Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1846 Page 3
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Married. New York, May 16, IMC. A oopy of the y? York HtraU, of this date, having j'u* been ;hown to we, In which is published the mar riage of " Mr. Jesse Hurd, to Mis* Itcbecce Dole, ouly daughter of Henry NichoU, Esq., all of thia city," an litvlug been celebrated by me. I hereby publicly state, that I nare not solemnized such marriage. IIUOH 8MITH, D. D., Rector of St. Patera' Church, Twentieth street, New York. fbC7? New Haren paper* will please copy. Died. On the 15th instant, Elisa, wile of Anthony McOarvejr, to the 43rd year of her age. Hia friends are requested to attend her funeral, from hit residence, on the Wallabout road, near the residence of Alderman jC rose, in the Seventh ward of the city of Brooklyn, on Sunday, the !7th instant, at 4 P. M. TTNFUBL 5S'IRE?fIATTENTI0N. V K.U^^iib.rty-.h. War Bugle sound, fortb-tha Rtlbicou i? ?Proclamation has con* culled upon us to wnrniT i Command#MU-Chlei has Banner?the foot oft he ...uudfr ,he. ^ Spangled our brethren h?w? h.-^T - f ulK>a1ttl* ?o'l of freedom Kme 01 the be?t bln? l !" 1 ,r*?rb?r?usly murdered.? outrMeu,K?nh"3.10f,, beeu spilled. This avenged. Fellow cVA^? to our co??'try?must be MSWfS, 'rS TucKiT CHlJKtH. < Mr. Dunbar'.V cliurch, to-morTow'morinutf' the ?7t{f*i?' "rTa<:|j '? tliie O'clock, wd the Iter SuiJiuI ilnn f???,w*t h,lf Cut '? ??/ in Scotland, a graduate o/e!hm??i.'/^"byterian uf ? Cats democratic nJ ^rin U^h * Col'eK?-. l?te editor the Baptist church la 6e!7oit will tir??iV " I""* Putor ?<" ?t? o'clock, P M Wl" l'r#4cl> w the same place R tali it Chu rr ? ^in'bjthHtfu e a^Wa iV" th"Un'rer" "lorn I ok at the usual hour and will'in !?"ni0'T0'Mr ?P?U his lecture on Mor'sTrrWi, ,k by.request ment m oar Republic "wciple, the Coo??rratireJ?|. A MAGNbiiu TELEGRAPH COMPANY AV,uJ*TkT "fmaay oftbe Stockholder, of the Magnetic Kress Hall in the Tirv^ff ptPi ^ tie holden at Con ?f May, 3 o'cl,?rl,^ M 00 Tuesday the 19th three Director's and transacting' other" fmif"!!? ?v0?*'"f as-assse? I DISSOLUTION. ~ 1 1P,rP"r?b'P of WESTERN It rnwiRni fe?M^ " dissolved on the lat of Mav l..? "tv. ? ? . " usiness will be closed by Mr WamlLriV k- ? unfinished roadway, opposite the ? h" "??.No. ?JS JsSSPE-T'tisI complexion of the g^ods"?. UM^??E/fo?c|?,?;|; ? Vh# b,fe.vPwi 0f- Tkjycue&gSfflfc!" p--? <*??? ?? ln?L^ . Kreat attention aad success . fe;rof o' in Jdnfei'hPOrt'd* ^T'WCIAL EYES, ofauperior b~uty 8PECTACLE8 adapted to every defect. A?stic? ?2 '*'? JS??r without charge. ^Officeaad mideoco 261 Broadway-entrance 1* Warren -?? mlfi lt*e rrHIS wyhwC1f'SK.v^Ut l'AllLE L6TI0N. JSS&kS? ten * ^.?A liT' rin ??ub'"h ? clear andbrilhLtln?|? fchho'C? aelected matter. The Sunday"'",'patch u'tf^Ur.?!"1. three cent piper pnbluhed in the United Suites Thnnrh Kh? faBWaPBMM# * ? mri6 lt*rc Ci?k i^ addiri,nI!f?eri,**eUtl i?f ,he Union' *i" oonum thu eSmm, *d?tlon ,0 iu "'"?J Tln*ty and weeklyVecord of P/Mr.'"^r5!V"k?'for tb* ",ur^of^fcra. Bolt and abdoction SKS?^"?^swS -t SBBEmaSA?A?SajS LoL,iM F^'r. and leuteuce in thi SutaSrtnSk ? c??iciion Bain.. "LIVE8.OF THE FELONS." TttratetKifest ..pal ? rfHii. .Wd Ki&k., ,uh,, ^te^i^gsab^3KE5!~} ta # j^^-nckpockata at the Wuhin^n Fair. andK^maie _ ... , RECORD OF CRIME. ?c?ketanfDiCw ('?'? ,nfit,l*j^ekpo<:ket?ArTe,t of che Pick D1e? 0*Coonell and Dusty Bob?Horrible RaiL hi iSttjUn'c ft"U# " 8m? ?u?-R?bb.K^ A-U .u, Stataa ^ACEN-aJjEAij, my aTkKEf.N. r ', bag! lears i i*n?r?l, "0 calculated to plaaae aentlenaa ol taau^ H?I Cof^?u' ^.?k-; ^?!^5%2wfek!Vdh?c,ja."w!?.7r^ Sle'nooma ' ,h? ???"dance promi^ Pr^ rr to complete his axranfement for n?ceaaa I ne BKthi ere suiurpiued bv tav in tL j.Srsf.swi? sssirtr ^?rJyrij&'a! TO THE LADIES. A ^ MILLER*8 New Store, 121 Canal atreet ladiaa Im. can And aaitar Boota, a baaatifol article, at 16 and II ahil ftelr farora at the ??? tloie.ia Canal nr"et between Tbom^ ? ?^::rrr ?"?? mylilWrc _ 'ri KBNOT S SUMMER STYLE OP HATS ?? u. rt^T for inspection and aale, (at No. 128 Fnlton street, San aildinn.) conaiatinc of Oregon bearer whita and blae brash ata, a Targe assortment of ceatlemen's Panama and Leghorn ata. Also, a new style of boy'a summer Hata. Hau made to ardar at a rery short notice. my 151m*re V6k ?alL aT VERY LOW PklCE^. meuceo r.moroiaenea, embroidery Patterns and all materials for Embroidering, im>se Twist and mine Trimmings, gilt and silrer Beads and a mat variety of French and German Fancy Goods is offered for aale at 73 New itraet, by mvUTaFkBa Jw*rc C. ROCKNAOIX. Aasignee. Tmtl IjaV \b PTJBLISIiKk PART T WENTV-THREE of VIRTUE'S DEVOTION AL FAMlLV BIBLE.?Thia ifrt is illustrated by a highly finished steel engraving of Joahaa Commanding (he Hun to stand still, from a Minting by M. A. Colin. Panliah ed by Gaorge Virtue, late R. Martin k Co.. M John street. mrl>W*rc DR. A C. CASTLE,3?1 Broadway, comer of White at., ? has baen 17 years anecessfally engaged in the Practice of Deai>str>. Study and etperimanung have enable J him to in troduce many invaluable imprpvaMaate, not the least of which are hi* Incorruptible Teeth. Tlista poeaess a vivid transparent. Jffe-like, natural appearand, unapproachable, for their snenftn and[ the ease with wbich they can be worn. Decayed Teeth filled with gold foil. fce. Tender Teeth filled with a pure gold peste It it imt in whila m a soft etate. and bacomaa impacted with, and renders the tooth is tuaful as ft tr*? tW'i inKixl. mr14 lm*r c wj.un* WMklbrJut? A PARTNER tea mi already established thrae rhouaanMollar*. WANTED, a ca*h *iaaabctsfia< business ia this eity, A A _ with ? cub capital of from two to thrae thoaaan<Moflan. Toe bast ?f Wwnaca riven slid re quired. Address A. B. at Hal* Office, stating where an later view may l>? iiad. mylt 3t*r WANTED, A FEW active Youag Mea to go Booth or Weal, to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. $300 over and above their expenses will be insured to theia iu writing, with au opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year. Some men uow in oar employ will, no doubt, make over S1.000 per year clear of all expanse. Each man will hare his district, ft will bo accessary for them to have at least from 123 to *10 to obtain a good fitting oat. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, S3 Broadway, up staira. Office of the Flag of our Union. All letter* must be poet paid. ayll In'rt WANTED S5UUU. PERSON who can dispose of this sum, will find a safe and excellent investment of the same, ia a business of a literary nature in successful operation. For further particu lars. address M. R. B. Herald Office. myU3t?r . WANTED, SITUATION as Chambermaid, or to aaaiat in waahlng and ironing, by a young woman in a private family, the best of city references as to capability, lie., will be given on applying at IS7 UVst Broadway. mvl.ltt*r WA.NTLU, A LAD about IT or It years of age, as apprentice to a Bar ber. Apply to Broadway, under the N. V. Hotel. invli 3t*rc llOAKD WANTED. TWO ROOMS.S small parlor, with a chambcr adjoining, are wanted. The rooma must be neatly furnished. The advertiser does not wish to reside above Franklin street, and desires full board, in a private lamily, for himaelf and wife. Address H. K., at thfc office, stating terms, lea. my 14 3t ec TO MERCHANTS, AEOOK Kl'J'.rEK. accuatomed to correspondence, ac quainted \iKfy French, Spanish and Portugueae, familiar with manutaoOiml goods and produce, ia deairous of meeting with a situation at a reasonable salary. Address X. Y.Z., Herald office. myU 3t*rrc LEFT-OFF WAKDROBE'AND FURNITURE WANTED. HE highest price can be obtained by ladies and gentlemeu _ who with to diapose of their left-off wardrobe and furni ture. Bv sending a line to the subscriber's residence, through the Post will be promptly attended to. J. LEVENSTYN, 4M ftroadway. up atairs. Ladiea can be atteuded to by Mr*. J. Levauatyu. my 14 I n> * rrc MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY, tor the 2nd T1 200 Regiment of U. S. Dragoons, aarviug in Texaa. Call at the Rendexvous, 141 Washington atreet. A detach ment of recruits will be forwarded to Texaa in the courae o the week. mylS lw*rre ^VAiNjTE1) - A COPYIST who writes a quick and legible hand, having some ttisure hoars during the week, is anxious to em ploy them in copying or writing up books. Address M. H. at the office of this paper. my 12 tfr WANTED, AN experienced manufacturer of wheat starch. One who an* demands the manufacture of " Pearl," and other qualitiea of starch, run hear of a deeirable situation by addresaing A. B., box 13M, Boston, Mass. Post Office^ ai<3w*rc A LADY who has recently arrived from Europe le de airous sf obtaining a situation as Governaas in a respect able family; she teaches the usaal branches of education; mu sic on an approved system. A line addressed to X., Z.. at the Herald office, shall be attended to. Would kava no objection to take pupil* at her own residence. a77 Im'rc SODA WA'l'tK BUXTUiNG MACHINES, of an lin proved pattern, just received, for sale by J AS. S. ASPINWALL, (8 William atreet. Also, Syrup* for Soda Water, marble Dust, oil of vitriol, Ice. myl#3t*rc " sODa WATER. * I FOR SALE, a valuable recipe with instruction* for making ' bottle Soda Water, with or without syrup. With thi* I recipe, the retailer can make hi* own Soda Water, without apparatus or machinery of any deacription. Expense not to : exceed 10 cents per dozen, and made with very little trouble. ' Apply to Dr. MARSHALL, 44 Orange street, where samples ; can be seen. Price for the recipe S10. rayli 2t*r I REMOVAL. THE Original Cash Tailoring Establishment has removed from 9 Wall street to <6 Broadway, corner of Wall street, ; (late St. John It Tonaey's)?where the Subscriber would I respectfully solicit a continuance of the favoring patronage I so long bestowed upon him. His new and eligible stand u famished with au entirely new and rich assortment of Fashion able Goods. comprising fine and superfine French and West of 1 England Cloths ; rich French siugle milled Caaqa and Doe I Skins; Drillings ; Silks, Valeucias and Marseilles Vestings of ! the latest styles ; Drap d'Etes, Cashmeretts, kc.. lie., all of which (bougnt exclusively for cash) will be made up in the moat elegant manner and it price* as low as the cheapest, while he guarantees hia garment* shall excel in workman ship and trimming*. He would invite particular attention to hia aaaortment of Zephyr Spring and Summer Sacks and over Coata, articles in the particularly elegant manufacture and atyle of which he has made himaelf celebrated. He has ad ded to Ilia stock a complete aasortmeut of Gentlemen's Fur nishing Goods, consisting of Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Shirts, Collar*, under Garment*, in short every article necessary to complete a gentleman's wardrobe. Strangers are particularly invited to call and examine hia goods and prices, as they will be found to compare favorably with tho*e of any establishment in the city. Naval and Mili tary Uniforms receive especial attautioa. Also, ladies' Riding Habits, Liveries, itc. Mr. C. B. B AflCOCK continues 1a the cutting department. N. B.-TERMS CASH -ONE PRICE. CHARLES COX, Agent for the Original Caib Tailoring Establiihment, myl52t*rc 86 Broadway, cor. Wall atreet. ER. JOHN ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT. FOR RHEUMATISM, SWELLED LIMBS, SPRAINS, Bruises, Contraction* of the Cords and Muscle* Scrofula, Paralysis or loss of the uae of the Limba, Di* ease of the Spine and Hip Joint, Eruptions of the Skin, fcc. Thia Liniment ia unireraally admitted to be the only arti l cle that will perform all that it ia represented to do. It ia ' a Scientific Chemical Compound of Iodine that haa perform ed auch astonishing curea of long standing, after every otlier remedy had failed, that it would stagger belief if they could : not be substantiated by the most respectable persona who hare been cured. It permanently and effectually curea 1 RHEUMATISM, I either chronic or inflammatory, Paralvsia or loss of the use of the Limbs, Contractions of Cords ana Muscles ; Gout, it mat ters not of how long standing ; Sprain*. Bruiaes, Tumors, Hard Swellings, and Enlarge*! Joints yield to a few applica tion* of thi* Liniment. It haa been uaed with incredible sue ; ce*? in Scrofula or King'* Evil, enlarged Glands, diaeaae* of ; the Spine and Hip Jointa, Tic Doloream, and all Nervous | Affection*. I It i* invaluable and act* like a charm, stopping the bleed I inc of Flesh Wound* and causing them to heal in a few daya. ' It ha* never been known to fail in curing the most stubborn Ulcers or Fever Sore* and Swelled Leg*, Pain* acros* the Kidneys, in the Chest, Side, Stiff Neck, Sore Throat, and I Croup, can be iualantly relieved by aaturating a piece of flan nel with the IODINE LINIMENT, 1 and bind upon the part affected. ; It speedily and effectually eradicate* cntaneon* eruption* of the *kin in the form of Salt Rheum, Eryaipelat. Pimples, ' Ringworm or Tetter, Barber's Itch, Scald Head, kc. It in ' itantly relieves Toothache and Headache. It extract* the pain and curea Coma, Bunion*. ChilbWna, fcc. i A word upon the origin and cause of DISEASES. I When the human frame receivea a shock, either from heat, ; cold, fatigue, Or other causes, the weakest organ of the sys I tem suffers moat. One person will have a congh, the lung* I being the weakeit organ ; hi* neighbor, rheumatiatn, the i mnacular sad cellular tu*ue being the weaken ; another, en | larged gland* and swelling*, the glandular system being the weakest, fcc. 'When you have an organ thus suffering, the more direct your application to the part* dueaaed, the better the prospect of relief. DR ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT. produce* a healthy action in the diseaaed part, strengthens, | invigorate*, and reatore* it to perfect health. It only want* to be tried to *ati*fy the most skeptical of the restoring power of ; this most valuable Liniment. Physicians are daily recommending Dr. ROAKE'S IO DINE LINIMENT, regarding it th# long sought for desider atum ; a truly scientific compound of IODINE in the form of Liniment, without color and unpleasant smell, that can be used upon the most delicate female or child with perfect safety. Not a day passes without bringing the most interesting result* from the use of Dr. ROAKE^SJODINE LINIMENT. ASTONISHING CURE OF RHEUMATISM, i AtfD diskasks or hip joint op twcntv vraas' *t**di*o. Gentlemen?1 feel it a duty to itate for the benefit of the l public, the astonishing cure of myaelf, which i* aa follow*: ; For the last twenty vear* I have been troubled with rheuuie 1 ti?m; I could not walk without a can* or crutch : the paia waa excruciating, *o much so that I could not sleep night*. The i disease finally settled in my hip Joint; the the thigh became elongated or pushed out ?f its socket by the pain and inflam mation: the cord* beeame contracted so as to throw my knee forward, and drew my foot backward, ao the points ef my toes | barely touched the ground when I walked. Mr health was ; so mu?h impaired, i made up my mind that the disease waa so firmly seated that nothing eould benefit me; I had Med the . very best physicians and all of the sure cures, without relief. ! I was advised by a friend to try Roake's Iodine Liniment, i which I consented to without faith; but before I had used one l bottle I found relief?it reduced the iuflamnutiou and ex tracted tha pain. I continued to uae it freely for six weeks; ' the cords became relaxed, the leg reaumed it* former sppear ance, the paiu and inflammation has all subsided, and, ia fact, lam perfectly wall; I walk without cane or crutch, and am ? attending daily to my busiuet* to the joy and comfort of my family. A. HEBARD, 75 John street. Facts are ttubborn cases: every day brings more evidence of the value of Roake'* Iodine Liniment. Feeling* of gratitude and the good of my fellow creature* who may be afflicted in the *am* wav, induces me to state the a*toui*hing cure of my child, whidi is as follow*: Three I year* ago ha waa attacked with a swelling upon the aide ofhi* ! neck, which grew *o large that it turned hia head to one aide, i it finally broke, discharging large quantities of matter, aid | kept on dischaiying until he was reduced to a mere skeleton. He suffered pain iudescribable. I employed the best physi cians and made use of a great many remedies without benefit. I made up my mind ha must die. I was induced by a friend who knew the healing power* of Roake'* Iodine Liniment to try it. I am happy to say that I had not used one bottle be fore the sore* commenced healinK. and the (welling and in flammation subsided, and before I had used the second bottle he we. perfectly g_ ^ ^ Principal Depot, S. INOERSOLL It CO., 90 John street. my It llltM 3t r THE CHEAPEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE FURNISHING CHINA AND GLASS establishment in this City, is tha China Hsll, Broa'tway, comer of Cham bers street.?A complete aaiortment of Cornelius fc. Co., solar lard Lampe, Chandeliers, gas Fixtures, lie., warranted and at their paces. Families, hotels, steamboat proprietors, lie., tot Mir iaterest to apply at thi* house. J- KERR. aw .WNSftSar actta,... *.?. r? >? * ; CMna Th Stu complete, 44 pieces, only #3. myt>*n??TC >'Ume BATH. " 'O ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we would eayMasdtry Dr.Swett's Sulphur Fume Bath, it within tha mean* of all. ASTOR HOUSE BATHS. ?5f door Astor House ) HP HE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that the above 1 Bath* are in complete order. The jwthiag tuba are en tirely new, (eopper,) and the largest in thi* city. In point of fluanlinesaaadattanflo*, the bath* cannot be excelled. The laths are open until 11 o'clock at night, (Saturday night, II.) Price of a bath, tS cents. The warm Sea Rath* at Desbrosses etreet, are as uaual open from sunrise.ant J II ?'clock, P.M. mM lm*r HENHV C. RAblNEAU, Proprietor. tilK F.Yb. DR. WHEELER. OculiM, No.n Greenwich itreet. New York, near the Battery, devote* his exda*ive attention to diseases of the Eye and Ophthalmic Surgery, and assures the public that tliere not amongst the numertm* disease* to which the human eye is sahiect, any disorder* of that organ which cmiot be essentially relieved or cured by him. The vast nwmbrr of undoubted testimonial* which can be seen at huoflice, will catitfy th* public that hi* Practice i* not ex ceeded either in extent or tuccei* by that of any other Oculist in the United State*. , _ IT-Office hour* from IA .M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after which , be vwit* o?t door patient*. ? Artificial Eyes for sale, and which will be inserted on reasonable terms. I A pamphlet containing remarks on Diseases of the Eye, wit* eeveral in*tanee* of gnat eve* affected by pt Wheeler * mode of treatment, can ha had ?juiiaou*]* et his residence, o awe AtronCHV nOTCOB*. II. E. WIL LARD k 4. WrftnRLKT . AacdoMtn, \1T ILL gtye (hair personal attention to th* Sales of Hoiiso " holdFurniture II the midnn of families declining liousekespiug, Slocksof Crockery, Urv Goods, Orocary, ul sales ol? Krai at th? Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli cil from their friends auti the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, Ul BROADWAY, until May 1st. when they will Bore to the spacious ?tore, No. 17 Wall ttrret, lata Adama' Express Office. all !**?? NATHANIEL PAULDING. Wine Merchant, Ji Vf.ey street, having determined to close his business in the course of tlx current year, offers for sale in lou to suit pur chasers, at very reduced prices, his atock ol Old Wiues. con sisting of about COO doxen aud 340 demijobus of Ane Madeiraa and sherries. Thaer wines were selected with great care ; have been many years in the posseasion of the advertiser, aud are of fine quality ; their aces range from Ui to 2S years from the vintage. Also, au extensive assortment of Wines, Brandies, Sic., of medium age myli lwdltw'rc PRUTecTIojTInsuranch compan y of HARTFORD.?CAPITAL, #200,000. THIS Company waa incorporated in 1823, since which time it lias paid losses amounting to upwards of Three Mil lions of Dollars, and baa earned lor itself a reputation not sur passed by any similar institution ill the United States. Poli cies issued and losses promptly adjusted and paid at their office, No. 71 Wall street. 8. W. THOMPSON.) Ar.ul. myl62w?r WM.H. BIRD. {Afeuts. UNION INSURANCE CO.,FINAL DIVIDEND. Till'. Receivers of the late Union lnaurance Company, have this day declared their fifth aud final dividend, vix : two aud a uuarter per cent (one dollar and twelve and a naif cunts on eacu sliare) of the capital stock of said Company, payable on demand at the office of the N. Y. Equitable Insurance Co., 5* Wall (beet. mli 3t*r J THE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Orrios No. 61 Wail stblet, Citt or Ntw York. CATITAL STOCK $210,000, all paid in cash and securely invested accomiag to the provisions of its charter. Thia Company ha* Men in rim* has paid losses of lie upwards of $430,0(1#. The present asaeu ortfae Company exceed its capital atock Bore than (23,000. Insurance against loas or damage by Fir* effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. REAPING, President. alt limns* m D. F. CUHatT, Secretary. THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPAN*. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. Office 41 Fulto* street, Biooiltr. ONT1NUE8 to take risks on buildings, machinery, mer handise and property generally, en their uaual favorable terms. This company has passed through the two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and soattering their rislu. All losses which the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customers in New York, of all expirations of policies. B. W. DKLAMATER, President. a3 2mis*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY; Ornca No. 30 Wall it., orrosiTE theTMerchants' ExcHimt. THIS Company continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire, on dwelling houses,warehouses, buildings in ge neral, goods, waree and merchandise, and every description of personal property; also against loss or damage by inland aa vigation and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, ElishaRiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, R. R Robeon, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moees Tucker, Jsmes E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. More, John H. Lea- William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tuflk, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, Jokn.C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. a24 tfre TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIOEON k CO., 341 West street, Re-finisher* of ? Cloths. Cassimeres and Satinets. The gola medal has been awarded to H. M. for the improvement in r?finishing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott k Slade, (3 Pine street; William C. Langley St Co., 31 Exchange Place, comer of Broad stseet; and to D. Brigham k Co., 10 Fin* street, where orders may be left. myl lm*r IRISH BLACK MARHLE. \ CAROO of superior Irish Black Marble, from th* eel* braled quarry of Anhu^ Ireland, Esq., of Galway.per Naasan'at. j vi /uuiai uciasiv, vi bark Ularence, is eu>ected daily. For sale, to arrive, by mvS 2wis r PER88E Ic BROOKS. M k 87 " Paper hangings, window shades and up holstery GOODS-SOLOMON It HART, 243 Broadway, are now receiving per the various packet ships from England and Frauce, the largest and best assortment ol the above goods in the city, all of which they offer in any quantity, wholesale or retail, at lower prices than ean be found in any other establishment. Country merchants and others will find a large assortment of Window Shades and Pauer Hangings of all the various styles and price*, and whicn they ar* requested to call and exam in*. Thia Mtabliahment is always closed on Saturday. SOLOMON Ic HART, Upholsterers and myll lwis*m Importers, 242 Broadway. CALF SKINS. LB. BINSSE k CO.. No. 13 William street. up itaira, ? have received from Pari*. * very choice lot ofLemoines Calf Skim, which Ihlf offer for sale by the dozen, at reason able price*. mylllw*m JUST RECEIVED, THIRTY HOOSHEADS REAL IRONSTONE CHINA, /"1 OMPRISINO a complete assortment for hotel and eteam V/ boat ase. F?r aale by myH 3ti?*r FRERE It CONKLIN, 74 Pearl st. THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of thia delightful ChutpuM ilia ?tore, to which the attention of merchants, lutalktmn, | and private gentlemen u invited. file stranding of thi? Wine I is now superior to tha^ol any in thu country, and at no higher i price than that of the best brands. C. LIVINGSTON 11 CO., mil istf re _ 10 Wall street. TO LET. THE well known tavern stand, situated at Yodmlle, for merly kept by George Hasard, deceased. Apply to WM. D. SPARKS, myl<lw*rc'< ? 4 Mile House, Third avenue. ROOMS.?A small n rirste family, without children, having more room than they wish, would let one or two gentlemen have the nse of them on reasonable terms. Furnished with French Besdsteads, Brussels Carpets new, and sll in complete order. Best reference required. Ad dress Q. C. M boi 776, Post Office. my!6 it'r TO LET. A ROOM,"FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, to [ a gentleman, with breakfast and tea and dinner on Sun Ldays if required, in a private family, where there are no boarders. Apply if by note at this office to M-A. myU Jt*rq HOTEL FOR SALE. MCITY HOTEL, Washington City. D. C,?The Pro prietors of the City Hotel wish to dispose of all their furniture and fixtures, as well as the lease, which will expire on the first of February, 1817. The Hotel is situated on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th street, in the immediate vicinity of the President's house and all the public departments. It contains about 100 rooms, including six parlors, all elegantly fnrnished. The house is in gooA order, and contains every requisite for the continuance of Business. The proprietors deem it unneces sary to go farther into particulars, but invite the attention of any Persons wishing to embark in the business. An opportu nity like the present is seldom offered. The bouse will not be closed until further notice. A. FULLER It Co. The Philadelphia Ledger, Albany Journal, Boston Times, Richmond Whig, and Charleston Patriot, will please copy three times a week for two weeks, and send their accounu to the subscribers. A. F. k Co. City Hotel, W. C., D. C. my!4 twjtaw r <1 WANTED?A handsome and kind family horse AaOfor a little carriage, 6 or 7 years old, 16 hands high, ' ' ^ ? ?i?rW gray color preferred; price reasonable. Apply 72 Urrenwich street at the office, from II to t o'clock. mylOttis'rc HORSES FOR SALE. FOR SALE, st the Stable of the Subscribers, in Jersey City, known as tb* Western Hotel, ofty Horses from the Western part of the State of New I Mk. twelve very fine Pairs and the balance single Horses. Ameng them a number ol fast ones. Persons wishing good horses will do well to examine for themselves. my 166t*r SMITH It KETCHAM. ~~ 86 REWARD. LOST. on Wednesday, May 14th, a large Mastiff Dog. Said dog is brindle. except white breast, toes nd tip end oi his tail, with white spot on his fore Ssi & IK A.M. ' ' *? - &&& 1 r. M IP. M. At II A. M. 2 P. M. Foot of Whitehsll st, E. R. | Jort At 12 M. At J P. M ]\ Jl ami tip end of his tail, with white spot < head. vVhoever will return said dog to 12S Delancy street, to A. ARENT, Wine Merchant, shall receive the above re ward. mylS2t*r SUMMER HATS! GENTLEMEN'S and Boys Psnams, Leghorn and Rut land braid Hate, infants' fine Leghorn andDnnstsble braid . boys' new style Leghorn Caps, boys uew style salk and late, palm leaf and Canadian straw Hats. Also, a general tment of Hats and Caps of the latest and most approved rna. _ e above mentioned articles are offered for sale at the lowest cash prices. Purchasers are respectfully requested to call and examine this stock before purchasing elsewhere. WM. BANTA, 94 Canal st. cor. Woosler, my It lw'isrc and 110 Chatham street. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS^ THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Bonnet, are prepared to supply the trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which they received two silver medals at the last two Fairs of the American Institute, and which for style and finish are unsur passed. They warrant them to alter and clean equaly to new. Apply to PATT1SON, NOE fa CO., ti Delancy st., a7 lmis*r or Vyse fa Son. comer Pine and Pearl. FOKT HAMILTON ANI) CONEY ISLAND FERRY uMQ jgzi THE steamboat PROPRIETOR. 6aptain Msllsn. will commence running on Mon SEMsHGLdsy the l?th inst., (to Fort Hamilton only.) as loliows : leaving foot of Whitehsll street. New York, at 7 A. M. and i P. M., and Fort Hamilton at I A. M. and J P. M., until farther notice. Fare UK cents. mylO lw*r strtfDA Y"EXC U RSION. _|n~l 0* THE Steamboat PROPRIETOR. Captain Msllan, will make two etcunioas down XaHSKSLthe Bay, to Fort Hamilton, on Sunday, the 17th inst.. ss follows, l?iving? Fool ol Pike street, E. R. I Foot of Canal street. F..R. At II A. M. At 1IK A.M. Fare, 12}j cents each way. myl< 2t*r Wk McK., No. 110 William, corner of John street.? ! ? New store of Woollens, only terms cssh. Merchant t*ilor?, city and eountry, merchants, eap makers, coach, and all thoie who would save money in buying cloths, Pilots, Caseimere*. Satinetts. Beavers, Orap d'Lte, ke . would do well to call at 110 Wifijam, comer of John street, wd see what superfine Leeds, West of England and Freuch Cloths oan be sold for rash without ducount. N. B ?A lot of Brol ley's celebrated Kienrh Cloths ou hand at present ; also, a fine lot of French Drapd'E^e. fc MeKF WA myl6?t*r Importers and Dealers in Broadcloths, he. Afj- LAul I. AN??l^ni.iana and New iMtV-Yoik Line.?Positively Fim Regular narket-To JHHftfasatl on Wednesday, theJfOth mst.-The elegant, last-sailing Packet Ship CLIFTON. Iugersoll master, will pojrttively sail aa above, her regular day. ... For freight or ptaaage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., * South st. Agent in New Orleans. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. . P??>#? ,h|P SARTELLE, Taylor, master, will succeed the Clifton, and sail Wedneaday, 77th inst., her regular day. llbcbarg * hot Moot of Wall it. ?mat to Ik* mmfiof PARK THEATRE.?TMi Ereaiac.May I6th,wfl>b. par r formed the PUy of the STRANa^O-T^tonu^er, Mr G. Vaadeuhoff; Baton Steiafort, Dyutt; Count Wiutrrsea, Blind, Mr golomou, Bui; Mr*. Hallcr, Mrs Mowaft; Couat est, Aeboit; Charlotte, Kuight. To coucludc with the come dy ol FASHION-Adam Trueman.Mr. Chipi>eudal e;Count d? ioliinaitre, O. Barrett; Col Howard, Dyott: Mr. Tiffany, tarry; Gertrude. Mrs Mo watt; Mri Tiffany, Barry. I./"" first tier, 7S ceuta; aecond and thud tiera, St cents; Pit, M cents; Oallery, tS ceota. Doors open at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at pre cisely o'clock. B OVVUiV THEATRE.-4*his Eveuiug. Mar lt>ih, willYe performed the drama of the AVENGER?The Moor, the Monk and John di Procida, the Avenger, Mr Davenport; Stella di Procida. Mrs O Junes. After whieh, UOOLINO? Coant Ugolino, Mr J R Scott ; Marquis de Saxassi, Clarke; Lady Olympia, Mrs Madison ; Angelica, Phillips. To con clude with rtie LADY ANT) THE l)EVIL?Capt Wlldlove, Mr Clarke; Jeremy, Hauaway; Zephyrina, Mrs Madiaou. _.E^.Lower Boies. 60 cents; aecond and third tiara, ti eta.; Pit and Gallery, 12'; ceuts. Ooora open at 7 o clock?Curtain will nae at half put seven o'clock. PARK THEATRE! MR. GEORGE VANDfcNHOFF RESPECTFULLY auuouuaes that his BENEFIT will take place on MONDAY the ltth inst. On which occaaion will be revived the Tragedy of CATO. Cato .Mr. O. Vandeuhoff. After which, the favorite C omedy of t THE BELLE'S STRATAGEM. Doricourt Mr. G. Vandeuhoff. (C The Bo* Book ia open. myl3 4trc " THE DESERT KePOTeTx PELIC1EN DAVID'S Grand Choral and Inatrumental Symphony, THE DESERT, will be produced for the FIFTH tflME. At the TABERNACLE, on MONDAY EVENING, ltth INSTANT, Commencing at 8 n clock precisely, under the direction of MR. OfcdRGE LODER. The solo parts and recitalioua by MR. KOBT. GEO. PAIOE. Tickets, 10 cents each, for sale at the usual placee. myli 5t*ua r H. MEIGS, 446 Broadway. PARK THEATRE. !VfR8. BLAND bega to inform the uintbitanta of New ivl York, and ita vicinity, that her BENEF1T is appointed fbr TUESDAY, May 19. Box book now opeu. myl4 Jtia'rrc PAkk THtATRfc. MADAME ROSINA PICO FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. MR. BASS haa the honor of announcing that hia BENE FIT will take place at the Park Theatre ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, MAY 80th. On which occasion he is happy in announcing the valuable aaaiatance of that unrivalled Vocalist, MAD. ROSINA >ICO, Together with many dramatic novelties, whieh will be duly announced. my IS rc Tb* '-o? Th. r? v Dublin Waltz. r^iM,lu *"?,P?rform Alm.ck1. Polk*. I.orely-rheim-klaner, a n.w Waltz. o~?., A Grind Orerture. >?< "?-Stests tsf r. nxs ?d After which, the oTche^rwni'XXclTubJited Overture to Zanetta. Locomotirr Walts. ^Pjc-aic Gallop. TS/SHkl?w',il tJle introduction1 to Anne de Bon I in? ?ound'to ? eT''no*'leta* thu N?en ??*w UC|?b. | commence* at 8 ofe." *'f"PMt C' Md P"f??r? i i'HILHAKMaNIC SOCIETY.?GRANl7 KES fr?HEP?M- ? TIVAL CONCERT. T -?i,."?pec,f,,-l2Z informed that th. Philharmonic 1 N MDAY E VEr/lNO* > *tml U^eert onWJift. ; th. r??V? r-rX.tI,IW" *H> May.atCaatle Garden.m aid of 1 JhirK dJ? ^ ???">?> of the hulhamonic hLT ?nd ? iiu,?^!!0"0'1 .niuble edifice for rnuical Ih^A rr^lS .v C importance for the adaane'mJuTof ^mmsm For further ptrticBlar., ice future adrerti.ement?. er.nT&c&Yr? AT ?* A,0LL? ?&: W.Tli; ?i Th^H;.?IfL,9j p M,-1 T??dw. mI? S:? % pm MSteATfca?Sg^Mgg?.; ^?V*- WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor wto?ac? THE T""TB| W. fre^rnn^f ,he.8wiM B*? *?*??. re 8ute*,X Culdu ted &UruuLdU,hr0y1 Lhe VniH gnattyNtiB Howes a co. ?c?t? ?ojck mamMOTh THE LAROEST ESTABL18HMENT e?er orcan iced i> .the United States, comprising no Man *?<! 1? ' ??i .1 V " cl"",e; heryraceful tad fa.cin.tinr addre.s ! eenee rendeTthu <riftld'u7i> ?>?* <h,,B,^er audi inr famtuJI Zr Vk r *nd hif hly-edacated artiste the lead I SinSM t"?. thil country. The Proprietors re 1 t?T.^?,,y,e ,0 t^'u^"l*,,l J*,cr'Ption giren in the reapeo 27 V P1Vf of.1'1* eitraordmary and darinr feat. perform ?d hI th'? distinguished arti.U. AmtnjX aoreW* wSTh ? Proprietor, offer are the celebrated ifcoVch Ch ? ... . OJANT AND GIANTESS. adall w^ahi'^M l?ie,,M?d Ku"i Tr,*,*ht1*T"700 '?>?? Mr. tike 1 Theii Rand ^.7r wV"com??? " Acta or Horsemanship. Ovm ?aetie Lxtrcim, Clainc DupUy. tnd hamnroua iftfiDiJS wfaaenn?nj D,re?t?r, Mr. HOvVeS; Ridm*M?t?%?' WIXON, and the un.pproach.ble Clown, DAlf R|CE. ' J.V^kT^i f' rV* tl" celebrated and priacii>al Hi rf Area. Mr. HOBB8, wW. ,W? ^ th* mo*.t extraordinary trn witne.aed. JuTe f&fR^SSSrrhiiL?r? OJ/mpic Eaer ciir. iv fh? -kTi. r p oy Olympic El Tumkler, Mr. MACART^^oSdfr^ul'Kf.u^by Mr"cSfe? Dop, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BRofHERA i* Ii7tr/r*i5*,'t Po?t?re? and Oroupinaa. Mr Swrrt a. the Phanoteer of Pheabu. Po.cnnn. ?Td flymnaliiM by ^fllimt^S Mr" H,T" ""Ji.Mytholoeic.l and ti .?'?nciee of Proteni.n Mr. C. Howee in E^olntiona. The Negro Minstrels with the mi r*bliPV ?t their head. Ttr Original Ba?o Me"i" u!di.. ^ .? ot 3th.*? Thewb^eompriim, the my" tfTre" " ' *" c1mwc Performer, in the world. '?'HE SHADES HOTEL, (1 Reade itreet, a few door, the OklV ? Broadway.?The Subscriber, late Proprietor of j Indfhl ^nKl^vTh*Inl."^.,^'ei? r7P?c'/"llr inform. hi? friand. ' and the public that he hu fitted up the above houae in a atvle ?p.r.or ??Mv oth.r0f the k,nd i? th. ??ty* wh.7. th?y c? i accommodated in hia usual way, witn chops itvtb i f!^?d '?*? W,lch ke fce.. ?d with^uch U.: 1 1'qnor., and cic.r. not to be tarpai.ed by any other hon.e ia the country. Pnr.te room, for reference.. The Londoa and city paper, taken in. JAMES EVANS my'< 'frrcThfcSnt TafcFr tVA??. CENTREVILLE COURSE.?TROTTING. tfl I Afegjafefec: IVfONDAY, May llth, at ] o'clock P.M., Pur.e Mile -"A Heat., b?.t 3 in J, under the .addle. ' o 5?iti W- '? Newburgh. n r w Wn (r I Medoc. fj' Walker enter. b. g. Tom Moore. A. Conklin enters Hiram. over1JhiJr?,rJ-.Le.ut-he m0#t inter?>tinf r?c? that haa come off yer this track this season. myJG 3t?je CENTREVILLE COURSE.?TROTTING. MATCH will come off o*er thi. Count ou Wedae.d.y ^ M.y JO-biI. heau-beet 3 in i, ia 3S6 lb. wa?ona ; to} mSffvf <^!Lri\Pilr,*.,i5iLi?T.*'1 t*?1*? hoP*? th.t nerer won | 5r?omm.k:tebe,t ' " r nD"er the .addle ; three or a'^"!L?'0,# *' tcn ' Ln.e.'? on S.tnrdar eveninc, by > r?L^.i * m JOEL CONKLIN. Proiirietor. Centrenlle, May l?, HI6. mytl ttThkMat'rre HUNTING PARK COURSE (NEAR PHILA DELPHIA).-TROTTlNG. 4E SPRINO MKETINO o?er the abore Coune will ttL'SM?,.0* TUESDAY, th. Kth of May, ?d con ***? 3 m' h-> nn<i" th8 .addla ; ftaa for nope, that oerer won . pur., orer $300. \ .aSarx^rftr *i##'mi1?hMr*',h* !r,f * ?? *? ""<?* ??>. . f?r hone, not over ? year, old thi. .pring. home. ?l0#* * "? h ' " hw?*" ? ?? f"r freea fateLf*iC^22f ?l0*' n,iIt h*??- "iar the .addle; free 'I?*' "*T*r won . pniae. * m h *in him^L.*3?' *rW "ft w*,'eh*0*? '<> the necond best; .? ?*** \ fn* r?r .11 trotting hone.. To?ra? >2it??r1a ?*amnjr prcnon. to each trot, at the fb^Vach pJiC " '* P*r C"' twn ?" mo" ? ??*? ? trot d.i^'the'lS?h'ofkJn?i ^r* America Deer, will .tart on Moa -U^o^/he.b^e^V"'?f ?"* Wru" " " cn?n nir Ih^ M**t"yr on the Union Courae, L. I? the fo'llol,^ wT^k ' ,h* *koTe W,U b* po,tp<,,u'd """I PwtL.PKi.rwia, May ?. HO. mrTThSafcTn to a i .nvAMl.LY "Warding school. A liken inff? K.."}?J7 coantry, ha. for aereral year. toJr"' hn^*y.^Tl -ii-?*">by ^ . not eiceed fn th? J . ^ .chol.r?. Her time i. entirely devoted Jk? fpirwl. to render the home . pleaaant A V* 1? tbera in .tndiet Mnn ? ?m ^L/2l * W !r. henlfh Mid moruli The Io?a i-' - . A v "I?ir neairn .no moral. I7>e I oca LATE8T INTELLIGENCE. 1 m ? . I,' W i i 11 r- - 1 1 ?"CK3 By Electric Telegraph. IMPORTANT VROH WASHINGTON. Washington, Friday. lit the Senate, Mr. Cameron, of the Committee on Patents, reported a bill to alter and amend the patent laws. He also presented the proceedings of the war meeting in Philadelphia, and said lie was proud of that city for the opportunity she had given liim of laying before the Senate, this evi dence of the patriotism of her sous. Wlmt she had done for the country, she would do again. She had coal enough in her mountains to warm her friends, and iron enough in her mines to repel her encinins. The motion of Mr. Archer to reconsider the vote to disagree with the amendment of the Houso, on the bill in regard to the regiment of mounted riflemen, was taken up, and discussed by Aroher, Dix, Crittenden, Cass, and Berrien. These ? amendments require the ollicers ol the proposed : new regiment to be taken from the supernume rary officers in regular line. They would exclude , Capt. Fremont. On motion of Mr. Benton, the amendment was agreed to. In the House, after a personal explanation bo Mcssrs. Tliurinan and Delano, they proceeded to consider the private calendar. The schooner Tuncred bill was passed. The bill to pay Mr. Green for services rendered our Mexican Charge, is under discussion, Martin 1 Grover speaking against it. Philadelphia, 11 o'clock P. M. The American has just roceivod the following telegraphic despatch lrom a Washington corres pondent, dated 8 P. M. i "I can now speak of the important news I sent last night. The fifty thou sand volunteers will be all called out, and twenty three thousand will be marched into the field as soon as they can be concentrated. Gen. Scott will proceed to take command of the war. The requisitions have been forwarded to-day, and are nearly as follows: Indiana, three regiments ; Il linois, three ; Kentucky, three ; Tennessee, three; and some others. The residue of the 50,000 will be kept as a reserve. They will be mustered into the service so as to be ready for orders in a mo ment. Mark me, this will be a successful and short war." The report* that went out this morning, as to intelligence of the capture of Point Isabel, are without foundation. The President, witliin the last hour, stated to a distinguished Senator, that nothing had oome from the camp later than before the public. BY THE LA8T MAIL8. Protest of the British minister. The Present Imbecile Cabinet miut go out. PROBABLE WAR WITH ENGLAND. Washikoton, May 14,1846. The British Minister, Mr. Pakenham, formally protested, this morning, against the course adopt ed by this government against Mexico. The reasons assigned are those which arc usually ad vanced by that power upon similar occasions? that of the injury and interruption to commerce, which such a state of things naturally produces.? The British merchants at Matanzas, you are al ready aware, have protested against the occupa tion of the territory opposite to that city by our troops, and the blockade of the river upon which it is situated/by our vessels ; and, in furtherance of this declaration, her Majesty's Minister has so lemnly entered his protest. If this country do not at once succumb to this threat?a thing which it will not do?he will ask for his passports, proba bly, and depart immediately for some of the British provinces, near this country, until ha hears fur ther from his government. btful?very.? , Ed. Her.] Such is the crisis to which Mr. j Folk and his miserable advisers have brought ; us at lost. The country has never had any confidence in his cabinet, and how can it sustain I it now, when the emergency calls for the co-oper ation of the mighty minds of the nation 1 They must be forced from his councils, and able men placed in their stead. We want no land specula tors at the head of public affairs while in a state of war with any country. We want patriots, and such men as are above Caesar's wife. In my letter in yesterday's Herald, I referred to the manner and the probable motives, that in duced the government to push our troops on to Matamoras. I will now place another platform of the same kind on the top of that, and occa sionally another, and another, until we get hiph enough to look down upon all the iniquity that lies under the official garb that covers some men. In September last, a company of land specula tors was organized in the city ofNcw York, whose principal object was the purchase of all the land lying between the NeOCeS and Rio del'1 Norte. Having appointed agents to go to that onuntry, they were accordingly sent there for that purpose. When they arrived in Texas, information was con voyed to them not to make any purchases for some time, as the value ofthe lands would be shortly di minished, from the fact that the United States troops then stationed at Corpus Christi, would be moved upon the Rio del Norte. How these gentlemen received this piece of useful informa tion, and from whence, maybe more readily ima gined than told ; but true to their mission, a por tion -of the company returned to New York, loaving one or two there to buy up all the choice bits that might offer, in the interim, for the enor mous price of two and throe cents per acre. It was only last Saturday that the prinoipal ngent of this joint stock concern passed through this place, on his way out to the "promised land," receiving, as a matter of course, here, his instructions how to act. And this is the cause why we are now plunged into a war with Mexico, and, probably, with England. I repeat, the cabinet must be dis missed, one and'all, before four honor and rights can be maintained. Give us men at ttie head of public affairs in whose honesty, patriotism, ta lents and capacity for carrying a great nation through such a crisis as the one upon which we have been forced by their?what 1 I have n o words to express my indignation on the subject? and then wo do not fear England, nor all the powers of the world combined. Mr. Polk, you must reform your cabinet, or you and the country are ruined. The situation of the government is, tliet if General Taylor's forces should be overcome by the enemy, General Scott is to take the command of an army of 90,000 men; and the former, pro bably, given the command of a division ot the same. Should General Taylor, however, be able to overcome the Mexican forces, he will be placed at the head of only 10,000 troops, and com pelled to operate with that limited force alone. This is the plan of action determined upon by the wise men at the head of affairs. The mail is just in from the south, 10 minutes past fi o'clock. There was nothing received up to 104 o'clock, A. M., on the 7th inst, at New Or leans, from General Taylor. The belief there was, that ho was hemmed in on all sides, and that his communication had been completely cut oil from Point Isabel, and the latter post in the possession of the enemy. s Aiuel, Washi.iqtow, May 14, 1846. The Critit?Con pet*?War?"Pu Executive?lhe Oregon?The Country, tff. We are truly in the midst of a great revolution. The elements are in a state of white heat. As Mr. Calhoun has said more than once, we are on the very verge of a great crisis. There has never been ?uch a crisis since the return of Napoleon from Elba. God help us safely through! We know not but that, in addition to Mexico, we shall have England, France, and old Spain down upon us. If so, wake up! fellow citizens, for there will be something to do. We have all sorts of belligerent, bellicose, and horrible rumors, this evening :? 1st That 40,000 troops hsve arrived in Canada. 3d. That Mr. Pakenham hss entered a protest sgaiatt the declaration of war with Mexico. 3d. That Ota Mexicans hare taken Point Isabel, and that no troops had arrived te the succor of General Tsyler 4th. That a British fleet had arrived off Vera Crux. Mh. That an English man-of-war was lying st the mouth of the Columbis, in Oregon. 0th. That the Spanish authorities in Cuba had dcelsrel thefr ports open to Mexican privateers. 7th That the Preetdant has a dtarrbflss To sum up there rumor* : A hava aidvw m Mr. Packenharu has, we believe, protected against the blockade of the ports of Texico; the two war ttenmers purchased of thnt government by an English lirra, being still in a Mexican port. Point Isabel is ]*MHibly, quit? |>o>m!)Iy, iu the hands of the Mexieans, wh jIi would only suggest more strongly, u bold and pre cipitate movement of our volunteers. British snips are in the Gulf, but with no direct view of co-ope rutiou with Mexico. The other rumor* ar?t of 1 whole cloth, excepting, perhaps, the diarrhxa; (he President may Iiave a slight touch, but nothing to interrupt his general health. The Senate to-day have been discussing the i question of Executive patronage; the House have been just as busy discussing Executive imbecility) both questions ure legitimate subjects of criticism. The organ is playing most melodiously?never heard such music, bear old Father RitohieJ ! How he does Inv on Uie blarney! He beat the Irish; he beats the Jews; be excels himself at the blarney stone. But he grinds by the job, and he de*'rves all sorts of crcdit for hi* heroics. Meantime, the country is on the eve of perpetu al taxation, or imperishable glory. But of these subjects, we promiso you a rare good chapter tomorrow. twkjttv-nwth congress. In Senate. WAtHiwoTON. Thuraday. May 14.184*. Morning hot a* Egypt Pro.pect of afternoon. Prayer by the Rer. Mr. Tuatin. Mr. w?D> had been advised, by me**M? fr0In?^^h? wJr wHh approval of the bill for the prosecution of the ww wiu? Mexico by raisin* 50,000 volunteer, and approprUUny ten milliona of dollar. , and alio of the bill for tocraaatof. iome 36 per cent, the rank and file of the Mr. Milleb reported a hill for ? free bridge acroaa the the eaatern branch of the Potomac river. INCBEA.E or THE HAW. Mr BacciE.bjr unanimous oousent, introduced a blllfW peeling the proviso of the act oflwt year of airnual appro priationifor the navy, whereby the ptrtontl ofthenev-T !? limited to 7 600 men. Mr. Bree?e md that u thif came into conflict with the bill for 1 war with Mexico, It waa deairable that thia limitatloo '"Mr."JoH^To'f Md., moved the bill be roferredte the N Mr BkmiI1'urged the pamage of the biQ y^Meeem Web?ter, Johnion, Yulee and Mangum ; when the bill wai referred. roar or hi* oblxaw.. Mr. Sevieb, on leave, reported a bill for the extension of the collection diatrict 01 New Orleana. FLORIDA jcoora. The bill fixing the aalarie. of three Judgea in FlorWe. ?t $1900 each per annum. w a * nMU ^ ? v^Uee V&wt ed, with tome paaaiqg remarka from Meaart. Yulee, w? cott and Berrien. MMI KEW HAMMH1BE mm.?or f7000. On motion of Mr. AtH jaToit, thSe^e bel^f pw?r full, the bill for indemnifying New rntt* pemea incurred in defending the teiritory rfthoU?lte? Htatei along the N. E. boundary prior 1to*the traety of Waahington, waa taken up and peaaed, Wto 14. rllACH ?rOLIATie??. On motion of Mr. Monr.Hr.AD, the five million bill tor the iettlement of loaaea incurred by 0"r"narehanU from French apoUationa prior to 1800, waa postponed till Mon day next iirmi ahdximm. 1 1 The bill for raining a company of "Pff? with the amendment of the Houae, waa taken up im I agreed to. Bill finally paaaed. I moi'rtkd airurMxi*. ... The bill, on motion of Mr. Dix; wu taken ?P Pr??f3 ! for a regiment of mounted riflemen, and for miUtar* i ^The Se^e^n Monday, f ment of the Houae, limiting the appointment of omenta le XArViA?? nc.S1T.bj2rm the amendment of the Houae. _ Col. Brnroif aaid that, in the firat place, it waa mcoo atitutionol. Mr. Abcher.?A bttle louder. . Col. Benton (very loud)?In the first place, 1Mr, it ? unconatitutional. Tho contention design. that the ag pointmenta ahail be extended to the who_J* U^T not confined to a little circle. In the second ^ expedient to take the offlcera excluaivelr out of thi. lit, Ue batch. The military academy ia now toe oriy gato or admission ; and by this amendment, you would cut off the people from military promotion , Mr. Archer made iome ob?ervationsin reply, ??1 . not heard. He then aaked thatthe bUl be P^/*7 ly, because the Senator from Kentucky, (Mr^rtttonden) who waa not now present, had in hia poaaeaalon a paper to which he (Mr A.) wiahed refer. Mr. Di* aasented that the bill be laid aaide, uaderatanding thjit it ahould be reaumed In the eourae M the day. MORE FAVMASTEBS WAHTXO. MU On motion of Mr. Dix, the Senate took up the WU making alterationain the pay department of the army. The bill providea for one assistant f^ymaater with the pay of a lieutenant coloneljof cavd'T. andtkwe paymasters. The second aection providea that all aaW paymasters ahall t beers of the army By the act of 1840, - - . . .... ? _ ,t. ted to four yeara. Thia bill, therefore, providea for the repeal of that act Mr. Di* briefly explained the bill. -Hk Mr. HrvERDT Johnson, miindewtood. moved to ?n? out the aecond aeation, which providea that theae officer* ahall hold office indefinitely. j Mr. Manoo* waa underatood to oppoae the mouoa. A iEVERE ATTACX OK THE .FOIL. ,T,Jf. 1 Mr. Calhocn apoke in favor of the repeal of the law o? i 1830. The ayitem of the diapenaation of the officea or the government had indeed become the *'?PoU,.1'!f't*? IT? I ayatem of favor, on the one hand, and aerrlhty on the other It wa. a .T?tom which ought to bearreated. It waa not a new thing to him. In 1884 or 4t waa In -38, Mr. Pre.ident,?I recollect we attempted to PJ* end to thi. four year.' law. Evil, had grown up eat of It then-they had extended, and have extended atofta. Mr, we muit put this ?yitem down?for It is ? systo* fraught with corruption, ae fujl of power to domiechlef. that you muit put it down, or it will put you down. THE MOTION ?ECOWDBD. . Mr. We.itcr aaid he had taken part to the act of UM?, with the Senator from South Corolina, for the (mrtell ment of the power of office a. Mr debater aijned than, with hl.aoct coolnea. and clearneaa, the point that the ,'aderal tution never contemplated the indiacriminate ?? appointment and removrl that had grown up and become the practice of the government Afr. apoke for rotation. W.l-ter Mr. J. M. Clavtob auatained the riewa of Mr. weaaiai. ROTATION. Mr. Allen appealed at length for the republican prin ciple of rotation in office, aa the diatiipuithi^ featttrja of the government. He waa In favor of thefouryear ? mitation, in preference to the ayatem of a Ufa tenure te office. He waa ao far in favor of a,lUi>M tewa to cgy , that he wiahed to aee the federal iudgea liaalted to four yeara ; and he thought it ought to ba dona. DAHOBB AT HABD. Mr HuwTinoToa contended that the practice of the dlatribntion of officea had grown to ba an evil without color of authority from the conatitntlon. __ Mr. Morehead took the aama riew of the anhject. The power of removal from office, without canae, waa nailer conferred direcUy nor indirectly by Uje ^laral coMttta tion It waa a dangerou. power, which, if not chaeua in >ea.on, would engulph and abaorb all other powara of ^Mr^Thou1!*, Mr. Wibitir, aud CavtaiK Tvtaa. Mr. Sevieb .aid that thia waa what he had been expeo^ ing for iome time. About the Aral tetalon after the elefr Uonof a new adminiatration, we have had pretty regn lailv auch complalnU aa thU of the abuaa of exeonUva patronage. Mr. Sevier cited a number of inrtancea. A?d now .aid ha, the Senator, from MaaaachuaetU (Mr. ?^r) and South CaroUna (Mr. Calhoun), when they were attached to the adminiatration of Captain Tyler, gava ?a ? practical commentery on the ayatem1 of ?Pl?>a**a** ? office. Removal, were continued right up to the M ? March. Mr. Calhocr uid he came into Mr. Tylar'i cabinet naca against hi. own conMnt He had had no agency to j*m?" val.. He wu opposed to the ayatem. He would teU the Senator from Arkanaaa that he waa always opposed to It. Mr. C. .aid he had made the subject of remoyala a matter of protest to President Tyler; and 1 own choice, he would,perhaps, have made it a matter af re situation. Ha hoped the Senator waa now eatiafled Mr. MoRr.H?An r^nSad his former argument, agaiaat ^ M^Hetie.1 recurred to the dl?charfes of ?poke of the diamisaal of the Oovemor of Wlaconam, 9f Mr. Web?ter. Mr. Webster.?Never, air; never. Mr. Sevieb.? What does he mjl A Fbiewb.?He aays i*ver, air; never. ^ Mr. Skviicr then said he wa? a member of the CaotMt which did the?e things, in 1841. He then wmm meaaure of 19M-7, a. being opposed by Oen. Hayne. Mr. Calholb ?Oen Hayne waa not hare. Mr. Sr.viBR.-I should like to aee the journal*, air, aa t0 With some ftirther good humored remarka between Mr. Serier and Mr. Weo?ter, t ^ .. Mr Seviea said the Senator from South Carolina waa attached to the State Department, which had the aj"?trol of the Diatrict Attorney., and they continued to be dla charged up to the 3d of March. . Mr WcBtTKS disclaimed all interferonco in discharges from office, by Pre.ident Tyler, and aaid that he Hkadala administration in very many reapecta. To what ha (?r W) had said thia morning, he had given nothing ei a party character whatever. He had afinply dtoeusaad the effects of the praetice of appointment, aa beinj ""fa to regulation br Congreaa. Cited the bill of ??, a* read the vote of the Senate upon it?81 to la . Mr. Calhoc* thought it extremely onki?^i Ji W? nator from Arkanaaa to place him, upon Uds su?J ^ connected with the administration of Mr. Tyiar, in a false poaltion. . Mr Seviaa had no auch inteotion^.1 vJ#wt_ Mr. Calmou* then deliberately ?lw?re tamA Ha was oppoted to thi. been?alwaya would l* J crrh. Executive patronage between the in. and the #??? half engagedm employed a foroeof ,?*ntheqpr<><jllcUon of cotton. The the cotton businese. in UMM? lottery for IU office.. PlSt25S?Whera^you ap^intone with ?h?u'? nt 39 man, and array them agalnat yon. ?r!!?' ?as historical truth H. would tell awHher great This was t for lhe Presidency waa bo longer one 1 rreat principles, a. the Senator from Maaearhuaatta ^but a contest for tho offices Thi. waa a Waa ,.m i? ought to be put down; for Mr Calhoun a*gu 2 Sat *? government iUeU waa in danger Iromlha continuance of ?uch a iy item. Mr. Saviaa*?The Senator aterta net upon the aMumption that the President must of necaaaity be a eof "Slr^CALiior*.?Not at all, air , ba murf be in favor of tU M - Why murt he ?a ?Ut' r Mr CALHevB?To feed thoee who alacted ?Mr Berna.?1To teed those who elected Mm ?? w^h ao?a faoaral obwn*** Md Pw

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