Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1846 Page 3
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Th? amount of uncurraot money in the (treat ii the best iheimometer ol the extent of payment* from the coun try, and at tiai? time it aaver looked mora favorable. The movement* in apaeia ire to a very limited extent, and fear* of large ihipment* for remittance! have nearly ?ubiided Old Stock (exchange. *102 tJtTV* '**? "H 10a tin Farmer*' Trait 25* o><> ? * **, >i 933J m do 2i2 ?k'S! i? 4? ^ 5# do * I ~ ?do d? do .30 2* 1? ^ K*"t?ekT to ? . 30 do *V in S2JPean ?*? M do .30 *% J*'** do Xd 9', SO do .?? *>i 'I-?* R??diof Bond. 74 V 660 do .!? 27 ' 252 75 659Cantont'o 38 do >30 75* 50 do S-06.? 1. d.? ? 76 '* do b5# 3Wi .In Morrii Caaal 15V 130 dj 3nJ "# Jo b30 lljJ 30 do b7 3?'a ' X? do 15*! '.0 L H K blO 36 105 do I6? 100 do 3.U, 3$ do IjjJ 15a do 154 4C*.do ijF IN do .30 33* 100 Harlem K K 41.^ 200 do ?30 3G 30 do (10 49 1(0 do b30 36 ^ 1"0 do ?1S 41* 100* do .... .30 3S? 30 do 49 sooNerkWorRH 57* 30 do b30 50 30 do b30 51 30 do blO 50 75 do .It 57* 775 do 50 330 do 51 100 do 49* 30 do 57* J<0 do b60 51 100 Reading KB 70 100 do bM 51 75 do 70* 50 Erie K K 4a 25 do 70 V 30 Stonington H K .J 42 215 do 71' 30 do t60 43 125 do 71 50 do ch 41)* Second Board. 17i thi Morri. Canal bj 15V 30 Nor k Wor K K it1; 40 do 15& 25 do l?i* 125 do bS 16 25 do 58* 100 Harlem R R bj 50 50 do >10 it 40 do 49?* 50 Lone Island R R 36 50 do bj 50 59 do 36* ? do b3 50 200 Reading RR bl 72 50 do bJ 30 200 do blO 72 151 do bso 51 100 Canton RR 38V 100 do blO 51 59 do 38-1., 1?? do bio 51 50 Farmer.' Loau 27 23 Nork Wor R R (15 58 5v do 27 50 do *15 58 Sow Stock Exchange. 23 .baa Karmen'a Tr ch 2'.* 20 .hi Canton Co ch 38 10 do My 23 101 do bnw 38V 30 do ; ch ?!< 50 L lil'nd R R ch Jsg 25 do bnw 26'i 50 do M'y 35^? ? do M'y X& 50 Nor k Wor R R .3 16& bnw 27 7i do M'y 57 <5 Moms ( anal ch 15?.' 59 do *1 57?,' *5 do M'y 13V 23 <e blO 37?, do blO 571, do blO 57V do b3 57 V do blO 57* do M'y 57V do cn 57V do M'y 57* do b3 57V ch 58 <?o M' do I'jr 3t ch 57V DM. On the 3Mh inatant, of conaamption, Jamb* Lochiad, in the 84th year of hia age. Hia friend* and acquaintance*, and thoae of the family are respectfully invited to attend hia funeral, from the reiidence of hia mother, 79 Watt atreet. on Monday the 27ih init* nt, at 4 o clock, P. M 3 On Saturday morning the 36th inatant, William Haughak, a native of Galloway, Scotland. Hi* frienda and acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend hi* luneral, thi* (Sunday,) at 3 o'clock, P. M., from 102 Warren tfreet. $10 REWARD. LOST?On the evening of the 24th in*t., between Grand *t. f,rrT and ritt (treat, a Memorandum Book, containing about $60, lieaidei aeveral entrie., kc. If the finder will deli ver the aame to O. B. McCoy. 267 South street, he will receive the above reward acd thr thank, of the owner. a26 li*m BOAJU). kNKortwo single gentlemen can be accommodated with ' pleaaantrooma, breakf?at and taa, with dinner on Sun day*, (if required) in a.mall private family, where there are no other boarder*. Plcaae apply at 230Hud.on, nearCanalat. a?2t*rc or TO BOOT MAKERS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A first rate Boot Maker; "" Also 1 Shoe and Gaiter Man, to go a few miles in the country- To *ave trouble none need apply bat first rate hand* and sober men; to sucn eonsunt employment will be giren ? Apply at No. 17 Spruce St., on Moudsy and Tuesday, from 9 till five. aM lt*re FOR SALE, A LEASE, FURNITURE AND FIXTURES. Tn be sold cheap, if applied fer soon?A first rate atand, known at present ta Jones' Hotel, adjoining Lovejoy's Ho tel, and direclly oppoiite the Park Fountain, I'ark Row. For further particulara apply to EDMUND JONES, Proprie'or. New York. April 25. 1846. ajg lt*m MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS DEALERS In'pERFUMER Y, DO N<?X BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE IN BROAD WAr?The .ub.c ibrr offer, the mo>t complete assort ment of Pertnmery, Toilet Soap*. Colognes, Extracts, kc. be at prices 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than any other house in the United States. In order to convince yourselves he invites yon to call and examine before pnrchaaing elsewhere. E. KOU9HEL. Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery. Soaps, kc., 139 Bro"d?ay, between Liberty and Con tlandt streets. a25 lm*r NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, &c. AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHEAP FOR A CA8H.?J O. FOWLER, 250 Greenwich street, corner Murray .and 42t Greenwich, corner of Ve>trf, has Jast received from the late sales, a I aim" and aplendid aasor ment of fre?h Green and BI?ckTea, and Family Uroceriea of all ihe rarioua kind., r II of which are offered at reduced priees. Very good Green Tea at 50 c** lb ; fine Oolong 50 and (IV eta ; very fine Yoaug Hyson at 75 cts : b?.t old Java Coff e 12V cu. lb : Sumatra do IS cts ; good dairy Butter 12V cts. lb.; bleachea Lamp Oil 75 eta. per gallon; Sprrm Candles 25 cts. Also, a large rsaorta-ent of fine white, yellow and brown Sugar of all the r rinut kiuda. a23 lm*rc EAK1 Sat barrels tor sal* f y r25 k f ?'Qi.r,ivB fc rn.. S6 FOK SA'.t?The whole or an interrat in an Ale Hoaae, establiahed in one of the most genteel pa'ts of the city, now 4eing a gnod business Any one di.poaed to purchaae, will please address fed ward, at ihia office, atatuig where an in terview may be had, will be attended to a24 3t*re - UHEAT EXCITEMENT. EDGAR A. POE AND THE NEW YORK LITERATI. THE great excitement crnsed by the publication of No. 1 of the above remarkable paper., exhan.trd our supply of the May number of Godey's Lady's Book. We bave this morning received a few more, and will be in the constant receipt 01 thern natil the extraordinary demand is fally .applied. Tbe Jane number will contain several more notieea, and they will be contiaaed monthly. W. H. GRAHAM, a!3 tt*rc Tribune Baildingi. a!7 lm*r PIANO FORTES. ted to call at C[ i lapcrior and warranted article. DURCH A8KR8 are invited to call at Chamber*' ware-room JT Nc Broadway, for a i EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOll, INVITES the attention of the public to the nut extensive stock of ready made clothing iii the city, adaptrd to apring and summer trade. In addition to the ready made the ?nbecri ber offer* for inflection the moat desirable aelectioii of p ree good* in the market, of every color and pattern; and th ? infe rior skill employed in the catting and manufacturing depart ment* IS each its enable* the subsc'iber with confidence to in vite the attention of gentlemea who prefer to hare tfteir gar ments made to order. The above atock having been (elected witn great care, and bonght far caah alone, is a atrong induce ment Tar all to call who wish to purchase at least 20 per cent less than at tho*e houses who are obliged U do bnsinei* uikhi the credit system. N B ? Officer* of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call uid examine a large aiaortment of superior blue clotln and caasiwer*. which will be made np at the shortest notice, and in a meaner not to be inrpaaeod. EDWARD FOX, 202 Broadway, ?car Fultou at., oppoaita to the Franklin Houae. CARD. THE Subscriber having become interested in the abov house roapectfullp requesu the patronage of hia customers and friekds. Order* entrusted to hia care will be attended to with prcmptnes*. JAMES A. 8 WAIN. >M lm*'C THORN CHAMPAIGNS. AFRESH INVOICE ot thia dalightful Champagne ia in ?tore, to which the attention of merehauta, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen ia invited. The standing of thia Win* ta now sapenor to that of any in thia country, and at no higher price than that of the boat bran da. C. LIVINGSTON h CO.. mtliatf ee <* Wall ?rre?t PRACIIVAL BOOK KEEPING, 88 CtDAR STREET. BY C. c. MARStl,Accountant, anthor of tha "Science of Double Entry Bookkeeping Simplified, and the Ait of Single Entry Bnokkeepiu* Improved." COURS?. OF 1NS1 RUCTION.?The public is reapect fnllv iniormed and assured, that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh in teaching that imi orta. t brauch, i* tiuly ? conrae of p:actice in keeping book*, rather than a conrae of lecturea on d.e tf.eory. To be practically naeful, a more enet and particular kuow ledue of Bookktepiog ia required than can poaaibly be impart ed by lec'orea 1 he i npil is fiithfnlly instructed and well eierciaed in all the virion* operation* connected with a set of partnership Books, ,nOj<e?iing, Conducting and Clotiag the same in mak ing out Trul ba'ancee, balance Sheet*, Account*, Current ?ccouut hale*, and in calculatiu. interest, Ducouut, Profit*. t>?se*, F<l?a ion of Payments, Exchanges, Currencies, lie. H? h -c line* familiar from actnal use, with all the book* con stituting a set; sn-J if a penon of good capacity, will by this coursebecome acomtetett bookkeeper m about one mouth, and will re eive a certified te to that effect. Proiiiectuae*, with teims, obtciuedat the Rooms from 9 A. M. to* P.M. % *22 lm*rh ~ TAKE NOTICE. THE Subscriber having made arrangement*, and considera bly enlarged his premise*, ts nun re> dv to do sll kinds of Blickimith and Marhine work ia general on the most reasons ble terma. at the * orteat notice. N. B.?To Saddler* And other*?100 set* of hitre* on hand for sale. O. BROADriURST. a?2 lm*m 2.*>l k 251 Spring at. NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all person* having bonght stone from Laimbeer'a Qnarry, at Kipp'* Bsy, formerly octu pi.d by Meiat*. Mott It Knowlton, that the account* of the (juirry will b? aett.ed by R. H. Latmbeer, at the 0*ce at th.' Quarry. . * WILLIAM LAIMBKER. Da'edthia Hth day of April, 1246. a2? Im'rc FOR SAL*.?A una or two horse llocksway Carriage, >il most new. Prienf.M. Apply at Stable 14 Charlton st. a?4 ?l*r JH?K SALK. FOR ' AMH?Oae-half or ih? whole of the Oood \^ll fctock, Fiitnre*. A#enciei^ Ike., of Co'ou Ic Adriance'* Perindieel, Book-htore* and Cneap etatimary Warero rut, 21 29. N and 31 Arctde, an<l 203X Cheauut street, Philide'plua, Pa. Apply at the proprietors. a24 it* c COI.ON It ADRIANCE. MAHOiiANY, RUSE w uod, Z E B K A WUO D.Jec. Ij't'K itl" hy E O. STACY, No. K Wooeter *treet,be t ween Broome aud Spring street*, at reduced price* The aawirtment ia large, *nd the qiality of Veneer*, he, i* as good a* at any other vard in tnocitf. Home superior logs of eio rh Ven'eis snit*hle lor waidr. pea, csid table*, or piano forte. Cabinet, pianoforte, and looking glass fiaew-makars.i are requested to call and examine the stock. U4 lm"? TOBACCO, SEGARS AND BASS^ A A. BAMANOS, No. ?4 Broadway, up sum, offer* for ? sale, a splendid aaeortment of ? hoiee Began, selected expretely fot hi* e*ubli*hment. .Also, ?? balea of .tiietfy prime St. J?e Tobacco, and a email lot of Ian, by wholeeale and retail mlt lia*r f* ENUINK HAVANA SEOAlUI of the tew brand "TE U Judio Errata," (The Waadenne JewJ ?or aale by DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. Charles O'Cougr, l-orento B Sheptfd, Henry Nicoll, Robert H. Morris, Hamuel J. Tilden. Joh? A. Keunedy, Benjamin F Cornell. ???? Stephens, Campbell P. White. R- F Jones, A w. V?che, " in 8. I'onely, Solomon Townseud, John H. Huut, Sterhen AJleu( Otov 8. Mum. HaI.l. ) In Drm K-p. (1?. C. in . Ai-ril 24,1141. J Resolved. That the Democratic Republic :u Wa-d Commit Jees, of this city, be, nr d * heteliv respecifallv ri quest ed to c >11 meeings ol the Democratic Electors la their several Wards, on MondayEveuiug next. fur the purpose of ensuring the aucceaa of tM Democratic ticket for Delegate! to the State Convention, at the > lection to he h?ld on Tuesday next. JAMES WaLsH, Chairman, pro. ten. a W. Awduuon, I H.-..,,.-. C. B. Tomsqw. $ Secretaries. s25 4t'je TWIVEH?|jo balea Euglish, Bridport, Sceine, Hearing and Gill Vet Tw ine?, comprising a complete anoit-reut f on a 36 lb?.; alt#, 9 lbs tail T?vin* of wery tnpeiior man uftrrure, for sale by t K. COLLINS k CO I M Wonth atreet | EOROlA LUMtEU CO. Notes wanted at V per cent VJT discount, by D. R. p?ck, m4 lm*rc II Wall atreet. DIRE WATER-STONES IMPROVED PREMIUM I i Water F iltars?These filters not only clarify but purify |* the moat tnrbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious, by di I vesting it of all putrid regetible aud animal matter, anhnalcu It. lie. The filtering properties of this apparatus are ao great that ereu water impregnated with aoap, fibscco, kc.. kc., w rendered perfectly tasteless, no odor, and of a bright, c^rvsta line clearness. Can be seeu in operntlou and for sale at Stone ?ml Brothera Croton Pluuibiiig establishment 3S0 Broadway. .22 Im'r BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, O. 1 8t John*' Lane corner Beach atree'.. The Subscrib N( er would inform his Customers an the Public, tint ho has constantly on hand, a la gc stock of finer ami common Bird Cagea, of all descriptions, which he will sell cheaper than they can be bought elsewhere. Also, Cage* made to older. J. KELLY. P. 8.?Country Mercliautt would find it to their advantage to call and examine his stock aH lm'r AT 136 NASSAU STREET, I^HE Highest Price, in Cub, is paid for Gentlemen's . Clothing, and aold again on the moat reasonable terms. Also, Repairing, Cleaning, Dyeing and Preasing, in the most elegant and superb style. On liwa. 100 Drmp d'ete Co?ts, tuid 200 Linen Pants, cheap?? ith an assortment of seasonable Clothing, such as Coats SI to 13; Pants $1 to 5; Vests M cents a9 lm*rc SPERM OIL AND CANDLES. EXCELLENT Witter Bleached Sperm Oil at Si a gall; Mid Bleached Solar Oil, 75 cents j a prime article of Sperm Candles at 29 cents per pound. Families, boarding house and hotel keepers are invited to call and examine the above before purchasing. For sale by J. O. FOWLtH, Grocer and Tea Dealer, >50 Greenwich st. cor. Murray, and 43S Greenwich cor. Vestry mr!4 lm*rc TO DEAX.ERS IN FISHING TACKLE. A LARGE assortment of China Grass Fisking Line*, tad Salmon and Trout Silk Worm Gutt. to suit city or coun try dealers. Every article in fishing Ufkle will be found at reasonable prices, at CONROY*8 Fishing and Sportire Tackle Establishment, 52 Fnlton st. corner of Clin. al Im'rh JOHN WH7TAXEX. IF JOHN WHITAKER, late of Thorp,uvSkipcea. York shire, England, will call opon the subscribers, or will for ward to them his address by mail, he will learn something of importance and pecuniarr advantage to himself. all lm*rrc HENRY. COGGILL k CO , 200 Pearl at FOR ALL, WELL AND SICK. MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated, Vapor and Sulphnr Baths, Id Fulton atreet. opposite St. Paul's Church. These Baths are the most safe, delightful and efficacious remedy for colds, rheumatism, chills and fever, kc , and not only a cure, but a preventive to many of , "The thousand ills that ilesh is heir to." They afford the most agreeable mode of Bathing, and art essen tial to thorough cleanliness. O- Mrs Carroll's Baths differ from every other "Vapor Ba h." ao called, and have beeu established in this City for nr te than 20 years. 8ulphur Bntlis require half an hour's notice. Portable Vapor Bathe aeat to any part ef the city or vicinity. all lmfh SPRING GOODS "IXTM. Y. JENNINGS k CO., Drapers and Tailors, Import *? era of Cloths. Cassimers, Veatings, Fancy Dress Arti cles, kc ,231 Broadway, opposite the Fountain, are prepared for the smug trade with the most extensive assortment of goods they have ever offered lor inspection .comprising trench and English cloths, csssimers in various new styles; vestings in great variety, which will be made up to order, through the aid of as efficient a corps of cutters as can be found in the coun try, at prices fat have given a character to the establishment i for mederate charges. In reference to psntaloons, in which so few cutters exce', we ! could obseire that the attention directed to this department 1 must cootitue to otter inducements to those who appreciate a | fit, combining ease and elegance. In addition to the usual assortment of goods kept by the ! trade, we have always on hand dress and frock coats, vests, bu siness costs, and lancy dress articles, including icarft, cravats, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders, linen and muslia shirts, collars, bosoms, kc. a24 lm*r AMERICA! OREGON! ENGLAND! TO the Inhabitants ol the whole boundless Continent ?We iutite you all and each of you, to consider and retleet 'or Sour own welfare, tint by calling at the New York Coffee aloon.No. 217 Fulton street, near Gieenwich, where you { will not ooly find all the edibles served up, far exceeding any otl er p'aee of tHe kind, but a much larger pUte for the price. Also, you will liad a apaciotn and airy room, where you may take your meila with all the comfort imaginable, either break faat, dinner or supper, from six cents up to any given price. Again, we say, al any time on paisiag by, just drop in and test . the quality, and judge of the quantity and prices lor your own satisfaction. | Ope i on Sundsys. aJ4 lmvr FANCY SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. NHO. THREECOURTLANDT STREET, Depot for the ?tie of the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap Highly Seeuted Toiltt Soap*, Elegant Extract!, Eiaeuce*, Cologne*, Hair Oila, Pomatums, together with every other article in oar line. Country Merchant!, Druggist* ana Dealer* in general are invited to examine onr exteu ire assortment, where they can be aupplied at the loweat rate* Superior pale and No. 1 Soap*. Patent Chryitallin* Candle*, always on hand. ? aT fmV.c JOHNSON. VROOM It FOWLER. TO V OCALldTS. MUSICIANS, AND THE THEATRI CAL PROFESSION. WCORBYN, Manager of the Hwii* Bell Ringer*, re ? *pectfully irform* the member* of the Musical and Theatrical profeaaioa*. that he will hay* fulfilled hi* rngage ment with ihe above baud ia a few week*, anil tender* hi* *er rice* hi Hardline agent to any muaical or com pany of artitu of acknowledged talent about to trarel. Having completed hia aveoud tear throughout the United 8tit *, the Canada*. Texas, and the luaud of Cuba, daring which lie ha* visited almost every aection of tho*e countries, and made himself practieallr acquainted with tliot* detail* and ?tatiatic* moat necessary aud a*eful to professional trarclleri, he beliere* ilut his service* will prove adrantageoa* o any party with whom he may engage. Letter* addressed to \V. Corbya, Manager of the 8wiaa Bell Ringers, care of Sol. Smith. Esq, theatre. St. Louia, Mo., if mailed prior to May 10:h, and prepaid, will meet wi.h prompt arteutiou at thai time alt ttrre SEGaRS! aEGARS! :SEGARS! HAVANA SEGAR selected brands,vix: 200 000 *nperjor quality and M.OQO La Alienza. 10,0(0 Gota de Ague. 30.004 La Carolina, ttOOOGtllo, 10.00* La India, 10,000 Clemencia, 10,000 El Sol, 10,000 Pnrera, 10 000 Emancipadt. 0,000 Boetta Vajo, 2),COO La I Norma Hue Regalia, 11,000 La Norma prime Panetelas, 0 000 Varela K'gilii Imperial, 6 000 La Auienca Canones, 5 010 Gonz lies Pressed Segars, 6 000 Plantation Segari, in bale*, made of the highest grade of Tobacco. Tha whole entitled to de benture, aud for ula at very low price* in lot* to suit purcha ser* by TRUJILLO <t BARKElRAS, al9lw*m No. 106 Wall itreet,np stairs. MILITARY EOU1PMENTS?FIEREMEN'8 CAPS~~ 1>HE SUBSCRIBER reapectfully call* the attention of the . military public to hi* assortment of Military Equipment* adapted to all companiea; Military Cajx, Knapsacks, Boxe* aud Bayonet Scabbard* of every vanetv. Country compa nies, about changing their uniform, or those about forming new companies will be supplied with sample*. KIRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. A full assortment of every variety constantly on hand, and Bade to order at lb* shortest notice. f 2* Im'rn H H. GRATACAP. I9> Broadway. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY, Office No AO Wall it, oppoiile tht Merckanti' Ex< hmnte. ?k 'HIS Company continue* to insure against loss or damage 1 by Eire, on dwelling houses, warehouse*, building* in ge neral, good*, wares and merchandu*, aud every description of personsl property; also againat loaa oi dam ge by lulaud na vigation and transportation. DIRECTOR* Thomas WThorne, ElithaRiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anton Brier, B. R. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Motes Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore. John H. Lee, Will'am K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Memtt, Robert Smuh. THOMAS W. THOHNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. a3? tfrc THE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Office No. 61 WnM sheet, Cily of New York CAPI1AL STOCK $2>0,000, all paid iu in cash, and secure ly invested acc >tdiug to IM provisient ol it n harter. This Compiny has beeu m business twelre yean, and in that tim- has paid loases by fire upwards of $00,000. The pr<*sei t assets of the Company ex .eed its capital nock mora than $2},000. Insurance againat lot* or damage by Fire effected on appli cation, at reatonab.e term*. R. A. READING, President. *19 Imins'm D. F. CURKY, Secretary. The Long Island Insurance Oo. CapltaJ XU0,000 Dollar*. _ Orrict 41 Fulton itkkkt, Brooxlvw. I /CONTINUE to take risks on bui.diugs, machinery, mer chandize and property generally, on their uanal favorable term*. This eoraptny lit* passed through the two greatest counscration* that have ever occurred in the country ; they owe their eacape from them with comparatively slight losses t0."* *y*tem which they have alway* practised of limiting and scattering their risk*. All losses which the company W'H he adjusted and paid promptly a* heretofore, rhe Company take special care to notify their caatomer* in new York, of all expiration* of policie*. .. . B- W. DKlamATER, President. _aJ 2mis r E. C. FINN. Secretary. STRAW HATS, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND ?? irorp ?,.?A!!M8 EMBROIDERIES. .11, ? NED, per Sylvi* dt Orasse, last packet fro* ?f Havre?J cases newest style* p.ri* Flo - er?, in hnnche* J do do Boquett, Wreaths. Ite. 5 do do IQ?id? Flower* and JS?rth>. ?? Ptria Embroidery. . .. s .J10. do _ . itneyStrsw Hat*, from the moat fashionably house* in Pan*, and the real shape* worn foi the spring and summer. Ti?* whole to b<t sold on the most advintageon* terms, and in lot* to *uit pure haters,who are requeued to eall early, before the aasort went is impaired, at A. UNttWORTH'S ?" lw*f ?2 John at. ScArAttS? KUREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS iavite the ettentlun of country mer* ehuuts, dealers, and others, to their extensive Mock of He gars. This st.?ck hat been selected with list greatest can, and purchased at the very lowest price* lor cash; they *re, there lore,enabled to offer the different qnaliti m lower than any oth*r establishment in tUecity.The astoitment comprise* every styl* ?nd qua.ity, from $2 to ttt l<er .houaand. KENNfcTH <t LAVERTT, rarli lm'rc Wholesale Heg?r Emporium, 100 w*l| at. TO ARCHil'tiOTW, a I ONE CUllVblta, AND BUILLERS. PREE STONE icniiahed by the sobsenber, aqua! to Con necticut in anal I ty. and 20 p*r eent cheaper, on application to A. Wiuow.moj tCatter, Jersey City, or at th* Quarry, Aquackanonk, N. i. 07 lm?re ABM. H VRKELAND HIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPKEas. 1 DOR Fitehhorn, Keene, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor. f Woodstock, Montpelinr, and Dnrlington, Vt., and th* Cn I nadat. All Paekagee, Parcel* and bnsineas, to any of the abov* town*, or any part of th* w*atern portion of New Hampanir* N. B ?B* Sir* l* mark Paekagaa to *ar* of " Bigs ^?dir*et*d to th* irt street, Boston. of will Bad th* rare am ST. CHARLES HOTEL, WASHINGTON,d. c. l^uh SALE, the Lew, Furniture, *?d Fixtures of thu *? fashionable Miid highly popular Hotel. The Lease has two yean to run from December last, with the nvilege of reuewnl for four yean more The location is desirable on scc< uot of in nearnrss to the Capitol, tad >1*0 it?proximity to the Rnilroid Depot, beingou the same block. It (routs oa three of the principal streets?b street, Pennsylvania avenue, and Third street. The arraniiement of the bu.ldiug is such u would make it advantageous f"r two separate departments. vix: The Bar and ILstaorant in the basement, and Lodging Kooms, i'arlors, kc , in the upper part. Kor either, separately or both, the proprie tor will treat with any person or party competent, until the 1st day ol Mar urxt. The establishment is splendidly furnished and in full opera tion, with an excellent ruu of b.aineas in both departments, and offart opportunities rately met with. The object ol theunder ttgnrd in off?riug this establishment for sale is his iutention to changa hit line ol business. For fuither pajitcalsrs, address Bl'RL'N BROWN. a22 lw'r St. Chart's Hotel. 1'hm bHAOKS muibl, 61 lltade Street, I Vest Side of Broadieay. rT>hk Subscriber respectfully informs his friendt and the *? public, that he has laiely opened the above establish ment, in a style superior to any other house of the kiud in the citv of New Yoik. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to hit numerous friends and customer*, while Proprietor of " The Shades," iu Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may patronise him in his new estab lishment, while no effort on his part will be wanting to merit ths continuance of their putronage. The utaal relish**.Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Toadi ed Eggs. tie. will bet erred up iu as seen jr tty!s. The Room will be regularly supplied with eit7 M#?ts,i ? well iu a lull tupply ofToreign papers, by every arrival from b'ir iv. mltlm** JAMES EVANS. HAR.TWELL'8 WASHINGTON HOUSE, a?3 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS just introduced?Warm and Cold?ia fine apart ments, for both ladies and gentlemen; and the enure ersa nization and fitting up of every department of the Wssniugtou House,complete. mZ7 lm're MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. fphe UNDERSIGNED begs leave to anuoauce to his Ji friends and the public, thai he hits leased the above house for a term of yean, and hopes, by louy eiperiano* anJ strict attention to business, to morit a liberal share of their patronage. JOHN L. honbok, mrt sm'rc Formerly of the u. 8. H.-tel, Boston NEW SPRING GOODS. ' ADAPTKD TO uentlemen'8 WEAR. WM MATTHI ESSEN, 1ST Fulton street, inv itei th* iu tpection of the i>ubl c to his choice slock of Fraueh Black aud colored Cloths and Cassimeres, VestiugJ, of ail va rieties, suitable for spring trade, which are to be sold low for casii. Cuttomert desiring to have ELEGANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would d ? well to have their gaimenta cut by the ellicieut cut ter* of thit eitablishmeut, who are captble of giving <u u*at a fitting garment as 'he most fastidious can desire. All articles ol small wear ci ntiuually ou hand, Shirts, espe cially R-member the number, 1ST Fulton street a 16 lm*r WM. MATTH1ESSEN. GKEAT bargains in new goods. TJETER ROBERTS has received by late arrivals, and * offers cheap? EMBROIDER IES. Needle-work Capee from 11 jo to (26. French work*d Col lars 75 cents and upwards ; Embroidered Lawn Hhdkfs. from ? ;io?20 ; Dresses, needle-work and Tamhour, from $1 to |64. jAWNS and cambric handkerchiefs. Tape,hem'd stitch. Riviere. Fancy and coloied bonier*. mOslins. ook, Mull, Jaconet. Swiss, plain, striped aud check'd Organ Jie,Tarlatan, Striped and embroidered Tor Curtains. HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Black and white Silk Hose; do. with cotton tops ; silk em broidered at li. per pair; very fine Lisle thread, open work, $6 per doxen ; fine unbleached cotton, open werk,$3 to $1,75, (recommended as remarkably cheap); plain work eotton, a most excellent article at S3 per dozen, ntually sold at $3.7}.? A moat excellent assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered Silk Gloves of all sixes. LACES. Capes, real and imitation, of th* latest and most fashionable styles; Veils, black and white, in chintilly, Brussels point malines. point d'Aleucon and other varieties, Regency. Meck lin. Valenciennes, fine English Thread Laces and Edginys; rich black Brussels and imitation Laces of every description for trimming, flouncing, he., he.; Linen bobbin Edgings and Iusertings A lot of Muslin trimmiags, ladies' Morning Cap*, lace Cap Crowus, Muslin Capes, received from auction, will be sold rK* CENT. undkb TUB COST OF IMroBTATION. No. pi Broadway. 3j April. 1M6 a7 Irr'rrc To the Tea, Coffee aud $u%ar 'IVade, f-c.?a'ctmo mitti, Families, Hotel Keeper*, Src. j, 8. SCOTT <k CO., No. 76 Natiau street, comer of John, [AVI NO purchased the Gist lot of the new sesson's Teas, possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, and so rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a laige vtrie ty of Green and Black Teas, of the best quality only, inclu ding the old fashioned Souchong and English Breakfast Tea. such as used to be imported twenty years ago. The stock ot Coffee, Sugars, lie., needs no comment, as they are (elected of the finest quality. J. 8. SCOTT It CO. are alto supplied with a stock of fresh imported Olasgow Spiced Ilams; old English Cheeses of great variety and flavor. All goods bought will be delivered within five mile* of the city free of charge. And all orders from the country, with en closed remittances, will meet the same houorabl* dealing as if selected by the parties themselves J. S. SCOTT It CO. t? Nassau st, m30 lm'm near John St. H' FANCY NEEDLE-WORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE, IMPORTER OF ZEPHYR WOOL, CANVASS, PAT 1 TERNS.BEADS. FRINGES. GIMPS, Ice, 14 JOHN 8TREET, NEAR BROAD WAV-H. L. takes thii m thod of iaforming the trade and public generally that he his taken the above store, and is J>rep trel to offer an rrcmin stock in hii Iiue, selected by himself, in Earojie. with eapecitl reier euee to quality and novelty ; and, by his arrangements, feels confident that his prices cutiot fail of commanding a share ol public patronage. He is now opening mauy articles entirely new in the market, and respectfully solicits a call mK lm*rc MODEL OF NlSW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED is now receivia; orders for views to be represented upon the cuiopy of his Model of New York, which will be soou completed. These views vary from 10 to >0 inches in length, and are reprfeuied for a moderate compe iaation. They include representations of public build ings. places of business. manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, steamboats, packets, lie. A number of the lust artists, both laouscipe and decorative Binters, c>n find employment by applying at the office?also 4 w agents, and persons capable of trmsactiug business. Office hours from 2 to ? V M al? ImVrc E. PORTER BELDEN, 360 Broadway. COUNTRY MERCHANTS VISITING the city of New York, are invited to call and examiue the complete and eitensive stock of Account Books, Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copying Press es. liold Peas. <juills, Inks and Fluids, AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES sold ?v STATIONERS, At the Lowest Possible Prices. RICH It LOUTREL, (1 William all lm'me one door below Cedar. FURNITURE PLUSH. THE SUBSCRIBERS hare received from their manufacto ry an extensive assortment of plain and embossed Furni ture Plushes, of all colors and qualities, suitable for cabinet, coach, and railroad ear makers. V. CAILLEUX, FILS SOLELIAO k CO., al Im't m Pearl s'reet TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS, AND BAKERS. H?bai NEW WESTERN, BY THE POUND OR P?tash. | Oil Peppermint, I White Wax, 8*1 Soda, | Coarse Sponge, | Castor Oil, Carraway Seed, j Refined Liquorice, | German Cologne, Oil Lemon, I Blue Vitriol, I Russia Isinglass, and a fall assortment of Drugs, all of the first quality, for sale by WEEKS ll ANDERSON. Druggists, apl lm*rh 30 frultou, corner Water, and SJ Bowery. Daguerreotype Apparatus. JOHN ROACH, Optician. 0 Nassau Street, AS constantly on hand, French, German and American In struments. Coating Boxee, Mercury Bsths, and all the other material used by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. Chemicals, Plates, Cases, Quickstuff, Itc lie.? Lenses Ground to order. Tlieraiometers and Surveying Com passes manufactured fur the Uade Magneto Electric Machines, of approved construction, for medical purposes. mITIm'rc CH1CK.ER1N (j'S PIANO-FORTE WARE ROOMS, 9193 Broadway, -? - Mo* ? and T Lafarge Bnlidlng. 'THE PUBLIC will find at the above rooms a general assort A ment of Grand and Square Piano k'ortss, at Um aams price as at my Factory in Boston al Inv R. & H. KIPLING, IMPORTERS of Precious and imitation Stones, also of sll kinds of Frvoch and Engliah Fancy Goods, beg leave to in form the trade that they have removed from No. 24 Maideu Lane to No GO Maiden Lane, where they will continue to keep an extens ve and general assortment ol all auch articles ss sre required by tlis trade. Air. R K being now in Paris expressly to purchase, any orders will be executed with the greatest promptitude. *22 lw*rc LOOK HERE. non WOHTH OF WINDOW SHADES sell <5?V* vUV mg off at 13 per cent below cost, to close the business st the lit cf May. EDWARD WAMsLEf No. 20 Catharine st. between East Broadway and Hemy st. *21 lw*r CAMPHENE AND CHEMICAL OIL. THE Sub-criber is prepared to supply dealers with a supe rior quality of Campnene end Chemical OIL, at a lower prlee than any other est iblishraent in this cuy, delivered tree of cartage. Also, Spirits of Turpentine, at the very lowest market price. Apply peiS'jnall;. or by letter, to JONAS F. CONCKLIN, Office 1M Water street, above Maiden Lane. alt Im'r Distillery, 1st Avenue and 2Mh street. |\1 Oi'lCJL TO Trtfc PLULIL IN Or.NfcRAL?The snb 1 v senher, sfter enlarging his premises, is now prepared to (.'lean Carpets of every deseri|ition, from 10 to 100 yards, with out rippiug?Ingrain t'4 ceuu per yarth Brussels I cents per yard; Hearth Rugs, Taole Lovers and Shawls cleaned, from 23 to 75 cents; Dreesee dyed or washed from 30 cents to $lj Coats cleaned or dreseed from 30 cents to $1; rants do from 23 to 30 ?eats. T. SMITH, 7? Allen st. N. B?Terms cash. ml lin*re 11JLE HOUR BOOK. JUST PUBLISHED?The " Idle Hour Book," eon tain lag 300 pages, with (00 engravings?price only IT cents?re plete withTun. Our Comic Almanacs, for 1047, five ia nnmber, will be is sued in April- They win be the best ever got up, and chea at that. Specimen numbers sent by msil. The subscribers invite the attention of the trade to thisir unrivalled and large variety of the varices kinds ol Children's Booki, Sons Books. Primers, lie., togeiher with colored Litlio trophic Priuts, the best in the market, "i00 kinds m? tm're TURNER k FISHER, 74 Chatham-st THE PARISIAN SECK.El\ JUST PUBLISHED, a New Translstioa Irom the French, entitled "Thi-Parisian Secret, or Sell'Preservauee a perfect security against feltual Disease*, under all cucum sunces, without the use of Medici?e or aiy ititagreea'le ne ceasiiy?universally understood nnd employed by uien of fash ion ia Paris, London, and other la ge cities, BY ALEXANDER LEBAUM, M. D, Mamterof the Faculty of Medicine of Paris?Physician to the Venereal Hcspital?Knight of the Legion of Honor, he.? Rue de Si. Hoeere 2?, Paris. I'nr sala la New York only, at the "Maisoa de Saute." It] to I too St. Published by Robert H. Dumont, Legal Deputy fo* Dr. L? baum, 130 kVa.hiugtou St.. Boston. Price c.aU per copy; two copiesI for II. All orders should be *ddi?sied, |>ost paid, to Ruben H. above. a2f. Irn'm

TU MARHlfO ^ADIta-A Seeret W~omT~(nowiag - Apply for farther partiealara to Dr. CH. F. MONTEL, lower poet office No leuers take. frota the office aalesa they are i?t*t pa'd. ,, imVc OIL PAINTINGS. H ENRY BENT reepectfully informs geetlemea end the . trade, that lafutare hr will carry on the busmesa of Lining Pictures only, which will te executed <ae hitherto) in the beet givea it ieqaued, taBroadway, AUCTION NOTICES. B RICHARD VAN DYKE.Jr. Auctioneer ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ON TUES DAT. THKMTH APRIL.AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT NO Ml TWENTY-SECOND STREET. L.EECKE& It VAN DYKE will tell ?t taction onTuei day, nth init , at 11 o'clock, at No. 132 Twenty-second ?t, Chelsea, a'l the elegant rosewood parlor and mahogany bed room furniture contained in (ltd boat*; sofas, chairs, and di vans, covered with crimaou plush; chair* and divan* covered with crimson satini toiewnod centre and recess tables; Unit ?rl* and luKMin earpeti; white China dinner and tet kU; a variety of China ?ud (Ian ware: eil cloth; double IIIht hall lamps; b-drooin farmture; French bedsteads; elegant high poat beditead, bureaus, washstmds, matraaaei, beds, he., toge'lier with the kucheu articles, including a cooking stove, with iu furniture. The goods must be paid far in current money, and taken away ou the day of tale. a26 3tnrc H, DHCLUZ< ^U, Auctincaer. TUTTLE k DIJCLUZEAU will sell on Monday, April 27, at 10 o clock, at No. 92 Sands street, Brooklyn, a la<ge assortment of genteel aud valutble furniture, consisting of mahogany sofa bedsteads.end aud oinii.g tables. Biusselscar pets, pier end centre tables, looking gluses, wardrobes, bed steads, mantel ornaments, plated and cut glaat wtre, dressing bureaus, mahogany chairs, irory knives aud forks, beds, ma trasses, table linen, comfortables, blankets, quilt*, kc. Also, the kitchen lar?i;ura, with wh'ch the sale will com mence. Alto 1 elegant piano forte. Catalogue* on the morning of sale. s2tilt *rc EXTENSIVE BALK OK ENGLISH PLANTS ATi AUCTION. ALEVY will tell, on tVedneaday morning, at 10 o'clock, ? at No 293 Broadway, an extensive collection of Plants, just received per ship Uueeu of the West, from England, u lected by a competent llorist, and liave arrived here in as line condition, nearly, as when takeu out of the ground. They cou sin of every variety of Roses, many of which are rare; Double Ca-nati >ns; Dahlias, of new rcrictiet; Flower Roots and Breds; Ornamental Shrubbery; with various other Plaint, too numerous to detail, worthy the attention of all who wish to ornament their groundt. ali 4t*r H. DUCLUZE *U, Auctioneer. ELEGANT k FASHIONABLE FURNITURE. LARGE PIER GLASSES, LIBRARY FURNITURE. OIL PAINTINGS, FINE ENGRAVINGS, STATUARY, kc, AT No. 770 BROADWAY, CORNER OF NINTH STREET. TUTTLE k DUCLUZKAU will tell on Tuesday, April 2Utli, at 10 o'clock, at tlie above house, the entire lurniture of a family leaving for Europe, coinjriaing psrt elegant Rose wood and mahogany Sofas, Chairs, Divans aud Ottomans, en suite, covered with critutou pluUi; dain sk Window Curtaius to maicV, blua Freneh neiiuo Curtains, h'.tagau Fantuils, Tete-a-Tetet; marble top cuntio and pier Tables, elegant pier Glass, style Louit XIV; rich mantel Clock, Etruscan and Me dia's Vases; Birdiglian and Sienna marble Statuary; Silver Ware; mahogany Couches; el *gant hall Lantheru, Oirandoles, Caudelabras, Tripod, Cornuconiu, Recking and Reeliuing C?airs. Dining aud Tea Tables, Extension do , kc Library Furniture, viz:?2 elegant Book Catet, with tasli doors and silk lining; mahogany Arm Chairs; student* ditto; Statuary, Engravings, kc. Also, 1 elegant Piano-Forte; Mu sic Rick and Stool. (T?" Alto, Bedroom Furniture, viz:?French Bedateadi, marble-top Dressing Bureau, Toilet and Wash stands, Mat tra<tes, Feather Beds, Bedding, Toilet Ware, kc. Also, oil Paintings, and liue French Eugravingi, many of which are very valuable. Also, the Kitchen Furniture, with whieh the tale will com mence. Catalogues on the meriting cf salo. a25 3t*rc A CARD. H. E. WILLARD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, WILL give their peraonal attention to the Sales of House hold Furniture at the residence of familiaa declining houaekeeping. Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, and aalee of Real Estate, at the Merchants Exchange. Alao, soli cit from their friend* and the public, coutiirameuts to their SALES ROOM, 141 BROADWAY, until Mar 1st, when they will move to the spaciou* (tore, No. 17 WALL street, late Adama' Express Office. all lm*m removal: DR TOWNSEND S 8ARSAPARILLA DEPOT will be removed on the 1st rf May. to 126 Fulton atreet, next I door to the Sun office, sign of the Big Bottle. N E ?Look onl for counterfeits snd impostors. See that every bottle is signed with the written signature of 8. P. Town ssud. Owing to the unprecedented auccess of thi* article a company h?* been formed to put up a spurious one in the same shaped bottle*. Loot out for impoators. a? loi'rc SHAKER & CO.. TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 9*1} Broadway, near Park Placca ARE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Packets, an en tirely new assortment of the lioest Sedan Cloths aud Caa aimerea, adapted to the early spring trade. Having coucluded a permanent arrangement, as cutter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late of the Hue Castiglione, Paris, well known to most ot eur fash ' iouables who have visited Europe, they are now prepared to | execute ordera iu a style of unusual elegance I mrl2 lm*r - 41X Broadway. ASTOR house baths; i Entrance. No. 1 Vesey street, (Private door Astor Home.) THE PUBLIC are retpectfully informed that the above Bath* are in complete order. The bathing tab* are entire ' Iv new, (copper,) and the largeit in thit city. In point ol i cleanliuei* and attention, the bath* cannot be excelled. The Bath*are open until II o'clock at night, (Saturday night, 1J.) t Price of a bath, 25 cent*. The warm Sea Bath* at Deibroaae* l street, are as usual open from sunrise, until II o'clock P. M m24 lm*r HENRY C. RAB1NEAU. Proprietor. EAOL.E COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. S2t Pearl street, between Centre and Elm?Warm, cold and shower Baths, equal to those in any house in the city, at IW cents; Lodging*, with good clean beds, 12K cts; Board ing and Lodging, $3 50 per week. In the reading room will be found newspapers from London, Liverpool, and all the princi pal cni?* of the United State*. at lm*rh CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. THE Subscribers bare no hesitation in ssying to the people of New York, and the neighboring cities, that they can and do challenge the merchants of oar country, far and near, to compete with them in the aaie of WINDOW BHADE8. They hire a manufactory in the State of New Jersey, abont It miles from the city of New York, and possess every facility for manufacturing their shades at the least expense. Of their beauty, worth and chenpurss, thry will convince the most in credulous by their giving them a call. DUNCKER k BECK EH, No. SI Chatham at, N, Y., one door from the corner ol Chambers at. 9. mil Im're U-J \ (WMk HAVANA AND riUNCIPE SEGARS, OOt/jUvl/ ana Havana Tobacco? 360 000 Kiouda, all sitea, SO.O'iO Emulacioa, 1st 50.000 Lafayette, 150,000 Eaper.uiu, 10,COO Regain, K,cn La Vic tor is, let 100,000 Prinsipe, 10,000 Lafayette, pressed 10,000 Esculapio, do 15,000 Europe, 15,000 San Roman, l*t, 50 bales Tobacco. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to suit purcha sers. For >ale by B. M. PICAB1A, -mill lin'ui 117 Froot street, near Wall, ap stain. TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIOEON It CO, Ml West street, Re-finiahart of ? Cloths. Cassimeres and Satinets. The gold medal has been awarded to H. M. for the improvement ia re-finishing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott It Blade, 61 Pine street; William C. l>angley fc Co., 51 Exchange Place, comer of Broad street; and to D. Brighton It Co. M Piae street; whera orders may b? left- ml Im'r ATLANTIC WHITE LEAL. T<HK ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY havia X completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders for pure White Lead, both Dry and Ground ia Oil, to almost aay extent that may be wanted. The Company have spared no expense ia the erection of the Works which woalatead, ia tlie least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed themselves of every modern improvement for that pnrpose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent leads sold in our market, that by far the greater proportion sold as sach hss been, aud still is greatly adulterated with Barytes, an article of mineral production much heavier than White Lead, and in iuelf possessing no virtue of any pig ment whatever, it being, when mixed with oil, almost trans parent, and ia fact having nothing but its specific weight to recommend it, the Trusree* of the Atlaatic White Lead Com pany have passed,unaaimouily, the following resolution, vix: "Resolved, That in view of manufacturing only a prime article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make bat one quality of White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil; that to be a strictly pure, genuine article, and perfectly free from any adulteration whatever, whieh the Company will warrant as ?uch to all who may purchase tbeir Lead/' Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every de pendence may be placed in the pnrity ol every pound of White Letrf manufactured and told by the Company, whichpureness will oot only tend to the greater durability of the Paint, but will be found much more economical in its use, even in the most common description of painting, owing to the body or covering quality it possesses, thereby giving a far better finish with two coats, than the adulterated White Paint woald with three, of which every painter will bear witness. The Company also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a variety of Paints Ground in Oil, vn: Verdigris, : Black Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spaauh Brown, Paris Green, Brunswick Green, Sic. Itc. Having been appointed general Agent* for the Company, all ( orders should be directed to as. POLLKN fc COLGATE, Iff lm*r tn Pearl street, corner ol Bee km an street MAHOGANY. ROSEWOOD, ZEBRA WOOD, Itc. I FOR SALE CHEAP, by E. G. STACY, No. M Wooster I street, between Broome aad Spring sts. The stock is composed of a large assortment of crutch, mottled aad shaded Mahogany Veneers, Rosewood Mabocaay. Zebrawood Bird's Eye Maple and Black Walnat Logs, Boards, Plank. Joist, Itc. Itc., and a general assortment of lumbar, usually kept at m? hoaanv van s in this city. in 15 lm*rc KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. rIE Proprietors are now piepareU to farnish Holmes' ranges to the trade, or set them up for pr.vate families or boarding hoases, having puichased the light from the patentee lo manu facture ?nd sell ihem. Our experience in manafactariug aud setting Kitchen Ranges, in this city, for the |>ast II /ears, war rants as in asserting Holmes' Mange cannot be aurpassed for economy, convenience, And durability. They are warran ted to perforin the purposes for wh ch they am parehased.aod if- they will be removed free of aay txpeuse to the pur chaser. Numerous references con te given lo persons wish iugto purchase, i he prices range fio-n 15 to 45 dollars. The proprietors are conatattly manufacturing, and are well supp led with parlor, oAce, and bed-room GliATES, of the newest parents. Also?TIN WARE, bright, plain aud japanned. They have masona at all times ready to set Hanges. grates, and boilers? also, to care chimneys, and warrant them not to ami ke. A. GILHOOLY at SON, all lm*rrc 7? Nman street. BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /"VTTIS FIELD, respsctfully informs his friends tad the V/ public, that he has relarned to his old favorite quarters, BASSKOlilJ'S IIOOMH. entrance IX Aun at, adjoining the Mnseum building, or 149 Fulton street. The Hooms and Ta bles have been put in perfect order. The Tables are Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth Cuahiont. They will no doubt suit European and all great plavers , being the best in this country. Larger balls for Southerners?Caro lina balls for Germans. B.?Bassford'a new style Billiard Tablet for tale; India and Freach Cae Leather, best ia the city; fine Billiard Cloth, aad every articlei a the trade, constantly on hand aad far sale. M? In*me CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the General Pricet-JA'.'OB VAN DERB1LT, X Maiden Lane, between We, and Naaaau streets,the cheapest fashionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing establishment in New York. N.B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which will b* sold wholesale or retail. >ory ' ~ m? Im're MARThLLK it. HOLDERMANM, ST MaMtn Lane, II, V., MANUFACTURES nil Importers ol Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Too pes, Bands, Curls. Seam', Bsndeau and Braid Hair, Danguy's celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches lung, and a new style of Everlasting Curlfc and til kuidt ol Hau Work, wholesale and retail. N. B?The trade supplied on reasonable terats. mrU Im'tn DR. HULL'S TRUSSES I AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. ri'HR superiority of Dr. Hull't iastrnmeuts over all others JL it acaaowledged by the moat tmiueat phyaieiaat it Eat rope tad A meriea. OAee 4 Vesey street, A not Hoaa*. A female ia atttadaaee It the ImHss' fcpsaiwsi ml lte*ia WINES, BRANDIES, GIN, dee. Kit CASES vtnr old Madeira Wiae, each I doxea, brands, i?v Bliekbain, Leal, Newloa, Gordon fc Co; 15 cases fine old Amoatilladn aad Daff Gotdoa Sherry, ia do; Otard, Du pay It Co. Brandy, in hdf pipe* and qr caakt; A. Seiguetta in do; old Pale Cognac, lMg, ia qr catka aad eighths, of a vary superior quality. The above winea are of a hwh grade, bottled by the late Goo. Bemaat N years ago. and for tale low, by K. B. DALY, fceceaaor to 11* Ita'rc Bemeat It Cattle, M Broad ?. ARTiainm. rAMA VlilfiAl'Kk. Rtilutlion of Pritfi. Boxes, first tier.. T> wuu I Pit Menu. " HCWidtuilllur<l..M " I Gallery Ht " Monday Evening, Will be performed, th? Tr-sedrnf ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. Mare Antony Mr Vaudenliuft Octavius Cnu Dyou k*.lni|>Mn Mr* Blood Oi-uvia Miss Crockir To euuclaiie with LEND ME FIVE SHILLINGS Mr Oolichtly Mr Bast t'*pt Phobbs U Bsrrett Mil Major Phobbs Mn AbboU MrjCapt Phobbs ...Mitt Kale Hor.i Doors open at 7 o'clock, utllhe 1'erforu.ancea will com mencc at half past 7. UUWUUk THKAl'tlK. A- W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PUOPRICS JH tSt Monday Evening, Will Im performed THE WIZARD 6f THE WAVK. ? linrlei F>ulkner, Eiq Mr J R Scott Henry Belford Mr Blsuchsrd Weevil Mr Cony Donna lasbmda Mra Phillip* I) d Nanny Mr* G Donna Capella .. Sutherland Previous IM which LOAN OF * LOVER. Cape Amersfort Mr Sutherland Peter Spyk Hadaway . Gortrude MrsHergesnt Ernestine Rosendall Sutherland -.17"'Cower Boies it eenis? Second aad Third liers, s? ?ts.; Pit and Gallery US cents. Door* will open at7 o'clock?entail will ri*e at half past 7. Nf.W GREENWICH THKATRB, Corner of VARlCKfy CHARLTON STREETS Sole Proprietor* Messrs. MYERS It TOMLINSON. Manager JOHN O. MYERS. Actinic and Stage Manager H. P. GRATTAN. Treasurer O. M. TOMLINSON. Deputy Treasurer WARREN DRAPER. REDACTION OF PRICKS. Private Boxes $5 00 Orchestra Boxes (Admisssion) fl each. Bsleouy (First Tier) 10 cts. Upper Boxes ? cts. Pit ^ UK eu. BENEFIT OF YANKEE HILL. Monday Evening, The performance will commence with GREEN MOUNTAIN BOY. Jededinh Homehrtd Yankee Hill Joe Shakspeare H. Chapman Ellen Miss E. Wood After which, NEW NOTIONS. Msjor Wheeler Yankee Hill Mrs Ledger Mrs Monell After which, A WIFE FOR A DAY. Nathan Tucker Yankee Hill. Angel iq Mies Jnli* Drak* To conclude with SETH SLOPE. Seth Slope Yankee Hill Emily Leeion Mrs Isherwood Doors open at 7 o'clock?Curtain rises at 7K o'eloek pre cisely. Itox office open daily, from 10 A.M., to I o'eloek P.M., whea Private Boxes and iilaces can be secured, or tickets purchased on application to Mr. Draper. I'ALMU's Ul'ERA HOUSE. Chambers street. Monday Evening, April 547, And every evening until further notice. CHRISTY'S Original nod Far Famed Band of ETHIOPIAN MINSTREL8, whose performances for the past tour years in all the cities of the South aud West, having been received with approbat on by the ELITE AVD FASHION, respectfully announce that they will give a series of their chaste and oririnil concerts, comprising a variety of new SONGS. CHORUSES, lie., accompanied with the B.uijo, Congo, Tambo, Violin, Tanbo* rine, and Bone Castanets Admittance 2Sceuu. Doors open at7 ; Concert will com mence at 8 o clock Private boxes and testa may be secured at the Box Office from 10 A- M until 3 P.M. a2S6t'r CAVl'LE tiAUDEN. SACRED MUSIC AND SUNDAY CONCERTS. The Proprietors of the above splendid establishment, liave made arrangements for the performances of TWO GRAND CONCERTS, To tske plsce on Sunday Afternoon and Evening, April HO. Upon which occasion, the GRAND ORCHESTRA of this establi<haient will perform ? (election of Sacred Music fro-n the best Ancieut and Modern Composers; the whole under die direction of C. W.MEYRER, Jr , Leader and Musical Di rector. PROGRAMME. PART I. 1. Grand Overture Martcliner 3. Andante Ruffuer I. Adagio and Allegro Kromuer 4. Adagio Fiacar PART II. 1. Grand Chora* Von Weber 3. Ad ifio e... Kalliwnda 3. Andante Haydu 4. Largo and Allegro Kromner Afternoon Concert to com meuce at 3 o'clock. Evening at 1% o'clock. Admittance 12'.' cent* each. During the whole day, the splendid and extensive Saloon will be thrown open to visiters, who miy ec joy tnemselves by viewing the romantic sceuery of laud and water spreading in erery direction, as 21 door ways lead to the upper covered plat forms, and an eitensive entrance to the promenade on a level with the iea. will euable the lover of nature to examine the moat beautiful prospect in New Vork. Heat* and conveni ence* are every where to be found for thoie who are inclined to meditate or read alone. a25 2trc THE MENAGEKIE FOR THREK DAY8 f.ON .EK. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Aran. 27 , 23 and 29, At the Junction of Eighth. St. and Ijafayttte Place. Finding it impossible to accommodate oue halt of the public, , during the laat week'* exhibition of MR. VAN 'AMBUKOH'S SURPRISING AND TERRIFIC PERFORMANCES IN ? ? THE DSN OF WILD BEASTS. The Proprietor!, in obedience ro the *t neral call of the Pub lic. have delayed the departure of their Great Travelling Cara van of Wild Animal* FOR THREE DATS ONLY. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ; after which, this Origi nal, Ex<en*ive and hitherto unattainable exhibition will posi tively clo*e in this city. The Proprietor* t<ke (fre t plesaure in acknowledging the profuse patronage bestowed by the public upon their exhi bition on tin* occasion, and will exert themaelves during the three days they are to remain here, to deserve the continuance of tuch genet ous favor and kind approbation. VAN AM BURGH k CO. Admission25 cents?Children under 9 years, 13X cent*. *263tm MR. MOON BY HAS the honor to announce to the citizen* of New York, tnat be will preient a Lecture. Hiatoiical and Mniical, derived Irom his recent wotk on Ireland, at THE APOLLO SALOON, 410 Broadway, on Monday Kvenlng, April illth. When he will he .isi ist.d by MRS. AND MK AUSTIN PHRLIPJ. Tocommence preciielyat half past 7 o'clock. Tlcke ? 26 eeuts. *25 liii'ic OPERA HOUSE. PROPOSITIONS for renting the Opera House and Arcade Baths, in Chamber* street, will be received at' 8 Leonard street, or 36 tkimh street, np stairs. a26 lw*rc CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. 1.?TROTTING. ti i PUHBg. S 0?mile heat*. he*t 3 in 5, in harue**, will come oft' ou Monday, April 17th, at 3o'clock, P. M. The entrie* are? Wm. Marton names g. g. Medoc. Col. liartiue " g. g. John Anderson A. Losee, " sr. g Hiram. Alto, stske immediately after the purse, mile neat*, best 3 in 5. to 234 lb. wrgon*, for trotting horse* that never won a pune. Entrance tl< each, to elo*e at the Couiae sime day by four o'clock, P. M. ? Member'* tickets will be given out on that day at four dol lars each, for ihe season. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Ceatr'ville, April 35,1M. H.7" The field in frent of the Course has been opened for the accommodation of hsrses and earrirges No vehicle will be sllowed in the enclosed si ace, on account of the driving up and down the starting turn between the heats, to the great dangrr of both man sod horse. *35 3t*je NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees aad Manufacturer* CB) of the Neapolitan Bonnet, are prepared to aupply the trade with their inimitable Neapolitan*, for which they received two *ilver medal* at the laat two Fair* A the Am *ri can Institute, and which for rtvle and finiah are unsurpassed They warrant them to alter and clean eqnal to new. Apply to PaTTISON, NOE k CO.,35 Delaacy at.. s7 Imis'r or Vyse k Hon*.corner Pine and rear!. WHITE CHIP AN1) STRAW HA I S. A. UN 9 WORTH. No. 42 John street, ha* just re CKi) ceired, tier lot packet from Havre, the real Long Champ Spring Taris fashionable *hai>ed l.adiet' Hats, which he offer* to the public ?t the most advantageous price*. 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Silver and Steel Spectacles from 35 eents to tit; Perifo cal Irom $3 50 to $M; Glasses of all kiads and te suit all sight* ground and fitied; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Mu*ic Boxes repaired and warranted. all* _ TCTmACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURE Its f AT HJtB of all deeeraptions from 7 to ?5 feet long, faraish; JLd ed aBhort nonce. Alse.cuttiag engines, suitable for all kind* oiwotta. For terms and deeeriptioa. direct to tne *ub N*W YOrk J AS. T. PERKINS SPECTACLE CASE MANUFACTORY. No. 9H Kulton street, NEW YORK. , , . . CONSTANTLY on hand a large supply of the abovr arti C Hie?, by thi iiU or d??n Country marches sm?dved atahort notice. " DUNW l? ISI#I LATEST IVRLL16I11CB BY THE SAIL* Washington, April 28, 1H46, Omgriu The .Senate did not sit to-day. in the House, the bill exe mpting canal boata from license tees, hospital moneys, and lrom being libel led, was finally disposed of. The lloufee then took up the bill providing lor the transportation ot mails to Europe, by a line of ateam ships, according to the contract of Cave Johnsos, with Mr. Edward Mills,of New York' It was"3? bated by Mr. T. B. Knit', Mr. ililliard, Mr. Camp bell, ot N. Y , Mr. Huiniin, and Mr. Payne. To an inquiry from Mr. Payne, Mr. Hopkins,'Post otttce Chairman, said that a lull would probably be reported from his committee, next week, for a slight increase of the rates ot postage, introducing the single piece of paper principle, we suppose TWKOTY-NIIITH CONGRESS. llonse of Representatives. Washington, Friday, April 24, 1340. The turther consideration of the bill for the establish ment of the Smithsonian Institution, was postponed un til Monday next. Mr. McKay, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported back the amendments of the Senate, to the bill making appropriation* to supply deficiencies in the di plomatic and civil expenditures, tor the year 1848 He moved that one thousand extra numbers ef the bill to reduce the tariff be printed ; but There being several objections, he withdrew the mo tion. LICENSING CANAL BOATS. The House resumed the consideration of U.e bill rela tive to licensing ol canal boats. As originally reported, it proposed that persons navigating all canal boats hav ing no sails or /iteam power on board, employed exclu sively in the domestic coal trade, or in the transporta tion of articles of merchandiae, (the growth or manu lecture ol the Unitod States) lrom one place to another, shall not, hereafter, bo required to obtain licenses for such boats, or have them registered, or enrolled and licensed, any law or usage to the contrary, notwith standing. Mr. Grinnell submitted a substitute, to prevent smuggling, and enforced it in a few appropriate remarks. Mr. J. 11. Inqkrsoli. contended that toe oanal boata should not be subject to the present construction of the law of 1793, at tho Treasury Department. They were nothing but rafts, boxes, or tubs, in ditches. Mr. Pollock was understood t o say that this bill was intended to do away with the construction of the law oi 1793, by the Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. McKay briefly opposed the bill. With a view to bring the debate to acloso, he moved to lay the bill on the tablo. The yeas and aays were taken, and the question was decided in the negative. Yeas 44, nays 104. Mr. Hamlin said that every canal boat ahould be pro perly enrolled, else an opportunity would be afforded for smuggling. Mr. McClelland advocated the amendment of Mr. Grinnell, to guard the revenue from fraud. Mr. Brodhead gave the reasons which induced him to report the bill, and showed the oppreasion under which the poor man labored, in consequence of the pre sent requirements of the Treasury Department. The bill was finally passed, exempting canal boats from paying license fees, hospital moneys, and from being libelled, and is guarded against fraud, on the revenue. MAIL STCAMCaS. Tile House resolved into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Tnion (Mr. Thompson, of Missltsippi, in the chair) and took up the bill making appropr.ationa for the Post Oflice Department. Mr. McKay proposed an amendment, appropriating $24, COO to further the construction of steam vessels for carrying the mails of the United States to Europe, and for fulfilling the contract made by the Postmaster Gene ral by virtue of an act passed by the last Congresa. Mr. Kino, ot Georgia, said that it might be very wise, but he had serious doubts whether the measure adopted by the Postmaster General was a good one. If ever we expected the money to be reimbursed by these steam ers, we would be miataken. The line was to be from New York to Cowes, and thence to Bremen; but the slightest reflection would show that there would not be a sufficient amount of patronage to justify an expendi ture of (450,000 per annuo*.. The government had only to do with the transportation of the mails; and letters and passongers would go quicker and cheaper to Bremen,by way ol Liverpool, than by Cowes. He had no desire to set precipitately in this matter. If we were go ing to establiab a line of steamers as a means of military defence, we should proceed in snch a manner as to pievent failure. He did not aay the line cannot be sustained, but he had no hesitation in saying that a line from New York to Liverpool can be sustained. We have not sufficiently examined the aub ject. He did not feel hostility to the proposed route : he only had his doubts : and he suggested that this bill be laid aside for a few days, and that they now pass to the consideration of other mattera. Mr. McKay (in reply to a remark of Mr. King) aaid he did not see how the gentleman from Georgia eould express surprise that the bill should be taken np now. Kive months ol the session had passed ; the communica tion of the Postmaster General was sent to us last month, and referred to the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads, who deliberately examined it. The gentleman trom Alabama (Mr. Hilliard) had made a detailed and elaborate report. As tho gentleman was therefore fa miliar with the matter, ho asked him to go into an expla nation. Mr. Hilliabd remarked that we ought to begin aome where. The committee say the enterprise will sustain itaelf; and, instead of being a charge on the treasury, will reimburse the amount which may be expended If so, why not at once enter into the plan 7 It is better to begin where we have every reason to believe we cau begin with safety. The failure of thia plan would not be a failure lor a few years, but for half a century; for it would require time to bring the country up to the point of experiment again. And, therefore, in the be ginning, this ought not to be embarrasaed by a connec tion with any other line ot steamers. Mr. McCleenand inquired when the line was to go into operationl Mr. Hilliabd replied, earl/ in the next year. Mr. McClkxnand said he understood that the $34,00u vai required to conform to the contract. Mr. Milliard?Certainly. Mr. Kino?i aak that the contract be read. The Clkrs?It is not here. Mr. Kino?Where if it ? Mr. J. R IwoaaaoLL?It can be found in a report print ed by the Senate. Mr. Kino?1 have not teen the contract I should like to see it, before I give my sanction to it. Mr. Hilliabd handed the gentleman a copy of the contract, and remarked that the documents were print ed, bat a delay in distribution was occasioned by wait ing lor the completion of a map, to make them man in telligible to the House. Mr. Kino sent the copy of the contract to the Clerk'a table, and asked that it be read for the information of the committee. Mr. Milliard remarked that the ctate oi the case was simply this : Congress authorized the Post-Master Ge neral to ofl'er tor bids tor this service. Bida were re ceived, and one of them accepted, and now an appro priation was asked to carry the contract into effect. Mr. Kmo said this wn true : Congress authorized the Postmaster Ueneral to accept bids; but contracts could not be nude without further action of Congress. Mr. Moraine observed that the gentleman would And, on an examination of the present law, that where no bid is received pursuant to law, a contract can be nude. Mr. Martin, of Tenneeeee, was understood to say that copiee of the contract had been in the document room for the last ten days or two weeks. After the genUe man addressed the committee for twenty or thirty mi nutes, he turned round and said he knew nothing shout it. Hhould the Huuse delay for the accommodation of any gentleman who has failed to discharge his duty 1 Hereafter when the gentleman undertakee to enlighten the Committee, be should himself be enlightened. Mr. Kino?The gentleman does not intentionally mis represent me ? Mr. Martin?By no means. Mr. Kino?He does misrepresent me. Mr. Mas-tin?If I did, it is owing to my position in the Hall, where I did not hear the gentleman distinctly. Mr. Kins?I did not say I was opposed to this bill ; but waa inclined to sustain it, end wanted further inveetiga tion. I profeesed no great ignorance in reletion to this measure. I desired a temporary delay, for a farther con sideration of the whole subject. 1 did not eay that I op posed the bill, and then come round and say I wotud support it. Mr. Martin?Did I say so t Mr. Kino -| understood the gentleman to say so. I hope I will be better understood hereafter. I desire to be understood, and to understan d the gentleman. I have nothing further to sav at this moment I want the law and the contract read The CLsaa, accordingly read them. Mr. Kino ?I And the contract to be very BUCh as I sus pected, notwithstanding my ignorance. He then ex pressed bis doubts whether the steamers propoeed to be bu ll would bo serviceable, as connected with our mili tary marine. Tho Hilton, floating somewhere near New York, cost hali a million, and sbe could not stand oue broadside from the enemy. He was not opposed to a proper plan of steamers ; but he would not vote one dol lar unless the steamers could be applied for war pur poses, if necessary. It was the manner, and not tho sys tem, to which he was opposed. Mr. HoraiNS said, that if tho vessels should not be suit rd to our military maiino, it was reeerved to the Presi dent to reject them. Mr. Kino remarked that the contract was to oontinue for five years, involving an expenditure of two millions of dollars. Mr. Hilliard said, that if the gentleman from Oeorgia had a few days refleetion, he would see his error. We would, he thought, better perform oar mail service across the Atlantic, without a dependence on British vessels. It would be a new era ta see American steam era entering Karopesn ports, beenajg the American flag, and testifying to Amsiican skill and enterprise. Mr. Thurman remarked, taat unless tho stoomers could be appropriated to war purposes, if necessary, the proposition ?houlJ not receive bis vote, and ho believed it would net rsceire me votes of others, who think as he does He was not willing simply lo provide for too trans mission of Istters between this country and Europe,and to psv nearly Haifa million a year; but waa willing, by doing so, to encourage Individual enterprise In the con struction of vessels which may bo serviceable to the country, in casefunfortanatoly, wo should bo involved in war. He thought that tho contraot bound Mr. Mills to so constiuct the vessels that they could be used for maritime defence, and he read an amendment in the form of a proviso, whioh he intended to submit?that no mo ney shall be expended under tha contract entered Into between the Postmaster Ueneral and Edward Mills, for mail transportation by steam skips, until sn examination of them shall bo made by order of ihe President, and certified by persona making the examination, that they can be used as vsssels of war. Mr. Kino made a faw remarks in reply to Mr. Hilliard. iNcaRAS* ov rosTsos. Mr. Patn? said, ha would like to he informed bv tho Chairman of the Committee on the Tost Office and Poet Roads, whether or not it was contemplated daring the Beont session of Congreee. to report ? bill which for Its object an increase of postage on matter ttaa*