Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1846 Page 3
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,1m Nor fc Wor s3t MS, INLIiludHR >nw 37tf do >30 J?V IN do b)0 38 , ?' do i?i^ M Canton Co J9?? * do >30 }?>? ? do 39?J Aj? do reg ?'} 1J0 Harlem R R 49 * do reg J*?4 JO do 49 WO Rcadiug R R b? 71 JO do b60 JO ff?w Stock KuhanKt. $2000 Ohio 6a, IMO Q c 94)j 17i >h> Morris Caul c 16 2J>ha Vickaburg file '7 7J do snw li% *1 do e 7 17} Nor It Wor R R c il\, JO l an ton Co c 39^ 7J do c it 75 Farmers' Tnut V 2J do 200 Harlrm R R bi 49 17J do c iT\ M do >3 \*K 2J do bl 17 Jj '<0 do anw 48}, 'A do bj?js Narrltd. At Philadelphia, on the 14th ult, by the Rev. Daniel Dodge, Mr. Edwabd 11. Fai'lbneb, of New York, to Miaa Hankah S. Daniels, of Philadelphia. Died. On Friday evening, May lit, of consumption, Jkbcmi ah Po?t, in the Wd year of his age. Hit remaim were taken from the reaidenco of hia bro ther, Jame* M. Poet, 104 Amity street, to Bound Brook, N. J., for interment, on Saturday morning, id in?t in this city, on the lstinst, Mrs. Chablotte Ellisow, ! widow of the late Benjamin Ellison, of Jericho, L. 1. Her remains were taken to the latter place for interment On the 1st of May, Ocoaoi: 1 lunar Klino, son of Elcc tor Fling, aged S years, a months and 41 days. The frienus and acquaintances of the family arc invited to attend the funeral this (Sunday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from his late residence, 284 Stanton street On the 1st of May, of inflammation of the lungs, La viff ia , infant daughter of Oeorgo and Elizabeth Baker. FAMILIES wishing private BOARD in the Country can be accommodated at the pleaaant Tillage of New Dur ham. 3X miles from Hobokeu, 1W miles from the Wehawkeu Pavilion, on the atage road to Hackensack. The aituation is healthy, and the accommodations good. Prices moderate. | \pply on the premises, of H. F. Perry ; or at Elton's, 132 division >treet, New York. any3 3t*rc FOR SALU. rpHE Stock and Fixtures, and two years lease, of an old X established Porter Houae, in the vicinity oi' the Chat ham Theatre ; consisting of a bar room, with fixtures, a ait ting room and a billiard room, with a first-rate table and fixtures. For further particulars, enquire of T. D. (Jilleapie, }')2 Pearl street. my3 2ti>?rc DR. POWELL, OCULIST; " AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, \ TTEND8 to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfec ta. tious of Vi>ion, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hia residence, 2UI Broadway, comer of Warren atreet. Opthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, aud Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention Rnd success. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty and finish. * SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Olfice and residence 361 Broadway?entrance l>i Warren st reft. m3 lt*rrc dtQfl REWARD.?Diamond Kiutf lost, with one large yjftfys diamond, having a slight imperfection near the cen tre. The lad who offered to sell a ring of the above descrip tion to a jeweller in Broadway, on Saturday last, will pleaae call at li. H. Schieffelin Jt Co.'s, Joint street, frouting Cliff street. mv3 lt*r $20 REWARD. CTOLEN, on Tuesday evening, the 28th nit, one 6ne gold Chain, Locket, and large Breastpin, with large topaz atone. They were taken from the house of Pnebe Doty, No. 12 Elin street. Pawnbrokers and others are requested to stop them if offered for sale or pawn. The chain naa a small topaz slide on it. Please address a line to the office of the He&ld, Eli zabeth Allen. mS 2t*r FOUND, ~~ CTRAYINCJ, between J7th and JOth street, a brown Cow, about five years old: one of her horns is half broken off.? The owner can have her by proving his property and paying the expense of keep and advertising, by applying to . m2 Jt'rc JOHN WIRTH, J*ti. .t. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BA$k. MEET1NO of the Stockholders of the American Ex -?*. change Bank, for the election of Councillors and Direc tors, will t>e held at the Directors'Room, on Wednesday, 3d day of June next, from 12 o'clock M. to 1 o'clock P. >1 Messrs. James Miles, i J. A- Edoab, > Inspectors. W. W. Hublbut, S Per order of Board of Directors, m2tawto3dj?r JOHN J. FISK, Ca.hier. JJiOttOitUTiOM. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the firm of 8CHMIDT fc. LOUISON, Tailors, hasthisday been dissolved by mutual consent. Either partner is autho rised to use the name of the firm in the settlemrnt of accounts. P. W. SCHMIDT, mi 3t*rc V. LOU18QN. ALL PERSONS having claims against HANNAH MUK PHY, formerly at Ne. 491 Broadway, are requested to pre sent the same to the sabscriber before the first day of June next. ROBERT DECON, 491 Broadway. m2 lw*je J. A. LEDON Has removed from No. 90 Nassau street to No. 100 the same street, where he will continue selling the best Havana Hegan. received directly from Havana: 60 bales Havana To bacco Leaf, almost wrapper, and suuable far the city For sale in lota to suit purchasers in the above piac'e m2 Jt?re JAMES FERRY CO.. LONDON. STEEL PENS, THEO. R1PKE. Agent, Removed to No. M2 William streeet. THE NATIONAL DEPOT OF WARTON, OF PARIS, Is Removed to _ m2 lw*r No. 1J2 William atreet, New York. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED. PART TWENTY-TWO VIRTUE'S DEVOTIONAL FAMILY BIBLE, ILLUSTRATED by a highly wrought Steel Engraving of " Jacob's Well, at Sychar,'' from a drawing taken on the ?spot by W. H. Bartlett, Esq. Published by Oeorge Virtne, late R. Martin 1c Co., 26 John ?treet. ml 3t*rc mml flATks. CMITH'S .Patent Portable Electing Shower Bat lu, as per ^ the opinion of the press, ii one of the grestest, most ele gant, mosisimple, convenient, aird cheap article* erer invent ed for the purpoaea of household or personal bathing; and no family, no gentlenuui or l?dr, should l>e without one of them in their chamber. It cannot be denied that cleanliness of body promotes the health, morals and comfort, besides the impor tant luxury of a cool bath in hot seasons. Wholesale and retail at . MILLET'S MUSIC SALOON, 339 Broadway. MILLET, the Music Publisher, and Dealer in Musical In struments, still continues to supply his friends and the public generally, end on a much larger scale, with erery article of Music merchandise, at his well known establishment. Millet's motto is, good and ch?ap. MILLET'S MUSIC SALOON, ml 3teod*rc 329 Broadway. eagle coffee HOUSE AND BATHS," TWO. AM Pearl strest. between Centre and Elm?Warm, cold and shower Baths, equal to those in any house in the city, at UK cents: Lodgings, with good clean beds, II}* cts.; Boardinf and Lodging, $S 30 per week. If the reading room will bs found newspapers from London, Liverpool, and all the principal citiesoftlie United States. at lm*rh BOYD'S BLEACHING POWDER. inn Casks 1st quality, just rscsired per ship Orphan, and 1UU for sale by PERSSEIt BROOKS, ml lw r 6J and 67 Nassau at. PROVISIONS aND grOCerIes. VQR 8ALE LOW, in lou to accommodate purchasers, JT Butter, Cheese, Laid. Hams, Beef, Shoulders: mess, thin mesa, rump, butt sad Pig Pork; Sugars, white and brown Ha vana; New Orleaaa, Porto Rico, and Santa Croix Coffee; crashed, loaf and double refined Sagar; mass, Nos. 1. Sand 3 Mackerel and Shad, in assorted packages. Avery lance as sortment of Tobacco, of superior quality, at low prices, its, 16s, to, is, and msfa, in assorted packages: 100 package. But ter, for bakers; 10 bbls Leaf Lara, for sale in lots to acconr modata purchasers, by I ml lm*r CLARK It FISK, M? Fultoa etreet. GENTLEMEN'S SHAVING, SHAMPOOING, AND HAIR DRESSING SALOON. No.l. Ba?clat nitir, tinosB the Ajsaaican Hotel. THE SUBSCRIBES, having recently renovated his es tablishment, so as to attain in its arrangements (he ne plus ultra of elegsnce and comfort, takes the opportunity of re turning his acknowledgements to the citisens of New York and the travelling copamunitr in general, for past favors, and of apprising then that if skill in his profession, attention to the wishes of bis customers, and a stock of goods that will be found to comprise every article in h.3 line, are any claims on a continuance of their patronage, at no similar Ateolisbment in this city are these induce ments te be met with in a superior, if in an equal degree. Sceptics on this point need but to favor him with ? call in order to be converted into cuatomers. His con trivance for shampooing by shower bath is peculiar to this es tablishment, having been invented by Mmeelf. His style of shaving and hair catting might be enlarged on, bnt a trial will satisfytbemostfastidiousdinteverythingabout Uiffin is on "" ?""UHbm,. No. i itou, ,r ay 1, 1M6. MAGIC HAIR DYE. B ED OR OREY WHISKERS changed to a beautiful > black, instantaneously, by the application of Phalon's ma gic Hair Dyv (Country gentlemen can have a bottle forward ed them by express or otherwise, by sending their orders,cash enclosed, to K. Phalon, 61, under Judson's Hotel, Broadway. Prica^t^er bottle, with rail directions for use accompanying VMy gentlemen are invited to call at the depot, where they can have a superb pair of black whiskers substituted for red or grey oaes, in less than tvs minutes. ml lm?rc AMERICAN EXd&ANGE BANK DIVIDEND. THE American Exchange Bank has this day declared a Di. vidend of three (J) Per Cant, payable to Stockholders on from *T,h ins,, to Mh May. By order, J. J. KISK.Caahier. New Vork^April to, 1*46. aJTflt'rc girandoles, SOLAR, LARD, AND HALL LAMPS. CHANDELIERS, fee. rpHE Subscriber has jnst opened one of the best selected 1. stocks of Lard. Solar Lamps, and Oirandoles mow in the city, at)* per eentlesa than th* fall prices. Housekeepers, hotels, churches, and those of the trade, will And it to their advantage to call and examine the above stock before purchas ing elsewhere. JOHN N. MORGAN. a? Im'rr lit Fnlton St.. first door from Broadwav. WRAPPING PAPER. QAAA REAMS Straw aad Rag Wnipping Paper, Crown OWvr and Double Crown, just received and for sale by PKRSSE It BROOKS, alt Hum 6J and 67 Naasan street. STRAW BOARDS. KA TONS Straw Boards, just received, a good article, for OU sale by PERSSfJ k BROOKS, altlmm 63 and 67 Kassail street. 10 V 6/: a LI s jdli sjcl aa J? E> THE THkaTki WCORBYN; Manager of the Swias Bell Ringers, re ? spectfully informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he will have fulfilled his engage ment with the above band in a few weeks, and tenders his ser vices as travelling agent to any musical professor, band or com pany of artists of acknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed his second tour throughout the United Ststes, the f'anadas, Texas, and the Island of Cuba, during which he has visited almost every section of those couutries, and made himsell practically acquainted with those details and ststistics most necessary and useful to profeaaional travellers, be believes that his services will prove advantageous to any party with whom he may engage. Letters addressed to W t orbyn. Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, care of Sol. Smith, Eaq., theatre, St. Louis, Mo., if mailed prior to May 10th, and prepaid, will meet with prompt attention st that time. alttfrrc _ . ? American Hotel. New York. May 1, 1M6. ml 3t*rc Lap-Welded uoilkr flue?. 1 is FEET LONG, and from IK 5 inches in diameter.? * ?*?SWi8SI v WANTED. rwNE or two GENTLEMEN cm br comfortably aecom V/ modated with cither ? double or si??l* w?ll-f?rmahed BED ROOM, wlttre there i? no fanuly, wept the widow lady of the house. The situation ia rtjatral ud quiet, 31 Church ?treat, comer of Barclay, where farther uilortnatinu can be obtained ; aa alio by reference to Mr. Daniel Swee ney, 11 Ann itreet. 3tii*rrc TiKHMAN MINERS WANTED, iic,n.uAii mi.iui"' .. TO work in a Copper Mine, .'u.tijaviciutty of New York. An>ly to mt 3t*rc E. B. HART, Hanover itreet. AYOL'NO MAN, ipeakingthe Spaiiuh. French and Kng" liah languages, it desirous of obtaining a situation a< tra* veiling footman or valet to a gentleman journeying to Paris or London; the latter would be preferred. Reference* can be had by applying at thia office. nil fit "re WANTED AN experienced manufacturer of wheat starch.One who nn derstanda the manufacture of " I'esrl.'snd other qualities of starch, can hear of a desirable situation by addressing A. B., box 1353, Boaton, Maaa. Post Office. a2S 3w*rc FOREMAN WANTED" A PERSON who thoroughly understands the Tailoring bu siness in all its branches, as Foreman and Cutter in a Clothing Manufactory at Newark, N. J. A competent person may hear of a pleasant and permaneut situation by addressing Ihii 189, Post Office, Newarfc. N.J. aM lw*rc A LADY of respectability wishes very much to go as com panion; she has no objection to the country, or to travel. A line addressed to 8. H., at the office of this paper, shall he attended to. a2?lm?rc A LADY who lias receutly arrived from Europe is de sirous of obtaiuing a situation as Governess in a respect, able family; she teaches the usual branches of education; mu sic on an approved system. A line addressed to X., Z.. at the Herald office, shall be attended to. Would have uo objection to take pupils at her own resideuce. a27 lin*rc REMOVAL. DR. DIOSSY, OCULIST, removed to No. 310 Broadway, nearly oppoaite the New York Hospital. Practice cou fined to diseases of the Eye aud operations. Artificial Eyas inserted. m28atTn ltTh3t ? rc HM. WESTERN haa removed his Law Office from 61 ? Wall itreet to No. 225 Broadway, opposite the Foun tain. a291w*rc REM< >VaL. Dr. TOWNSEND'S SARSAPAR1LLA DEPOT will be removed on the 1st of May, to 126 Fultou street, next door to the Sun Office, lign of the Big Bottle. N. B.?Look out for counterfeits and impostors. See that every bottle is signed with the written signature of S. P. Townsend. Owing to the unprecedented succeu of thia arti cle a company has been formed to put up a spurious one in the same shaped bottles. Lookout for impostors. a2l I in* re REMOVAL. A J. CUNNINGHAM has removed his stock of Watches, ? Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, from 221 to 172',' Bowery, (new stores) opposite Delancy street.? Gold, Silver and Steal Spectacles from 25 cents to $10; Perifi* cal from $2 50 to $10; Glasses of all kinds and to suit all sights ground and fitted;Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Music Boxes repaired and warranted. a 19 lm*r EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOK-, INVITES the attention of the public to the most extensive stock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to spring and snmmer trade. In addition to the ready made, the subscri ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection of piece goods in the market, of every color and pattern, and the supe rior skill employed in the cutting and manufacturing depart ments is such as enables the subscriber with confidence, to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to hare their gar ments made to order. The above stock having been selected with great care, and bought for cash alone, is a strong induce ment for all to call who wish to purchase at least 20 per cent less than at those houses who are obliged to do business u|H>n the credit system. N. B.?Officers of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large assortment of superior blue cloths and cassimeres, which will be made up at the shortest notice, and iu a manner not to he surpassed. EDWARD FOX, 202 Broadway, near Fulton it., oppoiita to the Franklin Home. CARD. THE Subscriber having become interested in the above houie,respectfully requests the patronage of his customers aud friends. Orders entrusted to his care will be attended to with promptness. JAMES A. SWAIN. a20 lm*rc THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. Office 41 Fulton street, Biooiltk. CCONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, nier J handiz? and property generally, on their usual favorable terms. This company lias passed through the two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country ; they owe tneir escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses w hich the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customers iu New York, of all expirations of policies. B. W. DELAMATER, President. a3tmia*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. THE~CTTY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Office No. 61 Wali. street, City of New York. C'ATITAL STOCK $210,000, all paid in cash, and securely > invested according to the provisions of its charter. This Company ha^been iu business twelve years, and iu that time has paid losses by fire upwards of $450,000. The present assets of the Company exceed its capital stock more than $2,300. Insurance against loss or damage by Frie effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. READING, President. al9 lmins m D. F. CURRY, Secretary. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY, Officb No. 50 Wall it., oppoiite the*Mercha!?ts' firmw THIS Company continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire, on dwelling houses,warehouses, buildings in ge neral, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description of personal property;also against losa or damage by inland na ligation aud transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, ElishaRiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, R. R. Robsou, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merntt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. a24 tfrc CHICKE RING'S HANO-FORTE WARE ROOMS, 273 BROADWAY, NO. 5 AND 7 LAFARGE BUILDING. THE PUBLIC will find at the above room* ?general assort mmt of Grand and Square Piano Fortes, at the uitir price an at my Factory in Boston. *8 lm*r TO~MACHlNISTS AN1) MANUFACTUK EST LATHES or all descriptors, from 7 to 25 feet lone, furnish ed at ihort notice. Alio, ciittinit engines, suitable for all kinds of work. For terma and description, direct tu the tub scriber, Hudson, New York. at Im'rc JA8. T. PERKINS. TO THE TEA. COFFEE AN? SUGAR TRADE, kc. ECONOMIST**, FAMILIES HOTEL KEEPERS, kc. J. S. SCOTT & CO., No. 76 NASSAU STREET, CORNER OF JOHN, HAVlNO purchased the first lot of the new season's Teas, possessing that richness of flavor so generally combined, and so rarely obtained, offer wholesale or retail, a large varie ty of Oreen and Black Ttu, of the best quality only, inclu ding the old fashioned Souchong and English Breakfast Tea, sucnas used to be imported twenty years ago. The stocks of Coffee, Sugars, lie., need no comment, ai tney are selected of the finest quality. J. 8. SCOTT k CO. are also supplied with* stock of fresh imported Glasgow Spiced Hams; old English Cheese of great variety and flavor. All CJno'i. i">nrht be delivered within five miles of the city frM oichaff*. And all orders from the country, with en closeu numuuici, * in meet the same honorable dealing aa if felected by the parties themselves. J. 8. SCOTT k CO., 76 Nassau st., m30 lm*m near John st. FURNITURE PLUSH. THE SUBSCRIBERS have received from their manufacto ry an extensive assortment of plain and embossed Furni ture rlnshes, of all colors and qualities, suitable for cabinet, coach, and railroad car maker*. V. CAILLEUX, FIL8 SULELIAO k CO., ?1 lm*r 133 Pearl street. CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. THE Subscribers have no hesitation in saying to the people of New York, and the neighboring cities, that they can and do challenge the merchanta of our couutry, far andfear, to compete with them in the sale of WINDOW SHADE8. They have a manufactory in the Suts of New Jersey, about 1} miles from the city of New York, and possess eiery facility for manufacturing their shades at the least expense. Of their beauty, worth and cheapness, they will convince the most in credulous by their giving them a call. DCNCKER, k BECK ER, No. it Chatham st.JN. Y.,ona door from the corner of Chambers St. m3l lm*rc. MODEL OF NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIONED is bow receiving orders for views to be represented upon the canopv of his Model of New York, which will be soon completed. These views vary fram 10 to 30 inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They include representations of public build ings, places of business, manulactorie*, hotels, private resi dence*, steamboats, packets, kc. A number of the hrst artist*, both landscapes and decorative painters, can find employment iby apply at the office?also a lew agent*, *nd persons capable of transacting business. Office hours from 2 to 6 P. M. all lm?rrc E. PORTER BELDEN. 360 Bro*dwav. NOTICE. DR. VAN ZANDT'S celebrated Health Restorative, Anti. Dyspepsic and Anti-Billions Cathartic Pills, are sold at Wyatt k Kteichum's, U1 Fulton street. Price 15 cents per box. mr23 lm*m OFFICE CROTON AQUEDUCT BOARD,) Aran. 29. IM6. ) NOTICE TO WATER TAKERS-Water rents are due and payable on the 1st of May, at this office, No. 7 Old Alins House, rear of the City Hall. XValer takers who are d? sirous of not having it shut off, will please be in their payments. JAMES A. COFFIN, President. Pain Iwrc w ? SHEET BRASS. .1 *'MOFFETT, No. 121 Prince street, between u u "8r j VTI,ne streets, manufacturer of Sheet Brass, haa on liana, and i* constantly receiving from his mill, a Urge assortment of all sixes of Sheet Brass, which he mil sell at wholesale or retail, at lower prices than any other place in the city, and warrants it equal to any made in the United States. J. G. M. will deliver goods sold by him in any part of this city or Brooklyn, or shipped on board of any vessel, free of chaff*. P.S' Brass and Copper Tubing of all sizes made to order. all) Im'r THE AMAZON Wilis OR Gentlemen* real Heidsof Hair, being the latest and greatest improvement in The manufacture of Wigs and jCall>*; and the ?ubscnber is happy in being the first to intro duce them her*. They display the forehead and temples to any height, a pou t in wig nuking never before attained.? They are composed of ventilating or gossamer work. Thev fit on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new thev ar* put on in a moment. They immediately adapt themselves to the countenance and at once become part and parcel of the living man. Copy the address. E. PHALON, 61 Broadway, opposite the a22 lm*rc Globe Hotel, nnder Jndson's lintel. BED BUGS, BED BUGS. WATSON'S BED BUG DESTROYER, is the most wonderful discovery ever made far immediately de stroying these vermin, however numerous, and eternally ba nishing them from the premises by one application. Beware of worthless imitations. Eor sale at Apothecaries Hall. 16 Catharine street; Olcort It McCaisem, 127 Alaideu lane; and in lirooklny at Mrs. Hayes's, IT) Fnlton st. Price 25 cents per bottle. a28 lm?r AMERICA! OREGON! ENGLAND! TO the inhabitants of the whole boundless Continent?We invite you all and each of yon, to consider and reflect for Your own welfare, that by calling at the New York Coffee Saloon. No. 217 Kultoa street, nesr Greenwich, where yon will not only find all the edibles served up, far exceeding sny other place of the kind, hut a much larger plate for the price. Also, you will find a spacious and airy room, where yon may lake your meals with all the comfort imaginable, either break fast. dinner or supper, from six cents up to any given price Ar*ni we say at any time en peiiuis: bv, Ju.! drop in md test !Do qialjty, .mj jui&e of the quantify tad prices fur > our u?n Mtimcttaa. Of*a mi fudtvi. lit lm*t RED SULPHUR SPRINGS, MONROE CO.. VA. This celebrated watering place wiit be open the next luintnrr, M usual, for the reception of vl iters. It* fame iu the relief and cure of pulmonary dimiei, extending over a period of fifty mrt, la so sustained by facta and evidence, that it no longer admit* of dispute. For the ex tent and peculiarity of it* medicinal virtues; however, the reader la referred to a work on " The Mineral Springs of western Virginia," by Wm. Burke, to be had at Wiley fc I Putnam's. The object of thia advertisement ia to ur that ar rangement* are inwle to accommodate visiters in the most comfortable manner, and tlta: they will be treated with uni form courtesy and kindueaa, while the charges will be found as moderate as at the most moderate of the aprings. There will tie a respectable physician in attendance. The road* are in good order, and the beautiful Turnpike Road to the Blue Sulphur will have >tages upon it plying between the iwo Spring*, which w ill afford an opportunity of viaitiug, ui a week, all the Spring* of VVeitern Viixiuia. I?my2 1m*rc TllV: PROPRIETORS. HON SEJOUR. THE SU BSCRIBER ha* the pleasure to annonuce that hi* hou*e, at Bergeu Point, i* now open for public accoin enmmodatiou. A hotel on the Jersey side lias long been a de aideratum which i* now supplied. The house (the old Me lany mansion) has beau re-fitted in elegant style, with many uew rooms and other important additions. The grottnd* are beautifully laid out, and what with luxu riant shrubbery, cliarming walks, agreeable drives, and plea sant boating, the place will challeuge competition with any rural residence. Families who wish to pas* a cool and quiet summer, can be provided with rooms or suits of apartments at their choice. Fish of almost every variety abouud iu the " Kill*,' andphe neighboring woods are uot deficient in|gaine. The steamer Passaic, plviug betweenNew.Vork and Newark, stoos at the landing, in front of the house, four times a day, and the citixen* of New York cannot fiud a more beautiljyl drive than that betweeu Jersey City and Bergen Paint. In flue, all visiters, customer* ana boarders, may be assured that no |>ains will be spared to make the place merit the ti tle giveu it of old?Bon Sejour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. The Passaic, for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclay street at 16 A. Si. and I P. M., landing ill front of the above place. The Port Richmond boat leaves pier ,No. I at 9, 12, and 6 o'clock. At Tort Richmond there will he boats in attend ance MjConvay passengers, and land them at the house. m2 lm*r HAMILTON HOUSE, AT THE NARKOWSl THIS ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT having under gone thorough repairs and improvements, will be open for the reception of Boarders on the first of May, under the di rection of the subscriber, who has been connected with the management of the hotel for the last two or three years. The principal rooms have been newlv carpeted, and the whole house painted and put in excellent order. No pains or ex pense will he spared by the present proprietor to make his guests comfortable in everyway. For terms, be .address the subscriber, at Fort Hamilton. _mllm*r THOMAS MEINF.LL. EUTAW HOUSE, BALTIMORE. THIS splendid Hotel has been lately re-fitted and furnished in the most complete and.elegant manner, by Messrs Jack son St Cranston, and, after the 30tn April, when it opens to the public, will be open for the reception of guests. The experi ence of Mr. Cranston as host of the Rockawsy Pavilion, and of Mr. Jackson, at the Exchange Hotel, Baltimore, and at the Astor House, New York, is a guarantyfof the style in whieh the " Eutaw will be kept. The location is the best in the city of Baltimore. The Pavilion, at Rockaway, L. 1., will remain under the charge of Mr. Cranston, who, during the summer months, will be happy to see his old friends at this favorite wa tering plrcr. *?i lm*r PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. BLANCARD has the honor to inform his friends and ? the public that the above establishment having been re fitted ana put in excellent order, he is prepared to treat with families and parties who wish to engage apartments during the ensuing season. The Pavilion will lie opened some time between the Uth and the Wth of May, of which due notice will be given. a27 lw*r JlANSION housT .MIDDLETOWN CONNECTICUT. HE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to his friends and the public, that lie has leased the above honse for a term of years, and hopes, by long experience and strict attention to business, to merit a liberal share of their patron age. JOHN L. MONROE, mr8 3m*rc Formerly of the U. S. Hotel. Boston. THE SHADES HOTEL, ft! Readc Street, West Side of Broadtcay. THE Subscriber respectfully inform* hi* friend* and the public, that he has lately opened the above Establish ment, in a style superior to any other house of the kind iu the city of New York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to his numerous friends and customers, while proprietor of "The Shades," iu Thames street, he Hatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may potronise him in hi* new esta blishment, while no effort ou nis part will be wanting to merit the continuance of their patronage. The usual relishe*. Chop*, Steak*, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Eggs, tcc., will be served up in a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as well as a full supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS. ml8 lm*rc T 1Y1 in the world. Steel from 3 10 5 emu per inch; copper fenm 1)4 to 3 cent* per inch; Plate* from 2 to 40 inches; Card rute? ft* to Ma HI doaw). A Urge stock alway* 00 lj??^ and ready for orders at amoment'anotiee,^ sent by Adams press. Manufactured by JOHN BHUOt, mrl3 lm'r and tt Piatt atreer, New York. HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON\HO USE. ^!I3 Chntnnt Street, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS juat introduced?Warm and Cold?in hue apart ment., for both ladies and gentlemen; and the entire or gwiization and fitting up of every department of the Waahiiig tou Home, complete. mf7 'm rc NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. f|N and after Friday, May lit, 1*46, the cari will ran u fol Leave'city Hall for Yorkville, Harlem, and Morri.ia na atV 8,9,10. and 11 o'clock, A M.; 1, I. 3^. 4*. J, f? and 6>,o'c(ock, P.Si. Leave City Hall for *ordhnm and Wil liam.' Bridge, at 7, 10, and II o'clock, A.M.; 2, J},. 5, and 6>? o'clock, P.M. Leave City Hall for Hunt a Briige, Broni, Tuckahoe,'} Hart'. Corner, and White 1 lain., at 7 and 10 o'clock. A.M.; 2 and 5 o'clock, P.M. Leave H?lem and Yorkville at 7 10, 8 10, 9, 10. aud it 10 o'clock. A.M.; U 40, 2 3 10. J 10, JV?, 6 10. and 7 o'clock, P.M. Leave William* Bridge and Fordham at 6V, 7J{, and I0*i ojclock, .A.M.; 1 ^ . 2V, ?V; and JJ4 o'clock. P.M? LeaveJwhUe Plain* at7 and9 o'clock, A.M.; 2 and i o'clock, P.M. The freight tratnwjll leave the City Hall at I o'clock, P.M., and leave Wh e Plain* at 1 o'clock in the mornini. ,,Ou Sunday*, the White Plain. Tram will leave the City Hall at 7 A.M., and i . P.M., will leave White Plain* at 7 A.M., and6 P.M. On Sunday*, the Harlem and William*' Bridcr Tram* will be regulated according to the state of the weather. **11 lm rc SPRING GOODS. WM. Y- JIBNNINOS k CO., Draper* and Tailor*, Import er* t/vloth., Cas*imere., Ve.ting*, Fancy Dre** Arti cle*, kc., 231 Broadway, opposite the Fountain, are prepared for the apring trade with the mo*t eitenuve a**ortinent ol good* they have ever offered for inspection,comprising r reach and English cloth., caaaimer* in variou* new ?tyle?; vetting, in great variety, which will be made up to order, through the aid of a* cfficieut a corp* of cutter* a* can be found in the noun try, at price* that have given a character to the e*tabli*hment r?InmreferencoC|o5"taloooi,in which *o lew ??er. eicel, we could obaerve that the attention directed to thi* department mutt continue to offer inducements to those who appreciate a fit. combining ease and elegence. In addition to the usual awprtment of *?pl k? trade, we hare alwaya on hand dress and rock coats, rests, bu* line** coat., and fancy dre** article*, including *earl*, cravat*, handkerchief*, glove*, *u*pender*, linen and niu?lin *nirt?, collar*, bo*om?, fcc. ??? "" r PURE WATEK?^TONE'S IMPROVE!. PREMIUM JT Water Kilter*.?The*# filter* not only clarify but purify the mo*t turbid water, rendering it perfectly *alubrtous, by di re.ting it of all putrid vegetable and animal matter, animalcu la, ice. The filtering properties of tin* ap|*ratua are *o great that even water impregnated with *oap, tobacco, kc., Icc., i* 1 rendered perfectly tasteless, no odor iuid of a bright, enrysta line clearnea*. Can be *een in operation, and rorsale at Btoue and Brother*'Croton Plumbinge*tabli*hment, 390 Broadway.. *22 lm*r JOHN WHITAKER. v L IK JOHN WHITAKER. late of Thorp, near Skipton, York ?hire, England, will call upon the suWribers, '0,1 ward to them hi* addres* by mail, he will learn aomethuig ol '^r^rc""1 ""a^&^coogiLL grAV. 290 nh ... ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, MADE from the be.I material*, and| the'Jiniah equal to any in the world. Steel from 3 to 1 eenu per inch; copper '-->mJto 40 inches;. C?? itock always oa ice. and .ent bv JOVIN BRUCl itt atreet, New 1 TASSELS, CUITABLE for trimmiug hat*. cap*, blind*, shade*, pic O tures, sofas, umbrella*, parasols, cloaks, aprons, sleeve*, (%"?'j !:?!?."iVvSam. ml6 lin*m 67 Maiden lane, corner of William at. ' Dngnrrreotypc Apparatu*. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 12 Naa*au Street, HAS constantly on hand. French. Oerman and American Instrument*. Coating Boies, Mercury Bath., and all the other material used by operators, are manufactured under hi* inspection, t hemicals. Mate*, Case., Quick.toff, kc., lcc. Lenae* Oround to order. Thermometer* and Surveying Com pa*?e* manufactured for the trade. . Magneto Electric Machine*, of approved construction Tor medical purpo*e*. ml" lm rc TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIOEON k CO., 341 We.t street, Re-finisher* of < Cloth*. Cassimeres and Satinet*. The gold mt-dsl has been awarded to H. M. for the improvement re-finuhing ^Refers t'?VeV.r*. Wolcott k Slade, 63 Pine Mreet; William C Langley k Co., Si Exchange Place, corner of Broad *treet; and to D. Brigham k Co., 60 Piue street, where order* may be |tft. myl lm'r BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS, FOR Kitchburg. Keene, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Wiadior, Woodstock, Motitpeiier, and Burlington, Vt., and the < anada*. All Package., Parrels, and business, t# any of the ?kov# town* or any part of the we?tem iwrtioa of Wew Hampshire wd Vermont, will be faithfunv atten-led to, if directed to the care of | ^0?l^t?BV^,011. N.B.?Be .ure to mark Tackagr. to care of "Bigelow* Eipre..." iMfC ALEXANDER'S TSlC(U1APHE. A NEW AND INVALCABLE plHf OVERY, being a# A Liquid Dye, which changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, w 'thoutinj hair or .kin. The great superiority of tin* dyeconstsM m its ea.y mode of application and in.tantaneou. effect-all other d\ *'? requiring fr. m ten to twelve hour.e to' ^ change. It. .uperior eicellence will be apparent to every one iiiKin a .ingle application. Eilract from thr IMiiladelnlii* Daily S4n:?Ai.?i*"<nr** TmtonsrMi:.?The effect of the shore on the hair ?* onishing. It w?? tried yesterday in our office, ajid the change from arey to black was in.untaneous. . , Ejtract from the 1'hiladelphia Daily Forum:?Several of our acyuainianee. have recently apulitd to their hair tbe iaU uable Liquid Dye known as Aleianders Tricobaphe, a new and V.ilunl'le discovery; and it h?* in no ca*e f*'|ed to P'?4"c.* tl.r de.ired eflVct. Immediately after .pplying it to srey hair or *hi?ker?, it impart* a beautiful brown or black color. KorVale by Rn.F.ton k Co.. drnggisU, 110 Broadway;. 10 A* tor Honse, and R.W Br.iadway, corner llth ?t[??t; A*plnwal|' ^"incitfdra^ throughout the United street, *29 Im? rc BILLIARDS AT ST. LOLLS. . A An K.icellent opportunity for '.nj? ?an to niirchm*?e three or four new Billiard Tjbl t. T hire a Ar.t rate room, ? bv 21 feet, in a new openrd (to crowded home*, and doing a .ma.hing ? mintiulap* every day and evening,) by aneof the^mort F?P" lar men in thi. country, who wa. formerly ?n,,r lr[! , city, and give, the beat of New Y ork ctv reference. I be ta bias are now making and almost fiuuheil, by A'J prr*on who h<u a ra.ii capital of SI.'iOO to go on with the bnsi ne??. can make from to SI0,l>0p * yeir, *? their price* lor play lug are donble thai of oara. Plca.e call on Oti* r leld. at Baaaford's old rooms?^entrance 1 *. Ann or 119 I1 ulton street, where specimens of the table bttildiug for St. Louia are np lor Billiard Table*, Cloths, Balls, Cnes, Chiuesc and French Cue leathers, kc. kc., for sale aa above. a2T 2W f M A Hot i AN V ."ROME WOOD, ""jfCiRAWiMH). k-'. FOR SALK CH%AP, byE. a. ST vcy, No. MWn..?ter street, between Broome and Spring sta. The ?t??ck t, composed of a large assortment of crotch, mottled and shtdea y Vetiecra, R?.' twood Manog.'uy. iJcbrawood, Bird ? 1. e Mi; i* wl Ul-scV Walnut L^ Board, PUuk. JoUt,kc.. kc. onfl? W?ral i.sonment of lumbar, ninallv Wri t ? mw ui this ?ii3im*ra AUCTION NOTICES. H- *} WILLARD k w ' wR8HIRLKY, Auctioneer* WW ."i" 't1*'' personal attention to the Malts of Huiw T? hold l urniture at the residence of families declining hoitsekcepitig.Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, and salesol lteal Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli c,t. I'V-'l! luul tl>* public. consignment* to their I SALES ROOM. 161 BROADWaV, until May 1st, when I they Will move to the sptcious store, No. 17 Wall street, late I Atlaas hipress Office. all lin*m MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS and D? DEALERS IN PERFUMERY. o NOT be afraid to purchase in broad- 1 WAl ?The subscriber offers the most complete assort- ; nient of perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Colognes. Extracts, kc. ! ? 7 lo If' *?nt. cheaper than any other house | in tli? I-? iled Sutcs. lu order to convince yourselves he iu- i yites you to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. I ? , J , E. ROUSSEL, Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery, Soaps, kc., 169 Broadway, between Liberty and Courtlandt streets. .. , ali lm*r NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, Jee. AT WHOLK8ALK AN1) RETAIL, CHEAP FOR CASH?J. O. FOWLER, 250 Greenwich street, ciwner of Murray, and 428 Greenwich, corner of Vesey, has just re ceived from the late sales, a lance and splendid assortment of fresh Green and Black Tea, and Family Groceries of all the varioas kinds, all of which are offered at reduced vrices.? good green Tea at JO cents |ier lb.; fine Ooolong Maud 62 1-2 cents; very fine Y'ouug Hyson at 75 rents; best old Java Cor fee 12 1-2 cents per lb.; Sumatra do. 10 cents; good dairy But ter 12 1-2 ceuu per lb.; bleached Lamp Oil 75 cents per gallon; SperMCandles 25 cents. Also, a large assortment of line white, yellow aud brown Sugar, of all the various kinds. a25 lm*rc ^ FANCY NEEDLE-WORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE, IMPORTER OK ZEPHYR WOOL, CANVASS, PAT TERNS. BEADS, FRINGES. GIMPS, kc.. M JOHN STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?H. L. takes this method of informing the trade and public generally that he has taken the above store, and is prepared to offer an extensive,stock in his liae, selected by himself, in Europe, with especial refer ence to quality and novelty; and bydiis arrangements, feels confident that his prices cannot fail of commanding a share of public patronage. He is now opening many articles entirely new in the mjijket, and res|<ectfully solicits a call. m2H lm*rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY k K A H N, IMPORTERS .53 NASSAU STREET, UP STAIRS, hate received, by late arrivals from their house in Paris, and offer for sale, a very large and choice selection of the NEWEST STYLES OK ARTlCfciAL KLOWER8, in bunches, wieatha, sprigs, garlands, kc., kc., together with a most extensive assortment of MATERIALS KOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS, embracing a variety unsurpassed in richness and extent by any other importation. Also?Artificial dowers by the case, imported expressly for the jobbing and country trade. m21 lm*r artifIciaiTflower^ EVOELKNER begs leave to acquaint his friends and . customers, that his elegant stock of Artificial Flowers, both French and American manufacture, has not received the least injury by the late fire at 128 William street, as the goods were removed in time. E. V. will continue to sell wholesale rand retail, at the lowest prices, at 128 William street, and begs dealers to inspect his stock before buying elsewhere, al lm*rc N E W T a R 1 F P . IMPORTANT NEWS to Shippers of Grain and other Farm Produce to Great Britain. A uew law having passed the Legislature, admitting the im portation of foreign corn and provisions at a very low rate of duty, an opportunity will be given to those who are desirous to snieto the Glasgow market, to open a good connexion with the subscriber, who ha? been fifteen years in the Grain and Provision trade ; and as there has hitherto been none of any importance, or who had any practical know ledge of that trade in Glasgow, a better opportunity could not be desired by re spectable houses to form a connection in that market. Liberal advances will be given to their shippers. From the subscriber's long experience and knowledge of the Grain and Provisiou Trade, and also his friendly intimacy with the buyers, a large and respectable trade may be calcu lated U|>oll. The subscriber begs to refer shipper* to Mr. A. H. Kiiilay, Astor House. ROBERT ROBERTSON, m28lm*r 83 Union street, Glassgow. TO TAILORS. 'pilOSK who wish to attain a complete knowledge of the J. art of cutting all the various styles of garments worn ?t the present time, would do well to obtain Stinemet's work on the subject, which is universally allowed to be com plete-?he price of wqich is from 8 to 10 dollars per copy ; the difference iu price being wholly iu the binding. To be had ofthe author, No. 113 Broadway, New York. all lm*r CAST OKK CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN having any cast off clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtaiu a fair cash price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, at his residence, No. 69 Duaue street, or through the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. M. S. COHEN. N. B.?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. M. S. COHEN. ?I5 lm*r NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM. MATTHIES8EN, 127 Fulton street, invites the in spection of the public to his choice stock of Freuch Black and colored Cloths and Cassimers, Vestings, of all va rieties, suitable for spring trade, which are now to be sold low for cash. Customers desiring to have ELEGANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would do well to have their garmeuts cut by the efficieut cut ters of this establishment, who are capable of giviug as neat a fitting garment as the most fastidious can desire. All articles of small wear continually on baud, Shirts, espe cially. Remember the number, 127 Fulton street. al6 lm*r WM. MATTHIES8EN. GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. PETER ROBERTS liu received by lata arrival*, and offers cheap-* EMBROIDERIES. Needle-work C'apei from $1 M to $23. French work'd Collari 75 centi aud upward*; Embroidered Lawn Hhdkl*. from S3 to $20 ; Dresses, ueedle-work and Tambour, from S3 to >30. LAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tape, hem'd atitch, Rivierr, Fancy and colored borders. MUSLINS. Book, Mull, Jaconet. Swiss, plain, striped and cheek'd Organ die, Tarlatan, Striped and embroidered for Curtains. HOSIERY AND OLOVES. Black and white Silk fioae ; do. with cotton topa j ailk em broidered at 8a. per pair ; very fine Lisle thread, oneu work, SG per dozen ; fine unbleached cotton, open work, $3 to $3 7}, (reoomniended aa remarkably cheap;) plain work cotton, a most eicellent article at $3 per doxen, usually sold at $3 73.? A most excellent assortment of Liale Thread, plaiu and em broidered Silk (iloves of all aixes. LACES. Capes, real and imitation. of the lateat and moat faahionable styles ; Veil*, black and white, ip cliantilly Brussels point malinet, point d'Alencon and other varieties, Regency Meek lin. Valenciennes, line English Thread Laces and Edgings ; rich black Bruaada and imitation Lacea of every description, for trimming, flouncing, lie., kc.; Linen bobbin Edgings and Inaertings. A lot nf Muslin trimmings, ladies ' Morning Caps, lace Cap Crowns, Muslin Capes, received from auction, will be aola 23 rca < enT I'NDtn the co?t o?- iMroRTATio*. No. 373 Broadway, 2d April, 1116. a7 I in* rrc MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, 37 Maiden Lane, N. Y., MANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Curls,1 Seams, Bandeau and Braid Hair, Danguy's celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches lour,, and a new style of Everlaating Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N.B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. mr22 lm*m ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY having completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders for pure White Lead, both Dry and Uround in Oil, to almost any extent that may be wanted. The Company have spared no expense in the erection of the Works which would tend, in the least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed themselves of every modem improvement for that purpose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent leads sold in our market, that by far the greater proportion sold as such has been, and still ia greatly adulterated with article of mineral production, mach heavier than White Lead, and in itaelf possessing no virtue of any pigment whatever, it being, w hed mixed witn oil, almost transparent, and in fact, having nothing but it* specific weight to recom mend it, the Truateea ofthe Atlantic White Lead Company have passed, unanimously, the following resolution, vix;? (^"Resolved, Thai in view of manufacturing only a prime article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but one quality of White Lead^ both Dry and Ground in Oil; that to be a strictly pare, genuine article, and perfectly free from any adulteration whatever, which the Compaiy will warrant as such to all who may purchase their Lead." Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every de pendence may be placed in the purity of every pound of White Leadjhnanufactured and sold by the Company, which pureness win not only tend to the greater durability of the Paint, but will be found much more economical in ita use, even in the moat common description of painting, owing to the body or covering quality it poaaes*ea, thereby giving a far better finish with two coats, than the adulterated White Paint would with three, of which every painter will bear w it ness. The Company also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a variety of Paints Oronnd in Oil, viz:? Verdigris, Black Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Paria Oreen, Brunswick Oreen, lie., lie. Having been appointed Ueneral Agent* for the Company, all orders should be directed to us. POLLEN It COLGATE, f 7 2m#r 217 Pearl atreet, corner of Beekman street. nnn HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOARS, OOUjUvU and Havana Tobacco? 360.OOu Rionda, all sizes, 30,000 Emularion, 1st, 30,000 Lafayette, 130,000 Esprranza, 20,000 Regalia, 1115,000 La Victoria, 1st, 100,000 Principe, 30.000 Lafayette, pressed, 10.000 Esculapio, do 13,000 Europe, 2.'>,0tH|San Roman, lit, 30 bale* Tobacco, The whole entitled to bebenture, and in lots to suit purcha sers. For sale by B. M P1CABIA. mr22 lin*m 117 Front ?treet, near Wall, up *tair*. TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. A LARUE assortment of China Onus Fishing, Lines, and Salmon and Trout Hilk Worm (Jatt, to suit city or coun try dealers. Ever) artirle in fi*hini( tackle will he fonnd at reasonable CONROY'S Fishing and Sporting Tackle Establishment, 32 Fnlton *t.. ci'rnerof<iiff. alltn'rli OIL PAINTINGS. HENRY BENT respectfully inform* gentlemen and the trade, that in future he will carry on tne bu*ines* of Lin ing Picture* only, which will lie executed (aa hitherto) in the be?t possible manner. References given if required 2J3 Broad* way. New York. <a23lm*re. TAKE NOTJ6E. THE Subscriber having made arrangements, and considera bly enlarged hia premise*, is now ready to do all kinds of Blackamith and Machtae work in general on the most reasona ble terms, at the shortest notice. N. B.?To Saddlers and others?100 ?et. of harness on hand, for sale. O. BRADSHAW. a22 lm*m 231 It 233 Spring street. NOTICE. NOTIC E is hereby given to all persons having bought stone from Laimbeer's Quarry, at Kipp's Bay, formerly occu pied hy Messrs. Mott ? Knowton, that the account* of the Quarry will be settled by R. R. I.aimheer, at the Office at the (lurry. . , WILLIAM L AIM BEER. Dated thi* Hth day of April, WIS. *2') Im'rc TO BE SOLD. 'ft _ A splendid pair of Black Horses, full tails, six /twt"^re?r? old, perfectly sound, and kind in all harneas. Will go together in four miuutes, one will go sin gle in three minute*. Both good saddle horses, and one Car rie* a lady. Alto their wagon and haroe?s, nearly new. They will be *ent for trial to any addre** that may be left with Mr. ( nwaa, Ilorse Basaar, Crosby street, N. Y. my3 It ? r TAPBCOTT'H GENERAL E.\fl< IRAtlON OFFH E, 73 South street, New York, and 96 Wa JMloo Koad, Liverpool.?Persons sending for their IriendB in any part of th? nl<| country, CM makr the neCtMa* ry arrangement* with the subscriber*, on reasonable terms, to hare theni brought mil. ia THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 1 he Sinn* comprising this line are, it i* well known, uo* surpassed hv any, and their immense siae (all being 1000 i>ms, ami upwards) render* them more comfortsble awl c.inve nient than shim of a smaller clasa ; and the greaie*t reliance may be placed in their punctuality in sailing. The subscrib er* are alio itteafk for the St. Ororge and Union Line* of Liverpi il ,Pitkit in iii' .,f whit h y inagc can be Mgaf<4 <r Urth'.r wr.cijan apply to _.. T. TAl'fcCQTjT nSc?ti>ir , cor. Mtidanlu* on rt jsooabl* tt rm? F< r i_. W k J.T.fA! ! AXtlBUITB. PARK THEATRE.?Monday evening, May 4th will be I'frformrd LOVE'S SACRIFICE? Matthew Ulmore, Mr. li. Vaudenhuff; Eugeue De Lorme, Bland; Marga ret El I more, Mr*. Mowatt; Hermine de Vermont, Mrs. .Ab bott. To conclude with the Kirrr of MV FELLOW CLERK ?Tactic, Mr. G. Barrett; Mr*. I)ob*on, Mr*. Vernon. Boxen, first tier. 74 cents; second and third tiers, 40 Cents; Pit. 40 rent*; Gallery, ij cent*. Door* open at 7 o clock?performance to commence at pre cisely 7l, o'clock. BdVVKHY THEATRE.?Monday Evening. May till, will I be performed the GAMESTER- Mr. Stukely, Mr. J. R. I Scott; Mr. 2>rverly, Mr. Davenport; Mr*. Beverly. Mr*. U. : Jones; Charlotte. Mr*. Phillip*. To conclude with the if rand | national drama of the TltAlTOR?(ten. Washington. Mr. j Clarke; Ichabod, Mr. Dareu|iort; La Fleur Savoyl, Mr*. G. Jone*; Patty, Mr*. Sargeaut. 'IT" Loner Bote*, 40 rent*; second and third tiers, 24 ct*.; Pit and Gallery, 12>, rent*. Door* open at 7 o clock?Curtain w ill ri*e at half pail *even o'clock. NEW GREENW1CH THEATRE.?Monday Evening, May 4th, will be performed the drama called the PEO PLE'S LAWYER?Solon Shingle, Yankee Hill; Robert Howard, Mr. Duff; (trace, Miss E.Wood. To be followed bv CUT AND COME AGAIN?Return Strong, Yankee Hill; Betty , Mi** Julia Drake. To rouclude with the TWO GREGORIE8? Mr. Gregory, Mr. W. Chapman; John Bull, Mr. Plumer; Franchette, Mi** J. Drake. fTT" Dres* Circle or Balcouy, 40 cent*; Upper Boxe*, 24 cent*; Pit, 12), ceut*. Door* open at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at half pa*t 7 o'clock precisely. PACMO*8 OPERA HOUSE. CHAMBERS STREET. Open Every Night.?Christy's ETHIOPIAN MIN STRELS respectfully announce that they.will Continue, until further notice, their popular and inimitable Perform ance* which are nightly honored with crowrded and delight ed audience*, composed of the elite and faihiou of the city. Admission 24 cent*. Door* open at 7 ; commencing at I o clock. Trhate bote* aud seat* nu> be obtained on applica tion at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. " s 1 liange of programme every evening. my3 lwi**r C ASTIjK uakdkn. TSACRED MUSIC AND SUNDAY CONCERTS. HE proprietors of the above splendid establishment, have made arrangement* for the performance of TWO GRAND CONCERTS, To take place on Muiidny Afternoon and Evening, May 3, Upon which occasion, the GRAND ORCHESTRA of this establishment will perform a (election of Sacred Music, from the best ancient aud modern composers?th* whole un der the direction of C. W. ME YRER, Jr., Leader and Musi cal Director. PROGRAMME. raiiT i. 1?Grand Overture Kalliwoda 2?Adante Religion) Kuffuer 3?Grand Choru* Euryantlie Von Weber 4?Sinfoui a Krommer part it. 1?Grand Overture , Marachner 2?Adante?Mote* on Mount Sinai, fir*t Introduc tion in thi* country David 3?Quintet t Mozart I?Grand Allegro finale Haydn Afternoon Concert to commence at o'clock. Evening at 7), o'clock. Admittance 12}, cent* each. During the whole day the *plendid and extensive Saloon will be thrown open to vi*itcr*, who may enjoy them*elve* by viewing the romantic seenery of land and water spreading in every direction, a* 24 doorway* lead to the upper covered platform*, aud an extensive entrance to ate promenade on a let el with the sea. will enable the lover of nature to examine the mo*t beautiful prospect in New York. Seat* and conve niences are everywhere to be found for tho*e who are in clined to meditate or read alone. ml 3t*rr. MR. EDWARD L. WALKER, HAS the honor to announce that he will give his First Concert in New York on TUESDAY EVENING, May 4th, at the BROADWAY TABERNACLE, On which occasion he will perform on his patent HARMONIC GRAND .PIANOFORTE, Made expressly for him by ( 'hirkeriug. He will be assisted by MissJLLIA L. NORTH ALL, Mr. W; J. DAVIS,and .... , .... Mr- GEORGE LODER. I ickets 40 cents?to be had at the usual places. Door* open at 7?Concert commences at 8 o'clock. inl 4tis*r m u li c a l it on ue~ IA. P. HEINRICH. THE undersigned respectfully announces to the citizens of New York aud it* vicinity that he has made arrange ment* for the production of a few of the most prominent com positions of A. P. HEINRICH, FEsq., upon a scale of gran deur seldom equalled in this or any other country. The entire net proceeds to be deposited for the BENEFIT of that veteran Author. The CONCERT, Comprising the following excellent programme, will take place on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 6th'MAY inst, at the TABERNACLE, Commencing at 8 o'clock precisely, under the direction of MR. GEORGE LODER PART FIRST. 4. A Monumental Symphony?" To the Spirit of Bee thoven," writteu for a grand orchestra. An Echo from America, to the inauguration of the monument at Bonn.?Organo, Mr. Beames. Pia nofortes, Messr*. H. C. Timm and W. A. . A. P. Heinrich. 2. 1 lie Maid of Honor laughing at Love," a concer tante for voice and pianoforte. Madmc Otto and Mr. H. C. Timm A. P. II. 3. Song? ' The Parting." Mis* J. L. Northail A. P. H. 4. Sacred Song?" We wander in a Thorny Maze, ' from the Oratorio of the "Pilgrim*." Mr*. E. Loder.?Organo. Mr. W. A. King A P. II. 4. Embarkation March and Choru*?" The Adieu of the Pilgrim*." Solo part* by Mr*. E. Loder. Miss E. Watson, Messrs. Watson, Masset, and Leach A. P. H. , PART SECOND. 6. The W aahingtouiad, or the Djeeds of a Hero," an American Festive Ouverturr, introductory to the third part of the Oratorio of the " Pil grims," entitled " The Consummation of Ame rican Liberty.''?Organo, Mr. W. A. King A P. H. 7. " linoinda," an Indian Love Song. Madame Otto and Mr. H. C. Timm A. P. H. 8. " The Valentine"?Duetto Scherzautc. By a lady and gentlrman A. P. II. 9. Song with Orchestra?" Sweet i* the Balm." Mi** E. Watson A. P. II. 10. Coro di Caccia, or Hunting Choru*, "The Ya ger'* Adieu."?Solo part* by A. P. H. For thi* occasion nearly all the beat vocal and instrument*! talent of the city have generously volunteered their valuable services. Tickets, FIFTY CENTS each, may be obtained at the Srincipal music stores, at the stores of Ssxton It Miles, 204 roadway ; G. F. Nesbitt, corner of Wall and Water streets; at the door on the evening of performance, and of my3 4t*isr H. MEIGGS, 440 Broadway. A. SI(i. DK NORONHA'S GRAND CONCERT, WHICH *u announced for Wednesday last. wan, on ac count of the very unavorable Mate of th? weather, postponed to ITUE8DAY, MAY Sth, intt. when it will be given at the APOLLO SALOON. 8r. De Noronha will hare the honor to perform several of his own comi>ositions, and will be assisted by Madame OTTO and Mr. H. C. TIMM ; ?ls<*>y a full Orchestra, led by Mr. U.C.HILL. Tickets $1 each, to be obtained at the principal music stores, and at the door on the evening of performance, my 3 3t*rc Atlantic garden is no wo pen for this SEASON.?Oodworth's Cornet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday eveniugs, commencing June 2nd, at > o'clock. Admittance free. iny'J 3m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. OPERA HOUSE. PROPOSITIONS for renting the Opera House and Arcade Baths, in Chambers street, will be received at 6> Leonard street, or 36 South street, up stair*. a2S Iwis'rc PIANO FORTES. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers'ware-room, No. 3tt Broadway, for a superior and warranted acticle. al7 lm*r HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUNS. W. SPIES ft CO., having removed to 91 Maiden Lane, offer a large and well assorted stock of Hardware, Cut lery, (inns and Gun Materials, by the recent importations, at citrcmely low prices for cash or approved paper, s2 lm?fh NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Bonnet, are prepared to supply the 3^ trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which they received two silver medals at the last two Fairs of the American Institute, and which for style and finish are unsur passed. They warrant them to after and clean equal y t new. Apply to PATTISON, NOE <c CO., 24 Delaacyst., a7 1 in is * r or Vyse It Son, corner Pine and Pearl. L,AI>IKS FANCV FASHIONABLE STRAW ?KjJII ATS?Paris Straw (iimn Hats, of the latest shape, for J* sale at CARL KING'S, No. 17 Divisiou street, at $2 M each. N. B.? A general assortment of Straw Hats and Paris Rib bon*. at the most reasonable prices. n2l Im'rc CARL KINO, 17 Division street. SPRING FASHION. r* BROWN It CO., 171 Chatham Square, comer of Mott JPBstreet, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and finish of their S3 Hats, combin. ing fashion, beauty and durability, three important considera lions to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their hats to be much superior to any ever before aold for the same price. Call and satisfy yourselfof this fact. mW lm*rh sl,K1 NO STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. fl WHY will you pay t< 50 and $3 for a Hat, when yon Jpk can go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, And get as good one for $3 10 ? Oo, and eiamine for your selves. mrll Im'rc GENTLEMEN'S HATS?SPRING STYLE. Bird, corner pine and Nassau streets. Oentlemeii's Hats.of the Spring pattern, uniting mnch elegance and beamy of ?ti le, sre now ready for etaininatioa ann sale, by the subscriber, BIRD, inrJl liri're (. orner of Tine and Nassan streets. GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHION. ("? BEAVER AND SILK H ATS of the best quality and most approved sha|<es, sre now ready for inspection and sale at the old established price*. Best Heaver $1 10 Best Silk 4 (to ROWE, Merchants' Eichange, al7lm?rrc <0 William si reel. MfcTkoPOLlTAN HAT AND < Al' STUKK, NO. 271 12 GRAND STREET. r? PLUNKETT k CO., hate just opened thi? new estab Jpslnhment with a splendid assortment of HATS sn<l CAPS, not to be surpassed either ui quality, elegance of sha|w or du rability, which they offer to the public at the follow ing very low prices s? H*ti. First quality Nutria Fur, at ...93 Sn Second do do do do 3 on Fint quality Moleskin, do 3 oo Second do do do ...3 10 Cars from 37)^ cents to tl 74 each. Wholesale and retail, orders .punctually attended to, and customers'hats ironed and kept in shape gratis. _. a7 Im'rrc J. PL1JNKETT It R. PARDESSCS. EXCELSIOR. _ rl ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX. f* JPk HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY JJk UTFULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM. THE proprietor of thisestabliahment has recently added to hii eitensive stock of Spring goods, an .assortment of Moleskin Hats, ot'eiquisite finish and superior elegance. The nnco of tbete really superb srtieles is only f3 M, being 91 10 less than the same goods (manufactured in the same manner and of similar inntrrial) sre sold in Broadway. The secret of tins great dispsrity in price may lie easily conjectured. The advertiser's espentes tain* but a tithe of those of the more spler.did establishments in Broadway, he is in consequence enabled to offer goods of a corresponding description at lower rail--. a 21 lm*rc look at THIS! ? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you want a ffine article of Boots and Shoes, csll at 1*7 Broad low sncadf} dollars ? u !??? LATEST NEWS BY THE MAILS. Washington, May 1, MM6. The Mail Contractor*?Dinner at the National Hotel?SjKtchtt by Col. R. M. Johnton, Major Hobbie, Mr. IVathington, Mr. Brown, Hon. J. IVrntworth, Mr. Coleman, Col. Gardiner, and " the Doctor." j Some sixty or seventy mail contractors of the South Western mail contract district, |the letting* of which nrc now in the market, had a dinner at Coleman's last night, per order, of which the fol lowing is the bill of fare:? ?Ol'P. Vermicelli. Mock Turtle. run. Boiled Rock?oyster sauce. Bakod Bam, sauce piquant. bklikyees. t*euce Filet of Beef?Madeira sauce. Boiled Turkey?oyster Ham Glace?Champagne sauce. Beef Tongue. LOBSTEB SALAD. SIDE DISHES. Filet of Chicken?supreme au truffle. Mutton Chops?a la soubise. Larded Veal?sauce tomate. Paino de Volaille? ramie d'une salpicott. Chicken Liver?en nellerue. Tenderloin of Veal?au champignons. Boned Chicken?a lagelee. Baked Maccaroni?a la Milanaise. Sweet Breads?dans leurs glace. Pie?a la Bechamel. Chicken Croquette. Veal Chops?en lorgenette. Green Pease. Asparagus. Spinach. Nuvet.a la Chart ruse. Mashed Potatoes. Baked Potatoes. Turnips. Parsnips. BOAST. Saddle of Mutton?current jelly sauce. Lamb?mint sauce. Beef. Turkey. Chicken. rASTBV. Madeira Jelly. Rum Jelly. Charlotte Rasse. Bird-Nest Pudding. Damson Pies. Custard Pies. PYRAMIDS. Crustalle. Grapes. Marengo. rai'iT. Vanilla Ice Cream. Pink Ice Cream. Cam: it Liqvt:uR. AXCHOVY TOUT. Champagne, Madeira, kc. Doctor Marshall, of Kentucky, presided, assist ed by Gen. Hinton, of Ohio. A letter was read from the Postmaster General, regretting his inability to attend from indisposition. Col. 11. M. Johnson was toasted, and there was a unanimous call for " Old Tecumseh." Col. Johnson took the floor, and spoke to the following effect:?My fellow-citizens?It was a pleasure altogether unexpected to me, to be invi ted to meet with you this evening, and it was equally unexpected that I should have this eve ning the pow?r of addressing so intelligent a meet ing of my fellow-citizens. It is the more agrees bio when 1 consider that 1 liave retired to private lil'e, not exactly with my own consent, (general merriment) but from the necessities of the times, and a sense of duty, as I regarded it, to the inte rests of the country. As you have done me the honor to call upon me in such a flatter ing manner, I shall make a few remarks, though I cannot promise you they will be distinguished for any thing like oratorical display. I wan} born in the year 1781, a month after the defeat of Lord Cornwallis; I have lived among the great events of the times, and to some extent with the approbation of my fellow-citizens, have participated in them. And now, at tliis day, in the retirement of private life, though I am not foresworn against the service of my country,I look back with high, the high gratification of an Ameri can citizen to the glory which our beloved country has acquired, and to the great destiny which she is .commissioned, in the wisdom of Providence, to carry lout. (Cheers.) Look at the prosperity of the Republic. There is no example like it in tho annals of history. We have grown up a great em pire in the wilderness, and the blessings of civil and religious freedom are enjoyed by twenty mil lions of people. How can we compare the insti tutions of any republic to the institutions under which we livel Wlien we look at the republics of Greece and of Rome, we see they had nothing in them to sanction and cherish the independence of the people. This was in part from tlie ignorance of the times in which they nourished. But it is our pri vilege to live under other institutions; and in a day when the blessings of intelligence are diffused ' among all the people. And this brings me to the point in which you are interested?the means of communication with our fellow-citizens, through the agency of the mails and the mail-con tractors. With many of you I have the honor of a personal acquaintance, and to the extent of my knowledge there is not a more worthy class of our fellow-citizens than that class of which this meeting forms a part?(cheers) I might now proceed to give you a speech upon Texas or upon Oregon; but as party politics are not the suDject properly of a meeting composed of all political parties of our fellow:citizens?I shall decline any observations upon the subject of annexation, and also upon the question of 49, or 54 40, though I do hope that the question will be : settled without disturbing tho peace of the two countries. I will now conclude, gentlemen, these few remarks, by proposing yon a sentiment. And the gallant Col. accordingly submitted the follow ing 'Speedy mails?crowded mail-coaches, and low postage."?(Great cheering.) Major Hobbik was next called upon by a toast to his credit, and he promptly obeyed the call? and said that though this meeting was not compo sed of learned men, yet still they were men of let ters^ and though they had nothing to do with the Smithsonian institution, yet they were also engag ed in the honorable duty of "diffusing knowledge among men." The Major then proceeded into a graphic, and eloquent description and commentary upon the extensive field of operations of the mail contractors?their energy of character?their dis cipline of management?their struggles from pov erty to wealth and honor, and influence, through the force of their own pcrseverence; and at fre quent pauses, as if he were about to stop, the meeting insisted that he should "go on"?"go on." The Ma jor spoke most eloquently in favor of mail steam ships to Europe, ana closed with the follow ing sentiment:? The American mail-contractor by railroad, steamboats, post-coaches, sulkies, or on horse back?God speed him in his performance and in liis prosiierity. [Tremendous applause.l Mr. Pktkr G. Washington. Sixth Auditor, was next called forward. He spoke of the wonderful extent and minutice of the operations of the post uiiiivo illtvi nun niliivoj ? ivvviiuv iv?i mv wuwuvk of its extended fieki of operations, of four millions of dollars per annum. This was owing to the fideli ty of the postmasters and the mail contractors, and an example like it had never existed upou the face of the earth, and could exist no where else than here, where the citizen, knowing what is due to himself, knows also what is due to the government when called into its servioe. Mr. Washington closed with an admirable sentiment in behalf of the mail agencies of the Post-office department. Hon. Wm. G. Brown, second assistant post master general, was then demanded; and made a brief and pertinent speech. He said that ac cording to scripture, it is " from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaketh but he beg ged leave to say, while his heart was full, ho scarcely knew what to say, and then he went on and said some very good things, and closed with a very good toast. Hon. John Wkntworth, obedient to the requi sition of the meeting, said he would rather, at any time, make a speech than make an apology. He then went on to show the great power ana influ ence which might l>e exerted in the ]>olitical election*, by a combination of mail contractors; anil said, looking up toward old Teeuinseh, that if he were disposed to make a movement for the presidency, he would regard such a meeting as this a perfect god-send for a first demonstration. The speech of Mr. Went worth was received in high glee. Mr. Coleman, the host, was called upon to de fine his position, and macle a speech, which, as lie seldom takes the rostrum, we give m full "Gentlemen?Accept my thanks for your kind compliments, and be assured, that among all the guests whom it has been my duty and pleasure to reccive, none have ever been more heartily wel come tlian yourselves. It is as gratifying to me that there are no empty seats at my table, as it is to you that there shall be none in your coaches. Ana now, gentlemen, I hope you will ? whether postages are hign or low, and whether the Post Office Department pays its own way or not, it shall pay yours, and pay "? f_n__ Col. C. K. our city ed in a short spe<*clit charactcnwd with lus ufumi tfooil MnN mid Rcutc obwjrvntion. ^.e Doctor was called upon by the meeting to wind iip the debate; and after a speech upon mail facilities, from the deysof the patnarqhs down to Cave Johnson, he closed with an injttnc ion upon the contractors, that m all earn, and ..der ail circumstances, and contingencies, they .kniild exercise an especial care to deliver at the nost offices, the New York Herald, according to a term in their contract, " froe from wet or other The meeting, which began with a thunder storm, closed while yet the storm was raging. General Sat nders.?Romulus M Sauaders, ?? now 1a Wuhinctoa city, on hi* wsv to MMOd. whsne ho hsi rsceatlyWn SfpoWU?4 Mtaists* of ?? Unit* J Ittte*. _

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