Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1846 Page 1
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" I*1 HE NEW YORK. HERALD. TAHUM.MU NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 2, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAKES 8SRDQH BMflBTT, PwprieUr. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERA.L0?*>ery day. Priael eels weary f ffgiBTfri? jfsSS PRTNTIIfn of *11 kiade eteeated with beaaty aa* despots* Jl~f~ Ait letters or co?imimiwm. ?? JhatLaMMMd * Nbw Toms pit&LD KrrABUMiwm NiKk-VM eorner or Kg I toe ?4 Neman ** !???^????P? LATEST IMPORTATION. FIVE King Charles Bpaniels. of the MW breed, ^ import^ by .hip Qladi-or.^rom^.d*,.* tor ajo 3? re No iJoha it. m 3 John itiaK win be atteuded to, by A. ORlETC. itter* from the carioaa, in distant unlport paid) ?pl7 lmrh Importer cad dealer ia Bird*, Qsges, fee. TO T.f!T ' MTHE dwelling put rfthe howaTt Jamsmtreet; well adapted for a boarding boa** or a private Gmily. Ap ply at M Croat at, between 0 aad 9 o'clock a the Mrr lag, aid 1 aad4 ia the iw>m- ?MIt*re KARM FOR SALE oa the ot toe Tillage ????T'crea of LAND^^^H Itad the balance under a M SITUATED on the soath ?ido of Lotf ItUnd, IX fji mil'* w<-it o! tn? Tillage of Babylon Sad K.rm^m JUHLtaina sisty "ere* of LAND^a^^^^H^^rt^H wood nad the balance aaid farm a two story House, ?crea .LAND. a portion oTered with ??????balance under a hig-> state of caliyatioa. Oa aaid farm u ? two atqry doable HOUSE, with kitchen attach Orainery, Ice Boast, aad serersl Co'smnuication with New York by Rail-oad aad stages three time* a day. Korfartherparticular*enqaireof W.I ISAACS, Conor of Libe ty and Wot itrm, Now lorki all Stawlw *t or of Mr SHEPERD, oelhe premiaee TO LETT FROM THE MUST Oc'mAY?A Stable in the lar of 31 Read* ttreet. lnqaire at K Reade street. ?M l?*r ft ? KOR SALE, OK. TO LET, ? ?The Modern bailt threestory brickhon*e, 115 Adama ^^^?street, Brooklyn. It not sold ay private *ale, it will be ^^^?disooaed of at pnblic (action, on lh> 16th day of May ? nest. Half ol the pnrehnae money can reaain on mortgage, I for a tern of Tear*. Application to be male on the premiaea, I tli Adama (t. Brooklyn. *4 lm'rc TO LET OR FOR SAL&i I MA A MODERN BUILT COTTAUE. Stable and kti( Coach Hotue attached, with aboat in acre of land, the JUHLprincipal P*rt of which i* well sucked with fruit and fkocy throbs, and ea-losed with a picket fence. The atagee paas every ten miontee withia Are inmates' walk of tl\a honae. Situation between 110th and Ulth streets For farther informa tion apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 1M Ninth *traet, Or Or. WOOPS, Harlem. mrll lm*rc m TO LET. I M A HOUSE AND BARN, with aboat aixteen lota ol Pjf ground, aimated in the Tillage of Haating*, Weatcheater JUKcoani), State ol New York, within a few miuotea' walk of the ateamboat landing. Said place ia dirided into gnr dena, which are well atockad with fruit Alao, a pleasant grove, with a stream of water, and seretal good apringa. Poa- I aeaaion can be giren immediately. For farther particular*. ajM ply at the atom of Mr, 8cnlo**er. Haiting'a Landing, or of ? al lm*rc MR. jflDKEKf, 72 Murray at. New York, W LADIES' FASHIONABUK FANCV STRAW I ^KVHATS. Paris atrawjritopHaU of th? lateat shape, for sale at CARL KINO'S, No. IT Diyisioa street, at ft SO each. N. B?A genera! auortment of straw Hats sod Pari* Rib bona! at the moat reasonable prieea. ? alt lm*c CARL KINO, IT Diriaion street. | STRAW BONNJCTS. I L. CHAPIN, No. It John street, aeer Broadway op QKjf stairs, has on hand a good aaeortment ol Fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he ia soiling at the lowest market prices. | Milliner* and others are inrited to eall before parchaaiag elaewhere. rnrlt lm*r ? EXCElsIor 1 tl ROBERTSON'S PHCBN1Z f* \ i*? HAT ANO CAP MANUFACTORY. j|k 103 Fulton it, bstween naiuu and WlUlaaa. rpHE proprietor of this eeublisrimsat haa recently added to A hit exiensiTo stock of spring goods, nnsaeortuent of Mole akin Hats, ol eiqaiaite fini h and enperior elegance. The price of theae re?lly superb article* ia only $3 SO. being $1 M leas than the same goods imannfactnred in the same m inner and of aimilnrmaterial)are sold in Brosdway. The secret of this grant disparity in price may be easily eoajectnred The adrer tiser% eiprnses being bat a tythe of those of the man spleadid establishment* in Biondwaf, h* ia iu conaeqnenee enabled to otfer good* of a correapondug deecription at lower rates. aM lm*rc bl'ltiXNG FASHION. ~??-H f% BROWN fcca, 171 Chatham Bqaare, eoner of Mott MM wiah to iafooa the pablta W their raoeat improre meat in the maaafaetara and ftniah of their $3 Hato.eombuing fashion, beaaty aad dnrability, three important cooaiderationa to the wearer. The proprietors do ooeMently sssert their hata to toe omeh aaperiev to any erer before aold for the same prion. Call and vttisty yoarseii of this fact. a* Im*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. ft WHY will yoa pay $tM aad |6 for a Hat, when yo? I ROBERTSONS PHCENLX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY. 103 rniton Streat. aad get as good a one for Oo and examine for roar aelTea. mrll lm*rc METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE,? No. HTM 1HI Grand itreet ? fS PLUNKETT k CO. have jut opeaed thU aewestablulfl jpa meat with a splendid aaeortmaat of HATS aad CAPS, not to be surpassed either in aaal.ty, elegaaee of a ha pa or da-1 rability, which they offer to the panic at the follow lag Tory I low prices:? _ I Hats. I First quality Natria Fnr, at... SI SO I hecoua do do do do IM I First qaality Moleakin, do IN I Second do do de :.. IN I Caps from X!% cents to tl 73 each. I Wholesale and retail orders paactaally atteaisd to, aad eae- I ^^^^rP^K^m-PARDESSUS. GENTLEMEN'S HAT8?SPRING STYLE rilKD, CORNER P1NEAND NASSAU STREETS.- I D Oea tie men's Hata, of the Spring patten, uniting mneh I aleganra aad beaaty of atyle, are now ready for eaaaunatioa I ana tale, by the aabacnber. BIRD, I mrti im're Cewar at Plae aad Nasaaa str et I GENTLEMEN'S SPRUNG FASHION. BEAVEH AND BILK HATS of the best qaality iBwro. But Silk. . ?17 Ha*ne ? ?? ? ????????? 4 1# ROWS, Merchants' ?iehui?, 4* William street i nun ii iiiii Jgj* LADIES AND OfcNTLEMEN, if yon want One article of Boota ud Shoes, call at Sir Brood way. where yon will Sad the largest assortment, cheapest, aad Mat fashionable in the city. Do aot mistake Iho aanbtr, MT Brosd way. corner of Fraaklia street. N. B?A lane assortment of imported Freach Booto. at the low price i dollars. M. CAHILL. al4 lm*r PREMIUM BOOTS. . FINE rKENCH BOOTS Cor *3 tt, est? made, Md an ?equal to thoee told ia other store* for $3. rise Ffeuch Shoe Manufactory, one of the laoat Oar Boots having been jadfed in the late Fair at NiMo'a, are ^^^^^^Bkctory, one of we meet faahiooable ia the city.? ^^^^^Hving beea judged is the late Fair at NiMo's, arad ?HHPR beet ever sold ia tkia city. ? All Boots warranted to giro satisfaction. I Mending, lie. done in the Score. I YOUNG <t JONES, 4 Ann street, , ? mlS lm*m near Broadway, New IWt M ' ? BOOTS AND SHOES.?The rnblic are ranted tfl ? call and ? it amine the lane aaaortmeat of gentlemen's, ls| ?dies aad misses Boom, Shorn aad Gaiters, in all then ran. ,*??. wtokyj^J^dat.tfr .top cash store of M BOOTS AND SHOES.?The Public are ranted to ^^?11 end eiamine the lane seaortmeat of geatlemea's, la aad Gaiters, in all their vaiM at the etop cash siore of ? t rni?| d., fnciBT Rtllma-H THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EX-1 curs ions. ? A SAIL acroes the Hadaoa river to Hobo ^^^^^Hkea, snd then a walk to the Elysiaa Fields, ?BBBlV>in< ?"<n 1 wlu >o IM luysiea fields, ^EXSrflwltke eCeeedingl y picturesque shores ot lb. i>ucc, will prove the moot easily accompliehed aad ettrsc tireol all rarsl etcarsioas that caa be etade from the city. The grounds now present e charming aspect, the Uses being in leaf, and the soil covered with a tic i turf. The Wei lis are ia ereslleat order, havtagbeea considerably ambelliebed the present sprmg. Ti.e Ferry Bosu Irom Barclsy, Caaal, aad Christ sp her ate., ate complete y titled op with swniaga aad seats. Night Boau ran from Hobokea ta Barclay street natil li O'clock. f ernew, >?? ceata. . ml lm*r NEW yuRit, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, iML FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, 9? from the loot of Courtlsndt street. SCSESK. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive ia tim? to take ttte M urn m* Train of Can from Troy west to Buffalo, aad north toSaratoga, Whitehall aad Lake Ckaaa The steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Maey, leavee the too of Coartleadt street ea Taeeday, Tharsday and Batatday ?reniocs, at o'clock, r. M. The Steamboat CoLI/MBIA, Cspt. Wm. H. Feck, will leave the Pis' loot uf Coardaadt street, oa Monday, Wednes day aad Friday evraiags, at T o'clock ^ For Passage or HngUt, spply oo Board, or at (he 0?ee oa the wharf. Freight must be pat ia charge of the Freight Agent, or the Comp ay will aot be responsible for loo*. stttf ' Morulas Lane at Y ?'eleofc.. FOR ALBANY AND TROY. Mm Breakfast aad dinner oa board. Laadiag fiyMS1 nt Caldwell's,'West Point, Nswburgh.Hassp 9B3CK ton, Pougbkeepsie, Hyde Park.Hhinebeck, C ttee riuvk, Bristol, Catskill, Hadaoa, Couackie, Kinder Bmhh^ Toe steamboat TROV, Capta'n A Gorham, Taesdav. Tbaredav (This Morning.) aad talurday at 7 o'clock, A. ML, from trie rout of Barclay street. Hemming oa oppoeite days. For Psaeege or Freight, app y oa board, or to F. B HALL, at the OWre on the Wharf all IfO ' NEWARK AND NEW YORii, FARE l*H cents. The Splendid Steamer PASSAIC, CapUoha r, will commence her trips lor U.e seeeoa Monday, March Mth, aad ran as follows, I MMpBi uo.iee:? , Leave Newark. I Leave Berc'sy St., Now York, at TH o clock A. M. | 4 o'clock P. M. Freight carried at very reasoaahle ratee, for whieh there are atore-hoaeee and agents, both at Newark ead Now York. The Psseaic has a large and spacious dock saiooa, elegantly faraiah ad. aad great dec* room bom Cor freight and passengers.. Iimrll lm*w ?. iuAltE SUFERIOR GOFFER STOCKS. 0>*SMr Tir.SiW?^a^sLf! HEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON aad after Friday, May Ik, 1M. the cui will ru i &?lowa Lmti cur Hall for Yorkville. Uulim, ud Morrtaian*. at Mb&tS? nun at MK.7X. and llfcVcl.gk, A. M ; 11*. t%,*&, andS* o'clock, K|l- Leave White Plaiaa at 7 and I* o'clock. A. M., 1 and i o'e o-ek.r. M. The freight train will leave(heCity Hall at 1 o'clock, P.M., and leeve White Plaina at 1 o'clock in the ??mint. On Sandnya the Wlnte Pt .iai Train will leave the Cut Hall at 7 A M .audiHP; will leave White PtainaMT A- M. and ? P. M. 6m Sundays (he Harlem and William*' Bridge Traiaa will be regulated according to the itate of the weather. a? la* re LAP-WELDED BOILER FLUES, 1 f! WET leaf, and from IK to 5 iachee in diaatur. Can 1" be obtained only of the patentee. THOMAS PROSSKR. all lm'rc 11 Piatt at.. S. Y. BILLIARDS AT ST. LOUIS. A N excellent opponaaity for any person who May wiah to purchase ih-ee or fonr new Milliard Tab I a. l'hey can hire a Brat rate room, 41 by 14 feet, in a new Rewanrat, jut opened (to crowded hoaaea. and doing a amaihing bnaineaa in mint julapa every day aad evening) by one of the saoat pwu lar men in thia country, who waa Formerly a merchant in thia city, and gtvea the beat of New York city reference. The Tkele* are now making, and almoet Baeaford Any pateoa whohaea caah captttl of f ISMto go on with the bo>i neaa, can make from |KM to fll.Md a year, aa their price* for playtax are doable that of oar*. Pleaae call on Otia Field, at BaaafordHiold room*; entrance IX Ann or lit Fulton ?t., where Mvcimeaa of the ublea building for St Limit are ap for trial. Billiard J ablea. Clothe, Ball*, Cue*, Chine*a and French Cae Leather*, lie. Ac., for *ala a* above- *27 >w*r NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, &c. ' at wholesale and retail, cheap for A CASH.?J. O- BOWLER, 1M Greenwich (tract, corner Manay.and 411 Ureenwich,curner of Vettrj, haa Jaat received Irom the leteaalaa, a large and apleadid aaaor-meat of fresh Oreen and Black Tea, and Family Groceries of nil the variona kind*, all of which are offered arreduced price*. Very good Green Tea at M en. lb ; Sae Oolong 50 and 6?X ct? ; very fine uirrn a mm m* ipv m % nw vw*ww? ??? u*/j vv* , vvij near Young Hraon at 79 eta.; be*t old Java Coffee llH cu. lb ; Sumatra do. It eta } good dairy Batter 1IK eta. lb.) blenched Lamp Oil 74 ct*. per gallon; Sperm Candlea Si eta. Alao, a large aaaortment of fine whita, yellow and brown Sagar of all the vrious kinds. att lm*rc MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS DEALERS I n"pER F U M E R Y, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE IN BROAD WAY.?The aubaciibrr offer* the moit complete aaaort ment of Perlamery, Toilet Soap*, Cologne*, Extract*, Ac. Ac at pricea JB to 5? per eaat cheaper than any other honae in the United State*. In order to convince yoaraelvee he invitee yoa to call and examine before parchaaing eUewbere. E. ROUS8EL, Manafactnrer and Importer of Perfumery, Soapa, Ac., 139 Broadway, between Liberty and Con- tlandt atreeta. atttaB*r V1, COUNTRY MERCHANTS ISITINO the city of New York, are invited to call and examine the complete aad exteaaive *tock of Account Booka. Stationery. Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copying Preaa ea, Gold Pea*. Quill*, Ink* and Fluid*, aNd ALL dTHER ARTICLESiold ?v STATIONERS, At the Lowest Poniblt Pricea. RICH k LOUTREL, II William at., mil lm'mc one door below Cedar. EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the gnblic to the moat extenaive atock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to apring and aammer trade. In additioa to the ready made the aabaeri ber offer* for inapection the moat daairable aeleetiou of pi eee good* in the market, of every color aad pattern; and th? *apo tior *kill employed ia the cutting and manufacturing depart ment* ia inch aa eaablee the aabaciber with confidence to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to have their gar menta made to order. The above atock having bean selected witb great care, and bought far caah alone, 1* a atrong induce ment Tor all to call who wiah to pnrchaae at leait M per cent le** than at thoae house* who are obliged to do buiiness upon the credit *y*tem. N. B.?Officer* of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large aaaortment of superior blae cloth* and caaaimera, which will be made up at ine *horteat notice, aad ia a manner not to be inrmaaed. EDWARD FOX, an Broadway, Mar Fa!too at., oppeeite to the Franklin Poaaa. CARD. THE Subecriber haviag become interacted m the above hoaae reapeetfnllp request* the patronage of hi* caatomera and friend*. Ordara entrant ad to hi* ear* will be attended to with promptneaa. JAMES A. a WAIN. aMlm*rc PhHURE WATER?STONE 8 IMPROVED PREMIUM ? Water Filter*.?Thaae filter* not only clarify but purify the moat tnrbid water, rendering it perfectly aalabriona, by dl mi? iwww waevl) iWHviiii| H i^vikvUy iwHiii luae^ uj aaa veating it of all patrid vegetable and animal matter, aatmaleu la, he. The filtering propertie* of thi* apparatu* are aO great thai even water impregnated with aoap, tobacco, Ac., fcc., ia rendered pertectly taateleaa, no odor,.and of a bright, chryato line clearue**. Can be *een in operation, aad for aale at Stone and Brother* Croton Plambiag eatabliahmenl, M Broadway. all lm*r BIRD GAGE MAN UFACTORY, VO. I 8t John*' Lane corner Bescn street. The Subscrib 1 s er would inform hit Cutonm an the Public, th?t he hi* consrsntly on bud, ill ie itoek of fancyand common Bird Cngus, of ail descriptions, which ha will aell cheaper Chan they can be boaghtelsewhare. AUo. Cs... made to order. J. KELLY. P. 8.?Country Merchants woald Bad it to their ad ran tare to call and essmine hi* atock. ad lm*r PIANO FORTES. DURCH ABIRS are iarited to call at Cham ben' ware-room I No. MS Broadway, for a superior and warranted article. ?IT lm*r AT 188 NASSAU STREET, npHE High eat Price, In Caah, ia paid for Osn tinman's 1 Clothing, and sold J Alao, Repairing, Cleaning, Dyeing and Pressing, ia the moat rlegant and anperb atyle. On hand, 1M Drap d'ete Coat*, and M Liaeo Pasta, cheap?with an aaeortmeut of *ea*onabl* Clothing, inch aa Coata $1 to lSfraata $1 to 9; Vasts M coat* CAMPHENE AND CHEMICAL OIL I Bab'aribaria praperad to aapply dealers with arapa ? rior qulity of Ctmphfoi and Chemical OIL, at a lower i price than any ocher??uWisbmcnt ia thu city. delivered free of cartage. Alao, Spirit* of Tarpentine, at the very lowaat "W^-TSSWSS&ouii. I Olce 1M Water street, above Maiden Laae. ? aid 1m*T Distillery, 1st Avenue und 13th street. B REMOVAL. I AH j CUNNINGHAM has rewoeed his stock of Watehe* Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Plated and Bnts^uia Ware, f. or? HI to i7SH Bowery, I new itorra) opposite Delaucy street ? Gold. Silrer and Stael Bpectaclee from JS cents to $lt; Perifo cal from $3 50 to (It; Glasses of all kiads and to suit all tights gronad and fitted; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Masic Boies I repaired and warranted. alt lm*r | TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURERS.! T ATHES of all doecr?ptioa? from 7 to IS feet long, fkrauh-l JLd ed at short notice. Also, catting engines, suitable far all kiads of work. For terms sad description, direct to the sub scriber, Hadsoa, New York. a4 las*re JAB. T. PERKINS AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK DIVIDEND. 'I'HU American Exchange Bank has this day declared a Di- I A videud of There (S) i'er Cent, payable to etocaholdem oa> and after Monday, May 4th. j Traa?fer Books will do cloaadfrotftrthinst-to 5th May. I By order, J. J. FISK, Cashier. New York. Aaril g, IXg. U7 tt'rc I MILITARY EQUIPMENTS?FlEREMEN'B CAPS. T'HE SUBSCRIBER reepeetfnlly calla the atteatioa eftha A military ptiblia lo his aasortmeat of Military Egaipmeats I adapted to all eeataaaMa; Military Cue, Knapaacka, Boxes I nnd Bavoaat Scabbard* of every variety. Coaatry eompa- I aiea, a boat ehaagau their uniform, or those a boat loaning I WW eompaaim will be supplied win samples. FIRE CAPS?FIRE CAPS. A fall assortment of er-ry variety constantly aa kaad, aad I made to order nt tb^ehorteet notice. I f?tm*Tre H S. URATACAP.M Broadway. | EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, ^?and shower Bathe, equal to thoee ia aay hoaee ia the city, ?t 11* cento; Lodgings, with good dean beda, I1H eta; Board ing and Lodging, ft M per weik. In the reading room will bo foand newspapers from Loadoa, Liverpool, aad all the princi pal eitiee or die Uaited States. tA lm*rh &HAFER * COT; TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Mil Broadway, mm Park Place. A RE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havra Packets, aa ea- I /V tirely new assortment of the fieeet Sedan Clothe and Car I HHtirely new aseortmeat of tha fieeet Sedan simeree, adapted to tha aarty spnag trade- Having coaeladed a permanent arrangement, a* cutter, with Mr. P. Andrioc, late of the Rao Caetigboae, Paria. wall known to most ot ear feah ioaabtse who have visitsd Europe, they are aow execute orders ia a style of aaasaal elegance mrll lm*r 41X Sreedway. ASTOR HOUSE BATHS. Entrance, No. 1 Veseystreet, (Privuc door Astor House.) qPHE PUBLIC are reepeetfally informed that the above .A Bathe are ia complete order. The bathing tube are entire r,) snathe Mats. Tha warm Sea Bathe at Da open from sunrise, until II o'clock HENRY C. RABINF.AU. Prol ?P.M I Proprietor. NEW TARIFF. IMPORTANT NEWS to Shippers of Grain aad other 1 /"? Produce to Greet Britain. . A aawlaw havingpasiid tha Legislsture, sdmitting the im portattoa of foreign eora sad provisions at a very low rate ol OWtmity will be givaa to thoee who an desirous ?PI" the Uleegow ssnraet, to open a good cooaesioa w!?a ^ sabstrfkm, who hee been fifteen yesrs m tne Oram sad ProTUion trade ; aad as there has hithsr^^H^M ^^^?^?aisdts ^^?ity could aot bs desired hf eoaaaction in that market. Lib U1U IRmilUBlHde i aad u tkere lias KitUrte b.?-u no,,. of any importance, or who had aay practical kaow ledge of that I enuadvsaces will be given to shippers. From thajakaaribeTfr long experience aad kaew ledge of the stAtsa-a* gia? I llmgsw laud a pot a2? its?- *- " "* * Uatoa treat. Glaag^BB a r!?fA "i5i"isa?raa;a stsysyt ^ * A SILVER DOOR PLATE s-ttbam S&inE&sa: eoraerol Broadway. alt lm*r EN GHA VERS* ~~ STEEL AN D COFPER PLATES, 1%f ADK from the beet materials aad Che ftaish equal to aay ivl in the world. Steal from I ta ? cents per uch; sopper ham lH to I essts par inch; Plates fram i to M inches( Card Platea us la M* per doa- A large stock al ways on hsnd aad taa ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. THE ATLANTIC WHIT* LEAD COM PANT hayia A completed their Works, art now ready to eiNM nil I for pare White Lead, both Dry aad Ground ia Oil. to almeet I any extent that may be wanted The Coupsmst haya spared ao ?rm ? ia tha erection of the Works which woalif tsnd, ia the local degree, to tha mkotmmU of the Lead, baviag availed Ibinlraa of every modern lmproremeat for that Bum wall awua, from oar loaf familiarity with the differ aat leads aold ia oar market, that by fir tha poster proportioa ?old aa saeh hu beaa, ead Kill ia greedy ndaltcrated with Barytaa. aa article of miaaral production mach heavier than White Laed, and ia itealf posaeuiag ao virtue of toy pig meat whatever, it beiag, whaa mixed with oil, almoet trans pareat, and in fact having nothiag bat it? specific weight to recotnmead it. the Trainee of the Atlartie White Lead Corn pan vhare passed,unanimously. the following reeolatioa, via: "Resolved, That ia yiew or maaufaclariag only a prime article, tha Atlantic White Load Company will make bat one quality of White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil ; that to be a untily pare, genuine article, and perfectly free from any ladulteratioa whatever, which tha Company will warrant aa Laneh to all who may pure hue their Lead/' rehuers, therefore, may be well aaaured that every de fence may bo placed in the parity ol every pound of White ^?1 manufactured awl aold by tha Company, which rareness ?? not only toad to the greater durability of the Faint, but will be found much more economical in iu u?e, eyra in the moet common description of painting, owing to the body or covering quality it possesses. thereby giving a far better finish with two coats, than the adalterated While Paint would with three, of which every pa later will bear witnea*. The Company alio sauaafaeture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a variety of rainta Ground in Oil, via: Verdigris, Black Paint, Tallow Ochre, Spaniih Brown, Parie Green, Bran*wick Or?n. ftc Ilie. Having bean appointed general Agents for the Company, all orders should be directed to ui. POLLEN k COLGATE, | H lm*r M7 Pearl street, corner ol Beehman itrtiet IkAY'S PATENT HOSE.?The eaperionee ol tea yeara in the manufacture of Hnbber Hoee, hu proven the utter impoeeibility of combining permanently Rubber with fibroui 1 substeiices,, intermiuglsd in such way u to mike a Hoae free fiora the trouble of mud^w and rot, consequently manufac turer have abandoned the business. The new Paten'. Hoae oi my invention, is tree from the objections, and [ now offer it for sale, under a guarantee, ia saeh terms as will be furaishei buyers on purchase Every piece will have the naaM >f the Patentee, and date of the Pateut. accordiag to law, imitations of which, is a penal offence under the laws. Price ltXeeaU per foot, suitable r?r C rot on and other sines in proportion.? Manufactured and for sale, wholesale and letul, by HORACE H. DAY,? Maiden Lane. I a!3 rT after 1st May, 13 Conrtlandt st. NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WHM M ATTH1E88EN. lfr Kulton street, invites the ia spection of the pubi c to his choice stock of French I Blick and colored Cloths and Cassimeres, Vf stings, of all va rietias, suitable for spring trade, whieh ars to be sold low for cash. Customers desiring to hive ELEGANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would do well to hive their garments eat by ihs efficient cut ters of thia establishment, who are eapibie of giving u neat a fitting garment as <he moit fastidious can desire. All articles ol small wear c< ntinually oa hand, Shirts, espe cially R-member the aamber, 127 Fulton street. aid lm*r WM. MATTH1ESSEN. 2V the 'iW, Vqffee and tiutar 'lYade, 4rc-?A'eomo-' mutt, FeanUuM, Hold Keepers, <frc. I J, 8. SCOTT it CO., No. 76 Neutau itreet, corner of John, "AVINO purchased the (list lot of the new seuon's Teas, possessing that richaeu of flavor so generally combined, and to rarely obtained, offer, wholesale or retail, a laige varie ?M|' Green andBlaek Tau, of the best quality only, inclu ? the old fuhioned Souchong and English Breakfast T?a. aa aaed to be imported twenty years ago. The stock ol ?J^w, Sogsrs, kc., needs no comment, as they are selected oi J. S. SCOTT it CO. are also supplied with a stock of fresh imported Glaagow Spiced Hams; old English Cheeses of great variety aad flavor. All goods bought will be delivered within Ave miles of the city free of charge. Aad all orders from the eountry, with en closed remittances, will meet the same honorable dealing u ii selected by the parties themselves J. S. SCOTT It CO.TlNaaaaast, | m)0 Im'n near John st. | GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. DETER ROBERTS hu received by lata arrivals, aad *? offers cheap? EMBROIDERIES. Needle-work Capes from ti.U) to $25. French work'd Col I lars 73 coots aad upwarda ; Embroidered Lawn Hhdkfs. from Stojtt; Dresses, needle-work and Tamhour, from $3 to >30. jAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tape, hem'd stitch, Riviere^ Fy>c|nand coloied borders. ook, Mali, Jaconet. Swiss, plain, striped and check'd Organ Vie,'Tarlatan, Striped and embroidered for Curtains. HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Black aad white 8(lk Hose; do. with cotton tope ; silk em broidered at la. per pair; very line Lisle thread, open work, $? per doaen ; fine unbleached cotton, ooen work, $3 to $3,73, (recommended u remarkably cheap); plain won cotton, a most excellent article at $3 per dozen, usually sold at $3,73.? A most excellent assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered Silk Glovee of all sixes. LACES. Capes, real aad imitation, of the latest aad most frahioaable styles; Veils, black aad white, ia chantilly, Brussels point maliaes, point d'Aleneon aad other varieties, Regency. Meek- | lia, Valenciennes, toe English Thread Lacee aac Edgings; rich black Brussels aad iatiutioa Laces or every description for trimming, flouncing. Ice., fee.; MM bobbin Edginga sad A lot of Muslia trimmings, ladiee' Morning Cape, lace Cap Crowaa, Mualia Capes, received from auction, will be sold 13 raa cut. oiroaa the cost or iktoutatiok. No.S73 Broadway. M April. IMt. a1 lw'rrc removal Dr. TOWNBEND B SaBSAPARILLA DEPOT will he reiooTcd on the lit or Mar. to IX Fulton street, mt door to the Son oflre, of the Big Bottle. N B.?Look oat for counterfeits end impostors. See that every bottle iaaignrd with the written signature of 8- P. Town send. Owieg to the unprecedented success of this aitiole a company hasbeen formed to put up a spurious oae in the same shaped bottles. Look out for impostors. ni4 Im're WINES, BRANDIES, GIN, &c. CA CASES rcnr old Madeira Wine, each l doxen, brands, WV Blackburn, Leal, Newton, Gordon fc Co; IS cases Sue old Amontillado and Dnff Uordon Sherry, in do; Otard, Du puy It Co. Brandy, in half pipoa and qr casks; A. Seignette in do; old Pkle Cognac, MM, in qr casks and eighths, org very "fbldSnvnw are of a high grade, boa led by the late Geo. Be meat M years ago,and (or sale low, by K. B. DALY. Successor to >1 lm*re Bement It Castle. X Broad St. TASSELS, solas, umbrellas, punuols, cloaks, aprons, sleeves, bags! kc. Also, a rsriety oi bindings snd^co^a ^*1 e^w holcsals, nH lm?m CT Maiden Uw. corner of Willi-m st. UacusrrsotriM AmnuMW* JOHN ROACH7 Optician. 17 Nsssen Street, |_f AS coettantly on hand. French, Uerman and American In 11 stin meats. Coating Boxes, Mercury Baths, snd all the other material nerd by operators, are manafactucnd under hie inspection. Chemicals, Pistes, Cases, (juickstuff, kc he ? Lenses Ground to order. Thermometers and Surveying Com passes manufactured for the trade Magneto Electric Machines, of approved construction, for medical purposes. mlTlm*re LANGENHEIM 3c BECKERS, DAGUERKKOTYPKK8. Ml Bbosdwav. below Kultos Stukct, have enlarged their Atelier, and are now provid ed with .ho best kind of light?the style and quality of Pic tures they produce with it are like thoae made at the Exchange in Philadelphia, by W. It F. Langenheim, their partners Their new mode of deadening U?e back iron ad of Pictures, by sundry permanent colors, is now patented, and gives such beauty of affect to Daguanaotypes,ss to be for the public vary inviting, at least to examiee specimens of this art. LANGENHEIM kBECKEBS, Agents for Voigtleendrrk 8ohnVOer?aa < a51m*r and L. BECKERS, Daguerreotype Chemicals, Itc. SAROM & ARCHER, I 191 Water street, earner of Halden lane, | LI AVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Cape. Silk and II Fur Hats, of every description, and Spring style, Straw Panama Hals. Also, Oil Silk. Glsxed Lawn, Visors and Cap-stocks, which they offer at very low prices. I Dealers aad manufactures will do well to examine their stock before pnrchssing elsewhere. nil lm* mM Sw THE: SHAOKt HOTEL, 64 Reade Strut, Wat Sidt of Broadway. THE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends aad the A public, that he has lately opened the above Establish ment, jo a style superior to any other house of the kind in the eitr of New Yotk. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to hie numerous friends end customers, while Proprietor ot" The Shades," in Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may patronise him in his aew estab lishment, while ao effort on his part will bo wanting to merit thfeoatinuaece of their patronage. The usual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach* ed Eggs, fee- will bee errod u; in aa s peri sr sty la The Room will be regularly supplied with city paMM,t a well aa a lull supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from ler>pr. mil lm** JAMES EVANS HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE. !4!*3 Ckeetnnt Street, PHILADELPHIA. BMATHS just introduced?Want aad Cold?in Bee spurt ? meats, for both Indies aad gentlemen; and the enure ergn nisntion and fitting up of every deportment of the Wnsftssgtoa House, complete. asf7 lm're MANSION HOUSE, M1DDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. UNDERSIGNED begs leave to anoouaee to his ^^?nds and the pnblie, that he h?s leaned the shove hoene for a term of years, and hopes, by long experience aad strict attention to besiaaas, to ?irit a ljbersi .shsfe of their patronage. JOHN L.MONROE, mrl Sm*re Fonaerly of the U. 8. Hotel, Boston. TOBACCO, SEOARS A Nil BASS. AH A. SAM AN OS, No. 91 Broadway, op stairs, offers for ? ? sale, a spbudirf assortment of 'hoire Sugars, selected sxprasely for his establishment. Also, 41 bales of strictly prime St. Jage Tobacco, aadj small lot of Baas, by wholesale aad retail uWln'r ?^Binu inhin noun JUST PUBLISHED?Tho " Idle Hour Book," containing M pages, plots withfus gea, with Ml engravings?price only IT cents?re Our Comic Almanaea. for 1M7, Ave in number, will be ? sued in April. Thry will be the best ever get up, and shea at that. Specimen numben rmt by mail. The subscribers invite ths stteotioa of the tradei to thietr unrivalled and lane variety of lbs vsritms lunds ol Children's Seeks, Song Books. Primsn, ke togei her with colored Lithe M-"-' ^ <'.hat ham-st mi niuihi riinhi rpRI SUB8CR1 BlLKS have received ftosa then manufacto 1 ryan extensive assortment of plain and amboseed rursi ture Plushes, of alt colors snd qualitiga, suitaWs for cabinet, TOiSLSuSTkils SOLELIAO It CO.. nl lar*r IM Pearl rraot MAHodANV.kuSfeWOOl), ZEBRA WOOL),flee. DORaslo by E. O. STACY, No. M Woo?erstreet Jje X tureen Brooms and Spring streets, at rsduced pneea. The aasonmmi is large, and the qunlity of Voaeen, ftc . is as ?ood M g sey Oder yued in the city, lews superior legs of erowh V*newee*atielerwurdrobes, card teblos, or piano FumuV Clab. An adfourned meeting of this Club took place at their room en Tuesday lut, at 13 o'clock? Professor Mini 1b the chair. The keeping of cattle being brought up> Mr. Tab Wtci stated his views upon the subject, re marking that the farmer should be Tory cautious not to overstock his graaing land. The cow's growth is regu lated by its feed. The productiveness of oows Is accord ing to the comparative richness of their pastaro. Dr Field stated that he had given a good deal of at tontioi. to the subject, and that he found it to be very in jurious to cattle to change them from a dry diet to a suc culent one. He was in favor of feeding cattle en oorn not allowed to grow too ripe, as it sfljrds more nutri ment than drier food?described the mode of preparing the ground and of growing his corn so as to have two crops?would not advise giving cattle too much exercise. 8tated some facts in support of the soiling system, and concluded by offering a, resolution that members be re quested to commuuinate thur experience on agricultural matters to the Club at future meetings. Mr. Casteb gave the result of his observations on his visit to Canada and the Eastern States, which went to prove that abundance of food made fat cattle?that iat cattle can bear cold better than lean oattle, and that it is a bad plan to put too many cattle on a posture ground, so as to cut thepasture too close. Mr. V?k Wrcx stated his views in opposition to Dr. Field on the subject of soiling. Ho thought the system too expensive and not advissble, except on a largo farm. Mr. Htbe defended the soiling system. Col. Clab* stated his beliei that water is abundantly mixed with the milk brought to this city. He said that mortar, composed of garden soil and one fifth lime, pla ced around the roots of peech trees, wiU prevent the depredations ot insects. He advised the application of hot lime water, to banish insects ftem apple trees. Mr. Wabbma* read an extract from a pamphlet, by Mr. Croft, on the pota'o diseate, recommending the use of alkaline manure for its prevention. The Chaibman denied the truth of Mr. Croft's theory. He admitted that alkali is a good manure, but said that it is impossible for its application to prevent a rot arising from the presence ot carbonic acid gas, the alkali being capable of containing but a certain portion of gas, and being utterly useless when completely saturated with it. The Skcbetabv read a memorandum, stating that Ro bert Lewis, ?f 14-2 Monroe street, has a buck and ewe, of a species called Carabian sheep, imported from Smyrna. Mr. WAKkMAR read an extract from the London Far mm' Magazine, on the potato disease. The Skcrctaby read an article on wheat, from the same magazine. A paper, by Jesse Williams, of Orange, Essex co., N. J , on the best method of eooking Indian corn, was read by the Secretary. The club adjourned, after fixing upon "Indian corn, and the bost mode of flouring and cooking it," as the sub ject for discussion at the next meeting. Albany, April 30,1846. Senator Young?Scenery?Legitlativt Proceeding!. It is always unpleasant to publish a decapitating fact. Senator Young has boon guillotined. He has not been returned forthis proxy borough,(Chemung county,)? he has been beaten, scarified, excoriated, dehentured and debited. The thing is did, and the Colonel will not be on the lift of Conventional peers. Jlprofoi! Did yon | over stand en the banks of the Rhine at sunrise! Were you over in a pirogue, off Venice, at sunset 7 Lastly, wore you ever out of New York? If you havo not boon, Just charter a state room on board the Rip Van Winkle, a ad come up to Albany. There is a vitality and a freshness about the fiowers, and the trees, and hills, and valleys of the new world, of which the old world does not partake. Youth is always lovelier than sge. Now, I will wager my dimity waist-coat (!) (Let her go,) that there are scene ries and transfigurations about Albanv totally unmatch ed on this continent! I1 irst, a view from a place called Arbor Hill, near the City; next, a view from the Cepi toline Hill. (I would auggeat that you stand with your feet in',the bslances, supported by Jtutitia at the top of the stSeple) From these eminences the noble Hudson, the Catskill mountains, the manor lands, and the hamlets of the serfs, the baronial castles, Troy, etc, etc., are all before you, and just beneath you is the Capitol Fork; tnere is a tree In this Park which is my ideal of the "tree of many fruits" in Kden. In fine, I have not seen an other city in the Union with natural loveliness, and ad vantages, and immunities, so great as this. Of tho manner in which these extraordinary blessings are ap preciated and distributed, I will soy nothing for the time being. Lot it suffloe that there is a monstrous per version of all tho benefits accruing from the eartn to the creatures who occupy it. Br way of legislative transactions to-day, 1 have to record the passage of a very important bill through the (loose, entitled "an act to regulate bank issues." The t>Ul puts a powerful gag upon banks, and I annex the leading Items: the circulation ot those banks in this Bte having capital to the amount of $100,000, is to be ited and restricted to $160,000; those having $130,000 oapital, to $100,000; those having $160,000 capital, to $176,000; those having $300,000 capital, to $300,000; those having $360,000 capital, to $336,000; those having $S00,000 capital, to $360,000; those having $400,000 capi tal, to $100,000; those having $600,000 capital, to $360,000; those having $600,000 capital, to $4o0,000; thoee having $700,000 capital, to $600,000; those having $1,000,000 ca pital, to $800,000; those having $1,490,000 capital, to $1,000,000; those having $3 000,000 oapital, to $1,300,000; and so on to the end of tho chapter. But in all oases where a bank has a branch located at another place, that portion of the whole capital actually employed at etch SI ace of buainess shall bo doomed the capital thereof, his is what we call a plenipotentiary scramble. A con else history of the banking system in America, including Mr. Nicholas Biddle's operations, would be a very ma terial addenda to our archives, and would fill up a mighty vacuum. In the Senate to day, la committee, tha Hudeon River Railroad bill ?u taken up, at the tenth aeotion, all pre Tioua aectiena having been adopted, and proceeded over to the twenty-Brat aection, whan the committee roee. There are not many aectiona remaining, and there aeema to bo a poaaibility that the bill will be perfected before the day 01 adjournment. The clauae of peraonal liabili ty will not, it appeara, be incorporated into tha charter of thia company. Hare la special and partial legislation: here ii a "atamp act "of government; here la a seal of official sanction of monopoly villany; here ia a combine tion of faro, lottery and speculation; hare ia no aecuiity lor inveatmenta, and do bottom for the achame to land on, if it aheuld happen to fall through by the force of cir cumstancaa. Bustling speculators, repudiating com monwealths, and dolaolting treasurers, are the hetero geneous compononta of Hue puerile country. Oo it, Jo nathan ! And the Senate adjourned '.! In the House, 1 should have mentioned, that Mr. Mar ahall reported againat granting certain lands in New York and Kings county to the general government for defencea?and the report waa agreed to. The bill to amend the New York Police law alao paaaed; the amendment consists in a limitation of tha pe riod of service of all policemen to two, instead of four, yeara. Mr. Ira Harris introduced a bill, with aoma prefatory I remarks, la relation to the aaaeaamenta of taxea. The gentleman aaid be knew a vaat aumber of miUionairea who never paid a dollar of taxea; he aaid their eacape ment conaiated into a aoriee of-dodges?one ia particular ?about the tlaae the eaeessor makes hia vuit, these gen tlemen remove in another ward, aad thus their names never get on the eaaeaament roll. The bill provides that any person who shall have resided 1a any ward within a year previoua to the assessment, shall be deem ed to be a reaident of that ward. The bill waa referred. Thia afternoou]waa an important soaeon. Tha House met at half peat three. The asiltiii were in attendence in great naaabera. The question before the House was upon a bill ta abolish distresa for rent, aad the floor waa conceded to Ira Harria, by a rapturous encore. Harris held in hia hand the pugnacioua report mede some time since by Spenoer, ia the Senate, agaioat the propoaition to aboliah diatreee Cor rent. Hairia went at thia report -err excruciatingly. First, he disembowled it; then he dismembered it; then he ripped the teaaelated humbug from the gariah pile, and left nothing there bat a grin ning akeleton, and then he masticated it; he removed it from sight, snd transferred it to oblivious regions; and then he went at Spencer himself. He aaid Spencer wea alone in making that report; ao other aaaa catered with him lor the mammon?Ue human species looked on pa ralyaed?nobody approached him. aad aobodjr aharad in hia criminality. Harria akattered Spencer'a repute for greatness?he handled him as a grisly bear bandlaa a Norwegian?rough. He was rancorous aad vivacious. To be brief, he abowed Speaoer'a aatediluvian and aati quated ideaa of polity to bo aimple verbiage, withoat reasoa or propriety, or expediency. The committee did not take the question. Sotcidi or an Old Ma* ? Yesterday afternoon' a man about 70 yean ot age, waa discovered dead' la the wooda, about half a aula from Trumanaburg. Ho had taken hia Ilia by a doable prooeaa. When found, he waa auapended by the nock, with two atrande of rope from the limb oia tree. A few Aepe from him lay hia budget; upon it lay hia knife and razor, the latter quite bloody. Hia throat waa cut in two places, but both too high, or near the chin to effect a speedy death. Near hia budget waa a pool of blood, whore he undoubtedly eat aad bled. But finding ao aevere a struggle between U(e aad death, ha made a finishing atrohe by haaging himaelf; though it can hardly be called hanging, for hia kaaes touched the ground. It appeara that, after cutting hia throat, he untwiated a small rope and took one strand, attached it to a limb ol a tree, then made a slip ping nooae, aad placed hia heed through it ; thia waa loand broken. He then took the remaining two strands, aad succeeded ia his object. An inquest waa immediate ly held, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the above atated facta. Hia name waa David Baker. I learn thet bo lived ia Washington county, had a nice houte aad lot, aad waa, withal, a man of good character.? Havana Rep., t'yiiti, (Tomp. county) Jlprit 94. E. Z. G. Jhdson ? We underataad that this gen tleman intends abortly to prepare a abort aad accu rate statement of the late unhappy occarreaeea ia Naaa ville. We ahall than have botn sides of the story. He aakerta hia entire innocence of the very groee cbargt t made againat hia. We ahall aee ia a lew daya. He is now coafloed to hia room, (at the Rev. Mr. Teesdale's, oa Grant street,) from tha injuries received while in NaahviUe.?PiU$htrg Journol, jtfiilM. Mr. Levin says he has no connection whatever in the "* to establish a aew native American paper ia Vpeclai Kceelona. Before Recorder Scott and two Aldermen. Mat I.-Wb Mitchell ? black fellow, wu tried for ??Malting officer Tompkine. Found guilty??enteneed to the city priaon for one week. Thome* Snyder end Robert Hoiton, for ?telling in anchor, wore sentenced to the penitentiary one month. 8arah E. Smith, a good looking young woman, of about 30 year*, wae found guilty by the court, and eon ten cad to 30 daye iu the city priion, for an aaaault on a black girl called Jane Gorner, with a dirk, in cone* quence of tome itoriea thie aervant girl had boon cir culating, which tended to injure the reputation and ?tending in thii community of Mill Smith. Therefore, Mill Smith felt heraelf justified in taking aatiifa *tion on theipot? (ho being a Nounern "gal" with Southern I principlea. Tho court, however, thought otherwiae. Four bori were next put on trial, ny the namea of May, Carngan, McLaugh'in and Lenton, for itealing a lot of orangee from the abip Ve?pa?ian, worth $S1 Found guilty, and aent to the Home of Refuge. Charlee Wilmot, alias French Lonia, waa put to the bar charged with committing throe aeveral assaults upon intividuala?one of which waa on ? Firat ward officer. The court found him guilty, and aentenced him to the city priaon for ten daya, and to pay a fine of John Oarrity waa next tried for atealing a tub of but ter from John D Meyer. Convicted, and aent to the ponit entiary for 3 months. Ellen Jackioa. for itealing a pair of booU from Ella ton Tucker, waa likewiae aent up for S montha. Jerry Benion, a miierahle looking oue-ey?d negro, with a crutch, and a little black bag awinging along ?ide, wai next put to the bar charged with itealing a fowl from a coop. The court aiked him how long it waa aince he waa brought up bafore. He itated that he wai only arreated for being in bad company. The court found him guilty thia time] for being caught in foul company, and aentenced him to the penitentiary for one month. Tho next, a Mra. Ann Hager. a pleaaant looking wo man of about 46 yean, waa placed at the bar for trial, charged with aaaatUting her huaband with the poker, Bra (hovel, fcc. Mr. Hager atated that upon all occaiioni when he came homo from hia toil and labora, initead of being met with tho ambraooa of a loving wife, he received a ahovei and poker over the head and ihouldera, to luch a degree, that ho waa com pelled to take ihelter in a neighbor'* room. He atated, alio, that he had been married only ten montha, and acarcely had the firat month elapeed before ihe com menced the uoker buiineai. It appeara that he wai a widower, ot tome lixty yeari, when married to thia amiable widow, and cheriihed the fond hope, that, by placing mattera and thingi together, they could live a life of hapuineia and bliaa. Mra. Hager, in her defence, aaya, that Mr. H. never cornea home to her a night aober; and not only that, but keepa another woman, beaidea. Thii waa denied by the gallant huaband, who declarea that Mra. H. la the one that drink*j and not onlv that, (to uae hia own worda,) he caught hor in a very dirty trick. At thii accuiation, touching the chaatity of Mra. H., ahe gave a look of contempt at the old man, and a contemp tuous grin, aa much aa to (ay, what an old gooie you arel The court, however, found her guilty, and aen tenced her to ten daya in tho city priaon, to allay that pugnacioua temper, it poaaible. Several ether petty ofTencea were diapoied of by the oourt; alao about forty diiorderliea, black and white They having been in priion tor leveral daya, conse quently they were diicharged upon their good behavior. The court then adjourned until noxtTueaday morning, at 0 o'clock. Varletlie. A young man named Joeeph Dean, wai committed in Rochoater on 3Sd ult, for breaking open a latter be longing to Dr Halatead, and taking Therefrom a certifi cate ot dopoaito from the Onondaga Co. Bank, of $S9. Dean had been in the employ of the dootor for a little time, and waa in the habit of getting [hii lettera from the poet office. The Trenton Osteite mrntiona tho probable reduction of fare between Philadelphia and New York, by tho Camden and Amboy Railroad Company. Before the railroad wai constructed?in the old faihioned times of coachea and iteamboata?tho fare from Trenton to Now York waa $1 36 to $1 60 -. yet now the fare la $3 60. The Upper Marlboro' (Md.) grand jury, before whom the teatimony waa adduced in reference to the cauiea which led to the duel at Bladeniburg between Meaira Jonea and Johnson, of North Carolina, and ia which Mr. Johmon waa killed, have aignod a recommendation to the Governor to grant a nolle protiqui to Mr. Jonea. Johnaon'a conduct wai regarded aa extremely reprehen sible, he having attempted, though uniucceiafully, to in vade the lanctity of Jonea'a domeatie circle, and, aa if in revenge for being repulaed, aought every opportunity to ?ow jealouay and diicord in the family of one for whom he had feigned the moat friendly feelingi. The laat Ohio Legialature passed a tax law containing aixty-four aectiona, and, aa publiahed, occupying twelve columna of the newapapera. Thia might be auppoaed to be of sufficient length and wordineaa to be clear and ex plicit. D at not io. We aee that the Auditor of State ia out with three columna of " instructions" upon the law, defining what it maana, lie. Huati coluc-chee, an Indian chief of the 8eminole tribe, ia delivering lecturea on Christianity in Louis ville, Ky. Mr. Marahall, the eloquent Kentucky orator, ia a can- ! didate to) represent.Woodford Co. in the lower branch of the next Legislature. So it appears that the rumor of hia giving up politica for lecturing on temperance ia false The Waynesburg, Green county, Pennsylvania, Demo crat, of the 3let ult. ray* " Droves of well frown and well fatted cattle?their name is legion?have paised through thi? place daily, (or several weeks past. They are from the wide prairies of the West, oound to Balti more and a market. Wo should Imagine there is some danger of a glut down east" A man named Barrow, has been convicted at Tahle* quah, in the Cherokee country, of a conspiracy to over throw the constitution and laws of the nation, by a re. golar system of robbery and murder, aad waa condemn' ed to be hung on the Oth ult The Paulding (Mississippi) Clarion gives as a rare in stance where rum drinking was the cause of saving a li-'e. Several years ago, a Greek was tried in Hancock county, Miss., lor the murder of another Greek. During the progress of the trial, the sheriff got so drunk that the Judge ordered him into custody, and so found himself without an officer. The jury returned a verdict of guil ty, and his honor was in a predicament. There was no sheriff, and he doubted his power to appoint one fro tem ?and to save embarrassment, a new trial was granted. The prisoner remained in jail two years, and being put on trial again at the recent term of eout t, has been ac quitted. The Clarion says he is probably innocent of the murder, but would assuredly have been hung years ago, if the sheriff had kept sober. We do not quote it, however, as a precedent, that sheriff* should get drunk on principles uf benevolence. The Carlitlt Herald regreta to learn that on Monday last, Mr. George Beltchoover. of South Middleton township,1 was drowned in the Yellow Breeches creek, within sight of his own dwelling. He was crossing the stream upon a narrow plank, when he accidentally miss ed his footing, and was precipitated into the water. On Saturday last, upon the arrival of the Bremen ship Albert, at Baltimore, she was boarded by one ot the city officers, who arrested one of the passengers, named Wil liam Herbert, on the charge of being, in some way, con nected with a large robbery in Magdeburg, Prussia. I The robbery, it is said, amounted to >6000, and informa tion waa sent to this country in reference to it, in the steamer, in advance of the arrival of the Albert. It appears that some sections of the country were favared on Saturday with a cloudless sky, end a fair observation of the great aelar eclipse. Mr. Caswell, of Brown University, has addressed a letter to the Provi. ienet Journal, in which he states that his " observations were mede with a four loot refractor, magnifying power about 00. The theimometer in the shade at 1 P. M. stood at 47 deg. Fahr.; the barometer, reduced to the level of tide water, at 39 90 inches : wind light at N.fc. The limb of the sun waa steadily and sharply defined. The first contact, or beginning, occurred at mean solar time, 1 Ih. 11m. 40 6 see. A.M. Thaoadat 1 fil 30 P.M. Duration 3 89 19.A The diminution of light ebout the time of greatest obscuration, gave to the landscape a peculiarly aombre aad solemn hue." A most daring escape from the Miaaiaaippi peniten tiary, in the 10th inat, waa effected by a convict, the particulars of which we find in Muritrippian of the lAth. rive convicts war* sent out into a woodland belonging to the prison, for the purpose of procuring some wood for the brick yard, and the party were accompanied by an armed guard, Mr. J. H. Weaver. As he was stooping to give some instructions to one of the prisoners, one of the convicts ? truck him with the heed of an axe and felled him to the earth, and his gun fell from his hands The convict immediately seised the gun and a pistol and a bowie knife boloagiag to him end fled. One of the oonvicts immediately started in pursuit, but the fleeing miscreant threatened to shoot him if ho proceeded farther, and ha returned to the guard, who waa then as sisted back to the prison by the remaining four convicta. The aseietant keeper immediately procured some dogs from a distance of about thirteen miles, and, ire hours after, put them upon the convict's trail. A few milee off it was discovered that be had seised a negro and forced him to exchange clothee with him, stole a horae and started for Columboa. He waa eventuallv overtaken about forty miles from Jackson. A reward of $60 waa given to a Mr. Hall, the owner of the dogs. The name of the oonviot waa not given. The steamer Tobacco Plant, bound up the Missouri river, struck a snag on Thursday afternoon, the 16 th ult, when about sixteen miles below Liberty, whieh knocked a kola in her bottom, forward of the noilera.? She was immediately run on a bar, and the pumpa and j buckets put in active service. After pumping out the i water, she proceeded to Liberty, discharged her cargo, aadpoturaed to St Louis for repair*. The case of George Nutter, charged with the murder of young Glover, a university student, at Charlottsville. came on before the examining court at that place last Friday. He waa sent en to the Superior Court, which aits en the l&th of May, for trial. A man named Keck, who had been arrested on the same charge, waa dV charged from custody, nothing appearing toarimiaate him. V W. Souths!!, Commonwealth's Attorney, ap peered for the proeocution, and Alexander Rives and Egbert Watson, el Aibeatarie, and Wm. M. Overton, of , Richmond, were counsel for the prisoners. The editor of the Pntland Jrgut i? evidentlv in dia- | tress.. Witness the following paragraph t?If any of our delinquent subscribers, (who owe us for several j years' papers, and who have not the ceah to pay up)- , ( can turn ua out a good cow, we can meke her evaUable. , Notify ua at onoe, if yon want to trade?through the post office or otharwlao, aa you please. 11 Mr. Bonvard ha* been tngiitd In Lousvi Lie, for nti ral ink, 10 designing and painting a grand panorama ol the Misiisiippi and Ohio river*, on a canvass cover in* an extent of three mile* Ha hu now ooa plated, it Is Mid, the Missiiaippi river Iron Now Orlean* to Vicksburg, giving view* of all the towna, ialanda, sad ?ngar aad cotton plantation! between tboea placai. Everything ia given with truth and accuracy, aad with the finest aconic (fleet. Beautiful moonlight aoonoe, magnificent forests, the richeit shrubbery, steamboats majestically ploughing their way through the water, or takingfreightaad wood; " broadhorns" quietly floatlag down the stream, and all the f natures which characterise the westara river?, are portrayed by Mr. Bonvard with wonderful force. The Mississippi will be completed la tome two or three months, when Mr B. designs bring ing it East A icow, loaded with valuable gooda, belonging to Benjamin 8mitb, jr., of Rockingham. (Bellows' Kail*.) Vt, wa* *unh in the Connecticut River, about two miiaa above Hartford, on Saturday afternoon laat. in about 1ft feet of water. She bad a cargo of sugar, tea*, moleaie*, flour, dry good*, lie., valued at #3,000. The boat wa* lying nearly (till at the time, there being acarcely wind enough to move her, when the wa* suddenly atruck by a flaw of wind, which aattled her bow, aad ahe upaet and ?unk immediately. The captain and three hand* were obliged to awim aihore. Probably half of the gooda will be loat A few daya ilnoe two well dreaaed young men landed in Pittsburg, from one ol the Cincinnati paoketa, aad Eat up at the St. Charles Hotel. They had one trunk etween them, and it wa* remarkably heavy. For two or three days they made themselvea at homo, and im Iroved their hours of elegant leisure by inspecting the Ion* ot the city. At last Mr. Smith, the director of the hotel, began to inspect his guests, for some reaaoa or other ; and aa he understood they intended to leeve the city .politely requeated his bill. They said they had no money. " Very well, then I'll keep your trunk." They were resigned, and on opening that article, Mr. 8. found that ita extreme weight was owing to four or flve large stones, rolled up in two shirts. Eggs are quoted in the St. Loula Evening Gazette, at flve cents a dozen; butter, for table, from ten to twelve and a half cents a pound; flour from $S AO to 4 SO a bbl. Outrage?A barbarous outrage was perpetrated in Washington parish, in this State, upon the per son of a young lady, daughter of Mr. Lewis B. Cutter, by a negro man. The|Holmesville (Mi**) Fret Prett states that the negro entered the room through a win dow, while the young lady was asleep, lit a small faggot at the flre-place, and preceded to his deadly purpose, se verely beating and bruiting her head, and leaving her there, weltering in her blood, as dead. The negro sus pected ot the crime is the property of Mr. Alex. Brum field.?,Y| O. Delta, Jfril J3. Movements of Travellers* The arrivals continue to flow in more immeasurably than we can conveniently record. Tbe principal hotels are occupied, and abundantly, too, with senators, states men, and wealthy and enterprising merchants. At the Amruicai*?Mr. Ktnmis, Baltimore; J. Nicholson, U. 8. Navy; E. Heugshenbergh, Berlin, Prussia; 8. Stock well, Boston; Mr Polhamus, New Jersey; George Vail, Troy; Benjamin MeConkey, Cincinnati; J. Lyman, Northampton; J. Jones, Philadelphia; Lieut. Blair, U. 8. Artillery; T. Eddy, New Jersey. Astob?L. Richards, Troy; Mr. Grant, Toronto; W. Slartee, South Carolina; W. Harris, Boston; J. Hender son, Albany; A. Fuller, Boston; Nathaniel Davis, do; C. W. March, do; Capt. De Bathe, Foot Guards, London; Mr. Forayth, Kingston; 8. Brownell, H. Gray, Boston; W. Miller. Baltimore; 8. Shaughneasy, Connecticut; J. Tillman, Geneva; J. B. Hart, Troy; M. Shepbard, Salem; E. Home, Boston; W. A. H. Everitt. Boston; C. Wood, New London; Mr. Mason, Rossville; Rev. J. Miloer, Vir ginia; J Browne, Philadelphia; Jamea McCreery, Phila delphia; J. B. Manson, Mobile; CiTr?8. N. Barne, Virginia; J. Stevens, New Jersey; J. Clarke, Winchester, Va; J. Seymour, Westchester; Hon.? J. Skinner,Mary land; E. Sherman, Albany ^Goomo Roberts, Boston; Edward Raymond, C. Moon. A. B. Young, Boston; Messrs. Lovett, Page, Davia and Wood, Beverly; Lieut Bleecker, U. S. Navy; J Chipman, Waahington; Mesars. Read, Stone and Walsh, Phila delphia. Fb&rklix?Mr. Leonard, Mass., J. Beers, Bridgeport; J. Esley, Waahington; C. Boughton, L. J. T. Kipp, Buf falo; R. Johnson, Albsny:J. W. Langlay, Michigan; E. Lee, Detroit; 8. Maynard, Lisbon; A. Clarke, Indiana; H. Hotchkiss, Lyons; W. Do Witt, Ulster co.; E W. Townsend, Chicago; H. Munsfleld, Philadelphia; J. Tho mas, New Orleans; James Karian, John Brough, Connec ticut; J. Pomeroy, Utica; W. E. Robinson, Waahington; R. H. Gillett, do. Howaio?W. Howard, Boston;! H. Williams, Augus ta, Geo; J. W. Boston: Montreal; Mr. Pine, do; H. Til den. Philadelphia; J. Bronaon, Troy; J Shu.liffe, Spring field; H. Morton, Portland; Hon. J. Anderson, West Chester so.; C. Stoughton, New Orleans; Mr. White head, Canada; W.H.Tyler, Msssachuaetts;Hon C.H. Benton, Mohawk; J Waaaon. Albany; Gov. Bouek, J. B. Wyman, Worcester; M. J. W. Kendrick, Canada: Col. Hamilton, Watervliet: N. Bowen, Michigan ; J. Ro| gara, Toronto; J. Bowditch, Boston;) Dr. Hunter, Balti more; J. Nolan, Philadelphia. BED BUGS, BED BUGS. WATSON'S Bed Beg Deauoyer ia the most woadarfel diaeovery ever made fer immediately destroying theae vermin, however numerous, and eternally baaiahing them fiomthe premiaes by one application. Beware of worth)*** imitation*, for sale only ?t Apothecaries' Hall, 36 Catherine *t; Olcott k McCauem, i!7 Maiden lane; aad in Broohlya at Mr*. Have*', 1)9 Kultou at. Price K cent* per bot lie aM lm?r WRAPPING JfAPEK. '?innn REAMS Straw vd K*I Vnppiu Paper, Crow" OUuv and UmUi Crown, jn?t rettired and for aala by PJCKS8K k BROOKS, PRACTICAL BOOKKEEPING, 88 CEDAR STREET. BY C. C. MARSrt.Accoantant, author of thu "flihin ef Double Eatry Bookkeeping Simplified, and the Art of Sialic Entry Bookkeeuina I in prow d. COUR8& OF INSTRUCTION.?The public is reepect fallr informed and assured, that the plan pursaad by Mr. Marsh, in teacbiug that important branch, ia traly a comra* of practice in keeping book*, rather than a coarse of lacturei on the theory. To be practically useful, s mors eaact and particular know led* e of Bookkarping ia rsq aired than can poaaibly be tnipart ed by lectures. The pupil is faithfully instructed aad wsll exercised in all the various operations connected with a ?et of partnership Book*. in Opening, Conducting and Closing the mm. ia mak ing oat Trial balances, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Cnrrent Account Sales, and ia calculating interest, Discount, Profits, Losses, Equation of Payments, Exchanges, Currencies, kc. He becomes familiar from actual ass, with all the book a con stituting a set i and if a person of good capacity, will ky thin course become a competent Bookkeeper ia aboat one month, and will receive a certificate to that e frit. Proapectuscs, with terms, obtained at the Rooms from ? A. M. to ? P.M. aM lm*rh GERMAN SILVER. JAMES O MOKKET, No 111 Prince street, Id block west of Broadway. is constantly mans facta ring German Silver of various nuaskers and widths, which he Will warrant to be equal to any. either foreign or domeatic, for qaality, and which he will tell at wholeaale or retail, at reduced prices. P. 8. All goods sold will be delivered ia nay port or the city, or Brnoklrn. fr?e of etpease. aS lss*m ? 1M.W Eaperanxa, li.OM Karope, Jt.MO Regalia, ?,M Ban Soman, lit, ?,00? LaVictoru, l*t 3d bales Tobacco. The whole eatitled to do ken fro, and ia lots to sait purcha son. For sale by M. PICABIA;^ mrH lm*m 117 Front street, near Wall, ap stalls. | OIL PAINTINGS. HMKNRY BENT reapectfnlly informs gentleman aad the trade, that in futarene will carry on the basiaeae of Liauag Pictures only, whick will be (located (ss hitherto) ia the best possible manner. References givsa if leqaired.atBroadway, New York. aB las*re | MAHOGANY. ROSKWOOD, ZEBRA WOOD, kc. PHOR 8ALK CHEAP, by E. O.STACY, No. M Wooeter ? street, between Broome and Spring sts. The st?ek is composed of s large sasortment of crotch, mottled and shsded Mahogany Veneers, Rosewood Mahogany. Zobrawood Bird'a Eyo Maple and Black Walnut Logs, Boards, Plank. Joiat, lie. kc., and a general assortment of [amber, aanally kept at sm hoganv yar? s in this city. mla lm?ro NHOTICE TO THE PUBLIC IN OKN*JlAL-Tho sab ? senber, alter salargiag his premises, is aow prepared to C'leaa Carpets of every description, from It to 1M yards, with to 7S teats; Drosses dyed or washed from W seatsito |li Coats gtesaed or dressed from M cents to f ? N. B^Tsrms eaeh. m? lia?ra UHlOKERINtPS PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, K93 Broadway, do. ? mnd T Lafaip BmlUUmg. PUBLIC will flad at the above root a isaaral aaasst ?nt of Grand and Sonars PiaaoFortee, at the same pneo aa at asv Factory is Boston. it la*r | MARTELLE Sc HOLDERMANN, ?47 Waldsn Lmu, II. Y., ^^^?MHMMImpeiten ot Orasmeatal Hair Beads, Carls. Seams, Baadssa ??^?^^??i^H^lebrated Car led Hair, fifteen tacheo long, aad a new stylo of EvoHsoriag Carts, aad all kinds ol Hsu Work, wholesale aad retail. N. B?The trais sapplied oa reasonable terms. mrtt Im'm CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. 1<HE Saber n bora Have ao Keen alios ia aaviag to the people JL of New York, aad the neighboring tides, tkot taey ssa aad do challenge the merchants of oar couatry, fcr sad aoar, to compete with them la the sale of WINDOW SHADE&^^^^^^H Chambers st. TO UKALKH* IN WOOLLENS" iftito^M&'ri. Woloott k Blade, tl Piae street; WUliam ' MiObLOW'O MEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. FHOR Kitehbor* .Keens. Oreenfiel l. Brattleboro, Windsor. ? Woodstock, Montpelier, and Bs-lington, Vt.aod the Co sadaa All Packages, Parcels and say oftheater* N.B.-Be tare to marit Paekages to earoe/ " liteiew'a fcg iaa?" IM

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