Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?w.*11.,*.io?*3?4. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 20, 1846. ' rrt~1 CENTREVtLLE COURSE TROTTING T'Ut-bDAY, April Slst iu?tch lur $<Q??.VJils beau, beall in Ave, under the a?dd!a. _ ,. Wa nam**. b. *. Tom M??. C. 8. B?"ine n*mes ? g. John MafBtt. Pu?ae of tM. ail* beats, baft three i? ftve. in harness?jot ?o'?*sthat urTfr <rrn a purse over W. will ba IWM. 10 ?"?a off the umi day of the match. To cloee Satuidiy. April ! Ifc?. by# o'clock P.M., at GREEN It LOStE'i. , Three or wore tn mike afield ala ? cl>I NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND 'W If FERRY. I Oa and a**r Monday n**' the ttch dnrofApril the stesm boats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will ran u fol Leav* S'sten Island at ?, ?, ?, 1*. 1> o'clock. A. M.; 1, S,4, I, ? o'clock, P. M. lih . . , Leave New York at 1.1. 10. >1 o'clock, A. M.; 1,1. J, 4. i, 7 o'clock, P. M. . , N B.?All freight at the ruk of the owuaia thereof. alt r< DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND [RUL AND?Persona wishing to remit mo ney to anv part of England, Ireland. Scot land or Walee, can piocnre drafts of the aab "seribere, payable uo demand, withont dis count or any other chare*. in all the Provincial townsacdcities throughout th- United Kiugdom. I Persons residing in the conn try cut, by forward iu* any amounr to ihe ? ubrcribers. with the name and address of the person for whom it is intended, hare a draft sent by the first ?teaTior or ship, and a receipt for the same retained by mail. For further particulars spply to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, all r 75 South street, corner Maidea Isnt. OrP08iriON TO MONOPOLY?k OR ALBANYAND TR"Y-Thrnagh Direct. The new steambost ONEIDA, Caj t George O, Tapper, (late of the Kmpira) will leave the pier at ihe foot of Cedar >treet. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday altar noon. at 7 o'clock Fr^ht takea at redueed prioes. For far ther information inquire of the Captain oa board of the boat, alt NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. TOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot ofCoartlaadt street. JMC3K> Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in tim-to lake the Moraiag Train of Cars from Troy weal to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall aad Lake Cham pla-u. The steamer EMPIRE, Captain R B. Macy, leaves the foot ?f Couriliudt street on Tuesday, Tharsday and Saturday evenings, et seven o'e'ock, P. M. For Passage or Flight, apply ou Board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freight must be pat in chs-ge of th* Freight Agent, or the Comp ny wil' not be responsibly for loss. a?t tf PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty tti. Steamboat ROCHESTER, C?p?. Alfred ? Houghton will leave on Monday, Wednes .dav. and Fridav evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON. Capt. R. G. Cruttenden. will leave oa Tuesday, Tharsday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At i o'clock P. M., Laadiur at Inteemediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wa. H. Peck, will leave ?a Monday, Wednesday, Friday aad Sunday afternoons, at 1 o'clock. Steambost NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Furry, will lesve ou Taesday, Tharsday and Saturday afternoons, at i o'clock. The above boa's will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample lime for the morning ca-s for the east or west. ^ Freight taken at moderate rates; none taken after JX o'clock, AII persons are forbid trusting any of tha boats of this line, witboat ? written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, applv on board the Boats, or tn P. C. Bchaltr, at he office on the wharf. sWire pahs age to an.i from Liverpool? Mjfy The Packet ahip NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, JapHHs sails Tor Liverp'ol on the 16th of April, and the packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt in Eldridge, on the list of April, sad ihe packetshio 8IDDONS, on the 17th of April. For passage, havi-g superior accommodations, apply to JOHN herdman It CO, 618outh st. N B.?Persons sending for their friends can hsve them kmaiht oat by the above meketa. or any of tha line,on the most lav. rable terms. Drafts tarnished forany amount. payable at f.ll tne l rincipal towns throughout England. Ireland, Seiot aud and Wales, on application as above, or to Heidman. Kt? mu It <'o., 8< Waterloo Hosd Liverpool. a2tm GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS-To sail 1st av. her regular day?The fine. fs?t ssiling, copper I Br. bark ANN HARLEY, Cnpt. R. Ecott.will sai' as above, her regular day. For balance of ireigkt or passage, having excellent aceom st. nodations, apply to ?It rC i wOODHULL It MINTURN. 17 South sbijHUCU >OR NEW ORLEANS - LouUiana and New > Vork Line.?Positiv ly Fust Regular packet?To sail ?. _? Tuesday 21st inst.?The elegant, fast sailing packet ship LXjUIbVILLP., Hnut, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or paassge, having handsome Famished eeeom modations, apply on board, at Orleaas whart. foot of Wall ?treat, or to E.K COLLINSkCO.* South street. Passengers will please be on boards at S o'clock to-morrow, list mat, at which time tha ship will sail. Agent in New Orleans. jaS. K. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward nil 'ood- to his address. Packet ship OSWEGO, Johnsoa. master, will aaceaad the Louisville, aad sail Mond >y, S7tn inst., bar regular day sit NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL?Packet ol the list of April?The splendid, JpUpfis rest sailing and favorite packet ship LIVER POOL, ltjt tons barthea, Capt John Eldridge, will sail on Tnesdsy, April SI, her regular dsy. Parsons wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make cail y application on board, foot of Burlingslip. or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their g-naral Passage Office, 74 South st. alt ra corner of Ma den lane, op stairs FOR ALL, WELL AND SICK. MR*. CARROLL'S Medicated, Vspcr and Sulphur Baths, lvA ,|t KnUou street, oppjsite 8t Paai's Church. 1 heae Batha are ihe icoet safe, deligbt'al and efficacious reet.Wy for colds, tlieum"tism, chills and fever, kc , and not ooly a cure, but a preventive to many of "The thousand ills that flesh is heir to." They afford the moat agreeable mod.- of Bathtac, aad are essen tial to thorough cleanliness. UT^ Mrs Cairoll'a B?tha differ from evety othef "Vapor Ba h "ao called, and have bern established in this City for m 'a than 20 years. Sol.hnr B ths require half an hour's notice. Portable Vapor Baths aeut to any part af tha city or vicinity. alt Imfh I ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT t rtutversally admitted to be the only article that will per form all that it it represented to do. It hat performed inch a'touisl ii'c i urea of Knea a-itism, Swelled Limb*. Sprain? Braisee, ' ?ontra'-tiOBa ef toe Cord* acd mnseles, Scrotal a or Kiofi hvil. Paralyses or Lo?s or the ate of th* Limba, Oia erne o' th.* Pome or ?_ip Joint, Emotions of the Skin, Ice., and that it world itKig-r belief if thsy roold uot be substantiated by t*e no<t respectable persons who hivo usrd it; it want* eniy to ?? tried, to utiify the invalid of the hetling virtues of t bi< most eicelleot remedy Prise ipal depot. it l..?re S INQf.R'MrtL fc CO. 90 John at. rAftUK SOAPs AWU Jf?.KFllMEK.Y. NO. THREE f-OUUTLANDT STREET, Depot for the aale of the W&lnat Oil M-litary Shaving Soap Highly Scented T?il?t Soap*. Elenat Escraets, Eaaencea, Colofuea, Hair Oil*, Pomatums, together with erery other article ia oar line. Conu"-y Merchants, Draggist* and Dealers ia re a era! are invited to examine onr eitsn ire assortment, where thsy ?mi be supplied at the lowest rate* Superior pale and No. 1 Soapa. Patent ChryaUllin* Candle*, ?Iw ya vm haad. ? *T U?r e JOHNSON. VROOM fc fllWLKR NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY. \ NNUAL MEETING?Notice ia hereby riven that the ai.nnal meeting for the election of officers for the eusu<njt r, will be held at 'he < oliseam.on TUESDAY EVEN ING list'nst, at I o'clock?in conformity with Article 10, A ai.nnal meeting far the elrctioa of officers lor the enauing jasr. will be held st 'ha i oliseam.oa TUESDAY EVEN ING list ' I o clock?in conformity with Article 14, Sac. 1. of the By-Lawa of aaid 8ociety A s eeial meeting of the male member* of the Society will lie held at their hall on Monday evening 30th mat. at I o'clock1, to act epoD proposed ameadaaats to (ha By-Law*. Pnnctnal attecdauce is leqaeated. I h* pubi c is reaMctfally iaformed that th* aanivenary performance ol the Society will take place at the Tabernacle on FriJay evening, 15th of May. (aanivenary week) on which ceeaiion Handel's Oratorio of the Messiah will be peifortned ?v order, J. CONN EH SMITH, Secretary. *1* ft*r ' NOW OPEN. " TWENTY-FIRST ANNUAL EXHIBITION OK THE NATION AL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, ATTHEIR BOOMS, corner of Broadway and Leonard A street, consisting of orl :Ual work*, by eminent artiais, te?er liefer* exhibited by the Academy. Open from 9 M. to !? P. M. Season tickns H ce?t*?tingle admission 13 cent*. Cata logue* IIS eenia. alt ltis*rre To VOCALISTS. MFSlClAffB, AND fMAi'fcfl CAL PROFESSION. WCORSYN, Manager of the nwit* Bell Riafari, re ? apectfelly iiferma the members of the Maateal aad Theatrical professions, that he will have falilled hi* ragage oieut with the above band ia a few week*, aad tender* hia ser vices a? tiaveli in? agent to any maaieal professor,band ot com pany of aitiata of acknowledged talent ab< at in travel. Hsvtag completed hie s?coad ti ar throughout tha United ScaUs, the Caaadas, Tsisi, aad the Island of Cnba, dariag wh'ch he haa visited almost every seetioa of thoae eoantriea, and made himaelf rractieall* acquainted with tboee deta il aad tU'iatiea moat i ecetaaiy and asefal to profeesioeai travtllers, he beliave* that his aervices will prove ad van tags o? a a aay party with whom he may enrage. Letter* addressed to \V. Corbye, Manager of the Swias Bell Ringer*, cue of Sol. Smith. Esq, theatre, St. Loaie, Mo, if mailed prior to May lt:k, and prepeid, will meat with prompt a'teotion at thil time all tlrrc JUNO A BEHRMANN, RZMOVZD FKOM 71 UBXRTY STKXKT TO *1 B O 17 TH WILLIAM TTREKT. SCOTCH GOOSEBERRY BUSHES, &c. M THE Sabeeriber* haveJast received par Agnes, from jKXOI >agow, rtOO saperior Scotch Gouaeberty Bushes, ol ^Jb.the meet approve* kino*.in caltivatioa, sad liom th* beat Oi.oaebeiry nanery ia Seotl<ad?price St M per dozen, or by the hundred on very murnable terma. Also, iM red Antwerp Kaspbirnea?price $1 per dor en, m Ana order J. M. THOR BURN * CO. No It John street TVe Oaoseberries are ia prime order and naddmg beaatifal 1t?packed ia driens or hall dotena, mstted from the ait; trim an inch or two ?t tha roots and top* before planting. all It W.ll.'rh FOR SALE, m_si IMMEDIATELY, ia lot* to rait parch***rs?190 J*"-$rrslied white maloerry trees, imponed list ipnag fron ^dwtlie l ennnr MonnUms, ia th- South of Franca, the bes .:iL ntnf n(' !?' VI rrtrtsa ? ?nil i n Kw Been le.ll MA.,al ill eacn, ??i?r inia vir.pmnuce imtm econjh to feeJ W< 'i t winma. at least, which leave* (the large Quean |*eve*, ? inches in diameter), increasing ia gnaatttv each yaer, > owe-tbirO; alter Ave yearn, if the ire** ate well eallivated, ,11 laeteaee ivgalatly cae-Kelf The r aertr have been im Krt*d m thia coaativ. so wall adapted to ta* Biodaettaa of silk - aad * T,r71,w I*4**' ?** A W1 ?table n TO RENT CHEAP. The House II Orchird lUMt. Inquire of ?16 lw*rh A SAMSON. 443 Pearl *t TO REN r. ' MA BEAUTIFULLY aitnatad Front Office, in K Sou:h street. on ihi ?-eoad door Two or more Lofta cau also be hid with it. For fa<the'particulars, truly to W. fcJ. T.TAPSCOTT, 75 Month it, ?ISr corner of Maid?n lane. TO RENT, TilK UfPER PAHTof a i-leaanntlr litnitrd three 1 story Hruse in B too >ne street.-* few doors writ of Broad m .way To a small family ihe rant will be moderate. For further iufoi taction apply to <95 Broome ?utet. a!7 It*r M IX) LET?The modern three itory aud attic Houae, No, M Second Avenne, be ween 4th and 5th streeta ? It i? well finished, with mahocany doora, plated furni ture aad plate glass in the tiff, story, bath ia the second atory, and very conveniently arr need throughout. Apply on ihe premiae* Caaba seau from U A.M. to 3 o'clock P.M. daily all lw*rrc FOR SALE, UK TO LET, MThe Mode-n built three itory brick honae, 115 Adama ?trret, Brooklyn It unt aoldby private aale, it will be diapoaeri of at pnblic auction, on the 15th day of May next. HaJf ol the purchase money can remain on mortgage, for a term of veara. Application to be made on the premiaea, >15 Adama at. Brooklyn. a4 lm'rc FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, BTHE Honae and Lot 473 Broadway The main honae ia Ave atonea high with the attic, and <0 fret deep. 1 ha ,bacli buildi i* ia three atoriea high and #4 lert defp A ou the rear front of on Mercer atrret, 43 feet deep. The lot ia 2C feet faur in hea front and rear, and 300 lee' dtep Pe aooa wiahing to coufrr with the owner, Or. CHEER. MAN, may do ao between the honra of ? and #, A. M.. and IX aud 4KJ?. M. all 3w* rre HOUSE IN BROOKLYN. NfcAR FULTON FERRY.?The four atorv haiement brick Honae with _ doable atair eases, No. 7 TilUry afreet, nnt the corner ofrallon atrer,. It ia in excellent conditio* and well anitcd to a centee! family, and will be rented for $100 to a prime family. Apply to TONNeXE k HALL, alt 3t*m earner of Pearl and Baekman atre- ta. TO LET, a TO A SMALL FAMILY?The upper put of a honae in Chambera atraat, consisting of front and ba?k ream with pantry, on the seeoud floor, and a front and bed room on the third floor, and if required an attie room, with the o?e ol Crotun water, aid other neceaaary privileges. Ap ply to A. i. VAN PRO KG, 57 Warren at. N. B.?If deairable a part of the above may be obtained. a7 lw*r TO LET OR FOR SALE, tA MODERN BUILT COTTAUE, Stable aud Coach Honae attached, with about as acre of laud, the principal part of which ia well atocked with fruit and inrube, and eo.loaed with a picket frncc. The stages maa every ten minutee within five minntra' walk of the houae. Situation between UOth and 111th atreeta. Ft further informa tion apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth atreet, or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. ? mrll lm*re TO LET. A HOU8E AND BARN, with about aixteen lota o Pjf ground, aitnated in the village of Haatinga, Weatrheater JalpLcoaaty, State of New Fork. within a few minutes' walk of the ateambeat landing. Said place ia divided into gar dena, which are well atockea with fruit. Aleo, a peasant grove, with a atrram of water, and aeveral good apringa. Poa session can be given immediately. For further particular*, ap ply at A* store of Mr. SeMnaser, Haating'a Landing, or of al lm*re MR. ECKEKT, 73 Murray at. New York. NEPTUNE HOUSE. MTHE Subscriber reapeetfully informs hia friends and the public generally, that hia house will ba open to re ceive company on the first of Way. Alao, that he ia now prepared to make anangementa with familiea for roems and board for theeoming aeaaon. Its location and conveniences off-r great iuducemrnta to thoae who wish to be near the city, and well accommodated?alao, good bathing. New Ruchelle, April II, IMC C. F. RICE all St'rrc TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, WHO DE8IRE a llnndaome and Uipuiou Store in PB on of the moat crowued and flourishing thoroughfaree JieULof Brooklyn?The aodersigned has now a reeled, m Myrtle ATenue. uear a drr goods atore. which ia doing an im mense bu* neaj, a fiae three storir brick building, U feet front by 40 feet deep, with handsomely finished parlor*, Ac , a Urge and commndioa* atore. and an excellent and spacions base ment. It will he finished, ????1 ,-,vl * lar possession before the first of May; will b? an aiCr-llrnt location for a retail dry goods bnsineas.and will ba let low to > gix-d tenant. Apply to JOHN LANOSTAKK, mM Jw*r 145 Myrtle Artnaa A PoS4?? Mi TO LET Oii F OR SALE, M ON Terr t-vorablefrms, four three storr and bssement ffS brick dwelling Homes, in Hoboken. They eeeh con JUJL tain II room* besides the kitchen, and are fitted in beautiful style throughout. Two of theee hoasea are SI feet front by 63 feet deep; and two of them U feat by 44, with wide court yard ia front. The situation commands a fine view and ia within one minute's walk of the ferry, where boats leave every fifteen mmatee, for Barclay atreet, and every half hoar for Ca nal and Christopher streets. They will be let with the privilege of five ferriage. Apply to alO 2w*r J. C.8T?VENH, Hoboken. TO LET\ THE Store No 139 Wi lis? street, with two lofts and basement. Thia is one of ihe splendid block re centlr erected and known asthi " Washington Stores." Poasesaiou given immediately. Apply to H0lt?- A. BKKEDEN, 18 Gold atreet A MttST RATE. l!iiA?CE FOR A SMALL CAPITAL. ? FOR SALE, in consequence of the subscriber's going weat, the lease, furniture and fixtures of a Porter aad Lodgirg Houu>, and Two Ten-Piu Alleys, of an old ? tarnished stand, kept by the subscriber for ihe <ast I) years, where the lodging pays more thin the rent. Kor particulars esquire of O. WEsTRROOK, 41 Bowery. all If rh FARM FUR SALE t SITUATED on the sonth si-te of Long Island, IK mite* weat ol the village of Babylon Ssid Kins eon tains sixty acres of LAND, a portion covered with lad the balance under a hig s'ate of cultivation. On ?aid farm is a two story double HOUSE, with kitchen attach ed Barn, Carriage House, Orainciy, Ice House, and several other build ngs. Communication with New York by Railroad and stage* three times a day. For farther pa'ticnlsrs eoqaire of W. E ISAACS,-" Comer of Libe ty and West street. New V ork ? a'g |t?w4w *r or of Mr BHEfKRD, on tne premises t KJM SALE,?Will be sold at public aaction, at the Hotel of David Noe, in Sumerville, N. J., on Thar* .day, the 7th day of May next, at I P.M., a Honse and >t st Oateville. on the Easton Mmnike. The honse was built by ei-Shenff Todd, at a cost of about 15000, as a dwel ling and grata store, and ia complied of a main building It ft. by M ft, and a wing If by 26. It ia well located for a person wishing to engag* in the corn trade, the giain of a Urge dis trict, lu going to market, peasing immediately by the door. Condition* of sale will be reasonably at the opuou of the parcltaser. New Brunswick, N. J., April IS, 1146. Also for sale, two Lot* of Land, about a half mile from the city of New Brunswick. N. J .and on the road leading *onth. 1'he larger lot i* covered with evergreen wood of forty year*' growth, i* about to feet above the river, which llows directly in front, and alforda a happy view np the Raritaii, of the city, and in the distaiice ef the mountains ia Noith Jersey. '1 he ?mailer let i* cleared land. Both are calcntattd aa building aite*, to please one wishing to reaide near a town, in a healthy district, and easy of acces* to the e ty of New York. For Psrtienlor*, enquire of A. U. Jones, No. M Naaaaa *t., or of Thomas Evans, in the city of New Braaawick. New Brnn?wick. April 15. 1046. *p!6 lt*rc C0 TO MILLINERS. CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated L. _ Brit premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informa the public in general, that he has for aale a moat splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, mantuactured of an entire sew article, called Paris Straw Gimp, made to the shsoe of the Bbepherdnees Oipaev?eo beaaulnl and becoming, they need only bo aeenko be admired. .VI Itinera, aad merchanta of the trade, will do wall to call and examine before they make their purchases, as the goods will be sold by tha ease or doxea a a very liberal priee. CARL KINO, 17 Division street. N B.?A general asaortmeat of all kinds of Straw Oooda sad Paris Ribbons always on hand. IS lm*r STHA W BONNETS. L. CHAPIN, No. II John street, near Broadway np OKU stairs, has on hand a good assortment of Fashionable Straw Boanets, whieh he is selling at the lowest market price*. Milliaen and others are iavited to call before purcbasiag elsewhere. mrl4 lm'r GENTLEMEN* HATS?SPRING STYLE Bird, corner pink and Nassau streets.? Oentlemea's Hats, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beauty of style, are now ready for examination and sale, by the subscriber. BIRD, mrU ?m*re Corner oI Pine aad Na*?nu str et X SPRING FASHION. ["? BROWN fcCO.. 17? Chatham Square. corner of Mott JP?etre?t, with to inform the public ol their recrnt improve aisnt in tiie manufacture and fioith of their $3 Hau,combining fashion, beauty and durability, thr*? important confide rations to the wear*r. The proprietor? do confidently aseert their hau to be mnch superior te an? e?er before sold for the eane pice Cull and utiafr yoaraeU of thia fact- ?* lm*rh spring STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. WHY will 70S pay n.4* and w to ? Hat, wbea yon an to to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP manufactory, KM Vol ton Htmt, and CM ?? tood a one for (1.641 Oo and enaine lor ronr aaleM. mrlt lm-fC metropolian hat and cap siore, _ ? 1*B- W Grand street, fl PLUNKKTT fcCO h?w Juat opened thia new aetablfah Mat with a aplftdid anortatat of HATH and CAPS, not to br eorpaeeed either in eleganee of fhafX! or du rability, which they offer to the public at the followinf rary low pneaa:? Hat.. Firat qnalitr Natria Fur, at ?3 M Hecood do do do do I M Firat quality Moleakin, do m Second do do do i u Cara from J7H cent? to ft 75 each. Wholaaale and retail crdert >>mietnally meadnl to, and cna tomera h<ta ironed and kt| i . ?h.?pe cratia. a7 Im'rrc J. PLUNKt'.V t' and R. PARDESSU8. look at this! LADIES AMD vTLEMEN. if yea wait ^g^Vaftaearuele of Boota ?no cMioea, eml at NT Broad way, wh^re yon will nod the la ?*?' axortmaat, chaapeat. and moat faahionable in the city. V* not mutako the number, M7 Broadway, eorner of Fracklin afreet. N. B ?A larae aeeortaaent of imported French Boota. at tha low prlca J dollara. M. CAH ILL alt im'r premium BOOTS. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for ?) N, city made, aad ara Veqnal to thoae ?old in oth'r atom lor S3. Fine Franca ? Calf Boota for $4 M, equal to the beat made in thu eity lorf(orS7, at YoCmi k. JONES' French Boa* and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moet fa?hioeab!e in tha eity.? Oar Bi'Ota having been judcrd in the late Fair at NiMo'a, ara aaid to be the beet eeer eola in thie city. All Boota warranted to (ire amiafaction Mending, he d'oe in the Store. YOUNO It JONES. < Ann aneet, ^ m3S Im'm near Broadway, New York. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE TO LET. THIS s^Wndidly decorated and eouveniently located tempi* o' amusement, i* now to be hil upon the moil reasona ble term* and on a le?*e of am desired duration, by appliea nop m HKNKY ROCKWELL, 17 Bowery er to JONAS liARTL* TT, E*q , K Bowery, Branch Hotel. al4 > wn. re ?UKEtiON AND 1 EXAd SAUULES " JB. k J. BULL. Fashionable 8'dille end Harue** Maker*, ? No. 306 Broadwav. hire added to their fine assonment ofkoods. russet iiud blsck Saddles. adapted te thine new eouuiries. Officers ol me Aimv supplied with 8addles for the Texan service, with (he "Twig*" pattern tree, made agreeably to hia direction* ; IloNterj, Brid'es, 8addle Uag?, kc. Euiwrants to Oregon ai d Texas fitted oat in the cheapest ?nd be?t maner. *7 eodtw'm HORLiEAUX WINES. JUST Received, iwr bark C?lfao. from Bordeaux. 704 ease* red Wines, St. Jntien Dacru, Chateau Larvae, Margeaax, La'our, Leoville, ke. M casks and ball'do red W ines, St- J alien, Medoc, Mar t*iux. kc. 31 cub and hall do whit* Wiu*s, Hast Santera*, Hint Preigusc and Grave*. Tne above wine* have been carefally (elected for this rrar ket. by my hons- in Bordeaux.and are now landing and offer ?d from the wharf, on reasonnhle term*. hy ni20 eodlm*rr JOHN HTHMlDT, 19t Fu*tnw at. TO TAILORS. f TU deemed annneceitiry to say more in favor of STENE 1 MKTS' celebrated work on Catting Oarmenu, thin that it ha* received the most unbounded approbation of the moat eminent of the profeuion. By the aid of th* noraaroa* Dia gram* it ccn uu, together with the ainple explanation* accom panying the Mine, a person of moderate capacity can, in a few hoar*, Cut with case and ELrua.iccany ol the vanoa* atyle* ol garment* now in vogue, and iu a manrer not to be *nrne**d by th* mo*t experienced cotter* Th* following are a fuw of the many highly respectable name* who tMtify to the merit* of the book. The undersigned being practically acqaaiuted with Mr. Stenemeta'Trnatiea uu Cuttinn Garments, with pleasure re commend it as a work, complete iu it* arrangement, anil in ita practical application to Catting, superior to any herut*fjre published either in Earop* or Aroeiic* P. Henry k Son; Daniel ('utter; Slant* k Baker; Charlea Cox; K. W. Tryon k Co; B. T. Horner; Jam** Daily; P. Haviland; J. H. Bancker, kc., ike. The above can be obtaiued of th* author, at No. 113 Broadway, New York, price from $? to fit per copy. mart'r COAL.?1 am delivering Irom my yard, corner of King and Greenwich streets, the real r-ach Orchard Hed Ash, at the** low pasces.for cash only,vis: Egg and Broken ti 75; largr Nat and Stove, inived, $5 SO. Buyers can positively depend on having chair Coal daiiverod at these prices. jll*meo4*r PKTKR CLINTON. KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'TCHEN RANGES. rPllE Proprietors are now pieparcd to famish Holmes' ranges a- to the trade, or let them np*for private families cr boarding houses, hiving puichased the light from the phteitee to manu facture Had sell them. Our experience in manafacturing and setting Kitchen Rsngre. in this citr, for the past)( /ears, war rant* us iu asserting that Holme*'Mange cannot be aurpassed for economy, convenience, and durability. They are warran ted to perform the pumoses tor wh ch they are purchased, and if not they will be removed free of any rxpenae to the pnr chiuer. Numerous reference* con b* given to periona wiak ing to parchaae. The price* range fro-n 2} to45 dollars. The proprietor* are couataatly manafacturing, and are well ?applied with parlor, office, and bed-room GRATES, of the ne*est pet'erns. Also?TINWARE, bright, plain and japanned. They have Basons at all time* ready to set Ranges, grates, and boilers? also, to cure chimney*, and warrant t he m nor toimi ke. A. G1LHOOLY k SON, aU Im'rrc 78 Nas-au street. SARON1 & ARCHER, 151 Water atreet, corner of Maiden lane, HAVE ON HAND, a Iar*e assortment of Cap*. Silk and Pur H .is, of every description, and Spring ityle, Straw sad Pauiina Hat*. Alio, Oil Silk, Glaxed Lawn, Vigor* and Cap-stock*. whiah they offer at very low prices. Dealer* and manufactures will do well to examine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. ml2 lm* in30 3w CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the Oeneral Pricer?JACOB VAN OK.RB1LT, K Maiden Lane, between Wo and Nsssau streets,the cheapen fdihionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing establishment in New York. N.B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which will be ?->ld wholesale or retail. *ery' map lm*re MAKTbLLb iSC HUL.UfcKMAi'UM, 37 Maiden Lane, N. VM VTANUFACTURES and Importers ot Ornamental Hair ITA Work, Wigs, Toupes, bands, Carls. 8eami, Bandeau <ind Braid Hair, Dangny's celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches long, and a new style of Everlasting Carls, and all kinds ol Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B ?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. mrtt lm'ra JW* nn() HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8?UARS, OwOjUVU an<l Havana Tobacco? SCO 000 Rionda, alt sixes, 50 no Emalacion, 1st 50 000 Lafayette, 150,000 Eapersuxa, 30,000 Regalia, 26,COO La Victoria, l*t 100,000 Pr'neipe, 10 000 Lafayette, pressed 10.000 Esculapio, do 15,000 Europe, 23,000 San Roman, In, 50 bales Tobacco. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to nait parch* um Far sale by B. M. P1CABIA, ^mrJ2 lm*m 117 Kroot ?c/e*t. near Wall, up stairs. TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HM1UEON It CO, Ml West street, Re-finishers of ? Cloths. Cassiraeraa and Satinets. The gold hns been awarded to H. M. for lha improvement in re-finishing W oollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott k Slsde, 63 Pine street; William C. I.angley It Co., M Exchange Place, corner of Broad street; -tud to D. Brigham It Co. 60 Pine street; where orders may be fit nil lm*r UK.. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. 1'HE superiority of Dr. Hall's instruments over all others is acknowledged by the most e mis est physicians ta Ea ope sad America. Office 4 Veeey street, As tor Hoase. A fsmsle ia ttteadance Ir tK# m3 A ril Uth, IV46. THE PRESIDENT AND DICIECIORS htve this dav declired a dividend of four fnd one h ?lf per cent on the e>piUl stock of this Compicy, for the six mouths end og 1st Kebraarr last, payable to the stockholders O" and after Friday, *<e 1st of May nut The transfer book will be closed from the 25tli init.; e that data. By order, alt rrc C. L EV>'R<TT. Seeie'ary. COACHMAN. A MAN of steady aad temperate habits is deiironi of ob taining a situation as Coacbmau. He hss had considera ble rapwneuce, understands thoroagh'y the care of horses, and is willing to wait oa table, and to make himself generally use 'ul. Can give goo < city reference from his last employer.? Address N. C? care of the porter at Messrs. Howland it Aspin wall's, Soothst, or at tke office of this piper. aJ ni ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, MADE from the best materials and the finish eqaal to any in the world. Steel from 3 to 5 cents per inch; copper from IK to 3 cents per inch: Plates from 2 to 40 inches; Card (Mates 12s to 16s per dox- A large stock always oa hand an J rea dy for orders at a moment's notice, and sent by Adams' Ex press. .Manufactured by JOHN BRUCE, mrlS Im'r 24 and 26 Piatt ?tr*et. N. York. NOTICE. TAR. VAN ZANDT'S celebrated Health Restorativa, Anti 1' Dyspeptic and Anti-Bi!linas Cathartic Pills, are sold at Wyatt k Ketchum's, No. 131 Faltoa street Price 35 cents par box. mr23 Im'm BOOKS BOUGHT. PERSONS wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either I large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and goad prices, by addressing slow lines, giving name aad namber, to J. M'CABE,

ap4 'm*r TO Naaaan. or IgT Hivinetoa street. HART W KLL'd If A 8 HI N Q TON HOUSE, aa3 Chestnut Street. PHILADELPHIA. OATHS just introduced?Winn aad Cold?in fine apart U menu, for both ladies and geutleiaea; and the entire erga :? nation and fitting op of every department of the W.isningtoa House, complete. m3T Inn're MANSION HOUSE, r9? siBS!RSr ??. ? m. fri?nd* and the public, that he hne leased the above home Tor a term or year*, and hope*, by (one etperience and atriet attention to buioeaa, to merit a liberal share of their patronage. JOHN L. MONROE, mrl 3a*re Formerly of the V. 8 if tel. Beaton. EAGLE CO*Flifc. HOUSJb, AND HATHS, NO. 52i Pearl street, between Centraa'd E'to?Watm, cold and shower Baths, equal to those in sny house in the eity. at 1>H cento; Ledvings, - ith gl?d clean beds. I1X eta; Board ing and Lodging. 91 M par weeh. In tlM reading toons will b? found newspapers from London, Liverpool, and ail the prlnci p <I eiiiee ot the United States. m lm*rh MAJiOOANV. HUSfcwblJD, ZEBRA WOOD. ke. |?OR SALT. CHEAP, by B. O.WTACY. No. M Wooawr Mr street, between Browne and Sprieg its The rtoek is composed of a large ansorrnwnf <ff croten, mottled and shaded Mahoganjr Vennera, Bojr^on'l M'hwmy. Zebmwood Bird** Eye Maple and Flack W?!nn? '."gr, Bne'd*. Hulk. Joist, he. ke., and a general assortirrrt cl rrmber, finally tept at ma hoaanv var-s in tins citv. mli lm*re WINES, IS HAND1 lie*, UlN, tec. XA CASES T?nr old Madeira Wine, es-h 1 doaen, bran's, W" Slack burn, Leal, Newton, Gordon It Co; ISeasee line old Amontillado and Doff Gordon hh- rty, in do; Otard, Dn pay It Co. Brandy, in half pipes nnd qr. ciska; A Seianette in do; old Pale Cognac, ?p?g, 'n qr r-tfc? snd eighths, ol a eery superior quality. The above wines are of ? h>t;h grade, bottled by the late Geo Bement 10 yeara ago, snd lor aale low, by K. B. DALY, Huecesaor to a4 Im'rc Bement It (.astir. 94 Broad st. LOOlT HERE. tfon niMt womth or window shades sell J)4v<uUU iag off at 15 per cent below eost, to cloee the wautu at the 1st of May. EDWARD WAMSLEY, No. 20 Catharine at. letweea Eaat Broadway and Heniy st. alj Iw'r THORN CHAMPAUiNE. AFRESH INVOICE of thia delightful Champagne is ia store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is inTited. The standing of this Wine ta now auperior to that of aay in thia country, and at no higher priaa than that ofthe beat braada. _ u. LIVINGSTON* CO., mlliecf re '? Wall ?tr??? ,1000 WRAPPING FA PER REAMS Straw and Rag Wrapping Paper, Crown and Doable Crown, just received and for aale by PKR3HK *< BROOKS, *1> IwiB as <n t'rrf : STRAW bOAKDS " All TONS Straw Board*, jnatrcc-ivsil a good a'ti'le, far fU aale by PEHSSE ? BKOOKS. lmn> SS and 87 N stre?t. DJ *11*1 Of ll-WWB cm Gu^J^SlllSN,a SPRING FASHION. AND SILK HATS of the best (jeility f ready for ,-.feet,on BestBe*ver 11 vi \iX**u ? ???????? -V, ? ?? alT lm*rra *?W*' Hiram Power, ami c. Bdwardi Lester. * cha'ge m?d?W.?,n*?tr*m r r#f ret th,t 1 r*fm- "**in to having tobric.1,^ l P?w"r"?h.h^T'0"' *<nl?d as though I hid iniLii ,i I w* been as the sculptor's reput.tiiS whU. rin ? r*U"y 'rjur?d ''C on r er.afion. with Po we r. K' "" ! deavored to render both ,tl ,L?h,?v* *n" 'eivica. My motive* were <rn?,i . ^ ? should tliieKl mo frnm J??i d* a* *ea#* (bough I failed to secure my object 17? S??V?cYZtOtlh'li0re tU"1! h"T* '"^'red Mr. P0w7? i asgz sxfeSMfiur* imr!i!!n V ch"r*?* made against me rested on the ?Mertion of my enemie., I whs willing to leave them ! Harnan 7 my ?f their falsehood. But a Ken ?Z?.kV 1860 flt t0 vioU,B l""5v?te confidence Wd? I a letter frim*hPleM COIn?a,M, of Mr Power., and publish ) ? letterfr?m him. in which Mr P., over t.ia own name of inv?man ifVh Crimei thot would luln the reputation man lif tBe/ were true He says h. Ziu*yh0t of th?t work baa abused my confidence aid m 1/uSf?.V>r gi nul inUn',ed for the public ; and,a. il that wa? not enough, he hat put word* an( tartaiIT SfV5?a9$&1&??SS he?caiis tS1tUP?i2f4.rJarrd!c"wCh " " d"ti'Ut9 ?f tr,,th ?borthl.^vi.U,0 P*r,ic"l?rly narrated, Kb^V'^rsvrp?*:^:.0? ?& ."'tet"'m' """ i???'T.c" ?32 is lZ'"Si?S25iar.riss? a'ss i-* mo,t pompou. a* welt a< vul ;ar laMuaie and E?h.! m?DT o. hi. own *onteuc??, andiS.Jme" mi* ef hi* own composing ! ' i< nn?r?8rr<1 *!' af 8 <ri,a' miwortune to me : for it SS isfr*" ? ?TV.u?d^ approved of all 1 had written, and I here rewSt th^.tau Er5.reTr^ should ret7hrtt?at Twufil "hat^ ? mytelf with document, to ,hSw &!? to tay that Mr. Powers dictated most of these rnn boiom'of IiiBrd f*rd 0V#5 '?a entir# Ms- wi,h ?" in ?he Doiom of my family, and they can testify that it There^ire bltiS in,pecti?n aod weired his approval - J who w?r? ?n l'i!?" ,ererf1 ??ntlemen now in New York, who were in Florence at the time, and can civ* their testimony to prove my word*. ? i }} *a merest good fortune that I hare the rollnvin* letters to suituin my statements The work host k? gawjS!SBaa?>is5s rJf'?JJP rooD) for ?njr correipondenoe between u* From the.e letter. 1 make iuch extracts a. refer dii^r.tlV -.fScaaas,:,: "i ~wssrjisss5i .w^d'.tri.xrrs, any one . in.pection who may wi.h to following letter I recmved ^Leghorn Ju.t 'before Si Mv Dear Lest.. March ?, IMS, I .end you a letter from my rood friend Calvart >)?? S2m WThk.V.milfht'XrV1' -.hi1 a "".X'of ^ ^?ndie might he well enough in itself but who know, what they might attach on tha end of it to knock me on the head wild. All appea.s to be rolnr TomlKth6 ?w,and' think it would ba best for you own ??m n7 if? ,r* ,bout t0 P?b,'*h Wholly ) our ?""? I ?m prepared to support all that 1 bare said in can be" wiihmu h 1,k" ,M M much ot i! published a* v?n'?.^ .L*com,n? ">*.elf a principal in It. l.jn may .ay that you obtained facta, fcc from ma ipipi&isiii that the work w.uld be improved by ta a ifi J'1,iCO,,r,e> "nd be lik?lr to do more ieal good ? -r'43L. sarsaa^* "*?w-s tsuv You might itate the Cacti, but not rive them ? u*. the%irit STwhlch 1ttaiTwritt? n,?Md 'Mtov^tkM Uon" ..der your own good in it with a. much iMer^J i ?v .nMl^bVrll^ru^iyVf0" f;r'00/ kioi I think you will underatand what I mean. You are not to leave my name out, but u*e it onlv in sc:v,:,.ccr;:B' v ?? deuce. Moat .incerely your., llPow... St "siwissviss v5,;"?f.rr,s:j might appear that could possibly injure'my friend^? ?Dh.VU^-^M,T'y'*trMck 001 whole para ^rapba ol Mr. Power* own language or mad* ih.m ... o?n, by putting them in note*,from tha ?am. moUve.7 I i?aTe it to the reader oi my work, if there la a .inrle opinion ezpreued in it calculated to awaken hosfila K-eling, or provoke harsh critici.m again.t Mr Power. To ahow that Mr. Powera went over the MB in detail i ?.,Ter,n *^r,Cln * 00t* written to me re.pectinr a letter frr.? Gov. Paine, Vt, to Mr. Brown. the i^ 'L quiring what Mr. Powara would a?k to executeasUtif. of Henry Clay, for ,be Vt. State House He iK! 'hrauZh vir1 ?ri,iD** "ot. himself, in.tead of styU: Br?wn, and thue, in hi. peculiar " April 7th, 1844. " Confidential. ...... " Now your uncle thinks he will not trouble hit friend Brown to oncloie Mi latter*, bnt will writ* himself to Uov Pain*. What think you 1 I tall you of all this, on account of what I said about Vermont, tho Stele Houie, Sec. Do you think it woald be wall to modify these re mark* a little 7 The horn ie growing ? now dont "spile" it, for perhapa it will grow into a ''apewn'' of itself * It will be seen, by referring to my work, vol. I, p. lit, that I respected this suggestion, and put in a note what really belonged to Mr. Powers. This shows very clear ly that Power* had in his mind every part of that work, and conld refar to it from memory. The letter from which the next extract is taken was received in this rouairy, and refers mainly to money matters. The following paragraph thrown in accidental ly, will show that Mr. Power*' mind was still on tha work, relating to him?*lt lie says :? " Klobbfce, Sept. 14, 184A. " Deab Lkstbb ***** I had a letter the other day from Mr. Long- I worth, in which he mentions his having made yonr ac- ? quaintance?but as be says nothing of the book, Icon- I elude that he had not yet seen or heard it read. His let- I tar is full of kind expressions, which go to prove that if he had seen it, he was not displeaseJ. * * * Believe, me your friend, Itc I will simply add here that Mr. Lengworth had seen a i part at least of that work, lor I read it to him myself. Mr Powers also wrote a letttr to the late ? J, Carey, i of Philadelphia, telling bim of the work I had prepared 1 about bim? elf, and expreeeed a desire that he would pub- , In h It. This letter contained rather a minute description , of my book, and etatedthet bo (Mr. F) bed helped me to ; prepare It I have written for a copy of tho latter. 1 hare many letters lrom Mr. Powers, which I forbear to publish, hoping that neither ho nor his friends nor foes will compel me to make them public The above I extracts will .jo deemed sufficient by every csndid | m?n to exculpate try character. No public act of my life has given me greater p?ln thnn the necessi ty laid upon me of defending myself in this manner, for I hare cbeiisbed a high regard for Mr. Towers ? I hare t sen proud of him as an American artist?I have loved him aa a friend?and done my best to aid him in his profession. Some strange and falss representations niust have been made to him before ho ever conld have written that letter, and I wait with anxiety an anawer from him, which. I hope, on his account, will clear up this unpleeaant ifTair. The public asay wonder at the causa of tMa conspira- I ey to injure my reputation, when I have endeavored (and with acknowledged success,) to render bim all the ?erviee in my power. I can only say that the explana tion would intereat no one, as it sprung entirely from the personal anhnoaHy of a third party, who, in gratify ing bis revenge againet ma, has not scrupled to sacrifice an artist. I have do mora to aay now. C. EDWARDS LESTER. Now York, April IS. 1M? Sporting intelligence. Racss.?Eciirac Covssa, Cabbolltoii? Focbth Dat. ?Yesterday exhibited a floe gathering of tho gentlemen of the turf, lor this manly and rational amusement. The following is a summary of theday'ifsport?chosnut Ally, Miskwa. winning. Threo mile beats? Association Purse, $700. A. Lecompte k Co's br b El Bolero, by Stockhold er, dam by Leviathan?4 vears old?100 lbs. ..944 R Ten Broeck (C. Myet's) eta h 8t. Cloud, by imp. Belshazsar, dam by Partner?A yrs old?110 lbs. .1 9 I A. H. Carroll, cb f Miskwa, by Dick Chmn, out of Linnet, by imp. Leviathan- 4 years old- 97 lbs. .1 t 1 W. T. Ureer, eh f Mary Waller, by Sterling, i!sm by imp Lutborough-3 years old-SS lbs 4 1 3 Time, ?:P}-fl:10J- 6:1(1}. The to day will be an e> citing affair. The first is a sweepstake lor three year olds?thirteen subscribers ?four of the nominations will start, la the eooond race, for the purse ot $900, Darkness and Ll-ah-tunah oome to* gather. This Is the greatest betting roc* ot tha iea?oo. -M. O TVsms, Upr?"ll. I Detroit, March 24, 1846. Central Railroad?State Rtvtmit?Legislature, 4*c The Senate of this State, utter having rejected the bill for the sale of the Central Railroad, recon sidered their vote, and (Missed it nearly unanimous ly. It now only requires the signature of the Go vernor to become a law ; thu it would hava received before this time, but for bis absence from tha city. The passage of thu bill caused much gratification, during the evening of the day it paued tha Senate; largo bonfires were made in Jefferson Avenue, to celebrato tha event, and tha oaly two Senators who voted against it, were burnt in efflgy, by some of the more violent of our \ citizens ; on the following morning, another effigy was ?een hanging from a rope atrung across the street, to represent one who had most strongly opposed the bill. By this sale tha State will be relieved of one half of ita indebtedness for internal improvements, and it is in this i connection that iho measure possesses a deep laterest, I 'tot only to our own citUens, but to capitalists who in i vested in tlio purchase of warrants and bond*. During | the year 1844 it waa thought that the revenuo from the Central and Southern Railroads and other public works, [ would be sufficient to pay the whole interest for 1848; but in consequence of the unprecedented short crop of wheat | (the grand staple of the S;ate) these exp cUtioiu were not realized; but now there can be no doubt on this sub ject ..The crop of 1843 was the largest ever raised in Mi chigan, and our railroads have been crowded to excess during the tall in bringing pro luce forward, while an immense quantity still remains in the interior. Judging from the last three months there is every reason to be lieve that the net profits will be more than sufficient to pay off the whole of the year's interest. Another source of revenue is tho Statu lands granted byC'ongress, which last year produced over $100,000, and will probably pro duce a larger sum this year. These lands have heretofore been paid for mostly in land warrants, but now there are but a small quantity urpaid. In all payments of interest, our laws provide that from all proceeds of the public woiks, the interest on internal improvements warrants shall be paid before any thing on the State bonds It is for this reason that warrants have been so valuable an investment. Owing to the sale of the railroad there is no doubt that they will be soon ninety cents on the dol lar; thay are now worth seventy-five cents. It is a subject of gratulation to the peopls of Michigan that our prospects are so bright. Snould tha Southern Railroad be sold, the State debt will be but trifling, and wo shall then bo able to stand forth "redeemed, regene rated, disenthralled." In consequence of a tie vote in the Third ward, at the late charter election in this city, another election was held on Saturday last?tho same persons being candi dates. This ward had heretofore Deen strongly whig, and the result of the last contest was the success of that party by sixteen majority. The Common Council re mains oftbesameconiploxion as last year, whig, with a democratic Mayor. A bill lately passed the House of Representatives of Michigan, to divide Wayne county, (of which this is the vounty seat,) and to name the part taken from Wayne " Detroit county." It will probably be defeated in the Senate. The papers of this morning state tbst Mrs. E. L. Rose, of New York, (a Polish lady,) is to deliver a lecture on the "Science of Government," this evening, in the capital. The Legislature are engaged in the revision of the laws. Among other alterations proposed, a bill has been introduced to abolish the Chancery and Circuit Courts, and to give their powers t<> County Conrta, the Judges of which to be elected by the people for four years. The author of this bill introduced a similar one last year, pro viding that plaintiffs should state how much they claim ed, and also what sum they would accept as a compro mise, so that if Jane Doe should sue Richard Roe for breach of promise, she must state that she demands $5000 damages, but will take $1000 "rather than liti f[ate." I presume the present bill will share the fate of ts "illustrious predecessor." Muprkmk Court ?opkcial Ibrm ? Mr. Justice Benrdeley, presiding, April 15.?Decitiont.?In the matter of the application of the Mayor, ko , ?f Brooklyn, in relation to opening Pacific street, he.?motion on be half of G. M. Patchin for leave to raaiio up a record, kc, granted by default; Bhepard et al. ads. Pond?motion to set aside default, granted on terms , Oansevoort ads. Humphrey et el?motion to change venae, denied ; Wade ads Wade?motion for leave to deft to serve no tice of motion to ret aside repoit of referee, granted, judgment to stand, and costs to abide event; Wade ads. Wade and same ads same-motion to consolidate, kc., drniod with costs ; The Saratoga County Mutual ins. Co. ads 9pencer?motion for Judgment as in case of non suit, granted by default; Flint imp'd, ko., ads. Frost et al? motiot; to set asido default, tie., granted with costs ; Onyer, imp'd lie. ads Merchant et al?motion for judg Blent ss in case of non-suit, denied, costs to abide event ; G:ay et al. vs. Calhoun and another cause?motion to set a*ide judgments and executions, denied with costs Wateiman ads. Charles?motion that plfPs file security tor costs, granted, costs to abide event; Black mun et al. vs. Hawley? motion for leave to amend writs of replevin, granted on pavment of $7 costs: Wilcox ads. Wood?motion lor judgment as in case of nonsuit,; denied, costs to abide event; Weston ads. Hills?motion to set aside Judgment, ho., granted with costs ; Hall et al. vs. Cromwell et al?motion to require sheriff to pay over money, denied with costs, wnnout prejudice to a suit to be brought ; Smith et al. ada Kel ?<'gg?motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit; grant ed unless plaintiff stipulate and pay costs of motion ; Odeil ads. Msrtin-motion lor judgmentas in case o. nonsuit, granted unless plaintiff pay costs of circuit and motion ; Downs imp'd, he. ads. Jessup at al?motion to set aside Judgment, lie., proceedings staved on payment ol costs, and cause referred ; Kinne et al. ads. Wiiber et si?motion to change venue, denied ; Wheeler et al. vs Hall ?motion to amend dsclaration, granted by default; In the matter of The People ex. rel. Himson et al. vs. the Commissioneis of highways of the town of Da venport?motion for certiorari granted ex parte; Kilburn et ul imp'd ads. The People ?Motion for judg ment as in case of nonsuit, granted by default; Stroud imp'd, lie. ads. the Montgomery co. Mutual Ins. Co? Motion to charge venue, granted ; Traver ads. Knapp? Motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit, granted by de fault ; Evans vs Shaw et al.?Motion for leave to plain tiff to propose amendments to case, granted on terms ; Frost ads. Spooner?Motion ordered to stand ovsr to next special term; Same ads. same-Motion to enter suggestion in a former cause, lie., denied with costs. Tnunday, April 19.?Delany ada. Cannon?Motion to ?ot aside default, lie , granted without costs ; Lly ads Ely et al ?Motion to set aside default, lie , denied with costs ; Place et al vs. Christie?Motion taken by default; opened, and motion ordered to stand over till next spe cial term ; Wright, imp'd, ads. Olmstead et al?Motion to set asida judgment, lie., granted with costs ; The People ex ral. Dickman vs. Jenkins, Sheriff- Order im posing fine on defendant, and leave to issue attachment on refusal to pay, lie.; Beach et als. ads. tha State Bank of Indiana?Order staying proceedings in this cause until cause between same parties is dccided m Indiana, kc, granted ; Cromwell vs. Gross, Jr.? Motion to set aside default, lie., danied with costs ; Baxter ads. Baxter, admx. lie.-motion to set aside in quest kc.; granted on teims, and motion to change ve nue and to Ale security for costs, denied; in the matter of the application of J. W Blydenburgh?motion exparte for s certiorari, granted; Hopkins, imp'd., ads. Adams motion for judgment as in eass of nonau.t; granted, un less pl'ff. stipulate and pay costs; The Tioga Navigation Company ads. Smith?motion for leave to appear and de fend this suit; granted, costs to abide event; Story et al. ads. The Mayor, kc. of Albany?motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit; granted, unless pl'ffs. stipulate and pay costs; Hinman et al. ads. Humphrey at al.?motion to chsnge venue, granted; Terry et al. ads Harris?mo tion to set aside and perpetually stay execution, kc.; granted, unless pl'ff. bring an action on the judgment witbia (todays, kc.; VanSantvoord ads. Wheipley-mo tion to change venue; granted by default; Crippen ads. Seymour et al.?motion to change venue; granted by default; Cross ads. Warien?motion to change venue; (ranted by default; Clapp et al. vs. Johnson et al.?mo tion for leave to amend judgment record; granted by de fault; Rathbun ads. Haudeison-motion to reler bill of exceptions lor settlement to Clrouit Judge; granted, costs to abide event; Jessup etal. ads. Shannon-motion to change venue, granted; Ratbbuu ads Filkin ?motion for doable costs, granted; Crippen ads. Seymour et al ? motion for commission; granted with stay; Gilbert ads Ketchum at al ? motion to set aside verdict, ko.; denied with costs, without prejudice, kc.?Jit any Argut. Tho Button Journal of tho l?th Inat. My* I?" It il ? re markable fact, that at ? o'clock laat evening there wara fewer peraona in Boaton Jail than thara have bean at any former time lor,(ten yeari. Thara wee net one imprie* oned for debt, and fourteen peraone only in all, thirteen charged with criminal ofFencea not ready for trial, and one detained aa a witneaa. The Municipal Court Juriea wara diamiaaed tnia morning, and tha Court cloaed the April term. Thia term la remarkable for the ditpoaMon 01 tha priaonera to admit their guilt " Tha pay for attandanae and mileage of tho memberaof tho Maaaachuaatta Legialature amounted to >01,944; tha Senate $8,394?the Houae $63,040. Quite a number of ladiee in Philadelphia hare publiah ? ad a card in defence of Dr. Holliek, in which tney aay that the recent chargea made through the newipepera, againat the lecturer anil hta female audienciea especially, ate wholly faiae?that the lecturea. ao far from being in decent in their character, or immoral in their tendency, are highly conducive to the moral and phyaical well being ut the community, and that they are not offeaaive to true delicacy, or ? really pure taate. Tha at earner Wahendah, Captain Convene, la her downward trip, atruck a rock in the Miaaouri river about one mile and a half below Liberty, on the 3d inataat, and auak. Her engtnea and furniture will be recovered, but tha hall will prove a total loae. We learu from the St. 'John New Hrmmunckrr of tha 11th inat, that tha Houae of Aaaembly of Nova Rcotia haa voted ?100 towarda the eapeaca of eending tho Bug lieh maila by expreae from HalUx to Ht John whenever Decenary It 1a underateod that the preaent mail contra* tora on thia route are under engagement with the PoatOflce Department to take thia mail through by expreaa, whenever required, at fliteen pounda. bix ex preaa maila only have been requisite during the peat year, and itia believed ?100 will be amply mfflcent to covnr all expellee. Itluund inauOcieut, an < mitmnt merchant of Ht John haa guarantied anotner jCIoO to make the undeitaking mine certain. A gentleman at Vereaillee, haa lately applied lor a di vorce Irom hla wife, on the ground ef vnfaithfulneaa, and iatroducea ea the principal witneaa, adeguamotyre of the guilty party in the aet ef embiaclag, which he took at the time, through an aperture la the wall ?M> exhibition ol?**rao?? Acad.-, a i^TJ.Tt th%nZL?oV^T.I1?.lwl2' Us? a/irD?Tn''?,>eU^ l? ,he "ubllc ?? Thursday" last, after a dav's previous exhibition t? ? uw ;.f v.ted friends of tfie officer* of the academy 7t Tm only on this occasion, and that ofvarnishmgday hi" the lions of this department of the fine una arc'ever seen commingling and interchanging opinions their more humble competitors and with each other and on the daya alluded to, there might be seen ,J ? hi* intellectual face, discuaiiinif with Huntingdon, (lately returned from his EuroK?? trip) and Chapman, the menu of the absent Grey T?lhf,rehm7: nf"b?>the tallgaunt fUrure ol Je9sS -vJ? - * ai,hls mou,h. senaitiveiyaliveto every expression of opinion about his own produc ? DhimiI yet generoualy pointing out beauties in with hUl laud,,CH!*5 w"o tn turn might be seen with his long, quick s;ep, Hitting about the rooma only happy to be able to say an encouraging word.' Ir.mTrT morti k 1111(1 distnwful aspirant; Elliott examining with care, the beautiful gem by Blaas and eulog'zitig to some amateur friend, the merit he bids so fair one day to rival ; comical Mount, in his farmer-like costume, and that ever pleasant smile upon hia countenance, equally at hum. w emulating a Wilk.e, or an dieBuilf near h?m E sad contrast, the melancholy face of Weniler- w'ith ngbam, Cropsey, Osgood, Flagg, and many others prSfeim c?dit"' " dow*H*>n*lre> and the,? ? ^Ie exhibition is far, very far superior to that of ri" h.PrjC<*klUff year' There are few, if any, ofdown m?M-r fU i n0i ama,eJur Performances to aflord TovL fo H ;?^d 1? " In,mo"nlity teaching Love to Hope or "D^ath of Abel." Intact the m?Sfc?Kierall0^of p,cture? oi ,he higher class is re markablei: and we cannot but be gratified at this strong evidence, that the love for the art and the de sire to be possessed of more or less of its produc tions, is becoming widely and constantly diffused among us. This fact, unimportant though it may ofihSrmSpe " u y iot lbt! ""Proved condition ?f I!)h I1888'*" "? country, as ccmpared with that ^ P,cture. however crude, still helps to essen the rudeness which is not necessarily, but is too usually associated with poverty. Wei/ has it fh-TV ' r 7 le 18 8 deep morality in the love oJ Tir." blfB8,DK the Beautiful to the Good," had its fulfilment in itself?for beauty is only one of the qualities of goodness : the char acter, or action, which is right, is, ol necessity. ,W beautiful, or noble; and he must be prepared to snefimrfVeJy 5reat m ,he civi,'iation of the ancient (.?reeks, who does not see that great thing* may come of creating a love of art among all ranks ?since all the inner life of that wonderful people was derived from their reverence of beauty?their religion was the religion of the beautiful. Serene ^hi?h ,ril1,0l:l101'8 ?b'ects> ky 'he very emotions Zh-Zit ,u0te- 7?tf8 express, make the soul, into which they sink, like themselves, by doing so : the beauty, which the eye drinks, re-appears in the at ? tactions which fJie hearts feels. The moral quaJi "M, which the beautiful lias in itself, are brought out various^ and sweetly in the lives of the lovers ot it J the white light falls on the flower and re-ao pears in iris hues. But let us now proceed to enumerate some ef the uapp< U8 l.? command attention, ine first, on the catalogue, like that of the last year, is an attempt of no ordinary kind, and. unfor S r that,too, a comparitive failure. "Tasse and his Friends, at the Convent of St. Onofno, dur K omi? u88' ' by 7 P R?ssiter A., now at fh? , m ; I i.',he 8ec"nd P'ctnre of the same class that Mr. H. has sent home as an evidence of his pro gress under Italian discipline. The grouping is bad the inierest too diversified ; there is no point for the eye to rest upon : in color, a is hardly equal to his Italy in tne Olden Time j" sod, as a whole, the subject is beyond the artist's powerw t i u l'S ",RiyeJ Scene ln Ntw Hampshire," by Vch?rd,8- .There are two others br the same rnln^nJi ' u " verr much tiie be?t The coloring is somewhat cold ; but, apart from Jbis, the picture is pleasing. ^ er,N? M7pSf.e,ie ?n Loag l8land'" bT R- A Pow ers. Mr. P. is an amateur artist, and as sach his p ctures are highly creditable. His foregrounds always want clearness. This picture is a strong Peale .k"*116* Mar"ha?." by ttembnuid ,Jr i?, 7k accessories of this picture bet ter than the portrait, which seems to have been ; thr "?>ced"? tfonahlf Jvtitia" is at least quea No. 7?"The Mil) Boy," by J. H. Beard. Mr. B is an artist from Cincinnati, who has somewhat distinguished himself as the painter of the '? Worth Carolina Lmigranti, lor which he wai paid ?700 ? ouJ cJLl[zen*.- ?! ,he. two, we like the first mentioned. There is a simplicity in the desien and a quaint truthfulness, which wins directly upon boAT?"- The Color of lhe 8kV distant one rhi? I;*}?"' ?s too leaden. In the larger is in\enrf^ IIfery consp,cuous. The jfesfgn of to illustrate^ a scene in the journeying StuV !!! 7 P00' emigrants from the tur^nthue Thi * 8?me v?g?ely hoped for el dorado in Ohio The grouping antf expression ot the figures are mirable, g.vmg evidence of much study ?d I,bor h/i- P,1!' ?' ,he anifct- Tht-to us in the pic scaM Ldfh ,0? great 8yn,P?thy between .he land scjpe and the figures ; the sky is sombre and dull nf^ ih? expression ; the middle ground and distance of the same tint: and, with the exception of iome hardfifnrf?n I flRht of ,be grout., the picture has Jj enlivening jioint. Aside Irem this, Mr nfi?n ?t?'VeB j" a,,on8 ?'1,0 ordinary ability ;%nd, rT"'n"d' ,e h?" No;8?" View of Peekskill," by R. Giirnoux ? four oih?rP9**M?d ?' a versatile genius. He has j other pictures in the rooms?comprising a free and beauttial water-colored sketch : two pirces of at i I life,in one of which?representing game hangina Xte tto.TTheeiT PIDC bo,rd8-'he '"usion is so com n 'the hianting committee were obliged to place it beyond the reach of curious fingers, Kivin* be saS^eP/?bBb,',,y tfW '? snV woSfd oe satished of its painting nature, without sonm more ,ouch,n? evidence tZu iha: 'JSSSZZ Vfc. ki Pointer and Game," there la some admirable painting. The dog is a most excelled Mr'_[he picture first alluded to shows less of k Jr" P*cull?r mannerism, both in color and handling, than we looked for The oecivn ihnn.k probably tmthful, is lacking in interest h^7e^rdZ^e,ISh,? in ,he ground and S ! ?Ce' T rerv heantiful. The the J'ctwe ^ lh'3 U a Keneral fault W1,b Omnibuses. " New Omkiicibi ?We nolle* that Um proprietors of oua of tha omnibus line* ia putting several now omni buses on Broadway Wa bar* no ohjeotiona to tha on iiibaaaa being new, but wa do (taint. Broadway ia enoog h filled up wltto tham now, and tha Infernal clatter of their wbaaU naada do addnionWereM, Fnimy Jtftil 17, 'M. Jambs Gordon Bennett, E#q.?fcir, the foregoing remarks, published liua day Hmong the itema of " Citv Intelligence," in your valuable paper,conveys the idea that the number ol ninnibu.-es haa been increased through the great thoroughfare?Broad way. Such ia not the c.ise. Mr. Charles Lent, pro prietor of the "Fulton line," ronmog Irom Fulton terry, through Fulton street, Broadway, Amity St., Greenwich st. and Seventh avenue to Hat at, haa, during the past lew days, tat on hia Use several " new omnibuses" in ine place of those unfit to accommodate " Heaven's lam best gift to man," and who arc emitted to every improvement suitable to thia " enlightened age we live in." Ii?poltte atten tion, both as to agents, and truaty, careful and sober drivers, together with " new omnibuses," and good horses, be a recommendation to the residents of Brooklyn and those up town, then, indeed, will the "Fulton line" receive such support from the public ss to warrant Mr. Lent to have all " new omm busea" in lieu of the old ones now in use. f Greenwich, Friday, 17th April, l&KI A poatmaster out wast received, a day or two ago, a newspar or, on the margin of which wes the following remarkably canning endowment"take a Ot Hiron li rub over tbe rapper and then road It" Of course the person to whom it was sddressed, thought tha Him rather toe Ot, aa the doctor pat tt st M r oents. The people of MUwaakie have decided in 'avor of a State Government, by a majority of Ml. A dosen whales were aeon off Nantucket on Monday, but eioaped before they could bo attacked bv the lie* hearted en.. miea whoa they had thua boldly bended in their very den. PACKET SHIP 08W1C00. from New Orleeae. ia die cnufiai ?' street wn*rf. Coaeieneee will pienee at. i-nrf to the rereipt?' their sooda immediately. apIT OACKfcr SHIP que r.S OK THK WkST\ from l.iref I pool? CoaaisSee . will pleete tend their iterant* eaboenl. al treat ?ide Berlin* S|tj> witboatdelar- All goods not per mitted ia five daya are BeWe to beaantto pnblie M-^re. ? WOODHULl k MINTUKN, ?il r 17 Boath street JOHN WHITAKER. IF JOHN WHITAKER, late of Thorp.aeaat Skipoa. To'k i ihire, katlaad, will rail epoo the eabecribara, or wi" %> *atd tothaai bwaddreaa by ?tatl.Ha wiP lean ??e%ifi as of ?wissr ?