Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. in, Mo. U T?Whole Mo. 43 . NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 8,1846. Prlco Two C?U. A THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Olnmlatlon---Forty Thomand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price Scents per copy?$7 ONrunn-payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Ever) Saturday?Price t.U cents per copy?S3 12K cent* i?er annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual price*?always cash ltt advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and des patch. All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted Irom the subscsiption money remitted. JAME8 GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the tne Nkw York Herald Estari.mhmkmt, North-West comer t Fulton and Nassau street*. TO LET?Three convenient house* at SUA per sa Fnum, payable quarterly^ or monthly, iu advance, two __istori?a and basement brick, new, II by 2J, with seven rooms, handy to the states, advantage of Croton water, in a moat thriving and quiet part of the city, 26th and 26th streets, between 7th and Sth avenues. Also, a large Furnished Heuse south west corner of 7th avenue and 26th street, will be let to a private lamily for the summer. Enquire on the premises from 8 to ft A. M. and 4 to 6 P. M. inyS lw#r FOR SALE OR TO LET, The Modem built three story brick house. IS Adams street, Brooklyn. Ifnot sold by private sale, it will be wMLd'sDo'sd of at public auction, oa the 16th day of May next. Half of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, BE *. ,.*rm ?* y?*"-. Application to be made on die premises, 2li Adams St., Brooklyn. *4 lm?rc TO LET, JtaA A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lota of |;!W ground, situated in the village of Hastings, Westchester JJ^cowty, State of New York, within a few minutes' wal* of the ateamboat landing. Said place is divided into gar dens, which are well stocked with fruit Also, a pleasant grove, with a stream of water, and several good springs. Pos 3saion can be given immediately. Eor further particulars ap y at the store of Mr. Schlosser, Hastiug's LandiiiK, or of al lm'rc MR ECKERT, 72 Murray St.. New York. TO LET OK. FOR SALE, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Ruble and Coach House attached, with about an acre of land, the , principal part of which is well stocked with fruit and . shrubs, and enclosed with a picket fence. The stages every ten minutes within five minutes walk of the house, atiou?between 110th and 111th streets. For further in ormatiou, annly to JOHN BATHGATE, 151 Ninth street, or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mrUlm?fc ^ Ladies fancif~FAStffBWXELE-straw ^BjHATS?Paris Straw Gimp Hats, of the latest shape, for sue at CARL KING'S, No. 17 Divisiou street, at $2 JO each. N. B.?A general assortment of Straw Hat* and Pari* Rib* bons, at the most reasonable prices. all lm*rc CARL KING. 17 Division street. J. PRICE fc CO. _ FASHION ABLE HAT STORE. n THE SUBSCRIBERS hsviuconeued aHAT STORE #^*t No. 110 Fulton street, corner of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage of their old customers and the pub lic. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort ment of Hats, Caps. Umbrellas, fcc., lie., of the latest style, and will sell at the lowest prices. Single hats made to order at the shortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE, myi lm*r THOS. SHANNON. "Z SPRING FASHION. ft BROWN It CO., 178 Chatham Square, comer of Mott d^festreet, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and finish of their $3 Hats, combin ing fashion, bAnty and durability, three important consider* Uons to the wearer. The proprietor* do coulidently assert their hat* to be much superior to any ever before *old for the stun* price. Call aad aatiafy yourself of this fact. m20 lm*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. fl WHY will you pay $4 JO and $J for a Hat, when you can go to PHOENIX HAT AND^SvplviANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, And get as good one for (3 JO 7 Go, and examine for your selves; mr!2 lm?rc GENTLEMEN'S HATS?SPRING STYLE. Bird, corner pine and Nassau streets. Gentlemen's Hats, of the Spring pattern, uniting much elegance and beauty of style, are now ready tor examination ana sale, by the subscriber. BIRD, mrtt lm*rc Corner of Pine and Nassau street*. GENTLEMEN'S SPUING FASHION. ft BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the beet quality and most approved shapes, are now ready for inspection and sale at the old established prices. Beat Beaver $4 je Best Silk 4 oo ROWE, Merchants' Exchange, al7 lm*rrc 40 William street. &l?TKOPOLi.TAM HAT AN LI CAP STORE, _ _ NO. 271 14 GRAND STREET, r? PLUNKETT He CO., Iiave just opened this new estab J^Muhment with a splendid assortment of HAT8 and CAPS, not to be aaroaued either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability, which they offer to the public at the following very low pncea:? Hat*. First qaality Nutria Far, at 92 JO Second do do do do 3 00 Firtt quality Iffoletkin, do 3 00 Second de do do 2 JO Car* from 3T>? cent* to $1 76 each. Whole*ale and retail, order* punctually attended to, and customer*'hat* ironed and kept in *hape gratis. a7 lm'rrc J. PLUNKETT fcR. PARDES3US. _ EXCELSIOR, fl ROBERTSON'S PHCEN1X fl J0L HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY lWKULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM. THE proprietor of this establishment ha* recently added .to hi*, exteiuive stock of spring goods, an assortment of Moleskin Hats, of exquisite finish ana superior elegance. The price of these really euoerb articles is only S3 JS, being $160 less than the aame good* (manufactured ta the same manner aad of similar material) are sold in Broadway. The sent of thi* great diaparity in price may be easily conjectured. The advertiser's expense* being .but a tithe of tho*e of the more splendid establishment* in Broadway, he ia in consequence enabled to offer goods of a corresponding deecriptiou at lower rates. a 23 lm*rc LOOK AT THIS! | LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you wanta j fine article ol Boot* and Shoe*, call at 367 Broad way, where you will fiwj the laigest assortment, cheapen, and mo*t fashionable in the city. Do not mistake the aamber, 367 Broadway, eomer of FranUia street. N. B.?a large assortment of imported Freach Boots, at the low price of 6dollars. M. CAHILL. a 14 lm*r ? PREMIUM BOOTS. A FINE FRENCH BOOTfS for 91 JO, city made, and B are equal to those sold in other store* for S6. Fine ? French Calf Boots for 94 JO, equal to the best made in M thi* city for 9* or $7, at YbUNO ?t JONES' French Boot,and BhocJMaaafactory, one ofthe_ moit fashionable in NiMot, iii* in) ivr fv ui ff, w i vuiiu a Jv/nriO r rcncn uid Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable in y. Our Boots ha vine been judged in the late Fair at s, are said to be the pest ever sold in thi* city. m. All Boou warranted to five satisfaction.? m Mending, fcc., done in tne Store. ^^^Mrnr"i ii JONES, < ^^^^?Near Broadwav. New York. tvE J( their Tiriuiti, which ui to be found at the cheap 5ton of H. B1GGAM, _TS AND SHOES.?The public are invited to and examine the lair* aaaortmeat of Gentlemen'*, 'lea' and Miaaea' Boou, .Shone and Gait era, in all mJ4 lm'r I Canal it., comer Sullivan. riiila. fuuuc u napKuuMi .unrated that the receut break A in the Canal, caused by the late freshet. havingbeeu re paired. the PIONEER k EXPRESS LINfc, via Railroad aad Canal from Philadelphia to Pittabnrgh. commtuced iu regular tripe for the season on Monday, the 6th of April, iSrimf the Depot, No. 174 Market (tract, Di EXPRESS nia to Pittali I ?jwiw hw iwi uiv avawM Oil iVlOtlCla*, tuc vin vi~AyiuT No. 174 Market (tract, DAILY, at IX By thii route paaaengera will avoid all the fatigue and dan gjr of^n^h^travellinc in eoachea, both Railroeda being-^aa Tor further information, apply at the old-e?abliahed Office, *74 Marknt (treat, J doora above Euhth atreet. a? ?aa?rre AI. CUM MINOS, Agent. LUNG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY, - EXPRESS MAIL Train, leave Whitehall, Synth Ferry, at7 A.M.. foe Beaton?for all Parti of the I aland at 7 and A. M., and 4 P. M daily, .excecept Sundaye. a?l Imrc ? "FOR BELIZE, HONDURAS-Bark JOHN R. GARDNER, James Pederson, matter, Kaa excellent iccommodations for peaaengers, and will have des paten iur the above port. . ? w,r w *? a* lw*r O South street. H FOR LIVERPOOL-New Liae-Regular Packet r?'The elegant fast tailing packet shijp Jf, George B. Cornish, master, will tail as ?M?e,b?r regnftr day. Wm freight or pa?age, having accommodations unequalled foe splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, "nt S.'SoLI.lN. t CO.. X M Price of J IP Btoddart. on k fneufla iu any part of the old country, can make tpe ~ -menu with the aubaenbers, on reaionable i ' NEW*L?irhe"QF LIVERPOOL Ipe eompruing thii line are, it in ?f any, and their Innwae sue (al p Garrick, B. J. H. Traak, master, will meeeed I, anas ail Stth Jnne, her regular day. aZiaa faHth ieet. For fraigt* or Paaaage, apply to Cape I my4 rra No. t Tontine Bail draft l-T% GfcNkVUL EMiGkAfioN South street, New York, and M Wa il.?Persons seuding for their aeeeaaa ? terms, to PACKETS. , i well known, an I j (all koing ItM tons, an? up warts) renders them more comfortable and conve nient than abine of n smaller claaa ; and the greatest reliance may be plana* in their punctuality in sailing. Ilia subscrib ers are also agents for the St. George and Union Lines of Liverpool Packets, in ur of which pasaags can be engaged ?m 73 South st., cor. Maiden lane. OLABOOW L(NK OF PACKETS-To sail 1st uKsp Will Sill as ano For freight or passage, having excellent accomodations, apply to ? BRp'^SBY^ iS ^'ah Captoiu Hugh McEwen, will ancceed the Snracan, and aail I at July, her regular e?y. jajW^aww e JBUfial)"<i'ia?. will aai as abore, her regnlav day. For p .?.??*in cabin, second cabin^ and steerage passage, having fMrOT t"comm'jo?fcpk*ffclliii7RRAY' of Persona wiahteg to Jte&TKa?,1' terma, by apply** a* above my* rr? SMALL STORES FOR THE NAVY. SEALED PROPOSALS, lo be endorsed " Proposals for Small Stores,' will br received by the Navy Ageut. at hi* office, No. ii Water mi-d, until Saturday, 6th June next, at 3 o'clock P. M., for the >upply of (mail stores for the use of the Nary, to be delivered upou receiving five days notice, at the Nary > ard, Brooklyn, free of expense and risk to the govern ment, in snch quantities as may be ordered during the fiscal year, ending on the 30th June, 1847. The articles will be subject to such inspection aa the Bu reau of Provisions and Clothing shall prescribe, and of good quality, equal in all respects lo the best of those ge nerally used in the service. Payment for deliveries will be made, 90 per cent, within JO days after bills duly approved are resented to the Agent, and the remaiuing 10 per cent, on the entire completion of the contract. Bonds in a suAcient amount, with two approved sureties, will be required for the faithful performance of the contract. Blank proposals, containing a list of the articles, may b? obtained at this office, aa follows Brushes, shavinf each Brushes, scrubbing do Brushes, shoe do Brushes, clothes do Buttons, navy, vest... .groce Buttons, navy, coat do Buttous, dead-eye do Blacking, boxes of.. . per dox Beeswax, in '? lb. cakes.. lb. Combs, coarse per dox. Combs, fine do Cotton, spools of do Oraas. for hats. ..per 100 hands Handkerchiefs, cotton. ..each Hdltfsj silk, fancy colors, tlo Jackmves do Needles, sewing, assort. ed per thousand Palm plates per dox. Pepper, black* per lb. Pepper, red* do Raxors, in single cases.. .each Raxor strops do Ribbon, hat per piece Soap, salt water per lb. Soap, shaving, in rakes. Silk, sewiug, blue black, lb. Scissors each Spoons do Thread, black, white snd blue per lb. Tape, black and white.. .dox. Thimbles each Lookingglasses do Mustard seed* per lb. Navy Ageut's Office. New lork, April24. 1846. PROSPER M. WETMOHE, Navy Agent. ?These articles, to wit?Mustard Seed aud Pepper, will be required at New York only, and in the raw state, all lawCwFrc FRESH BKEF AND VEGETABLES FORTHK NAVY SEALED PROPOSALS?Endorsed " Proposals for Fresh O Beef and Vegetables," will be received by the Navy Ageut at his office. No. 83 Water street, until Saturday, 30th May next, at3 o'clock. P. M., for the suitply and delivery of fresh Beef and Vegetables for the use of the Navy at this Statiou. for the fiscal year to end on the 30th June, 1817. The Beef aud Vegetables, to be of the best qualities the market affords, must be offered for by the ponnd. Bond, with satiafactory secu rity, will be required for the faithful performance of the con tract. Navy Agent's Office, New York. April 23, 1846. PROSPER M. WETMORE, a23 Iaw6w eTh re Navy Agent. 800,000 IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, CONSISTING of an extensive assortment of the most fa vorite brands, well worthy the attention of city and country dealers. The subscribers, in addition to the stock now ou hand, are constantly receiving new supplies by every packet from Havaua. The whole entitled to debenture. For sale on reasonable terms, iu lots to suit purchasers, by TRUX1LLO ft. BAKREIRAS, myl lw*jw 1WI Wall street, up stairs. ALL PERSONS having claims against HANNAH MUR PHY, formerly at No. 491 Broadway, are requested to pre sent the same to the subscriber before the first day of June next. ROBERT DECON, 491 Broadway. m2 lw*je JAMES PERRY & CO., LONDON. STEEL PENS, THEO. R1PKE, Agent, Removed to No. 132 William strceet. THE NATIONAL DEPOT OF WARTON, OF PARIS, Is Removed to _ in2 lw?r No. lil William street. New York. JOHN MULLIN respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has REMOVED from hisjold stand, No. 206 Broadway, to No. 3 BARCLAY Street, a few doors from Broadway, where he continues to import and manufacture double and siugle barrel Fowliug Pieces, Rifles and Pistols, of a superior quality. Also, Gun and Pistol Locks, Germsn Silver Castings for rifles and fowliug pieces, with guu mate rials in general, to be sold low for cash. N. B.?Repairing done in the best manner and on the most reasonable terms. rnyi 2in*rrc HEAD QUARTERS ~~~ WINDO WK?S HADES. THE largest, best, and cheapest assortment in the United States. For sale, wholesale or retail, at prices varying from 74 cents to $38 a pair, by KELTY It RIKER, Extensive Window Shade Manufacturers and dealers, at my6 lm?r [tZ7~ 131 Chatham st. JOSEPH MARTEL, WRENCH DINNER ROOM, 83 Beaver street, near Wall and Pearl streets, white fronts. Diuner from 12 A.M. till 4 P.M. Price fixed 26cents. myi lw*r LOOKING GLASSES! LOOKING GLASSES! THOSE furnishing their houses, and others wanting Look ing Glasses, would do well to call at 106 Fulton street, or 333 Pearl street, where every variety can be found at the cheapest rates, wholesale and retail. Large and small, novel, fashionably ornameuted and plain Frencn plate Glasses, to suit almost any sized pier, which will be sold low, very low, indeed. Plain and richly ornamented Portrait Picture Frames, Paintings and Engravings. l>ooluug Glasses?plates by the box or single. Ola glasses replated. Ladies, while shoping, please call. myi lm*r HOOPER It BROTHER. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. P BLANC ARD has the honor to inform his friends and ? the public that the above establishment having heeu re fitted and put in excellent order, he is prepared to treat with families and parties who wish to enrage apartments during the ensuing sesison. The Pavilion will be opened ou the 14th instant- m4 lw*rc TRITON HOUSE, GLEN COVE. LONG ISLAND. rpHE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the 1 public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the head of the steamboat lauding, and it is now thoroughly fitted ud, and ready for the reception of Boarders. The situation of this establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Bathwg, is amongst the most eligible on Loug Island Sound, as thewauds attached to the premises have a very ex tensive waterTront, and a fine beach for swimmers. The out buildings are new, and the Bar and Bowling Alley are entire ly unconnected with the house. Having a farm, of 40 acres appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his friends the inducements of a plen tiful supply of good milk and butter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his unremitted attentions to the wishes of his guests, will renders residence at the Triton House extremely desirable. Horses and Carriages to hire. For terms, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. JONES, Triton Honse. Glen Cove, Long Island, May 1, 1846. myi linrrc lilltD CAGE MANUFACTORY, NO. 1 St. John's Lane, corner Beach street. The Subscrib er would inform his Customers and the Public, that he has constantly on hand, a large stock of fancy and commo Bird Cages, of all descriptions, which he will sell cheaper than they can be bought elsewhere. Also, Cages made to order. J. KELLY. P. S.?Country Merchants would find it to their advantag to call and examine his stock. a8lm*r FANCY NEEDLE-WORK EMPORIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE. IMPORTER OK ZEPHYR WOOL, dANVASB, PAT TERNS. BEADS, FRINGES. OIMPS, fcc., 14 JOHN STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?H. L. uk? thismethod of informing the trade and public centrally that he ha* taken the above store, and ii prepared to offer an extensive stock in his line, selected by himself, in Europe, with especial refer ence to quality ana norelty; and by nis arrangements, feels confident that his prices cannot fail of commanaiug a share of public patronage. He is now oj>euing many articles entirely new in the market, and respectfully solicits a call. m? lui*rc NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR WM. MATTHIESSEN, 117 Fulton street, invites the in spection of the public to his choice stock of Krench Black and colored Cloths and CaasHners, Yestings, of all va rieties, suitable for spring trade, which are now to be sold low for cash. Customers desiring to have ELEGANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would do well to have their garments cut by the efficient cut ters of this establishment, who are capable of giving as neat a fitting garment as the most fastidious can desire. All articlea of small wear continually on hand, Shirts, espe Re^nember the number, 1(7 Kulton street. al? lm*r WM. MATTHIESSEN. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOWITZ <t BECKER, No. M John street, have just opened a splendid aasortment of Preach Artificial Flow ers, materials for flower makers, lie., fcc., which they offer to the trade, at low prices. mil Ira* me J WARWICK GOLD * SILVER REFINER, Assay"??d Sweep Smel ter. Office, 17 JOHN Street, New York. Fine Gold, Rolled Silver, Rouge and Crucibles, al ways on hand. myj lm?rrc FURNITURE PLUSH. THE SUBSCRIBERS hsve received from their manufacto ry an extensive assortment of plain aad emboss"! Furni ture Flushes, of all colors aud qualities, suitable for cabinet, coacb, and railroad car makers. V. CAILLEL'X. FILS SULELIAO It CO., al lm*r 133 Pearl street. CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. f HE Subscribers have no hesitation in saying to the people A of New York, and the neighboring cities, that they ran and do challenge the merchants of our country, far aad near, to compete with tnem in the sale of _ , WINDOW SHADES. I"*)'have a manufactory in the State of New Jersey, about 12 miles from the city of New York, and possess every facility J"' "aaalaetnriag their ahadai at the laaat expense. Of their fr* ehaapiiesj, they will convince the most in creduloosiy tha,r giv.ugrhem acall. DUNCKER, k BECIC fff1, ^o.* Chatham at.rtN. Y.,oua door from the corner o C hambers st. mil lm?rc. NOTICE. DR. VAN ZANDT'S celebrated Health Restorative, Ann DyspeP"* and Auti-Billious Cathartic Pills, are sold at vvyatt k K.eteliam s, 111 fruNon afreet. Price 25 cents per mr23 lm*m SHEET BRASS. TAMES G. MOFFETT, No. ttl Prince street, between * Wooeter and Greene streets, manufacturer of Sheet Brass, has on hand, aaducons tan tl y receiving from his mill, a large assortment of all sixea oTSheet Brass which he will sell at wholesale or retail, at lower prices than any other place in State" >? to any made m the United J. G. M. will deliver goods sold by him ia any part of thia city or Brooklyn, or shipped on board of any vessel, free al charfe. 1 P. 8.?Braaa and Copper Tnbtng of all sites made to order, aM lm*r IDLE HOUR BOOK. JUST PUBLISHED?The "Idle Hour Book," containing m pacea, with MO engravings?price only 37 centa?re plete with fun. Our Comic Almanacs, for IM7, five in number, will be is sued ia April. They will be the best ever got ap, and cheap at that. Specimen numbera sent.hKmail. The subscribers invite the uteANn of the trade to their unrivalled and large variety of the varioua kinda of Children's Books, Song Books, Primers, lie., together with colored Lithographic Prints, the best in the market?MO kinda. mnjm're TUHNER It FISHER. 74 Chatham st. GIRANDOLES, SOLAK, LAKIJ, AND HALL LAMPS CHANDELIERS, Arc. 'PHE Subscriber has Just opened one of the best selected J. stocks of Lard. Solar Lamps, and Giraadolea now ia the city, at ? per cent leas than the fall pnees. Housekeepers, hotels, churches, and those of tbe trade, will find it to their advantage to cat! Hit mWae the above stock before purchas ing elsewhere. JOHN N. MORGAN. aH lm*rc 1M Fait on st., first door from Broadwsy. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore tjuyo*_between (he underlined, under the uat of BARNElTk SMAL LKr, it thii day dissolved by mutual consent. Each of the pirtiri will continue to carry on the business of manufactur ing Iron Kiiliur. lie., in his own name; bnt the firm of Barnes h Km alley king dissolved, the uuicttled boiiurtt thereof will be closed by Richard ^CHARD BARNES, JOSEPH SMALLEY. New York, May I, KM. my# lw*rrc removal: JWHITEHORNE, Portrait and Miniature Painter, ha* ? removed (rum it] Broadway, to No. 1U Chamber! atnet, three doom below the Savins* Bank. N.B.?Subscription received lor the engraving of the Se nate Chamber. Published by Anthony Clark It Co., from a painting by J. Whitehome. Subscription price, ti, size ol print 14x42 inchea, containing more tnan 100 portrait* of die tiuguished men. mjl 3t*rrc DR. HULL'S TRUCES, AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. THE superiority of Dr. Hull'* initrumeut* over all other* i* acknowledged by the moet eminent physicians in En rope and America. Office. 4 Vr*ey meet, Aitor Hon**. A female in attend ance in the India*'department. my< lm'r in ALP SKINS k SLAUGHTEllHlDES?3000 be.t qua lity 1 ity Calf Skim, (elected. Alto light, middling, and heavy Hide*, of various average weights. For tale by myS IWrrc JOHN HUNN, m Elizabeth ?t. TOBACCO, SEGARS AND BASS. A A. SAMAN08, No. 94 Broadway, up stair*, offer* for ? sale, a splendid assortment of choice Segars, selected expressly for his establishment. Also, 40 hales of strictly prime St. Jafo Tobacco, and a small lot of Bus, by whole sale and retail. mig lm*r PAPER HANGING. HOWELL fc BROTHERS, Manufacturers and Importer* l ? IT HMPjilii having upeued iu New York city a branch of their I liiladelphia establishment, would respectfully call the attention of the citizens of New York and other* SWl'.'Ji K'">d? iu their line, to their extensive assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, Borders, Fire Board Prints, Curtain Paper*, ud all other articles in their line of business. H. k. B. have received from the Institutes for the encourage ment <>l Domestic Manufactures iu the cities of New York, Philadelphia and Boston, silver medals for the manufacture of their goods, tlatter themselves that they can sell better articles tor the same money than can l>e purchased elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscribers would particularly call attention to their large assortment of Kresco Papers lor parlor*, and Column Paper* for halls, Public Rooms, Entries, lie., kc. Alio, Curtain Papers, a new article for windows. Papering of Rooms, Halls, lie., promptly attended to by careful workmen. Country merchants and city dealer* will find it to their ad vantage to give us a call. HOWELL li BROTHERS, No. 137 Broadway, ai lm*rrc Two doors above the City Hotel. BOOKS BOUG in\ PERSONS wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressing a few lines, giving name and number, to J. M'CABE. al lm?r TO Nas*au, or IIT Kivington street. CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. THIS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY comprises an en tirely safe and novel application of the mysterious power ol' Galvanism as a remedial ageut, by means of which the or dinary batterie*, electric and magnetic machine*, are entirely diipensed with, audtlie power applied tiu a manner equally effectual, much cheaper, and with perfect convenience and safety. The Galvamc Rikos, in connection with the Mag netic Fli'io, have been used with eutire success In all case* of RHEUMATISM, acute or chronic, applying to the head, face or limbs. Gout, Tic Doloreux, Toothache, Bronchitis, Nervous or Sick Headache, Indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy, Epileptic Fits, Cramp, Palpitation of the Heart, Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints, Spinal Complaiuts, Lumbago, Neuralgia. Nervous Tremors, Dizziness ol the Head, Pains in the Head and Side, general Debility, Deficiency of Nervous and Phy sical Energy, and all Nervous disorders. In cases of Dys pepsia, which is simply a nervous derangement ol the diges tive organs, they have oeen fouud equally successful. The Rings are of different prices ; being made of all sizes, and of various ornamental patterns, and can be worn by the most de licate female without the slightest inconvenience. THE GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS, lie., are modifications of the invention, and are recommended iu more chronic cases of disease, where the Rings do not pos sess sufficient intensity or power. They are adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, ancles, chest, or any part of the body with perfect ease. Any galvanic power that is required may thus be obtained, and uo complaint which the mysterious agent of Galvanism can affect, will fail to be permanently relieved. CHRISTIE'S MAONETIC KLUID is used in connection with the Rings and their modifications. This composition ha* been pronounced by the French Che iniat*, to be one of the most valuable discoveries of modem science. It is believed to possess the remarkable power of rendering the nerves sensitive to Galvanic action, by this means causing a concentration of the influence at the seat of disease, and thus giving rapid and permauent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. These articles form an important addition to the Galvanic Rings, acting upon the same principle, but having the advan tage of more local application. Jit an effectual meant far Strengthening the ryttem when debilitated by diteate or other cautet; at a certain mid in constitutional weaknett ; at m preventive for coldt, and t'n all affection t of the eheit generally, Ike GALVJlNIC STRENGTHENING PLASTER will be found ol great and permanent advantage. The reader is referred to numerous O-HOME CERTIFICATES.^} published in tne N. Y. Sun, Min-or, Tribune, Atlas, and other papers. These testimonials, all of which are from the most respectable sources, have been selected from several hundred of a similar character, which have beeu procured during the short time the discovery has been before the American public. Only Agency in New York, No. IDS Broadway, between John street and Maiden lane. O^CAUTION.?Beware of tpuriout imitationt of these article*. Messrs. A. B. k D. SANDS are not, and never have been, agent* for Dr. Chriatie, nor can I warrant as genuine any articles called " Galvanic" which are offered by the above mentioned firm. D. C. 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Imo'rr j piano-for'te^warerooms, 2T3 BROADWAY, at tC^m^pTic. Al.ant, May 6, 1M? Tkt Statt-Tlu Legitlature?Tfc? Proceeding!. It is, I expect, an immunity guarantied to correspon dent* and to men of letter* in America, to mbmit .ligres live opinion* occslonally, and to sensibly deviate from the naod.rnited method of correspondence. The Legi* lature will adjourn in one week. In ?uch a fact may conaiat ample apology for the little digre*aion which fol. Iowa here. Since the organization of the geueral government of the United State., there have alway. exi.ted a .et of in dividual* .pirituaW by impuUe*. motives, idea, and event, of all phaw. and kind* whaUoever, who have pro fe**ed to Me lu the operation, of government, in the mo ral, of the citizen., and in the amazing advance in me chani.m and the science*, excellent cause far ge neral rejoicing?for Jubilee.-for bonhres, and il lumination., and for all that popular parapher nalia which i* .aid to be .ignificant of general joy. These individuals were, in their time, and are now, all mad, or they were and are traitor* to the State. For. mo.t emphatically, .ince 1900, there wa. nothing in the progre.* and condition of the L'nited States ot North America worthy of approval to men of under ctanding. It i. true that with a mo.t mon.trou. and per Eatual deviation from the policy originally indicated, wo .... ,(jn preserved our nationality. It i. aWo a* certain ? our existence that any pu.illatumou* digression frem ^rkt aud .imple ??democracy," (which word is not un derstood by one-fifth of tho men in the Union,) will be societv and of government depend* upon men. in tellect*. What <lo men', moral* in America augur. It i. forgotten that .ocietie. and government. depend ui>on tho condition of the men who compose them ' If thi* i. afact, what .hall be apprehended from the grtfwing and horrifying moral degradation of the ZpH America f *hv, unlveraal .ocW??? Stronger government If the government .hall alwa>? bo renosed in men who cannot even make their auto graph, tho result will 1h>, that .ocioty here mu.t beceme a commonalty ; we are getting along toward this point with a great turn of speed. Tne time I. coming when, in order to the protection of tho.o men into who.e keep inn and use chance has thrown millions of property, ph> ,SlCo mu,t be employed. Here are two alternatives, ami there i. a third?thi. third i* in exile?it i? almost an anomalT It i* a terrible omission; it revolutionized burope wdToverthrew the republic* of Italy and Greece in the twelfth and thirteenth centurie* ; there wa* no *ecurity l f?\Tfor nropertv there. Thi* la*t alternaUve, then, is the education of t J. mightv ma.. u-liirh is erowing .o rapidly on thia continent, it racial legislation for thom-*chool* for them-and re foment and civilization will follow. A. ^e) "e men tallv conditioned, *o wiU the policy of Ameirica be regu lated because the power u reposed in them. Thi* ngnt of suffrage mu.t bo held in abeyance, and a monarchy in stitute? nere , or the canaiUt mu.t bo legwlated for ! T^i1d now'.'after maldugt'he single , remark that incen diarisin and prostitution are not limited to our large rities but are spreading wide over the country, I come to State LegXure? The same error wWch.. promi nent in the general government ' der the fal*e and ruinoua plea ot internal improvement, monopolies and immen*e capitalist, are invested with KiM-i-ial nrivileircs ?, they are exempt from the operation Tthe liw of covenant ; their contracU are sinecure. , the State faith i. reposed in them, and State repudiation ami the^neert of civilized nation, follow in cioso .uc. ri'ssion. Legislation for the canaille it never heard ol. Kven four-firth, of the member* of the Legwlature are destitute of the elementary principle* of commo?? '?* and common Knglish. The remark of ^? Ho"e41no Worden of Ontario, in the Houie, that there wcre,n?; ten Senator* in the Senate who could write ten word* oi English or who understood tho fir*t principle*of law, wa* a *ad and .ignificant assertion, but certain, then, that the entire mass of legislation i?n?*e**a rilv confided to the several members who are luppoaed to have common sense, and that these remaining persons, who "cannot write ten words oi English"are the hv which the dictator* operate ! It is?beside, certain that * t *r individuals to compcl their abandonment of nrfvate property; thecon trol pfthe finance, of the coun fry ? (a. banker*); rocuwncy to law and the alitiea of life kc. Sue. Grand and peculiar picture hattil> but lirfectly drawn ? Disastrous re.ult of the overween assitstistfs ????- ,? >sj; ?is; a SKai* % ^In'the Senate u5. morning, Mr. Porter, from the l1 inance Committee, .ubmitted a minority report on 'be subject of taxation of rents reserved on leasehold o.tate., the tates A motion to print five Ume. the usual number of "?3i- STJffiSZ'fSfSl SttSKK for the construction of the New * orit aua tf'urtl 5it oii'p. m!, and the committee rose, a,TW.e^e^n%%nminute* sumed the con.ideration of th? Hodaon Wwir RaUro?d bill. There i. to^ohibit SSK S ?ETuK to . third .ad between Albany and Buffalo, will beappliedto^e pa) mint of th.priiipri .ad of MO^OUO The militia biU, which I herewith e^ow, wm m? TCu\h^*^Mte*b"lUto aboli?h?hnpri*onment fornon M. If the ?e?w dui to r ^ , jn^. no count, I apprehend. There wu nothing interesting accomplished in the House to-day. I shall try to send you reports of the prooceodings in the Senate upon the ami-rent bills, which come up to morrow. The weather continues to be lovely?it is a prognostic of the weather we shall experience in heaven. State ok the < inowivo Chops in the South.? Wc have been informed, ray* the Charhtton Mer cury, by a gentleman from south Alabama, that the ac counts which we published of the state of the crops in Georgia, and the upper districts of South Carolina, will apply with even greater force to South Alabama. The crops of corn and small grain were never more promi sing?especially the Intter. Wheat and oats were sown in much larger quantities than usual, and are promising a most abundant yield. But of cotton the prospect is far from beln|? equally good. Fully four-fifths of the seed tvero in the ground by the 1st or April?a good part of that hnd been planted by and after tho 90th March Much of this was germinating when the extreme change of the weather which took place on tho lit of April?for two weeks n continued east wind, with chttly and wet weath er?soaked the grounds and has rottengroat quantities of tho seed. A very large part of the crop has to be re planted entirely, and a considerable portion of the balance partially. Heed is very scsrea, ana much delay is expe rienced in procuring supplies. The crop Is thrown back at least three weeks, an event which is almost invariably attended with a considerably diminished yield. There is no doubt that the present stand of young cOtton in all the cotton country is put back at least three weeks?a very long gap to make up by this plant-*-S?r?nn?ft Otorgian, Jtprit if. Horrible.?A murderous outrage was perpe trated in Northampton on Sunday morning, May id, by one Joshua Barron, upon his own wife. While sho was a bad he struck her upon the head with a hammer, and fractured tier skull, awl then proceeding to a stream, near by, Jumped in with the intention of drowning him self. He was fouud in the river by Sheriff Wright, and was lodged in Jail, where heyesterday committed suicide by hanging himseifin his cell. The woman, we are in formed, still survives, and as she has been able to con verse rationally, some hopes are entertained of her reco very. Mr. Barron is an aged man, who has been disap pointed iu business, and, as many nave thought, at times ?.narfiall*. 1???.?? If ? l.i.l .. CBOM Ik* Uiata N."m,Ml York, and is known about the country as inventor and builder of tho patent fence, constructed without posts.? At the time of the assault on his wife he was residing at the Community, though not a member of it, in order to use some of their turning Machinery.?Northampton Dt steer el. Legislative Summary, May 6.?In the Senate, the New York and Erie Kailrond BiH (Mr. | Habd's) was reported as correctly engrossed, and imme- | diateiy had its third reading ; but was laid over until to morrow. The Hudson river railroad hill was then taken up in committee, and discusssed until the hour for s ra ces*. No question. In the House, the hill to incorporate the Albany Sav ings ?nd Trust Association was passed A bill was re ported from the committee on ways and means providing for the borrowing of >ao,ogo, at not more than a per cent 1 for the payment of canal damages, and passed. A ques tion of privilege concerning a report of Mr. ??yea's ipeech, in the American Cititen, occupied a considera ble time. A resolution to expel the Reporter was ofbieJ tad withdrawn.?.fiieny Mgu*. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Mat 7.?Tht Ortmt Wtbb and Haron l.ibtl Cat*.? There wai an unusual bustle and excitement in the vici nity of the court room, in expectation that this trial would hare come on. The plaintiff'* witnesses were in court, and hi* counsel having stated they were ready to proceod, Josffh L. White, Ks<j., (of counscl for the defence.) called over his list of witnesses, consisting of?Moses H. Orinnell, Richard M. Blatchford, Kdwanl Curtis, Con xtaiitine Daniels, Simeon Draper, jr., (Jo rani Ilallock, Robert C. Wetmorc, Charles W. Sandford, John F Clark eon, Benjamin Drake, Conrad Sweet, Marshall O. Roberts, James Harper, G. G. Foster, James Gordon Bennett. Ro bert B. Minturn. Charles A. Stetson, James Boweii. ( has. King, David Halo, Rev. Samuel Seabun . Wn. C. Hrvaiit, Roo Corkwood, Kdward R Robinson, James R. Wood, John T. Dodge, James N. Reynolds. Moses Y Bcaeli, Horace Greeley. Mr. W. here requested the clcrk to call Kdward Kurtis. The Court directed, accordingly, the clerk to Call Mr. Curtis, when there was no reply. Mr. White, then, in moving lor an attachment against Mr. Curtis, said I feel that in resorting to a practice 10 apparently harsh, for the purpose of securing the atten dance of thin witness, it is necessary that 1 should assign a good and sufficient reason. This, sir, is an actiort tor libel, brought by Col. Webb, the editor of the Courier and Enquirer, against Dr. D. Francis Bacon. The libel complained of is, in substance, that the doctor published of Colonel Webb, that from a day therein named up to the month of October, 184J, the Colonel, through tho columns of hi* paper, was in the daily habit and practice of abusing, denouncing, villifying, and by the employ ment of every specics of epithet, traducing the character of Daniel Webster, then Secretary of State for the United States ; that in the month of October, 104'J, the Colonel suddenly ceased denouncing and traducing the distin guished Secretary, and shortly thereafter, In considera tion of certain " pecuniary accommodations." which he received from Mr. Webster's wealthy friends in the city of New York, he became u warm and pertinacious advo cate of Mr. Webster ; and in the abundance of his regard for his fame and his talents, nominated him for the Vice Presidency of the United States. In short, sir, the alleged libel is, that the Colonel sold himself aud the influence of his paper to promote the ambitious views of the Secreta ry and his friends. Now, sir, my client lias thought pro per to avail himself of every legal defence to this acUon, and has pleaded not only the general issue, but with this plea he gave notice of justification ; and this justification lie means to prove, or at least attempt to prove it. This he cannot do so completely without the testimony of Mr. Curtis, as with It; and by him, if what ho has said, and what wo can prove ho has said be true, we can prove a justification triumphant ly. We know that this geutlemau, in speaking of tho change of tho Colonel's position from one of hostility to one of friendly regard and advocacy of Mr. Webster, did say, that the Colonel applied to Mr. Web ster's friends for money, and that he knew money had been paid to him. This statement was communicated to my client by the person to whom it was made, and he supposed, as it was natural he should suppose, that it was impossible for Mr. Curtis, who was ujton terms of inti mate friendly intercourse with the Colonel, dining at his table, partakiiig of his cheer, visiting where he visited, to sav that of his friend, which, if known, must annihilate all respect for the character and standing of that friend, unless such statement were true. He could not believe that any man would tell a deliberate falsehood, for the purpose of degrading the character of one whose reputa tion he professed to hold dear. For these reasons, sir, my client expects that Mr. Curtis will swear that what he litis said is true. Having said that tho horse is sixteen feet high, we expect that he will stick to it If he does, sir, our justification will be complete. If he does not, he must sav that he has said that of his friend, the only tendency of which was to de stroy the character, and subvert the standing of that friend, and that what he thus said is untrue. This we do not suppose he will say. As Mr. Curtis did declare that he knew the money was paid, ho must have been the principal instrument in tho negotiation of this purchase and sale. For this reason, and because it will somewhat involve Mr. Curtis himself, 1 believe that he never will come voluntarily, or in obedience to the ordinary writ ol subpoena, upon that stand, to testify to the details of a transaction in which he is thus implicated. And as I can not safely risk my client's cause without the testimony of this witness, I am determined to have him here, unless this court havo lost tho power to enforce obedience to its process. He has taken one half dollar, and the worth of that we must have from him. 1 have made this motion more, sir, to show that 1 am in earnest in the defence of this suit, and to save the trouble and delay consequent upon a similar motion, which i feel that 1 shall be com pelled to make at the next term of this Jcourt, unlessjthis motion is granted ; and if it is granted now, I shall pro bably be driven by a similar necessity to make it again then. But that evil I will meet when it comes. Counsel roa I'laiktipf here expressed himself willing to acquiesce in the motion for postponement; his client feeling anxious to afford every opportunity to defendant to prove his charges. Court.?I have doubts as to the course suggested by the counsel for the defenoe; I nfeatf ?rtat the application. The affidavit of George Shea was here read by Mr. White, stating that he had served a subpoena on Kdward Curtis, in the above cause, demanding his attendance at the present term, and handing him the nsual sum of fifty cents. Mr. W. here again moved that the court grant an attachment, from the first day of the ensuing term, against Mr. Curtis, so as to compel his attendance. Court.?Why not apply for the present term T Mr. White.?We do not wish to allow Mr. Curtis the opportunity of avoiding coming into court from term to term, and causing further postponement Coubt.?Why not take the usual order for attach ment? Mr. Whit*:.?Because, your Honor, we should b< obliged to move for an attachment against him from tern I to term. We want to make one job of the matter, ant do it all at onco. The Court here directed that the usual order be taker for attachment The caae, however, goes over for the term. The Butcheri' and Droveri' Bank vt. Walter Sutherland. ?This was an action on a promissary note for $1.50. The defence wu technical, and the jury, under the direction of the Judge, found a vcrdict for defendants for $lft'J 79, subject to the opinion of the court in bank, on the law joints raised by defendant's counsel. For plaintiff, M r. Schell; for defendant, Mr. Alien. Thomat Gardner vt. Daniel W. Towmend.?This was an action to recover $90, the balance of moneys advanced on an agreement with defendant to deliver a lot of ham* and other provisions. He delivered all except the amount for which the suit is brought Defence, a set off. Ver dict for plaintiff, $80 17. For plaintiff, Mr. Schell; for de fendant Mr. Brewster. Charity Hedley vt. Samuel Magie.?This was an action on a promissory note lor $378, made by the defendant in favor of a person named John Harrison. The def ence set up, was usury and want of consideration. John Harrison was offered to prove that it was an accommodation note given to himself, for the special pur)?OM of being put in the Seventh Ward Bank; tnat instead of so applying it he pasted it to the plaintiff's husband. The witness was ob jected to on the ground of interest, and the Court allowed the objection, after which the court adjourned. For plaintiff, Mr. A. Thompson; for defendant, Mr. Vultee. Before Chief Justice Jones. Phillipt t-s. French.?This cause is further adjourned to this morning. Court of General Seaalone. Before Recorder Scott, Aldermen Brady and Seaman. John McKeon, Esq., District Attorney. Mav7.?Trial for Re c riving Stolen Good*.?At the opening of the court thin morning, Iimc Wertham, in dicted for having, tome time ago,pnrchawd from a young man, then a clerk in the ftore or Mesir*. J. Beck k Co., ?ilk mercer*, kc., No. 8#9 Broadway, {about $1AOO worth of goods, knowing the tame to have been itolen. From the evidence adduced on the part of the prosecution, it appeared that in the month of October last, Mr. Beck sus pected a young man, who had just left his employ, of ha ving Aolcn various articles of ailk and lace goods out of the store, and on charging the person suspected, he im mediately confessed his guilt and gave up some articles of value which he then had in his trunk; be also inform ed Mr. Beck, and the officers who accompanied him, that he had sold most of the property stolen to Wertham; that on proceeding to search the premises occupied by the ac cused, seven or eight pieces of rich ailk goods, valuable laces, gloves, kc., were found concealed under the coun ter in nit store. The property found in the possesion of the accused was alleged to be worth $1416, and for which he had a receipt for J>?40. It was further given in evi dence that Wertham was msdo nwnre that the goods did not belong to the person who offered them for sale. For the defence, numerous witnesses testified to tho good character which the accused had always sustained, several of hit creditors stating that they had en trusted him to considerable nmounts since the com plaint for which he was on trial had been pressed against him. The jury, after a brief consultation in the ease, rendered a verdict of guilty, but recommended the ac cused to the mercy of vhe court. He was then remanded for sentence, and the j^court adjourned till to-morrow morning. In Chancery. Before the Aiiiatant Vice Chancellor. Wtn. //. //ayrt and Edward H. St. John r?. \alhamrl Kimball, Wm. and Jamei Currx.?In this cause, the plain tiff's filed their bill to compel the defendants, who are bro ken in Wall street, to hand over to the plaintiff certain State bonds of Indiana and Illinois, of the value of $#000, at par. It appeared that defendant Kimball employed a broker, named Henry, to purchase some State bonds, and that Henry borrowed the bond* In question from the com plainants, under a stipulation to return them in a day or two, or to pay their value in cash: that he afterwanla brought them to Kimball, who introduced to him a man named McCormick, at the person for whom the bond* ware wanted. McCormick got the bonds, and tendered two notes, made by Henry, one for $1600, and the other for $100. inpayment The complainant*, by their bill, stated thai Henry was indebted to the Curries in the sum of $1600, and that the transaction between Henry and McCormick was a contrivance between defendant* Car rie and Kimball, to obiain payment of their debt from Henry, and, as such, a fraud against complainants, and prayed that the transfer of the bond* to McCormick : might be set aside, and that they should be delivered up, or that defendant! Currie be compelled to pay their full value to the complainant*. The defendant* filed their an swer to the bill, denying ail Its material allegations *rol charges, and in*i*ting on the validity of the sale to Mc Cormick. The cam; wa* argued, yoaterriay, before the assistant Vice Chancellor, and remains under advisement. Unite* Mtales Clrealt Coart. Before Judge Nelson. Emwur^n at .^S^ThT iMony H thia cause on both sides wa* finished yesterday, and de fendant's counsellcommenced summing up. The cause ? will probably be given to the jury tfeie evening. I Police Intelligence. Mat 7.?Highway Ruhhrry.?A Mr. Edward Foa wa? (topped on Wednesday night, about 11 o'clock, in Orange ?treet, Hear Leonard, by that notorious scoundrel John Dirlck, alio another rascal, and forcibly held and robbed of a pocket book remaining %3i in bank bill*, and made of!'- Dirick wu finally arretted in the course of the night and brought to the polk* office, and committed for trial by the magistrate. Petti Larceny.?John Thompson and Bill Jonei were caught hut night, iu the act of mealing a keg of white leo<r worth $7, belonging to Henry Smith, corner of 2d avenue and 33th atreet. Locked up for trial. Urand Larceny.? Officer* Appleyard and Croliut, of the Fifth ward, arrested last night a black fellow railed Bill Wilson, charged with robbing Mr Richard W. Sea man, wholesale grocer, No. 166 West (treet, of a pocket book containing $48 in bank bills, alio some $3,000 worth of promissory note*. It appear* Mr. Seaman took oft hia coat to do iomc work in tne loft of hia store, the pocketr hook being in one of tho pocket*, and while he was en gaged in another part of the buildtng, this nigger ab stracted the book and money ana made oft The above officer, kwith much tact and perseverance, very fortunately recovered the money, also the book witn all the valuable tiapers. On " frisking" Wil*on, the money wa* found on his person, and the book and paper* were found concealed at his house. Thi* job wa* cer tainly done up well, and reflect* much credit on the offi cer*. Committed for trial. Bigamy.? A man, called William Proctor, alia* Theo dore Wyant. who has already served a term of year* in the State prison, and bid* fair to serve another, ere long, was arrested by officer SteTtart, on a charge of bigamy. It appears from'the affidavits, tftat this man was married to his first wife, Mary Ann, bv the Bev. Jacob 11. Browner, No. 9ft Barrow street, on the 3d of April, 1835: and on the 37th day of September, 1844, he was married to hia second wife, Uhe first wife still living) hi' the Rev. Win. Nile*, of Raveutwood, Long Island. This unfortunate young woman resides at No. 108} Bowery. Many meu nave more than they can manage with one wife, but this fellow was making quite a collection of wive*; for only last winter this rascal courted a young woman, as a sin - gle man, while he was living with his last wife, and en i gaged himself to be married?consequently the dav was | fixed upon, the wedding dress was made, and the urides i makl and groomsman appointed, when only the day be ' fore the marriage was to take place, the mother of tho girl discoverc<f accidentally, tne rascal was a married man, which blew up the whole affair just in time to pre vent the young woman's ruin. Committed by Justico Osborne for trial. Grand Larceny.?Officers Conklin and Rue arrested ? black fellow, called Kdward Johnson, charged with rob bing a Mr. Horace Bowen, ?omo four weeks since, of This chap is an accomplice of another black fallow call ed Day. It seems that a colorod woman, called Diana Williams, lives at No. 64 Mercer street The roll of money stolen from Mr. Bowen was placed in the charge and custody of this woman, for safe keeping, both by Day and Johnson, when, upon the arrest of Day, John son came to her and took tne money away. Committed for examination. Fallen" Star."?A young lady discovered, on Wed nesday afternoon, while passing up Warren street, a lit tle bijou, a? she thought, laying on the sidewalk, in the form of a " star," naer the gutter ; upon picking it up she observed a small chain attached to it, aud on examining it further she found it to bear tho device of the city arms, with the word* written thereon, " 1'olice." Upon inqui ry it appears a man wa* seen to pass down that street in rather a happy state, engrossing the whole of thtf side walk, but was brought up very suddenly by the larop 1>ost, and Anally rested himself in the gutter, and wasta ten home in a hand-cart, "sick." This " planet," we must state, wa* found near this lamp-post It would be well for this " sick" individual to remain so till the new mayor is sworn into office. However, a "star" is at his service, whenever he please* to call for it, but in doing so it might cost him his head. Jin Outrageous J1 fault.?Officer Stewart conducted to the Tombs y esterday, from a den of infamy No. 90 Church street, Nell Johnson, big Nell Thompson, and Maria Wil loughbv, charged with a violent assault and battery on Emma Howard. It appears they knocked her down, and all three fell upon and beat her most shamefully, with out any justification whatever. They were all held to bail to answer. Why dont the Alderman of tho ward break up a few of these houses by way of an example 1 Petit larceny.?Michael Kennedy was caught by offi cer Closey, of the 1st word, stealing iron from Henry Law, No. 37 West street Locked up. attempt to Stab.?Henry Fletcher was arrested yester day by a policeman of the 13th ward, charged with at tempting to stab Edward Coffin, residing in t5!Hli street, Bloomingdalu. Committed by Justice Hoome. Patting Counterfeit Money.?-Henry Stook was arrest ed last night for passing counterfeit money ou Ucorge Kristeri, iu 7th avenue, between 17th and 18th streets.? Locked up by Justice Roome. of a Convict.?A black fellow, called Charley Ayres, an escaped convict from Blackwell's Island, was nabbed last night by officer Trenchard, of the 17th ward. He was sent back to his old quarter*. Stealing a Pair of Mees.?William Barton was caught in the act of stealing a pair of shoes from the store of MaM-tMNvasMt, Mo. Locked up. Supreme Court. Before Chief Justicc Bronson, Justices Beardsley and Jewett Mat 7.?The Court was occupied to-day in hearing motions for judgment ou demurrers, and one in arrest of judgment No. 19 on the calendar, ha* been reached in regular order. Court Calendai^hla Dajr. Common Pleas?First Part?No*. 18, 36, 00, 76, 90, 368, 64, 13, 63, 98, 13,68. Second Part?Nos. 86, 117, 119, IU, 11,81,103,69. Destructive Fire near Nashville.?Tlio very extensive flour mills and distillery of L'llomme dieu (i Co., situated one mile t>elow Nashville, were en tirely consumed by fire yesterday morning. We have not learned the particulars of this heavy loss, as it must be, not only to tne owners, but to the community around Nashviila, as it will be some time before it can be rebuilt I and put in operation, which we understand is the design of the enterprising proprietors. We understand that the establishment cost between fifty and sixty thousand dol lars, upon which there was an insurance of twenty thou sand.?Nathvtlle Union, Jlpril 30. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON and after Friday, May 1st, 11(6, the can will mo ?' fol io ws:? Leave City Hall for Yorkville, Harlem, and Morriaia na, at 7. I,#, 10, and 11 o'clock, A.M.: 1, X, 1%, 4W, 4, 6. and 6X o'clock, P.M. * . . ...t . wui. *a. liama' ~ Tnckahoe.i auuv ? nw s i i?ius, si / miu iv o'clock. A.M.; 2 and 4 o'clock, P.M. Leave Harlem and Yorkville at 7 10,110, 9, 10, and li 10 o'clock, A.M.; 12 40: 2, 3 10, 4 10, i}|, t 10, and 7 o'clock, P.M. Leave William* Bridge and i-ordham at 7\, and 10k o'clock, A.M.; 12X, 2Xi ?X; and 5\ o'clock. P.M/ Leave White Plaint at 7 and 9 o'clock, A.M.; > audi o'clock, P.M. The freight train will lea?? tlM City Hall at 1 o'clock, P.M.. and leave White PI aim at 1 o'clock in the morning. On Sundays, the White Plaiiia Train will leave the City Hall at I A.M., and 4K P.M.; will leave White Plains at 7 A.M., and 6 P.M. On Sundays, the Harlem and Williams' Bridge Trains will be regulated according to the state of the weather. aM lm'ri* SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING. AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHINO ESTABLISHMENT OF W. H. DEGROOT * CO., No. 103 Fulton Strut, WHERE the followiiyc great attractions will be present ed (.'loth Coats, Irom 96 to S16; Alpacca ( oats, from 92 SO to $4: Thin Coats of Linens, Ginghams and Prints, from 74 cents to 92 40; Cassimere Pants, from 91 to 96; Merino Pants, from 92 to 93 60; Drilling, and other Summer Pants, from 91 to 93; Satin Vesu, from 92 to 94; Summer Vents, from 74 cent* to 91 74. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cassitneres, and Vesting*, which will be made to order to suit the most fastidious. Boys' Clothing, equally cheap? which prices are ADMITTED to bo TWENTY-FIVE p?r cent cheaper than any other store in the city. mil lm"rc CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the Oeneral Prices-JACOB lvJL VANDERBILT, 18 Maiden I.ane. between William and Naasan streets?the cheapest fashionable Gentlemen's and Boy'a Clothing Establishment in New York. N.B.?Hundreds of Garments ready made, which will bo sold wholesale or retail, very low. mM lm*rc SECOND HAND CLOTHINO and Fpmittir* Wanted.?The highest cash price given for all kinds of Second-hand Goods, by B. LEV Y. Chatham street. N.B.?A line thronrh the ro?t OBlce will be punctoally at tended to. Coustantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of new and second-hand ('lothing. rb*ap for caah. mil lm*ro ? O TAILORS. THOSE who Wish to attain a complete knowledge of the srt of cttttinp all the rarions styles of garments worn at the present time, wonld do well to obtain Stinemet's work on the subject, which is universally allowed to be com plete?the price of w^ich is from 0 to 10 dollars per copy ; the difference in price being wholly in the Mn4m(. To bo had of the snthor, No. 1131 rood way. New York. alt l?n*r THF. UNDERSIGNED is now raceiving orders for views to be represented upon the canopy of Ma Model of New York, which will be soon completed. Those views vary fram 10 to 30 inches in length, and are rapresented for a moderate compensation. They inclndo representations of public build ings, places of business, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, steamboats, imckets, kc. A number of the nrat artists, both landscapes and decorative painter*, can find employment iby apply at the office also a few agents, and persons capable of transacting business. Oflkehourafrom>to6P. M. _ alt lm*rrc E. PORTER BELDEN, 350 Broadway. TO MARRIED LADIES.-A Secret Worth Knowt'ii, Apply for furtker particalars to Dr. CH./' MONTEL, lower post office. No letters bUea from the oAce nnleea thay are poet paid. TO MACHINIST* AND MANUFACTURES. LATHES of all descriptions, from 7 to 24 foot long, finish ed at short notice ,<So, catting engines, suitable for all kind* of work. For lerws and description, direct to the sttb ?^e5T"' ?r JAB. T. PERKINS FUME BAtk. 304 Broadway. The peculiarities,of it are sack, that it cures effectually this complaint, also all otker diseases ol a chrome nature, such as Scrotals, Gout, Salt Rheuin, diseases of tha Skin, Joints, tic. The charges are so moderated, as to fetch it within the means of all. mlp ljn*m "" MAGIC HAIR DYE. RED OR GREY WHISKEHH ehpaK-d to a beautifttl Mack. instantaneously, hy the application o' fjmlpn ? ma gic Hair Dye. Country gentlemen can have s bottle forward ed them by eaproas or otherwise, by sanding their orders,cash enclosed, to E. Hialon, 61, u ler Jadsou s Hotel, Broadway. K,c.h?l>t bottle, with fell directions for nse City (Mtlegaan an invited to e?ll st th?"dfi where they can have a superb pair of black whi.k. r. a?fc. ;uied f.;red ot gray ones, in liaa than five mbint??. wt im ra