Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW FORK HERALD Ttk XU., Mh III-WlwU He. ?3!? NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 23, 1846. py|?w nr* Ocwttv THE NEW YORK HEftALD. JAMES GORDM BURNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HtlAf.U?tvar) :l?y. frice2 ceutr pecOOPT?I "Stew* p er ^unam?;x?y.ibl? is advance. , . UV K.itTISEMK-V^-8 at Uie Mnal pncea-alwaya <?*h ?? PHSNTINO of >U kinds executed with beauty and de?pato?. LI. !?u<-r? o< ou.uiauEitotu *??, i)f iMil. the-jtoblis-jneut, murt if post paid, or the po*taje ml! t? daduoted lro*n the ?ib>enpi'?in md?T .emitted. jaSsks horizon bknnett, t'roprie'.wr g. l.:? Nrv? Yea* F.?T??f iiuiren NoK>-W c jm^r of Fulton and Nawan atf DOGS! 1>0GS! DOGS! FOR B4LK-A lot of Dora, consisting of sp'endid Newf.iuiMI mil. one litter ol Pups, exeeeditglr large, _.tlr sire ? f which is ore of <ae lai^-jt ill the cay, whien c .n he men ou die premises;; aiao, a litter of Scotch Ter riu's, Ui.: bat bred one. in the United; al?o, cu Italian 0 tf H 'Hj t,hicli count be equalled in beauty in thia city; a pair of *rli broke Pointer*; a pair tf Alpine Mastiffs; toge ther with a great variety of witch I). gs. Inquire of Wll. MOORE, With si'eet, five door Eut of Eightth nv*eue. N B.?Ths Bieeker street stages cou* within a lew block* of ihe place. .i2i 3t*rc 'ajw-J KING CHARLES iSPANIELS?OP J2Stt!_2SIk the pure breed received by the latest arrirali fiu a Lvbdoa. fveale by A. Grieve, 4 Joiiuatrvet Also. rare and valuable Bird*. only to be found at lua establishment, No. 1 John street. N B? Letter* from the enriotte, in distant part*,(poat paid) will be attend to,by A. GRlEVK, apl7 luirh Importer and dealer in Bird*, Cagra, ice. WOO'* -r FOK SALE, <1 -A LIGHT WAGON, nearly new. Alao. aitrong jiST^ bnilt Barouche, vith shaft and pole, and doable aet If) "f harm** if reqaired. Abo. a fa*t bay mare,sound and ki d. and tiota anil* in three minute* Apply to ?.I Zw-rr MK'H'1, IftAACfrQN. ? f e-hmxpat. A 1'ONY FOR SALE?it hanoa high. 5 year. Md. warranted sound aud kind in every particular? ? - - - "???'? very fnst in harness, and has been ridden for the la- t > CK-.r by a little boy aix year* o'd?carriea a lady first-rate; to*et er wit a pony wigon, harn'ss. and ehild a bridle and ndilla. Can be aeen and tried at MS) Walker street, corner of Mutt. a30 3teod*rc FARM FOR SALE SITUATED on the aouth si-'e nf Long Isl .nd, )>< inil-a WMt ol tne vilhge of B vbylou Sain Farm con Ltaiu* *ixtv ?crea of L/VND, a portion covered with Wood -nd the falance under a h's sute of cn'tivati in. On aa'ti f^rna is a two story double HOUSE, with kitchen attach ed Biru, Cairiage House, Grainery, Ice Home, and several Other bu .1(1 nga. Co ? Diuiiicnion with New York by Railroad and stage* th ee times a d?y For farther particular* enquire of WE ISAACS, Corner of l.ibe ty and We?t street, New V ork. a16 3taw4w*r or of Mr SHEPERD, on the prrmisea. TO LET, MFB?M THE HRST OF MAY?A Ptable in the rear of 31 Beade atreet. Inquire at SI Recde atreet. TO LET, THE three afory brick Home, No. 107 Cross street, oppoaite Zion Chnrch. The house ia in petfect order, aud will rented, t > be occupied by a tingle family, at a very moderate rent. Apply on the premise*, or to _ i>3l lw*m rETEK PIRN 1E. 166 Front *treet ro LKT Ott LEASE.. TWO two-*tory modern-built Houses, situated in the p!eas utvill.geof Yorkville.KtH itr-et, between _ the 3rd and 4th ivenues. They are dalightfally aitunt e ug"in close proximity to the st^ge and railroad line*, which depart every five inmates. Each Housecontaiua sevea rooms ana aki'chen, being very desirible for a small respect able family?ih? annu-1 reut ol each house being but $118. Apply en the rremites. between 16 A.M. and 3 P.M , or of F Me Barron, corner of Spring and Mercar a treats, from 7 to It AM *21 3t*m FOR S^ALE Oft TO LET, A HANDSOME COTTAGE aud about five acre* nf good Land, laid ia meadow, aitaatvd on the 81*zing uoh, tar Hoad. about one and a ha'f mile* trim the Kahway, N.% Jersey Railway Depot. Attached to the premises is an excellent Garde*. w<th a fine bed of Aiparigus; Barn, Stable, Icc Ike. The'.'ortage is nearly new, tilled ia with brick to the g'b'e end, w th a lirge eellir under the whole home, aud is, otherwise ?pi*ioua and replete, with every convenience for a g*ut<el family. Apply to MR GIKAND, alt I w* m No # Whitehall street. M TO KENT CHEAP. The House SI Orclurd street. Inquire of al61w*rh A SAMSON. 443 Pearl it. FOK. SALE, OR TO L.ET, MThe Mode-n built three story brick house, 315 Adam* ?treet, Brooklyn ll not sold by private sale, it will be diapost-d of at public auction, on the 15th day of May next. Half o! the purchase money can irmiin on mortg 'ga, for a term of i nn. Api'licstioa to be made ou the premise*, SU Adam* H. Brooklyn. a4 lm're FOR SiVLE Oil TO LEASE, JML THE Nons- .md Lot 473 Broadway The main hou*e i* pj five stone* high with the attic, and 60 feet deep. The JUSLbarii building is three itorirs high aid 64 let t deep A (table ?n tSe rear front ug on Mercar atreet, 4J f?et deep. The lot is 3G feet f >nr iu he* Troiit and rear, and 2M lee" deep IV set* wiahmg to conirr with the owner. Dr. CHEER MAN, may do to between the hour* ol I and t, A. M.. and 3K aad it%, P. v) all tw" rre TO LET, TO A ."MALL FAVILY?The upper par? of a house L m Ciatnbe's strert, *on*i?t'iig of Iront aud ba?k ream with p?srry, oa the aeeood floor, tmd a front an* bed ro .?i *n the third floor, acd if required an a'tie r>nm, with the a?e ol Crotoa water, a.d other n-ce**arv privilejfes. Ap ply t? A. H. VAN PRO?G,57 VV*rren st , N. B.?If di iinbla a pan ol the above may be obtained. *7 3?*r Tt? LET OR FOR SALE. irt. A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable and Tv?iv Coach Home attached, with nboat an acre of land, the XJflLiTT.acipal pirt of which is well a'ocked with frait and fa?cy ?nrubi, and en losed wi'lia picke'fence. The *ta?e* mm every t-u minatas Within live iniautea' walk of the hotue. Bituuiou between 110th a*d tilth street*. Far further informa tion api.'ly to J <-HN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth atreet, or Ur. WOODS, ffarUm. mril !m*re TO LET. ti, A HOUSI'. AND BAHN, with about sixteen lots o FMe trouud, titnatad in tlw villngeof H istings, Westchester XiULeounty, fta u o( New k'ork. within a few minate*' Waia of the steair boat landing. Sniu place ia divided into gar den*, which are well atocktd with rruit Also, a p'eaaait grove, with a stream of water, aad several good springs Po* ?emioa can be give* immediately. Kor further particular*, ap ply at the store of Mr. HcM-wsar, Hasting'* Lauding, or of al lm?rc MR. ECKEK.T, 72 Mnrrar st, N?w York. TO LhT OR FOR SALE, Injl ON very lAvorabiefrm*, four three story and basement B./ji brick tlwelling liouaca, iu Heboken. They eeeh con JUiML tain 11 room* besides the kitehm, and are fitted in beauiiial st/le throu*hoat. Two of theae house* are 31 feel frout by M M deep; and two of them U feet by 44, with wide court yaid i* iront. 1'lie situatioo eommuas e fine yiew and i* within on* miante's walk of the ferry, where boat* le*ve every fifteen iriunte*. lor Barclay atreet, and every half hour for Ca nal -nd Christopher streets. They will be lat with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to nio Jw*r j. C.STEVENS, Hoboken. STH.A IV liOSNK TS. L. CHA.PIN, No. U Johoitreet, near Broadway up stairs, ha* oa haud ? lood uionaeiKof Fashion lble Straw Bonnet*, which he is selling at the loweK market price*. Milliner* and other* are invited to call before purchasing llitvrbon. mrU lm*r SPRUNG FASHION, fl BROWNkCO., 178 Chatham Stan are, comer of Mott J^^street, wiah I* inform the public oI their recent i m pro re in-ct in the manufacture and fiaisli of their |3 Hats,combining faabion, beanty and durability, three important comideretiona to the wearer. The proprietor* do confidently assert theirhat* to b* much inferior te any ever before ?old for the same price. Call aad satisfy yourself of thu fact. m? lm*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. f* WHY will you pay $4,40 and $5 for a Hat, whea yom Jpfe can go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 V*Jton Street, and get a* food a oa* for W.H7 Oo and examine lor yonr *elee*. mrU lm*rc .METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, Wo. ?7* 1-* Grand street, fS PLUNKETT It CO bare just epened thi? neweetafcliah 0^ sent with* splendid assortment of HAT4aad CAPS, not to b surpassed either in qnal ry, elegance of ahape or da Ebmty whi'.h they offer to the public at the foil owing Tory W prices:? Hat*. First qaslity Nutria For, at $1 50 ttoooud do do do do IN First qiality Moleskin, do ...10* Heco.,d do do <J? lit *?n from i7Si cent* to $1 75 each. Wholesale and retail orders punctually attended to, and cus tomer, ht, ironed aad kept 'a shape gratia. a7 lm*rre J. PLUNKE t C and H. PARDESBUS. GENTLEMEN'S HATS?SPRING STYLE Bird, corner pine andi nausau btreets. Oeatleuiee's Hats, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beautj of style, an now ready for examination and a ale, by the Mbecriber. BIRO, mrU 1 In*re Come? ol Pine and Nassau ?21 et GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHION, r* AND SILK HATS of the beat quality and moat approved shapes, are now ready for inspection aad *ale ut the old establnhed price*. beat Beaver 94 St Beat Bilk 4 it RO WE, Merchant*1 Exchange, *17 lin*rrc 40 William atreet. LOOK AT THIS! LADIES A IN D OKNTLEMEN. if you want _Ja fineniticle of Boot* and blines. ea I at 367 Broad way, -h-ie you will And the la geat aoortment, theapest, and moat faahiouable la the city. Do not mistake the number, 317 Broadway, coruer of Franklin meet. , N. B ? A large assortmeut o( imi>ortcd French Boots, at the lew pilce 4 dollar*. M. CAHiLL ,14 Im'r HKfcMlUM boors. _ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $]M, nty made, and are I??;l to those sold u oui-r store* for tt. Kiao fteneh ? Cftlf ttouU for ^ eqtial to th? beef made 10 this city lot J6 or S7,at ? OIjNU k JONES' French Boot and Ifa .* M .nofaetory, oae oftho mosrfs.hionable IB the city.? Our B ou hiring l>een Jndgrd iu ? hs late Fair at Niblo't, are ? lid to l>e the best ever sold in thia city. All Boots warranted t? gire aaiisfaetioa. Me.'.ding, fc?. don<* in the Store. YOU.NU It JONES, 4 Ana street, in/ft im*m n~*r Broadway. New York. BOOTS AN U r?HOE?-rhe Pnblie are nmted to rail and n. nnue Ilia larue aaaortment oi gentleman's la d'i*a mm! 'iiiases Bof'j, Shoes ?ad Waiters, m i|| iheifTail ur?, which ar? to be louedat the cheap cash siore ?.f mK Iw'- H HitXiAM. * ^assist rnrm,r RLOOP FOR SALE?1 he sleep JAMES, ?? 7g tons burthen, sain, anchor* and rhtina, aad w?II ? ion* nnnnni, ?hi ?iwi? auu rniini, nn<l wttl ?f"indi BOW I> |1 g ( t Ru'Ufr", alio. Andy OI boaid Orto C. oClIKNl K, Jr., all 44"r 114 Water street, cor. of Jutger'* street. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. mikM fess&i Pubic it nreedu'ly rmed that the recent brenkt X it th| t'lnil,?? ?! bv tki l?l? fte-het, hiving rem piirel.fhr PIOprf.ER Sc tf-XIMKB* LINE, vii Itnlro?ii and Casnl from Phi'adelphii Jo Putshargh, tomiieiced in regal r ! trip* fo' ihe p?wi u on Monday. ih<- of April, Irtvii.e tne | I Depot. No. 271 Market st-e't. DAILV . ?C 7)4 o'clock. A . M. By hit rout* i a*sebgers will avoid >-11 the fa'igue aud dsn- i Iter "f night traveling in coa.hrt, both Raiuo.dt using pitted id dayligh'. i Kor inrt' er information app'y at th? OM Es'abliahed Office, ' 274 Maket ?tie?t, i dvo-t above * ig' th itwt j tin6m r r A. B c.UMMINOS, Agent ; LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. i EXPRESS MAIL Trains leave Whitehall, I South Kerry, at 7 A M., far Boston?for i ll p"ris B5BWH8 of the "t 7 aim A.M., and 4 P. M. daily, | except Womdays. alltmrc FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. BOAT LINK. THE subscribers beg to iu<orm their friti di and the public, that tliey ate preraretl to forward goed< arid jiaae ngeis on the Pennsylvania Canal by the shore uuiousUed line of Port able Boat, at the very lowest rates, the* insnriug large loti of SO"d? fiom be ng teptr.iti d, the e b?ni? no trnothipinenis by in<e brati. T?i? lioe. it nuder the*nderie? -if Tlics. Borl-nrige, to Philadelphia; 'iVff & O'Connor, in Pirctbnrir; aud 11 'Connor k Co.. iu Baltimore; i fact'he subscribe' i deem a tuficiei t guarantee mat eraiy caie mil be tnh>-u in the tran shipment ai:d dispatch of goods consigned to them. Merchants aboat shipping by thit loute an invited to call be fore completing their arrangements on _ W ic J. T TAPSCOTT, el5 r 75 Sooth at. enr. Maiden fane. EVENING BOAT FOR TROY & ALbAN V. THROUGH WITHOUT 1.AND1NG. x?a T' IE ?te?mhoat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. reck, will leare the pier at the foot of SCwMEiaK-CortUudt atreet every Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday, at seven o'clock P. M. Passenge-s taking the above boat will art!re in Alhnny or Tioy in ami'le time to take the early morning train* ol' cart for the Ea't or We*t. This is a new and substantial boat, furniili ed with elegant state moms, and for speed and accommodation it nnrivalled on the riud? n All person* are forbid trustins this boat without a written order from the C?ptam or Agent. Kor passage or freight, apply on board the boat, or at the office on the wharf. a{2 tc PEOPLE'S LINE OK 3 PKA BOATS KOR ALB VNV Daily, Snudayt excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pur between Courtlandt and Liberty ?t?. jMQ srm Steamboat HOCHK8TER, Capt. Alfred Houghton will leave on Monday, Wcdnes SdjKjLil^r. and Fridiv evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDR1K HUDSON. Capt. R. O. (Jrnttenden, wilt leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 3 o'clock P. Mm Lac ' . ' Intermediate Placea. From the Foot ?} Uarclay St., Steamboat 8' UTH AVIEEK A, Captain L. W. Bramtrd, will le-ve on Mondty, WeduetJny, Friday and Sunday after noous, at 5 o'clock. _ _ Steamboat NOKTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Knrry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. The above boa's will, at all times, nmve in Albany in ample tim? for the morning ea*s for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates; none ukea alter 5X o'clock, pM. . .. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. Kor passage or freight, apply ou board the Boats, or to P. C Schultr, at ihe office on the whar*. a32 rrc Morning Line at 7 o'clock. FORALBANYANDTROY. aMin ^al Brei? fatt nn<l dinrer on bna'd. Landing ^p at Caldwell's,We?t P.'int.Newbnrgh.Hairp SCZmHQKL ton, I'onghk??p<ie, Hyde Park. Rhineberk, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudton, Coxsackie, Kinder hook. The iteambnat TROV, Capt an A. Oorham, ''"u'sflar. Tliursdav (This Morning,) and Saturday at 7 o'clock, A. M., from trie foot of Barclay street. Hemming on opposite days. For Passage o* Kre ght, apply on board, or to K. B HALL, at the Office on the Wharf. ?ll rre THK fropretors ?(' -team boats wishing Brill hang, would do well to pay a visit on board the steinibosts Ninm. Irnu Witch, Governor, iron boat Joha Stevens, Wooifr, Traveller, Itc., and examine H. Homer's Improved Style of Bfll Hanging?pot bp ne?t and strong, and warranted Tor one year, by H. H. No. I Anu street mi 14 lm*r NEWARK ANL) NKW YORK, FARE 12* CENTS. The Splendid Steamer P ASSAIC, Capt.John Offr, will commence her trip* lor tfcr season .on Moi-day, March lClh, and ran u follows, until lor lipr notice:? Leave Newark, | Leave Barc'ay ?t., New Vorlt, at 7)4 o'clock A. M. I 4 o'clock P. M. Kre'ali' ear ied at very reasonable rate*. for which there are store-h. uhi and azenta, both at Newark and New Yo'k The Pxsiaic liu a lirge and *pweous deck aaioon, rl>-gaully furnish ed, and BT'Ht deck room both for freight and passeu^t r*. mrU lm'rc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE* FOR ALBANY AND THOY DIRECT, from the loot ofCouitl uidt street. Pdiirug<rs takiau this Bjatwill arrive id rim? to take the M irniug Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plain. The stumer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, leaves the fool of CourJaudt street ou TueWay, Thursday ud Saturday evenings, at eerea o'c ock, P. it. For Passage or Faeight, apply oa Board, or at the Office on the whirl. Freight must be pat in chvgv of the Freight Agent, or the Company wl' uot be responsive for l"ss. a'O tf FOR _ STATEN ISLAND Oa and alter Monday, the 20'h day of April, the ?team boat* SYLPH and 8 PATEN ISLAND EH, will leave New York and S aten Island a* follows, until inrther u tice:? Leavedlatcn Island at 6, S, 9, 10, It o'clock, A. M.; 1, 2,3, 4, 6 o'clock. P. M. Leave New York,for' Whitehall street, at 7,9,10,11 o'clock A. M : 1, J. 3.4 ?. 7 o'clock. P. M On 8u iday> the first boat from the Island will leave at t A. M., and the first boat Iron New kark at 9 A. M. N. B.?All freight at the risk of tha owner* thereof. . ail r* JOHN HERDMAN k CO., United States and Orrat Britain and Ireland Emigrant Office CI South street. New York m.m. ^^^iERDMXN. KEENAN h Co.^ver|>?ol. Passage to and from Great Britain aud Irelaud ' via Liverpool) oy the regular Packet Ships sailingrirty live days. The sabscribars in calling the attention of old countrymen and the politic generally to their unequalled airangaraeut* for bringing ont-passeugars from the old country, beg to state that after this year the business of the Hoose at Liverpool will be conducted by its Branch. Those sending for their Iriends will at once see the gi?at importance of this arrangsment, as it will preclude an unnecessary delay of the emigrant. The ships em ployed in this Line are well known to be the first and la. gest eta**, commanded by men of experience; and an they sail e'-err five days, anil offer every facility that cau be furnished. With those superior arrangement*, the sunicrihers took forward for a continuation of that patronage which ha* been so lilatally ex tended to tlieui for so many years past. In rase aLy of those e.'gaged do uot embark, the pusajfe money will b? refunded as customary. For farther particulars aji^^J1 'V ^'o*'f^' 61 South street,New Vork. HERDMAN, KEEN AN It CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Draft* for nay amount can as anal be famished, payable at all the principal Banking Institution* throughout the United Kingdom, oa applicative aa above. a31rc BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Britiah and **orh American Royal Mail Packet Ship* CALEDONIA, CAM BRIA and JH1 i ANNIA, will leave Boa ton for the loove poru a*follow*, viz :? CALEDONIA, Edward U, Lott, C.'in'r, on the 1st May, lilt. CAMBRIA. C. H. E. Jadkins, " " 16 h ' " BRITANNIA, John Hewitt, " " 1st June, " Pasiage to Halifax >20 Paasage to Liverpool fUO For freight or passage, apply to D. BRIOHAM.Jr.. Ageat. At H ARNDEN It CO.'S, t> Wall st No Berth secured until pa'd for. *22 rc DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persona wishing to remit mo ney to any i>art of England, Ireland. Scot land or Wale*, can p ocure d-afta of the sub scribers, payable rw demand, without dis count or any otlier i harge, i. - ' *?e rr.ivincial towas aud cities throughout the Ui'ited Km, Peraona residing in the v > ."7 can, by forwarding any ainounr to the ? ubseriber*. r name and address ol'the person for whom it is intended, have a draft sent by the first steams r or ship, and a receiit for the same retarnad by mail. For farther particular ap, 'y t? _ W k J. T. TAPSCOTT, all r 7} South street, corner Maiden lane. NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVES POOL?Packet ol tli? Kill of April?The splendid, fast sailing and favorite packet ahip SID DONS, .... burthen, Capt. E. B. Cobb, will sail on Moaday, April *7, her regular day. Persons wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their general Paasage Office, 75 South St. *22 rc eorner of Maiden lane, upstairs FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New ?York Line.?Positively First Regular packet?Tosail '"t?The elegant, fast sailing p-cket ship OSWEtJO, Johnson, master, will positively sail as above her regular day. For freight or paasage, having handaome furnished accoci modat ions, apply oa board, at Orleaaa whart foot of Wall street, or to _ K. COLLINS It CO, M South *tre?t . ?o good* leceived oa board after Saturday even tag ttth mat. ' Agent in New Orl-ans. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward r I to hi* addreaa. Packet ahip CLIFTON, Ingeraoll, muter, will tueceed the Oswe go, and sail Moadiy. 4th May, h*r regular day BLACK BALL., OR OLD LINK Or I.IVJ-.K, ?Jffy POOL PACK'-TS FOR LI VF.RPOOL -Only tl MMb gular packet of the 1st May. The new magmliceut ?nacelehr-ied fast sailing favorite pa. et ahip COLUM Bl \, burthen I2i0 tons Cipt. John Rathbone, will sail posi tively on Friday, the 1st of May. The accomnnodition* of the Columbia aie fitted out in a most soperb and eoatly manner, with every modern improvement and convenience, that eaunot but add to the comfort of those embarking. Per sona visiting the old country, or sending lot their fri-nda, should rail snd see this splendid stiecimen of naval architec ture. before engaging elsewhere F'>r passage in eabin, second Cabin and steerage, early application sr.nuli! be made on board, toot ol iieekman street, or to the su!>scrihcrs, ROCHE, BROTHERS * CO n2l IC JS H niton strret, (i.eti door in the Fnlton Bank.) OLASOOW LINK OF PACKETS^-To sail 1st 1100 tons I shifosV May, h?r regular dav?The fine, fast sailing, eopper tfttbad Br. bark ANN HARLEY, Capt. R Tcou, will sail aa above, her regular day. For halanre of lieight or pasaage, liaviug excellent atcom roiLtioa*, atiplito . ??re. ^ WOODMUUs k MINTL'RN, 91 South*i Dr. Ryder'* Lectnm on inrltular Oanfetilon at lit fvter'iChurali, lMt Mandajr. 90th '"hip. St. John, *1(1 and 33d vertes?"R?e?ie< y* tka Ht'y (Shott; tekott tint ye remit, tiny are remitted ut-to them, aid <cA??c tint ye retain, they art retained " This ovenisg, ray belovei brethren, the practice of tho Catholio Church throughout all age* and all countries, of confessing to (he ministers of Almighty G^d, who ,?i'o appoints i to remit the nine which the member.- of that crumb .'eel themsrlret guilty of, will be the subject of my ditcMirne. Thl? doctrine and practls# of the Cutho lie world is undenrtood by every Catholio to me?n that in the church of God ther j haa been established a nen roeut for the remission of tins committed after the ncit ment of baptism; and that In tho sacrament, there are tuiee acta to be performed on the part of the person con fessing, and one on the |i*rt of the minister. Oa the {?art of the person confessing, the throe art* necoisiry on hi< part are contrition, canfrstion.nnd satisfaction; on tbe pait of the minister of Almighty God ii th? etercit* of tho power of remission. Thsre i? no difficulty be tween u? aud our dissenting brethren, on Htiy of tho first named point*, except the oca of confession, which in tho Catholic church is termed auricular confession. Now, what wo understand by auricular confession if this, that it is an institution founded bv the Divine 1 Saviour** an obligation upon every Chtituan, by which he i* bound to confess the sins of which he it guilty, hie- ! cause by theso means tho law of Gad may be 'indicated. I Having thus premised the meaning of auricular confet- ! ?ion, tt>o question i*>, is oir vbw of this important point, I tho trii'i one, or is it a system framed bv priests f'jr tfc* ' purpoio* of iniqu/y, oni not authorised by the A'mighty God. We Catholics feel convincad that it is a divine institution, and that confession in tbe manner 1 have pointed out is essential for th* remission of sin. We beliova, moreover,jj that the sacrament of confes sion is as necessary for th* remission of sin committed after the sacrament of baptism, as tb?> sacrement of bap tism it necessary for the remission of sin committed pre viously. Therefore, you will perceive at once the ne cessity of ascertaining whether the sacrament of con letsion is a divino institution or not. The words whi h I have quoted from St. Johu, evidently convey, ou ono hand, tho power given to the minister of religion for ad ministericg the sacrament, by which sins are forgiven; and this power cannot be exercised unless there be a re lative obligation on the part of the penitent for disclosing hit sins; that relative obligation mutt clearly exist, or the words of our divine Saviour are nugatory. Now our Saviour breathes upon the apostles the Holy Ghost, and gives them the power which it wasirequisite they should possess, in order that they should Deceme the peace makers between God and man. Thm be gives them the Holy Ghost, in order that they might be guided by the.Divine Spirit, and that tbey might be fillea with mercy and charity. He then says " what sint you for give are forgiven, what sins you retain are retained."? Here, then, it is clear the apostles are invetted with the power of forgiving and retaining tins. " What tint you forgive shall be forgiven;" that is not sufficient, and he invents tbem with a judicial power, and say* "what sins you retain are retained " In these words.Jetus Christ gives power to hit apostles to reconcile God to man, and in tho exercise of that power, may remit sins or not Now, my beloved brethren, I can't use language more explicit than the language made use of by our Divine Saviour. Fancy to yourselves if there could be an ex pression more declaratory of the power of pardoning sins than the expression used. There is no limitation what ever. At tho same time he sa^s, " whose sins ye retain, shall be retained." Consequently the remitsion and re tention of tins is delegated to tbe apastlet. And yet. shall it be said that this unlimited power should turn out to be nugatory and a contradiction, and that the doc trino of the Catholic church on this important ques tion it aot true ? What it the doctrine of the Catho lic church 1 It it, that there it the power of re mitting and retaining sint invested in the ministers of the church, and that thai power implies tho obli gation ot confession on the part of the penitent, in order that the minister may exercise that power. Our dis senting brethren deny this doctrine, and say that there is no obligation on u| tinner to conlets to any one but hit Maker. He has merely to say that he is a tinner. How, now, it this t-> be understood 1 If the sinner it not bound to confess to the minister of roligiou, what becomes of the power conterred on the npottles 1 How can the power be exercised 7 Suppose no one were to confess to the apostles, what would havo been done then ? The aposilet had the Dower, snd under what circumstances could they exercise it, if there w*t no obligation on the part of the tinner to confeii bit mm to them 7 The nposting could not exercite the power becauie no individual would tubmit to tlieir authority. And piay what authority is it that can't be exerciicd 7 Certainly the authority conferred upon them by the I)i vino Saviour. Suppose, for a moment, that the Divine Saviour gave to tho apostles a power that could not bp exercised, would it not have been an act of iijusrice ? Can we suppose that the Divine Saviour weuid have acted in that manner 7 Such an idea is absurd ; it is prrpoktero'iK and cannot be admitted fjr a moment But am I to under tand that if there is no obligation on the part of the sinner to confess hi* sins, that the power conferred upon the apostles can't be exercised 7 Let us suppose for an instant that one of these apostles, invested witu this power, were to entor into this amemhly mil cay that he had the power of forgiving and retaining sirs; and if you supposed that thero was no obligation oa y?.u to cenfets your sins, what would you do 7 You would do nothing, tho power vested in the apojtio could not be exercised, and he would stand in the attitnde of an idiot. But let me suppose that you are con' cioua of the obligation, and the apostle appears. He is invested with the power of forgiving sins, and is charged to hear your confession, end then to exercise his autnority in forgiving cr retaining your sins. In such caso the apos tle ,tends in the position of a divinely appointed agent, invektoil with divine authority, aud you receive the benefit of the exercise of the power. But in tho other cace you would merely say that you were a tinner. Would that be sufficient to authorize tho apostle to employ the authority wi'-h which he is invested 1 No, it would not; he could not exercise his authority in such a case, th ? apostle would not know what sin* you coraani'tod Ho would not know the circumstances of your tins; and therefore, bow could he decide whother you were Q' for absolution, or fit to have your tint retained? You might not be St to receive absolution ; and if too apostle were to say to you that your sint ate forgiven, he woul'i lie guilty of perverting the use of tho power with which he was inveited. Suppose, thon, he were of opinion that your tins ought not to he forgiven ! You lay you nrn a siuner, but he will i,ot remit your tint, althonfth you may be anxious to be reconciled to your Ood. He would then refnse to admin ister hit power, and vou would remain in sin. Wnen all these were taken into consideration, as the Catholic view, ail Catholics believe that there it nn Apostle who hat tho power of forgiving tint. The Catholic approaches him iu private?gives an account of his sint?lets him tee the state of his conscience -he investigates, and examine* into it, and if he deems it right, he pronounces the absolution. Here tho thing wat clear, at to the relative duties between the Apostle and the confettor. II the Apostles had not this power, at waa granted to them according to the acriptures, the Saviour would be guilty of having imposed upon the Apostles, by granting them h power which they never could exercise. Tbty rhould, on this point, remember again the words of the scripture: " Whose tint yoa forgive, they are forgiven ; and whoae tint you retain, they are retained." Here was the power expressly delegated, of forgiving sin* ? iu language and under authority not to be misunderstood But on the supposition that there wat no obligation for tubmit ting to the ordeal of confettion, in order to obtain re mistion of tin, it would be absurd to suppose that the

apostle could pronounce absolution, unless be knew the state of the comcience, cr the mature of the sintobe remitted through absolution and penance, tuch at he would eojoin, and inch as only could be ascertained, by confession?and it would be also a contradiction to tap pete that sins cou'd be forgiven or retained if there ex isted no power of remitting or retaining them. If they were not bound to tubmit the condition ef their con science, the apottle could not say, "I forgive." He submitted, theiefore, that according to the exprett lan guage of the Scripturei, the power of pardoning and retaining tint, wat no longer contradictory. More over, this doctrine of/retaining and pardoning tin. If it be not understood at it waa in the Catho lie church, wta of the most injuriout tendency, and it may be the meant of tubverting the whole order of society. If this power wat to be exercited blindly and indiscriminately?if an individual were to com* be fore them at a community, and lay, "I forgive all the tint of one portion of you, and I refute to pardon the tins ol the other portion," what would the coniequenc.e be ! Whit would the contequence be, he would a?k, il such a person came forward, ami pardoned every spe cies of ahx.nination in one species of politicians, and left the other unpardoned 7 Could he not, In tuch a oase, be made the pliant tool of one administration, and may, therefore, countenance every special of villainy ; and, on the other bund, he may grind, under hit authority, the heartt and coniciences of the poor and virtuous in dividuals, who may be opposed to tuch an adminiitra tion. Let him but suppoie, for a moment, that the apot tle came again?they could not change the apostle?be had tail charter, and wai inveited with bit diploma, and he retained them ; and let him ?uppoiethat he wat ap proached by ona in the community, and that he wcuid tell him to go lorward and ilander whom he pleated, and whilst he wat vilifying his brethren, yet he would stand before the multitude protected and patronized, be cause he had the power to allow him. Would not this he an erroneous and dreadlul abure of this power? On the other hand, we may fled an individual mho hat been the victim of seduction, but who, like a Magdalen, may be desirous of returning to the patht of virtue, tbe minister may be diipoted to act tbe tyrant and refute to exercise his power, and refase to remit her sint. You ?ee, at once, what would be the contequence. She would immediately return to her iniquity, and think there wai no place in Heaven for her. You tee what I coniequeuces would enme to society. So, then, my 1 beloved brethren, if we admit tnal our Diviae Saviour ever uttered the word* in the text, we mutt admit a | corresponding obligation on our part to submit to the exercise of that po>?er Now, the authority cannot be ! exercised, unless the sioner is or ii not to be pardot ed. I Yet, the sinner must nover place himself in the po ttion of a penitent, without a cltsr compreheii ' *ion of the t'ate of hit coo* ?unco. By couleising nil the tim of which he it guilty, in word or uotion, are {remitted. Hence, my beloved brethren, the authority with which th" apostlet wat invested, wat neither it juriout or nugatory. On the contrary the authority it mercifully repoted on them for the parpoie of < pening the gates of Heaven to xiuful and errir < man, | and reconciling the children of Ood to their Creator. Tins brings me to another portion of th* Scnpturat where our Saviour sayi to St. Peter, " I will give to jou I the key a of Heaven, whoe?ever you Mnd on earth, thall be bound in Heaven," fco. Thin power wat granted to St Peter alone.beoeuae he waa the principal apottlt, oa account ol Lit i?iition in the, church of Ood. ind again | in another expression our Divine Saviour tayt "whose l? 2"r'0'tc " 9? i aiiAfltloa ??k sranteu to Pater and to tba otbir ' SvSSSS^?^"?*:' a^saSS1; that in a peculiar manner; beeou.e them is tii*.' power of opening the gatea of Heaven, and ofrefualn* ; to open them. "I will give unto you the keva <>i thu hJn^u? ? HMTeu-'' k<5- Heaven, r.onaeqtiBiitly cauuot Br b?i?hW lthr""fh th" """Uum of the apoatlee '"*? of Heaven, we undeiTand that th? olden flm L9 oontro1 of th<> '*'?? of Heaven. In the olden time, when a man had the keys of the rate* of a .itv c"yWSr&hie0ivi,U ,!hVuPr#rae ""thoritv overtha* (jty, UDd ai the Divirie Saviour committed the keva of ^'h0 A'*>st'".<h?r *re invested with authority Hoav"" Ya Un'ur m i,ubjec'" ff our Sivionr; w,d a* .1. ?oZJ'fW",k sa Yon will all undsr. ' bavit u M I r C#n ,nUr yo"1" houae without the I Key it 1? naeleaa for you to five me the kev Thi.i. I EB?S??vSSLt,''5853 ?.?I them of what .Tie ih."."" entp/ Heaven without I b re the re n ,!!!?,. (.h,t poWer 7 ?"r <li???nti.iff " ? "Ve.n "y. caunot exercise the power. Unleta admit again that the Divine Sauour waa plavinrthe sk ?a ihfln .h* wo"ld lead them to the highway ot iniqttitv ? SS'SS-S-S^Kf thia would be an hiatorical (act.Tnd ??Tmay be'don'a' isSrl ??=? s."a?,^.S5 j&Wa^ tsrsarfers fhe'Liae X7r^h ^ % ?&&?& doctunu waa, and they prectiaed it to whatthia ssus?^ry!^1?Sv?^ site a?ta of Dennnra _ P?'.,?Mn th? requi faction. Theao facta 'made BOl ,ati#" primitive Cbri.tiana iinderatood tVi'a rt' ,*? tfce There ia another fact which mit h, ?? 7~ tho dfth chapter of tha /Vets of th? ir ?? Ti raaJ m sirwfss: | approached the Apoatle Peter arid de??..^h^ TM aoine of the money far the .. . jjopoeitod belero him ?Tlf before 7/ApontU, VAd'him * ssrhksS ! ?oh waa a fbcret action Tho AnmtlJ e 70Xl j kame individual comea to 8t Paul ml it. ! repeated The Apo.t!e ..?,, ?? combined with each other to ?> ? y ' h"VB I manaud to the HK?? Jou have lied to i =.*; js if. si&.i.'i' "wjiir'I-7" Do you lancy that theaa iadividu^U would'ha'' 'l ? s'K r;i% oul.y of the poaitiou. Hero ha ia guilty of perju^r fn I the lormor caae he n guilty of ain becana. hJ #7m . untruth, but ho did net uerlure i .u oM BB Anuaaita and S?p,.Uira,tiiey were guilty of violatini'tha' "X" 0"h" MtiijioaD ::: iohr,"<, a practice ao revolting could ? veV b a v? hi c 0 nc *' * * th#J .h.i u. ?.cuir.u/or thor. e,,;,, i.,..V > kSI','?,'" "??"?Wi'k th. confratoa' r.r:, ass, 'r*'" v~L none. I know that it atanda aa a dead u(,f?V,J* Kpiacopal Church; but I know at the tame "t'ii that there ia conaidered no obiuation anfiil fimo, clear, became there u no auffitv lo hil-T r",OQ u aina out of tho Catholic Chnrch Vlfl ?r r*?" the Catholic prloat can eiercSo'the ' ??^ b,,t ia a certain fact, that the confaaaional eiiated iVthlf?! " of the reformation; and haviol eSiat^5 .ill ,* !iT" admitted that it eaiated before thla Vf it dirt n^",! it u incumbent upon our diaaentinr hr.ifc?? . ' the period at wbkh it waa in.??ute5 ?;'?,pr0T? a doctrine be inatituUd by ."y butdiviSe me^f .nH^r they deny it, it ia for them to prove that it waa ef human inatitutioo. Wo find according to $t Aotottiw thTt ?, waa a divine inatitution, and waa DractiV.d f?? ?ki ? nparting IntolllnnM. ReLtrss Covasc. Ci??ou.T?*-I.iir "?r, Sunday. April 1* ? Association Purse, MX) mil* heatf * In ?. ft. Tea Broach, Jr.'*, (A W. Smalls) g h. Croton, by Chorister, ilim by Miekli john. 5 y. " # 1 1 1 P. A Cock*' b. 1. Victres*, by Qrey Eagle, dam by Royal Chmlie, 4 y. o 3 0 3 3 3 A Lecomte k Co.'* b m. Laura Lecornte, *>r Taiquin, out of imp Sarah. 5y o I 3 8 3 8 Time-1:55$ ?1:61 j-l:53$?t?1 :ft3. Same Oat.?Purie, $50? Entrance, $10 added. Mile heata John Clark'* b.c Heckles*, by Steel, out of Mi** Bet, 4 y. 3 1 1 D Tidwell'* ch. g. by Count Badger, oat of Queen of Diamonds, 4y o 4 3 2 Capt. Thos. Moore'* ch. c. by Loviathan. dam by Virginian, ly o t 3 3 M. 8. Hammond'* b. f. Kate Luekett, by Mon mouth Kclipse, out of Shepherdes*; 4 y. o. . . 2 dif. Time, 1:53^?1:54?1:54 -iV O Delta, .4prtI 14. The Caledonia's Mail?Thr largest mail ever received at the Boston Post-office, was brought there from the Caledonia yesterday, at half past one, P. M., consisting of 113 bag* of letter* and paper*. It wax important to forward the letter* and papers to the South by the steamboat mail, whieh closfd at 4 P.M. The clerks went at it, and before half past 4 o'clock, lh" mail for the South was on its way to New York. In leaa than three bourse mail containing otrtr 83,000 Uttera, waa ! assorted and despatched by the cletks of the Boston Port Office?an extraordinary feature here, and unpatal leled in the New York office, where, according to the editors of ihat city, they have the smartest post office ; dorks in the Union, who Ihey were wishing a short time ago, to send on to BnsWn and regulate " toe mail*.'' I ?Bjiton Journal, Jlpril 31. Quick Tr a villi** ? We learn from the Spy that 1 the rxpreM which left Boston on the arrival at the steamer yerterday, to' New York, ran the distance (o Wor^??t,' , fvrty-tflur m I :s and a half, by a ne-v e ugli? , recently built by ifmkley and Drnry, in fifty lonr mi. nutea, which ia the short**! time ever made on the road. There are nine distilleries in operation in Boston, employing 4? men, acd a capital of >175 000 They ma oulacturo annuelly about 3,873,033 calioc* oi spirit, valued at $fud,((<>0. Aliiany, April 21, 1316. A Le^itlative Chapter of Accident*?Furious De bate in the Hnue on the Apportionment Dill? Scent, Assembly Chamber ? Place, Capitol? Time, from 9A.M to 7 P.M. Bright and beautiful morning?thermometer 80 degrees. The ultra (action ot the great democratic party (ho called) put in requisition, their last eflort in committee, to effect the pa'tange of the new ap portionment bill. Mr. Chair in tbo ?hair. Mr. Tilden arrived from New Yotk this morning, and appeared upon the lloor, holding a pahmpt'st in hi* Acigors, coa UiiiiDR a positive command of the untcrrifled democracy of New York, to tha New York delegation, to rote for the new apportionment bill, which hai jtut beau seat from the Benito, in defhnce of le^il opinions and con aututi<>nal construct ohh. Upon the t'Htsagu of thii bill depend! tho late and powar of the radical! in the con vention. .Fourteen senators in tlie c?mi circular gallery ? amonft others. Beers aud ex-Senator Davie uf Troy. Lobbies tUled?excitement profound?contemplated combination of tho whig* and conservatives to oufeat the bill! Unparalleled attack upon the State Senate, in volving ita honor, charging it with treason and a viola tion ot the constitution ! Impeachmont of the Judiciary! The ermine stained ? 1HK irrOKTIOMMK.NT BILL rkf.'hiii 10 ,h# Ho."*a fr?m lho 9?"at.j this morning ! Ibis bill propo*o*to regulate the representation ia Uo ;or.Ttutioii by the apportionment of lti4j. John Vournr Livmg?ton, commenced ? ferociou* attack upon the Mend. of thi* bill in general, and upon Mo.mTiI.Ua -.batSt-ld, and the State Senate in particular; be Je aounccd the effort to pan tho bill at a treasonable at '.V^rLt0 5??ure,tho ow'olutJon of the convention; he ) ? aUomPl a" 80 impugnment of tho motive* y.' a"d M ""Paralleled in legislation. He iva* rancorous; too much so for an exordium; whon, too, .he honorable gentleman was in favor of the bill pro riou? ?o the reeling of the judicial opinion. ?f Steuben, repl.ed for the bill, and the carried mto the remotest part of Africa. There ^ hesita ion here; theie men stood tin to the a reach like the Spartans at Thermopylic; for, do you un hT,ahDdh,hat th6J "ero nnd,,r KxecutiVe Vowilsand ,f *t?ch remained for them to secure power WM brief Mr- ChatflMJ laid he did ?oU??inn *V0W 80 charK? ,l*.it there bnd been !lor?hu !rM" certain member* on that floor and the star??hi?' Jud?cwry ! He did not hesitate to de teflf... .,p{" 10 the de,iT?ry Of the opinion, ill eiview* and arraug?manta tor concerted action had Word?? nf nt*,e"n Mr.' Ju,tice Jewett and Mr. Alvah Wordeu, of Oatario-, and, without heiitation, he attribut iUm? ef^a?ri,lnar)r anxiety exhibited by tho hon eon (Wordenj to include Ju.tice Jewett among*, justices to whom the affair ihould be refeirod tonre m?n H ,nd. de^boratire collusion between these men. He emphatically execrated such a covert and ?i 8? Mnrtri?ng?y*.K '2 l'ef*at B b,iU which ha<l received i?" ""f1'00 ?f ,th" Senate, and which (anction the 2j called upon to confirm. "?w l.he ?torm began. I saw that Worden looked ron,a,rk8(l,hat he wa* husbanding hia oiiergie* rhi* iP r?f and denunciation. i. i Worden in profound, not brilliant-fluent, not poliihed. Hi? voice is musical, not powerful Ho ii nrnnfD!tertb.#t h" *ive" you ,0 "nde?tand that he in !i tt"y. conation opposite to what he may her&n\ HKe ,#id-Mr- tlhairmea, bofoie Home feU 1 ,ma corruPt- ,f ?uch corruption could fHftn^J inlhU 0?"nt.ry (*Uu*iou to the Senate), tho l?n- . " could not hop-to see them 8?"t'eman from Livingston had u?i7 i corruption* upon the Senate, and ho co lncided with hi* lriend from Livingston '. What until thia?l ate hon^f ?hhaV? hai1 f?r JotaininK this bill " ' M late "our; >f they were not actunted by a do r determination to secure the dissolution or the r?fn? l V?|D.? ? Sentlcmen were too late ; no de cent legislation could put thi* bill through the usual 1??.' "> time for the election. The time had nearlylcx R i . ,yi?'?ot,'bU t0P>,s tbia bill, and get it off to the electors of Cbautauque, so that they can act ^ ?rni\ WUQt ?v?ots (said the honor" We Q 0 Otoracterised the debate upon this -h.,in?V 8?,ia,16 !.What di?gr?ce'?l occurrence* ! what profanity . what mor.amvringi! what trea* clared uot a ,enator ?e clared, without fear of oonvi"tion, nnd nf>t without f*wfld',bat ho blended to "blow up tho Con ouerJtfnn Win'1'' and t0 prohibit the operation of the noblo*t proposition for reform which hin* M c*at"ry '??? produced f And why did the honorablegectleman, from N..w Vork, neit that citv on Sunday it despatch was so indispensable t Why did .Aft ?C#, ,l)? Ooadjutor* to repudjatejtheir hone.t opin icn* je^tcrJay I "I be gentleman may be conscious ol his power ; he may have succeeded, on thi* occasion, ir oxtiacting that integrity and honesty from them which R1. .i 8nd ?t0T0 necl thBm b"for?- '* appears t5!L v a^.wment* which Mr. Tilden procured in New Vork. la favor of tbo bill, bad the uec?s!ary v-?v ?u'i Ifect upon lu? colleague* of the if";! delgation "Sir (said the learned gentleman) ? Pr**enting thn lepre*enUtlon of Mow .? . * ,IU0,t ui)ju<t ra1'? "? thie donveu ' ?PPn*? thi* bill. Ho know* the aii nnn nW. ?r^ ^ad, a representative population of 2. 5,000 But, air, take from that representation the in liveVh-r-'hi''? *ud "U lne, congregated gamblers who *7 iPfoominy, and what will ho her honest representation I In le*44 that city polled 60,000 vote* and it wft* univer?ally conceded that IrauJ and perjury of the moat abominable and outrageous character was perpetrated in that election. Now, it wt a proposed te allow her 64 oon vote*, and to repreaent them in the tionTanw? ,? '? " waf " criminal proposi " *V depriving tho country of it* legal repre.en tation, and giving it to the corrupt and profliraU city of il 5r ,#CBn"y out the ?? rotten borough t'r u Af ^ ln ord"r ?? "cure a reprerentntion for her horde of thieves and her"* well mob." Look at the u?f,i y ?1 thing? said the learned gentleman. Ma Worden then turned hi* atteiftion to the gen'leman from Steuben, who had asicrted that the opponent* of thi* bill were dciirou* of defeating " the people's resolu tion* of 1841. [The gentleman alluded to the celebrated resolution* introduced into the House io 1W41, by Mr Loornis, which proposed to abolish the right and power of tho Legi lature to create a State debt lor nny purpose whatever; it i* known that certain gentlemen proposed to dispense with' a convention as unnecessary, un der the operation of these resolutions.] Are they not already deieated I Tbe traiteious attempt to en graft these resolution* upon the constitution of this state had been fonnd to be a foul conspiracy by State othier*, to *.<isa upon the State revenue. , iWB, cannot follow tho learned gentleman pre ci??ly through hi* argument; we can only make a gene ral teference to the promineut and ttringiag point* in hi* plea. H? asked it the sudden anxiety displayed by the 8enate to pas* thi* bill would not cover it with infamy 1 In reply to an assertion that the opinion of the !l0^ i.O I7?r* waa entitled to great consideration, and ihet it would have a greater influence upon tbe people than an opinion of tbe Supreme Couit. Ho said most sarcastically, that there were senator* in that body who could not write ten words of Engli*b, and who did not know the flrat principle* of law ; and then, h* said, " to talk abeut the influence of the Senate !" At thi* point the gentlenan said he had beln falsely charged with knowing the opinion of tbe Supreme Court unon thi* matter, before tie had offered the resolution to procure the opinion. He demanded the proofs; and, if it waa true, he demanded the impeachment of tbe judge* by thi* Legiilature; and for himaelf, be demanded bia ex puliion from the Houte. Mr. Chat field?1 a*k the gentleman if it 1* not true 7 Mr. Worden.?I will not aniwer auch a nuestion, coining a* it doe* from a source which pre-iuppoaea such deep moral turpitude in a colleague! (And now the (even vial* of hi* wrath are opened.) The man wbo would make auch a charge, would do tbe meaneat con ceivable act. He had never approached or spoken in any manner, nearly or remotely, to these Judges, previous to the delivery of tbe opioion. Who are these func tionarie*, wno are charged by that man with *uch foul and unmitigated villainy ? Why. air, they are member* of hia ewn party ! [The learned gentleman here pro ceeded to pronounce a very brilliant eulogy apon the livea and character* of the afore-mentioned iaatieea, which will vastly contribute to their Immortality, In my opinion; and then, after thi* extravagant panegyric, he relapsed into a strain ol lerae and Mutue execration o. the man who called their integrity In question 1 1a it to be auppoaed (be aaid) that saoa men een be tampered with J Wby, sir, such wretches (alladmg to tbe Staaben man) always believe other men are aetuated by dishono rablo motives. It was left for this day to witners, and for that man to commit a foul aot of treason against the Common wealth, and to soil tbe ermine of her judiciary. The learned gentleman Anally con cluded, after stigmatising the Senate aa the aitoma ton of Execntiv* power, and investing Mr. Comptroller Flagg with the agreeable designation ef " stoea gamb ler.5' with moving that the bill be indeflnitelv postponed The question was debatelble Messrs Young Tilden, and Chatfleld subsequently nu^port 4 the brunt of the battle?Messrs. Yocngand Worden againat the bill, and Messrs. Chaffield and Tilden for it At 3 P. M , the House was dismissed for one hour and a half, when tbe pass at arms was resumed. Kaicbions sprang from their scabbarda and gleamed in the mild air air of a tummei's eve; every low epitnet in the vocabulary of Albany po litica, and every synonyme in tbe poor and con tracted English, which could convey bitter sarcasm, and inflict the deep aoguiah of pure inny, was brought into requisition by theie grave and reverend 'ignore ? The Roundheads and the Heirency assassins stood shou! der to (boulder in the lobbiee aal ar?aa, ready '# cover the retreat of the regulars, in ca?e the contact should in duce trem to raise the cry of " isur> qm It was tho last snaggle; on it* hirgea tbe domination of a great administration and the |>etionag? of great men for yeai* to come. On it, probably, hinges the vital qnee tion, whether the admlmitration of the government? tbe traualor and safe keeping of the public mo neys?the regulation of the financial ?y*tem-and tbe right of property shall be repoied in the |*ot>le or 10 u rottrit or group, or combination of mad-can and politic-itruck politicians ! ! Ye* ; rn it finally hitice* tbe coLventicn itself I keep the signet ,ff my l.ttei until the latest moment, io order to announce that, at la quarter past six, tb? House adjourned without'taking ibe question, and that the final vote opon the bill will be bat to-mounw morning, at 10 o'clock Thsre can "? cf the paasnge cf the t ill , tbe majority, how*,v^r, mi ill not bp mot# thai* A To or six Nothing dona in the Senate today worthy ofexbibi tion. Canai. Boat Bi.ookadk.?On the 20th mat, there were 314 boats lying at Clifton Taik-no if eking baring taken place up to that tisno from 8 o'clock on the Sua <Uy uigUt pray to ua. Vtrlcim, A grand jury iu Alabama hu {.mod au indictment for parlury against George U BhurtiiJge, Judge of tko Third Judicial District of that Stat*. Th? trial of Mia* 8a?ah Smitii, tor tillage*! feralMtton with John B Perltina, cum* on in lh? Court of Cooiiaou Pie ia at Salem, Mas*., on Monday iu*t. Ta* inaUgator of the prosecution i? a rejec'ed lover of ths lndy uaaied Kdwiird F. Lakeman Trie particular* ot the wJUlr are moat disgusting, and have the utr of a conspiracy to de stroy the reputation of an innocent woman. Owiaftte the absence of some important witnese on the pa it cf the defence, the case ia ccuticued by agroemsut uatll next December. We learn from the Norfolk Rearon of the 30th .a.t^ that this dwelling of (apt. Langhton, and the ob*errj?.? ry 011 l-'ortrea* Calhoun, ot tue Kip Hapa, wore d?i r<-y?d o* Sntuiday morning laat, abont 4 o'clock, by flr . *e rapid wuatne apieaU ot the flaoiea, that Capt. L. unable to aare any portion of tin mrruture. liia lv* < ha* been u serious one. as w e bear, ti:at ia addition to uu furuitiiro he ioat all hia papers aud a considerable sum of money. The )art quotations of th? flih market in the Jiirmun ci ria Gazette are as follo-vs : ?Shad were selling >?aUr day at $7,'.'5 n $7,ft0 per huodi?<t and herringe ut $8,174 a $4 per thouuniid. TIm supply ia now pretty good, and a large demand. Lawrence J. Brengle of Frederick, hia breu appoint* ed Treaaurerof the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Cwnna ny, vice Philemon Chow, resigned. Tbn malleable iron wotka of Milea OreonwonU U On., on the .Vliami canal, at Cincinnati, warn aemploMy <U atroyed by fire on the 18th inat. Mr trreanv.o<<d com menced buaineaa aixteea years ego with but three dol lar* and fifty centa, and by bia indefatigable indnirtry had become owner of those valuable work*. He ia now stidJenly redmccd to peverty. The worka at the time of tlie flro were under the supeiintrndonco of Thomas fc. Wood, recently of Naw York. This calamity ia a we lanchely illuat.ration of the vicissitudes of life. Dr. Holiiok intend* returning to New York to deliver a courae of lectures, in nbotit a fortnight We mentioned hia acqaittal from the indictment brought agaioat him in Philad Iphia, in the Herald of yesterday. The trial turned out a complete farce. i 8urR*Mc CouaT-Special Term, Mr. Justice Biinti J*T presiding?April 17.?Tho Long Island Railroad Company ads. Beard at al-Motion to vacate a former ord r, denied with costa. Bartlett imp'd ad* Low?Me ???i jre.'fxa,l?? of co*t*' d*?'e<1 with cuit*. liiucon3 ?t al. adj. Humphrey et al-Motion (or judgment of noa nni??Pden.,6d' co?t?U> abide event. Jenkint, sheriff. ad*. ? Dickman?motion taken bjr default, vacated, and motion ordered to stand ovtr to next ? cial term. Ruhr ada Kind, adai'x, ke?Motion to change venue, granted by default. Shaler va. Wliitiug-Motion M?.r!f\r*n0'; fr,nUd . Ke?y Glenn ett al Motion to make Lyman Oibion a defendant in this anlt H > denied wilh cost* without prejudice. Kellr ada Olenn et al?Motion for a cemm esion, grcntod. Boyn etal ad* same?Dodo. Lewi* ada. Mansell-Do do and atay of proceeding* denied with cost*. Bishop vs. k7 i r u t0 ?P'n defendant'* motion; taken by default at thi* term, aod that motion *t*nd orer to next ?pecial term granted. Sehsffar ada. Smffen jr votion to *tay proceedings until award of arbitrator* ii made, granted by default. Haine* ad* Hainee?Motion for reference, granted by default. Smith v*. Torrev ?: al Motion ex parte, for an alina execution, granted. Cowley ada. Havana-Motion for a commission, grunted by default. Lightbody adw Armstrong et al?Motion to set aside and discharge judgment, kc., granted with coat*. Same ads. Same?Motion to set aside default k granted with co*ta. Carpenter ad*. to set aside mquont ke , denied with costs, without r.rtlu dice. Carpenter, imp'd, k<; , o,l, Coddiogton-Do do. Olmsfeed ads. Lewelien-Motion that treble costs ba al lowed to defendant in error, Sic granted bv defanlt Harry ad*, The bank of OrleinT-Mot'on forj^ment as in caso of non suit. ICiersted et al. ad*. Isham?Do h?! RC.0?V'? !W"l.C0?1J' Bank ad3- the 8?cketf* Har bor Bank?Motion tocbango venue, granted by default. Taylor ad*. Heato?Motion to set aside verdict, kc., , granted by default, wj'.h costs. Cooper ad*. Tiflanv ? Petition for di*cr>vnry of books, records, It;., granted ax parte. Woodruff et al. n. Wright et al-Motlon order edto .tMid over to next special term Uobmsoii ot al r* Mood et al-Motion for comtnissioa, gianted by default. Mack et al. ads. Reed Motion to change venue, grunt I ed. Rex ford an. Morris-Do do do denied?The p#0 ploexiel Hulbett. jr. vs Delv judge, fcc-Motion for j certiorari, granted ox parte Dennett v*. Downing. ex'r I Motion ex parte thai deft psj cost*, Ice , or shew cause, Ius, f. jntod. Redding ij? Danes -Motion to set ?tiito rep >rt oi grtntQ.1 oo lera*. SricMk tVass?Cmei Ju?ttcti Oronson pre*!din# ? April 18.-TUuiman ads. Baldwin at al?Motion to change venue, granted by default. Com*tock et al impleaded ad* Livingston, and same ads. same Motion for judgment as in case of non auit denied, costa to amde evaut Cleaveland ads Ceoia' Motion to vacate order* of Supreme Court com mis^ioner*. staying proceedings ; granted wilh costa by I del,in It. Brady et al. ads. Clinton, assignee. kc ? Mo tmn o vacste judgment, granted by atipulatiou. Smith ads ilailey-Motion to set atiJe rule to plea-! granted with cost*, by deiault. In the matter or Die vs g-rr I nVn^-Vf" m f:'r C8.rt<pr&ri' K'.au'od ex parte Lord ad*. Benedict.?Motion to *tay pltff* proceeding, en the judgment until motion to *et aside report ol ref rees" j determined. Swatn ads Oare -Motion lor jadgmsnt a* I w ),.0.n 'uit' dani#u with costs. Sim 1:, vus ad* We'brMge-Motion for retaxatioo of co*t?, granted. Collrel ad*. Taylor, adm'r. kc., defte-Motion ordered 1 to stand over to neit *peci?l term. Smith et al. **. t Hathawa) Motion to *ot aside ?herif* sale, daaled with cost*. 8ufferu?v*. strander ? Motion to set aside juogm' nt of non pro* , kc., otdored to ?tand over to next ?pecial term on payment of 17 co*t*. Bishop rs La tham?Motion to require L. B. Loce to pay cots, ke ? C#,t' ??- Ostrander?Motion to ?ubctitute attorney, granted. co*t* of attorney ti be paid on taxation. L'nderhiii, imp'd kc. ad*. Walker?Motion !? "ei.*n *c , granted by default. Cotting et lv tM2U?? V ,Uy execution pfrpetuel w ii '' , todehud on term*. Wtute et *1 v*. William*-Motion for attachment againit eitoroevs granted #g?in*t one unl-** the amount it pud in (treaty day*. Oieene et al vs. Butler, et al-Motion to *e^ ,'!! ,kC ,d,,?ed wilh C0,u' Jr and another canse?Motion to set off jiVdient*. denied ZtCr*? 55 T?*1 * Robcrt?-Motion tak?n by ?ii' 1^. ' P0,06 motn.n to change venue <len)eJ M alker et al ad*. Worden et al- Motion to ?tuy ceeoing* until the hearing of the appeal, fce, denied with costs. The 1'eopleex ral. McLauibrev v?. Cigar ton, la.o ihenff, k v?Motion to dirocl sheriff to exeoute a "end, kc , denied, without cost* iD the matter of the atbilralion between Wood k Olcott-V]0t,en t? Hau l over to next special term. Jowott et al. vs. ibe Younr Men* Aasori.tion of Utica-Motion for rotaxalion of coat*, $6 03 deducted. Cox ad*. Nottingham ct al-Me tion to charge venuo denied with cost* without nreiu dice. The People ex rei. Moreau v*. the Judges of <iene*ee Common Pleaa-Motion for judge* to show cause why a mandamus should not issue, denied with ."""ett v*. Downing, ex'r, kc.-Order for eosU ag.inst defendant for not movi:,g. granted, gijsporly v*. .\one*, do do do do; Hnur v*. Lynch, do do 00 do; Lee v?. Harrington, do da do do: Harri* v* dark, do do de do; Orant v* Phelp*, do do do do Mclntyre et al. ad*. Livingston, two causea?Roie for cost* ageinst nitinliff ?nl ?*.' 5' 2* motjo". granted. In the matter of opes log Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn-Motion to confirm eon P.Ti000?' ?pcnrt' *r,Dted ,n the matter of opeaing Pacific street, Brooklyn.-Do do do do. Coart al joarned tint die.?Jtlbmny J!rgui. Court for Correctio;* of Error*?Ft is or dered that the cotnm ncemont of tho next tern of tfcl* court be postponed until the 331 of May, and that all cauae* noticed for the 3d dav of May *tan<t over, and nay be brought on to argument without farther notioe. ?? torney* are reque*ted to *erve note* of iasne on tke Clerk, at lea*t one week belore the fir*t day of the aae ?ion. GREAT FRbNCH REMEDY iPfTTiirm Xdm. DR. LAENN*C'S OOU?H PILL8, ihk #11 Tm gkf f l aIi4s I r* - - * aa FOB.the?yeefColds, Ceafhs, Censemptfn*. ?reeehitie, and sll sffeetioaapf the Laags. is fe mr,,tten of the e*U meed Dr. Laeaeec. of Paris * veinm'ooe* sad prof.rand **.<ft. c?l writer, - he lies .leroted hie * life to die sraOy ef Dia ?a??s of the Leoas and Chest. It is wiMioat eneetlaa Ike arase set d *eo?ery efihe sf. a* a lot ail affaetiwa oi ti? l.negs, fr? the enmiaan Cold, to (ha meat seated nnsra uf CunsnmetioB. h IS, st least worth the trial of ?* merit, by all selferers; for w ar. snre that the takina of one or (we Fills will eooTlaee any eue rhat half the tret)ibM aot W?a uM of thes* 1 he bsaei)*i?l effret. in redneiag the moat irnt tia* Coegh, is aim st Aa erdiearv Cold oae heaered iaasinaledav.bva few do*?> oaly. Tliey are wjr. auted te (ire relief taevry ewe of liis L*"*V """V ?! how lo"? st'nding. I ke Coach Pills ar. one dollar a box. with fall direetioos - sad Atlantic streets. Agents dealt wilh oa the most favorable Addirts abofe. Dr Lsaonee's Family Pill*, a mild, aafe and elfaetive ra'ira tlve, are r ComineudeO to all who are troabWd with Uyipeitia, Iflawestinn, or Liver Complaint. A certain tore for the *"iy ??pelis. Price 2j cenw s bfl. OOtl??l*ei lewO MARR1JCD LADIKH?A Secret Wwt 1 mkiwius ? are Apply for further pertienlsrs re Dr CM K. MOWTf L. et post'.fS^e. No le.ters tahen from tlx ?Ace enleseth?> ?* ?**? tm*rr MIA Kb K Ar CO., ~ 'IAILOHS AND DRAPERS, Htli Broadway, near 1'srk Plaer. A RK NOW RKCElVINO, by the llarre Pjek-u, a?*a. i\. nrely new nssortmeet of the (Inesi Hed*-"' .?iha v>d Cae* simeres. ad .pte'l to ihe ?rly spria* tnde. Hsrin* eoeelad^ a perma?eor "fae^MJiee a? eetter. with Mr. P. Andnot, !?te of the Una Ca?tig.''?oe( Pans, well kaowato most of ear fluk ioeibles wh j h.'Ts rinted terere, they are now prepared to j eiecate onlr.s la s stvle of nuiuaal eleeaaee tnrll In*- _ *rnarfwav. ASTOR HOUSE BATHS, Kntr.cea Nr t Veaaf stre't, (Pr vate do#r A.tor HonseJ FjhtW I i'MLIC sr? .eappctlaliy iaferraed ?het the shore X Bstlisare ie eoBinleta rder. fhe t>athin? inb? are ?atire ly new, (e<i|'r?r I ?nd the largest in this city. In point of r|? I11.e s <uu attention, the bath* canaot be eveelW. ITir Mothssre opeti ni.til II o'clock at rijhe, (at^rdis ni rht, II.) of * Oath. 16 eeats. The warm Sea Usths st De?Hi" see street, are aa tuna, oi^ti frrm sonrise. aatiljl ojeloek P M mM Im'r HKNHV C. kAbINEAD. frorr:e?or. HAHDWAK.K, Gli I LEK.Y AMD (ilf.NS AW. SPlCS k CO , havhig removed to ?l Me*d.-i I .a*, ? olfna large and well assorted stork of lia'du ^ t. Cat lory, Hans and (ion Materials. b\> rrr. rt imp ? . n , t ea> oreenely low prieaaior caah or st |.r/rtd?-??r. ai 'mftt

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