Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1846 Page 3
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NttlVK NoSllfrATIM.?SffBDBI* DtATff.?Tft? Senatorial Convention met otfc Monday evenirg, tad nominated J orin D Chspin b* ? candidate. Adepu ?? tV*n immediately proceeded to his hoaaa, and tendeied ?j<n the Domination, which ha at once accepted with I pleasure. The committee left the hoaaa, and in ta lew mii.ute* Mr. Chepin, who wu ?hting in bis chair at th? tim?. felt bark and expired. Ha haa been for some ytara I affl rted with a disease of tha heart Whig N'omi*atio*.?The Whig Senatorial Conren ; tion m?t on Monday evening, and nominated Hiram letehum, Esq. Erpatum - In the opening remarks of Alderman Charliek, in our eketoh of the debate before the Board of Aloerroen, the name of Mr. Moaa ahould hare bean in serted, insteaJ of Mr. Cook, in thia part of tha proceed ings. Labck Cucumsbbs.?We aw two large cucumbers y#?t?id?y, raiae < on Long ialand, aad measuring about 18 ioches in length. L?tim L?cTrana.?Mr. George T. lluackanbos will deliver a lecture on tha Latin language, at the Rutger'e Institute, thia evening. See adveniaement Galvanism and Eons.?in front of several optician's atorra in the city are email galvanic machine#, placed as aamtilea and for tha benefit ot the public, who with to be ahocked at the amalleat posiible degree of expense? Around these ia al a\a gathered a crowd of peoi'le, v ho form a ring, and let the aubtle fluid peas through thr m, shocking them ail at the aame time We were wi nesses te a scene yesterdsy at one of these establish ments?that we shell never forget A negro pessing along with a basket of egga in his hand, Just returning from tnaiket, brought U{> at the crowd in fiont of the gMvsnic intchine He saw them taking hold the kaobs and laughing, and did'nt know exaotly what to make of the whole matter, being uninitiated in the sciences. He pushed hi* way into the crowd, and a* soon aa ha had a ehsni a placed one hand upon one of tha knobs. " Take hold of the other,"said a fellow aiandinp by. The acid si as pretty fresh, and the fluid circulating rigorously. He seized the other knob with tha oiher hand, upoutwo fl"gers of which ha still held tha basket of eggs, not wishing to tius' them in tha crowd. But no sooner had he touched the knob and tha communicator was formed, than, lo'gettirg eggs and every thingelsa in the shock be received, ha jumped a foot into tha sir, and dropped b'* basket, out of which the eggs fell, aad scat tered thotrse Ives upon the clothing oi the people around. The poo r i.egro picked up hi* basket, however, and went ou Lis way, cutting the subtle fluid called galvanism. Maxbiaoc or DtAr Mptfs?Two deaf mates wara mnnied on Monday morning, by Rev. Mr Carey, at the Deaf snd Dumb A?jlum. Tlie ceremony was performed in the lai guage of signs, and was attended by all tha itmates. Coboicr's Orrica ?D?ath from Scalding.?Tha Coro ner hpld an ii quest yesterday, at the City Hospital, on the body of a boy, called Thomas Hall, about IS year* of ftpc. It appears this poor boy fell into a kettle of boil irg ?will, in the distillery of Mr. Manly, in Brooklyn, at d was brongbt to this city and placed in the City Hos pita), where he died last night from the injuries received. Verdict accordingly. SttiHm Draih ?The Coroner also held an inquest at No 7 Morton street, on the body of Susan Thompson, (blsck,) born in New Jersey, 41 yaars of age. Died through congestion of the brain. Alto, at No. 30 Orange street, on tha body of William Q'itMn, born in Ireland, 28 years o< age, who died through disease of the stomach and lungs. J1 R- voluiiotiaiy Soldier gun*. The Coroner likewise held an ii quest yesterdsy at No 96S Stanton street, on the body ot Henry Depew, born in one ot the New Eng land States, and 07 years of age; on examining fhe body of this old veteran, quite a number of large scars were visible, evidently the result of terrible wounds re ceived while in defence of bis country. The jury ren dered a verdict that he crme to hia death from old age and pulmona.y disease. Upon the fact being known to General Sterma, he very commenoably directed thia old hero to be buried with military honors. Police Intelligence. Aran. Jl.? Grand Larceny-Officer Whikehartarrett ed yesterday two Germent, by (be names of George Ser bacli and Daniel Keigber, charged with stealing six bed iteadf, valued at $40, the property ol John Sniffln, the anc'ioneer, No. 39 Ann street, it appears thoie two men broke into a workshop situated at No 58 Attorney street, on last Friday, and carried off the above property; they were arrested at No. '.103 Stanton street, and upen search ing the premftes a large amount of property was found, ?och as mahogany and bookbinder's urease*, worth in all nearly >200- identified by Mr. Sniflln to be his pro perty. Committed by Justice Osborne for examina tion Charge rf Grand Lvrctny.?Officer Cenklin, of the 3d watd aire?ted a man by the name of John Buckley, charged with stealing a trunk belonging to a young vvrain, called Eliza Davidson. It appear* that this wo rnmi u: rived at this port on tbe 1st of April in'the ship Yoik>hire; ai d Buckley is a runner, or a man who col lects boarders lor the different emigrant boarding-houses It contained wearing apparel, fcc, valued at $51, which she twrira, was taken off tbe ship by Buckley, without her consent, placed upon a cart, and carried off There evidently seems to be some mistake about this matter, for Buckley says he can prove that he never touched the trunk, nor did he have any thing to do with it The wholw matter will be investigated before Jnatice 0>bome, at 11 o'cloek to day, when the facta Will ap pear Thr J.icut can.?In tbe case of Mr Burtnett, now un der invest gation at the polico office, on a charge ef in cest. tbe teetimouy of hit two daughters, Mrs Aimes end Almiia Burtnett, appears to be altogether in favOr of their fither, and does not corroborate the statements of Mr? Wnddf 1>.r s was anticipated. It will, in all proba bility lie brought to a close to day. ji Fnnvy Ltbti Suit ?A journeyman tailor, by the name cf Nicholas N RynUey, residing in a 3d or 4th story room in Greenwich street was arretted, yeiterday afternoon, by officer Deunistoa, charged witn libelling a yuunar w omen ol U yean of age, by the name of Marga ret E. Wells retldmg at 490 Greenwich street. Tbe li bel consisted in on old daub of a transparent window shade. ? hereon a female figure was said te represent the lb vc Mi?s Wells TiJs tbe ungallant tailor bad placed up at his window to keep tbe ?On out The magistrate hel<1 him to bail tn answer at court. .'frttkt on a Btnik If arrant?Bill Fisher, a/iat Fren ches, a wrcb stuffer, was arretted last night on a bench warrant by officer Vandetzee. of the 3d Ward, oa an old complsictof " sniffing ' a witch on a countryman, lock ed njt by the nmgiatrete. Conrict - Jack Brant wat caught l**t night b> Om*.eWnii'h of the 6th Ward, he having escaped from Bli-rkweir* Island beloro hit time baa expired. Ben' back to his old quarters. Friu ?srcn.<u-Msry Jonet wat caught in the act of dealing a piece of calico from the store of Dmgman and Company, No. 301 Qiaid sirett. Locked up by Juitice Taylor. Jfceiy Malony was artes'ed for stealing a ladie's bonnet Ircm James Attridgn, No i76 3d street. Looked up I'rht Lurcm-n - Caroline Shaw wat caught in the act of ca'rying off ti tin boiler waah ran, worth $ I 60, be lor gii g :o Sarah Hopper, No 184 6mh street. Commit ted tyJu lice Menitt.?Jo?vph Gidion was brought in l*.t night lor stealing a pune containing $5 belonging to P. ter Scbsffer, No. 69 Vetey itreet. Locked up by Juitice Otborne. Ivpoutaut Cask.?Ltvi Harritvt. Ralph Clark, tViI'Uim H Bradford, executors, tfc , of Sidney Snuh dtcasrd. Tills suit wis brought on a draft for $80 r00, claimed by the plaintiff to hive been driwn by Sidney Smith on tbe 9th ol July. 1844, in favor of Mis. Hams, on his bankers, R. Clark St Co of New York Mrs Harris was in only titter o? Mr Smith. On the part ot detendants, it wit insisted that the draft was a forgery ; and an indictment waa procured in one of tbe courts in me city oi New York againat Mr. Harris, chaig in* bim wi'h such forgery. The cause wat tned at the O'trgo < ircult, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last, b- lore his Honor Philo Gridley, Circuit Judge of the fl'th eircnit, and remlled^in a verdict for the plantiff for $80, 87?> dairsges. The cause turned entirely on the qiestion oi the genuineness of the draft. Counsel for the plaintifl: J A Sp?rcer, B F Kexford, A. S Bowne. E. B More house, Eqrs. Counsel lor the defendants : Cbarlet O Connor l.aureu Fcrd, Robert O. Reynolds, John H. Maghet, Ei-qit. Bloody Affkay ?Oq Saturday night, some an gry wettis i a^M-d between D.iVid M. Mi Inure, of th> Or in vt NKIi.tlre Sc Brother, of tbitcity, and Worden Po^o Metcer. a clerk at Gregory kCo.'a lottery office. Last night tbe par'iei met at the corner of Thiid and Mtrkei aneeta, and Mr. Mercer abot Mr. Mclntira in lb? head with ? pistol Mr. Mclnlite wat taken to Walker'a coffee house, hit brain oozing in large quanti ties fium his ikull. All possible aid was remieied him, bu\ from the first, his tpeedy death wat obviously in evitable. Ha ? as alive at 1 o'clock.?Louieri s Journal, ? ?//<! / H Movement! of Travellers^ The following catalogue of arrivals, yesterday, it all that our crowded column will admit. It nevertheless very nearly comprehend! the whole amount of the psin cipsl botelt. AMraican ?W Hawthorn, L I; J Gillard, Poughkeep sie; K Hawthorn. Westcheiter; Jno. Knower, Albany; F W Graham, Utici; C Wellf -rd, Fredericksburg, Va.; H I-ansmg, Uuca; Ed. Robertt, Btltimore; T Eddy, New Jersey Astok - W Clayton, Geo; Huntingdon k Cutler. Bos ton; Kdmuiid, do; E. Kairn-.r Ithica; 8. Morgan, II-rt ford; L. Hunter, Princeton; W Ely, Hertford; J Spalding, Boston; H M and R. B White, do; Cot. Child, do, A M Stipng. Albany; Capt I.efroy royal artillery, Toronto; J Niii',' onn; W Walker, N Bedford; II Bleeker, Bal i more; J Kathburn, TroV; T ?tan?fi-lJ, Lee Is, Eog; I W Howe Mar* land; 8 Avlswoith, Ulica; L L Watson, Mist; W Wilson,N O; M Colin, IlartloM; R Fiame, Baltimcre; W Po|>e, Boston Cirr ?S Mortis, 0|(denabargb; S Groot. Bchenec ta iy; A Van Gobuch, Albany; Mr. Turner, Va; O W. SteVa, Phil* ; Benjamin Hiyt, (f J : s. lingers. Black Rock; Htl*ey Rogers, Moreau; G. fttiingar, Utica; 8. Woidsworth, Gen??ee. FsarriLiis.? E. Hey wood, Boston; E Chlntiruck, Con; J B-nadict. Wateibury; P. Bibcock, Troy; G. Aldan, N II; tleo. Cord well. Geo; 8 Smith, 8 Milliliter, ('onn; L. P.igetow, Boston; A W Johnson, Boaton; A Baily, Chicago; 8 Whipple, Jeff rton; A- Mahan, Michigan; G. Cbap-nm, Mortutown; H. Waldron, Witconsui Ter rimiv. How *sp.?J. E Long, Concord; J. Nicolei, J Babon, Mjioi ; 8 Maike, Leckpott; C Parkins, Albion;C. Wat son Port Kent, T Lynn, Mich; 8 Watson, Tarth Am hot ; ( apt Townaand. Stonington; W. Pyatt. Pa; F. Hicks.; J. B. Wyman. Worc?ster; F. Jonet, Burton; Gen. White, Albany ;F Boydon, Richmond; E. Iliirihem, Hendeison; W. Thompt n, J Melville, 8t. Johns, N B; A Bryant, G Ambrose, Boaton; J. F^kin, Toronto; D Lamb, Conn; H. C. Choi?e. Boston; D. G oditch, Albany; C. Pease, Port Hemy; H Van Vortt, Albany. U. S. Com in aalonera OIHre. Ann. 31. Sylvesiar 11 Cariwri^ht, arretted on a rhaige ol crnel and unusual treatment to ooe of the it^iUns on boatd tbe brig ?' Helen," while on a whaling voyge, was examined and discharged, no witneu ?p Iteming against him Court Caimitai ?ihla Day, Commoi PLisa ?Paitl Not 6, 1ft, 17, ID, 33 , 69, 61, 63. BA (.7 Part i Nos. 4. W, M, ?J, 64 86, 88 70, 7t, 74 Steesina Cocst?Not *9 47. 17, 18, M, 8 76 5??, 79 v37 19, 7?, #4, M, 338, W, 99, 100, 8ft, 91, 101 to JiO, 43, Before Recorder Scott, Aid arm as Henry and Jackson Jobs NlcKeon, Esq , Diatrict At/orney Arau 21.?The court ?ai occupied daring tho fore ?oon In hearing moliona to poatpooa triala, all of which wara (ranted. Tha calendar for the day being a&hadat ed, the court adjourned until to-aomw morning. Apoplexy.?'Title Drr?<t?ul Complaint la ge nerally preced-d by pain in the hn d. aiddweaa, especially on turning ?uddruly round. <3tmiirit Ut ?tup<?r, loe% of ma* EBOiy. and other aupie?aaiit ?va>i'l.-m?, which indicate a load ed and 'orrepc ? atwof be Wood Wright ? Indian V ear table rills are * direct purifier of Che blood, and are therefore, a certain prtTentire of apopleiy, brcause they eapel from the body th ae at murut auil corrupt humora which are the cau?e of ey?rv malady mciceut to m?u. Wright's ludiAn VeaetabU rills also aid >ud improve diges tioo, aa well as purify the tloi>d, ??d, the afore, not oaiy enre di-e<se o>' er^ry name f,cm the body, but are our of the '>rat. if not the r?ry beat mediciaes in tbe w.?r d for the care of colic, dyaeutery, cholera uorbua, and other diaeaaea of tbe inU? tiuea. Cactio!* ?It ahonld he remembered that a man, by tha nameof 8amu<-l Reed who arlia medicine puipo'tin* to be lu di u Cilia, lu Gay atreet. two do ra UmI of Alaiket st'eet. B tl tiraore, is not aa ageut of mine, neither caa I guaranty aa geaa kueany that he haa far aale. Tha auly security aaaiuat impoMtioe if, to purchase fr m ao naoo unieaa he c u a> ow a ce tiflcateof Agency, or at he Of e aad Geaeul Depot, No. Mt Greenwich at., N ew York. WILLIAM WKIUHT. A Lecture at tha Tabarnaele<?Or. Wletlng givei hia I ist lecture of the coarar thia ereniug at o'clock, on the uarvons system, and diseaies |e<uliar to it. To he il Instrated by exhibi'ing the brain, ipiiai ch >rd. and aatvea, lie.; and by dissecting h- m mnikius ne-rly to uireea A ?e?y uaa lul .nd interesting I. cure. Admiaaion 12>? centa. E! Caution to our Readcra ?Dr. Bwayna'a Compound Syrup ? f Wild Cherry ia the < riginal aud only ge naiue rrcptratiou from tint t si a able fee; ich.auo e^ual iu cari a courts colds. cia<umption, aailimi, lirar c< <mpUiut, bronchitis. p<i a in the aide. br<aat. lie Reu amber, uoae it Ka uu.e cic pt ihat b-armg ilia wri ten aignt-t'ire of Or. Swayie. Criocii?l oAce c iraer of Luh h aud K.cetta. A??itt-C H. King Broadway rod J? >!??? ata ; Bauds, lit Bowery; Warner, M> Bleackar at; Han, 948 Grand at. fllONttY MARKET. Tucidijr, April #1?6 P. Bl? Th* news frem Europe ia considered, in Will it rest, rather uafevorable; and there are report* afloat among the beara, that Exchange and Stat* atocka, to a large amount, hare been sent back uupaid, and remitted to thia country for aale, on foreign account Stocka, con sequently, declined a fraction, with aalea to aome ex tent Harlem fell off J; Norwich and YVorceeter, 1; leading Railroad, 3; Long laland, i; Tenn. 4'a, i; Mor ria Canal, The money market, in London, waa aomewhat easier than previously reported, but the feara from the railway speculations kept thinga very much depreisaed, and the amount of capital offering for loan* limited. The advance in cotton haa had no effect in thia market, and it probably will not, aa quotation* on thia aide rang* one or two centa par pound higher than on the other The advicea from Europe, generally, by the Caledo nia, do not differ materially from th: aa received by the Unicorn, either in a political or commercial point of view. The remarka of Sir Robert Peel, in the Houae of Commons, in relation to the Oregon queation, were aim iljr to thoae made by Lord Aberdeen, in the Houae of Lorda; and the probability ia, that we ahall hear no more of thia matter from either Houae of Parliament? that the Britiah government will patiently, if not quiet ly, wait whatever action the government of the United Statea may deem proper to adopt in the premises. What ever ia done towards abrogating the treaty of 1638, will be don* by the American government. Oreat Britain haa signified no disposition to do anything to disturb the joint occupancy. She ia aa' iafled with the mutual occupa tion; and had not this queation been agitated on thia aide, it never would have been agitated at all. The Bri tish government have at present a very passive part to play?it will wait the action of Congress, and in the event of the notice resolutions passing, and tho notice being given, will wait the expiration of the time be fore it takes an active part in the premiaea. From preaent appearances, we should judge that there waa very little probability of the two branchea of the government of the United Statea arriving at any mutual underatanding upon thia queation; and it looka very much aa though thia aeaaion would pass by without set tling thia important question; that the whole thing would go by default, and that after all th* agitation, all the debate, all the excitement in this country and in Europe, that the joint occupancy will not be disturbed, and that the treaty of 183d will r*main in fore* for si time longer. There appeara to be a diapoaition in Con greaa to avoid reapcnaibility in thia matter aa much as poaaible?there appeara to be a great want of moral courage in both, or we might say, in all three branchea of the government. The foreign and domestic trade of New Orleana ia, in the aggregate, greater than that ot any other port in the United Statea. About one half ot the produce exported from the country ia ahipped from New Orleana. That port is th* great depot of onr cotton and other Western or Southerastaples, and ahipmenta are made direct to all parta of the world The annexed atatement, exhibiting the value of meichandiae exported lrom New Orleana, (or ?acb month in each of the past three years, will giv* aome idea of the extent of the trade of that port. Thia atatement does not. however, embcace the entire value of the exporta from New Orleana, aa a large amount is ahipped to th* neighboring 8tatea?Alabama and Flori da?without b*ing cleared at the Cuatom Hoaae. CoMMcarc or New 0*lhiws?Value or Ewosts. ltd. 1*44. 1845 January $5,277,141 $6,179,110 S3 tt.3108 February 4.748 971 6 106 515 8.4S6 0-9 M-eh\. 4,503 051 7,1(18.786 5,592.2* April 5,481 i'70 7,39w 408 8.4'?,729 May 4,9i 2 490 6,733 197 801 4,415.140 J?|f . 3,486 > 68 3,158,216 2 073,895 .......... l,t?!671 I.MS 3 0 l.Olb.SM Hriitcmber 967,721 i'na iu'i Oerober 1,?92 405 1.797 045 * 7*8,041 November J 283,9?4 2 798,216 5 40* .78 December 4.187.494 5 855 566 4.415.59 i $45,526.8)4 $53,690,408 $47,361,387 The total exporta for 1444 exceed thoae of 1845 in the en? of $6 310,101. This is attributed to the fact that th* navigation of the interior river* waa obstructed by low watara or ic* during about three months of th* lat ter year, while in 1844 there waa icarcely cjjy interrup tion to the intercourse wi<h th* marketa of the West. New Orleans will, before th* lap*e of ma?y years, be come the great outlet lor the bulk of the product* of the Valley o( the Mississippi and Missouri river, lta geographical location ia superior to a y other city in the Union, to command that trade; and th* artificial meana of communication between the Atlantic citiea and the weatern river*, will only draw away a frac tional part of the trade ot the weatern section of the countrr. The rapid increaae in the ataple agricultural product* of th* Weat and South, such aa cotton, au. gar, tobacco, hemp, grain*, fcs, aud th* facility and economy with which theae producta reach the seaboard, on the bosom of the Mississippi, all tend to advance th* commercial prosperity of New Oileans. Aa Texas be comes populated, and her producta inereaa*, ita trade will centre in New Orleans, aa that port will be th* da pot for her staples, and the trading plao* for h*r mer chant*. Th* production of sugar, in Louisiana, has reached a vary high poiat From a recent report made by th* best authority in tho country, in relation to this article ?Mr. Champonler?it appears that the productiona for 1946amounted to 186 640 hhda, equal to 307.SS7.000 lbs Th* product of *ach plantation in th* Stat*, for that year, was aa annexed. Ecoab Caor or Loiisiaia ron 1845. jVo of So of No of A o oJ Namttof Pmrithtt. l'lan- Sugar hhdi. 1000 14*. ttrt House? net Pointe Coupe# 41 JO ' ** ' "J W st Baton Honge 78 52 4 961 5.918 Kwt Bt'ou Riiue 54 3j 4,*22 ? lbemlle............ 194 H8 1V6J4 17 417 96 63 J6.10G 19.119 S Jiiim W7 81 17 515 )9.3i0 St J ho the Baptut 115 61 9,?9 1M?J St Charles. *1 J? 1? 6S0 Jefferson ? ? 7,511 8, 85 Oneniis and St Bernard 47 26 5 b'O 6.J91 Planu-mtue. 77 45 II 321 12,5 76 As n i ptioa, Bay. L lfourehe 2C6 137 12,076 13 487 Ltfonuhe lutenor 161 88 Tarrv 104 78 11.MO 13.^9 Ht Mary, AlUk.pas 28J 179 24 722 29 194 8t M?rti?, d> 113 69 5,t<6 6.2M Vermiilin, do 33 19 1.176 l.J* Lafy. t'e, do II 7 3T.5 4#3 St L-nrf.y, Opeloataa 37 26 1,1* 1 4^8 Caleasaie*, do if 11 119 ?'? Su'idnra tad moUft. aagmr,... 3 MO 3,fC0 ( lerern. g*r .. 9,873 *.8)3 Arryrller, Med Hirer 8 7 ... ??? linp <le., do.. 19 18 ... ??? t'Mahiula, do... 1 I ... ??? Concordia, do.. 1 I ... ??? West Feliciana, Misa. river. 1 2 . . ??? Tout KT77 1248 186,656 367.337 Mr. C. aaya, in relation to tha crop of last year, that ha has " thought proper in this recapitulation to include tha ciatsrn augar, eatimated at S per cent, on th* crop, believing that a Urge portion of it will ba re-boiled by the plantera themaelvea, aa th* rafiner* last year lost monsy st the prices they paid, and besides it is really sugar, and should therefore b* estimated in tb* crop. "The molasses, aa was tha case th* last y*ar, ia gen* rally estimated as less than tuual ; but whllat the old plantation have made leas than usual, tha a*w ones hav* given a fuller yield, and it will therefor* not b* correct to estimate it at less than forty-five gall<?na p*r 1000 pounds sugar, or upwards of nine million* of gal lona. '? Though, with *iten<l*d culture and new plan! ations on the river and Bayou Lafourche, the pariahes have yielded less than laat season; with a few exceptions all planters have falUn short, whil* th* Attafcapaa parishaa have produced considerable mor* than last aaaaon. I " Th* aaily hw piotahly ii Juud the ciop to th* fell extent of 1?,000 hogsheads, and mm eropa kin be? entirely loet ky net being ree*y la UmM giM one large crop by the tugar honae being burnt whea just be*un naking sngar. '? There will he in loll operation in 1647 8,1340 sugar houses, owned by 3077 laparata proprietors or heads of families , the prod ace this la?t year from ysj sugar mill* ia 186 060 hogsheads, or 307,177 hogsheads of ono thou rand pounda net; that there are 304 sugar milli that will produce in 1846-47; and 81 that will produce in 1847 and 1848, but fully expect the number will be (till fur thai increaaad, aa there are inch large bodies of auger land* on the river and bayou* that only require capital to place them under culture, and there ia no doubt the culture of the cane can be extended further Weet; and 1 believe the day ia not far distant when onr Rod River * team packet* will be equally loaded with Sugar and mola**ee a* well a* cotton, a* onr Bayon Sara pack et* now are. " Of the 1340 sugar mill* whioh will be in full opera tion in 1W7-8, about 630 will be by ateam power, and 610 by boraa power; but the former will rapidly increase, aa a good many planters now working by horee power have already contracted for their engine*, beiidea the new planters that are generally speaking preparing for (team engines." For the working of the auger estate* of Louisiana, it is estimated, that about 30,000 mulea and horses, and 40 000 head of cattle, are required; whieh, to sustain or keep up, requirea an annual supply of at least 3,600 mules and horses, and 6,600 head of cattle The con' sumption of pork, about 1*0 barrels par day, or an equal quantity ol meat in bulk The consumption of corn, about 3,000 000 bushel*. From 360,000 to 300,000 barrel* are required sinnually for molasses. The amount of capital employed in the cultivation of sugar is im mense. The sugar cropa of Louisiana, in the past twelve years, have been aa annexed : ? Biro^a Tarn or Lorm***. HM>- tlhdt. 1831 1(>0,U"0 Ilia m Ult I83J SO,COO 1141 90.100 18* "Ol/W 1813 140 P00 1817 6 000 1843 100,0*0 70.000 1144 200,100 1839 111 000 1813 190,000 We have put down the produotion in round number, which will be about as near the mark, a* the os iiaates. ' It >ill be perceived that the fluctuations in some years, have been very great, varying froui one year to another m^re than one hundred per cent. Old Stock Kxohangi), $1000 I'8 S., ISO. in* 410 shs Ciutoa Co. 34 S'OOo N Y State 5j, 1811, 98 24 do ?60no II Spl Bds, 3IK 50 do sM 330 $ H00 Peon is, ?3 25 do 339 *12004 do cash (7 26 Erie BR. b34 if* i 10 00 do 66V 2* Lou* III RR, t2w ?35u*4 do i60 66 K SO do ilO 32? $25000 do It* 100 do S>3 *'?00 do 15ds M'l 100 do It? S OuO Reading Bds, li}, 150 da i30 32 J *8005 do 71 150 Norlc Wor, bl5 617* 41000 do 70H 100 do 63^ $13000 do 70 250 do 53& 5 ?hs Am Ex Bk, 16 50 do 6 0 42 Mrcb Bk, div off, 100 50 do slO 53iJ 180 U 8 Bank. 4); 104 do 5l2 150 Morris Canal, 13A4 200 do Ii3i_' ISO do 13 50 do b30 54 h00 Harlem RR, 44 50 do sit 63 350 do 130 44tt 200 do s30 53 325 do a30 4JW 554 Bidding RR, 64" .50 do >60 43s 100 do 50 do 43\ 100 do b30 65 54 do slO 43X 100 do i30 64?,' Second Hoard. 500) Beading RR Bds, 70 50 shs Reading RR, slO 64 5404 <Ij 70 50 do (6 50 shi Nor It Wor. 53!< 300 Long Island, s30 32>i 26 do 53* 100 do J2>, 60 do 53k 50 do b3 31 25 do 53 % 1 0 do 33 150 Harlem RR, 43k 50 Canton Co, s3 3< 180 do 43J? ? New Stuck Rxchange. 25 shs Canton Co, cash 34 shs Nor it Wor RB, 36 do 60ds 31 35 do '00 Farmers' Tr, Wed t'\ 50 do 150 do eaih 23 ij 25 do 25 do blO 23% 50 do 50 Harleia RR, blO 44 60 do caan aJ'i 50 do ca?li 4'JM 60 do Thur 53*4 50 do WM 43X 25 do Fri 53>i to do >30 43S 50 do >20 53^ 54 do b30 44 135 do s3 530 300 do Wed 43* 25 do bJ 53W 76 do cash 43% 60 do sit 53U 50 Norlc Wor, ca?h 53>4 150 do Wed 53,"5 14 do Wed 63% ANOTHEK BOOK B? MACKENZIE. T PUBLISHED tHW OA * HE LIITJC AND tIMES OK MARTIN VAN BUREN. and correspondence of hit friend* family and pupils, tether with bn f nonces sketches, suecdctrs illustrative of the public career of ? J?m??s K Pflk, A mot Keodill. B* Jamil) F. B a tier, C leorge 1' Barter, William L iMarcy, George M. D.llas, J?^*'kert I). V. Cam'ireleof, Thomas Rrchie, Corlemns W. 1 awrence, Jesse a I'd Lorenzo Hoyt, Sinm-I Hwaitwont. Levi Wo idborf, Silas Wright, John C. Calhoun, Walter B??rn*. Andrew Jackson, Edwin Cfoswell, George Bsucroft, Andrew M venaon, Aarou Burr, Prosper M. Wctmore, gemoH Young, Knos T.I hrrnp, Roger B Tai.ey, Reuben H Walworth, Michael Hoffman, Lrwis Chsi, Ja^es Gordon Bennett, J?.h?i H Ka on, James A. Hamilton, AzarianC Klagg, R. H. Morris, 8tei hen Allen M. M. Noah, Joel B. Sutherland, Jacob Barker, Jamen Campbell, Aaron Wurd. Fraucis P Blair, C. L. and K Lirinffstou, Jonathan I. Ct?d<liugtou. M. and H Ulahoeffer, William Col? man, Solo on Son hwick, Nathaniel Pucher, George WcDuflie, T. W Olcott, Lonlis McLsne, 8. and L. Bcardslejr, lie. i VVilliamH Crawford ; bY WILLIAM L. MACKENZIE. i Tne book coat*ius 320 pages. and is in pert made opcf one hundred and s ity let ers and papers NfcVfcR BEFORE PUBLISHED, . beiides a large number more from which extracts only have 1 j been published. I?ut n??w givro in full. I For sale, wholesale and r*t il. by COOKE It CO., u derthe American Ho*el, Montgomery St., a2I tfic Jersey City, near the >erry. THIS DAY PUBLISHED, CHARLES MULLER. 118 Nasstu street. I?Each Number compute in ittclf. THE VYKU'liNUd OK JOHANNES RONGE, AltD OTHER MODERN GERMAN HEI-OKMERS OF THE CHRIS I TIAN RELIGION. . Tr assisted hy O V. HEHBK, L. L. D. TRIM ONE SHILLING THE religion* inoveme u now agirate all Germany and PoUud, will undoubtedly som shake the wh .le Chris tiau world.and i id rr?nlu towards tha draucemei t of h la tino tru b surpaasev.n th-glorious r?lormatiou of Lather. '1 o { in friruda (.I human progress, ihere has been an event of mo dern times ao full of i merest and hope a* the new reformation I 01 Johitinea Kuuk and his co-laborers. To introduce to the Am rican public the priucip'es of the?e Refoimers, some of i thnr more important a d intereating writings have barn trans lated by l>r. r;ebbe, an ? will speedily be published in nnin bera, hnt ao that each number will ba complete iu iticlf. ?72 li*r " NfcW BOOK. I>OLpHE3, A NOVEL BY HARRO HANING. i 'pflE fiiat nun h-rof thia work ia aow given to tn? public, I with the aaanran-e of ita po.aeniii g an interest which c n not Mil to secure for ii a deae nduil I stiug popularity. It ia Toanded on l'?cta of recent occu reuce ii the South Ameri can Stares, aud Irom circutattau< e? which hire recently t an apired muat lie receiveii ?ud iea<1 with xddnii ual iiiteri-at. Pull Iiaheu by MaRREINUKR. LOt KWOl'U It CO., . , corner Bro.dway and Ur*nd aU. " holes le dealers and agents sapplied on iha aiaal termi. a n Jt'rc C IK.CULAR TO THE BOOK TRADE HVNHY LO^O It BROTHER bt ( leave to arnonnce to the Book 1 ride ih oughont tha Unite<* S atea. that thejr hate eaubhahrdan Atency, at 30 Ann atrrrt. New Yoik. for the aonplv of ennauy ordera, for every crti. le ia the trade at pobl,aher'a inera It ia the iutention ol the uada.aifurd to the ?geiicy, which they i rop<*e to eaubliah, a separata and independent hr*nch i-f the Book Trade; and the advan egea which will thereby remit to diatant deilers, who regain-a 'ffK.Lri"* ?UJI nnmedia'e dispatch bratnwtd npon particular and difficn>t ordera, will be at once appareat. Tne aLdarsi?n ?? have io heait?tmn in assume snch of the Trade as feel dis po??d to favor them with their bos Bess, that iheir coinmanili will e< etve aa aitantioo that mast necessarily gite Perfect LONli. 1 h: E. t). LONG. w .. . Messrs. Harper It Biothor, > ;; w,ley It Putnam. J New York. Bu geaa. Stringer It Co., ' Mesara. <;arey It Mart, . ?;arey It Hart, ) Lei & Blmehard, > Philadelphia. >. Ke/ret > Co . ) aM lfr PRA C IIVAL BOOK KEEPING. 88 CKDAR Sl KtfcT, tV C. r- M \K8H.Aecountant. aaih< r of th< "Science of Double K'try U - kkeep i.a Himnlified, and the Ait of ;le Kerry B' okkervma lrnJ?rov^d.,' i)LR.Sf. ?'F IN81'HI'CTION.?Tha pablie is respect- l loll* iiilorm'd and asimed, that the plan pursued hy Mr. Va^h, ia reachi g that in, o-ta t brai en. ia tiniy a course of pr*ctii? in hoping baoks, ratner than a course of lectures oil the t .eory. B1 8i g'e I '.Ol I To he practically nsefnl, a mo'e eitet and particnlar know ledge of Bookkeeping is rcqui<ed than can possibly be impart ed by lectures [. 1 he i npil ia faithfully inatracted and well exercised in all | the various oprr;iti> n? c ii nected with a set of putnersh-p Books, .nO^nii'g. ( ondacti'gaud Closing the aaiu* in mak ing out Triil hs'ances. Balance Pheeu, Accounts, Torrent ; Acrouut falea,. aud iu calcul .tin interest. Diacoout. Pr< flta, I,oasea, Kqaa ion of Paymenta, Kichanv'S, Uarrenciea, Itc. He b*c ia?a Umiliu from acta.l u.e, wuh all tha books con. minting a art; an 1 if a person i.f good capacity, wnl by tr<il [ eour.e become a com| r-tei t ? o< kkceper in vboat one month, aud will e eive a eerttfic te to 'hat effect. Proii eciases, with teim>, obt sinedst tha Rooms from 9 A. i M. to 9 P.M. s? lm'rh DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPRRATIVK SUR?KON, attends to DiseaM ol the Eye and to all Inparfeetlona of Vision, from 9 to 4 : o'clock, at his reeidenee, VI B roadway, corner ol Warren it. Ophthalmia, Stopiaige of tha Tear Paaaaga, Cataract aad Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROM18 treated with great attention and (accesa. Inveterate cases of 8TRABIBMU8, or Hqumting, eared ia - ' a faw minntea. Jast imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of laperior besnty IBPM&ACLES adapted to every defect. Adviaa to (lie poor without charge. Office and residence Ml Broadway?entrance IK Warm alt I??re. DJAMM GORDON BeNNKNT, E?Q EaR 81R?In your i a, ar'o day, and nuderthe head of Police lute jig-ace, I ain made io appear as having loaned Henry Suyd.m fltOa. upou hi* repre ent.t.ona winch a^er warda were d,sc..v?reu to be falae At it was Dr. Wm B. Mol r. t. aad not the and* rsigueil, that trade the l?su, I t'nat toy laf coarteay to make correction Y " a ieape tfnlly. V ar u . .. JOHN MOKF.Vr, Itt B oadway. New York. April II H? s2l li*re STRAW BOARDS 50 jast rec> ived a good a'title, yV, FKRttSC ? BROOKi, ?19 lm* M aad 17 Nassaa strat for Atrcrios lonoii, P.? *8 W Wf'V-ET, Auction?#r. ARLOK AND OTHER ri/RNITURE.-BY H. K WiLLtEU?Bui Day, April ttud. n it o'clock. at toe house No a Whitehall at'art, parlor furniture, consisting of m*ho<aay chain, sufai. tables, valuable secretary book ' centre t ble, carpets, kc.. *11 in good order, mil in um only * abort u uc A'?0.*0!?e other article! of furniture? bad -room, kite1"!*, i be. Th? whole 10 be sold wit boat I?Ira, ami to b* taken I away imniuJi t-ly alter the ?ale. ?Q tt'r I^fOiif ED PLAN rmXo be sold by auction Friday, 14th just. at W H. Kra klm's, B old-tree!, at It o'clo-k.B Urge ' collection or Imported Plants, jut received per ship Queen of the West, froan England, in beautifaJ condition, ju?t us green ti Wj j ??* Uri ""inland Tnia collecti<>Mcoi.sists ?>) '000 Rhododendrons of most beautiful ud rareeorts. iu ti wer buds; 1000 f.uglish and F.cnch Rosts, all double; Money suckles of varieties; Portugal Laurels, and Enclish do; fiij lish .uiil Iruh upiuht Yews, from S to ? feet high, beautiful Tor pleasu-e grounds; -hnun* Arbutus Camel ias; flower seeds of rare aorta-, D hlias ef new varieties; 500 double Carnations rVi*S't,\ Ojoseberries, Ei.flish Black t.'arraats, Knglish Seed 1'OMtoes Many other va.ielie*; aee catalogue of tnoruiug tale The above collection was selected by the importer as rare aorta The above collections are pat up iu pots and packages, enveloped in moss. 1000 Scarlet Hawthorn. ?22 lt*r ] PAIN I'l \GS AT AUCilON. ~~ i WALDO fcJEWETT being abont to r> move to No. 1C Warren sirret. will offer for sale at auction, ar their pre sent e?' .blishmea'. No S Conrtlandt street, on Thursday, ihe M'l io?t, at M A M.. a valuable collection of Paintings, of uu doubted origin >lity viz Toe v|iraculou< Draught of Fishes, by Titian; Angel re- 1 leasing Peter from piiaon, Guercmo; Lot and Fam ly Ted by Angel* out of Sodom Rembrandt; As ensinu of the Virgiu Mary, with a Kr< up of Cherubs, Ktibeu.; Pilg im in ihe Ut> aert, Kraucisca Mo la; Peasaut Girl iu Sunlight, Mmil o; ori ginal Head >f Shtkapearv, by the greereat ma ter of hia time; togethr r with a variety of P..iutiug?, Hkefhes. Prints, he. The collection may be seen the (Uy bclore the sale ?2J 2t*r 8. L WALDO. Auction notice.-snif*'en <t co wiii sell on Wed'ieaday. l.'uJ inst., at 10 I'clock, the elegmt ai.d fash i~>uable rosewood iiid nahoganjr furniture, contained in hooss 211 '?lait Broadway, comisting. i'i part. ? f pier glasses. Brus a Is parlor carpets, ineraiu mid Ven?tia i Uitt >. English oil cl.iths, ? uperior t?ue R-iaewo d Piano-Korte, u'u?H reclinn g chairs divans, sof s, ottomans, centre tables, of rosewood and mak'oginy,t?rosuperh pier tab'es. made by Baa toiae, bureaus, bedsteads, beds a d urddiug chairs, kc. Also,silver and Britaunia ware, glut ware. China su?l crock ery, and the entire kitchen utensils and fu<uiur-. ail lt*r SUPERIOR PIANO FORTE WILL be sold T' is Day, t auction, by Jsc.b 8 Plan, with the' household firi imr'-. No SI B?nk street, a superior rosewood (Vi'o "one, embracing ^11 I lie Istr.t im pruv. ment of Orand Action, Iron I late, kc The above in strument wm purchased at l.hembers', iu Broadway. within the last sii mo lh?. A. w rreutee give < .-2< lt'inc J K. CCRI18 Au ho <eer " LARQE Sale of New 4;>il)iuei Fu'uimre at the Apollo 8a loon 4'0 Broadway, Tina Dav at li lit oast 10 o'clock by Jacob It Piatt, being en'irely of new 4bck aud f?ih ou?ble s yles. cousistuu- ol rosewood, mahogany. >laek ? alnut, curl maple, pai< ted. lie , fce. The catalogues which are uow 'eady contaiu 3V0 I'ts, vtx :-23 squab and tatted sofis of d.ff-rent pitterns; ?8>? co tai;e rhi'ri; W mah gauy and black wal nut Kreuch bedsteads; V mahoirauy large and small ro< kiug chairs; ? do hall stands; 4 sofa bedsteads; II ceutre t b es, mir ble tops, v.ricut p.iterns; 34 cud tab*es;5 bookcases; T ward'obes; 10 ?> itiugdeak*; 20 work tables; I2eisv chairs; 20 plain b'iresus;24 drersmcdo; 6 pia o stools; 12 Boston rock ers; 2 ettensiou dining tables;(sola tables, maible top?; ouch es; 62 dozen maple cauoandrnsh sest chairs; finer paiuted and Windsor do; together with other articles of useful and elegant furniture. Als.j, L"uis XIV style sofas carved with crimson and bine plush covei mas. Also, Tetr-a tete, sofas and loungee, coveted with crimson and blue plush eoveriigs. Also, a Bne set fiue carved rosewood and mahogany chairs, pla?h cove>iugs. Als >, parlor chairs, Gothic tops, tufted seats, pure hair, lie. N. B ?Sale positive, and will not be postponed. Catali gnes are now readv, and nwy be hid ou the morning ol s&la The furniture will be ready fortxamiuation at 10 o clock, md the sale will commeac* at precisely half past 10, and coutinne un til all is sold a22 It" rc W W SHIRLEV. Auctioneer. STUFFED BIRDS AT A CTION-BV H. E. WIL LAKl>?This Day, Wednesday, Ap il 22d, at \% o'clock P. M . at th?sales room. No l&l Broadway a bemtilul collec tion of Stuffed Birds, ainvly and in cases, preserved iu the best ni'uorr by Win Oalbr;iith, West Hoboken. The said is posi tive. Those buying to take out of town can hare thempneked for a trifle. a22 lt*r H. DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. Damaged naili.-tuttle k ducluzeauwUI sell This Day, at 10 o'clock, at No. 90 J.ihu slr?et, firac count of the Underwriters, and nnd r the insms-tion of the Wardens of the Poit, 114 kegs wrough: iron Nails. Terms, cash a22 ltT fittK REW AB D?Lost on Wednesday, April lith, the Por trnl of a (Jentlemau, tak.n m uniform, 'veariog three medalr. It was d ue up in a round ti i case; atd whoever will 1 retu n the same to th-owner, at No. 24 Vasey street, will rt ceive his thauks and the above 'eward. a?2 U'rc SIX CENTS REWARD. RAN AWAV tr. m the subscriber, ?u the 20th inst.. an in dented apprertice nam?d (tUSAN PAL.MKK; she is a stout, short girl, with a very florid 'ouinlei'ou, and has astrange habit of looking out of only o.i? eye; she is about Alte*n yeirs old All persona are forbid harboring or trusting her on my ac count. F. HALL. Soutlifi-ld, Sta en Island, Apr! 21. 1246. ?2 ii.*rc WANTED?A situation by a younx man in a wholesale grocery or commi>siou business?wages not so much an object as permanent employmtnt. The bear of city relerences giv uifiequired. Apply, by note, W. C.,Herald offlc:. aM3t*ic WAN LED. A LADY wishes a situation at home keeper?in a widower'* family preferred. Please direct a note to the Post < ffice, po*tpeid. T Manden *22 2t?r '|*U I'RI V ATE FAMILle.S?Wanted by a stogie gentleman _X ? neatly furnished parlor, with a bedroom attached to it, in a gouteel private tsmily,where there ate no boarders or other j lodger* be-i"es the advertiser. Location near ? tweru Bond and Canal at atta. Terms, fire to six dollars a week References exchanged. Addreaa It. U., Herald office. I ?2.' If r | WAN l ht??.Several *<.ol Penohm, who wrte very plainly | aiid a-e stricil ? lem rraie in m-ir habits, to aid in eof 1 lectir.g information for Doggett's City Dwf c ory, for 1146 ? Tno e whoc-n produce good recommendations, may address J. D , jr , with real lume and number, al th.s olnce. a'-i u*m liUAKD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FEW genteel board-rs, temlemen aud their families or single geuilemen, c n be accommodated in a private Inmily in Bro une street, near Hudson, where every attention will be p?id to m ke it plesaant aud agreeable, 'ihe ro 'in* are larga witn oantriea attached; privilege ol h<rhng momi, lie. Hor lurther particulars, please call at 584 BrOome strvei, near Hud son street, or C. H. RIMJ, a22 3 *r 192 Broadw ty. ST CI1AK.LE3 HOI EL, WASHINGTON, D. 0. POK SALE, the Lease, Furniture, a.d Kixtnre* of thi*? fashionable anil highly popular Hotel. The Cens" haa two Tears to tun frem December last, with the pr.rilega of renewal for four years mure 'l'he location is desirable on account of it* nearness to the Caj'i ol and also itspioxi uity to the Railroad Depot, beitgou the mice block. It frouU oa three of the principal atreeu?B street. Pennsylvania avenue, ai d Third ureet. 1 he arrau.euient ol the bu Ming is such aa would make it advantage us fur two sepirate department* vix: The Bar and R atauiaut in the baaement, and Lodging Rooms, Pa'lois, Itc , iu llie upper part. For either, aepirately or both, the prut rie tor will treat with any re sun or pany competent, autii the l?t day ol Ala next. The est>blishment ii splendidly furnished and in full opera tion, with ku exc< lleut tun of b- ?in ess lubnthdeparimeuU.aud offers opportunities taiely met witn. '1 he object of tlieunde sigurd in off'tikg this en-btisnmeut for sale is his intention to change his line ol busiot**. Kor luithet paiticulara, address BURL' N BROWN, a22aw*r St. Chart s Hotel. SPECTACLE CASK manufaoior?. No. UH Kultou street, NfelW YOHK. CONSTANTLY on hand a large aapply of the abovs arti cles, bf the gross or dkZ^B. Country merchuts supplyed atshuit notice. P. DUNN *22 lin*r Havana segaks?imported. Til E first ?e?art of tha new crop?the beat that ha* been raised for the laat ten yeara? re now for sale at the "Ha bauero House." No 12 Beeainau atreet. Lovers ol a good Aromatic aegar, such as buru white, even untn tneead,without leaving any uupleasaut taste in the mouth, are requested to ca l aod give them a trial Ihe it murder of the old atock will be dispoa'd of from $2 to *4 leva than the original price, by the uugte box or upward. N B.?Kirst iate tobacco leaf, vuelta de abejo, for enle, at No. 12 B, eSmau street *22 lt*rc takenoiige. THE Subscriber having made arrangements, and considera bly enlarged his premises, i* now re dy to do all kiads of Blscksinith nnd M*< hiue werk iu k.puer*l ou the most reasoua i ble term., at the s Oi test notice. 1 A. B.?To Saddler* aud others?100 sen of hirness on hand 1 for sale. O. BR 4 DSnA W, *22 lm'm 2)1 k 253 Spring at. 11 & H. KIPLING, ! IMPORTERS of Precious and Imitation Stone*, also of all . kinds of Kruuchaud English Fancy Unoda, beg leave to in form the trade that the y have removed fn m No. 21 Maiden , Lane to No W Maiden Lane wtiere they will continue to keep an extens ve and general assortment ol all such irtides as are i wqaired by th? trade. Mr. H K being now iu Peru expressly 10 purchase, any orders will be executed with the greatest promptitude. *22 lw'ic THE UTY FIRE INSURANCE COMPAN*. Office No. 01 Wall ilrtit, City of Nc*> York. CAP11 AL STOCK 9*10,000. all paid iu in cash, and secure ly invested according to hi provision* Ol its charter. This Compiuy has been in basiues* twelve tear*, and id that tint' ha* paid losses by li.e upwards of 9450.000. The preseat asstts of the Company ex eed it* capital itock ?me than $2,MO. luaurance against loss or damage by Fire effected on sppli- I cation, at reasonab e term*. I R. A. HEADING, Presideet. i *19 Imins m D. r! CUKHY, Secretary. RENOVATE YOUH PLATED GOODS-Any person ' en. ia a few minutes, without theuw "l a battery, i.rany de cu11< us substance, by the simple and expeditions spphca 1 tion of the Silver Plating Mai*. re-?ilver any kind ol plated [ goods, or any article c >mpossed ol b'ass. eopper or Or rman silver Wnrrant-d to give satisfaction, or the money retnrned. For aale, wholesale ai d >et??l by JOHN J. BROftN k CO., 122 Fulton street Alto, by T- Chalmers, )0 Cturt'ar di ine-t; K Many, 3S0 Pearl street; Phiio P Greenly. 112 (Irar d street; J. fc H. Ran del, <19 Broadway; C V Keunigar, tSi Broadway, end K B. Warner. 2H5 Blee>erst'ee: a2l 2 is'r 1MIF. attention of fimilie* and other* *b<-ut fnrmtt.iog, called to the eiten?ive sale st auction on Wedn*?day next, the 22d, at 10 o'clock, by TUTT'-I" kCo.. ft the coraer of Broadway andChamoer s'reet, ef Whit? anil Decorated French | China, Umiug. Desse't.andl'e* and Br-agfa-t Uer?ice*iToi'et feet* complete, Cu'Olase, Limpt, Oirandoles, and house far- i nishing goods icne-ally This will be s rare chas,ee to obtain desirable ard really nsefal good* at ptblie sale. All wi'l be *od w thont leirt'f. C?ta'ii*nei?n 1 nesday. aWttir * r i L)R JONES, UENl'lSr. i BROADWAY AND CANAL STREET, INSERTSTELTH *ad warrant* them as good as lite natu ral one* for biting and mastication. n complete doable eet of beat mineral Teeth oa fine gold plates, |H 00 A set ol best mineral Teeth, oa fine cold plate, lor the app?r jaw, to bo won by atmoeplieri* pressure, ID 00 Single Tooth, from 91 uo to ? 00 Flagging Teeth with Gold, from Tit* 1 SO Remember? eofwer or Caul *tr*et?ad Broadway, entrance ia Canal(treet N. B ?Dr. J. operate* ia the evening as asaal. *IT lwis*rrc LOOK HEKE <t<>n nnn WoI.TH OF WINDOW SHAD'S*ell vvv lie ? ff .,t 15 p-r cent below cost, to cl-^ie the bo.ine.. ht the 1st of May. EDWARD WAM-41.KY. No. 20 Catharine st. between East Broadway and Henry eL a2l lw*r i HUK.N 4'H AirtPA UJN I1,. ^ FRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champafne ia it and i i* now s?i>erior to that of any ia this eoaaUy, and at no hither price than that oftbe boat brand*. st >rr, to whic^i the attention of mere hints, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is lavited. The standin* or this Wino C7 CO.. ailliMf it II wall scroti. 1 AITMMBim. PAJU& CHKAfflU.. Rtd ic!.tm of Priett. Bom, Arte t'er., is tvut? 1 Pit. ...ttenu. " aecoad and third.. M lUnltery... H " BENEFIT OF~*R. HJICOCTT. 'J 111* JEvenlng Will He pcrf^-und, lh? < om^J of Mfc-RRV WlVtS OF WINDSOR. Mir Juhu KaUtiff Mr Haekett h or J, Mr. Um. Vandeaholf Mr*. Quickly Mrs. Veruou To conclude wnli thr ?? arc* of Hla LAST LEUS. O'Cellahso Mr Haekett Julii Mi*a Ka'e Horn Door* op?n at T o'clock, ud the Fcrformucoa will com mence at lulf pa*t 7. L*U W KU * '1HKM HK. A. W JACKHON... MANAGER AND rftOPK'KTDB. BENEFIT OF MR CLARKE. This Evening. The Performance will commence with THE HUNCH. ACK. Mtfer Walter Mr J. R. Scott Modo* Mr Clarke Jain. Air*. O Joiiea Helen... .. Mr*. PHi.lip* After W nich. thr Oraiua of THE OLD TOLL-HOUSE. Abel Bird ...Mr. Coot Ralph Hanter Mr. Blauchaid Joan < ameron Mra. O. Joue* Maria May bnd Mi*. fiergeaiit To conclude with I) IWN EAST JUSILEE. M?]or.loe Bn..krr .Vlr. Davenport Hatt ful tV firkl;! Mr. Chaulrau n./ L iwr Boirj M <;eau? Secood aad Third Ti?r*. la eta.; Pit and Uallery 11 Si rent*. Poor* will m 7 oVlnrk- cartaia will ri*e al half paatT. UKKKSi WICH^TIIKATHB, Corner of VAR1CK* CIlAIiLTON STREETS Bole Proprietor* Mrur*. M% h-RS fc TOML1NSON. Mauater JOHN O. MY'.RS. Acting and Stage Maua^r H. P. ORATTAN. Treaeurer O M. 1'OMI.INSON. Deputy Treasurer WARREN DRAPER REDUCTION OF PRICES. Private Bore* %?> M Orcheatra Boiee (Adtnisuion) (I each. Btlcouy..... (FintTier) 10 ct*. Upper Botra 2j e<*. Pit MHcta. This (livening. The perform >oice will commence with SfcTH SLOPE. Beth 8U pe Yankee Hill Emily Lceson... ... Mr* H. Iihorwood To be followed by the Farce of WlfcE FOR A DAY. Nath?n Tucker Yankee Hill Augelique Mi** Julia Drake To conclude wuh THE VOUNU WiDOW. Mnndcville Mr. J. H Hall Aurelia Mi** C. Eili* Door* open at 7 o'clock?Cartain riaea at 7X o'clock pre eiaely. not office open d?ily, from 10 A.M., to 1 o'clock P.M., whan Private Bonis .uid place* can be secured, or ticket* purchased onapplicn'ion to Mr. Draper. HASrh i MiSS M E AUAIK At? the honor to inform her friend) and the nuhlie th.t HiHS. 8HA HP, MR J f VMru iMMr/oVoKH?OLMAN MKMKATA^7J?iV' 8IONOM BINI Uoitantt KAVANAH. b M^HUNTLv; F,UtUt' "Ud ^,ck%^IE.M,W4'?<"*? ???n lh? ACC?rdi0n msmrnrn C7" Nopoitnnremenr^ ,0 conlmeu? " ON THE LATIN LANGUAGE will be dtlir ered at the .tiih,rc5' XiTr'T* ! f??v^rictedbjeiCim.hJ'';H,ti,e """.t''8 ii re.pect ?ait*r "?tha vicinity ara luvikd to attend. I ! fc COTTON ? SAIL CL^TH, HE AW CAN ,tore ?d are daily receiving ii*?"* twilled, adapted to all the varion. porno,-, to oftztrx?!"' i!e"V?" of ,hT own' ? "d muter. ?(jnir"rigged yeue?.! p ^ru,. <l5.i.ned npRW|, for It ha. been found, after ?nb'eetiug it to the .evrn>? t?r ^S?;^s?s!a4! The.a ne ro;y be .aid of the Cotton Raven. Dnck which they have ol till qmUit,e?, width, and weVgl't n8 2n? W ,?fca . FOX *. pOl.HEMU8, *'* W'?M t r 59 Bro d. comer Bearer .t $50,UuU TO LEND, 0N BOJ?U AND MORTGAGE, fur a term of year. ?hor?n?ml.rirod,,CK,fiere<,,eilAte *" C,ty or dfuokljm. The 3v.jIS* ,U? t**1 loo*" to du eatate iu trust, and it will be N? 1? w! iVm' '? ""'t ?PPl'C?t?. Apply to 8. S. BROAD U lmVe ',u th" C,ow? Water Office, Baaemeut! ' TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS fTnpa WL,,? AND BAKERS. H baL* WESTERN, Blf THE POUND OR fen&a P" P'?>P*nnint. I White Wax, Cam? v H- A k?Sr*e1,}pou*ei ICaUorOil, 0?flVI?L n. v* Lianoriee, | Oerman Cologne, ?pl Im^rfa 30 Knltoti, corner W tier, and 6 J Bow fry. JUNG <Sc BEHJtMANN, IIMOWD FROM 71 LJBKETY STREET iTm?" SOUTU WILLTJIM TTRKKT. HARLEM PARK?TROTTING^" rl HUKaDAk , Ap i, *ju-. tu. r ul wa,t b *i?e^-iniie * Jieau, b ?i i III J, nndrr the .addle Ki? e fo- hone. n*v?r *?u? not ?iceptiDf bay m le Jane. Euirin on Wedn .Jay Evening, bv 9 o'clock, at Oreeii St 1 ouee'. ? 1 tree ?r more ti rna.e a r?ce. .91 DOGS! DUGvS! DOGS! ~ MrOR 8 ALE?A lot of Dog., con.i.ting of .p'endid N.wfuundhnd, oaa litter ol Popa, ?*reedmgl? Urge, tnr ure of which n one of ?he largest in the city, wiiienic n be.eenon the premiMc; alao, a Inter of Scotch Ter 'he,bMt iu the United rtti e. , .1,0, an Italian Urey H?un? , ? Inch cannot be niualled in beauty in tli a citv ? pair of well broke l*oiiirera; a pair of Alpine Maat.ff.: tOMe ther with a gt*Lt variety of waich Dou?. fnanire of WM. MOORE, ,0th atr-et. v n TL m u . '"?"doorEaatof Kithtili arenne. ?\ B - rh? Bleeker itreet sugea come within ? lew bl?cki of ihe place. Jt.,c EVENING BOAT FOR TltOV A: ALBANY. THROUGH WITHOUT LANDING T'Katei. inboul COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the pier at'the f iot of ^ f rid.,, at .ev?0rtu'cl^kP.M.T,nr Mo"dalr? W,d"*'d4'. boat will ari'vi in Albany or ?u t the early morning train* of cars for tile BiJ't or We?t. Thia la a new and substantial boat, hi mull ed with elegitut stale rt*oais, and for sfeed and accommod ition la nuriralled cn rhe i?udn n. Alli?ersont art forbid trasting this b?at withont a written order from the Capta n or Ageut. J>or p*B9Mg9 otlry^ht, apply on board the boat, or at the office on the wharf. fC PEOPLE'S LINE OK i I'KA OBOA PS KOK ALU VSV Daily, 8anday. efcepted-Throu.h Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pur between Court/ant/1 and Liberty ntt 0^^ Steamboat hOCHESTER. Capt. Alfred a^Mirag|iiJ?Houghion will leave ou Moaday, Wednea ? ? *1 dav. and Kridav eveninga, at 7 o'clock. _Steamuoat HENDRIK HUDSON. 0-pt. K. <i. Crnttenden. rtlotk" 0n '' Thoraday and Saturday evening., at 7 At i o'clock P. M., Lamliur at I.termediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat 8 U rtl Av ERICA. < aptam L W. Branard, will le ?ve on Monday,, Friday ud Hundav after nonna, at 5 o'clock ' Steamboat MOHTH AMERICA,Captain R. H. Farry, will leave on Tneaday, 1 huraday and Skiinrday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. . The above boa*, will, at all time., arrive in Albany in ample tim? tor the morning ca . for the eaat or we?t. p Mjright uken at moderate rate.; none tiken after 3X o'clock, AIIp??on. are fjrbid fmating any of the boat, of thi. line, withont a written order from ike Captain* or Agent.. porpaaaage or freight, appiv on board the Boau. or to P. C achnlta, at he otnce on t*.> whart a21 rre liOSTON sniAMEKS, FOR HALIFAX /iND LIVERPOOL. ^ Briti?h and Vnrh Ame ican Royal 'hri1. 1kr'.u,.,,',.SALBD'NlA- (;av' ?RI 1 and BKI AN SI A, will Irnvr Bn? CAllBkYa ' t M^~M?. i/JiTAN'f}uu.j'l,lhi;Sr' ?? : : Paaaace t j Halifax * gg, CWMf, to Liverpool ror freight or ixuaaga, apply to D. BKTOHAM. Jr . Agent. M D . , AtHARN'DEN h CO.'S. t Wa:| it. No Berth ?ecored until pa d for a2J re J*C .Nf.W LIiNE "of f\CKM'1 H?H LIvThT POOL?Packet ol the ?ih of April-The .pleudid mmmrn ra?t .ailing and favorite packet .hip 8IDDOVH. ''?? ft? bnrthen. t-apt R. B. Cobb, will ?if on Mot.d.y A|ir>l 17. b?r recnlard.y. Peraooa wi.hing to .vcare berth., thoaId not fail to make early applieuion ou board, foot of^atl .treet o-to a..w'- i iV k J?T TAP8COTT, At their v*neral Pasa^ir# OHIce, 75 ^ooih at ? ,r-? rnri "t ^'a den Una. nn "OK NEW OKLfcA.N!..-aB0 MeW Vwl Liw.-Pwrtir |i Kint Regnl.r paekat?i'o .ail .M?OHWKU?r f?? 'ailing '.c"e above herripglHar day ' WUI P-Uively* ?? ^valy ? ^15. luK2?DRUrr-who w'" Otwet" tnlf.VV vT?N' '"f*"0"- ma.tar, will inceeed the l .wego, ...i >1^,,^ y 4 t, \Ur, h. 4?v JfiL . H*-OOl* FOR 8 ?L*??the .loop J iM'S. o' 7f HD?1 bnrthan, ?alra> aachor. and ch i??. and well ^^^?hkmnd; now lyiugat Ratger'. alip. Ajplyo, hoard, C 8CHENCK, J'. ?*? ill W.taf .treat,cor. ol hntger'. ~ LifMT IHTILLIBMCk 'bY TO liJll. Highly Important from Washlogtoi. The news from Washington, received last eve ning, on the Oregoa, and other questions, ia highly important. It aeems that the Houae of Repreaen tativea haa refuaed to recede from the amendments to the Oregon resolutions, by a vote of 88 to 64. The Senate refuaed to alter the resolutions, and the certainty now i?, that the reaoiutiona giving the notice mu?t either pass in the form in which they came from the Senate, or entirely fall through. In either caae, the Senate of the United S'atee acting in an amicable spirit, will have accomplished a moat pregnant victory over the President, and the Houae oi Kepreaentatives. We wait with extreme anxiety, fo know the final reault, for on that moat important consequence, peace or war?con aequences of the highest importance to the whale civilized world. The President haa communicated the matters connected with the secret service fund to the House but it appeara that they do not contain any strong points which can affect the reputation of Mr. Web ster, and only refer to the expenses connected wuh the trial of McLeod. This will smount to noihirg; and the matter ought to atop where it is, for we are adverse to any further agitation of this miserable subject, aflectine Mr. Webster, Mr IngersolJ, or any other individual. II the Oregon notice question should fall through in both houses, it will lead to a spirit of bitternesa that will cause the defeat of all other measures be fore Congress Indeed, we are afraid that tbe administration of Mr. Polk is about to torn out om of the greatest failures that ever take pl?oe in this couutry, in the shape of a government, from some cause or other ?and probably I will end in the defeat of all measures pro posed by him. In fact, the only measure of re form in which tho administration has succeeded appears to have been that of reforming the society of the White Heme, by banishing dancirg from the pilace of the people; and this probibly may be con sidered sufficient glory lor any reasonsble adminis tration. If the administration should thus >ail in settling the Oregon question, if it should thus fail in amending the tariff, if it ahonl 1 not be able to estab lish a system of ocean navigation between the Uni ted States and Europe, if it should fail in sliding our Mexican afldirs, there is yet one consolation, and that is, the administration haa succeeded with the assistance of some superior power above, in banish ing dancing'rom the White house, and that is some thing to boaBt of, over that of the unfortunate Cap tain Tyler. Washington, April 20,1846. I find by an extract in your jmper of yesterday, taken from the London Timet of March 17ih, that 1 that paper his fallen into a similar error with a " Calm Observer" in the NutionaJ UMIigenreroi the 29ih February, respecting what I said in my letter to you of the 26th February last, respecting Mr. Pokenham's interview with the Secretary of State?the Cabinet meeting that was held at eight o'clock the same night, in ? most private manner, and its non-agreeing to the proposition before it. What I did Bay, and what 1 have already corrected in reply to the misreading of a " Calm Observer," was that it was tuppo*ed Mr. Pokenham had subtnitt d* his ultimatum, not that he had done so, for t f this I had not a perional knowledge. Of the fact that Mr. Pdkenham wan with Mr Buchanan in the State De partment for one hour, if not for a longer time on the evening of the 26 h of February, will not be denied by any person connected wiih the State Department ? and that the cabinet meeting was held at the un usual and extraordinary hour of 8 o'clock the arme night, and did not adjourn till II o' another fact of which there has been aud can be no contra diction. Why, then, was the cabinet called toge ther with such railroad sped, and in so private a manner at night, if Mr Pakenharn's bu^inefs with I the Secretary of State were not of such a charater as that supposed by me 1 If any body will only take the trouble to analyze Lord Aberdeen's reply to the call of Lord Clarendon, lor copies of the correspon dence between ihe British minister here and the Secretary of State, he will see '.hat there is yet something behind the curtain, contained in Mr l'akenham's despatches to him of that date which he relused to submit to the House of Lords It could not be copies of the correspondence ulreadv published here, which were then in Kngland and the last that were made public by onr government if it ia to be credited, but I am not one of those who | believe that all the correspondence has seen the light yet. Cases of suppression of important papers when called for hy Congress, have occurred in that department under former administrations ; and if my memory serves me right, I think it happened under Mr. J Q Adatns, or when he was Secretary of State, in relation to the cession of Texas to the Spanish Government Lord Aberdeen's reluctance to make public the correspondence of Mr. Paken hatn, shows conclusively that something yet re mains to be known which we have not either seen or heard of; and winch must have transpired per , haps verbally, here between both ministers?Mr Buchanan and Mr. Packenham?but which wan sent in writing ufterwards to Lord Aberdeen by Mr Pdkenham. ' The correspondent of the Herald has never stated any thing but what he has had good foundation for stating ; and if the London Timet had read his letter carefully, it would have seen that there was considerable difference between tupponng a ihmg to have happened, and saving positively that it had I will say in reference to mis subject only one word" more, ana that is, that it was the opinion of the best L5,orJI,?P her?*. at that precise time, that Mr. Pdkemiam's interview with Mr. Buchanan waa in relation t > something bo near an ultimatum that one might have been mistaken for the other. Since. then, both governments have been at bay with each other, as tar as it is known. The Senate would not Hgree to-day to the amend ment of the House, on their Oregon resolution of notice. It came back tc the House, Ad underwent a general discussion, in a short, but desultory man ner. Much time was taken up in debating points of order, of which there seemed to be a great want of knowledge on the part of many of the mem bers, who ought to order, so as to save time and trouble to the House, and themselves, a re, u jar supply, every session of Congess, ofSunder land a Manuel, a very useful and comprehensive catechism of the rules and orders of a Parliamen tary body. No member, or private citizen, should be without a copy of that very able work upon tho rules of legislation. ^ The House, at last, came to a vote upon a motion to recede from its amendment to the Senate resolu tions, wnich was negatived by 95 to 87 A motion wns then made and carried by a vote of 99 to 83 to insis- upon their amendment. When thia was dis jws- d of, it was moved to appoint a committee of conference, which was agreed to ; but betore the resolution could be effected, it was dicovered that the committee consisted of three 49 men, when a motion waa made to reconsider it, which was pend ing when the House adjourned. The President sent in a message in reply to the resolution offered by Mr Ingersull, calling for pa pers from the State Department, as evideoce in fa vor of bis charges of peculation and corruption fcgdinst Mr. Wt bster. Th? message declares that it woud not be safe to set the precedent of violating the seiiIs of s crecy imposed by law on that branch of the d 'partment. but that if the House desired it could institute an inquiry by committee into any mal-practicessaid to je perpetrated by persons con nected with the department In such a case all the private papers would be submitted to the iaslwcrion of the committee. It Junher says, that during Mr Webster's charge of the department, he only spent about ?4 500 in secret buimees, which tallies with the amount given F O. G Smith and Powell ?tat-d in one of my letters last week, bat it is said hat tins is all that thi President's vouchers can be lound for I his protection, if it be intended as such, which the President has thrown round Mr Webster atfaimt the charges of Mr Ingersoll, only serves to make matters the more suspicious. It casts a degree of doubt where, perhaps, no cauce for it exists On the other hand, why does not Mr. Webster call for an investigation of these-chargea T Nay, why does not he demand one 1 He ought certainly to do so it there be no foundation for them Mr Ingeraoli repeated his charges against him to day, as he had done before; and as the President has declined furniahing tho papers in evidence, why does not Mr. Ingersoll read the copies of the original letters and papers denied to him by the President ? for I understand he is in possesion of them. The whole affair, as it is, is a small potatoe conce-n The House will to morrow, if the Senate should prove headstrong tn adhering to their resolution, re cede front their amendment, and concur in the re solution of the Senate This ' stated wou'd he the case in my last, and that ihe benate h <d made h trap to catch themselves in So soon as ifie notice passes the Houae, it will go to the President, and he will, in a few d*ys afterwards, make his proclama tion dissolving the joint occupancy forthwith Aano.. Arrourrxwrr by roc P*itaii>s.>r ?Oideea Welles Clue! of the Buraau of Previsions and CiatfcJaf.

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