Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1846 Page 4
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In Senator A Washxnoton, April 2l), 1840. ni'7 p?r*r by th. R.T.Mr, w U i J10UrMl of Thur.Jay la*t- Mr. Colquitt tad Mr. Yulee la their placet . TNIIPI Tltlll'K. Mr. Dix preaented a petition irem th* Chamber of commerce, New York, aibing Congre.* to appoint a committee to enquire into the probable operation and ?fleet of the tub treasury upan commerce, and ..certain Vkltucb effect* will he, and that thin ecquiry b* made prior to any action of the Senate upon the bill rial ordered to be printed _ T""= '"LOT LAW.. Mr l,x nre.ented Tariou. petition, from New York .en^.Dr'p;S^: At0hiMOn *a^ Crittenden, pre reported a printed. *cco tepefying the bill ordered to be Mr StU>. . TH*'?rMMy? or Panama. Poat Ruri. i ?? th? Committee on Po.t Offle.s and lion of the' ife* ?,bl11 P^-WioK for the transport. Read anH r?? ^ "SJ ,ero,< the Utbuiu* of Panama, ordered to be*prfnt?d taport accompanying the bill . _ aioHT or .cabch. t.* ga" M' w a k'ii oaaoow raOTicnon bill. i; ?vr ? purpoie* #,Uw Hocky Mountain*, and lor oth.r ( The bill wa? read the firtt time. the bill'?"? Taid^wifor10. d'a i*?r*,dinfn0W' mU coL'm^U,,dfrnr*,'bU1*f^,n the Hon,e w'^read and ?.lWLaT,0"'~rH' or tub The ?m.?J ?OI*.COM?JBBaltCB Or the IIKaTK. I be amendment* of the Hou*e to the Oregon raisin t on. of the Senate were reported to the 8.7ft. ? Ion in tM^u^mo^eVZut'di' *Djr diw,,ty ofoPiD" mem. of the^Sou*^ diaagree to the amend tlth-- ~u The \ ice Pb?*idc*t read the rule*. jsz&xzz.'ss'*" > "? Mr. Ma^um Culled for the aye? and noea The Chaii explained the rule. 5Jr- JI0H",o". of Md., did the aame. sasarirss :-z in the afflrmatire. Mr. J. M. Ci.ATTowB.ked a diri.ion. Mr'b" ni! ? done' ,ir No* in order The Chair explained again *? Mr. Sturgeon and Mr. Daytoo. Mr Dari. would haTe been ihirty again.t the amendment, of the galleries' a* ?f by magwf ] Appeared from th. Th1,>aTic\t Orrict Aobicultubal Rkpobt wa. ro."mJ.'dC|n?cV?HeeM,7onPrintlD,r ?'^ docu?"t -il-f-HTiK0,.W "" "oderrtood to inquire if there jesss***"s-wui $180,000. ' 11 h,d now ? ,nrPlu* on band of fe^tha AimSiu.0?bjnnt6K t0 **? "y,,em- Ha thould pre- ' numbtr of the document ta tha Uu*t attU sirssr^-sIss^S: SS.rk'S sR?,5g came ip K?rden, beeau*. none of them ever temOfflM."0" ,pok# of the S?neral utility of the Pa ?r.*S*tSW e."?' **~S5TSiSSiiS' bi.;k ?J 0ri,a b??n,> (which had tuined out to vf oy P**fi) ??<! foreign language., Ico. niiMiif,#l,T thought thi. document from the Patent r.0.'1 ?e/nlL ??af could be .eut among the wo pie ; and intimated that Me.Br., Calhoun and SeV??p 1i f?rmer., in the .trict .en*, of the word h1.M:.v;!",";r,:d *"; 't"" on.?h.ij i?H;P^a?| extra edMion0"' 0< L*' printing a libera ?SricToVX^be6;^Te" pi' wa. fnT.0*, "bS:foi,hibf;rmerCtl0n ?' ^ Med- Th# W" ' ? rj^?t?Dron?riDt 6 000 e"tr*: iM,Mdof 10,000, wa. in lieu of u?o oxriciKneiBi. tain dlfle2K2? ?PPr?Pr>*?ioM to tupply cer s: s ~ ~ M^ !V^WyTC0TT' "J YuL.tr1n,di.n^.uc^*,U?", Eu"' ?OTed to (trike out *ome $00 0f0 prot>o.ed Mr ETP^i0.^r,V??>T"" *Dd Loui^a ToK.^ iw. ??d" H.d ther%?.'d'7 #UU,0ri,y 10 '? 'W eehjetbo Mrriceaof Tolnnuir.'wHhonta^e^itawl Hoqm of RtprtMntallTM. WiiHiwoToi*, April 90. 194#. TNI HiCII?TNI STOBM ? KlWO's VBftTILSTOB?tub hall TO ?? rL4CEI> Iff ICMII TRIM. Mr. BaODMi id moved that th* rules be suspended, for th* purpose of reoeiving report* from Commit!***. Mr. THOMraon, of Miasiasinpi?For on* hoar. Mr. BaoonB?D ? Vary well. Th* question waa pot, and decided in th* afflirtnative. Mr. C. J. Irobbsoll ?aid he had been requested by th* offlMr* of th* Horn* to aubmit a resolution which h* deairad to t* read for information, (holding it up In hi* hand.) On* *f th* p*|*? akippod aoroaa th* hall to th* d*ak of th* honorahi* gentleman, from whom he received th* iaaolntion, and, with th* ap**d of a locomotir*, con veyed it to th* Clark. It was r*ad, in effect, thai, for th* ptirpoi* of ventila ting th* hall, and patting down the rammer matting, that the Houie adjourn from Thureday to Monday. Mr. Thommo* of Miatiaaippi objected. Mr. Jown, of Tenneaa**, inquired when the racaa cam* off If thia reaolution waa to afford membera an opportunity to attend, it would not anawer the purpoae. The racea did not com* off till May on tU* National Courae. Mr. Irobbioll, (satioualy.) I know nothing about th* two?. [Laughter ) Mr. Jowaa.?Then 1 propoa* to chang* th* tint* of ad journment. A Voicb?8o do. Half a doien gentlemen claimed the floor, on* of whom aakad for a aaapenaion of the rule* P* tta mo<'*n wu not in order. Mr. Kioo of Georgia aaked leave to offer an amend ment-to inatruct the offlcera of the Houae to bring into nqaiaiUon F.ap j'? ventilator. [Oriea of ?' Oh no ! w*'v* got wind anough !"1 The SrBa*BB.?The gentleman movea to amend the (?eolation. And he took th* quMtion, and decided that the noea I had it Mr. Kiwo called for a division. Varioua Veicaa? "Read th* amendment," " let'* hear It," lie. The Spbaksb (rapping briaklr)? Gentlemen will com* to order. [t.'rtea of "order."J Mr. Kino ?If order ia pre*erv*d a moment, I will itate what my amendment ie. f" Oo on. "J There waa a general hues The gentlemen will pr*a*rv* order, the gentleman can proceed. Order ! It ia uaeleaa to enter tain any motion or auggeation while g*ntl*m*n will not preserve order' [Rap, rap, and a calf to "order."] Mr. Kim ? One word in vindication of th* am*ndm*nt. [A voir* : " No debate's in order."] The Sntsaaa.? The amendment will be read. Mr. Kino remarked that the Hennte had mad* an ip propriation of >340 to ventilate their chamber. Gentlemen could examine the apparatus, and see for themselves that It waa better adapted to the purposn than aoy other. The Rraeaaa aaid the question waa now on agtr**ing to th* amendment. (Voices i " report the amendment," "nobody know* what it i*.") The Houae wa* coante 1, and 40 voted In the affirma tive, and 70 in the negative. Th* queation waa declared to be loat The Spbaxbr ttated that the nextqae*tion we* on th* adoptior yi ? ?) cjjlitim, whan S5uS5,.*3?<;S,!t-'w^r-sr qa?rtio^"01"M"' oi MiMi"lpp1' m0T#d ">? PNTloui __Tth.* 8m"" (*???t confusion prerailing) requested gentlemen to come to order. I "?k?d f?r teller* on hii amendment , JZEsststis!"*"-??? "> *r ,L"? *?,d *h"? ,,b? fentlemtn from Tennessee Liu J?ne,>.w?ujd ??'n nothiDg by hi* amendment while he might defeat the resolation; for if member* d?sired, they would go to the race, any how alU^ua? he did not intend to go there himself ' miu,ou*b The demaai] for the previous question vu MMn^ Mr Jo^m,, movad toUv7h^I!^i?l??; ' wJj' table, but the motion did not prevail The amendment ol thi* gentleman was rejected And the resolution was agreed to < ibii sttdir* for all the Indian country lying West of the Rocky mountains, in the Oregon territory ; the su iieriotendeiit of which shell be appointed by the Presi dent ol the tinted state*, by and with the advice and ,h* who shall bold hi* office for the I term of four years, uule** sooner removed bv the Praai dent and shall annually receive ?* alary of Ur tMui* I and dollar*, and shall give bond*, with fwo or mow s?. f ,U ,ieoai ,um ?' ten thousand dollar* for the | faithful execution of tho duties of hia officVTnd ihijl | reside at such place in the teriitorv ..k . nated bv th. of the"d"l?" amend thVaVaection WM now in ord*r *0 ?ove to ^ ??tthe*.Ury of the right "j ?nd insert *2000. ( 'That'* libe?l' 0f ^IU,i?t?PPi. Mid we ought to bo 1 uSfJ? toort cb!r'.ViIrC" We? re1"'red. end an individ- , pieced ^elon?H 'ri? j w confidence could be Piac*q, ??lected. The Hudson's Bay Company ha,I no* w. ?L, en ? *lou,ro1 ?' the Indisu* ; and, therefore Zl Itiil rtmau" fl1r1l"DM? ??>d character Through him, wonT?n?? r T! * our informuiion, and gentlemen would not fail to perceive that the nation wa* of the greatest importance, and that a liberal aalary mutt be office. wcuri? tho aervice* of ono compete at lofthl Mr. A. Jowtsox remarked that many coull be found ou^:.l.i0yrnoU,in*- U? ? fortune for * man with! Tiew* wer" eimiiar to tho*e of Mr toaKM^'deS?* rfi","1' P?"c" ?fthe territory dtgrt">\ depended on the indlrlduai to be **? lectPd. lie moved that $3000 be the *alary M tom ?VUMt,?n b*ln|r U*M' 't was agreed to-ayo. o^Aftaraeveral other section. of tho bill were disposed Mr. Bavlt moved that tho committee rue There kSIw 10 ^ MKT#red to tb# House, which he "how do^ou^'now?""] g"d t0 he" r*"d tA to?derHA,"M4"' (l*ppin*'> th* committee will come Th! qrU?#!^ ?WM tmken> Md d80,d?d ^ t?*e affirmative. chThe committee roae and the Speaker reeumed tlie the fxhidbnt's axsronsc to mb. incemoll's xmolu A ?J Tl0!*! uA? SSK, uV? ?"2?*i"*K.w3kSr IoU^omII mh'f1*, ,bVMt,iutI0Q ofMr 'c J. In*?r. tion of lh? ??<??? ! makiD* inquiry a* to the disposi- I SS to the tirn! "k ?0D*y -,rom tb? 4th Of Match, SecreUrv of ^Li^Webster retired from the office of 1 to whom niid fnr'Jl ? ""JH6' ,of rec?'Pt* ?"d voucher*, LT.. ?r, 1 r Wh/t Particular service, etc., and al*o uSd'eto p0ndo"ce relation to Alexander Mc President say* that the law of 1810, which ho wndituw onSrnnhi?n f?5 lu? di,tinct classes of ex K?rir?Ir 2 public. and the other of m, confidential IT ? v. M?P?cta tho information called for. it i tereit* of uTeTon" ,PUbli?t wi,hout detriment to the in- ! . the country. It appears that the amount ex tfj.'?" i^e contingent lund, during the time Mr. ' Wtbiiter wa* Secretary of Htate, wa* $5460. The law re/l'J'r*' no other than the Preiident's certificate To oWect. for'wh ich Ct?hnfillence would be subversive of the never h??S?? h money i* appropriated, and it has secret s?rt^.. ?? K t?6' h?" not caused any tUd If ho???i . ^rtormed, or accounts to be set feel it i* 1emergeacT ,h0l,ld he would ed in theul ?"u,n* toe respon.ibility involv ea in tbe lew. If the Houie of Rep-eseiitative* a* a grand inquest, should believe that an improper uae ha* ; to inSfint public money, tind ahould think proper i J" ,!?2abTL 111 toe records of the State I ror^7??* ?ia d be ,ubJ80t to the inspection of the Md erery faculty aflerded to^prosecute the MnD.MuwSo\0^nnefi0?j'0""P^^ : witoeAB<>? dlTUl*ed- ?n,ha conclusion ora traoty 1 to- Bai bary powera, whose customs reouirrthe ! If'thev'hB/^hnn th" mi*ht defeBted by other powers how of this kto7^h0,lr "CV?n Actuated by con^dera it? } Td' to"J*w Of 1810 was made a permanent ! law of the land, and the Prosidont feels bound to observe ? v:oyr?? With great respect to ti^Houie he?. I constrained to come to thl. concldsion. No conies of ! Messrs**?domV*.. n*1? Department of 8tate and : ? "Ld ?T "ind Cu,hmg, in relatioB to a special min ind V? d ?n toe^Oregon question, are on file : ?nd he pommuDiofttes copies of all letters in the Denart ment .ent to New York with regard to^iUo^erMc wlJaleaMdirom Vh-" V? T?luminous, and the above w*" gleaned Irom the reading by the clerk 1 nt^ihiTiLu*"'0*1 ofMi"i??'PPi, moved that the message ?PSrh2!i6 Pri,?,ed t^'ce'. " R?d short "* 7 to0 lonf- ?"No, they're very ciSSmSsST^^ h,d bMn informetl by tho | m. J? . C0?P???d forty or fifty pages, v? arose to sty a lew words H in makTnmthm'0^ ^or?ed [h* gentleman that his obfect \ !motion w?? to sroid debate, and go back sonal M?ured him ho meant nothing per mean to*?fvVofltnT-' ,bat ??ntleman did not I and raLrt iF^ u' ,nd h," ?0T#d ,0 pr,Bt the message and papers. It the House desirod the papers to be read ?blT to'jTdee of *th* ir? Obj!ction i ,hoy would be batter si: Wia* ?ix jszsr. b?"U?A Uw'wom b * dW n#t W'*h ,0 ?''?!?([???? d? and to Tk however, w,re due to the House Ucm wbVh h? hL P/e,,d?nt hud anaweied the >aaolu bv hlm liil. . ??bmitt-d, in a manner unexpected bJw M to e*pr!',lon? had failed from mem bv him A m.^hl,^P0,t? 10 b" ,,k*n ?> thi* butiness t A m*?her Irom Maisachuiette* (Mr. Ashtrnu) cut ( VIJ D??nP^C^ "D th* mei,,b*r f">?> Connect! cut, (Vir. Dixon,) in, the ooursa of impertinent observe ou?t?".?Mi^ ,#?S* toinga which he (Mr. I ) did not care to recollect. It wee proper to eav if there wa* e conipiracy, he nimielf wa* tho only one concerned in LSKMtfT'tt" #f th# Unityed0,8t.C,#,rn^ thS hfs r.intot? ,* ! ' *??* absent when he introduced aiVth^ nf i'h n?r . * *Ctu>g Sec^tary of State, knew I DJSrtLlntof*?,u' h!?tbM'."?"toewlljjrwT" t'o The he. Te6t w,th no idea of di.cover ?h?7 thought he did diicover. He wanted to see whet correspondence bad taken piece in the Mp ! !?&?' """.toe President C dono.'he su^" P^ s to answer tbe resolution of the fentleman too? (Mr- B'"y > A* to what correspondence s?d Cu!h?nr* rW*"n ! D'P*rtment and Messrs. Adams h?wonlS.vnP'C *L ? special minion to England, - Ti w ' ? mor# than this?that no particular data could be found in tho couno of an ho^?r Ho cam! onThJt'' ??^? I P*P?r,? hy mistake, and thii led him' President h.H*/' m?7# hil '??olution. As to what tbe President had communicated? he had stated that a rha cial mission had been called for, to settle the GreJnn rafr eft yrled t0 the ieStlemaSVr:?0^ Cbusetts' (Mr ,h# ?""??? '"?m NUssa the committee, ?f vti* i*. *no,b?r l?l*ehood." These are tho very word* : H?fc] ."i "J" nobody dispute* it. 1 diipute it iin. fl/f r? tbe/,De?bl? (tentleman from Miiii.chu information, but he will not get it. Mr Inrer ?oll then sent to tho Clerk tho jouroal of the Com mutee on Foreign Affairs, of Ihe doth and Mth of February, 1843, by which it'appe.rtd that tho commit to mniV .k r"*?,ution whicn instructed the Chairman House a* an amendment to the civil and < ?ppr?pnftk>n hill, that $18,000 be appro Or-iti ?.*P*oi*1 ?i??ion to England, to sattle the said m to th! 1??' T?nld b# ??en toet what he had setts wm v?nfUjnCy th# g*BtU""ul ^om Mau.chu. New Orleans, April 12,1846. Neret from 1 eras? Thratricalt?Dt Meter? Markets, trc. Nothing of much importance afloat this morning. The Galveston arrived from Galveston this mor ning bringing later newa Irom Texas, but not a solitary word from our army on the Rio Grande, wbicb baa much disappointed ui, sa it w*i generally thought she would bring important news from that quar ter. She bringa no news of the slightest importance or intaraat. The waathe r baa again suddenly changed from extreme beat to extreme cold, and although yeaterday morning was warn enough far tba thinneat garments' yeaterdsy afternoon and to-day are quite cold enough lor outside coats and cloaks, sud the thickest winter 1 garment* end lor fire* The 8t Charles Theatre closes to-morrow night with the benefit or old 8oi Smith, ona of the mansgers, tho lor him. Dr. Valentino, and Monsieur La Diabie, travelling incog under tho assumed name of Signor Biiti. amved in town thia morning, and have engaged the Rt Charles Theatre lo: a (ew nights, snd . wilt commence operationa therein on Wednsaday night probably. The Acrobat Family sre at tho Ameiican Theatre. De Ma>er givea hia firat concert on Wednes day night, at the Armory flail. Tho msrkete are i ot particularly active. The cotton market closed on 8aturdey with a good demand at the old prices, and the buaineaa of the day amounted to S000 balea; the princ.pel purchase. during the week were for tho North and ior (ranee; the purehaaea oa English ac count ara vary limited. The aaiea to^ley have reached MOO bales-arrived 1*01, cleared ?im. The ether mar kets remain unchanged. Dr. Hollick has boon scquittod in Philadelphia, upon ths indictment for ptibliahaig uxlecent lectures end books. Am??Vi April M. IM. Tfei peculiar situation and disposition of the bill to amend the original convention law of 1844, randan It totally impossible lor your eorraapondant to approhond bow or In wbat manner the conventional representation will ba regulated. The bill haa been adopted, aa ta known, by the Senate branch, and effort* of a gigantic character, and foreign to legitimate legislation, are being made to sacra its adoption by the Honse branch. While the popalac^n tke State are undecided how to act in Baking nominations to the convention, and while oventa of an unparalleled and unexpected nature may. grow out of thia legislative heaitation, it may ba proper to send you the latest and most authoritative iaiorma" tion upon this subjeat which, under the circumstances, can ba fnrnlahad. 1 understand that the concurrence Of the House branch with this bill depends upon a contin gency which waa recently discovered, and which cauaad a remarkable agitation among the several fac tiona. Thia is no lass than the retrograde movement of the Now York delegation, consequent, as is prolessedi upon the delivery of the judicial opinion upon the ap portionment question. Several members of this dele gation have altered their tactics and their opinions, for soma incidental and (indefinable reason. and are now opposed to the enactment Previous to the reading ol the opinions of the justices, they wore in favor ot the bill, and they freely attribute this revolution in their sentiments to the powerfultIl ct of this legal opinion. Tha close vote upon the question in the Hou*e rendejs their concurrence absolutely necessary, in order to carry the bill, and to secure these votes superhuman ex ertiors are being matte. Lsit evening. Mr. Tilden, of the Now Yoik delegation, proceeded down the river for the purpose of having a cabinet consultation with tha New York c nstituency Hit object is to secure a strong expression of tha sense of the democracy of New Voik in favor of this bill, and by bringing such a forcible aud mandatory argument to operate upon the minds of the recreant New Yoik mem bers, ha confidently expects to secure their Co operation with tha friends ot the Dill. Dnring his absence, Uy the unanimous concession of hia paitisana, tha bill will ru aain unhandled aud unsung. . Titus tha case stands?it has ariivad at a point when action cannot be delayed, aud when buaiuass must be hasty. I bava bardly had leisure to advert to the operations In tha Senate during the debato upon this bill on Satur day. It was olear t^at a concerted and methodical plan had beeu arranged by the friends of the bill, to effect tha paaaaga. But they were temporarily anticipated?a whig opponont, (Senator Putnam.) secured tha floor at 3 P.M., and precisely at tha dinner hour, and the hour of adjournment, and made a speech of some four hours in length in order to prevent a voto. During its delivery, the second scene in.the third act eclipsed any epia, comic or tragic illustration ever seen in Christendom. Some of tha opposition were lounging upon tha sofas in the ante chamber; others were enjoying the luxury of a de sultory and wakeful lintu in the senatorial arm chairs otne.s, with a wink and a nod, only understood by gen tlemen conversant with legislative arcana, and by which a command to their comrades not to allow the vote to be taken until their return, was conveyed, darted off to snatcH a quick meal at a taole d' hole in the vicinity of tha Capitol; others interrupted the speaker, in order to divert hia attention, by shrewd intimations, witty re plies, and by Ailing the desk before him with glasses and pitchers of cold water In order, as they said, to soothe his lungs, which they apprehended would become irritated by such prolonged action. Finally, the speaker became worried out and tho question was taken. 1 have not time, at present, to give a more minute view of this funny legislative travestie. The opposition tri umphed?the bill passed, and nominating conventions must be wary. This morning the Hsuse adopted a resolution to ad journ on the 13th of May. The Senata has concurred) and the Legislature will be prorogued on the 13th prox. In the House, to-day, the bill to abolish distress for rant, waa debated in committee. At 12 M. the Hon. Ai vah Worden, oi Ontario, was speaking in support of tha bill. The learned gentleman, in allusion to the manorial title, said he had heard of a proposition to submit this whole question to a court of law. The proposal shocked him. "Why, sir, said the able advocate, "1 bold thai the equitable lea to these estates, is vested exalusively in the tenantry, and it is unnecessary to pass upon such a proposition. If it is reversed, and if you allow the land lord to litigate tbia title, it would ba a/cJo it tt. Sir, we must concede that these leases are anti-republican, and conflicting with the genius of our institutions, if they are anti-republican, they will lead to disorganiza. tion and tumult, and anarchy ; for, thank God, so far as political rights are concerned, the people abhor inequal ity. Now, is it not our duty," continued the learned gentleman, "to abolish these leases which are so similar to the old Engliah common law tenures 7 I believe, sir, that this may ba effected without assuming the right of eminent domain ; it may be accomplished upon the same principle you would omploy in the partition of a man's farm ; such an arrangement would make these tenants freeholders, and the patroon would not object if ha de sired to preserve the peace of tha State. The patroon was simply a mortgagee ; be believed a mortgage was an unqualified transfer of t*e fee simple, because the mortgagee can bring an action in ajoctment, and recover possession of the estate. The tenants could satisfy the mortgage, and keep the land." No vote was bad upon the bill. Mr. Worden is one of tha ablest members of tha Assembly. It appears that elevou of the Grand Jury were for in dicting Mr. Attorney-Genoral, lor conspiring to effect the riot at New Scotland '. Tha House passed the Senate bill, authorizing an ap propriation of >40,000, lor repairing aud improving the State Lunatic Asylum at Utica. Both branches woro occupied in tha adjustment of local business, nearly all day. Tha Senate passed some fifty local bills ; among other bills which were passed, was the Assembly bill to authorize tha supervisors of tho city and county of New York, to raise money by tax. Tha bill to regulate the duty on domestic salt, [at one cant per bushel, also passed. The bill to provide for the payment of tho debts of insolvent Safety Fund banks passed. Bales or Stock a at Boston. Bkokkrs Bo4Rd, April 20;?SO sbs Long Island RE, 33; 60 do. 833; '?0 do. 3*} ; 100 do b o 10 ds, 33; 3i da. 32}; luO Norwich and Worcester RR, 64; 26 do, 64}; 26 do, 64}; 6 do, 641; 1 Boston and Providence RR, 1UB; 3 Merchanta' Batik, 1031. Second Boaao?26 sbs Norwich and Worcester RR, b O 10 ds, 63}; 236 do, 63}; 100 do, 63j ; 26 do. 63}; 36 do b o 10 ds, 63; 36 do 63; 10 Old Colony RR, 103}; 6 Boy Is ton Bank, 97 ; 136 East Boston Co 4; 60 do,s 0 10 ds, 13}. gubukhciaLi New York, Tueadajr, April Ml. Ashes ? Continue steady at $3 87J; Pot* $4 18 a $4 35. B*KtD?Tvrr?-We have to-day received late advices from Europe, to 4tn instant, per steamer Caledonia, at Boston The market, as is usually tbe case in the re- , ceipt of foreign advices, has not been settled, nor tbe I transactions to much extent. Some sales have, howev er. been made at for Genesee and Trov- In wbeat, no sales of moment to notice?some sample* of wheat offering without transaction*. Rve?Nothing to notice. 8000 buuhele Jersey corn aol4.. at 07c. Oat* have decli ned to 4*} a 43c Cotton?The market wa* vary quiet to-day, no sale* of any moment being effected Wa continue our quo tation* for the present. Ltvtarooi. Classivicatioiv. New Orltani Upland*. Flurida. Mob't fTtxai. Inferior, ? a ? Ordimry, I a 7 Middling, 7W a 7k Good Middling, 7)2 a 7 V Middling Fair, 7* a I >4 Fair, a & Fnllv Fair. a ?5i Good Fair, t a 9 Fine, none none Provision* -Beef in moderate demand?no change in prices. Ohio mess Poik, $11; prime sold to some ex tant at $9j a 9J. Lard dull at 6j a 7. Butter contiuuea doll?*low *ales at 11 a 13 for dairy; ordinary, 8 a 10.? Cheese in fair demand at 7j a fljd. Whiikt-Drudge, 3I|; barrel*, 33d. New York Cattle Market* At Market?1360 beef cattle, (1100 from the South) 160 cow* and calve*; 1000 sheep and lambs. Price*?Beef Cattle?Tha market, last week, wa* more animated than it ha* bean for several month* paat. Holders, however, have been compelled to *ubmlt to a reduction, on all qualitiea, of fully 60 ct* per cwt upon the quotaticna given in onrlaat report?a concession at tributable solely to the unutually large number offer ing. Tha extreme range of prioa* may now be quoted at from $6 to $7. Unsold, SAO. Cow* and calve* are in more request, and price* are improving. All at matket, laat week, sold at price* ranging as in quality from $16 to $3*. Sheep and Lamb*?The demand for these (till con tinue* to be exceedingly limited, and consequently there are but lew at market- The imalUiunber offered last week were taken at from $9 AO to $t. Hav and Straw?The former article has become more abundant, and *e''l* freely at 90 a 00c per cwt, for good timothy and eloverfhay. Htraw, $1 75 per cwt. Foreign Market*. M&taoubi, Porto Rico, Apiil 8.?American provision* are in fair request, except flour, which was dull, and ?oiling iu lo a at $11} The cargo per bark Carmetita, consisting of provisions, wa* all sold. Prime sugar* are very scarce, and in demand, all that were made hav ing been shipped; and the cane has suffered much inju ry from the long drought, and will all be giound in a few weeks. Molaaee* $13, and in demand AraiL 4? Bu*ine**in produce doll for the moment all the prime sngai a suitable for ahipping having been taken during the laat fow day*. Sugar*, oroinarv, for Europe, S>to*8t ct, biiak'; fair'to prime. 3j to3| ct; active demand Molasses very scarce at $19 a 11" gs. iVers Arrived. Livrarooi?Steamship Caledonia, at Boston?For Halifax? Capt Mabit, lady, child and onrse, Or Anarrion. Initv. nurse Mn*,L. _ Brockleshy and lady, 11 S Dslkin md lady, Mrs Foster and child, J W A|>pleton and lady, Mrj Kitibii-xh, Mr J 11 Ferris, W F A KUiott. M J Nelson, Mr Vane, H T.ylor, 8 T Mas ?on, Mr R*dwrlf, O R < himber tin, Mr Hale, Mr Krr, Mr T Niles. W T Wiles, Mr Tonuv. John Robert.on, Ch?rfr? (ied dis John Ray. Walter Cnlonh nn, Johu Sinilh. H G Grrdes, it T Wiebea^Mr Whitehesd Col '1, dJ. Mr Whiieford, Mr Redpaih M'Richardson, A Prerost.C T K'nard, Mr Burtrs, Mr Stndfoid, Mr Beijamin, MrLere?f:u*, Jobs Rnbrrtaou, Mr Fisken, W MeLellan,John Wilson MrMolli <n.GH Ki<?el, K Waienelere i, V MotSj Rev Dr llnclcs, J Bond. William McLai hlsn, Mr Ay?r?, KAIhro, I. E Donin, Mr Mcl imm.t, Mr MeFarrish. Mr ( rosier, J W Stam?ti?.ld, G O Gorten, J l{ Leonard, Mr CouiH, M Bites, P.ter Kosn, W B CnmmiaK, Mr .WcFailan*, Mr MeiK?t>. Rev Alex Vmnrr. T McLarhlaar, Mr Miller, Will Doherty, W T Lane, Amos 6e?man. Mr Art canit, Mr Caat- h'jom Halifax to Boston?R^v Mr Cogswell and daariitsr, Col Boiler aed lady, Mr Haynes and lady. H Mcftar.Hoa L 1 Aurvon.LCary. John Widden, Mr MeGens liffe, Mr Hastings, W M Riehsrdson. I^sralgn loaportauona. OraVAia*?Bri? Poee?r-ia? hhda sum Chutelaiak Posi vert-M do DanscoMb k Beekwith? 7t do B DeForest It Ce?4 h bis do Pell It Co. MARITIME HgRALDl ?esksz hotiob to uinmruii W? hop* that Captains of ruuli nrririn* u thi? port, will not deliver any (hipping lists, newspapers, mm, or mmmi in tended for this office, to any persona other than the New ion Pilots, or C>pt. Robekt Siltev. of onr news fleet rOHTUr IKW VUHH? AFH1L M. M M sen aiscs S 13 ? UR IKT1 I 45 ? M 3 16 M ? Mm Cleared. Ship Louisville, Hunt, New Orleans, K K Cnllins It Co. S:iii) * delude, Adams, Havana, SpoBord. Tileaton It Co. Bark Keusiuaton, Ooriuun, Mauritius and Calcutta, Crocker It Warreu. Birk Britiah Que**, Lord, 8t Johns, N B, W It J T Tap scott. BrigTremout, Haines, Uucksville, Badger It Peck. Brig China, Meriymsn. b itaanah. Schr e seel, Benuett, Bristol. Schr Sea, Hart, Peusacola. Schr Theo errliughuysen, Stokely,Philadelphia. Schr Ana Maria, Jours. Newborn, NC Schr Glube. Oukell, Washington. Schr S<ge, Johnson, Philadelphia. Sloop Lady Washington, Knreland, Provideuca. Sloop Warren, Thompson, New Haven. Arrived. Brig Piouear. (ol Norfolk) Henlon, 11 dart from Msyague*, Pit, with suiiar, to P Harmouy. Nephews Ji Co. 91dm com pany with schr Sydney. Line, for Hsmpton Roadt. B ik Pouce. Lull, from Uuayama. April I. with sugar, to Foiter Ik Aictertun lOih iist, 1st >1 17, Ion Sf M, Bimeou HI hot, seaman, fell from the fore tnpiail yard, and was drvwned 9th lust, in M< na Passage, spoke whale hark Parson Cook, Snith, 11 months out, iMbMs oil Same day, brig Med ford, Cook, 11)? mouths out, 200 bbls oil. Sw orig Maria, Rudeu todays from Port Vandria, (Spain,) with wiue. to Aymark Co. Sctir GI?diator, Nickeraon, (of Boston) IS days from Cape Hayti, with logwood, to A 8 k S W Lewis, of Boston. Schr Aurora, (Smuteil) Martin, IJ days from Cards?, with mnl?, to Agairre It G*lwsy. Si'lir Prioceas. Tuthill, 4 days from Philadelphia, with coal, toTi.Ualek Schaek. Schr Kmelute, Welden, Philadelphia, with coal, to Tisdale kScluck. Schr Cabot, Taylor, 4 days from Boston, withmdae, to K H Heme* Schr Marian*, from Thomaaton, with lime, bouad to Staten Island. Schr Wm Henry, Wade, from Thomaaton, with lime, to muter. Schr Richard Thompson. Coraon. S diys Irom Philadelphia. Pchr Wave, Croalley, 3 days from Virginia. Schr Henry, Chase. Boston, fur Albany. Schr Thompson, Blydenberg, Philadelphia, coal. Schr Hival, Jouea, Philadelphia. Schr E Winsiow, Say, Eg* Harbor, cedar boards. Schr Theron. Yount, Philadelphia, coal. Lighter schr Caroline Virgiuia, Curtis, from the wrack of the brig A^el, with sails, rigging, lie. Below. 1 brig?unknown. In the Gate, a Br brig, with plaster. ttaliea. Ships Margaret Evans, for London; J Q Adams, for Boston; Huntress, fur Cauton; Button. for Charleston; Katharine Jack sou, for Havana; Rib Hoy, for MoMlt-i bark Tennessee, for Matanzu; brig George Henry, for Turk's Island; schr Veias co, for Port nu Prince. ISUmUanwai ltecord. Packet Shit LtvmrooL, Capt. Etdridg?, Tor Liverpool, will tail at an early hoar this morning. Brio Col. Tavlob. (ot Boston,) Stickuer, from Marseilles for Rio Grande, went ashore near Velez, Malaga, on the 7th ult. She was taken to Malaga, and on ihe ltth hid discharged part of her cargo; would repair, and proceed aboat 2tth. Launched, at East Boaton, on Saturday, a spleedid brig of 190 tona, called the Mail, intended lor a packet In the Union Line, between Boaton and Philadelphia, to be commanded by Capt Wm Baker, lata of brig Eliot. Havbb, March 24.?The Ceylon, Corat, from Newport to N Yo It, wu abandoned in a sinking state, on the 4th init, in lat 40 N, Ion 27 W; the crew saved by the Portuguese biig Ves tal de Casta, from Bahia to Lisbon, whith vessel was spoken 12th iust, lat 39 N, Ion 26 W, by Che Duvivier, Orleans, arrived at Havre. Fatal, March 12.?The Timoleon. Dryer, from N Orleans to Loudon, (before report-d put in,) the leak has since been stop ped, and it is suppoaed she will not have to be hove down; car fo discharging. TheArvom, Robinson, from Glasgow to N 'oik, ii discharging her cargo. The Claires. Furber, from N York to Gibraltar, is discharging. The Caliawba, Sherman, from Loudon to the United Stiles, put in here Sth inat, leaky, and must discharge her ballast, to heave down. The Lord Wenlock, Dnff, from Hull to St John, NB, put in here id in stant,with rudder damaged, and making aome water; ahewill not discharge her ballaet, bat replace rudder, and proceed ? The Abby Baker, Hatch, from Palermo to Boston, rut in here 7th mat. with lost of topmasts, heads of lower masts, yards, sails,and bulwarks, and must repair. An Knelish bark, sup posed the Swantea, from Liverpool to New Orleans, pu: iuto Terceira, with Iota ef rudder, aboat the end of last month, bat would proceed, after shipping a new one. Maboatr, March T7.?The Jane, Drinkwster, from Wil mington <o Loudon, cut away her main nnd mizen masts du ring the gale yesterday; was supplied with an anchor aud chain from heuce. She has snice arrived at Gravesend. Tobdav^ Maich 18?The American bark Nahant, Kornold, bound to Galve'ton, came ou shor this morning near Berry Head, and is expected to become a total wreck; crew aud pas sengers saved. March 19. the Nahant is lively to become a total wreck; she tills with water every tide, but as the weather seems to have set in fine, there is every chance oi? saving most of her material!. Dartmouth, March 19?Put in. the America, Caratena, of nnd for Br.'men, 35 days from Baltimore, with less of mizen mast, round house, wheel, and other damage. The master, mates, and tire of the crew washed overboard, and all the nau tical instruments. Aktwebp, March SO.?1The I rati Ferry, Chase, from Trieste for this port, ii on shore at the Doel, iu the Scheldt. March 31, the 1 F lias been assisted in. apoRsn. Picket rliip Oxford, Yeaton, from Liverpool for New York, 12th iust, 4', Ion 60. Packet *hip Loms Philippe, Long, from Havre for N Vork, ltth lost. 1st 47 40, Ion 47 31. March 29, lat 20, Ion 40, (by brig Litnens, of and (rom Liver pool, for Mayaguez, where she arr 7th April, S3 days from Li verpool,) schr Portia, of and from Baltimore, for Pernambuco, 14 days o t. . April 7, lat 50 15, Ion 10. an American sh'p bound east, show ing a pendant red, white and blae, and a blue flag heueath. April S, lat 48 3t, Ion 23, passed an American ship standing east, showing Boston Not 42 65, (Medford, trom New Orleaas for Hsvre ) March 4, lat 17 46 S. Ion 44 20, passed aa American fall rig ged brig, painted black, with a white streak, steering 8bW. Autill 13, lat 34 45, Ion 6t, br.g Wakulla, of and 6 day* from N York, for Apa'achicola. April 16, lat 37 12, Ion 69, spoke ship Cincinnati, from Balti more for Liverpool. Jan 3d, lat 16 8, lou 15 E, ship Delhi, from Boston for Ma nilla. March 14, off Cape Clear, aliip Concordia, Dorr, from Liver pool for Boston. March 19, lat 5IX, Ion 8, Wave, from Dublin, bound to New York. March 1, Rhode Ialand, from London for Charleston; 3 men overboard, supplied her with water. March 19, lat 41, Ion IS, Brothers, from Newry, bound toN York. viarth 4, lat 39, Ion 17," Wasaily," from Shackoff, for New York., April 11, lat 37 11, Ion 75, spoke brig Fair Emily, of Portland for inba. Whalsmsn, At St Catherines, Jan 24th. Cachelot, Taber. Matt, 560 bbla ?pm, 150 do wh oil, ltOOlbs bone, bouud off Biver if Plate; h<d sj>. ken. off Tristan d'Acunhs. Nov 20, Hamilton, Bib cock, SH, Clean; Jan >, Champion, Westport, 10 bbls spm, 60 do wh. Arr st Mauilla, Jsn 3, Izuk Walton, Fitch, NL, from South Seat, and aid 14:h for do; <>il not stated. The Zoroaster NB, spoken Feb6th, h'd discharged a boat's crew ai Isle of Grande; heard from a few days btfore, Juuo, Ol Bippiean *30ai>m Arr at New Bedlord, 20th inst, barque Harvest, TaVer. NW Coa?t last from Mani, Oct 21, 1900 bl* wh 55 sp and Sl.OCO bone for Fairhaven. Spoke Aug 15 on N Coast. Java, of tit Johns NB.I wh this teasou; Jan I lat 46 23 8 long 122 52 W. Pheuix, Skinner, NL, 1900 wh (0 sp, bound to Chili for sails and pro visions, thence to NW Coast A rat Warren, 18th iust, ship Wm Biker, Borden, NWest Coast, Talcajinana, Dec 28, 110 bit sp 1300 wh <000 lbs bone,? sent hoite 12,00v lbs b'>ie. Left ?t T. ship Averick, formerly of N Bed ord, uow a Chilian ship, for United States, Idg oil Irom ship Clirkion.uf Nantucket, before rr ported cond'mned at T. Sailed in co. with the Damon, -f Newport, 200sprm on board, (seat home 500 sp) t> Bruise a-d home. Spoke Jan 26, lat 57 16 8. Ion 69 20 W. Jaus, NB forNW Coast, clean. Heard from, at Payta, last of Dec. Nile, NB, 700 sp; Lafayette, do 3M> sp. Foreign Ports; Ahjier. Jan 2?Pasted, Tbos Perkins, Graves, from Manil la lor N Voik. Auioa Bat, J in 12?Sid California, Dnggan, Port Natal. Amsterdam, March 29?Arr F.cho, Sill, Sunderland. 20 h, bark J A Jesurun, Viual, from Curaeoa. ArtTWEBr, March 21?Arr Irad Ferry, Chase. Trieste (after being assisted off the Doel.) Sid 15th, Joha Fredarich,Wiet ing.New Yorlr. Aden, Feb 28?Are, Catalpa, Hoyt. Mocha; Wm Schroder Coffin, do [latter sld Mai 10 for Zanzibar.) BrkmkBHavex, March 21?slid Gosthe, Homan, and Lonire, Steeaken, Baltimore: Vesta, Klamp, New York. Bremen, March 2^?Arr ship Coperuteas, Ahrenftldt, from New York. Batavia, Jan 26?Ait Helena, Kyre, NYork, (Nov 4) at.d tld lor Cauton. Bristol. April 2?81dCosmo, Onterbridgs, New York, and anchored at ihe fill. Bordesux. Mnr< h 24?In port, Columbus, lor New York, soon: brig Alrtneh. Sealea. New Orletus for New York, April 20; Ocean, (Fr) for Philade phia, toon; Russis. (Rust) for New Orleans, do; New England, do: Lo<ena,do; Valliant, (Fr) for do, April 10; Talma, do, 20th. Bid 17th, Ocean, Hen ry for Philidelpkia. Cars Havti, April 9?In port, Maybee. 8ears, for Boston m 10 daya: brig Mary Ellen, and Osceola, Pearee, Idg, for Bos ton ; tehr Lt-ander, Summer, from Philadelphia, via TripidaJ, wtg cargo. Cobb. March 16?Arr Liberty, Norton. New York; 19Ji, H Hock well, Briard. do via Wat, rford :24th, Sea King, Smnli, Livenoolfur New York and alu 27th. Bid 27th and 28th, Rai, - bow, Trnw, Havana. 28th, in port, Liberty, Nortjj, andl'n oent, Thing, Caktow, Jan 31?In poit. ship Genera, Drinker, for New York, Feb 1st; Natchez, Waterman, 10th; Ann Maria, Millett; Medo a, Cook; Loo Uhoo, all loading for New York. Chinese Water*?Ships Akhar, Hallett; Yumchi.Ste le; Car hag-, Fox; i artir. Lock wood; barks Coquette, E dr dge; Douglas, Summer; brigs Eagle, Piescott; Witahickon, Web ber. In the Clyde, April 2? Gondola, and Brooksby, for New Yor?, Idg. Sld 28th, Saracen, Hawkina, do. Calci-tta, Jan 25?Arr, Brntua, Austin, Botton, via Cape Town: 28 h, Asia, Wcod. do via Madras. Sailed Feb 10, Gea too. H His, Boston. Cowbs, March 26?Arr Roger Sherman. Nichols, Jamet River, and sld 2d iaat for London ) Sld 28:h, Sumatra, Row ell, Sumatra Cadix, March 2S?Sld Casket, Woodbury, Rio Grande. pviua.Maiih it?Sld Perseverauce, Scott, New Yoik;t6th, Wave, Smxllman. do. Dr.aL, March 18?Arr Mary Ellen. Edmaids, Lond< n, (aid for Hav.ina, put into Torbav, and aid again 27th.) 20th, Tre mont,Taylor, Hull, aud tld for Charleatou (rut back 22J, aud notreported snbiequently); 24ih. Itaic Allertou, Torrry, Lon don for Havana (aud.sld 2i>th); 30.h, Geo Henry, Grat ia, Riii Grande, via St Thomts, for Bremen (aud sld aaiua day I Alao arr aud tld 10th, Howena, Williams, London for St lnoinas; pnt back 22d, sld again 23<l, and arrat Calais same day. Falmouth, March 23d?Arr Newton. Seart. Havre, for New York (and tld 28'h); 24th, Can on, Paeka d, London for Ha vana (aud tld 2<th.) hid 29ih, D Webster. Cole, Matanzas. GRATKtERD, April 2?Sld 8wlt*"rland, Knight, for N York. Mirch 23d, arr bark American, Gore, from noaton. 22d, tld Mediator, Pratt, for New York 19th. Rowena, Williams, lor St Tliomaa, aud put back to Deal on the 2'at. Gvatama, April I?In imrt, Watson, Dnckey. for N Yo-k, Idg; H n,ail, Laue for Baltie ore, 15 days La Grange, Hawley, lor New Ynrk.ldg; Olive for New Haven; tehr * x,hange. Clark, for New York, t days; brig Cardenas,, Tor New York, next day. Gibraltar, M*rt;h 16?Arr, Ada Elita, Whitney, Laguayra, [and a.ileu for Trieste;] 20lh Blancbard, Chamberlain, Pa lermo for PlnladelphU. Sailid 7th, Joshua Brown, Sparks, Palermo Gar oa. March 17?Arr.Hy Ewbanl, Carter, Sumatra, ltth, Si'enxio, Pieggit). NOrleina. Giaonrs, March 14?Arr Vnllian', fl rend. New Orleans. Heivoet, March II?Arr Mauchetter, Jarman, 1'hiiadel pllia, Havbb. March 21?Ait Iowa, Lines, Charleston. Sld 11th, L Philhnpe, Lo'g, and Newton Sears New York; 2?th, An cona, Naaon, NaW Oileajts; Elixabeth Rllen, Tyler, Charles Jon, ltth. La Deehesa d Or eaos, Rtchardsoa, NYork; Tlh, Tallahassee Stoddard, do; list, V'rmont, Perry, do. Hou., March 11?Arr Pallas, Lickie, New OrTeaae. 8ld ltth, 1 remont, Tay or, New York, [aee Deal ]*?, April 15-Arr, brig Lewis Bruce, Stadley, PhUa; 17th, Pallas, haakell, Fiedsricasburg. Murdoch. from Boston Mosteiam., U?btr &' ?d, Liverpool. 8 _ {^fcSSr,?-; ^mek; Tnik' ff?-N,w York =j% Duke, Dady, N Orl?uu. J?- iTu1, ??"therner, Palmer, N Vork; Cambridge, Bu ?Z?> and pot back Id. Much SIM, fiyEyi Pm?-. Philadelphia. lock. Plato. E.w. N Vork. M^'/nr vlTv*- for Chsriestoe; Ottawa, Dry. b??' jVW Oilmoar, Anderson, do; Colum SHarM? VSIwl'a*r"' Now York; iVans ttrhL,JPl,?d- Simpaou, for Now Or He"'r fy Now York <34. Patrick ?'"][)uk-af r^ ??'JIr'in*; Caldwell, for Boston. J? h'Oxford S" ^' [orot Johns, viaMob'lo.? Orle'.V. V. ?f#T,Yort; Hy ?o?ld,for Now N Vork.' 1 *?r Vork; Pontine, ^irkir, for f?r"NawPV w4' Eapiadola, Barstow. ilfj?k^fi?eMUcl*,?,ilelwee? *ri?a, for State* Island Vlstae1ImBMaAaei'iL'iwKrj'? for New York. 27th. Cnmb&Jna wiiil f? Philadelphia; ?oebeeter. Bntton, for Now Y?k* MuHftet 1U. do: Virginia. do; Ro&ert Parker, P.raoos, ?Milo Grace lrr? ti ?0,f-; ?*e*len4. lor Now fcork: Malar. Lit' llans Loronet,Bate, do; Uaritan, Adams, for New Oi r WlHl* Edwards, for New York, AnrilSlst; Lehigh, Vouof. fur Jhilad.lphia. with despatch; Wakona, Paine, lor Baltimore; Deideiaona, Emerson, for Boa ton; baik Al|>ha( Ames, for Canton, 8ih. London, March 24?Arr Americi, Gore, from Boston. 2J1, Quebec. Willi una, from New York-day belore j?t in con tact with schr Emra. but snsiaiucd alight injury, llth, Jamea Gray, Carter, from Chireston. Sid April lit, Switzerland, Knight, for New York. March Slit, Jane, Drinkwater, for Beaton. 21th, Union, Mitchell, for Savannah. 20th. Mediator, Pratt, for NYeik: Jane Ame lia, kcclestin. for Charleston. la port Id*. 3d, Rambler, Baxter, for Caleatta; Quebec, He bard, for NYork. Londondebbt, March 15?''Id London, Baker, Philadelphia. Lisbon, March 3?Arr, Gulnare, Lafkin, New York; ith Forest. Abridge, do. Sid 9th. Clarion. Luot,; llth, Odd f elluw, Pttliogill, do; Klh, Oliv Primeira, Rosa, N York. Leghorn, March 17?Arr, Reindeer, Winsor, NYork. Malaga. March 18?In fort, brig Col Taylor, Stickney, re pairing, only Am vessel. Manila, J-in 10?1 eon ox, Newell, Hong Kong. Bid Dec 10, T Perkins Ornrea, NYork; Jan (, Miadoro, Dans, Boston; Camera, Duubar. do. _ Mauritius, Dec 25?Arr. New Jersey, Winsor, Boston. [September 26th aud sailed January IS. for Calcutta.] Sailed Ju* > S9ll>, Orotius Meacooj, [from Calcutta, having rrpiir td] Boston. Madeira, March 5?Sld Shawmut, Ferrar, Teneriffe, Makseilles, March 23?Arr llth, Jupiter, Gremout, from Chwlesron. l?th, Gaatun, Caulter, from New York; Avola. D<vis, from New Orleans. lu port, T rba, for Boston, soon: "aston, Caulter. for New York, April It. Arrl7Ui, Calcutta, Whirmore, from Aux Ceyes. Mavagukz, P R, April!?la port, bark Fdwd Koppisch, Kaynes, lor Newburyp jrt, wa-tn g ergo; brie Gipsy, Haw feT; f|0n> Bridgeport fir New York in a lew days; brig W H Falmau, from Norfolk for Philade'phia, loading; schrs Sid ney .Lane, for Nirfolk. do; Atlantic, Co ok, from windward for Baltimore, do; J Allyne, Burg, si, for Baltimore, do; Ash land, Carlisle, from Ponce for New York, do; Kate Pender ga?t, ?.v ns, lor Bjltimnre, loaded, to sail next moraicg. 6th, arr ichrRnth AtMos, MeKeanon. from Norlolk; 7th, Br brig Lamana, from Liverpool; barks Csrmrlita, Hopkins, from New York; 8 boots, Thnmpeon, lrom Frankfort; <th, schr Nicton, Wa?s, from New York. In port, English brig Idas, Harris, from Loudon for Charlo'tetnwn, P E I, loading; Tr'isit, Dowsley, from windwa-d for Newfoaadlaad, do; Fr hnga 0'anense, Morrao, for Havre, leaded, to sail aext day; xolun, Demschy, do loading; Clara, Bolloa do do ?.NrwrnBT, March Md?Arr Olive It Klixa, Weeks. London. Sid l#ih. Corsair, Adams, New York: ?ih. Eos.' sjanos, d >. Off New Haven, no date -James Hedman, Hall, for New Orleans, (probably J H Shepherd. Hedman.) , "ST ?.* Wight, Maich 21d?Vasta, Elingios, Charleston, for Hens burg; 29th, Louise, Wenke, from Bremen for Phila* phia. OfORTO. March 11?Arr, Diploma, Fly, and Qeoigiana, Da vi?. New York; Washington, Benson, Lotdon. Portsmouth, March II?Gladiator London, (and aid for New ^ork: 24th, Elizabeth Ellen. Tyler, Havre, (andsld2tth, reported for New Orleaus); 29th, Mediator, Pratt, London, and aid for New York. Pobt AIadoc, March 17?81d Fiederica, Atkinson, Boston? put into Biltimore, Ireland, 24th, after getting to Ion IS, aud sld ' agsm 2gth. -Ponce. PR, April 3?In port, brig Cordelia, Hatch, for New York. 4th. , Point PETBE.Guad.Msrch SI?In Port, brig Baltic, Stinch field, lor Bath, next day; Wm Pennington, Brown, of do, for Porto Rico. 4 da\ s. Smthna, March IS?Arr, Sosrn Jane, ?, Boston,ria Gib raltar. Sailed Ith, OsUianli, Gardner, Boston; 9th, Emma Isadora, Hallet do. *T Ubks, March 4?Arr, Harvest, Fuller, Amsterdam and sld llth, for Baltimore. Sac-oor, Jan SI?Wd Eagle, Prescott, Macao. Feb I, Tio ga, Eldndge, N York. 8t Johns. NF. April II?Arr, bark New York Packet, (Br) New Yo*k, 60 day; mtm in ico 33, and in an ontport 14. St Johns, NB, April 15?Arr, schr Dolpbiu, Holder, New York. Shanghai, Jaa IS?Bid, Chas Wirgmad, Osborn, Manila' , St Michaels, March 5?Arr, Monmouth, Ryan. Liverpool, 'or New Orleans [received supplies, and sailed same dsy:1 20th, Hyder Ali, New York, lor Malaga, [and sld sameday 1 Shields. March 30?Arr Valhalla, Griffith, Hull. Sld 2#th, Adela, Yr.ulden, Boston. j TENKBtrra, March 4?Arr Circassian, Marshall, Clyde for N Orleans, and sld 7th. Texel, Ma'cli 21?Arr Angelique, Edwards, New York Verroua, Howes, Charleston. Sld Slth, Kasan, Leckie. Bos ton. | Trieste, March 17?Arr, Mersey, Tucker, New Orleans via i v I 11 i\vLB"r.'ng,Brothers, Crooker, Baltimore; S4th, - bark Gulnare, Whea'land, from Tnuidad for Palermo. Torquay, March 20?8ld Messenger, Mabio, New York. Ann. Cheever, New York; 17th, Leland Skilhugtoa, do; S5tb, Glide, Wateraan, South America. i Rome Porta. Avalachicola. weekending April 11?Arr shirs Minerva, Brown, New York; Probus, DeVries, do; Columbian, Mor- I r'mau, Boston; b.uks John B>ower, Sutton, do; Tiberius, | !L?*rs,doi brigs Kehecea C Fistier, Appleby, andVirginii, | Talbot, New York; ?chr Ontwa, Allen Havana. CM ship 1 Urgent, Rogers, Quebec; b-ik Robert Watt, Johnson, Livet- ! pool; brig Pioneer, Hesru. N York. Boston, April SO.?Arsteam ship Caledonia, (Br)Lo*t,Li- ' vcrpool 4th iost. Halifax (where she ar at) rai.) llth, !>? rut; I ship Concordia Doir, Liverpool. I h ult; barqae Delphos. Cur- i tis, Chsrlestnn: briss Partridge, (of Bath) B mow, Cardenas; ' Ann Maria, Wincheubach, Phi'adelphia; sch s Mary Chilton, Pierce,Csp. Haytien; Batatia, Par*.Baltimore; JaneRaggles, I Wiuslow, PhiUd^lphia; Everett, Loring, and Mariner, INick eraon, New York; steamer Yacht, Sanfrrd. do. Cld, ship ' Monsoon, Paiue, New Orleans; sehri Abel Story, (new) Rrown. Aux Caves; T H Thompson, Wnon. Richmond; , Zone.. Crowell, Phil-delnhia; Fame. Reily. New York. 81'd, wind in the morning Nw. afterwards E to 8E. latter psrt 8 W I ship Aagelo, barque Neptune; brigs Michigan and Metamoia, ' sailed on Suuday moiaiug Brig Edw Blake u st South Boe ton?not aai'ed 17th, as reported. Banror, April 17?Air, brig Orchitis. Hardirg, Martinique J'?Bt Msrtins; lMh, briss Shamrock. Dodge, NYork, to load for Western islands. Cld 14th, schrs Bowditch.Pumroy. Mar tinique. - v ACri117?Arr brigs America, Smith, Point Petre; Ab ba 1 hula, Cram, Baltimore. Calais, April 10?SM 9 h, schrs Msxeppa, Kelley, W ladies; Tiberius, Plumber, Philadelphia; brigs Emeliue, Ellis, W ladies; Protecticn, Hume, Philadelpnia; achr George. All wood, Baltimore. Charleston, April IS?Arr schr New England, Pendleton, Bnngor. Cld Br h rks Prompt, Ir.iog, Liverpool; British King, Houghton. Hull; schrs Solomon Hotsevelt, Coovert, Jacksonv lie, EF; Forest King, Kelly, Cuba; sloop Dan'l Ha ven. Walker, N sssu, NP. L,"wes, Del, April IS?The baik Psrio, for Mataous, brig Washington, schrs Itasc Jackson, Othello, Turk, Julia, snd K(isc<u;ko, fur Boston, went to sea ihis forenoon. A bark and thee brigs, names unknown, came >u la?t evening, end atood up. 'J here are now at the anch -rnge three lore ai.dafischoon eij, and one sloop. iuppos< d outwaid bound. Mobile. April IS?< Idsbipa Hebrew, 0 rr, Havre; Osceo la,''itilds, do; Br bark Scotland. Kelio, Liverpool .New Ubleans, April IS?Arrsh p Cairo, Poor, S? days fra Liverpool; ship Lady Arbella, bimpaon, I in Philadelphia; ship Jndah Touro, Nickirson, fm Boston; bark Tronoadour, Mc Dowell, fin Irwiae, Scotland, via Mob-le; berk St. Clair, Foy, fm Liverpool; ba k Juno, Di< ks, fm Rio Janeiro; brig Canoui* ens Cowplai,d, fm Mo de Jareiro. Below?ship Hannibal, from Boston, one bark, and a brig, Eau<es unknown (t hips Leontine, Chesspeake and Coroinandel, on the bar, bound tut ) New Haven, April 19-Arr bark Don Jua", Duell. GuaTa ma. PH; brig Willow, from Windsor, NS.and left for N York: achr Eli**,Tyler, Phil idelrlrs; sloops Empire, Smith, N York; New York, Jones, do. Sd brig Neuvitaa, Kaafortf, West Indies; schrs Maiy k Elixabeih, Backaloo, PhiUdel phis; Gold Huuter, Ward, Mariegallsnte; sloops Warren, Thompson. New York; Free Trader, Thompson, do; l^ady renwick, Chupm in. do. Nantucket, April 17?Arr schr E H Adams, Adame, Balti more. New Bedford, April 18?Arr, schrs A'atamsha, Luc?. Ds rien; Oneco, Bates, Philadelphia Sld 16th,sehr Pacific, Wood. Norfolk. Newfobt. April II ? Arr schrs Fquity, fm Boston for New ? ??k; S'fjh hinley, Horton, for'Delaware; Minsm, Camden for New Yoik; Patriot, and William Heniy, from Thomaston lor do. Pobtland, April 17?Ait brigs S?muel, Curtis, from Ma t'nzas; Laurel, Witham, from do; schrs Delrwsre, Elliot, fm Havana; Geo Brooks, Dyer, Philadrli his; I no, NieBerson, N Y'rk:; Alfred. Johnson, Thomaston foe Ksvauush. Cld brig Hibernia, Elliot. Cuba. Pobtland, April 18?Arr, ichrs Joha Healey, Richmond; hot, Cuba. Richmond. April to? Arr schi Courier, Couch, NYork; Sarah Augusta, barker, do: Wm Wright, Wildew, do Sld schrs John Stall. Tea'. Pk l*delph>a; Art us. Tinker, Stoning, ton; Tnscarora. Deaiborn, New York. The bark Etwrvierhaa dropped down the river, 10 complete loading lor Loadnn. Savannah, April 17?Arr Br ship Msrekionesa, (of Bute) Suiters, Liverpool, via Belfast; brig Chsrles Joseph. Tilliag bast, gjstos. Salesi. April JO?Arr brig Eagle, Savoy, Rio 9rands. By La&t Wtyhl'i Southern Kail, Borne Portli ^Alexandria, April IS?Sld Br b'ig Splendid, for Halifax, Baltimobx, April SI?Arr bark Louiis, Gait, from Livei pool; brig Uardiuer H Wright. JKenton, frr>m the bescli near Cape Haiteras, wiih all the csrgo, materials, 4c, saved from the wreck of brig Iter per. of Baltimore, from vialveston. (be fore reportedI ) Cld ship 8ea. Freeman, Liverpool; brigs Ata lanu, (Br) Whitney, Bermuda; Monaco, Gunld. St Jsgo de Cms. Nosroi x, Ap il 18-Arr ichr Pydney, Lane, Mayaguex PR; sloop Crqnette Bradm n. N York. (Idling United States. York. Danish West Indie.; sehr Larch. Rohinsin, French W* V^bo^Mtol! ,9'h,,Cbr Laik' H'dmond-f'"? N REMOVAL. A J, CUKNINOHAM hat re?( red hia Mock of Watrhee, * ?? J'Silrer I'lntrd u<l Britannia Wire, f. obi I * Bowery, (new ?lor.>?) opposite Delanry ttrret? OoH, 8il?er Mud Steel K.'ectaclrj from 2J cenu to $!?; Perifo cal! rrm $2 50 to $10; Olatira of all kinda and t? ?uit all ii|hu f round and Htifd; Waichee, Clock*, Jewelry and Mime Boxee repaired and warranted. al9 lm'r NOTICE. ' NOTICE ia hereby given to all irraont harmc bo*flit itoae fro-* Laimbeer'a Quarry, at Kipp'a B*y, formerly oe?a pied bv Me??r? Mott k Knowito*, that the aceotinu of the Qaarry will be aettled by K. H L iinheer. at the Office at the Quirry. WlLLIA^I UAlMiKKR Dated thit 16th day of April, 1*M. all lw*rh TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS. LATHK8 of all descraptioaa fiomT tnlS feet Ion?, fnrauh ed at abort notice Alao, eattinf oafuea, amiable for all kind* of work. Kor terma and deaariptioa, direct to ina aub ?eriber, Hndsoa, New York. ?4 im'rc JAB. T PKRKIN8 LEFT OFF WaIlOKOHE AND FU (UNlTURfc WANTKD.?Oeutlemea and Kamiliea can obtain the fall valoe for all kinda of aapertlaoaa effecta thi-y wiah ta ditpoie of, reeh u Ladiaa and Gentlemen e Wearm* Apparel, Fira Arm*. Furnitare, ka. L??rj?TT!?. 4K Broadway, ap ?tain. haria? any Caat off ( lothin?to diepaea oT. eaa obtain a (air price by aeMttM for Dm aubaeribar. Mra T. I* yafteTTif. NJk A liaa throo?h the Poet Ofiaa will be nronpt ly attended to. mi Wrc lower poet oAoa. No leuera take* (ram the oAaa nuleaathey wa part pud. U la*i? ( *i c<M??*n?' will appoiat Bookseller, only M their wfffhnlJ." *? *** VU * b* Ud there Of .L.Vk 10 *uy tow" L"? ?nangementt 'f the <h-aefeabarg Pill Company are such u will uwrn for ?*???; Pill*. and good agenta will fiad the ageacy I food biuineaa. It being d-airablr to open the different agen aoae of th? Pill* will b? offend for aale ?atil me whole system of agencies ia ora>Diud. which will nqaira some liulo time. Booksellers will find it for their in ternal to call atute office oi the comp-n', which will be for u"iPre?"*'*t No. 1(M Nua n street, ueit door to Tammany Hi'Ji _ FRANCIS M. I?RATT, Ueaeral Ag-n" cu ru "TSf"!?' ?irtaea of the Uriefrnberg Vege table Pills, aad th^ philosophy of thair action a poo the ha man system.will 5* fully explaiuedai aa early day. It ia ae f?5KfJj5LH" iln,?0"1y t? ?y that they are very far auperirr UiBrsndreth a, MoffitV or any other ptlla, and will immedi ?ulr Wnm.ll,. I..J.J :n lc .u- iT: u/uinuuitin ?, invDit i, or uyower piiu, aad will imimedi ately become the leading pill of the ?lay. alt Rrc OKKiCk-or Jt?ii.tiaoN insurance cumi*an t #" AT AN ELECTION foHWumV fi, axstSs Thomaoa ftice, Joseph Alias,' Moae. Tucker, Jsmes E. Holmaa, J Davieoa, John P. Moore, pva*. bks&st JbrUsz . Jfesr saf TMnHMPb?,nent meetul? rf THOMAS W. IirtUKNE, Esq , waa uniaimonslv re-elected Preaidaat for theensn.n, v,,r OEO T ftOfK, IW,^,rri rrc THE BHAUKa HOl'KL, r-B,6! **ad* Strut, fVut Side of Broadway. 1 .mKli?^r,b?' r"P*e^?"y informs his friends aad the m?nt ^ opened the above Establish ed 'V**? to *oy ??"*r bouse of the kiad ia the ?.^?LNkeW Yo,k The satis fa ctioa which he haa hitherto CB"t'?n,er*- While Proprietor be a?^S?ir;ilttT9M' *? himarlf will ii.h?SyS5i.i?>-*!l-*h*.nuy. him ia hia aew estab X27??> whU* n^e"<?rt o? hu part will be wearing to marit the continuance of their patronage ??"????? w ?"? ?Sms sjUrstta ^ViJ-rMsrw: mil lm're ^ ' 7JAMfcS^CVAm FRENCH " ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY & KAHN. IMPORTERS, 63 NaSSAU STREET, \jP STAIRS, j ? received, by late irnnli from thair boose iaParu m^sSe^skiSBt MATERIALS TOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS embracing a variety unsurpassed ia richness. aad extent by any other importation. ^ ' A-^rArtificul flowers by the earn, imported eipraaaly for the jobbing and country trade. ?** lm*r WLL1AKU3 IMPROVED. /"JTTI8 KlilLi), reapectfnlly ialorms hia frienda aad the BAfJStfnfeivs pnn'%Ertur?w,W >}>? ?Ufc?rite qaartera, JSA88r ORD 8 ROOM8. tutnuice l\ Ann ?t, ad oininc th? Museum bnilding, or 149 Fulu?a il^et TV Rooms tad Ta MHiSiT? }?tu pi^ ?!*tv Th? ?bl? are 81at?, Marble nnd Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth Cushions! They will no doubt suit European and all mat piav?n . bain* the best in this country. Larger balls for Southerners?Caro lina bails for German>. ^ new style BiHiard Tablea for sale; India and French Cue Leather, best m the city; fine Billiard Cloth fts^In3nic U tr&4e* constantly on hand and for sale! " MEW TARIFF. IMFOHTANT NEWS to 8hippara of Qrain and otha' A tarn Produce to Great Britain. ^ A new law having paaaed the Legialatnre, admittine _ portationof foreign corn and proriaiona at a very lo-_ J duty, an opportnnty will be given to thoaa ?lu? iJl?'01 ! Olaagow market, to opea a good conueii^ with the aubacri ber, who haa been fifteen Teenin uTSSSZ and Provmon trade ; and aa there haa hitii.rrn L?. ^ any importance, or who had any practical knowledge of"^ trade in Ulaagow, a better opportnnity could not be (feeiied^? respectable houaei to form a connection la that marketl Lifr era) advances will be given to ahippers. Krom the anbacribera long erperieneo and koowledre of th. Orainaad Proviaion Trade, mr* al.o hia frioadlr wtim^ Uud^a"7""' t ar,B "d ?*?p4uita trade may bo Sfint mM lm*rc 83 Uaion street, Olaagow. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. ~ 1? VOELKNLR bega leave to acquaint his frienda and T^.l"to,n''r^' jhathis elegant stock of Artificial Floweia, both French and American manufneture, has not received the least injury by the late fin at lli William street, aj the good! were removed in time. E V. wi'I coutinne t > sell wholesale and reuil. at the lowest prices, at 121 William street, and ben dealers to inspect hia atorfc before buying elsewhere, al lmVa CHAFER flc CO., *J[A?LOIk8 AND drapers, atll Broadwav, near Park Plane. A?K NOV RECEIVING, by the Havre Packets, u #n t'felr n?w askortment of the fisest Sedan ClothTiidCM simeres, adapted to the early spring trade. Hsving concluded M CttKeTl with Mr. p.XSSS teS ? wi Pans, well known to most o I eur fkah lonablea who have visited Europe, they are aow Dranarad ti* aiecate orders ia a style of naaauVelegiace to """ 4IX * road way. TiETEREnoBER'ra*^ir,S IN NEW GOODS. P offOTche^. reee,T*d br lMe ""T*1*. MU ? ? EMBROfDEK IE8. .Needle-work Capea fVam tl.S? to *? French work'd Col ?Pw?r^? ; Kmbroidervd Lswi Hhdkfs from 4 ; Dressss, newllfrwork and Tamhour from A3 in ?<? -AWNSAND CAMBRIC HANL>KERcfflE^8% Tape, hem d at neb, Rmeie^Kauc^and coloied border*. ook. Mull, jAcoaet. Swiss, plain, striped aad check'd C Jie,Tarlatan, btriped arid embroidered for Curtains. HOSIERY AND GLOVES^ ?? ""vmucu mm ivuiumuijr cnpay i; mf n r ? wi'?i moat excellent article at $3 per dot*h "riaiTr^Sd .^5*' * A most excellent assortment of Lisle J?1?*111,75.? broidered Silk Gloves ofall .iiea^ 'WM. plaia aad em .... laces. Cepes, real aad imitation, of the latest anH ?. . . .. styles; Veils, black and white, in^h^ll- ^1 'M? malinea, point d'Alencon and other vaneiM,, bf^l J>?,2t '!"? Valenciennes, fine English ThrSIdlfte-f^Sl ?#ek" pen black Brussels and imit*t,oa uJJ. "W* 5 fl0"ac,n*-kc ? Cape lace C? No. m Broadw.T M Anr,t jiq l0 - .T . A HW1 Vp^kciiU^ILEky AND GUNS. A. off?8aPia~td wel|h^^^^ l?1* lery. Uaua aad Qua M.r.^.TrT- of Hardware. Ca? tremely low prieea lor ca.h or aroTo^Tii, J!r ^S'lSft*' CAST OFF CLOTHINO AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN hiving any cast off elnthinc or furniture to dupoa- of, can obtaiu a ftir^ r ' the a,me, by aendim, for the s'ube riber' hi! rV^?T^V or through the Poat 6fice, which^mil h? l unctnallyaitended to. m I riiuVN & liv"" C*? b* mtaM to by Mm. M. S. COHENi 'l'ASaEL^ ? by ^4 <0% hi J^ wUj^C;^i law. m?? of AA s*. ^gALLENOB TO THE UNITED STATES. 1 ?r i? J1^" have bo hesitalioa in saving to the resnl t* "d "?"thboriag cities, that there ? and do chalteege the merchants oi our country, far andau! -aa compete with them in the s*ie of T' "?' r, to WINDOW SHADES. JJ WI'P'BI 'Berna call. UU.N' ipn. KR, No. it Chatham at. N, Y., eae door f ??fiR kSEC*. Chambers it. rom the corner oi No. 76 Na-au Ktn7t cJ^r'\f r^_ INO purr has ed ??.. J<*?> he finest qnahVy. u comment, aa they ars selected of imports?* llaa^ow Spieedlluu 'oJTlcll variety and flavor oM 1L*?1'*h Clieeeee of great feB^ssaaas mil !?*, J 8 80077 * CO.llNimu,^ _?0?.JO TAILORS."" tWjJvrtt'ras \sstrjssss!s?ts the price of which is fr"m I to I (dollars per eoovi thl a?^T *B.ei?mLnc*b*?llw^0,!vi" ,h? b ndiag. To & had ofths anihor, No m Broadway. Naw York ' .Ulw'r FANCY **^**<>*1(7*. ?h.l!?.r?1".* tr!^# **,d P"h/4 gwmllF that he has taken ti>? 4boT*stor*, and is prepared to offer an mUensiTe stock in hialiae, selected bv himself, ia Europe, with eepeciil reler MPH fn fltuliHr ami >a..Is? . k.. LZ. *_ _ ' fj! [ share of jpdmr SEGARS?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC THE SUBSCRIBERS invite the aueatioa of couatiT mer chants, dealers, aad others, to their ettrnsive .tnnS af B. gars. This stock haa been selected with the greatest can. aad parehaaed at the very lowest prices for cash: they are. tier* fore,enabled tooffer the different qnaliti slower than aavocb A1^ t O ,,JSa. T rior .liif V -'naTff.ii'iS'o'i' t nM price then aav other eeti^luhmeut in thiacuy. * '?wor of caitnge. Also. Simits of Tnrjientine at delivered free market price. Apply peisnnall, or by lette f lomset Office IS. WaurV^tf aH Im'r or A|&1i-}?rr.-?>AlUdaewaT. Jx&zs? iffiaj PUUtSHM IT ? JAMES GORDON BENNETT MBVM-WMT cniiu or rvLi9a axo ram^o nuiTI

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