Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1846 Page 1
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NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 30, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD* JASE8 CORDON BENNETT, PreprieUr. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HUULfr-KHiTkr.rnMt ? Tm Hwm> hrtiuwu KMntf Mndii-Wnt totMwf hlM aad N? *--J KINO CHARLES SPANIELS-OP .nlf* V ih. par, breed. received b? the lataet arrivals f.uiu Lou**, for tale by A. Orieve. 5 John street Alio, rare and rilusbleBirds, only to be foaad at lui wtibluhaeit, No. 'JN?t -^Lntert from the curious, u distant put* (poet paid) . will be taended , A. OH1KVE, apl7 lmrb Importer tad dealer m Birds, Csges. he. lkr> f 'is FOR SALE CHEAP, A ROOD, steady, well trained bore*, gone freely, with a an betas tiol gig and ba'ncee. India rnbber and blanket eorera for the horse; iliiah, caabiooa, bells U> u.i, *tc Iic . taiubU for a Physician. The preeeat owner linviua uo further aae for them. will be aeld low Can be vca ?t To wsend k Than too'* staoles, No. 71 It rede at , near B roadway alt it*r TO LET a THE Store and Cellar, No. 7t Maiden lane, occupied by Scuba It Searing; agood stand for the jobbiag.rstail, or Uncy business. A>sn, the Fartor* for Printing sad Dying, for sale or to let, at 'he corner of Id arrant) and Mih afreet, with itum engine and mnchineiy complete, occupied by the la'e Wm. Uranger. Apply on the promts ea or to L. caydam, JO Wall atrtet. aV? St*r SUPERB NEW DAHLIAS. JMA J. M. THOKBURNfc CO., beg respectfully to offer Mt 'he following very fine Dahlias, now in propagation at eb. their g (idee, Aatoria. (L. I..) ready for delivery lat May. warranted, not onlytiue, bat strongrstablishsd plants: Sir E. Aalrobus. (Keyne's,)fiery crimson ; finest Dahlia iu tlx world i fi st and f >remoet dower at every exhi bition in Eaula .d, last September ; pO'sesses every neeettary qu tiity to stamp it " the flower of the sea- . sou," thoe feet. $3 N Ku'siprue, (Uodifs. )sliaded huff, extra fine,decided new color , IN Queen of Perp-tuala, (Girling'*) beautiful ailrery peach. Jc .lor of ' Souve eir de Mslmaiaon" rose,) splendid ?rm, every way first rate, numerons prixei IN Odditv, (Edward s,l mottled gray, striped with pink, naw color, extra fancy flower IN Queen Mery, (Edward's,) sapero blush, extra fine 3 00 Purity, (Oiliug's) elesr white, fine form and habit .. IN Puueh (D idd's,) puiple, striped with whtr, very dou ble, nrTer showing aa eye, extra fancy IN Wnsrd, (Keynes's) orange scarlet fine form 3N Gloria Muudi.(H*dley's,| fine oruige buff, kw color, r ry fine, greatly admired wherever exhibited, haa tv Iti) numerous prises... SN Alhlet'. (Miercean's)dark lilac, vety large,extra fine... 3 N No discount ou any the above. The lollowing choice varieties are now rsady for delivery, (il eaily plants are desired.) Were imported aod bloomed by the subscribers last e*aaou, attracting aniveml admiration at the Auiertcan Institute Fair, la October, at which Dahlia ex hibition, HirUqaia, Cleopatra, Antler, and Viicount Bess in ner, took the Silver Medal. Hsrleqaiu (Dodd's) creamy white, deeply edged with icatlet, cupped, constant and fine, f 1 JO. Cleopatra, fineit yellow known. S3. Viscount Resig neur, beautiiul dark lilac uid white, $1 40. Antler, light cla ret. $1 JO. t indenlla, CI. Fairy Qn-en. (Keynes) I'swu, light yellow and white, f I. Brown's Arethasa, lilac, SI 90. Bees wing, fine elear red. fine, $1 JO. U xxle, duk sciriet, $1. Mon sieur Wallter, purple and white tipt, $1 JO. Madame Wallner scat let. tipt white, St. Cook's Albion, bronxy salmon, snpero fine. $1 Kulwood Hero purple, SIM Illuminator, fancy, white edged sc<i*let, S JO. Drummond's Alice Hr.wthorn, white, eaige purple, SI SO, with many otlier fine now varieties, w?ich m iy be found iu the Dahlia catalogue for 1846, now ready at IJ John atrcet. The plants can be packed to go any reasonable distance, as they are strongly rooted m the pota. att lt*re TO LET, FROM THE UK ST OF MAY-A Stable is the m rear of II Reade street. Inquire atN Reade street. aN lw*r JMt BASEMENT TO LET?A commodious and conve fSjBnient Hasement. at 36 Liberty street, well adapted for XiULrtry goods or other pnrpoeee?ia in firat rite condition. Puetesaioo given immediately. Apply at 39 Liberty street aSS6t*rc FOR SALE, OR TO L.ET, &The Modern built three storr brick honae, 313 Adama street, Brooklyn It not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at pnblic auction, on the Uth day of May next. Half ot the parchase money can remain on mortgage, for s term of years. Application to be mad* on the preaaiees, 313 Adama st. Brooklyn. m 1 ?*rc TO LET OR FOK SALE. J* A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable aad Coach Honae attached, with aboat an acre of land, the JiJULl'rincipal part of which ia well stocked with frait aad lancy shraba, and en losed with a picket fence. The atages paaitirt.y tau ia mutes within five ouautet' walk of the hoaae. Bituitiou between ll#th and Ulth streets. Kir further informa tion apply to J<..HN BATHUATE, 154 Ninth street. Or Or. WOODS, Harlem. mrl3 lm*rc TO LET. MA HOUSE AND BARN, with aboat sixteen lota o ground, aitaated ia the village of Haatinga, Westchester county, State oi New Fork, within a few miautaa' wain of the a team boat landing. Said place ia divided into gar dens, which are well stocked with mi it. Also, a p'eaaaet grove, with a stream of water, and aeveral good springs. Poe aession can be given immediately. For farther particulars, ap ply at the stors of Mr. Scnloesor, Haating'a Landing, or of al Im'rc MR. KiCKEKT. 71 Mariay st. New York. WHITE CHIF AND fc.TRA W HA IS. A. UNSWOHTH, No. 43 John street, haa jaat re ceived, per laat packet from Havre, the real Loug Chimp Spring raris fashiouable shaped Ladies' Hats, winch he offers to the pnblic '.t the most adrantageous prices Examinstiun will prove s tisfactorily that his establishment is fur .isbed with the laah.ous ia advance of the trade. Au exten sile s>kOitine?ii of Peris Mowers, aa above, as well as of rich Embroideries, among which the JLaae Cape a la Virgiaie. att lw*rc LAUIL8' FASHION ABLg. FANCk STRAW SUllATii, Pari* straw itm.p Hill of th* latest shape, for uli a OAKii KINO'S, No. 17 Division street, itllM lack. N. B ? A genera' assortment of straw Hstsand Paris Ribbons at i he moil reasonable ptieca. nil im' ? CARL KINO, IT Division stre?t. siaAtV bonne ta. L. CHAP1N, No. IS Joha street, near Broadway ip > it*in, bu on hand a mod assortment ol fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market prices. Milliners and others are invited to *aU before purchssing dsewherr. mri| lm*r EXOELSIOK.. n ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX TV hat and cap manufactory, 103 Fulton m., bstwssn Nassau and William. ri'Ht proprit tor of this estahliarmeut has recently added to 1 |Ai eniiee stocn ol'spring loods, an assortment of Mole skin Hats, ol esqaisite 6n h and superior elegance. The price of these reJly superb articles is oaly $1 H>. being Si M leu than the nine goods (manufactured in toe same m inner and of siniil i mau-rul) are sold in Broadway. The secret of this great ili?i?r.ty in price may be easily eoojectnred. The adver tiser's esptoses belli bat a ty tie of those of the more spleidid estauluhmeetsm Broadway, tie u in consequence eusbiedto otfer g^oils of a corresponding description at lewer rates. s? ln?*rc OA'hiAU PASHiOJN. BROWN It CO., 171 Chatham Square, corner of Matt T% BRI J^mstrrei t, wish to inform the public of their recent improv ent in the ni-mufactere and Gaish of their $3 Hau,combiuing fashiou, oeauty and durability, three important considerations to tne wearer. The proprietors do coulideatly assert thou hau to oe much superior te say srer before sold for the same (rue. Call and satisly yoorsoll of tMs lact. m? Im'rh SPKLNU STYL.b. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. rm WHY win you pay KJt and $3 Cor a Hat, whoa you ak sen go to ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUPACTORT, 10> Fmltms Stmt, sad gat se good a oae for Mil Ooaadezamiaa tar your selves. ail! ImVt M.?<TlwUt'Ul.ri AN HAT ANLI CaP SiOKfc, No. *1* M Uraiid strest, ft PLUNKETTfcCO have jaet opaaad this aeweecsblish J0L meat with a spleudid sssoitmaat of HAT* sad CAPS, not to b- s iri sssed either in qual.ty, elegance of shape or du rability. which they aflat to the pabbe at the foUowiag Tory fow prices: First quality Nutria Far, at .ItN First quality Moleskin? do.'7.'.'.'.'.'IS Second da ua *????%? * * Cars from seats to 91 74 each. Wholesale sad retail orders punctually attended to. aad cue "VZ-tZH. PARDEBBUB. GENTLEMEN'S HATS?SPRING STYLE Bird, corner pineand Nassau streets.? Oeutiemen's Hats, of the Hpring pattern, uniting much elegance aad br .uty at style, ate bow ready for enmuaUoa aad sals, by the aubeenbsr. BIRD, mr*4 tm*ee * cruet nl rtae aad Nassau sty et GENiLEMEN'S SPUING FASHION. r? HEAVE it AND BILK HATS of the beet quality JpL and <nnit spproved shapes, ate now raaay for inspection and aale ?t the 4Nd established prices Best Bearer W * heat Silk fcoWE, Merchanu' Kiehange, ?1T lir'nu 4S William street. " LOOK AT THIS! ? LADIES AND OICNTLtMEN. if yo?iwsat a fine article of BooU aad Shoes. ca?l at *7 Broad way, wh^re you will iind the la gest assortment, cheapest, aad most fashionable in the city. Do aot mistake the number, *7 Broadway, corner of Franklin an set. _ N B ?A large assoruasat of imported Freueh the low pries 4 doiLss. M. CAH ILL all im'r i-llEMlUM SOOTS. . riNE FRENCH BOOTS for S3 5fl, city made, aad are Vequtl to those sold ta otn?r stores ler 16. Fiaa French ? Call Bautt lor St *. equal to the bast made ia this city A lor H or r. at YOONtJ It JONEB' Krench Boot sad n?ii Mauataetory, oae of the melt lathioaabls in the city ? Our U xiu having been jadged in the late f air at Niblo 's, are said to bs the best ever sola ia this city. All Boots wanstNed to gire suusiaatioa. m-"- " , a.. _ w m? 1m*m near Btwdwsy, New VW JtKiOlo AND bMUHA?1 he Public are inrited ta call and esamiae the luge assortment of gentlemen's, la dies sad misses Boots, Shoes sad Oaiteis. in all then ran. ties, which are to be to?adat the aheap cash store of mil ln*> H HII1HAM t ? .*sal el . ronn Hallivae AMEltlCAN EXCHANGE BANK DIVIDEND. r><HK Ameiicnn Eschange Baak has this day declartd a Di JL y ids ad of ihiee (S) iwUst, payabta ta atoaaholdm oa 3i#n TO WESTERN TRAVELERS. fUEiifl ? 'I ? ??""lormed thai th? recent hr..k. A l? the Canal, caned by the late fte-het I Dreaka Mired, lb* PIONEER fc rfrpVg?L???lh ?***??.>>*? re J>?! from Philadelphia frif* for th* icuvo on .Monday th?Vk ?r JSi i ?"J***"' DepotNo.n Market afreet. &AILY at 7Vo*cloc?r*A*MU>* "'Snr-tSTfis/KS Estfsir"-' - , .. f A. B CUMMIWQg, Agent V/>>. . . " umaTiiwug, A (rot LOWcr IS?^ND RAIEKCJAD COM PAN Y. Sffit'fetor'a. ?4 9* A "M " ? - ? I?.M;? ??n*wHWiy?. a|j jq PltOPLlt'8 LINE OK SI'EA VIBOATS FOR ALB AN f SCSL?l!rSEL*Cptod~Throvh Direct?at T o'clock. P.M. rrow the pier between Court}andt and Liberty $ti ||"t'ATbo*t * ?CHESTER, ('apt. Alfred Hoeghton. wiH leave oa Monday, Wednea n na*itf un.1?7o^S!,u,P' " 7o'clock, rf** ''KH UDSON, Capt. R. O. Crntlenden ?? on Toeaday, ud Saturday eTeningeTaTT will leave o'clock. At i o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Piaeaa. /Voin the fbot of Barclay St., Steamboat NORTH AMEH1CA. Captain R. A. Jarrr will M5o"c1Sck?" W*dBM<Ur' Frid?* ?d Haaday alt^xxia! Steamboat SHUTH AMERICA. t w ? clock." ***"' Th-~^r a^d a&y'aft^ri ?Jhf bo,t? wi"' "ri*a in Albany in .m.4. am? for the moraine cart for the eaat or weet. P M M ? r"1* ratMi "one taken after 5K o'clock, ?? ?-? - ? ^,c Proprctora el Uteamboata wiahing niiDf, would do well to pay a visit on the iteimboati Niagara. Iron Witch ' Governor, nun boat Johu Stevena, Wooater, Traveller See ' and examine H. Homer a Improved Style of Bell Hanging?put Ju-a^ ?/ong. and warranted for one yrar, by Hh'no, ?-?- * n*rH lm*r ^ WjjjC STATEN ISLAND ?o^iH^u^",,i,OWiS: AuM'.rr?. 3.4. ,tre,t* *i 7* ?*i0,11 o'c,oek On 8ntidaya the fint boat from the laland will leave at IA Pi K" ,ro? New York at ? A M ? 1A A'* froifht at the riak of the o wnera thereof. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fro. jfe i& m 4SBro>d?v >'*?? ???. wKl hia odiSWS ? Broadway,and oon'inaea to remit money, in auma large or (?Mil, to peraona reaidmg in any pan of Ireland. i?heaame UuthYrtS veJS? hlaprefleceaanr in boiineaa have done for the Scotland #i 10 ""ypartof England or b7 ,ett?r! Poat-paid, to the tnbaenber. or perioualljr drpoaiteo with htm, with the name of the Denoi. hi?MOI,,Jn ,od' Kn*land. or Scotland, to whcm?Tia to . 5 !???' 10*n, will be immedistely trauimit NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF~ PACKETS. of eech men? From N.York. Fm Ol'gow. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkina, ) Oc"*l! Nor'r^S. r Feb. 1. March 14. Br. Ship BROOK8BY. H. M'Ewen.j No?. L Au,lt ( March 1. Dec'r 13. Br. Bark AD AM C ARR, , \ Del5r K '' sl^M. f April L Jan. li. Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, j hept/i. cfit*ll"" anJ??l? 'h'P* ??>>?'????? ve.a ".ably eommVud'ed, modlrinnt'r OB r*?nlar da>-a Their acrom ro?d^la ?Z?rJ*T0"" "r? *??i'*I,<1 ?'?'/ attention will be paid to promow their comfort The agenia nor captainawill lua htiir,'V?,ib *"y parcela or packagea aent them, nn leaa bill a of lading areaigned therefor. ror freight or puxir, apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, Mrc RF.ID ^n'HR'^T'V^t0^' Ahjvr LINE OF LIVERPOOL PAcReTs. ^ToTSTfrom Nil^oTtlit, and ffo^Urlirool nTTTMcli Fr*m Am York. Litttytol N.w.hip'L.>j^po?l llMtou.; \\ J*; ? J. Manage. > August 21 Oct. 6 New ship Queen o< the West, fT""' fJ j^T"h |j Weodhouse. |fcjwllbwJ} J New Ship Rochester, IM tons; > j?Ia4ry ?i' Aurlist 6 John Briton. j J} \ Ship HottingaM, 10M toni; N^1?h J{ JJ? ? lis Uursly. {Nov. SI Ju. ( These substantial. fait tailing, first class ships, all bailt in the city sf New York,are commanded by sirs rf experience and ability* and will be despatched punctually on the 21st of each month* Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passen gers. Price of passsg*, $100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be re sponsible for any parcels or packsges seat by them, anlesi regular bill* of lading are sinned therefor, ^freight.,pa^^%.ouLL fc MINTURN ?7 Sooth street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS fc CO., mire Liverpool. BOSTON STEAMERS, FOR HALIFAX iiND LIVERPOOL. THE British and **or?h American Royal iMsil Packet Ships CALEDONIA, CAM BRlA audBKI i AN.N1A, will leave Bos ? ton for the Ann |>oru as fo.lows, Tit CALEDONIA, Edward O. Lou, C. m i.ou the 1st Slay, IMC. CAMBKIA. C H. E. Jndkins, ?? " Uh ' *' BRITANNIA, John Hewitt, " " 1st Jane, " Passage to Halifax $20 Passage to Lirerpool |tl For freight or passage, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr.. Agent. At HARNDEN k CO.'S, ? Wall st No Berth secured until paid for. n22 rc KUK BELIZE, HONDURAS?Bark JOHN R .GARDNER James Prderson. master, bss excellen iiecomarodetions for passengers, and will have dcs p.teaitx ilie above port. For passsge oaly, apply to the Captiin on board, or to F. ALEXANDRE, a? 1 w*r 2* South street. GLASGOW LINE OK PACKETS-To sail 1st pilar day?The fine, fast sailing, copper ANN HARLEY, Capt. R. icou, will sail as above, her regalar day. Kor balance of height or passage. harins excellent accotn modatioaa, apply on board, eaat side Peck Slip, or to m2?rc WOOUMIII,!, ? Ml" """<?( Month st H jfffeoo M':b its. her REGULAR LINE Ot PACKt.Tr FuR GLAS GOW?Pscket of the 1st Mey.?The fine fast Mlit g ketship ANN HARLEY, Cspc bcou, will sail as ?b ve, Iter teealer day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second eabiu acd steerage pastengers, thoee w ishiac to secnra berths thould make early application to W.k J. T. TAf'lOTT, s2> r Ti South St.. corner Maiden lane. HJH LI V a.KI'OOL?New Line?Megulai rocket ?Mfkol *th May.?Thi eleg-nt last sailing packet shin ttttbSHKRIDAN, George B. Cornish, master, will sail as above, her regalar oay. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations ueqnalled for splendor or comfort, apply oa board, at Orleans whin, foot ol Wall atreet. or to ' E K. i OLL1NS k CO., M Boath sweet. CUT?Price of passage, SIN. racket ship Garrick, B.J. H. Tnuk. master, will saecaed the hfceridaa. and sail MWh Jnne.her reewlarday. *2Ssn KFOR LOl\ DON?Regular Packet ufthe lit May The packet ship ST. JAMES, Capt. Meyer, will ?ail aa above, her regular day. tor luasge la cabin, second cabin and steerage, having splen did accommodatioas. apply oa boa<d, or to JOSEPH McMURHAY. KOR LIVERPOOL.?I'ne New Line.?Regu ar Kifk Packet of 21st of Msy?The supeiior fast sailing ship MHhQUEEN or THE Wi'T, Capt. P. Woodnoase, Itt ums burthen, will sail as above, her regalar day. For balance of freight or paeaage. having excellent a'com modatione, apply to the Caotaia on board, loot of burling slip, or to WOODHULL k M1N 1 URN, ?2I re 27 South ?'reet Itir UNITED DIAItH AN U ORt.A'i BRITAIN ffjfV AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLiaHkD EMI ?MbORANT OK> ICE.?The subscriber? are prepared to engage p, ssengers to coma oat by the early Bpnng ships, at a very low rate. ?Dr?fta can. as aiual, be famished, peysble throughout the United Kingdom. 1" or further particulars snply to J. HERDMAN ItCo.. ?1 Booth st. PACKeTbFOR MARSEILLEO-To Isnd-Pas tfHV1.'*!??!..!:'. Gibcame. ? The ttbip PRINCE DE JHjHnJOlNVlLLi, Captain Lawrence, will snil on the let of Mtf. ^ Uk tad celeb BI A, hart For (Wight or passage apply to ap13 re BO VP rooLCrAot?TA K.WrSS&'CLKJ'S ?^galsr packet of the 1st Mey. The new megnifieent eelsbrated fast sailing favorite pa^ *t ship COLuM i, barth?a ltd torn Cit<t- John IL.thboae, will eaii posi tively ou KriOay, the 1st of May. The accommodations of the Colambia aie fatted oat in a moat superb and costly ? snnrr. with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot bnt add to tha comfort of those em bark lag. per sons visaing the old country, or seudiag for their (Vietds, should call and see this splendid specimen of anval architec ture. before engaging elsewhere. For passage in cabin, snaond eabia snd steerage, early application sboald be made oa board, foot 01 l^k-a-street, or^^he s^jbe^^ cq atl re 25 Knltoa street, (next door to the Fulton Baak.) tOK LtlN DoN?Rc*n|.ir racket ?f the let May ?The packet ship Bl.JAMkJS, Cnpc Meyer, ili sail as aoove, her regalar day. in cabia, second cabin and steerage, having spieudid accommodauoat, apply on bonid, or to J OS EC H McMURRAY, ]M Pine st. corner of Sooth. P. S ? Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have them broaghtoattottnacoaatry by one of the Line, sailigg from Laadoaea the 7th, 17th, sad nth ot each month, oa rea eennblo terms, hy applying ea -*""?? al( t ^MJCNCH LUNAR P1LLM?Lagiea will * elg <? mnwilamii) g| 1U Chetiy n BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. POR Fitchburg. Keene, Oreentield, Brattleboro, Windsor Woodstock, Montpelicr, and Bo -lingloa, Vl, and the Ca nadas. All Package*, Parcels and b? < u>eta, to u; of cbs stove towns, or any part of the western portion of Now Hampehir* and Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the taie of L. BIOELOW, I Court atreot, Boa too. N. B ?Be a?re to mark Packagee to eare of " Bigelow's El press" jtSre NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON and after Friday, May 1st, IM, the cars will ran as 1 followa Leave City Hall for Yorkville.Harlem. and Morrisiana, at and 11 o'clock. A. M; 1, J. 1*. 4, 6 and ?K o'clock, P. M. Leave City Hall Tor Fordnam and Williams : Bridge, at 7, 10. and II o'e'ock, A. M.; 2. 3X.S, and(K o'clock, P M Leave Ciiy Hall for Hant's Bridge, P. ion a, 'i'ackakoe, Hart's Corner, and White Plaioa, at T and It o'clock, A M ; ; I and 5 o'clock, P. M. Lear* Harlem and Yorkville at 7 10,8 10.9. 10, and II 10 o'clock, A M; U M. S, 2 10, 4 10, 4K. 0 lu. and 7 o'clock, P. M. Leave Williams'Bridge and hord?sm at ? 0\, 7J?, and 1#K o'clock, A. M.; 11*. and JV o'clock. P. M. Leave White Plains at 7 and If o'clock, A. M.; 1 and 5 o'clock, P. M. The freight train will leave the City Hall at ' 1 o'clock, P. M., and leave Whit* Plains at 1 o'clock in the morning On Sundays the White Plains Train will leave the City Hall at 7 A M .and 4)4 P.; will leave White Plains st 7 A M. ao'toP. M. On Sundays the Haileu: and Williams' Bridie Trains will be icgulstsd according to the atsta of the weather. alt Imrc LAP-WELDED BOlLEit FLUES, FEET long, and from IX to 4 iachoa in disaster. Can be obtained only of the patentee. THOMAS PROSSER, alt Im'rc tt Piatt st., N. Y. BILLIARDS AT Sf. LOUIS. excellent opp.iriut-ity for any person who may with to porehate th?ee or fonr new Billiard Tabl a. fhey can hire a first rale room, O by 24 feet, ia a new Re Man rat. j net opened < to crowded houses. aud doing a smashing business in mint jutaps every day and evening] by one of the aost p>rn lar men in this country, who wis formerly a merchaut in this city, and gives the best of New York city reference. The Tsoles are now making, aid almost finished,by B tsslord. Any person w ho has a cash cspit il of $ 1400 to go on with the busi ness, can make from $.0*0 to $10,000 a year, as their prices for pitying are double that of ours. Pleaae call on Otia Field, at Bassfoid'sold rooms: eatiance IK Ann or 149 Fulton st., wh-re sp> cimeos of the tablrs builrfiuiiTor St L^uis are up for trial. Billiard fables, Cloths. Balls. Cast, Chineee and French Cue j Leathers, fcc tic., for ssle as above. aS7 tw*r NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, tec. . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHEAP FOR CASH.?J O. BOWLER, 240 Greenwich street, corner Murray .and 432 Oreeuwich,corner of Veatr;, has just received I'om the late sales, s large and spleudid assor mem of frc?h Oreen and BlackTea, and Family Groceries of all the variona kinds, all of which am offered at reduced prices. Very good Oreen Tea at 40 c a. ib ; fiue Oolong 40 and 6J>? cts : very fine Yoang Hyson at 74 cu ; beat old Java Coff e lt>4 cts. lb Sumatra do. 10 cts ; good dairy Butter 1 cts. lb.; bleached Lamp Oil 74 eta. per gallon; Sperm Candlea 24 cts. Also, a large assortment of fine white, yellow and brown Sugar of all the virions kinds. a26 Im'rc MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS AMD DEALERS IN PERFUMERY, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE IN BROAD WAY.?The lubac ib'r offers the most complete assort ment of Perfumery, Toilet Sosps, Colognes, Extracts, ke. (te at prices 30 to 4* per ceat cheaper than auy other house in the United States, la order to convince yourselves lie u.vitea yon to call and examine belore parchasisg elsewhere. E._ttOUS8EL. urersnd Importer or Perfumer .. between Liberty and Cou'tland a24 !m*r 16 A* ATC Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery, Soxpe, lie., lit Broadway, between Liberty and Con'tlandt streets. COUNTRY MERCHANTS VISITING the city of New York, are invited to call and examine the complete and extensive stock of Account Books, Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copying Press es, Oold Peis, tiuills, Inks and Fluids, AND ALL OTHERARTICLES sold bv STATIONERS. At the Lowest PottiUt Pruet. RICH It LOUTREL, tl William sL, m2l lm'mc one door below Cedar. EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the atreution of the public to the most extensive stock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to spring and summer trade. In addition to the ready made the subscri ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection of piece goods ia the market, of every color and pattern; and the supe rior skill employed in the catting and mHoufacturiag depart ments is such as enables the subeciber with confidence to in rite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to have their gar ments made to order. The above stock having been selected with great care, and bought fer cash alone, is a strong induce ment Tor ail to call who wish to purchase at least 10 per cent less than at those houses who are obliged to do business upon the credit system. N. B.?Officers of the army and nary are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large assortment of superior bine cloths and cassimers, which will be made up at the shortest notioa. and in a meaner not to be snrpeased. EDWARD FOX. 201 Broadway, near Fulton st., opposite to the Franklin House. CARD. THE Subscriber having become interested in the above house reij'ectfullp requeeta the patronage of his customers and friends. Orders entrusted to his care will be attended to with promptness. J AM ICS A. ? WAIN. ?i20 Im *rc PURE WATER-STONE S IMPROVED PREMIUM Water Kilters.?These filters not onlv clarity but purity the most turbid water, rendering it lwrlectly salubrious, by di recting it of all putrid vegetable end animal matter, animalcu The filtering properties of thie apparatus are so great thai even water impregnated with soap, tebacco, kc.,kc., is rvudered perfectly tasteless, no odor,.and of a bright, chrysta hue clearness. Can bn seen in operation, and for sale at Stone and Brothers Croton Plumbing establishment, 100 Broadway. a? lm*r BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, VTO. 1 St Johns' Lane corner Beech street. The Subscrib i" er would inform his Customers sn the Public, that he haa constantly on hand, a la ge stock of fancy and common Bird Cages, or all descriptions, which he will soli cheaper thaa they can be bought elsewhere. Also, Csgee made to order. _ J. KELLY. P, 8.?Country Merchants womld find it to tbeir advantage to call and examine his stock- at lm*r PIANO FORTES. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers' ware-room No. 114 Broadway, for a superior and warranted article, an lm*r TAKE NOTICE. THE Subscriber having made arrangements, and eouaidera bly enlarged hu premises, is now ready to do all kind* of Blackamith and Marhine work is general on the moat rnaaona ble trrmi. at the a^oiteat notice. N. B.?To Saddlers and others?MM sets ofhamee na hand for aale. Q.BROADrtURST, al2 ltn'rn 251 fc 2M at NOTICE. XT OTICE ia hereby given to all persona hariof bought atone 1" from Laimbeer's Qnarry, at Kipp'a Bay, formerly oceu pied by Mriin. Mott k Knowlton, that the account! of the Quarry will be aettied by K. H. La'mbeer, at the Office at thj Quarry. WILLIAM LAIMBEER. Dated thia 1?th day of April, 1K6. a23 lui'rc TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKi,b. A LARUE aaaortment of China Grass Kisking Linos, and Palmon and Trout Silk Worm Uutt, to anit city or conn try dealera. Erery article in Aahing tackle will be found at reaaonable prieee,atCUNROVSkishlag andSportircTackle KataKlnltiMi. U Mlina it enrwer nf Cliff. al lm*rh FURNITURE PLUSH. THE SUBSCRIBERS hare received from their maanfacto A rr an eitaaeive aaaortment of plain and emboeeed Knrni tnre Plushes, of all colora and qualities, an coach, and railroad cat makers. V. CA1LLEUX, KILS SOLEL aitable for cabinet, ISOLELIAO fc CO., ? Pearl COACH MAKING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES "'HE Subscriber coutiuuea to manufacture light wagons and cariiaeee ol evrry deacription, at the ahorteet notice, at the old aund, 27?>Henry it reel, comer cf Oovernenr, where all kindt ol repainng ia done atlhe ahorteit notice. Alao for aal'three new light wagons of the lateat style: one with a too. All wa gnaa bmilt at this establishment will be warranted. One se cond band groery wuoa for aale. att It'rc J LAWRENCE. Ann HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EUARB, OOiljVVV and Havana Tobacco? 164 *00 Rionda, all sitee, 50 M Emnlaciou, lat it oeo Lafayette, lM.aoe Eeperunia, 20,000 Hegalia, 24,000 La Victoria, let 100.000 Prmaipe, MM Lafayette,premsl 10.000 Eecalapio, do 13.000 Europe, 26.000 Han Roman, l*t, M bales Tobacco. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lota to auitpnreha ers. For aale by B. M. PICAB1A, turn lm*m 117 Croat street. near Wall, up ataira. TOBACCO, SEGARS AND BASS. A A. HAM.ANOS, No. M Broadway, ap stair*. offer* for ? aale, a splendid aaaortment of ? hoice Segara, selected expraealy for Ma eeteblmhment. Alao, N balee of atrictly prime St. Jag* Tokneao, aad a email lot of Baae. by wholesale and retail. mil lm?> MILITARY EQUirMfe.ftTft-iriEKKMEN'a CAr?. THE StfMCSlBKR respectfully calls the attention of the Military public to kia aaaortment of Military kaaipfnu adapted to all compaaiee; Military Cape, Keapaacks, Boxea sod Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Country compa aiee, about chaagwi their uniform, or thoee about forming new companies willbe repplied with aamntee. fire cAhf-riRE caps. A fall aaaortment of every variety constantly oa hand, aad made to orner at tlx ahorteet notice. f 2t Im'rre H 8. GKATACAP. M Broadway. TO UEALhKS IN WOOLLENS. HMJOEON fc CO, 341 Weet Street, Re-finiahers of ? Cloths, Casnmerea and Satinets. The gold medal has beea awarded to H. M. for the improvement ia re-Anieiting Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott It Slade, CI Pine street; William C. 1 .angler It Co., St Eukan Place, corner ol Broad street; j and to U. Jngfaaa It Co. M Pi as street; where orders may be | left l"?*T | &HAFER Ot CO.. | TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Mil Broadway, near Park Place. ARE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Packets, an en- ! 11 rely aew aaaortment of the fie eat Sedan Clocks and Caa aimerea, adapted to the early spring trade. HaviM coacladed | a permanent arrangement, as cutter, with Mr. P. Andrtot, late 1 or the Rue Castigliooe, Paris, well known to moot ol ear fash- , ?onsbles who hsve visited Earope, they are new prepared to | necnte orders ia a atyle of naasaal eleaance mrli lm*r 4IX t road way. ( ASTOR HOUSE BATHa, Entrance, No. 1 Veaey street. (Private door Aator Hoaae.) j 'IMIE PCBLIC are respectfully informed that the above 1 Bathe are ie complete order. The lathing tabs are entire It new, (copper.) and the lanteet in this city. In point ol deealinoea aad attention, the bathe cannot be eicalled. The , Batha are open antil II o'clock at nmht, (Saturday'night. 12) Price of a bath, 2? cents. The warm Sea Batha atDaahroeaea atreet, are aa usual open from aunris*. until II OWjct r M aniin*! HENWV C KABINKAU. Proprietor EAUL.K CUtt'cE. HOUSb AiNU HA1HS, NO. M Pearl atreet, between Centre aid Elm?Warm, cold tmd ihowir Baths, tqa*l to tho?? in an? hoaM in the city, i at 1<H eenta; Lodgings, e ith good clean beds. I2X eta; Board ing and Lodging, It 50 per week. In the reading room will be found newspapers Irom London, Liverpool, aad all the princi pal ciuee ol the Uaited Statee. at lm*rh CLOIHING MUCH LOWER than the General Prieee?JACOBVAN | DERBILT, ?I Maiden Lane, between Wm and NtMaa etreetn,the chaapeet (bafckimfttc gininmia-| aad boy's clothing eeoabliahmeat ia New *erk. I SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP HAS CURED ME. I READ! READ! THE FOLLOWINGCERT1FI ! CATE OK RICH AMD L. COX, A MAN OF HIGH STANDING IN NEW JERSEY. ON THE >1 day of May, A. D. 1845, before me the sub ?crib r, on of the Aldermen of the city of Philadelphia, personally appeared Richard L. Cox. a citixeu of Evesham, 1 Builiugton county, Sate of New le>aey, who, on h>* aolema affirmation, did deroee and say: That for about twelve months ' past he was attached bv a short, dry cough, with a sense of > burning ia the palms of his hands and soles of his leet, toge ther with distressing night sweaU. This stale of things can tinu'd unlit November last, when he was suddenly seised wi'h a severe pain m the right side sud breast. His family physician then informed him that hia lungs were in a diseased ?late, acd lie became gradually weaker and weaker, emaciated and wasted in flesh, until reduced almost to a skeleton; his , br> athiug was short and laborious, aud the least eieruon led to extreme eihtustion, for it was with the greatest difficulty and pein that any change could be made ia hia clothes, or even in making up the bed in which he lay. At this period his physi cian, family and friends?indeed all who saw hiin-?-couaidcred his case beyond the rsai h of hope. For two dsys his appetite had eptiiely forsaken him, and he took no nourishment during I that time?wheabe determined to try "Schenrk'a Pulmonic vyrup." That he had taken but about tea bottlea of tha said Syrup, when a large gathering formed in his left side, which soon ripened under the soothing iudueuce of the Syrup He had given up the use ofsli other medicines at this time, and strictly followed the directions accompanying the Pulmo nic Hyrup?'hat he discharged ia the presence of his wife and brother at least s quart of thick greenish maitar of so offensive a nature, that his friends could scarcely stay iu the room with him?that at this time he was unsble to raies his head from the pillow in consequence of his his weakness; but he continned he use ol the medicine, having known that Mr. Sehenck him selfhau been cared by the same medicine in the lowest stage of comumptiou. after all other means had failed-that for several weeks he continued to expectorate freely?whirh gradually diminished in quantity, and changed to that of a healthy char acter?that his appetite began to improve his strength tore turn, and in a short time he waa able to sit up in his chamber. The period intervening between taking the am bottle and his recovery was atiout ten weeks ; th-.t lite rapid changes in his condition crestad such surprise and wonder in all who saw him daring his illness, that friends and neighbors flocked ? outiuu ally to In*, as it were, a man riaeu from the grave. That as the Syiup still ?trenglhened aud imrr >ved the system, he continued using it till he had taken i weuty-five bottles. Tint he now be I lievea himself a sound man ; and is in the enjoyment of good health ; thai he is abla to attend to all his duties, and to fulfil them as a township officer as well as at any period ot his life ; that he has had his luugsexainiued. and that they are pronoun ced to be in a perfectly sound condition. [Signed] RICHARD L. COX. Affirmed to and subscribed, this 3d day of Mav, IMS. before me. [Signed] CHAUNCEY BULKLEY, Alderman I Evesham, Burlington Co., N. J., April 22<1,1144. Wa, the subscribers, residents of the township of Ev*?ham, do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Mr. Richard L. Cos, and frequently visited him iu the last stage of Pulmo nary Consumption, which we believe was cured by the use of Schenek's Pulmonic byrup, and feel it ourduty to recommend it to the consumptive in the strongest possible terms, having been eye witnesses to one of the greatest cares evar performed in this section of the country. Winis Buekman, John Leeds Jr. William L. Brown, iam Hammitt, John H. Ellis, Andrew Oris com, Kranklin B. Cox, John B. Cox, Thoa. H. Hewlings, Joe.E. Hewlings, Joseph Ellis, Jacob Hewlings. Masltok, N. J .May Ith, 1145. Mr. J. H Schenck?Sir: I am pastor of the Baptist church at Marlton, New Jersey. Some three or four months since 1 was taken by one of the deacous to see ona of his neighbors, Mr. Richard L. Cox, then lying, to all human appearance at death's door by consumption. My distiuct impression was. that the eeutleman would not live one week. To tnv surprise I saw im iu my congregation last Sabbath, a healthy looking man. To-day 1 nave been at his house, and revived from him the i? sursnce that your Syrup was the means of saving hia life. I am respectfully yours, JAMES M. CHALL1SS. The genuine Pulmoaic Syrup is prepared exclusively by the proprietor, and is for sale at hia principal office. No. 4 Court landtstreet, where persons can receive advice, have their lungs examined, and obtain pamphlets describing CONSUMPTION, DYSPEPSIA, and LIVER COMPLAINT, free of charge For sale also by A B. Sands It Co. 371 Broadway ; Hutchiugs, Ml Bleecker it; Ford, 2?4 Fourth st, cor Wooeter: Kverilt, 96 Hudson st; Dr. Oardner. 65 Montgomery st, Jersey City; W. A. It T. A. Van Zaudt. comer Smith and Dean sis, Brooklyn; Redding It Co, I State st, Boston. Please bear in mind that P. 8. Beekman does not sell my ori final Genuine Pulmonic Syrup, and to avoid deception, apply for the old established meaicine, at No. 4 Coartlandtstreet aS lm*r BPJX1NO PlIRIKlElt OK THUS BliUUU. WINER'S ARCANUM EXTRACT. AS A SPRING PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD, this me dicine cannot be surpassed, working its way through the system with a silent and effective force, cleansing the Blood, Removing Dyspeptic lufluenres. Soothing the Ne.ves. Re moving Internal Obstructions and Diseases that would other wise cause injunr to the Li* er aud Lungs. WINER'S ARC AM! M EXTRACT is alro a certain cure for all diseases arising from an impure srate of the blood, such ss Scrofula or King's Evil, White Swellings. Diseases of the Skia, Pimples orrostulesou the face. Biles, Diseases of the Boees, Ulcers of all kinds. Syphilitic aud Mercurial Disesses; also, for affections of the Liver. Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Pal pitation of the Heart, long standing Rheumatic Affections, Gout, and all chrouic and Nervous Complaints, occurring in debilitated constitutions. Its simplicity recommends the use of it to patents whose children are afflicted with any disease ol the bl.iod or skin, or whose constitutions have been injuretLby leug-.heu?d ilium and the use of dele erious medieiues as it will efleetsallv purify- the bluod and renovate the system, and where symptoms of scrofnls are in iheleast degree visible, this medicine, if properly administered, will most surely external nste it This medicine is much cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to any other sold. The following certificates are selected from among many others in possession of the proprietors. For further particulars and conclusive evidence of the value and efficacy of this medicine, see pamphlets, which may be obtained or agents gratis. o Philadelphia, Jan. 6th. 1146. Mr. E. B. O. Kinsloe?Sir : I hire tried the Are&unm Ex trmct which yon extolled so highly, nd find it all, ud indeed much better han you recommended it to be. Previous to my taking the Arcanum, I wu completely covered with blotche*. do part of my body or limb* being exempted. ud betide I ?u ?ready afflicted with the Pile*. Before I had used the Arca num one week toe blotches began to diappear, and my pile* to become easy. I am tow in betMr health than I have beea for a number of year*, and all owing, 1 am truly convinced, to the u* of Winer'* Arcanum. I can coacsieatiously recommend it aa one of the very beat medicine* for scrofulous affection* or eraptioa* 1 ever heard of. Youa, truly, L. A. South 3d *L Philadelphia. Jan. SI, IIM. Mr. E. B. O. Kin*loe?Sir?Believing that Wiuer'* Arcanum Extract is well calculated to afford relief to thooaaada who are now aufferiM, I feel conceited, in accordance with my principle* of philanthropy and humanity, (much a* I ditlike to bare my name paraded before the public a* a puffer of any parent medicine,) to state a ca*e which cam* under my own immediaate observation. My little granosou, about three years of ere, has been afflict ed with a breaking out all over hi* body ana Uce since he was two months old. Several physician* were called in to see him and t->*y all pronounced it an hereditary scrofulous affection H* was a constant sourc* of ?nno<-ance to hit mother, anil at time* apparently auffered the moat intense pain himself. Om of his brothers hivius died *beut three year* ago alter having had the "White Swelling," it was feared by the family that this child would soon follow him. After having used all the Scrofulous Medicine within ray reason, I chanced 10 *ee aa ad vrrtisemeot f?r (lie tale of " Winer's Arcanum." 1 purchastd a bottle, and after hsvitg used it three weeks, the boo is entire ly free frota aay eruptions, his general health is much improv ed, and he i* now pronounced bv Physician* to b* cored. The child may be seen at aay time, by cailiag at No. ?South ltth street. 1 am, lir, Your very grareful servant, ROBERT FtrREY. Price, $1 perbo'tle, or six bottle* for ti. Prepared by John Winer It Co., H Maidea lane, N. T., sole Prop, tetora forth* United States. Hold by Wyatt t Ketchum, 111 Hnlton street; R. A. Sands. IIS Bowery,corner of Spring; J. W. Bassett- 844 Broadway, and J It J. Coddinjtton, JOT Hudson, corner of Spring. In Brooklyn, bv Mrs. Hays, 139 fulton itreet; J. Bnee, >7 James street; r T Quirk h Co, corner Columbia and Atlantic, and Dr. ftteaae, 1M Kultoa street. la Albany, by 8 K. Phelps, U State *treet. PhiUdelphi*, T. W. Dyott It Co, 1)2 North Se cond street, aud KB. G.Kinslo*, J09 Chestnut street. Balti more, Charles Wi<emanf. New Orleans, Bertrand It Bi*ex. Richmond, Va-, Osyuor, Wood It Co , and by Druggist* gene rally throughout the country al lm*m ATKAP1L.ATUKY, R LIQUID HAIR DYE. for changing the color of the _ hair to any required shade of black or brown, in a few oiinate*. by a*imple and eaay process, without staiaiag the skin, or in any way injuring the hair. The great advantage* poases'ed by thi* Hair Dye over ihos* hitherto in use. will be at once ippareut. It produce* a perfectly aatural color, in a comparatively short space of time; and much of the uoable and ananyaaca attending the use of all former Dye*, are en tirely obviated in thi*. Kor producing the lighter ahadt* of hrown. the A'rapilaiory may be said to be the only preparation thr ugh which a satisfactory resalt can be relied ou; and in ?ddittoa to the eolor having socio** a revmblaae* to that of usture, a* completely to dery dete-tioa, the uae of the Dye will b* found In ao reapert lajuriou* to the ha r, which, alier th* operatioa. will retain its aeeae(otned softae**, elasticity, si*h Ckjbmm *? LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FUKNlTURh \JtT ANTED.?Gentlemen and Familj** can obtaia the fall V V value for all kinds of superflnous effects (nay wish t* dispose of, lur.h ss Ladiee and Oeu'.lemea'i Wearing Apparel, fire Arms, Furmture, lU. L?vii?it?;?, 4M Broadway, ap ?tain. Ladia* hating any Cast off Clothing to disnosa of. ean obtaia a lair price by sending for the subscriber, Mr*. T. Lc vcivrrrir. > .B. A line through th* Poet Office will be prompt ly attended to- m4 Im'rc NfcW TAIUFF. IMPORTANT NEWS to Shipper* of Oram and other ?I Farm Pr?, dnce to Great Britain. A new law having peaaed the Legiilamr*, admitting the im portation of foreign corn sad provision* at a very low rat* ol daty, an opportua>ty will be girea to tboee who are desirous to ship to the Glasgow market, to open a good coaaexion with th* subscriber, who has b*en fifteen rear* in the Gram aad Proviiioa trade ; and aa there has hithert* been none of any importance, or who had any practical knowledge ol that trade in Glasgow, a better rpportaaity eoald aot be daaiied by reeD*ctable hoas** to form a connection in that market Lib era) advance* will b* given to (hipper*. From (he subscribers long experience and knowledge of the Graiu and Provision Trade, aud also his friendly intimacy with the buyers, a large and respectable trade may b* ealcu lated upon. The subscriber begs to fefer shippers to Mr. A. H. Finlay, Astoi Hons*. HOB MIT ROBERTSON, mil Im'rc 13 Uniea street, Glasgow. as Per Cent Btlow tela Usual Price*. FASHIONABLE VI8ITINQ CARD ESTABLISHMENT. APLA'i'E aad Fifty Card-printed (or f I 5*; the best En amel led Carda printed from eagravad pistes at M cents per peck. A SILVER DOOR PLATE uruished and beautifully engraved for $1 > agraviag for the Trade eqaally low, at CLASSEN'S old staad, 1 Mu eomer ot Broadway Ul* UIVDIUURI Will irwiu IH Bcgggwuim ??iu sad gloaa. Pnrata apartmaats lor ladies aad gentisn in* to bav* their hair changed, <t _ a J Im'rc J. LAIRD'S, M Chat! 1 ui rmj itreet. ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, MADE from th* beet materials and the flaish equal to any in the world. Steel from I to J cents per taeh; copper from 1H to 3 cents p*r iach; Plate* Irom I to 40 inehea, ( ard Plat** it* to II* par do*. A Urge stock always oa hsnd and rea dy for orders at s moment's aoties, aad seat by Adaau' Ex ft?- MM?f??w?d by JOH NBfclUC E. prll lM*T MllPliMltl9rttlf?Iffla AfUn la Canada. Mottrkai., (Canada,) April 26, 1846. j Public Fttltng in Canada, about a War with the State*?Meeting of Canadian Merchant* in Favor of Fret Trade?Hotel* in Montreal, 4*r. ] During the session oi the Legislature, and at a moment when our peaceable relationa with the United States are disturbed, you may perhaps be pleased to hear, from anold correspondent, about hi* views with reference to the aspect of political affair*. When we see Her Majesty's troops polishing their mus ket* within the walla oftbo old citadel?when in tinea of peace we are lorbid admission within ita aacred precincta, and observe the Queen's artillery pointing their bristling 1 cannon over the walla of ths ancient fortress of Quebec, we may well, indeed, exclaim, with one of vour own noble senators, and ask of ths watchman " what of the night T* But believe me, when I assure yon, that with the exception oi a few turbulent spirita, who, for lack of other employment, would wish to show their prowess 1 in arms, there would be hut one opinion prevailing throughout the length and breadth of the Province, as to the impolicy?may I add.barbarity?of a war between two anch polished and civilised nations as England and the United, Slates?about such a slip of territory as the possessions in Oregon. There hss been ouly one pam phlet, issued from the Canadian press upon this subject, and I might almost hazard the asaertion, that so indiffe rent are ths citizens oi the metropolis to the real merits of the question, that if enquiry were made, we should find that the greater portion of the publication remains on the hands of ths publiahsr A this very day. Our relations with the United States are too closely connected our commercial interests in this era of free trede principles, sre oensidered to be too closely intsrwoven witheecb othsr, ever to allow the prospect of a war between the two countries to be favorably contemplated by any clasa of our fellow countrymen. Men, no matter what may be their lineage, their language or their creed, would view with feelings of horror tne enacting of any scene of warfsre on this continent, or even the momentary in terruption of friendly relations between two kindred people. 'I wish, however, to he well understood : should it pleas* Divine Providence to visit us with such a scourge, let not such wsrliks spirits ss Messrs. Cass and Allen believe, for a moment, that the French Canadians are favorably disposed to the introduction of republi can prinoipl's amongst them. The same heroic fortitude and courage in the hour of danger, which characterized their ancestors on ths plains of La Vendee during the French revolution, would animate them to repel the invader of their soli, and protect and defend it against foreign aggression The French Canadians are na'uially a loyal and religious people; aod as loyalty and religion are handmaids, the moment their priests would attach themselves to the cause of monarchy, we should find (every village and hamlet in the Province sending forth its peasantry to serve the British govern ment, and to shed their heart's blood in the defence of such a cause- 1 am convinced there will be no occasion for their services, and may Ood will that it be so. Lst me turn trora this unpleassnt topic, and view the people of this Colony, engaging in a spirit of rivalry with your own merchanta, to carry on a thriving trade with the western portion of the American States, and endeavoring by a relaxtion of the present hesvy dutiss on American produce, to indace y our|farmcrs and mill ers, to send their produce by the St. Lswrsnce, in lieu of, ss they conceive, by ths more costly route of the Erie Canal. The limits of this letter will not me to enter into details, snd it would bs needless to do so, as ths arrangements are not vet completed, and the sub ject is still engrossing the attention of our Le gislature. You will, however, have easily fore seen that the repeal of the corn laws, and the conscqusnt non-protection to the colonial ship Grs, (now that the reduction of the duties on Baltic mber has assailed that other branch of colonial indus try,) have induced our meichants to direct their atten tion to other sources of commercial prosperity, and by fostering and encouraging the forwarding trade, to con tribute to their owi wealth and the resources of the Colony. There waa a large meeting held in this city, about a *veok ago, to organize a Free Trade Association. Many of the principal merchants attended, but there an peared to be a little difference of opinion as to the poli cy of rejecting protection, should it be offered by the British govsrnment. The advocates of free trade wish to be thrown on their own resources, and to allow the system to work-at all events, to give it a trial, without mstropolitsn co-operation. There are other free traders who wish to "get all they can and to try to get more," by the reduction of duties on articles the produce of other countries, and which they are now obliged to pro cure in the markets of the motner country. There has since been an anti-free trade meeting held at Quebec, but I am inclined to believe, that with protecting duties on the staples of the Canadian market, they would be sa tislied with a relaxation of imperial duties on other ar ticles. Ajword or two to your travailing frisnds, and I shall close. Oonegani, late of Rasco'e Hotel, has purchased that splsndid building in Notre Dame street, belonging to Wm.Bioghem, Esq., of Paris, and lately occupied by the late Lord Sydenham. He has made considerable addition thereto, and tbo building occupies nenrly as large an area of ground as the Astor Houae. Daily, late of the British American Hotel, bas taken Rasco's Hotel; and what with Tetu's, and othera, we shall have ample accommodation for all strangers, during the com ing travelling season. Alsaut, April 38,1840. The fVeather?The Election?The Convention? Specula tion!?Peculation*. The ?un rose thil morniDg like an imperial emperor, with hi* diadem on hi* brow, complacently contempla ting hi* subject* ; now cramping them with embargoe*, ind Masting their crop* with parching intolerance ; now manifesting a little lenity by diffuse shower* of cooling rain, and by affording them mean* for (applying the tri butary confluence. It is decidedly a great day ; hi* ma jetty, the bright *an, i* intermediate ; there u no ex treme of heat or of cold, *nd the earth re-el* in beauty and fre*hne*a, and supplies the fruit* and flower* with the exuberance of life. To-day the State ballot* for delegate* to the Conven Lion. Hero operation* are like blaat* of wind fanning a volcano. The leeling* of the faction* npon the ques tion* of policy before the people are fierce. God save u* from collision, and from the pantomimic of civil m ar, in the~premU?*. Filei'of partizans, bitterly and signifi cantly opposite in their preference*, parade the avenues or make the vicinage of the several polls clatter with thsir vernacular. If a preponderance of anti-slavery men are elected to represent the people in this convention, the right of suf frage will be extended to the blacks without any pro petty qualification or requisition, (except the simple phyiqut,) whatever. (1 may say 1 think the principle of property qualification is vile ; it was a branch or lop of toe primogeniture law, and should have sunk into non entity with its patron by jointure) But, do you suppose that ibis collateral question ol universal equality on the basis of suffrage, will be established in America without confusion 1 Do you suppose that this convention, made up as it will be, of elbowing factions, will pass such a law without confusion 7 If you do, vou are mis taken. If I oan estimate the whispers which are circulating, without check, through large bodies of intelligent men, you may conclude that this convention will be a monster of a tiling. Harmony in legislation, and in all the conclaves o( attachei, hr* become *? com mon, lince Aaron Burr expired, that the country will not see the signs until the collapse actually occurs ? Bat look about at the condition of the country, and look at an article in the Herald of Sunday, in (elation to the literature of the day, which i* precisely prophetic in it* tone, and animate the actual condition of the country ? Its condition add* to the monstrosity of the convention. The effect of any legislation, not strictly common-place, and inhibitory of the usages of any such communities, woald be mutinous. Legislation, in this convention, will not be common place. This is enough for the present. I believe that in this town and county, two of the men nominated by the party styled "whig," will be elected. (It 1* remarkable that the name ol a political party, which oiiginated in the reign of Cbarlea 1, should come down to this day. Politicians forget that titles do not signify any thing.) The two other candidates who will probably be chosen, are named on the democratic ticket. These lour are Messrs.Harris, Shaver, Millard and Stan ton?all bitterly opposed to this leudaiitm, which par takea so much of tha character of the feudalism of the tenth century, just alter what was called the "daik ages" of the world. They will receive the entire vote ot the anti-renters. The Senate met this morning; only six sens tor* were present, end they dispersed visa mm. The House was not in session to day. Last evening the House paased the bill for the relief of the Lafayette Horse Uuards of New Terk. I am no alarmist. I am not the man to set the wot Id agape ! but I am constrained to say, that the L'nion is suspended over a laibo.uless gull, By a rope ysrn. In all eras there have been men willing to be fanatic*; men who tee treaion in the commonest conceme, and civil war in a melee of a score of vagabonds. But now the outline ol the embodiment of trMson has become too bold to be mistaken, now, the effects of the false reckon- j ing of false men, have assumed a horrid diveisity, too I plain to be w inked at, and too universal for conceal ment. The creative power, and the cradle of this damn able treaeon, is in the government Society cetches ita , tone Iroa the government, and to the rascality of offi cial*, and to the weak points of government, are attribut able all this social demoralization which you have so i eloquently illustrated in your Herald . The country i* in a itate of torpor ; the operations of these gigantic i egencies upon the morals of the world are visible ; but their oiigin is not understood. Now, to be briel, when < the perpetuity of any administration in America is to cured by ita own influence, and by it* own moneyed | power, then, that government is doubly accuraed?then , the people become the tlava* ol the government, (not the government the insuument of the people,) and then i their libertiea are in danger. These thought* have re sulted Irom a glance at operations about the polls hare to-day. Verily, American* will not have treaaonable interlineations incorporated into the charter of their liberty, unwarned. They have been warned from presses and pulpit*. The English literati have tra velled incog through the Union, to witness American lassitude ; and then gone home and published verbose volume- ol warnings, predicated upon their travels and observation*. You have warned and appealed. H, have wa. In a lew day* thi* convention will meet. 1 need not speculate upon the thing. When the time comes, I shi.U have an eye upon ita proceeding*, la local matters there is nothing particularly interesting to communicate to you. No definite action has been hed in the Legist a ture upon the maitla law a. I am told that Mr. Hails hill, which is sufficiently restrictive of tha present abuses, will probably pass this week. I City Intelligence. Aran. WstTHn ?The coquettish April seen* dis posed to go out with none of the smiles which hare brightened ap her face for some days peat. Y eater Jay was a regularly unpleasant day, with do redeemiog quality, save that it will give the springing graaa ana leafing traaa a new start. Our streets are put oj iUin their uaoal interesting muddy condition By the war, what has become of the brooms that were so busy a lit tle previous to the lltk of April 1 Were they all worn out at that Una ? In the evening we had a severe storm of rain, accompanied by sharp lightning and heavy than' der, and a wind which made becd work with the awninga which atorekeepeia are simple enough to leave out of doora. SvracMB CouaT.?The May Term of this court beglna on Monday next. The court will be opened at la o'clock on Monday morning, in the chamber of the Board of Asaiatanta. There are between seven and eight hundred causes on the calendar. Huriaioa Coua-r.?The May Term of this court alao begina on Monday; the first week will bo devoted to the trial of iaauea, after which the argument calendar will be taken up and continued for the remainder of the term. CoRonca's Omen.?Accidental Drowning.?The Coro ner held an inquest yesterday, on board the achooner Courier, lying at the foot of Hector atraet, on the body of the mate oi the above veaael, by the name of C. a. Carlstadt, a native of 8weden, aa years of age, who came to hia death by accidentel drowning. Yerdiot accordingly. Police Intelligence. Aran. M.?Robbery.?The aloop Leader, lying at the foot ol Ko-iaetelt atreet, waa entered laat night, and a trunk broken open by aomo thieving scoundrel, and robbed of $)& in money, and a double oase silver watch with the initials of T. M. F. on the inner case. No arreat. Robbing e D'puty 8ktriff.?Policeman Tinkler, of the 18th ward, arrested, yesterday, a thief called Deiderick Wolf, for stealing irom Mr. James J. Bevana, Deputy Sheriff, No 'ii Kidridge street, the following property, viz : -a black cloth coat worth (30, one pearl box with gold hinges, 3 pair of gold ear rings, 9 breast pias, 4 fin ger rings, valued in all at $00. The above nioperty, very fortunately, waa all recovered, by the aoove offi cer, at Mr. Simpson's pawn ahop, corner of Broome street and the Bowery. Committed by Justice Tavlor. Forgery.? Officer Conklin, rof the Third ward, ar rested, yesterday, a young German by the name of Louis Deisucker, who has only been in the country about e year. This young man, it appears, was employ ed aa bookkeeper by Mr. Geo J. Kraft, fancy box and paper manufacturer, No. 131 Fulton street, for which service he received >J per week In January laat, Mr. Kraft paid him a check lor $76. This check was destroy ed by Dessicker, from which he copied the signature and loiged a check dated ti>e Slat of January, 1840, for the sum of $106, on the Bank of New York, ard received the money. Upon being searched by the officer, another forged check of $100 was found on his person, also a tor gjry on Mr. Kraft Committed by Justice Osborne, tor examination. Grand Larceny.?A blank follow, called} Peter Day, was arrested yesterday by offioers Conklin and Yandei see, of the 3d ward, charged with robbing, in New York, Mr. Horace Bowen, a drover, residing at Cheny Valley, Otsego county, N. Y., ef $643. It appears thia black fellow was seen to exchange $100 bank bill of the North River Bank,at the exchange oflloe of Mr. Stewart, in Greenwich street. This bill corresponds exaotly with the money lost by Mr. Bowen. When arrested, he told various contradictory stories to the officer*, that bo had obtained it by the Jersey lottery, fcc. With thia morey, Mr. "Darkie" ha* "rigged" binuelf out with a new trunk and a suit of clothes, and intended to go deep, no doubt, in the "Pokomoke policy." It is by such chapa that the policy vendets make a living. Committed for examination, by Justice Osborne. Illegal Voting ? Conrad Rothschild, a German Jew, was arrested on Tuesday, charged with attempting to pass in his vote illegally, at the 7th district in the 8th ward. He stated that he had not been in the country two years; consequently he was taken into custody, and the magistrate committed him to prison, in default of $300 hail. Stealing a Otid Chain.?'John Wallace was yesterday charged with stealing a gold guard chain, worth $18, belonging to Mr. Isaac M. Bowers, No. 197 Broadway. Committed by Justice Osborne for trial. Jhtaultint on Offi.ctr.~K man, called Lewia Parker, was arrested and committed to prison by Justice Osborne for an assault on officer Powell, of the 3d ward, white in the discharge of his duty. Common Picu. Belore Judge Ulahoetfer. April 39.? Winman e?. Clarke tt at.?The Frmca in the Court of Common Pie at.?Mr. Henry 8. Dodge, til* iuo ciita 01 Mr. Meech in tbi? ciun, cam* into Court ye* terday morning and addre**ed Judge Ulihoeffer in reier anea to the statement made by Mr. Clark on Monday, ta wit?that ha, Mr. Dodge, told Mr. Clark that Meech and hia frienda intended to commit a breach of the peace, and to take care ot himaelf. Thia atatamant waa not, ha aaid, exactly the (act; he merely, aa a friend, adviaed Mr. Clark to take care of himielf, fearing that auch an occur rence might take place. Mr. Meech next addraaaed tha Judge, and detailed tha variou* provocation! he received from Mr Clark in tha progreaa of tha trial, and conclud ed by throwing] himaelf en tha mercy of tha Court, and hoping for ita indulgence. Judge Ulehoeffer said it would be idle to attempt to carnr on the butine** of the coun try, or to Dreaerve the dignity and decorum of a court of juatlca, ir tha Court did not axercia* tha powera whh which it waa veated (or preierving ita dignity. Hia ob ject, in the couraa ha took,waa to prevent a broach of tha peace, either in or out ol Court. Ho did not think that any remaika made by counael in the aumming up of a cause would juatify a breach of the peace in the pre sence of the Court. He would, however,Jconault witu hia aaeociatea, and they would make auch order in tha premiiea aa the nature and circumstance* of tha cue called lor. Cycv* C. Naion vi. Danitl T. Youngt.?Action to re cover 9363 OA, for the atorage of molaaaea, from the 7th of April to the 10th of Doc. I84&. Tha defence waa a eat-off for damage received by the molaaaea in conaa qtienco of the bad atate of the cellar. Verdict (or plain tiff, $#8. Mr. layera, counael (or plaintiff?Mr. H. P. Clark, for defendant. Banektr, Prorptrt an?\Alvmt Omedit ea. Oeorge B. Harttkorn tt al.?Thia waa an aotion of treapaae. The plaiotiffa occupied premise* in Oold atreet aa tamanta to the defendant*; they iaaued a landlord'a warrant, and aeized the plaintilT*]tool* and (urnituro (or rent, whleh they alleged to bo due ; the plaintiff* ineiat that the rent waa not duo at the time ol the aoizure, and moreover that deiendanta aeiied more property than waa nece**a ry to aatialy their demand. The defendant* pleaded tho general iiaue, with a notice that they wortld juatify tho taking. Adjourned to thia morning. For plaintiffa, Mr. Channiog ; lor deiendanta, Mr. L. Livingaton. Be(ore Judge Dal/. Dovid B. LMckey vt. John Stuff en ?Action (or aaaault and battery. Defence that plaiutiff came on defendant'* premiaoa, that the latter ordered him off, he refaaed, and delendantthen puahed him out outaide the gate. Verdict thia morning. J. C. Hamilton, counael lor plaintiff?Mr. Tomlinaon, (or defendant State Convention* DBLBOATt*ELRCTSD. lltiiiiiui* Co.? fVlug and Jlnti-Rent over 100 ma jority. Wm. H. Van bchoonhoven, Perry Warren, Abram Whitbeck, jr. Movement a of Travellers. There wan yeaterday a atill further aoceaaion of tra veller to and through the city. The hot*la are nearly filled up generally, and preaent an tnimatiog spectacle of the revival of commercial and induatrion* enterprlao. The following form a portion at each :? 4|Ambbioar.?Meaara. Greene, It. B and H. Warren, Troy; Thomaa Kider, W*at Polot; Lieut. Almy.U 8. Nj W. Lord, Wilmington, N. C; Ed. Holmea, Boa ton; J. Knowar, Albany; Thomaa Hherwood, New Haven; L. Maoiqualt, Oharleaton, 8. C; Samuel Alliaon, Tennea *ee; W. Eaktn, do; D. Height. Hocheater; C. Willlama, Conn: Col. Maaon, U. 8. A; T. W. William*, New Lon don; B Baily, Putnam co. Aitob ?C Pond, Hartford ; R Brant, Springfieldj C. Northern,Hertford; Mx- end Mra. Mo Watt, N.T;Mr. Hall, Louisiana: B Coggentll, Baltimore; C. Bellow*, New hurgh ; T-Brown, Bostoc; W. Wart*, Philadelphia; S. Alluon, Tenneaaee; W. 8. Bakin, de; N. Brown, Provi de ooe: W. Huntingdon, Conn: P. Alden. Boaton: Oeorge; C. Tracy, Mobile; C. Boblneon, Tauten; J Palmar. Providence s Lieut, word on, Mr. Townee nd, U. 8 A; Hon. W. Oravee, Kentucky; N. Wolle, Phila delphia; W. Chamber*, Oeorgla; J. Morri*. London; R. Bayard, Wilmington. Citv.?W. Leighton, N. J; ?. Poet, do; C. Lower, China: Lieut. Bogga, iteamer Princeton; J. lUmbanlt, C. Jcnrnon. Vermont- J. W. Oriffln, Me; R. L. Baker, U. 8. A; J. Anderaon, Louiaville, Kentucky; J. Oenooit, Hartford; J B Bail, Pa; 8 Bell, Reading; W. H. Ken dall, Philadelphia; Capt Bunting, W. Oerton, ship Ola diator; Com. Kearney, U. 8 N: J. W. Allen, Borden town, W. Miller, Pittaburg; J. H. Higglna, Philadelphia; 8 Higgin*, do. Kb ai* a Lift.?J. Batcher, Bridgeport; A. Cunningham, Oeorgla; W. Young, 8. C; W Adam*, Pa; N. Dodge, Mr. Potior, C. Fletcher, Vermont; H. HollUter, Lee Holliiter, Conn; P. Neff, New Haven: F. M. Edaon, Monroe co; D Mowry, Norwich ; J. Wilder, Boaton: H Marah, Michigan: C. Reynolda, Mobile; 8. Marsh, Staf ford; H. ftteuait, Indiana; N Goodyear, New Heven. How*bd ? H. Brown, Medfteld; W. Howe. Ma**; J Pitch, Cleveland; K Parker, Boaton ; J. Barnee, Phila delphia; Hon. A. C. Navine, Sullivan co; J. Van Wayne, N. H; Jamea llolden, Ohio; Hon. J. Fairfield, Maine: J. Meredith, Baltimore: Hon. D, S. Dicktaeoo, We*king ton; W. Babbett, N. J: J. Dunbury, N. 0; bury, do; D. Wagner, Albany; F. Packard, fWlw*Wi?| Oeorge Woodman. Bangor; C. Cuahmaa, Me; W Hen derion, (Quebec; B. William*. Bo?ioo; W H. Hartwell, Piattaburgh; A. Hunter, Boaton; C. W. Kennedy, Ken tucky. Breach i* thi Ekik Canai. RpAru?.?-W<? find the tollowiog letter from the ^perintejadeBt, to Comntrollir FIbze in tilt of tb# Mill iHt t -" l h. brMch I informed vou the other day, I* reneired, and boat* paieed over it on Saturday let. The onIv apology I have for not Informing yon aooner U ?he lmmJ?* o?wd of boat* on different parte of tho .e'etion und.r m? charge required my {Mediate and conitant attention day and night, which I hope will ho a *ati*f*ctory exceae for the delay. Mere than double the labor h** b**n performed to aeenre the bank* tiea another fai.tire, than the aimple repairing of tha breeeh, aa anticipated in my eatimate of MOO, which wa* dene under the direction of the chief engineer, Mr. Child*. Tb* Jft'wavkt* Sentinel of tb* l?h in*t. aa ys-" The apring tide of emigration i* beginning to **t toward* our Territory, and already threetena aloed."

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