no objection to travelling. A note addreaaad to C. M., at the office of the Harald. will be attended to. al4 3t*rrc ~ JOHN WHITAKER. IF JOHN WHITAKER. late of Thorp, near Skipton, York ? bira. England, will call upon the aubacribera, or will for ward to them hia addrcaa by mail, he wil> learn something of importance and pecnoiare advantage to himaelf. all imVrc HENRY. COOGILL fc CO . 399 *sarl st COAUHMAN. A MAN of ateady and temperate habita ia deairona of ob taining a aiination aa Coachman. He haa had considers bit* experience, nndaratanda thoroughly the care of horeea, and is willing to wait on table, and to make bimaalf gen-rally aae tul. Can give goo < city reference from hia laat employer ? Address N. C., care of the porter at Meaara. How land It Aapin wall'a, Soutb at, or at tka office of thia p-iper. ai m CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND-FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN h ivieg any east off clothing or furniture to diapoae of. can obtain n fair cash pnea for the s<mr, by sending for the aubs'riber,at bit residence. No. C9 Dnaue atreat. or through tha Poat Office, which will ba I unctually attended to. M,8. COHEN. N. B.?Ladies can be attended to by Mre. M. 8. COHEN. all lm*r PACKET SHIP Q.UtEN OF THE WEST, from Liver pool?Co aai| nee- wi|| pleaae aend their permits en board, at writ aida Barling Slip, without delay. Ail gooda not per m, ttad in fly. dny. ere lieUeVmmVBV. aO T V South atreet. NOTICE. Mr. O. DE LIRAI will pleaae eend hia permit on board Ship Liverpool, (foot of Dover arrest, East River Jfor one can of book* marked Q. L-t without delay. mxsm LECTURE IN ST. PETEic'S CHURCH, BARCLAY STREET L ? THE REV. DR. RYDER. Preaident of the.Collegeof the Holy Croat, Wo'eeater.will lecture in St. Peter'aChureh, Barclay atreet, on SUNDAY EVENING, tha 19th mat., at I o'clo'k?Subject, 'Auricular Confession. ... Tickets Si cents each, fur the benefit of the Church?to be bad at Duiigau's Book store, lit Fallon street; and at the door of the Church on the evening of the leclnre. Persona having tickets for the very Rev Dr. Powei's lecture, which was to have been delivered on the 29th of March,) will be admitted to thThe d'"ore of the Uhnrch will be opened at 7 o'clock. ali it*r Orrict ok the Niw Yon* Gas Lioht Co. 1 April ISth, 1946. ) THE PRE8IDENT AND DI8FCTOR8 have this day declared a dividend of four and one half per cent on the capital stock of thia Company, for the six mouths ending.1st February laat. payable to the stockholders on and after Friday, the let of May next. The transfer book Will be closed from the lithinat. to that date. Byprder.^^ PHENIX HORSE BAZAAR, No*. 189 6i 191 Mercer Street, one door at bore Blcecker Street. THE Subscriber having obtained possession of hia old estab lishment. has put the same In thoroughrepair, for the ac commodation of livery end sale horses. The advantages or this establishment for sale hones cnuaot be surpassed by any similar establishment in thv country. Dealers and ethers are invited to examine the above Trem""* ? nllla .14 it*r THOMAS H. DILKS. tia per cent Below 111* Utnal PrleuB. FASHIONABLE VISITING CARD ESTABLISHMENT. PLATE and Fifty Card* printed for $1 SO ; the beet En amelled Cards printed from engraved plates at 90 cents per pack. A SILVER DOOR PLATE furnished and beautifully engraved for $J. K.ugraving fo? tlie A furnished and beautifully enirayed lot f j- rutsyidk io^ uw Trade equally low, at CLASSEN'S old tuud, 1 Marray atreet, corner of Broadway a!4 1m r IDLE HOUR BOOK. JUST PUBLISHED?The " Idle Hour Book "containing 300 pa^ea, with Mt engrariuga?price ouly 37 cents?re P>OurCfom?c>Almanges, for 1947. five in number, will be ia sued in April. They will be the beat ever got up, and cheap at that. Specimen numbers sent by mail. ,. . The subscribers uiyite the attention of the trade to thieir ?unveiled and large Variety of the various kinds of Children a Books, Son* Books, Primers, Be., toge her with colored Litho graphic Prints* tha bast in the markets 500 kinds foSS *m?rc TURNER Ot FISHER. 71 Chatham-st. DAY'S PATENT HOSE.?The exprrieace of ten years in the muufacture of Rubber Hose, hssprovvn the utter impossibility of combining permanently Robber with fibrous suhstauers., intenniofUd iu such way as to make s Hose t>ee fsom the trouble of m?ld*w and rot, conseqne?tly msnnfse turns hive abandoned the busu ess. The new Patent Hose of my invention, is free from the i bjections, end I bow offer it for sale, under a guarantee, in sneh terms as wi'l be inroishea biyers on parchise Kvery piece will have the name of the P'teutre, and date of the Patent, according to law, imitations of which, is a p*ual offence nuder the laws. Price 1IX cents per foot, suitable t >r Cioton and other si**s in proportion.? Mannfuctnied and for sale, wholesale and retmI. hy HORACE H DAY, f5 Maiden Lane, alS rrc after 1st May. t3 Conrt'aodt st. " LONG BRELD CANAK1KJS MR HASELETT'S entire Breeding muck ad mired on New Year's Day. They are already mated, and will be sold only in pain. Bird Fanciers and tha public era respectfully invited to call and examine then. Also, the usnal variety of Sinning Birds from different psrts of the habitable Globe. Fancy Pigeons and Cages, Gold Fish. C'nitle Fishbone, and bird seeds ol every description. Every nniel. for tha Breeding Cage, gjr md. ^ ^ N.B.?Archie's Bird Fancier, containing full directiona for brewing Canariea, and the beat method of leedmg birda in general, for (Me aa above. English and Scotch Terriers for sale by mis lm*rc A 44RTEVE. 5 John atreet CAMPHENE AND CHEMICAL OIL. rpHE Sub eriber U prepared to supply dealera with a aupe J rior quality of Campnene * nd Chemical OIL, at a l?w*' price than any other est*bli*hmeut in thw city, delivered tree of cartage. Also. Spirits of Turpentine, st the very lowest market price. Ai^y VCKLIN. Office 156 Water street, shore Mtinen Lsno. aU lm*r Distillery. 1st Avenne and 35th street. lO TAILORS- ~~~\ n^HOSE who wiah to attain a complete knowledge or tha art A of euttiuf all the variona atylea ot garmenta as are worn at the present lime, would do well to obtain Stinemet ? work on tha auhj*ct, which is universally allowad to be compie-e? > the price of which it fr-m I to 10 dollars per copy; the differ ence in price he-t>g wholly in the b ndiog. To be had ol the au'hor, No 113 Broadway. vew Vork. a!4 'm r THE LORD'S PRAYER, ILLUSTRATE o from L'le, in a series of Ten Daguerreo types, by J. E. Mayall (Peanut and F|fthatreeU, Phila delphia. Hia friends and the pnblie are invita to aee hia U tilery. Adm'aaion graua. The Ait Unght on I he pnoeiplea ol Chemical PhiloaoKhy, with a knowledge of the m nuiac tnre of every thing used in tha process. _ , , N.B.?At the door ia monutcd the American Eagle, bear ing in hia beak the Site* Medal of the Franklin Institute. I alb ' w to families wanting furniture A SMALL FAMILY, ltsying for Europe, wish to diapoae of their Fnrnitnre, (all new last fill.) constating of one parlour, ons bedroom snd kitchen furuitur", Carpets, Kngs, Crockery, Itc., suitable for a small family commencing boo-ie keepmg, kc , which will be sold exceedingly low. Aleo, for nle. very cheap, one set Carriage Harnew, Tandem harnete, and Baggy harneis, used only three times, bein x vary atrong and suitable for the country ; also a lady's saddle, gentleman a do., bridles, fce. Apply between the hours of 19 and 1 o clock at 199 Mercer etreet. r LAKE SUPERIOR COPPER STOCKS. CTOCK8 in the various Comianie* bought and sold by 0 4 wU lish) I * HIINY A CO . No. 1 Hawnvev it , THORN CHAMPA1GNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Chaapene ia ia store, to which the attention of merchant!, hotel kaerera, and private gentlemen is invited. The standing of this wine is now superior to that of any in this country, and tt no higher P"-oflhe bMt """iu*LIVINGSTON k CO.. mllietf rc H Well Wreet FAJSVY NEEDLEWORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE, IMPORTER OF ZEPHYR WOOL, CANVASS, PAT 1 TERNS. BEADS, FRINGES. GIMPS, lie ,14 JOHN STREET. NEAR BhOADVYAY -H L. takes ihu method of informing the tred# and public generally that he haa taken the ahoye store, and it prepired to offer an extensive stock in his line, select id by himself, in Europe, with especial refer ence to quality and novelty ; and, hy his arrangements, faels confident that his prices cannot fail ol commanding a share of public pationage. Ha ia now opening many articles entirely new in the msrltet and respecilnlly solicits a call. inXlinre , ~ TASSELS, ; SUITABLE for trimming hata. caps, blmda.ahades.pietnrea, , so fas. umhrallas. parrs-Is, cloaks, aprons, sleeres, hags, j fce. Also, a variety o? bindings andMrd.^or^.e^wliolesae, | b^ml<lm*m IT Maiden line, corner of William sr. ) SEGARJi?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. | THHE SUBSCRIBERS iuvitu the attentiuu of country mor X chants, dealsrs, and others, to Uwir extensive stock ol tie gare. This stock haa been selected with tl? greatest car-, and purchased at the verr low vat prices lor ess1VT'vJA hire, enabled to offer tnedifferentqualiti S lower thenany other asuhlishmeot in ibeeity.The assortment comprissa evrr7 stj.a | -d quality, from ?. to WS^MhouMU^ LAvmJJ mr!3 lm're Wholesale Segsr Emr-rium. Ifc? Wail at. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS?Having just re ceived by tha Havre paekuta Zurich and Francis 1st, a fresh assortment of French Flowers snd Materials, of tha best quality and latest srylsa, at low prices, we take pleasnte to invita the dealers in the seme article., to call ana examine, at BRUN, LAKOsIeKE k t-OURT. m!7 lm'we lit William at FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, LOWITZ k BECKER No 14 John street, have just open * ed a splendid assortment of Freaeh Artificial Mowers, materials for flower auk era, ke. fce. which they offer to the trade, st low prices q 19 I ei*mc , To tha Tea, Cqfftt and bugar Tradt, !fc.?Econo muti, ramilut, Hotel Ktrptrt, tre. J, R, SCOTT * CO., No. 76 Ntutau ttreet, comer of John, HAVING purchased the fiist lot of the new season's Teas, possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, and -I, nrely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a large rarie iv of Gre-n end Black Teas, of lbs beat qnalitr only, iaelu ?.i ,g the old fuhiooed Souchong and Kugliah Breakfast Taa. su-Vi at nsej to be imported twenty years ago. The stock of Coffee, Sugars, ke., needs no comment, as they ere selected of ? thefhrns^^uriiry^ CO are also supplied with astock of fresh imported Glasgow Spiced Hams; old English Cheeses of great "Ju'goode^imgtit will be delivered wilhie five miles of the eiiy free of charge. And all orders from the country, with en cloied ismittances, will meet the tame honorable dealing as if selected by the Parties CQ. n Na?,0u, mJO geur Job** Awrina AUCTION NOTICE. DOAIDmO HOUSE FUIN! rUKE, lu-tiym Liquors, y Sugars, fee ?This Dev. l?(h im ? ? ? ? ^ ?.?, ? . uH., ? ll o'clock, U "?. M Deaae street, (Imcnii Wot Broadway tad Hedeou oti, going to Carpo's, Oil ?ka, Pictures, Comforters, Mu'l'a. Bedatesde. kc.. together with the Kitchen For liters. The Bar Liquors Sugars, Wi he Bar Liquors. (tegara, Wuiaa, lie., will beaold at IIo'clock. The whole inott be paid for aud i ken away ou the dar of sele. aa the premiaee mutt be'givtu up; tharrfote purchasers will come prepared for the aale all lt*rrc MICHAEL HENRY, Auctioneer WM W SHIRLEY, Auctioneer House furniture salf-byh.e willard Friday, April I7h, at II o'clock, at the three atory houae No. tl K- at Broadway, a general assortment of parlor, bad-room, and kitchen Furnitn-e, carpeta, enaira, rockera, aofaa tablee, mamel gi andoles, aolar lampa, cutlery, hedeteada, bedding, buieans, lampa, glaaa, eroekrry, kc. Also. kit ware. Sale positive, ram or ahina, for caah, goods to be tnfcen away the aaiec day. At 13 o'clock, one Pianoforte and Stool, all lt*rh H. D"CCUZK.AU. AucHoueer. Household furni ruRE at No. in franklin STREET-TUTTLE It DUCLUZ'AU will aril Thia Day, at II o'clock, on the prcmiaea, the furniture of tlw houae, ceaaiaring of aofaa, centra tablet, mahogany chaira. three ply ingrain carpeta, sideboard, dicing and tea tahleu, work do,man tel and hull lamns, bureasa. bsdateada. looking glaaaea. win dow ahtdra. china, glaaa and earthen ware, kitchen furniture, kc. Catalogue* are now ready all lt*rh J H t;UK l ISH. Aueic-ueer Damaged cutleky and edge tools-jacob 8. PLATT will aell ihia day. at ll o'clock, at the Auc tion Hocm. 31 Plitt street, corner of Gold at-, 3 caaka Thomas Taylor It Co'spocket aoJ penknives. Also, CO doxen Thomas Mottran It Son's cast atael Drawing Knives. . Also, 1MI dox-n James Naylor It Co.'a table knirea and forkt. Alto.WA doteo Inlum aealpina end eartoueh knives. N. B ?The above will bei >ld in lota of 30 to 100 dca each, the aame having been damaged on board the ship Henry Clay on her passage from Liverpool. N B. Catalogues ara ready. all It'rh E H I "DLOW. Auctioneer. COSTLY ROSEWOOD AND MAHOGANY FURNI TURE. Extra Sixa Mantel Glaesei. Library Book Caaee, Chardehera. lie.?To be eold by enction on Thnraday, April l$th. at 11 o'cUek, at ? Strong Plane, Brooklyn, in the rear of Dr Stone's Chureb? Parlor Furnitare?Comprising rosewood and medallion, crimton centre Sofia, Divans. Conches, Ottomans and Chtire to match, Centre Tablee, larg* eize Lampa, with glaae laatres, crimson and white eilk Cartains, with silk trimmings; rqnara mantel Olaaaea, large glaaa Chandeliers, royal Saxon Carpetx and Rugs, white aaa gold: mahogany Sofas and Conahaa, man tel Mirrors, with bine and gold velvet frames. Library Fnraitnra?Library Bookaaaes, and Chain, Car peta, kc. Bedroom Furniture?Brussels and Ingram Carpets, Fraaeh Bedstead, Bareeus. Dressing Glas<ei. Egyptian Marble Com modes, English Hall Oil Cloths, Hall Lampa sod Hat Stand, large exttnaion dining Tables. All the luruitnre was made to order in New York, together with a fine lot ef kitchen fur niture. Catalogues to be had at the anetioneer'i office ou Wed nee day. ?. H. LCDLO W k CO. Auctioneers. allifrr (133) 37 Well street NOTICE TO TAVERN KEEPERS AND OTHER "-For aale, the stock, fixture#, and good will, together with one Jeer's lease, irom May first, ol that weT kaown Tavern land, fo merlv occupied by Peter MeLnakey, deceased, and known for a number of years aa tha Glasgow House, No. 3M H ndion street. The whole will be sold together or separate, at private aale. If not disposed of befoie Thursday, April IStn, the whole will be eold by public auction at 13 o'clock oi the forenoon of that day. In conarqnerce of unavoidable circumstance#, this sals has b?en postponed till MONDAY, tha 31th, at tha aama tima and place. For farther particulars inquire ou the premises, alfi 4t*rh ?IjL. I LIZARD & W \V SHfRI R*v a S'i ,^?'n 'hair friends ,md th? n!?r. r-iehange. Also, soli 8ALE8 ROOM, til BROAD^aV ?-?.DT,ttmel,t,toth',r Adams' tipreu (JJ-?P?e?o??.ter?, No. 17 WALL ? tract, lata - ? __ ?11 lm*m T?E ^^A^DiA'sZTi01 d In*Ut A bra, Geometry Harmin, i ? languages, alio AUe "prditiomly and effectually iSuthVnn'i0" ,^??hk?npiug H^:r t ? Lroaea GroundtIZ'JxT!' ke ke Paiaea manufactured for the trlde ? Burreying Com Machine., of approved construction , for ' ? ml7 1na*re nAOUERiEOTTfKRS V 8t??ict, hare enlanred then- BILOW fOLTon ?d with ho b??t kiod of light?ti? a?Ii a"" B.BW Pr?""d ^njt iheTprodoce with it Vf# likl tkrf y ild ^adity of Pic ui Philadelphia hv W i> r i *oade at the Kichanae ai Im'r *" **? BECKERS, Daguerreotype " Chamioala. ke. to all ,hFUM?E bath: , en... effectual!^,. compfiTin tand al so*!?1 "Jeh' th* " ' ? chronic nator#, such ?? duws of e?u?. of tho 8kia*Join " k^ThJ *" Hh'nm- ?it ^ " 'o fetch it withm ttamaTea of iff ? " ASTOK HOUSE kathm L~=L T"E iHjbI'ic WW Hooaa.) ?' fr ?.w,teoTp rleanlioeia and attrutiou the bath, ?lty- Point ol Baths are open until II o'clock at n?hi IS.^'T ledL Th* Price Of a hath, 2J cents. The war? i2-:<n .t?r<l4T,.n,*ht> ??> : u ? . _ embroideries. l.?r}^nu^dCu*Mr Freneh work'd Col S3 to $38; Dre.V, n^VwoTk ^ Tri.L"WBrHh<lk^ from ! R.";?TV ? ??? ? ?? per dozen ; tua nable'aeh*! eotrnn'^IL *u' 2"*" wnr*. 1 (recommended as "em.rk.b7r rhe^S iTWB'k'?? SJ.T4. moat excellent article at S3 Da? dl,!f'' P t? "?'1! cotton, a A moat aica I lentuaortm no to /uu iff1'! ,?ld ? ??.*? broiderrd Bilk Olorea ofaU ^rea Th/**?1 P,wa "d em laces atyfea ; Vk*^d'^it^i'n'eh'in'rn "i11 f"h'onable ?mmlioea po.ut d'Aleneon and o?her^wi?iiLrkfri"*,,aJ,0,St a asssaia agss.'te- : teas* ?gg&a?^S? ifeaa - ? -?. rr department of hu b.a.n^^.Ti" tht ???**? remora to No. ?3 Ch.rabJ?'au.atlh. !b^.^,r Bt,,> "d aala hit entire stock af Drnarw haIHi- ywcfore offers I or The whole will^^aold o?re^rMaoaalIl F'?"'e?. kc. had either together or aei)Afat?l? TKi ? Bnd ""y b* mahogany drlwera. ahefri^ fcT I'P?,?!'?''" e"?iat el fine lata jara, a compiata eoiii ??k ai B and porce atahea, ke; alw, a bow "n^'w toE' J'ORo|'g'p^?HAVFOOD^Itc'' " . eireet, between Broome and BoHoa ?. t5 Wooater SoO.OuO TO LEND" ~ liipsp^s wr'bir; aftVrIn?4ine h.Vn1; 1N <iy-NtKAJL-The an6-' ' lean Carpets ot'eTarrdescrM* P[??,,*",'1, now prepared to not rippmg-.lngr.ain i% '?? r2"lt' with* Tard: Hearth Rn?a T. .il ?. p .d, Bmaaelt I renta per tj7i<eota; OreajS'dyH oVw'^hJl?r 2IU cleM*d, from Z, cleaned or dreased fr?w M ~Jt!^T / ? ? M """ to ?M Coa-s t-.-t?r: Savt 10 ^"u.Niitr merciuaiis. rnmim: j H?R,?:w ?>mxWSTH>: rouND OK SsMJoJa I PiUI:PS,,rmint' I White Wag, '??rraway Seed, | Refined Uquonee I UaemaP'ii I 011 Lemon, | Blue Vitriol ">erm*n Cologne, And a full assortment of Oruga ali of chJfirJr'^^ i, fap, tm*rh ^?^(8 fcl^ND anl lm?rh M aultoo. corner W?er. and g'^'were """FRfesbi"'1ifIP'*"''* i The an been ban would particularly eat! attenti.o? to th^. mrxast&.aSP l3Thr?e Country merchants and city dealers will find It to thsrf* .a. ran tag a to riTe na a call. " ** "W* ?? .a i-.^tWJtLL k BROTHERS, No. 137 Broadway c Two doors aboenthe City Hotel. | GERMAN SILVER. J SUZiTZSEiMt:2 ?lyer of ranona nnmlwra and widths, which he wlll a^nt ?rifSfsa ' ft* AND CONCERT, I ?? th. OK AM AN MOCIE ijK?iire? PStss^Stera - Tn? Commute of Arrangemear take mat pbugn la annouw ??? that SENHOR NOROMHA. the oelebnted Violinist, jnat arrived in rhiscity, has kindly volanteered his v isible ?K^WAiP4 l^,t' lh",r?*< tha raiNcirAt solo PER FORMERS will br MISo JULIA NORTH ALL. INSET/ MISj KOHSIN'sK . , MR TIMm. o-u ? . BENHOR NORONHA. Tha Orchestra. under (ha duortioa of Mr U. C. HILL, will cuiaiat of apwarda af fifty of (he mo*. amiaaul ?luitiaea of N?w York. Ticket* at on* dollar aach, mar bo had at tha priacipal ma ne ato'ei. and of tha following Com "life ? , iTw. Pahar, A T. Kiackhoafar, A. Belmont H.C.Herm. Oelneba, Win Schaifenberg, | Theodora Viator, Dr Ueachridt, Dr Hruachrl, t?. Vom Baut, George G. Kanhardt, N. Oloyatein, J. D. Witthaua, H.E Monsy, F. A. Spies. A- Bodewald, Leopold Misrwirlh. aid It'rh VOCAL AN IJ INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT MR. W. J. DAVIS respectfully acquaints tha public ol Naw Yorn that be will giro a CONCERT at the Apol lo walooo. Thursday Ereum*. April 16th. Tha following einineat Voc.l and Instrumental ta laathave? LODk?R1'*" ?oJaaabla assistance. MISS WATSON. MR. H C.TIMM.aod ? ^ . ? L1 MK .W. A. KINO. t"r. Dana will on this oeeaaion introduce tha calabratad BOCHM FLUTE, on which ha will perform weiri brilliant Kaataiiaa. PROGRAMME. r*KT i. Seitonr? Piano-Fort*, two Vtolina, Tonor, Vio loncello and Coufa Baaao Berbui. Two Part song?'"Greeting"?Mil. K. Loder and Miaa Wataon Mandelaaohn Solo?Bcohm Flute? *Iutrodncti"Uand Airwith brilliant Variation* "?Mr W. J.Dtvis . . Btahm. Ballad?"Coma aing me a aong."?Mia* Wat aoo. H C Wataon Fantaaia?Btahm r lata?on n "Tema from Ac toon.*'?Mr. W. J. D.iii Talon. rur it Piano Forte Duet ? Mean*. T>mm and King. Two Part Song?'lwonld that mr lore could L Lndei silently flow "?Mr*. E. Loder and Miaa Wataon Mcndrlaaohn Solo? Bmhm Flnta?" Air with Variatioaa." (Mareeder, Op. 41)?Mr. W. J Dari*. Arranged by Tolon. Cannouet?"She never told bar lore."? Mra. E. Loder Haydn. Solo? Bmhm Flnta? Introduction and bri'linnt Variation* on " La Deair "?Mr. W. J. Daria Dmhui. Tiekata M eanta?to be had at tha Mnaic Store*, and at the door oa tha evening of perform an cr, To commence at ? o'clock prcciaely. aid ll*r LAST CONCERT. THE HUTCHINSON FAMILY, HOME BRANCH. /NRATEkUL to tha citiiens of New York, for their kind vJ reception nt their fierilaa Conceit*, lu'it raapactfnlly give notice that thay will give another, end their 1 at Vocal Entertainment, at Niblo a Saloon,THIS (Thursday ) EVEN m thay will i I NO, Apul lath, I did, on which oceaamn they will preaent a P'ogramme of their beat production* and aeleetioua, compri sing ia part the foljowiag, vis: "We re wilh yon once ngiia. kind Friend* " "The Vulture of the Alpi." "The May Qncen." . "Eicelaior '* "He doth all thing* Well." "The Railroad Soug." "Come oa, coma on."?"Tha Sea-ona"?'"The Panpar'a Drive"?"Over the mountain aud over the moor." "Or.gin of Ytnkra Doodle," "Old Granite State, Ac., Ac. Card* of admnaion id cents?to be obtained at the principal mnaic atorca; it tha book (tore of Saitoa A Milea, and at the door. To commence aid o'clock precisely. No postponement. a'd IPr MR W. B BRADBURY'S ANNUAL JUVENILE MUSICAL FESTIVAL. Will he giveu hy ONE THOU8.*ND * OUNG SINGERS, in tha Broadway Tabernacle on FRIDAY EVENING, April 17lh. The Finale of th a Fcatiral represents MAY DAY IN NEW YORK, or MUV1NO DAY. "Snch a claahing, And a amaahing, R PPing, spitting, Pu'ling, hitting, Bun* crying, Women flying, A I about. In the roe t, Wit* quite haty, itavirg craxy, Hnny, aenrry,grave and giy, Such ? bedlam, firat ol May," Ac. a!6 >t*f M TO RENT CHEAP. The Home >1 Orchud street. Inqure of aid lw*rh A SAMSON. 443 Pearl at. FOR SALE, hR IF APPLIED FOR SOON, theleaae, fnroitnra, and ffTjW bar nom future* of a firat rate atand. Said houae has JLmRample accommodation* for fo-ty or lift* lodger*. The room* being laige, airy, and in firat rale condition. Said houie ia now doiug n goon buaineaa, and ia one of the moat pleaiant loeatioua in ihe city of New Vork. For further panicnla'a inquire at No. 31 ParkRow, betw.en the hours ol' ten aud two o'clock. aid 3ti??rre FUK 8ALE, IN WIL.LIAMSUUKG, J A A MODERN-BUILT two atoiyand basement frtme ?W HOUSE, colloeade front, situated in Second street, be ULtwren Somh Eighth and couth Ninth itireli. It in uui'ully situat d, commanding a fine new ol the Eaat River, and within eonnd or the Peck Slip ferry bell. '1 he lot on which it atandi ii worth over f1000, end ihe whole will be eold Tor very little over what the houae crit to build It haa been erected a little over a year. Poaaeaaion on lat May, or earlier. For particulare, apply to W. A J. T. TAPbCOTT, alOStMi 76 South atreet. corner of Maid*n Lane FARM FOR SALE SITUATED on the south aide of Long Island, IX miles west ol the village of Babylon Said Farm roo ,tains siit'v acres of LAND, a portion covered with ?nd the balance under a hig - state of cultivation. On said farm is a two story diuble HOUSE, with kitchen attach ed Bern, Carriage House, Grainety, Ice House, and several other bu Id ngs Communication with New York by Railroad and stages three times a day For further particulars ecquire of W E ISAACS, Corner of fibs ty and We*f street, New York. alt Stawtw *r or of Mr SHEPEBD, oa the pr-misea. KOK SALE.?Will be sold at puhlir auction, at the Hotel of David Noe, in Somerville, N. J , on Thurs .day, the 7th day of May neat, at 3 P.M., a House and jot at Oateville, on the Eaaton torupike. The house was built by ex-Sheriff Todd, at a coat of about ?SOOu, aa a dwel ling and grain store, anil is composed of a main building 77 A. by it ft., and a wing II by X. It is well located for a person wishing to engag* rn the corn trails, the g<am of a large dis trict. iu going to market, pasting immediately by the door. Conditions of sale will be reasonably it the option of the purchaser. New Brunswick, N. J , April IS, 1816 Also for sale, two Lots of Land, about a half mile from the city of New Brunswick. N. J , and on the road leading south. The larger lot is covered with evergreen wood of forty years' growth is about 10 feet above the river, which flows directly in front, and affords a happy view up the Raritan. of the city, and in the distance of the mountains in North Jersey. The smaller let is cleared lend. Both are calculated as building sites, to please one wishing to reside near a town, in a healthy district, and easy of access to the e ty of New York. For particulars, acquire of A. U. Jones. No. M Nassau St., or of Thomas Evans, in the city of New Brunswick. New Brunswick, April 15. IMC. epIC 71*rc SFLENDlD PaUcOVVNLA IMFEKlALlS, dec. ?M THIS Magnificent Tree, which is as hardy as tko iMkAiianthus, and which grows with greater rapidity, sur ^Ampassing in its immen'e and lusuriant foliaea every other tree ? hat has oeen introduced to our country, is yet very scares. A few hundred trees of five to eight feet can be supplied if spnLed lor immedistels?those Ave to six fret $3, and seven to aignt feet $7 each. 30,000 Hawthorns, for hedge, strung, two years old, at $C pei 1000, and larger SI per .000; and thos-ofone year $4. 20,ti0? Isabella, Cata woa, Nortont, Virginia,and other native varieuea of Grapes. soluble for viae yards, lor sslo low if applied frr immediately. Orders for three or any other articloa, aaot per mail or left with Clark It Austin, agenu, 170 Knlton atreet. will receive im mediate attention. where priced Catalogues of all kinds of Trees and Planta may bo ebtaioed. WM. R. PRINCE k CO. Flashing, April li. IM0. N B ?10 too splendid Evorgrcou Treee from I to li feet, the finest in the State al6 2tn?*rrc LHJUi.UK AttNi'3 RELIEF SALVE. FOR WOUNDS. Bruises, Burns, Chronic Sores or Swel lings, Piles, Ulcers and Inflamed Breasts, It is also a sovereign remedy for Blotches on the Face, sad Chapped or Rough Skin. It will soon render it transparent, clow ud soft is velvet. P (Extract of s letter from Doctor Wood.) I am highly gratified to hear that ihe " Relief Salve," pro red by l>r. Charles Arnt, is being introduced to the public, possesses merits which will speedily give it s high rank ia the confidence of your customers. It it decidedly superior to say othtr preparation with which I have say acquaintance. ?'1 have made frequent nee of it with the greatest possible success, and freely and cheerfully commended it to others. 1 cannot withhold an expression of surprise at the happy effects I have known it to produce ia several cases of inflamed breasts and nerves." (Ei tract from a latter written by a female to her relative.) She bed suffer Monday morning called at Mrs. Hulbert's. ed so long and so much with her breasts, that I expected from what we had heard, to find her dead. They had, however, appli ed ' Arot'e Relief Halve' that night and the next day, and to my great satisfaction, 1 found her entirely relieved. After apply mg it twice as I had directed, the milk started a stream ; they put the child to her breasts, and they are now both doing very well indeed They call me the Good Samaritan for meatiooing the salve to them 1 am very glad of being the means of doing seme good in the world." Doctor Hallock- Sir: That the greet virtue of " Arnt a Re lief Halve" may be knewn to the araieted, I deem it my doty to state (few acta counseled with my own ease. Abont twenty years ago I received an injury from the Iragment of s bursting caouou striking me in my groin; ftom that np to the present time I have suffered mnch distress and pain, and finally it re ervadiag my leg and foot. ?ulted in a diffused aneurism, itiisuius u, ,cs .?*? During this protracif J season of suffering, I have had recourse to all the" aare curds." and highly recommended " Fain Ex tractors," lie., Ike., w-th no benefit. Having recently taken a severe cold, my leg was again tho "" all f1 seat of moat excruciating pain, and had all the appearance of immediate mortification. I was advised that, in order to save my life", my leg must be amputated. Again I resorted to the various highly lucoiuiaeadau remedies, bat foand no relief, nntil 1 was persuaded to try the " Relief Halve " After tho first application 1 felt a crest benefit: and oa the second, the dark mahogany color < f my legand foot changed to a _ ... natural and healthy appearance. By uaing two boxes the a welling and inflammatio - disappeared, and my leg became entirely free from pain. It it now in a better coudition tlian it haa been for ten yea's. 1 do therefore recommend it strongly to others suf fering from similar afflictions, and have no doubt it will drove a highly valuable application for all the purposes for which it is recommended. Respectfully yours, Ac., 8. PARSONS French's Hotel. No 133 Fulton atreet, Now York. Sold wholesale and retail by thepnacaiwl agent, CHARLES H. RING, Druggist end Chemist, 1M Broadway, corner of John atreet, and by most of the respectable druggists. flO lm*re M DOG3! DOGS!! DOGS!!! FOR SALE?A lot of Dogs, comprising Ntw feauiilsnd, Italian Oroyhoouda English and Scotch Ttrrieis, a pair rf Alpint Mastiffs, Pointers, Setters, - ? *? " ? ? en wish r,J.,lies, and s great variety of Watch decs. Gsntleme ing to purchase a good dog would do wall to call b<jbre pur chasing elsswhcrt. Enquire of WM. MOURE, 30th street, 0th avenue. ...... . I N. B.?The Knickerbocker stages go within s few blocks of the house. ai3 3t*w N EAPuLlTAN BON N El 8. J HE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees a?d Manufacturers tko Neapolitan Bonnet, a e prepared to supplv tho __ trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which ihey iseeived two silver medals at the list two Fairs of the Amtn ran Institute, and which for stile sod finish am unsurpassed They warrant them to alter and clean eqnal to new. Apply to PaTTIHON. NOEfcCO ,? Delaseyat.. a7 luiia'r or Vvae k Bona , corner Pine and Pearl. & FOk. 8 ALE, <7 _ A LIGHT WAGON, nearly uew. Aleo, ajtroai iiala bmlt Barouche, ? ith shaft and polo, tad double as f 7 77 of hsrneaa if required. Also, a feat bay mare,sons and xi a. and trots s mile is three minutes. Apply to si 3w*re MfCh'L ISAACSON. ',0 Buck?net 111 TUNUffmdcrs' Bosnia, ISM received, sua lor sole by 1*7 ' PEI4B8E k BKOOKH, |]6|V (0 and *7 Nseeun street. Reduction ?/ Price*. Boxes, flnCbar. Tj eenu I Pit ]| Hill. " eeeood ani third..M " | Gallery K, " SECOND NIOHT OK MR HACKETT Thl? Irtnlu. "ifrtrt Kr" Rip Tap Winkle Mr Hackett Bmm Von Cramp Mr Kiahar Aiiea. ? Mrs Abbutt To which will be ad-leu, . IHIsH ATroRNEY. w . Priaca O'Hara Mr Harkctt Miu Charlotta Miaa Kits Hora To rocclade with the Ki'trof MY FELLOW CLERK Tactic Mr O Barrett Doora open at a quarter to 7, and the Performances will com naaaca at a quarter peat 7. HOWkHI TIIKAl'ttK. A* W. JACKSON... MANAOEK AND PROPR1XT3R This Evanlni. Tha PaHonaaaca will commence with , ? LAHTTE Lafitta J R Scott Alphonso Mr Blauchard G?o*r*l Jackaon Mr Davenport ConiUnlin .. Mrs G Jones To conclude with SURGEON OF PARIS Thegnrgeon Mr J R Scott " Bell Michtel Ballard Mr Dieenport Quran Catherine Mra O Joaaa !L Lower Boiaa SO ceuta? Second aad Third Tiers, aa <u i Pit aad Uallary 13* eeata. Doora will open at 7 o'clock ?curtain will riaa at half paat 7. ORKKNWICHVVTHKATRK, Corner of VA RICK ^ CHARLTON STREETS Sola Propriatora Maaara. MYERS It TOML1NBON. Manager JOHN O. MYERS. Acting and Stage Managrr H. P. ORATTAN. Treaaurer O. M. TOMI.INSON. Deputy Treaaurer WARREN DRAPER Thla ICveiilng. The performance will commence with _ , ? OUY MANNERINO. < ol Gay Manneriug Mr Eddy Dominie Saiapeun Mr W Chapman Flo?... ... M,?a Jalia Drnkc Julia Manneriug Miaa E. Woad. To be followed by HERR CLINK. To conclude wuh the MOUNTAIN DEVIL. Corporal Strappado Mr H Chapman Desperado.p. Mr W Chapman suliatta, the dumb girl Miaa Vallee Prlcoa. Private Boxea $5 00 Oreheatra Boxes (Admiaaaion) $1 each. Balcony (Fir.tTier) so eta. Upper Boiaa J7? eta. Pit ? eta. Doora open at CM o'clock?Curtain rise* at 7 o'clock pre eiaely. box office open daily, from 10 A.M., to 3 o'clock P.M., when Private Boxea and idaeca can beaecured, or tickata purchaaed on application to Mr. Draper. ROW JURY ARPllll'llEAllUu. FAREWELL BENEFIT OF JOHN TRYON. Thursday Evening, April 16th LAST NIOHT BUT TWO ALL THE PROFESSIONAL TALENT Have kindly volunteered for the "ccaaion. MR. SaNDS AND HIS CHILDREN. Mr. B. WILLIAMS, the Iruh Comedian. The Great Rider HERN AN DEE : together with the extraordinary no va'tiea of the DAN< 1N?? hOKSKS. MAY FLY and PAS TKwps; tha fighting, waltzing, and trice PONIES, fcc Ac. Doora open at 7; performance to commence at half paat 7. triumph aiTenTrance AND EXHIBITION IN THIS CITY OF THE VAST AND MAGNIFICENT VAN AMBUK.OH COLLECTION OF TRAINED ANIMALS, PRECEDh-D BY THE NEW AND COLOSSAL ROMAN CHARIOT, Conatrueted after tbe model of the ancient Chwiota ol tha Ro man Conqnarora, in the moat coitly and gonaoua ttyleof workmanahip, being 30 feat in ength by 17 iu height. DRAWN BY EtGHT OF THE L tRuEST HORoES IN THE WOKLD. And containing Sheltori'a famoui American Braia Band. THE PROCESSION, Consisting of ISt horaca ?nd SO carriage,, will enter thiaeity on Monday Morning, April SIHh, 1848, At >U o'clock, at the head of Broadwav. It will paa, down Bioa lw?y to Bowling Green?up Green wich to V-iey ?up Vase? to the l ark? p Chatham atrert to Or Eas: Bro d?ey?up ea?t Broadway to Grand atie t?th ongh Grand atrert to the Bi.wery, and up the Bowery to Ninth at,, Wlirie it will pal 1 under a hraunful TRIUMPHAL ARCH, To their spe'ious Pavilion of Exhibition at the HEAD OF BROADWAY AND NINTH STREET, Where thia unpre-edentcd d aplar of Wild Benat*. and the ? tokm? r ? ? PERFORM*NCKS OK MR VAN AMBUKGH, For the firat time iu thi< eity ainee hia arrival ftom Europe, after an abtence of aeven yeara will he exhibited for six Dais only*. The following ii n list of the Auimalf contained in thi* Ex hibilion AFRICAN LION AND LIONS88. Foar Young Aaiatie Liona?Cape Lioueaaaad Lion. THE ASIATIC ELEPHANT. Yonng Elephant, 3 yean old?Beautiful ipccimeaa of the Pe ruvian Lama. Arabian Camel?Two Calavard Leonard*. TWO AFRICAN LEOPARDS. Two Hunting Leopards. POONAH BEAR, and two MISSOURI BEARS. Black Hwau?A Pelican THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. The Black l iger. WHITE POLAR BEARS. Doe, and her yonng?Pair of Kangaroo# 1?Jaguar, from S .nth Amnica. GNU, or HORNED HORSE. Three apecimena of American Den?Quern's Stag, presented to Mr. Vao Ambuigh by Queen V ictoria. e THE ALPACA?THE ZEBRA. Hiriped Hyeoas Spotted Hyenas. Two White Bwaua?Gold and Silver Pheasants. A large Atricaa Baboon and prcimenaof the Monkey and Ape Tribes. It is proper to aequ lint the pnblie that the shove named Animals have uever before been exhibited in America, having beau but recent! v selected from the Ore-t National MUSEUMS OF THE OLD WOttLD ! The Zoological Society of London and th# Jardins det Plants of Paris. Timaol Exhibition between the hour* of It aad 13 A. M., t and 3 P. M., ud7 and 9 evening. Admission 25 cents?Children under 9 years, 12X cents. alt BHQUUHAM'S EVENINGS Al" THE SOCIE TY LIBRARY. Thursday Even ins, April 10th, Hneond Night of PAT'S PECULIARITIES. OR IRELAND AND IRISH MEN ILLUSTRATED. New Songt, New St riea? ' sauted by Mr. AUdTIN PHILLIPS, MRS TIMM, end MRS. BROUGHAM Single ticket, SO emu?Family ticket admitting three, $1. D -or* opeu at X alter 7?to begin at X before 0 o'clock. 117" Pall progrmmee is small bill* of the day. alS Itrre PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. FOURTH SEASON-FOURTH CONCERT. THE Subscribers and the I'nbl c are reapeeifully informed that the f urth and la?t Concert of the present season. will take place on Saturdiy, April 2Sth, at the APoLLO SALOON. Sobacribera can obtain their eitra ticket! at the atore of Meaera. Hcharfenbnrg It Luia, XII Broadway. By order atldt Mklh'i JAMES L. ENSIGN, Secretary. DANCING ACADEMY Mademoiselle pauliiE desjardins, whohaa had her Dancing School at 74 Leonard atreet, during the whole w nter, and hai taught dancing m aeveril of the beat ecnoola of thia city, wiahea lo continue to give lea aoni daring theautnmer moutha, at her reaidenee above, and to any nai ihbo'iog placet, aeminariea, private claaaea, and lami lie*. Miu D. has juat receivad from Paria acme rjew Quad r Ilea act yet publiahtd. and will leach tha neweat and moat ftshionabls dances, aa Quadrilles, Polka. Waltz Polk-, ana dry Walizea, G tllopade, and fancy dancei. all 2weod*rrc PALMO S OPERA HOUSE TO LET. THIS aplendidly decorated and conveniently located temple of amnaemeat, ii now to be hid upon the moat renaona ble terma and on n leaae of anv desired duration, by applica tion to HENRY ROCKWELL, 17 Bowery, or to JONAS BARTLETT, Ea<j., X Bowery, Branch Howl, a 14 Iwierrr MODEL OF NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED it now reeeivint ordera for yiewa to be repreaeoted upon the canopy of his Model of New York, which will be aoon completed. These viewa vary from ??toll inchee in length, and are repr??eaied for a moderate eompe anion. They include representations of public bmld iaga. plaeea of business, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, steamboats, packets, Ac. A number of the fi at artists, both lanutctpe and decorativa painter*, can find employ ment by applying at the office?alio a few agents, and persona capable of transacting bnaianas. Office hours from 1 to * P? M n 14 lm*rrc E. PORTER BELDEN. 3M Broadway. CHICKERING'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOM3, 1403 llroadway, No. A and T Lafarge Building. 'PHE PUBLIC will find at the.above rooms a general assort i ment of Grand snd Square Piano Porta*, at the same price as at rav Factory in Boston a> lra*r TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS, j LATHES of all deacraptione, fiom 7 to IJ feet long, furnish ed at short notice Alio, emtio* engines, suitable for all , kinds of work. For terma and description, direct to tne sab- I seriber, Hudson,New York. si im'rc J AS. T. PERKINS STRAW HATS, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND PARIS EMBROIDERIES, f UST OPrNED, per Sylvia ds Or use. Isst packet from af Havre, 11 Cases, including sll the uew styles of the above; and for sale on tha moat reasonable terma, and iu Ion to anit purchasers, by A. UN8 WORTH, Irvporter cf Paris Oonda. 41 John at. Also, lease trimmed Paris STRAW HATH, direct from the most laahionsble house in Pane. all h*m COLLECTION AND GENERAL AGENT, Charleston, 8. V. vpHE Subs-riber being permanently loret-d in Charleston. A m. C., .'ffers hit servie-s as agent, or for the collection of drifts and the pniehaae nt bills of eiehaa. e, in South Caro tna. Geuigia. or Nor'h Carolina, (having e-rretpondmia in all tha principal rities snd towus| htviug hid ample esp-rienca in all nia'ters spp?itainiug to the bnsioeitof aBmk General Agent aud Eichange Broker Every ioteraai enrint ed lo him, will at all times receive prrmp'attenti a. Themmoat pnuctnali ty in the caseation ol all order*, wIlMw obaerv^ KT,N No. 1 Broad street, Char.eaton, H. C. iirtiieeia ? . I Ntw Yong?Joa-ph D B.era. Jone O. Winter, Collins It I Carhart, O k A. Watmore, E. W. Clark, Dodga k Co . Beo i bee, Lidlew k Co Philadelphia? E. W. Clark, k Co , Cfctrlvsy k Whelen. i Cmabls.tos, S. C.-Hon. k. H. h I morn. Hon. Ker Boyeo, Bobiaaou k Caldwell, Millers. Kiply k Co., James Adger k ! Co.. T. Street. Diekton k Mills. alt laotwTh ?r TO DEALfcRS IN FISHING TACKLE. A LARGE assortment of Chiaa Grata Flaking Line*, and Salmon and Trout Htlk Worm liutt. to anit city or coun try dunlets Every article in fishing to ale Wall be found at ' t.r la li I V Dftb 'U L.I ..J fi.w.... ? I'.^kle bK prices, at CtlNRO * '8 kiahing ind Sportirg Tackle if IjliTf. *1 lm"rh Fulton at. corner of I FOR SALE. ^ BMALly STEAM DISTILLErV, with all ike? eppara tna snd nitnrva now ready to put intonpeialios, (ilia like wise well adapted lor distilling camphme;) will be sold it great seer fire, if applied for immediately. T"e house and ainrt to bo let, and possession to he given im mediately. Enquire on the | remises, * ?,. corner ot ei and ?th avanne, or of I OH N BENSON, *1 lw?m hp J Removal of Daniel Pause from tu Wa? Devaetmsnt ?We refer to this circumstanoe to correct an error ic one of our Washington le'tera, uii oar cuetom. We are always pleased when doiog justice. It aeema this venerable gentleman bad been abeent from hie dutiee over two months. Continuing ill, he reatgned on the 19th day of March, and tun resignation wae accepted, to take eflect on the 1st of thta month. Ha died about the 8th or ? h instant. He has left twa children, each worth 9160,000, added to which his own large property, not leas than one hundred thousand dollar*. By this statement, it will be perceived our correspond ent has done Mr. Secretary Marcy injustice. Washinoton, April 14,1M. Congrui? Ortgon? The Tariff. The two houses have been at work to-day upon Oregon. Mr. Westcott in the Senate took tho unique position of advocating 61 40, and o|>posiaf the notice in any form in which it could be present* ed?of advocating the peace and yet the building of the ten war steamers, or the tony war steamers, for, we suppose, " the more the merrier," for Flo rida. Mr. Westcott is an odd fish?he has a party of his own on the Oregon question, all to himself.? He reads with a pair of spectacles without glasses, and always has his queue plaited with particular care, and a yellow waistcoat on, when he is going to speak. Yet he is a man of fine abilities, of most commendable senatorial deportment in the Senate, and alidble demeanor out of the Senate ; and withal the most independent man we know of at this time. Mr. Holmas made tha speech of the day upon the Oregon ad interim protection bill m the House. He speaks like a man who? " Is busy in tha cotton trade, Or in tha tar and turpentine, Or in tha old brown sugar Una," and who has no notion that these important braneh* es of commerce should be stopped or hssarded anv,wild goose romances about Oregon General McKay had great difficulty in introduc ing the new tariff bill to-day, from the Committee of Ways and Means. You have already given the se veral schedules of the ad valorem duties the bill pur poses to establish?in classifications of five, ten, fif teen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty per cent, See. Mr. Stewart moved that the bill be rejected without a hearing, but had only a half dozen aupporters. The bill proposes to be " a bill reducing the duties upon imports, and for other purposes." it was read sad referred. The General gave notice that at an early day he should move a time for its discussion From the great reduction of the bounties upon cold iruu, Pennsylvania will fight this lull to the last. General Houston leads off to morrow upon the special order. Raised in the school of Old Hickory, we expect he will go for the whole or none, includ ing a considerable slice of California ; but there is no exact gues ing the soundings with Houston, since his dangerous coquetting with England aad France upon annexation. Mr. C. J. lngersoll'a papers trom the State De partment are not forthcoming. We expect thta moat eccentric personage is t>?ginniog to cool, and that mere will yet be a " compromise" upon thin northeastern boundary question. At least w* hope so. Washington, April 14, 1846 Letters, from Havana, which reached here la* ..S'r.h?a.y beto*. ??**' f-? A?" ,?d bi. Minuter, Senor Rejon, b.J .W h, V"* Cruz for the purpose ot returning the reina of gov eroment once more in Mexico. How far they may be successful in their attempt to ref ? th"'r power, by creating a counter revolution in their 1 Uvor, remains to be seen. Much ol their succeM will depend upon the reception they may meet wi from the fortress of St. Juan d'Ulloa. There can be no doubt, whatever, that Santa Anna., favorably disposed towards the United States; and if he should succeed in attaining the object of his expedi tion, a termination ot our present trouble. wHh Mexico may be speedily expected. While he wm in power, and shortly prior to hi. expulsion from thaVcountry, our secret agents were in constsntia 1 tercourse with Senor Rejon, who, it is tho^ and believed, too, would have arranged "ythmgfora k"r.Gir?bo-iw^ tary of Dcnartment than one of his pre ramf^nntTofl ih,y hud to dec?mp, bofow thett pj*M torthV oeulottteot ot Ibe m?tttr had boon concluded arrir's'sS Canaies, hourlv communication with "g?u",;.b?re^ z&gsft&iits ;scrir& stant drain upon their r > evils, they will "iciSS*lh"ldbeRaKt?rIitor of which I have not a ?h^ ?f* teeMhe'c^ntry nothing to aid us in ourefloru^ ? along the caatlbankhl, |orces,by crossing give us a pretext tor assa ? ^ twenty milea handful of men. It he do'th , told, we want him to do: lor if the trutn??rpoie> ?0 the prov'stona are placed th make S.W|i'SUd.SSiSSir*of . eb..?.et .entiy a?-"Vv direct information from M rch . and this need eitive kind sinoe the 18th of M 'ublisbed a linn rrs issss??,r sn.. m i&^s^jEK?a?5 nication between the vanou. Thsm S id the m'?.b of .be ??? ""J fizz. days, touching at those p j neWi from in! so that we eonU 1^ m ot having that quarter every week regu y, ionow pa the o wait a month or ^ would roa bn meantime, th* ^"..^ poiuU, VeraCrui and tween those two extremi. po , p|LnUT]1| and New Orleans, could to"c i r?,ted States' agent, there communicaie Wldl. han two weeks, aav who might transmit, in le desire to send information the K0**!?? a*(j thence down to across thp isthmus io Chag , ,|orCes in thO Mazatlsn! the rendesvous of onr nnvn^ t Pacific ocean. This wltb our land and tinuous line of c?ni??Vi th. Atlantic and Pactfio naval forces upon bot break out between thin coasts. So that, ?h?u,d flrrti ,n the Pacific might country and Mexico. our ^ iQ that Bh0ri time, be apprised of the ?? known that the British It may not be general y tteameri ruoniac government have a r g (--iambia river to the coast from the mouth of the the caae; and here we of Chili; this is, never ? - ^ commerce are, a. ^P'V.Twv Jtte^tS^wSh nothing of of |W>J'*1'" u0|eM a national ship of war or iwo that kind there, unless a a r gowa at anchor at Monterey o r ??*?-? .? theM ment mu*tde*'.T?^erjval nationa get ahead of them ^Avropnt What has become of the 0JJ*r cumenw submitted to the Secretary of s*ue b^our Set minister to St. E?Xwh? maUers to come out also wi thc wnote by resolution h?? called lorl h mnnrV Mr Cidhonn all means, and ** h.?^S ag^nt to 3t f*>miago. haa spent in sending a special age ? ^ Had the great Southern ?la!"^lgh?have had tho ?? whole or none of. ?^*on'in calling the" nig ht 40 men to back him "P pjaved such a bad gern"fromHayti, but a f inaUiuuoua," it ta game for hia ?wn pe tVeatern men will now hardly possible th*' 'Annexing Si Domingo. In make any movement fof ?o h(Ve a? lhe documents. the meantime we oug na Mr. Buchanan. Utua have them, by alt me ^ & apeach upoa On Sam goes in for annexing all Oregon to-morr # w(l, turn hlt back to the south he can get ol "? , r . __ be can go. Them st 49. aud march "? once uader the influence ?f ?' w"01*

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