Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1846 Page 2
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i v o-:.. will l?e icdfbied lor fho mamienacoe { ' : ?' 'r 1 "ii feeling may be prron?*on?, but it i;y 1 ? : and, certainly, it i* deeply to he de ' u :: mould exi*r, lor it lower* the United ? i'**' fT,,"ernment in estimation, and prevents it irom it rctiiugthat influence in European Hairs am J( <>Uijht io do As r> .,?*(.r? 'he prrca, too, you will r.n l ili' virno jedtn* hj> -uret:t All the newspapers 1 ,!l ?>?' - '!? y i flumc at nil, have either i-tertily ci>." < inni-M 1 tint Ir P,.ik hit done, or!ly r'f, } 1 '*< r'^Wt approval ol it Th~J ur ?j Dibit,, wtucbis me lading org-ia of ?c . ( .n jp.-, ol burope, ami which. us you ,w tr, srtk- ;b? aeatxneou 0| th^- Fr.nh << ? m.i oi, fc.ts evru escrdt-d the of pro r l v ,u it.< ut arks upon Mr P. Ik Th-- Fimaur, .1 ? - ?itn 20 .)00 subscriber., and wbi-n ,? u' ?r'- tU<^ vl fh^ nnm "t^r tor .ii <iil :r, li.ts ttlito uiv.iria^lv condemned >lr i K.aud n is fVc-n g..ti- o to u-trr mrocfu* . ?'? ' "i.i.a ou the wh'le Anrrican atujn Ttir , ""U'louut |, the orsMn ? t vj Th-en-, fia cer . .iu i .it .1 in CdiiiDii-ndition of t. ?* Preei t. >.t, though it Ih? u.< d route of tiio j>r< (???iliti^a t!"' 'r " utiack Hie pr s-nt ministry? ill-- Sieve, which pis?>a.*e-< h v-ry l.r^e circula ti i. tu mo :ir> < chtr-rfr for abiliiy, h a more in-n i ii, p J cI-i.-'-i) Wr P k to t><- ;*i t'??- wronn ? Mi?- PfrtSi? i .; iiiti j-.u ijul. baa telr >in? d' fr?m < ' ' ? ?' r'? i y t.'i'iv* iih?" iipj.ri battori ol Mr P >lk'a f' l>ut ri?s .-aid ttiat th.-ell ct ol , ' ? * . . c t ? . . iij toficesotona from the Kngli'ah *1 nrr?"'y liew*paj?er8 worth - ^'jT -p'tbhc opinion in France. f. ? ti 1 ,s i??i Journal d ? U, ,i ' 1 i , ? 1 "u(* un article in which ! M America will be ,1a ; xiCh ^ /i .,,reV,OU''- manifested. From f.i , i t ? /'???"? writes of ?h? United put. *, ? t ??'. I Ti.u.ijenil; wiuci, U,e Fiaoeb -VUnutar r^pli?d to . <aaktan?.fjom he Ji?Rutiion?. and ubor,. all, t "..r' "i ,h ' m cr? on ?ha Taxaa ?toainaaa, ?t it ! ' .| hiii* : *?"** and hearty fr.cndib.p ti<at K e ci ?i^ th i'p t?r| ?? re,a,,<'n' b",WOtn "?? ' ^Hr '^ .uiV. 0lt* KovernnifuUc .nno lot. i, ? ' itaul to oxin Outwardlj and a; i.arautlv imli p.l I haj,, r;u-,BA',otu and . I V ' 1 't'.ppeared on tl.a 8ih Marrh, '1 1?' " ;t '"e attnuJe of tb? Chnmber of R?' !a v'''?';*? r.'t PitrJ ' V l,!lkf of theadntoUtrMiou ' Irotn the " Afier rie , artUr/r,3 01 .?"??P-tchea.1 the tvhicli tl,? u0rm n" ,,J<,a 0( ,he fc,'J8Ct th-in??.lr<.s r>., it. tt? ooumeilora ptQpoau to a1. ?tt.o,h: ,;OMr ! ^ reiu?ii urbi'rution, *" * . ^ ,hey in^oirttaaouing., pra' i ia lh,M0'* "0 Jou<tr a poi*j!.iliiy f0 n-ijo. .'la ; .ur it., Prekidatit atartii ul wcyi from tlia i !0a tuut , XO.1 ur..K ,n belong, to , Jo United State." and 'J;. i u' tl,er";h? 'o rutmn the smallest put ? " U ,'0Wer l" rcr,u,ce' r">rel, and M,n,,ly , 'hl ' <o-d,> by ? common accord, la i ? 1 1,0 najfoti ile with it To apeak of mum-, -r^Tmo! such Pn-tensioiu lor^aril ii ? I *11 *' deapatr.aes ot \;r. Buchanan will be ner" ! ly iiiiioioi.ii;il.lo t( European atateimen " The nXuft v Vu.'tVt rV r>0,li*,i. position it taken up in ?. j * ?i?claration that no Kuropean power cun bo K,r l' "h"n 'he Amaiican F n)WiaM e that, atrictly apaakioi iwr,uv4ccr--ft,n?f Xhatli.U,w"ha{'hetTi",,he Wllol,, of 0'"?on 'or Ihe Unfo"n' ir u iha ir V r y? at a"y I>,ice- without legaid s!r.J, rt pp?a: ??rWme prrp-iration. cf O eZ^nVuT^l lZ^ 'ic M' "m ?'?l? The'ir A h/an,hM 01 rJ,p",,? with ,1"' A mo- I - '', Jn "ori? he Utbals than anka, if stich be the onl. I iUoo (?[ tua PruaiJuut, will tho paoplo lollow him? It ? Vi" V"9 moV 0'ninc"t nien make ererv dnv nrotea u,U?li,,lVTr,?r^',hat Mr" Rive'' "d Mr ("illatio U? t ritran tlluitr-) both coujura thair fellow citizena uot KIL ,>! th,Crtk i',?1 in,? tl,e ab> "? '"at h" Seen ,??? r ' ,t; "nJ tl"" Ihe number of the niiioritv of 1^5- "'IhipKMuiltwei who voted for tha rtao lution, ?einn ol a uuiare to givo every security- Bin il .a> a that u agree. withMr'aalUtin, thttWeWt?bL ??rv ur obit m* at! e i I * ^.Bhlllt83anc,? of Peace will become vary probicmatioal Iheceasanon of th? joint occuna t lar*Ii* >!f '? !he of MOluaiVwraSfy lorel.y lurcing England to qnt tha Oregon altorathar' or j. mak, war to maintain ... righu. Aod ' aiki the IMu , ?..n.fltauU|r, "after the v5st preraritiona ahe ?"d which Mr. McLana. haa auEiuy cht" ?h ' h T?. ? t'X1,ectu'1 We Per.,st in honing That ssa Str2 "A'trss i the t loro that? ahould be a pmUge, ga \Ir ballatin re iiK^.V1!'1 'uithar that that partaKe ahoui l, for the th >i^ n ,m '?'?'liBtely. The cociioeiit* of tou o her newapapera on .no v?te of,ha liuu.e o l7 nre -anta iv es and the r?j, Cliun of a.bitralion by ,ht Pre.i ' "'?b ,J >??'"?? upon Oae or two ofthe i i' r ? ,k''" wt 1 he Americans for haamg , ? e.,t.,u nst c in their taception ol Sir Robeit i,i , f i "n'"' rapreaanted ttiat recepiior n? ? pto,f ol ,, eir meictntile .p.rit, and that the, would .t ."'d'?,"1''1 Oregon and national honor for tho ad ?>*ai . t ii""' 0,h" j' un.aN have protest <> i ?,-.r it t ,hs' ">o euthutiaain w ut.l ad lition to ihe itnatu-r aum. uiira iy dn.n??,f| ? i 0?M a"??.!'dM ?u,ftui'*in< the K..ut of37 OJO. OJI I a., ? ??d u waida, lot the jijor- ol H-. a.. . . , I mk-?M,u? l,.r tb,>.-. of I hi. bunt/, tho'iKD tl.a W. rili le'hai"' ,he D,"?t formidable in the The /,w for the eatahliahment of a eonaiderahl. number | fx!v,fs; ? --'-T-r.i.'nr.,""AS ro, ?? 1,1 L , r.. e An'?"'?-aiico?:ii.eut,is b -r ot n ,n I,!'''" "'".wnnnittco ol tho c ham ot me tu w i,iif*s 0. r iK"e place the tuaijBgement ? , cotnmnnioaiiou in th. handa "i a bti. from th.- puhllc'traa.u-V1 Two'e^m?'"0 ",'"U41 M,m isa ,7 r" M?a ^ ""0I>-, ?',e pio, osea ih-,t , ,r*[|v^'laiitir communication <-tiall be kent >.? I'Melim* at the q licke.t p"?s,bln r^e a^o m ' to Tie with the Litoi pool sU'iintBri Th? ..l ' propoaaa to ei?pl,.v aWU;i* VaT*a7a' Jr v?. . 0mP?ny, p..tly by aaili, j.artly by fteam.'Vnd to ?idPv'ttthpr'|l.u-rT? ''ounteih ilance the ad?ant.<Ke ot'ra oheaMrth-to tha o'^r?n,u ccnvev marchandi-a Lhe Amencan continent. Bv the new law S*2 t! 2 daatln?>/to ply 'between?iVand*La' 11 arraf**' Ve"'U Spain. The advices from Madrid are to the 2bth ult. Trie return ot Crenenl N irvatjz to power haibeen , ? signnir.'d by a. coup H'thit quite as desperat" and '? d*e(*?tic us that winch liurUd Charles the Tenth from ihe throne, and thinned the dynasty ot France. Finding Kui the Cortes, all subservient as they have hitherto breu, would no longer'sanction liuatbi irarv hud unconstitutional design?, lie has taken up on himself to susqiend the proceedings ot that body, to abolish the liberty ol th ? pre*.*, to dismiss General Conch ?, and other superior otficer.', not lively to be tin tools ; and, in line, to assunm to himself the otfic" ol Dictuor. According to the Quoliiitnnt, this unprincipled and upstart military de*|>ot dis missed his late Cabinet because his finance minister, M Mou, refused to band over to him some sixteen millions ot ttie national property, to pay Ins debts, and only allowed another to be formed, ad tn/ertm, iint 1 lie could torm one in which the .vnmster ol Fin.nice should be complaisant enough to act as his caah'ier. The people ol Spain who have been restive enough under iorinertulers, seem hitherto to have b*en dragooned into thorough submission to the tyranny of N*iv?>z, but if tnis last step ol insolent aggres sion on everything in the shape of liberty and constitutional rights la not sufficient to arou.-e them ?o resistance, they must be tite veriest slaves in Chris.endom?every way worthy ot the King Stork sent them lor their folly and misdeeds?and he of them. ? II such things, or a tithe of such things, were to be, attempted in England, or France,or America, the country would be ou ftre from end to end, and in an hour Hie usurping tyrants would be punished But Spaniards, alas! have been too long used to oppres sion to display the indignation thry ought to do at i the outrages to which they are now subjected. Still they are men, and they cannot, no, they cannot, al low tnis r-coundrel Narv^ez and his accomplices long to triumph in their iniquity. Narva'Z had appointed one Balboa to the com mand ol Madrid. n? it one of the most atrocious miscreant* that ever existed, having caused little inildr*n to be shot, women with child to be aasas sinttcd, tec. Public opinion protested against his bring retained at Madrid, and Xarvaez has contriv ed to thow his contempt for public opinion by pre senting this .vietch to a more imporant command. Belgium. . Accounts from BruMels, to the 31st ult, give the liutoi the new Ministry, which is linally formed T lie Count de Thetix, Minister ol the In terior; ?1 l'echamps, Minister ol Foreign AHairs; Karon DAnethan, Miuist-r ol justice, M de B? yay, Minister <>t Pu ic Works; and General Prtwse, Minister ol war. It will b* seen that M Van de Meyer does not torm a pirt ol the new Cabinet, ^tor more tha . a month paat has this little king dom been in a state of wtiat is called "ministerial ?ri#!s." M Van de Weyer and nia colleagues, find lM tbat they had no chance ot gjutug over the dii pcotf? ot tne education question, resigned Ap p'icatinn was mad'' to r/>veral i*rtoni to form a ca binet, bat they deriine!: M. Roger, ut I under took the tusk. hi!' t <? refused by the King the right ot di*bolv ei nb-r ot Deputies, in the event of three or i> ir ,'rcitied cases arising, he threw up his commission Consequently, at this moment, the rountrv i? > lrtually without a cabinet; tttc pre*ent ministry o'lly carrying oa th<* public bu until they tfiHil We-sitpeioeded By royal or dinance , ilie Chambers Have bt?en prorogued to ib-! 2'J n Ajiril The excitement ooraaioned by these ministerial difficulties has not been without an nija rioun eflfct on commerce. Tue number ot railways in progreas and projected, adtl- d !?? *%hnt w>- have actually, is realty xttaordi narjr No country in ihe w..rld, in proportion to its exirnt, will have ao many milts ot railway as Bel gium. Italy. A Inter from Home ot th? 7ih, quoted by the sluK'bwgit (iazilte, state* that disiuitxi ncn httvcoc ciine i ai but that they were ? f ? locil anil not ?.f 4 yrwr-?l character. At Spoleto, the ,>olitic?l prnioners hitd jnade an attempt ai revolt, b'it were subdu-d, alter seven had b-en killed and a great nuinber wounded. T Switzerland. fron? Bern,-, of Mart!) 26, state that the commiKHon ch,ir*e<i with ihr ta-k of draw no up r^rvf ^oVi'tttioiiarre*i?ion dia .1 j" mt9 ^ u*y ,"3,, w >t zu?, nj *r , sanction, by a mnjority ol103 ?u 5 to ilir resolutions of the conference of ,7,1 r^r-1 resolutions tend to Place a part ot the CatholicCrtOtuiw in a state formidable defence, and to provide for the means of affording mutual as sistance in caaeof attack The dirVclTohmlt tary operations, in case hostilities should htppen to k e'ltr.u"ted to ? central council of war, to send a delegate! CttUU,n8',hus le"??d together, in Jm!! ^'nPrr"ro' Russia had addressed the follow ^ ?.\5^*raate Ml ??wer on lfw2l?t Feb (5 hereas, ill disposed persona have at t? m .ten to overthrow the levitunate authorities in me Iree city of Cracow, .md in some parta of Gili cia, we h-ive deemed it necessary to take certain pr. cuutjoiiary measures to m-tiuuin tranquillity in ^.8rTme,nla ?.n ,!he Conner ; and we ordain V!ihln kingdom 5' .^?ittud, also the districts of Volhynia and Podolia, be declared in a state of IwVp E U^kUie ord-r8 01 F,eld Marshal 1 rince I askewitach d Lnvun. . , ? (Siguedr)* "Emperor Nicuolas " , ,RlaLn government had commenced the work of punishment in the most feartul manner ? bevi-ral lenders of the insurrection, at Siedlee, had been tried by a court-martial, condemned and hunir 1 Th- v'ct.m, were Brom.laus Uombrowski. tkan& las Koeischewski,and Ludislaa Zarski, Four others bani-hn^"?1 ?Lta,h comrnt"ed on the scaffold to bauishnrept to Siberia, with the loss of all rights pEb!i6hed?in fhVil? annou"c'd .? '?>e official notice published m the Harsutc Courier, that "Lytinski " to Siftaeihh^7pen!3?1C.V? equally ba?"6bed Hie official GuzetU of Vienna contains the fol lhe Emperor, pronounced gainst Paris - "Th pce ? z-rtor.ska, now residing It i> T-. " Emperor having learned that the V?SkrrVRd"d^ to' a^PUta'ion of inli.ilL i he."Pfroved of the insurrection he Prml' r ?:deTrd the ?ullc Council to prohibit J.... i . !? i' ? 'he Pnncess, and their de scendants, from disposing of any prot>ertv landed or personal, they may po Jeas in theffiriK^ further orders &"aWR lhertlf,,n,> untl1 ! By an arrangement entered into between the I hree Powers General Count W,bna was to take vears0"1 A??i <rep ,0.wn of Cracow, for three a expiration of that term, and of evervw era are tofn^int0 thrteyeare'the Protecting Pow-' ?lim- t? ill? miliary commandant. Thus it p intention of the Protecting Powers treat Cracow like the fortress ot Mayence. uJfcfSSSK State (fazelte> of 'be 2?iih, informs us, that although it is beyond a doubt that some of I ? * Pn^st^?od took part in the late revolt in Poland most of the dignitaries ot ihe church not only did all theyc?uld to prevent the excesses that were Vom t it' J JVe ",nce "Passed their deep regret Mie Russia ' A,:cordln?'o letters from Warsaw, ve^^f. ? govarnment lias adjourned lor lour years tht. execution of the measures decreed airunst he Jews, and which h id caused Sir Moses Mote lioreto proceed to fet. Petersburg. A Warsaw journa! states that the emperor \icho iaa, during his stay in that capital, distributed totre ?i|<erior? of the .Sisters of Charity, at Pultusk Lub-i lin, and other cities, eoldcrosses with chiinsol the same m-td.aud toTeckla Zukow.ka. eajerior of 1 diamonds"1 ? St Ctt8ilmer?? ? gold crosset with' Al^lrra. on the 17art.^rP*'Ch ,tr,orn. announced on Ahri i ir !a ? a 1 had fallen suddenly TL ^'r drr - u dn,P' not Uf ,r?m ill ?x Lmir hid htnlly tune to escai** with a few ???larjrooPJ. 1 he^ details are wanting, bmUU believid tiiat considerable booty wus st-i2'd In conaequence ol ?h- h,avv rains, 6ol Eyuard's divi sion h .1 been un ible to advance T he Duke d'Aijinale and the Prince of Sax" Co bnrg arrived at Algiers iu the evening of thf 17ih M iif d" " IUit Preceded b / ih ? return ot ""v '""oxx-usi" h :S "r"?r!V,l"n ''?!"?*',1 ? receive^ a t'-le^rajhc despatch, whicii hi,. A,delKluroubi has be? n ou id gudiv by .he court martial -.t Altera, of the d m? X Huh Whoh he Wns 'h.rged. an con d niord to death; uiw.n ?hich a council of Ministers ""'"""'"'d to cons, er wnnher.the s u ol 8 '/'u'd ^ carried into immediate execution or whether it tluuld be commuted. ' i (See Suppliment ) ? Chlnn. . -v tn .i.^From ,hf Fri'uJ ofrbina, im 311 In the course of the month there have been seve- # ral piracies committrd in the neighboring wait-? was allowed u, escar^ We h^v^L^1"!!^ btLat m"r?d%?jfiSiSUt u.r Mceof lent uualifv TKi. jL c^a,r 8a,|Q l<> be of an excel a molt im^rtLt d 1 woverv ' \n^h C^,a'y rt?a,lr chean coal 1. ? "' y . Pry An abundant supp y of fo her Ms e.?.?r / greatest consequence both siiilfslsH' sr~sst#fH ?nd h- m .k- u V j COU8t "no theCanton river authoritiei. n? F' ??d w,,h th<" eo aperation of th-* reouest m r??nn?ki 1 adnnttea that such a vpssp jksie. r;rr^2: claim for free imercour? wuf/the city A noTific" t.on in the ?avernment paper s.nce tbis w!. ,? ? - t^lTecuy uiined* Ce?DdCy w,l'rta,? Chusw. in! 1 th.>?4 opened. A despatch to Keyinir dated ?rrnmation,nt,. 0nne. ^ 0l.8ir de beJ^l'n?' in?dalmen,Jof ,he indemnity money has qufretu beevacuVted!^ '? Cl"WM W'" re* Knshions for April, Hlinte BiuJior ctenl i. 1 ? . ,,*",P*r*n? wtteri Ltcularly of 11.nk It ki * * colored organdy*, pgf ? 11 no h m?t?r!?u b,?1n:;^:rm,"roid#r#d ,n "d I ion?ble, lse? flon'ncM a?U2? ly baadad by a bn^ufi! ? !ion 1p,ajn- 1*I,a ,r? g?n?ial lu favor, ?.ui .iU ^ ? Uf* ?a agai,. and dark ??"n"tra n<ian:iy baaJ oaap Irhig**, M?j ,h(, biah bodH L*!'" Ur put# ou the a*-airis umniiim^ ^ lim* va. -ra mui ii a<J' P ,,,ma"n?? ? ?ru? anJ ?J. 1 hi drofi b*1*, to finhionahlii iKsa sitbar forward on the h?.d or not. at tba nrti.'.ni"' I waarar Cap. and eoi/Tuwa of laca a ra vi 7" ?lth p?*u<1ant fl'taran, o bar. *rZ Xr7.tU^( ??' ol vmbroidarad maun, ara U.amad ?itb lie* snd sarsnet rifhon of two rotors; scma are of pink and blue mile, mixe-l with white. The raw spring boo nets of .IU are ail with ba volets, a* well a* the capo*as but crapes and straw are with thr bavolets forming con tinuation ot the (root; they remain a little spread at the aide*, but not open tu laat year Crape bonnets of dark colore art again worn tbis season, with the interior or naments ot a bright contrasting color? marabou's of tbe aame color; some hire lace velours epiug'c trimmings. Too spring mantelets are very pretty; the form it new, partaking of the vi'itea d'tiver and the scarl; ihey are mostly trimmed with lace; very elegant odm are of tat fetat glari of light colors, with ravers ot satin; mora elegant ones are of blaclc lace, lined with violet or blue aaun. Mara, to , Lokdow Monitv Nuntrr, April 8.?Tho Money market bat not ueen ii financed by any very marked cbntige mice our lest publication At the meeting of the Bank of Lug land out tbe 19th (uU. It was shown th.t that 1 establishment bad uetted a profit of over 4100 000 in tbe last six month); strictly speakiug, however, the great part i>f that sum was mnde iu the la?t two months. A dividend oi S) per cent lor the hall year was declared. The rate of discount haa been iiijintaiiie.i at 8j per rant Money ia not acaice i.o* on first rate aec uuiies, but all j below them feel still very tight In Consuls an advance o! abjut | per cent was obtain ed upon the Hinviii of paoific ttwa Irom the United States by the Montezuma tint tbe transactions being of a limited description, tho maiket remain, quiet and stea dy The favorable nature of the Indian i.ews caused a slight adv i>iice in the pi ice of Consols, and the nrnknt ; closed wi'h much flrmunK, as follows :-Cot sola 96j to 96jf, hoth lor Money and thn Account; Exchequer Bill. 36. to 39a. premium; and India Honda 35a. to Sua. pi ? mium The Railway Share maiket has ag in been veiy hoa vy, and prices have denioed considerably lor almoat all descriptions of even dividend paying stocks, whilst the |.rojected achemea hare fallen to a diaconnt The foreign market hm been dull throughout. The bewa from Spain had only the effect to auapend all ope rations in Spanish Securities; in othnr d.ssriptious of atock 'here has been no change of moment .except an lot provement iu Mexican, consequent upon the settlement of the niffjrencaa with Messrs Lizardi & Co. and the hondholdera, ihora gemleraen having agreed to a ba Inure of X8^#3I 7a 9d duo from them, and givon their acceptances for that araonnt, with interestt* the new agents, Me?rs 9chneider k Co. Toe.settlement, which took place to day, did not excite much iuterest The latent bargains were -Chilian. 06 ex div ; Colombian. Itf; Peiunan 36; Portuguus- 67; Spanish per Cents lor the Account. 16J; :ela, 43) ex div; toe Deferred 13; Dutch Two and a Half per cents, 69J; and the Four per Centa, Car illcates.'Oif ex div. Ln in no i. Cotton Msrkkt, April 3 ?The common qua lit ma of Ameiicau Cotton are iwaily Jd pet lb higher, and the ronrket generally has more the air of settled and regular business than at any time during th- last two or Ihiee weeks It ia difficult to assign exactly tbe canae of tbis flight change in favor of holders, no ciic urn stances of a novel character bearing especially upon tho staple article having preaentad themselves since oyr- laat printed circular. Tbe mere lapse of time, with th? decreased receipts a: the ports of the United States, and the diminishing amount of our stock ol American in this port, us compared with last year, may be ailently working som? change of opinion, aud bringing about additional confidence in the mtuda of , - holders. Ajjain, the stock of American cotton on tba continent being rather light, is bringing an increa a of the export demand upon us the foreigu buy era finding this the chaapeit market to wbioh they can resort. From Vlan cheater and the manufacturing districts of this coun try we have nothing encouraging, but rather the con trary. How far thia state of things may ba influenced by the pflitic^of the is not easy to determine; but w? learn on all hand* that the manufacturing de fiartment of business, from some cause or other, is no onger a remunerating pursuit. 2600 American and 400 Surat have been taken on speculation, and 4760 Ameri can, 300 Pernain and 3A0 Surat lor export The sales of this day are from 4 000 a 6,000 bags. Tte sales of the week are 37 030 bales. Jfi March 37.?Cotton lower tbis week, but scarcely qdot e i ,0A 1"*.lnar^'-lb*s been uniformly dull and depress ed. CVcasioDailv some demand (or American, for ex port, baj caused u siig >t variation, and now and then investments trmnted by moderate prices, have been made up on speculation; still we have had a reiy dull timo ot it. The accounts received yesterday from America to the 4th insltmt, shew the comparative tailing oil in the raccipla at the porta to be 370,00<i bales. At ether times,and in another state ol thiuga these accounts would not have been received wi'h indif loronca. As it is, thia striking fact is hardly regarded, and hnlu r'o haa bad no effect on our market The ques tion ol political 'disturbance, or war, aeems never to have been seriously looked upon by tit* mercantile com mumty at large. Theexiatiust depres?ion in our maiket is supposed to be connected with the *ieat drain rt mo ney from the commercial world lor the suppoit of rail way projects; and that, so long ns tbis continues, we shall be proportionably under its inlluence. 1600 Ame- ; iican have been taken on speculation, and 3000 Ameri can and 300 Sifrarfor export. The sales to-day are 4000 bags. The sales for the week amount to 37,630 bales. Lonoott Miaxsra, April 3.-Cotton-Tbere is a limit ed demand lor Cotton; prices, however, are pretty well sustained Hops-Although tbe dem.nd for IIoli. ia pockets, ba* been improved, pneej continue pretty much tho same In all other sons ot Hops compara lively little is doi?? at late rates. Metals - Pi icea have unot\' gone little charge for any description, but the tendency is still do*awards. The iron inuiket remains rery much depressed. Scotch pig has s?ld as low as 70a, which may now bo quoted as the caab price; but aome holders are still unwilliug sellers trader 61, 6J to Oil. All kinds of British remain without change. Tin is dull; 150 slab* K. I , in public sale, went at 84a for good 8.rat's. The nrice of Bn-ish was not lower to^lav. I'latei. continue in limited demand. Lead Sim; spelter ia S,1!'"'!!'1' 10s per tjn. Naval Stores? The Tar naaikat is firm, dealers purcU^lnic small r>arcela at 164 tu 16s 6d lor Stockholm, and 18s tu |S? bd lor Archangel, epirits of Turpentine eonliaue on lha de cline. aud the trade only take small parcels for immedi ate use. Puncheons have been sold nt 44s; now how ever, this nrii'e ia ch ained with d Kouich i< qui^t; lately 17tK)baiiels Wil >iini;tou ware sold at 9s to 9s Sd per barrel. Provisions Iu the value of the low and mi idling <*escriptnins of Irish ilultor little vaua'iou has taken pl.ce since Tuesday last, but for the better kinds r*du ed rutea have t.een submitted to; tha town and country demand baa been limited for all qualities, and the following rates aie accepted: (ailow and Clonm<*l, 70s to 9#t; Coik. 73a to 80-; Limerick 67s to |4<; \\ ateifoid, b6s to 80s Belfast, 64s to 60s: Dunlin 60s to 80s and Hugo 6l?n to 66. j^r cwt Puces do not impr ve lor Bacon, but tbe tr*de bave come foiwurd moie fieely, and a good business haa been tran?actad iu all q laiitiHS, small mea. at 44/to 47s, and heavy at 43a to 44s per cwt On hoard there has been moie business triiniacted, 46- to 47^ wcie the tate? paid f?>r sizeabla meal lot next month's shipment, and 43< to 46? 101 heavy Middles met with more at ention, and a fair businesa* has been t.ahsscled, at 43s to 46i. and neree 44. to 4S-i|)?rcwt For Laid lower rates having been taken caused many pare is to be disposed of, bl .ddersd at Ma to 60?, fiikiu aud keg jjt to 6and Auieriean 40a to 48a per cwt Phe ptitCnasea made in Hams have been tri fling, and 60s to 04- par cwt are the rates taken for Irish. Banelled Ptovishhis aro yet little wantad. excepting Ametican, in which a good business bas been transact ed in Beet and Pork upon tha fosloeing term* : prime Indian Beef, in bond. ?s to ?6 Aapertieice; Indian mess ?t 7a 6dto ?4 lia 6J; prime mesa, ?4 to ?4 6s and t" ime meas Poi k, 60s t > 01^ 6J per barrel. H e*? C arol na Uica tbera ia an excellent demand, larjre sales have therefore been maJe of late at 34s to 80. pA- cwt Pama ia also in r. queat at 17s to 31s. Bangal ia not much looknd for, so tna ita value is rather receding Tallow? Little alteration has taken place ui toe value of this article since lU last repott.bul puichaaes made h,ve bean limited, by soapmakera and chandlery 43s 3d to 43s 0d per cwt are the prices taken for fine P V C. du- i ty p?nl. 1 he value of Town Tallow is 43a 61 to 43s ne' "?h aod the supply is on the increase. Ot Foreiau arid Colonial the st.>ck is jet less than it was last year i but,prices show an advance, and the delivenea are fall- I iiig off Tea- A quiet buaiueas is doing in Tea. AitooBirh ? ?n|(M r,"he, "Oder former rate., | still tbe trade have purcnased with caution, takn g onlv ' f .r immediate wards, Wool-The ma.ket for ail sorts of ( olnoial Wool is flit, but lower rates ,iave "ot been ' accepted.- English is quiet. Prices are preven ed from ofa'tlaads*11 ,n con,l,lucnc? of th? 'H""" stock in faim? _.LlTltf,<>0L? APf'! 3 ?f*Ovisioas, Aticataais-Bael There has t*en a fair average d.mand during tha month The art it all, so far, are limited; bat our advices lend us to expect a supply above last year. The quality is de cidedly interior to the^sst season, aa tba snippers will find on receipt of their sales. We would request the f??V?,n 0 "* p0,Ve,,ed 10 th* ??"""ka In our circu lar of January. Pork remains as it baa done lot four ?>qniry. Prica does not itth? ir 'Jr' *" ,l1 l'rolar ,he 'ri?h cure, even at tbe wi 'e difference now established in value ~'h? for so f.r th*. ae aaon have been limited, aud tbe quality most inferior. The lalling off iu ? Jfi hM^rn *? treat aa to preveut that demand which we certainly *oum have had at our sihold Z! latlon have been in full cmplaymeot. A couaiderable quautity has bean released irom bond at a duty of 6s n?r cwt., ihg meicbanls giving bonder tbe difference of ' duty, in cum) tl.n bill does not finally pan, but o?en with thia difference of duly the market has repidiv f.llen in nominal puce, the punciple cause of whioh ia'the bad quality ol the art!, le. Ship,>era should attend to thia sa our market must he suited, if /enumerating prices irr to be obtained We quote a /eduction of fullyl, cwt. dnring the me. th Lard continuea to r cede in hTint ir,? ??"i h,ltn ,alM. Iho demand ; cwt'lnce our la.t" S'V8U I. 4a par ' LtVKarooi. MaaatTS, April >?Ashes?The it.mimi continue, very l,?,ud. Montreal Pe.rl Ashes haVS de S u , ?L ? P*r cwt., several (arcels having ba?n sold at Ma. Pot Ashes are also lower, as 2J, ad has been accepted for too to 900 barrels. Cosl-Kor a w " w two past wa havo had less dtmand for coali ,h? ,?T arc liim. Dyawo^l.-Tbe market Z i \k* ? JSSrM' r irdr;; fcv, for indirect; 70 tons Tobasca at ?6 IOs to ii l au mf ,2 s ' ?? ?* Savaol'1? Kustio at X4 to to come, and the maker* stilt appear to bn full <\f ?nr.u ws'^ss.'s.'sia-'iias There has been Very little, done in Hice. During tha week, ending A,-ill 31, only Aflo bags B r gal were sold price lis per cwt. Halt-there JTrather a Mm, r'p0rt which 14 likely to improra to^ PrieM "? very flrm. and libely ' urLD* U,e y*" following era iJrm * ?v?d Salt in bag. It. to -Oa H. J? *q'ia-as 18- 61 to I9<. ditto thuta L impa 17a #1; Common Ita} Marine an- l itter 16. Ad, dSIIT'o',0'x fi ' Wve, Freight be, Deck and Town Duaa 9J. Tallow?Tha demand haa isspruvad, and prtoM sre rather higher. for retersbargh yllim ' ( unfile 4J# fli i* cow generally demanded. Ttt?An improved butinees has )>md done this week. Oo?d sound common Congon at Sd; geod blackith leal, rather Kionf, at la; Rood etrodg Ho-How, at U 4d to la M. Several tboueand boxes of young Hyson Twankay : ki< <1 in 13 lb boxes, have been eold at good market ntM. There ie a good business doing in ecented Oiarge Pekoe Otber descriptions remtio unaltered. Tobacco ? The sales thu month amount to 9IS hhds , viz : si* Virginian leaf, 170 Stemmed, 100 Kentucky leal, and 3* Stemmed Of theee 68 Virginian leaf, 10a Stemmed, W Kentucky lief, and 38 Stemmed, weia ttken for IreUud; 30 Viiginia Stemmed for Scotland; 30 Kentucky leiiflor exportation; ar d 29 Virginia leaf, 43 stemmed, 66 Kentucky l??f, and 610 stemmed, by the trm!e i bt import* are 009 hhds from Virgiuia, 163 New Orleans, and 43 New Yolk. Tee expotts are 841 Africa, 90 Alexandria, 0 Guernsey, end 4 lile of Man. The deraai.d throughout the month hai been limited; in the latter pait unusually to for the period of the year, tao trade merely *upplying their immediate wants, and for export purposes there b-ing little or no inquiry. The market rattier fiilrr, though no decline sufficient to warrant an alteration in pricee. unleee it ie wtili the highest cleae of Vnginian Sttemmed Wool, Our wool maiket has buts lee* animated daring the leat ton day a. What wi'n fiilires in the woollen diatricte, the (till ousettled state ol the corn bill and tend, with the contiuued deart-ess of money, the wondor ie mat pncee for wools, on the whole, are so well maio taiued There i. some inquiry lor the better elate of Unite) States'fl-eces, as lor s?mo purposes they bare been lound to answer well, aud wa quite expect thorn > to bo a iurorite article a< they become better known. Tue Uuitfd States' wool, ol middle and lower qualities, being in limited demand, may be had at lowor rates. Huropean Corn Trade. [From the Liverpool Times, April 4 ] London.?Siuce the publication of our paper, on the. 19iii ul March, the business done in oorn to, has beon dull, and prices, although tbey have made a slight ad vance, nave since receded. On the 331 ult. there was only a moderate ahow on the Essex, Kent, and Suffolk stands. Realty fine qualities wera scarce, and the best lo-s were placed without difficulty at the enhancement ol that day se'nnight. Tho common ru-is were, on the other baud, dull ol sale, and barely supported their pre vious vulue. Since then, the transactions have been veiy restricted, but factors have refu'ed to aor-ept less money : andt'ie little business done on the 30th and 37th of March was at rimilar prices to tlioso at which the sales w<-re made in the hi ginning of tho same weak. In fo reifn wheet, whether bonded ?r~froe, ^the operations have alio been unimportant. A few email purchases of patcelj, under lock, have been made by the millers with a view ol entering by certificate but nothing whatever hat been done by speculators. Holders have declined, however, to lower their pretentious and former quota tions have been steadily supported. Flour has moved off even more tardily than wheat, and its value haa become ertnost nominal. There was very little paaaing in (fee foieigi wneat on the 30th ult., and, in the absents*--of sales ol consequence, prices remained nominally unal tered. Rlour hung heavily on hand, and rutas were therefore rather declining. At the market heid on the 1st of April, although there was nolncieaae in the de mand. there much tteadineas and cotfidenca iu the as pect of that day 's business, aa regards really good quali ties of each article. There was no alteraUon in the va lue of wheat or flour, but former prices appear to have been well supported. LivxarooL ?Our market baa been free from aay ani mation since the sailing of the steam ship Unicorn. A slight advance was obtained lb the price of wheat at the market held qn the 24th of March; on that day Canadian 11 jur moved up sparingly. Little was done la bonded wheat or flour up to that date, as importers were asking higher pricee than buyers seemed disposed to pay. On the 37th ult. the maikat was more buoyant than it has been of late, and an advance in pricee was obtained for most of tho articles brought forwerd. During the week ?nJing March 31, there waa very little inquiry for any article in bond, but no change in prices On that day, the advance peid on wheat during the week mentioned, , was not supported, and prices receded. There was a moderate demand for Indian corn, at improved prices, as well an a small retail sale lor Canada flour, but no sales in bond. At the market held yesteiday, April 3, thetraJe, in its general bearings, exhibited an exces sively dull aspect, a disinclination on the part of buyers to purchase, and a tendency in moat articles rather to recede in ralne. All descriptions of wheat were conse quently somewhat easier to buv.-but not sufficiently be low our last quotations to reduce our currency mate rially, or to induce business beyond a lew limited sales of email amount. In Irish flour, the transactions were ; moderate at previous rates, whilst Canadian was offered on lower terms with little effect Indian corn being much less attractive than heretofore, wae decidedly ; rather cheaper. About 3000 quartan of Amarican good red wheat were sold by auction, after maiket at 6s 7d per 70 lb in bond. In flour, under lock, no transactiona are reported, though rather lower prices would now be accepted. Atehark Patca or Obain. ff'/it. Hrly. Oat$ Rye. B'nt. Peat, flour. February 21... ...ii 0 39 It 21 6 32 10 31 9 34 3 0 0 February 2S J4 6 29 7 21 J 33 ? 31 * 33 2 00 .March 7 31 10 29 3 21 10 33 6 34 11 33 I 0 0. M irch 14 it 329 4 21 9342332 34# 00 .March 21 i> 1 29 10 22 /0 33 10 S4 4 II 4 SO Maich 21 45 5 30 2 24 134 0 34 0 33 3 00, Agit'egite Av r'te of the S weeks. .51 10 29 * 21 0 33 7 34 9 34 1 0 0 Doty on figu prod J |>r??ei.t week. ..18 090 60 90 (6 80 It 10 D.> on Canadian.. 1010/20 10 06 00 Do other Brit Coll 0 1-1 20 10 00 06 30 Continental Mabxcts.?The protracted discntsions in the English Parliament have paralysed the Corntraiie ; in the Baltic and North of Europe, as well aa in England, and we have seldom known so little business doing Un der any ordinary circumstances in regard to stocks and probable supplies abroad, we consider that prices would, , by this time, have declined fully 104 per quarter below the preterit rates Already, (rom the begiuning of Oe ce inner to the present time, (nearly four months, with the further prospect of two months more betore the new corn law can come into action,) the trade has been inao- i imate, except in the Eatt, and we do not know ot a pe riod in which piices have been so long maintained at the samo high range, during almost the - ntire sutpention of trad-. It it quite clear that the weight of stocks it net too heavy foi the means of the foreign holders and we may e>pect a very different range of price 1 wheu Bri tish demande are made upon those stocks Advices fiom Dsntic inform'us that no buxinest of importance ta? been trantaeted since our last publication, and that pi ires continue nominally the sa no as they then wero. There is no alteration to notice at the market at Stettin W h*at is flrmly held at former prices, and best 63 to 63 lb. Poraeranean quality is not to be had unJer 49s per qu titer fob I be Kostock market is leported as b ii'g very dull and iuactive, wi h orders in hand. appars to be declining in value at Hamburg, but the d< mend wee considered g ol. The O ievsa tiade is <ood; there is a demand fiom Italy, and full prices were theiefore paid. State of Trade. The commerce at d manufactures of the country are now mift.tiing serious injury from the effects of the pro tracted settlement of the important measures now be fore Parliiment; from the uncertainty that exit|s as to the capability of the country to supply the means ior the constiuction of those railroads for which acta were posted last session, as well as for those for which appli cations have been made to the preaent session of Parlia ment? Irom the unsettled state of political matters at home, and ol our relations with the United 8 ates, and from the apptehension that we are about to have high Iirices for ail descriptions ol grain; although we do not 00k lor any immediate improvement in our prospects, yet we think in a ahort time some of the causes alluded to will be removed, while more extended channels will he opened ?p for our own manufactures. Assuming that our political relations with- America will be amica bly settled, and that th?modified tariff now before Con 6rest, will become law on the latof October, as has ren proposed, we shall have an extended oatle for our manutacures, such aa we have raver before experienc ed into that couutiy. The demand, al*o. fer our manu facture* lor t tuna, we have no doubt will ultimately be accelerated by a reduction 01 the duties upon teas Du ring the last fortnight prices have been prevented from improving the colonic! produce by tha large parcels brought forward; the demsnd privately, however, has been food from the home trade, and the articles offered at auction were nearly all sold. In the value of goods suited lor exportation, there is little change to notice, but the buainess transacted haa bean unimportant. Statk or Taam it* tri MarorActraino Distbict* ? The accounts received jjom the manufacturing district* are not 10 encouraging as could he wished; >1111 wo tee no cause for anj senoui complaints as to tho state of trade in generul. The market at Loeda, according to oar laet report*, presented the aame quiet appeaianc* that we have had to renort for aonto time paat The mer chant* continue to hold off baying, in the expectation of doing bettor ii; a abort time; bat ai tboir orders are ac cumula'ing, ab'd they w'll not be able to defer purchasing much longer,? better state of things may bo predicted, particularly ai the manufacturer* act with caution in keeping down their atock*. Wo regret to Sod that at Had erafleld matter* ate not in *nch a latUtactory poai tion. O ir correspondent, in hia communication, dated March 31 *t, says there i* one universal opinion in the cloth ball to-day, that the matket ia on* of tho moat gloomy that haa been experienced for some month*, and the merchant* are alio heavy in their complaint*.?At Rochdale, there ia a fair domand for Klannela at low ratea. The Wool market it much the aameaa it waa for aome weekt pest ?From oar Brad ford correspondent we learn that in Fiecee there i* no new feature whatever to report; the demand for goods haa long been very limited, but, notwithstanding this, *o greatly hit tho production been reduced, that pricea, although tending d wnwards, atill range higher than might have teen anticipated. Nothing can oan be more uoaeUi factory than the ttate of the Yarn trade, and no proapect of ? speedy change. Wool it a shade ea?ier to'buy; middle wether*, 419 fts; middle hog*, ?l> per pack, with tho tarn of the market in favor of the purchaser. The long suspense and uncertainty with respect to the new tariff ia rary injurious to the trade of the*o diitrict*. With regard to Manchester, wo aro informed that *ince the arrival of the overland mail, there haa been *ome increase in tho demanJ for good* *aitable to the India and China marke a, and rather more bniineaa haa bean dono, thongh without tho aUghtast improvement in pricea. In Yarn, too. thera haa been rather m re business dono, and *ome contract* have been made on Russian and Oorman account, hut at tho loweat rate* previoualy current Havaa, March 11- Cotton* ?Tho discouraging tenor of the intelligence from Liverppol, received immediate ly after the oTote of our previou* report, wa* productive of a rather depressed f?aling in our market, which con tinnod to predominate for aeveral daya, the buying be came very restricted, and pricea ware beginning to ex hibit u downward tendency. But toward* the latter part of la?t weak, tho sudd in appearance ot speculator* im parted aome *pirit to the demand, and the transactions ware to a fair amount up to the close, with much more Brmness, generally opeaking, ?o that we niake no ohange in our quotations. Ainong<t the aalea wa* a car go of 1944 bale* expected by th* Medford, from New Orlehos. which found buyer* at ?9i for our Irn ?r4i nair?, 73t At' mit, rf and 78i for ban ordinjiff. Since the commencement of the present week, the desnenit ha* been ol a regular character, and prices hilly maintain their ground; there is evidently no want of confllsnce, for the imports are moderate, and our atock ftr Irom extensive ; the unsatisfactory nature of the accounts from Liverpool may therefore be louked upon a* the principal bariier to further activity We re ceived resteruay New York date* t ? the Kh inet. vie Kaglgod, and are hourly expecting the Oaeida packet ?hip of Mi iati; the id*icn by whtoh conreyane* art looked forward to with ?owe difm of Interest. Th? following wor* the *?!** eff*jted. Tia * M bate* N*w Orlaant F >7 ? to 7V 60 1174 " Mobil* M?to 76 60 1790 " Upland 03 60 to 74 444 " Mobil*, to trrin to 67 60 #494 ?' Mew Ofltioi, to attire.. 69 ? to 71 60 93 J " IVruviau ? 73 60 to 76 ? 2J " Cij cot* ? ? to 90 ? 10,339 Balei. To* import* daring the Mm* period amount to >003 bale*. Bombay. March 3 ?Little alteration ha* taken place sine* our ia*t in the (tare of th* ma k*t for Briti*h im port!. The coutinuanc* of military operation* in tae North, and the uncertainty when they may terminate, of court* k**p>m*uy buyer* out of th* market, and tend to oonfloo th* biuiu*** transacted within narrow limit*. To* money market appear* to b* tightening again, and all description* of government and joint *t->cK ?ecuritiei continue depr**?ed. Exchauge?There ha* been a (light a<lvanc* in th* rat* oi exchange on Eng land, and wo may now quote it at 1? 1 i|i to 1* Hid per rupee tor six mouth*'bill*, and 1* ll^j for dratu at thir ty dtu Ki*'ght*_Th* rate of freignt to Oreat Britain gave way aliortly after tha departure of the )e*t mail, and large *ugagemeata were made aa lo w aa ?3 p*r ton, but it ha? ?iuce rallied, and we may now quota It at ? ' 3* 61 lo ?3 As to Liverpool, anil ?3 M 6d to ?3 10* to London There ha* been no *hlp lotditig for tb* Clj <!? Th* rat* of freight to China for oottou continue" at r*. 16) per candy. NEW YORK HERALD.! Mow York, Wednesday, April ??, ltM, " [ 1 i Herald Supplement. The supplementary sheet to the Weto York Herald, isaued this morning, contains the fullest particulars of the two great battles in India, between the Eng- i lish and Sikhs; also, an interesting compilation of foreign theatricals. It is served gratuitously to our subscribers, in and out of the city. The Foreign .Vwi-The Oregon (Question In EngUnU. By. the arrival of the steamship Caledonia, at Bos ton, we have received fu!l files ot English papers, containing two weeks later intelligence from Euroj*. The English journals are filled with the particulars of two important battles lately (ought be tween the British troops in India and the Sikhs, and which resulted in the complete overthrow of the latter, with a loss of from ten to twelve thousand men, and a large amount of artillery and other mu nitions of war. This has caused great glorification in England, and the columns of the press mn filled with the accounts and particulars of the flfbt, with speculations on the future. During the paroxysm oj joy caused by these victories of the British, the Oregon and every other question is almost entirely disregarded. This his created a feeling of disap point meat on this side, because there was the great est anxiety for the receipt of the news expected by the Caledonia. It was expected that the news that she would bring, would be decisive one way or the otjjer, as regards the course the En glish government would take on the Oregon question. nVe transfer to our columns all the intelligence on this question. The tone of the Fress generally, is not so violent as it was some time since; and the debates in the British Parliament have (Tie same pacific features as those that took place before the sailing of the Unicorn. There is a portion of the press, however, which is rather vio lent in denouncing the conduct of the Earl of Aber deen; and accused him of timidity, when he declined producing ihe correspondence between the British Minister, at Washington, and the American Secre tary of State. It likewise accuses Sir Robert Peel of a desire to influence ths war party in the United States; and that in bringing forward bis plan for the repeal of the corn laws, he hoped that the war party would be calmed by the prospective benefits which that measure would confer on the Western States. Tuts portion of the press is the representative of the agricultural or landed interest, and id tory in politics. It seems desirous oT the British govern ment resorting to hostile measures for settling tne Oregon question, and denounces the temporizing policy which it alleges lias characterized the action 01 the government, in not bringing the question to a decisive issue before this. This is the only w?. party there is in England, and it is marked by the same features as the ultra fifty-four forty men in the I nitad States. The Bup|>osition that the pacification of the waT party m the Uuit<d States, had an important part in inducing Sir Robert Prel to propose a repeal of the corn laws, is strengthened considerably by the remarks of the London Timet, which is looked upon as the semi-official organ of the government, on this very subject. Th,t journal states, that ? was constantly remarked on that side of the Atlantic, that when Mr. Polk and his supporters would learn the extent of Six Robert Peel's plan lor the admission of the staple com modifies 01 America, they would see the folly of risking such great na tional advantages lor the chances ol a most formida ble contest. Whether this measure was intended to pacify the war party in the United States or not, is difficult to say; but certain it is, that the war party is as strong now as it was before that measure was proposed. The filty-four party number as many men in Congress as they did before the scheme was proposed; and the amendments to the resolutions of Mr. Crittenden,which passed the Senate, prove that they are determined to have the notice to dissolve the joint occupancy passed, if poesible. < >a the whole, we do not see that there is any material difference between tha news by the Caledonia and that received by tfce Unicorn. We cannot look upon it in any other light but as ecidedly favorable to the continuance of peace Sir Robert Peel is emphatically a peace man, and would no doubt look upon a war with the United u/*168 88 ttie Sreale8t disaster that could occur. ere it not that the American government has committed itself to pursue a policy that threatens the long maintenance of p-ace between the two coun tries, and forbids th? British government moving towards a settlement at present, there is no doubt that the Oregon question would have been satisfac torily settled belore this As it is, we think, on reflecting on the generally pacific tone sf the Eng lish press and people, and the uapopularity of a war with the United States, that the question will even tually be setded by aegotiation. We have no doub< u?at this is th^opimon of Sir Robert Peel, and that his conduct for some time past squints that way. I. may be possible that Sir Robert Peel has determin ed upon letting the Oregon question expend its force in the United States; and calculate, that the more violently it is discussed in the United States and the more determined the administration will be to claim the whole of th" territory in dispute, there will be a gradual reaction in the public mind, and Uvor^v Hi UrXlTe,*Ct,0B?" """""Nation favorably disposed to compromise may be elected. Cahada A short ministerial crisis is expected in Canada, relative to the custom duties. Naval ?A Irttor from an officer attached to the East Indja Squadron, says:? I'he U. S. ship Vln ceiioea wta despatched from the Bogue on the Iflth of January, with 47 of the Guard of the < 'oliimbua, under the command of Lieut Waldron, for Whainpoa, to afford aatlitance in the event of a dia'uihanre at Canton, which wan apprehended, owing to a notice being pouted by the authotitira, granting to foreigner! accaaa to tha city. The V bad luat iix men by dysentery. The offlcera end crew of the U. 8. ihip C< lumbua w re all well. The U. 8 ateumthip MinaiAeippt arrived at Penaaeoli on the Btn inataut from Vera Our, tw the Balixe. The U. 8 hiig Porpoiae, Win. E.Hunt, ?aq, Commander, waa to aau from Tenaacola i?n or about itie 13 h inataot for Havana and the ialaoda to the windward The IT. 8 iiigate llaii tan bad not nailed from Penaacolaoa tne 1th inataot, bat would Kara for Vara Cms in a day or two. Board #f 8apar*l?ori? This Bovd met luit evtniu. ptiranent to adjournment. Hi* Honor the Mayor in th? chair. The in in u tea of the laat meeting wart read and ap proved. ... , But of the Clerk f4?, todffray the espenoea of poat irg maps, notice* ko .through tha city previous to the late election. Allowed. ? Poilt 'Udint.? Rfporta fro* Committee on County Ofti era, edveree to allowing certain espendiiure* olMimed in tha caae ef Tolly Bo-line. The commit'ee reported back and *rggc t to ha discharged. In favor of allowing a earn of |2U to ofloer James S i.l h ft>r ?ervicex in reU'ion to i><? robbery on the CI n on riir<* Bill oi Daniel Frye, tor aervteee, allowed (*9i bH ) Biil of rhOMM D>inLip. Conateole of the flureuh Weid, ter aervtces, (919 7?.) Rat rred band TIM Board adjoiuood to meat oa ruesday oast. i urn n? OnK UtlltmiDt'l* Bn?H iTU tmry aUll tinder A rn Om of til* titnuai Plred at and Wou?ded-A Hom? Bnm?.,? Dswd^wofield PlccwLoaded and Point, ad tovearda OergeA Ufll, tka Head Qaarta.i of tha HJotcra?Kitdea >ora of tbe Catholic Clergy to maka Peace, dw. Ac. * We are sorry to say that the excitement atill con tinues in Brooklyn, and ia rather on the increaae than otherwise. On Sunday night, a German, who has been long a^eeident of Brooklyn, waa fired at and received two slogs, one in the back and the other in the shoulder. He is not, however, it seems< dangerously wounded. On the same night, or early on Monday rftorning, one ot the ahantyies near the dock, and on the Company's property, was set fire to and consumed. On Sunday evening, a large Hob collected is the neighborhood ot tbs-dock's, ?ud Batters won a vary threatening aspect The officer* of the Company expected every moment that a rtuh would be msde end the Wi-rk of deatraosioa comma'ced. h> thi. dilemna, a meaaage wee tent to Jndge Chutch to coiue down and addresa the multitude. He cane down immediately, and, on hia way, catted upon two Catholic clergvmen. who accompanied him to tha scene ot ao- ? ti<rn. The three gentlemen addressed the multitude, aud exhorted them to peace and forbeerance Tney con tiuued their exhortations for two hoars, un'U they at length prevailed upon the mob to disperse On Monday morning, the troops were again called out, and have since continued under arma in the vicinity of the docka. A public, meeting waa called yesterday by hand bills and advertisements in the public papers. In puisuauce of which, about MOO persona, conaiating of tha laborera of New York and Brooklyn, assembled, at t-o'clqck. on Bergen Hill, about half a mile from the d?cks.'Before the meeting waa organised, the R^v. Mr O'Donnell. par iah Priest of East Brooklyn, Bade hia appearance amongat them, and earneatly beaought them to disperse. He told them the meeting was anoeocaeary. and not calcnlat'd to produce any gaod result If, aaid he, Mr. Carmirhael hua treated you badly, you have, to aay tha leaat of it. treated him very roughly ; you call him, in your handbills, "Ceraichael;" you might have oonde ecended (and you'd hare lost nothing by the condeaoen ionjlo call him Mr.Catmiohael If you think five ahillingi a day is not sufficient to maintain youraelvea and your families, and tbat IS bours la too long to work} which ne doubt it la. for every Ban knows that Ave shillings a day ia not enough to maintain a man anu hia wife and y four or five children, and that woiking It nanraa day,-' for any lengthened period of time, twill br?ak dowtftbe atrongest conatitntion?then I aay It ia your right to de- - mind h'gher wagea.aud If you do not get it, it ia equally your right to atop work But there yvur right stops ; beyond that point you have no right to go You have no right to take the law into your own hands, anft to coerce Mr. Carmiobael into compliance with your de mands On the other aide, it la the privilege of tha con tiactora to get their work done in the choepeat manner, ? and to the beat advantage ier themaelv a. The troth Is their own - the money to pay for it ia their'^ and. it la their right to employ whom they like to do it It la else tbe privilege oI the Germans or Dutch to aeek lav work there as well as you, ?nd they are at liberty to work lav half a dollar a day; nay, for 35 cents, if they eheese, and from samite to sunset, it they think proper to do ao, and it is the buundea duty of the jevasa ment to protect both the contractors and those who think fit to comply with their terma. ia their undoubted rights " Oaring hie address a part of the deputation from New York arrived, with i white banner, on which was insert bod "The New York Lv borers' Union." He called us so than to lower and furl the banner, and he beeoaght then* in the naaae of God to go to their homea and keep the peace. He wan followed by Justice Bloodgoed, who went ever nearly the same rrounds. Mr O'uoanell then withdraw, and the multitude were about to disperse, when half a dozen New York orators made tbeir appearance among them and persuaded them to adjourn to Carroll Hall, in Smith streot. They accordingly unfurled the banner and marched in military array down to Carroll Htti, which is about a mile from Bergen Hill, where they were aucceasively harangued by eaoh of the orators. Dhkaofvi. Accident.?While the men were at work on the United States dry dock. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, yeaterday afternoon about half past 3 'O'clock, it be came neceasary to alack up oae of tha guys which sus tained . two boom derricka, in order that a veaael mig ht ' pass. By some misunderstanding, one of the derricka kept at work, and tbe consequent* was. that tha two derricka fell, carrying with them two pile driving bo chines, one falling over the coffer dam in the river, nod one in the pit. Ooe of the booms fell on Mr. Peter Haoa bnrg, a foreman having charge of the derrich, whose bead waa crushed ; and also on Mr. Owen O'Brien, (la borer,) whote shoulder blade waa broken ; Mr -James McMahon. (laborer,) was also ba.lly injured. Mr. Mo Alpine, the engineer, had the men mustered immediate ly, in order to ascertain if any one had been thrown, or bad jumped overboa.d, but noae were found mitring. Mr. Hannaburg haa been employed at tbe Lone Island Railroad, and as ferry master at the Catharine Kerry ? He was much respected by a It-rge circle of acqaain- * lances. Captains Stringbam and Hudton wer% imme diately on the spot, and ordered the wounded men to be tukeu on board of tbe North Carolina 74. and put nnler the charge of surgeon Baribino, where Mr. Haaaburg died in about half an hour after the injury. . -Tbeatrt al and fin Th - atik ?Last evening, Mr. Hacknttappearedin the domestic drama of " Rip Van Winkle," and auitait^L the part of the principal character,. It is almtxt need iest to say, that he acted" the character to perfection. This evening, he will yke a benefit,'beinfc the laat even ing of bis app*arance>on the Park stage' Mr. Vandal hoff an-1 Mr. &>okett will take tbe lending part* in ShakipAare's humorous comedy of tbe "Marry Wives of Windsor," Mr Htckett pursonating Sir John Fall'..if, and Mr Vand?nhuff, Ford, the jealous- husband Me. Hackett will likewise appe ir, on ibis opcisioo, in, '-His List L-tga " We caunot doubt that the" theatre will be fill?d tu overflowing; for Mr. Hackett has always been ? favorite with the theatre going pablio. Bowaar.?Lrst evening the tragedy of " Adelgitha," and the drama of tbe " Old Toll H ju?e" were repeated, with entire success, if we may jgdge from th* rap-urooa applause of tbe audience. The maoluaery of the piay | moved more smoothly than the previous evening the , sl>tht stiffness incidental to every fir. t representation, | hevii g entirely disappeared To mo: row evening, Mr. I CI* ka. a really talented and deserving actor, takes hie | bt-fiffi.-, upAu which occasion we hope to aee a crowded I hou-e. Besides tbe strong personal claims of Mr. | Claik, a* a popular, promieiag, and meritoiiotu aotor, ' tbe evening s entertainments present very powerful at tractious The play ot the '? Huoahbaca" let > be per formed, Mr J R. Scott ae Mas'er Walter, and Mrs. Jones o* "Julia" Mr. Clark sua atns the p*rt of Mo dns. The drama of " Tne Old Toll House" will also be presented, and tbe entertainments will conolude i with the " Dawn East Jubilee. A strong bill." OatEKWieH Thiatbi.?The Greenwich was rsasilt ably well filled last night, with the beauty, faahfott and taste of tne upper part of the city. That capital play, the " People's Lawyer," was performed in Mcellenl style, and with the most unbounded applause The ial mitable Yankee Hill kept the house in a roar of laughtei throughout the pertorAaVces. - His 9plon Shingle is real ly one of tbe moit humorous specimens of down Eis singularity that w* ever witnessed. In tbe chlrecter o Robert Howard, Mr. Ed ly displayed much talent, am was fully as competent in delineating tbe sturdy indy pendente of the toon it and upright tnech toic, as he wa iu exhibiting tne affihility, dignity and eloquence of tbi People's Lawyer. Several ot th-> other actors, eugagei in tbe perlcmancss of last night, did great credit ti themselves and the el?g?nt establishment to which the; are attached Tne Muse^ValWe danced tbe polka wit their utual graie aud skill, au.l were loudly encorec To-night is the third of Yankee Hill's engagement; h will app??ras Seth Slope ia " Done tor a Hundred," an Nathau Tucker iu the much adniiieil farce of "A Wif for a Day The comedy of tbe '? Young Widow" is a so to be performed, besites various beautif ul dances b ths Misses Valleo It will be perceived that tbe maoi gera keep the fir?t order of t.iient distantly eag?g-i and spire no pnius to win an enviable reputation fo " the Ureenwica " O.iatbiig is certain?no one ea spend an evening there without deriving infinite plei surs and amusement. Mr. BaouoHtti. -This hig&ty talented and gentle msifl ly cjmailian and lecture^ ajter concluding hie engagfl mo tits i.i this aud the neighbouring ei ties, left yesterJaH for B >s'on, where he is to give one of his racy and pecfl liar eutertalomenta this evening We hsve ne uoufl that Mr. Brougham will meet with a brilliant recepticH from hit numerous friends lo Bj^sd. After fulfill irfl his engagements in that city, understand Ml Brougham intends to take a tour thiough Conuec'ictS and be will probably visit Pniladelphie and BaltimoH before ha returns to this city We venture to prediH ! for him a moat triumphant success. I .Maeder, tbe pianist, on the 31st, gave a concert ia tlfl Bostou i ample, at which was performed a compositifl by Czerny, arranged for eight pienos and siateea p<M founers?a Irsdy end gentleman at eaoh instrument. ? Mile. Angnata was to have her benefit at the Walnl theatre, in t'oilsdelpnia, last night. Son was to appefl as Amltia, in tbe ballet ol La Sonnambula. H Tao Swiss BjII Riagers are living concerts in .>? bile. ? Sporting Intelligence. TaoTtito ois C*>rrR?vii.i.B Taacs, L I.?'The mil anoou'iosl to corns off yeitnrday, between Tom Mo< aod John Maffl t, did not take place, the former payi forfeit, in consequence of an accident, which rendei him lame. The purse did not fill. i'aorTina on th* Hsblkm Track ?Some novi< mska tneir d?hut for trotting fame to-morrow on ti course. Some good aport is anticipated. Superior Court* Belora Judge Vanderpoel I Aran. 31 ?WmJoM si ul ,va D:niil WiUiini ?I jury in this caa?, already noticed, rendered a verdict plaintiff, (?JA I J.ik* . IHmmt vs Thnmm Th mpion This was an I tiooof assault nnd battery. It eppeered that ao letl in the month ol October laat. aa was alKg^d ,duiJ made some improper remarks in reletioo to delendi wife, wneu he considered himself justified In pulllngi note, aod inflating upon him coi.dign punishment! Waiker street. The defence pleaded the observatiurl relation to bis wite in justification. The jury rendi a verdict for plaietift' tw damages, which carries c J Before Chief Justine Jones I i L'vriilt' vs im nitng.- Veidict in thia caae, aJ ; dy noticed, to-monow. I Common Pl?ss. Before Judge Ulsbtirffer. Arsu 51 <;m \V J<hI'ivs ?^rfh'n ft Cla< Tbn wns an r.ction to racovei' the value of a c.ei qaHn'ity of giod*, which it appeared w?r? taken hj lenlsnt, from the etore of a party named William J ?y, wtt i soli oacommisaiou for plain tiff aod it appeared that detendant removed sohm at plait] goo.ta from Wooley's afore, amountlo* to some Ml ?*00 worth of gmoariee, wbioh plaiatlff now aee I ; ecovar. Adjourned over fo thia foiaaeoo.

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