Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW fORK HERALD. ?I.Xn^lhlU-WlwUI?.?3M. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 24, 1846. rr*M r*-? Cmu, IE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES 66ED0W BBUNETT, Proprietor, rculatlon?Forty Thousand. llLY HKRAiD-Knrr Jtf, rneeI cents perooyy?V> flNTlNQ of ill kiad* executed with beaaty ud despale* f Ail teeters or eixaauieatioas, or >au, tMruagt to "ablnliraeut, man be post pud, or the poetsge will be " 11ron the subscription money remitted. /AMES GORDON BKNNKTT, PruOTiMor o I Um NiwTmi Hutis KiTinuuiMm Nopt'vW-?r turner of Fallon ud Nww sts $5 REWARD. LOST?A black Dob, Barked with whit* on I Ml. billy, tail xml noie. He is ysuug, bat Isrge lor hi* .?gs; sho'th'iraud clipped ears, end niotd Rover. | ?h>.?e rewaid will be paid for him at 51 Maiden Lao*. 1li*rc DOOS! i>OU?! DOGS! FOR S4LE-A lot of Doge, consisting of splendid Newfoundland. one litter of Pups, exceedingly large, ?tbe tire cf which i? one of the largest is the city, Icn c<n heiesa on the; also, * litter of Beoieh Ter L the best bred one* in 'he United 8ta(?s; also, an Italian ly Hnufl. ? hich cannot be < quailed in beanty in thia city; i.r of well broke Pointers; a pair of Alpine Mastiffs; toge [ wuh a great variety of watch Dog?. Inquire of WM. MOORE, Mth street. fire door East of Lightth arena*. . 15 ?The Sleeker atreet Stage* com* within a lew blocks hr place. a23 3t*rc KINO CHARLES SPANIELS?OF (Ca^tbe par* br**d. received by th* latest arrivals Lii,?U'iii. for stile by A. Urieve, i Joha street Also, rare valuable Birds, oalyto b* found at his establishment, No. hh? street. B.? '.etters from the carious, in distant parts.(post paid) |l bo attmdad to, by A. liRiEVk.. 47 lmrh Importer and dealer in Birds, Cages. fcc. FOR SALE, A LIGHT WAGON, nearly new. Also, ajtroug beilt Barouche, with abaft and pole, and doable set _ of harness if required. Also, a fast bay mara,s*tu>d . and uots s mile in three minutes. Apply to tw*r- MICB'L ISAACSON, nt keekmaoat Siii'l'S TO LET.?Three or four small irick thops taitable for cabinet-makers, chair- makers, comb makers, he ?possession csa be given immediately. Also, the ?se and Siere, No. 491 Washiagton atr**t. now occupied a> ? a*.eg and Porter House, situated directly opposite th* iiton Market. Inquire at No. 17i Hadsou street. M](t*r TO LfcT IN BROOKLYN?An elegant two stnry ' nud attic brisk House, finished in the b?st manner. No. ?o Myrtle sv-nue. It is oa aa omaibqp route, aad is but i e.iMute* walk f>om any of the ferries. There is a tin* open rden in the rear. Al?o a New Store, on* of a row of seven, (th* rest of which f all mated) in Mvt'e avenue, near Pearl street, snitabl* for r rst-il bH<in<n*. Rest very moderate. .Uplyte D. WRIGHT, No. M3 f niton street, be'ween It Id two o'tlock, eratthe office of JOHNSON fc FONDA, Ittsrneys. No I Front street, Brooklyn. s23 lw*rc TO LKT, FR?M THE * IMT OF MAY?A Stsble ia the f rear of SI Reade street. Inquire at 33 Raade street. ?31 It'r. TO LET, THE three story brick Honse, No. 107 Cross street, f opposite Zmn Church. The house is in perfect oiiirr. ????! will be rented, to be occupied by a single family, at (very moderate real. Apply oa th' premises, or to lajl lw"ru rKTKtt PIRN IE, 1M Front street. FOR BALK OA TO LET, A*H ANDSOME COTTAGE and about Ave acres f rf good Land, laid in meadow, situated on th* Biasing ,wtsr Road, about oae aad a half mile* irem the Rah way, Jars ay Bail way Depot. Attached to th* premises is an Ixcelleut Gsrdea, with attached ofAsparsgas; Barn. Stable, ke he. The Collage is nrarlr new, filled in with brick to the ^tbie end, W'th a Urge cellar under the whole hoose, and is, barwise .patious and replete, with every convenience lor a Jeut?el firiifly- Apply to MR GIRAND, a 20 I w"ns No ? Whitehall street FOR SALE, OR TO L.ET, The Mode-a built three story brick house, 315 Adam* f street, Brooklyn 11 not sold by private sals, it will be ^disposed of at pablie asstiun, oa the liJi dsy of Msy Half olr' For a term of IIS Adams the purcliass money can remain oo mortgage, }l years. Application to be made ou the premises, it.Brooklva. a4 Im'rc FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, THE House and Lot 473 Broadway The main house is ( five stories high with the attic, mid SO feet deep. The ^b ck building is thrae stories high aad 04 leet deep. A _Jle ou the rear front ns on Mercer street, 42 feet deep. The ?lot is 26 fe*t f'<ur in?hes front and rear, and MO tse' deep I fr soas wishing to confer with the owner. Dr. CHEE8 IMAN, may do ao betw*ea the hoara ol I and 0, A. M.. and 1H land 4H. P.M. all 2w* rrc I? TO L?T OR FOR SALE, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Rtahl* aad Coach Hoes* attached, with about aa acre of laad, th* ^^Kerinctpal part ol wnich is well stocked with Iruit and! ?hru!>?, and ea losed with a picket fence. The stages' ^^?very tea miuutee w.lhia Ave minutes' walk of th* bouse. Bttuitioa between H0tb aad llltb streets. Ft fsrthsr informa WOODS, Harlem. I llltb streets. Ft farther i inetael part of which is well stocked with fruit aad ' ea losed v L ? itee within UtthaMJl , ^ N BATHGATE, 1M Ninth street, or Dr. mrU lm*rc TO LET, I2T ? A HOUSE AND BARN, with aboat sixteen lots o grouad, SI mated ia the village of Hastings, Westchester county, Stale of New York, within a few minutes' wit* ol the steals boat landing. Said place is divided into gar dens, which sre well stocksd with fruit Also, s p'esaaut grovs, with a stresm of water, aad several good spriags. tos sstsior. can be giv*s immediately. Kor farther particulars, ap tly ai tlie itor* of Mr Sc Josser. Hasting's Landing, or of al l'ii*re MB. Et'KERT.Tt Mar>av st, N'W York. TO LhT OR FOR SALE, J- ON vary kvorablstarms, four three story sad bssement H brick dwelliag Hoasss, in Hoboken. They e?ch con EL tain II rooau besid** the kitchen, and are fined in ntitul ?tyle throughout. Two of theae houses ar* 31 fe*t front by S3 feet deep; aad two of them 34 feet by 44, with wide court yaid ia /Tost. The situation commands ? fine view and is within one miaata's walk of the ferry, where boats leav* every Afte?n mtanies, for Barclay str**t, aad every half hour for Ca nal and Ch-istopher streets. '1'hi-y will be let with the privilege of free ferrisge. Apply to al0 3w*r J. C.STltVENS, Hoboken. STRA W BONNET8. L. CHAflN, No. IS John street, near Broadway ?P Ht) stairs, has on hand a rood assortment of fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market prices. Milliners and others are invited to till before purchasing clifc* Urrr. mrl4 lm*r EXCELSIOR. ~~ rS ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX fS HAT ANU CAP MANUFACTORY, jm> 103 Walton it., bttwMn Su?akml William. 'l'HK proprietor of thia oatahlianmeat baa recently added to X hit ti vmiveatoc* efapriag gooda, an aaaortment cfMole ?k>n IN'-a, ei eyquiaite fini n tad aaperior elegance The prica ","?i-aa ta llr auuerb artielaa ia only $3 Ml, beint $1 St leaa ?} *ba tame good* imannfaciored iu the nmt m inner aod of ?tell' r material) Ma aold in Broadir<7. Tlia accret of thia ji,?J*tty >a price may be eaaily eonjectnred. The adrar ta eiiwn. *? bring bat a tj tne of thoae of iha mora aplaadid Muilnhaaa'a *? Broadway, ne ia ia conaeriocac* eaablad to orfar g.^?a ofaec^aapoadiac deacriptiou at lower rat .a. ?? lm*ra ? ?PriJi*U FASHION. TV BROWN kCO., 171 Chatham Square, comet of Mott ^??street with to laiora the public of their recent improve SJnt ia tne maanfactnre and fiaiah of their $3 Haw,combining faahioa, beaaty aad durability, three important conaiderationa to the we*r?. The proiwietora do coabdeatly aaaert their hau to b. mnch raperier ta auy ever before told for tha aame price. Call and aa*??ry youraell of thi*faet. m*> lm'rh " SPK1NG STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. ?WHY will yoa pay $4 ,J0 aad $S for a Hat. whea yw can go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 falton Btmt, aad got aa good ? m> for t3,J0l (Jo aad axamiaa for yonr aoivo*. mrll 1 in're Tmetropoutan hat and cap store, 1 Ho. an l-? Qraad Mrttt, fa PLUNKETT It CO bay* jaat opened una noweetaMiah Mi meat witha ipteadid aaaortment of HATS Had CAPS, not to b- aarpaaeed either ia qoal.tir, elegaace of ahape or du rability, which Uaey oCer to the pablie at toe following Tory lew pricee:? Firat quality Natria Far, at $S M heco?d do do do 4o I N Firat quality Moleskin, do IN Secoed do do do... ........... IN Car* from 37X coiit< to 91 7J each. Whole**!* ind retail inter* punctually attended to, and cmo tomera h?t? ironed and kept ?? ahape gratia. ,7 iiu'rrc J. PLtiNKKfT aad R- PARDESSUS. GENTLE MEN'S HA TS?8PRINO STYLE Bird, corner pine and Nassau streets.? (Jeatlemeu'e llan, of tlie Hpriug pattern, muting much elegance aad bevity of atyle, an now ready for datamation and aalr, by the aabacribcr. BIRD, mrtl lw?rr . ''oraev n< Pine aad Niaa?u ;tr et UKN 1 LEMKN'O SPRING FASHION. Yt BhAVCtv AND BILK HATS of tha beat qnality aad a<o?t approved ahapea, ate now ready for inapeetion and aale i.t th- old eatabliahed pricea. Deal Beaver $4 50 boat Bilk 4 <0 ROWE, Merchant*' Eiclumge, *17 lm'irc 41 William atreet. LOOK AT THIS! , LADIKS AMD GENTLEMEN, if you want _____ 'a finenrticle of Boota and fthoea. ca.l at *7 Broad Way, wh-re yun will bad die la geat aaaortment, theapeat, and moat fiuliionable in ihe city Do not miatake the number, 3S7 Broadway, corner of Fraakiia atieet MB ? * Urge aaaortment oi imported French Boota. at the low price J dollaia. M. CAHILL <14 Im r PREMIUM HOOIS. K1NE FRKNCH BllO I'B for II JO, city nude, and are reqa il totlio.eaold in oth-r atom lor IS. Fine Fieuch I (:?lf Boota lor $4 M^g?| to the beat made 10 thia city JiorMorgy, at YOUNU It JONES' krtnah Boot and a A1 .uuIm torv, one of the moat lathionable in the city.? Onr B ota Ivtvia* been jade?d in tha late fmt at N10I0'a, are aaid to oe ihe heat ever aold 10 thia city. All C'??U warnnted to give ?a lafacuoa. Mei.ding, Im: doae ia th-i Store. YOUNU It JONES, 4 Aaa afreet, rntt 'in*m near Bro'dwny, Nfw York. JBOOTB AND bHOEB.?i'ho i'vblic axe mviied to call aud eaamino tike lane aaaortment of gentlemen'., la d?e and niiaeea Boota, Bhoea aad Uaitera. ia all tboirvan. uea wliieh are to be loaod at the cheap eaah atore of nM li"*" H miMUM. ?'-*e*l at . enr?er Hellivaa FOR LIVKRPOOLc-Tbe New Liae^-Hega ar :S5Kn or ^BpstSwbs: ncSj Ion low. tmnfcan, will Mil aa abore, bar regalar day. For balaoca of freight or peaaage, haying excellent areom mbdatioua, apply to the t'aotaia on board, loot of Bnrliaa alip, or to WOODHUUL It MlNl URN, fXJ ic 17 Bomtk Knot. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. MpjgfgEjiiiflf THtt tab ic U r-specilully iiilormed that the recant bracks la the Csu?l. cauied bv the lite frr het, hating fern le paired. the PIONKEH *. F.XPH K89 LINE, via R*ilroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced ita regular tripe for the reason on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot. No. J7I Market sfe?t. DAILV. at 7H o'clock, A. M. By hi. roate l ass angers will avoid all the fa'.igae and din ger <>f night travelling in coaihee, ooth Railioada being pissed la daylight. For farther information apply at the Old Established Office, 174 Ma ket atieet, i dcois above kigMh street tl? 6m r e B < UMMIVQ8, *?ent LONG ISLW'D RAlLftOAD COMPANY. EXPHEsS MAIL Trains leave Whitehall, South Ferrv, at 7 A M . for Boston?for nil purls of the Island it 7 and 9H A. M., and 4 P M. daily, JJBK except Bundsys. all Im rc FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. SBURG POft 1\AHLiE BOAT LINE. HE subscribers beg to iaTorpa their friends and the public, jl that they are prepared to forward goods and passengers on th? Pennsylvania Canal by the above unequalled line of Port ab'e Boat, at the very lowest ratea. thus insuring large lota of Sioda from being separated, there being no transhipment by ess boats. Tbia liue is under the superintendence of Thcs. Borbridge, in Philadelphia; Taff k O'Connor, in Pittsburg; and O'Connor It Co.. iu Baltimore; s faclthe subscribes deem s sufficient guarantee tnat every care will be tsken in the tran shipment and dispatch ol goods consigned to thru. Merchants about shipping by this route ate invited ta call be fore completing their arrangements on W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, ?IS r 7S Sonrh st. cnr. M*id?n laae. EVENING BOA I FOR TROY & ALBANY. THROUGH WITHOUT LANDING. T' IE steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Win. H. Peck, will lesve the pier at the foot of Cortlandt street every Mondsy, Wednesday, aad Friday, at seven o'clock P. M. Pssseageis takiug the above boat will artlve in Albany or Troy ia ami1? time to take the early morning ttains of cars for the East or West. This is a new and substantial boat, furnish ed with elegant state rooms, and forapeed and accommodation is nnrivalled on the ttndann. All persona are forbid trnating this boat without a Written order from tha Captain or Agent. For passage or freight, apply on board the boat, or at the office on the wharf. all re PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOAT* FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays eicpted?'Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the jntr betuxen Court/andt and Liberty its. iMM jmI Steamboat HOC HESTER. Capt. Alfred Houihton win leave on Mopday, Wednes XSDLdnv. and Frid?v evenings, st 7o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON. Capt. R. O. Cruttenden, will leave on Tufa day, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 9 o'clock P. M.i Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat HfUTH AMERICA, Captain L.W. Branard, will le tve on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday after aoons, at i o'clock. _ Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at J o'clock. The above boa's will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample tim- for the morning ca?s for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates; none taken alter JK o'clock, P. M. AII persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written orderfromtke Captain* or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the Boats, o? to P. C Schulta. st ihe office on the wh irl. a2I rrc morning Line sit 7 o'clock. FORALBANYANDTROY. Breakfast and dmoe' on bna'd. Landing at Caldwell's.West Point,Newbu'gh.Hamp ton, Poughkeepaie, Hyde Park. Kmneberk, ook, Bristol, Calskill, Hudson, Coxsackie, Kinder Tile steamboat TROV, Captain A. Oorhara, Tufsrfar. Thursda* (This Morning,) and Saturday at 7 o'clock, A. M., from tie foot of Barclay street. Returning on opposite /or Paaaage o' Freight, apply on board, or to F. B HALL, at the Office on the Wharf. all rrc ,p ftoprutore ?f xteamboata wuftmg ? M m ?_dl*. ?"???. would do well to pay a viait ou Si?tua'a^0??'" 'n,Pro"d,^y'?of Bell HavinV-W AMMreet tUaag' "d warranted for one year, by HT H. No. ( ??_____ _ mrj< lm*T WKWAK.K ASU NKW YORK. FARE 1J* CENTS. arEw. n'1"1 PASSAIC, CaptJohu ? 7 commence her trips (or tfce ?euoo until lurhcr notM"Ch 16th' *?d ?? " 'oll,?, , ? 7^Tcl^TAkKl. | LetT^^Vp'MNeW Y?rkl j J)** * ' ?uJ ?P?ciou? dock aaioou, elegantly furuuh irl/ room both for freight and paeaeugera. NEW YORK .ALBANY AND TROV LINE.' tfaaa- tzissjs? ?"?"*? i?^e,k8,p*mbr0,t Columbia, caPt. wra. h. Peck. w.n ^v^yf^c-^oTk'1'on ^ the whar(!*** orF?ignt, apply ou Board, or at the Office on rm?" *>' Pot in charf. 0f the Freight Agent or the Comply W.H not W reaporaiMe for loaa. ',?q tf STATEN ISLAND flSBfie. LM?8httt,| ! J ? follow., until lorther notice:? ? o'eTock f M " ?? *? ?? 1#.11 o'clock. A. M.; l,?, j. 4. A^S?teT JJj freight at the riak of the owueri thereof. rTZTZ JOHN UEKDMAN It CO.. United State* and Oreat Britain and Ireland Emigrant Office ?1 Sooth itreet, New York. _ HERDMAN, KKENAN k C^TISIES,^-^ railageto and from Great Britain and Ireland <r!? LiVerpool) by the regular Packet Shipaaailinf ere? fire diyt. .J!\ ^fr w.ealllit tie attention of old coMtn men u?4 the public federally to their nneqoalled arrangements for *XnWlZ* 0nt from the old conntrv, beg to state that UWth^yrarthe bnnDeaa of the House at Lire'pool will be conducted bv us Branch. Those tending for tlieiMriend* will at ooee aea &e great importance of thi. arrangament m it w preclude an unaeceasary delay of the emigrint The .hinaTm ployed in thia Line are well known to be the firat and larerst elaaa commanded by men of experience; Md ?they"?ilev err fi?e days, ana offer e?ery facility that can be famished. WitJi J^noTil.'o ,he ,n.h?cI'1>?" look forward for a u >k.l r Patronage which haa been ao liberally ex e? for ao many yeara paat. I n case any of those CUtomarr "FoJfS?,K,th* "!"**?' moat? will be refunded a. customary. *or farther particujnraj Utwn (m.tpAid, Hmnu'i&5n'h"r?t>.N'W Y'orfc. HERDMAN, KEEN AN It CO., N.B.-Draft, for any amount can aa una] be^furniahed BOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX aND LIVERPOOL. ' ?rit',h and Vor?h American Royal 'nRiJ H*V?ii?\??LKD0NIA, CAVT BRIA and SHI i ANNIA. will leare Boa r. . i.|,?mi7"!?'?? r?i!?*,?>o?* Poru aafoiIowa, t.i:? C AMBhVa/c' HdWE j"dku2: c'm '? ??.lhe IVh^r- 'f48 BRITANNIA, John Hewitt. " ? l?Jnne, " Paaaage to Halifai a 20 _ Paaaage to Liverpool IT J IT! Sl?0 For freight or paaaage, apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, ? _ . At HARNDEN It tJo.'S. ? Wall at No Berth aeeured nntil paid for. ,2J rc 1 ON OREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Penona wiahing to remit mo nev to any part of England. Ireland. Scot land or Walea. can pi oca re drafta ol the anb eenkera, payable ou demand, without dia. ???i perSorfd^wh" '"hicribera'w^ttTa*me *nd ^ddreiof"! Wtom " " 'ntended, hare a draft aent by the Drat KoTf?,7hl^ V*CMp,,fo,th',',In9 relorned ?y mail, eoriurther particulars apply to alt r D f' k J- T TAPSCOTT, ??? <5 South atreet. corn?r Maiden lane. Packet of th- 1 t ?Vlay OflLu Vh,p 8r; JAMES, Capi. Meyer, will!! h?r ^?nlar day. did ??om?^.tiibi^^n0Vb^7nod,,,oerS*'' h,Ti0f ,P,'n aJJrc , J08KPH McMURWAY. ? 11)11 ' '"e atreet, eorn?r ol Houth. li^^V'ona'h'imhe^0 *** "'oop J AMIS, ol 7| MsShfouod; now lviile lt^il^ ? eh,'n,? *Dd well an wat?r street, eor ol Hater's sir#?f. h2\ 4t#r ^ POOh' AcKKTi FOrTI VKRPoV|VK n V> K' Afifebgular packet of the lat May Th?^i- ~ "?V ind celebrated faat aailiag rarorit/'p, 5. BU Lurth.n 1*0 ton. Cpt. John RaOibon. ^fli tirely 00 Friday, the lat of May. The nctomii! Columbia aie hited out 111 a moat auperb and e^ii^V, * with e?.ry n.odern improeement and cannot but add to the comfort of thoae rmllrkinr r.V aooa riaiting the old country, or aendini for r.i \I5' ah ou I <1 call and .ee lhH apl.did .pec,me". orJ2T.2t*? lure, before engaging el.ewhere. For paaaage w cabin - : eabiu ?nd .teerage, early application .h?nid be made ou foot ol Beekman atreet. or to the .uh.cribera oouru, ? . ROCHK. BROTHERS fc CO all re ? K'lltmi .treet, (nerr door to the Fnltou Bank > ?>'AS<?.?W LINK OH PAC*ETS-1o aaili., WWyMay her regular d?r?The fiue.fa.taailing, copt>er iWlAbe l Br. bark ANN 11ARLEY. Capt. R. 7eoB. w!l aa ahore, her regular day. ' W,n ror balance of Irnght or paiaage, haring excellent accom modation., apply to all re WQQDHmX *t -W South at .ifcg l-OH LuNDO.N-HM,?l,r Picket of the lat May HH>?The packet ahip ST. JAM EM, Capt. Meyer, ^???bwill aail aa ahore, her regular day. Jor Laaeage in eabin, eecond cabin and .taerage, haring ?plendid accommodauoui, apply on board, or to JOSKfH McMURRAT, ? _ _ 1M Pine it corner of South. ,.r-wiahing to tend for their frienda, can hire r??t",02*ht out ui tnia country hy one of the Line, aailiig :Q",lh> 7'h. nth, and ?>th ol each moaih, on ran. MMbt* WW, by applying M iWti. til r AT 19b NASSAU STREET, THE High eat Price, in Cash, U paid for Gentlemen'! Clothing, and aold again on the moat reasonable terma Alao. Repairing, Cleaning, Dyeing and Pureeing, ia the moet elegant and superb style. Ou htnd, IN Oiap d'et* Coats, and 2x0 Liueu Pauta, cheep??ilh an aaaoitineut ot seasonable Clothing, each ae Coat* CI to U; Panu (1 to i\ Veeta M cents i? lm*T SPERM OLL AND CANDLES. EXCELLENT Wirter Bleached Sperm Oil at tl a gall; JU Bleached Solar Oil, 73 terra: a prime article of Sperm Candles at 19 cents per pound l> tallies, boarding house and hotel keepers are invited to cail jad examine the above before pirn basing Koraaleby J. O. KOWL*.R, Grocer and Tea Dealer, tH Greenwich at. cor. Murray, and 421 Greenwich cor. Vestry. mrH la>?rc TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. A LARUE aaeortmebt of Chins Grass Kisking Lines, and Salmon and Tiout S.'k Worm Gutt. to suit city or coun try deelera. Kvery article in fishing t?kle will be found at reaeonable prices, it ( ONKOI 'S fr ishing and Hportieg Tackle Establishment^ kultonst. corner of Cliff al lm*rh JOHN WHITAKER. IF JOHN WHITAKER, late of Thorp.nearSkipton, York ? hire. Knghuid, will call upon the subscribers, or will for ward to them hia address by mail, he wil> learn something of importance and pecuniary advantage to hiinaelf. * all Im'rrc HENRY. COGG1LL kCil . W0~ eirl st FOR ALL, WELL AND SICK. I MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated. Vap<irand Sulfhur Baths, | lit Kalton street, opvseite St Pant's Church. These Bathe are the most ssfo, delightlal sud efficacious remedy for colds, theum?tism, chills and ferrr, lie , and not only a cure, but a preventive to many of "The thousand ills that flesh is heir to." They afford the most agreeable mode of Bathing, and arsuten tial to thorough cleanliness. O" Mrs Carroll's Bathe differ from every other "Vapor Ba 1 i," eo called, and hava been established in this City for | m >? than 20 years. Sulphur Hatha require half an hoar's ootice. Portable Vspor B&.is sent to any part ef the city or vicinity. _______ a 18 Imfli FANCY SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. NO. THREE'COURTLANDT STREET, Depot for the sale of the Walnat Oil Military Shaving Soap Highly Soented Toilet Soaps, Elegant Extracts, Esseucea, Colognee, Hsu Oils, Pomatums, together ? tth every other article in oar line. Country Merchants, Druggists and Dealers in geuersl are invited to examine our exteo. ive aasortmeut, where they cm be supplied at the lowest rates Superior pale and No. 1 Soaps. 1'atrat Chryatalline Candlee, alw <ys*ou hand. kTlm'r c JOHNSON. VROOM k FOWLKR TO VOCALHTS. MUSICIANS, AND THE THEATRI CAL PROH'ILUIO.V. WCORBYN, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, re ? specifnlly litems the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he will have fulfilled hia engage ment with the above band in a few weeks, and tenders his ser yicea as tiavellius agent to any musieal professor,bsnd or com pany of artists of acknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed bis ancond tour throughout the United States, the Caaadas, Texas, and the Island of Cuba, during which he liaa viaited almost every aection of those countriel. and made himself prartieallv acquainted with tboae details and statistics moat eecessary and useful to professional travellers, he believes that his services will prove advantageous ,o any party with whom he may engage. Letters addressed to W. Corbyu, Mansger of the Swiss Bell Ringers, care of Sol. Smith. Esq, theatre. St. Louis, Mo, if raailsd prior to May 10:h, and prepaid, will meet wi.h prompt attention at ch*t time. all ttrrc onn nJwi&v pEGARS! woo , ,npe"0rqU*li,Jr Md 25 000 Od^lTof* LUndi^iS 80 000 UC"l!l?'. Varela K-V~ Imwiiij #?^ iimi pr,me ? 000 iwassSSiS^ff? *19 l??m N?Vit wk,,B ARBElKA8. IMo. 106 Wall street, up stairs. TIURfHAHVRB HANO FORTfciS. P No ?msss&!s Vor^iu^Ho1!hamW ?17 lm*r uw<iy?Ior aIUP?fior and war r<iuted article. CAi-a. afSSaBapi^^^^KS ^^SSSSULsaaST' Jf-M *.?rrc ORATACAF. 9M Broaitww SP?SE33C?K - *9 fm*rr _ ... fcHAKfcK <fc CO.. a*U h????, AND OR^PERS, I psMSis sSsswffiSSS? to most ol our'filth' ? ? ? ^l?osdway. ?? .. ?astor house baths TbSCB?LI^ ifn.w^oTpin, rar'x: ?uS~t m Su'Tabf "* ""?"???" "?" tiiitev^EnM^ISr A WiM!rf*LrhV?JlLEKy ANU GUNS. HAILTWELL'S WASSJJiGTON house, Ciktmtnut Street, ' | dath. PHILADELPHIA. ' Str bp 01 of ?*2255 ?S"3?I?-- - mtT lm?re MANSION HOUSE rpHE UNUKH8U^Nk- CONNECTICUT. **> Z5a _B?r? lm?rc Formerly of the U. H* H tel. Ba.'tn. VO^tV^1:^ HOUSi. ANO BATHS, lV iu JW? between Centre atd Elm?Warm rnld TASskl S ?? ?w. Alio, ? variety oi bindings and cor/ lor 'sale wholesale,' "rnfeu ra5;CiSf near'to Th.? k WINDOW SHADES. i ney ur? a mannfa'tory in th* State of New J?n?v .km? II miles from the eity of New Y?rk and ---7?!?V ?ft** for tnannfacta ring their shades at the least tTrinM Onl '^ ^d.'LTh^k* th?P?"?. they will convince the rrjdaloa. by the,, emngrhem a call. 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Wooster composed'af ^Itween Broome and Spring tu The stock is Maho?Mv V^Lll 2**oftment of crotch, mottled and th?ded MihnB?7" ir ,ar*e Mtortment of crotcli, m? L*eK?Fi^^hufi?'^erhriWf,''d B"d'' lumber, utu A A^AMAPmi' 2k?ARS AND BASS A. aaie a Bwodwar. up stain, c eipresi Prime Md'OUO. 11* w tk , Albany, April 22, 1&J6. toa Important L'gulutiP* Procttdingt ne Apportionment BUI-Put,age of the Pilot Rt*olutum$, <J-c. 4 c Another bright and b^miful morn,ng on this con- I unTr~,u l' ,CaU8e lhe w'lo'e eanh is glowing under the chameleon beams of a summer ?ur> ? beautiful, because the buds are opening, and the inunoiipowiif, and th* silvrr rivulsts boundin* report* of committees, lie. fco. Home a little conf.i.!,j prepsratory to the final rote on th* apportionment bill ^f|tMn"^twentieths of the m*mb*w on their feet i terval? of Tn ?' J>Vt,"n? ?'?und the chamber, with in- i tervalt of space between them ; loud talking. Scene tallrUfmr.^?,hirn VLirglQia' at " f?neral election ; to ^ I. . be,r "Ten ,htt clerk's powerful aionottne while reading the enacting clause. ot th? Pr* c"i?/l?'lo"aJ vid'?\in"aV? t0r UD'mP?rtsnt bill*. At precisely |0 A. M., Mr. 8p*akerin the chair, electrified the Hotti? by a positive command of " order," seconded ' nrV,,r?r fiC .?pwitb th" on a two-inch plank i ciiTron. o?rr,K purpose of receiving the offl-' hi! H m?llet afore?aid. The reaiou it palpa- ' 3 l^ake racu ou need W0UW 68 "lcin?d ^ctly.^r TH" 4r'0llT,0',MS|,,T ???'? Brk r?8d tbe bin lhe ,hip'' "'me Mr. Sneak er stated the question to be upon the final passers of thin l?itfnV?,Ec,*tod for,be ?>-" ??d uoei^ TUden ? Jordan trembled ; John Young looked a* sr.w been given for the election of delegates under the old apporuonment (This query was d".orderly youSJ ?.m. i*" y ?Pe,kit'K. *nd the Speake* said so ) r?'.'&'Vynb"bui^ii.?ife.1ga=?.?T*: names of members The Clerk Drooeed.,1 .? i.ii . j teS^SS Gardiner, Gregory, Grinnell, Hayward, Hszzleton 8 "rUl !"?*? K?ne' N.Uwrl9nce: Si Liddle, Loorais, Low, Ludlow. E Mar Moii'hnnf rti? ? L Miller, Montgomery, Morehouse, Oliver, Parkins, Pierce, Pilts, Primmer K?! Stfii 1 8eaoord, Shafer, D. Shirwood. Skeiton rT* 8P?f"rd, Stewart, Tefft R r' Thompson, Tildei, Titus, Townsend, Udall. Van Barren wo?trhe"m. w,Ut' wuu- Walcolt' A Rli^?.V,7 .Ang!"' Baird- Beach, Bell, Blskely, Blodgett Bloss. Boughton, Burnell, Bush, Clark Cole Collins. Cook, Cooner, Cornwell, Coat, Durfee Eosirn' Foote, French, Fuller, Fullerton, Hall, Harris, Havner' Johnson, Kiogstaan. Lake, Lawyer. Lowis, Lonr Msri on MeClellsn, J.Miller, Moore, Nolton, Phillips pittan .on 5?r,> W S *?harwood. SmXs,ere^' WUne^ j w!L? \V'lbr,d?e- w?rd, Wataen, Vo "n^--M <H>d, Woodru". VVordeu, A. W. Voung, J. The bill Is pa??ed-the srmfne spotted?the judiciary Ponrt'tthnf11 antiquated in.titution, called a Supreme opinions hare alwayscommsnded the most hL??mK ^ consideration is knocked into nonentity iiMiMnr^i ni' a auperfluity, and as an estra blot or ?? arascenco on tha aymmstry of American judiosture 1 hose juaticea are modest men; the Court of Kirora ha. quaihed a Tast number of their deciaons snd they never murmured, and they are able men, too; they aie men ol ?for'* ffeniu,' the7 never say so themselves ^It is a witness sUll of Excellency, To put a stranga faca on his own perfection." But I undertake to sav that, if the opinion of th* late . Mr. Justice Story, or of James Kent, had been aubject to MCVf'by,h" La*iil?,ur?, it would have bean done. Machines, guillotines, rowels, rasps and razors, operated by Executive dictation, hung over the o?dl! of'?>ese men, and they must stand up to tho rsck or din. Vou know, as of course, that alHhe judicial ?Th^h*. mmiCVT,ld not ",an<l before or thumb screws !" But we can't animadvert too largely feLl.tT-n !l WW,t ih* ^or,d ,0 know that the apportion ir??b'"^ ?nd that[inquiditorial cabinet*, and i if * Executive power, and rasp* and rowels and razors, store m?ntioi,sd. concocted and fr?ut mo",vo power on this occasion. ?? .S?-,' resolutions, at king for a repwfof the law of J837, cam* np in order in the. Senate this morniuir Now, the jusuoe and honor and prosperity of the prin cipl*. sought to h? esubliihed 4,y pilots,P"m ih!T?U *cj"40,vieJKeJ ovtT the Civilized world tnat n to say, a utiaciple which prohibits noviciates ? ??<*,<*?? sciences, trim compeuna Ci?h men who have employed the energies ofbatf a dozsn years in acquiring a knowledge of the business : and yet I^,n!7L hi!,^Ut?^^tSat Mr. Joihua A. Hpencer stood up in his place and denounced these rosolutions J10^! Pr0pl0,.ad i? the law of 1H37. "Are 7* be told (,,,d honorable g*ntl*mac) that Con ^ c*lJuo' psss a law to regulate th* system of pilot age, until it has abrogated a prior law, or untU it has repealed the law of 1KJ7 V A senator replied that when the provisions of the prior law conflicted with the law proposed to be pasiea, that it was necessary to ret those ?%"in0 Am0Ut 01 W' " C0Dfl,ctin? laws could not exist in America. Mr. Spencer wss assisted by Mr Fol so?, and others : but they war* defeated. Th* r*soiu tions war* passed, and now we have strong reason to hope that Congress will take this mattsr in hand vaiy G*n. Eiastus Root, of Delhi, Delaware county, was praaant to-day in th* Assembly chamber. Th* old veter an stands six feet and an inch with his sandals on. His Jf "?*!? "? ,aow ?nd his eye as bright as a diamond. May h* live a thousand years, and tasy his shadow never be less. ' The judicious bill mentioned in my letter in the He r?W of yesterday, for putting the superintendence and repairs or the canals out at contract passed the House i?",i 7' rot? of 53 ayos to 61 nays ; on a reconside ration tUft vote wa? Msyes and 67 nays Twenty minutes did not intervene from th* tim* the apportionment biU passed the House to-day. before the Governor ? autograph was at the bottom of it. There has been a keen diplomacy, and an astut* though base !^ -mfM. Pu,niPioy#d in ?Ws bill through from the^fijiAa to the Onega. But nUmporle ? The people's *fe. i0, tbl* basis which supports th* pillars ot the united Constitution j and while th*r* is a popular of'.Urm0* aii ,h** tber6 ne?d be no causo wh!ih ?h? ^ l>oIitic"' chwatrery and tergiversation Trie *orld ever suffered cannot shaka such a la Mormon Intiluoknck.?As far as we can learn, all is tranquil in tins county?the result in some de gree, of tbo precaution* adopted by Major Warren, and of tbe untiring vigilance of this able officer and tbe troop* at hiidxpoial. Tba gallant Major and hi* com maud are riohiy entitled to tbe thanki ol the people for their tfficient services; and, aa they get but liitio elie aa a reward, 10 far ai we are conacrned, the meed ol priiiie *o justly their due, *hail not be withheld. The '< orders" i**ued a lew weeks ago appear to have bad a salutary effect. Tbe changes (hat are taking place here, go on quietly and in a proper apirit. We perceive that effort* are being made, in a certain quarter, to depreciate the value of real estate here, and discourage atraogers from investing This disposition to throw obatecle* in the way of making *alea, (to say nothing of ita dishon esty) i*. at thi* particular time, reprehemible in the highaat degree. Every Mormon who can dispoae of hi* bom*?even at a ruinoua sacrifice?ia anxious to leave ; and tbeae attempt* to detract from the value of pro perty, ia calculated to retard ani defeat the consumma tion of a measure earnestly desired by all patties. There U not a point on the river where comfortable residence* and improved lands can be had on termi aa low a* they are offered here. A* for Nauvoo Itself, it is bound to remain an Inhabited city. It's looal advanta ges, as a trading and asannlaeturing town, render an investment here at present paces *afe and sure. Thla faat we tkali demonstrate hereafter Extensive preparations at* making tor the departure of tbe nemt Mormon detachmeat. They will probablv get off in a boat throe weeks, snd will mutter In con* ide ta ble force. The draft upon travelling vehiclee has been eo great, that tbey are now soarce and in high demand. Most of the aniicer* in wood and iron aie bu*Uy en gaged in tinkering up wagon* for emigrating outfit*. The company now on the march, are woiking their way waatwerd by degress. Their unwieldy numbers snd overladen conveyance*, operate as a material drawback upon their progres* ; in addition to which, they are compelled to halt every few mile*, and work for the farmer* on the route, in order to procure fodder for their live stock. The grai* not having fairly atarted, entaila upon them the necessity ol providing a substitude, for which tbey pay in labor. They are in good spirits, and work together harmoniously. No discord exi*t* in tbe camp, and thu* far all hat gone favorably. The maaona will resume operation* on the Nauvoo Houte in a few week*, and haaten that magniAcent itiucture to a speedy completion. Wben finished, it will surpaa* any edifi e ol the kiLd in the State, for beauty or location, archi tectural design, and extent of accommodations.?Han cock JEagU, JiprU S. Breach in the Canal ?A serious breach in the canal occurred this noon one mile west of Sche nectady. About aa (eet of tow patu gone, and that too tome 10 or IS feet below the bottom of the canal. The ' superintendent, instead of endeavoring to (top the wstar 1 by draining at tbe oity, allowed all the water on the le vel (7 mile* long) which could not be drawn off at tbe ! lower end of it, to pat* through the breach. Tbe break ! . occuired at the spot where a tuim<T one waa made this i apring by the fre*hnt in tbe Mehawk. The water will not bu draw n off so that man and teams can wotk, before some time to-night; and it cannot take las* than 3d hour* ' to till the breach.and twelve hour* more to All the level, and tben, without proper rare, *e will be subject to the 1 came thing over again. The boats which leit here on Km !ay morning have not pasaed Schenectady. One had ; 1 jutt arrived theie this noon. Thi* delay is consequent upon bad management at Port Jackson and Amsterdam, where inefficient mean* have been taken to repair ?mali breache*, whereby the water necessary to All the level at Wcbenectaiy, had been kept back. The expense of .TOO boats detained this side o( Schenectady, cannot be lees than $6 each perday.?AiU*y Jlrgtu, Afrit 31. j Court of UeneraJ (ktilani. Before Recorder Scott ami Aldermen Diwer k Jackson. Jnut VcKion, K>^ , District Attorney. Aran. lS.-7\i?|o/ Win. tdvxwll, for a Mudiuttanor, CMIiMMi. Kowahu J. Carroll recalled, and examination re lumed.?A man wan paining along on tb? opposite side of the atreat, at tba time Maxwell an 1 I were lifting the bag into the aleigh; Mr. Maxwell observing liiai, iaid that potato** were high; I inquired of Maxwell what ha had paid for them; I aiked this for the puipose of put tiog the man off bis guard, in case he suspected anything being wrong; alter putting tba bag in tha slsigb, we drove to Jersey City, and took tba bag up ta the rope walk; whan wo got there, we had no key to Ot tha pad lock; Mr. Maxwell got into the rope walk through the window, and then lifted tbe bag, containing the body, through the window, and after taking the lid off the box aud emptying the saw dust, Maxwell wanted to put the bag with the body in it, just aa it was, into the box; I objected to that, as those who received it might think therri was something very strange about it; Mr. Max well belpel me to lift the bag, containing the body, into the box; be then went to fetch a shovel to put the saw dust into the box with; while ho was absent, 1 took the body out of the bag; I then noticed the body to be that of a female, apparently lately doceased; the muscles were not stiff at the time; she did not appear to hare been dead more than twenty.feur hours; a frethy sub stance was oozing from the mouth; the neck and head were very black, and the tongue projected between the t?etb; she appeared to be of Scotch birth, and about -id or 37 years of age; the body was entirely naked, and on the stomach there appeared to be a glutinous substance; her face was round, her completion dark, her hair nod eyes were dark; there was no comb in her hair, it conse quently hung over her face; 1 pnt it back, and then dis tinguished ber features; when Mr Maxwell came with the sh>vel, he asked me what was the cause of ber bead aud neck being so black ;we (ben put the saw dust into the box; I nailed it up while Mr. Maxwell swept up the saw dust; 1 then marked the box lor Sam'l Whitney, Wood stock, Vt., care of Peter Dudley, Concord, N. H; after putting the box mside.we left the rope walk in the sleigh: when we separated, 1 agreed to meet him again at Clair borne's stable the next day; 1 did meet him there, and then got a horse and sleigh and drove to the rope walk: I I drove witb tbe box to Adanw's Express office in Wall , street, and dslivered the box, getting a receipt for it; 1 tho receipt was not given in a light name ; I gave a fictitious name; I asked Mr Dinamore, the cletk, if he would see that it went salo. as it was for a friend of Dr. Weeks; he said that he would; I got paid for the body a $J0 bill; I got it changed, and gave Mr. Maxwell $U of it, being $10 as his share, aud 1 had to pay some expenses with; I got the money Irom a Dr. Ciaik, who then lived in Park Place; Maxwell told me that the female whose body I bave spoken of, had been operated upon, or acrewed up, by Madame Costello, and it was thought that she was doing well, but she went off in a hurry, which surprised them very much. The body was sent to Vermont for tbe purpose ot dissection. Cioii E cammed by Mr Weitern.? Question. How long before you became acquainted with Mr. Maxwell had you been engaged in the disposal of dead bodies I An awer.?Decline aaswering question. Q.?Did you ever contract with any person to deliver dead bodies 7 Ans.?I decline answering that question also. Q.? Did you ever sand off a box containing saw dust or sand any where f A. ?I did. Q ?To what place T A.?I sent it out of the citr, but I caunot say how it was directed. Q ?Had you previously agreed to send the box. A ?1 had. How much was you to get for sending j it 7 A.?I decline answering that question, because it j may implicate ae in trouble. Q ? What kind of trou- j ble .' # Tbe District attorney here rose and objected against the question being put to the witness, where- ; upon Mr. Western roso, and in reply stated that he pro- i posed to show that this witness had been in the habit oi I making agreements to send off dead bodies ; but instead of sending off dead bodies, he had sometimes sent off a ! box of sand, saw dust, or other substances of no value, | and received bis $-J0 or $30, on exhibiting a receipt lor the delivery of the box according to promise. Mr. Western further stated, that he intended to show that Carroll was not to be believed under oath?that he was the most outrageous resurrectionist to be found in the country. c,.? J w j?: ESSeA:?rS sssKg'SSs? k I ilnrliofl aaswitioff th6 qU0>tion. h jP' y t\at rS? IM or M* or any other .um ef money, S^man^^ fcrax tira .Phf?iu?r or .on. other worthi.M Krr0t r.'tWi nurd .treet, did you .ee the dead body there f A [ott'Xm.'.Kr.oa tha"wM jbout the hou.o andww he bag, betide, yourtelf andiM?"?g M th, bo(l ' S^SSiHEl moS^ZwM raAU?; add that W. could not Maxwell* A -1 did not see Maxwell again nnt.l I had delivered the note, or receipt, and ^" "on,y ',,y to ' well neither bad it nor ?aw it. Q.-Did yon i Ur Butterflel'l that if you could recede *100 JW Would leave the city and not appear ag"0'1 .M**w100 A.-No air -, Maxwell came to me and olUred me $100 if I would leave the city and keep out of the way. Q ."A'JVEJE bedy ol the female ^U^hat M.??w^ Eld Sut g^HfeSSHS 4? ;^r?'bi'dr?v"a s^ttsr^^^x&rvsa 'TAX-**- b:;s~.'K sssgHsSs 1 Sf St,"SHd?.? i"S" KM ~?u *?. ^Thftrial will ba proceeded with tomorrow, unUl when the coort adjoarued. Varlctlee. "W -bo M ?? .MA, M ???? bj Mr M?~f. JijJ ??^ffiLSSKS k .?. 1?*?' s rsraaraK^j night previoue. Mr?-which waadei>o?it I oV^Vwrrruir-ocb $ r? | bonee a. were laft Fa. or five wchealiom tip to ?VlolaJty^tae 'prevention of cm-lly to animal. U 3sK?S7S^f?Bs aim ink) acre. of the land in Hamilton, Bradley and Polk rrr^hatmate. intend..* to bring over and lee tabli.h upon it a Urge number oi foreign emigrauU, and th?n ?o turn their attention chiefly to wool-growing and manufacture.. . Th* CA.1A1.-Th* equeduct at Ortakany is rfpwr ed, and boat, eta pawing the Long Level.' {J? , h,4 tj.trTribe. Hill ha. been repaired. Port iack.on for the weat eaily yeeterdav me u?g ?Atom* CUiMtn, JlftU ?. Fuamunt Arkrsth ok Mavuf acrunxKa or Couw tbrfcit Coin?Smith's Kxam in axiom, Sic ? Since the arrest of Phil L. Smith, nouoad in this paper, lust week, information has b#?o obtaiu?d ol moi? ?stead ed operations in the bogus business, which has led to the apprehension of several accomplice! at Albany, vix: Wm. F. Sterling, Peter Haw#*, Lnuard H Littlejohn, auJ Wm Littlejohn. They were token up on Tuesday night, the 14th inet., by Deputy Marshal King of Roches ter Counterfeit money to the amount of $3J0, upou a Chillieothe Bank, wa? found in Hawes'possession, but he was discharged. The others were held to bail in the turn ot $IAOO each, to appear for tiial at Rochester, on the iOih of May. The information in regard to theie individuals was de lived from a man who had been in the sectet ot their operations. After Sterling's discharge from the custody of the marshal, he headed a gang of eight or nine men, with the intention of asaaultiog a ad punishing tbi? man. He was, however, assisted in making his escape privately from Albany to Schenectady, whither he was followed, lie there managed to secrete himself, until the moment the cars started lor the west, when he ran oat from his piece of concealmont, ami jumped upon the platform. At this instant he was seen by Sterling, or one of hi? gang, who made an attempt to seize him, but he was knnek ed down, and lost his hold?the other being borne off by the train. Smitk was examined on Thursday, at Rochester, and fully committed. It was proved that he bought the press found in the posses ion of (4<iackuubnsb, Howard and Baker, (heretofore arrested.) at Oerman Flats, of Rem ington k Co.?that he had anothri nearly ready for tha spring business. The Albany witness above referred to, stated hi stoi ped with Smith two or three weeks, about a year ago, having brought a letter of introduction from Smith's old clock partner at Marcellus Falls, now resid ing near Baltimore. 8 told him then that ha could mix Sold metal better than any man in the Union. Smith'a efence was that be had been engaged in the clock making business. He offered the testimony of Judges Lawrence, Kingsley and another person to prevo cha racter. A further examination of Philip L. Smith, for manfac turing counterfeit money, was ha l yesterday afternoon before the Police Justice. The first witness called waa Kliphalat Remington, ot Oerman Flats, Hetkimer county; is a worker in iron, manufactured both the presses now in possession of the police, found ut>on the premises of Quackentiusu, at Syracuse; the finished one was taken from witness's shop about the first of November, the other in January; they were both made for Philip L. Smith. Jacob Saucders, Jr., of Homer, testified to having cut the screw and otherwise finished one of the presses; was brought to his shop by Baker and Quackenbush, about the vu h of Decembe ; the lever, balls, screws, lie., were made by witness. Madison McQuiggin testified to a conversation had with Smith at Syracuse, on the 8th or 9th of September last; called to deliver a letter; toid Smith he was going to Philadelphia to get a die cut to make half-eagles; Smith said there was no necessity for going so far; that he could do it: that lllman, of Philadelphia, oould cat ? better plate than he; told Smith he was going to some material lor making bogus; Smith said it could not be bought, but that he could prepare it; said he aiwava made it about half pure metal, and the remainder of in grodients to mnke it the right color and weight; said he had the materials for melting and rolling out; ?aid the metal blocked out for cuttiog the dies wanted to be a trifle larger than the genuine, but not so much as to be detected: offered to do the work for witness: said he could make the money so as it could not be detected; that it would pass readily ; had the machinery on hand for rolling the plate; offered to make the composi tion for witness lor making counterfeit dollars and halves. Lyman Kingsley, of Syracuse, testified that he had known the priaoner for 'JO yeara ; had never heard any thing against his character until recently : accused waa extensively engaged in manufacturing brass clocks, be fore he failed ; has seen presses and dies used by Smith similar to those produced ; has seen him cutting out clock wheels, with dies of the description found witn tha presses. Orove Lawrence testified, substantially, to the same facts. Thomas Allen, gold pen maker, residing at Syracuse, had made an engagement with Smith for making gold pens with the preKaes ; witness has used atmllar presses, though not so large, for making pens, lie. Thia waa the substance of the testimony produced upon the examination. We leai n from the Dmocrnt that the bail was fixed at $1,600.? Syracute Journal. BILLIARDS IMPROVED. OTTI8 FIELD, respectfully iutormi his friends ud the public, dm he hits relumed to ln? old fsvw ite quarters, BASS FORD'S UOOMS.entr ante 1H Ann si, ad'Oininr t> e Museum building, or US i> ultoi. (feet The Kooms ad Tv bias hare been put in perfect order. The T.blrs are Slate, Marble and Irna, with Air, In-'ia Ru'ubcr and Cloth Cushions. They will no doubt ?nit Euro eau and nil great plavera , beirg the brit in thi? country. Larger balls for ooatheraers?Caro lina balls for Germans. <V B.?B"aafnrd'snews:yl? Billiard Tables for aale; India and French Cne Leather, best in the city; tine Billiard Cloth, and evry article! n tne trade, conilautly on band and for sale. fag lm*me NliW TARIFF. IMTOKTANT NKW8 to ttl.ippera of Grain and other Kami Produce to Great Britain. A new law having passed the Legislature, admitting the in portnion of foreign corn provisions at a very low rate ot duty, mi opportun ty wilt be given to thoie who are desirous to ship to the Glasgow market, to open a good conneiiou w th the aabicriber, who has been fifteen yean in the Grain and Proviiion trade ; and as there has hitherto been none of any impertance, or who had any practical knowledge of that trade in tilasgow, a better opportunity could not be aoeiied by respectable housea to form a connection in that ?*rhf Lib eral advance! will lie given to ahippera. Krom the subscriber's loug experience and knowledge of the Oram aud Provuion Trade, aud al?o his friendly intimacy with the hnyers, a large and respectable trade may bo calea lated apon. The subacriber begs to refer shippers to Mr A. H. Finlay, Astor House. ROBERT ROBERTSON, mil lm*re t3 Unien street, Glaagow. SPECTACLE CASE MANUFACTORY. No. OS Fulton a treat, NEW YORK. CONSTANTLY on band a large supply of the abort arti cles, by the gross or dossa. Country marcbaats sapplred at short notice. r. DUNN. *22 m,*r SEGARS?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS invite the attentioa of coaatry mar ch an u, de l len, and others, to their estrnaive stock of Se gara. This at .ck has been selected with the greatest care, aad Iiurchaaed at the very lowest prices for cash; they are, there ore,enabled to offer the different qualiti a lower than any other establishment in tb?city.The assortment comprises every style aad quality, from $2 to $2S per thouaand. KENNETH ft LAYERTT. mrlt lm*rc Wholesale Keg" >> '?orium, 101 Wall at. KITCHEN KA.V"'"s. HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'TCHEN RANGES. rPilE Proprietors are now pienarrd to furnish Holmes' ranges 1 to the trade, or set them up for private families or boarding houses, pin chased the light from the patentee to manu facture -nd aell ihem. Our espetirnce in manufactann* and aettiug Kitchm Hinges, hi this city, for tin- past It /ear>, war rants us in asaerting that Holmes' Range cannot bo sarpaastd for economy, convenience, and durability. They are warran ted to perform the purpoies for wh eh they are purchased, and if tiiey will be rrmsved free of any tipeuse to the par chaaer. Numerous references con he given to persons wish in* to purchase. '1 he prices range fro n 24 to 4} dollara. The proprietors are constat tly manufacturing, and are Well snpp'ied with parlor, oflce, and bed-room GRATES, of the newest pat'ern?. Alao?TIN WARE, bright, plain andjapanned. They have maaona at all timea ready to set Raugea. grates, aad boilers? tlso, to cure chimneys, aad warrant them nottosm- ke. A. GILHOOLY ? SON, alt Im'rre 7t Naa?aa street. J STRAW HATS. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND PARIS EMBROIDERIES. UST OPVNED, per Hylvie de Grasae, laat packet from Havre?5 cases newest atylea Paris Flo?era, in buaches? ?> do do Bonnets. Wreaths. Ite. J do do Inside Flowers and Met:ha. ID do do Paria Embroidery. S do do Fancy Straw Hsu, from the most fashionable houi'i in Pant, and the real ?he pes worn for the spring aud anminer. The whole to bi sold aa the moat advantageoaa terms, and in lots to iait purchasers, who are requested to csll early, before the asaorfnent is impaired, at A. UNSWORTH'S, all I w*r <1 John at. SARONI & ARCHER, Ml Water atreet, earner mi Maiden lane, HAVE ON HAND, a l?rge aaeortawnt of Cape. Silk aad IT Far Hits. or every description, aad Spring >tyle, Snow and Pammi Hits Also, Oil Silk, Glased Laws, Viaora aad Cap aoita. which they offer at very low Drieea. Dealers asd mauubcturet will do well to eiaaaiaa their stock beifore porchaaing eliewhere. _mltjw^_mlgjw_ TO ARCHITECTS, SIONK GUTTERS, AND BUILBERS. PAPER HANGING. HOWELL It BROTHERS. Maaafactarara aad Importers of Paper Haneinga, haviag opened ia New York city a branch of their Philadelphia astabliahmeut, would respeetfally call the attention of the citiseua of New York and others ia eata blishment, would respeetfally the attention of the ting goods in their lia PAPkH HAN<11 Sou Borders, Fire Boerd rrints, Cartaia Papers, and all other articles in their line of bas<oeaa. H. k B. have received from the laatitutee for the eacoarare ment of Domeetie Manufacturea in the eitiee of New York. Philadelphia and Boa ton silver medals for the maaafaatare of their goode, flatter themselves that they can sell a better article for the same money thin can be I urehasedelsowhaie. FRESCO PAPERS- ^ Th#> tvibccriberi would pirticalwlf ''??I Rj? Urge iMortmrat of ?rt*to (or firlWJ ??? F&p#rtlor Hilli, Fahlic Room*. Luin'ii Wijf Also, CVKTaiK Parsas, a new a.-clefor Wmdowa. ^ Paperiag ol Rooms,Halli, Sw promptly stteaded to bfwe Country me-chants sad eity dealers will Bad it te their "*"*? hE Wlll'SI'bROTHF.RS No in Broadway, a) Im*vrc Twr door, shove the <-itvH??4 i\ AY'S PATENT irpSK-- ? hs: etporiaeea ol tea yeara I I in .he m.?uf?etnreof Hubb?ir Hoee.h.? proven the afor . .onh,;.rg ^ iuhdL?"?^? . * men ?ta> mio nmkn ? Hon rrtf 1 fiom ihe trouble of m-ld w and rot. conseq-e^tly manefae litre's lure akeeAmed the basil eaa The new Patea Hoee at mv invention, is tiee from the ? bj< etions, and I uo\ o?M it for ?ale under i guarantee, ia aueh terma as wi'l be famished begets on purchase Kvery piece will have the neat if the p te- t?e, snd dale of the t*atent. according to law, imitatione of whioh, iaa p?nal offence under the laws, rnee IfX arata per foot, suitable I't Crotou aud other ii*?i ia pro port loe.? Maoaf.ctBied aad for ??!?, wHoleiale ?nd ?et ??!, J*y HORACr H DAY IB MenleaLaee | aU rr aftar 1st May,? Coartland ^

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