Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1846 Page 3
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PuiuuiiiLMiiA_}*? Columbia Railkoau. Mo. Power. Total. I n.toi >1 30,633 a 19.(21 99 38.622 TO Wh**t> ?*? whieh range from 43a to 48* for rod. Tho roooipU of the Philadelphia and Columbia X*ll road iloM the 30th of November. IMS, have been as an nexed:? LRN? ^?' Aipouat per lut report.. .20,970 II Do. tor April, liw is 000 71 Wliole amount since No rtinber 30, 1813 30,770 82 40.487 20 88,238 03 Th? receipt! of the Mohawk and HuJton Railroad lompeny .Jfor the w eek ending April SO, 1840, show an excels of $090 66, compared with those for the coitos' ponding.week la April, 1843?an Increase of about twen ty threejper cent The receipts of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company for the first three weeks in April, 1840, show an excess of $479 so, compered with those for the corres ponding weeks in April, 1043?en increase of about tlx per oent. The receipts of the Buffalo and Niagara Falls Railroad for April 1843, and 1040, were as annexed :? Bitfalo and Niagara RtiuoiS. Gross-receipt* for April, 1843 $1,275 17 Cross receipts for April, 1846 2,334 23 Excess In 1840 $1,048 00 This increase amounts to nearly one hundred per oent Old Stock Exchange. s7?. '48 103 >13 ahs Nor k Wot RR SIMON 2000 N Ypwtefc, W ?MUX Y Suiebi, 1131 liioo Kentucky ti? 8000|O?io 7? 10000 Ohio ti?, "BO 12000 ^do 2000Tejin 3* 13000 U. do 3000 do i<M>i Bk Ameriee 24 Phenii Bank lOlBk Suit N Y inojMorru Canal ?*i do do do do ? 30 300 30 do 30 do 23 Centoo|Co 23 &> 00 Erie RR 83000 Reading Bds *10 73W 23 slu Nor It Wor Set 37 S M <jo b?? 38 23 do 73 do 23 do 100 East Boston 10o Reading RR 23 Canton Co do do do do do do do 73 Hatleu RR 130 do 830 L Island RR do do do do do do 100 Reading RR 100 do 100 do bio bl3 3Bi, 385? 38 38 W 38 S, 30 SOS' 38 %% 38 39: 1X0 41 Second Board. 30 shs L Island RR 200 do 30 Harlem RR 30 do 100 do 30 do 30 do 23 Canton Co 100 Morris Canal bso slO __ t60 39 *60 38 38 ?; *30 38 .60 71V T?N ? 10 70S TO* *8 09 blO 39 New Stock Exchange. 43 ah* Morri* Canal *fiO 16"< 30 Nor k Wore 30 Farmers'Trast Th 27(J Th V e 27 M 30'i b3 301? b30 30S blO 49V Fri 49S c 38W b3 38 *J 30 do 30 do 23 Harlem RR 23 do 00 do ti do 30 do 100 Nor St Wor 23 do 173 100 123 100 23 S3 73 100 23 30 do do do do do do do do do do btw 381* Th SBjJ e 3*S ?3 38V *?0 30'a b8 38C *3 38V Th 38St *3 58U S10- 38^ e 38 >4 Married, On Tuesday morning, by the Rev. Mr. Balch, Fa ah it Hollin*, of Baltimore, to Elizabeth C., daughter of Thomas A. Morris. Died. On Tuesday, 3th instant, of inflammation of the bow els, after a snort illness of two days, Thbmas Ootty, uged 60 years. His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend the funeral, at his late residence, 96 Morton street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. to- Pawtucket papers please copy. Ou the 6th Instant, Maar Auodsta, daughter of John J. and Ann B. Dean, aged 6 months. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral on Thursday ..afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from Ne. 169 Elm street . your ton John is at the office of William VrV,?...??iVl?1? mMmm ?? ? ? ? ray? 2t*r VW.U00 HAVANA & 1'IUNCIi'E SEUAKy. " li i :bl1" havana tobacco.u follow. ?_ te KS S?i Front it., near Wall.'np which ^8 "rkdLV~WILL 'Cot?? ?iCDr} JotoF^bi?" ?&? Sfeg?SE?j??^: I^)RE8AL&i,A'l' :~L^UK1!1 AT THIS ^fcrL"! X1 and rv.. r '*rIe, ui well-yentilaled BAR-ROOM So^^S^'^s^ssa '"?Rtema^r?'???.?vf--'! i^fcTO^faMsg dfttzzt B?te7a , A rfaittAXA1!^ TOBACCO LEAF. A BEAUTIFUL lot of Havana Tobaceo Leaf almost tuwTTffiEii ult?,Sbi5,?K the e't)r t"d<'- *f?"uf??. Ss^SEgggsss! tohn APPAIUT^ j will fad hi. preparation. now called Roach'. t&irklZHr F work with cenainty and quickneee, and to be cheaper t than mi line their own chemicala. fcaehJZuZfcIf!Le?2? OT promptly attended to. '"J? y- coma " jfj r lm*rr? ggp&g For salET A porter HOUSE, i. Dn?, 7tU, Be? . g0'?? tap?o ?th" bu..'n?M wiiufrfc {,...,- fb*JP for caah. Poaaeeaion immediately TT,. EfeHsSsSssk^ " ? satSSffiE i&H?Fraswa?gS* N?w Totfc. M>t 1. iim "WSm'A?8' ? ? .. ?v* Iw'rre kilMovAL. J. tew.^4^0,B7./te^ ?^??L ???? do?r? below tbn &.Tiii.I'ftiSli IU Chambera ^HLh,?li5^R5Xhed"tV Aaiim? Cl?k fcTL?' r** **" tinRviehed men. ^ 100 Portrnita of dia ?? ??? Jt'nre TO LET Furnished or unfurnished rooms ?? , Oentlemen, in a private family near iii? flirt. ,,Dl|' ^ a.% o?Bl'S?.?Z$Kzt ??lipppi?fl ^?c^3iKtii,ss:ssy''8ste ? - ggjjjjj -" - f)>E or two Sinfla Oentlemen can be " with room*, in a private family with wIl?~ 2 tee and dinner if required, on Soadara in^J ?? healthy aituation. within a ft* doora of Breome .rAI7 f ^ w the immediate nemitr of BroadwayTh.M.H "?? ""t^upwith comfort. A line addreiWtJ pT? ? Jhe office of the Herald, will be ..awered briCTi.e ?aeet. "?T? Iw?rra DR. POWELL, oculist, ? tJLXJS. OPERATIVE s u r o e o n, A tiofinf Vi!s Di.ea.e. of the Eye and to all Imperfee ?j>s?T?r?sr;t asn."iiS^'"h" ? ?? . te-a^^^imrgtatgss.,. Md'toSUr"^ ARTIFICIAL EVES, of wperior be.nt> AdrieJeo fo ,T"T <lere?t. i? w.?? T^HE t?penont> of Dr. Hnll'. in.f^LVJ. ii L I ia acknowUd?ed by thr mo? I?.T!r. iTT'r rone and AmenciT ow '?"???? phyaieiMi in En aiire^in'the u'he.'d'^Vrtmen?' A *??" ?J .-"end TAitrij<3Ticr r-1 fi'efe^Si Jt^r3.h <- "?e ?o., forN?le:-T? 8*,,d,", 'nd ?th'r-,0? O^BRA^Sm fij**. fte'iht'ouTli' e??rs per thelHove Steamer. by to arrangement ^tt will be Z> cent. for letters ?'?????? ? ?r^leM' * c^r%Trt?^rrispm: 5 wanted, BV A TOUNO MAN. ? native of Scotland, Wmnnf age of good cliaracter, a situation as Port*r or Assistant Clerk ui torn, merchant store ui this or any other rtty. Is ac nuiinted with carpenter work; wnn. a f?u hand, aud wou <1 Lb willing to Biake himself useful to his employer. Would ?ct n't ol a moderate compensation to a permaneut situation, Can gire good references as ? character.f required. A few linesaddressed to P. M.. ?t this office, will be attended to. mi 7 2t*rrc . COUNTRY BOARD, WANTED?For a small lamly. throughout the summer months, in the vicinity of New I ore, whef* conveni ent daily accvst to the city can be had. A private reaidence would be preferred. Addresa boi 106, Po?t office, New York. myi 3t*rrc LADV oK. respectability wishes very much to go aa coui panion to a laur; she liaa no objection to tlie country, or to travel. A line addressed to 8. H., at the office ofthia paper, ah*11 bcatteuded to. a?liu*rc WANTED. AN experienced manufacturer of wheat starch.One who un derstands the manufacture of " Pearl," and other qualities of starch, can hear of a deairable aituatiou by addreaaing A. B . box 1343, But too, Mass^Post.Office. a? 3w*rc A T. ADY who has recently arrived from Europe la de airom of obtaining a aituation aa Oovenaeaa in a respect able family; abe teaches the usual braucbea of education; mu sic ou an approved system. A liue addre??e<l to X., Z., at the Herald office, ahall be attended to. V* ould have no objection to toe pupil' at her own reaidence. a27 im*Tf CiEUKOE WILUAMf, DYER. SHAWL CLEANER, RESTORER AND BLEACHER, 437 W Broadway.?<5. W. retuma hia moat sincere thanks for ibe very liberal support lie baa received for years past, and truau tbat with atrict atteution to busiuess his removal irom 47?W to 437 >, Broadway, near Howard street Jwill rather increaae Utan decreaae his number of Patrons; he pledges him self tbat nothing shall be wanting to merit the patronage of a discerning and independent public. Silk, Cotton and Wollen Goods Dyed ke. Ileal and krenchtashmere,Merino. Brochc and Thibet Shawls, cleaned in e very superior atyle in three davs after receiving them. Silk. Satin, Moreen and Damask Window and BedCurtaius. cleaned, dyed aud water ?d on a r?ry superior aud entirely new plan. vi.. W. would direct the attention of the Ladies to his very superior style of Watering SilkiTkc., having the best workmen and machinery iu the city. Carpets. Rug?, Table Lovers and Crunch Clotha cleaned. Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel cleaned and dyed by an entiie new process, and returned in three days. Merchanta orders attendel to. aleo ^olstejers^at ^ mvi lm*m 4J7H Broadway. 300,000 IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, CONSISTING or an extensive assortment of the most ra vorite brands, well worthy the attention of city and country dealers. The subscribers, in addition to the stock BOW on hand, are constantly receiving new supplies by every peeket from Havana. The whole entitled to debenture. For EiirijSfeEiBiXK? my4 lw*jw 106 Wall street, np stairs. ALL PERSONS having claims against HANNAJI MUR PHY, formerly at No. 491 Broadway, are requested to pre sent the same to the subscriber before the first day of June ,ext. ROBERT DECON, 491 Broadway, ml lw*je JAMES TERRY ic CO., LONDON. STEEL PENS, THEO. RIPKE, Agent. Removed to No. 14* William streeet THE NATIONAL DEPOT OF WARTON, OF PARIS, Is Removed to mt lwer No. 1M William street. New York. ___ JOHN MULLIN respectfully informs hiai friends and the public that he has REMOVED from his|old stand. No. 806 Broadway, to No. J BABCLAY Street, a few doors from Broadway, where he continues to import and manufacture double ana single barrel Fowling Pieces, Rifle# tad Pistol?, of a superior Quality. Also, Oun and Pistol Locks, Herman (Hirer castings for rifles and fowling pieces, with gun mate rials in general, to be sold low for cash. N. B.?Repairing doue in the best manner and on the most rettfouahle terms. my6 >m rrc HEAD QUARTERS WINDO w'?S HADES. THE largest, best, and cheapest assortment in the United States. For sale, wholesale or retail, at prices varyiag from 74 cents to *30 a pair, b^ELTY R,KER Extensive Window Shade Manufacturers aud dealers, at myg lm*r K7* Chatham st. THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. OrFics 41 Fulton street, Bsooeltw. CONTINUES to take riaka on buildings, machinery, rner handixe aud property generally, ou their uaual favorable terms. This company has passed through the two greatest contlagrations that have ever occurred in the country : tliey owe their escape from them wiUi comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting aiul scattering their risks. All losses which the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretolore. The Company take s|>ecial care to notify their customers in New York, of all cxr:~':? aS Jmis*r THE CITY FIRL ? ------- Orricc No. 61 W?u stiki, Cit* or Ntw Yom. CATITAL STOCK $J10,000, all paid in cash, and securely invested according to the provisions of lU charter. . This Company hasjbeee in business twelvevears, and m that time has paid losses by fire upwards of $440,000. .... The present assets of the Company exceed iu capital stock more tnan $26,000. ? _ , ** . - Insurance against loas or damage by Fire effected on appli cation, at reaaonable terms. r ^ READING, President al> lmins*m D. F. CURRY. Secreurv. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY, Orrica No. 40 Wall sr.. orrosiT* tmbIMsmcmahts Exchanoe. This Company continues to insure against loss or damage by V*ire, on dwelling houses,warelwiuses. buildings in ge neral, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description ol personal property; also against loss or damage by inland ua vigation and Thomas W. Thome, Elishe Riggi, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, R. R. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joieph Allsn, Moses Tucker. ' "John H Lee,,0n' ^."li'mT^on,, Cd"bC.?S%, ThomM Morrell, Jolui.C. Merritt, _H0MAg w jHORNE, President. OEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. af4 tire ie I.UV kW ssvass/ ????" xpirauonjofj^olicjies.ATER, President. K. C. FINN, Secretary. BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, NO. I St. John's Line, corner Beach street. Th? Subscnb cr would inform his Customers and the Public, that he ha* constantly on hand, a large stock ol' fancy and commo Bird Cages, of all descriptions, which he will sell cheaper than ther can be bought elsewhere. Also, Cafes made to order. _ J. RF.LLT. P. 8.?Country Merchant* would Had it to their advantag to call aad examine his stock. a? Im r FANdV NEEDLE-WORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE. of informing the trade and public generally that he has taken the above store, and is prepared to offer an extensive stock ia hie line, selected by himself, in Europe, with especial refer ence to quality ana novelty; and by his arrangements, feels eon&dent that nis prices cannot tail of commanding a share of public patronage. He is now opening many articles entirely aew in the markeUand respectfully solicits a call. m26 Im'rc NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM. MATTHIESSEN, 117 Fulton street, invites the in spection of the public to his choice stock of French Black and colored Cloths and Casaiiners, Vestings, of all va rieties, suitable for spring trsde, which are now to be sold low (or cash. Customers desiring to have ELEGANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would do well to have their garments cut by the efficient cut ters of this establishment, who are capable of firing as neat a fitting gsrment as the moat fastidious can desire. All articles of small wear coutiuually on hand, shirts, espe cially. Remember the number, 137 Fulton street. tit li'r WM. MATTH1ESSEN. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOW1TZ It BECKER, No. 34 John street, hsve just opeued a splendid assortment of French Artificial Flow exs, materials for (lower makers, kc.t kc., which they offer m the trsde, at low prices. mil lm*mc J. WARWICK GOLD It SILVER REFINER, Assaverand Sweep Smel ter. Office, 17 JOHN Street, New York. Fine Gold, Rolled Silver, Rouge aud Crucibles, al ways on hand. myj lm*rrc IRISH BLACK MARBLE^ A CARGO of superior Irish Black Marble, from the cele brated quarry of Arthur Ireland, Esq., of Galway, per bark Clarence, is einected daily. For tale, to arrive, by my} twit r FER8SE fc BROOKS, 6S fc 67 Nassau st. J(KEPH MARTEL, FRENCH DINNER ROOM, I3 Beaver street, near Wall and Pearl streets, white fronts. Dinner from It A.M. till i PaM. Price fixed cents. myj lw'r LOOKING GLASSES! LOOKING GLASSES! THOSE furnishing their homes, and others wanting Look ins Glasses, would do well to call at 106 Fnlton street, or 313 Pearl street, where every variety can be found st the cheapest rates, wholesale and retail. Large and mull, novel, fashionably ornamented and plaiu French plate Glasses, to suit alitiosl any sued pier, which will be sold low, very low, indeed. Plain and richly ornamented Portrait Picture Frames, Paintings aud Engravings. Looking Glasses?plates by the box or single. Ola glasses replsted. Ladies, while shoping, please cell. my3 lm?r ^ HOOPER Ic BROTHER PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. F BLANCARD has the honor to inform his friends and ? 'he public that the above establishment hating been re Btte?1 and put in excellent ordervheis prepared to treat with (amilie* and parties who wish to engage spertments during the ensuing season. The Pavilion wfllDe opened on the llth instant- |w?re tKITON HOUSE, T?_ _ .OLEN COVE LONG ISLAND. HE Subscriber respectfully informs Ins Iriend* and the public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the bead of the steamboat landing, and it is now thoroughly fitted nP. iyid readr for the receptiou of Boarders. The situation of this establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Bathing, is amongst the most eligible on Long Island Sound, as theDands attached to the premises have a very ex teneiye water front, and a fine beaeh for swimmers. The out building* are new, and the Bar and Bowling Alley are entire ly unconnected with the house. Having a farm] of JO acre, appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his friends the inducements of a plen tiful tupply of good milk and butter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his unremitted attentions to the wishes of hi* guests, twill renders residence at the Triton House extremely desirable. Horse* and rsrriagct to hire. For terms, which will be moderate, aprly to WILLIAM L. JONES, Triton House. Olea Cove. Long Island. May I. IIW1. myj Imrrc TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. ALAROE assortmeat of China Grass Fishing Lines, and Salmon and Trout Silk Worm Gutt, to suit city or coun try dealers. Every article in Ashing tackle will be found at reasonable CONROY'S Fishing snd Sporting Tackle Establishment. M FnlWn St.. corner ofCIiff. at lm*rh THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne ia ia store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlegien ia iavited. The stranding of this Wine is now superior to fhat.ot aay in this country, aud at ao higher price than that of the beat brands. _ . C. LIVINGSTON k CO.. mil istf re 10 Wall street. HB. WESTERN lias removal his Law Oftee IromTl * Wall street to No JBiuluwgy, opposite the roaa 4?lW*fC Account Sales, aud in calculating interest, Di? Lottea, Equation of Payment!. Exchanges, Cu lis becomes familiar from actual u>?, with all lli PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, <-"El>Alt STREET. _ '"r*.Tw*J w ? i?uv a iwii* u* I'uuiiv is lixlly informed and assured, that the plAi pursued by Mr. Marsh, la reaching that important branch, * truly a course ol practice in lMpu| book*, rather than an a court* of Ircturea oai the theory. To be practically uaefnl, a more exact and particular know ledge ol Bookkeeping it required than can pouibly be imparv rd by Ircturea. The pupil is faithfully instructed and well exercised in all the various operation* connected with a ?et of partnership Books, m Opcuing, Conducting aud Closing the tame in mak ing out Trial balance*, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Current "" scount, profits, urreuctea, Ike. the booka con stituting a aet; and if a person of good capacity, will by thia course become a competent Bookkeeper in about on* month, and will received a certificate to that effect. Prospectuses, with terma, obtained at the Room* from 9 A. M. to9P. M. a22 1m*rh FOR aXL, WhlLL AJili sIcK. MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor and Sulpher Baths, 181 Fulton street, opposite Ik. Paul Church. These Bath* are the uioat safe, delightful and efficacious remedy for colds, rheumatism, chills and fever, Sic., and not ouly a cure, but a preteutive to many of The thousand ills that flesh is heir to." They afford the most aggrfeab'.e mode of Bathing, and are essential to thorough cleanliness. ii_^"Mra. Carroll* Batha differ from every other " Vapor Baths" so called, and have been established in this City lor more than 20 years. Sulphur Baths require half an hoar's notice. Portable Vapor Baths scut to any part of the city or vicinity, aid Iml'h MEL) BUGS, BED BUGS. WATSON'S BED BUU DESTROYER, ia the most wouderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroying these vermin, however numerous, and eternally ba nishing them from the premises by one application. Beware of worthless imitations. For sale at Apothecaries Hall. M Catharine street; Olcott Ik McCassetn, 127 Maiden lane; and in Brooklny at Mrs. Hay es's, 139 Fulton st. Price tS cents per bottle. a28 lm"r AMERICA ! OREGON ! ENGLAND! TO tlie inhabitants of the whole boundless Continent?We invite you all and each of you, to cousider and reflect lor your own welfare, that by iwlling at the New York Coffee Saloon, No. 217 Fulton street, near Ureenwich, where you will not only Aud all the edibles served up, far exceeding any other place of the kind, but a much larger plate lor the price. Also, you will lind a spacious and air)- room, where you may take your meals with all the comfort imaginable, either break fast, dinner or supper, from six cents up to any given price. Again we say, at any time on passing by, just drop in and test the quality, and judge of the quantity and price* Tor your own satisfaction. ?Jpen on Sunday*. aM lm*r GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS PETER ROBERTS has received by late arrivals, and offera cheap? ? _ EMBROIDERIES. Needle-work Cape* Irom $1 60 to French work'd Collars 7J cents and upwards; Embroidered Lawn Hhdkfs. from $3 to $20 ; Dresses, needle-work and Tambour, from $3 to (60. LAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tape, hem'd stitch, Riviere, Fancy and colored border*. ? , MUSLINS. Book, Mull, Jaconet. Swiss, plain, striped and check'd Organ die, Tarlatan, Striped and embroidered lor Curtains. HOSIERY AND OLOVES. Black and white Silk Hosa ; do. with cotton topi ; lilk em broidered at 8s. per pair ; very fine Lille thread, open work, (?> per doxen ; fine unbleached cotton, open work, $3 to $3 7), (recommended as remarkably cheap;) plain work cotton, a most excellent article at $3 per dozen, usually sold at $3 75.? A most excellent assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered Silk Gloves of all sizes. LACE8. Capes, real and imitation, of the latest and moat fashionable styles; Veils, black and white, in chantilly Brussels point malines, point d'Alencon and othei varieties, Regency Meck lin. Valenciennes, fine English Thread Laces and Edgings ; rich black Brussels and imitation Laces of every description, for trimming, flounoing, kc., kc.; Linen bobbin Edgings and Insertings. A lot ?l' Muslin trimmings, ladies' Morning Cape, lace Cap C rowus, Muslin Capes, received from auction, will be sold 26 PER CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. No. 373 Broadwity. 2d April, 1846. a7 lm*rrc MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, 37 Maiden Lane, New York, MANUFACTURERS aud Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees. Bands. Cnrls. Seams. Bandeau ?"A Work. Wigs, Tonpees, Bands, Cnrls, Seams, Bandeau and Braid Hair, Dan guy's celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches long, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale id retail. N.B.?The trade supplied on reaaonable terms. mr22 lm*m ALEXANDER'S-TRICOBAPHE. ANEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a Liquid Dye, which instantaneously changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hair or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists in its easy mode of application and instantaneous effect?all other dyes requiring from teu to twelve hourse to produce any change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single application. Extract from the Philadelphia Daily Sun Alexander's Tricoraphk.?The effect of the above on the hair is truly as onishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the change from grey to black was instantaneous. Extract from the Philadelphia Daily Forum:?Several of our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair the val uable Liquid Dye known as Alexander'* Tricobaphc, a new and valuable discovery; and it has in uo case faijed to produce the desired effect. Immediately after applying it to grey hair or whiskers, it imparts a beautiful brown or black color. For aale by Rushton k Co., druggists, 110 Broadway; 10 As tor House, and 866 Broadway, corner Mth street; Aspiuwall, 86 William st; Johnson, Moore k Taylor, 81 Maiden lane; J. W. Wright k Co. 2 Cedar st, aud of the principal druggist* throughout the United States, or of sole agents. R. k O. A. WRIGHT, 23 South 4th street. a29 lm*rc Philadelphia. BILLIARDS AT ST. LOUIS. A An Excellent opportunity for any person who may wish to purchase three or four new Billiard Tables. They can hire a tirst rate room, 43 by 24 feet, in a new Restaurant, just opened (to crowded house*, and doing a smashing business in mint julaps every day and evening.) by ene of the most popu lar men in this country, who was formerly a merchant in tnia city, andgiies the best of New York city refereuce. The ta bles are now making, and almost finished, by BasArd. Any person who ha* a cash capital of si600 to go on with the bust iiess^ can make from $3000 to $10,000 a year, as their prices for playing are double that of ours. Please call on Otis Field, at Bassford's old rooms?entrance IV Ann or 149 Fulton street, where specimen* of the table building for St. Louis are up for trial. Billiard Tables, Cloths, Balls, Cue*, Chinese and French Cue Leathers, kc. &.C.. for sale as above. *27 2w* r MAHoTjaNY, ROSEWOOD, ZEBRAWOOD. kc. FOR SALE CHEAP, by E. G. 8TACY. No. 66 Wooster street, between Broome and Spring sis. The stock i* composed of a large asaortment of crotch, mottled and shaded Mahogauy Veneers, Rosewood Mahogany. Zebrawood, Bird's Eye Maple and Black Walnut Log*, Board*, Plank. Joist, kc., kc., anda general aasortment of lumber, usually kept at ma hogany yards in thi* city. ml} lm* re BOYD'S BLEACHING POWDER. 1AA Caska 1st quality, ju?t received per shin Orphan, and 1UU for sale by PERSSE k BROOKS, ml Iw r 66 and 87 Nassau St. PIANO FORTES. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers'ware-room, No. 386 Broadway, for a superior and warranted acticle. al7Im*r CHICKERING'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 273 BROADWAY. NO. J AND 7 LAFAROE BUILDING. THE PUBLIC will And at the above room* a general a**ort ment of Oraad and Square Piano Forte*, at the same 'price as at my Factory in Boston. a8 1 m ? r OIL PAINTINGS. HENRY BENT respectfully inform* gentlemen and the trade, that in future he will carry on the business ofLin ing Pictures only, which will be executed (a* hitherto) in the best possible manner. References given if required 236 Broad way. New York. ?21 lm*rc. DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 82 Nassau Street, HAS constantly on hand, French, German and American Instruments. Coating Botes, Mercury Baths, and all tbe other material used by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. Chemicals, Plates, Case*, Quickatuff, kc., kc. Lenses Ground to order. Thermometers and Surveying Com passes manufactured for the trade. Magneto Electric Machines, of approved construction, for medical purposes. ml7 lm*rc * TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIOEON k CO.. 341 West street, Re-finishers of ? Cleths.Casaimeres and Satinets. The gold medal haa been awarded to H. M. for the improvement in re-finishing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott k. Blade, (3 Pine street; William C. Laneley 11 Co., il Eirhange Place, corner of Broad street; and to D. Bngham k. Co., 60 Pine atreet, where orders may be left. inyl ltn'r Genuine havana segirs. oTSnSw bSnT7'?. Judio triwte," (The Wandering Jew.) For sale, by F. MANCHO, at fii Fulten street, al lm*rc Spanish Hotel, up atairs BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS, FOR Fitchbnrg, Keene, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor, Woodstock, Montpelier, and Burlington, Vt., and the Canadas. All Packages, Parrels, and business, te any of the above towns, or any part of the western portion of New Hampshire and Vermont, will be faithfully attended to, if directed to the eare of L. BiGELoW, t Court atreet, Boston. N.B.?Be sure to mark Packages to care of ''Bigrlow'i F.ipreaa." jti re MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS IN PERFUMERY. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE IN BROAD WAY?The subsrriber offers the moat complete assort* mentof iwrfuinery. Toilet Soaps, Colognes, Eitracts, fcc. Ice., at prices 10 to M per cent. chea|>er than any other house in the United States. In order to convince yourselvea he iu vitea you to call and eiamine before purchasing elsewhere. E. ROUSSEL, Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery, Snaps, fcc.,IM Broadway, between Liberty and Courtlandt atreets. a21 lmkr NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, tee. At wholesale and retail, cheap for CASH?J. O. FOWLER, 210 Greenwich atreet, corner of Murray, and IW Oreenwieh, corner of Vesey, ha? just re ceived from the late sales, a large and snltndid assortment of fresh Oreen and Black Tea, and Family Groceries of all the j variotie kinds, all of which are offered at reduced pricea.? | good green Tea at M cents per lt>.: fine Ooolong 10 and 52 1-2 i anils; tery fine Ynung Hyson at 75 cents; best old Java Cof fee I? l-t centa per lb.; Sumatra do. 10 cents; good dairy But- | ter 12 l-t centa per lb.; bleached Lamp Oil 71 cents per mllno; | Sperm randies tl rents. Alao, a large aasortinent of tine , white, yellow and brown Sugar, of all the various kinds. Im*r< ? JUVUMI&M HANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN kitchen RANGES. | THE Proprietors are now prepared to furnish Holmes' , ranges to the trade, or act them up for private families or > boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee i to manufacture and sell them. Our unerience in manufactnr- I ingand setting Kitrlien Ranges. in Oils ritv, for the past I* j years, warranU us in asserting that Holmes' Range cannot 1* , surpassed for eeonomy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the purposes lor which they are pure I chaaed, a?d if not they will be removed free of any espense to the purchaser. Numerous references can be given to persona wishing to ptirchaae. The prices range Irom ti to 41 dollars. I The proprietors are constantly manufacluring, and are well supplied with parlor, office, add bed-room OBATtS, of tne newest patterns. , _ . Also?TIN WARE, bright, plain and ja.*ned. They have masons at all times ready to scl Ranges, gr.tes, and hollers? also, to cure chimney s, and ? arrant thMri^not smoke^ al2 lin'rrc 7? Nassau street Se Emma 6 lot Ettmnirrm tl Inglti. THE FRENCH and SPANISH Languages, als; Alge bra, Geometry, Surveying. Navigation, and Book keep ing, Cipeditioualy and effrrtually taught, on very moderate terma. Private leaaona given to adults, st their own residen- , ces. or schools attended. References of the highest respect ability. 1aoo D. MAURICE, 171 Canal st. 1 mil lm*re HARD WAR E7 CUTLERY AND GUMS. ~ j AW.HrtKS k. i 0.% having rumored in 91 Uif? ? nfft-r ? Urfeand well ??*ort?l Mock of tut- I Iffy, Omi *adG*n by ib? rtrmnt inpemtiofli, at I tifetnti y low pnc?? forufthortpproftd p?ftr. k AUCTION ROT1CM. JOHN 8N1FFEN, Auctioneer. 4 UCTION NOTK E.-WlrtftN k CO. will sell This IV Day, (Thuratlav 7th inat.) ?t 34 Ann street, at Id o'clock, a rery desirable anil large assortment of entire second-hand Furniture, consisting ui i*rt of carved mahogany and gill pier tablea, 3 mahogany carted and |>laiu aofaa, plaiu tot id mahoga ny bureaus, mahogany crutre tablet, uuliogauy carved Jo, work do, mahogany and maple high post bedsteads, French maple do, ball rack, mahogany, fancy and maplr cliaira, cra dlea, secretary's aud book caa??, mahogany watli stauds and toilets, pnuls and engravings. painted French bedsteads, beda aud palliasses, plush sewing chair*. dining and tea tables, kc. Alao, an excellent assortmeut of kitclieu furniture, stoves, carpets, kc. mv7 It ? IMlORBURN'S AUCTION. SALE OK DAJiLIAS.? .JOHN B. GLOVER will sell on FRIDAY, May l, at 12 o clock, at our Saloon, li Jolui at reel, IM) baakets, t each, of rery choice, rare and valuable double dahlias, packed to be transported to any part of the United States. They are a very choice lot, and altogether different from such aa are usually sold by auctiou. Catalogues are now ready, and the plmta may be examined. m>7 a' JACOB S. PLATT, Auctioneer. 5TOCK OF FANCY GOODS-JACOB 8. PLATT will / sell. This Day, at 10 o'clock, by catalogue, a atock of Fan cy Good*, by_ order of creditors, consisting of M cases, vit: 6 caaea Coates' spool cotton, several cases fine plaving cards, cases pins, ink, susiwnders, collars, aloclu, Jewelry, Chap man's magic razor straps, lead and slate peucils, scissors, knives, thimbles, backgammon boards, kc. Catalogues arc now ready. my7 lt*rrc W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. 'HIS DAY, Thursday, May 7, at 10 o'clock^ by H. E. WILLAKD, at the Sales Room, No. 17 Wall street, near Broad street, a variety of Furniture, left from House Sales during April, Sofas, Chairs, Bureaus, French and other Bed (teails aud Bedding, Tables, Waahatands, Oil Cloths. Carpets, several new and secondhand Desks, Counter.Mautel Uirandoles and ornaments. Solar Lamps, Cutlery and Plated Ware. No goods offered at auction under limit. At Private?New Patent Refrigerators of all sixes. my7 If rc H. DUC'LUZEAU, Auctioneer. Auction notice-large sale of house Furnishing Articles, vix?Chandaliers, Solar Lamps. Hall Lauterus, Girandoles, Wall Brackets, Rich Silver Ware, line Japanued Tea Trays and Waiters, kc.. being the entire atock of a house retiring from business?the whole of which will be peremptorily sold without reserve?TUTTLE k DITCLULEaC will sell on Friday. May 8th, at 10o'clock, at their new sales rooms No. 88 William street, near Maiden lane, an entire stock of thetabove articles. Coiisiatiug in part of gilt, brouxed and glass girandoles, from two to ten light*, of the newest styles ; solar lamps, colored, and plain lull lanterns, gilt caudclabra*, wall brackets, chandeliers, heavy silver mounted waiters, tea aud coffee urns, tea kettles w ith spirit lamp, cake basket*, candlesticks, with and with out branches, dacgons, revolving and other oblong castors, butter coolers, toast racks, fine (Jothic Sandwich and Victo ria tea trays, papier mache, do., Dixons, Boatenheim, Broad head, and Atkins' best tea and coffee sets, planished tin dish covers, beef steak and vegetable dishes, plate warmers, kc. The whole will be found worthy the attention of houae, keepers and the trade. Catalogues on the morning of sale. in>6 3tis*r AUCTION NOTICE.?To Soap and Candle Manufactur ers.?All the Fixtures in the Soap and Candle Factory, known aa No. 9 Delancey street, near the Bowery, consisting of Pans, Tubs, Moulds,Tresses, and every other article ne cessary for carryiug on the business, w ill be exposed for sale at Public Auction on the premises, on Thursday, the 7th day of May next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and sold without reserve to the highest bidder. Terms Cash on the day of aale, and all the articles to be removed from off the premises as ?OOII thereafter aa possible. Dated, New York, April 30, 1844. BURGER k PALMER, my?2t*r Attorneys at Law, 123 Cherry street. splendid-plants at auction. i A LEVY will sell on Thursday Morning, at 12 o'clock, ? at 293 Broadway, a beautiful collection of Plants, con sisting in part of Ranunculus, in bloom, which is not com mon ; Oranges, in fruit and flower ; Carnations, of choice va rieties ; Bourbon, Moss, Tea, and other Roses ; Jasmines, Geraniums, kc., with various other Plants, worthy the atten tion of all ; from the garden of one of our best florists. __my(^2t*r ACARD. H. E. WILLARD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer*, WILL give their personal atteution to the Sales ol House hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeeping. Stocks of Crockery, Drv Goods, Grocery, and salesaI' Real Estate, at the Merchanta' Exchange. Also, soli cit frwm their friends and the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, lit BROADWAY, until May 1st, when they will move to the spacious (tore, No. 17 Wall street, late Adams'Expreaa Office. all lm?m TOBACCO, SEGARS AND BASS. A A. SAMANOS, No. 91 Broadway, up stairs, offers for ? sale, a splendid assortment of choice Segars, selected expressly for his establishment. Also, 40 bales of strictly prime St. J ag o Tobacco, and a small lot of Bass, by whole aale and retail. m!9 lm*r GIRANDOLES, SOLAK. LARD, AND HALL LAMPS. CHANDELIERS, &c. THE Subscriber has just opened oue of the best selected stocks of Lard. Solar Lain|>s, and Girandoles uow in the city, at 30 per ceut leas than the fall prices. Housekeepers, hotels, churchea, and those of the trade, will find it to their advantage to call and examine the above stock before purchas ing elsewhere. JOHN N. MORGAN, a29 Im* rc 154 Fulton St.. first door from Broadway. EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOK, INVITES the attention of the |iublic to the moat extensive stock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to apring and summer trade. In addition to the ready mane, the subscri ber offers for inspection the moat deairable selection of piece good* in the market, of every color and pattern, and the supe rior skill employed in the cutting and manufacturing depart ment* iaiucn a* enable* the subscriber with confidence, to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to have their gar menta made to order. The above stock having been selected with great care, and bought for caali alone, i* a atrong induce ment for all to call w ho wish to purcha*e at least 20 per ceut lea* than at those house* who are obliged to do bu*ine*a upon the credit *v*tem. N. B.?Officer* of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large a**ortment of superior blue cloths and CMsimere*, which will be made up at the shorted notice, and in a manner not to be aurpassed. EDWARD FOX, 202 Broadway. near } ulton at., op|>o*ite to the Franklin Houm. CARD. THE Subscriber having become interested in the above house, respectfully requests the patronage of his customer* and frienda. Order* entrusted to his care will be atteuded to w ith promptnea*. JAMES A. SWAIN. aH lm*rc PAPER HANGING. ------- - ? ?lauiuuuK Ml, nuuiu ica|>riuuiiy call the attention of the citizens of New York and others ^ their extensive assortment of PAPKK IIANOINOS, Borders, Mr* Board Prints, Curtain ? ?P?rti other articles in their line ofbusiness. H. k.B, have receired from the Inttitutei for the encourage ment of Domestic Manufacturer in the cities of New York. Philadelphia ud Boston, diver medals for the manufacture of their goods, flatter themselves that they can sell better articles for the same money than can be purchased elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscribers would particularly call attention to their I?nt? assortment of Fresco Papers lor parlors, and Column Papers for halls, Public Rooms, Entries, kc., lie. Also, CuBTAin Ptrcas, a new article for windows. Pane ring of Rooms, Halls, lie., promptly attended to by | careful workmen. Country merchants and eity dealers will find it to their ad- 1 vantage to jive us a call. HOWELL It BROTHERS, No. 137 Broadway, a5 Im'rrc Two doors above the City Hotel. I BOOKS BOUOHT. I PERSONS wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either ' large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressing ? few lines, giving name and number, to J. M'CABE. a4 lm*r 78 Nassau. or 1*7 Riviurton street. MTO LET?Three convenient houses at $140 per an num, payable quarterly, or monthly, in advance, two stones and basement brick, new, II by 24, with seven rooms, handy to the stages, advantage of Croton water, in a most thriving and quiet part of the city, 24th and Kth streets, between 7th and Itli avenues. Also, a large Furnished House south west comer of7th avenue and 23th street, will be let to a private family for the summer. Enquire on the premises from I to 10 A. M. and 4 to 6 P. M. mv4 lw*r J. PRICE a CO. _ FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. ra THE SUBSCRIBERS having ot.eued a HAT STORE defeat No. 110 Fulton street, corner of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage oftheir old customers and the pub lic. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort ment of Hats, ('ap? Umbrellas, lie., kr., of the latest style, aud will sell at the lowest prices. Single hats made to order at the shortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE, my4 Im'r THOB. SHANNON. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neaimlitan Bonnet, are prepared to supply the | trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which they received two silver medals at the last two Fairs of the American Institute, and which for style and finish are unsur- ' passed. They warrant them to alter and clean equaly to | new. Apply to a PATTISON, NOE k' CO., 24 Delancy st., a7 lmis*r or Vyse k Son, corner Pine and Pearl. 1 KINO CHARLES SPANIELS-OF THE 1 pure breed, received by the latest arrivals ftom Lon ?.doa, for ssle by A. Urieve. 5 John street. Also, rare and valuable Birds, only to be found at his establishment, No. J John street. . , ... N. B.?Letters from the curious, in distant parts, (post paid) , will be attended to, by A. OKIEV E, a!7 Imrh Importer and dealer in Birds, ( ages, kc. NEWARK AND NEW iORK.. I FARE 12* CENTS. The Splendid Steamer PASSAIC, will i on and sfter May 1st, run run urther notice , as follows :? _ Leave Newark, I Leave Barclay St., New York, IIK o'clock, A. M. 10 o'clock, A. M. V, P. M. I 4 " P. M. c !? reight carried at very reasonable rates. The Passaic stop? st Bergen Point every trip. _ my I lw*f ^ ? ? FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New York Line -Positively KTrst Regular imcket-To ?ail Monday, llth inst.?The elegant, fast sailing paenrt Ship YAZOO, Wibray, master, will positively sail aa above, her regular day. . For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom Positively no goods received ou board after Saturday even taig?! 'in*New Orleans. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promi?tIv forward all to his address. Packet ship CLIFTON, Ingersoll, master, will succeed the V azoo, and ?ail Monday , 18th May, her regular day. my7 ? ST. OEOROE'S LINE for LIVERPOOL.?To sail on the llth?The splendid new Packet Ship ST. OEOROE, Ferris master, MN tons burthen, villi positively sail on the above day. Fur freight or passage^ having splendid accommodations, apply on board, a, pier 4 f-'d'oODEN, d Wall st Cabin passage. $75. "igr - UNiTX u~sT a TRTn <i re atTTRTTai n k M$$VIRKLAN1> OLD ESTABLISHED E.MIORANT jKMaOFFICE ?The Subscribers are prepared to bring <iui p*??eiigers bv any of the Line of Packets, sailing every fne days ; and ilrsfis can, as usual, be furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom, lor further |>articulart, apply to JOHN HERDMAN k Co., nr 7 SI South street. | NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVER lIVfkrOOL.-Packet of ?lst of Msy.?The splendid, fast i jKfilfa'ailine and fiivnrite packet ship QUEEN OF THE ? Mr EST, ll"0 tons bnrthen, Capt. P. W oodhouse, will sail on Thursday. May 21st, her regular day. The ships of this line , being all I0CM) tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the Old Country will uot fail to see the advantages to be de nied from selecting 'his line in preference to any other, as iheir great capacity renders them every way more comfort able and ronvenient than ships of a small class, and their ac commodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passen gers. it i? well known, are superior to those of any J'jher line of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fall to make early application on board, at the foot.of Ourluig slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTt, inyfirc 74 South st. comer of Maiden lane. AlKET SHIP CLIFTON, from NEW ORLEANS, is discharging, at Pike street wharf. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. HI)a | nil' ISABELLA, from NEWToRDTlNS, n disrharg ng at Orleans whsrf, foot of Wall meet. f onsiguees will picue attend to (lie receiptor their?oodsiia??di?iely. AKtnnuacrrs. DARK THEATRE.-This IJ?ewug Mav JA. J"U be per ' I formed the hiy of the I.ADJ OY L\ONS?(UuJ? Mfloutlr, Mr Geo Vandenlinff. Co! D*ui??. Mi Bur, Pan* I hue, Mrs Mum in.?To courluoe with ilif Drum* of the CRICKET OK THE HEARTH?Johu Pembmgle, Mr U Andrews; Mr Tackletou. Mr Fisher; Caleb Plummet, Mi B???; Pol Mrs Kiiit:lit, Bertha, Miss (.'rocker. Bones, first tier, 7i emu; second and-thud tiers, M cents; Pit, Jo cents; Gallery, 25 ceaU. Door* open ti 7 o clock?performance to commence >1 pre cisely T^i o'rlock. B~ UWERk THEATRE.-Thu"Eveniu*. "May Ttb. win be performed the Play of R1C HELIElP?CarJinal Riche lieu, Mr J R Scott; B?r?.la?, Mr Clarke; Chevalier de Mau prat, Mr Davenport; Julie de Mortimer, Mrs_ Phil I II*._ To conclude with liir Jlrjma of the OLD TOLL HOI 8E?Abel Bird. Sir Cony; Ralph Hunter, Mr Blauchird; Joan Cainerou, Mrs O June*. 2 y"* Lower Boxes, 'Ml cents; aecood and third tieri, 2i eta.; Pit and (Jailer)', 12U cents. Doors opeu at 7 o clock?Curtain will riae at half put aeren o'clock. NEW GREENWICH THEATRE.?Thia Evening, May 7lh, will be performed the Comedy 01 aNIUHT OF THE CiOLDEN FLEECE?8y Haco. Yankee Hill. After which, the YANKEE PEDLAR?Hiram Dodge. Yankee ilill. To couclnde with the Faroe of KISS i.N THE DARK?Mr PeUibone, Mr Chapman; Mr? Pettiboue, Mra l?h erwnod. VQf Dres< Circle or Balcony, 50 cents; Upper Boxes, 25 centa; Pit, 12J-a centa. Doom opeu at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at half past 7 o'clock preciaely. GREENWICH THKATEE, CORKER or VARIIK AM) CHARLTON STRICT!. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO JOHN O. MYERS. ESQ. AT a nnmerou* meeting of the friends of the Drama, held on the Evening of the 1th of May, at which hit Honor the Mayor, WILI.IAM f. HAVEMEYER, presided. JAMES B. GREENMAN, Secretary the following resolution was unauimouily adopted :? Kesolved, Tliat thia meeting, appreciating the enterprixe, zeal, and untiring perseverance ol Mr. John G. Myers. in erecting the neat and beautiful Temple of the Drama called the " Greenwich Theatre,'' in n section of the city embracing a Urge portion of our most respectable and intelligent iambi tauu, wc cordially unite in recommending that a compli mentary benetit be tendered lo him, on Monday Evening, May II, and tint the pricci of admutiou on the occasiou be, Boxes M cents, Pit 21 cents. In pursuance with the above, an adjourned meeting of citi-. lens 11 called to meet at the MERCER HOUSE, (Corner of Broome anil Mercer streets,) On THURSDAY EVENING. May llth, at 8o'clock. W. F. HAVEMEYER, Chairman. Ja*. B. Greenman, Secretary. [Ly* The hoi book now open. mMt trc PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. CHAMBERS STREET. Onen Every Night.?Christy's ETHIOPIAN MIN STRELS respectfully announce that they will continue, until further notice, their popular and inimitable Perform ances, which are nightly honored with crowded and delight ed audiences, composed of the elite and faahion of the city. Adumsien 8 cents. Doors open at 7 ; commencing at 8 o'clock. Private boxes and seats may be obtained on applica tion at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. until i P. M. G~7*~ Change of programme every evening. my3 lwis*r GRAND VOCAL A MM INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. S1GNORA ROSINA PICO res|>ectfully announces to the public that her lirst Concert since her arrival from Ha vana will take place TUESDAY EVENING, MAY llth, 1S4?. At the APOLLO SALOON. Signora PICO will be assisted by several eminent Artist*. Tickets, (I, mav be had at the music stores. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. my4tf re PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY.?GRAND FES TIVAL CONCERT. THE Public is respectfully informed that the Philharmonic Society will give a Gr.nid festival Concert on WED NESDAY EVE>nNG, 20th May, at the Broadway Taberna cle, in aid of the fund for the erection of die Philharmonic Hall, and on which occasion, with other pieces, Beethoveu's Grand Choral Symphony No. 9 w ill be produced, with be tweeu three hundred and four hundred Vocal and Instru mental Performers. As the erection of a suitable edifice for musical purposes, is an event of the greatest importance for the advancement of the Art, and the improvement of musical taste in this conntry, all vocal and string instrument performers, who are compe tent to take part in the orchestra or chorus, are moat earnestly invited to attend the rehearsals, and give their aasistance at said performance. For further particulars, see future advertisements. REHEARSALS AT THE AfOLLO SALOON. Grand Orcktttra. Chorus. Saturday, IMay 9, at|4 P.M. Thursday, May 7, at 1}i P.M. Tuesday, IMay;U, at|4 P.M. Saturday, May 16, at 4 P.M. Saturday, May 16, at 4 P.M. Monday, May 18, at 7*? P.M. Tuesday, May 19. at 7? P.M. Tuesday, May 19, at 7>i P.M. The last Grand lleliearsal, with Grand Orchestra and Chorna will take place at|the Tabernacle May20tb, at 8^ o'clock, A.M. By order, myS m JAMES L. ENSIGN, Secretary Atlantic garden is now open for the SEASON.?Dodwortli'i Comet Band will perform every Tuesday anil Friday eveuiugs, commencing June 2nd, at 8 o'clock. Admittance free. my3 3m*re WlLLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor. NOW OPEN. TWENTY-FIKST ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, at their Rooms corner of Broadway and Leonard street, consisting of original works of living artists, never before exhibited by the Academy. Open from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. Season tickets SO cents. Single admission 2S cents. Cata logues 12.', cents. my63tius*rrc THE ALHAMKA. ICE CREAM SALOON. U9 ??oadwat, itTwrci irKiMi; ajid prince. THK PUBLIC is respectfully informed that thii fashiona ble resort having, during the rfcm, undergone extensive alterations and improvements, ii now open for the season. Respectful and attentive waiters have been engaged, and it ia the iiiteiittou of the proprietor, aside from,the unrivalled at tractions of the place itself, to make the quality of the lee Crenms, and other refreshments furnished there, still more worthy of the liberal patronage he baa hitherto been favored with. N. T.?Pure, rich ("ream received twice a day, from Orange County. in>6 3t*is r NEW YOKK SACKED MUSIC SOCIETY. ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. THE Public are reapectfully informed that the Auniveraary Performance of the Sacred Music Society will take place on FRIDAY EVENING,Jith iiist. (anniversary week) at the Tabernacle, on which occasion Handel's (Jrand Orato rio of the MESSIAH will be performed by universal request. The principal solo parts will be snstained by the most dis tinguished Vocalist* in the city. Further particular* will be l'urni?hed ill a subsequent advertisement. my7 ec TO VOCALISTS, MUSICIANS, AND THE THEATRI CAL PROFESSION. WCORBYN, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringeri, re ? spectfully informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he will have fulfilled his engage ment with the above band in a few weeks, and tenders his ser vices as travelling agent to any musical professor, band or com pany of artists of acknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed his second tour throughout the United States, tiie Canada*, Texas, and the Island of Cuba, during which he has visited almost every section of those countries, and made hiinaelf practically acquainted with those details ana statistics most necessary and useful to professional travellers, be believes that his services will prove advantageous to any party with whoin he may engage. Letters addressed to W. Corbyn, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, care of Sol. Smith, Esq., theatre. St. Louis, Mo., if mailed prior to May lOtli, and prepaid, will meet with prompt attention at that time. all tfrrc HOWES & CO.'S NEW YOKK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT everoreanited in the United States, comprising 110 Men and Horses, re quiring 26 Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobe, mu sicians, he., will be exhibited in Paterson, Easton (Pa.), Reading, Lancaster, Harrisburg, he. The company has at tached to it Eight Keinale Equestrians, among whom is the Greatest Kemale Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris MADAME MARIE NIACARTE, whose new style ol Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful ana fascinating address, *nd the charming nairrtr with which she chains herandi eence, render thi* gifted and highly-educated artiitr the lead ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant description given in the respec tive new spapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perform ed by this distinguished artiitr. Among the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch OIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is M feet, and their weight over 700 lbs. Mr. Randall weigh* 43} lbs. Mrs. Randall is the most enormous giantess in the world. They w ill appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats of strength anu agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainments w ill comprise 17 Act* of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Exerci*es, Classic Displays and humoron* afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOwKS; Riding Master, Mr. NIaON, and the unapproachable Clown, F)AN RICE. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Naixileon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feats on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever w itnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemauship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European I Tumbler. Mr. MACARTE. Wondertul Keats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Pliinbus. Posturing and Gymnastics by i Mr. Nixon and his sou. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and I brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in 1 Slack Rope Evolutions. The Negro Minstrels, with the ini mitable Dan Emtnit at their head. The Original Banjo Melo- ] dist. With a variety ol others. The whole comprising the 1 leading, most talented, and classic performers in the world. m>7 tf rrc MILITARY RIDING SCHOOL. MR. HAMILTON having entered into an arrangement with Haythome, for his Riding School two nights in the week, Moudays and Thursdays, Will commence on Monday next, llth inst.. at 8 o'clock, P. M. The practice to be the same as taught by hiin in Major Ringgold's Light Horse Artil lery, vil: the school of the trooper mounted. The School , i* at the corner of 13th street and Vniversity Place, and is the , largest in the city, with the best of accommodations. No j pains will be s|wre>l to bring foward the class. For further information enquire at Mr. Hayfhomc's office, or at the Arse nal, where Mr Hamilton can be seen every day from 1 to 6 o'clock. P. M. Broad Sword and Artillery Drill from t till? P. M. every day. as m>7 M * rrc HUNTING PAKK COURSE (NEAR PHILA DELPHIA).?TKOTTIM;. AM T M 1 i HE SPRING MEETING over the above < ourse will cginmencc on TUK8DAY, the 26th of Mty, wiu con* tinne three days. . , ... , , I.I Day?Purse $200. 2 m. k, under the saddle ; free for horses that never won a purse over $100. Same day?Purse $100. mile heats, the best 1 in 1, nnder the ssddle ; free for horses not over 6 ) ears old this spring. 2d Day?Purse $100, 2 m. h., in harness ; free lor green Same dar?Pnrse $100, mile heats, under the saddle ; free for horses tliat never won a purse. 3d Day?Purse Vmn, $100 of which goes to the second best; 2 m. h.. in hame-s ; free for sll trotting horses. Entries to be made the evening previous to each trot, at the ( ourse. Entrance 10 per cent. Two or more to make a trot for each purse. ? ? . .. Mr. Win. Jackson, the American Deer. * ill start on Mon da> the IJth of .lime, for a purse of $1700, to run II miles in 1 an honr, over the ?l>o?e course. 07" If the Spring M'etmg on the I nion ( ourse, L. I., comes off the same week, the above will be postponed until the following week. _ Pniuoklphis, Mav ft. lilfi. mv7TbSvliTu^to My$B rre CENTK E VILLE COURSE, L. 1 T PURSE of S.MI will lie gneu for horses that never won a XX pnrse over $i0, Peter Smith not excepted. Mile Heats ; best lin) under the saddle. To come off Monday, May II. \l?o, a Sweepstake for horses that never won s purse over $JQ. Peter Smith not excepted. Two Mile Heats, nnder the saddle. Sub. JO, half forfeit; with s Pu rse of sdiled by the proprietor to the winning horsf. To come off Monday, May thi 17th. . , Tli? shove and Sweepstake to close on or neiore Thutsday, M?y 7th, b> o'clock. ^M-^ fc L0WK ?. ThiteotmortuieaehtomJieabeld. 2t*nc I LATEST NEWS BY THE MAM. Washington, May 5,1846. It is now well ascertained that Gen. Mejia hit* 7500 of the best Mexican troops with him ut Mata moras, and that it in lus intention to attack Geo. Taylor forthwith, if he has not already done so.? Tfie opinion here, in well informed circles, is that a skirim?h lias taken place, and that Gen. Taylor lias uict a repulse with some loft*; but, as the head ol the Wur Department keeps every thing clos* that he can keep m that way, it would not bo pro per to say positively that such has actually occur red. Three mails from the South arrivod hare last night, bringing the packages for the war depart ment, already mentioned, which were of little or no interest. I believe, however, that Gen. Jones received by that mail information of iin|>ortance, as he was seen to start from llio Post Office for tho State Department, and communicate m pauant with Mr. Huchanan, on tlie subject of military matters. lie ro<le oH' alter a few moments inter view, for the War Department, in rather a hurry. There is evidently a shaking going on among the ilry bones, in the neighborhood of the Executive; for, if there were not, why all this excite ment among military men and others connected with the War Department. It was the steamer Hunter, and not Lieutenant Hunter's steamer Union, as stated by ine last eve ning, that brought th? despatches from Corpus Christi to New Orleans. While wo are. on the eve of a war with Mexico, if not with England, the President has recom mended, through the Secretary of the Navy, in ? report made to Congress a few days ago, a reducv tion of a large number of captains, lieutenants, and midshipmen, in our navy. About thirty captains he recommends to be razeed, and lh? others in an equal proportion to their rank and numbers in the service. This is about the fun niest, ami most parodoxical piece of tomfoolery that has ever been practiced upon any people. What! reduce the navy now, nearly one Uiira in the number of its officers, while there is a report from the Navy Department, falling upon Congress to expend $$0,000,000, upon some forty or fifty steam vessels! and another proposition from the same quarter, to build ten large class steamers to enrry tlie mails, and act as war vessels if so requir ed? It would appear evident, from this strange re commendation of Mr. Bancroft, that Mr. Polk belongs to that class of bipeds who blow hot and cold with the same breath. "Now we will and now we wont" seems to be the text of all his actions,'not knowing, of course, whether he will be of the same opinion to-morrow thnt he was to-day. Only think ot the sublimity of the idea, for a moment, of tho Secretary of tlie Navy, by the President's direo tion, or if not, with his knowledge and consent, making estimates for building forty steamships, and furnishing them with officers and men, about one month ago ; and now, when tho notice has been sent out to England, and our ships probably wanted to bombard Vera Cruz, the President wants to reduce the effective force of that branch of the service about 200 men. belonging entirely to the commissioned class. I have often" heard it remarked, that it takes fools to govern a nation, but never saw it so clearly exemplified as under this ndministra- tion. Arizl. Washington, May 6,1M? Cottertu?Pottry by John Quincy Adamt, on Iht Eclipu of the S?w?. The proceedings in Congress are waning to mo notony The House, to-day, was occupied chiefly of fl? Vo^ Office bJ , ^ciu^? the innil SenMe upon .pectin,; ? baud for The settlement of dup???l '""Th^he courtesy of Hon. Mr. Tho.n.^n of Kentucky, wo wore |H-rraitte<l to t?e . copy of the tatejt jioelry by John UnwAduni the original, written 111 the tre n The lines ore erudite and versatile octogenarian. I be lin a sonnet to the Sun, as follows To the Sun, ta,"T80N VKT1' nr joiif nt'iwcr adaji*. , Olcstial lource of life and light on eartn . What cnvioui rival intercept, thy ray. Dare. thy own aatellitei arre.tthyd'**?'j Or itay thy itream of empyrean birth l. it t^at ever of tranacendant worth The mortal doom, to win the meed of praia. U to lie mired in .lande r\sh?y * h.'arth f Or flv for refuge to the hermit i heartit r r? emanation from Ood'. living throne ! i ii?ht i not incurable, to Him alone ?SSW?8?1?'!. We expect next an epic poem iromthevenem , l^.-.u.Ljdent, on the frequent eclipses ot the sun by the dust of Pennsylvania Avenue. TWKNTY-inSTH COHORBM. Ill ?? U Iaijl . r?rh??K?. Mr" t?? jJSffi A. rMIU? Me??r.. Knight, Davi?,Wettcott ^ other*. ;i?Vi srest yr.-urf.,, B for aeveralhourtconunuoualr y ^ 8p?ight%ay bill provide., that wher.-th.rj My*?* ber of ?UBPel,^e^entnHiB:inian3i aro iituatod, upon which torict in which the public taMfltn u* illation, and which patent! cannot iaaue under exiatinR g M axUat a* are accumulaUng from ye?r l? > e ^ public, aa wall a* to produce great .ncon.emence to thyo^ ^ to the general operation* ofthif all peraona that, Aerea* ? ta n.ce*wy and I*?l^u (houia r?civ? l.and Omce,t?ccon*tit?it?d a board upon ch T* > ??? rejection,. the hud* ?*?????* Bee. 4.?Rejected lend" tl. ?.?? Se?,?It"h. SeSil U?d 0?ce. "X the moved by Mr. Ht,*Tif?aTOW to lay uw u.u i Motion lout, li to 17. Senate, and the quartioa The bill w?. reported 7h7 a ' ?dmenU. then recurring upon "M?1**1 * Mnj principle* of th. bllL Mr. Calhoix opposed the general pr^ He did not like the mode of adju ciear and con w ere not the propcr mode ln a ^ objections to ^SaEJS?Toved to lay. th.billupon th. tabU Mr. ^UrwooD^Yev^^there haabaon an laUrv.nloc V?M, Brr.toMT.?Th. Senate ha. Just refund to ley th. biil on the table. t , .inc. Mr. Haywood. But there M* ^^ne. to mo airrec to the amendment* ; but it . no owe %r.MA?ovM moved to recommiUh. Wll.^ ^ Jl wSaraJW ^^roprt^- cor d. red to the appropriate co?"'" ,ve |iou*c and referred. ^ITl^moveTt^^Ung of 300 additiooal copt^ of the war.hou* bill. Agreed to. Adjourned. _____ ||ott.e of H?prr?*nttUw?| tWA*HiNOT.n, Msy ?, The Sr? A*?.a, w 1th hU_f^nt 1*m.? comportn* cd u* with th. following nam* _g* j ukinc a Nalktoai the ?elect committee on th Mewr*. Tib 1 ilirarv, for the t?enefit of tne uiino, ? l.'ttttr, Jlathbun, Toomb*, ?,**,;b||u' to viaoimA vtir (the Chairman of th. Com On motion.>f Mr ?lij"rg J th, bm for th. r.trj? '"'ilion of \le**ndn>i to the Htate of Virginia, wa. mad. SSSi ?&? f Mr. Affair* of which he i* th. chalrmanjbti dW^*r^ln?ill. the fvirther con.ideratiwi of protection for A?eri ' V.?l repen., .? ?? jig.T"' "" " front *everal of the ?Unding c the a*mt ?l ,roV.K?t the Hou?e r.*olr. It Mr. C. J. lf?ota*oi-i- y^rVhol" ?n ,h? W*l5 of.Ul? wit into a f ommittee of ,h (lin? to the conald.r?tloj V'nion. for the purP0,' ?'t('[^.|,tive to duty on Java cof of the ?pecial ordar-tli* W" ()utjM on Spam*h lco and refunding rorto Rico. *el*. except from ( u <he gea^man from rew Mr. McK?? ?*"'? further po*tpone??nt of th. I .vWania would coaaejJ*JJs."'^J" wouMstate lor th. in r0nMden.tion ofthi* ?? J* ,vhlch WM known to aaveral, formation of tin1! ' for tl|0 Q?arteitna*ter * I>epaH that the ?ppropij?tl? |)>(1 ,cen (Jen. Jewup, and that ,n. nt wa? hp (lhe General) had tomeet th* gentleiflS" *"1" hi, own credit. He tru*ted, thcre to supply would b. conri ^C. J. IkosMou. wa. under*tood to di-at fro??h. ?U^#m"kav moved the gertoll'* lull till to-morrow- and ? ? Jal.- . ..-ati:^.r.?AM>MA?i^ (0Tnrnltt#e ot th. The How resolved itaelj^ ?t0 ' th. con Whole on the State of th.KU (aa return^ mention ot th. asa.pdmenW to w.

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