Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1846 Page 3
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falls exclusively on that part of the rear which i>r<-<-e.le< the semi-emmai interest due in August next. Wo mutt endeavor to make up thia unexpected deficiency by the moat prompt an<l vigorous use of the means that are left us. The increased tonnage during the entire > ear. it is believed, will be nearly commensurate with the loss I have stated, and thus the net tolls' will lie about the same as last year. By the promptness and activity of the caunl commissioners and their officers, the eutire line of our public works.'including all the branches, are now in full and sucoeatful o|>e ration. 1 stated in my circular of the 34th of May, 1844, that "we paid the interest due in February last, and we can do so in August and February next, tractive and prompt measures are adopted in the several counties of the com monwealth.n Vour efforts have fulfilled these expecta tions, and our commonwealth stands redeemed from the dishonor which for a time rested upon her. Let us not falter now. Let us determine to use all the means in our power, to maintain our elevated position, anil avert the impending calamities which would fall upon our com monwealth and our citizens, should our plighted faith be again broken. There is reason for great anxiety, but not despondency, as the following brief statement will exhibit. Our re sources may be stated thus:? Assessments for 1846, estimated net amount. . .$1,189,000 do of previous years, do 374,000 Net toll* from public works 500.000 Aggregate $1,960,000 The interest falling due in August and February next, tuny be stated to be $1,860,000. The ordinary and other revenues not stated, it is believed, will be suffiaient to meet the ordinary expenses of government. It will be thus seen that the prompt and punctual payment of the existing revenues, will place the Treasury in a condition to meet the accruing interest ou the public debt. As a means of producing this result, I call your atten tion to the proposition made in my circular of the 31th of May laat. I renew the offer. An abatement of five per cent will be allowed for the payment previous to the 1st of August, of the taxes of this year. If the aum paid approaches near the quota of your county, this abatement will be made. Vou have it thus in your [raw er to benefit your county, and save the common wealth from dishonor. No higher motives of action can be pre sented than these, that of interest and patriotism. In the event of the inability of your county to avail itself of the abatement, it is expected that you will press the collection of your duplicates as rapidly as |>ossible, and pay the amount without delay, into the Treasury.? The duplicates having gone forth much earlier this ) ear than the last, will greafly facilitate your collections.? There are arrearages of former years due from several counties; these ought to be collected, and paid immedi ately. For the arrearages of 1845, interest is charged, and will accumulate until paid. If your county is in this !>oaition, you should not suffer the loss which this delay occasions. We will surmount our present difficulties if our de termination and action be commensurate with the evil which is impending, and the good we may accomplish. If we are successful in paying the August interest, 1 firmly believe that the future payments can be made without.a struggle. On the other hand, if we fail, the dead weight of V00,000 of unpaid interest, not to speak of State dishonor, will lay upon us like an incubus; and ill paralysing influence will be felt for years. 1 know you duly estimate the importance of immedi ate and prompt action, and rely with entire confidence that your best efforts will be put forth at this important crisis. I will be pleased to bear from you in relation to this subject Very respectfully, your ob't servant, a JAMES R SNOWDEN, State Treasurer. Old Stock Kxchanirc. ? 1000 Ohio 6s, '16 92); 50 East Boston Co 11V 4.V>0 do "60 93>i 2110 Harlem RR 41'4 5000 do 93>i 500 do 41 5000 do s60 ',ti\ 50 L Island RR 32>i 1000 Ohio 7s A 100 225 do 32V 7000 Reading Bondi ^72 50 Erie RR 48 too sha N A Trust 8 20 Syra k Utica RR 109 10 Ohio L It Trust 97 10 New Jersey RR 100 50 Morris Canal 13V 325 Nor k Wor RR 5IW 150 do 13', 175 do 52 150 do 13)2 25 do 75 Canton Co J6'., 200 do b3 52*i 50 do bnw 50 do slO 52> 100 do it w 37 250 Reading RR 64' do 36? 150 do 64V 75 do 36% 200 do 61)1 Second Board. 50 ahas East Bostou 14% 50 L Island 32V 50 do 1)30 15 50 Reading 64 50 Harlem RR opg 43J? 50 do 64 200 do opg 43>, 50 do 61 50 Nor k Wor *30 52 50 do 61 100 do Sat 52S, 50 do ?30 63?* 50 do *10 52 100 N A Trust 8 150 Long Island 32*4 50 Morris Canal 13s New Stock Exchange^ 75 shs Canton Co nw 37 25 Nor k Wore Mon 52 ?200 Harlem RR pkc 44 'i 50 do c 52' 75 do 43* 25 do Fri'y ity 100 Nor & Wor c 52>? 25 do Fri'y 52 25 do Fri'y 52>? 50 do c 52' 75 do Fri'y 52v4 50 do a3 53^ 75 do c 52*4 100 do b3 52,' Married, On Thursday, the 14th instant, by the Rev. Hugh II Blair, Mr. JoirrH Thomson to Miss Mary Noble, both of this city. On the 11th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Wainwright, Mr. John Turivvre, Jr., to Miss Cathari*i: Hoagland, all of this city. On the 14th Ustant, by the Rev. Hugh Smith, D. D., Mr. Jesse Hurd to Miss Rebecca Ilou:, only daughter of Henry Nichols, Esq., all of this city. i. New Haven patters will please eopy. At Rahwav, N. J., on the 11th instant, by the Rev. C. K. Imbric, Mr. Robert B. Lee; of Pittsburg, Pa., to Miss Marcahct J., Daughter of Doctor J. B. Marsh, of Rail way. Died. On the 13th instant, very suddenly, Jerome Tratebas, in his 70th year, a native of France, and many years a rrofessor of Languages, in this city. His friends and those of his son-in-law, Francis Delluc, are requested to attend his funeral at 4 o'clock, on Friday the 16U? instant, from his late residence No. 9 Walker street, without further invitation. |K On the 7th instant,'at West Point, New York, of pulmo nary disease, Gregory R. O'Maher, only son of Timo thy O'Maher. POST OFFICE, T New York, May 14. 1B-16.1 STEAMER CAMBRIA, from Boston. The mail for the steamer will be c!o?ed at this office on Friday, 15th itiit.. st o'clock, P. M. Pottage on all letters mutt be prepaid to Button. Letters of half an ounce or under, J cents ; and each additional half ounce 5 cents. mylSltrc ROBERT H. MORRIS, P.M. WAR UPON CRIME! A WONDERFUL SHEET.?The "National Police <ia iette,'! published at 27 Centre street, New York, and for sale by all newspaper agents of the Union, will contain this week, in addition to it* usual variety and weekly record of crime, THE TRIAL ? , , ^ . Of John Johnson, for the murder of Mr*. Bolt and abduction of Mrs. Burdick, now pending at Binghampton, Broome coun ty, in .liis State, fully reported. This is the most wonderful tnal ever held in this country. POLICE INVESTIGATION of the case of Daniel Burtinette, the Butcher, changed with incest on his own daughters. The testimony takeu this week occupies five colnmns of this paper. It is strange, wonder ful, and extraordinary, and will be found iu no other |>aper published in this city. THE TRIALS of Tom Conroy, the notorious Pickpocket, Louise Fisher, the female Panel Thief, reported in full, with conviction and sentence, in the Sessions this week. The case of Louis Mankiewitz, his wife, and J. B. Manchester, his lawyer. THE TRIAL of Police Justice William Wain Drinker, before the County Court, with a complete copy of the charges preferred against him. "LIVES OF THE FELONS," Being a continuation of the interesting career of Henry Tho mas, alias Dean, alias Mitchell, the burglar and murderer, who was recently hung at Chillicothe, Ohio. NED ARNOLD?DICK COLLARD'S "PAL." A correct engraving of this shrewd Pickpocket and daring Burglar. EDITORIAL. The Incest Case?Dick Collard's Commission?Policy Of fice Keepers, and their names and places of business?Bodv Snatching and its professional enconragers?Stool Pigeon Ex Kis Police?Receiving Stolen Goods?Case of Lewis W. tey?Pickpockets at the Washington Fair, and Female "Pals.? RECORD OF CRIME. Bailing of Bill Bloom, the Pickpocket?Arrest of the Pick pockets, Dick O'Connell and Dusty Bob?Horrible Rape by a black convict on a young female at Sing Sing?Robberies Swindling?Burglaries, dec. DESERTERS OF THE ARMY. A fall list of the recent deserting from the United Statei Army, and a description appended, published exclusively in this paper, by order of the War Department. mlJ2t*r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY feTRfclhiT, N. Y. JOSEPH 8MITH, late of Worcester. England, begs leave to inform hit friends,customers and the public in general, that he has recently fitted up his house in a very superior manner, and calculated to please gentlemen of taste. He will always, as heretofore Jieep his Bar and Larder supplied with the best Liquors and Provisions that the market anorda. Dinners from 12 till) o'clock, and Cold Cuts, Chops, Stakes, Rare Bits, kc., at all hours. His supply of English and city newspapers is excelled by no house in New York, snd his Ales, Wines, Segars, lie., are of the most superior quality and the attendance prompt. Pri vate Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort ana accom modation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, kc. myli lm*r BATHING, HAIR DRESSING, SHAVING, AND WIG MAKING. PHALON, No. 61 Broadway, in Jndson's Hotel, so long known at >14 Broadway, conceiving that a finely arrang ed and well condacted (Bathing Department was necessa ry to complete his arrangement for the comfort and conveni ence of his numerous patrons, has now the pleasure of inform ing them that such a desideratum, where shaving, hair Cut ting, shampooing and bathing, ran be carried on in style, may be found at his new plsce, Jndson's Hotel, in Broadway. The Baths' are unsurpassed by any in the city for comfort and convenience, and can accommodate 10# |>erton. Hot, ('old, and Shower Bsths. Hair Catting, with clean brushes for each person, having ! been a feature in his business for many years, he would in- j form gentlemen that he will, as usual, give that baanch of his business his personal attention. wli lm?r , TO THE LADIES. I AT J. B. MILLER'S New Store, 122 Canal street, ladies j can find gaiter Boots, a beaatiful article, at in and II shil lings, and made to order at 20 shillings, equal to any hi the I city. Ladies'Slippers Ties and Buskins, 1st quality, at 9and i 10 shillings per pair ; ?d quality Slippers and Ties st 6 and I Buskins at 7 shillings a pair. With many thanks to the ladies I lor their liberal patronage, I hope to merit a continuance of ' their favors at the new store,122 Canal street between Thomp son snd Laurens streets. J. B. MILLER, j myl3*tis*fc i A RTlrttlAL FLOWERS?A large assortment of Sum- I J\. mer and Wilter. For sale very low, by C. ROCKNAGLL, Assignee, iayU lw*rc 73 New street. KNOX'S sffyMF.rtSTYLE OF HAWare now raady for inspection and sale, (at No. 123 Fnlton street. Sun Ituildiags.) consisting of Oregon besvar white and blue brush Hats, a Targe assortment of gentlemen's Panama and Leghorn Hats. Also, anew style of dot's summer Hats. Hals made to order at a very short notice. my IJ 1m* re I FOR SALE AT VERY LOW PRICKET THE whole stock belonging to the late Arm of Steiuike k Schirmer of 134 Broadway?Consisting of a large as sortment of lephyr and German Worsted, finished ana com menced Embroideries, embroidery Patterns and all materiala lor Fmbroidering, purse Twist and purse Trimmings, gilt , Mid silver Beads and a (treat variety of French and German , Fancy Goods, is offered for sale atNew sheet, by myliTuFfcSalw*re ( ? KOCKNAGEL, Assignee. T1u4daJM& published, P~A*T TWENTY-THREE of VIRTUE'S DEVOTION AL FAMILY BIBLE.?This part is illustrated by a highly finished steel engraving of Joshus < ommandmg the S.HI to stand still, from a Painting by M. A. Colin. Publish ed by George Virtue, Ut? R. Martin It Co.,? John sheet. pyUlt're WANTED WW# A PERSON who cm dispose of'*? ??? ? and e.cellent MTMtaMMt of tl* a??e, in a business of a literarv nature in successful opern?'?>?- l'or |.r?, address M. R. B. Herald Offi?. wanted, A SITUATION as Chambermaid. or to assist iu washnm and ironing, hy a young woman in a private family, the best of city references as to capability, lie., will be given on auplvinc at 1?7 We.t Broadway. " WANTED, A LAD a boat 17 or U years of age, a* spnrentice to a Bar ber. A|>|dy to 7tt?i Broadway, under the N. Y. Hotel. mvlJ3t*rr BOARD WANTED. TWO ROOM8.S small parlor, with a chamber adjoining, are wanted. The rooms mutt be neatly rnrniihed. The advertiser doea not wiah to reaide above Frank lin street, and desires full board, in a private lamily, for hiuuelf and wife. Address H. at thia office, stating terms, lie. my H 3t rr TO MERCHANTS, A BOOK-KEEPER, accustomed to correspondence% ac quainted with French, Spanish and Portuguese, familiar with manufactured icoods and produce, is desirous of meeting with a situation at a reasonable salary. Addreaa X.Y.Z., HeraldoAce. myM 3t*rrc LEFT-OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. THF. hiiflieat price can be obtained bv ladies and gentlemen who wish to dispoae of their left-off wardrobe and furni ture. By tending a line to the subscriber's residence, through the Post Office, it will be promptly attended to. J. LEVENSTYN, 4M Broadway, up ataira. Ladies ran be attended to by Mrs. J. Leveustyn. myll lm?rrc OriunTMEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY, for the 2nd aAJV) Reel men t of U. S. Dragoons, serving in Teaaa. Call at the Rendeivous, Itl Washington street. A detach ment of recruits will be forwarded to Teiat in the comae ol the week. my 13 lw?rrc "WANTED. A COPYIST wlio writes a quick and legible hand, having some leisure hours during the week, is anxious tnem ploy them in copyiug or writing up books. Address 1*1 . H. at the office of thia paper. mylltir ~ " WANTED, AN experienced manufacturer of wheat starch.One who un derstands the manufacture of " Pearl, and other qualities of starch, can hear of a desirable situation by addressing A. B., box 1343, Boston, Mass. Post Office. . aSS3w*rc A I.ADY who has recently arrived from Enrol* is de sirous of obtaining a aituation aa Governess in a respect able family; she teaches the usnal branches ol education; mu sic on an approved system. A line addressed to A., A., at the Herald office, shall be attended to. Would have no objection to take pupils at her own residence. aZ7 lm rc A'l'HAMtli PAULUIMG. Wine Merchant. 3S Vesey street, having determined to close his business in the course of the current year, offers for sale in lots to suit pur chasers, at very reduced prices, his stock ol Old Wines, con sisting of about 600 doxeii and 340 demijohns or fine Madeiras and Sherries. These wines were selected with great care ; have been many year* in the possession of the advertiser, and arc of fine quality ; their ages range from 11 to 26 years Iroui ' *AUo.'an'eittaaiee assortment of Wines, Brandies, lie., of medium Hgt mylilwdltw*rc SODA WATER. FOR SAF.E, a valuable recijie with instructions for making bottle Soda Water, witli or without ?yrup- With this recipe, the retailer can make his own Soda Water, without apparatus or niachiuery of auy description. Expense not to exceeil 10 cents per dozen, and made with very little trouble. Apply to Dr. MARSHALL, SI Orange street, where samples can be seen. Price for the recipe $10. mylilifr REMOVAL. THE Original Caah Tailoring Establishment has removed from 9 Wall street to 86 Broadway, corner of Wall street, (late St. John k Tontey'#)?where the Subscriber would respectfully solicit a continuance of the favoring patronage so long bestowed upon hiin. His new and eligible stand is furnished with an entirely new and rich assortment of rashton able Goods, comprising fine and superfiue rrenchand West ol Kngland Cloths ; rich French single milled Casso and Doe Skins: Drillings ; Silks, Valencias and Marseilles Vesting* of the latest styles ; Drap d'Rtes, Cashmeretts, *c.. &c., all of which (bought exclusively for cash) will be made up in the most elrgant manner and at prices as low as the cheapest, while he guarantees his garments shall excel in workman ship and trimmings. He would invite particular attention to his assortment of Zephyr Spring and Summer Sacks and over Coats, articles in the particularly elegant manufacture aud style of which he has made himself celebrated. He has ad ded to his stock a complete assortment of Gentlemen s r ur nishing Goods, consisting of Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Shirts, Collars, under Garments, iu short every article necessary to complete a gentleman's wardrobe. Strangers are particularly invited to call and examine his goods and prices, as they will be found to compare favorably with those of any establishment iu the city. Naval and Mili tary Uniforms receive especial attention. Also, ladies* Riding Haoits, Liveries. &c. Mr. C. B. BABCOCK continues in the cutting department. N. B.?TERMS CASH.?ONK PRICE. CHARLKS COX, Agent for the Original Cash Tailoring Establishment, my 16 2t*rc 80 Broadway, cor. Wall street. UNION INSURANCE CO., FINAL DIVIDEND. THE Receivers of the late Union Insurance Company, hsve this day declared their fifth and final dividend, viz : two and a quarter per cent (One dollar aud twelve >and a naif cents on each share) of the capital stock of said Company, payable on demand at the office of the N. Y. Equitable Insurance Co., 5? Wall street. LAMBERT 8UYDAM, J JOHN FERGUSON, S Receivers. ml5 3t*r JOSEPH BOUCHARD, ) WADAWANUCK HOUSE, STONINGTON, CONN. THE Subscriber having taken the large and commodious house formerly kept by Mr. Blake and favorably known as the Wadawanuck, and having renovated and refitted it in a style equal to any in the country, would resj>ectfully solicit the patronage of his old friends, the friends of the former wor thy host, and of the public generally. The House is pleasantly situat*l in one of the finest vil lages of Connecticut, on the Sound, and within sight and hearing of the rolling ocean. It is iMJar tK? nrnnt qf f.he Sfon ington, Providence and Boston Railroads, and within seven hours sail of the City of New York. The splendid steamers Oregon and Knickerbocker, leave New York every evening for the place, a morning boat is preparing to take her place in the liue, making it one of the finest routs lor pleasure or busi ness in the United States. . , The country and streams furnish the sportsman with game, trout and perch fishing. The Bay is well supplied with fine boats for rowing or sailing, with an abundant supply of good fish, and secure surf bathing for those who may pre Car it. Tiiere is connected with the house a good livery stable, warm and cold salt water baths, a billiard room, a bowling al ley, and pistol shooting gallery. For tho?e who may wish to enjoy the dance, a cotillon baud has been engaged one even ing each week for the seasou. . The Proprietor having been engaged for many years in the business, /eels confident of giving good satisfaction to those who may favor him with a call, they will find the house well furnished and the tables supplied with fresh fish from the Bay, and such varieties as the country and the New York mar* k,By'^'careful selection of attendants, and by the personal at tention of himself and family, he trusts to make the Wada wanuck, one of the most comfortable and del ightful wsteriiig resorts in the world. The citixen. of the 8tate and of Rhode Island, on business or on pleasure, at Stoningtou, will nil a a quiet home and reasonable charges at the house. To those families wishing board for the season, he would suggest an early application foi'rooms. A porter will be in attendance on the arrival of the boats and cat*, to take charge n(^Ze'\r co"vrr^'h^van'rensselaer. ; DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE 8UROE O N, A TTEND8 to Diseases of the Eye and to all lmperfec J\ (ions of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hi* residence, 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street. , Opthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Faaaage, Cataract, and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUfeOSIS treated with great attentiap and success. Inveterate caaea of STRABISMUS, or Sjumuug, cared in * j'ust'Tmported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of tuperior beauty and finish. . , , SPECTACLES adapted to every defect Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence 361 Broadwiy?entrance 1>4 Warren street. mlSlf rc HOMCEPATHIA REVEALED. A BRIEF exposition of the whole system, adapted to gene ral com pre liens ion, with a notice of Psora and Dr. Uu ringe's objections, by Alexis Eustaphieve, second edition, with a sketch of lsopathia, inscribed to John rorbes, *1.1)., F. R. 8. Just published, and for tale by D. FANSHAW. S7S Broadway,, inylilfrc Opposite Niblos. OST-On Monday allemoos, 11th inst., in one of the Broadway and 23a street stages, a large Breaat Pin, with topat stone in it. A liberal rewsrd will lie paid by leaving it ?t Mr*. Shepherd's, 29lh street aiU Harlem Railroad. mvU 3t*r ~ MONEY LKNT. THE Subscriber continues toadvaucethe highest price, at the old-establed office, 233 William street, on gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate, jewelry, wearing apparel, dry goods, furniture, and alhpersonal property. JOJIS M. DAVIES, Licensed Pawnbroker. my 14 lm*m ~ JUST RKCKIV KD, THIRTY HOGSHEADS REAL IRONSTONE CHINA, /COMPRISING a complete aasortment for hotel and steam FW,"C^ERE It CONKLIN.TI Pearl COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day formed a connection, ?nder the firm of Cooley, Keese fc Hill, for c.mducting a tnide sale Book, Paper and Stationery business, on commission. Particular attention will be given to the disposal of 'lle?ry property, and to everythin* connected with the fine arts, lie., and to a commission business generally. Their first sale to the trade will be soon announced, and iti,rnow r"dy ,o JOHN KEESE. HORATIO HILL. 157 Broadway,May 14, IK*. myll 3t?m f9E sale. ' BOOK PRINTING MACHINE-A Dwible CTlta4*r Newton's Book Printing Machine ; be^il 27*10 hiictops ; will nrint 800 to I000 sheets per hour, on both aides. Msde by H. Hoe It Co. It iu perfect order : been used but little, and will be sold low. Aodress McDonald, post paid, at True Hun office, New York. my13 St?r BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. AKEW genteel boarders, single gentlemen or gentlemen and their families, can be accommodated at JIM Broome street, near Hudson street. The rooms are large with pantries attached, bathing room, he. Every attention will be paid to make it pleasant and agreeable. Kor further particulars ul???e rail it lit Broome street. myli Iw" rc Institute FOR THE CURE OF BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR, J)QQ BROADWAY, between Keade and Duane ?t?.?Mr. vvtTCLtjiEHUpH has nMned the above aa the principal ;>ffice for the sale ofhis Patent TRICOPHEROUS, connected with which he has a private room, where he is now prepared to offer his advice and assistance to such ladies and gentlemen i? may wish to consnlt him on the enre of Bsldne.v tirey Hair, and other diaeaaea of the skin of the head or growth ol ihe hair. Ladies and gentlemen can have their hair instantaneously ]yed black, brown, or auburu, by the uae of Jules Hauel s vegetable Linnid Dye. . Depilatory Powders, for entirely eradicating superfluous )iair on the face, neck or arms. Branch office as formerly, 2W Broadway. myl? lm-r E DESERT?By FEI,.ICIEN DAVID- " No I Hymne a la Nuit. No. 2 Reverie du Soir. _ , . Two Songs, with French and Fjiglnh words. Published by icHARFENBERO fc LUI8, 361 Broadway. my13 3t*r CAJLF SKINS. LB. BIN8BE k CO. No. ?3 William street, UP staira, . have received from Paria, a very choice lot of Leaioiaea [ slf Skins, which they offer for sale by the doien, at reaaou ible pricea. myl? tw?w BRAN< H OF SORIA'H DY ING ESTABLISHMENT, No.*.* GREtNWH'H STREET, (West side, between Murray and Warren '"eetM EVERY VARIETY of Cotton, Silk and Woollen Drejaea. Shawls, ladies' and gentlemen's garments, Straw ?nn l*g tiom lists, byed and < leaned in the bMt manne ino.t.ati.fsrtorv terms. Ladies and gentlemen from^he cit M well a, from the country, are respectfully invited to en courage the new brauHtof ^l^'^r^lMENT. 2M Greenwich it. Wnt side, wvlJ lw*r Setwaaa Marray S Wwim ?U. AVOTIOR ROTIOMi TBY. J. HEOEMAN, jUdioMfr. O-MORROW, Saturday, May 16th, at It o'clock. A. M., at the ShIm Room No. 7 Krone street, Brooklyn, a gene ral variety of Furniture, being tha rraauauu of loU not called ??. Pu?clw??ar?, at tha House Sale*. Far paitieMlar*, call and see. myDlt'r JACOB 8. PLATT,. Auctioned UCTION BALI., Tln? Day, vii: for account of whom it ui*r concern. at IS o'clock, for ca*h?IT cuti 096 dozen lather Boxes, 10 raaea :B0 cross and one caaa 76 (n>u |>ocket ( oinhi, 5 dozen cedar Hails aud 5 dozen rouad cooler* and **? nou* other article*. Alio, at 10 o'clock, on a credit for ium* over (100, 400 ca*k>, case* and lot* hardware, cutlery and heavy goods, bring the entire Mock of a house uafortunatc in business, and sold by order of amenees. Also, 100 dozen rakes, handled hoe*, *coop shovels and ma nure forks. mylilt*rc JACOB 8. PLATfTAHCtloaaer. 88IQNEF.8'HARDWARE AUCTION S\LE.-The city, a* well a* country, dealers, are notified thai JACOB 8. PLATT will sell on Friday, at 10 o'clock, at No. 23 Piatt street, the entire stock ofHardware and Cutler)' of a house unfortunate in business, consisting of extra, mJfrii variety of shelf hardware and cutlery, in lot* to *uit all de*cri|>lion* of dealer*. AUo, 50 doz. genuine " Harris" Dutche** county'grass and cradle scythes and sne*tlu. Also, at llo'clock, IT rase*latherboze*, 20boxes cut tacks, an invoice ofcedar pail*, Ike. Also, a large invoice of German goods of various kind*. i cask* sad irons, lie., making together a catalogue of .'>00 lots, all to be sold without reserve. For further particulars, see under auction head in morning and evening papers. I ata logues may be had at 4 o'clock, this day, at the auction room. ?y!4 . EDGAR JENKINS, Auctioneer. VALUABLE ORIGINAL OlL PAINTINOS.?Edgar J ink in? will sell at auction, on Friday, Mn !j. I8l<>, at II o'rlork. at hi< sales room. W ill street, near Broadway, a choice collection ol' ancient Oil Paintings, of undoubted character ami high quality, imported from Italy by an ama teur of kuowu taate and judgment, amongst which will be found Magdalen at'Devotion by Ludiviri Caracci. The Entombment by Tintorrtto. Holy Kamily by Parinegiauo. Maiidalta at Doutioa by Cantarini. Holy Kamily by Puligo The Adoration of the Shepherd* hy Ribera. Holy Family by Prorcaaiui. The Madonna (a cabinet gem) by Carlo Oolei. With many other paintings of rare and costly character. Descriptive catalogues can be obtained the day previous to the sale, when the paintings will he exhibited. iny II 3t*rrc THORBURN'S aTITTION SALE, DAHLIAS. JOHN B. GLOVER will sell at our Saloon, 13 John street, Friday, 15th May, at 12 o'clock, 100 baskets double Dah lias from oar collection at Astoria, comprising many entirely uew aud rare varieties, aud all of them very choice and supe rior. They will be packed in baskets, in order to transport to any part of the United 8tates. Catalogues will be ready ou Wednesday, and the Plauts may be examined. mvl!lri<*r .K. M. THORBURN ?t CO. A CARD. H. E. WILLARD It W. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneers, WILL give their personal attention to the Rales ol House hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeeping, Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, and sales of Real Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their friends and the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, 151 BROADWAY, iialiT May 1st, when they will move to the spacious store,No. 17 Wall street, late Adams' Express Office. all lm*m CEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.-ln con formity with the provisions of the charter, notice is hereby given that the books for subscription to an amount not exceeding $500,000 to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be oiiened at the office of Boyd k lliucken, No. N Wall, and at the American Exchange Bank; also at the Butchers' and Drovers' Brnk. comer of the Bow ery and Grand street, in the city of New York, on Tliursdav, 28th ; Friday, 29th ; and Saturday, 30th May, at 9 o'clock, A. M., and will continue open until 3 o'clock, P. M., on said days respectively. Five per cent, of the amouut subscribed must be paid at the period of subscription, iu " specie or cur rAit bank bills, aud no check, draft, or certificate of de|>osit, can be received." The balance of the subscriptions will be called for in instalments, not exceeding 10 per cent., as may be required by the operations of the Company, and upou thirty days'previous notice. New York, May 12, l?46. DIRECTORS. John J. Boyd, Robert D. Weeks, Jacob Little, Samuel Jandon, Robert H. Morris, Joseph J. Comstock, Edward Mills, Frederick Hewitt. Samuel Sherwood, myl3to30 r IMPORTED HAVANA 8EOARB BY FRANCISCO T. BANCE8. 60.000 1st quality Aurora. 15,000 Varela Regalia imp. 10,000 do. do. llabana. 10,000 Regalias el Luzero. 10,000 do. do. El Sol. 5,000 Panetelas do. do. 20,000 do. 2d ouality. 20,000 Common size do. do. 25.000 do. do. Union. 15,000 Eaculapio pressed do. 30,000 2d quality Aurora. 10,000 Regalias tres Palmas. All in first rate coudilion and subject to debenture. The iindersigued receives consignments of segars and leaf tobacco by every arrival from Havana, aud can warrant them of the best growth and manufacture. FRANCISCO T BANCES, myl2 4t*r No. 7 New street. THE CHEAPEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE FURNISHING CHINA AND GLASS establishment in this City, is the China Hall, Broadway, corner of Cham bers street.?A complete assortment.of Cornelius k Co., solar lard Lamps, Chandeliers, gas Fixtures, he., warranted and ft their prices. Families, hotels, steamboat proprietors, fcc., will find it to their interest to apply at this house. J. KERR. Tacking particularly attended to. White French China Dining Sets, 131 piece*! for $27 SO ; white China Tea SeU complete, 44 pieces, only 16. mvl26ti??rc MAGAS1N JATANA1S, I 69 DUANE STREET (betweeu Broadway and Elm st.) AH. PAKKER, agent from Amsterdam, most respect ? fully informs ladies and gentlemen who are furnishing their parlors, that he has constantly on hand the following an tique articles, as?Japan lacquered porcelain jars, vases, bw??l??, anil frair dishes, of great beauty and the finest quality ; old Dresdeu porcelain groups, figures, cups and saucers, of the richest kinds; ancient fans of the Hth century, richly carved, of mother of iiearl and ivory, and beautifully painted ; ancient Venetian glasses, of great vari ety ; rich carved furniture, of the time of Louis AlV., con sisting of chairs, arm chairs, and cabinets ; also two Japan |>orceTiun tables, or wash stands, such a* never has been tm Bmed, and a small collection oi ancient oil paintings of tlie utch and Flemish schools. Mr. P. would also call the atten tion of strangers visiting this city to examine this magnifi cent collection. N. B.?Orders taken to import ancient oil paintings, of any master of the Dutch and Flemish schools, marble statuary, carved furniture of any description, ancient porcelain, in these different branches, aud everything that belongs to the antiquary line. my!3 lm?rrc FVERPOOL ORRELL COAL.?A small lot of this *u mam - - - - ?? ?- ? 1 ?k.. Sl.ii, | Pontiac, from Liverpool, wilt be discharged in a few days, affording to families wishing a snperior article, at a low price, an opportunity of being suited. For sale. in lots to suit pur? chaser*, by W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 South st., cor. Maiden lane. TO LET?A splendid Office and Loft, in 16 South st. En qnire as above. my 13 r O JEWELLERS. MINIATURE PAINTERS, fcc. C. It J. HARTNETT, No. 2 Courtlandt street, near Broadway, wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Travelling. Writing, Dressing and Jewelry Boxes, Miniature Cases and Settings; Flute, Locket, Watch, Rine, Pin and pencil Boxes; cases Tor silver Piste neatly arranged to order. Also, Trays made and fitted to Jewellers show cases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, lie. A variety of the above articles constantly on hand and made to order, with ueatness and despatch. No. t Courtlandt street. New York. myltlm*rc SAKUNI k ARCHER, 151 Water Street, corner of Maiden Lane, HAVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Caps, Silk and Fur Hats, of every description, and Spring style, Straw and Panama Hats. Also, Oil Silk, Glased Lawn, Vizors and Cap-Stocks, which they offer at very low prices. Dealer* and manufacturers will do well to examine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. ml2 lm* m30 3w 'PO MAKKIED LAD 1 Kit.?A Secret Worth Know lag? X Apply for further particulars to Dr. CH. F. MONTEL, lower post office. No letter* taken from the office unless they are post paid. a2 lm*re TWINE?HO bales Bridport Seine Twine. For sale by myf K.K. COLLINS k Co., M South st. IRISH BLACK MARBLE. A(*ARGO of superior Irish Black Marble, from the cele brated quarry of Arthur Ireland, Esq., of Oalway,per bark Clarence, is expected daily. For sale, to arrive, by mv5 2wi?r PKHSSE fc BROOKS. *5 fc ?7 Nassan'st. Paper hangings, window shades and up holstery GOODS.?SOLOMON k HART, 243 Broadway, are now receiving per the various packet ships from England and France, the largest and best assortment of the above goods in the city, all of which they offer in any quantity, wholesale or retail, at lower prices tlian can be found* in any other establishment. Country merchants and other* will find a large assortment of Window Shades and Taper Hangings of all the various styles and prices, and which they are requested to call and examine. This establishment is always closed on Saturday. SOLOMON It HART. Upholsterers and myll lwis*m Importers, 243 Broadway. C~ ALF SKINS <t SLAUGHTER HIDES-4000 he*t qua lity City Calf Skins, selected. Also light, middling, and heavy Hide*, of various average weights. For sale by mv5 tm?rrc JOHN HUNN. 221 Kliraheth st . DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, IS NASSAU Street, ha* constantly on hand the Voigntlander, French and Ameri can iiisrtuments, and every article used in the art. Operators will find his preparation, now called Roach's Quicksrnff, to work with certainty and quickness, and to be cheaper for use than mixing their own chemical*. Cash orders from the coun try promptly attended to. myj Im'rrc THORN CHAMPAGNE. Am FRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne i* in ?tore, to which the attention of merchants, hotel Keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding ofthi* Wine is now superior to that of any in this country, and at no higher price than that of the beat brands. C. LIVINGSTON fc CO., mil iitf re H Wall street, fit REN CH LLNAK I'lLLS.?Lathes will ttaid the rare arti r nlefnn disappointment) at 11J'berry stre*t(*? tm're TO l,KT. ** A ROOMJFURN18HED OR UNFURNISHED, to ffT-w a gentleman, with breakfast and tea and dinner on Sun JaUilayi if required, in a private family, where there are no other hoarders. Apply if by note at this office to M. A. myll 3t*rc P REWARD. LOST on Wednesday, May 14th, a large Mastiff iMf Dog. Said dog is brindle, except white breast, toes II M anif tip end of his tail, with white soot on his fore- | bead. vVhoever will return said dog to l?R Delaiiey street, to ; A. ARENT, Wine Merchant, shall receive the above re ward. m>l52t*r SUMMER HATs. ' f"B GENTLEMEN'S and Boys Panama, Leghorn and Rut J^Msnd braid Hats, infants'fine Leghorn and Dunstable braid Hats, boys' new style Legh<trn,Ca|is, boys new style tilk and fur Hats, palm lesf anil Canadian straw Hat*. Also, a general assortment of Hats and Cap* of the latest and mo?t approved pattern*. , The above mentioned article* are offered for sale at the lowest cash price*. Purchasers are respectfnlly requested to call and examine this ?tock before purchasing elsewhere. WM. BANTA, 91 Canal st. cor. Wooster, mvliIt'lw ?"d 130 Chatham street. NEAPOLITAN" BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS. Patentees and Manufacturers SI of the Neapolitan Bonnet. are prepared to supply the trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which they received two ailver medals at the last two V air* of the American Institute, and which for style and finish are unsur l<aaaed. They warrant them to alter and clean equal y to new. Apply to PATTISON, NOE It CO., 15 Delaney *t, *7 lmi**r or Vy*e It Son, eomer Tine and Pearl. _ FOR LIVERPOOL?The fi/w Line-Regalar lioosr, Iptoaa ptirthm, will Mil m ibove, for recnUr liy. For b*i*nc* of freight or hiving ticellcnt ncfom aSfr"wooWtrsWukN r South Street. Trice of P?ssagr, $ W. The psrliel ship ROCHESTER, tons, Ca|?t. John Brit ton, will succeed the Qutcn of the West, and sail on her re gulai day, Slat of Jut. myWro AJtustauurr*. PARK THk.ATRE.-Tlu* Krenwit, May will U fr IT formed I he Play of the STRANGER?The Stranger, Mr (i. Vaudeuhoff; B*ro" Stem fort, Dyott; Count Wiuteraen. BUml; Mr Solomon. Bui; Mr*. Haller, Mr* Mowatt; Count ess, Anhott, Charlotte, Kiiwlit. To conclude with th* come dy KA8HION? Ads in Trtieman, Mr. Chippendale; ( omit de Jolimait/e, <i. Barrett; l-ol Howard, Dyott; Mr. Tiffam, Barrv; Oertrude. Mr* Mowatt; Mrs Tiffany. Barry. tier, 11 ceuta; second and third tiara, M centi; Hit, 50 cenu; liallery, ii cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at pre cisely 7)4 o'clock. BOWKHY THLATRK--liP>H taeniae. May IJtJi, will be i performed the CRADLE OK LIBERTY? Mike Mam- ; ?ail, Mr J K Scott: Craiy Nal?, Mr? () Jones. After which, 1 the HAKK/S PR(VoRK8? Tom Rake well .Mr Clarke; Harry Markhain. Sutherland; Kauny More land, Mr* Phillip*; Lady Blacon, Madison.?To conclude with the comedy of HOW TO OIK KOR LOVE?Capt Bloouiifeldt. Mr Daven port; Capt Thalwick, Clarke; Charlotte, Mr* Mailiaon. tty" Lower Boses, SB cent*; second and third tiers, tS cts.; Pit and Gallery, 12^ cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Curtain will rise at luslf past seven o'clock. F PARK THEATRE. MR. GEORGE VANDENHOFF Respectfully aunouncea tw k?? blnemt *?ii ,^epUc?o.,MoNDAVili On which occasion will be^r?tjjgd the Tragedy of ^llo Mr. U. VandenhoflT. , ,? Doricourt . , Mr- U" Vandenhoff. dy The Box Book u open. mylHtrc . ? THE DESKKT REPEATED, ^mph'^y, TllE '"irj" "* At the TABKRNACLE.onUNDAY EVENING , ommencing the direct,on o The solo P>U^j? b>EO pAl "C,,,'?r "^H. M*EI08.'t? Broadway. PARK THEATRE, ~~~~ MR8. BLAND beg. to inform the inhabitants or New york, KM J it. vicinity, that her BEN Eh IT i? appointed Jbr TUESDAY, May 19. . ^ . Bo* book now open. wyH 3ti? rrc ? park THEATRE. M ADAME ROSIN A PICO FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. MR. BASS has the honor of announcing that hi? BtNI> BSUlTKr ?*. , ? On which occasion he i? h*j>py in .uiiiouiicinR the valuable """"""of tw"madI'roJmna'Wco,t. . .... . . Together with many dramatic novelties, which w,'^j?,r announced. >? ANNIVERSARY OK THE NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY. THE Public are respectfully informed that the Anniversaiy Performance of thi. Society will take place at the TABEKN A i. L K, On KRIDAV EVENING, May IJth, On which occasion Handel * Grand Oratorio ol THE MESSIAH B'ffl^ALP N^THAU.. ? Mr. M. ^"aJ^SSTllKPrABD. Performance to commence at 8 o curcke . Ticket! for this occasion, SO cent. only. Maybe had ?trtw mtuic .tore. . Sax ton fc Mile., Broadway s F. Ntabitt. comer oi'Wall and Water Mreeta; J. P- rerkina. rMo. I Wall .treet ; J. B. Flaudrow, 236 Bowery, and at the door ol %T?* Non'irfonning member, of the Societyjean o?Um their ticketa at the residence of the underaigned, No. CmylJ*Jt"c GEO. WHITLOCK, Sec'y. HnLHARM.W^SWIKTV^KAND HiS THE rublic i. ie.pectfully informed that the Ph'lh*?"U'c u will rive a Orand Beatival Oonccrton WKD NESDAY EVEpflNO, 20th ra.tle Garden,in aid ol the'Yuud for the erection of the tMiilliarmonic Hall , and on which occl.ion, with other piece., Beethoven', Grand Choral Symphony No. 9 will be produced, with betweeu three hundred and four huudred Vocal and ln.trumeutal r'Ju? the erection of a .uitable edifice for mn.ical purpo.e. >? an eveut of the greate.t importance for the advwicement ol the Art, and the improvement of mn.ical taate in thi. c"n"tj'V> all vocal and string m.trument performer., who are com I e tent to take part in the orche.tra or choru., are most eanie.tly invited to attend the rehearsal., and ?ive then assistance at "For furtl?"particnlar?, ?ee future advertisements. RIHI'AR.AL. AT THK AMLLO SALOOIf. TueadaymMayiJ,* a'q" P.M. I Saturday, May l?, at 4 P.M. StSSSv, May 16, a?4 P.M. Monday, May It, at 7K P.M. wa -fj?sS4 n Chores will take place at Castle Garden May 20th, at o'clock, A. M. By order'JAMEg L ENSIGN. Secretary. Ticket* $2 each, to be had at the Mu.ic Store., of the Member, ofthe Society and of the Committee. mvl m i ffi ANTIC GARDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE A SEASON.?Dodworth'. Coniet Band will l*rlorm every TueMlay and Friday evening., commencing June 2nd, at I 0 m^k3m?rdcm'lU1"e ^^WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor Tirvl>^T8^?^ANS.AND THE THEATRI W. ^".Uy mPcS- Si Z"intReTa^d Te^r^l ??'"?>? b^pr^lssiy statistics moat necesnary and uaeiul to profeaaional travellers, tie believe? that lua^ervicei will prove advanUgeon. to any Xytte^hadWdreMedetomV?.cS?Syn. Manner ofthe Swis. Bell Ringed care ofK.1. Smith, Km}., theatre St. Louis Mo , if miffed prior to May 10th, and prepaid, will meet with prompt attention at that time. HOWES fc CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH " CIRCUS. I'eTstaik '"and"he /ill ,-rfoni'extraordinary feat, of n'i"e*ActC^f*fforwmai?hip"b?Maiter Nixon Ol^mgic Exer^ leading! moa*talented, ud cl??ic performer, in the world. my7 tf rrc ? " COLMAN'b EMPORIUM OJ.rA11T AND CtASWC CABINET 117HICII includea hit immenae ?tocka ofBool^i, ftoor, np one fl'ltht of ea./ ? I price., and n jhs;k." 1'? CENTREVILLE COURSE.?TROTTING. m T Wa 1 at "L. " \ 'Lw, A MATCH will come off over this Cour?e on, May 20?mile heat.?be.t 3 iu in 210 lb. wagon. : for *yw, P. P. Same day, purae (21, for all pacing horse, that never won money ; mile heat. : he.t 3 in i, under the .addle ; three or more to make a field. To clo.e at Green St'. on Saturday evening, by 9 o'clock. JOEL CONKLIN. Proprietor. Cenireville, May II, IIM6. myU 2tThkSat*rrc CENTREVlLLE COURSE.?TROTTINO. MONDAY, May 18?Pur.e $10, mile heats, be.t 3in J. un der the .addle. Kree for home, that never won a |iune over $10. To clo.e Friday, May II, hv9!i o'clock, ?t GREEN It LOBEE'S. Three or more to make a race. mylt 2t*r TuXfs HA U EL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, WITHOUT STAINING THE SKIN, IIICH the (Proprietor can with ju.iice .tate i? far he vond anythiiig ol the kind ever yet iknown in thii or <ny other eountry. It. properties are very |?>werful, though very innocent. This chemical result i? a wonder, a. it ena ble. peraon. to dye their hair, without the , least inconvenience. For changing red or grey hair, whi.k' i'M, eyebrows, fcc., to a brown, black, or che.tnnt color. The 1 >li|fht*<t evil consequence, need not he feared from it. use? j it i. sltogether harmless. Thi. compo.ition i. the only one ! ?anctioned by the .cience of Cheini.try, to dye, in an indeli ble manner, the variou. gradation, of color., without danger ?r inconvenience, and has in.tilled the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of the public. II Black i. required, a.k [or box marked N. ; it Brown, box marked B. SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. w TO THE LADIES IN PARTICULAR My Depilatory Powder has been found highly heneficiel, uid of great n.e to ladie* who have been afflicted with inner flnou. hair, principally when it. growth hu been confined to he umier lip and aide of the face, giving a masculine turn to :he whole feature.. When n.ert with proper care, and <? 'ording to the direction., it will be found to be a great addi ion to the toilet, as the use of any .harp in.trument i. on irely avoided, and the hair is removed in five or ten minnles liter its application. Thk comixi.ition is infallible, and warranted to remove uilterflaous hair. After numerous trial., I have received cer lifieate. of .ucces. which cannot be conceited. Solil whoU.ale and retail st CLIREHUGII'S New Perfu nery Establishment. 195 Broadway, Agent for Jnlea Hauel, Perfumer. PhHadelphm. myll lm*r W1 DR. A. C.CASTLK, 3?1 Broadway, corner of While ?t . ba. been 17 years .ucce..fnlly engaged in the practice of Dentistry. Stndy and etperimentinv nave enabled him to iu trodnce many invsloable improvements, not the least <if which are his IneomHUible Teeth. The.e po..e?avivid transparent, life-like, natural appearance unapproachable, for llieir .irength and the ease with which they can be worn. Decayed Teeth filled with gold foil. fcc. Tender Teeth filled with ? pure gold pa>te. It i. put in while in a soft ?tate, and become, impacted Willi, ana tender, the tooth *? useful it it tvas whensoiumI. myli lm*r LATEST INTELLIGENCE.! By Electric Telegraph. Washington, Thursday, 4 I*. >1. The proceedings in Congress were as follow* : 111 Hie Senate the committees reported several bills, among others a hill for a free bridge across the Fotoinac, at the Navy Yard. Mr. Hroese introduced a bill to rc(>eal the pro vision m the navy appropriation bill of last year, limiting the naval force to 7,9*10 men. An interest, ing discussion then ensued, and the bill was re letred to the Committee on Naval Affairs. Bills from the House wore then taken up and referred. The bill in relation to the Florida judiciary, and the New Hampshire claims lor military services, were passed, the latter 29 ayes to I t noes. The French spoliation bill was further i>ost|?on cd till Monday. The amendments of the House to the bill rais ing a corps of sappers and miners were concurred in. It was thus passed and sent to the President. Mr. Archer's motion to reconsider the vote by which the Senate disagreed to the amendments ol the House in regard to tin* amendments of the bil' for a regiinentof mounted ritlemen, was laid aside for enquiry. The bill authorizing the appointment of one pay master and three assistant paymasters, is under discussion as we close the despatch. The West Point bill was finally passed. In the House, a motion to reducc the mileage of members, was rejected. The army appro priation bill was then taken up?a partisan dis cussion of more spirit than utility, ensued. In this, Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, attempted to reply to Mr. Delano, but with no great effect. Mr. Sims, of Missouri followed, and made a rough but strong characteristic harangue in defence of the admin istration?Hon. Garrett Davis pushing back the imputations cast on those who do not approve of all Mr. Polk luus done in the Mexican business.? He referred to the President's usurping power, and embroiling the nation in war while Congress is in session, and without submitting the subject to that body, which alone has full authority over the matter. By the Last Malls. Washington, May 13, 1846. The President's proclamation announcing the existence of war between this conutry and Mexi co, will be published, probably, to-morrow. It was issued by him to-dny, und is now in the hands of the government printer for publication. The most active preparations for a war with tlint coun try arc now being made by the heads of the mili tary departments here, and orders have been sent oil in every direction to the commanders of ships and fortresses to enter upon activo service forth with. The Mexican ports are to bo immediately blockaded, and, if necessary, bombarded by our licet, which has been ordered to concentrate upon tliat coast in sufficient force for the emergency. Those vessels on the stocks and in ordinary, arc also to be forwarded to completion, if the exigen cies of the case require them for service ; but, as this is not and cannot be known for some months yet, very little, if any, of the ten millions will be expended upon them at present. The revenue cutters may be transferred to the naval branch of the service, and answer all the purpose of pro tecting our coast commerce froin the piratical de predations of privateers and other armed vessels sailing under.the enemy's flag. There is yet no news from the army, i ne mails from New Orleans, which arrived tins eve ning are up to the 6th instant, at which time no thing had been received, either from Point Isa bel or Gen. Taylor. This is the greatest anomnly in the art of war lliat has ever happened under any administration. There are 5000United States irunjw xeveral hundred miles distant lrotn all the sources of aid and information iVoin government, and we may say in the heart of an enemy's coun try, without the means of communicating with any one. except by running a horseman at the risk of his life along the banks of the river at night and though the chapparel which covers the ground that he travels. "Why not establish a line ol seven or eight steamers l?etween Point Isabel and New Orleans, and have the communication between liotli those important |Kiints kept up daily 1 If the lives of the soldiers in Gen. Taylor's army be ol any account to the country, and the anxiety that must pervade the bosoms of their lrtcnds every where lor their safety, be anything with the men who direct public atfairs, then, indeed, they ought to have done this weeks, or months ago, and not liave left the line of communication between them and their army, open to any interruption which cither the enemy or the elements might at any moment give rise to. Imbecility has marked every movement of this administration since it came in to power, und the paralysis with which it has struck everything that it has touched, has caused its friends to fear coming into contact with it, lest, liko the influence of the upas tree, it should poison the atmosphere wherein they breathe, and cause desolation and death to them for their temerity. Among the many foolish, if not vicious, decla rations made by persons who pass for the aniinu man openly and without guise in our streets and bar-rooms, is that of the profits which must inevi tably ari*e from an invasion of Mexico, by the plunder of the rich and elegant churches ol that country. This avowal is made by those people who forget that in doing so they wound the fee* inifxof more than a million and a hall of their own fellow-citizens, whom they expect to contribute, in their proportion, in men anil money, towards sustaining the war. If such were the policy of this country, which, thank God, it is not, the avowal of such an intention now would be impro per in many respects. But, in order to set that class of patriots right on this head, I mav as well inform them now in advance, lest they should be disapimiuted after getting into that eonntjy, and even if iiossible, to the capital of the Motitczumas, that the clergy of Mexico have already made ample preparation for preserving the little Jesuses, with which their churches arc orna- ( inented, in anticipation ol such an event, those splendidly ornamented plnces ol worship, upon I the approach of an enemy, I have been assured, will I*' made as naked of rich and valuable sacred ornaments, as any Presbyterian meeting house in this country; and if required, the sacredjvessels will be given u> the government to enable it to resist every and any attempt at invaston by the troops ol the I.nited States. It is well to know this in time, so that those who calculate making a profit out of that species of plunder, may not be disappointed when they might suppose their hopes were on the point of being fulfilled. The same class of bab blers are continually talking about reducing Ma tamoras to ashes, and other Mexican towns, as if such a barbarous act would be tolerated for a mo ment by our government. No, this is not the po licy or practice of any enlightened nation, and most assuredly, it is not that of the United States When the British soldiery burned the capital and navy yard here during the last war, they the execrations of every man of honor, both in the United States ami in Europe ; and any imitation of such conduct on our part, upon tho peaceable inhabitants of Mexico, with whose government we are now unfortunately at war, would provoke an enemy to practice the same n|>oii ourselves at any futme time, and plead our conduct as a| pre cedent for theirs. Although 1 have very little re gard for cither the promises or professions of I re Polk, I am willing to admit Uiat wherevi r nnil whenever he can exercise Ins authority to prevent cither of the acts upon private or public property above referred to, he will do so. Congress passed the appropriation billI in ref; r ence to our fortifications, to-day. The West I oint Academy bill cAne up for under discussion for a considerable time. Of all , the .mixtions practiced unonthe people of he I nited State-, this is probably,the greatest. It is an institution Ml which the " big beggarinen ol the nation have their sons educated at the expense of the liard working clasw^tl^farmers and me chanics. Let any one only look over the list of appointments to that school for the last few years, and he will find that the nabobs of the nation arc thrne who have the exclusive privil.-ge of getting their ?ons npixanted cadets. Some or the last ap pointments of John Tyler were the sons of Benja min Tevis and l)r. M'Hellan ol Philadelphia, and I)ut! Green, then of this city ; besides a number or others, of the same stamp of the aristocracy, from Virginia and other Slates. It is only necessary for me to name two out of the eleven appointed ny Mr. Polk in February last, the other nine l?'ing ol the like calibre, to show you how this same gnnic is carried on under every administration. A nephew of Mr. Calhoun's and a scm ol ?r. Khorer, of Georgetown, who has a sou a ^ ^ navy, were among the appointmeii_ y fair sample of t?l?a?ob lW is ?P? J" pension list ol tlie country annua y. | of a |K?r hard working mechanic, * ho lia? not the mean* of educating him,!,? who mny have ambition enojigi to aspire to ? cnimission in the army, is excluded from a participation m the benefits of this institution. This -chool, there ore, i? tjet apart, exclusively, it would *eem wL 'r I ? ^nP'niH," and else*. i *l,aU rnakt' " n,y business to in r r* thor'>u*h,y 'he whole of this business ? ?tendingof t\ C?"ntry lhe 70,u,ll'?" lads th?? ,,e P?'"11" and guardians of thoso tlM-mn, al'Powted at that school. In fur 1 wou,d ^ 'hankftil to the 1'nitei? ^.ll? ln **very congressional district in iL^t imld n!? . * " <?mo ?"e wou,d send ,ne? fiticil stni'idinir ?' r'l'i"11 ?' ,he I)ecurilIlry and po now it WH,i 1.'' , \v,M?se or wards are li*t of the u'l./i " i publish a complete list ol tut whole , when complete. This will be o4 some service lo tlu-country, ami exhibit moirt completely the system ol corruption and fa that ,s practiced, Ct ?Utoso , appointments. By directinK th<S? eormm^ mention* to "Ariel, ' Washington, post paid the* i sl,aU he attended to. The same abuses exist in the appointments in the navy. Even while Secretary nancrolt was recommending u reduction of 8(17 officers, Mr. Attorney General Mason wa? pressing an application on him lor a midshipman's wur* , rent, lor a son of a late captain in the navv. All IK!, Washington, May 12, 1846. jNo lurther news from the seat of war was ro ceived by the Southern mail of this evening ; nor will we have any l>efore Friday evening, as there is ,i difference of live days in the receipt at New Orleans of news from that quarter. The next arrival will bring news of a formal war char acter, or it will be entirely paciilc ; the repudia tion hy the Mexican commander, of any aggres sion on his part, and perhaps the suspension of : hostilities, and a peaceful pro]x>sitioii to settle dif ficulties. In the latter case, the late act of Con gress will not be required to be made effective, and the President may issue no proclamation. The lute act of Congress may be considered a positive declaration of war, and it is more tho of IH12W,,T? V1' r,;H,Ul!^ 1,111,1 ,he declaration ol 1812 That act declared war between the Uni ted States and Great Britain, and placed at the disposal of the President the land and sea forces ail comprehended in one short section, and made no specifio appropriation ?f money, which was j immediately followed on the same day, 19th of June, 1812, by the proclamation of President Ma dison. But this last declaration was made alter mature deliberation, in closed doors, for three uays by Congress, constitutionally and formallv nor did it contain any preamble. It was on the preamble in the act, passed yesterday, that the opposition in the Senate was mode. All were willing to grant any amount of money and sup plies ol men to meet an invasion, which miirht or not 1x5 authorized by the Mexican government ; but they wanted more time and developments, before they would vote lor a positive and formal declumtnn of war winch, us Mr. Calhoun said, affected the rights of other nations, in amity with the United | States, lhe majority in the Senate wislied to lorce the friends ol peace to vote against the bill with the preamble, and thereby to make political capital; but their object was well divined, and nearly an unanimous vote was the consequence, lhe game was played dexterously, and started in the time of excitement?struck while the iron was hot; but the chief purpose failed. And it is un der the pressure of this very panic, that large sums ol money have l>een voteu, and so many appro priation bills lor the army, including the lortiHca tion bill which passed the Senate to-day. The , money is now in the hands of the distributing powers, und they use it, or squander it, as they please more particularly, should affairs take an 1 immediate pacific turn, und the present excite ment prove un ebullition. It muy have some stood ell ect in showing, that if on the grounds of a skir mish in an enemy's liorder, this whole country can be so violently aroused, and Congress act pre cipitately and promptly and liberally, what can be done, and would lie done, in case" of any sim ple aggression, on the part of England, or any of the great powers of Europe 1 The volunteers named in the bill will not be wanted. The sim ple passage of the act is sullicient intimidation to Mexico. But if she jiersists in her folly, and with holds the justice due us, und will not at once ac knowledge all our claims, and grant us full and entire retribution for injuries given, she must take all the consequences, and be driven to beg on her knees for jieace. I am no apologist for Mexico, and a long series ol grievances on her part, demand from us a strict exaction ; but us to the late cause of aggression our administration, somewhere, is certainly to be blamed, and a great wnnt of sagacity and states manship has been proved to exist in our present Cabinet. 1 Mr. Calhoun said yesterday, in the Senate, he would rather "put a dagger into his heart," than vote lor this bill. Ho thought it precipiUite un dignihed and unwise. * The bills have all passed?now, what will the cabinet do ? Mason, the Attorney General, is the only man of magnanimity and incorruptibly among them, and two of the remainder are seek ing the I residency. Where will the money be scattered i The next elections will tell. The public will keep an eye on Rodin, of the treasury department. f There was quite a calm in the Senate to-day after the storm ol yesterday?and the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, as he step ped into the Senate chamber with his inaugural gait, looked confidently around, as if ready t? flut ter another declaration ot war in the face of the Senators. The llouse sprung a debate on the Military Aca demy bill, which lasted all day very animatedly. ? iHV? no niore warlike news shortly, we shall (all back into a torpid state again. I wish to correct a common error. Many sun pose that in case Mexico has, or will declare war the seas will swarm with privateers, who can prey, ail Itbitum, on our commerce. If Mexico could, or did grant letters of marque and reprisal to other nations, the crew of each vessel so sailing under the Mexican flag, must be two-thirds Mexi cans, otherwise they are all to be considered as pirates, and hung at the mast-head by any vessel catt,uJinKltl,e,n- , Pk I.HAM. 1. S. The several companies which have been reported, heretofore, to have "been ordered by the war department to the seat of war, have only re ceived orders " to be in readiness to march at the lirst warning"?a beautiful commentary this, upon the prompt and energetic measures of the department, in a time of emergency. It is all a humbug. Washington, May 13,1846. Mexico?The fVar? Congrrsi? The State uf Par tin and the State of the Cote. The whole plan ol the campaign is reversed,? The j>eace is broken off. War exists?it has been existing, and will be extended. We hope, how ever, from the rigorous measures of Congress, that the war will soon be extinguished, dis tinguished, and brought to a close. We have not hail time for a single commentary upon the pro ceedings this week in the two Houses. The ob ject of the whigs in the Senate to the preamble of the ten million bill, is very simple of elucidation. They objected to the annexation of Texas, particu larly the assumption of the boundary of the Rio Grande, as a cause of war Mexico. The pre arnple, therefore, which declnres the war to ex ist by the act of the Mexican government, was a dumpling well calculated to prove a hard dose to the whigs. And though they had to swallow it, they did it with a protest that it was very disagree able to take. Mr. Calhoun and his South Caroli na niils in the House, contended njion the hair splitting abstraction between actual hostilities and actual war. It was the last plunk to arrest the heavy appropriation* which must lead to the let ting alone of the tariff, and to the temporary sus pension of that first initiatory movement to free trade, the destruction of the tariff of'42. The plank is removed?the cable|is cut, and the ship ot free trade i1- out at sea again. Congress will continue in session ; but the tariff will hold over. That's a settled question. Already the expenses for the cur rent fiscal year, ordinary and extraordinary, will swell up to a bill of nearly fifty millions. Let ua give you a rough estimate. Taking the taut year as the ?taiularl. the or dinary expenses of the federal government will amount to MO.flOO.OOO ? ?TBAOIIDIN4BIK*. For the prosecution of the war with Mexico. 10,000.000 Increase of the army, T wo regiraenta of <lragoon? ....... 1.000,000 Army of occupation, thu? far, of three thou asnd men, kc. . *00,000 The na*y In the Gulf. . Fortification* (probable) extra 4,000,000 Contingent e*p?i?aei. 1,000,000 Making a total of $60,000,000 To start upon. The receipts of the last year from all sources amounted within a fraction to 000,000, with a balance in the treasury at the commencement of the present year, of about 9$,000,000, so that we shall renuire the most ac tive o|>emtion o?lhe tariff of '42 to meet the extra ordinaries of the year and the regular expenses of the government, so n? to leave a clear balance ?licet, at the end of Polk's administration, which will ngain bring up the tnrifl a* an open question fbl the campaign of 1MB. But this is in advance of the contingencies which may ftillow up this existing war. It has com menced, but we do not exactly know that it is to 1)0 stopped before tlie adjournment ol Congress.

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