Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1846 Page 3
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IMOOOhiota, To V MM. do 10 5 MM* Penii i* ,w c,l 50000 do bH ?i ytgd-?jw, 75 $wim i Farmer*' Truit * W J? do ?? ?S i* do stn m? & & b* r 100 Mom* Cuul ?<0 do M? in oitbor kMN, to ftt preaont Kxrkanc*. 250 ih> Hulto RR 100 do Bwr 150 do 10 do >10 100 do b!5 10U do bli 25 Not fc Wore n? 100 do 250 do 2on do (no do 200 do 5 Cantos Co 50 do 150 do 50 Ka?t Boston Co 50 do 25 Mohawk RR 25 Stouuigiou RR 50 do blO ?60 ?60 sM bU "5 15?I 250 150 b50 50 50 100 25 do do do do do do do 75 L Island RR 100 do 1JX US ? ? ? 15 49 42* Soeoitd (10 75 75 bj 75 :?9 150 150 300 200 50 do do do do do oo ?5000 Reading Bda 1000 do MM do M0 ?b* Canton Co 25 do 19 25 do >30 383* do 1,10 39 '*.. do blj 39 1M Harlem RR a 400 do 48 ? <jo (3 ?? ? do 48>i New Stock 25>ha Morris Canal e 15,v; 30 do Sat 15? 25 do Moil 15}, 50 Harlem RR b3 4*>J 50 do 48 50 do 47V 24 Nor t Wore RR blO 57 25 do *10 56'; Sat 56 >, >10 *30 sli bio ?>iw b30 bl5 *20 100 Harlem RR b30 600 do b3 luo L Uland RR 50 do _ *3 75 Nor fc Wore RR b3 50 do b3 100 do bl5 50 do b3 50 Readme RR 100 do 100 Stoniugtou RR 150 Readiug RR 100 do 50 do 300 do 100 do 50 do 48 S3 5?C 5 m Si; xp, 36 ??* 68 68' 68? 68 ?*V* 49 Sfe 57 57 57* 57 69 69 42* Kirhaner. 25 Nor k Wor 25 do do do do do do do do do Sat blO c b3 b3 56?: 56', 56'J Married, On the 17th of December, 1844, by the Rev. Henry Chaae, Mr William Hallam to Mr?. Rachel B. Scott, both of thi* city. . , . . In the Green street M. E church, on the 7th Jnst.. by the Rev. Dr. Bangs, Dr. J. M. Howe, of thu city, to Mm tmLifi B. Jemki?ij, formerly of Hud?on, N. Y. On Wednesday, May ttth, at Perth Amboy, N. J* by the Rev. Benjamin Cory, Mr. Jebome B. Ross of New Orleans, La., to MU? Joanna Lafobue, of Bonhamtown, New Jer?ey. Died. On Thursday, 7th in?t, after a lingering illne**, Mr*. Maroabet Gbeen, wife of Daniel Green, aged 38. The friendi and acquaintances of the family are in\ ited attend the funeral thif (Saturday) afternoon, at four 'clock, (without further invitation.) from her lato re*i nee, No. 54 Cherry itreet On Friday morning, at 9 o'clock, George Donaldson, consumption, aged 33 year*. Hit friendi and acquaintances, and those of his brother, Arthur Donaldson, and of his brother-in-law, Andrew Whiteside, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of his brother-in-law, Andrew Wnite Kide, 36th street, between the 9th and lOUi avenues, at five o'clock on Saturday afternoon, without further Invi tation. (fry- Philadelphia papers please copy. I. O. OF O. F. . v Damascus encampment, n5. u.-tv Members of this Encampment are informed that their Meeting! will hereafter be held at 71 Division street, on the 3d and 4th Saturday Evenings of .the Month, H*yCao?iMAN, Scribe. my?'lt*rre THE NEW CHURCH, lately erected bv the English Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of St. James, in Mulberry street, between Orand ana Broome streets, will be, by Divine permission, dedicated to the worship ol Almight) God on 8undav Morning. May 19. at ,lMf o clock, A. M. There will also be service at the Church in the Afternoon, at 3? o'clock. P.M.. and st 7^ o'clock, P.M. The Christian public are respectfully invited to attend. ray# It* rrc mHE 17th WARD J KFFERSONIAN DEMOCRATIC 1 REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION will meet at the K. P. H.j No. *4 Second Avenue, on Monday Evening, 11th inst., ^The'members are requested to be punctual iu their attend ance as business of treat importance will come before the Association. FR ?DOMINICK. Chairman P. T. Hesrv Tavlor, Sec'y. m>3 It rrc THE SUNDAY DISPATCH, l?OR SUNDAY, May 10, will be one of the be?t Numbers y,t PUblwh"L CONTENTS: An Original Sketch of Hon. Walter Colquitt of Georgia. Recollections of the Stage?Chafes Jane* Fo?. Original. Chapter 19 of the Times of John Tyler. Onginal. The Idiot Witness ; an Original story of Ireland, the Man iiers and Customs of her people. Tins is a very interesting ,kfe?,^^ewh'ch there is much of interest t0ATGh?Vrn,a'd,ntof the Florida War. ^ M ^ Poetry?The Poor Man's Death and Burial. By the Milford ?Letter from S. 8. Southworth, Esq., on the manner in which the name of Powers has been used by Benjamin and ^Letter from Washington. Letter from ganger Barry, on the Drama. Weekly Gossip, News of the Week, Police and ^ditonsU?Slandsr and Jealousy?Ei-Gov. Thomas, of Md.,aud Miss McDowell. Col. Benton, and Dr. Di Missouri.?Roping in Major Donnelspn, b> the Common rJ?ci" BrSJIfyn Mayor. Medical Convention f^e. Nav^ of the United States. Legal Decision in Pennsylva Ic WATSON., inr9 It*rrc Pnblishers, 41 Ann st. To THE ADVERTISING PUBLIC. SINCE the alteration of the Post Office Law, which so un justly bore upon the publishers of Maganues, the Sub scriber is now enabled to insert Advertisements m his popu GODL^'Ku^BObK AND ARTHUR'S MAGAZINE UNITED. There is no medium that offers so many advantages to ad vertisers as this. The work is one month in the liands of its numerous patrons, and it is bat fair to umber is so?that at least ten persons read each^b'criber . number. This fives it an immense circulation. The advertisement in tta daily paper, unless continued daily, which is very esoeu ,Ke Js ofbnt little use ; the weekly paper ?? ??mewb.tUt ter ubut we think the monthly preferable to all. This mode of circulating a person's business u very prevalent in Eng land, and will become so in this country. , . Advertisers may publish Engravings, illustrative of their businesJ^ iVtheirrewective advertia^ents. Any publisher issuing pictorial works can have a sheet of his cuts inserted """Terms, which sre reasonable, made known on application lo the Subscriber. Addre-^^ mv$2teod*rrc W Chestnut st.. Philadelphia. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE BUROE O N, A TTVND8 to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfec AS of Virion ? to 4 o'clock, at his residence, Ml Inveterate cases of STRAllfeMUSi or squinting* cured m * JMt*Sn^>rted, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty ami finish. . - SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Sir;~i 'A'.,k." ~ w?. street. "" U * TENNIS COURT, 283 BOWERY. THE Subscriber, having taken the sboy^nsmed I'lsre. would inform his fneads and the Public that Alley, and the whole of the establishment, has undergone a thorough repairing. To the Alley has been added a gall"). 30 feet by ?T for the convenience of the spectators. This, with an alley of 120 feet, in complete order, he trusts will be auficiant to^ecare the patronage of the lovers of that healthy and favorite amusement. As lor the quality or his Liquors, Hefars, and refreshments, he will leave to the judgment of bis customers. ^ WOOLLY, Bat Ball Alley, Directly opposite Prince st. New York. May 7, IMt. my9 tm?m HAVAVA StOARS.-lM.OOp. of the finer qualities only, received per Norma and Mudara, from Havana ; com prising a vsriety of the choicest brands. They are entitled to debenture, and offered at lower rstes than sny "thrr ^ported, ?o insure quick sales. GEORGE WELLS, JijM, my H?r 1W Front st. ?G. B. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED from 1? William street to 116 William street, within 4 doors of John.?A rich and fuhioaable assortment of Goods will always be kept on hand, and will be made to order, at such prices as mast command the, atten tion of the truly economical, while the style and finish will, to the man of taste, speak for themselves. As sll goods are boughtfor csah, and, therefore at the very lowest ntes, a finer article will be manufactured, at a lower urice. than the credit tailor* can possibly fnraish. OEHERAL SCALB or rBICE*. Fine French Cloth Black Dress Coat, from $15 to $30 00 Black Doeskin Psnts .. ? to i 30 V Offic e '<:oats" and' all other articles usually sold by the trade, 't^H"vyl"th ^"nd^te," of Broadway. my* .m^rrc ' TO LET. " " ~ A ROOM for an Armory, on Thursday Night of each week, being the large room now nsed for that purpose at L*fay ette Hall S?. jfc and M7 Broadway. Apply at the bar of tS? HuSl. aow kept by Randall Smith. Possession given im ?Az-.-f- myvHTTc WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET. ESTABLISHED lit ???. ? _ . . . WHOLESALE AND RE TAIL, CHADES of sll descriptions, kinds and sites 3* Per cent. O cheaper than can be bougirt at any other places. Tnm B^'BU?&TOLP,'Dt MAUNY k Co. my, |rrc Manufacturers k Importer*. . COPARTNERSHIP. 7 ~ PLEASURE. MANY people coin search of pleasure?some to one place and some to the other. We paid a visit the other da>Jo the High Bridge, and we must say we were well pnid for our trouble ; besTdea that noble structure whkh is fast approach 1 . v . r...??am wkirh ?Aitna lilt ^ of Macomb's'Bridge, who can fumisii a C rot on Cobler, <>r at aood'an Havana as an>- other establishment. Some may say, how will we go I We took the ears to Harlem, where there are alwayi stages in readiness that run on the srrivsl of each tram. Upon the whole, we never spent a pleasanter day, and ?ay to all who have time go, yon will be well satisfied for one '"frV-OwI fishing, ke. he. myO **rc (; O R V S! CORNS! ' THE ARABIAN CORN PLASTER, An effectual and wsrranted cure for Corns, iaeasilvap Dlied and gives immediate relief. In caae it should fml to cire. the money will be returned. For sala by Darid u.n/1. fc('n 77 M" Broadway, IM ralton street, and 171 C H Rmi. '? Broadway ; C. Hubbard. 4M ?M.on Itreet'; Wyatt k Ketch.m, 1*1 Fulton street ; J. Smith, 241 Spring ?U#?t; ??4 by Druggist* ?eB*ra?y. Pnee IS e??w per bog. IB', *? r INFORMATION WANTED of FfcTER DAVIp LlVI 1 H1LDESHE1MER, who cam* trom London to tfce con try ? few years ifo. If aMve. he may boar of aomethiag to his idruti|r by applying personally, or by letter, to Mr. F. Pigot, XS Numo at., N. Y7 Charleston. S. C.. HP*" please copy. my? If ire A RESPECTABLE Young WOMAN want* a actuation aa Ptaiu Cook. A first-rmt* washer and ironer. A|>ply at 232 Thirteenth street, uear the Firat Aveaus. my9 2teod*rrc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT-OFF WARDROBES WANTED, GENTLEMEN or Fanuliaa desirous of converting into U Cash their snperflunns Clothing, Jewelry. Fire Arm*, he., may do aa to their advantage by sending lor the Saberri ber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. H. LEVET. No. J Wall .t., N. V. A line through the post-office. or otherwise, will be punc tnally attended to. my9 If rrc A LADY of respectability wishes very much to go u com. pan ion to a lady; the ha* no ohjection to the country, or to travel.A line addreiaed to 8. H., at the office ofthi* paper, ahall beattended to. ttl lm*re WANTED. AN experienced manufacturer of wheat atarch.Ona who nn <ler?taml* the manufacture of 44 Pearl,n and other qualities ol starch, can hear of a deairable situation by addressiug A. B.. boi lia, Bo*ton, Maa*. Poat Office. atf 3w*rc A LADY who ha* recently arrived from Europe u de sirous of obtaining a situation as Governess iu a respect able family; she teaches the usual branrhe* of education; mu sic on an approved system. A line addressed to X.. Z., at the Herald office, shall be attended to. Would have no ohjectiou to take pupils at her own residence. a27 Im'rc THE PAV1 LION, NEW BRIGHTON. THE PAVILION, New Brighton, having undergone con siderable repairs'aud embellishments since the last sea son, is now in a more perfect state than it haa ever been since it was first opened. Everything that could tend to the com fort and accommodation of parties who may honor it by mak iug it their summer resideuce, has been added, and the pro prietor feels assured that he does not in any way presume when he asserts that it ia the moat elegant ana complete sum mer establishment on this continent. To persons from distant parts of the Union, and foreigners, who have never visited the Pavilion, it may he neccaaary to sute that New Brightoa is situated on Staten Island, at a dis tance of less than six miles from New York. The Pavilion commands magnificent views of the bay of New York, the Hudson and East rivers, Long Island, and nearly down to the Narrows. Its position is at once beautiful and salubrious, the temperature being in summer several degree* cooler than in the city. Eicellent stesmhoats are constantly plying between New York and Staten Island, the average time occupied in the pas sage being only from twenty-five to thirty minutes ; so that persons residing at Nmmt Brighton can reach the business part of the city more sueedily than from the upper part of Broad way, and the delightful trip* across the bay are highly condu cive to health. The Pavilion will open for the seaaon on the 14th inst., and the proprietor will be happy to treat with parties who may ? ism to engage apartments for the whole seaaon, or for a shorter period ; ana if they will please to address a note to the undersigued, care of Mr. C. C. Marsh, U Cedar street, in forming him where he may call upon them, or making an ap poiutmeut, it will be immediately attended to. The Steamboats for New Brighton start from No. 1 Pier, North River. F. BLANCARD. Pavilion, New Brighton, May J, 1*16. inyl linrrc CAMPH1NE AND CHEMICAL OIL. THE Subscriber is prepared to supply dealers with a supe rior quality of Carnitine and Chemical Oil. at a lower price than any other establishment in this city, delivered free ol cartage. Also Spirits of Turpentine, at the very lowest market price. Apply personally or by letter to JONAS F. CONCKLIN, Office 159 Water street, above Maiden lane. all Infr Distillery, 1st avenue and 25th street. OARDING IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.?Two or three Gentlemen and their Wives, also three or four Single Uentlemen, can be accommodated with good board and com- , fortable rooms, at No. 1 Atlantic atreet, within a few steps of I the ferry. Please apply as above. myl 3t*rro BOARD. ONE or two 8ingle Gentlemen can be accommodated with rooms, in a private family, with breakfast and tea, and dinner if required, on Sunday, in an airy and healthy situation, within a few doors of Broome street, and in the immediate vicinity of Broadway. The apartmenta are fittted up with comfort. A line addressed to P. C-, at the office of the Herald, will be answered bythe necessary refer ences. my6 lw*rrc BEEBE & COSTAR, HATTERS, 156 BROADWAY STRAW GOODS.?Beebe k Costar have inst opened a JrJ'* cases of the most splendid Paris Straw Goods ever e* hibited in this city. The assortment compriaes an extensive ranety of Childreu's Oaps, Hats, Bonnets, fcc., in Straw, Tuscan, Leghorn, and other manufacturer, trimmed to the latent and most exquisite Parisian styles, expressly adapted lo I?lrase the most fastidious taste. mv9 It* r {SOUTHERN COTTON YARN.?Best Southern Yams of ~ 'he following descriptions are offered to country mer chants at the lowest market prices, viz,:? North Carolina factories, assorted No*. 5 to 10. South Carolina do. do. do. 6 to II. Georgia hard twisted Yarns do. do. 7 to 12. These Cotton Yarns are made from pure cotton, and the complexion of the goods ia unsurpassed for clearness. Buy ers can have any assortment of numbers put up to suit their wants, without extra Price. T. N. UNDERBILL, Noa. It It 20 Cedar *t.. my9 If r Half a block above Pearl St., up stairs. BUST SPRING medicine. WHITWELL'S TEMPERANCE BITTERS. THE best possible remedy for Indigestion, Jaundice, Worms, CoaMveness, Loss of Appetite, Headache, Hys terics, Debility, Drowsiness, Weakuesa, Sour Stomach, lie. Most person^ feel the neceaaity of using some tonic or strengthening medicine during the spring and summer, espe cially those engaged^n sedentary employments. No article is better calculated for such purposes, than the above. The ingredients of which they are composed are highly recommen ded iu all medical books, as among the best tonica Inown to the medical world. They purify the blood, revive the apirits and strengthen the whole system. The proprietor is confi dent tlpt tfinvalids would give this cheap and pleaaant reme dy one trial, they will never use any other. They are put at the lowest possible price, in order to place them within tk reach of all. Price 25 cents a pint bottle. . , WHITWELL'S ORIGINAL OPODELDOC, Is the only effectual remedy for Rheumatism, Sprains, Stiff ness of Neck and Joints, Gout, Crainp. fee. Recommended by Dr. 8. L. Mitchkll, late Professor of Physic in the N. S. College of Physicians. Pricc 25 cents a bottle. VOLATlf.K AROMATIC SNUFF, For Headache and Catarrh, composed principally of Root* and Aromatic Herbs. Recommended by the celebrated Dr. Watebmousk, late Professor of Medicine w Howard Uni versity, Cambridge. Price 25 and 50 cents per bottle. The above articles are prepared and sold by J- GEORGE WHIT WELL, (late J. P. Whitwell It Sou, Boston.) Sold also by A. B. liD. SANDS, Druggist*. !00 Fulton, cor ner of William street, New York. iny9 Imeod'r VAUGHN'S VEGETABLE LITHONTRIPTIC MIXTURE. ONLY AGENCY IN NEW YORK CITY. 132 NASSAU Street!opposite Clinton Hall.?A Pamphlet with testimo ny of the highest character, will be furnished gatia. The fol lowing diseaees have been cured by thia medicine, a strictly vegetable remedy, compound of over twenty articles, taken from our owu soil ; each root pecnliarly adapted to some par ticular organ of the human system. Dropsy in all ita stages and characters, Gravel of all kinds, diseases of the Urinary organs, kidneys, lie. Female irregularities, Liver Complaints, weakness of the system, disease of the Lungs, Rheumatiain, Consumption. All impurities of the blood. Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Itc.,.and, indeed, the theory upon which thia article bases itself, is of such a character aa to destroy all old land marks in the practice of medicine, and to boldly assert that there is no disease known which cannot be wholly or partial ly eradicated by this mixture : and for proof, reaort to the tes timony which the pames will personally substantiate, or try it yourself if yon are an invalid. The liifh character of the medicine over the Northern seeffon of the Union is proof that It has great virtues, and a trial of its properties will convince the most sceptical. Price in It oz. bottles Si, 30 oz $2. Only Agency in thiscity, 132 Nassau street, wholeaaleand retail. my9 SaTnliTh Im*rc """"REMOVED TO NO. 547 PEARL STREET. TIMOLAT'S SULPHUR BATHS. ESTABLISHED lit 1821. THESE BATHS m highly recommended by the moi( eminent Physicians for the cure of Rheumstism, Erup tion! of the Skin, Scrofula, Paiu in the Jointi, Salt Rheum, Itc. kc. To be had daily at J47 Pearl street, near Broadway, nvl lm*rrc RESTAUKAT & STOKE IN BROADW A Y, TO LET, 5S6 Broadway, convenient to Niblo's. The Res taurat neatly fitted up. and the Store is well aittiatrd for a ??g?r dealer, harness or hoot maker, or any business in the gentlemen's line. Apply at Mr. Brocklebank's, in the neit store, who'has the keys. myi 1t*r FAMILY BOARDING SCHOOL. A LADY rending in the country, lias for several years taken into her family a number of children, not eiceed ing ten, as boarders and scholars. Her time is entirely devoted to them, and no i>ains spared to render the house a pleasant home to the pupils, and to advance them in iheir studies, (heat attention paid to their health and morals. The loca tion is very retired and healthy. No day scholars admitted. There are at present three vacancies. For references and terms inquire at 31 Hammond street. myl 2w*r "COUNTRY BOARD: ONE or Two respectable Families, wishing to pass the sum mer in the country, can obtain very eligible accommoda tions, with or without board, in one of the most delightfully situated and convenient private residences on Staten Island. Good stabling, lie. Applications by letter to B. B., at thii office, with the real address, will meet with attention myl tt*r BOARD ON STATEN ISLAND. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN is desirous of having break fast and tea with a small private family, in a house situ ate in the country, about one mile from the ferry at the qua rantine ground. Please address, post paid, to J. W., at this office. my7 2t*r 77w,UOO HAVANA & PRINCIPE SEGARS. 12<) Bales HAVANA TOBACCO, as follows a Emulacion, Esculapio, Pressed, Rionda Regalia, Saa Roman, Rionda do., Esperanza do., La Victoria, Lafayette do., Washington do., Esperanza, Rionda < ongressos, Lafayette do., Rionda, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat, Lafayette, Principe Juato Hani, Via. Jajo Tobacco. The whole entitled to debenture, snd in lots to suit. For sale by B. M. P1CABIA, my7 lm*r 117 Front al.. near Wall, up stairs. A BILLIARDS. RCADE BILLIARD SALOON (late Empire), in Bar clay street, near the Astor House.?MICHAEL, so long Known to the billiard playing portion of the city, re?|iertfully i||ortna his friends, patrons, and billiard players iu general, tHat he haa taken the above large, airy, and well-known estab lishment, where they will find in first-rate order Nine of the best Billiard Tables in the city, with good attendance. He respectfully invites a call from his friends. Gentlemen or parties wishing to I'lay by themselves, can have a table in a roouitothanaeelves. by applying at the bar. Gentlemen will find the bar well supplied with the best of liquors and .egars. m>* "" r MICHAEL PHELAN. ? ARD?fM barrels Lard. For sale by ?"?' K.JC. COLLINS Ik. Co., M South st. c?r>p^. CONSTIPATION (COSTlTE"nFsS* DESTROYED, ' WITHOUT MEDICINES. INJECTIONS OR BATHS Paris, No. lit William street. New York ; also by Mr. John Milhan, No. It] Broadway ; Mr.' C. H. Ring, corner Broad way and John street ; Messrs. Wvatt It Ketchup, 121 Fulton street; and in Brooklyn, by Mr. Charles SteaaerMI Fulton at. nil lm*r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, B NASSAU Street, haa constantly on hand the Voightlaniler, French anil Ameri ca instruments, and ever)* article nsed in the art. Operators will find his preparation, now called Roach's Uuickstuff, to work with certainty anil quickness, and to be cheaper for use than miiing their own chemicals. Cash orders from the coun try promptly attended to. myS lm?rrc FOR SALE, THE LEASK, Furniture. Future*, tit , of a pupnlar HOTEL, on the Bloomingdate lload. For fall particu lars, teiuis. Itc., apply (o Mr. Jackson, at No- Wl Btot>?t st. ay# Iw'rrc ? BnUlfO MRDUJLNJ5 ? riR TOWNPEND-S COMPOUND ETT&ACT OK v SARMPAfilLLA-Tliu attract n ptl up is ouut bot tles. It it (is tun cheaper, pluinlir, ud vuiqM up< rior to any sold. It cures diuut without vomiting, mm in*. sickening or debilitating thenatieut, and if particularly adapted for a sprint medicine. Trie great beauty and supen only of this Sarsaparilla over all other remedies is, whilst it eradicates disease, it*invigoratrs the body. It is used suc cessfully in the removal and permanent cure of all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, or habit ol the sys tem. We have received, within the last four years, at our differ ent agencies, more than Ave thousand aMificstes of cures performed, nearly one lialf of which were of cases that have been pronounced incurable. We have the testimonials of physicians,clergymen and statesmen, extolling its virtues.? A great number of physicians of New York and Brooklyn prescribe it to their patients with perlect success and satisfac tion. We will raler to these physicians with pleasure.? The columns of a newspaper will not allow us the opportuni ty of presenting but a lew cases, to which we invite atten tion. DYSPEPSIA. No fluid or medicine has ever been discovered which so nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva, in decoin|iosiug food and strengthening the organs of digestion, as #iu prepa ration of Sarsaparilla. It positively cures every case of dys pepsia, however severe or chrouic. If auy doubt this asser tion, we invite them to read the followiug indisputable testi mony of gentlemrn of the highest respectability, if- these are uot entirely satisfactory, we would be happy to give other reference to some of the first families iu the city, who have used it with perfect success in this and other distressing dis eases. Bbookltn, March 7, 1S(?. Dr. Townsend?Dear Sir: In the summer of Itli 1 was se verely afflicted with a disease of the throat, chest and sto mach; the mucus membrane became so affected that almost every article of food 1 took produced such a nausea, or irrita tion, that it was with great difficulty that 1 could retaiu food. I confined myself almost entirely to the use of cocoa; even this 1 was often obligrd to throw oil. 1 cau scarcely describe the horrid sensation 1 sufferd; it sppeared to ine that from the roof of my mouth to the lowest part of my stomach was ulce rated, ana 1 was appreheusive that I had not only dyspepia in its worst form, but that I was threatened with bronchitis.? The disease became so inveterate that it produced a rupture of a small blood vessel. I was confiued for several weeks lost my flesh, felt week and wearied by the least exercise.? At this time 1 fortunately saw your advertisement, and recog nised several names I knew to be highly respectable, and en titled to confidence. I remembered to have seen Mr. Van Zandt, of Albany, for a number of years in very bad health. From these facts 1 was induced at first to procure one bottle of your valuable preparation of Sarsaparilla. Injustice to you I feel bound to assure you that I esteem it an invaluable medicine for such diseases as 1 have described. It lias re stored me to health and strength; 1 have used about four bot tles. To test its efficacy, after using one or tw o bottles, I omitted for some days to take it, and soon fouud that I requi red more, as the dUease was not entirely subdued. I regard it a certain cure for dyspepsia and aflectious of the throat and chest; it issoothinit, and operates like a charm iu composing the stomacli and allaying a cough. I intend in future to keep ? bottle ortwoou hand lor the use of my family. Willi gareat regard, your friend, .. ? , LAW. L. VAN KLKKCK Mr. Van Kleeck was formerly Sheriff and Clerk of Albany city and county, and receutly in the War Department at Washington. Dr. Townsend?Being afflicted with dyspepsia for a long time past, 1 have endeavored frequently to eradicate it from the system by the use of physic in various forms, but I found out,at last,the more I used physic,the weaker the orgaus of life became, rendering uncertain the prospect of effecting a cure Recently this cuini>laint developed itself fearfully, causing ulcerations about tne throat, trachea, impairing seriously the organs of life iu their physicsl functions. In this State I was recommended to try your Sarsaparilla Syrup; after using two bottles 1 find myself relieved Irom this complaint, and all its distressing symptoms. In my case, by its life-giving influ ence, it has restored the system to its natural state. My con fidence in its power to effect a cure, iu ease of geueral func tion derangement of the organs of life, impels me to recom mend your Sarsaparilla to the afflicted. Yours, Ike. JAMES McALLISTEH, M.JV. No. 93 Wcmflway Albany, August 30, 1(15. J. W. Bouck, at'theAtheneum Hotel, Broadway, ion of Ex Governor Bouck, was cured of thia distreasmg complaint by uiing two botllet. Mr. Livingaton, the Expre** Conductor, of No. 10 Wall at., wa* relieved of the dyipepsia of aeveral year*' atanding by thia pleaaant remedy. PALPITATION OF THE HEART. Mra. Sarah Collin*, 200 Washington street, Brooklyn,had the palpitation of the heart, aevere heartburn, fainting and *ick ening aenaationa foraeveral yeara?was entirely cured by tak ing two bottlea. Mr. Whitmor, Bergen, New Jersey, was afflicted with the palpitation of the heart, and pains in the back aud shoulders, so severe as to be unable to sleep nighta?was entirely re atored to health by using one bottle. 8QRKB AND ULCER8. John Baxter, 117 Fulton street, cured of mercurial ulcers. Charles Edwards, 129 Greenwich street, cured of terrible sores, which covered Ins whole body, attacking his throat and eyes; was eight months in Quebec Hospital, and pro nounced incurable?was perfectly restored by the use of two bjttles. SEVERE PAINS. .Mrs. McCullum, No. 136 Third avenue, severe pains and dixzinesa in the head, informs us she is, as she believes, per manently restored. Mrs. Wheelwright, 51 Cherry street, severe pain* in breast and side; was unable to raise a chair; took two bottles and ia now enjoying good health. LIVER COMPLAINT. Alfred T. Conkliu, 335 Madison atreet?wife cured of the liver complaint. Mra. White, keeps an extensive boarding house No. S Stat* street, had liver complaint?life waa despaired of?wa* cured by using the Sarsaparilla. Joshua Morton, 40 Morton atreet, wife cured of diaease of blood, and son of bad sores on head aud body. RHEUMATISM The aatoniahiug cure* that this medicine has performed ia cases ofchrouic rheumatism, are indeed wonderful. Dr. Townseud?I was attacked with a distressing pain in my hip joint, so bad that 1 could not walk without crutches, and much of the time I waa obliged to keep my bed. 1 tried aeveral remedies, but they did not relieve me; I then called 0*1 one of our Srst physicians; he did not h*n?? {heard of your Sarsaparilla, and obtained a bottle, aud in a few-days it entirely cared me, and I am aa wall now as ever. ASHBELL WALKER, a Daniel at. Albany, Ju, S, 1 Hear Mr. Seth Terry, oaa of the oldeat and moat respecta ble lawyer* ia Hartford, Com. The following is aa attract of a letter received from him I? Dr. Townsend?I have ased one bottle of roar Sarsaparilla, auil And it is excellent in its effects upou a enrotue ihe'imatic pain to which I am sublect, from an injury occasioned sevt"V years ago in a public stage. Pl*aae send me two bottle* to the care of Dr. Seymour. 1 have conversed with two of oar priucipal physicians, and recommended your Sar*a4?ri 1 la. SETH TERRY. Hartford, March 12, 1(15. William Lippiucott, 225 Water street, waa unable to leave hia bed much of the time for two years?entirely cured. Thomas P. James, of Hobokeu, inflammatory rheumatism, ancle* much iwoll^i, was unable to walk without crutches? used three bottles, aud is now well. PILES. Thomas Smith, printer, 162 Nassau street, third story, ?ured of a long standing and aggravated case of piles. James P. Nielsou, of Harlem, was afflicted with the bleed ing piles for seven years, was enitrely relieved Iw using this remedy. Hi* daughter, of Eryaipelaa, and general female de ranee Mat. NERVOUS DEBILITY. Mrs. Conqueit, 137 Broome street, cured of nenrou* debility and a variety of complaint*. This lady was so severely af flicted that part of the time ah* wa* unable to sleep, or even convene with herfriends. .. ? . SMALL POX. A. N. Chapin, Agent for Wm. .Talor, Aator House daughter had the small pox very severely?lie gave her this Sarsaiiarilla?it drove it out ana dried it up directly, and left her without any scars. Mr. C. informs us that a friend of his, residing in Jersey City, was sick with the small pox, and he advisednim to nse it; he done so with perfect succe**, and nas no scars. What is most singular ia these two cases is, the families used this Sarsaparilla, and all escaped the diseaae.? From a variety of other case* that have been reported, we be lieve that by cleanaing the blood with thia Extract, it render* the person *afe against this or the erysipela*, which disease* are very prevalent and fatal at the pre*eut time in all of the large citiea. GREAT MEDICINE FOR FEMALES. Dr. Townaend'* Saraaparilla ia a sovereign and speedy care for incipient consumption, barreuness, lucorrhs, or white*. ob*tructed or difficult menstruation, incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the general proatra tion of the sy*tem, no matter whether the result of inherent cauae or causes, produced by irregularity. iilne** or accident, JET" Nothing can be more mrpriaing than ita invigorating effecta oa the human frame. Person*, all weaknea* and laasi tude before taking it, at once become robust and full of energy under ita influence. It immediately counteracta the nerve leaaaes* of the female frame, which is the great cause of bar renneaa. It will aot be expected of us, ia cases of so delicate a nature, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but We can assure the afflicted, that hundreda of case* havcTOen reported to u*. Several case*, when familiea have been without children, after uamg a few bottlea of thia invaluable medicine, have been blessed with healthy offspring. Dr. Townsend?My wife being greatly diatre**ed by weak ne** and general debility ,and suffering continually by |>ain and a sensation of bearing down, falling of the womb, and with o'.her difficulties, and having known cases where your inedi ciue has effected great enres, and also hearing it recommended for such diseaaea aa 1 have deacribed. I obtained a bottle of your Extract of Sarsaparilla, and followed the directions you gave me: in a short period it removed her complaint* and I restored her health. Being grateful for the benefit* *he re- 1 ceived, I take plea*nre iu thus acknowledging it, and recom mend it to the public. M. D. MOORE, orner Grand and Lydins st Albany, Aug. 17, ISM. CoxsacKiR, Sept. >3.1(45. Dr. Townsend?To all whom this may coucern :?This is to certify that my wife u*ed one bottle of your Sar*aparilla, previous to her confinement, under the most alarming and de note circumstances, being troubled with the dropsy, swell ing of the feet, nervous affections, and very much debilitated, with my permission, and the recommendation of those who had used it, she waa induced to try, with little or no faith, and suffice it to say. the medicine had the happy, desired effect, not only in the hour* of confinement, but after the expiration of one week of it* use, the dropsy and nervous affection gave way to an aatonishing degree, and her health ia bow better than It had been for along time previous. I subscribe myself your most obedient and obliged servant, 8. S. JAMESON. ASTONISHING CURE OF THE 8PINAL COM PLAINT. JcasRV Citv, March 27,1146. Dr. Townsend?Dear Sir : The great benefit that 1 have de rived. through the blessings of Providence, in taking your valuable medicine, will be a sufficient apology, I am con vinced, for addressing you, which I should not presume to do under ordinary circumstance*, or if my case wa* not one o| unusual character. Hoping I may be of some tervice to y on, who have been *o much to me, and to othera who may be suf fering as 1 have been, 1 felt it a duty to send you the follow ing account of the singular efficacy of your Saraaparilla in my case. I had been vary much oat of health for the last two years ; about aix months sine* several physicians pronounced my disease the spinal complaint, aince which time 1 have suf fered mora than I can describe. About four montha ago. my back and shoulder* became deformed, and the joint* were drawn out of their place*, and I suffered terribly day and night. One of my shoulders was forced fall two inches lower than the other, and every joint in my hack wa* affect ed. I coutiuued to get Worse, although my friends resorted toevery mean* in their power to arrest it, but without suc cess. (My about one month since I commenced taking >our Sarsaparilla, and have now regained my former appearance and u*ual health. I am fully aware that thia account la so ain gular as to appear incredible, and I have requested some friends to add a line at the bottom for the benefit of any one who may be disposed to doubt the correctnesa of the state ment. Yours, with great respect, lie , , MARIA THOMPSON. JKasar Citv, March 23, lilt. This is to certify that Miss Thompson, named in the above certificate, has and does re*ide with us, an J we can aasure any whom it may concern that the atatemeut In the above certificate is true in every particular. WM. H. SNOW, MRS. A SNOW, Railroad Avenue, 2 doors Irom Barrow at. For aale at UB KultM street; R. It R. Van Buakirk, m, Joraer of Market and Broail streets, Newark, N. J.; C. Ing lie, r., Pater ?on, N.J. ; 105 South Pearl street, Albany ; Red ding It Co., No.'t State atreet, Boston ; Backus It Ball, Troy; Mr. Wells, druggist, Utica : Grant It Bookee, druggiats, Poughkeepaie ; Rossman fc Co., Hndaon ; ^Andrew Truax. Schenectady ; M . Fowler, Lansingburgh ; and by principal druggiats generally throughout the Tinted fltatea, Wert In dies, and the f'aaadaa. None genuine except put in the large square bottles, which ""1 signed with the written signature of S. P. Tss b'"" -,h TAU8EL8, Wi ll ABLE for trimming hat*, caps, blinds, shades, pic wlL ST*' if1' punuoU, clotkv apn*i?, wiffoje^al'e,by ' * V,r,"r ?f TffV "Vy?N ARd' mli im'm |7 MaU? of Wifii?n ... auction iranpas. w FINE PLANTS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell on Tuesday Morning, at It o'clock, M ? 293 Broadway, a choice aud seleot rollt-rtiou of Plauta, consisting in part of Camrlia*. Azalia*. Rhododendron*, Ho?fi, Geranium*, Lilie*. Jatmioo, Tree* iu fruit, Oleau der* ; amougit which are one largr Lemou Tree, full with frail, and w largr large *pleu<lid 01eaud> r, with numerous other varieties, worthy of general uotice. Sale without re ?fMe1_ myl.llfclt ifr By JACOB S. PLATT. ANCY GOODS. WATCHES. JEWELRY, kc -JA COB S. PLATT will tell, Thi* Day, at 10 o'clock, ar the Auction Konm, two large invoices of Gold aud Stiver \\ alrhet, Clocks, 4tc. Alto au a*?ortm?n( of Fancy Uwh!i, among which ii a valuable invoice of Hair *nd Tooih Bruahes, tombs, Metal Snuff Boiei, Plated Candlestick*, fcc- fcc. my* If rrc NEALE'S TULIPS. M. NEALE re?|>ectfully inform* hia friend* and the Public in general, that he intend* telling at auction part of hi* *pleudi<l collection of Tulip*, ou Tue*day, the llth ol May, at II o'clock, forenoon. They are now r?miug into bloom at the place of *ale, namely, the garden of Mr. Phelan, ou the comer of ith *tree( aud avenue A (avenue A i* a conti nuation of Es*ex atreet, leadiug Irom Division *treet). Gen tlemen can now make certain of wliat they purchsae, by ?ee iug them in bloom. Tliia ia not like purcliaaiug tulip* in pa per* or baga, with high-touuding falae namea, and when iu bloom prove to be the verieat robbiah iu existence. W. N. engage* to take up the root* hinuelf in June, with the cor rect name*, and put each iu paper, uamed ; to be delivered by the eud of June. Catalogue* will be on the ground at the time of *ale. The bed con*i*ta ol' 90 row*, 7 root* in each row, aero** the bed. The lied i* made up from betweeu 200 and 3U0 varietie*. n*y8,9,ll*rrc A A CARD. H. E. WILLARD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer*, WILL give their personal attention to the Sale* ol House hold Furniture at the reiideuce of families declining housekeeping. Stock* of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, and sale* of Heal Eitate, at the Merchanti' Exchange. Alio, soli cit from their friend* aud the public, consignment* to their SALES ROOM, 111 BROADWAY, uutil May l*t, when they will move to the *paciou* store, No. 17 Wall street, late Adams'Express Office. all lin*m GEORGE WILLIAMS, DYER. SHAWL CLEANER, RESTORER AND BLEACHER. 437)* Broadway.?G. W. returns his most sincere thanks for the very liberal support he ha* received for year* past, and tru*t* that with *trict attention to bu*ii<e** hi* removal from 437% Broadway, near Howard *treet,lwill rather increase than decreaae hi* uuinberof Patrons; he pledge* him seMLthal nothing ahall be wautiug lo merit the patronage of a diacerniug and independent public. Silk, Cotton aud Wolleu Gooda Dyed, lie. Ileal and hrenchCaihinere,Merino, Broclic and Thibet Shawl*, cleaned in a very auperior atyle iu three day* after receiving thein. Silk, Satin, Moreen and Damaak Window and Bed Curtain*, cleaned, dyed aud water ed on a very auperior and entirely new plan. G. W. would direct the attention of the Ladies to hi* very *uperior style of Watering Silk,tie., having the beat workmen aud inachiuery in the city. Carpet*, Rug*, Table Covers aud Crunch Cloths cleaned. Gentleineu's Wearing Apparel cleaned aud dyed by au entiie new proces*, and returned iu three days. Merchanta orders attended to, also upholsterers, at G. WILLIAMS' Establishment, my5 lm*m Broadway. THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. Omn <1 Ki'ltoh iTirir, Bhooelyw. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mer liandiie aud property generally, on their usual favorable terms. Thi* compauiy lia* paa*ed through the two greateat conflagration* that have ever occurred in the country ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively alight loaaea to the ayatem which they.have alwaya practised of limiting and acattering their risks. All losses which the company may sustain will be adjuated and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take *pecial care to notify their cuslouitrs in New York, of all expiratioua of policies. B. W. DELAMATER, President. a3 2mis*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. THE~CITY-FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Orric-E No. 61 W*ll street, City or New York. CATITAL STOCK (210,000, all paid in cash, and securely invested according to the provisions of its charter. This Compauy haslbeen in buaineaa tw elve years, and iu that time has paid losses by fire upwards of $4tf ,000. The present assets of the Company exceed its capital stock more than $23,000. lusurance against loaa or damage by Fire effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. READING, President. a!9 1mins*m D. F. CURRY, Secretary. TAKE NOTICE. .. THE **<; 5oii?0Suid?ror MwlXne work in general on ihe mo.t rea.ona b,N'T-ft&MlXiXTera-lOO ?U ofRbj^?w^. f?I?lm?in *" **? 8pri?* 'treet- . bv u?WVS'TtkN hu removed hi. Law Office from 61 H^W^SSno Broadway, op^.u.jhejom, ?ffo DEALERS IN FISHlNtv TACKLE. A I AROK ...ortment of China Oraaa Ki.hing, Line., and A wii|C2? found *! re auraab k price., at tXJNROY'S K..h.n| .nd Sprung Tackle ^".M,.hment. M KuHon at.. comer of Cliff. liA RE CHANCE !?LOOK ! AT THIS W ELL. nAD a At f?-A lame and w?frvwtilited BAK'KUUW ~ THORN CHAMPAGNE. . a mvaii 1NVOICK of thii delightful Chimpinie i? in price than that of the beat br?9)"L1 yiNOSTON k CO., . . 10 Wall .treet. <^f^^|u?bsgrtEN H,RAM ONDAY. May II. at ^'clock-P?rM WO. Mile HeaU ; l beat J in i. under the taddi. ch R Hiram. A. Loaee entera ^ ? Newburgh. H. J oat. do . gr. g. Med.>c. "1,LA" T"cL2?? ~coll ''"ufcpurie WOO. 2 m. h.. under the .addle ; free for I horae. that uever won ,|,e beat 3 in S. under the ...? '"game dav-Pur.e $100, mile heat., under the .addle ; free ?^l^fcra?TfA^Wngoe. ?o th. .econd be.t; 2 in. h., in harne.. ?.fr?.e fo1^ningp'rev iooTtoeach trot, at the SSM?ttSrft tbf ml.*D?LFKHu"May 6. l?l?. mV7T1.8afcTu to MyK rrc M? naT a wu{ta and yellow Pointer P|JK i L08T""A wmi? w. J ? Whoever will return _ xhe'tobSrcmm, lwSlIliBi.fjti.? ^S3??fe'S5Sl TAi-X! ."3JSJT? .... ypATwMyj?.^fsaavh. - " CTATEMtNT RtX VllVK I O STEAMER C.' A M *' 1 n' ai t I fl 11* Bojtom. May S. Bo.tom. May i. TJY virtue of a warrant from WM^ELJUOTC, er Jan 15 mcM.j^^t.n?yice ^~r CAMBRIA. Captain repaired on bourd th ?ort from Liverpool, to aiicer Judkin*, Utely received by hav; tain and ?wrrer what dmm f ^ ; j|^|lort that ?fter a ?tnct inc been on nhore on / P - .. Qr vestel, m f*r as and careful examination of inward, including her ma could be got at. of her having .trained, guaged chinery. fcc.. ?o?W ??? ?o ?^ol "f.ofind tU .he h.. nlade or otherwise injured h'r.e^ f ^ ^(.jdrut, but remain. no eatra w.ter in con?' L undenigned ?urvey are of ipfirsKtt'srffi voyage w ithout detention. p|<;j(flON, Port Warden. CHARLK8 fKAttHON, Agent of Am. In.- J ,o?. of Bo.ton. OTI.AMER CAMBRIA tjm HALIKAX AND tH^York Line. The elegant. Out .ailing "'S'SVShl'iSS "'.dm Tl'eir bill, of Udmg without j deUy. n - j ?H K. WOODRUFF, who will May. her regular da^ Perton* abont embarkinK f '' ' f?r tlmMaclvea the : ft I 8M?r! .nyOrrc ?rt?F-.r.Trm^|> K )r?n, I IV h.HfOriL ?? PA< KET HHIP RO< HI-.W , >en(1 ,h;ir ,,ert.nt. ConniKnee# for thta X? * ' # l< ii without delay. ?? board. Toot ef HooaeTeltnreet K. ;; muit oi ?ent n?88^tt?5?8&... IfffSSSeS3 ^ffl?'^fe58Ste t'xWt-K" public .tore. WlWUnuw. g7 H..ntb ?t. < p'ACKKT HH{y, 'wS|N|i?^*"d ,m KriifiS'on....'. ^'p^i ^ w.*:iSL?>?i?? b? !?>? " _ PARK THEATRE.?Thia JfeyJtli.will be per formed the Hiy ?f the HUNCHBACK?-Slaater Wal ter, Mr Geo VandeuhofF; Sir Ttioaui Clifford, Mr Bland; Julia, Mr Mo wait, Helen. Mr* Abbott. To conctudr w?th Khr Comedy of FAINT kEART NEVER WON KA1K LADY?Cliarles II.. Mr? Mowatt; Ruy Ooinex, MrDyott; Duchesse de Tomurufi, Mm Blind. ... . IT f Bmr>, first tier, 74 eeuM; second IM third tiers, 40 Cents; Pit. M cents; Gsllery, 24 cent*. Doors open at 7 o'clock?performance to comaeace u pre curly 7>4 o'clock. . OWERY THEATRE.?This Evening, May be performed the Drama of WALLACE?Sir William Wall are, .Mr J H Scott; Marion. Mrs (i Jones. After which, the Melo Drama of the BRIGAND MONK?Luifi Cmm< Mr C ony ; Louis Chatelet. Mr Blanchard; Nina, Mrs Phil Ins. To conclude ? itii the Drama of the STAR SPAN GLED BANNER?Oc-i-Head Tom. Mr Davenport; Lord Howard, Mr McKeon; Julia Howard, Mrs Madison. Q7* Lower Boxes, JO cents; second and third tiers, IS cts.; Pit and Gallery, 12J, ceuts. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Curtain will rise at half peat seren o'cloek. NEW GREENWICH THKATRK^-TlTirKwmin*. Mar !th, will be performed JONATHAN DOtTBIKlNB Jonatlian Doiibikius, Yankee Hill; Lady Gourmand, Mr? Mo* nell. Alter which, A WIFE KOR A DAY?Nathan Tuck er, Yankee Hill; Augelioue. Miss Juli-t Drake. To conclude with the SAVAGE AND THE MAIDEN?Crummies. Mr W Chapman; Nicholas, Mr Byrue; Miss Snevillissi, Miss Le Bruu. '! V" Dress Circle or Balcouy, 40 ceuts; Upper Boies, 23 ceuts; Pit, I2H cent*. Doors open at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at half past 7 o'clock precisely. AI.MO'S OPERA HOUSE. CHAMBERS STREET. Open Every Night.-Christy'a ETHIOPIAN MIN STRELS respectfully aunouuce that the)' will continue, until further notice, their popular and inimitable Perform ances, which are uiRhtly honored with crowded and dalight ed audiences, composed of the elite aud fashion of the city. Admissiwu 2i ceuts. Doors open at 7 ; commencing at ? o'clock. Private boxes and seats inny be obtained on applica tion at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. (L7~ Change of programme every evening. my3 lwis*r CAHTLK UABDENi SACRED MUSIC AND SUNDAY CONCERTS. THE proprietors of the above splendid establishment, have maue arrangements for the performance of A GRAND CONCERT, To take place on Nundny Evening, May 10, Upon which occasion, the GRAND ORCHESTRA of this establishment will perforin a selection of Sacred Music, from the best ancient aud modern composers?the whole un der the direction of C. W. MEYRER, Jr., Leader and Musi cal Director. PROGRAMME. PART I. 1?Grand Overture Kalliwoda 2?Adante Religioso Kuffiier 3?Grand Chorus Euryanthe Von Weber 4?Andante, Magic Flute Mozart FART II. 1?Grand Overture Winter 2?Quiutett, Don Juan Mosart 3?Adagio. Tancredi Rossini 1?Grand Allegro finale Witt Concert to commence at 7)i o'clock. Admission 12). ceuts. During tile whole day tile splendid and extensive Saloon will be thrown open to visiters, who inay enjoy themselves by viewing the romantic scenery of land aud water spreading ill every direction, as 21 doorways lead to the upper covered platforms, and an extensive entrance to the promenade on a level with the sea, will enable the lover of nature to examine the most beautiful prospect in New York. Seats and conve y where to be found for those who are in inyt 3t rrc GRAND VOCAL AND INSTR.UMfc.NTAL CONCERT. S1GNORA ROSINA PICO re.pectfully announce, to the public tti.i tier fir.t Concert .mce her arrival from Ha Vi,,a W'1 TUESDAY EVENING. MAY 12th. i?4?. At the APOLLO SALOON. Signora PICO will be a?.i.ted by the lollowiug ili.tiuKui.h MADAM^OTTO, M,%NA?DkfflAkbRK?iAKDT, MR MASTER 8CONC1A1mm and MR. BEAML8. Meiin. Timin ami Beame. will pre.ide at the Pianoforte. Ticket., si. maV be had at the mu.ic .tore.. Concert to commence at? o clock. my?i rc v7)7 A 1, A\n INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. TJHILIP ERNST and HERMANN WOLLENHAUPT r\re.|?c fully announce to their Inend. and the Public, that their pIRST CONCERT w ill take place on THURSDAY EVENING. 14th MAY, at the APOLI.O SALOON. . They will he anu.ted by .cveral eminent Arll.t.. T?cke'? Jo ce?t.l,r,M.y'be had'at the principa^l mu.K .tore., and their re.ideiice, 39S Broadway. iny9 atlu. rrc PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY .?GRAND FES TIVAL CONCERT. THE Public i. respectfully informed that the Society will give a Grand Festival Coucert ou WILL* NESDAY EVENING, 20th May, at the Broadway Tabe rn a cle, ill aid of the fund for the erection of the Hall, and on which occa.ion, with other P'","? ^ Orand Choral Symphony No. 9 will be produced, with M tween three hundred and four hundred Vocal and In.tru mA? VJVrVTt?"of a .uitable edifice for tnn.ic.l r?n*?M event of the greate.t importance for the advancement ol the Art and the improvement of musical ta?te in thu countn? all vocal and .trim in.trument perlormrr., who are compe teut to take part in the orche.tra or choni'. ^ mMt invited to attend the, and give tlieir aan.tance at "i^r furtherp?rticulart, ?ee future adverti.einentf. KKHKAHIiLI AT THE APOLLO .ALOON Grand Orchtitra. nw _ Saturday, May 9, at ? P.M., May;i?, atfl P.M. Saturday, May 16, at 4 P.M. Tue.dav, May 19. at 7W P-M. The la.t Grand Tliuraday, May 7, at 7)* P.M. Saturday, May 16, at 4 P.M. Mouday, May IS, at 7K P-M Tue.dav, May 19, at 7)4 P.M. Til* la.t Oranil, with Grand Orche.tra and Chora, will take place at |the Tabernacle May JOtli, at ?X ?'myikiA'M' B> ?rderJAMES L. ENSIGN, Secretary ~A TITaNTIC GARDEN IS NOW OPEN J OR '1 HE A SEASON?Dodworth1. Coroet Band will P*rfor"l and Friday evening., commencing Juue tad, at ? ? m^Jl3mArcm,UIU,Ce '^WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY. ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. rio of the MESSIAH will be peribrined by f.,n.i.l..d in a .iib?eq??t advertiaewat. myret TO VOCALIST^MUSKMA^^D TH* W . ipectiftiUr i Thratriral Drofeuon., th.t lie will have fulfilled nia engage ment with tlie above hand in a few week., and tender, hia aer vice. a? travelling agent to any inu?1cal nrofaaaor, band or com which*he has visited almost every section ol those countries. r,.d mad'e ihlilfpr^lcallj .ca^nted with th?e deU.l. a?J ^rKvr^anUgew. to any ^tjM^dW.Co^yn, Manager of the Swim Bell attention at that time. EMPORIUM^OJ^AR^AT^^^AMIC CABINET \V^lEng?vS'uK?,'eKa?cy,nSt^>'n,c^t,^r"'^"'"'v^?,^5 ,,f cl? will buy i^Ch? invited ?ocjdl ?d??ami?. hU N|w Room-, No. 203 Broadway, .econd floor. llOWES-* CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH naatic E?erei?e?, tlaoielii.pio ?,?/?. ^ Maater, Mr. Knur.irian Director. Mr. H<J" Wi DAN RICE. Tuml)ler, Mr. MACARTE. bwISS BROTHERS, m brilliant Act of ^an ti.J Netro Minstrels. with the int Slack Rope Involutions* I M ^11' Oriifiiiaj Banjo Melo in\7 ?l rrc MILITARY' RIDING SCHOOL. \| R ll A M ILTON havthe * eek! MoLd.?' "S the ft larcrst in the city, with ?? !*?* A .11 c|0?. For further pains is ill he spared to {P11^ office, or at the Arse Si XTm"1&"u? "i> !? ??" "tewL mm and .01r.rrly Tf?. of the belt quality only, tnclu ;d" s?~. -mm 01 l>'? 1S5&yk CO. are alw .urndied *uth a .tock of fre.h J?Z (Vli?g?w Sp.cJd llama, tfd EngW.h Chee.e ol great .elected by th. parti., j^lve^ fc CQ 7# m30lm*m TriSVThLACK makhlk. LATE8T INTELLIGENCE. By th* MafMUe Tetegrayh. Washington, May 8?6 P. M. The Senate was not in session to-day. Homm of Rcpmentetlvei. Mr. Tibbatts, from the select committee on tl.a subject, reported % bill for the benefit of the blind, authorizing three townships of public lands to be -old by the Secretary of the Treasury, and the proceeds to be appropriated to purchase books for t le use of the blind ; after discussion as to whether the bill should be now considered or referred to the committee of the whole, it was finally referred to said committee. The hill to retrocede Alex andria to Virginia was next taken up in commit tee of the whole, Mr. Douglass in the chair. Mr. Hunter, of Virginia, made a very able and elo quent speech in favor of the bill. Mr. Culver, of New York, moved to strike out the word "white" in the bill, so as to secure equal rights to "gem men ob color." This motion was lost. Mr. Payne, of Alabama, made a vehement speech against the bill, in which he charged Eastern Virginia with a design to add the votes ol Alexandria to their strength in State elections. Mr. Payne said the ob ject of Eastern Virginia, in thus seeking to in crease its vote, was to dtefeat Western Virginia in its efforts to extend the rights of suffrage. This iiocusation of Mr. P. brought all the Virginia mem bers, except Mr. Pendleton, to their feet, to reply to the charge. Mr. Bayly got the floor, and cam* down on Mr. Payne like a thousand, nay, like ten thousand bricks; he charged Mr. P. with imper tinent interference in the domestic affairs of Vir ginia, of which lie (Mr. P.) knew nothing. Mr. Bayly is still speaking, and bearing down upon Mr. Payne most severely?Payne looking iron spikes, and taking notes. There will be a scene* By the Last Mails. Washington, May 7, 1846. Congrcu. The shooting of the deserters l'rom the army on the Ilio Grande, appears to have excited the implacable horror of Messrs. Adams and Gid dings. Early this morning, the venerable man from Massachusetts moved to introduce a resolu tion inquiring by what authority the deser ters were shot, as reported yesterday by the Executive 1 The resolution failed of being received. Mr. Giddings then moved a reconside ration of the vote by which the printing of the message, in reference to said deserters, was or dered ; and upon that motion, made a most sa vage speech against the shooting of the deserters^ denouncing it as murder, in all the indignation ol an outraged philanthropist. Motion laid on the table. All that we have to say in regard to de serters, is that we would recommend that when they wilfully turn traitors, and move over to the enemy, they be deliberately shot at. The House, after a good deal of excitement upon these inci dental questions, took up and passed the Post Of fice appropriation bill. The Senate did nothing of material importance. See your reporter's faithful reports lor both Houses. A motion to ad journ lioth Houses, and close the session on the 13th July next, was defeated on the question of suspending the rules to receive the resolution by a vote of 101 to 62, two-thirds being re quired to suspend the rules. This vote gives a very unfavorable prospect for the tariff, because the large majority, or nearly all of them, who vot ed lor a suspension, are supposed to have done so with the design of closing the session before the tariff bill could be passed. We expect the trial will be made again nczt week, with a more distinct division of the parties, pro and con, upon the bill of *42. _ ___ Washington, May 7,1846 In my letter of Monday last, I said the friends of Mr. Calhoun, and the whig party, were moving together lor an early adjournment of Congress? the former, with a view to postpone action upon the auxiliary measures to the Oregon notice resolu tions just passed; the latter, for the purpose of post poning action upon the bill to reduce the tariff of '42 .The source from whence I received my infor mation that Mr. Calhoun's friends were that por tion of the democratic party that had met in cau cus to promote the early adjournment of Congress, was of such a character that I have no doubt of its truth ; yet, I have been assured, by genUetnen of Mr. Calhoun* party, that it is all a mistake, and that they have no idea of voting for an ad journment until all the great questions now bo l'ore Congress, are finally disjwsed of. The friends of Mr. Calhoung being, therefore, not the portion of the democratic party that have met for that purpose, according to the statement in the Nation al Intelligencer, pn Monday last, and reiterated in its columns to?day, the question reikis, which por tion of the democratic party does tft National in telligencer allude to 1 Has it reference to the West ern branch of the party 1 or to the Northen branch 1 or is it only an " ingenious device" of that journal to create discord in the ranks of its opjionents 1 The way public affairs of importance are mana ged, surprises every body, and Mr. Polk need not go out of his own Cabinet to learn that his pusil lanimity and paltering with great national ques tions, have brought disgrace and dishonor on the country. The Mexican question alone, which it seems two school boys might have settled without scarcely an effort, six months ago, have been al lowed to grow uj>on the country at such a rate that it is now hard, indeed, to say whether an amicable arrangement ol all difficulties with her, can be profitably accomplished. Does any sane man believe that either Congress or the country will sanction mtich longer the mismanagement that is apparent in every thing connected with our foreign policy 1 We will have either to retreat from our present jiosition in regard to England and Mexico, or take more decided measures for bringing those affairs to a speedy conclusion. Notwithstanding the denial of the Union that ex-President Tyler has sent a letter to the investi gating eommittee of the House, exonerating Mr. Webster from all improper use of the public mo neys, there is such a letter in their possession.? It moreover states that when Mr. Van Buren'.i administration went out ol power, it left a legacy of some #15,000 upon the succeeding administra tion, in the form ol private contracts with indivi duals for services lor the government, which it had to pay. lgive you this as I have learned it from one who has the means ol knowing it. This letter of Mr. Tyler will make part of the oublished proceedings of the committee, after tliey snail nave reported the result ol their labors to the House of Representatives. Whether this dis claimer in favor of Mr. Webster, on the part of Mr. Tyler, will cover all the charges of Mr. Inger soU against him, I cannot say. rime alone will develope this. ..... /?.. ,r General Worth and Lieutenant Smith, of the U. S. Armylarrived in this city by the Southern' this evening. They have put up at Fuller's Hotel for the present. _ _. . ? _ , The rumored death of Lieutenant Porter and the three privates of his command, is contra dieted by iwivate letters. If so, our mends at New Orleans will liecotne as notorious for false reports as the sheptieq) in the fable, who was in the habit of crying out wolf when no wolf was " '.Arnold Harris, Eso., leaves here to-morrow to take charge of the Indians that are emigrating west of toe Mississippi, in place of the agent who was accidentally drowned a short time since. Asm P. S.?Mr. Hiidell has at last arrived. Also, the Hon. R. M. Sannders, of North Carolina, Minister to Spain. The former is at Coleman ?; ">e tatter at Brown's. __ Washington, May 7,1846. From the Seat of War-The Libtl Cam. We have this evening confirmation of the mur der of Col. Cross, ofthe capture of IJeas, and other important information, which was received by the Southern .nail. Worth "rived m tins eitv this evening, and we suppose he will re- ? rt hiin-elfto the War Department in the mom I Wlt(l the unfortunate causes of his resignation Ol the post he has lately occupied with die army " , c. nation. The army on tfie Rio Grande, find he recent events there, are the all-absorbing rinostions of discussion here at present. Oregon, iro lemiiire. seems to lie entirely lorgotten. The case of the United States vs. (W. Thomas, has been continued till the term ''"November next, and the prosecution have consented to allow tlie deposition of Mrs. Linn. We hope that by November next the suit wdl bo compromised.

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