Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1846 Page 3
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?port. Tta sal** of thia day ere est* > ?fco m# mas. TlMHlMftr tho ?i< Muilti, March il.-Ck*ia-AmriOM w*h ? ration. Foreign acarea and daar. Price# are wna d fllculty kept up. Coitou? I be uncertainty respecting tha Oregon qnea tion. aud tha want of lreah intelligence from America, . haa cauaad both merohmnte and speculator# to ba ex tremely cautioua in thai? operation*. Tbara la, howav - ar. a lair buainaaa being dona, without change u> price. Htdaa?A fair business ia being dona in thia market, and prieaa tor moat descriptions ara wall supported; In some instances slightly advanced. Hopa-Tha market baa bean mora Liberally eupplied, and tha trade operating with caution, factors have boon oompallad to taka'rather lower rataa to maki aalaa. Metal* ?Thara baa been little daaira evinced to pur chaaa Britiah iron aioce laat report, and rather lower rataa ara taken, atocka baring accumulated; we quota fig in the Clyde at 79?6d; in Walea and Staffordshire DO* to 110; common iWelah bare ?8 16a to ?0 par ton. The buiinaa* transacted in Spelter baa bean to a email extant only, and At* 6a to ?1910* par ton ara tha ratee accepted an the apat. Tin ia little wanted, and at public tela 8000 fleba of Banca tin ware taken In at 88*. and 1000 thba of Straita at 86# par cwt., being rather under former terma. . , Naval Stoma--No change baa taken place in the value of tar. The few email retail aalaa making ara fetching IS- 6d for Stockholm, and 18a for Archangel. Lnglifh ooal ia firm at 17a Od par cwt. The inquiry for rough turpentine ia limited.but holder, reluw lower ratee. | Spirit, aro dull of a*la, and aro la to 8a cheaper.? Puncheons ara nominally quoted at 61a. . . - Oils? An extanaivaand improved trade_ia now being carried on in Linseed Oil. Price, have bad a considera ble advance, tale, having been made at 36a to 96. Id par cwt A fair buainaaa baa bean trtMacted in O.l, we quote pale at 36a to 3?a 6d, and brown at 35. to 36a 0d. The price, oi Olive do not improve. bnt it ba? ?e cured a good sale. Cocoa Nut is wanted; holder, display firmness, and supply the market sparingly. A* regard. Cod Oil, holders and exporters eperate with caution. For seal the maiket baa a dull appearance, and aa the stock ia now a large one, holdora are anxious to reeliaa. Spa: m baa been purchased sparingly, although good and flue Britiih can be obtained at ?76 to ?78 per tun: a lair quantity ia pre?.ing lor Mite. In American Lard Oil thara ba* been little pasting. The difference in the prices of all kinds ol Fiah Oila is very considerable in comparison with late yeara. Ou the ISih intt, at public auction, 36 tuns of Sperm Oil end Headmatter Irom New York were sold the former at ?80 to ?90 6a, and the latter at ?81 > 31 tons of Seal tahen in; mixed pale at ?17 10a, tinged ?16 to ?36 16a; 10 tuna of Southern Whale at ?36 6a fur bProvisions?Fine and good Irish butter is still wanted, , and he mpply being small, pricea rule firm; but the low and middling aorta, which are plentiful, are pur- i chased with caution, although there are sellers upon tha reduced teime. The better deacriptiona of Dutch have beep in brisk requeat, at advancing pricea. Al though Wiere are telleie of Bacon upon fuither reduced tetms, still the town and country dematul ia limited. frices continue to give way lor Lard, and the demand , hat bean limited; hladdered at 68a to 63*, firkins and kegs 60? to 67a, and American 46a to 60s. Hama are little wanted, and there are seller* upon lower terms, 60* to 66* per cwt being taken tor Irish. For barrelled . M-hbeef and pork, the market has a very dull appear ance, and it 1* difficult to quota pi ices with accuiecv; Ameilean, however, has been in good demand India Beef, ia bond, at 100a to 106* per tierce; India men Wi to 84* pnme mni 86? to 80*. prime new mesa pork 60* to 63. 6d, and old at 66. to 68. per barrel. Rice-The demand for Bengal ricei hae fallen off, and pricea, therefore, aeem to decline. Cleaned rice " wanted; I7e to 9le are tha rates paid for fatna, and 34a to 30. for Catolina. . . ,, _ Tallow?A good buainaaa has bean transacted in Bus atan tallow, aud pricea have ruled firm ; floe P. Y. C , duty paid, ha* beau sailing currently at 43a 9d to 43e per cwt. The stock ia still on the decrease, indeed, the quantity remaining in firet hands, of the beat quali ty ia imall. In American and New South Wale* pur chase* to a fair extant have bean made upon former t i ma, and there U lea* quantity praising for sale - Town made Tallow ha*been in excellent reqeet at 43. 61 to 43* per cwt net caeb. The atock in bond ia 6,403 cask* leas than it was last season, but ptico* ar* still higher. There i* a good coiunmption going on. exceed ing that of laat year. On the ISih Instant, the parcel* of | New South Wales offered at public sale, amounting to j 479 catks, were sold at stiffer rates; fine went at,43# 6d to 43*. good 41* 6d to 43a 3d, middling 40* to 41a 3d, low solt grta*y 88* 6d to 89a 9d, but 66 casks of North Ame rican were withdiawn. Tex- Holders continue to manifest firmness, but little buiiness ha* been transacted,especially in Congou,aiuce our last publication. The stock exceed* that of last year. Tea *f all descriptions ia still much cheaper than it was at the ?amo time in 1846. , , Whalebone ?A brisker demand haa bean experienced, and an advance hae taken place. 8 tone of southern at auction latched ?340 to ?341 per ton. Privately several . parcel* have bean difposad ci. and the supply w ?till , "wool ?The arrival to this port during tbo week end- j ing March 17, were only 901 bales; the chief part from Rua.ia. In foreign and colonial no change has taken , place in prices, but the operation# have been upon a email scale only. For English formor rates are asked, but there baa bean little passing. LivcarooL Mabkbt*, March 18.?Aahaa ?-Montreal , Pot and Pearl Ashaa continue in a vary limited demand, and previous pricea aro barely supported, say 33s 6d for both descriptions- Iron?Tho iron market is flat, and tnare is not much business doing; the disposition appear* to be to work up old contracts rather than M^r into , freeh ones. In present transactions thebuyenhave tha advantage. Scotch Pige aro quoted in Glasgow at ?3 16 a per 'on; price d.pv.redin Liverpool ia ?4 6s- Common Bits ?!?; Nail Rotia ?9 16*; Hoopi *l'iT9hV2! Plate. ?11 l&s par ton; all in Liveipool. A public Sale of 1000 bb la turpentine on tbo lllh imjaot was well attended, but the trade being indisposed to bid, the whole wee withdrawn, and pricee must therefore ba ' considered atiU aa nominal. Soma parcels of American rosin have been .old at 9. lid for common.nd?o?. of fine quality at ?* per cwt. Of American Tar, 700 to 800 bbla been taken by the trade, at 15? 9d f rom the quay. Provision*?The depressed state of trade in gene ml, with the great tightness of the money caused all prouuee to be Ioner since the 4th instant, and tha amount of buaineaa done i* to a vary limited ex tent in consequence. Rice?The sale* of nea.since our I last publication are 6600 bag* Bengal, at rather lower rate* ; ord.nary white at 19* ?J, middling a:1S., and j good to fin* at 13. 9d to 14a 3d per cwt. Salt?There hat been an unusual alackues* in the demand lor Belt ?inee the last advance took placo, particularly in com mon. In which description very little 1* doing; the pre sem ratee are, however likely to be maintained. The expectation of a reduction has no doubt .kept back orders for a time, which muet eventually coma lorwerd; we continue former quotations a* follows -.-Beet fine, Stoved Salt in bag* 19* to 90# per ton; do Handed Lump* 18. 6J; do Shute 17s 6d; Marine end Butter 16* 6df Com mon 18#; River Freight. 3s; Dock atd Town Duesi9d. Tallow?There haa bean a fair inquiry for tallow thia work, but the rate# at which aalea nave been made, , have in law instance* transpired; they are supposed to be ratbai lower. We quote P Y. C. 4ls 9. to 4ii. Tea The maiket has again been very heavy, and tha tlone limited; to effect tele* lower pricea would have to be submitted to. Tobacco-There la no change to report in tho maiket for Tobacco aioce our last report. For the ratee now paid, wa refer to our " Pnco# Cur rent" Wool-The wool market he* been more britk during tho lest ton deye, but until the aettlemont of tbo Government measures now betete Parliament, we can not look to any permanent lmproveanant United awes wool ha* bean tea* inquired ter, and ia offering at ratnor lawsr rataa The Corn Trwte. [from the Liverpool Timei. March IB ] Liveivool.? Bince oor last.pablication there ha* been a bitter bueine** done in wheat of all description*, and pii3*e have slowly, but gradually advanced, cep*"'*11" ly, bat gradually advanced, especially at the marketa held on the Oth and Oih inat; on the 13th | init however, there waa a dull sale for wheat of all deiciip'iona, with a alight tendency to recede in value. Iiiahend Canadian Floor, notwithatanding, waa in aome requaat, an I upon a good demand in the manufactuiing town* of thia district in course of the week, our last isolations were fully maintained.__Prime States Flour in ( hood continues to find buyers at 37s.; but in Wbeat, un der lock, the sale of one parcel only of Bait leered is re ported at 7* per 70 lb. There waa a numerous attend- : ance of home and country buyers at the market held ! on the 17th inst ; the Whsat trade appeared to open wph increased firmness, but in consequence of the an nouncement of the Premier's intention to admit (under guarantee) bonded Oram and Flour, so soon as the Corn ill shall have passed the third leading, the demand . afterwaida subsided materially, and the business of the mernrng olosed heavily; the beat Wheats alone su; port ing the rates of the lOth inat., and other descriptions rather receding in value. Irish and Canadian Flour in like manner met a limited sale on the terms of that day week. Prime brands of States Flour a till meet inquiry , at B7s per brl, in bond, but holders being disinclined to accent that price at present, few sales are reported; and ; in whsat, under lock, little or no business waa appa rent. Arrust Pares ov Opens. Wkt. Brly Osli Hue. B'nt. Ptmt. flour JvusryJl M ? St I 111- ? t s to ? OS KsbreaiyT M 1 ? IB II 7 M I to 9 JJ ? S ? February 14 M ? M 1 tl 10 11 7 H ? ? 1 0 0 hsbrus v ft ? 0 19 II It S ? 10 Jl ? J4 J os Fab re ry It M 6 ? 7 21 4 II 4 31 1 ? 3 o g MarchT M It H I II II ? I H II n I S S Arvei'te A* r'se ofib*tweeks..M III I II ? B 1 ? I S I t t Datf nu fipn prod pretest w-eS... II Bit ta ? t 7t 7 t It 10 o > t'sn-disa.. 1 t 1 0 10 It 00 I I Ilk o other Brit Cui S lit It 10 tt 0 6 10 Lopdoi* Cose Tesec, Margh IS.?Since the free trade policy of Sir Jtobort Pool he* been (auctioned by a ma jority ot ninety-saven in the Houee of Commons, tba vada in grain .has been rather more buoyant than for somo wet Its previous During the week ending Marck B, selsctrd qualities of wheat moved off steadily at pretty well auppoitad prices,while in the secondary qoa ber more business was doing. The peat wssk. lilies rather more business was doing. The peat that ending on the 14th instant, tha demand waa princi pally for tee best white qualitiea, whioh ware taken off on lull as good terms as on Monday so'noight, whilst the quantity left in hand is quits unimportant. In fo reign wheat tha transactions continue limited; but hold ers are not disposed to press salsa at any reduction. On Monday, March It, tba show from the homo counties was not Urge; selected samples bronght Is per quarter advance: but a clearance was net effected of secondary descriptions, although iroely offered at former prices Free foreign is unaltered in valne. Holders of bonded I demand quite aa blgh tates; but scaroeiy any transac tions are reported. Tha flour trade waa dull, and prices I without any change. ContiPSPTAL Massets?Late accounts from Odssta I rial# that the demand coutinuee at lata prices, and that ; the better qualities are getting scarce. No alteration is reported as having taken place at tha Dansig market. At Rostock the market for wheat continual depressed, j end pricee have been further reduced- The remark is applicable te Hamburgh. Pasii Boussb. Monday, Maroh 16 ?The sccoinU re ceived from America by the last arrival bare hod a con siderable effect on tho market here, and both Tome* a-j.l Fives have risen, the former closing at Mf. 40c und the Wuer at I'JOf. 4*3. Kailwavs.?The share market haa also improved. and most of tho loading line* are quoted at a good advance For cash, Parle end Orleans left off at ItJ* ; p,,|, tn(j Reuan. I07tf. ftOo ; Rouen and Havre, not quoted- Avis pen, IBM.; Btaeekarg and Bale, StttfirorUw^ 7*1^ ^ Mmu. MtC: ruia ud fltraaburg, 4404; Tear* and Nantes, (W | Dieppe, 476f. Notking don* In DeflnJttvoa. Him, Mereh 14,-CbttoB?Owing to the aocounts, Mb tt, early let nit, fna New Yoik, urktt, early lest waak, eniaaated a spirited demand (tta Um trade, and prices advanced 14 Subsequently, however, prices declined to the point Iron which they bad previously I started This dull fool ing baa boon further increased, ainco tbo arrival Mb inat, of advice* of the 16th ult, which an .ounce a do praciation in tbo U. S, and that largo ahipmonta for tbo European porta might therefore bo exported; thia baa ahakon confidence, and reatiictod tbo buying to imme diate neceaaitiea. The week cloeee very fiat, and pricea tend downward, galea JWt N O f45 a 76; 849 Mobile 09 a 71; 1087 Upland 47 a 74; ?9? Mobile, to arrive, 71 ? Imports aame period 14,974. Coffee?The largo public enter ahortly to be held in Holland abaorb the attention of buyera. Market, therefore, very dull, aaloa only 409 baga St Dom. 40c; 17S Porto Cubello 48c, 997 Brasil 4fi]o, in bond; and 1444 Ht Domingo, damaged, at auktion, at 83c a 94c per J ktl. d. p. Hides?A lair inquiry, and pri cea very firm. Sale* 9349 U. Ayiea, dry, at 871c a 991; 2000 I'arnambuco diy raited, at 46c; 1177 Laguayradry' 60c a 69 Sugar?Some inquiry ia W. I.,and prioea firm, gules of 640 tone St. Dom. Logwood 18 60 a 8 60. We quote Camp Logwood, Spanish cut, flO a 11; but pricoa, generally apeaiung, are not firm. Amstkbdam. March 10 ?Very little doing in Coffee, on account of the proximity of the aalea: 400 bags Brarii ' only aold at former pricca (90} a 91} ) Raw Sugar neg lected. Purchases in indigo trifling Raault of Ibe pub lic aaloa in Hidea and Skint unsatisfactory, only one third offered meeting witk buyer.,; E. I. acarce and wanted. Holdera of Cotton very firm. Rico heavy.? i Spicea quiet, and pricea aa before. AhTwrar.?Demand for cofi'eo rather more lively, though pricoa are not bettor: the rmnll quantity declared by the Dutch Co. and tbo want of arrivsla, have given greater flrroneaa to the maiket sulea lor weak ending March 7, about 6400 baga. Holler* in augar having submitted to further decline, amies have again boon ex- . tenaive. but entirely for export; conaumera (till holding eff. Cotton very firm, for export, 440 bbla Carol na Rica taken; lower qualitiea moat aalaabla. A fair de mand for Hidea; 8600 dry B. A aold at full prices ? Whale Oil in batter demand. Of Am. Aabea 400 bbla Mid Hsxauao.?Pricea of Coffee unaltered; aalea only 2400 baga Rio Sugar?Salea 800 boxea Havana; pricoa have not varied. Cotton dull; only 160 balea Am. bought.? Spelter rather better. novemanti or Traveller*. Wo are again compelled to condenae the arrival* of tbo two past day* into one report, from the prolusion of important congressional and foreign intelligence that ha* over flowed the column* of the HtrmH within that period, to the exclusion of much matter of intereat. There are at the Am> bican.?J. Tucker, H. L. Kandriek, West Point; B. P. Lindsay, Philadelphia; Mr. Whipple, N.H-;8. Ma geun, Hudson; W. Matther, Jackson, Ohio; P. H. Smith, Columbus; T. A. Robinson, Virginie; M. Churchill, Sing Sing; G. F. Lindsay, Philadelphia; S. Vague*. U 8 A.; W. Lindsay, Fall River, S Smith, Schoharie ; Dr. Rowland, Port Depoaite; J. L Clarke, Boston; 8. C. Tucker, Ra cine, W, T ; A. S. G. Wennall, Fulton county. AaToa.?J Bowman. F Huntiogdon, Vergennea; W. Bowon. Auburn; Thomas Coleman, Troy ; Robt Karl*, Philadelphia; I. Hooper. J. D. Reed. Boston; J. Gardner, Boston ; B. Hodgoa, Boaton; I. Bright, Virginia : D. Crawford, R Potter, M. Summer, do ; J. H. Bourne, Pro vidocce; Henry Newcomb, Worcester, H. D Cunning ham, Salara ; W. Cunningham, Pougbkeopsi* ; M. H. Simpson, Boston; C. Adams, Albany; r. 8mith Schenec tady; Manning and Stewart, Troy; A Reynolds, Buffalo T. Bowon. Trinidad; J. Kendall, Boston, M. Cunning ham, do; H. Pike, Boaton; W. Rotch, New Bedford; D. Barker, Kentucky; T. Ruseell. Boston; C. Parmleo, Philadelphia; W. Wilson, Boaton; E. Wallcott, Provi dence; C. H Haswali, U S 6L; Lieut. Pago, Ithaca; H. Whittaker, Baltimore ; T. Peters, Philadelphia, W. Woadnult. Cincinnati. Citt ? B. Stevens, Providence; Messrs. Washington and Holland, Virginia; J W. Grant. Washington ; Col. I Eliaa Coat, Oaks Corner, NY; Robert Baker, British Array; Capt. Brown, ship Horatio, W. Matthews, Gard ner, Ms.; 8. R. Fox, Springfield; J. Read, Philadelphia; A.Thomas, Richmond; Capt. Stafford, ship Catherine Jackson; Joseph Dunn, Philadelphia; A. Olmsted. New Haven; W Weaver, Philadelphia; F. Piatt, do.;W. H. Longcott, Philadelphia; A. Sloaoe, Syracuse; A. Seckett, Ohio; Mr. Clay, Boeton; J. Pardy, Washington; Hon. J. C- Wateron, Texaa; Col Travars, N Y. Franklin.? W White, Pierworth; E J Fiih. Clinton villa; J Wes'cott, N O; A Goodvear. Conn; 0 Foster, Utica; Thoa Fitch, Syracuse; W Kidd. Rochester; Jas Smith, Batavia; J Manning, Mobile; W White, Boeton; Chas Warner, Rush, W Hanford, Pbila; J Foster, Ver mont; Andrew Anderson, Watertown; Alex Raccioe, 8 Goliea, Conn; S Leo, Albany; D Ramsay, Buffrlo; L Bigalow, Boston; W Judson, N H; E Bardadale, Chica go; H Hilchay, Boaton; R H Woodruff, Niagara Falls. Howabo ?B Bovlen, Cin; Dr Horton, Alabama; T Osborne, Buffalo; W Winter, Syracuse; E O Tyler, Pittafield, N P Marple, Olio; H Reside, Phils; S Hart, Pa; T Boydeu, Richmond; E Burnham, Hen derson, W Thompson, Ja* Melleville, St John*, N B; R Boatwick, Troy; D D Howard, Burlington, Vt; O Ma Jiil, Canada; Oto Wilkinson, Troy; O Forloy, N C; o" ~ ' . John Corso, Toronto; Mr Bingham, Claremont; Edwin Polk, Tonn; J McGowon, C W Kennody, Tenn; L Mills, Mias; J H Daley, Kingston, Canada. City Intelligence. Sxavicc* in St. Pbtbs's Chdick , Baiclat Stbbbt.? Hummell's grand man will be repeated in tbii church this day. In the morning, the aermon by the Rot. Dr. Piae ; the collection for the benefit of the church. In the evening at 8 o'clock. Rot. Dr. Ryder will lecture on .'Auricular Confession." Fiats?About half past IS o'clock yesterday morning. I a fire broke out in a arable in Staple near Harrieon alree t The atable waa burnt down, but, by the arduoua exer tiona of the firemen the flamea were prevented from apt-rading. Aa they were returning from the fire, aome of the firemen diacovered another in a atable in Wash ington a treat near Amoa. Thia waa aoon aubdued with little damage. Coaoirta'a Office, April . 18.?Sudden Death.?The ! Coroner held an inquest yeaterday, at No. 376 Pearl at, | on *be body of Honord Carey, a vagrant, wr.o had but , lately been diacharged from off Black well'a laland, and i died through intemperance. Verdiet accordingly. Court of (lettered Sessions. Betore Aldermen Henry and Jackeon. John McKeon, Esq.. District Attorney. AraiL 18 ? Pita of Gn- '.'y.-Louisa Roberts, indicted for keeping a disorderly house, at No. 72 *? Tott street, en'ored a plea of guilt r ; sentence in the caso was how ever deterred for the pratt.nt. Tkt tote of MtU Hatlfet, ulioe Mtiry Weed.?In the case of this female, who was recently tried and found gnilty, of being concerned in robbing a stranger at her home soma time ago of $247; the district attorney sentence;-on the other ban 1, the counsel for the defence, moved for a delay of judgament, which was granted, aod a hem in p fixed for. The case of Matilda (ireen ? In rihe case of Matilda Green, who was convicted of being concerned in rob bing the countrymen, st the house ul ill feme, kept by Mary Wood, tha district attorney did not press for im mediate Judgment ; sentence wss therefore deferred. Lewis Coetigon, convicted of an attempt to commit an inlamous assault upen tha parson of ? Mrs. Cirmicbaal, but recommended to tha merry of the court, wa* sen tenced to be imprisoned in the pouitenti&ry for the term of six month*. John Darling, found guilty of receiving-stolen goods, and committing a grand larceny, was sentenced to the State prison for the term of two years. Cote of Muhoei MeCorty.? In tha cese of this person, convicted of keeping a disorderly house, the sentence waa deferred for the present. Cast of John Haitan aliae Harrieon.?la the case of Has san aiiaa Harrison, convicted of a misdemeanor, in having indecently exposed hi* person in the publio streets, he., the sentence was deferred until Tuesday j next, with a view of giving time to pat in affidavits, in mitigation of punishment. John Wateo?, convicted of obtaining a considerable amount of property, by fraudulent representations, was sentenced to be imprisoned in the Stat* prison, for th* , term of two years. The Court then adjourned until Monday morning. Superior Court. Before Jadge Vaodsrpoel. Aran. 18 ? G* by vs. Bowery Iaouronee Company.?A nen nut was recorded against plaintiff in this case, al ready not! ed. John White vs. Tkemet But *r ?This was an aotiou for illegal arrest end false imprisonment. It appeared that the plain iff is a respectable merchant, new residing in St. Louis, end formerly was a resident citixen of Boaton In October last, being on bis way from the latter city to hie residence, be hsd occa -ion to stop in thia eity, and having gene to an eating house in Washington street to dine, and being about te pay bis bill, drew a large roll of notes from his pocket, when he was seised by Butler, who -eridee in the Tnird avenue, and was by him ar retted on the charge of having robbed a Mr. Rawiey, on board a steamboat, whose name has obtained no little notoriety, from the fact ol its connection with a recent charge against some fugitive robber*, for administering poison in a pear, as is alleged, which threw him into a profound slumber, and thereby facilitated the commis sion o( the robber. The amount of money stolen from Mr. Rawiey on board the steamboat on which the rob bery waa oommitted. was (So.oon, for the recovery of which a reward ef $2,MM) was offared. Mr. White, on being arrested on this grave charge, was taken to ths ltd i third ward polio* station, and on tho appearance of Mr. Rawiey wa* discharged. Hie Howoa charged in favor of plaintiff, lssviog it dis cretionary with tho Jury to award ths omount of da mag**. Verdict for plaintiff $126,with costs. _ ? _ Belore Coisf Justice Jones. ? Heid and Aleatt vs. C. Chevalier.?The jury in this coao, already noticed, rendered a verdict for defen dant % United Itstri circuit Court. . _B*far* Judge Nelson. Aran. IS.?The Counter ft it Caee. ? Cordis, found guilty, an Friday, of counterfeiting Mexican dollars, wa* brought up for aantenca. On application of his ""^Monday *** "n<1 sentence postponed un The court was ooeopledthe remainder of th* day in hearing the argument of a demurrai in a patent ease. k *7." atNetwaek, >rj-?Two of the Urge brick buildion belonging to Hedeaberg's works on the in clined pUne, and occupied for various mechanical pur Cea, were destroyed by fire about 6 o'clock this morn ' , with all thoir contents The fire originated in Ro bert Johoston's hammer and hatchet factory. Tha loss is estimated to be about $20,000. Tha following Is th* ' amount of loss and insurance Messrs. Hadanberg's on building and machinery, 10 to $12,000, insured in th* Mechanic*'In*. co.,of this city, $6000; Williausburgh Ins. Co. $!7A0, and New York Trust Co. $1600 : Robert Jchnston'e lose about $1200, insured $600 in Hertford | In*. Co ; Joseph Burroughs S or $4000, insured $1000 in i Alliance Ins. Co. Nsw York ; A. F. Hcbwab S to $7000, Inau'ed $.%000 in th* Croton I us Co. et th* N Y. office ; l.- vii m Liodsley, loss $1100, no insurance ; Cornoliu* I'jst insured $600 in th* Croton, loss not known ? .Means Hedenborg's engine, we underatand, la so little injured that it will be set in operation again in the course o u very lew days, and the building, destroyed will be rebuilt immediately.?Newark Mr. adprii IS. Solomon Juneau, th* demo erotic candid*to, has bean slssSsi Mayor of MUwsukie, by a laig* majority NEW YORK HERALD. ?Mr Turk, Iwtey, April 19, IMA. Tht Caledonia it now expected. She it in htr fourteenth day. We may receive her newt this morning. It will be half n month later than that brought by the Unieorn. The Foreign Rewa. The long expected newt from Europe, by the Uuicorn, hat been received at last, and haa now been before the public nearly twenty-four hours ?a sutiicient time to enable an opinion to be formed of ita tenor, as regards our relations with England. The copious extracts which we give in this day's paper, from the press, and the proceed ings of the British Parliament, will, we think, jus tify us in saying that the news is pacific, in a great degree, and tends to preserve the peace between the two countries. Although the tone of the press is rather irritable, we look upon it as insignificant, compared with the developements that took place in Parliament a short time before the steamer sailed, h. It appears that on the 17th of March last, the Ear! of Clarendon moved for the production of auch por tions of the diplomatic correspondence that had passed between the American Secretary of State and the British minister, as would not be inconsistent with the public interests to produce. In answer to this motion, the Earl of Aberdeen made a somewhat lengthy reply, to the eflect that he did not consider it compatible with the public interest to produce the correspondence in question; and further that he could not bring himself to believe that any reasona ble doubt remained of the British Government being able to bring the Oregon question to a satisfactory conclusion. Under the circumatanees, this expres sion ol the Earl of Aberdeen, coupled with the refu sal to produce the correspondence in question, must impress upon every mind that the Earl of Aberdeen was sincere in his belief, and that the British Gov ernment did not anticipate a resort to extremities for the settlement of the question. This opinion is further strengthened by the report of a large meeting of traders, manufacturers, and others, which was held on the same day in London, and at which a reso lution was adopted declaring that the Oregon ques tion admitted of a satisi tctorv adjustment by negoti ation, and suggesting the appointment of Sir Henry Pottinger, on account of his success as a diplomatist in India and China, as the best person to be entrusted with the office of negotiator with the American go vernment for that purpose * When we consider that abundance of time had elapsed since the receipt of the refusal of the American Secretary of State to submit the Oregon qu*ation to arbitration, for the British public and Parliament to have formed an opinion cn that measure, and to adopt a line of con. duct and a system of measures corresponding with that opinion, the declaration of the Earl of Aberdeen in the House of Lords, and the expression ol opinion by the public meeting in London, deserve to be viewed as highly important, and as indicative of the intention of the British people and parliament, not to break the peace happily existing between the two countries if collision can, under any circumstances, be avoided. ? This, we think, is the view taken of the news by our citizens, and, accordingly, the stock market was more buoyant than it had been for some time past, and stocks of every kind advanced considers bly." Notwithstanding the pacific indications of the Earl of Aberdeen and the public, and the manifest desire there is to preserve the friendly relations be tween England and the United States, the Eng lish press continues to wage that war of words which it has carried on for so long a period against America and every thing American, and its tone is decidedly hostile. This state of things is a little strange, when we consider that, in the United States, the contrary is exactly the case. In the United States, the press, with but few exceptions, is decidedly in favor of settling our difficul ties with England by negotiation, and condemn the reckless course of the administration in declining all .measures leading to that result; while the government of England, on the other hand, is, and has always been desirous to settle these difficulties with America amicably, the English press has been loud in recommending a resort to peremptory measures, to bnn g about the same result. We can't account tor this anomalous state of things in any other way, than that the press ! in that country would prefer to have all the disas ters of war inflicted upon the two countries, than to forbear indulging in that wholesale mode of abuse that has marked its course since the revolu tionary war. This, however, is of little moment* as long as the public mind in that country, and the government, are disposed to peace. We consider this news from England, the pacific tone of the public mind as developed at the public meeting in London, and the avowal of the Earl o' -Aberdeen, in reply to the remarks of the Earl of Clarendon, of the highest importance at this par ticular juncture. The passage of Mr. Crittenden's compromise resolutions in the Senate by a vote of 40 to 14, is conclusive that a majority of that body is averse to the war policy of the ultra fifty-four forty men, and in/avor of settling the Oregou ques tion by compromise. Although the giving of the notice is authorized by those resolutions, they nev ertheless impliedly compel the President to resort to compromise before giving the notice. Indeed, we look upon these resolutions, and the large vote by which they were carried, more in the light of a solemn recommendation to both governments to re-open negotiations of this gexed question, and settle all the difficulties between the two countries, in relation to it, amicably and peaceably ? we look upon the* passage of these resolutions more in this light, than we do as a measure to abrogate the convention of the 20>h of October, 1818. Although the giving the notice is left to the discretion of P?e President, we think the responsibility of taking that step directly is pur posely avoided, for fear it would be construed into a war measure; and, in lieu there of, a peaceable re commendation to settle the question amicably, by compromise, is substituted. Taking all these circumstances into considera tion, the tone of the foreign news, an I the passage of Senator Crittenden's resolutions in the Senate, we are of opinion that this unfortunate question, which has created more injury to commerce, and excited more hostile feeling, than the whole of the territory in dispute is worth to either country, is in a fair way of being disposed of satisfactorily to both parties; and that, too, before the expiration of six months, unless some contingencies occur to mar the prospect. One of those contingencies is this < the House of Representatives may not concur in the resolutions passed by the Senate, and the war party may still persist in asserting the American claim to the whole of the Oregon terrritory. In the event of such being the case, the whole ! matter will be again thrown into the hands of Mr. Polk. If then, Mr. Polk should?despite , of the passage of the resolutions in the Senate, and the pacific tone of the Parliament and people of Great Britain?remain obstinate, and throw away the opportunity which is again afforded, of resorting to compromise, a war will follow, i Although England is desirous of peace, and in en tenng into a war with the United States would peril her existence, still the question has assumed such a shape, that in the eyes of all Europe and the whole civilised world, she would be compelled even at such a hazard, to engage in war with us, if the ultra claims of the administration should be insisted upon. It would appear, then, that there is an awful responsibility resting on the chief magistrate of the United States. It may be said that James K. Polk holds the peace of the world m the hollow of his >hand. God grant he may be found equal to the j emergency. Hob Josmo Ponnor, lata Governor of Rhode Island, died In Provide no#, on the 17th Inst, la the nth poor of F?o* Setmr Ajcbeica ?By the amval of the Am I burk Eanomus, Capt Mansfield, we have a taw days I hter from Rio Janeiro and the River La Platte. Al though the arrival* at Rio from Moatevideo were al most daily no new* of any importance could be ob tained by them. The English and French squad rons were still blockading Buenos Ayrea. U. S. ?tore ship Relief, commander Robb, arrived at Rio, , and would sail for New York in a few days. Files of the Jomal do Commtrcio and O Mtrcantil, from Rio Janeiro, to the 28th of February, are among our papers. They contain nothfng of inte rest. On the 26th of February, the Imperial Govern ment of Rio de Janeiro, acting in the absence of the Emperor, transmitted passports to General Don F. Rivera, Minister Plenipotentiary from Paraguay I to the court of Braxtl The O Mtrcantil gives the following singular piece of absurdity extracted from the Commtrcio Dtl Plata, of the 9th of February:? "Not long since there arrived at Rio de Janeiro, a 'scientific commission' front the United States, among whom was a certain French cavalier, who gave out that they came for the purpose of ex ploring the region of coun'ry watered by the rivers Parana and Paraguay. From Rio de Janeiro this commission of snvans proceeded on to the Rio Grande, and travelled through that territory, in a modest manner, in the quality and character with which they had invested themselves. From thence they proceeded to Uruguay; and when they arrived in the country and province of Corrientes, the tra vellers threw ofi the scientific mask which they had assumed, and made it known that they were neither more nor leas than a legation, despatched by the government of the United States to Paraguay, charged by said government with the commission of acknowledging the independence of the latter republic." The Frenchman, who accompanied them, was represented to be the Secretary of Legation. The journal adds that its in formant had forgotten his name, and inquires, "'What will President Rosas say to this contraband diplomacy of the United States 1" It distant people will believe the humbugs and stories of every traveller that they meet, concerning the United States, we know ot no remedy for it. It is difficult in this case to say which is moat contempti bte, the humbug and hoax of these travelling and vagrant plenipotentiaries, or the credulity which could swallow their idle stories and pretenaions. Gen. Paz, who commands the forces ot Corrien tes, Uruguay, Paraguay and Entre Rioa, is accom

panied in his camp by the English Admiral Hn thom and Capt. Trennart. He is at the head of 16 000 well disciplined troops. Among there, the soldiers ot Paraguay, who amount to 10,000, are highly spoken of. It is said that out of the whole number of the men in the Paraguayan army, only three or four can be found who cannot read or write. These items of news, though of a date anterior to our more recent advices, published a few days since in the Herald, are yet new in fact, though not in date, and are ot some interest in the great scarcity of information from those quarters. flarktu. Rio de Jwiiit, March 3d, 1140. Imports war* 30,040 bbU Flour, 310 packages domes ties, 303 tea, I0S6 baa sperm candles, 116 com. do, 04 M feet lumber, Sl.MOlba wax, 66 doxen chairs and sundries. Flour?1The transactions during the month have been extensive, about 10,001 barrals being for export, and flnOO for the bekers. The sales ol Baltimore, for export, were at 18||600 delivered in Montevideo, net J9, and 10J for Haxall, net IB 36. Since then there has been less Philadel demand, and a cargo of 3400 bbls Haxall, pet Phi phis, has been sold at 1B||, net $7 60. Richmond coun try at 16|| 160 on board, net 7 30. The prices of Haxall and Galiego, for consumption, were from 30 a 31|j; Balti more 18 a 18Q. Hdders, generally, are firm, but as sev eral vessels are expected, and the export demand nearly supplied, present rates, we fear, will not be maintained. The stack, however, is moderate, being 18,100 bbls in first hands, vii: 11,600 Richmond, 3 000 Baltimore, 1,800 Columbia Mills. In speculators' hands there are 6,000 barrels, and in bakers', 31,000 bbls. Total in all hands, 44,100 bbls. About 7,000 bbls were seld for Montevideo, | 1 800 went on unsold, and 3,000 have been taken for Rio 1 Grande. At last dates from Rio Grande, prices had de [ clined to 31 a 3I||, about 4000 barrels having been sold for Montevideo, at 30*| on board. Domestics?The sales I have been moderate at 306 re, net 9| cents for blue drills, i 330 brown do, net 7f cents: Shatucket stripes 370 rs, net 8J cts, and other sorts in proportion. The stocks are stall very heavy, and sales difficult. Sperm Can dles?The arrivals have been very heavy, and sales have been made at 840 rs, net 39} cents; and poor as sortments 8i0rs, net 384 cts. Composition 780 a 780 rs, net 36 a 38 cts. Tea? Good qualities of hyson are sale able at 3 a 3||900, net 84 a 73 cts; fair l|j800. or 66 oents net. Ordinary qualities, hyson (kin end black, are qnite unsaleeble, the tea of this country being prefer ed. Lumber?Last sales at 40 rs per foot, net Wth.? Provisions have been saleable, chiefly for export to the river, at 34 a 38j| for beef, net $B a 10 60; pork 34||, net ?IS. A few hundred bbls would overatock the market. Tobacco?Sales of leafat 13|| a 14||600. Stock large?no i sale for manufactured. Wax?The stocks ere still ex cessive. SmsH sales have been made at 800 rs, net 38 cts. Salt?Large arrivals, and discouraging accounts from the South, have depressed prices still more, and some sales have been made at 460 rs, net 11 cts per bush el . Business generally has been very dull, pertly in consequence of the excessive rains which prevailed all the month, preventing communication with the interior. Coffee?The supplies not being equal to the demand, prices gradually advanced, and the lest sales have been at 311300 a 3U600, or 6] a 7 cts on board for superior: I ?- -I,-?"I - . V.. wu inraiHWI ? u|?,i iv, , Sfl 100 a SH JS0, or oj a 8| cts for good ffrsts. The roads in the interior are almost impassable, which will prevent any large supplies coming to market for somo time, besides, the stocks there are very small. The export in Februa ry was 111,337 bags, of which 67.860 were to Europe, and 63,443 to United States, as follows: 1st 8 em's. 1116. Jan. Feb. New York 9J 336 IS, Its 17.181 Baltimore 76.473 7 331 11.IX New Orleans 167 534 4S.SII 16 563 Philadelphia 33,161 3 (35 5.SIS Boston 33 723 13,158 2 153 Chariestoa 3.684 ? ? Mobile ? 3,set ? 336,518 83 683 53.443 433,878 Freights are still very dull, several American vessels are unemployed, shippers having preferred foreign bot toms, in consequence ot war reports. Rates nominal, 60 a 70 cents. Exchange has ruled from 38} a 38j, most of the trans actions being at 36}d, there being no advices from Eng land since the receipt of the President's Message; remit ters still object to taking American bills except at the highest rate. Specie has fluctuated a good deal; doubloons era now worth 31 fj.'OO a 8lj|8U0: dollars 11960 a 1|980. Miacn I -The Holla, from Richmond, with 3800 bbls. flour, is the only arrival to report. No sales of ffoor. Coffee and Exchange without alteration. Nothing later from the South or from Europe. Farther Nominations to the Contention. CaTUOA COURTT. IVhigi?A. Conkling, J W. McFadden, 8. Howland. Fultor ard Hamilton Covrtiis. Barnbumarr?J. J. Hutchinson. Madisor Courtt. Bmrniumtri?L. Sherwood, ? Kino#/, J. Braiosrd. Mosses Courtt. Jlbalitianieti?J. Bperrey, O. W. Pratt, J. French. Niaoaba Cobhtt. OU Hunktra?H. Oirdner, J. W McNitt H. Norton, W. H. Child*. OriIDA COUMTT. fVhitt?C. P. Kirkland, J. Csndee, E. Huntington, H. Bray too. ORORDAaA CotmtT. Old Hunktri-W. Taylor, W. Fuller, D. Monro, C. M. Kinriley. milC?-B. D. Noxon, E. Rhosdoi, V. W. Smith, C. Betts Pttmlt'f Ticket?L. Norton, E. Rhoade*, B. F. Sweat, J. C. Fuller. OSLEARO Courtt. Wkitt?W. Pennimm Jibelitioniiti?A Hutchlnion. Richmond Courtt. OU Hunktri?J. F. Huttoa. ffkigi?J. T. Hariiaon. Schoharie Courtt. Old Hunktri?Wm C. Bouck. John C. Wright. Sirica Courtt. Reformer?Ariel Baicom. St. Lawbbrcs Courtt. Negri Suffrage?J SteveM, E Dodge. SurrOLS Courtt. Old Hunktri?C. C Cambreloog, A. Huntington. Tiooa Court v. Old Hunktri?John J. Tay lor. Vlitib Courtt. Umlurneri-S. Bruyn. W. I. indention. IFAiji-J. E. Forsyth, O. O Oraham. - Watri Courtt. The candidate* nominated by two conflicting loco Co co conTentioos in Wayne county, haee united in n de clenaion of their respective nomination*, and a conven tion ha* been called to unite the barnburner and hunker ?action* in a new "preaentation" of candidal**. WciTCHitTsa Courtt. JFhigi?Y. Barretto, W. Neiaon. Acquittal of Potljr Bodlne. We are indebted to Mr. Barnet, of Newburgh, (who arrived by the Albany boat this morning,) for a copy of the Ntttburgh Courier oi yesterday, containing the result of the trial of Polly Bodine on the charge of murder. The jury rendered a verdict of NOT GUILTY. Sporting Intelligence. EeLiMB Cosais, Carboltor ?Third Day, April *.? Association Purse, $900?two mile boat* B. Tenbrooek, Ir, gr. h. Croton, by Chorister, dam by Vucklejohn?? year* old-110 lb* 1 1 Col. A. L. Bingaman'a eb. f. Betsy Ceody, by imp. Leviathan, dam by Sir Charle* -4 years old? #7 lb* 3 3 There wa* quite a respectable attendance yesterday, Croton was tho favorite at two to one ; he won the flrst heat with apparent ease. The second heat tho filly led of for the first mil* and a half, and looked very like a winner-Croton *om* twenty yard* behind; he com menced making play, and collared Betsey, passed her, and came In winning with all aaaa imaginable.?N. O Delta, Jprtl 10. Owupf cC Cmumh PltMe The April torn of this court beg 1m on Monday.? Both branches af tho Court will bo la saasioo fiu Tiutu-Mi. Hm>?? ?gala tppuNdillki Park thoetro, last evening- Tha Scat piece war tbr "Irih Attorney," la which, Mr. Hackett appeared aa Piarca O'Hara, and kept tka audience in a roar of laughter by hit rich parte nation of I nth character. The Knntuckian war afterward* played, in which Mr. Hackett appeared in hit original character of Col. Nimrod Wildfire. Thia character Mr. Hackctt baa aaada bit own, and I art ere king fully tuitained the reputation which he hat gained. The evening eloeed with tue farce of the Bengal Tiger. On Monday evening, will be preaented King Henry the Fourth, in which Mr. Hackett and Mr. Vandenhoff will appear. Bowaar Thsatei.?If we may judga from the to peated buret*of applaut* which nightly greet the rep reeantation of the drama of " Lafltte," w* may wall be lieve that the frequenter* of thia popular place of amnao ment are highly delighted with it! performance. Tha action of the drama it wall calculated to eahibit, in a strong light, tbo peculiar talent* of Mr. J. R. Scott, and tha other principal performer*. The management muat ?how their diacernmenl iu the aelection and preaonta Hon of piecea ot atorling merit, and tuitad to the taete of the audience. On Monday evening, the tragedy of " Adelgitha" will bo proaentod, with the diama of " Tha Old Toll-Honao." Obxcivwich Thsatbb.?This elegant resort gee tbo play-goers of the upper part of tha city comet up' fully to all that ita enterpriaing manager* promised. The per formance! are alwaya correct, and frequently brilliant, the tcenery i* noat and tastefully painted, the orchestra i? composed of competent musician*, and in short the toute mt>mtie it oxcoilont. There la no place of amuse ment in the city where a stranger or a citizen can spend an evening mora agreeably. A great bill it to be pre tented on Monday night; among other things tha cele brated '? Yankee Hill" it to appear in two of hia boat placet. Boweav AMmiTHBATaz.?Mesar*. Sanda, Lent k Co., tho anterprisiDgtproprietora oi thia,well patronised place of amusement, closed (ho Bowory Amphitheatre laat evening, after having on* ot th* moat brilliant engage' meets ever witnessed in New York. Tho hous* at usual, was crowded to overflowing ; and during tha per formances, the feats of the celebrated dancing and light ing ponya elicited thundera ol applause from tpe audi to. The< once. The evening was set apart for the benefit of Mr. I Pentiand, the popular clown of the eitabliahment; and judging by the number of persona that were in the bouee, we should say that it was a vary substantial one Ocbmaiv Bocibtv Cohcibt.?The Tabernacle was crowded laat night with n fashionable auditory, aaaem ! bled to bear tho annual concert of the Oerman Society of New York. The moat striking part of tho porfcrm : ancet ware the variation* on " The Prayer," from the ; Opera of " Moaet in Egypt," and the " valaas Burins I cat," composed and perlormod bv 8enhor Noronha a Spanish or Portuguese gentleman of grsat musical talent, ! who has lately arrived in this country from Brasil. He | was enthusiastically applauded at frequent intervals. Bellini's durtta of " Deh Conie" was admirably sung by Miaa Northsll and Miaa Koraintky. These ladies are ?weet vocalist* and vary generally admired. Mr. Bbouuhem?Thia talented and patriotic represen tative of the Milesian race, had a capital house, last evening, at Palmo's. No man living, probably, since the day a of the lamented Power, of whom Mr. Brougham is I acknowledged to be a worthy successor, has th* power i of pourtraying so faithfully tho contradictions and con : trarielies which constitute the Irish character?at least 1 none haa appeared in public. Hia conceptions are bril liant and poetical?hi* delivery is expressive, and hia atyla highly graceful. We understand that Mr. Brough am will give another entertainment to irorrow evening in Brooklyn. At the conclusion of last evening's enter tainment, he was called out by the audience, and made a brial and pithy acknowledgment of tho obligation* ho waa under to tha public for the indulgence granted to him in thia city. Mr. Burko, the celebrated violinist, arrived in Phila delphia on tho 17th inat. Madame Pico arrived yesterday, in the Taroliata, from Matanzaa. "Later from Mexico.?By the arrival at thia port of the bark Elizabeth J, from Havana, we are placed in poisession of papers to the lOtn mat In thoie of the 9th inat, we find the following additional iteraa of newa from Mexico, aa brought up from Vera Crux by the English steamer. All reference to Mr. Slidell'a proposed departure la, of course, of no moment, aa his arrival at New Orleans has already been announced. There were no changes or interest at the Capital, save those which we annex. On the twenty-fifth of February, there were lying at anchor in the harbor of Mazatlan, two American frigates, two sloops of war, a schooner, and a transport, in all mountiog 101 guns. At the same time there were a British frigate of 40 Suns, and a brig ef 19; Frigate Savannah, Capt. Hoal; Frigate Constitu tion, Capt. Percival ; Sloop-of-war Portsmouth, Capt. Montgomery; Sloop-ofwar ,Capt. Page: Schooner Shark, Capt. ; Transport trie, Capt. Tunis; En glish frigate American, Capt, John Gordon; English brig Frolic, capt. Hamilton. The English steamer at Havana, on the 0th of Aoril, from Vera Crus, brought as passengers General D.Juan Nepomuceno Almonte, on a diplomatic mission to both the governments of England and France. He was ac companied by his Secretary, Leroi de Tejada. The Government journal has had its title changed from Diaria dti Ofbiirno da la Rtpublica Mejieana, to the Diaria Official del Gubirrno Mtjieana The republican newspaper, La Epoca, has ceased its existence. By decree of the 4th of March, the President, Parades, had created a corps, called the ''Police of Security," composed of both cavalry and infantry, in order to aid in the administration of justice?PAj 17. 8. Gazette. Examination of thk Express Robbers.?James W. Smith, of New York, sou of A. M. C. Smith, and officer M'Gowan, ef Philadelphia, arrived in town Yesterday morning, having in charge Benjamin Pratt, James Purdy, and Sally Ann Pardy, alias Pratt, alias Brown, charged with participating in the robbery of ] Livingston be Wells' Express, in October last, all of j whom were arrested in Philadelphia Upon the exami nation at the police office yesterday, it appeared by the ' testimony of Mr. Smith, that some time about the mid | die of March last, he called on Pratt, in company with one of the Express firm, aod that ho then gave up to Mr. I Wells, a portion of the funds stolen, amounting to about i $0,000, which Pratt stated he had received from Dr. Hatch. This was probably one of the sheres. This was all the testimony introduced, and upon which the defen dants were committed to await the arrival of further evidence from the east. The whole plan of the robbery, and every thing connected with it, will in due time be made public.?Koek'tler Advertner, April 17. Seduction.?We arc informed by a citizen of Swantoo, that the people of that town were thrown into a state of no little excitement, lest waek, by the revelation of e most flagrant case of seduotion, which has finally tcrmineed in tbe death of the unfortunate victim. A young girl, (we suppress namst) living with ber brother-in-law, was recently discovered to bo enciente ; and to account for this, she said that some un known person entered her bed room at midnight when the family were absant, and no one near to haar bar criea lor help. *Ms story was believed. Tbe child waa born and daring her recovery a fevar ensued which laid bar on the bad of death, where she confessed that bar own brothar-in law was the father of her child, and that this criminal intercourse had bean going on for two or three year*.?Sf. Albant Rrpub Legislative Summary ?la the 8enate, the Hud son River Railroad bill was taken up in committee, and the details < f the bill occupied tbo entire morning sesaion. Several amendments were made to the bill? among them one restricting tbe maximum grade to 30 feet to the mile. In tbe House, a report waa submitted from the majority of the committee on Way* and Means, Concluding with a resolution against any present as sumption of the public works. Ol this report 1600 copies were ordered to be printed. A resolution of in quiry loto the amount of the featef tbe Justioes of the Marine. Court was adopted. The Landlord and Tenant bills' were than taken up, and Messrs. Wat son, Wells. Tilden. Bsiley, Shafer and Ludlow addressed tba committee.?Albany Argue, April 17. On Ihe 17th Inst a part of tka large new mill now being erected on the Hamilton corporation at Lowell fell down 1 with a tremendous crash. It was occasioned by the water working in under the mill. About forty feet of the buiidlugfell carrying away pert of the roof. No lives lost. i flONBY MAHKBT. Saturday, A prll IB?8 P.M. The advicea from Europe ere, both in e political an' commercial point of view, considered rather favorable than otherwise. Such was tka imprassion in Wall ?traat; and quotations for nearly every stock in tbe list advanced, in some instances three per cent. Reading Railroad went tip 7 per cent; Long Island, I}; Canto.i, I; Harlem, I; Norwich and Worces ter, I; Penn'a 0's, I j ; Morris Cansl, Ij; Farmers' Loan, S. Whother thia improvement can be maintained in th* face of our loctl difficulties, or not, is impossible to tell. It may be sustained for a day or two, but it la our tm pression that the tightness of our money marketa is produced by those things which are beyond being af fected by any accounts wa may receive Irom the other side. The London money market waa comparatively easy. The only diA eulty, in the way of an abundance of capi tal making its appearance in the market, was the fears growing out of the railway speculations ; an extensive demand (or money for deposits, on account of the nu merous lines in contemplation, being anticipated. The transections in American seceritiee in London| previous to the dapertur# of the steamer, were very limited. The quotations for Indiana sterling 01,1801 aid Ih0fi ware >4 and 14j, Louisiana 0 s, 1044 and ISM, 00; New Terk ?'a, ISM, 00j; do 4'a, 1000-00, 00; United States Bank Shares, 17?. The returns of the Bank of Eigland, for four periods present tbe annexed remits :? Bane or Ewolawo. IMS. 1010. July, K Sept 17. Feb 14 March T. Notes issued in 80.580 M 017,9* K} ?7,8rH,*? Gold eoiskbulliou 11.141,US |17l7,i)0 11.177.788 11,417 a 8 Hilrer bullion ... 1.0W.1M 1.M0.M8 1,611,041 I.M1JM) B'king Drp't. Rest. .." S SI .071 JStl.71! 1,174.577 1.757,708 Public depositee.. l.>-tl.?S ? S t 110 *718.S71 i.WI 'ii Other deposits*... 14,74*01] ?l(i70.*ll 18.0 S.*71 17.081,778 8svou4ay sad other hills 1.88V,211 1 000 )11 *4 * 818 M0 ITS Oovsr i*leeeuruioo IJ.JM.1'4 13 MS *41 Il.li7.ll7 P,l* w Other securities.., It,OP 877 14 110 001 W DI.Mt Notes 7,Ml 48* 7 *10 0*5 8 874,87* 7JT0AB Gold b silver eoio ht.M CM,7W 007,177 707005 The eat eel eiiwuiaUon of tbe Bank af few periods mautfeuod to tho ikw* table, w m as ausedr? CiuvuTiea or tu Inn or Emu?i.u July to SrjH.r FU 14. JfercAT. Notao issued 10HJJM M .67 m M 044,116 V mjm Note* on h sad... 7,943 ??6 1M.W 6,074.075 7,574.*? Actaal circalation ?11.Ml .CIS M .610 OK M1M JN M.X3 645 Tho returns for March 7th, compared with these for the wook previous, exhibit i ? A dec re mo of circulation of ?607 Ml An incroaoo of public dopooita of *106 wo A decrease of private doporita of HOMO A dacraaae of aacuritioa of 1,190,040 An incroaao of bullion of II .404 An incraaaa of rotator of CM 000 An incrtaao of Raat of 90,179 Tho moat important itauu in thia atatamant, abow s (raat dacraaao. tu ; the private dopoalta and aacuritioa. Compared with the returna for February 14th, there baa bean an incraaaa in lha circulation of ?970 ,040. Tbo quotation! ior bullion in London wore to on nexed ratoaa or bullion m londoi*. Foreign Gold in bara, (atandard). per oa.?0 17 0 Foreign Gold In coin, Portugal piecaa 0 10 0 New Dollars 0 4 Of Silver In bars, (atandard) 0 4 lif I Tba premium on gold at Paris waa 11) par mill*, which, at tho English mint prlca of ?0 17a. )#|d par ounce for atandard gold, gives an exchange of 94 40} and the exohange at Paris on London at abort being 94 04, It follow* that gold was 0 74 per cant dearer in London than in Paris. At Hamburgh the price of gold was 494 per mark, which, at the Englleb mint prioe of ?917e 10)d per ounce for standard gold, giro* an exchange oi It 4) } an 1 the exchange at Hamburgh on London at abort being II19, it fellows that gold was 1.14 per oont dower la London than in Hamburgh. Tb* bill (ranting to tho Baltimore and Ohio Ballroad Company tho right of ocnatruoting their read thieagk Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, on oertain conditions, came up in ordar, in tha Pennsylvania Hons* of Bopie sontativoa, en third reading, on tb* 19th Inst , and paaaait Anally by tha following vote, vis.i?Taaa 41,nays 49. Bafora taking tha rota on tha bill, by unanimous con sent, tho proviso was ao modiiod as to require tho sum of $1 000,000 to bo paid into tha traasury of tho Pennsyl vania Railroad Company bafora tha 99th of July, 1947, la ordar to defeat tha right of way. Tha bill required hirty par cant on subscriptions to bo paid in, but by tho i modification the amount need not exceed $1,009,099 even ! i |tbe stock should all be takon. The bill muat now bo returned to the Senate for ooa ' currenoo in oertain amendments, of which tho above ! | loviso is the moat important one. Old Ntoek Kxrhanga. $1,140 N V State Vs. <99 44* <44 aha Harlem Bit 44 9 SM Ohio S'a, ISS0 M 104 d i Ml " 1,604 Ho 1171 SMS 1SS do IS 000 Pean S'a Mm IS do 6 000 do ?JS SIX 730 do 6,004 do 6464 US do 76 000 do 07 100 do Ml 10 4 0 do sM 67w 60 Loaf 1st RR aw 5.' 00 _ do _ 47j2 164 do 74)2 60 do aw 93 100 do 30,400 Reading Bonds 2,MM Illinois Bonds, TO 1,000 do 34V 904 do 14 >hs Union Bank 117 144 do 6? Kumars' Trust 94 100 No* k Wor RR 94 30 do OV 104 do sl4 94 60 Morris Canal 14 09 do 93k 100 do bW 14V 371 do 94k UO do c 13V M0 do *99 Sfe 100 do iM 13* 4M Heeding RR 63 26 Canton Co 31* 300 do iM SM 3M do slO 31 IN do MS 943 do 14 ? ? 64 do 9 26 do 60 do 13 de 60 do 64 do 104 do 64 do too do 60 do 160 Canton Co 60 do New Stock Kvrhunge. 19 sha Mor Canal bnw 14 M aha Farmers' Tr sM 94 .'4 Canton Co 100 Harlem RR 34 do 30 do 39 do IM) do ISLongblRR _ 34 Rending RR *3 44 100 do aw 94 36 do hi 64 26 do e 94 M do 376 do 34* 60 do 34 8 N H k Han RR M Second $16 044 Penn 6's bl4 07* IM shs Long lsl RR *10 32 M do 31* M do 33* IM do bnw 33 64 Harlem RR 44V 60 do 44 2 iO Morris Canal IJft 300 do 'J* 64 Reading RR b3 6JH, M do 43* 39 do 64* 30 do 64* 64 do 44* 16 do 44 ?16 34 34 do 014 c 44* 23 Nor k Wor RR e all 44* 30 do c Mon 44* 30 do M *10 44* 23 do 1 Hon ?60 44 76 do M e 33* 26 do IS *3 44 100 do aw hi 44 26 do e b!6 44* Died. On Fridav night, 17th met, Mrs. Mmt Mile*, in U? Mth year or her ago. Her friend*, relative*, and thoae of her lon-in-law, John Rao* ?, are requested to attend her fonoral froei her late residence, No I Jay street, en Snnday aiterneen at ' 44 o'clock. 1 On Saturday, 18th inat., Sothia Maoabctma Iiilsm, wife of John 8ielken, in the 37th year of her ago, a na tive oi Germany. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend her funeial, this (Sunday) afternoon, at tt o'clock, from her late residence, corner of Spring and Oreen streets, without further invitation. On Saturday, 18th Inst., Mart McFablabd, of MB sumption, in the 98th year of her age. Her friends, and those of her brother-in-law, Nicholas Keene, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral aid o'clock this (Sunday) alternoon, from No. 116 Orange street. On Saturday morning. 18th inst., of consumption, Ate raao Elmer t>oar, of this city, tailor, in tho 43d year of his age. His relatives and friends are respectfully invited te at tend his funeral Irom his late residence. No. M Laight street, on Monday, 90th inst., at 4$ o'clock in tho after noon, without further invitation. I LAROC AND EXTENSIVE 8ALE of a valuable erigiaal collision J-tpau Lacquered porcelain. of the richest kiudot magnificent original old Drrtdeo pore-lain croupe, figures, cars tad saucers. Mendoria cake enJfrait dunes, plate*,tape and tracers, of th* finest quality; ancient trd original Veaetiao BocaJs or wine class**, of great rarity, aacieat tana of the Im ceatary, of carved moth r of pearl ana ivory, beautifully | painted ; and two moat precious Japan porcelain tables or wash-stands, such as after have been imported into th ? eonn 1 try. These rhoics collections of oraamcets aad antiqas artt cles, bow offer ad, are very care ; th-y ere all salt* b??sons ef them less than one hundred yean, and some as old as two haa .dred ;they are very costly, aad collected ihroegh the eld towee of Hollaed, sad other places, with great diiigeace aad perse verance, by the collectors of those articles ; they are big ly valaed at 'he courts of Europe, aad among the English tM French aobilty. To be sold at the Magaxin Jspaaau, 6S Do nee street between Broadway sad *Jm street. by Aaroa Levy* Aunoreer, on I hnrsday, April 55, 1M Sale te eommeeee poaitivelv ?t it o'clock, rata or ahiae, N. B. The public in g.nsral are stoat retpretfaHy invited* particularly the ladies to call asd lasaioe this raagaiftesat collection, now ready for examination, wi h catalogsaa. I el? It'rt ANTED?By a respectable yoaag woman, with tim kern oleity isfeisaee. a siraatioa aa rearnatress. Please ed dress Bos 1M0 Post Office, which will be lmaisdiatrly attended to afm ?I'lllirP 111 gWll'icen isn tis etramicodusil sllli fsi A nished bedroom vnd parlors, with, or without breaking and tea, imp ivata family, io a e-ntral aad eoevaei at pelt eg Broadway. For particulars, apply at No 41 Crosby street. a'9 If IB FUR SALE CHEAP. ! In/m TONS OF IC* sitaawd ia aa ice heeae on the ! 1UUU wart bank of the Hadeoa, i% miles aorhof Bristol, sad X 01 a mile north of West Camp landtag; depth ef water Nftwtetthedoch aitl.*rc " REMOVAL. A J. CUNNINGHAM has re-, red hie stoehof Welches, ? Clock*, Jewelry. Silver Plated sod Hritanaia Ware, m to ,71H Bhwery, (new stores) opposite Delascy "treat? Gold Silver nnd Steel hpeeueles from 85 eeala to Bffil Perils c-l from $1 34 to ft; of all kiada aad ts eeitalt sights ground and fund; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry aad Mesig Bouse reps red and warranted. ' e't IWr WINES, BRANDIES, Oto. H E subscriber offer* for sale at 45 Ptae ?West, corner ef - William street, the following ? Pale aad Brown Sherries, of the least gill torn, ia pipes, half do. aad qr cask*; also ia slass % Madeira, ia pipes, h .ds aud qr saaksi also ia fiemijahaa aw* bottles; some very old of fine qualities. Port, tandem an Brothers' ef Oporto, tho vary highest grades, ia wood cod gltaa Champasa*. is quarts aad piata, lae quality. Hock*, of vanoa . qualities. Clarets?Chetesa Msrgaat, Laffitt*. me. at. Burgundies?Cloeda Voeeot. Cbambert'i. Bemeai. OldVale Cog Brandy, ITU; Imperial H el land (Jin. A* kg. All oi my own importation, aad warranted e't kinaeoHr GILBERT DA VIA THE U1TY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Office No. 81 Wa? street, Cita ef New fsri CAPI1 AL STOCK ?al*,tt0. all paid in in cask, aad sstaro ly invested according to >h* provisions el it* rbartet. This Company has been ia business twelveyeats, aad ia that tim-has peidloaeei by fire upwards of 14* tm. . . The present am ts of the Company exceed its capital Meek more then $?,50t. Insurance egaiost lees or damage by Fit* effect! cation, at reasonable term*. R. A. READING. alt Iibio. m P F CURRT. WRAPPING PAPER, onnn REAMS straw and Rag Wrapping tJWV aad Doable Croura, reewived aw g]| tmin Wm?4IT Mi " STRAW BOARDS. job'""?'' alt l*>n 05 and dT N TISSUE PAPER. 6000"A?A.l?L'Klir HO " Yellow. IN " Pink. ISO " Blued. Mt " Blue. im " Otem T gwjjjjcVTkooks ^ 8EGARS! I IBMCfO. IW WIO'P PBIIHBB ?" 'NHMfeteslBifiC No. lit Wall street, ep stair PIANO FORTES HASCRB are iavitod to call at '"hsipbtr* wais tiieag t5 pmndwav, for a *ap?rtor and WPW ?v

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