Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1846 Page 1
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? - *? .. A' , ,. , THE NEW YORK. HERALD V*l. XB? ??. 101 -WMt K?. ?3H3, ? NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1846. CENTREVTLLE 1?Ui?UaY, April Slat. much lot (JBU?iVllle htu, beat I X m i?i, under the aaddle. Wbi. b. f. Tom Moore. C. 8. Banine n*mea (. John Maffltt. Pu^e of $?. mile heata, beat three 10 fir#, in harneee?;fat hor.eii^M untr ?on * parae o?n $M. will be To come of the Mm* iliv of the match. TotloM84i?i?'I.?P'" lit-, by ? o'clock P. M . at GREEN fc LOSEL'i. Three or mora to m?ke a field aM St?chl FOR . 8TATEN ISLAND Ob anil after Monday .the Wh day of April , the ateam boata SYLPH and STATIN ISLAND KB, wiU leave New York and Hiam I aland *e followa, nntil farther notice:? Leave Sttten Ulaad at t, i, ?, U. 11 o'clock. A- M.; 1, I, J, 4, # Leave New York, foot Whitehall atreet, at 7,?, 10, II o'clock A-Mj 1.1.1,4 i, 7 o'clock. P.M. On ou ?da?? the firtt boat from th? It land will Iitfi at ? A. W . ?ud the ftr?t boat from New York at 9 A. M. N a ?All Oei<hl at the riak of the ownera thereof. all i? JOHN HKKDMAN It CO.. itatea and Gr?at Britain aad Ireland Emifraot Office ? 1 Sooth atreet, New York. *y;T ;Kur,^teS^'"K^ 2|> 4 <a thu Line are well tnown to be commanded by man ofeiparienoe; and a. theyijail ?*?V Vaanoffer erery faa.l.rr that can be farni.J*^ With superior urmnfementt, the liberally ex , iunrion of that patronage which hu b.e?ao liberally d to them for to many year. paat. I?c?" mt 01 tnow as&nKtt. ^:'yKiiM,'i;rsrire"*' LiT?n>ooi m usual be Ihrnuneft, lontutf at're ^-^;n^'oN oSt HH.IAMA^D 7v4Hm9m land or Walei. can p ocore drafts of the ?ob aJES?SS?aBL.c.ib?r. payable on demand, without dia connt or an, other i\arge! iifaff the town. a.dc.?M thrOBahoutth-UoittdKinKdom^ forwardioi.aoy ' r*"??.^ .h! ..h?erib?? w1S?lb7i?a?e and addreaa ol the ST,? fo? w^JT Ui.^Unde'd" hjr. a draft .~t bv th. ftm ?el?eror ahir. and a receipt for the wm# returned b, mail. For fatther particular. apply^UJ fc } T TAP8COTT, ,t r 7i gonth '.treat, corner Maiden lane. OPPOSITION TO MOM)P0liY-IOR SSS if mmSZ't! s? i w?. ik^K>oA^vA^?-^. P'tS? ?caner EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, learea the fool or^Ur *TdV.%..Von ,Tne^day. and Bwnrday Board, or at the Oftee on ^^Wbeput in charg. of ^ Freight Agent. ?? the Comp ny w I' ?"t be re.pon.ihle for loss. ? ' PEOPLE'S LlSEOFsU'EAvtBOAM KOR ALBANY Daily. Sunday. etcepted-Throngh Dir.?t-.t T o clock. P-M. from the vler bttwten Caurtlandt and IM>erty >itt. rrom ine pur ROCHESTER. Capt. Alfred eVe&fs, " * ?"T^bore boa', will, at all time., arrire ia Albaa, in ample Hi o'eloek, aIi mtmbi are forbid tnistiv any of the boat* of thii lwe? wi^tawritte- oj^r^m^C^u-or???* ? F. c. For passage or freight, applyen ooarauie ? aWrre fichu It i, at ha oSlee on the wwafft. - PA88 40E TO AND r?OM I.IVKRfOOU Ae Pack* .hip NEW YORK, Captain Cwpper, . Lla ^r L.^ol on the l?h of Apnl. ?3 the packet ?hi| For P?k'T,j^N ,HE*?Sv? k/?: ?if tee I rfaeipel town, throaihoat England. Ireland, Scot land and W.le., on application aa abnye. or to H.idm*n. K a\n It Co.. ?< V^aterloo Wo.d Lieerpo*'! ? ?OK NEW ORLEANS-Leauw ?d >ew yIMk. York Line.?Positi??ly Vint -^ECkI tki<i [)av Tuesday. Slit io?t?? it 3 o clock Toe SBS^iilwil^rSS LOUISVILLE, Hunt. m?ter. SS^IiTe flight wtil 3 o'clock, .?dpoaiUTaiyMUa..boTe. ??*t* ?' W E. K. COLLINfl It CO.* Simth ??ee? f aaaengara will pleaM be on board, at S o clock, at which *??1 *mPNWew o'rl-an.. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, who wiU ?rompUy forward a!l-'ood'to hia addreae. r.acd Packet .hip OSWEGO, John.o., ""ter, will reee^d th* t.oni.ville, and aail Mond.,, fTunaat., her regmlar day hi^'k BALL OR OLD LINE OF LI VER^ poOL PAC*<Ti FOR LIVRRPOOL -Only re RLLL ril" packet of the lac May- The# new m-nifiee.t w to^llC'ept-"ohn'iuihbooej wiU aa.l poei ?Colombia ue litted oat u. a moet .operb and co.u?' ? , with e*ery n>od.rn ud u.a Snoot hot"?^?,>^?dSreL2S5 for^he!r fri?cdi, ^Vad "i-Ho-^ra^ made oa board. Sot o? B^? ur**t'ro'cHK."^ROTH?!R8 k CO ?ti ia ? Fnltoa .treet, <ne?t door to the Fnlton Paat.) "Si neW LINE OF PACICET8 FOR LIVKK POOL?Packet ol the 2Ut of Aunl-The ]KEr f... aailiug and fa.orite packet ahip LI VtK 12 <0 toa. borthea, J ohn Eldridge, w>U aail oa early aprlie.tioa on board, foo^ of ^arhn,,.ii^o^to^ m At their ^^..n^^pftair. flfflEted Sr i'rk ANN HARLfcY, Capt. R. Scoa.will ^F?" blliVce^f t^P?ge. haring excellent ?eo "^r*' *PP'VoQDHtTLL It M1VTURN. r Soath.t. 8i,oOf FOR Sale ?? he .loop J AW a?, ol 7? JHgytoa. bnrthen, .alra anchora and ch^ina. Mid well jSHLoaad; ?ow 'v?? |cHEPfiVTK. Jr^ ?yt 4t'r 414 Water atT?et.?or. of tinner', .treat LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. KXPRE4H MAIL, Train; lrtT?,Wrh,,^;h y/1 ? j Soath Ferry, ar 7 A M . for Boatoi.-for ?ll P?ru IM of the lalaad at 7 ana ?* A. M.. and i f. M. da'l,, ?MP 8a.:d.y. 1,1 "" " - FOR ALL, WELL AND SICK. MRU CARROLL'S M.dieatgi, V.ppr and Sn^har Batha, ill p'a'tee .twet opoj.ite?t Paai a Ch?reh. Ihn, Hatha are 'he moat aale. deligh*'?l aad ettcaciona wiUdV for colda. thea?.ti.?. chill, aad f.rer, kt . aa? not ?" ?"??>T'u,Kri","Kv4u!?.. The, afford the moa? ?greeable ?o4a of Balhiag, aad are mub differ from eeety other "Vapor tfT" ii"al^d-d harabeiii ?tablUh?l ia thia City for "del hnr B th.reeaife Waif aa hoar1! eotice. . Portable Vapor telu aeat to aay part of the city ?* " " ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT IS na.?er??lly aaatiued te ae the oaly aruele t?amt will per for,a all the' it i. rapre?a4ed to do. It b?i P?rformed inch a?tr>ni?l i >g ? are. of Rneamat'.m, Swelled Limb*. Rpreiar Hmi?e. ' v?ntr.etioa. of the Corda aed d.kIm, Bcrotalaoi 5? . J-.i Ptrtly.caor Loaa of the aa of the L<mh., Die n!fo! thermae or ?.ip Joiat, EraptioM oftheSkin, kc;I and Sill it would atan't MM If they eoald not b. .nb.tanti.ted k> in! miMt ir.PMtabteperMM who hare aaed itt it waeta ^.y toTe tried!^o . ,t?? tS^.I'd of rteXLlaag .irta- o4 ,h;;'r,c*Ueatr""$T,sn*H?>.iA.?/ o m at. aoAfa AMU ftntUMliny. VO THItE t OUKTLANDT STREET, Depot for the N MUo*"w?..Jpa M'litar, Bcrnted rnilet So.p.. Elegant E?r*^E^e?vCel<?gMe, Hair Oil., Pomatarr.., together ? Ith ayerj other article ia r lice. Coaat'y M'rchaata, Diaggi.u imi D,eJ*j are iarited to e*amme oar eiteu iye aaaortmeat, where tli.y can be.applied .t the loweat rate* . ., . f jim Snperior pale aad No. 1 Soape. ratent ChryauUiae Candle#. ma??"*' JOHNSON VROOM k r.?WLKR JUNO Ot KEHKMANN, HKMOVMD rmOM 71 LnMOtTT ?T*?*T TO SOUTH WILLIAM TTRXKT. Bil lf?*aa *t.'oTlcE t6 T?* PUBLIC IN OKNERAl>?Therab X^l .criber, .fter enlarging hia premi.ea, ia now prMieree to rle.ii Carpet, oferery Ue.cnption, from Uto 100 yaroa, wun oat ripping? lagraia ?*< cenu per yard: Bruaael. ? c*"u P*J ??d Hearth Hog*. T.ole ?^?e,r. and rth.wl. cleaned from tt tci71ient?, Diewe. dyed or waahed from M ceuU to t'i ^oata cleaned or TlAllaa'rt.* N B -Term, eaah m? la'rt * " LOOK HERE. SHADFBmiII coat, to cloae the VAM?tKY. way aad Hear, at all lwV A TO RENT CHEAP. TIm Houi II Orchard itiwt. Inquire of , ilC Iw'rh A 8AM8QN. ?3 Pearl I lO RENT. M A BEAUTIFULLY situated Front Office. ia M South at reel, on ill* atcoad door. Two or mora Lofa can aUo be bid with it Kor fn'the? particular,. apply to W. h J. T.TAP8COTT, TS South st, ?10 r comer of Maiden lane. FOR SALE, OR TO L<b.T, TV Mode-n built three story brick hoase, 213 Ada ma 1 street, Brooklyn ll ant sold by private aale. it will b? ?disposed of at pablie (action, oa the 15th day of May next. Hair ol the pnrehaae noary can remain oa Boitria, for i term of years. Application to bo made on the premiaea, SIS Adaaii at. Brooklyn. at lin're FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, THE Hoaa* and Lot47S Broadway The asaia house is fir* stone, high with the auic, and CO feet deep- The ?back bnildini ia three atoriti high and M Itrt deep. A (table on the rear front-nc on Mercer (tract. 42 feet deep. The lot ia S6 feet ftmr inchea front and rear, and 100 lea' deep Pe-aon* wiahing to confer with the owaer, Dr. CHKUk MAN, may 4o (o between tha honra of I and 9, A. M., and SX and 4)>, P. mT all fw* rrc HOUSE IN BROOKLYN. NEAR FULTON FERBY?'The foar storv baaement brick Hone with doable atair casei, No. T Tillary afTeet, next the corner ? . uTtou atmi. It ia in excellent condition and well anitcd to a genteel family, and will be ranted for $100 to a privUe family. Apply to TONNfcLE It HALL, a 10 tt*m comer of Pearl and Bee km an stra- ta. M; of Fnlti TO LET, MTO A SMALL FAMILY?The npper pot of a hovie 1?!W in Chambers street, eonaiafug of front and ba?k raan JmHL with pantry, oa the second floor, and a front and bod roam oo the third noor, and if required an attic room, with the uao ol Crotuo water, aid other neeaeaar? prmleaes. Ap ply to A. fl. VAN PB04G, jf Barron at. ? N. B.?If daairablo a part of tha above nay bo obtained. a7 >w*r TO LET OR FOR SALE. A MODERN BUILT COTTAUE. Stable and Coach Honso attached, with about an acre of land, tho Emcipal part of which ia wall atoeked with fruit and ubs, and an. loaed wi'h a piakot fence- The atagea naaa erery ten minntet w.thin fire annates' walk of the house. Situation between 110th and 111th streets. K*?r further informa tion apnlr to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth street, or Or. WOODS, Harlem. mrlJ lm*rc TO LET. A HOUSE AND BARN, with (boat aitteen lota o pjW ground, aitnated in the village of Hastings, Weatebeater XJLconnty, State of New York, within a few miaatea' walk of the steamboat landing. Said place ia divided into gar den,, which are well atockea with frui:. Alao, a p eiuact grove, with a ,tr?am of water, and aeveral good apringa. Poa aeaaion con be given immediately. For farther particular^ ap ply at the atore of Mr. Scilnsser, Hasting', Landing, or of (1 Im'rt MR. KCKEKT. 72 Mar.av at. N?w York. NfcPTUNE HOUSE. THE Sabacriber respectfully informa hia friends and !???? the public generally, that hia boaae will be open to re UKceive company on tho firat of May. Alao, that he ia now prepared to make arrangemenu with familiea for rooms ao4 board for theromieg soon. Iia location and couTeniencea off-r great induct m-uta to thoae who w>ah to be near tho city, tad well accommodated?ales, good bathing. Now Kichelle, April II. IMC C. F. RICE alt ji'n* TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, Jj^ WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store in P[S one of the moat crowded and floariahing thoroaghfare* JUHLof Brooklyn?The n ideriigned haa now erected, in Myrtle Avenae, near ( dry gooda atore. which is doing an im menaa hna neas, a fine three atorr brick building, 24 feet front by 40 feet deep, with handsomely finished parlors, Ac , a large and eommodiona atore. end u excellent and spacious baie meat. It will be fiaished. and ready tor poaaeaaion before the Aral of May; will bo an excellent location fora retail dry gooda baaineaa, and will ba let low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN LANGVrAKK, BIO tw*r 149 Myrtle Avenue. TO LET OR FOR SALE, ON very t?vorableterms, four three atory and basement P?jW brick dwelling Honaea, in Hoboken. They exeh con .CeHL u?n II rooma beaidea the kitchen, and are fitted in beautiful style throughout. Two of theae honaea are II feet front by 13 feet deep; and two of them *4 feat by 44, with wide court yard in front. The (ituation command, a fine view and ia within one inmate's walk of the ferry, where boats leave every fifteen minntea, for Barclay (treat, and every half hour for Ca nal and Chriatopher (treeta. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply alO 2w*r J. C.8TKVENS, Hoboken. TO LET. THE 8tore No 1)9 Wi.liam street, with two loft* and baaement. Thia ia one of the (plendid block re cently erected and known asth* " Washington Stores." Pouraaiou given immediately. Apply ta alUfr A. BHKEDEN, ? Gold (tract. SCOTCH GOOSEBERRY BUSHES, &c. ?? THE Sabseribers have jnst received per Aaaas. from pOSUIugow, S'OOO superior Scotch Oo xeberry Buihea, of ^aA^tbe moat approve* kmdaiu cultivation, and from the best Oooaebeiry nursery in 6cotl<ad?price $1 M per dozen, or by the hundred on very reasonable terma. Alao, HO red Antwerp Kaapbaniea? price 8> per doxen, <n fine oidcr J. M. THORBURNfcCO. No IS John atreet. The Oooaebeniea are in prime order and nuddmg beautiful ly?packed ia doxena or hall doxena, matted from the air; trim aa mch or two i ff the roots and topa before planting. alt tt >0. Il.*rh TO YOCAL14T8. MUSICIANS, ANU THE THEATRI CAL PROFfcSdlON. WCOIIBYN, Manager of the Sw in Bell Biagera, re ? (pecifally icferma the member, of the Musical and Theatrical profeaaioaa, that he will have fulfilled hia >ngage ment with the above band ia a few weeka, ami te'dera hi* ler vice, aa tiavellinc (gent to (ny marital or com pany of artists of acknowledged uleat about 10 travel. Having completed his a?cood t< ur throughout tha United Statca, the Canada,, Texas, and the laiand of Cuba, doling which he haa viaited almost every aection of those couutriea. and made himaelf prartieall* acquainted with thoae details aud (tati(tie( most Keceeaai y and uaefal to profeaaional travellers, he believea that his aervtcea will prove advantageoua 10 any party with whom he mav encage. Letters adilreaaed to \T. Corbyn, Manager of tho Swiss Bell Ringere, eare of Sol. Smith. Esq , theatre. 8t. Loaia, Mo , if mailed prior to May 10:h. and prepaid, will meet wi.h prompt attention at thil time alO tlirc SEGaRS ! sEGARS!JSEGARS! 200.000 aifieeted brands' vis: ' *** 2(1.0110 La Aliauxa. 20 OiO Oou de Ague, 20 000 La Carolina, 2S 000 Ouio, 10.000 La India, 10,000 Cleaseocia, 10,0)0 El 8o|, '0,000 fur era, 10,000 Emaacipadt 0,000 Bnetta Vajo, 2^,000 L\ Norma Gne Regalia, 13,000 La Norma prime Paaetelu, 0 000 YareU R-galii Imperial, 0 000 La Au'Oiica caaonea, 5 0(0 Onnxalea Preased SegaraJ K#Plantation Segars, ia bales, made of the higheit grade of Tobacco. Tha whole entitled to de benture, aud for aale at very low prieea in lots to suit purcha sers Ky TBUJIlLO fc BABFEIRA8, alOlw'm No. 100 Wall street, ap stairs. PIANO FORTE8. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers' ware-room -a No. 10} Broadway, for a superior and warranted article. MILITARY EQUIPMENTS?F1ERKMENU CAPST THE SUBSCRIBER respectfally calls the attention of the military public to his assortment of Military Kquipmei X military public to Ins aaaortment of Military Equipments adapted to all companies; Military Caps, Keapsacks, Boxes and Bayonet Scabbarda of every variety. Conn try com pa ssaging their uniform, or tnoee about forming ias will be supplied with (ami'le(. FIRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. Bayonet Scabbarda or every variety. Country compa nion, about chan-? 1 ? ? * aaw eompaniea j A fall assortment of every variety constantly oa hand, aad made to oraor at tha shortest aotice. f?0?m?rre H 8 ORATACAP. 2M Broadway. TISSUE PAPER. Cnnn REAM!! Tiiw Piper jaat received? 0UUU lOOt Krenu Whir*. ?J0 Yellow, ?? " Pink, 750 " Blned, JOO ?? Bine, 1000 " Green, MO " Amorted. MM Rnmt Tiara* Paper. for tale by all lain PERB8E It BROOKS. 05 ,ni CI Naaaan it re at. STRAtV BONNETS. L. CHAPIN, No. IS Jobs (tract, near Broadway ?p ?1__ L ' tol Faahioaable fiEj) auira, haa on hand a rood aaaortment t. ?e^. Straw Boaaeta, which fie iaielliaf at the loweet market price*. Million* and otheri are iarited to tail before pvrchaaiag alaawhere. mrH |ra*r QENTLeMzN'ti HA Is?SfHlNU STY JUS Bird, corner pink and Nassau streets Oentlemeu'* Haa, of the Hpriuf pattern, uniting mo eh elegance and beaaty of atyle, an now ready lor examination and talc, by tha aubaenber. BIRD, miK 1 m ? re Comer ol fla? and Naaaaa *tr rt SPRING fashion. rM BROWNItCO., 171 Chatham Sqaaiw, eoraer of Mott J^^a-.reet, wiah to inform tha public oi their racent impror* meat io the mieafactare and fiaiah of their $1 Hats,combining faahioo, beauty aud durability, throe important consideration* to the weartr. The proprietor* do cou6dealjy aaeert their hat* to be maeh as pari or to ai? aver before aoid for the aame price. Gall aad aatirty yoaraoU of thia fact. taMlfe'rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HAT8. HI WHY will yoa pay aad fi for a Bat, whaa yoa eaa go to ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Pmlton Street, tad iat ?* good a one for DJ<1 Uo aad esaaaiae lor yonr ?eleaa. mrll Im'rc METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, No. 974 l-!4 Onuid street. f? PLUNKETT k CO harrjait opened this aeweetabliih anil with a apteodid aaaoitmaat of H ATS and CAPS, not to be inrpaaaed either in qnal.ty, *legance of ahape or du rability, which they offer to the public at the following rery low price*:? Hat*. Fintqnality Natria Far, it ft S* Second do do do do I 00 FirM i-iality Moleakia, do 1 00 Mccotd do *o da f JO Car* from I7K centi to 91 7J each. Wholoaale aad retail t>rder* punctually attended to, and coo (omen hat* ironed aad kept ?* ah* pa rraili a7 lm*rrc J.PLUNKE tT and R. PARDESSUS. LOOK AT THIS! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if yon want * fine art'Cta of Boom and Bhoea. call at M7 Brned ,y: r k" JV! w,llufl"4 th* '*???* "*aortment, choapeat, aad oat fashionable in ihe city. Do aot miatake the nu tuber, *7 Broadway, eoraer of Franklin atieet. N. B - a larae aaaortment oi imported French Boot*, at th* low price 5dollar*. M. CAHILL at< Im'r PREMIUM MOOTS. ~ m FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $110, city nude, and are men nil to thoee told in other More* lor Si. Fin* French B Calf Boots for ft 3d. eonal to the beat made ia thia city J* for M or $7, it YOUNG k JONES' trench Boot and Shoe Manufactory, on* of the moet fashionable in the city.? Onr B ou having been jedged in the late Fair at Nibio1*, are **id to be the beat trtr aold in thi* ciiy. All Boot* warranted to (ire aatiafactioa. Mesdinc, kc. done ia the Store. YOUNG k JONES, 4 Ana afreet, mg lm*m near Broadway, New York. ^ BOOTS AND SHOES.?Tha Pablic are umud to S call aad examine the lane aaaortment of (eatlemea'a, la> | Hdiea aad miaaea Boot*. Shoe* aad Uaitert, m all theirvan. ^ tiaa, which art to be loaad at the cheep aaah dare of | m*4la*i H-BIGG AM, I C*Mi *?> tang* Bailiyaa. City Intelligence. The Paocusio*.?The splendid procession of Van Amhurgh kCo.'i menagerie.and Sand* and Lent'* Ameri can circus, entered the citjr yesterday morning, and paw ed through Nretil of the principal street*. They came into the head of Broadway a little after 10 o'clock, and a law minute* pastil, reached the Park. Broadway waa ' 'nil of people?the windows, roofa of houses, and baloo 1 niea, wore filled and oovered with old men, young men, beautiful ladiea, and gay, laughing firl?. The Aitor House atepi, the railing and all the pillar* around the Park were covered, and Broadway eeetned one denae max of human being* The proceation wa? led by the aplendid Roman chariot of which we epoke ? few d*y* , aince. Thii waa drawn by eight horaea magnificently I caparisoned, and contained a band of muiiciani playing fine muiic. This chariot ia 'JO feet long, and about 17 high, and it ia built in the style of an aneient Roman tri umphal car, in which the warriora and heroea entered the city, riding through etreeta atrown with garland*. The entrance u guarded by two large gilt lion*. At the back are the *ame, and a great quantity of gilding i* u*ed on all parta. On **<^ aide i* a * pie ndid painting of a lion hunt. The whole ii (amounted by a magnificent I canopy of aatindamaek, aupported by two gilt dolphin*. j The carnage i* one of the floe*t ipecimena of workman ?hip we ever saw, and k*tonl*hed all who caw it. The whole ooet ia over $3000. After thia came an elephant walking, and handiomely trapped. Then came the wa Sin* belonging to the oitabiiahmant, and containing e various animal*. The*o wagon* were some of them drawn with two, and many with four horaea. The horaea were all very handsome and the wagooa appeared to be entirely new. About fifty of theae wagon* followed, when came another mu*ic ear belonging to the American Cireu* ol Sand* fc Lent Next waa the company of the circu*, riding on their hone*. After them came the poniea, who have ao much excited the wonder of all who have visited the amphi theatre, ridden by boy* ; and next to those came a beau* tiial little cab, driven by a liveried aervant, and drawn by four of the poniea, in which were sea'ed Maurice and Jeaae, Mr. Sends' beautiful children. Bringing up the rear were the wagons belonging to the circua. The procession contained about two hundred horse*. It marched 'down Broadway (to Bowling Green, up Greenwich to Veaey, up Vesey to the Park, up Chatham street to East Broadway, up East Broadway to Grand street, through Grand atreet to the Bowery, and up the Bowery to Nuith street, where it passed under a trium phal arch into the ground prepared for the exhibition of the menagerie, which commenced yesterday, und will continue six day* only. It i* a iplendid collection, and with the daring feat* of Mr. Van Amburgh with the lion* and tigera, will attract a great deal of attention. The only accident we heard of during the proce**ion was the death of a hog, which waa run over by an omnibus. Rkv. Da. Rvdeb.?This eloquent and learned divine, who delivered a lecture on auricular confeaaton, on Sunday evening, at St rotor's church, to a la' go audi once, lectures again on the same subject,-at the same place, this evening. Those who would like to hear the argument upon this subject, as taught by the church, can have no better opportunity than in listening to Dr. Ryder. A Heavy Pocket Picking Oubatioh.?A man named John Williams, of Clayton, Jefferson county, N. Y., had hia pocket picked ot $1000, on Saturday last, while at the Bowery Theatre. The billa were as follows: Pour $100 bills on the JaflTeraon County Bank; 4 or $600, in fives and tens on the Hungeriord Bank; and the remain der in fives, tens and twenties New York Safety Fund and Canada money. on thi Avewueb.?The season for riding on the avenues has commenced, and ia beginning to be im proved by the riding public. Taking a ride out there yesterday, we found all aorta of veniclea, tromalight dashing buggy or sulkey, with ?* fiery horse, to a milk cart, headed by a beast hardly able to drag along Jiia own weight. The Third Atenue is a great place Tor "the boy a" to run their horaea. It is one of the best roads in the country, and its vicinity to New York ia a great advantage to us. Coubt or Common Plea*?The April term com menced in thia court, yesteiday, and both branches of tee court opened; but a jury could not be had, although two paunels wore aummoned, containing 64 namea each; yet. strange to say, that out of 168 namea only ISjurora could bo obtained, 10 in one branch and five in the other. The consequence was, that both courts bad to adjourn. Thia fact, it it atood alone, ahows the neoeaaity of a spee dy reformation of the jury ayatem. Dcv Stbekt, fc*.?We have received several commu nications within the last Tortnight, from inhabitants of thi* vicinity, oomplaining of the state of this aud some other adjacent streota ; they aay that not only the aide walka, but even the centre of the streets, axe blocked up with all manner of lumber, such as flour and meat barrels, planks, fcc., so that foot passenger* are obstruct ed on the aide walka, as well as horsoa and carta in the centre of the atreet The public authorities ahould look to it, and have this nuiaance abated. f ErrrcTs or DaunKEriNEsa. ? As a carman was driving up Park Row yeatertlay morning, being a little iipay, he fell off, and had hia arm broken by the wheel running over it. Fias.?The alarm of fire en Sunday evening, about 8 o'clock, waa from the accidental npietting of a lighted candle againat the bed clothea, in the dwelling houie of Mr. Vulteo, No. 371 Bowery. Damage but trifling. Coboneb's OrricE.?DraiK frtm ?ld ?<?.?The Coro ner held an inquett yesterday, at No. $47 Water atreet, on the body of John Bohn, born in Germany, 77 years of age, who came to hi* death from old age and debility.? Verdict accordingly. Common Council. Board or Aldkbmer.?This Board met lot aveDicg. The Preiident, Alderman Charlick, in the chair. The minntei of the last meeting were read and ap proved. Aid Baioai moved to luapend the ralea. for the pur poae of taking up the report of tho Alma Houae Commi* aionera. The motion prevailed. The report waa here taken up and road by the cleik It a bowed that testimony waa taken on tho inquiry bad by the committee, ? ho wing that no proper regulation bad been made at Bellevue, for weighing or meaaoring, by which tbo quantity of goods received or the weigut thereof coald nil ascertained. The report proceeded to atate that the teas furnished were not according to aam plea, by a difference of ten centa per pound. In relation to soup, there wer? also abnaea which the report fully detailed. Pig* had been kept on the awill of tho dopart ment, and these pig* were sold at the city hospitals.? That a horse and carriage had also been kept at the Alma House, at the public expense, for the uae of the superin Undent That the monthly bills, amounting.sometimes to between fi.000 and $S,000, have been certified to as correct, whilst it is admitted that but little examination was made of the weights and measures of goods con tained in such billa. The report state* that the commit tee had bsfore them Theodore Martine, a grocer of this city, who stated that immediately alter the contract was made by Mr. Cook with Hoppock k Co., he (Marline,1 wrote Mr Cook a Iettei, informing him that the Y. H Tea delivered by Hoppock fc Co . undtr this contract, waaaf'anton packed tea, and in his judgment unsuita ble for the use of the inmates of a hospital, and that it waa not in accordance with tho quality he understood waa required, and offered to furnish tho same quality of tea. for the remainder of the year, for sixteen cents, or an article much better for eighteen cents, the contract price paid being twenty-four cents. Mr. Martine informs the committee that he received no reply to this letter, and Mr. Cook admits that none was made by him. Mr. Mr. Cook waa before the committee, and stated that the reason he did not reply to Mr. Mar ine'a letter was that he had made a contract with Hoppock It Co., and con ceived himself bound by it to take the supply required up to the ftrat of January. Tho report doea not deem it expedient to repeal tho section of the ordinance requir ing the aupplioa by contraot punuant to public adver tisement, as reoommended by the Committee on Charity and Alma, bat present* an additional section requiring the commissioner in all casea to provide lamplea of the goods or article! to bo supplied, that contractors n.ay have deflnite information of the qaality ol the article* or property which may be required. Aid. Batons proaented a minority report from the same committee, which was also read. After detailing some particuiara in relation to the testimony had before the committee, tho minority report goes on to state, that the committee would observe, that though the tea timonr unquestionably revealed a degree of careless seas in tho rooepUon and distribution of articles, yet there was not the ilighteet evidence of corruption exist ing among the officers of the department. From the ex amination of those bcquainted with the management of the affair* of tho Aim* Houao Department, Mr. Cook, the oommiaaioner, is an acttva, faithful and economical officer; and frequently gave instruction* relative to the duties assigned to the aubordinates, enjoining their faith ful and prompt discharge. That the commissioner had succesffully conducted the Department under the new organisation, waa evident from the lact that its expenses had been comparatively reduced, and that though the termer commiasioncrt daring the last administration of the city government expended, by their own ahowiog, $109,313 89 in seven and * half months, in the aupport of three thousand seven hundred and flfty aoven paupers, the actual charge of sustaining forty-five hundred for the period of six and a half months, ending Slat Decern ber leat, amount* only to 91fil,4IA 79. (The value ol goods on hand, being about equal in both cases, it ha* not been deducted from either.; This difference, which wa* luiceptible of proof from an examination of public document*, waa the more remarkable from the fact thet during the present official year, the principal article* of consumption had advanced from ten to fifteen per cent in value. Ald?rman Batons respectfully urged the adoption of the minority report Mr. Cook's character, he consider ed, was unblemished, notwithstanding the odium which it was sought to cast upon him by the majority report. He eensidered Mr. Cook freed from every imputation as to corruption. Alderman Ciuklick replied.?Ha considered that the teatimony of David Wood, steward of the hospital, showed that a number of hogs were kept at the Aims Hon** by Mr. Cook, without authority. The cumber of hogs amounted to forty or fifty, both large and small, as appeared from the testimo- | ny. Alderman C. bare read portions of the testimony , ol Dr. Hasbrook. Mr. Mois, and other witnesses, in tela tien to the hogs kept at the Alms House, and the general abuses on the subject of it* management, which were detailed at lengUi, in the majority report of the com mittee. Aid. Baiflas considered that the report was drawn with much prejudice-, and had not teatimeny sufficient to auataia It, In relation to the disparity between the sam ple of tea*, and that which waa iurni*h*d, ihowiog a dif ference often cent* between both. In fact, the report was draws with a a? aided view; and, iadead, the gen-1 tleman who .Irewat told him ho draw it ao, btniiN be thought it would iuit them for whom it wat drawn Aid. Chablick.? Does the gentleman maan to <ay that I *aid ao I Aid Bhiuui.?I did nat ?ay you did. I nid the gentle man who draw it, toll ma to. Chaibma*.?The question la now on the adoption of the minority i eport. Aid. Chablick?I bag to call the attention of the Board to some farther portion! of Mr. Maitine'a testimo ny, before yon take the question. Vou will obaarre that Mr. Martin* aaid in hi* teatimony s ? " I saw in Juoe laat the advertisement of the Commie aioner o( the Almi Houte for tea. It read for SO of black and 20 cheata of green tea, or the aupply which should be wanted to January 1. Deeming the adver tisement very vague and indeflaite, I called at the office to learn about what quality of teaa wai deaired. I waa told by a peraon in the offiae, whom I took to be Mr. Cook's clerk, that tbey wanted a good article, and ehould not he governed by price, but by quality in accordance. Deeming Canton tea* worthleee, I did not offer Canton ?amplei ; but 1 did offer. Having understood that the oontract waa made, or that aome tea had been received under those proposals (I think 100 packagea altogether of black and green), I called at the Alma Houae and frocured sample*. I found it to be a Canton pdcked tea. took them with me, and examined them myself, and had them examined by other Judges. The young hyaon was, 1 think, ' Splendid, No. 55,' about the same descrip tion as that which I found thore when I made the exami nation with Aldermen Charlick and Briggs. I think it waa precisely the tame tea. I then wrote a latter to the commissioner, stating that I had procured sample* of tha tea received at the Alma Houte, having seen proposal* advertised for teas, and had called at his office to see about what quality of tea he desired ; and undera'and ing that they wanted a good article, 1 had not offered Canton aamplet, at / dttmtd that tea wortk'tu, end that I would now propose, if consistent (as in his proposals he had reserved the right to teke 90 and Mcheita, of the anppliu* to January 1), to lurnith an article equal te Splendid, 55 (I think that was tha chop), at aixtaen cent*, or an article that ahould be something better at eighteen cent* " He (Aid. C) considered that the committee were fully j ustift in this state of thing* in reporting a* they had done , and they wou'd be fully borne out under this te* timony from Mr. Martin*. He would al*o refer to the testimony of Messrs. Porter, Warren, and others, in ?up port of the view* of th* committee. Aid Briooi thought that where th* testimony con flicted, as had been the ca?e, in relation to this tea, por tions of the teitimony ought not be selected, and the whole subjtct judged of by a partisular instance, partir ula:ly whore witnesses of charaoter and reputation had given testimony favorable in som* instances. Aid. Charlick considered that the city had lost cer tainly more than on* cant apounl. Canton packed tea and country packed tea were quite different, as waa ap parent from Mr. Martina's testimony. There was no cou tradiotion as to the difference between the sample and the article iurniahed. Th* testimony of Mr. Storey, and other witne**e*, fully justified the committee in the couriethey pursued. Aid. MtaacaoLK considered th* reports, as iar at thay had gone, were six of on* and half a dozen of the other, and both deaerved much credit for th* fact* they had brought forth, which would lave the city *om* $50,000 per year. The names of the committee* ought be poited up in letter* of gold, opposite the City Hall, for the im portant disclosure* they had made. They d?a*rva<i a vote of thank*. Aid. Benton did not *ee what the committee had done to de**iv* their name* in "letter* of gold," which the Aldarmen of th* 10th had tuggeitetT He knew that Mr. Cook had b**n upright and faithful in th* discharge of hit duties ; but on* man was not at all able to dis charge the duties. The last annual expenditure was some $300,000, and it waa not Mr. Cook that should be blamed, it waa the *ort of man who bad b*?n sent th*r*. If honest man were appointed, then th* abuses, which ar* now complained of, would not have *xist*d. Aid Bsioos?Will th* Aldarman let us understand who he raoaa* I Aid. Benton.?I mean the man who removed the *will The amount that wa* expended amounted to twenty per cent upon mere aalaria* alone, net to aay a word of the other expenses Aid. Mcsikbolk.?The gentleman lias attempted to show that by having the.r own commissioner, is the cause. ? Aid. Benson.?I said no. I call the gentleman to or der. 1 did not *ay? Aid. Meucbolk?I will not be called to order?I con (ider that though there i* but one commiaaioner there, that fact i* an actual saving to the city. Aid. Banson?1 wish to txplain. Aid. Mksiebolx?I shall not yield until I have explain ed. 1 will now show that we nave a saving by thw ote commissioner being there. Wo shall have a saving by advertisement* alone. If Mr. Cook advertised th sam ples could be furnl*hed,and then their business could be properly attended to, and $50,000 would be saved to the city. Re maintained that the committee who hnd effect ed such a saving fully deserved the thanke of the com munity , and that their names were eminently worthy of every mark of respect. Aid. Baiont conterfjed that Mr. Cook had acted in good faith, and waa, he would reiterate, fr** from ail blame. Ali Brxton explained in relation to the item of expen diture for mere subordinates in the Alms House,amount in* to twenty per cent. Aid. MattsaoLK reiterated hi* opinions a* to the saving | which would be effected. Aid. Bbadt considered the testimony had fully borne out the report of the committee; and the view expressed by the Alderman of the first. Thore would be even an increase of offloer* thia year: and now a* they had gone to *o much expen*e in procuring testimony?testi mony which bad been taken even out of the den iteelf? they had a right to adept the report (Cries of question, question ] Aid. Chablick here moved to take up the majority re port. Aid. Baioas moved that th* minority report bo first disposed ol. He offered it a* a rabetitute. Aid Chablick?I now move aa an amendment, that the majority report be taken up. Aid. Bbioos nere withdrew his motion. Aid. STOMKAI.L would have do objection to vote for the msjority report; but he did not with to have it un deratood thereby, that be censured Mr. Cook. The question on the adoption of the majority report was ' taken, and stood : Ayee * Noea . ; Aid. Chablick begged to say, that the report did not mean to impute corruption or fraud to Mr. Cook ; the committee did not meen it. Aid. Bamns?The whole origin of this, emanated from Mr. Charlick himself, and he hoped the Board would not now pass a resolution, from auch a source ; Mr. Cook needed it not from such a quarter now. Mr. Chablick denied the allegation, and on motion, the Board took a recess, and retired to the tea-room. The Board returned after recess of half an hour, and, after partially amending the ordinance for the reorgani zation of the Alms House, adopted the same. IHIPWBKCK BKSCl'E. Aid. Haby moved to take up the report of the commit tee oo Arts, fcc, in relation to the rescue of persons ship wrecked upon the coast adjacent to the port of New York. The committee made a unanimous report, and which was unanimously adopted. They call upon the general government to appropriate a sum of money for the building and support of station hojtet, with surf boats, men, guns, rockets, and other means, as proposed by Msjor Joseph Hopkins. Th* only fault found by th* committ** appeared to be, that they believed Mr. Hop kins had not aaked for enough of money. Thev approve ot all he has recommended, but think that a* New York i* the Importai.t " portal" of the country for emigrants end commerce, the whole subject ia treated too slightly. They cali on the Mayor emphatically to urge thia sub immeilSteth*t"*CI'*tltry th* tr*MUr^ Congre** for The ordinance, in relation to charcoal carts, reducing the license thereibr from $10 to $3 50, waa passe 1 as amended. A communication wa* received from the comptroller in relation to the fine* collected at the police offices.? The communication suggests inquiry into th* mode of transacting business at the lower police offloe. A com mitt e, consisting of Messrs Tappan, Benson, and Met serole were appointed to inquire into, and investigate the seme. After disposing of some papers from th* Board of As sistants, th* Board adjoarn*d. Boabd or Assiivajit ALDcaxtn.?This Board met last evening. Nathaniel Pearce, Esq. President, in the chair, and a quorum of member* present. Pultiana- Of Johnson and Ingram, for extra compen sation for servicaa rendered aa doorman at th* head quarter* of the 0th police diatiict. Referred. Of Prnflili, Pay and atktra, tor exclusive us* of slip between Liberty and Coder streets, (or the accommoda tion of the steemboets L'tica and Washington, also four barges plying between this city and Catekili. Referred. Hapnrit.?Of Committee on Ferries In favor of con curring with the Board of Aldermen in directing the counsel to the corporatioa to execute a lease In the case of Catharine street ferry. Concurred. Of CammiUtt an fVharvn, Pitrt and Mini, in favor of extending East street from the foot ?l Broome street to the terminetion of Cherry street Carried. Of Cammmttitt an iVarvtt, fc., in favor of granting exclusive use of th* south side of pier, foot of Robinson street, for the accommodation of steamboats Belle and Eapreee. Carried. Of CammiUrt an Art$, fcitnen, j-e , in favor ef con curring with the Boerd of Aldeimen In obtaining a full length portrait of Wm. C. Bouck, late Oevernor of this Btete, and appropriating $1000 to defray the expenses \nir9of. I Of Commit lee on Streets, , in Ciror of flatfinr iid? walk in 37th atroet, between 4th and *th avenues. Car ried Of Cammillat an Hfrtttt, 4~e., In favor of regulating Carried*4' b*tw**n #tJl *T'nQ* knd Bloomingdale road. Of teete CammiiUn in favor of regulating Mth street Iw*" avenue and Hudson river. Cerried. Of arm* Committor in favor of making and regulating ?th> treat a between Lawt* tad Msngin streets Cerried. W*a( Sidt RaWread.?The Joint Committee to whom waa referred the epplication of Bloomfield, Bloodgeod, end ethers, for permit*** make a railroad through Hudeon street end Sih ar*u>? to McCnmb's dam, pre sented a majority report aiOTninorlty report. The former ia in favor of the rood, wh/Je to# substance of the latter ia underatood to be, that the Corporation had no power to grant permission to any company to lay down rail* in th* citv; but aa an offset to thia argument, the majority appended to their report the legal opinion of Mr. Brady, the able counsellor of the board*, setting faith that th* Corporation had the power. Oa motion, both report* were laid on the table m4 or- I dorod to be printed. Jemes JL *eo*<*y.-lUMlvtton In favor of tcuaforring 1 this ?ffici?nt police Clerk from the H*lla of Jotti?* to th* Second Dirtrict Police Court, waa then c*1***,. AtUr acting upon lundry other ?f nlM porta nee, tha board adjourned unul Monday evening next. County Court. John McKr.on, Kiq DUtrict Attorney. Aran. 30.?Can of Justire Drinker.?Tha .c?arL,50^" vanad at 3 o'clock. Judge Ulahoeffor in tha chair. Thara war* praaent, Judge* Ingrahamand Daly ; the Record er- Aldermen Charlick, Stoneall. Divver, Hart, Henry, Ccmpto*. Van Tine. Ma-rol*, Dodge, Jack.on, Brigga, Taouan. Biady, and Seaman. 4he Court was duly organitad, when the CNtnxt* ?aid -.?Gentlemen, thla court has been convened agree able to ? resolution paaaed by the Boardof Supervisor* *n wUion to ohaigeVTgainat Justice Dnnkar. which you are called upon to investigate. I hare been called upon by an individual named Rooinson. who ha* Pl?c?d inmy hands aome pa|<*ra, which. I think shoulJ be niacad with the other paper*, in the hand* of the Uir trict Attorney. Thla, I think, la the u?ual courae, no that tha Dirtrict Attorney may put them in a ahapa to hare t^Al'd,e'H**T moved a re*olutien directing that the chargea be referred to the Dirtrict Attorney, in order that he may examine aud report thereoii. Judge Isuraham considered the mo*t Judlciou* co?r** would be, if they wanted to havo the case disposed of before the preieut Board weut out of odlae, to authorise the District \ttorney to hove the charge* *erv*d,?Uo. ahould he come to the conclmion to bring them Daiore the Court, and moved an amendment to th?t effect. Aldermen Chimlic* wa* of opinion that one of the paper* *ent by Robin*on, ought not be referred, a* it Ma reference to another mattor not conneoted with JlThe#qoestion ou thu reaolution, a* amended, wa* ^Tbe Board adjourned to meet on the 21th in*t , > tiday, at # o'clock. I Polio* Int*IIIg*n?*. . Aran. 20?Charge of False Pretences -Officer'Welch arrested, yeaterday, an individual by the n-meofHenry Buy dam, charged with obtaining ? loan of^ftOfrom John Moffat, No. 333 Broadway, by laWe aud fniuduient representation!, under the following C1f?uj!1-t^nc(jf' h appear. Mr. Suydam applied to Mr Moffu in March, 184ft. tor a loan of $U00. Ha obtained the loan ol Me. Moffat, by representing he wa* out of debt, and deposit log with Mr. Moffat, a* collateiml security. fifteen bill* of th? MU.Usippi and Alabama Railroad Company, bavin* banking privilege*, chiefly of the denomination o!f $1 each, and three bilU of the ?aid cnmpany el $400 each, which Mr. Suydam avowed were all perfectly goof. and wore thon worth 40 cents on the dollar. Since that time Mr. Moffat ha* uicertained that th* bill* woro worthle** at the time he made the representation, and that he wa* likewise in debt considerably at the same tune; con*e quently he procured the arrest of Mr. Suydam for o taining $1,300 by fal*e and fraudulent representation. Juitice Oiborne held him to bail in th* sum of $***, lor hi* appearance at Court, which wa* entered into by Mr. Lambert Suydam. aud ha wai discharged from cuftadr Di,honest Srti-anl.-A v?ry interesting younz woman, a chambermaid, at the boarding house No. ai Chambers | street, by the name of Ellen Dolan, was arrestedibyoft cer Turner, one of th* ctiie 1'i aidi. charged with *teaho)t a $5 goll piece from Mr. Rufu* EC ran*, aboard*rat the above houte. It appear* Mr. Crane, on Sunday, left hia vest hanzinff up iu hit bed room white he went to church, the pocket ot which contained places, rolled up in ? pieo* of l>ai?er. Upon Ml from church he di?ooverod one of the piece* wa* ?l_* ing. The above officer, upon searching her, niece iu her pocket, which wa* evidently the one stolen. Committed by the magistrate for trial at th* *p*cial *?* "?Re'ceioing ? Stolen H.f-George Ackerly on a warrant, yeaterday. for purchasing a stolen hog. belonging to Charle* McOonigh, No. 307 Monroe street Locke l up by Justice Taylor. Arret of a Notorious Pickpocket-OAw Bowyer, one of the chiul'* aid*, arre?ted the notoriou* P 1 Tom Conroy, who wa* *nugly packed la I the *tep* of the Astor Hou*o,lyeaterday ?o?ing?"J1"* the manageria procea*ion wa* passing; this efficient of; I ficer had a bench warrant lor thu rogue, who upon being I arrested, made ? rate resistance, Msaultedthe ot | ficer, and tore out the bosom of hi* shirt: , after 1 some coniiderable fighllog, thi* saoundrel wis er I corted before the Chie? of Police, whei* h. was acco ^ modited with a pair of " ruffles" on hi* wn*t* to cool ; hi* tomper. Thi* Conroy U indicted I bank not* some 3 y*ars ago from a boy in Wall street ! We uuderctand that th* Dutrict Attorney intends to try ! thi rsacaltnis forenoon. Committed by th* Mayor for ! ^Another Pickpocket Arrested-Captain McOrath. of the ath Ward, arrested, yesterday, whila the Pr?V"?? paaiing up the Bowery, on the corner of Orand street a man called Bill Bloomer, for picking th* Mrs. Maria Turney, No. 81 Walnut street, of a purse, oontaining $8 in silver, and a bill of furniture. which *he had butju*t purchalod. On being " fri*ked by the of ticor the pur*e was found in hi* boot, containing the bill Of gio3?,Pbothof identified byMrr Turney, to be her property. Committed by the Mayor for trial rour other notorious " kriuck*. a/cai pickpockeU, war* arrested by officer Bowyer, Leonard *nd Brown, the chiefs aid*, during the procowion. who gavia the tallowinK name* :-John Hendonon. ah*s Black Jac*, ' John Baxter, ai;?"Ko*ch$" Joieph Brock, ?ii?? ^ ran oh Dolph; and Mike Williams, alias the "Duke ol Maribo-. rough,"?all of whom were brought In, by order of the Mayor, on the preventive ?ystem, by these vigilant offl car*; and by so doing, have, no doubt, saved many hun dreds of dollara from being stolen. Surrendered by his B?.?.-Jo*eph C. Ashley, who w.s indicted some time line* lor forgery, was arrested yei terday by officer Denni*ton, he having been eurrendered by h? bail, Mr. Oliver John*on. who was his surety in the sum of $4,f>00. lorhia appearanc* at couit. Com mitted to priiou, by the Court of Seasion*. p'tit Larcenie. -Cn.rles Barker was arreeted last night for stealing $4, ba...aging to WiUiam SculL Locked U^Pet*r Quinn waa caugh: n tha act of stealing a bora* bridle, belonging to Adam toll. Committed to P'tjon David L*e was "nabbed, in th* *ct of stealing two hams, belonging to J. B. Young. Lo?*edup_ Rokiero of Si leer.?Th* premise*. No. IS, Bend street, wa* entereii ye*ferday morning, while the P">ce*?ion wa* alenK Broadway. Some "sneak" entered the b*ae ment, and stole a quantity of silver ware, ,ucha? silver *poon?, Ico., and a number of them were marked M. D. L. No arrest Court of Ociteial 8*Mlona. Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Henry and Jack son. John McK*on, District Attorney. AraiL V).?Trial for Huhway Robbery.?LewiaI Smith, indicted for a highway robbery, in having on the Uth of Dacember laat, attacked a Uarman by the name of John Raab, while passing through 44t?| 8th avenue, and there robbing htm of about $15, was put on his trial at the opening ot court thi* morning, lhe evidance in thi* case waa of a contradictory character, and the Jury, after a *hort absence, came ioto court and rendered a verdict of guilty. The court then adjourned until to-morrow morning. In Chancery. Before Vice Chancellor McCottn. Arnn* 30 ?Dacnion*?Divoaea C*s?s-Mary .*?? 0lmst?d,'9e Lewis Olmstoad. Decree of divorce, * ?? Pent lope H. Lawrence, vs Augustine N. Lawrence. Lyu\^ie"ke<?nM*ry Lewis. Lihecaie, like rule. Hot gar et Lusts* Hunter, ot Jtlfred Hunter R . There mu*t be prool to .how that the compliinantba. not lived, or cohabited with her husband, since March, 1844 The matter appears to hare forgotten that part 01 hi? Harriett A. Codmell, v. Frederick A. Codwell. Divorc* a timculo matrimonii OrauUd. .. . , a Margaret Jt. Sh*ru>ood%V9. Richmri W. Sherwood L. ? cafe line rule, with co.U. ana that the complainant ha*a th* custody and charge of the child of the marriage. KeUev vs Drkoy?Motion to order * re eale ot proper J' sold by ia master ou loreclosur* *f a mortgage. Mouon **Uurens, vs Fielding. MoUon to r*in*Ut* ao injunction. Li*a over for deciaiou. N ape r lor Court* ??ton ? fall Bench. Ann 30?Dtciiiom-Mc Oowan vs. George T. Often-Motion lor bow trial) darned. Marinui If. Wamc odi. Martin A. Howell?Judgment for pluaiil on demurrer to M replication j tnd for tha defendant on dinairir to 4th replication, wi.h liberty to both parties to uMud on payment of cmU, within ten day* alter notioe of this rule. JS. Croutmt adi Thtodur? B. Blanc hard it el?Motion for new trial; denied. Louii Jay ml vi Gilbert H?U air?Judgment of nonault. ChaileiJl. IVoility adi TKumat Hughn?Judgment for ' plaintiff ou demurrer to Id plea, and on demurrer to 3J | replication to 3d pled; and lor defendant on demurrer to the 1st and 3d plea to 3d replication, with u?ual liberty i to both parties,on payment of coeta within ton day* altar i liotice of thia inle. Mar cut f Daw adt LianirJ Weiitn?Motion to (et aiido | report of referee*; denied. Thoauu Ciimun vi Jjhn Cook?Like caae?like rule. John Emlend *? Theodore D. Palmer et at.?Motion ia thia case denied. IViUiam Jone! {Sheriff) et al ??. Daniel Williami ? Thia waa an action el tiover brought by the Hhoritf, and a party named John WaUon, against the landlord of pro mieei. It appeared that the 8berid levied under an rxe I cution, and tao landlord, ia virtue ot a distress warrant, ; aeiied the property levied upon on claim for hi* rent.? 1 The Sheriff now auea to recover, having previously levied. The defeuoe aete up the usual right of the land lord to have his deaaenda fully aatiatled belore that of any other cre<litor. Verdict thia forenoon. For plaintiff, Brown, Mathews and Blunt, for defendant, J. L. White and 8. P Huff. Baiore Chief Justice Jones Chattel P Lever life r? William E W,lmerding.?This case haa already been triad, sud m brought up again on motion for a new trial. It w?s an actiou to recover lot i damages sustained by plaintiff, in aoneequeoee ol the ! oveiflowing of tha Fountain in too Bawling Oree , which cau?ed the Croton water to flow thrjugn a cer tain pert of Broad atreot, and make its way tuto plain tiff's cellars, destroying a vast quantity ol anger, lie ? Tbo defence sots up thai defendant had constructed the Kouutain lor public use, and, then lore, that defendant could not bo ueld liable tor tha loss sustained thereby ? i Adjourned. A slavo named She It has bean sentenced to suffer . death at Parie, Tonn., for tha murder of Mr. Da Pey. He wae to ha hug on Saturday, 1 lth inet. Ho cenfoeeed hia vnllt " 1 United Mtatci Circuit Court. Before Judge Nelson. Arm. 'iO?Forfeiture of Bui ?The trial of Corns F. Driacoll. chsrged with being concerned in tbe slave trado. was called on yesteid?y morning, bat DriaeoU not baring appeared, upon tbu application of Um Diatriet Attorney bu default m enter*.1, and the recoguiasocea of Mm and his bail forfeited, with liberty to the repre sentative of tbe bail to lurrender bim at any time before tbe drat day ef tbe next term. The Schotntr fotuxent -Nathaniel P Davis, and Tboe. L Shew, captain and mate of the ecboooer Patuaeot, tiao charged wLh being ooncerned in the alave trade, were arraigned, and pleaded not guilty. Their trial wai tilted for the flret Monday in May nest. Sentence?Francis Caddie, convicted laat week of paae ing counterfeit coin, *li sentenced to pay a fine of fl an I to be imprisoned two yeara in the Bute priaon, and kept at hard labor. Brooklyn Cltjr Intelligence. Naval ?The Hju Geo. Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy, has assigned tbe Ker. C. 8 Stewart to the Naval Hoapital at Brooklyn. We feel aatiaied that thia will give eutire satufactieu to the inmate* of tbe Hoapital, aa well ai the religioui community in it* vicinity; lor Mr. Htewart ii not only a very popular, bat el&aient chap lain, with marines anl teaman. Sporting Intelligence. Louisiana Racks.?Courts Couasa. Caaaotrow ? Fifth Day, Saturday, April 11.?The flret race waa a sweepstake race for three olds?aubscription MM, forfeit $100?two mile haute. The horaea winch atarted were Beacon L ght, Joe Tucker, a Ulencoe filly, and ? brother to Reel. Beacen Light comes in in advance, takiog the thine oat of them all. Time, 3:M^. O F. Keuuer's Beacon Light, by imp. Ulencue, out of Uai Light 1 I Wm. J. Minor's b f. by imp. Glencoe, out of Bet sey Maione 9 *4 Thomia Kirkman'a brother to Reel ? S J. an I H Cage's ob. c. Joe Tucker, by imp. Levia than, dam by Pacolet 4 4 Time, 3:Mj? Skcond Rack?The secoud race was, to use tbe lan guage of expamion and preaiure, an open end ahut game. 1; waa for the Jockey Club Puree, $M0 j foar mile heata. We merely give the summary. J. Kirkman'a (I. Van Leer's) ch. m. Li ah-tunah, by imp. Amdcioy, out of imp. Jenny Milla, 6 y. o., 107 lha 1 1 W. r Greer's b. f. Darkness, by Warner, oat of Sally Sbannen'a dam. 8 y. o., 83 Iba 1 ? Time, 8:lJ-840.?S. O. Delta, April 13. Mormon AflUn> [From the Warsaw Signal, April " ] At the last advices, the Mormon expedition wm etill encamped about tan miles from K?o??qua, aDd c?nitaBt communication was carried on li?? halt Holv Citv We cannot account for this long halt, out we ^re inclined to believe lh.tthe object]. to Mow flrwtelers to come up and reinforce the company, a* well as to be within travailing distance until the second cont"nv i? prepared to .tail. Quite a Urge numb-rot wagons have gone on to join the thut started at first, have come back empty lor thepu> pone of taking a new load. Another company U forming in the count*, which propoaea to atart in about throe weoks. It Will, according to ??tira?t**\b'Li'IIJInUW the first. From all we can learn, the Mormonsj in the county are preparing to leave; but occaaionaliy one U me" with wtTo bSgs tfme or desire, to remaio To all auch we would ?ay that the planforil*>e" to follow the example of their b', u ? ho7wJlre go with them. We wuh to tee no diaculty. bnt we are ?,iti?fi)d that the only way to avoid it. la, fo? the brethren to leuve one and all. Since the above wai In typo, wo learn that tho Mormons have changed their poiitioa, and i'i now encamped on the Charitaa. We learn that quite a number of Mormons In ooun ty have seceded trom the church, and aspreaaod theU determination to meatier through the country Some * thole appear to be very much alarmed tor their pereonai safety Last week, three or four wagons, loaded with I leceilina Mormons came to Weraaw, for tho purpoee ol I taking boat to go eastward. So great was their appro 1 heniion that their brethren would assassinate them.that they lolicitod from Msj? T Warren a guard to eaoort them to town. The M.jor accordingly aent t?o n?a who rode in front of the party, with lacea ?? lone an J looks a* solemn aa though they were employed in a really hazardous service. We h,H WW?yi o^ .erred, that whenever a Mormon aecedo* from the church, he invariably .expresses the greatest approhen ?ion fur hii personal safety; thereby proving tao dy gerous nature of tho combination controlled by the church authorities. ___ Michigan Taxes. -The folio wing letter from tho Auditor General of Michigan, will prove of interest AUUllvl VICUVIBI wa | ? to all persona owning lands in that State : ?I Avoiroa OiNUtJ.'i Orrioa, j Dktroit, April 10,1W. ' Dear Sir-I have annexed soswsri t? the ?everal In terrogatories propounded in yours of tho ?ta f?''lst' For what years were tho lands aaseaaed which were sold for taxes in Oetober, 18411' Ans. For the yeara 1941 and 1S43. "1J. Haw olten aro lands sold for taxes, and lor the taxes of what years preceding tho sales I" Ans. Bales are held in October wry year ; and the are sold for the taxes ass-ssed two yoara previous to the year in which they are sold. ' Sd. Do sales take place la *U the counties of your State the same year T' ? . . Ans. The salea are uniformly held in October, annu ally, in all the counties of tho State. ??4th. Aro there two yoara' redemption on all lands thus sold V' Ans. Two years' redemption on those sold la le44 | 0 tie y ear only on those eold subsequently. . ??6th When will the unpaid taxes of 1S46 bo retuned to your office ?" Ans Returns are made daring the month of Maroh | and this office will, by the first of May next, have re ceived them, and bo enabled to receive such payments as are offered. _ ... "8th. How long aro lands generally advertised before being eolJ 7" Am tight weeks, as required by law. ?'7tn. II taxea aro paid at your office ktfort they are advertised, is there any additional charge from that ori ginally levied 1" Ans. There is a charge of 15 per cent aad latireet from 1st February following the year in which the tax wei aiNiMd, and 26 cenU lor the first, and cent* for each subsequent description contained in a receipt v,"'-|~rn?ErL.A?r,o~ J. A. Hidlkt, Rochester, N. V. Grimk im VmotNiA.?Almost every day brings aa reports of murders in adjicent counties. In Prutoe William, we bear that a Mr. (ioslii>g cut the throat of a Mr. Oodfrey, by which he di?J ituWnUneoutly. It le said they were travelling together; and jealousy U as signed as the cause of the ollence. Gosling is in jail. Id lUppahannock, a Mr. Corl .y shot a Mr Dare who has tince died. It is said they were wrestling, and Dare threw Corley, when the latter raised his gun and shot the foimer through the abdomen. Corley has absconded. In Culpepper a negro man Is in jail for an attempt to pel ton his m stress, Mrs Thomson, and family. Only Mrs. Thomson and one daughter took the poison. The daugh ter is well; but the mother is yet Ul ? Worrtnltn Flog T?e mail service at the West and South-west is la rather a bad way, if ws can believe the statements lathe papers of those quarters. The Peneaoola Otwutrmt says, thedriver of the stage, between that plaoe aud Mobile, rot corned, upeet the coach three times, loet the let'er mail, but managed to get through in prettv good time. On the great mail route, between Louisville end Indtao apolis, matters are even worse. Toe Bloomlogtoa (la) litrald, says the contractors hsve no mercy on the taw horses they possess, and the carriers are sometimes toe drunk to waik, let alone to ride and take charge ol im portant mails. Worthless mall b*gs are also used by them, causing pipers and pamphlets on their reoeption, to look like dirty dish rags. Their riders are generally without saddles ; wuen they have this oomtort, they hare no Stirrups to them, or etlrrupe without leathers. It is announced that the Susquehanna and Tide Water canal ?U1 be opened for narigatioa oa Thursday, the 1 30ih last The Baltimore Sun, of the 17th, intt., says that the Telegraph lioe, between Philadelphia aad that city. Is progresetng very rapidly, aad there i '? ... iniM iniaied or the Srot of next week- It weaw hsve been completed and In operation before this Usae, aad there been no delay la obtaining thenec The? hare succeedea in running the wires wrsei us Buxiuehanna, of sufficient height to allow veeeels of any sue to peaa under, and the line is complete to Bus rirar. . , Clerk Mills, ofCharleston, (8. C.) has Just exeouted a handsome bust of the Hon. 'oan C. C^WM>ut pura white ? tone, found near Columbia, In that 1 i?nied the same to the Councils of Cbiflest<Hi, waiflh has been accepted oy them, and ordered to be placed to a prominent situation in their chamber. Abby Kelly and har husband are holding forth at Titta buigh. j r Dufrocq. editor of the Baton Rouge Ottutt, has been elected Mayor of that town by a majority of ?0 over all oppoosnts. A pier liOO feet long lias boon erected at the mouth of the river at Mllwaukie. The jury In the case of Oouche, came Into court ys? tarday morning, Sunday, a1. 0 o'clock, end rendered a veidict ol guilty ol aiaaelaughtar in the Bret oeg roe. Two young fellows, named Moras end Cress, ed la the fectary of N Wright, in Oreen quarrelled on Saturday, when L^roM ^ ^ ^ on the heed with a brick. Moran then i^is^apairef sheers, aad stabbed Cross in the abdomen, and he now Lies la a preoerious eitosUon. ? p?CKEr .hi; r<-. s!!_ lOHN WHITAKEKl 77 I WW muN WHITAKKa, Itirof Thorp,eeerShiptee, York EXTRACTS FOR THE HANDKERCHIEF. fjrWARPS of fifty rarietiee of the ehoieees kstraess, e r*"VTKQtTHar,L. M> ?reMwev

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