Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Mayıs 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Mayıs 1846 Page 3
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jtowtoyU?dy wfc*Mranto|irov*s?aa? to W 1?rlil affair* for (he payment of dividends and Mack km ere ditable to the State toaaeet. in a direct way, her Natalities thaa to retort to any compromise now , tku to diiviii the resource* of the Stole, without any probability at pMM of either source proving auOcient to a?eet the bardeas imposed upon it The annexed statement of the Montreal Provnieat an I ? iviaji Bank, shows that the laboring class** of that cit jr. midat all the viciaaitudes they from tine to time eaperi ence, hare been able to accumulate a very respectable aum to their credit in that institution Monilil, BarIwas Ban*. The number of accounts opened from the commencement, in October. 1041. to the 31*t December, IMS, waa 1319, and the amount deposited ?04.14* I ? The number during IMS was 1000, and the the amount deposited 01 .049 ? 4 The number during 1844 haa been 1900,and the amount deposited 139,00017 9 The number during IW haa been I MO. and the amount of deposits, (in all cases including interest) Ul.ffl 4 * Making, since the commencement. 4878 depositors, and an amount of ?4M,M7 14 0 In the first period there were closed 383 accounts, and withdrawn 41,919 0 4 In IMS there were cloaed 370 accounts, and withdrawn.. 44,139 10 4 In 1844, there were closed MJ, and withdrawn 100,973 14 ft Aud in last year there have been cloaed 786 accounts, and withdrawn 194,310 10 6 3J0.940 I II Leaving a balance due to 9360 depositor* of 19*,*91 10 7 Of these 9AM depositors there are, having balances not exceeding XI ... 931 " " 3 ... 9J3 ?6 and not exceeding 10 ... 909 10 " ? jo ... SOI SO " '? 30 ... 099 30 " '? 100 ... 307 100 " " 900 . . . 909 300 " " 300 ... 99 300 " " 400 ... 30 400 " " 400 . . . 38 9,SOB It appears that the largest number of depositors have a Imlnncc of ?90 to their crodit, and the secoud largest number a balance of ?10 to their credit More than two thirds of the whole number of depositors have sums of ?W and under to their credit The deposits of this insti tution are invested in bank stock, debentures, City of Montreal bonds, and mortgages on Real Estato with personal security. During the past year the progress of this institution haa been regular, the balances increasing every month, the aggregate depositee having increased nearly thirty per cent, and the number of depositor* full twenty-five per cent The proportion of larger and smaller deposits re main about the same as at the close of previous years. The rate of interest haa recently been increased, and hereafter five per cent will be paid upon all bona fide deposits, the aggregate of which shall not exceed fifty pounds. These institutions have been established in various parts of the world, for the purpose of enabling those' who ac cumulate money very gradully and by their daily labor, to have some place where it can not only be secure, but where it can work for itself, and increase. Without these institutions the Industrious classes would be compelled to keep their little earnings by them, subjcct to all the dan gers of depreciation if in paper, and the losses if in the precious metals. It would not accumulate under the most favorable circumstanccs any faster than by the ad. ditions from saving, and would at all times be a source of continued alarm for its preservation. The desire for in creasing a deposit made in those institutions by many of those depositing, is so great, that their earnings accumu late more rapidly in this way than in any other. A few dollars or a few pounds, would be deposited in a Savings Bank, which, but for the existence of these institutions, would be expended foifthat' which could be done without. We therefore consider these banks, not only safe depo. sitories, when judiciously conducted, for the trifling sur plus earnings of the industrious classes, but as incentive) of economy and for accumulation among those classes. Old Stock Eichance. $3800 U 8 6a, 1363 110 SO Moms Canal lr. 10000 U 8 Sa coup 100* 200 do 16X 500# do 101 50 do blS IO.I4 2000 111 apl Bonds 353, ZOO Canton Co 40 toot Ohio ?s, issn as xso do s3o 12000 do I860 100 do 391, ItSOO Ohio ~'s 101 ISO L Island RR 33 1000 do 100J,' 17S do 37V 20000 Penn Sa a20 63 SO do 37J, SOOO do 68 100 do Julv 1 33 S000 do 63!.' 24 do (>30 M 2000 Alabama Sa W, SO do slO 37 af 1000(1 Reading Bonds 76k 100 do 1)2# 33 3000 do 76)* 400 Nor Ic Wore RR 57V 70 shs Phenix Bk 8S 4S0 do S7;J 1 Bk of New York 117 250 do blO 53 16 Union Bk 110 25 do blw S3 50 Vieksbunr Bank 7'^ 650 Reading RR 70 75 Illinois Bk 13 50 do 69V ?Ohio Life fc Treat 97 200 do bio 70'4 125 Farmera' Treat 27 SO do bis 70S 250 Harlem RR 48* 50 do slO 69?, 400 do 49 SO do blO 70 50 do 48V 50 do *20 69* 130 do b20 49 Si Second Board. 30 shs Nor Ic Wor RR 56V SO Reading Rll 69 100 do slO 56}, 50 do *36 60 75 do s30 56? 50 do s30 69 400 Harlem RR 48.^ 100 do s30 69 250 do 100 do 250 do b3 48', 50 do hi 69 10#. . do nw 48tf 108 Morris Canal ?60 15V SOL Island RR slO 37 23 do slO 15J? 50 do slS 37 50 Canton Co b3 69 New Stock Exchange. 38 shs Vieksb'g Bk bis 7V 200 Nor k Wore hi 57V 3# do b3 7jJ 15 do Kn S7& 50 Reading RR blS 78 25 do btw 57* 50 Harlem RR Kri 48 W 100 do b20 58 30 do C 48)2 25 do b3 30 do Fri 49 25 do b3 58 30 do C 40 50 do bis 58 30 do tw 49 175 do C 37V 25 Nor It Wor bio 37* 25 do alO 57? On Tuesday evening, the ?th instant, in Philadelphia, by the Rev. Mr. Chamber*, Collin Shelton Thbock mobtoh to Malvwa Lauba, second daughter of Robert J. Ward, Eaq., all of LouUville, Ky. WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET. ESTABLISHED l!? 1140. wholesale and retail, QHADES of all descriptions. kinds and sites. 50 per cent. S3 cheaper than can ba bought at any other places. Trim uiings|at B?anufictor*r?' price. BARTOL, DE MAUNY k Co.. my* lih*rrc Manufacturer* li Importers. COPARTNERSHIP. WE, the undersigned, have this day entered into ('opart TT nsrship, under the firm of Shaehan k Dnggan, lor the trsaaaeoOB of a general buainess in Cutlery aad Fancy Uooda, at No. 0 Piatt atreet. C. H. SHEEHAN, ?y' tt*r C. S. DUOOAN. PLEASURE. ANY people go in search of pleaaure?some to one place u to .other. We paid a viait the other day to the High Bridge, and we must say we were welt paid for our trouble; besides that noble structure which is fast iDDrwh. "iWJ bf?uty, the Park or Battery, aery, which u lovely. We ealled on our oM Dinge, at the Cottage, Westehaater aide of trouble ; besides that noble structure which it fast approach ing com pie turn, there is the Croton Fountain, which sends np a beautiful stream upward, of one hundred aad fifty feet, and wethiakaurpaases, ta point of beautv, the Park or Ba< beaidea the acenerv, which u lovely. We called on 01 fnead, 'Squire Dinge, at the Cottage, Westchester side of Maeomb^ Bridge, who can funmh a Crotoa Coblar, or as aoodtaa Havana as any other eatabliahmeat. Some may aay, how will we go 7 We took the cars to Harlem where there are alwavs stares in readiness that ma onflie^riTal 07 a?h train. Upon the whole, we never spent a pleaaaater day. sad N. B.?Good fishing, ke. ke. my8 2t*rc NOTICE. rPHE undersized, who bare been doing business wider the -l firm of Hodges k Walker, as keepers of the Clintoo Ho tel, bar* this day dissolved, by mataal consent. All persons having unsettled accounts with the above firm, will adjust the same with 8. LAaad, Jr., who is hereby authorised to set tle any outstanding accounts of the late concern, at the Clin New York, May ?, 1146. my? It'rrc CORNS! CORN8! THE ARABIAN CORN PLASTEH, AN effectual and warranted cure for Corns, is easily ap plied. a?d fives iaamediatc relief. In case it should fail to cure, the money will be returned. For sale by David Handa k Co., 77 East Broadway, 1(0 Fulton street, Slid m Broadway ; C. H. Rim l? Broadway ; C. Hubbard, 4M Hudson street; Wyatt k Ketchasa, 1*1 Fulton street; J. Smith, t|l Spring street; and by Druggists generally. Price Vtcents perboi. siyl Im'r APRONS?f rom la. up to 7s.? 1 aprons are than those sold elsewhere. Also cut paper and picture frames, I cents to < cents per l the word at ? ? JT8 Variety Store, 17? Grand st., N. Y.. myl lt*rrc Between Mulberry end Molt sta. VAUGHN'S VEGETABLE LITIIONTRIPT1C MIXTURE. ONLY AGENCY IN NEW YORK CITY. M NASSAU Street,ooposite Clinton Hall.?A Pamphlet with testimo ny of the highest character, mill be furnished gatis. The fol lowing diaoaMt have bcuu enred by this medicme, a strict!y regttable remedy, compound of over twenty articles, taken from our own soil; each root peculiarly adapted to some par ticular organ ofthe human system. Dropey la all fca stages ticulsr organ of tat human system. Dropsy in all its ? and characters, Gravel of all kinds, diseaaes of the Uri organs, kidneys,? Female irregularities, Liver Compli weskuess of the system, dlseaae of the Lungs, Rheumatism, Consumption. All impurities of the blood, ftcrofnla. Salt Rheum, kft-. aad, indeed, the theory upon wluch tins article bases itself, l? of such a character as tn destroy all old land nsrka in the practice of medicine, and to boldljr assert that medicine over it haa great virtw "mm % KSTsat isHrn itv tttl. rpHESE BATHS arr highly rrrommeaded by the most 1 eminent Physicians for tlie cure of (UteamaiifNt, Krup I ions of the Skin, Scrofuls. Pain in the Joints, Mslt Rheum. fee. 1c. To be had duly at J47 Pearl street, u??r Brotdwai . w>? l?*m qaamled ??V ran?a?*r" WtllllMHMb kMaaaW aaafct y * ?>' ??? .. ?? , A LADY* wm?>* *?*> T*Tt * ** ** **"*? *k?ti >?**n?*?*?? T ? WA.NTfc.U5 - -I ..,,,inri<?w|'>""' rf-r*-?1 1 L " ? Ais-? ESrSsji ? vssr B XZ i*S*? p- <*" , *??*r Ah L a P V aku Im recently ?mt^ fra Can#* u de ? ***** ?* ekl^atag ? ?????? as 1 ?<????? ,? s re.prn >i>lr ' i? she laaeke. the ?>.?>! tiwitm ef r4m*inm; mm Her.IJ >JP?. ?k*? W aWaSft*. W .mid h* l ? ???*?*? Mia )n t*ke l?p?l* ether nwe i??i4r?ee *n l*?*re TllK l'A\ll.loV aKW MKI'illTON. THHK f *VII.ION "?'? BncKi.-. home ?mWrg.*# I " ? J||?M? rerwr. >?4 eu.l?l li.l.mei.T. iwn the laM ana, M now mi a MM>-?r(rei then ? ?? " *' >??? ?*"" H ? u frtl ,iprnr4 r*ervthi?{ thel ranld lead to tfce ?>*? font snd e*rnian?.>.lMi<* <'( ?>???#? wka h"*"* '* "J ?** ml it itwu Mummrr rr.i4r.m hM k?H aMr<l aaa the pew MiflullwUMMiH that >? dae* m *?r ??T.HX?? w hen hr mrni that it m iU? mrntl lUfM mm r?afni? ?a*? mrr eMakli.haMrat oa tkMroalMMat. . - , T<> peraaa* IV??k dMMM r?*? -f ??? Laina ?-d forearm, tlinbiif wm iiniri ikt PiiiImi. * *? wniwr , w MM* th?t N?? ln|?K i? ? IIUMM? '??""?J' Mr* of Wee the- Mi ?iilri (rx.mSrm \ .rk. TWr".li^ r 'iiiuiua. n?4uitt? ml Jl??s>?f ?'jl ^ It HuJihi ?.a fT.i n? eta. L?m I*l*a4 H ^V** m r N.rro? . It* p.?iUoa if M naee kMflhl ??* Mlahr??ji*. tHe temperMare Wmt mi nWMr imum fcf"1 eoater than ?" hnbImn it e<muattv *?"_**m. York and *M?a UImJ. iW "?? ,vr??4?4 i. th* ? X? brine ??!> tr*m to i?nn> . ?"??" IH-nou. r?.i4i?? .t Ne? rm rr*c(. iW. SAfflJ "( ,hr Cl?> morr M^-4.l, lU ft? |>?.?r??r ?*>, ?K* 4*IkmI*I mi? mi" ?h* *?> "? ??????? rnilwa will <h>*? fc>* ??? ?? th? ?Mh i**? . ?wd ikr UI1HWMK* "ill W?rr> '{**? y* * formtix kin ?!?*?* k? Bijr fill MW 'j**?' " " ?*" IKiiiumrnt il wIII W I1iwr4t?l?lir MlraTrJ 1-^ Thr IkeuilMMi (or N?* fr9m 1 r,w' North Hi**f. r. ILANtAlD < Ft?ilio?. New Brigklo-. May V ?+ ?>? l?"rf Bonding in ?K)iTji ?*tK)Klv' Jg (irntlrmm Mid thnr Wl??*. J5^' ?, i UeMMM. r?br Kf.i>IM*M4 will''Mr?Tf furtaklr room., M No. I AUmMK ??w. ?it?? * fcj? ih* frrrv. Plraa* a|Vl> a* *?*?? "I1 "" BOAKU ^. O^^HNK or two Siafl* U*!!"'* c" J|t with room*, W a |>f1?*l* fa?"?U tui! tra anil dirnirr if rrn?ir?d. <>? J?ni?.l?ya, la aa aw> ami healthy aituati.w, witl.ia aftw joon of fc?gy? tr*^ in the lanneJiate *ic.uity of Broadway. The aHart?*iit. ar^ fttttrd up with comfort. A lm? *frriiH to r. t ? ? mr offer of ih* HeraW, will k. aaaw.reJ b)lk. amwy;?(*'" HEstAlIRAT It STORK IN BKOADWA^C" 0 LKT, iiS Broadwa) , e?a?eaieat tiiNiklo a. TW *'*, taurat ia neatly (Itted u|>. and th* Store la well Mtaated for a aegar dealer, haniew or IkhiI maker, or a* the gentlemen'a lin.. A|H'ly at Mr. Br"cklcb?aa ?. >???>* next More, wbo ha* the My*. * | FAMILY BOARIUNG SCHOOL.. LADY re tiding ia th* enaatry. If* for ae'eral year* taken into her familya iininber ofrSldren.JKH e'r*"4: ing ten, a* boarder* *ad acholar*. Her tiaie l* *alir*h d to them, and no iiain* i|*rtd to rendei the boaae a I ".a home to the pupil., aad to adraaee^ theai, ia I?"-?* (treat attention paid to their haalth aad ?<>r? ?. TJ> I tion ia rery retired aud healthy. ? ^f?eleea and There are at pre?ent three *acan?ie*. >or "(ereaee. aad term* inquire at 31 Hammond atreet. 1 "COUNTRY bo A HI). O^^HNF. or Two re?peetable Familiet, wiahk^.U) P? iner in the country, can obtain very *'*?'b'? ,,y lionn. with or witliout board, m on* of <h* v!l".i aituated and conreuient Private re*idencea M ?*?'" ??l?^ Oood a tabling, kc. Application* by letter to B. B? at till* offce, with the real addrea*. will meet with attention. mv8 It*r - HOARD ON STATEN INLAND. YOU NO OKNTLEMAN U detirout of having break- ? fait uid tea with a *mall pnrat* i ... .|, th* country, about one mile from the Terry at tne <iua ZZcgSSZFhl? addreaa, 1-t l?ld, to office. | " ~~ TO LET, T3URNI8HED or UNKLRNI8HF.D HOOMB .o m.jI. JT Gentlemen, in * private fcmily, i_d rect a note to O. D. A., at the Herald Offlc*, with aan^^Mid addrr**. ?I?-?-? A^^m" HANDSOME FARLORand BED ROOM, oath* firmt floor, I'nrnUhed, to be let to a *mgl* gentlawaa.o* for " ottce, a fittle aboTe Canal ?tree', tl'e lK,r?l door Trom BrowU wav ou the west side. Anoteleuat thw oftce, addre?aed to j N. ri., will be attended to. Reference* *ichaaged. No other , lodger*. my? B'rtt, FOR SALE, _ PORTER HOUSE, in Duane ?treet, near Broadway. The owner, about going into other bnain?a. will a?ll ?? , ture*. kc., cheap for caali. Po*?e**iou immediately . The , house haa a good run of ctistomer*. Addreaa to A. B. Z., at this offce. where an interview can be Had. ?y x rre j STLEVETT, DENTIST. I M^^^HORE HARM result* from bunglinK perlormaucea orin competent Dentists than the pu^Wc are aware oL 11 ii r?f the ir re at est importance that all brancnea ol ttie lien tiara art ahould be ikiltully aud underata.idi.MCly f^t??ed. To those wlio think with u?, we recommend Mr. LEVKTT, corner of Broadway and Warren street, the introducer of the insertion of Artificial In^onyptible JwlhTon the pAcip1* ol atmoaphenc preaaure.?Noahfi Weekly Meaacnger. my8 lt*rrc ., *, " MirflXVAliA fc PRINCIPE riLGARS. 120 Bale* HAVANA T^ACCO,- follow. Emulacion, Eaculapio, Pres*ed, ^<?^Regal?a. ?*" Victoria fiSX t: teSSo-fc Ksp*ran*a, ' Hionda Congresso*. Lafayette do? Uirtnda Do. Plantation, Princit?e Steamboat, 1 Principe Juato San*? Vta. Jajo Tobacco. The wliole entitled to debentwrj^ * "myMmV 117 Front at.', near Wall,' UP ,uir? RARE CHANCE '-LOOK ! AT' ?W WKLLJ T^OR large and well-yentilated BAR-ROOM F?d V>ee Concert^aloon, situated in one ol,!? ?reat?t thoroughfares in the city. The abore jdace I* fitted"'J* fe"1,"' "?swM,s8!ir*Tk* BILLIARDS. "T77? A R(*DE BILLIARD SALOON (l|MJMfk ? teatoSgySfe. iKirsrivi ar, ",A STicHligtifiajr my6 lsn*r ? inno CONNOISSEURS.?A few doten Pale Amoaullado T Sherry, Vintage of '^1 ?/,h,*ViTTON de,'C*U my?*lt* itc* ^ fl^glU',cor.Chnrch.a I,AS^<00b"re',fe COfLLINVk Co.,MSouth*t. ? -* uiyo ?-<? ?? V/myS rp WINE-30? hale* BgdjKirt Se^neTwg, CONSTIPATION (COSTIVENKSS) DESTROYED. WITHOUT MEDICINES, INJECTIONS OR BATHS. a"""X^AiToR. ? _ Psris No 112 William atreet, New York : alao by Mr. John MUh^ Ni lM BrosdwIn ^ ('? H. Ring, corn" Broad way and John street ; Me**?. Wyalt fc Ketchum, I?1 Fultoa street i and in Brooklyn, by Mr. Ciiarle* Steaae, 14* K niton rt. uiyj In'r HAVANA TOBACCO LEAF. , ABEAUTIl-X'L lot of Havana Tobacco Leaf, almoat wrappers, ^nd auiuble for the city trade. MMufac tnrera will fiud it to their advantage to come and eiamine the above tobacco before pnrchaaing el*e where, aa *nch tobacco never was imported ia this market before. ..For sale, in lot. to *uit purchMer., by J- ftwet. N.B.?A .aperior lot of fine Havana Began for aale as above, entitled to debenture. my6 3t je DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. K NASSAU Street, ha* constantly on h?d the Vpigttlander, French andAmer^ can in.rtuaeota, gad every kWere used in ^the . (.^,IJ,or" will find hi. preparauoa, now called ????>. to work with certainty and quickneaa. and to be cheaper lor ttse Jhw nuimg tKir owa chemical*, taah order* from the com try promptly attended to. myi Im'rrc FOR SALE, , THE LEASE, Furniture, Fittures, ke.. of * popular HOTEL, on the Bloomingdale Road, hor full particu lar* terms, kc., apply to Mr. Jackson, at No. *7 Broome it. mvfi lw"rrc GEORGE WILLIAMS, DYER. CHAWL CLEANER, RESTORER AND BLEACHER, O iVSi Broadway.?G. W. returns hi* most lincrre thanks for the very liberal support he has received for year* past, and traita that with atrict attention to business hi* removal from 47JU to tU% Broadway, near Howard streetlwill rather "'freaae than decrease hii number of P atriHii; he pledget him self that nothing shall be wanting to merit the patronage of a discerning and independent public. Silk, Cotton and Wollen ^opd< Dyed, he. Real and V renchCanhinere,Merino, Brochc ?"d Thibet flhawli, cleaned in a very superior style in three daysafter receiving them. Silk, 8atm, Moreen and Damask Window and BedCurtains, cleaned, dyed and water ed on a very superior and entirely new plan. G. W. would ? lPf?SL?* ?J L?die? to hie yery ?n|?erior style of Watering Bilkffcc., haying the be?t workmen and machinery in the city, Carpet*, Rugs, Table Coyer* and Cruuch Cloth* cleaned. Gentlemen s Wearing Apparel cleaned and dyed by an entite new process, and returned in three days. Merchant* orders aUended to, also uuhoUtenrt. at _ 0. WILLIAMS' Establishment, 437*, Broadway. TOE LONG W^4N*JNWlUrfciS COMFaN Y~ CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. OrriCK 41 Fultor *theft Bhaoklviv nONTINUEStouke risk, on1 b?Hdk,.V^h"?r""?ir. ^ h""^J?? a?d property generally, on their Maul favorable len!? Tr* e??"??"r "" P***" through the two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred in the eontry ? thev owe their escape from them with comparatively alight losses to fhe system wMeh ? ' ? -- and scattering their 1 auateia will be adjas The Company take special care to notir Naw York, of all expirations of policies. ? w. ? W l5>XAMATER, rreside*t. a)2mis*r L. C. UNN, Secretary. THE City-fIKe iWuEance c5m pan Y. Orrita No. 61 Wali. itiut. Citt or Nr.w Voaa. riATITAI, STOCK ttM.tW, all paid in eash. and securely vv invested according to the provisions of its charter. Thie Comnay hajfbeen ia business twelveyears, and ia that time haa paid losses by Are upwards of$4M.?W. The present aaeeta of the Company exceed iu capital stock more than fx),MM. Insurance against loss or damage by Fire effected on appli cation, at reasosiable terms. R. A. READING, President. a19 lmins*m D. F. CURRY, Secretary. TAKE NUTlCE. THE Subscriber having made arrangements, and considera bly enlarged his premises, ia now ready to do all kinds of Blacksmith and Machine work in general on the most reasona ble terms, at the shorteat notice. N. _B ?To Saddleri m4 olhera?1*0 sets of harness on haad, for?le. O. BRADSHAw/^ ?aia*? t?l*M Bpfiitf itTMt. unaMoran. M i hathain street, lid story , the MtWC AT AUCTION.?Outreeder*willAads large as . wfl?ni of Fashionable Miuic at Bangs. Richard* k HMtTi Amom Rook, Broadway, opposite the Franklin House Tfcs aule Iihi pht? this even jag. my? If r Aintuwr. Day, at li o'clock, at 134 , i entire establishment. com pw?jj? "?7 an iflf irewarj for the business. Tbe Print ing Pre... ? out a short time m use , u aim the Type, of whu h there i> firry variety. An opportunity for iIkmc about lo (iiannct the buutMl rm desirable. a* well aa tbe trade generally. mvl lt*r X KALE'S TULIPS. WM NFALE respectfully iaforms hi* friends aad tbe Public in general. tlut he iuieuds selling at auction part of We ?i4e*d?d rolleehon of Tulips, on Tuesday, the llth ol Ms at i| o'clock, forenoon. TWy are uow coming into Hw* ?l tke place 'f sale, namely, the garden of Mr. Phelau, on ike corner of ilk street aad avenue A (avenue A is a conti nuation <>f liases street. leading Irom Division street), Weii ilnneu on now nuke certaiu oif wkat they purchase, bf see ing them in bloom. This is not like purchasing tulips la |>a i-rrs or hags, villi high-sounding false uames, and when iu '.loom prove to be ikr veriest rubbish in existence. W. N. encages to take np tke roats himself in June, with the cor rect nnaaea, and put each in paper, named ; to be delivered by the end ?( Jssr t atalugaei will be on the ground (t the time of sale. The bed consists of 90 rows, 7 root* in each row, across the bed. The bed is made up from between 100 and 300 varieties. npHollBI RVS Al l TION B\LE OF DAHLIAS.? 1 JOHN 0 (sLOVKK will sell on FRIDAY. May a. at It o'clock. at our Haloon. 1.1 John street, 100 baskets, teach, of i?n choice, rare and vain <hle double dahlias, packed to he transported to any niri of the Cnited States. They are a very choice lot. and altogether different from >nch a* arc usually ???Id by auction. Catalogues are now ready, and the piants mav he ninmJ. m\7 2t?r H. Dl'l DBBE Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTK E-LAR/?E BALK OF HOUSE burnishing Articles, vi??< handaliers. Solar Lamps. Hall l-aaterws. fitrandoles. Wall Bracket*, Rich Silver Ware, fcie Japanned Tea Tray* and Waiters, kc? being the entire stock of a konse retiring from bnsiuess?the whole of which will he pcreiaMorily sold without reserve?TUTTLE k I'I <1 I l.F.AI will sell on Friday. May (th, at U) o'clock, at their new sates rooau No. M H ilium street, uear Maiden lane, ma entire stock of thefebove article*. Consisting in part ?l gilt bronted and glaas giraodolrs, from two to ten lights, of the newest styles ; solar lamp*, colored, and plain hall lanterns, gill caadelahras. wall brackets, chaade liers, heavy silter mounted waiters. tea and coffee urn*, tea kettles with ?mm lamp, cake baakets, candlestick*, with and with out branches. riaggous. revolving and other oblong castors, lers, t^ast racks, Cue Gothic Sandwich and Victo bwtter Co ri.teatra). |. slier mac I.e. do Disous, Boateuheim. Bread head, and Atkma beat tea aad coffee sets, plan idled tin dish Ret*, heef steak and vegetable dishes, plate warmers, kc r whole Will be found worthy the attention of hoaae, keeper* aad tke trade. Catalogue, ou the morning of sale. W)< 3tia*r A CARD. # K. WILLARD It W. W SIIIRLEV, Auctioneer., ILL give their personal attention to the Hales of House hold Furniture *t the residence of hmilih declining HALM ROOM, IJ1 BROADWAY, nntil May 1st, when (key ?ill move to tke apaciona atore, No. 17 Wall street, late Adaara' Eiprea* OAce. all lm*m IRISH BLACK MARBLE. At ARtiO ol superior Irish Black Marble, from the cele brated <|uarry of Arthur Ireland. t?|.. of (ialway, j?er bark ( Urence. u espected daily. For sale, to arrive, by nrSlaisr PERSSK k BR? M)KS. i*i fc 07 Nassau st. TO DEALERS IX FlSHIXli TACKLE. ALAROE assortment of I time Oraaa Fishing Line*, and Balmou and Trout Silk Worm tJutl, to suit city or coun try dealer*. Every article in taking tackle will he found at reasonable I" ON ROY'S Flatting and Sporting Tackle Establishment, U Fulton *?.. corner ofCliff. al lm?rh THOKX 1'IIAMPAGNE. AFRESII INVOICE of this delightful Champagne i* in ?tore, to which the attention of merchant*, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. 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Jackaon, tke American Deer, will (tart on Mon day, the Uth of Jnne, for a purse of $1700, to run || mil** iu an hour, over the above coarse. [C7~ If thn Spring Meeting oa the I'uion Conn*, L. [.. comes off the same week, the above will be postponed until the following week, Ptiil.aort.rHia, May C, I US. m> "ThSaltTu to MyM rrc TfnHTsouT A splendid pair of Black Mare*, lull tail*, *n Vrars old. perfectly sound, and kind in all kaiaoa*. -Will eo together in fouitminute*; one w ill go sin gje In three minutes. Both good saddle horses, and <mic car ries a lady. Al*o their wagon and harness, nearly new. They will be sent for trial to any address that may be left with Mr. Cowan, Horse Baaaar, Croeby street. N. Y. tin 8 11 ? , i < KI NO t IIARLES SPA NIELS?OF TH E pare breed, received by the latest arrivals from Lou 2.don. for sale by A. Orieve. i J 'lm street Also, rare uable Bird*, only lo ha found at hia establishment, No. 1 John street. N. B.?Letters from the canons, in distant parts, (jxwt paid) Will be attended to, by A URIk'VK. al7* tmrli Importer and dealer in Birds, t age*. Re. TWft boLLAHs W W aRIi-I-OSI on k,tmr da> , the 3d inat., a black, tan Dog. w ith tke owner'* ?_^mme. J. HECK, ?? the r.Jlar, Wln>ever will re luru the said Dog to the comer of Houston street and Bower>. over tke marhle factory, will receive tlu above reward, and the thanks of the loser. JAM EH Ml'RRA Y. lin?3trc " THK 8UB8CKIBEH8 OFKKR FOR SALE JM| Their annual sn|'|'ly ofchoice imported Flowrr Meeds (?ia small and large pack*geavwitk full directions for cul M tirating theui ,\lso, * ver^arj^e assortment of the best Vegetable Seeds j Oraaa Herd., miied for lawns or per manent pasture as may be required , green aad hot-knn>e Plants or every description . Plants saitaMe for ornamenting ?mall gardens ; Warden Tools ; Fancy Iron I hairs and Flower Stands, with a general aasottment of articles in our line. 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Leave Newark, I Leave Barclay St., New York ; 7^o'clock, A. M. 10o'clock \.M. Ill " P.M. I 4 " P.M. [TT^Freight carried at very reasonable r itcn. The 1 ic stops *t Bergen Point every trip. my# Iw ? r | JtJg. FOR "NEW ORLEANS I unaua and New uHSWYork Line.?Positively Fir |i ^ular packet?To JHBbitil Monday, llth inat.?The rant, fast sailing packet ship YAZOO, Wibray, master, -itively sail aa above, ker regular day. For freight or paasage, having handsome furnished accom- > modations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf , foot of Wall ! street, ,r to E. K. COLLINS It COH M Soath st. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday even Agent in New Orleans, JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward allgood* to his address. Packet ship CLIFTON, Ingersoll, master, will succeed the Yaioo, aad sail Mondsy , IBth May, her regular day. mvl IrMn. ?PI?IV t PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?To touch at Gibraltar, to laud paaaenrera?1The new and aplen JHK-iid Packet Skip ARCOLE, Captain Nat. W. Ere will Hit oa the lat ol June. For freight or paaeac* o CHAMBERLAIN k CHEI.P*, No. IU1 Front it., or to myMrrc BOYD * HINCKEN, Nn M Wall at. XJB?* I'ACKr.XS FOK HAVKfc.?Second Lme.? lbe kMfk.P?cket Ship ST. NJCOLAS. Ca|*. B Pell. JbH?iW)II mail oil the lit of June. For Ireicht or apply t" BOYD It HINt .r myi rjff- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of llth of |MKM>y.-The firat-elaaa, faat-aailinc Packet Ship BTE JBtt&PHKN WIIITNEV. c?w. I'..|>ham. k?rtheu 11*0 Mill MMaa aboie. her regular day. Having aery anperior accomaaodattoaa lor cabin. aceoad cabin, and atacrage paaaaugera, thoae inirmling to embark ahotild make immediate application on board, foot of Maideu lane, or to JOSEPH McMI RKAVT I otwer of Tine and Soatii an. P. 8.?Peraona deairoaa of aeiiding for their Irteada in the old country. can lvi?e them hrouKht out in the above ?| lm.lid ship, or any tf the aame line, oa m?4eraie terma. b> ? |-?>I \ ing aa alio* e. Mllllt ? st. qaoMMn uhk % liverpool-iv oil oil the Iltl?? Tl?e aplendid new 1'erket fthip h I" OK.OBOE, Ken it muter, MM tmt burthen. will pmillitl) aalloa the abotr day. For freight or paaaage, liaaiug ?i-I. d.ImI a< i ommodatoait. ai'l'l) on hoard, at pier I North Rner, or to DAVID IKaDEN, C* Wall at. Cabin piaaage. $7J. m>7 l>*r _ ri'F rrhtTi * or*. *t IkitaTR * IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT OF Flo. ?The Habaenbera <it prepared I bring uni fMMtmin bv any of the Line of 1'irkrli, ?atlinf e?er) Ine ibna ; and drafts can. aa Htnal, he lumiahed pa.ahlt throughout the Tailed Kingd.-iai. K"f further part ic a Ian apply to JOHN HERDMAN h if! WlWIi w?a?? Mt- NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIV> K kM#WPOOL? racket "f tlat of May.?The uitmhirHl JKIfeiailing aad faeortte yarkrt ship QUEEN OF t|IE W fchl, |Mf tuns bnrthan, ( apt. P. W oixlhonaa. will Mil on Tharadar. May Hat. her regular day. TW abipa nf thia line being all loot ton. and npaarda, peraona about to ?irt,?rk far the Old Coantrv will not fail to tee the advantage* to be de ri*ed from aelartnig thia line M preference to an* other u Ihftr arraat capacity reader:, them ererr way more raaaftlft able aad conveaiant than ahipa of a amall deaa, and their a< ? coninaodatiotit Sir rabin. aeomd cabin and ateerage paoen gcra, it ia wcllkaowa. are mperior to tfcoae "f any other line of packcta. Peranaa wiahinx to aacnre bertha ahoald M fell to make early application on hoaid. ?t the M <>f Bm!m? alip, or to w W. It J. T TAPtCOTT my?rc 7J South at. corner ol Maiden I we PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN, fr..m~Li VERIOOL -la order that tnti shin ma\ be deapatrlied <ia her day (?.ih mat.), cnoajfaeea will oblige the uinlrrai(Hrd hj I latin* their '"fj?1 " Orleana wiiarf. foot of Wall atreet. with ottt Idelay. All gooda aot permitted in lite i*y*, Will Imi aent to public a tore. E. K. COLLINS k? * South at. PA{.K^TIHTF(TLTFTON. from new ORLEANS .. A diachtrsia*. M Pike atraet wharf. Coaeicneri aiM pleaae attend to tlx receipt Ottheir tnoili i in mediately, mil Sfif ISABEi-LA. Srm. NEW ORlOShTT. duiTii,'. w>? Jali., Mr Mow?? Mel? aTu" Mr Bland; {"XotetU'. ^V?R ^'S^AIR EhfcS T?,rr*uv. ilfflL1 V U?mM" Mr Dr#"; rtaeJy c'?^-yrib??t, to tonanci at pr? nOWKR^|VltATR^-^'8rBK->'KK,?;: ~ PW^ A^ J?LD"72P?rf; ,V?i Df?^ Mr AbOrt KD CHILU-Miot^r M.fn' %m* of J"lj* Hi*.rj. sj,', Howm4, M, McKfaa; Pit'and (Jall"ry ,?lYj^ cent*"'*5 "COn<' "??? tj cu.; ote2^7 Ck-Ceneie Wi" "" ? WfP-t aereo ~! bT .te1 HA^ravia*'",,??' i? Wti Mm.; Pa, 11^ c?u. ?e?nu. Uj.p.r Boiei, ? P?t 7l'"lTkVr?l>.r{vCk~P<,rf0r,,,MCe W fOBIM?'? Mhalf L)ALMO'8 OPERA HOUSE. CHAMHf'Ms s'I'uh't reVte.r^u5ta o'clock priv #u i Dport open at 7 ; commencing at i "T^'n Box w'a.W^i W 00*1,,'l'c* - 7 < '??"?? "f^.v.ry .""'n/' Mmv3 iwi.a, CASTLK OAHDRiT 8ACRL0 MUSIC AND 8UNDAV CONCERTS ,, Sunday Eve?iInflf?'j?iay j0 U.&bLhae.Twilfe'rfo? ?**ND ORCHESTRA of from the bent ancient and modern ?mCt'?U oT l?01^ Muaic, ell' Director.''0'' ?f C W ife PROGRAMME. i~Vr,l^'.rture if... 2? Adante Religioao Kalliwoda J?Grand Chorui Eurvantlie v~. iv . r ??Andante, Ma?ic Flute.. W?l??r l-Onud Overture w. J-Quintett.Don Jnau Winter J-AdaKio. Tancredi..." ?i?**rt ??Grand AI lr Rr< > finale . RoJ?1."1 Concert to commence at 7^ o'clock.' platform*, and an extenaiv* /nir..... . u BPP" covered Oium vocaTa^i^i mmwnt TUESDAY EVENING, MAY l?th, 18,6 diftincuiilc M A DAME OTTO. MIS8 NORTH ALL. MR. GIBEilT. MR. MEi'ER. MASTER 8C0NCIA, MR. TlMM. Grand < Iwral 8> m,?hilv N? ^ P"^M' S?,hov">'? L-v,:, <sS5 v^iAZt tent lo take part in ikr orcbnin ?r Compe lor tee future adrerti.emenu. ! or.jjz*c":,As; at thk a'oll? 'cX^: fZKM'ri s,1 aiSssly^s^a1 Saturday, May |?, at i P.M. I Monday ' Mav M uTU p'm' - "viJ^ 1AME8 L. EN8ION, Secreury. itAjRDKi?f 18 NOW OPEN FOR THE Dodworth a Comet Band willperform erer? SChT Ad?,;s^cVf^,",,? commeuc",? ????? mr* WILLIAM ALLISON \OW OPEN ??? T}K7& Sf1"BSSSS ?? TflS <T*a from 9 A.M. to l? P.M. reh.'u. M C"U- 8*"*,e ">i?iaaion 2i cenu. CaU ?????? >ny63uns*rrc ?Uk. '?? ? inuk"no otmm liivorcd * 'iwnfy~,',r*' "th C""' ^'^"i twica adayjrom O^, NfcW YOHK 8ACRGD MUSIC SOCIFTY fTMl ''"ATOKIO of THE MESSIAH Y' T "rfo??y,' yS?'IP'i "g? ,b? Annireraary Tabf^lY KV,i!'LNU' Uth '?"C teeVry wert) ?*"Ah ;!8t^sia JEa-gaLyvr ?rV^^U"^'^?OND THE t?eatri. hu.?xc?^- Te'.r^i &'iBrtmA ^ Tfl:ttxx&mh'ta4 HOWES * CO.'S NEW YOKK MAMMOTH T55 b^'S^iS^UTi^TC^ - quirmir X ('trriaiti to Coovfv the performer* ?an)mh* )JT LKr'- ESfwrr P?ji MADAME MArIe (lACART^, arrired from whnae new atyle ol >^|aratriaa Feau, wrtluHv her nn ?nd'.hf*"d K"rr?"l?l a?ifcaet2Miy?? Jdd^Ti' iTOHsK^r^saSP8^ _. . . ,_L OJANT AND OIANTI-Si ctantru in tke world. TTiey will amwir ,,, '1*1 Z TVi entertainaenta will enmpnw 17 Acta of HnrmemaaihTp oTiIi* : ?&??!?B,~ ? f tlr >?P"I?7? ..f the Are... Mr. HOBBs"w Wli?. ? -?rirtrfTT.' S2 ?tW.rdiaa,y?? 2 ,1,.^ ji.T "W'rerrtyLr-ss f'x Tua.y?. y. u Ai Af? U. . "7 .T5* y*' KiwWf ITVl./ l1' rrwf?nr? ?i>4 <ir.?vpfMV?. VI. w "*ft' "' Kriwk Poatartna JjOimaouei lw '?"r ^^Sr-' C."5Jr^ MILTTAJIY HIDING SCHOOL. \| H IIAMILTOr?l?rnJlatuaauraanMeM Willi i?I I vt km ur, lot kit Milling h.x.1 two mgkli hi tfca wawfc, Monatavi ?>4 llmrtalav* will ctnatmrr .? Mntiilty ???i. nth m ? * wVtf li. r. M. jm jmtrttr? n. Kr tin rsr r* sh u Sresgrsif Irvtt M ? III* rnravi '?( IMk ?irw! ??.l Vai??t?lv Plarr. tn<i it tkc la>?t-al la tfca r**. ?nk iba ?* ?rr..mi?o4atif?a?. No | n.i. dill ha ?par*4 to Ihim ????i*I tka rlaa* Cm fartkrr i?f<raiMir-a *I|.|MII* M Ml llnrtimM'iiiftrr piiiiIk Aji?* ?)?'? Mr. liuolk'M. r?a ha itwvln fttialUt I' flri. F M. Rr<>a4 land aa4 ArwIUrr INI fMl 4 i?M? f M. m?t 4*t. a* ataal mil **rrr THIi i^Jtkfs on FELLOWSHIP KlfWKp. On ANft hKtvtLpxv fHnmmjtAt ?* a? ?h? Mn?tr| it***. m iraadw.) I Willi. ,?r,4rt t,.m W triu Willi hit f '?"|i?i j I VaMi rt4*4 FtlWw* will 'tklkM lk? "???ri"r <?I ? CM4 Wi|<m? L4|l, With ? fnfrrl lanu ??*>? -4 rn imp-mat tr?(i.?M-n'hu UitMltoa *( mil ?lata lain rh? Ia4*>p?a4?*< (Hti H (>44 I'ttewt. itdbWM Ik* ftitaa tfcr i .M.rr. ih<*> a?4 Tnk#w? ? n?. Ik- ??Mi*?ii ?t? aa MtaiiatOirrd * ?t?r> w?l| mala H4 l?4ca TV? ti?, RfrnMMa.tmitt,. Miffs, fcf . ?ill brjritr* TW* Wtiarw ?f rW L.>4?r * iM fc> i?r<i>na*4 hi ? fall t?ata at #? '? ??4?i dwu ?nlr?, m mil rtfM Tha |mMtr ar? wwxrrd that tfciag a ill *?? r,m4?rt*4 m m ortkflr a?4 t*?p?rtlal manri, aJ th?t |K? ra|>r?*?ala* I Maw ? ill W? truthfal ?M aacaitla Mm hi niwtlhllr m> ll?J ? . Tnrr? M ailthjat QM Will ik?<t UK ??* 4*t?> of ih? mmi (i ill<i na? Tick** f. f ?*??tia?aw r, I WW Lalrn i?k t?u. !>??? .>!?*? ?? oVhrrk, ruRianrf at a ifaatrr la ? * l?etaf* will Ff??* th* a?i?i ,4 tfc? Ut4f> u* rrUaf hsjKw: MM LATtfrTMNTELLIQENOE. Br tb* iipitti Ntptft. Wamiiwitji, M?jr 7, lfMB la MrMat*. Mr. SrKiuiiT moved i rf*no?der?ti?ii ol th?* Florida judiciary lull, n? yrsterday. The bill to sol tie the thum* of New H?iii|ninrp lor military service*, wm informally lanl ??Rie? quo uorum voting on it?18 nve?, 10 ii*y?. Mr. Johnson, from Louisiana, reported back the bill for the adjustment of sunprtidrd pre-ein|? tion land claim*, with amendments. After considering private hill*, the Senate ad journed over till Monday. Hour of Rt|imfiiUtlvri. The House refused to go into Committee, on motion of Mr. MeKujr. Mr. Adams moved to sus|>end the rule* to ena ble him to otter resolution* calling on the Prem dent for further information respecting deserter * from the army, and authorising tho President to have arrested, and tried for murder, tliose who had shot soldier*, if any were shot without trial. The motion to suspend the rules to receive the resolutions, was lost. The House then went into Committee of the Whole, and took up the Post OlKee bill. Mr. Gidpisgs, of Ohio, rose, he said, to a privi. leged question. He went on to make a severe speech against shooting deserters, without trial.? No worse murder would it be, if a corporal's com. inand had been ordered to shoot members of Congress. A discussion ensued, in which several members took part. Mr. Darragh, of Pennsylvania, is speaking as this dispatch closes. By the Last Halls. Washington, May 6, 1846. Congrtu. The proceedings in the House to-day, were suf ficiently diversified to be a little more interesting than for several days past. There was a question of privilege which is easily explained. In the libel ease before the Circuit Court, between Col. Ben ton vs. Gov. Thomas, it has been thought by the former that if Dr. Relfe, of Mo., a member of the House, and a brother of Mrs. Linn, could be brought before Court, he could be made to testify to such facts a* would overthrow the aftidavit of facts which Governor Thomas expects to prove against Mrs. Thomas, daughter of Governor Mc Dowell, in reference to her alleged seduction, adultery, &c., by the testimony of Mrs. Linn her self. Hut the doctor was unattachnhle, from his privileges as a member of Congress. Consequent ly, Mr. Dromgoole, of Va.?we say consequently, because we believe he was put up to it?moved that the Hon. Mr. Hopkins, ol Va., and others, be privileged to attend Court, if they should think proper. Here a debate arose, and the motion be ing finally amended to apply exclusively to Mr. Hopkins, it was carried?Mr. Hopkins himself voting against it. The whole purpose and scope of the amendment was overslaughed, in being so framed as to exclude Dr. Relfe. The whole iMate of Virginia seems bent upon the prostrntion of Gov ernor Thomas; and tnere is no conjecturing where this bitter warfare will stop. The House next took up and passed the bill makinu discrimi nation in importations of Java coffee. In answer to a resolution offered by Mr. Adams, the President says, that two deserters from tho army on the Rio Grande, were shot, and that four were drowned in attempting to swim tho river. There was a debate upon the printing of a long document from Mr. Gordon, late consul at Rio, on the subject of the African slave trnde. (See your reporter's mi uutes of the House.) A number of local bills were acted upon in the Senate, and the bill of five millions for French s]K)liations, was further postponed till Monday, when it will come up as the spccial order. Mr. J. M. Clayton will reply to Mr. Dix's late argument against the hill. In regard to the late movement amongst certain democratic, members, looking to an adjournment of Congress in June, to meet again in Octobcr, we are requested by several members from the South, to suite that our associate correspondent, " Ariel," was entirely mistaken. So far from the South being anxious lor delay, they arc especially desirous to act upon the tariff before an adjourn ment, and will be satislied with the bill as it is, if they can do no better. It is the members from Pennsylvania, New York and the North who are anxious to stave off the tariff; nnd certain of the Western members would also liivor an adjourn ment in June, in order U> take part in the State election" in Indiana, Kentucky, and other States of the West, which will coine off before the meeting in October. This plain view of the rea sons will very readily indicate the origin of the movement?a movement whieh, even by the ana themas of the organ, has not as yet been conclu sively suppressed, though partially suffocated. Washington, May 6, 1816. The premonitory symptoms of si fierce nnd bloody conflict with Mexico have at last manifested them selves. By the mail of this evening, we learn that a party of our troops that were out in search of Colonel Cross", had been attacked by a party of Mexicans, by whom Lieut. Porter and three of his men were killed, and the remainder, except live who csca|>ed, taken prisoners. The reaaion assigned for this defeat, in a small way, is rather curious, and somewhat calculated to excite one's risible faculties, if the occasion did not call for the expression of other feelings* " The men's powder was wet P' This is really too bad. By a simple o]>eration of the rule of three, we can calculate to a T the loss which we would have to sustain, if the whole of our brave little army were to engage the enemy " with their j?owder wet,'? when four out of about twenty were killed, and ten of them taken prisoners. We should then have aliout fourteen hundred left to tell the talc that tlieir powder was not dry. Let us carry the cal culation a little farther still. How would it be with us, were we nt war also with England, and had no other rulers to govern the country than the present imbecile administration 1 Why, it is plain that we should be swallowed up as Jonah was by the whale in less time than, we are talking of it, because of the secretiveness of our " Young Hickory"?rnUier too young I confess in public affairs, in keeping every thing to himselt, and not informing the country about them. Yes, Mr. Polk is " Young Hickoty," with a ven geance ; he It a twig, perhaps, of the old stock? an under-growth, which bends to every broese, and still remains a twig. What, tlierefore, is the country to do with such an administration 1 It have not yet met with a dozen men, either in or out of Congress, belonging to those that brough it into power, iliat have the least confidence in him. They look with suspicion upon his conduct, and doubt the sincerity of his professions; of friends, therefore, he is entirely denuded. He may haw litany a supple knee to bend before him for official favors, who flatter and fawn to obtain tliem j but beyond this, his hold on his own party is of the very weakest kind. If war we must have, nnd cannot possibly avoid, I liope it may piMWi Providence to postpone it until this itdmiti i ration retires to the shades of private life, from whence tliey ought never to have Imjcii drawn; lor a more buugiiiig set of dolts, with theexoe|? tion, perhaps, of the Secretary of State, were never he lore congregated at the bead ol'the afl'airs of any nation. In inj letter of yesterday, I gave you a glimpse of Mr. Bancroft'sVtler, or report, recommending a reduction of the officer* in the Navy, just at the time vi lieu we are at war with one power and threatened with war by anotlier Mr. Bancroft ha* nnt, certainly, made out this report without die consent of tlie President; and thns, taking such lobe tlta fact, what arc we to think of Mr. Polk lor ?l?i?, after having in his message recommended an increase of this very force. The reduction in ex|ienditures, contemplated by Uiese suggestions, amounts* as be says in this letter, for? M < ?piain<.at wait'g orders, pay. .f-J.ivOOpr. sn'as $60,MO 47 < m?lirii I.MO 84,0M ?7 I wut?i??ni?, .. ? " M.400 * Surgeons. " .. I.MO 14,MO ?I Midshipman, " 300 " 37,300 rrnisMsn serf Tejrhera. .fM.'JM, tiwt till* <M is ukrd tob? appro prMte l Is repair*, toi|?rovi>ment?, a?.I Mrtdian. at Hit naval ?rlwoie at ?orl Severn, and ia ml incJmM Hi tti? nMoetion. 3s Msslsra. St wattf orrien. pay.. fj.<0 00 II >toat?fa'Mates, " .. #00 " .1300 7 *??<? retartea, " " 1,000 " 7,000 M < tsrka st " soo " 1.1,000 fMJ.AOO By tins reduction of our navy. Mr. Bancroft would ??i*l a<lntlan tfco worfcl, 9t#7 commissioned <?m eers, who have grown up from their boyhood m the service, auu know uo other profession by .* .. i which to make * living for thrmiolw* and Aimi* taw*, it <lcj?rivetl of that to which their country have called and reared them. It is not their fault that " tin* navy languishes from the prolixin of oihc?r?," hut the fault of the Inw that pl^poit in 1 the |>owcr of the Pre*idcnt u> issue midshipmen's j ? arrant* to tin; sous of Tom, Wick and Harry, * h<m a?Lcd l?>r as Mtt equivale nt lor some political favat <*? >i>fr*rr< <1 by the lather. or the friend, of tlie at ft presidential election. The faults "??. 1 repeat, with the law makers in placing this Mi?t power mid patronage at the will of the Tlxe j cum.- and |,riui of tjlP ?avy department, and not with the officers who have grown up between ; dKii from th? ,r Imyhuod, ami whom the govern i meal cannot employ constantly in the *rice, on iM.-<iH?iit o| the <Mnni( number ot our ship.- that are kept in , Ml mimiA ? ?<?<> rye Bancroft wan charg ed a mort time ago, iu n pamphlet published in thi? city, with being at one tibia OBBOHa to Gen. JackMO, and the party with which he acted. In tin* letter there is a iort of*valance of this, which , many may overlook, ami which i* now my reason 1 (or referring to it hen* lie draw* a contrast be | tween the niiiuber of captain* in the ?ervice in I IH2K, the Inst year of John Q. Adam's adininistra | tiou. and llie year 1842, showing hut too plainly : that he want* il to appear that the onus of ; the great increase of oflcen between both tlie se periods. ream on General Jackson's and Mr Van Karen's administrations. The Sec retary of the Navy allows us tlint in the last year of Mr. Adams* administration there were only sixty-two captains and commanders; while in 1842 a |teriod covering Jacksou's hiuI Vnn Buren's ad ministrations, the increase in these two grades has been one hundred and three, or one hundred and sixty-live in all. This is certainly an uukind cut upon "Old Hickory'* reputation for economy and a rigid construction of tne law, coming iu* it does from a inctiilier of "Toting Hickory V* Cabinet.? We all admit that there ii> it larger number ol'-ofti cer* in both the army and navy than are actually required for our |?eiiee establishment; but why or , wherefore is the rctluetidh recommended now, when we know not the day or the hour that twice i our present list of olticers may be. required .and I, too, alter the time when both Mr. Polk ! and Mr. Bancroft had recommended au increase I in that bnmch of tlie service! The object of alt this is to show the country that they are actuated j by a desire to economise the public money, while at the same time those men cncouragc its outlay in a thousand other different ways, ijot absolutely , required. The system of favoritism practiced by the President and head* of departments, in ap pointing to and keeping partisans in office, woo I receive large salaries for nearly doing nothing, is beyond belief. As I am thoroughly acquainted with the time employed daily, on an average, by the clerks in all of the departments, I shall one of these days, give you n correct analysis of this wholesale system of fraud upon the country, which is practiced by those having the appointing power, in paying persons from 91,000 to ?1,000 per an num for, a* I have said altove, doing nothing. There is not one of the departments that ought not to lx* reformed in this respect, and made to exhibit the amount of actual labor performed in each iu detail. All those recommendations of the Presi dent and heads of departments to reduce salaries and tlie number of officers in the public service, is | done entirely for Buncombe, like many of the speeches made iu Congress. It is all gammon, and Mr. Polk and his Secretary of the Navy know it very well; yet, while playing this game of two faces under a hood, thev will not fail to bring tho navy, if they can, into disrepute witli the country. ! The whole of this is a small jiotuto affair, take it | from beginning to end. Arikl. Washington, May?, l&ttf. Local Affairt-An Literati tig Diih of Salantagundi. Exercises by the juvenile class of the Columbia College at llev. O. 13. Burns' church to-night. Called in. Specimens in elocution by the boys highly creditable; and we like the taste of the black gowns in which they sjtoke. These ample sleeves and spacious robes made the youngsters look like doctors of divinity?D. D.'h?and i'l'aith, wo wish all the D. D.'s could speak as well, or the M. C.'a cither. Didn't call in to hcur Dr. Reilly oil the Turks, to-night?he completely satisfied us last night that they were a loafing set of bar barians. Col. Benton has been rather intractable in court. " Swear the witness, sir, swear the witness." The Court had to call him to order. The Colonel sits there in all the pride of Tamer lane with Bnjnzet in a cage before him. God grant that nobody may be killed in this unnatural prosecution. It looks ominous?it has an awfully portentous suppressed mutuality of vengeance nbout it. We go for a compromise ; or we fear that war is inevitable. Governor Thomas bears himself, sane or insane, very like a man of sense. He is one of the finest looking of a house full. He stands near six feet, fine figure, intelligent face, clean head of hair, slightly silvered, cut short, and smoothly combed almnt his temples. His countenance is pleasant and really fascina ting. We don't wonder that Miss M'Dowell loved him; the only wonder is that two such plea sant looking people should full out by the way. Mr. N. 1. Willis is still rusticating among ill. He looks as fresh as a water-lily. Shouldn't won der if he were to lie sent off on a mission some where, after a little?perhaps to the Tvnee Islands. He wants something much. Judge Oakley of Il linois is here. Witliinuday a slight increase of travellers; but the arrivals are nearly reduced to the summer level. We expect the great fair will bring all down East down South. We have room for them, and plenty to eat; and if we may believe the temperance pajier, there is no lack of cakes and ale. They have got a young man in the capi tol doing up portraits 111 brick dust, lie has paint ed one of Gen. M'Connell, which is so striking a likeness, that it would have mado a speech when railed on, had not the artist given him the lockjaw. Our youthful Raphael will do well to pound his brick dust a little finer, and throw in a little more charcoal kin the back ground. Hcaly has a rare lot of Congres sional portraits in the Ilotundu. Gen. Jackson uml Henry Clay are there, and Daniel Webster and Lord Ash burton, over the treaty signed and scaled ; ami Mr. Calhoun is there, and General Cass, and Mr. Archer, and Mr. Yulee, and a num ber of others; but not one of these beautiful works ran touch Cooper's portrait and landscape of the " Doctor." There is a truthfulness in the portrait and the figure, a iwturalness in the landscape ; and, altogetlier, the painting is a poem that tells of a summer's sun-set?of green fields, and dark mountains, and pleasant recollections in tlie lights und shadows of the sun himself. Mr. Cooper has gone to Tennessee, and we ex pect he will bring btu;k in the full a painting of the Hermitage, and aiufher of the late residence of Col. Polk, at Columbia. We would also suggest lohim a painting of the scene on Duck Creek, where those forty-five negroes were branded on the back with the initials of J. K. P.. putting Roor back in the foreground, applying the hot iron to lhe shoulders of an old negro smoking a pipe du ring the operation. The news of this evening concerning Mexico is, hat there tins been no fight at all, and that the Mexicans can neither be kicked into a fight, nor persuaded to pay their debts, because they can't right and canst nay. The next step, therefore, will be to annex cm?gold and silver mines and nil. We shall have to unucx 'em. As au act of Christian charity we ought to annex 'em. Mexico would come in just now as a most valuable ad junct to the sub-treasury. Mr. Henry M. Paine, the great shot at, as they rail him, was here a few evenings ago, unscathed, save by the small pox, of which he nas had a re rent uttaek. It seems that neither bullets nor the "mall-pox can extinguish him. He is a keen, in telligent fellow, that same Paine, and we rather ?uspect tliero is something yet to be known COTi jennng Santa Anna and those papers. Waiihsotow, May ?, IBM. United Slain vs. Franrit Thorn f. The court room wu very crowded during the atoni ng. They delivered their opinion on the motion to at tach the Hon. Mr. Relfe. refusing to do so. The court ilso refused to request the House of Representatives to tend Mr. Relfe to the court. Mr. Maulsby than read the iffidavit of (lor. Thomas, which states. In substance, that le has used all due diligence to procure the attendance >f Mrs. Linn, and that he had been alwavs anxious to ?ring the case to trial. He also sfcvs, that the returns of the Missouri Manhal show that he nas not been the cause )f her absence. That Mrs. Linn's evidence would ens ile him to prove a seduction of the lady In the house of Jot Benton, and that they, cogniiant of this, procured ler msrrisge with him. Further, that the evidence of Mrs. L. would show a wanton and lascivious course or ?onducton the part of the youug lady, for s number ef fears, and many acts of unchaste improprie^wftt seve ?sl men. He denied the sworn statement!i of Col. Benton ind Mr. Phelps, snd pronounced them to be entirely *Mr. Kr.PDAix objected to the continuance^and esfced leave to prove, by witnesses in court, that Thowss was not aniious to have the cause tried, as appserefrosii au application made by him to the ProsWent for s pre that the msrshsJ of Missouri** ^e Mm returns to the procew of the court, as it iM*j<j JE*? .?? \?r went to *. Louis, nor was hejriMnllh ?miles of that place; that Mrs. Linn had made sworn statements, setting S J..I to kill Benton because he would not consent to the re "'J""Tmammo* objected to the msteriality of Mrs. t.inn s evidence, because he understood that she was ? snted to prove a fact that would defame her husband, ind thst therefore <he was incompetent Mr. KrwDALi. then offered another objection, that in Ms ormer affidavit Thomas had sworn that he "Mt? the ?vMenceofMrs. Cocke, of Virginia, to establish some mportant facts ; and that that lily was now here, ready o swear that sh? knew nothing. . oeuartl Jo?? o^scted to tb edwiw|MUty ?f U* ?*?

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