Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1846 Page 3
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heavy westerly Cape Clear light. From this point may be dated all the troubles which sccaaioaod her delay. Head winds mostly prevailed, and oa the 3d inst., driving a tremendous g;ale, it vu sup posed by the engineer that tSe coals would give ont. At once the captain directed the ship's head to be turned towards St. John's, Newfoundland, for a supply, although it was after wards discovered that there would have been qp deficiency, had she kept her courae. As any ra tional man might have anticipated. St. John's, and indeed the whole eastern coast of Newfoundland, was found blockaded with ice, and the Unicorn was four days in entering the harbor, which she reached on Friday the 10 h inst. She might, doubt less, have got up to St. John's the day she came in sight, but for the eaptaia'a fear to push through about four miles of soft looae ioe, though it was calm and only tea hours coal was supposed to be on board, without ballast. The captain pre ferred remaining outside until he should be com pelled to put in br the first gale. Early next morn ing the wind freshened, more and thicker ice drift ed in, and after being nearly thrown on her beam ends in the gale, the steamer was compelled to at tempt the passage of the ice, which hid by that time increased to twelve miles in width. She succeeded with great difficulty, and anchored in Bay Bulls, about thirteen miles from St. John's bay, on the 7th inst In two days more 6he got into St. John's Coming out on Saturday, the 11th, ahe met with 62 icebergs, and south of Newfoundland passed along the eastern edge of about thirty miles of field ice, before finding an opening The trip from New foundland to Beaton was effected in good time, ow ing probably to the fact, that at Newfoundland the vessel was put under the command of Capt Meag han, who is an experienced and efficient officer. Movements of Travellers. Tha departures tor the lut few days have exceeded the Dumber of arrivals in the city. The spring acceaslon of commeroisl visitors baa diminished in proportion to the celetity with which their objects were accomplish ed. We found, nevertheless, at the American?Irvine McDowell, U. 8. A: R Cauffman, Philadelphia; W. R Deane, New York; C. Wlngate. Phi ladelphia: J. B Creighton, Providence, R. I; M. Murphy, New Tors: J H Trailer, New Jereey; J. Grant, Phila delphia; W. Ward, Virginia; R. M.McLane, Baltimore. Astob? M. Verhegen, Antwerp; Mr. Collins, Hartford; R. 8. Burrows, Albion; B Kiih, Trenton: J. Juliee, Bal timore; J. Stokes, Philadelphia; 8 Goodridge, Hartiord; W. Pope. Boston; T. Fisher, Philadelphia; E Napier, Georgia: R Shepherd, New Jeraey; W. Phillips, Boston; G. Paullaine, Georgia; J. Rondell, Philadelphia: J. Thompson. Princeton; S. Lee, Baltimore: C Enstis, Bos ton; A. Barry, Kentucky; G. English, Philadelphia; J. Elwood. Rochester: J. Scott, Manchester, England; E. Riddle, Boston; C. Coleman,Troy; EStrybo, Mexico; T. B. Kro thing ham. Boston. Cnr?Mr Fairbank. Boeton; James Greer, Alexan dra; M. P Kretchell, Philadelphia; Mr. Hancock, Bos ton; J. Kean, Philadelphia; H Lower, China; J. McCree, Philadelphia; Mr. Fuller, Hyde Park: A. Holland. Sche nectady; W. Burling, Philadelphia; Capt. Cobb, Tarry tow; A E Sloane, Syracuse; Rev. & Hurlburt, Vermont; J. 8. Hart, Troy; J. Hill, Albany; Col. Chamberlain, Connecticut. Fsarblir?A. Horton, Skaneatelas. Dr. Pratt, Phila delphia; E. C. Allen, Houeton, Texas: J. Tulle, Boston; T. Jewett.New Hampshire; Thomaa Abbott, Detroit; J. Fuller Worcester; D. Pratt, Princeton: E. H. Virgil, Mon treal; E. Sparrow, Buffalo; J. Shelly, A. Loome, Ohio; T. Sherwood, Newark. Howabd?J. Gilmore, Baltimore: W. Robinson, Attle boro; W. Wilson, Springfield; E F. Clarke, Mississippi; J. A Barlow, Elkton: A C. Nunn, Washington; 8. K; Tew h sherry, Mains; W. Kerr. J R. James, Philadelphia. J. Carroll, Virginia; G Van Wagner, New Jersey: J M Hartwell, Philadelphia; E. Babcock, Troy: G. Wood, ward, Philadelphia; J.Loring, Boston; L.Clarke, Albany sssips upon ihi* dock. P auU * Ter* ??npoaiuf apiwuraceo fSt?l k"' 7?L ?<-,? ?? ^toOUUUJoa<lcooditioa" *? Daniel Marble's 8900 Prize Dram. m... ? tret fcrM^lbUh" J?'taroU^d ,h*# H"*'"' 'h?ten fully repreaeutfd ia atiU 0p-n. wid wii}1bl ,XJi7Vi?,k"IT% Jone, or cumi-rtitiou Already the m? araitfjssacHSlr^?13-"? sjwmaS^Sf<wwat ?ssasss^5 ?a appreciation for "" ri?L Compound Syrup of Wild C(t^'re?t"ti?ri j? d'lly acqairioc an in cold., cou.nm n!L tgqcr ia cn inB coogha, tins bl od. diffi .uiof b i,ki . ?.tiu' l,!,r complaint, a if and all 4ia?J5tf & ,V *^d iJiJS ' '? "? ?'<?? breaat. of the higher Man2?,.kiff!^l ?***" Numeroua phyaicMna to obtain that b^? rt,. liiZ.f r recommend it Be careful n, "?"??Mm or the Ohio UlTer, cfej.JS. _ Lonmvifle, April !>.... 7^.t7iDcbM. MOJ1BT market. Mondajr, April JtO?6 P. M. The ?tock market to<iay remain* without any mate rial alteration, both a* regard* price* and demand*. The ?ale* of tome of the fancie* were large. Long i?uh fell off i per cent; Canton J ; Harlem * ; Norwich and Wore- star J ; Reading J ; Morri* Can#l J ; Farmer*' ?' i i Penwylrania 6'a cloced at Saturday'* price*. Quotation*, ju*t before the clo*e of the board, and in the etreet after, improved a fraction, and left off a little bet tor than commenced. Operator* appear to be wait ing farther advice* from Ihe South, and from the other aide, with a great deal of anxiety, and we do not look for much change in price* until *ome new movement turn* up, either at home or abroad. The chancea are howtver, in favor of a further decline. At the aecond board, an advance of one or two per ot. wa* realised on price* current in the morning. Harlem ?e?tup li per cent, Reading 3J, Canton i, Norwich and Worce*ter, J. The Union Bank haa declared a aemi annual di vidend of 4 per cent. The Mechanic*'Bank haa declared a *emi annual div idand of 4 percent, payable May l*t The Dutchea* County Bank ha* declared a dividend of S per cent, payable 37th of April. The New Otlean* money market, up to the 10 th'inct had experienced no particular change during the'pre, view lew day*, although the quantity of peper offering out of door* had rather increased, from the fact that the bank*, In view of the rapid advance in foreign exchang es, were not to much di*po*ed to attend the uaual ftf cilitie* to their cuatomer*. Short paper, with undoubted aigneture*, could be done on former Urma-aay from 8 to 10 per cent dlacount; but there waa !e*a Inclination to take long note* lecured by mortgage, although the rate of intereat had not varied. Some email .hipment* of coin were going forward to France, but they were con" *? ** *U?C? -och at. J"'? *,h0w,n*condiUmof each bank In New Orleane, on the 3Sth of Febiuary, and the M.h of March, 1S40, according to return* made to the Board of Currency of Lou Wan. There haa bean an increa*ed movement in eaeh department. Bafiaa nr N*w OautAira. F'h "? "w M*rck M?h, l?w Bankrf Uni.ima* .sV?T*"il fsxa.n7 Si'li'iSr taSm% ? rnsl k BvakiagCo ??? 47* s 11,0(3 Vmtb l aJf Jli Cl.yB.ak 639.91* tat,lit Mat* 2.1 22 L a M-n, Sfa-egk- J7I.JM (17,1 N ff??5 ir" Bt- W M I.Mi.m |,?4?'om 1 Union Bank...... r 040 151 Mt 17 000 ? Cilit#n* B^nk, 1 A)i qao i? da i a#ia ?? ? 302.699 Con??lid.itad Aaao'a 7M.S? "'5 ''tSJS. TotU ?**?.'? u.m,m iTwui I+'hilitif Limhilitit, ttrl'Uir* tteluiive B.nk of Lon iai*na liL'iL &?!&? tA'l'lL i?a }SS &S ?"? teST?fe: iss# jgS 1HS IrS Uninn B-.Dk 17J 2 S '"Ji? ** J #71 1*7 C ti*fm' f^.k..... \M7 ,? a7M-!*! , rum* TrU' ,l> Tn 7W $16,344,1)74 tUMM Liah.liliea 14,11) t* 13,I? ?.?* I*i ^J742 The po.ition of the New Orlean* bfc.k. i. woch mor. favorable than that of the banha of any other city in th? United State*. It will ba perceived, on reference to th. above table, that the amennt of specie on head except, tha circulation urNtl hundred then* and deltan 'and P- ?l-L, ~v. ulufl PW bSBH SSWSu, VI t ?#fy itrf# ] umccW thel?-*r*rag?te UtUlltfM. Oa tho Mth of 1N9 cash liabilities amounted to |U,7?,m, ! ttdft*?HkMMti to $17.376,611, showing an umm of l?illili uMtiover Immediate liabilities of 99,a07,4U. The bonks ot Now OiUons, notwii bstsnding their sound condition, would N> no bettor ablo than thoio of this city, to stead any extensive Jmiu of, as thoir lia bilities. In tho sbspo o( deposits and circulation, would require to bo poid, while their assets would bo deprecia ting in raluo, as other banks woro weakened by a simi lar demand upon them lor specie. Returns recently re ceived from banks situated in all sections of tho country, confirm us in the assertion we haro lately repeatedly made, that there has not been a more favorable period within tho past fifteen or twenty years, for tho establish, meat of an independent treasury by tho government.? Within tho past sixteen years wo have boon involved in re volutions and revulsions in our commercial a If sirs, (rowing out of tho Inflation of immense speculative babbles, which have kept tho country in a continual state of excitement, and ovary thing in a deplorable state of uncertainty. For six or seven yean every thing was undergoing a steady and rapid expansion. Tho currency .credits,prices of every species of property,were becoming inflated so rapidly during that length of time, that every one became bewildered with the exei'ement, and like the mariner at sea in thick weather, lost their reckoning, and knew not where they woro, until they struck upon the shoals which had so long surrounded j them. Commercial affairs had for so long a time boon deranged, that when ths revulsion came, it swept through the country like a sirocco, prostrating every thug in its course. Tho effect was so groat, and so general, that, j for a time, a recovery from tho shock was doubt Ail, and the whole fabric of our institutions trembled to the centre. No other country in tho world .could have stood such a commercial revolution. As some evidence of its ! power and strength, it is only necoesary to look back ; and note the gradual recovery realised. For throe years there was no perceptible improvement, and it appeared j although the prostration was so groat that every germ of a revival was obliterated, as though the energies of tho people were forever paralyzed. Every effort was mado by the general and State governments, to give tilings another start and new life, but for a long time these efforts proved unavailing. At last, a change took place, signs of returning life appeared, and by the most [ persevering efforts, were sustained and strength , ened, and acquired a healthy character. The im provement was for a time so very gradual, that a relapse was anticipated, but, fortunately, not realised. Since, there has been a more rapid advancement, and we are once mora on the rapid road to prosperity. The experience of the past, as dearly as it has been pur chased, will, we trust, prove serviceable in regulating the future ; but it requires some movement on the part of the government, some general system, as a regulator of its own finances, and as a check upon the numerous j local systems regulating State finances, to ensure , a permanency in any adranoo in the prosperity of the j country. We can attribute, in a great degrao, the evili i experienced within the past twelvo years in the com mercisl world, to the absence of all regulators and j checks upon the movements of our banking institutions. . The government had, during that time, no fixed system j of its own j its connection with the banks, and, at the same time, its opposition to these institutions, the agita tion at every session of Congress of some new finaacial plan, having in view a total separation o! bank aod 8tete> and the continued doubt and uncertainty these things produced, led in a measure to the dilllcultiea which proved ruinous to so many. There is now ovary probability of the adoption on the part of the general government, of a financial systomi , which will be of such a restrictive character ss to chock i at once any expansion of the currency beyond its pre sent limits, and preserve a greater uniformity la the i value than we have ever yet experienced. Wo, as yet, know nothing of the independent treasury bill beyond the theory; although it has once been in practice, it was under circumstances prohibiting a fair operation. We have the benefit of the experience of other countries, which have so long prospered under a sisoilar system, and we certainly have a right to anticipate results from 1 its enforcement as favorable as those realized by foreign governments. At all events we era now in a position to make the experiment We cannot expect a more j favorable time for the trial, and every year the measure | is put off, the greater the ohange it will produce in our j financial and commercial aystem. The currency of the j country at pre soot is neerer a specie standard than it has been for yesrs, and every month is reducing it in value | and removing it farther from a specie basis. The opera ! tions of the independent treasury bill, if adopted now, would be leas felt than at any future time. Should the currency become reduced to a pure spscie basis, it would only require the with drawal of a small portion of the paper in cir | culation, as the banks throughout the country have one dollar in specie to two of their issues in circulation. : It is impossible to tell what amount of specie is in circu lation through the country, but it would not be unsafe to estimsto half as much in tho hands of and floating round among individuals throughout the country, in the way of business, ss there is the banks. Taking this u data, the amount of specie in the banks and in circula tion, is about sixty-five millions of dollars, and the psper isiues of the banks, according to the moat recent returns, eighty seven millions of dollars, showing an excess of paper over specie of about twenty millions of dollars. Should the iadependent treasury bill eompel the with drawal of that amount of paper from circulation, it could not prove very injurious even for the shortest period, to any important internet of the country i but would, on the contrary, improve the currency, and establish, upon a i mora permanent basis, the prosperity of tho whole people. Old Stock Uxehsnge, ?MM KwatmrnfenrC^ 140 ihs Canton Co. 14 . t*00 Ohio Is, ISM, 90 SO do itw 34 SiOOO do IMS, 90*. SO to slO 34 ! Jo 90*. 50 Nsr fc Wor, >15 S1W do *?? m do ai2 do 90*4 IS do S3J? fttjno r?nn Si, bSO ?7* ios do bJO S4*5 $6* 0 do b3S ?7>2 se do ?4CS0 do >30 67 SO do *30 SS *?'? 0 do S7 250 do M "t? 4J0 Hsrlem RR, 43* $5000 do 130 66k IS* do " a ssoo do us c?3 >? ?IO?0S Readisf Bds (Cm 71 fSOOO do b3 71 i fcsOO do b3 7a I SO ahs Fatmsia' Tr, s3S i'U, SS do t3& I SO Ohio Life fc Trast, 94 H Moiris Canal, 13 % 47} do IS* 100 Loos Islasd RR, 3SV M0 do 3t* SO do 31? 100 do 31 Second Boaurd. Its ?h- Canton Co, 34k SO iks Morris Csasl. * ? ,<lo _ 34<2 ISO NorfWor, I ZOO HarWmRR, SO do 100 Rsadiog RR, i 2S0 do j IS do SO do SOSO FsnoSs. ST S00 do i3 S4?i tSO Morris Cansl, U* New Stock Bxehangs. ? shs Farm Tr. stw t4 SS ih? Nor fc Wor, T'r 100 Morris Canal, " 100 do , Its do ts ?o IN do tS do SO Canton Co, tS do ? do 100 Har'eia RR, SO do SO do 30 do Married. On Thurtdny afternoon, lflih in?t by the Rev. Win. I McClarence, Mr A H. Roiiitwi, of Paterion, N. J , to Mian Sa*aah T. Cot hill, of Resborougb, Scotland. On the 90th intt. by the Rev Spencer tfbne, Mr Da tidB. Sanaa, to Mh? 8a>ah ?. Bakclcv, all of thia city. Uled On Sunday. 19th inatant, alter a Ion* and torero ill' net*. Mra. CNirrafiOALB, wire of W. H Chippendale, (Wte of the Parfc Theatre ) Hie fiiendo are reapectiuily invited to attend the fune ral thia afternoon, Tuea ay, April 91. from her tete rtti dence. W Sd avenue, at hall pat! I o'clock On Sunday night.the I9ch inat., Mr*. Polhamvi, in the SOih year of aar age. Her friendi and relatione are requeated to attend her faooral, on Tuetday afternoon, at a o'clock, from her iate retidonoe, 409 arand at. 1 Yeiterday morning, K**?lot* Mark, widow of the late John Mann, agad 80 yeera, 9 Month? and IS daya. Tho relative* and frienda of tue family art* reapootful ly invited to attend the fanerel, from the hotue of Tho*. Lao*, north weat corner of Oth avenue and SS.i atreet, tni* afternoon, the 9Ut teat ,at 4 o'clock, withoet farther notice. On Monday, the 90th inat, Joirm Thh*?toi?, ton of Samual and Phebe 8. Paarthn, aged I year, Omoatha and ft dayt. Uu ramaina were taken to 8iamford, Conn., lor intatment At Brooklyn, on Sunday morning, Mr. John E. W. St?t?n?ot, in the 61d year of hia ago. Hia fiieuda and acquaintance! are reepectfully invited to attend hia funeral from hia lata reaidence, No 100 Pacific atioet, near Amiih ttreat, thia, TueaUay after noon, 91at inat, at 9 o'clock P M. Weekly He port of Utatni. !? the ?ity and eonuty ol Maw York. Iron the 11th day of April to the Uth day of April. 1|H. , 17 Mfa; 4* Women; 54 Boyi-,41 Uiria. Total, JOt. MMMM. Apopl**y,?j Atthma.ti Bleedtaa from ttomaah.l; Bleed, iaf ftom laogi, li Barned or Scalded, 1; lauear, It Cholera Sfcr.-, ?! .r .te 1lVil,^?"^y,?r?^v4Luiu--* I tioa A3* " '-'ntmBiiiiou or atomach, ?, latlamma i j *'<<;*ro,Mv'A '"????l;<? of li?rr, I; Intemperance, ii'ioJ l. AJ* *',lIeV murJ"rd' L1 M*r"ran., 7; Mortifl T \ ?'d ?*?? <1 Prematare birth. t; Bap ure tjr womb, hwla ViSt P<,, ; stae,,r*- 'i Taethkf, 1; Ub , ^?T~li?d*r ?>*???. <0j lto tvMU(,?; 1 to J, J8; j to 10. iSi^sgrkt-sui stay*? ? ??c AibjUfi; c\ii iu, w. | C"r '"Pttor't tdBee. April ?U. IMfc lw"' , P^S^OST?M Bfo?dway, Martha ffcrfc. oa Mot n?. f^L.*5OB' **th huiv * vellow and white *etter -4*-U.Do?;h. had oa t e .llar with the owner'a urn* engrar * liberal reward will Im pod for relurniag him to 17 Bontli itrot, or 77 Sonne atreet all feiarc WANTED, ~ IN lb* to war put of the (itr.aear Broadway .between Liber lh,k",r ? Maileman. hie wife, eia<er, children. aged t ud I year*, aa aafaraiahed par lor, bed room, with rlotet attached, on the third fl-or, with hoard, for which $5J0 per y??r will be given No deduction Itrelt " *???*? Addraaa if. B. H., No"?Pina alt jt^Canic*ptionable "frreaeeo will be (ivvn. ~ an n-rc IT for ^ ironing in a am,II ?? Private familr. by oue who m willing to make heraelf **eiTft?r"" tall at No. It3 Second atreet, 2d floor. 1 W? yo ""R "Otnan. a aituation to do general "O"** W"rk in a email fam ly, aod the beat of citv refer auce will be (tea*. Plc?e to call at 23th. EliibeYh .treeT W AF r^O-Br ? reapacubla youug woman, with the bea SL txtaurs?m Ss&rsi *7 South atreet. P ,Tdl^le3VK''J1 ?r THK WE8V. Irom Live" BarlmS ^7n Ail1!SS""d*,Be"^1,Jord*r' ?? w?? a>de Barhof Slip. All *oodi not permitted aim be (eat to public ' ?? all re BOAKD1NG. YV 10 ?*?!* f*wdelightfully aitaated i ?PPlicSiSf1o r *J,* Kt w."tl P"'ora attaclied, can ia had on IfouiSlKLli.? P' Kf?f>henaon, piopuator ?f the Lyceum "oaM< Mrootl^u. Thaai nation >? aver? durable ore. being 2Tn?!fh fCr* * 'fc* W of Waahington and *an?>r5 I i. i " **? ?k*In* r?caotl>* newly fitted up | and fu.Diihed, u idmi'ibly kept A walk cf only a few '? ^u',0u j?riy, aud one eaually tlinrt to tlioan I commandiBuheijili.a which orerlook the b<y, the is'a'.du aad t"bh?'of N?w fork v alioth- city iuelf aSd ptw&. of wL'i'h^r11 *ud JU" bRr OOOD8, ANU NOT Wtr AND DA*lAGED." A rf0-??? jhM be*" .?a,d ?f abont Wet Goodi rod ^uT?vaw<?; resAa: *S w!dai!d!f- Ift Dj*?? ?'*??"? The at. re will be cloa^d "n i ap2l 3Crc ' CACHES, HA TS, MOTHS, See.' T "?Te<1 f?r exterminating bedSnga, rau. ! u cockroachea, mothi, micf, rt-et. Jic. See aLd ih? *<?*! i ?Pon bi?hea, plants &c , and for forcing flie crooi bv th? Msta&tews""" ! a,., mmr sS^ss.^pss:?!sa2w iShil'i ' B H- ?*- D,w' Chaannt at. Kv?r iittiis'ii.a^a.'isfsjissftcs: s^tfisrs/^a'si rioda, or aiiy article compoaarij of braia, copper or oirmin t&.!whtt^'dTe?*YibvCti0n' ^ m??er "t"u'4 Alao, by T '& "ntJdfiuVJ,If1 mST ?? i 4e*'<lVuroadwav*' C "* *tree',5 J- * ^an j W^iS,dB7.e.V.?.tyeet1"n,?"' 131 B'?-w.yi 5-a E. B. I KBENR CLARKt, UttAfEK. AND TA1LUK, ! T1 *?m*r of Pine unit. If KriJKNS hit ainc-re thank* to the pnblic generallr for ?- the Tery 11 ber.1 aupport he haa already rocwod. wJ a. I thu no effort aball be wantitg ou hup.rtto I ?till fnr her mcreaie their confideoce in the Vnraee. ?V hi? 1 Sm C?he.wS!!r>h.*we|fl','f*^ Aoboeotdwu hubuaiuruon 1 J" it tha latereai of |<er*ona to pa iEpi"tiM A uaortmcnt of .prrng goo<U read ,Jor ?nsr HiMLi,Vt;iX DbNTiST. "noortance U.M all bianchei of tto D^atiatJ JI ^Awk^iS L4"! T5US2 i Wr&aw,at,i'A I 'l^iSl^Tni'^TJiC f,?n,''e? ?ad other* ab. ut (arniahinjr." tha Md .UO ote bTTufn'ft'V? 00 W?!I?*"U' ?'it Bro?d way and Cli?n^Jr arrerV. a^ Wh uia^nd Decorat?l 1?"nelf I China, Dining, Dessert, and Tfl acd Breafeifant Servirci' Tm(?t fet, complete, Cir Olia, Lamp""iSSKi,' l^iaT ftir di'a^l!^ ^r? yf |Tt,? y?" ? rare 'o obuta I i?,H 1 t7,JU.r * "->? good*, at pnblic aale. All will be 1 ?0'd without leaerre. Crtaiogne* on Tueadnv. a20Stina>'c Noricti 1 N|E.i*JHre^rA'T"J 10 *" J*r,0,l? having bovght atone itilt r?MUlBn?"?j5??r,y, at Kipp'a B?y, lormefiy'cc? pied b? Meter* Mott k Knowito-., {h? the acronnta of A. Q-jrry will be Mttled by R. M. L^imheer at the' o???f thS Dated thU 16th day of April, 1146 auFwvii all^i??; p ' ?** a trn?t. T'rma, caah *U '"I JOHN FALCON EH. Aaaignee/^ I ^UM^RKjrfvPn k8 LEAP TOBACCO ! rw!r v?'JSsfi.1fo?ASvisrp "? No New *iraet. JOlSlfJS, DENTIST. rvs?K'raTic^MY ^nd canal street. "iSJWpllS?:4 ?f b"1 T"^ ? A#^y ^""'??'*1 Toeth, oafiae gold pl?a. ^nref^' MW,t? h* notD b* Single Tooth, trom M " * rininag Teem with Gold, from M 12 ? 2 ia <!?.r.^r0rner ?rCuul '??????? Broadway, ^17 twu*ne^' ?????? ?? <uaU. KCk TON., u. S'i'RAW BOARDS. 50^; ?5 and ^7 Nissan atreet. ?*r< Vistas | .ma&tfaauis ss Wiflb^te ^tan, p.^(po.t p^d, ?PI7 lmrh lmpoTteraadd?.U? ;? B.rdi;?^,., kc. I _ FOK. SALE! tad ki d. aad trou a mil? m three minute* AppIv to ' ' MK H't IHAA?>Ov/t.PP^ TO LET M fJIOM THE HK8T O^'mAY?A StabU >?> >k. H-Joj," lnl?'r< "? Reade (treat. M1 ~~ TO LET, * J HE tr.jfo t'ory brick Houae, No. 117 Croaa arrest an5wi'^fh^",,, fiiBrchi. Thehou,e i* in petfect order) a very Annil, ~?<Le"P''d br ' ,i",,e '?"??'T. at j_, Twn TO LET OR LEASE. M SSSfSrrr ??d 09 n* iu close i ro*.r?.fv ?l .kJ ? a-liglitrillf aituat which dei?rt??ery fire m naiee ErihCMM "'Iroad line*, rooma aad a kitchen beine Vi "'"???contain* aeren able lua ?r^ ?na .1 W*S tlL" hlf" f ???" Apply oa thepremiaea. betwern 10 A M. aad oVl'f' Mc^arron.conierofSpria. aad Merc? J_ll WKHTAlJHAT AND (TI'ORK TO I ITT i. n 7 ""?? Ji'mto * 1 n4?t' of MA k^TH, M ?impoh> ant to hoteL. i'.Ta?^d"Hfr-r pw Hante Keep*'*.?To > let or la?a<d for a tm .f JaaAjaari, in the City of Brooklyn, ia c'**e pmnmitv tTihf Navy Yard, aad in aa excellent baa aea* locttum , fJL commttdioa* bmldini. na?ly t? nied throughout' aad im e.o?J't'0? It ie adroiiably ad pted for a hotel s i J"-*-("'h.) and to a eood tenant will be let or leaaed oa eery moderateierma fprn,rr,eni?a. inquire of elOH*? UWKN COLOAN, It Jameaatrret, II m (oppoai e ihe Market.) Bro klyn A FOR HALE OK TO LET, A Handsome COTTAGE *..?1 about fir# seres f?ood Laud. laid in mesdow sitaat?d on the Bhtiac ,-tar Road. abunt on* and a ha'f mile* tr m the Kahway, Jersey Mail way Depot. Attached to the premise* iaaa eicelleat tiardeo, w th a fine bed of Aspangae; Barn. Stable, lie lie. The Co'taga ia n?*rl? new, filled in with brick to the gtb'e md, wth a l*rge cellsr aadar the whole home, aad ia, otherwise ipacious and replete, viUieTtiy con*eaience l?r a genteel family. Apply to MR OIRAND, aW lw*"t No t Whitehall street. PRINCE'S PPENDIU DAHLIAS CHEAP ? THREE haudrtd magnificent ti iatieiof Drhliaa, in <y rtKW, ateh of which can ha divided mto several, will ? snpplied al tha following low ratei, aaaoiied byttie proprietor:? I dozen Deantilnl * rietiea t<X I do eit a r\f* a< d si Undid varieties ? 1 do good r*ri ties 3 Dot He tha qaaatitT at )? pa' eeat lata. Treble d.< do IS do do. Jdaodrnpta >,r any greater quantity a; M pa' rest lesa Tha collection isute .nnst magnificent anil ex"aos re ia Ame rica, as thoae who s?w them the I >st seism can attest. Thry thaa cot red a Tore two acres of groat d , _ WM R. PRINCE k CO. ? Oardansand Narteriri Flashing " ? splaudid standard of Ttea Rosas, of monthly Tane.ies. >11 lt*e ^ ^..NEAPOLITAN BONNETa 0^S Patemeeeaid Maanlsetarera CBr ? th? Naaiylitaa Boa?t, i a prepared to aaprW tha t?** with their inimitable Neapoli-aas, for whuh they ,llT?r ffSfl"two Fain. f tha Am . n can Institute, aad which for atria aad Daiati are awurpaased ,A^^g?Es2SBsyiwi. . , J H rtmrn. Auetioneer. A Ttfie Apollo 8?looa. ??# B'oadwav, Tuesday 10 o'clok, i ?V Csbiaet Makers' Stock of Fashionable Farait ore.?Jacob B?',M v.' *?!' P*'amptorily, ?? abnve, ? Urge stock of new nod desiraMe Cabinet ? aitUxi, coaaietlug of i genera' i<ior(' meet made for citv retail sales, vi* Rosewood, black wal ?".V ?"?"OCT wi painted fnruittue for prior., bed roomi, litlls, bstemeutt mil kitchen*; ?of*?. coach**, divans, ?tto mane, chum, rorken wi'b plashea, fancy and hair covering*; an *saortm>nt of French bedsteids of lowrn t.i highest grade POf**jd etsiag bufeau* and wsshstsnds, with mahogany and black walnut table topa, wardrobe*, card t ibles, book ca see. center and hall t?bles, quartettes, aofaa and (id* tallica, pi aao t'oels, hall stand. of black waluut and mahogany. ?!"? carved Isacy parlor aad mahogany chain. ?. . " roifwooj ?' Alao, it ? new s'yle Freneh covered with plush " Alio, an aaiortmru' of counting h o<e deaka, chum, itoo'a, tables, fcc , with which the sale will commence at precisely 10 o'clock N- B?The aale ia paiticalarly woitby the attention of fami i l\"' ^-?!e V*0"?"' wl'' be complete, aad their attention it directed to the imt a20 2t Iby rpUTTXlfi k DUCLUZE Ml will so* onTuesday, Slat m APS the Urge room in the Coliffevm, No. 450 Broadway, a large and extrusive assortment of valuable rosewood, bl ck walnut, mahogany and cottage furniture. cf the ityIds of LoaisXIV sndXv , and t&lmb*thiao. consisting of rereed roMWopd faateila, trte a tetes, court mis. etagrres, ka., covered with delaine and fancy plu<h; mahogany aofaa divaaa. ottomaua, carved and fancy back chair* ?f various | at teraa and fancy covering, sofa, table*. centre, dining. cxienaion and tea do; French bedstead: dressing bureaus and waalistmds, with Egyptian and Italian marb e tops; hall and umbrells itend*; French crib*, Bnlwer and Voltaire arm and rocking chain, aecretariea and book caiea, rockeu. Itaian aud rottago furniture. carved roaewood conchea and lounge*, mahogmy French chain; Ciothic carved hrdateada of new ttyle, ke The w^ole being the entire itock of a city dealer, to be prrctnptori ly aold tor caah. Catalogue* ready on the morning of tike aale, when the fur niture cau be examined. *20 2 * in Wil7\V SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. PARLOR AND OTHER FURNITURE?BY H. E. * WiL LARD?Wednesday, April ttnd. at 10 oVIock. at the house No 21 Whitehall strset, parlor faruitara, consisting of msbotany chairs, aofaa, tablee, valuable aeeretary book case, centre t Me, carpets, ka., all in good order, and in uie only a ahert time ' . ,,oln* o'ber article* of furaitui*?bed-room, kitcven, i kt The whole to be aold without leaerve, and to be taken ; away immediately after the tale. a?l lt?m H. DUCLUZEAU. Auctioneer. STPC?0**1 EOANT CHINA, LAMPS. O'R AN ? DOLKS, WALL BRyCKETB. OA8 FIXTURES. CHANDELIERS, ke.?TUTTLE k DUCLUZr.AU will ??II OB Wedneiday, at 10 o clock, at the corner of B.oadway and Chamber* ati*et, the entire ?ivk ofe egant China and cut ?'?fa ware,aolnr aad maaUa lamiw, yirandolea, hall lanthorn*, j w? II bracket*, gaa Axtnree, chandelieia, fcr., conu ned in the > above atote, compriaing en elegint aaaortment, and will be fiinnd worthy the attenrien of p?r*on* about commencing or ? fnrntahing lioaie*. Full particnlan in catilogaee, wnicli are : now re*dy >21 2t*je ! *VM. W 8HIKLEV, \ocnoueer , VA.LyA,,li? parlor fi rnituhe. rosewood I y PIANO, kc.-BY H. E. WILLARD-Thia d.y.Tne^ d<y, lApril 21*tj at 10 o'clock, at the lionte, No. 37 Meicer street, tht entire larrntureof two parlor*?three |?ljr carpets, in food oruer, two sofas, |wo centre tablet, two |?ier taMes, | two sets of beit chain, |>ier glaisei, wiudow shades, sets or j mantle lar-ps and ffir?ndoles. rich cot and Bohemian glaaa . ware, diennr ?et, China tea let, sit oil painrinjtt. in li^h t frames, hall oil cloth, three pair Venetian bliuas, dressing J ttiud.acd several other articles. Bale without referee, for cssh. all lt*m I J. R CURTI18, Ait 'ioneer. JACOB 8 PLATT will *ell rn Wadneaday, April 21d at 10 o'clock, at II B*nk atreef. inpeiier and modem ttyle Mv hogeny hnrniture, eUgant Oil Pauiungi, Brnuel* Caipeu, I kc. ke. ' The entire Fnrairare oftheabove houte.coniittingln pirt of i mahogany aofa*, divana. Flench clnin, elegant pier glaaaea, centre and aofa Uble*. Bruitel* carpet*, nig*, fire icreen*, man I tel oreameet*. girandolea, tolar lampe, china dinner tervice; tea, breakfut and detaert do.; window curtain*, plated ware; ' j French bedateada, dreaiing bnreana,crib, waahitandawithm<r ble top*, eaay and Voluire chain, feather bed., hair matt.aue*, beddiig; china, glai* and carthtaware; hall lampe, table and , I stand do, aad lanterns. Alio, aa excellent a**ortireat of Kitchen Furniture, with 1 | which ibe *ale will commence. N. B.?The Uil Painting* will be told with the parlor furni- i ; tare. I Catalogaeimay be had on Tueeday, either at the auction room or at 31 Bank *tr?et. *21 2t'rc 1. N CURTIS. Auction ear. - -? *NT AND COSTLY ROSEWOOD and Black Walnut Furnnure, rich trench China Dinner and De**ert I Hervice* Oiraudole*. kc.?JACOB 8. PL ? TT will *eil Thi* Dty, Tueaday, 21st April, at '? o'clock, at <66 Houatou *treet, , corner of tiraene, the entire Fumitara contained in said hou e. The greater pa t of which i* nearly oew, and made to o der in I a mo*t auperior tt' le It i* now sold m contequence of the ow-er1 a remcving from the city. Catalogue* now ready. *21 it*rc UEO. B. ROLLINS, Auctioneer. OSITIVE SALE OF NEW CABINET FURNITURE, on .Thunday. 2Jd Aoril, at No 46 Beet man *t ret t. Oar retton k Rolatoo being abnut to ditiolve their copertnerihip, will *eH their entire itoek of Cabioet Furalture, of (uperier workmanthip, contiitina of a g-neral aaaortment ot bureau., mahoaaay cluirt, maple aud Freach bedareadi, lideboard*, wardrobe*, book oaie*, washitandt. cad table*, pier do., Mba rettea, ottomaaa, centre table*, bieakftst, dining and tea tables, couchea. aecretariea, hall etaads, wmk, dressicg and tofa ta b'e*. pillar commodes, armchair*, kc kc. AllihUatock i* warranted of the bett qualitr I'cnona desirous of leaving their pnreha*e*forafewdsys, after the fits! of May, can be accom modated. ail3t*r I AUCTION NOTICE. CNIFFEN k CO. will *ell Thi* Day, (Tueeday,) 21st in*t., u at n Market atro?t, at 10 o'clock, theenti e Genteel Houte I hold Faraiture contain* d ia said house, consisting, ia part, of | pier glasses, Brass* Is csrpets, ingrain aad venitiaa do., sofas, ; chain, mantel ornaments, rugs, bedsteads, beds, kc. I Also, the kitchen utensils. ! For full particnlan, see catalogues and fkraitare, now ready ; for examiaauon. I Oa Wednesday, 22d ioit , at t3l East Brnadwsy, fashionable Hoa.enold 1> nrmture coulsiued witoin theabo?e nouse C talogue* an i furniture can be seen on the morning of sale. *21 lt*rc UCTION NOTICfc-P V. ?lRAfiti?i-.t'.Hl, street, Attor House, will sell on Tharsdiy, the 23d, at 10 o clock, the whole stork ol Fancy Goods, comprising a ge neral aaaortment worthy the attention of the trade. Sale poti- ! tive for et>h. In the lot iaa large assortment oi elegant dretted wax dolla. wuh moving eyet; a moving diorama, representing , a ship in full sail. Alao, a painting, a view of Naples, with a chiming elock and about (0 oil paintings. a2l it*re MICHAEL HENRY, Auctioneer. AdlONEE'8 BALE OF GOLD AND SILVER watches, clocks, gold jewelry, kc ? JACOB 8. PLATT will cell Yhia Dey (Tu*ed*v, April 211, I at )? o'clock, at No. 300)% Broadway, by o'der of assignees, in eotire stock of valuable go d watches, Fiench docks, gold jsweliy, diamond work, silver and pleted ae>e fine p.rfu- ' mery. fsncy gooda, kc. Also. 2 cases vslasble German silver, plstad and s<lver knives and forks. Also 2 gentlemen's rich dressing eases. N.B.?The above last mentioned articles, together with the gold watehes, d.amond work and clocks, will bo sold at It o'clock. ap31 It'rc | EAROE AND fcXTE^SlVE SALE of a valuable original , collection Jspan Lacijuered porcelain, of the richest kiuds; magnificent original old Dresden porcelain groaps, figures, cups aud ssac-n. Mandoria cake anJ freit dishes, plates, < nps and saaeera, of the flneet quality; aecient and original Yeoetian Boeals or wine glasses, of great nrlty, ancient Ian* of the 16th century, of carved moth r of peerl and ivory, beautifally ' painted ; and two mo*t precion* Japan porcelain table* or wuhiUi da, inch at never have been imported into thi* coun try. The*e rhoict collectinc* of ornament* aad antique arti cles, BOW offered, sre rery nra ; th-y sre all antique?none of them leu than one huodred years, and some at old at two haa dre* ;they are rery cottly, and collected through the old towns of Holland, an J other places, with great diligence and pene vennce, by the collectors of those articles ; they sre highly ! valued at 'he courts of Europe, and among the English and French uobilty. To be sold at the Magazin Jtpanaia, 69 Dn ?ne street, between Broadway aud Elm street, by Aaron Levy, Auctioneer, on Thursday, April 23, 1*46 Bale to commence positively at 10 o'clock, rsm or thine, N. B. The public ia g neral are most respectfully invited, pstticalaily the ladi?a to call and gamine thi* magniticent collection, now ready for examination, wi.h catalogues. alt it* re A CARD. H. E. WILLARD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, W ILL five thair personal attention to the Saleeof Honse TT hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeeping. Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, sad ' Estate, at the Mercluuiu' kxekaage. Also, soli ??'iSnrtSoABM'' stfssrs,??; to the spacious store, No. IT WALL street, lam ITtLEG' Jli Wain P( i of Real _ eit from their . SALES ROOM they will mote SMSHSHPSSMSmm Atlanta' Kxprees Office. all 1 The Long Island Insnranoe Go. Capital SOOO.OOU Dollar*. Orrics 41 Fl-ltoji tragcT, BaooiLtH. | CONTINUE to take risk* oa bui.dinga, machinery, mer I V> chandiae sad property generally, on uieir asual favorable { terma. This company has passed through the two greatoet conflagrations that havs ever occurred ia the coaatry ; they I owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses : to (hs system which th?y have always practised or limitiag and scattenng their risks. All losses which the company mavsu.tain will he adjssted and paid promptly as heretofore. , The Company take special care to aotify their castomen in New York, of all expirations ofpolicies. B. W. DELaMATER, President. altmi**r E. C. FINN, Soereury. I "THIS CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Offict ffo. 61 Wall street, City ?f New Ytrk. CAPII AL STOCK tt'0,000, all paid ia in cash, and secure ly invested accnrding to ih* provision* ot its charter. Thi* Compiny ha* been in hn*iae** twelve yean, and in that i lira- ha* paid luaae. by fire apwardi of StiO 000. The tireteet aaeeu of the Company exieed ita capital stock more thaa *2.50?. Insuraace sgsiast Iocs or damage by Fire effected on sppli cation, at restonab e terms. R. A. READING, President. D. F. CUR"" alt Imins m D. F. CURRY, Ssrcretary. REMOVAL. AJ. CUNNINGHAM has re? ved his stock of Watehee, ? Clock*, Jetrelry. Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, fom > til to >n\i Bowery, fnew stores) oppotite Delsncy street ? i Gold Silver and Steel Spectacles from 2} cents to $10; Perifo cal from 12 M to $M: Gla-ses of all kinds and to suit sll sights gronad and fit ed; Watches, Clocks, Jewalry aad Mntie Boxes repaired aad warnated. a!9 lm*r EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR^" INVITES theatteution of the public to the most extenaive i stock of reidy msde clothing ia the ciry, adapted to *pring and .umaier trade In addifiea t J the reedy made ber offers for inspection the moet desirable selection ef p eea goods ia ths marker, of every color end pattern; aad th- supe ' heV,^^*'^'"''trteVuk^e* {?<lm"" f???ar ingfc iu made to order The above ttock haviag been selected with great care, aad bought for cash alone, is a strong induce meat for all to call who wish to purchase at least M per cent laee thaa at those houses who are obliged to do basins** apoo the credit sysiem. the armv aud nary are particularly ia re examine a large seeertment of saperior blae which will be made ap attheahorteet ir aot to be *arp??aed. EDWARD FOX, 202 Broadway, sear Fulton st., oppeeite to the Franklw House. CARD. THE Subeerjhsr htviag become isterasted la the abov* house respectiullp rrqueats the patronsne of his enstomers and fnei,da. Orders eatnuted to his care will be attended to with pr mptness JaMKS A. 0WAlN sM Im c ft 1'KAPILA I'OK LIQUID H\IR OVE. for elnotuii lh? eolor of the H h tir to ?ny rta iired (had* of M??k or brpwa. in a faw Dion?a, by n ? mpl'and a?ay p'oeeaa, without (taming the (km, or i??ht wr m;qnn? the Mir. Tha treat advent <?ee poatea ?l by thil H*tr l>y? 0T?r hoae hitherto la n*, oil) bo I at one* ?P|ik'?i.t It pro<t?eea * perfectly antoral colo', ?? a I comparatiT ly abort apart of tin*; and mach of iha troabU and u.n 'V mre attending tti- g?c of all former Dyea, are en tirely obfiated in thia. For prodacioa the lifMr ahadra of brown, the AtrapilnorT m?y h* ??"> t.> be tha only preparation thr null which a attiafacti ry raanlt can be relied on; and in ndditioa to tha color harinc (o eloae a rea.mblauce to that of nature, aa completely to d*T>r detection, tha aia of tha Dya ? will be fouid in no nepect Injanaua to the ha r, which, atiar ? tha operation, will retain ita accoatomed aoftntaa. elaatKitr, ? and float. rrirata apartmanu for Indian and gentiesen wiaV ? ins to have thrir hair chanced, at I >lta*rc J LAIRD'S, MCbttfea ft. rAR^THKATI-.K. Reduction nf Prices. km. Brit list....... .75 eenu I fit. " Hcoti) ui ihlid. M | Gallery a '? TbU Kv?nln?. Will be oerformed. th- D'nnia of Hi!' VAN WINKLE. w _ t Rip Van ffn'li M' Htckdi Brom Von Brnmp Mr fiaher Aliee Mrs Ablott To be followed toy THE KEISTUC KIAN. Col. Nimrod Wildfire Mr. Hackeit Mrs. Lnminarr Mn yeruou To 'oncl^^e with the Karre of FISH OUT OK WATER. Sir Geo. Court If Mr Vsche Hum 8t?oiy Mr. Bui Ellen C ounty Mm Kate Hon Doom open at 7 o'clock, anil the Performances will com mence at balf paat 7. hahkthkaihk. MR. H.1CKF.TTX BENEFIT jtND LIST SlQllT. To-morrow, Wed .tiday, April THE Mf.HUV WIVES OK WINDSOR. Kslstaff. (thefat Knight iu lovr) . . Mr Hackett Ford. (fir t timet Mr. Geo. VeadeuhofT Slender (tirai tim?) Mr Geo Barrett Together aim t strong cust efother character!. After which, (by request,) HI8 LAST t.V. o. O'CalUhsn, (an liiahroaa genius on hit I at: I'M.) Mr. Harkett CC/*" Further paiticulara in bi la of tha day. ait l're BOWKHV THKATUK. A. W JACKSON... MANAGER AND PUOi'KIt: This Evening. The Performance will commence with AUKLGITHA. Robert Ouiacard Mr. Davenport Loth'tir.. Mr Clark* AdflKitha Mrs. U. Jonee Imin-. Mr*. Pnillips To coucluile witli THE Ol.D TOLL-HOUSE. Abal Bird Mr. Coor Ralph Hunter Mr. Blanehaid Joan < smeroi Mrs. G. Joaea Maria Maybud Mra. beigesut IT*Lower Boxes M cents?Second aad Third 1 ie;s,M eta; , Pit and Gallery 12X cents Poori will open ai 7 o'clock?cartaia will rise nthalf paat7. NEW GHKK1VWICH THEATRE, Corner of VARICKtf CHARLTON STREETS Sola Proprietors Messrs. Mk'ERW It TOMLINSON. Maualter JOHN G. MYKRS. Acting and Stage Manager H. P. GHATTAN. Treasurer " O. M. TOMMNSON. Deputy Treasurer WARREN DRAPER. REDUCTION OF TRICKS. Private Boxes ti H Orchestra Boxes (Admisssion) 91 each. Bsloouy. (KirstTier) 50 cu. Upper Boxes t6 cts. Pit UXcU. TbU Kv?nlng. The performance will commence with PEOPLE'S LAWVER. Ho Ion Shingle... ... Yankee Hill Rottert Howard , Mr. Iddy Grace Miaa E. Wo-d To be followed by the Farce of YANKEE P&DLAR. Hirun Dodge Yankee Hill ' To conclude with THE WATERMAN. Bundle Mr. W. Chaptnau Wilhclmina Miss E. Wo?il Doers open at 7 o'clock?Curtain rises at 7>4 o'clock pre cisely. Hot office open d'ily.from 10 A.M., to ! o'clock P.M., when Private Boies and placet can be secured, or tickets purchased onspplicntion to Mr. Draper. VAN AMBVRUH WII.L EXHIBIT HIS THKILMKn rgltVOBMAMCRS Iff THE CAVERNS OF WILD JlNIMJtLS : FOR FIVE DAYS ONLY. At the Junction of I^afuyctte Place and Ninth St. [T7" The Caravan will positively leave this city at the end of the present wee k. I Mr. VAN AMBVROH will perform three times esch dsy, exhibiting the same terrific f ats in the midst of the Wild Ani mals, that acquired for him hi* great populnntv during hia seven years tour ol e.u ope. when he appeared before all the reign ing monarchs, and the most distinguished daises of citizens, gentry and nobility. The following it a list of the Animals contained in this Ex hibitiou J? AFRICAN LION AND LIONKSS. Four Youne Asiatic Lions?Cam Lioness and Lion. THE ASIATIC ELEPHANT. Yonng Elephant, t years old?Besutifal specimens of the Pe ruvian Lama. Arabian Camel?Two CalaArd Leonards. TWO AFRICAN LEOPARDS. Two Hunting Leopards. POONAH BEAR, and two MISSOURI BEARS. Blsck Hwan?A Pelican THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. The Black Tiger. WHITE POLAR BEARS. Doe, and her young?Pair ol Kangaroos!?Jaguar, from S juth Ameiiea. GNU, or HORNED HORSE. Three specimens of American Deer?Queen's Stag, presented to Mr. Van Amburgh by <{aeen V ictnria. THE ALPACA-1 HE ZEBRA. Striped Hyenas. Spotted Hyenas. Two White Swans?Gold and Silver Pheasants. A large African Baboon and ?pecimensof the Monkey and Ape Tribes. ITT" It is proper to acquaint the public that (he aboveuanied Animals have never before been exhibited in America, having I been but recently selected from the Great National MUSEUMS OF THE OLD WOHLD ! The Zoological Society of London and the Jaidws ilea Hauls of Paris. Timeol Exhibition between the hours of 10 and 13 A. M., 2 and 5 P. M., aid 7 aud 9 eveuiug. Admission 25 ceuu? Children under 9 years, li)a cents. a21 THE DE8ERT REPEATED. IN eon*equence of the marked success attending the former representations of tins graud choral and instrumental sym phony, it will be produced tnr t- e FOURTH TIME, ON TUESDAY EVENING. April list, AT NIBLO'S, commencing at I o'clock precisely, under the direction of Mr. GEORGE LODEU. Th* Solo parts and recitations by MR ROBERT GEn. PAIGE. Tickets M cea.s each?for sale at the usuil places, and at the door on the even in r of the performance. *20 2r*rc NOW OPEN " TWENTY-FIRST ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, ATTHEIH ROOMS, corner of Broadway and Leonard ^ street, eon.istmg of ori rinal works, by eminent artists, never before exhibited by the Academy. Open from 9 A.M. to I# P. M. Seasoo tickets M ceate?single admission 25 cents. Cata logues I2H cents. elt >tis*rrc HARLEM PARK?TROTTING. mi ^HURSDAV, A|p'ill5il?^ I'u.< f$Il will l>. KiTcb?mile * heat*. best i in 5, under the sridJIe Kite for horses never won a puric, not nctrtill bay m>re Jane. Kniri'a to be made oa Weda sday bv 9 o'clock, at Oreeu fc. 1 oeiee'a.? Th'ee ?r more to make * race. uJI 2tis*rc T 01 PALMO S OPERA HOUSE TO LET. HIS splendidly decorated and conveniently located temple of amusement, it now to be hvl npon the moat reaaoaa ble farms. and on a leaie of any desired duration, by applies two to HENRY ROCKWELL, V Bowery, or to JONAS BARTLKTT, Kkj., X Bowery, Branch llofl. a!4 Iwisrtc LECTURE IN ST. PETEK'S CHURCll, BARCLAY STREET. THE REV. DR. RYDER. President of the Collate of the Holy Cmes, Wo'cester. will lecture ia thia Church, oa TUESDAY EVENINO. the 21st init, at half past 7o'cio?k Subject, " The Practice of Aariealar Conlesaioa in the Catho lic ? harch explained and defended " Tickets (for the benefit of tne Church) 25 cents each, to ba had at the door on the evening of the lecture? atOlf m DR. JOHN" ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, 18 A SCIENTIFIC CHEMICAL COMrOLNj OF IODINE that haa performed audi aaroriamn* cure* of loos ataading. (altar every other remedy had failed.) that it would sraggerofl.ef if they could not hi* substan'iated by (he mod 1 rrsprc'able person* who have uied It. It permanently and ef fectually cures MHit/MATiaK, either Chronic or lultimmsrory; | Paralysis or loss of theuseofth LtKBS,CoxTRAcTio*softne I onus and Mi-scli:*, Hour Tmb*at aud Gout, it matters not of how longstandinit; Smaiisa, Batisrs. Ti'M<<Ks,H*ai>Hwr.i. MMiis and Eni.aanKU Joikti yield to a few applications of thia Liniment It h s been uied with incredible success in Scro fula or King! /Sri/, Disease nf Spine and Hip Joint, Tir lioltrtaux, aud all Nervous Affections; it has never been known to fail caring firth f ('minds, t'ri'tr Sorts, Old tlcers and Strclled l*gi. it speedily and effectn illy crad'C.itea Cntane ou Ernptioua in tha form of Silt Rheum, Erysipelas Pimples, I Ring Worm, Barbers'Itch. Sctld Head, .ul it instantly re llevaa Toothache, Headache, Pain in the Side and Breaat ? This Liuimeut will stand npon its intrinsic merit, and only wants a trial to convince the invalid of its healing virtues. Principal Depot, 8. LmOERSOLL k CO., ? John street. ali Im'r ,000 TO LEND, .. BOND AND MORTOAOK. for a term of years, on good productive real estate ia thia city or 0rooklya The above named sum belongs to an aetata ia trust, and it will lie d vided in sums ro suit apnlicsots. Apply to 8. I. BROAD, No. II Wall street, in the Crocou Water Office, Basement. a3 lm*rc TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS, AND BAKERS. HOPS. NEW WESTERN. BY THE rOUND OR BALE. Potaah. I Oil Peppermint, IWhiteWai, H?l Soda, I Coarse Sponge, I Castor Oil. Carraway Seed, j Refined Liauonea, |'Jermsn Cologne, Oil Lemon, I Blue Vitriol. | Russm lainglass, and a full assortment of Drugs, sll of the first quality, for sale by WEEKS It ANDERSON, Drangiata, apt Im'rh 3t Walton, corner W-tar, and >1 Bowery. OHluivbKINli'a PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, MOa Broadway, No, B and 7 C a Targe Building. THE PUBLIC will And at the above rooms a general aasort I meat of Onuad and Square Piano Fertea, at the same price as ?t rnr Factory ia Bnetne at '?*' TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS. I ATHE8 of all deicreptioas, fioa 7 to 15 feet long, fa ran h JLd ad at short noiice Also, cutting engines, suitable for all kinds or work. For termi and deacriptioa, direct to tha sub seriber, Hadsoa, New York. at im'rc JAS. T. PERKINS FOR HALE. ~~ A SMALL STEAM DISTILLERY, with all the appara tus ?nd flgtures now ready to pat intoopeiation; (it i* like wiaa wall ada|>ted lor distilling r;) will be sold at great sacr Ace, if applied for immediately T a house aad store to be let, and possession to ba given im mediately Enquire oa tha promises. H E corner ol 2t h st. and *th avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, atlw*m 16 Old lip. LADIES' GAITER BOOTS. THIS beaati ul aitiela. of all tha fashtoaable _ ety'as, at It an<t Its . anu mide to order at II "ad M Sll ill I as, njaal t3 any ia this city Lad es1 French .Vorocco aad Ki'l Clippers, Tves and Buskins at I and U?hilli?t r?' pair. Ladiaa will pi esse call aud eiaaine lot themsel vet, at (J. B MlLL? R ?. IU Canal street . N 1.?'Will remove on tha Grit of May ta ul C?aal str?a katwaen Laura? aad 1 homtnoa stree s . ?'* M" 'I* latut htblubhck bt m mis. Wakuinuton, April 19,184ti. UUaning* tf i,lhf PVeek. Tbe'publio mind here is in a stale of anxious im patience. The final action of the Senate upon the notice? the news from Mexico?the news and pro bable instructions by the Unicorn th caee of Orit tenden and Allen?the case of Webster and Inger 80II, are all subjects of discuaeion, speculation, anxiety, perturbation, and mystery. More arms and munition* are to be despatched to Mexico. A message is eipected in Congress to-morrow, upon the subject ol our Mexican rela tions. t> The Senate will stickle upon the "discretion;' and should they persevere, there may be no "notice" at all. But we abide the issue. A good story is told of Mr. Pakenham, and a drunken man upon the Avenue. The British Min ister was passing on foot up to the capitol, when Mr llumtoddy intercepted htm, and accosted him ? "You are that British Pakenham, aiot you 1 Yes. 1 know you are. Well, just bear u in mindt will you, that you are not gotug togetUjefirttinch ot Oregon below 54 40, and be d?d to you' A , passenger informed Mr. Pdkinham that the man was druuk. " Ortainly," ?ud tbe Mmister, no sooer man would make such a declaration' tha it. Kecently, too, upon another occasion. Her British Majesty's representative pa sed from the < the President's in his carnage, with 54 40 ehalked upon its sides. Had the President seen it, it would have justified the calling o! aCabinet Council, upou this new and extreme assumption of Great uri U W? are informed that great alarm prevails among the Catholic hierarchy of Mexico, in apprehension of an invasion from the United States, and the fall I ins of the church treasures into the hands of the heretics; according to the reputed maxim of the Secretary of War, that "to the. victors belong the spoils " We would lell the good priests ol Mexico, ? that the people of the United States are a civilized people, and will carry on the war, in the event ot an invasion of Mexico, upon any other than the bar barous plan of Santa Auna, in his invasion of Texas i in Among the recent arrivals in town, we have at the United States, Hon. Mark A. Cooper,ot Georgia, and Mr. John Brough,. of <Ohio, late Stat*' Auditor. At Coleman's, Nathaniel P. Willis, Ltq ; Col. Sam uel Medaiy, of Ohio, and Hon. A. J. Donelson and Theamusements of the week have been the grand opening ball of the Odd Fellows, in their new and splendid ball?and a splendid balfit was ; the con jurations ot MonsieurPhillippe,atCsrusjs; Howea Circus, with the celebrated and charming eques trian, Madame Marie Macarte, ^ ' lh" debates ill Congress, and a pleasant Saturday even ing cotillion party at Carusi's saloon. The Pennsylvania Avenue, Irom its uiexplorablo and intolerable, and unqueuchuole dust, continues the great nuisance of the city, and the unmitigated ation. says he, before Oregon. For along time past Mr. Yulee has been singing ?? Oh ! Nannie, wilt thou gang wi' me V And now the question ia settled by her long expect ed response " Inde id 1 will, my desr Yalss. Long life to them. Bay we. As soon as the Oreg?n I question is settled, we expect to ?ke a tremendous demonstration lor a co-partnership, if the wind is 'ttVWe e'xpect to give you some terribly interesting information to-morrow, from Congress. The Doctor Baltimore, April JO, 194#. The Foreign New?Burial tf C*n. Jonei-Burirun in Hallimort? The Ttltgraph?Markets, fc. The news by tiie Unicorn wsa received in this city on Saturday night, snd caused s considerabls stir on Sun day morning, it having besn issued in extras and circu : lated in every direction. Although it U considered by ?ome to be pacific, the debate in Parliament is looked upon, by tho.e who know John Bnll wall. to indicate a bo.tile intent, a kind of preparatory shUe of his head, tod rattling of hia horns, which is unmietakeeble. i xho remains ot Commodore Riohtrd A. Jooes.wore consigned to their final resting place yesterday by his brother officers, friends, and Capt. Watson's company of '"rhTsSsat of business, which I hsvs hsretofore no ticed ?? being transacted in thi? city by onr wholesale merchants, continues lather to increase than to doerease. During the pe?t week, and Ui> to its clot*, the eity was crowded with purchaiers, and all engaged in mereautUe pursuits begin to count the small hours of tho flight be* tore they retire from the peeking rooms of their eetsb lishments. Hundred* ol those who haee coinn>eoced this year to dsal in Baltimore, were heretofore Phila delphia customer., but the damage of the State canals, and ths dog ln the msnger policy of Philsdslphu, with recsrd to the right of wsy. havs tended to throw the I bulk of the business into Baltimore this season. These ! itrancsrs express aurpriae to find such toe stocks and liberal prices in this city, and our merchants arensing every exertion to aecure them as Dermanaut customers To morrow evening or Wednesday morning, the flijt telegraphic communication will, it ia expected, be made between thla city and Philadelphia. Th* Manama.?On Sstnrdsy the flonr market was perfectly inacti.e, waiting the arrival of foreign news. The effect of the Unicorn s news, will, however, be de veloped in the courie of the day. Sale* of Stocks at Baltimore. $1000 Maryland fl's, 7JJ; Maryland 6 a closed at WJ aiked, 7iJ bid, an advance of j on yesterdsy s closing rates Baltimore 8s, 1800. adranoed j, closing at ?3ib^T. 032 naked: Baltimore end Ohio railroad shs closed 4? bid, 46j asked, an advance of 1 on the closing bids of yesterday. PfiiLADKLrHu, April 90,1M. 1 The trial of Or. Hollick, for ths publication of an ob icene book, and the delivery of lectaree ba?ing a tenden cy to inflame tb e paiiion* and anbrert the moral* of youth, came up before the Court of Quarter Seaaiona thia morning. The prosecution it conducted by Wm. D. Koiley and F. M. Wharton, Eaqra., and the defence by Joeeph Clarkion, Eiq. The indictment contain* a num ber of count*, covering all the charge*, which are aa verboie and technical a* uiaal. The case i* expected to occupy *everal day*, and from a fact that a reporter ia engaged in taking ample note* of the te*timony and ar gumeut* of coun4*l, 1 judge that the Doctor intend* to publiah another book. The arrival of the Caledonia ia now amiouily waited for. Tho pacific nature of the new* brought by the Uni corn, had the effect of inspiriting the public mind, and the **le* of (tocka by the broker* were at a alight advance. The telegraph between thi* city and Wilmington ia in eioeilent order, and the aubetential iron wire of which it ia compoead anawera the pnrpoee in every reapaot. The line to Baltimore ia expected to be reedy Car opera tion by the let of May, end barring breakage* apon tho line to your city, you wili then have a method of lightning communication by it* mean* direct to Waah ington. The communication to your city by way of Jeraey city will probebly be completed before yea reoeivs thi* The iron wire will, howevor, have to bo ?ubaiituted for that now suapended, before any degree of confidence can be placed in ita uae a* a permanent mod* of communication. Halee of stocks at Philadelphia. Kintr Board?Si aha Mechanica Bank. 941 , 100 do I) 8 Bink, 4|; tlOOQ Reading Bond*, caah, 7i; *00 ah* Oi rard Bank. 01; 9-VW Lehigh 8'a, S2J; 600 do. . ArTu Bo*rb-9mK) Lehigh 6'*, l>il: 100 *h* Oirard Bank, ft day*. 0}; 5^00 Lehigh 0?, H}. Bkcono Bo*?d-I2 aha U 9 Bank 4]; $1000 Reading Bonda, 73; $1600 Tnsaa ? par cent, M; 91000 Telia Notea, l?|; J(HJ do. 30; 9*00 State A'a, 604; 10 000 do, b ft, ?7J; S000 do, 3 da, 07f; 10 aha Farmer*' and Mechanic*' Bank, 4iJ. Arrr* i?A?D?ftlooo Cincinnati 6'*,N; 100 ah* Oi rard Bk, caah, P|; flOOO Reading Bond*, * A, 79. Albany, April 19, 1846. Thi Wtathcr?1\e State Convention? Oiu if our future Governor*, probably, 4?c. ft. To-day ia a very lovely day. The aun is Venetian and the air ia Alpine. The citizens avail themaelvea of it* delicious influences, and Im yrttm is great. The chime of the curfews pealing from (he " cloud capt towera" evidencoe that ths day Is aaersd, and that it U the day we worehip. The preciee attendance o( the Oovernor and hie lady at church exemplifies the liter*lit7 that the force of tho example of good men, not patticalarly inaomuch aa thia thing is ooooemed, bat In ?omuch aa all thing* ar* concerned, i* powerful. For I believe that, tat *o for aa Chriatianity ia the eeeential element in the character of atateemen, and in the opera tion* of the government, jut in *o for ita principle* influ ence lbs people. I do not know but the Movement* of thi* grest agency are a* wide end aa effectual in thia city aa in other citi-* of the L'oioa, aod, ioraeeth. I Cai ? not aee why they xheoM not be. The onoortenitiae for auditor* are am pie, the clergy *ro nroveiWally profound and intereetwg end, bealdee, their bomiiia* ere not a* cluaively oonflneJ to cathedral*; ior Is ths pare air, aud under the bread floor of Heevon, extemporaneous wrmoM ofmack ability are often aaii byttiiwraet di vine* Ye<, the very avenue*, are here dedMalod to the 1 love and the worthy of Oo4 on Sunday. Vou confidently believed. I see, that the opinion of the ; Juttice* of the Supieme Court upon the apportionment matter would be concl uaivs. But ysu now Badorataod that by i>* reveraal by the Court of Error*, awl by tho paaaace of tne bill regulating the roproeoo*o*ioa in tho {invention br the new a ppoitionmeat through the Be na'e, that thia judiciil opinion ia not conclhilve. Mr. Joiin Voung, of Livingaton, and Mr. Alvah Warden, of Ontario, both eminent member* of the lower Houae, were preaent in the Senate dumber during the debate upon thia bill yeatorday 1 uaderatand, aa I Intimated In my former letter, that the Houee will take up tba ball to morrow, and paaa It witheet compunctioa, sod without reference to legal opiniooe. 1, ae of csurae, cannot date that thia will poeiUvely be the reeult; but my aetketfcy lor making the etete*eeat, with a reservation, could set

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