Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1846 Page 3
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we are enabled to exhibit ? nocIi larger bnsioess than ther utttiom, with less actual tonnage. '? ?nnex a comparative statement of the arrival a 1 clearances, other than co Bitwise, at the pott of Ha. *na, for the past two yeari t'OWBici or HtTm-Auifiu hid Cuuhicu. . Jirrivtd. ?Vent hi. m4 Sp. For. Tot. Matry M jm in ebru?rf 5J .41 ..48 .to .28 .? "irast sa ept?uiber 19 'rcnber 59 *1*T1?W 43 December 51 113 1? 13S IK 94 49 55 53 63 91 Hi 177 in 1(1 in in 17 93 71 1*2 141 169 Total. .522 1156 1678 Month i. wbvv Vhruary J1 larch 5J \pril ay 6? nne u'F ? umut 35 i-pt ab?r St "?toner * >r>raier 69 e-mber 3G Charti 19 in 1(3 m 116 91 91 47 34 75 lit 120 181 317 19? 1S3 114 ? 71 68 !?? 148 Total 505 1133 1GN The limited exportation in 1846 will account for the iduotion in the number of vessels engaged in tho trade tor that year. Another cauie of the reduced number of foreign Teasel* entering and clearing, ia the increased tonnage of those now engaged In that trade oompared with former years. Old Stock Exchange. i shs Canton Co, s9 S3 108 ?) S3 91)6 Si 87 UKO U 80s, 1862, do 1000 Ohio 6s, 1860, do 1856, Peon 5s, W OO do ,lf0S0 do f.000 111 Spl Ids. > 0M Heading li otitis, INN do ?ION do ,, |80C0 Reading Mort Bds, 75 7 ) t h? hem*, 82 75 Bk of Com scrip. 92>? 50 do sl2ms 90 IN homer* Tr bjO 35 80 Morria Canal, 14)? 150 do IC? do )ft0 do 50 N J R R, Harlem RR. b30 8S 35 72 VA 50 do IN do SO Loaf Isl RR, 35* do 5tf do b30 ?0 do .3 34 150 do 33f? 150- do bN *3 *0 Norfc WorRR, 55* Si 35 35tf b30 34 s* do do do do do do do do do do 735 Reading RR, 14 h30 1?W bco n?2 lima IN b? 46 45 50 IN bl# 46 250 N 250 b60 47X 100 Second Board 1000 Readme RR Bds, 73 25 Mohawk 20 >hs Unc ? It 8ch y, 114 " Hailem RR, a3l 47 do do do do do ? 501 501 IN 50 50 50 IN 50 100 IN a itioniwa, 450 Reading KB, 50 do 50 Nor It Wor, 100 rfi 25 do 58 do 50 do IN do 50 Moms Caaal, 50 Long Island, 200 Caaton Co, *ow Stock Kxchauiare. 50 .ha Canton Co, cash 34 V,' 50 ehs Nor It Wor, bl? 55? 25 Morris Canal, 25 do 50 Harlem BR, 50 do 2^ do 50 do 25 Nor ?c Wor, 25 do 25 do Friday 55315 caih 1)15 55V s'O 55 Friday 55^ cash 55iJ b3 55'i s3 55)? Ciah 55'J Friday 55!? Jlar.lea. In St. John'* Chnrch, in thia city, on the 33d initant, by the Rev. Dr. Wainwright, Edwabd Bissau., U. 8. N., and Victoria* Dcbois ok Finn. At New Brunt wick, New Jersey, on the evening of the 23d initant, by the Rer. Alfred Stubbs, Hknbt Ro ?kit Ball, Esq., of England, to Eliza Cabboll, daugh ter of the late John Crawford, Esq , of the Island of Ja maica, W. I. Died. Suddenly,on Thursday morning, Damn Stimble, in tbe 41 ?t year of hia age. The mend* of the Family are invited to attend bia Mi neral thia day, Friday, at 4 oclock P. M., from SI Pearl street. Newbargh papers please eopy. On Wednesday, the 23d instant, after a lingering Ill ness, Louisa Gkntil, aged 88 yean. Tbe iriendi of the family, and those of her brother-in law. Michael Allison, Jr., are invited to attend her fune ral on Fridav afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late resi dence, No 318 Canal street, without farther notice ? The members of Mercantile Lodge No. 47, I. O. of O. F , are respectfully invited to attend. On Wednesday evening, the aid instant, Mrs. Mabt Shurlook, in the 44th year of her age. The funeral will take place from ner late residence, corner of Forsyth and Sunton streets, this afternoon, at half past 8 o'clock. On Wednesday evening, the 33d instant, alter a lin gering illness, Mrs. E. E Bbowulii, mother-in law of Charles U. Bolander, of this city, in the 74th year of her age. (pj- Albany papers please copy. On Wednesday, 33d instant, Chablbs Backus Adams, eldest son of Mr. Jedediah E. Adams, aged 11 years and 8 months The relatives and friends of the family, and those of hii uncle, William Mecciee, are respectfully invited to attead his funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the Baptist charck, in lStfe street, near 9tb avenue. Suddenly, at Brooklyn, aged *8, James Stbwabt, a natiro of Clogher. county Tyrone, Ireland. l.1 The iuneral will take place from the corner of Con cord acd Pearl, this afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Friends and acquaintance! arc requested to attend, without further notice. STARTLING FACTS! rPHR NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, published at 27 Centre street, New Yotk, of this week, will contain a nswfeatnrn. la the publication of the list of DESERTERS of the United States Army, officially the War De pertaseat. " LI V ES Of THE FELONS," No. i, with a splendid gra phic ENGRAVING of Thomas, the Burglir ano Murderec, ls-raing the buglar's ait in the Kentucky Penitentiary. | _The foil eartleolsrs and testimony of the examination of DANIEL BURTNETT, the batcher, of the Bowery, chirged With irceat on hi* own daughters. Trial ol MAXWKLL. the husband of Coatello, charged | with the RESURRECTION and selling of a deed female, , who died at hit house ia Lispeuard street, from abortion?a I wondertal development. Trial, coavictiou and e'rqnent sentence of Gotrcitc, for life, it Mirg &mg, for the innrder of John Barman, at Albany. The late fc?pr?sa Robbery, and the secret compromise. Trial of BENJAMIN KODY, for the murder of Afred R. Sh-vpard, at Providence?his eenTietion. Trial of Rev. TIMOTHY F- F BOWES, an English Clergyman, fo'cim coa. with the wife of his groom, tc. (tc. i f Dr. HOLLlCK, at Miilarielphia, for publishing a book called " The Origin af Life"?his acqnitta). Review cf trial tnd acquittal of Tolly Bourne. Mutiny and Mardar?A Miscreant?the Pickpockets Tom Conroy, Pate Scuyveaaat Jack Roch, Doluh, Tosh, Black Bill, The Jew, BUI Bleom, Cooper, Dick Collard, and Bob Howell's Pardon. Pri e $1 per aaunm; single copiea, Are tents. a24 lt*r FOR SALE?A one or two horse Rockawav Carriage, almostaew. Price!.SO Apply at8table 14 Lharltonst. a? 4 3t*r FOK 8A*-t.?An inter at in aa Ale Monte, established iu Oi.e ot th- moat genteel pvta of the city now doing s good businiss Any one di |n?ed to purchase, will please address k <1 w irds at thw < Ifice, stating where an interview may be had, will be atte dtd to. >24 3t*rc FOR SALE FOR I ASH?One-half or the whole of the (iood Will. Ftock, Futarea, Agencies, Ike., of Co'on It Adrisnce's Pcnndical, Book-Stores and Ctieap Stationary Wureriwnii,# U, J# and 31 Arcade, and 2#3>? Cbeanut atreet, Philade phis. Pa. Apply at the proprietors. *24 it' c COLON It ADRIANCK. MAH< KtANY, ROSEWOOD, ZEBRA WOOD,&c. P.)R sil? by E. G. STACY, No. M tween Broome and Spring streets, at reduced prices The assortment ia large, and the quality of Veneers Itc , ii aa good as at any other yard in the city. Son>e snperior logs of cro ch Vea'eis suitable lor wardr bos, card tables, or piano forte. Cibmet, piaaoforte, and looking glass fame-makers,, are requested to call and eiamine the atocB. a24 lm*rc NATIV" AMERICAN RESPONSE MEETT5g~AT Am-ricui Hall, corner Broadway and Grand street, on Frrday t veiling, Ap'il 24 1816, at 7K o'clock. A<l who are opposed io the levelling and nitre spirit of radi calism, now so rife in the land, and would preserve the undii me iial I iw of the Empire Mute, fr. m its destructive giasp, are repeated to meet as above, to respot d to the nomination of th' following candid tes t > the State Convention : O.'I'U Edwards, Hiram Ketcham, James Harper, David E. Wheeler, Eliaa H Ely, John Levndse, Shepar i Knsnp, Har ris Wil<on, Burtut Skidmore, Will'am L. Prall. Wm F. Pratt, Win. 8. Roas, Nicholas Schartman, Nimrod Leftvre, John Lloyd IV B ? Good misic and eminent speekers are engaged for the occasion 'Ihevrittis Clnba and Ward Assoctationa ?re requested to attend. By order of Commune of Arrangements. JOHN F, DHIGuS, Chairman. 8th?h?i* Reed, Secretary. a24 lt'je s a VIAL STORES FOR THE NAVY _ tAI.LD PROPOSALS, to be endorsed "Proposals lor Cr Small :itor a, ' will be receivid bv the Navy Agent, a' liia office N >. 85 Water street, nntil Saturday, ?(h June nr it. at J o flock, P- M , for the anpply of small store* for the nae of the N?vy, to be delivered upon receiving five days notice, at the N tvy Yard, Brooklyn, li ee t f eipense and risk to the govern mf ,| |e such qa nri'tes as miy be ordered during the fiscal y?-r ending cn the 30th Jnae, 124T. Tbe srrieles will be snbtect to snch msrection as the Bn rean rf Provisions ai d Clothi g shall pr', and most be if g tt.i qn-lity.eqnsl in a'l respects to tha best of ih se gene r<lly n ed in ih' service Pavnient for deliveries will be mide, W) per c- nt within 3i days after billa duly aiiprosed are pre se^'ed to th > Agent, and tbe remaining 12 |er ceet ?n the es tire c m. leti'-n of th? contract. Bonds in a sufficient amount with two approved aureiti s, will be reqeired for the faithinl p-rf irm-nca of tlie onfact. Blank p opoaals, contaiumg a list of tha articles, may be ob tained at thia office, aa follows Needlee, sewing, assorted,... per thoussud Bru hes,shaving ..????each B'imIws. scrnbning do Bru hes, shoe d i fl.nsi-es. cle hea do Bntrnns, naw, vest...groee Butiona.nave, coat..... do Bu t ns. dead-eye. do B rcking, hiiea ot...perdrs Bees ?? ;*, in *lb cakes .lb ? ombs eoarse perdoa Combs fine... .e.. ? ? ? oe Cotton, epoo's ?.f.. ? 1 G.ais forhau. . per IMhaods H .r.dke-c'ieta.cotion ..esrh Hdkis Silk, (aiicI colors d> do L okiig dV nlmrard "9 d . ? P" lb Navy Agent a tllBee, New Yerb.April 21 IMS. wavy Ag pRog^fcR M wK. I MORfc, Navy Agent * These articles, to wit?Master I seed and pepper, will be r, "Heed at New York only, and ia the raw ateto. sit lawgwF rc ? oIl Paintings. HENRY BENT respectfully informa gentlemen sad the trade that in htere he will carry on the bnsineas of Lining Pictures only, which will be derated (aa hitherto) in ih* beat possible manner. Refer eaces given if reqeired,2? Bro'dway. ^fsw York. a?uan Palm elates (erdoi Pep|?r, black* lerib J'epper, red' do Haxora. in single cases. ..each Ksxor strops. do ?Ji hon.hat |ierpiece Soap, aslt water per lb Hoap. shaving, in c ken... d' z Silk, sewing, blae black... lb Wcisaors.. each Hpoons do Thread, Meek, white and blna ? .... per lb Tape, blaek and white... dot Thimblea... ?. ? ^ ..each THE REAL GOOD DONE, Is the ouly criterion by which to setinwte the true value of a medicine Seme of the ?>nt eminent Physicians admit BEKKMAN'S PULMONIC SYRUP THE BEST RKMKDY EVF.B DISCOVERED, for lh? diseaars ?> ?h? rare of which -t is directed It will be observed tha- the certificate* nl ear** published are taken espressly fr.w those so e uM iua'h- ocurring in our City and ill immediate vicinity, in <"?ler ?ii: t th-public here may examine ?< d i itiaf/ them?etvesrlioron ;l;|r of the reality of ?h*t thi? wondrous compound !? accomplishing. Mrs. Van Sieklrs's eese ia one amoug the numerous uut* ccs oI these re ina k' ble turei. . '? My sickness bejan something Ilk' i t year, aro with a se lioua pain ia the region of tit* heart aim! ^eurrU ?l-rangrinent of the digestive organs My sppe'it- wss >; regular. and I coatd aearccly endure to eat from lb- tnitertblc aeuaationa of weight and diilrulion following tsitb t> chuif ap of wind and raising up a strong, sour flu id iutn n.e My nights were restless; my sleepdisturbed wit? u?n end p<uuful dreams. I would r>se unrefreshed. ftVfri h, eatr mely tnirsty and with the wage furred. Mybow.l w i* not r-gu'ar?generally Terr costive, but occasionally suirern.g t-om dtarrbtaa. And there was a tenderueaa et the p r nf ...y a om-ch, with each a guaw iu(, burning necsatiou th?r? as et t n?es, to drive me almost distracted. A dry. tickli-g rough troubled me Tery much, and my multiplied aimcaltiea appeared to be tending rapidly to Conaumpcion. " Diff. rrjjt physicians attended ire, and I made ule of many remedies. both external and internal : bat I d'd uot obtain any lasting benefit from any ot them Now aad then I would mend a little. The >elief, however, wai only tsmpornry?for I kept getting gradually worse and worse. 8*vere headaches, palpitations ot the heart, soundings in the ear, giddiness, bumbuess of the lingers, grett languor, extreme sensibility to cold, shifting seusvious of soreness about th? spleen anil liver, p ius ia my chest, w th an oppressive sense of t ghtneas across it, pains snooting up and darting through iuto my shonlders ; chilli ess, followed by heat of the skin, acd part, cularly a dryness acd bor-in< aeuaatiou in the palms of the hinds and s?l?s of tbe feet, all combined to afflict me, waste away my bodily powera, and comi lately duheertan me. Ia this way, year aft. r yetr rolled slowly by. My life waa one doll sceue of bitter suffering and inelaucliol*. "Some months lince 1 oluined one of Bckkman's Tr?at i*-s ' uo the Character and Cure of Consumption, Coltla, Cob. lu. Diseases of the Luugs, Liver Complaint, Dyspei sia, 4tc.' 1 deurni'oed after carefu ly pernsiag it, to make a tho rough trial of BEEKMAN'S SYRUP Its effects npon me were peculiar aud lina/diate. and inoit beueficial It seemed to spr<ud throughout my whale system, acting upon every part of it at the same time. Ita gentle, but powerful operation was not only perceptible to my ftelirgs, bat raaliaed ia the grateful and salutary results brought about. My co >gh was eased, became less and less, and Anally left me ; my chest and luurs were completely relieved ; the derangement of my sto mach removed ; all the evacuations regulated ; the heart and liver freed from every paiaful affection ; ray skin softsna moist, my nerves steady, and, in a word, I am entirely re stored to sound health. " I do solemnly believe that if I had not taken Beekman's Syrup at the time and iu the manner I did, I should have been ia my grave. " I siloed not omit to sav. that I made us* of Dr Bttt man's Essential Pills to the greatfs' advantage, during the prog ess of my cure. They operated in the inoat iniltT but thorough manner, to keep the stomach and bowels free from those obstructions which, in my weak state, were at timea so difficult to overcome " My oldest daughter, about twenty years of age, who haa been greatly afflict- d for some tinaawitn t?e liver complaint and Dyspepsia, rxte'dicg to affctiona of the Kidneys acd Spine, is now Inking Bkekman's Sykcf aud Pills, and is ia pidly recovering her health " 1 am the wife of Mr. C. Van Sickle, and our residence ii No. 162 fltrrow street, Ntw York. ? " PHEBE VAN SICKLE." " New York. April 8th. HIS." Mr. Van Sickle's family ia one of the most respectable in the city, and hia amiable aud inte'l'geot lady has kindly con seated to see any one who would like to convene with her personally in regard to her cure. (C7~ Caution.?To guard against deception, Bfckman's Original (genuine Pulmonic 8ravrand Vegetable Essent al Pills are put up in wrappers, copy righted Purchasers should therefore be cvtiul, and see that they get Beekman't Medicines, and no other. For aale at the old establishedoffire of the Proprietor, No. i9% Courtlandt street, one door below Oreenwich street. Being now ?o generally in nse, they are kept regularly by many of the most respectable apothecaries and dr-ggists in New York, Brooklyn, Itc To be had also of authorized agent* in different parts of the country. ap24 lm*eo I r SPRING GOODS WM. Y. JENNINGS kCO., Drapers and Tailors, Import * v ers of Cloths. Cassimers, Vestings, Fancy Dress Arti cles, Itc , 231 Brosdway, opposite the Fountain, are prtinred for the soring trade with the most extensive assortment of goods they have ever offered lor impaction,comprising trench and English cloths, casaimers in various new styles; vestings in great va-iety, which will be made up to order, through the aid of as efficient a corps of cutters as can be found in the coun try, at prices f>at have given a character to the establishn.eut for mederate charges. In reference to pantaloons, in which so few cutters exce', we could obseive that the attention directed to this department must continue to otter inducements to those who appreciate a fit, combiuing ease and elegwee. In addition to the usual assortment of goods kept by ill* trade, we have always on hand dress aad frock coats, vesu, bu siuess coats, and lancy dress articles, including scarf', cravats, handkerchiefa, gloves, suspenders, liaeo and muslia shirts, collars, bosoms, lie. a24 lin?r A viEKICA ! OREGON! ENGLAND ! TO the Inhabitants ot the whole bouodtess Continent ?We invite yon all and each of you. to consider and reflect 'or S?ur own welfare, that by calling at the New York Coffee aloon, No. 217 Fulton atreet, near Gieenwich, where you will not only find all the edibles served up, far exceeding any otl er place of the kind, buta mueh larger plate tor the price. Also, you will find a spacious and airy room, where you may take your metis with all the comfort imaginable, either break fast. dUneror sapper, from six cents ap to aay given price. Again, we say, at any time on passing by, just drop in and test the quality, and judge of the quantity and prices lor your own aatistaction. Open on Sundays. at' lm'r Nails, twine, ?hoe thread, Scc. S SM casks Nails, assorted sixes. 10,900 lbs. Wool Twine; 400 bandies India do. 100 bales Engliah Seine Twine, assorted. -250 do Cotton 8ei.:e and Wrapping Twine. A'so? Russia, Manilla and American Hemp Cordage. Cotton do. do , assorted sizes. Oakum, Burlaps Bagging, Shoe Thre?d, tic. Itc. For sal* a' lowest market prices by CEBRA It CUMING. alt l*r 103 Pearl street. HAVANA SEGARS?1M PORTED. THE firit Srgar> of l ha new crop?the beat that has been raited Tor the last ten yean?'re now for tale at the "Ha banero Houte." No 12 Beeairan ttree'. Lovert ol a good Aromatic segar, lu.'hat burn white, tvf n juto theend,without leaving any unpleasant tsite in the mouth, ae requ*itedto call ana give tht-m a trial. The fiti ii drt of the old ttock will be diipoaed of fromSS to $1 lets than ike original price, by the tingle box or upward. N. B.?First rate tobacco leaf, vurlta ie Lb jo, far tale, at No. II Brekman street *21 li*rc RE MOV *7] * DR TOWNSENDS SAHSAPARIL'A DEPOT will be rewovrd on the Itt cf M't t-'X Fulton itreet, text door to the Sun office, tign of th? Big Dottle N B ?Look out for countMl<ts and impjetors. Se* that every buttle istigned wi.h th? lignature of 8. P. Town tend. Owing to the unprreedvnttd success of thia article a company h-s been formed t > i ut up a sparicns one in the tame ?haped b >ttlea. Look out for iai pot tort. a 24 lm*rc DR. POWELL, OCULIST, A ND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Diseases of /*. the Eye and id all Imperfection* of Viaion, from* to 4 ?'clock, at hia residence, *51Broadway, comer of Warren ft-? Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract aad ; Opacitiet, effectoaJly removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and tneeeta. Inveterate catea of STRABISMUS, or Sqaiatiag, cared ia a few minutes. I Jntt imported, AHTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty aad finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor withoat charm. Offico and residence 2t>l Broadway?entrance IK Warren ?Met- at* lt*rc. HARDWARE AT AGENT'S PMCES. THE SUBSCRIBER, Agent for tereral Manufacturersia , England, it enabled to supply dealert from flnt hands, alto 1 at firtt prices, Purchasers will contult their own interest by 1 taking UP STAIRS PRICES. 1S00 grots low priced Table Cutlery. 5 catkj attorted 1, 2 and I blade Knivea. Files?a complete asaortment of bott cast steel. 50 Catkt Trace, Ox and Leg Cbaiaa. 51 Baskets Vices, line Cotter Key. 1M Doi?o Patent Knob Locke. Alto, Frying Pans, Bnd Screw*, Candlestick!. Bolts, Spooas, Pad, Closet and Trunk Locks, Carry Combs, kc. fcc . JOrfN A. NEWBOLD, m2 ImitTl WfcK*rae No. it John street, an itairt. BEDBUGS, ROACHES, RATS, MOTHS, See. j FTH1E Seaton haaairived for exterminating bedbagi, rats, A cockroaehet, motht, mice, H-e?, lie. lie , and the rote- , bugs upon bushci, plautt Icc , aud for forciug the erupt by the . proper application of tu'phale of ammonia, and for protecting the teed, when planted, ag.iust the g-ub worm, crotti, &c., all this done by apply >ng to DR LEWIS FEUCHTWANOKR, S3 Libeity itreet, Sd door from William it AUo. from C. H. Ring, corner Broadwav aad John itreet; in Brooklyn, from J. W. Smith, comer Fulton aad Cranberry ?treeti; in Philadelphia, Irons H. A. Dreer, flariit, Chetaut it. i aSI 3 er JEFFERd^N INSURANCE COMPANY, j Officr No 50 ITtU t(., oppoiile tki Mtrekanti' Ext Kant*. ' '| ?HI8 Company continues to iaiare igainit lott or damage M. by Fire, on dwelliug liouiei, warshoutet, baildingt in ge aeral,good?, wtret aud metchandiie, and every deicriptiou of perion-I proper.y; alto against Ion ei dam ge by inland na vigation and UMiipoitatinn DIRECTORS. Thomas WThorne, Elitha Riggs, Thomas T. Wood re IT, Anson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, Jamet E. Holmee, John R. Davison, Jehu P. Moore, Jehu H. Lee, Will'am K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas MorreU, eraneiaP Stge, Eugene Bogirt, John C. Memtt, Kooert Smith _ . THOMAS W. THORNE, President. OF.O. T. HOPE, Secretary. a2l tfrc THE i;lTY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, j C.-.P.f?' ATe. 01 IK.ill ilrert, City nf New York API1AL STOCK tilO.COO. all paid iu in cash, and sreure -,'T invetted acceding to h* provtsisns ot iti rharter. l his ' omuiny hat been in butinest twelve yean, and iu that **,"!? ?>"'?rda of KM 000. r. . fHZ?.'U lha Coaapauy exceed its cipiul stock more inan lota or damage by Fire effected on appli- , cation, at reaiooiu e tcruia. R. A. READING, Pretideut. D. > CURRY, Secretary. The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital NHKI.OOU Dollars. CnvriviTi- , ?V'Clt i' BaooxLTiv. k i j take nskson bai.dings, machinery, mer ehandiie <ud property generally, on their usual favorable terms. This company lias passed through the two greatest conflagrations that have eter occurred m the country ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively sliaht losses to the system which they have alway, pr?tisid 3 limm? aad scattering their risks. All losses which the company sutt.ain will be adjusted and paid pmrqptlv as heretofora The Company take special csre to notify tlieir castomers ia New York, of all expirations of policies. ... 8 ?V?:!iAivlATe:R' aSSmis t E. C. FINN, Secretary. Okpick op Tug Nrw Yo?k Gas Liaht Co , > Airil 19th, IM*. i THE PRESIDENT AND DIBKCTORS hive ihia dav declared a dividend cf foar and one htlf per cent on the capital ttock ' f thii Company, for the in moutht end ng lit Februarv latt, payable to theat.iekh IJert oi a'dafter Friday, the <lt of May nr?t The trtat'er book will be cloied from the SJth iait. to that date. By ? rder, a S rrc C. L KVR'TT, Secretary, j CAST OKF CLOTHINO AND HHNl'l'lMJC WANTED. IADIEH OR GE.NTI.EMEN hiring ?ny cast off clothing J or fumrure to dispni* of, can obtain a fair cash price for the time, by sending for the subs riber, at hit reiideace. No. 14 Daaue itreet, or through the Poit OAre. which will be laactaally attended to. M S. COHEN. N. M ?Ladies can be atttnded to by Mrs. M. 8. COHEN. alS 1m*r V'AIbTELL ???gsa aci r XMf ANTED?By to Aroeriun woman, a situation m wet 'J nurse. Address Nim this oflfte. _ amt'rcl W ANTtD? Two young Lwliu to attend in ? bakery ud vv confectionary store. To those who have beeo accustom edto th? boimeis, aud me fully competent, a liberal salary Will be siren. Apply, between the honra of 7 and II, to ROBEHT MUMLY, atS *t*r 141 Fultoo atreet, Brooklyn. GIFFIN'S HAIR. CUTTING AND DRESSING ESTABLISHMENT. No. 30 hroadvyay, opporilt Mrrrit itreel. Xtw York. JGIFFIN would rtspectfully acquaint hia former cuato ? mers, tod the public, that he has rraumed bu?ineas at the md atand. where, for >aveu years p'evoua u> the Great File of July.19. 1845, lie received ao liber il a ahare of patronage To hia former frieuda, lie flatters himaelf, uo more need be aaid; but to thoae who have uot been under hia hind, lie would simply say, come and tee if you cannot have your hair cut sail dressed aa well, at least, as at any other place in Broadway, and at half the price. Ilair cutting l?a ceuti; Shampooing ll>? cents; Raiors honed ll? ceuis. N. B.?A front basement to let?a desirable aland for a boot maker. a23 Hina'tc A RESPECTABLE young girl warns a situation as nnrse, and to do good plain icwing. Please call at 174 West Broadway. a!3 >t*rc Wj ANTKD?a respectable middle a*?d woman wishei a v v building, with offices, to take charge of and keep clean. She can sive undoubted inferences. Address K., at this office. t2J j? WANTED, BY tb? undersigned, a first-rate journeyman Barber. None need apply but persona ol g ? d recommend it ion and char acter. JAMES OKA-NT, I Ann street. a23 tfrc WANTED?A aituati'in by a young man in a wholeaale grocery or conimitaion businesi?wages not so much an object aa permanent employmtot. The best of city relereace* giv n if teqnired. Apply, by note, W. C., Herald office. a?2 3l*ic BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FEW genteel boarders, venllemen and their families or aiagle gentlemen, cut be accommodated in a private family iu Broome street, near Hudsou, where every attention will be paid to mike it pleasant and agreeable. The rooms are largj with Mntnea attached; privilege of b.ithiug rooini, kc. bur ' further particulars, please call u( U4 Broome itreet, near Hud son street, or C. H. ltl.NO, I aM3't lM Broad w ay. GEORGIA LUMBER CO. Notes waned at Ji per oent dia ount, by D. R. Pr.CK, n?4 >m*rc 11 Wall street. FURfc WATKR?STONES IMPROVED PREMIUM Water Filters.?These filters not only clarity but purify the n.ost turbid water, leuderingit perfectly salubrious, by di vesting it of all putrid vegetable aud animal matter, animalcu li.ltc. lhe filtering properties of this apparatus are so great that even water impregnated with soap, tobacco. &c..he., is rendered perfectly taateleaa, no odor,.aud of a bright, chrysta line clear,ess. Can be aeeu in opeiauou. and for aale at Stone and Brothers Croton Plumbing establishmeul, MO B'oadway. r22 lm'r TO PHYSICIANS AND DRUGGISTS* A RARE CHANCE.?f'OK SALE, tht Stock, Fixtures, and Good W >11 of a Country Drug Stoie. about 1M m > lea from this citf. in a thriving village of 4000 inhabitants. It is now doing a good business, which is incensing. The pre sent owner is obliged to d'scout uue the bu- mess on aecount of bad health, thu? giviug an opportunity to a person who can command from $2,000 and $2,300 cash, to lay it out profitably, and establish himseif in a good business. A liue addressed to " Druggi't," and left at this office, will be attend-d to immediately, oy stating where an inteiview can be had, name of appl cant, lie. ap23 2t*rc NEW BOOK. DOLORES, A NOVEL BY HARRO HANING. THE lirst number of this work is now given to tne public, with the assuranee of its possessing an interest which can not fail to secure for it a deseividand lasting,popularity. It is founded on facta of recent occurrence in the South Ameri can States, aud from ciicumstam i-s which have recently t-an spired must be received and read with additional interest. Pub lished by MARRENUER, LOuKWOOD It CO., corner Broadway and Grand sU. Wholesale dealers and agents supplied on the usual terms, a 23 3t*rc PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, 88 CEDAR STREET, BYC. C. MAKStI,Accountant, author of the "Science of Double Entry Bookkeeping Simplified, and the Art of Single Kntry Bookkeeping Improved." ODURStC OF IN3TRUCTION?The public ii respect fully intormrri and assured, that the plau pursued by Mr. .Varih. in teaching that imjorlaut branch, is truly a coarse of ptactice iu ket ping books, lather than a course of lectures on the theory. To bu practically useful, a more exact and particular know ledge of Bookkeeping is required than can poasibty be impart ed by lecturrs. The pupil is fiithfully instructed and well exercised in all the yarioui operations connected with a set of partnership Books, inOpemng, Conducting and Cloiing the same, in mak i iug out Trial balances, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Current Account Sales, and in calculatinv interest, Discount, Profits, Losses, Eqnaiion of Payments, Exchanges, Currencies, tic. He becomes familiar from actual use, with all the books con stituting a set; and if a person of good capacity, will by tnis course necome ? com^eteLt Bookkeeper in about one month, and will reeive a certificate to that effect. Prospectuses, with teims, obtained at the Rooms from 9 A. M. to 9 P.M. a2f Im'rh i TAKE NOTICE. THE Subscriber baring made arrangements, and considera bly enlarged his premises, is now rei-dy to do all kinds of Blscksmith snd Marhine work in general on the most reaaoaa hie terms, at the a1 oi test notice. N. b.?To Saddlers and others?100 sets of htmes on hand for sale. G. BROADriURST, a!2 lm'm 231 at 233 Spring st. NOTICE. IW'OTICE is hereby given to all persons having bought stone JL * from Laimbeer's Quarry, st Kipp's Bay, formerly occu pied by Messrs. Mott k Knowlton, that the accounts <>f the Quarry will be settled by R- H. Laimheer. at the OtRee st thj Quarry. WILLIAM LA1MBEER. Dated this 16th day of April, 1246. a23 lm*rc ST. CHARLES HOIEL, WASHINGTON, D. C. li^OR SALE, the Lease, Furniture, acd Fixtures of this J. fashionable and highly popular Hotel. The Lease has two years to lun frem December last, with the privilege of renewal for four years more The location is desirable ou account of its nearness to the Capitol, and also iu proximity to the Railroad Depot, beiogou the same block, {t fronts on three of the principal streets?B .street, Pennsylvania avenue, and Third atreet. The arrangement of the building is such hi would make it l advantageous for two separate depart meats vix: The Bsr and R> stauiant in the basement, and Lodging Rooms, Pallors, Sic., ! in the upper part. For either, separately or both, the proprie < tor will treat with any peison or party competent, until the 1st day of Mav next. The establishment is splendidly famished and in full opera ? tinn, with an exc-llent run of business in both departments, and offers opportunities rarely met with. The object of the under signed in offering this establishment for sale is his intention to chsnge his line of businrss. 1 For fmthe* particulars, address BURL'N BROWN. a231w*r St. Chsrl-s Hotel. ! EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the public to the most extensive stock of rec.dy made elothing iu the city, adapted to spring and summer trade- In addition t? the ready made the subscri ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection of p' ece

goods iu the market, of every color and pattern; and the supe rior skill employed in the cutting and manufacturing depart ments is sacn as enables the subscriber with confidence to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to have ttkeir gar ments made to order. The ebove stock having bees 'elected witn great earr, and bought far cseh alone, is a strong induce ment for all to call who wish to purchase at least 20 per cent less than at those houses who are obliged te do business upon the credit system. N. B ? Oificers of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a luge assortment of superior blae cloths and cassiniers. which will be made up at the shortest notice, and in a manner uot to be inrpaased. EDWARD FOX. 202 Broadway, near Fulton it., opposite to the Franklin Houie. CARD. THE Subscriber having become in teres ted in the abov* house respectfullp requests the patronage of his customers and friends. Orders entrustedto bis care will be attended to with promptness. JAMES A. ?WA1N. a20 Im *re THE KHADES HOTEL, 84 Rtade Street, WeU Side of Broadway. rPHK Subscriber respectfully iaforms bis friends and the A pablic, that he has lately opened the above Establish ment, in a atyle superior to any other house of the knd in the eitv of New Voik The satisfaction which ha has hitherto given to his numerous friends snd customer!, while Proprietor of " Tie Shades," in Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may patronise him in his new estab lishment, while no effort on his part will be wanting to merit the continuance of tueir patronage. The umU relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebita, Poach ed Eggs, lie will be served up in asnoerior style. The Room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as well as a lull supply of foreign pnpera, by every arrival from Kar^f. mil lm*rc JAMfc.8 KVAWft REMOVAL. A J. CUNNINOHAM has removed his stock of Watches, ? Clocks, Jewelry, 8ilver Plated and Britannia Ware, fom 224 to iT2H Bowery, (new stores) opposite Delancy street ? Oold. Silver and Steel Spectacles from 23 cents to $10; Perifo csl from $2 30 to $ 10; Onuses of all kinds and te suit all sights ground and fitted; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Music Boxes repa: red and warranted. al9 lm*r CHJCKERLNG'S PIANO FORTE WAREROOM8, MO3 Broadway, No. ? and 7 Lafarge Bolldln|. THE PUBLIC will find at the above rooms a general assort ment of Urand and Square Piano Fortes, at the same price as at nv Faetnry in Boston aft lm*r R. & H. KIPLING, ' IMPORTERS of Precious and Imitation Stonee,also of alt kinds of French and Ergliah Fancv Ooods, beg leave to in form the trade that they liave removed from No. 24 Maiden Lane to No 60 Maiden Lane where they will continue to keep an extens ve aod general assortment oi all such articles as are lequirsd by the trade. Mr. R K being now in Paris expressly to purchase, uny orders will be executed with the greatest promptitude. Iw'rc LOOK HERE. ?OA nnn WOhTH OF WINDOW 811ADK8 sell ing eff it 13 per cent below cost, to cloee the business at the 1st ol May. KDWARD WAMsLEl No. 20 Catharine st. between East Broadway and Henry st a2l lw*r CAMPHENE AND CHEMICAL OIL THK Sub criber is prepared to snpply dealers with a supe rior quality of Campnene 'nd Chemical OIL, at a lower price tlisu any other esttbhihmeut iu this city, delivered free of cartage, Also. Spirits of Turpentine, st the very lowest market price. Apply petsonajfj^by^, to.^^ Office 136 Water street, above Maiden Lane. g!4 im'r Dutillery, 1st Avenue and 23th street. V, oTICE TO THK PLBUC IN OKNf.RAL?The sub 1^1 scriber, after enl?rging his premises, is now prepared to Clean Carpets of every description, from 10 to 100 yards, with out ripping?Ingrain S1* cenU per yard: Brussels I cents per yard; Hearth Rugs, Taole Covers and Shawls cleaned, from 23 to 73 cents; Dresses dyed or wsshed from 30 centsi to ?li Coats .leaned or dressed from 30 cents to ^ ? N. B.?Terms cash. ">* '"?*"? NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO OKNTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM Fulton street, invites the in spection of the publ c to his choice nock of rroneh a-id colored Cloths and Caanmeres. Vrs'ings, or sllya rietiee, suiUble for spring 'rade which ar? lu be sold LOW for cash. Customers desiring to have KLEOANT *ND DURABLr. OARMENTa AT MODERATE PRICES, woulit d i well to h?ve their garments cat by 'h? efficient cut ters of this establishment, who are e*p?blr of giving ss neat a fitting garment as he most la.tidkus can detue. All articles of small wear ci ntinnally on band, Bhirta, espe cially Rotnember the number, 127 Falton street. a I* im'r WM. M ATT H IK 99 EN. idle HoUk buck. JU8T PUBLISHED?Thn " Idle Hoar Book," containing pletewith^un W ?Prioe only V cents?rs Oyr Comic Almanscs for 1047, five in number, will be in sued in April. 1 hey will be the beat ever got up, and chea at that. Specimen numbers e?nt by mall. The subscribers invite the attention of the nude to thieir unrivalled and large variety of the varices kinds o4 Children'a Books,Bong Books. Printers, lie., together with colored Litho graphic Prints, the beat in the market, 300 kinds. Int2 lm*re TURNER k FWHER, 74 Chatham-si AUCTION NOTICES. N( VALUABLE OIL PAINTINGS. THERE will bt told This Day. at No M Clinton Plan, be !wwn University Pisce and the fifth annot, seven rain able Painting, by >.?urmed Muter*, elegantly framed. Tliey will be sold about ll o'clock. 1. Snephert'a Family, by Morillo, coot $200 ? Early Affection, by Ontch Muter, cost 100 J. Holy Family, by (Jiroffola 175 4. Peasant Girl, by Stemi SJ 5. Two Cupids, b/ Corregio, copy cost 100 g. Assam, tion. on copper CO 7. Cherubs with Roses W . m 't'rc E. H. LUDLOW. Auctioneer J A. L?.VY, Auctioneer. OT1CE?I will en pose fors>le, at public auction, This Morning, at II o clock, at 19] B oedway. up stiir*. by vir- I tue of a Landlord's Wurent, under the direction of Samuel W. Hubbard, constable, the following articles of Furuituie? oue , Sjfa, three Card lablas, lot or.Maitiug, Couch and Bedstesd two half circle Tables, oue Hit Tree, one Clock, framed Pic tures, lie. A'so, at same time, one double Counting House Desk, on* Book Ciue, Bed Wardrobe, some uticles of fancy, he t24 lt*r WM W. SHIRLEY, Anctioiuer. ' Household furniture sale-by he. wil L.4RD ? Mondar, April 17, at 10 o'clock, at Ihe house No W Franklin sire-t, ? general and uear ssi>run-Lt of Psrlor, Bedroom audK'tflieu Fu-niiure, in good order,carpets.chairs, s ifas, tables, bureaus, chiua, glass, ciockrry, mantle xiran dolss, lamps aud various other uncles, Sale positive, rain or shine. Uoods to be taken away same day. a'it u'r | WM. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. CATALOOUE SALE OF NEW AND SECOND HAND FURNIlURE-BY H E WILLARD-Saturday, alio o'clock, at ihe sales room, No. 151 Broadway, without reseive, | for cash, to close up consignment! advanced upou, previous to removal, J secretary b?ok eusis, 6 bureaus, 10 toUt and sofa : beds'.e ds, 4 centro t utiles, bedding, chairs, rockers, 6 count ing house desks, ca'petuii, oilcloths, J to 6 leet wide, with various other useful articles. Sale positive, rain or thine. ail lt*r | WM.W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. , CATALOGUE HOUSE FURNIIURE 8A'-E?BY H, E. WILLARD?This Day, April 24, at II o'clock, at the house No. 4U0 Hudiou street, near Caririne, a full and geneia| ' usottmeut of Parlor, Uttlroorn aud Kitchen Ware, 3 piv Car- j pe's, S'jf, , Chairs, TabUs, Centre and Pier Tables, elegant mamle Uirai;Jvlts, Bcu, Plated Ware, Cutlery, China Glans, kc Also. Bedroom lurnilure, Be<<si*?ds, Bedding, Bureaus, Carpets Itc. Bale prmire. ta n or 'lime. a24lt*r L). NASH, AnUioueer Storu 13'J Fulton street. Daguerreotypes. kc.-This Day. Friday. ?t 10 o'clock, at 1M Fulton street, a quantity of Daguerreo- I type', plates, stands, large and small c.inerts, pla e holders, mercmy boxes, lie , worthy the attention of persons in the , art. Also, carpets, chairs, tables, bureau', lie *24 lfr I J. M. CURTIS, Auctioneer Hardware, cutlery, damaged goods, kc. JACOB S. PL ATT will sell This Day, at 10 o'clock, at : the auction room, coruer of Piatt and Oo'd streets, 300 casks, i easei and lots usortrd goods, vix: 150 lots assorted hardware, I 50 lots d'm'ged gooJs.viz: 1 cask woodscrews, 1 cuk hand- i saws, sad'ery assorted, pocket and penknives, knives and forks, 1 | poeket and penknives, edge tools, lie. lie. I Also, at 12 o'clock. 5 bales quilts. I Also, 20 lots Sh'ffie d edge tools. Also, packet and penknives, mors, scissors, butcher knivs, I I lie. For further particulars, see under auction head in the ; morning papers. a241tje RICH CABINET FURNITURE! i SALE IN CONTINUATION. i ' TACOB ft. PL ATT will continue the sale of rich cabinet i ; v furniture, at tht Saloon of the Aoollo, No. 410 Broadway, > ' this day, to commence at past 10 o'clock, vix : 300 lots snpe | rior cabinet furniture, part of which is Irom ihe stocks of cele- 1 brated ma- ulacturers. Also an invoice of the same quality I from the Journeym-n manufacturers, making together a valua ble usortment. Also one set elegant exteusion dining tables, made by a celebrated m iker, richly carved, splendid top, fivo leet wide, when open fifteen feet, handsome frsme to contain wine'?cost over $150 Also six splendid carved and p'ain bedsteads. Also twelve dozen fancy parlor clinrs, covered with scarlet and blue plush ditto sofas, and a great variety cf ornamental and useful article*. Catalogue now ready. a24 llje xl ZEAU vill sell Thi? D,y at 10 olclock, at No. 1? Franklin street,, geoenl assortment ot furniture, consisting of c?urs, bureau*, ?ofa?, beditead*. carpeting, glaa, ware, crocW. kc- "** " Je H DUCLUZKAU, Auctioneer HANDSOVE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, at No. 10 Park Pi-ce?TUTTLEkDUCLUZEAU will sell Thi, Day at 10 o'clock, at the abo?e houie, the entire flarnitnte con- . tamed therein, composing a Urge assortment of genteel and valuable furniture, consisting of mahoganv sofa bedsteads, end and uiun I tables, Biunels carpets, pier and centre table,, , looking glasses wardrobes, bedsteads, mantel pruatnenu, pla ted aim cut glass ware, diesaing bureaus, mahogany enairs, ivory kmves and forks, beds, matrasses, table linen, comfort ables, blaiikels. quilt*, kc. .... , _:n Also, the kitchen Unmnre, with which the ,tle ^ill^eom meuce. ? " H. DUCLUZEAU Auctioneer. IJANC.Y GOODS, WAT HE9, JEWELRY, kc.?TUT 1 TLE k DUCLOZEAU will sell This Da? at 10 o clock, at the auction room, No 230 Pearl street, a g?neraUs*ortment of Fancy Ocods, viz :-Pocket booka, work"We*.dre**ieg do. glaaa ware, specucies, slates, fancy soaps, letter paper, wood "aIso, a large iuveice of gold and silver watches. ( To be sold precisely at 12 o'clock. Catalogue, are ready. . a24 lt*j* . | TJ ER?SfpTO R Y 'sALE^01^ V. L*!o ANT*B OSBM^ OOD, P BLACKWALNUT, MAHOGANY FUaJguRK. | at the Coliseum, No. 4.W Bro-dwsy. or Saturday, April 251 h, at 10 o'clock?T^UTTLE AND bUCLU/EAU, willeellaa I shore, the entire stock of a city manufacturer, comprising ? j laige assortment of valuable rosewood, black wslnut. maho g*nv furniture, of the most fashionable style, the whole of which has been tnide expressly lor the city retail trade, and will be warranted as represented. Cousi.U of almost everx ar tlcle. bot.i useful and oruamental, for parlors, halls snd bed rooms Particulars of which will be found in catalogs* to be ready this afternoon. N. B -This sale will be fonn3 worthy the attention of housekeepers, as every lot must be sold, w order to clear the rooms p evi n? to eveuing. nZt il^e J K CUKT18, Auctioneer. | CABINET FURNITURE??ontinuation sale, with large | adilitioua." Jacob S Piatt will sell on Friday, at 10 o'clock, , at Apollo Saloon. 410 Broadway, in continuation, 300 lots snpe- ; rior cabinet furniture, part of which is from llw stock of a ce- i lebrated manufacturer, also, an assortment of the same quality from the J<??i?eTia?*. ma.ufac making together a valua ble aaaortment Full pa. ticulars aud catalogues ua. i??Lrr~?? of sale. 2l m H. E. WILLARD k W.YV.'sHIRLEY, Anetioneers. 117 ILL give their personal attention to tly Bale*of Honse W hold Furniture at the reaidence of families declining housekeeping. Stocks of Crockery. DryGoods, Grocery, and S3" of Real Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli rrom their friends and the public, consign menu to their I'kw ROOM, p: BROADWAY, until Jay Ut, W& they will move to the spacious store. No. IT WALL itraetjleu Adams' Eipress Office. GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. " PETER ROBERTS has received by late arrivals, and EMBROIDEllUiS u!!?r2dc.'srJf.: Efisa csxpafciA t'toMO; DressM.u^^workMdT^ourJrom W toJ?. _.AWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. , Tape.hem'd etiich, Ri?i*re^Kuc^and coloied borders. ook. Mull, Jseonet. Swiss. plain, atnped and check'd Organ Tie Tarlatan, Striped and embroidered Tor Curtains. ' HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Black and white Silk Hose; do. with cotton tope ; *ilk em broidered at?i- per pair; very line Lule thread, ?P?n work, %6 ner U ?ten ; fine unbleached cottou. oreu work, J3 to WA & n"5r'd as remarkably cheapV, U.? '*ork cotton ^ mosteicelleut article at *1 per doxen, eeaallr sold at $3,74 ? A most eicellent assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered Silk Olovea of all sixes. LAOEiS. Capes, real and imitation, of ths^letest and most fashionable , stvlee : Veils, black and white, in chantilly.Bruaaels point SI) ICS , TCI t .... _ __J| ??Uu. ?arta?l*? Meek* stvlee : Veils, black and white, "in chantilly.Bruaaels point malines, pomtd'Aleocon and othervarietie*. tlegency. Nleck-^ hn, Valenciennes, fine English TTiread Laces and Edging,, rieii black Bruasela and imitation Laces of every description fo7tnmmiS?flouncinf.kc.. kc.; Linen bobbin Edgings and '"alo"of Muslin trimming,, ladiej' Morning Cspe. lace Cap | Crown*; Muslin Capes, received from auction, will be sold To tht Tta, Coffee and Sugar TYuU, fr.-hamo mitts, FamUuty.Hotel Ketvtri, tfC. J. B. SCOTT* & CO., No. 76 Nattau itreet, corntr of John, HAVING purchased the 6i stlot of the new seasonisTe?J. possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, , nud ?o rurelv obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a laige vane Wof O^en ?dbl?V T.m, of the best oudity only inclu. ; ding the old fashioned Souchong end English BreakfastTem. such aiused to be. imported twenty year,ago. Thestocko( | Coffee, Sugars, kc.. need* no comment, as they an selected of "s'scSt!? it CO- are al*o supplied with a stock of fresh import edGlugow Spiced Hams; oM English CheeM. of great ^flg^boug'ht will be delivered within five mile, of the eitv fi52Vf chw. And all order, fromthe country.with.en clo?ed remittance,, will meet the sam, honorable dealing as il ?elected by the P*n,e* ? k C0.:? Nassau .t, | m? lm*m pwJohn ; FANCY NEEDLE WORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE, IV&WbeadM STREET, NKAR BkOADWAV.-H.L. takes this m-thod of informing the trade and publ.c generally that he has taken the above store, and is prepared to offer an eiten?ive stockin ffiuSMST;d*5 himself, ^.rope wi^P^T MODEL OF NEW TORIL THE UNDERSIGNED is now receivinj orders for views to be represents npou the c?opy.fhisModelof New York, which will be ,ooa completed. These view, vary iron 10 to H iuche, in length, and are ?f ?Sbhcbu.*^ compe .ation. They include represenutions of publ^b.ud ing,. place, of bu,iue??. manufactorie,. hotels, private reai '^^m^f^hTart^both painter*, can find employ ment by applying at tk? * few ageata, and persons capable of transacting busiuee glfQRTEW BELDEN. HO Broadway. COUNTRY MERCHANTS V181TINO the city of New York, are ?????<>?? ??' ??? eismine the complete and eitenriyt swk of Account Book*. Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Leaer Copying Pre*^ A$>" ALL^'SSicft ARt"cLE*sou> bv STATIONERS, At the Lowest Pottihle /*rt?i. RICH k LOUTREL, ?I William it. mil lm*me one door below ledar._ FURNITURE PLUSH. ,7 THE SUBSCRIBERS have received tnm theirmsanfscto ~"h'T""aVl""A"Vil. soleluo* CO.. at im'r r"rl ' to COUNTRY MERCHANTS, UUUGGWTS, | ? AND BAKERS _fflun n_ tiors, NEW WESTERN, BY THE POUND OR Pots?h^LI'' I Oil Peppermint, I White Wa?, Hnl Siela, I Coarse Sponge, I Ga?tor Oil, Carraway Seed. I Hefined Liquonee, | German Cologne, Oil Lem in, I Blue Vitrim, I Rus,i* Iiinglaa,, . Wiiuemm, I- i f . ?or?i Lemon. | Blue Vitriol. I Russia uiagiaae, and a full assortment of Drugs, ,ll of the firat quality, for Mie and a lull "*nr"^EKS fcANDERSON, Drn?gtsra, apl lm*rh 10rultoa.comer Water,and ?1 Bowery. ~ Ourusrrfotype Apparatus. JOHN ROACHT Optician. O Neeee* Street. . >?. ?hermate,.sln^ibTop?.tor..^^f.^H -We^ ^ i^'uronnd"^^. JherjomeUrs ?d Mrv.yiag Co I ^ W#tH tWT Aivniim i>AllK t'UICATItlA. Reduction of Price*. Boim, first tier 75 cots I I'll M (uu. " second and third. .iu " | Gull try 25 " TIiU Kvrlilnjj, Will be perfiruvd, th? Comedy of MERRY WIVES OK WINDSOR. Sir Julio Falataflf ....Mr. Hackett Kurd, Mr. Geo. VaudenhotT Mri. Quickly .Mrs. Vernon Aft?r which, MONSIEUR MALLET. Moos. Mallet Mr. Hackett Mrs. Baiter Mr*. Barry To eoucladr with the LOST LETTER. Mr Beau Mr. Basa V irgima -,?.???. Mra. Abbott Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the Performances will aom mence at half put 7. HUWKHt I'UKA'ltUi. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PHOPRIEsOH This Evening, The Performance will commence with VIRGINIU8. Vidimus Mr. J. IV ttiutt Virginia Mrs. Pliilli[>a After which, the Drama of THE OI.D TOLL-HOUSE. Ahel Bird Mr.Coot Ralph llnnter Mr. Blanchard Juai ) amerou Mrs. G. Jours Maria May bud Mrs. Sergeant To cnuclude with ? ? , LIKE MASTER LIKE MAN. Don Carlos Vr. Davenport Doiino Leouort Mrs. Pnilluis _.!f ?- Lower Uu ses SO cents?Second and Third 1 lers, t% eta ; Tit and Gallery 12* cents Doors will open m 7 o'clock?curtain will rise at half past T. Z Nf.w QUBGNW1CU TI1KATUE, Corner of VARICKfy CHARI.TON STREETS Sole Proprietors Messrs. MYERS It TOML1NSON. Manager JOHN (J. MYERS. Acting aud Stage Manager 11. P. GRATTAN. Treaturer O. M. TOMLINSON. Deputy Treasurer WARREN DRAPER. REDUCTION OF TKICES. Prirate Boxes 00 Orchestra Boxes (Admisaaion) (1 each. Balcony. (First Tier) M cu. Upper Boxes 25 eta. Pit 12Xct?. This KvenliiK, The performance will commence with Jonathan in England. Solomon 8woi Yankee Hill y Sir Larry McMurrow II. P. Grattau Fanny... Mrs H. Isherwood To be followed by the Farce of YANKEE PEDLAR. Hiram Dodge Yankee Hill To conclude with LOVE IN LIVERY. Lord Sparkle Mr. Hall ? Paul Mr. VV .Chapman Countess Violet. Mrs. Isharwood Doors open at 7 o'clock?Curtain rises at 7X o'clock pre cisely. nox office open daily, from 13 A.M., to S o'clock P.M., when Private Boxea and places can be secured, or tickets purchased on application to Mr. Draper. aiTCHElL1!! OLYMPIC THKATKH. MRS DEE RING'S BENEFIT. Tbls Evening, April ill, 1840. On which occasion the foilowiug talented artiits have kindly Tolunteeied and will appear M1S8 HELEN MATTHEWB, MIsH UKLESTE, MR. DAVENPORT, By permission of W. Jackson, Esq. MR ARNOLD, snd MR. THOMPSON, By permission of B. DeBar, Esq. Together with Mr. MITCHELL, Mr. HOLLAND, Misa TAYLOR. and the whole of the Olympic Compmy. a2? lt*r ONLY THREE DAYS LONGER. Last Three Performances in this City, of the Great Wild Beast Tamer VAN AMBURGH IN THE DENS OF LIONS. TIGERS, LEOPARDS, AND PANTHERS. Thursday, Krlday and Saturday, At the Junction of Eight St. and Lafayette Place. Last Exhibitions mi New York of (tie Great Travelling Ca ravan of VAN AMBURGH Hi CO , comprising ail the prin cipal WILD BEAST in the Animal Kingdom, the most bean tilul, active, young and vigorous specimens, together with the immeuse anu cistly Equipage and Paraphernalia of this aur pusing exhibition. Shelton's Americui Brass Band accompany this exhibition, and will perform all their celebrated Marches, tie. The following is a list of the Animals contained m thia Ex hibition AFRICAN LION AND LIONESS. Four Young Asiatic Lions?Cane Lioness and Lion. THE ASIATIC ELEPHANT. Young Elephant, 2 years old?Beautiful specimens of the Pe ruvian Lama. Arabian Camel?Two Calavard Leopards. TWO Ah'RICAN LEOPARDS. Two Huuting Leouanfa. POONAII BEAR, and two MISSOURI BEARS. Black Swan?A Pelican THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. The Black Tiger. WHITE POLAR BEARS. Dos, and her young?Pair ul Kaugaroos!?Jaguar, from H >ulh America. GNU, or HORNED HORSE. Three specimens of American Deer?Queen's Stag, presented to Mr. Van Am burgh by Queen Victoria. THE ALPACA-1HE ZEBRA. Striped Hyenas. Spotted Hyenas. Two White Swans?Gold and Silver Pheasants. A large African Baboon and ?pecimensof the Monkey and Ai? Tribes. IT/*" It is proper to acquaint the public that the aboveuameu Animals have uever before been exhibited iu America, having been but recently selected from the Great National MUSEUMS OF THE OLD WORLD '. The Zoological Society of Londou and the Jar dins ties Plants of Paris. Time ol Exhibition between the hoars of 10 and 12 A. M.i 2 and 5 P. M., aad 7 and 9 eveuing. Admission 25 ceuts?Children under 9 years, 12H cents. ?24 I SIGNOR DE NORONHA HAS the hoosr to announce to hii friends nod the public, that he wil' give hi* first Concert, ou the evening of Wed I nesday, the 29th of April instant. , fhe programme will be published in the daily papers in due hue. ail 2t*rc NOTICE. MR. WM. B. 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Lie- , vKNfrviv. N.B. A line through the Poet Office will be prompt ly attended tn m4 lin'rc TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS. LATHES of all desersptMas from 7 to 23 feet long. furnish ed at short notice Als^rutting engines, suitable for all kinds of work. For terms and description, direct to the sub scriber, Hudson, New Yovk. _ a4 lis.*re JAS. T PKHKIN* . THORN OHAM^AIONK. Afresh invoice of thie *iigMU chawpeyae is m ?tore, to which the attention of merehaau, hotel ke.^era, and private gentlemea is invited. The standing of this Wine m now superior to that of any in this country, and at no liighw Urn. that of the beet br?deLmNOOTON * CO , BUiRfll II Will Ml* ship OHW LATEST IJTILLI8H1ICI BY TAB WAILS. Highly Interesting Intelligence FROM WASHINGTON MR. WEBSTER'S REPLY TO MR. IN6EM0LL. The Independent Treasury in the SENATE. ?fcc. &c. Washington, April 22,1846. Of all the farces that have ever been performed by a jiublic deliberative assembly, 11 was that enacted in the Senate of the United States this morning. For some time previous to the open ins? scene, it was known to your correspondent that Mr. Web ster intended making a reply to Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll's charges of peculation and cor?Ption ftgainsthim; and, consequently, he was on the gui vire lor what he is now about to relate. Soon after the reading of the journal, Mr. Jama gin called up a resolution, calling upon the President tor copies ot all certified drafts upon the secret ser vice money in the State Department, from 1825 to jhe present time, which is given below, when Mr Webster?as was, no doubt, previously ar ranged?rose te make the following remarks on the resolution, during which he euWised the course of Mr. Polk, in refusing to submit lor public inspection, the private papers of the fetnte Depart ment In connection with this, he also read irom a paper in his hand, herewith submitted, a lawyer ? view of ilie nature of those papers, and the pur poses for which the lilty thousaud dollars were ap propriated anuuailj', aa a secret service lund. In conclusion, he deniad the truth of the charges mada against him by Mr. Ingersoll, pronouncing them false; and said that he vvouid leave thnt gentleman where he ought to be Itft, u> the very worst compa ny in the world?the company ol himself. The lollowing ii the resolution i? Resolved, That tlM Pfaildeut of the United States be requested to cause to be furnished to the Senate an ao /?rtiint of all Davrnents made on President* certificates, from the faml appropriated bylaw forth.oonUng.^ exi>ensc? of foreign intercourse, si?c# the 4th of March, 18J6 to thii time, with copies of all entries, receipts, lottArs vouchers, memorandum?* or other evidence ot iuch pkymsnU,to Xm paid, and for what._ including the sum of thirty thousand dollars, for contingent ex Dense* of all the missions abroad, now proposed to be provided for by the bill before the Senate, entitled an act to .apply deficiency in aPP'0P^0"'?'at tain oM'cts made for the services of the flical year, rHiiinv 3d June 18-US " but no document or matter Is re qSesUdbytoU resolution to be furnished which in the opinion ot the President, would improperly involve the citizens or subjects of sny foreign power. The resolution having beep read? Mr Wkbbtkr rose and said s I have a few, and but a law remaiks to muke, on the President's message in answer to the resolution of the House of Representa lives, calling tor an account or the disbursements during thepetioilin which! had the honor to be Secretary oT State? out of the fund lor the contingent expanses of foreign intercourse, lu the first place, sir, I am hsppy to sav that I entirely approve the course of proceediug which the President has adopted. In my could not have acted otherwise than he has aojje, with out the violation of law and of his own duty. Sir, as j know that not a dollar was disbursed from that fund without thS sanction ot the President, and ai l am con that everv disbursement was made for a proper and necessary puttie purpose, it might be thought that I should desire tlie publication of the papers, iu order that everybody might see what they are, or what they ?how. But this is a matter of so little concernment to me (and I Resume U is of Vs little to the late President) that I cer tainly would not wish to see an important principle and an important law violated and broken for any personal con venience iu that respect. 1 am not at all apprehensive that the country will suspect either President 1 yier, or mfacting Sndeyr his authority, of anything improper in the disbursement of a few hundred or a raw thousand dollars in a case in which the law reposes confidence in ?l Ppfttiriftnt and gives him a discretion as to makinsr hI espMdiVure public. Sir, a President of the Unite! States or the hea/of a department acting by his autho rity must think but poorly of bis own reputation and standingwitnthe country'if he is afraid o being ana Dected of having violated his duty sad his oath in a met er ot so little moment. 1 will add that a person who ontertaius such a ,u,pi ion, without reason, 01 any nnhlir man may himself be well suspected of haviuft held a m very complimentary dialogue with himselT. S?r we all know that the heed of a Department cannot touch a dollar of this fund, except with the President 4 sanction The whole power, and the whole responjibi is with the President. The President<? m.s.aga States thii io fully snd clearly thst 1 need not dwell upon ?*Twi sav in the first place, that no expenditure,, or u?pr?p.r iu It. "J? Fi?ni?r And l' hero say, sir, that all declarations, aver menu statements, or insinuations, made any where or , nl body which impute perversion, misapplication, or waste of the public lunds, committed or madobjr ?? surretar* of State, are utterly groundless and un . | wfn conclude with one remark, the bearing !!f ?hirh . #han ieave to the Senate and to the country, winter okarges me with having either wasted the public funds, wUiU ? th? Dap^rtment of Bi[her ieen the papers, or has, in some other way 'obtained knowledge on the subject, or he has not. If ho hss seen no papeis, and has no knowledge, thenhis imputations are parely wanton ^ ? has seen the papers, or has any knowledge, then ha would be sure to state what he knows, if ha knows any thin? to sustain him in his charge. Silence, under such circumstances, is conclusive that he knows nothing; because he is under no obligation of aecresy, and. In absence of all other proof, he would of coarse tell all . bt\attr if he knew any thing which could, intha shshtcltdegree, bear him out. The charge, therelara, wm either SSuta hotter ignorance of any facta to aup Mrt it. "else with the knowledge that the facta which do exist would, if made known, entirely disprove It Aa , tL. source of this miserable vituperation, I hare nothing to ssy. I am afraid I ahall ba thought to hava paid too much attention to it already. 81^*1 leave Ju? author of these slanders where he is?I leavs hjmlntha worst company I know cf in the world-I leave him With This, thus far, waa well enough; but when th? "god-like" had taken shelter under " relusal to furnish the papers called for by Mr. In<(er soil's resolution, Mr. Jam agio asked leave to with draw his resolution. In th:s, however he was not gratified, for the majority had previously agreed to 5ote it down, and make it appear to the public, no matter what the private feelings and convictions ot many of themselves might have been ontheaub ? that thev entertained no belief in the chargea SeSed agay,nst one of their body. It was not However, with this design that many senators voted the resolution down: but because-aa expressedby Mr Allen that the Senate, in case of an impeach ment against one of their number, for misdemeanors Toffiw coming before them-they, as judge-then S ti e case? hav? no right, either by resolution, or otherwise, to institute enquiries upon which an^im SKhS?t might be founded; and, therefore, they voted against the adoption of the reaolution. The resolution was finally voted d?*a:~^rn J"' nev only voting in favor of it. But the beat of the farce was, thatboth Mr. Webster, the person imph . i BOti ?he mover of the reaolution, Mr. Jar? nagin', voted against its adoption! In looking upon the whole scene, from firat to la?, a it hating to ^e ^e Sewte of the United State, de icenef'to the solemn farce of ?wh>te-warinng"a member of their own body, against whom ?hargea of the moat aerioua nature have been made y di.tinguishedmember ot the other 1 Part:isau.may chuckle over the momentary triumph which ?"cj* * UulPiece Ol aenatonal fimu, may create, bu-rUw SStic Pulse ^rc^^t' t^ demand a judical "mJTSTiSoU win now belr^d to come out with ooainut Mr Webster, a position that no gen rmAr hold for .?? disputable proof, ?'erYhtV* tlie very best reasons ?or"belieftog that he holds coiuea of the papers I I (a ind that if the House ahould take no notice of what he has already aaid on the aub lect he may yet read them front hta seat in the hall, Smike them the bas.s for raising s committee of inveRti<rstion. in accordance with the OO- to do it, or wha* many understand to be auch, in the Presi deKelernngl once more to Mexican ^alwf^*0hujd not our government act wiaelv if ^ey dispatched one or two commissioners to Mexico to u?at wun thst power about the ditficulties growing^ wh|je to annexation ot Texaal It woi1 ^ adiustment of try ihia meana of bringing about a j mtQ B the troubles, before both aD(1 Mr. war with each other. commit no act of Calhoun be appointed, an ^ ^ reaolt of aggrewion upon her, un i^ul5eSP well to .end their mission. Perh?^wouldft4ld VanBuren. three, and in that case l reply to Mr. In J. M. De VokIm Jt March, the inumUion la Slidell, of theUth^ ^ commiasioa would be en thrown out that " (^nt minigter The Uuited tertuined, but not^^ (o iftdalge Me*too in States cin ? r rr(,ard; and afwr the TeXds dilH her J smoothed down, there will be no culties t>ec receive a full minister objection' on her nmeal do thi^ frTl havenodoubt but that the-e three great meu Sll u rmmstc every ,h,ng amicably that has now a Zarlike Appearance ouJ them be authorized, a,*?' !f,^ijhem, in her be fira ??? ??? f.. ^ "?Mr No or if, ^ Hawkea, 8?nreyor, were rejectea oy ^R1KU erday.

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